Surah Nasr

Surah Nasr in full it is Surah An-Nasr that is the 110th surah of The Noble Quran. Revealed in Madina for this it is known as Madnee. A short Surah with 3 verses. Surah Nasr is also known as Surah At-Tawdi covered next. Click to read full..


What is Alhamdulillah?

What is Alhamdulillah? What actually it means for those who say it. Another term for Alhamdulillah is Tahmeed. The literal meaning of which is ‘All the praises be to ALLAH’ more about is covered next. As soon as you snatch the opportunity, promptly say Alhamdulillah! Make it a habit, stick this phrase on your tongue invariably. Click to read full..


YarhamukALLAH Meaning

Sneezing is considered to be a blessing in Islam. You will get to know Alhamdulillah & YarhamukALLAH Meaning here. The vapor confined within the head. If this remains there it causes pain and sickness. It provides great relief therefore one should thank ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhu. Click to read full..


Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta

It’s not a dua for desperation, I’ve read many have written this. For me, it is how to get everything when you have nothing. However, Rabbi inni lima anzalta dua can create miracles for you! This is exactly what has happened with Prophet Moosa A.S. when he was in desperate need. Click to read full..


Dua to Find Lost Things

Whenever you lose something don’t get panic and take it easy. Have faith in ALLAH Ta’ala and recite this dua to find lost things from Quran. Take your time, relax, and take a deep breath. Be patient don’t overreact. All these important tips will help you to sort out this panicking situation smartly. Click to read full..


La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah

Is post mein ham parhenge La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah hindi mein tafseel se tarjuma ke saath.

एक बड़ी ही प्यारी हदीस है जिसका मफहूम है: हुज़ूर ﷺ ने फ़रमाया: “जिस किसी ने कहा: ला इलाहा इल्लल्लाह जन्नत में दाख़िल हुआ|” हमारे लिए ये कहना कितना आसान है| मगर इसे दिल से महसूस करते हुए कहना ज़्यादा ज़रूरी है| Click to read full..