Home Remedies For Black Hair

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Home Remedies For Black Hair
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Home Remedies For Black Hair


Hair are formed from the cells named as ‘Epidermis’. ‘Sebaceous Glands’ in the roots of the hairs has an oily element known as ‘Sebum’. ‘Sebum’ lubricates and generates oil in order to make skin water proof. Helpful in animal adaptation. This production of ‘Sebum’ directly effects the pigmentation of hairs, whether white or black. Meanwhile, this also provides nutrition to the hairs. Hairs can’t be nutrified  from outside environment. Their sole and primary source of nutrition is only the ‘blood’.

A Pigments Known As ‘Melanin’

A ‘Melanin’ is a natural substance in the human body. When a ‘Melanin’ destroys during the production phase. A root of hair and it’s follicles unable to get their diets and nutrition. For these reasons it effects the hairs  and results in ‘Premature Hair Greying.’

Causes of Premature Hair Greying

  1. Loss of ‘Melanin Pigment’ from the Hairs.
  2. Tension, Depression and Worries.
  3. Sleeping in Late Hours in the Night.
  4. Premature and Irregular Sex.
  5. Genetic Disorder.
  6. Rheum  also known as ‘Nazla’.
  7. Eating extreme hot food.
  8. Intake of foods based on chemicals.
  9. Eating inedible foods.
  10. Improper flow of blood in the head.
  11. Excess excretion of oil and sweat.
  12. Effects of Syphilis.
  13. Eating foods cooked in mixed oil.
  14. Repetitive use of hydrogen peroxide.
  15. Excessive use of fragrance based hair oil.
  16. Using harmful chemical based hair gels and other creams.

BigRemedies #1 Home Remedies For Black Hair

  1. Alkanna Tinctoria also known as Ratanjot X 100 grams.
  2. Henna Leaves X 100 grams.
  3. Medicinal shrub Eclipta Prostrata also known as Bhringraj/Bangra or  Jal Bhangro X 100 grams.
  4. The seed of Mangoe also known as Aam ki guthli X 100 grams.
  5. Grind them all and make a powder of all of the above things and soak them in water for two days.
  6. Water should be at least in that much amount which will not be dried in next two days. it should be soaked in water.
  7. After two days of soaking in the water, filter this water properly by squeezing the entire stuff.
  8. Cook this water in around 1 litre of Mustard Oil, so that all the filtered water should be dried due to heat. Let only the oil be remained.
  9. The oil has been prepared now.
  10. You can apply this hair oil every day in your hairs. Withing a few months your white hairs will turned into black naturally.

Dietary Recommendations

Apply desi ghee on your scalp in the roots of hairs.

BigRemedies #2 Home Remedies For Black Hair

  1. Ridged Gourd or Turayi.
  2. Cut ridged gourd into pieces and let them remain in the shadow to dry for few days.
  3. Grind them and make a powder.
  4. Mix coconut oil in this.
  5. Soak this powder entirely in this coconut oil.
  6. Keep them in the oil for four (4) days.
  7. After four (4) days boil them and then filter it in a bottle.
  8. Massage your scalp with this oil.
  9. Soon you will find your white hairs turning into black and that too naturally at home.

BigRemedies #2 Home Remedies For Black Hair

  1. Grind a black pepper in half cup of curd.
  2. Squeeze full lemon into it and mix them.
  3. Apply this paste on your scalp in the roots of hairs.
  4. Wash after 15 minutes.
  5. Do this every day.
  6. This make your hairs soft, silky and black.



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