Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days

Miraculous Islamic Wazifa for Job in Just 7 Days

Read success stories of Powerful Wazifa for Job in 7 Days. Rise your career graph with a good job. If you are already on the roll you may get a promotion or a hike for a 5 figure salary. Else you might get success in your business. All this depends on ALLAH Ta’ala, what HE actually wants to grant you. Read wazifa for job in Hindi, English and Urdu.

Only Authentic Wazifa for Job in Just 7 Days

This is the only authentic wazifa for job in 7 days. There are a number of other websites who have copied this wazifa for job in 7 days. Please do not trust such copycats. You would need a permit to perform this wazifa from here only. Just follow yaALLAH Website.

Insha ALLAH you will definitely get a good job then.

SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

powerful-wazifa-to-get-job-in-7 days

Are you fed up with job hunt? Are you under deep stress? Are you hiding from your relatives and friends to answer about your job? Do you need a wazifa for getting a government job? See ya ALLAH Powerful Tested Tried Dua Wazaif List here.

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Stop your hard struggle now! and Start this wazifa for job now!

In case you are a wifey and searching for a wazifa for husband job then you can perform this on his behalf. If he himself does this. it would really show your very quick result Insha ALLAH.

This is a dua to get a job soon for your husband also. A number of yaALLAH Follower have got the job through this wazifa to get a job in 3 days.

If you have already gone for the interview. If you are searching for a dua to get a job after an interview or a dua for interview call to get a job. this dua will help you get interview results in your favor Insha ALLAH. If you are under confident and you need a dua for confidence in the interview. See Dua for Travelling in Quran here.

Also Known as

Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in Three (3) Days

Sister got a job in London in 3 days!

One of the yaALLAH Followers and now my sister Alhamdulillah! She started this wazifa with all the dedication and devotion. And she got a job the third day in London. She is Indian and now she migrated to London for this job!

Is Wazifa for Job se Kise Naukri Mili yahan padhiye!

Is Wazifa for Job se 7 Din Me Naukri Mili yahan padhiye!

Dua to Get Job in 3 Days or Islamic Prayer to Get Job Quickly

Through this wazifa it doesn’t mean that you will get a job in 7 days or more Insha ALLAH I am sure by The Grace of ALLAH you will get your dream job in not more than 3 days.

The sect of youngsters desperate and need success in their career can go ahead with this effective amal. This tried and tested amal is best suitable to get hired for any good job, ALLAH Ta’ala wills.

The more the population increases the more the competition will also raise. The crisis of jobs is common today. There is nothing surprising about the fact that the person with an engineering degree is jobless. See Wazifa for Marriage of Own Choice here.

Even if one is capable of all the qualities, skills and potential. It doesn’t mean he will get a job. The powerful wazifa to get the job in 7 days is for such needy ones.

In alternative circumstances, when a business incurs losses, neither functioning smoothly nor generating reasonable profits to cover the basic overheads of the operations. One can execute this powerful wazifa to get a job in 7 days.

Overall synopsis of this wazifa is to paving a success in your career path. This could be in any form, you may get a good job, if you are already on the roll you may get a promotion or a hike in salary.

Else you might get success boom in your business. All this depends on ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala, what HE actually wants to grant you.

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Purposes of Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days

  • A wifey can perform this Quranic Amal for her Husband Job too.
  • If someone’s job has been lost this dua can be performed to get that lost job.
  • new vacancy.
  • Applying for a job or job visa abroad.
  • To get a government job.
  • Even if anyone is not satisfied and wants to earn more profits from his business or karobar or Tijarat.

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Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days

Roman English 

Agar ap naukri hasil karne ke liye company me interview dene ja rahe hai. Aur ap chahte hai ke interview aapke haq me ho. To ye interview mein kamyab hone ki ye dua zarur parhiyega. Rozgar milne ki dua ye behad mufeed aur isse kayi yaALLAH Followers ko fawaid hasil ho chuke hai.

Agar rozgar na chalta ho ya fir apko rozgar ki talash ho. Aur esi surat mein apko rozgar nahi mil raha ho. Pareshani is qadar aa chuki ho ke halaat sudharne ka nam na le rahe ho. insha ALLAH is wazifa ke zariye se ALLAH Ta’ala ap ko rozgar zarur ‘ata farmayenge, Ameen.

Mujhe Sarkari Naukri Mil Gayi yahan parhiye!

Urooj maah me yani shuruaati charhte hue maah mein-

  1. Haftah ke roz roza rakhe.
  2. Aur usi ratko isha ki namaz ke bad bilkul khali makaan me khule aasman ke niche Bawudu, nange sar hokar;
  3. Koi si bhi Durood-e-Pak 11 martaba;
  4. Ek hazaar martaba ‘Ya Wahhabu‘ khade hokar hi parhiye;
  5. Wahi Durood-e-Pak 11 martaba;
  6. 7 roz tak ye amal bila nagah kijiye; and
  7. Aathve roz ALLAH ke hukm se apko rozgar mil hi jayega ya fir ke maujoodah karobar me taraqqi hogi.

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen jab tak ke wo ghusl na karle sat roz tak haiz/mahwari ki halat me ye amal bilkul na kare. 

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Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days

Naukri ke liye Wazifa in Urdu

in Urdu

سات روز میں روزگار پانے کا یا اللّٰه ویبسائٹ کا خاص عمل

اگر روزگار نہ چلتا ہو یا روزگار کی تلاش ہو اور کوئی صورت نظر نہ آتی ہو۔ پریشانی اس قدر آ چکی ہو کہ حالات سدھرنے کا نام نہ لے رہے ہوں۔ انشاء اللہ اس وظیفہ کے ذریعے سے اللّٰه ظلِّ شانہ آپ کو ضرور رزق عطا فرمائیں گے آمین۔

عروجِ ماہ میں یعنی شروعاتی چڑھتے ہوئے ماہ میں

ہفتہ کے روز روزہ رکھیں۔

اور اسی رات عشاء کی نماز کے بعد بالکل خالی مکان میں کھلے آسمان کے نیچے باوضو ننگے سر ہو کر

کوئی سا درود شریف گیارہ مرتبہ

ایک ہزار مرتبہ یَا وَھَّابُ اور گیارہ مرتبہ وہی درود شریف پڑھیں۔

سات روز تک یہ عمل بلاناغہ کریں۔ آٹھویں روز اللہ کے حکم سے روزگار مل جائے گا یا موجودہ کاروبار میں ترقی ہوگی۔

غور طلب: خواتین حیض/ ماہواری کے دوران یہ عمل بالکل نہیں کریں۔

Wazifa for Job in 1 Day-3 Days-7 Dyas and Job Success in Urdu

Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days-small dua for good-naukri-rozgar-yaALLAH
ya Wahabo Amal to Get the Desired Job Soon

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Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days


If you do not have sufficient sustenance or you are in need of a good job and currently, you are jobless. In similar circumstances, you can perform this amal. If your business is not running good or generating no profits even then too you can execute this wazifa. Insha ALLAH you will get favorable results within 7 days. Have strong faith in ALLAH Zille Shanahu. I have seen the number of people who have got a job through this wazifa.

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Now no ‘No Vacancy’ for you, Insha ALLAH

wazifa-to-get-job in 7 days

How to perform the Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days?

Perform this wazifa in the starting of any month. For example- starting this wazifa within the first week could be better.

  1. On the day of Saturday, keep a fast with intention of getting job;
  2. On the same day’s night, it could be after night obligatory prayers- make a fresh ablution;
  3. Find an empty house nearby, stand up under the open sky. If you can’t find such place then you can do this amal in any empty open place of your house where no one can come and search you;
  4. Recite any Durood-e-Pak 11 times;
  5. Then recite ‘Ya Wahhabu‘ 1000 times;
  6. Recite the same Durood-e-Pak again 11 times;
  7. Perform the same method each day till 7 days continuously, please do not skip any single day; and
  8. You will get a good job or you will start getting profits from your business, the eighth day on The Command of ALLAH Zille Shanahu.

Important Note: Females must not have to perform this wazifa during their menses/periods. Until they perform the ritual bath to become cleansed.

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सात रोज़ में मन पसन्द रोज़गार/नौकरी हासिल करने का मुजर्रब अमल हिंदी ज़ुबान में

Wazifa for Job in 3 Days in Hindi

अगर कोई शख़्स बे रोज़गार है या फिर उसका कोई काम नहीं चल रहा हो, या फिर उसमे घाटा लग गया हो| किसी भी सूरत में रोज़गार से जुड़े मसले के हल के लिए ये वज़ीफ़ा बेहद मुफीद साबित होगा इन्शा अल्लाह| अगर रोज़गार की आपको तलाश है तो आपकी तलाश ख़त्म होगी इन्शा अल्लाह|
परेशानी इस क़दर आ चुकी हो के हालात सुधरने का नाम न ले रहे हो|

इन्शा अल्लाह इस वज़ीफ़ा के ज़रिये से अल्लाह त’आला आप को रोज़गार ज़रूर ‘अता फरमाएगा , आमीन|

  1. उरूज माह में यानि महीने के शुरू होते ही अव्वल पहले हफ्ते का शनिचर का रोज़ आएगा|
  2. हफ़तह यानि शनिचर के रोज़ का रोज़ा रखे|
  3. और उसी रात को इशाँ की नमाज़ के बाद बिलकुल ख़ाली मकान में खुले आसमान के निचे बावुज़ू, नंगे सर होकर|
  4. कोई सी भी दुरूद-ए-पाक 11 मर्तबा|
  5. एक हज़ार मर्तबा ‘या वहाबु’ खड़े होकर ही पढ़िए|
  6. वही दुरूद-ए-पाक 11 मर्तबा|
  7. 7 रोज़ तक ये अमल बिला नगाह कीजिये यानि आपको रोज़ा सिर्फ एक रोज़ का रखना है और उसी दिन 7 रोज़ पढ़ना है| जैसे शनिचर से पढ़ना शुरू करेंगे तो 7 रोज़ जमु’आह को होंगे|
  8. आठवे रोज़ से पहले-पहले अल्लाह के हुक्म से आपको रोज़गार मिल ही जायेगा या फिर के मौजूदाह कारोबार में तरक़्क़ी होगी|

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन हैज़/माहवारी में ये अमल नहीं करें|

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum
    Kaal Saturday hai..kya mein kaal roja rakh sakti hoon..mere interview Tuesday hain..Aaj mahine ka 20 tarikh..kya mein start kar sakti hoon..pls jaldi jawab dijiye..

  2. As Salaam wa alaikum Bhaijan,

    Khule aasman k niche main nai kar paugi te wazifa ghar ki Bahu hone k wajah se,kya main ise jainamaz pe baith k padh sakti hu Isha ki namaz baad?

  3. Asaalamu Alaikum Imran Vaijan, Maine kal ratko ye 7 days wajifa dekh kar aj fast kiya & after isha salah ke bad In Shaa Allah Wajifa vi karnege as you advised.. Time nehi mila isliye apse puchne se pehle hi Amal suru kar diya. Plz pray for me & pray to Allah for me too to get a good job earliest possible by the Grace of Allah….Ameen. Maine interview diya tha to a good company & they were agreed to me to appoint & to give me salary all as I wanted & wanted me to join anytime & I requested to join December but after that no body call. I am very upset. Kindly make a dowa for me to Allah.

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