Dua to Increase Respect

Recently updated on August 30th, 2018

Powerful Wazifa to Get Reputation in the Society

You deserve respect! Ain’t you? Make your first impression a huge appreciated in the society, office or family. Follow this dua to increase respect now everyone and see how people will start admiring you. You should be.


Strong Wazifa to Gain Reputation in the Society


Dua to Increase Respect

Izzat Pane ki Kargar Dua Urdu Mein

izzat pane ki dua in urdu

Izzat Pane ki Dua in Urdu

If you are being hated or disliked by people in your society or If you lost your dignity and respect in the eyes of all the people. You can perform this wazifa to gain your respect and dignity insha ALLAH.

Surah Yaseen Verse Number 83

فَسُ‍‍بْ‍‍ح‍‍َ‍انَ ‌الَّذِي بِيَدِه ِ‍ِ‍‌ مَلَك‍‍ُ‍وتُ كُلِّ شَيْء‌ٍ‌ ‌وَ‌إِلَيْهِ تُرْجَع‍‍ُ‍ونَ

Fasubĥāna Al-Ladhī Biyadihi Malakūtu KulliShay’in Wa ‘Ilayhi Turja`ūna

So glory to Him in Whose hands is the dominion of all things: and to Him will ye be all brought back.

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dua to increase respect

Dua to Increase Respect in Urdu

Dua to Increase Respect Wazifa in English

If you are being hated or disliked by people in your society or If you lost your dignity and respect in the eyes of all the people. Lawfully you need your lost respect and honor as you had earlier. Insha ALLAH you will get all your lost respect, dignity and honor.

Your relatives, friends and another known will start respecting you.

How to Perform this Wazifa to Gain Respect?

You just have to recite the above verse 11 times and blow on to yourself. Do this till you see the results. For females please note that if you do not memorize this verse you cannot open Quran-e-Kareem while you are in menses.

Dua to Increase Respect Wazifa in Urdu Transliterated in English

Agar ap zamane ki nigaho mein gir chuke hai aur koi izzat baki na reh gayi hai. To ap upar diya hua wazifa kar sakte hai. Is ayat ko 11 martaba parh kar khud par dum kar lijiye, esa rozana kijiye jab tak apko farq na mehsoos dikhayi de. Insha ALLAH izzat me izaafa hi hoga, Ameen.


  1. Farhana Mateen on said:

    Asalamalaikum bhai mai already gmail member hoo.kya mai yeh wazifa karsakti hoo.Aur work karte karte bhi padsakti hookya.plz bolia

    • Ji sis aap ye wazifa parh sakti hain. Jaise tareeqa bataya gaya hai waise hi parhiyega.

  2. ibrahim on said:

    assalamun alaikum mere ghar men aur office men sub naraz hai mere se please koi wazifa dijiye mera naam ibrahim

    • Bhai aap yahi izzat pane ki dua parhiye, insha ALLAH, sab aapki izzat bhi karenge aur aapse razi bhi honge.

  3. Zaiba on said:

    Sir my boyfriend n boyfriend mother is thinking my character is bad suddenly first there use to be close to me sudden my boyfriend n her mother changed n started telling bad abt my character allah knws abt my character i need dua to prove them plz help me imran bhai

    • Dear sis, you should recite the above given wazifa to increase respect.

  4. Zara on said:

    People always talk lies about me and call me a cheap person even though I didn’t do anything. And I’m really tensed cuz of that and can’t even focus on my studies and always think about suicide. Idk what to do

    • Hey dear sis, don’t ever think about suicide. It’s an unforgiven sin. Aap Pareshan na hon aur post me diya gya izzat pane ka amal parhiye. Insha ALLAH, sab aapko izzat denge aur koi aapke liye bure alfaz istemal nahi karega.

  5. Ali khan on said:

    Assalamu alaikum… Hum haiz me ye wazifa, phone Dekh k pad sakte Hy??? Qur’an touch kiye Bina…

    • Nahi, haiz me koi bhi wazifa jis me Qurani ayaat ya suraten shamil hain dekh kar nahi parhen. Zubani aati hon to parh sakte hain.

  6. Farheen Khan on said:

    Assalam o alaikum
    Bhai please mujhe job chahye bohot pareshan hu kuch wazifa bta dijye

  7. YaAllah on said:

    Menses time mein padsakte hai kya ya nahi…
    Likha nahi hai that’s y asking u

    • Agar aayat aapko zubani aati hai to parh sakti hain, warna nahi.

  8. Nazir on said:

    Assala alai kum, will you please give me permission to perform this wazifa

  9. ANiee amir on said:

    My question is k kia mei 1 purpose yani izzat hasil kerna k liye aik ce ziada wazifas ker sakti hun?yani k respect k liye above wazifa or dosra surah Tunis ayat 65 ka wazifa for respect?

      • Aniee Amir on said:

        kia above wazifa bhi krun or ALLAH pak k name wala wazifa respect k liye ker sakti hun ??

      • Salam i have follow your site and fb site, please give me permission to do wazifa

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Dear sis, you are permitted. ?

          • Salam,about 2-3 years ago, things changed, i guess i wasnt a big dresser or trendy and people used to disrespect me it was everybody, and people would not cross by me properly.Well what happened was later when i figured out it was due to my clothes, I tried with trendy clothes, but I guess i gained weight and my legs may have looked weird from the fat and so people treated me weird or rudely again.This has been happening for 2-3 years, and i need it gone.I dont know whether this could be because of my clothes or my weight, i am assuming it could be,but i am disgusted over how people have treated me when they dont treat others like that.I know some have given my suggestions and one has pmed me a wonderful amaal, but i was wondering if someone out here has some special ilm over what the heck this situation could be about?I am talking everybody suddenly acting rudely or meanly towards me.Without me doing anything wrong.Anybody you know with special ilm who can help me and i can contact them please tell me.THe reason why iam so desperate is because somedays i catch myself almost losing my sanity over this, as if i will suddenly lose my mind.Please , i need to get rid of this. Help me please.please give me extremely powerful wazifa, and give me permission for that wazifa!!!!

          • Al Imran on said:

            Dear sis, you can perform the above mentioned wazifa. And follow the path of Islam and the dressing style recommended for Muslims. Insha ALLAH, your problem will resolve, ameen.

      • Nikhat on said:

        Assalam walaikum …please mujhe koye wajifa bataye Mai sasural Mai Mai khush rehu aur mere man lag jaye ….

  10. Sara islam on said:

    assalamualaikum bhai,plz scabies k liye kuch wazifa bataye …

  11. mohammed khaja on said:

    imran bhai kya ma become rich ka wazifa aur respect ka dono ek saat karsakta ho

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji dono ek sath kar sakte hain ap. #yaALLAHcomments

  12. saba on said:

    assalamualaykum bhai, actually I’m preforming this from past 2 weeks but I’m unable to see the results

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Just have faith and continue it. Insha ALLAH this amal will absolutely work if you will do it with devotion. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaALLAHU

  13. saba on said:

    assalamualyakum wa rahmathullahi wa barakatahu ….mein ne 1 wazifa shuru kiya hai uske saat kya mein ye wazifa bi padsakthihu ?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, you can do two different wazaif for two different purposes at the same time but you should not perform two different wazaif for the same purpose at the same time.
      Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB. See this link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaALLAHU

  14. Tayyaba on said:

    Asalam o alaikum Sir zaroori to nahi Na k lost respect gain krny k lye prhen srf Respect increase krny k lye prh skty hain. Naa???/

  15. Tatheer Saleem on said:

    Pyar se shadi krny ka wazifa’ jo k nauchandi jummerat se shru kya ja skta hai, kia us m hm 1 se zyada duayen krskty hain ya ik khas dua he krni hoti hai? R kia humen continue rkhna hoga nauchandi jummerat k bd b ‘pyar se shadi krny ka wazifa’ ya ik he roz prhna hai sirf? Aur agr jaari rkhna hai to ktny din tk prhen yh wazifa? Please jtna jldi hu sky ap mjhy answer de den…kyu k nauchandi jummerat qareeb he hai shukriya

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ek se zyada ek purpose k liye ap nahi kare to behtar hoga. #yaALLAHcomments

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