Another Lovely Comment

June 30th, 2018

Another Lovely Comment

Assalmu alikum ….

Another Lovely Comment

Ur is amazing website. It is very usefull to learn more and more…so please provide app for

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  1. Surah muzzammil wala wazifa kya surah dekh k padh k nahi kr skte hain?? I tried memorising it..i hv memorised it till verse 11..hope i learn ot still wondering kya dekh k padh le???

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Madina mein kayi log dekh kar parhte hai. Ap bhi parh le. #yaALLAHcomments

  2. Bhai which one amongst these..if i do the first one mjhe surah muzzammil yaad nhi..dats quite lengthy..kya yaad kru?? N d second one is not for me coz mjhe apne parents ko manana hai..that one is for wooing sumbdy u love.. so??? What to do in this scenario???

  3. Thanks a lott..bhai reply to kr dijiye..

  4. Salam bhai i ws tryin since 2 days frm my id aiman23444 bt comment post nhi hora tha..plz rep kijiyega..waiting eagerly fr ur help..

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear as i have said you the issue has been resolved that is why I can see your comment and replying you. #yaALLAHcomments

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      The comment issue has been resolved now, please post your comment through your email address #yaALLAHcomments

  5. Salam bhai..i hv finished d istekhara..n i hav told u my dreams as well. What should i do next? I feel very helpless. My dad has brought me to dubai along with him n my mother. He requested my dad a lot to agree for marriage bt wo nahi mane. Will he ever agree? Mai kya kru mjhe smjh nahi ata. I m commenting using my twitter acc.. aiman23444 se comment post nhi horhe..

  6. Aoa bhai..sorry for troubling u again bt i want to tell u my today’s dream..i saw d guy i love who told me dat though he loves me a lot..he tried his best to convince my parents..ready to convert n ready to do nethn my father says..still they r not agreeing so may b we shud try movin on..den i saw a green colored masjid which is under construction uski wall par allah muhammd likha h aur uske sath allah k aur naam arbi me likhe h jo mjhe padhne me mushkil ho rhi h bt he read them instantly inspite of being a non muslim(hindu). Dat surprised me. Den we went to a cafeteria jaha kya hua i dn remmbr clearly bt i remmbr seeing a bottle of ketchup,i.e, red in color. Abhi tak i hav been seeing white color in some form or d other in all my dreams. Ab is dream ka kya mtlb hai??

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      It’s neither positive nor negative. So don’t worry. Now you can post the comments. Please check and let me know. #yaALLAHcomments

  7. Thnks bhai..i l finish it off n tell u..

  8. Salam Bhai, its 4 day of my second istekhara n on all d days i saw white color in some form or d it positive? What do i do next?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Finish the istikhara, yes, it is positive.

  9. Thanks a lot for replying.. i was worried a lot..i did istekhara..i think i got mixed signs..i m doing it again but thankfully from two continous days i m seeing white color in all of my dreams in some ways..and i think dats positive as i hav read on yaALLAH comments by others..i l complete d 7 day istekhara n revert to u..hoping to get help from u..thanks more thing i wanted to tell u i m a late riser n despite many efforts mai fajr ki namaz kaza padhti hu..n i din use to offer namaz on a regular basis earlier…bt mashaallah since some months mai regularly padh rhi hu..i hope allah taala forgives me and help me soon..please pray for me and guide me further..

  10. Assalam o alaikum!

    Bhai i m a sunni muslim indian n i want to marry a guy who is a non muslim but is ready to convert. My parents know about it. He asked them for our nikah. My father lives in middle east. When he was not in india he said i l agree for your marriage once he converts and i l come and talk to him. Bt when he came to india, he refused to meet the guy and said he wont let me marry. And is forcing me to marry one of my cousins who has sent his proposal. I really love dat guy and cant marry sum other. Please help and guide me.


  11. mohammed amer on said:

    provide app for this website it will be very useful and helpful too please consider my comment

  12. Zubia Zahid on said:

    Assalam. O.alaikum bhai Mai bht mushkil mai hn plz meri help kren ALLAH PAK apko iska ajr dyngy mayne apna ek dant niklwaya tha or ek lmba dant tha usko thora sa ghiswaya tha us Dr ny ghis k itna chota krdiya hy k uspy cover lgana prha hy or cover lga k mery mun mai bht tkleef hogai hy or mera hont b uncha necha hogaya hy meri shkal pehly sy b zyada buri hogai hy plz koi aysi dua ya wazifa btadyn bhai k mera dant sahi hojaey ALLAH PAK apny asgaib sy meri madad krdyn meri Ami b bht roti rhti hyn qk mai or buri lgrhi hn qk meri shadi b nhi hui hy abhi tk plz bhai meri madad krdyn mjhy lgrha hy meri zindagi khtm hogai hy bht aas or umeed sy apko msg krrhi hn ALLAH PAK k wasty RASOOLALLAH SAWW k wasty meri madad krdyn plz

  13. S I K Rehmman on said:

    Jazakallah ! YA is amazing ! It is very useful. We find solution for every problem. I regularly follow

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