Pray for My Friend He is in Hospital

October 14th, 2016

Aš śãłãmû äłäÿkûm My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Pray for My Friend He is in Hospital

He had an accident day before yesterday. He is referred from first hospital to the second one. He has undergone two surgeries of his brain. As, he got injuries on his head, sadly he didn’t wear helmet. 

The doctor’s are saying there are 24 hours if he comes out of subconsciousness else he may go into comma.

I am waiting him to come into consciousness.

I request you all to pray for our Muslim Brother. Remember him in your dua after each salat.

May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala save his life and heal him. Ameen ALLAHUMMA Ameen.


  1. Barkat ullah on said:

    I m in a business trouble . pls pray for me

  2. allahumma inni as aluka min fuja”atil khaire wa aauzobika min fuja’aatish sharre.inshallah achi khabar milegi.padhte rhe ise.allah shifa dene wala h inshallah shifa hogi is he now?

  3. Farah on said:

    He will be fine and healthy soon Inshallah Allah is great Will help him and save him from his condition Ameen summa Ameen….my all prayers for him ….

  4. Asif on said:

    Allahumma inni as aluka min fuja’atil khaire wa aauzobika min fuja’aatish sharre.
    Inshallah achi khabar milegi.padhte rhe ise.Allah shifa kre jald se jald.aameen.

  5. shazy on said:

    Ameen… insha allah will pray for ur friend. May allah swt give him shifa

  6. inshaallaha wo jaldi thik ho jaye ge hum milkar dua karege ameen bhai ap fikr na kare unke sath sab ki dua h

  7. akhhila321 on said:

    God is great soon he will cure. Ameen Summa Ameen

  8. Naseeha Thabasum on said:

    In sha Allah.. He will be alright… Allah will save him.. Ameen summa ameen…

  9. Mohammad Akhtar on said:

    Assalamo alaikum,just abhi Haram sharif me 2 rakat ada kar ke Nafees bin Nafeesa k liye duva ki he, Allah rabbul izzat us ke Habib e pak ke sadqe me shifa e kamila ata farmae, aameen

  10. salma on said:

    May allah give him a very quick recovery ..inshaAllah and beside dua is the weapon off the believers keep praying Allah will answer your prayers .Aameen….

  11. mehboob on said:

    Aameen summaameen.

  12. Munaff on said:

    In the name of Allah Swt, the most merciful, Plse I beg of u to do sadaqa recituals with a live animal n distribute the meat amongst the poor. feed the poor or Milaad Ul Nabi jalsa in the name of the sick. May Allah paak protect this accident victim. Remember saitan has attempt to disarray our Holy Nabi (pbuh).

  13. Very sad ,Allah unhain jald thek karain aur unhain sehat aur tandrusty ata farmain,Ameen

  14. Farah on said:

    My all prayers for him may Allah give him health and long life Ameen suma Ameen

  15. Rehna on said:

    Inshallah Allah will give him good health and recovery ameen

  16. muslima on said:

    May Allah save him.
    Kitni ajib bat h na jo marna chahta h use maut ni aati n khudkushi b haram krdi h nd jo ni chahta uske sath aisa ho jata h

  17. inshallah will make dua for Nafees that Allah (swa) grant him a speedy recovery yaa arragameraagiemeen

  18. Rizwan Shaikh on said:

    Ya Allah, Forgive him if he has done anything wrong, give him good health and long life.

  19. wslm, wot is da name of ur friend

  20. fyza on said:

    May Allah pak give him health n long lyf Ameen.

  21. Sonia on said:


  22. komail raxa on said:

    May Allah bless and give gud wealth ur fend ameen

  23. DR.S.AKHTAR on said:

    dear brothers i m a govt doctor from up . my business is totally blocked inspite of hard labour . and bad relation with wife . amils told this is sifli magic .
    so plz dua for our karobar bandish and suggest dua/wazia for financial crisis and karobar bandish and for good relation with although i have done wazifa for black magic and karobar . but no response . so plz advise at- [email protected]
    DR. S.A

  24. iqra kanwal on said:

    Allah unhe shifa de or jald sehat yab kare Ameen ya Rab ul alameen

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!