Powerful Wazifa for All Problems

Recently updated on December 29th, 2018

Human is surrounded by the galaxy of problems. We live in a world where every morning brings a new challenge and new struggle. When the problems become giant from an ant. It many-a-times leads cowards for suicide.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

A Sure Shot Working & Powerful Wazifa for All Problems

Wazifa for All Purpose

This is a lovely dua to remove financial difficulties of your life, a king wazifa for love, a wazifa for problems in love marriage or arrange marriage and a very exclusive Islamic prayer for a task which seems hard to fulfill. This is the best wazifa for success in every aspext of your life.

Fight and overcome, you have that powerful shoulders that’s why ALLAH put this on you, every second you are being tested by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. I love problems because every new problem awards me an experience!

We live fighting them every day. Whatever problems you have, no matter what your problems they are, no matter how grievous they are. Now, you will be able to solve them Insha ALLAH. This Powerful Wazifa for All Problems with “ya Hayyu ya Qayyum” will ease all your hard task Insha ALLAH. Please remember the desire or task should not be unlawful. If it’s, it won’t give you proper results.

ya Hayyo ya Qayyum Bire’hmatika Astaghees

O Ever-Living One, O Self-Existing One upon WHOM we all depend, I seek YOUR help with YOUR mercy.

يَا حَيُّ يَا قَيُّوْمُ بِرَحْمَتِكَ أَسْتَغِيْث

Meaning in Urdu

 اے ہمیشہ ذنده رهنے والے اور  قائم رهنے والے، میں نے آپ کی  رحمت میں آپ سے مدد طلب کی

Wazifa #1

Powerful Wazifa for All Problems

Roman English

Agar ap kisi bhi tarah ki mushkil mein fanse hai. Chahe wo kitni bhi mushkil kyu na ho. Har qisam ki pareshani se bachne ki dua ye ap parhiye. Mushkil se nijat milegi Insha ALLAH. Ye dua mushkil se nijat ki dua bhi hai. Mushkil aasaan hone, sakht mushkil aur pareshani se nikalne ka behad aazmooda amal hai ye.

Apni pareshani ko badi na sochiyega. Bas uske hal ki liye ALLAH se du’a kijiyega kyuke uske liye kuch bhi namumkin nahi.

ya Hayyo ya Qayyum Bire’hmatika Astaghees ko parhne ke ek ta’adad bandh lein. Ya phir jitni ta’adad mein ap parhna chahe. Har namaz ke bad khub parha kare. Aur uske bad hath utha kar du’a kijiyega. Savaab bhi milega aur har mushkil asaan bhi hojayegi insha ALLAH. Iska wird jari rakhe behtareen amal hai. Jis bhi mushkil ya masail ke liye parhega wo hal hojayegi insha ALLAH. Parhne ki ta’adad koi taye nahi hai, jitna parhenge utne fawaid hasil honge.

Powerful Wazifa for All Problems
تمام مشکلات دور کرنے کا طاقتور وظیفہ
یہ دعا ایک بہترین اور مجرّب دعا ہے۔ اس کے پڑھنے سے ہر پریشانی دور ہو جاتی ہے۔ تاہم ہر نماز کے بعد اس دعا کو خوب پڑھا کریں۔ ثواب بھی ملے گا اور ہر مشکل آسان بھی ہو جائے گی، انشاء اللّٰه۔ جس بھی مشکل کے لئے آپ یہ وظیفہ کریں گے، انشاء اللّٰه وہ مشکل رفع ہو جائے گی۔ پڑھنے کی کوئی طے شدہ تعداد نہیں ہے۔ جتنا زیادہ پڑھیں گے، اتنے ہی زیادہ فوائد حاصل ہونگے۔

Powerful Wazifa for All Problems


To resolve all your problems, no matter whether it is hard or too hard. Recite ya Hayyo ya Qayyum Bire’hmatika Astaghees in a fixed amount or in any number you want as much as you can after every obligatory prayer. Numbers are not fixed, you can recite it as much as you can. Raise your hands and pray for your problem. Insha ALLAH you will be benefitted. Your valid and lawful desire will be fulfilled and difficulties will be resolved, Ameen.

हर परेशानी के हल के लिए वज़ीफ़ा हिंदी में

हर नमाज़ के बाद या हय्यू या क़य्यूम खूब पढ़ा करे| सवाब भी मिलेगा और हर मुश्किल आसान भी होजायेगी इंशा अल्लाह| इसका विर्द जारी रखे, बेहतरीन अमल है| जिस भी मुश्किल या मसाइल के लिए पढ़ेगा वो हल होजायेगी इंशा अल्लाह| पढ़ने की तादाद कोई तय नहीं है| जितना पढ़ेंगे उतने फवाईद हासिल होंगे| इंशा अल्लाह आपकी परेशानी कितनी भी बड़ी क्यों ना हो, हल हो जाएगी आमीन!

ग़ौरतलब- ख़वातीन ये विर्द हैज़ की हालत में उठते बैठते भी कर सकती है|

Wazifa #2

Solve All your Problems using Powerful Dua

Sure Shot Prayer to Combat all problems of life.

Pareshani ka Hal ki Dua in Roman English

Roman English


Ham bohat si gharelu pareshaniyon ka shikar hain. Jan ka bhi khatra hai. Is silsile mein apki rahnumayi darkaar hai ke hamein kya karna chahiye?


Pak saf rahne ki koshish karni chahiye. Namaz panjgana sare ghar wale pabandi se ada kiya karein. Aur har namaz ke bad Ayat-ul-Kursi ka wird kiya karein. Bad namaz maghrib Surah Al-Waqi’ah rozana parha karein. Insha ALLAH tamam masail hal ho jayenge.

پریشانیوں کا حل


Powerful Wazifa for All Problems-har-mushkil ke liye-solve-issues-yaALLAH-160917

سوال۔ ہم بہت سی گھریلو پریشانیوں کا شکار ہیں۔ جان کا بھی خطرہ ہے۔ اس سلسلے میں آپ کی رہنمائی درکار ہے کہ ہمیں کیا کرنا چاہیے؟
جواب۔ پاک صاف رہنے کی کوشش کرنی چاہیے۔ نمازِ پنج گانہ سارے گھر والے پابندی سے ادا کیا کریں۔ اور ہر نماز کے بعد آیت الکرسی کا ورد کیا کریں۔ بعد نمازِ مغرب سورت واقعہ روزانہ پڑھا کریں۔

Wazifa to Solve Every Issue of Life


If you a need a wazifa for every lawful aim, hajat or a wazifa for problems in love marriage. You are at the right place. This is a very powerful qurani wazifa for every problem. This amal can be also performed to remove financial difficulties.


We are facing a lot of homely problems. We didn’t find any end for this. We need your guidance in this regard. To solve this problem what can we do?


Always remain in the state of purity. The entire family members should start 5 times prayers, they all should be punctual in namaz. If you want to know How to Become Punctual in Namaz click this link. Recite Ayat-ul-Kursi after every prayer. After Maghrib prayers recite Surah Al-Waqi’ah every day. Insha ALLAH every problem will be resolved, you will notice, Ameen.


Solve All your Problems using Powerful Dua

Wazifa to Solve Every Issue of Life


परेशानियों के हल के लिए अमल हिंदी ज़ुबान में

एक शख़्स का सवाल

हम बहुत सी घरेलु परेशानियों का शिकार हैं| जान का भी खतरा है| इस सिलसिले में आपकी रहनुमाई दरकार है के हमें क्या करना चाहिए?


पाक साफ रहने की कोशिश करनी चाहिए| नमाज़ पन्जगाना सारे घर वाले पाबन्दी से अदा किया करें| और हर नमाज़ के बाद आयत-उल-कुर्सी का विर्द किया करें| बाद नमाज़ मग़रिब सूरह अल-वाक़ि’अह रोज़ाना पढ़ा करें| इन्शा अल्लाह तमाम मसाइल हल हो जायेंगे|


  1. Humaira Athar on said:

    I am unablen to concieve since marriage (4 years). Earlier I had problems of Thyroid, PCOD and hormonal issues. But alhamdulillah everything is normal now. Please tell me wazifa so that I can seek Allah’s help. I make dua in every namaz.

  2. Humaira Athar on said:

    Assalamoalikum…. My father is in depression since last 10 years. His psychiatrist treatment is going on. This time his depression has come over and making him restless. He is unable to sleep, eat or do any work. He only thinks of negative thoughts and some past mistakes and cry over it all the time. He thinks that Allah is going to punish him and he is afraid to read Quran Pak as he is saying that all the azab related aayahs are for him only. Right now he is unable to count the countless blessing of Allah Swt. Please recommend some wazifa so we family members can do.

  3. Saniya Khan on said:

    As Salam alaikum,
    Meri aankho me daag aagae h. Pichle 3-4 mahine se hai. Meine bahot drs no batai pAr sabne yehi kaha k nai jaaega woh. Par woh aacha Ni lag Raha hai aankho mei. Please koi dua baatein jisse woh daang chala jaae. LlPlea

      • Sadia husain on said:

        Please humko sasuraal walo se humesha k lie nizat ki dua batay.. Koi bhi sahi nahi hai.hum dusri shadi nazdeek me he krna chahte hain. Ab shaher aur door nahi Jana chahte..please nizat ki dua batay aur meri dusri shadi Ho jaay achhe ghar me achhe log me

  4. Mariam on said:

    Assalamualaikum, my mom has been married to my dad for almost 20yrs but my dad has never treated her fairly she is always sad and whenever he brings in a new wife he treats the new one better and ignores her but my mom still cares and takes care of him but she is still not treated fairly he always buys things for the other wives and rarely but things for and even if she is wronged my dad still does not support her she has been suffering like this for almost 20yrs and now he brought in another wife and this one is far worse than the others my dad listens to everything she says please for an adua for my mom to solve everything and make her happy please I hate seeing my mom being sad

  5. Assalamu alaikum mere bade bhai ne mere haq mara jo makan ham dono bhaiyo ke liye kharida us per mere bade bhai ne kabza kar liya aur jab usse mangata hoon to usne dene se mana kar diya aur mere walid bhi uska saath de rahe hain .mere papa aur bade bhai bhawan ham dono mia biwi ko ghar se nikalwane mein lage hain sirf meri maa mera saath de rahi hai. Mere papa bhi dusri aurat ke chakkar mein lage hain Aur bade bhai unka saath de rahe hain. Sara paisa papa mere bade bhai bhawaj aur dusri aurat per kharch kar rahe hain aur ham dono mia biwi ko kuch bhi nahi dete.please hamari madad kariye.

      • Mohammad ziaul mustafa on said:

        Mujhe apne khuvab ki tabeer puchni h?

        • Dear brother, ham aam khawabo ki tabeer nahi batate hain. Agar istikhara ke khawab hain to aap zarur yahan puch sakte hain.

  6. Malaika on said:


  7. fawzia on said:

    Salam. My mother has been looking for a good maid, she still could not find one. She found one, then the girl left. Give a dua please.

    • You may perform the above given wazifa to solve this problem.

  8. Nasreen Ansari on said:

    Assalaamwalaikum . Bhai mujhe koi aisa wazifa bataye ki mera bhai 3 saal se hum se or waledein se baat nahi karta or be inteha nafrat karta hai.. .Uske bacche se bhi nahi milne deta …meri ammi bahut bimaar rehne lage hai usko yaad karte hai.. Kuch aisa wazifa de ki woh laut aaye hamare paas or pehle se bhi zyaadaa mohabbat karne lage waledein se bhi or bhai behen se bhi…

  9. Shaheen on said:

    Meri shaadi me buhat pareshani arahi hai. Ladk wale pehle bole jaise shadi karna chahe karlen. Ab puri shaadi ka kharcha hume karne keh rahe hein. Ladk ki haldi tak hume kark dene bol rahe hein. Aye din ladka aur isk ghar wale koi na koi nai demand kar rahe hein. Hamari maali halat sab jante hue b humpe bojh dal rahe hein. Aye din tane matna, shaadi se nakhushi zaher kar rahe hein. Mere ghar pe iski waja se sab buhat pateshan hein.shaadi k koi intezam b nhi ho rahe. Sirf 1 mhina hai shaadi ko. Sab ki zapan pe shaadi todne ki baat hai. Mere walid ki tabiyt theek nhi aur koi shaadi ki taiyari b nhi horahi. Upar se ladk walon k har din naye demands. Koi hal bata den

  10. zakia on said:

    Assalam m.mere log pese wapis nahi dete hen saloo hogae he,mere bhai mojh se naraz hoke shadi nahi kerte he.40 sal se ziyda ki 2 ki or ek 36 se ziyada hogai he,inki lover. mangetar,or bv inko khud chhor gai he apni zati vaja se,
    kia me Allaho rabi la sharika la ka ek wazifa me in tino k nam lee k parh sakti hon.
    or me bohat qarz me hon,or dosre log bhi mere qarz pese wapis nahi dete he is k liee. me ayatul kursi her namz k bad. or ya Haiyyo Ya Qaiyomo ka wazifa ker sakti ho.ye tino wazifa ki ejazat de den plzz or mere maqsad pora hone ki dua bhi karen,mere bhaioyo pe kisi ne mere khilaf koch ker diya he, vo shadi hi nahi ghar me koch bhi ho,jese vo bimar ho ,kabotar jis din khana na khaen,kahi koch ho vo mojh pe ilzam lagte he ,vo to ye bhi kehte he k me maa bap ko kha gai,jab k mene inke lie apni shadi tak nahi ki,or mere maa bap to moshkil me sirf mere bare bhai ki taraf or meri taraf dekhte the, i think meri bhabhi ne esa kiya he , k na inki shadi hogi ,na inki olad hogi.na ghar me batwara hoga, or me inki shadi ki koshish kerti hon ,is lie sab ko mojh se badzan ker diya he,k vo shadi ki bat tak nahi sontee,plzzz pray for mee,reply soon

  11. Rahema on said:

    Assalamalaikum wah rah matullahi wabarakatuh
    Brother my name is Rahema , I want to study abroad for that I need to Pass the GED exam and IELTS . I once sat for the GED exam but i failed bcoz of 7 marks .
    Please give me a strong dua or wazifa which can help me to fulfill my goals .

  12. saba on said:

    Aoa bhai
    I’m in a problem ma husband is cheating on me and also ma in-laws r nt gud Thu dnt lyk me I want to get separate frm ma in-laws and also i want ma husband to love me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis kindly perform this wazifa for your -http://www.yaallah.in/category/duas-wazaif/wazifa-for-bad-husband/ and this one to soften the heart of your in-laws -http://www.yaallah.in/2015/06/28/wazifa-to-get-rid-of-mother-in-law/
      Do not forget to subscribe the website before doing any wazifa through this link- http://www.yaALLAH.in/2015/04/03/follow-us
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaALLAHU

      • alfiya on said:

        can u translate in English

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Insha ALLAH, soon you will get this wazifa in English.

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          It is already in English. Kindly check it once again.

  13. razi jawaid on said:

    asalam – o -alaikum…mera naam razi jawaid hai….

    1) mera promotion ka post hone ke bawajood promotion nahin mil paa raha hai..main ek hi post men pichhle 14 saal se

    kaam kar raha hun aur promotion wale post ka sanction government se 7sep2016 ko hi aa chuka hai.koi wajifa ya dua

    bataayen jisseki jaldi promotion mil jaaye …

    2) iske alawa main aiims men deputation ke basis men 02.6.2012 se kaam kar raha tha …main aiims men 4 department

    (cancer hospital, ghaziabad drug centre , bhallabgarh health centre, jhajjar opd hospital ) ka administration ka incharge tha…

    27.9.2016 ko ke achanak ek aarop lagakar humko wapas mere parent department men repatriation order kar diya gaya…

    iske baad main court men us order ke khilaaf arji diya, jiske baad court ne 7 oct 016 ko stay order de diya….bawajood iske

    aiims ne humko phir se join karne nahin diya … court men agli tarikh 16 dec 2016 hai… koi aisa wazifa baayen jis se ki aiims

    hum ko joining karne ka order issue kar de aur court men case jeet jaayen….

    3) hamaare upar kareen 11 lakh ka karz hai…. koi aisa wazifa / dua bataayen jis se ki saara karz chukta ho jaaye…

    aapki bari meharbaani hogi….


    faqat dua…

    razi jawaid
    emaid id : [email protected]

  14. annonymus on said:

    Asalam alaikum brother,
    can ihave your email adress plzz..i would like to discss my.problem but not here..and plz i dony want my email to g public…hope u undestand ..jazakallah

  15. shad on said:

    Asslam walaikum rahmatullahe wa barkatahu 
    Janab Mera nam Irshad shaikh hai mai India Se Hun aur takreeb 5 salon Se Saudi Arabia me Hun 
    Meri problem ye Hai ki jahan mai kam karta Hun wahan do lingon ne paise k mamle me ghapla Kiya jiski wajah Se Saudi ne unhe jail me band karwa diya hai. 
    Aur ab mai jab ghar Jane Ko kahta Hun to o mujge bhi yahi dhamki deta hai ki Tumko bhi jail me dalwa dounga. 
    Aaj 3 mahine Se mai aur mere garbage badi musibat me hai mai ghar Wapas India jana chahta Hun. 
    Aur ek bar to o Mera ticket bhi karwa k fir cancel karwa diya. 
    Aur fir se isi mahine ki 19 tareek Ko ticket hai please Koi wazifa aur duaa bataye Jesse is bar mai India Wapas chale jaoun. 

    Allah k waste Koi aisa wazifa batao jisko amal karne se mai apne ghar Wapas chala jaoyn India. 

    Thanks & Regards


  16. Raisa Rownak on said:

    I want to happy for whole life with my lover without problems!!!!

  17. assalamu alaikum bhai, m sufferig from black magic on mee,every molanas said that some of my relatives had done black majic on mee.. but i cant get permannent solution.. my age is 33 still m not getting married..and i alwayz surround by many of dieases. i have kidney stone i have skin diease etc.. i have lots of problems,plz give me some rright suggestion..

  18. maryam mushtaq on said:

    Plzz bhai muja koi wazeefa bata da mri pahla engajment ho kr toot gyi ha but ab riata atta or koi pasand nhi aa rha jaldi shadi or acha rista ka liya acha sa wazeefa bata da plzzzs

  19. Sana Raza on said:

    Salam Imran bahi, please Mujhe koi Dua batao ka ma thoery test pass kar lo.

  20. Sonia on said:

    Salam Imran Bhai Allah aap ko kush rakhey itna acha ka am Kar rahen hain please nauchandi jumarat ka dates bata dain last time followers to alert nahi mela tha is bar please bata dain jazakallah

  21. dolly jav memon on said:

    Aslam o alekum mere chacha k dimagh k nas pht gai h ab drs b kuxh nh krpa rhebshi elaj b nh kr paa rhe unko bht sr m drd rhta h plz koi wazifa btaen bht mhrbni hogi

  22. Farha on said:

    Assalam Alaekum ….hamrari family bohot mushkilo se uzar rahi he….jis shaks ne hamare paise udhar liye the ab woo shas hamari rakam wapas nhi kar raha …apki bohot mehebani hogi aap hame koi wazifa bataye jisse paise wapas mil jaye….

  23. imran bhai mry abu 13sal sy uk hain lkn unka wahan kuch ni bn ra ..na paperz milty na kuch or.or ab unki age 57hogi hain burhay ho gy hain.or mery bhai ny 2dafa uk ka apply kiye nd ik dafa saudia ka kiye apply but ni lga.ghr mai bht mahol khrb a larai jagray roz hoty hain to mai ye waxifa kr skta hon ghr ki muskilat k liye nd bhai k vissy nd abu k liye

  24. ãl عِmrãń on said:

    Ap ap yaha sahi hai to ap jayaz maqsad k liye is link se wazifa kar sakti hai- http://goo.gl/uRxrSf #yaALLAHcomments

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Walekum as salam.

  25. Shama Parveen on said:

    Assalamo Alaekum Main ek ladke ko pasand karti hun wo bhi mujhe kartha tha mgr us ladke ke family agree nh hue humdono ki shadi k lye wo apne ghar m bahut koshish kye mgr unke parents agree nh hue to is wajah se woh humse baat cheet karna band kar dye 4 saal se humlogon k darmiyan baat cheet nh ho raha h aur ab uski kisi aur se rishta lag chuka h engazement bhi hogaya h jo mere lye naqabile bardast h pls mujhe kuchh aisi wazifa ya koi tareeqa batayen jisse wolog sab agree ho jayen aur meri shadi aftab se ho jaye allah hafiz.

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!