Another Lovely Comment

Another Lovely Comment

Assalmu alikum ….

Another Lovely Comment

Ur is amazing website. It is very usefull to learn more and more…so please provide app for

a yaALLAH Follower Sister


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  1. Surah muzzammil wala wazifa kya surah dekh k padh k nahi kr skte hain?? I tried memorising it..i hv memorised it till verse 11..hope i learn ot still wondering kya dekh k padh le???

    1. Madina mein kayi log dekh kar parhte hai. Ap bhi parh le. #yaALLAHcomments

  2. Bhai which one amongst these..if i do the first one mjhe surah muzzammil yaad nhi..dats quite lengthy..kya yaad kru?? N d second one is not for me coz mjhe apne parents ko manana hai..that one is for wooing sumbdy u love.. so??? What to do in this scenario???

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