Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika Dua to Get Lost Love Back

Last updated on January 14th, 2018

Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika Dua to Get Lost Love Back
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Before you go with this wazifa you have to perform ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara first and it’s tabeer should be positive and in your favor. If you have done your Nikah Istikhara through any Islamic scholar, Alim, Maulvi or a Mufti, the result of which is positive and in your favor you can ahead with this amal. The wazifa ‘Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika’ has been proved to be successful which is tested and tried by the people.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam


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Get your Lost Love Back Again Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika in Urdu

Gum Hue Pyar ko Phir Se Hasil Karne ka Tarika

Also known as

Quick and Urgent Wazifa for Love Marriage

Dua to Get Back your Lost Love

Alhamdulillah, I really owe my people that they are always for me in times of my hardships. I assure them I strive each minute and every day to make more and more user friendly, helpful, easy and with loads of yaALLAH Dua and Wazaif. Whenever, I publish a new post here, I always keep in mind the needs of my people. I hope this time also I pointed out Ummah need and published an extremely new and useful ya ALLAH wazifa for you.

So best of luck! May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala grant you success, and all your problems will be vanished as the darkness with sun rises. Ameen ALLAHUMMA Ameen. Remember!! Before you go with this wazifa you have to perform ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara first and it’s tabeer should be positive and in your favor. If you have done your Nikah Istikhara through any Islamic scholar, Alim, Maulvi or a Mufti, the result of which is positive and in your favor you can ahead with this amal. The wazifa ‘Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika’ has been proved to be successful which is tested and tried by the people.

Muslim Marriage Guidance

There are so many sisters and brothers who contact me for any powerful yaALLAH Dua and Wazaif to get their love back. As in the most case, I have observed boys went away leaving the innocent girl behind. Then the story of struggle begins furthermore she strives to get him back. She prays, prays and prays 5 times, she Makes a Dua, keeps begging to ALLAH Azzawajal by performing Dua and Wazaif. Few succeeded and few failed, and the tradition goes on and on be generations.

Tested & Tried by Thousands! Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa

In some worse situations when it seems impossible for girl to settle down in her life. This may happen due to any reason, her intensity of love, sincerity, commitment and care that she had once with that boy. Now, it’s impossible for her to manage without him. Though, these kind of relationships are haram in Islam and they must be avoided. This generally led to corruption in the society and defamation. Ultimately, the girl herself will be hurt. Boys, as usual, ran away with the promises they made by leaving unnecessary, useless and self-defending excuses pretending to be helpless.

The wazifa ‘Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika’ is for those girls and even for boys who have broken and shattered into pieces and cannot imagine their lives without their partner. Insha ALLAH their partners will return to them, Ameen ya Rabbul ‘Alameen. Do not give up, focus on your aim, have loads of patience, stay calm, keep worshiping ALLAH Ta’ala, stick to your faith, dedication and devotion, you will definitely get back your lost love.

How ya ALLAH benefited Ummah, read their own words!

Surah-Taha-ayat-39-41 wa wa-alqaytu 'alayka mahabbatan minnii walitushna a'laa 'ainii


Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika in Urdu


Surah Ta’ha Verse No. 39-41

English Transliteration: Wa-alqaytu ‘alayka mahabbatan minnee walitusna’a a’la aaynee Iz tamshee ukhtuka fataqoolu hal adullukum ‘ala man yakfuluhu faraja’anaaka ilaa-ummika kee taqarra ‘aynuha wala tahzana waqatalta nafsan fanajjaynaka mina-alghammi wafatannaka futoonaan falabista sineena fee ahli madyana summa jita ‘alaqadarin ya moosWas-tana’atuka linafsee

English Translation: But I cast (the garment of) love over thee from Me: and (this) in order that thou mayest be reared under Mine eye. “Behold! thy sister goeth forth and saith, ‘shall I show you one who will nurse and rear the (child)?’ So We brought thee back to thy mother, that her eye might be cooled and she should not grieve. Then thou didst slay a man, but We saved thee from trouble, and We tried thee in various ways. Then didst thou tarry a number of years with the people of Midian. Then didst thou come hither as ordained, O Moses! “And I have prepared thee for Myself (for service)”..

Urdu Translation: اور میں نے تجھ پر اپنی طرف سے محبت ڈال دی اور تاکہ تو میرے سامنے پرورش پائے

جب تیری بہن کہتی جا رہی تھی کیا تمہیں ایسی عورت بتاؤں جو اسے اچھی طرح پالے پھر ہم نے تجھے تیری ماں کے پاس پہنچا دیا کہ اس کی آنکھ ٹھنڈی ہو اور غم نہ کھائے اور تو نے ایک شخص کو مار ڈالا پھر ہم نے تجھے اس غم سے نکالا اور ہم نے تجھے کئی مرتبہ آزمائش میں ڈالا پھر تو مدین والوں میں کئی برس رہا پھر تو

اے موسیٰ تقدیر سے یہاں آیا

کھویا پیار پانے کا طریقہ

١. عروجِ ماہ کی نوچندی جمعرات کو یہ وظیفہ شروع کرنا ہے۔ ہجری ماہ کی پہلی جمعرات، نوچندی جمعرات کہلاتی ہے۔
٢. فجر کی سنّتوں اور فرض نماز کے درمیان یہ وظیفہ کرنا ہے۔ جب یہ وظیفہ کریں تو مطلوب کا تصوّر کریں۔
٣. سب سے اوّل جو بھی درود شریف یاد ہو ١٠ مرتبہ پڑھیں۔
٤. اس کے بعد ٢١ مرتبہ سورت طٰحہٰ کی آیت جو اوپر دی گئی ہے وہ پڑھیں۔
٥. آخر میں پھر سے وہی درود شریف جو شروع میں پڑھا تھا، ١٠ مرتبہ دوبارہ پڑھیں۔
٦. یہ وظیفہ ١١ روز تک ایک بھی ناغہ ڈالے بغیر کریں۔
٧. انشاء اللّٰه مطلوب حاضر ہو جائے گا، آمین۔

غور طلب: خواتین حیض/ماہواری کے دِنوں میں یہ وظیفہ قطعی نہ کریں۔ جب غسل کر کے فارغ ہو جائیں تو ٹھیک وہیں سے وظیفہ جاری کریں جہاں پہ ترک کیا تھا۔

Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika Dua to Get Lost Love Back

Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika in Urdu

Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika in English

How to Perform the Wazifa Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika?

  1. In the starting of the hijri month on new moon Thursday;
  2. Between optional and obligatory prayers of morning. While performing this wazifa you should imagine about the person for whom you are doing this wazifa;
  3. In the starting recite Durood Shareef 10 times;
  4. Recite 21 times above written verse of Surah Ta’ha for 11 days continuously without skipping any single day;
  5. In the end recite Durood Shareef 10 times;
  6. Insha ALLAH ta’ala the person will come back soon, Ameen.

Note: Females must not have to perform this wazifa during their 7 days of menses/periods until they remain impure.

What is Nau Chandi Jummerat?

Wazifa Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika in Roman English

Ye apne pyar ko wapas Pane ka amal hai. Chahe wo apko bich rah mein chhorkar ja chuke hai. Unhe phirse hasil kijiye.

  1. Urooj maah ki nau chandi Jumerat ko. Hijri maah ki shuruaat mein jo sabse pahli Jumerat ati hai;
  2. Fajr ki sunnaton aur farz namaz ke darmiyan ye wazifa karna hai. Jab ye wazifa kare to matloob ka tasavvur kare;
  3. Sabse pahle awwal mein Durood Shareef jo bhi yad ho wo 10 martaba parhiye;
  4. Uske baad 21 martaba Surah Ta’ha ki ayat jo upar di hui hai parhni hai;
  5. Akhir mein firse wahi Durood Shareef parhiye 10 martaba;
  6. Ye wazifa 11 roz tak bila ek roz bhi nagah kiye kijiye;
  7. Insha ALLAH Ta’ala matloob hazir hoga, Ameen.

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen hazraat is wazifa ko haiz ke 7 roz ke dauran jab tak we napak rehti hai qatayi na kijiye. Fir uske bad jab bhi we ghusl karke farigh ho jaye, firse thik usi din se shuru kar sakti hai jis din se tark kiya tha.

Wazifa Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika in Hindi

Apne Pyar ko Pane ki Dua Hindi Me

खोया प्यार पाने का तरीक़ा हिंदी में-

  1. उरूज माह की नौ चन्दी जुमेरात को| हिजरी माह की शुरुआत में जो जुमेरात आती है|
  2. फज्र की सुन्नतों और फर्द नमाज़ के दरमियान ये वज़ीफ़ा करना है| जब ये वज़ीफ़ा करे तो मतलूब का तसव्वुर करे|
  3. सबसे अव्वल में दुरूद शरीफ जो भी याद हो वो 10 मर्तबा पढ़िए|
  4. उसके बाद 21 मर्तबा सूरह ताहा की आयत नंबर 39 से 41 तक जो ऊपर भी दी हुई है, पढ़नी है – व-अलक़यतु ‘अलयका महब्बतम-मिन्नी वलितुसन’आ ‘अला ‘अयनी इज़ तम्शी उख़तुका फतक़ूलू हल  अदुल्लुकुम ‘अला मन यकफूलूहु फरजा’अ नाका इला-उम्मिका की तक़र्रा अयनुहा वला तहज़ना वक़तलता   नफसन फनज्जय नाका मिनल ग़म्मी वफतन्नाका फुतूनां फलबिस्ता सिनीना फी अहली मदयना सुम्मा जिता अलक़दरिन या मूसा वस-तना’अतुका लिनफसी|
  5. आखिर में फिरसे वही दुरूद शरीफ 10 मर्तबा पढ़िए;
  6. ये वज़ीफ़ा 11 रोज़ तक बिला एक रोज़ भी नागाह किये|
  7. इंशा अल्लाह त’आला मतलूब हाज़िर होगा, आमीन |

ग़ौर तलब: ख्वातीन हज़रात इस वज़ीफ़ा को हैज़ के 7 रोज़ के दौरान जब तक वे नापाक रहती है | क़तई न कीजिये | फिर उसके बाद जब भी वे ग़ुस्ल करके फ़ारिग़ हो जाये और पाक हो जाये फिरसे, ठीक उसी दिन से शुरू कर सकती है जिस दिन से तर्क किया था |

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359 thoughts on “Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika Dua to Get Lost Love Back

  1. I have done istikhara for my boyfriend and i got positive result…I love my boyfriend alot…he loves me too…But his father forcefully fixed his marriage some where else…Iwant to break my boyfriend’s engagement please give me some wazifa please help me

      • Shukriya mai ye wazifa zaroor karungi buss aap bata dein ki kya mai ye tahajudd padne k baad karsakti hu kya?Q ki tahajudd ki dua me bohoth asar hota hai na islie tahajudd ke waqt karne ki ijazat chahti hu apse

      • Apne ye vala wazifa diya muje karne ke liye “strong wazifa to get back love in just 3days” Iss wazife k liye puch rahi hu ki kya mai tahajudd k waqt ye karsakti hu kya Kyun ki tahajudd ki dua me jiada asar hota hai na islie

        • Ji han tahajjud ke waqt ap ye wazifa kar sakti hain. Kindly next time se jis wazifa ke bare mein puchna ho, usi ke page se comment kiya karein.

  2. rubab bangash said:

    aoa plz bhai ma kisi say boht pyaar krti hu wo muje chor chukka ha . muje koi wazeefa btaen k wo muje wapas mil jaye us k Dil ma mere lia mohaabat dal day Allah n mere shaddius say ho.plzz reply dayna

  3. maiak larkay say boht pyar krti hu us k ;ia wazeefa bta daen. ma boht takleef ma hu sabr kr rae hu

  4. Bhai Salam Walay kum. ..I am doing all these wazifas on every day basis according to my needs. (fazar namaz, surah Ash (21times)har maksad mai kamiyabi ki, nadi-ali (11 times), Allah hu samad (1000times, Allah hu rabi la sharika lah (874 times), husban (450times). So I want to know am I doing anything wrong? I do I need to complet one by one according to the given days. Plz advice and delete my comment.

    • Dear sis, if you are doing all these wazaif for the same purpose, then carry on only one wazifa and must stop the rest of them. If the purpose is different, then you may continue all these wazaif.

  5. Nazneen Firoz said:

    Plz give me tested n powerfull wazifa for my husband… Wo meri 1 b bat ni sunte. Aur na hi muje time dete. 1 8th month ka beta b h mera. Plz help

  6. Nauchandi ki date bata dain please

    • 23 November, 2017 ko agli Nauchandi jummerat hogi.

  7. Main bohat takleef mai hun please meri madad kar dain aur unko meri life mai wapis le ayein. Main Apki bohat shukar guzar hungi. Ap meri help karaingay is takleef mai to ALLAH iska ajar daingay Apko. Please kuch kar lain. Maine bohat baar istekhara kia tha aur istekhara acha aya tha meri khala ne bhi kia tha unho ne kaha k 80% acha hai. Unho ne dobara bhi kia tha istekhara aur acha hi aya tha. Hum mai sab bohat pyara bohat acha tha main woh sab wapis chahti hun please meri madad kar dain please. Main ro ro k ALLAH se maangti hun unko please Ap meri mushkil asaan kar dain main bohat ziyada takleef mai hun

  8. Ahmad.shahnwaz3 said:

    Aslam alekum mujhe aapse kuch bat karne h kya aap apna number de saktw h

  9. A.o.A sir aapne kaha tha k aap fb messenger pe 4 se 6 k bich me online aate ho hum wahan apse apni prblm share kr skte h pr ap to online aate hi nai to hum kaise puche kahan puche kitni preshan hu mai koi madad krne wala nai itne saare wazife kiye pr fir bhi koi result nai kya karu kch smjh nai ara plz btaye.

    • Current timing 12:30pm se 2:00 pm Indian Standard Time hai.

      • Plzz bhai.jan.mein hindu hu mujhe yeh samjh nahi aara kaise.kya. Krna apne bf sw bht pyr.krti hu pr.hmara vjh se ho gya plz

        • Dear sis, ye Islamic website hai. Ye wazaif tamam Musalmano ko karne ki ijazat mil sakti hai. Ap du’a kijiye. ALLAH Ta’ala apki pareshaniyan dur kare. Ameen.

    • Istikhara kaise krna h aur 12am k bad kr skte h kya ya fir 12 se pahle krna q k sb late sote h ghr me

  10. A.o.A sir mjhe istikhara krne dar lgra h agr result negative aya to kya karungi mai qk mjhe usi se nikah krna h sir plz kch help kijiye mai aapke reply ka wait krri hu .

    • Darne wali koi bat nahi. ALLAH Ta’ala ki raza hi malum karni hai. So, start karein jald hi.

  11. As Salaam Alaikum. I would like to know if i can do this Wazifa with out ishtikhara.

    • No, you can not start this wazaif without performing istikhara.

  12. Miss Rahela said:

    Salam dear,
    I love someone very much. Mene kisi se istekhara karwaya tha 2 saal pehley tou wo sahe aya tha. Hmare ghar mai takreeban bat ho chuke thi par wo mujh pe shak boht krta tha or kabhe yakeen nahe kiya hmesha koi na koi bahana bana kr mujhe chor dia or is bar b usne aysa hi kia hai k bina koi reason btaye kuch bat kiye muje chor k chala gaya hmesha main uske peechey jati thi bat krti thi manati thi par ab mai chahti hon k wo mere pas waps aye or mere lye tarpay. Please help me

    • And please tell me k ab upcoming nauchandi jumerat kis date ko aye gi

      • Upcoming Nauchandi is on September 28. You can start a love amal that suits you best.

      • Miss Rahela said:

        Agar ye wazifa krne k doran 11 din pooray honay se pehle napaki hojaye tow phr kbse shuru krna hoga dubara ye wazifa?

        • Jahan se choote, paak hone ke bad thik wahin se continue karein amal.

          • Miss Rahela said:

            Ek waqt mai do wazife ek sath kr skti hon kia? Nauchandi jumerat se

          • Ek waqt me ek purpose ke liye ek hi amal karen bas.

  13. A.o.A sir lekin maine to istekhara kiya hi nai qk ye post maine bht pahle dekha tha kisi aur maulvi ne btaye the usme mention nai tha k istikhara krna h kr k to maine begair istikhare k wazifa kar liya to ab kya krna chaiye mjhe kch ulta to nai hoga na sir plz help me.

    • Ap ab ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kar lijiye aur phir mujhe batayiye.

  14. Maine aapka btaya hua wazifa kiya wazifa kr k 15 se 20 din hogaye wo aya to laut kr pr dost ban kr wo kahta h hum sirf frndship me rahenge aur ab uski life me koi aur ladki h mai uske begair nai rah skti sir aap plz kch btaye.

  15. Hame kuch puchna h to kaise aur kahan puche hamare comment ka ans kahan check kare aur aapse contact kaise krna h?

  16. A.o.A sir aap se kch puchna h to kaise puchna h kaise contact krna h mjhe aapke help ki zarurat h mai bht pareshan hu

  17. Mene shru to fajr ki Faiz aur sunnat ke beech men kya tha magar 15 Kar ke time ja raha tha to pehle Farz ada Karke phir continue Kaiya.

    Kya men continue rakhu ya phir agle mahine tak intezar karna parega wapas ?

      • mene ye galti do dafa ki hai, phir nafl parh ke tauba karli, in sha Allah continue rakh raha hu, ye theek hai na ?

          • Raza said:

            Bhai. Aj subah Roza tha wo rakh ke ankh lag gayi, fajr nikal gayi, aur ye wazifa bhi.. mere sath ye bohot horaha hai pehle kabhi nahi Hota tha. Ke kuch na kuch hoke miss hojaye.

            Iska kya karu? Kya koi khalal hai ya phir..

            Anyhow wazifa ka kya karu ab. Kaza to karu ga aur tauba ki nafl Bhi..

            Waiting ur reply as very tense now please forgive me ke apka time waste Kar raha hu aur tang Kar raha hu but Mujhe nahi pata kahan aur jau

            JazakAllah Khayran

          • Ap koshish karein ke dhyaan se time pe amal kiya karein. #yaALLAHcomments

  18. mohd danish said:

    Aap log bohat help kar rahe hai ham sabki allah apko or tarakki atah farmaye

  19. M ak non muslim hu m ak muslim s bht pyar krti hu sb thik tha hmare bich mane iman v laea bt ak galti k wje s sb barbad ho gya m kvi islam nhu qbool kr paugi agr wo nhi aeato plz help me wo aa jae

  20. salam bhai ma jis sy pyar krti hu wo b mj sy krta pr achnk sb ult o gya usk dil m nfrt ped o gi ha ma ny khi jga sy pta kia to pta chla k us pr bandish lgai gai hai ta k wo mj sy dur o jy plz mjy btay koi wazifa jo ma kru usk liy wo mj sy dur hai us kch dam wgyra b ni kera skti na wo mre bt sunta hmra istakhara b tkh ha r sb b pr plz hlp kry mre mjy koi wzifa btay kia es wazify sy wo a jy ga wapis

  21. Assalamualaikum, Maine kal raat ko pehla nikah istekhara namaz pada aur mujhe khwab mein kuch koi rang Nazar nahi aaya lekin subah jaise 8:45 AM ke kareeb khwab mein mujhe aise dikha ki his ladki ko main chahta hoon wo uska ka ek college mein ek senior hai Jo Hindu hai, wo ladki uske saath so rahi thhi bed pe :'( please bataiye kya ye sach hai ?

      • Mai jisse mohabbat karti hu unke gharwalo Muje accept nai kiya aur unko kasam de kar unki zabardasti dusri ladki se engagement kardi. Lekin Maine istekhara kiya Hai aur muje positive result dikha Hai mai kya Kari abhi.

        • Ap ye amal shuru kijiye -
          Agar ap ke follower hain to apko ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’ ki ijazat hai. Agar follower nahi hain to abhi is link se website ko subscribe kijiye phir apko sab wazaif ki ijazat mil jayegi-
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
          Join Now!!-

  22. Kya m wazifa kar sakta hu m ek ldki se pyar krta hu or wo bhi lekin ab wo mujhe door Jane ko bol rahi h
    Plz mujhe btaiye m bhut presan hu

  23. Asalamualikum main 1 ladke say 7 saal say pyaar krta hoon aur wo b krte hai pr achanak uskay kise ladkay ki feelings aarahe hai aur wo ladka Hindu hai…hmm 1 dusray say bohat pyaar krtay hai…lakin Ab meri gf kehrahe hai ki mujhay us Hindu ladkay say pyaar honay laga hai…meray dil pay mera controll nahi hai main kuch nahi krsakta…..
    Kuch aesa wazifa batayea ki main apna Khoya pyaar wapas Pasaku main us say nikha krna chahata hoon..plz


    Assalamoalaykum Imran Bhai. Meri wife pahle Hindu thi, wo Muslim bani aur humlogaon ne nikah kiya jab wo 18 saal ki hui i.e in 2010. Ek saal pahle uska medical mbbs mein admission hua. Admission k 4 mahine baad se ab wo kahti hai k wo apne father n mother k paas rahegi n uska kahna manegi. Mere paas nahin ayegi. Bahut request kiya. Nahin maanti. Humlog ko ek beti bhi hai. Kya main ye khoya pyar Pane ka Tareeqa wazifa kar sakta hoon.


        Imran Bhai, yeh wazifa mein to paani par dum kar donoan mian aur biwi ko peena hai. Lekin meri wife to mere paas nahin rahti. Main kya karoon. Is k neeche ek aur wazifa likha hai To Remove the Anger of Husband and Wife. Kya main ye wazifa karoon. Aur agar isko karna hai to kitne din karna hai. Jazakallah Khairan

        • Ap yahan se dekhein wazaif jo asani se kar sakte hain kar lein -
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
          Join Now!!-

      • Assalamualaikum, kya mein ye wazifa apne husband ko wapis laane ke liye kar sakti hun? Abhi divorce nahin hua hai.
        Aaj yahan nauchandi jumeraat hai. Aur poochna tha ki fajr ki sunnat namaz ke baad ye wazifa padhna hai phir iske baad fajr ke farz namaz padhna hai?

        • Ji han ap apne husband ke liye ye amal kar sakti hain. Bilkul Namaz-e-Fajar ki Sunnat aur Farz ke dermiyan mein parhna hai.
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  25. ma ye amal krna chati hu kia ma kr skti hu ma ak lrky sa bht pyar krti wo b krta achnk 3 mah pahly kch ajeb sa oa r wo nrz o gya mj sa r nfrt krta ma ny bht koshiahy ki r pta chla k kaly jadu k zariy sa ksi ny usy mj sa alg kiaa ha nd phr wo twez nklway b ye cnfrm kia ma ny par abhi tk us ny cntact ni kia mj sa twez nkly ak month o gy r ye cnfrm b hai ma bht preshan hu kia ma ye amall kr lu nd ma ny ya Allah nikah istakhara b kia a

  26. Mjujhe ap sy pochna hai mai jis ko pasand krti hun us ny ek ghalat fehmi ki waja sy mujhe chor dia. Maine bohat kosish ki magr wo nahi maan raha mai us k bina nahi reh pa rahi. Ap plz koi esa amal btayein jis sy wo jald sy jald wapis ajaye mare pas

  27. Plz help me. M yE wazifa 4 bar kr chuka hun or usne aaj tk mujse bat ni ki .wo ignore Kr deti h hr bar dkhkr muje. Mre samne b ni aati wo. Plz help me pls m ni reh skta uske bina.. Plz koi or wazifa bta dijiye plz jisse m use hasil kr sku or wo khud chli aaye mre ps… Or hn ek bat or puchni ti ki kya koi shadi shuda insan B apne phle pyar ko pane k liye b y kr skta h?

    • Kya ap ka ‘Nikah Istikhara’positive tha? If yes, then open this link to see why is your wazifa not working -
      Aur ek shadi shuda insan kisi ghair Mehram ke liye ye amal nahi kar sakta.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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      • Imran bhai muje kch esa Amal wazifa bta dijiye jo shadi shuda insan kr skE.wo bahut pyr krta h ek ldki s. Shadi k bad b ladke ki shadi k bad ladki bat kr rhi ti usse or mil b rhi ti. Fr achanak uske ghr pta chl gye un dono k bare m. Tbse ajtk usne bat tk ni ki or dekhti b ni h. Or wo ldka use dobara wps pana chahta h. Pls help me bhai plz

        • Bhai ye ghalat bat hai. Us ke liye sahee tareeqa yahi hai ke pahle wo apni biwi se is bare mein bat kare. Agar uski biwi usay ijazat dey tabhi wo us larki se shadi kar sakta hai. Tabhi mein apko agay kuch guide kar sakta hun.
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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      • Uski biwi razi ni hogi dusri Shadi k liye. Or bs wo us ldki se 1 bar milna chahta. Ek bar bat krna chahta h usse. Bahut pyr krta h wo usse tadap rha h pglo ki trah..shadi wale din b bahut roya ta wo or wo ldki b bahut royi ti.Bs ghrwalo ki mrzi S ki gyi shadi uski..ek bar milwa do un dono ko plz imran bhai. Kch to btado wo apni biwi ko b khushi ni de pa rha. Or pyr b ni krta biwi s apni. Wo us ladki ke mn ki janna chahta h ki agr wo ldki ab b razi h bat krne k liye or shadi krne k liye to shyd ldka kch bat kre apni biwi s.wo ldka phle ldki ko mnana chahta h agr man gyi to wo zrur discuss krega biwi s apni. Imran bnda 5 mhine s pgl h us ldki k liye. Usko dkhne k liye tdapta rhta h.. Kch to help kijiye jisse ldki uske pas aa jaye or bat ho jaye un dono ki. Plz

        • To wo direct us larki se puch ley ke wo kya chahti hai. Aise mein wazifa nahi de sakta.
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  28. Mai ek ladki ko bhut chahta hun. Wo bhi mujhe chahti thi. Lkin ab wo kisi aur se bat karne lgi. Mujhe chod diya. Kuch btaiye ki wo mere pass fir se a jaye

  29. Bhi mn apsy kuch pochna chahti hn plz mje reply dn mn bht pareshan hn

  30. I have done YaAllah nikkah istakhara got positive result Alhamdulilah. Now k want to perform this wazifa. Kindly let me know When is the next nauchandi Thursday? Plz reply I’m waiting…

  31. salam, if the boy doesn’t come back under 11 days, will he come back after or not ?
    do i have to re start the wazifa ? jazakallah

    • Yes, he may come back anytime. You just need to have full faith while doing this amal.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  32. Assalam-u-alykum.mujhe mere nikha istekara ki result apke sath discuss karna hai..2nd and last day day i got boyfriend and his family were going to see a match to him but my boyfriend stopped and started thinking about this positive..usne ek musalman ladiki ko pasand karliye usse shadi karneka sochre…two months mein mere saat 12 years relation ke baad..mujhe e maloom pada ki us ladki ne unko kuch khilake trap kardiya…ee uske piche pagal hogaye hai…plz help me mei unko khona nahi chahti…plz reply

    • If you are a Non- Muslim, i can not allow you to do these wazaif. Apologies!! #yaALLAHcomments

  33. when is the next nau chandi jumeraat si i can start this wazeefa please ? is it on 6 october 2016 ?

  34. Mujtaba khan said:

    Sir mre lover ke shadi us k gr walo na khai r kr de ha ma us larke sa pyar krta ho r usa pana chata ho plz ap mnja koi trika bta dain k wo boat jald mra pass waps aya muj sa bat kra mra sa rabta kra sir wo mre kzn ha muj sa mubt krte ha plz sir koi wazifa bta dain plz

    • Bhai ab wo kisi aur ki biwi hain. So ab un ke liye amal karna theek nahi. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  35. arbi ki jaga py as ka turjama parh sakty hain?

  36. Mai jisse pyar krti hu wo bhi mere se krta tha .hmesha bolta tha ki wo bhi krta h mere se pyar pr hmesha chord chord ke chala jata tha..or es bar bhi wo aya after 6 month pr wo fir chala gya or abho tk wapass nhi aya pr hm use bhut pyar krte h usse kese wapass paye or usse shadi ke liye kese manaye ki wo khud se bol de mere se ki wo mujhse shadi krna chahta h..please help me

  37. Bahi imran mjy b repy kijye plz

  38. salamalaikum, i have a question bhay saab,

    i was in a relation with a boy for 2years and we were supposed to get married but at the end, i found that he cheated on me and leaved me for another girl so can i do this doua or shall i leave him live his life with that new girl and accept the Qadr of Allah??

    please help me, need your advice!

    • I would suggest you to first offer this ‘Prayer of guidance’ to ask ALLAH Ta’ala for guidance about that guy.
      Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB. See this link-

      • i’m a shia girl and after doing Qur’an isitikhara many times, it was good for us to get married. so can i do this wazeefa or still not ? please help!!

          • layana said:

            no i was asking you if i can do the “khoya pyar pane ka tarika” wazeefa ? is it permissible even if he is already with another girl?

          • If they both love each other, you should not do this amal for him.If he was in love with you and suddenly left you, in this case you can do this amal to get your lover back indeed your Nikah Istikhara is also showing positive signs for him.
            Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link- #yaALLAHcomments

          • layana said:

            he used to tell me that he was still in love of me but suddenly left me. Can you just tell me when can i start this “khoya pyar pane ka tarika” wazeefa because i don’t understand the “nauchandi jumeraat, hijri” explanation ! please help !

          • The very first Thursday of any Islamic month (Hijri month) is known as ‘Nauchandi jummerat’. You can start this ‘amal of love’ on the upcoming Nauchandi jummerat that will be on 08 September, 2016.
            Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link- #yaALLAHcomments

  39. mai ek ladke se bhot pyar karta hu
    2saal pehle uske shadi ho gaye hai
    our mai use aj bhi waise he pyar karta hu
    use bhoolna nahi chahta
    kya karun Jo mujhe mera pyar Mel jaye
    mai jaan bhi de sakta hu uske liye
    per uske bina je nahi sakta
    plz jawab jarur dena
    2 saal se mai mout se btter zindgi jee raga hu

  40. mai 1 larky sy bht pyar krte hn mgr wo mjy bht hurt krta h mai us k bgair nai rah skte wo bht gusy ka tez h mjy btai mai kya krn

  41. Fajr ki sunnaton aur farz namaz ke darmiyan ye wazifa karna hai matlab sunnat 2 rakat padke ye wazifa karna hai phir 2 rakat farz plzzz explain al imran bhai

  42. Md Imtiyaj Khan said:

    Mera nikak ek larkise hui thi par abhi uski parentsne hamdoko talak karwya hai abhi ham dono pagalsi hogaya ham abhi milbhi nahi sakte agar aapke pas usko wapas apne aap aaneki dua ya koi upai hai toh plz help me.

  43. Bhai mjy onion wala wazifa to get love back karna h plz ap mjy ijazat dy dn plz

  44. Plzzz mjhy btyen ma kis din sy shuru krun plz exact day or date bta dain jtna jldi possible ho

  45. do i need a permission to start the wazifa and when is the next new moon of Hijri month.

    • As soon as new moon nauchandi will come and you are a yaALLAH follower then you can get the notifications. #yaALLAHcomments

  46. He called me after 5months in 10th days of this wazifa..but he was silent…after then he sent mail and wrote he miss me..But after then he clearly said he dont want to make any relationship… What to do now?do I start this wazifa again n again???I did it 3 times..should I start this wazifa for the 4th time??? I want him back 🙁

  47. Mjy Mary msg show nai ho rhy ab mjy kasy pta lagy ga plzzzz mjy mail hi kr dy

  48. Mjy mery msg kyun nai show ho rhy
    Bhai m kab sy shuru kro yeh wazifa

  49. aj 8 rajab hai or date 17 april hai kb sy kro m yeh????

  50. Aslam O Alykum bhai
    m apny pyar sy bhhhht pyar krti hn or wo naraz hai maan nai raha m nai rah sakti us ky begair 3 mah sy naraz hai nai maan raha sab kuj kr ky dekh liya plzzzzz mjy guide kr dy kya pta Allah mri dua ap ky wasely sy kabool kr lyy plzzzz mjy bta dy m kab sy shuru kron yeh wazifa ap ki bhhht mahar bani ho g

  51. Askm…nuchandi jumerat Kb hai bataiye ????

    • Ane wali nauchandi jummerat insha ALLAH 21 April ko hogi. Ap yaALLAH se jurhe rahiye apko yaha notification mil jayega FB par bhi aur yaha bhi. #yaALLAHcomments #yaALLAHreminders

      • shifa shaikh said:

        nauchandi jumerat 14 ko hogi na………..10april ko urdu ki 1(pehli) tarik hai uske baad jo jumerat arah hai wo 14th april ko hai………….plz rply…mujhe b ye amal krna h


        plz bhai mujhe batayega ki kab ane wali nauchandi jummerat

      • Bhai hr mahine ki nauchandi jumerat kb kb aayegi btado plz

        • dear sis check this link- aj sham maghrib tak hai. #yaALLAHcomments

    • nida mughal said:

      kindly tell me plz 21st april ko strt kr k ye 11 days parhna ha ya har nichandi ki rat ko parhna ha bs ye bta dy plz

  52. Mughse bhe mera bechadh gaya hai kuch bataye mughe bhe plz

  53. Fajr k darmiyan ka kya matlab???
    fajr ki namaz k baad ya namaz k beech mein kb?
    ya azan or namaz k bech mein?plzz reply ye samjh ni aaya….

    • 2 Sunnat parhne ke bad aur 2 farz ke pahle pahle tak. #yaALLAHcomments

  54. Maine itne cmnts kiye koi b show nhi ho raha ap fb pe b reply nhi krty bhai 🙁

  55. Sanjida Keny said:

    I got his mail after 3weeks… But he told me not to contact with him as his family didnt agree for marriage…then I tried to contact but he is not recieving my call…this wazifa will be end after 2days

  56. Bhai maine b ye wazifa start kiya tha but beach mein periods aa gaye ab Kal sy dobara start kr rahi Hn plz mery liye dua kijiye ga k Allah mjhy kamyab
    Kry Or WO mery pas lout aye bhai Maine buht sy wazaif kiye but koi kamyabi nhi mili main phr b Allah k pe pora bhrosa rakh k ye wazifa Krn gi isky elawa main salat tu toba b perhti Hn plzzzzzzz ap b dua kijiye ga or Jo b mera cmnt perhy WO b mery haq mein dua kry kya ptaa Allah kis ki dua mery haq mein qabool kr ly

  57. Mery cmnts show q nhi hoty 🙁

  58. Bhai Maine b ye wazifa shuru kiya hai plz plz mery liye dua kijye ga k Allah mjhy kamyabi dy ameen bhai main bht takleef mein Hn plz dua kijye k Allah mery piyar ko mera nAseeb bna kr mery pass wapis bhej dy main usky bagair apni zindagi ko soch b nhi sakti dill krta hai mer jaaon …. apko Allah ka wasta mery liye dua zror krna plz

  59. Bhai aik corratction kr dain oper Arabic mein fannajaynaka likha hai jb k roman Urdu mein fanajjay bhai plz btaain sahi word kn sa hai or kesy perhna hai ????

  60. Assalamualaikun
    Maine apni gf ko galii dedi gusse me Magar mai usse bahut chahta hu usse nikah karne b chahtao plzzz help me wo mujhe maaf he ni karna cahti mai bahut pachta raha hu apni is galti par please help kariyaa muje koi ni samjhane wale please

  61. Assalamualaikum
    Bhai/Behan mujhe kuch janna tha meri gf se nikah ki niyaat se usse mohabbat karta hu Magar pata nahi mujhe kya hogaya tha or ek martaba Maine usse gali dedi or wo mujhse dur hogai Maine bahut mAafi mangi magar wo manne he ttayar nahi hai mi usse nikah karna chahtao hu or mai pachtarao apni galti par
    Please help me its a request
    Kya mi yae wazifa karsakta hu

  62. Bibi Shaheen said:

    It is the first time I see this site really happy to come across
    Cn u please tell me when will be the hijri month?
    I will wait for an answer.
    Jazackallah khair

    • Dear sis the upcoming Hijri Nauchandi Jummerat will be Insha ALLAH on 11 February 2016. #yaALLAHcomments

  63. As salaam can boys do this wazifa “Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika ” its written only about girls. Can i do to bring back my love. I want to marry her

  64. Muje ye pochna hai ke hijri month ka thursday kb aayega???? Or ye wazifa karne k bad kitne time tak wo wapis aajayega????

    • Ap 29 days calculate kijiye pichli wali se. Kab ayenge ye ALLAH behtar jante hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  65. assalam aleykoum brother,when is the next thursday of hijri month?

  66. Asalam o alaykum plz yahan jo h ye comment parhy mere liye zarur dua karyn :'( me kisi se sary 5 sal se bht pyar karti hu wi b mjse bht pyar karta tha lekin usky parents ny zabardsti rshta kahin ot kardya :'( r wo mjy chor k chala gaya ha :'( me usky bghair zindgi ni guzar skti :'( plz dua karyn wo mjy apna le r mere pas wapas ajaye :'( wrna me bardasht ni kar paungi :'(

  67. Rayanch Khan said:

    imran bhai aapka jawab ke liye hmesa intazar krya hu plss rply me bsss mjhe ye batage ki mai ek hi maqsad ke 3 3 wazifa ek sath kar rahu toh kya asar krega ki nhi… yaa uska koi negative toh nhi hga na q mere sath sab ulta ho gaya mai apne pyar k liye bht wazifa kiya per sab ktm ho gya wo nafrat krne h mjhse bina waj

  68. Rayanch Khan said:

    Assalamalekum imran bhai maine aapko bht mesge kiye but rply nhi huwa aapka bhaijaan maine apne pyaar ko pane ke liye her mumkin kosish ki per koi asar nhi huwa bhaijaan maine usse paine k liye ek sath bahut saare wazifa kiye usse koi fark nhi padega na ur koi fayeda bhi huwa wo mjhse ur dur cgali gaye bhaijaan plss rply me

    • Dear sis gunaho ki mafi mange. Dua aur sabr kare. #yaALLAHcomments

  69. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz mujhy koi btao ya kb tk krna h kitny din tk

    • Urooj maah ki nau chandi jumerat ko. Hijri maah ki shuruaat mein jo jumerat ati hai. Ek hi din karna hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  70. Salaam bhai .yh wazifa bhhht jaldi kam krta hai aj mra frst day tha r wo mj sy 2 mnth say naraz ta mja blck kia hwa ta hr jaga sy.bhai i js cnt blv on ma eyes k us ny mja txt kia n mj sy sb batin boli.tnq sooo mchhh bhai.ALLAH PAK APKO bhht bhht khush rakhy.bhai mja aisa b koi wazifa bta dain k mre shadi wahn ho jaye r hmary prnts b maan jyn plx bhai 🙂 🙂
    Aik bt koi b amal krna o tw namaz r sallat e toba b ada krni chaye r ALLAH p poura bharosa rakhain 🙂 🙂

  71. AOA bhai, bhaiya maine ye wazifa two baar kiya abhi tak koi bhi positive result nahi dikha raha.. bhaiya march ya april mahine main ladke maa baap kisi se shaadi kar deynge please koi wazifa kahey jisse wo jaldi ajaye. Maine Qad shagaha hubban, Ya latifu, yaseen shareef, haa meem ain seen kaaf, alam tarah kaifa ka wazifa, Yaseen ki 36 ayet ka wazifa, tahajud, salatul hajaat kiya lay kin abhi tak wo 5 mahine hoge nahi aya wapas..engagement todke gaye sab ..4 saal ka ristha tha
    madad karen allah ke wastey

  72. Nd also we had to do it in Fridays fajr namaz right?
    Or on Thursday fajr please clarify

  73. Bhai.2 alag wazifa 2alag maqsad k liye kar sakte hai…… reply me please

  74. Salam

    Mai jise pasand krti thi wo muje chor k chale gye h.bat b nhi krna chahte.mai parso inshallah ye wazifa krna chahti hu.par mera ek 40 days ka b chal rha h wazifa.

    Kya mai sath me krlu plz.mai wait nhi kr skti.halat bigad rhe h baht.uske lie ladki dekh rhe h.aur nauchandi jumerat b parso hi h.plz can i do?i have done istekhara its positive

  75. Sir pls help ek ladki se bahut pyar karta hu.par uske gar walo ko pata chal gaya hai.aur us ladki par kuch jadu karvaya hai .wo muje dekhti bhi nahi .me ne suna hai ki us ladki ko uski ma ne kuch khilaya he tab se wo mujase baat nahi karti .to kya e wajifa me kar sakta hu.

  76. Asalaamualykum sir plzz mai bhot peraishaan hu mai ye wazifa istimal krna chahta hu meharbaani karki ke ap mji bata sakhte hu is month ki kon se date se ye wazifa istmaaal karu mehrbaani huge ap par agr mji bol sakhti …

  77. Assalamo alaykum..thank u so muchh…it worked so fast..bhai ek aur help krdo plz he is back and he lovez me bt uske past me ek lAdki thi usko wo bhul nahi pata and mujhe behad bura lagta hai jab ki abi we are in relationship. .pls help kdo ki wo usko bhul jaye n mujhse shDi k liye parents ko bol de..I am stuck

  78. ............... said:

    a.o.a bhai mri help kre plz mai bht mushkil me ho…. mai jin se muhabat krti ho unki shadi ho ge hai 1 janury ko kia wo mre pas wapis a sakte hai ye wazefa kr k k mujse 2osry shadi kr le plz reply

  79. Alhamdulillah I am happy your du’a worked…now please I want him not to be scared to talk to his family and for them to accept us nikah
    Should I do impossible to possible??or do u have any wazaif?

    • Insha ALLAH, Ameen. Yes you can start this wazifa. #yaALLAHcomments

  80. I was with someone for 2 years we loved each other so much but he’s family don’t want us together so we stopped communicating
    1)I cannot give up so did yaAllah nikah istikhara and it came out positive
    2)I then did the ya wadoodo,ya ra’ofo and ya Raheem and melting hearts du’a and he came back telling me how he loves me and want to marry me….
    3)the problem is he doesn’t know how to meet his family with the subject because he is scared they will not agree.
    4)please give me a wazaif to do to make him go and meet them and for them to agree,I don’t want him to know I am using these site or doing any du’a

  81. Salam imran bhai, yeh wazifa kya sirif fajr k time hi karsakte hai koi aur tume nahi

    • Ji ha dear sis, ye wazifa sirf fajr ke waqt hi kar sakte hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  82. I missed one day in between, do i have to start over again?

  83. plz give me permission.. tomorrow is first Thursday?plzzzzzz reply me

    • You are allowed to do. #yaALLAHcomments #Quran #Dua #MuslimMarriage #Matrimony

  84. kal first Thursday ha kindly give me permission ?

    • Already allowed to do the wazifa. #Dua #MuslimMarriage #Matrimony #yaALLAHcomments

  85. I saw the calendar,it says 17th….y can’t u just help us the say the date rather

    • Aslamalaykum can you give me permission to do this wazifa please, also if the new moon falls on a Thursday do we start the wazifa on a Friday?

  86. Salam….the next new moon (Thursday)is is on 17 December right??
    And can I perform these if the imams did the istikhara for me and said its positive?

  87. Nochandi k ilawa or jumeraat mai par nhi sakte plzz I need it urgent its 16th safar

  88. Bhai plzz help me muje yeh wazifa jald az jald shuru karna hai par month 16 safar Thai ziad waqt nhi Thai mere pas kia karun plzzz help as soon as possible bro

  89. Salam alleakum

  90. I emailed you alot but didn’t get the reply. Kindly reply

  91. Syeda alina said:

    Mjy Izzat h ?? Is wazifa ki??

      • Worried! reply as soon as possible.
        Main ne nikkah istekhra kiya tha , us ka reply app ne positive btaya tha , phir main ne ye upar diya hua wazifa shuru kiya lekin Abhi 8 days Huey hain aur mujhe periods aa gaey , kiya mujhe Ab next chand ki urooj date ka wait kar k phir se naey sirrey se wazifa karna parey ga ? Ya phir periods khatam hone k baad paak ho kar baki k 3 days complete Karun ?

        • Dear sis better read this terms and conditions below every wazifa- Ghaur talab: Khwateen hazraat is wazifa ko haiz ke 7 roz ke dauran jab tak we napak rehti hai qatayi na kijiye. Fir uske bad jab bhi we ghusl karke farigh ho jaye, firse thik usi din se shuru kar sakti hai jis din se tark kiya tha. So that means you can continue. #yaALLAHcomments

          • dabanggirl said:

            Thank you 🙂

      • Bhai myri fajar Namaz my ankh nh khol saki or wazifa start na kr saki bht Pareshan ho bhai koi wazifa Kaam nh kr raha h ab yay wazifa krna chati ho ap Myry lyay dua krdy apka bht ahsan hoga thank u

          • Alina said:

            Thank u bhai Allah apko Khush rakhy!! Or my yay yay wazifa start Krogi inshallah tala nau chandi jummerat ko

          • Sana said:

            Mj se aik din miss ho gaya hy..can i continue or dobara se start kero?

  92. shabnamalia786 said:

    Mere comments show nhi kar raha kya apko mere comments mil rahe hai

  93. shabnamalia786 said:

    Aslamwalekum Mera bhi same sawal hai agar jis shaks k liye hum kar rahe hai unpe jadoo ka asar ho to kya ye wajifa work karega unpe apke javab ka intejar rahega

  94. Assalamu alaikum imran bhai ik confusion hai arbi mai fanajjaynaka likha howa hai aur roman english mai fanajjay minal ghammi …kon sa parhna hai ?

  95. ishrat perween said:

    Mai kisi se bhut pyar krti hu phle WO v krte the pr unhone kha tha unki bhabhi psnd kregi to hi WO shadi KR sakte h pr aisa nhi hua unhone mnaa KR diya kha bhabhi he kha kuch samajh nhi arha plz pr mai ab v unse hi pyaar krti hu so plz help me kuch aisa btaye k WO bdal jay Maine but kosis ki

  96. Asalamuwaleikum.. .bhai main kehna chahti hu jaise hum kisi k liye ye wazifa kar rhe h uspar kisi kism ka jaadu ho toh kya tb bhi ye wazifa kaam karega?

  97. I want your contact no.

  98. Gufran Ahmad said:




  99. Asalamuwaleikum… Sir agar ladke per kisi kism ka jaadu kiya gya ho tb bhi ye wazifa kaam karega.Kya

  100. ayesha khan said:

    Kal islamic month ka pahla din hai or Tuesday hai to kaya kal say strt kar saktii hon is wazifa ko

  101. asslmlkm sir mere husband ne mujhe divorce diya hai one month par hamara case court me chalraha hai par court ne usse approval nahi diya hai mere two childs hai mein chahti hoon ki wo mujhe aakar waapis lekar jaye ji mein kaun sa wazifa jis se unka mind mere taraf ho jaye aur wo mere paas aaye sir please reply fast

  102. mai jis larky se shadi karna chahti hn aur o mjse chahta tha magr kisi k inkar kiye bina usne inkar kia aur naraz hogaya mai chahti hn k wo dubara ajae aur hum aik hojaen

  103. ma jis se shadi krna chahti hun aur wo mjse chahta tha ab wo naraz hogaya hai aur mai chahti hun k wo razi hojae aur hum aik hojaen

    • First perform a ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ to see this write on google- ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’. You will see it on

      Then I will provide you a wazifa if it comes positive.

      Do subscribe to youtube channel of yaALLAH:

  104. When is the next hijri maah I want to start this wasifa but which Thursday will that be

  105. sir plz tell me ke nuchandi jumrat kab ae gi ?

  106. Assalamu alaikum bhai mai bht sakht pareshan honider likhti to hon per dont know ap parh sakte hain ya nai ..please meri help karen mai bht pareshan hon

  107. can i start doing this wazifa onnthis thrusday 27/08/2015.. Please tell me

  108. assalam u alaikum
    kia mujy koi bata sakta ha admin sy ager koi baat krni ho to kaisy krun plzzz email me on redacted email

  109. Ab next tharesday sy karsakty hain.

  110. Assalamaleykum !
    What if mothers name is not known?
    Can it be replaced with fathers name or any other thing can be done ?

      • Hawwa?
        Plz explain this I m not able to understand.

      • Hawwa?
        Please explain it?

          • Dan said:

            I know it but just wanted a clear vision about this.
            App ka bahut shukyriya brother.
            May Allah shower his blessing upon u.

  111. As salam aleykum !
    What if mothers name is not know can fathers name be used in place of mothers name ?or any thing can be done then?
    Plz reply soon.

  112. Asalamu aleikum….mujh ek ladkhe ne zindagi bitao ga…tum are saath rahunga bolke dohka diya….mai USsa panna nhi chatey hoon…surf ussa ehsaas dehkna chatey hoon..pyar ki dard Kaise hotey hai voh batana chatey hoon…..

  113. I am confused.. I do “Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika. ” wazifa since thrusday.. But Still now he is back in my life… And he also stopped contact with me in facebook, he block me in fb from today… What should i do now???Plz i am very worried about it.. Is that wazifa is working??

  114. I am confused.. I do “Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika. ” wazifa since thrusday.. But Still now he is not back in my life… And he also stopped contact with me in facebook, he block me in fb from today… What should i do now???Plz i am very worried about it.. Is that wazifa is working??

  115. I perfrom this wazifa since last thrusday..But the boy again stopped contact with me.. He block my fb id. What should i do now?? Is he get back in my life again??

  116. Assalam alikum mere husband ko meri saas ne apni muthhi me kr rkha h vo jo kehti mere husband vhi krte chaahe vo koi galat kaam kyu na ho.vo unhe paani me kch pdh k phook pilaati h .mere husband sirf apni ma baap aur behan k khne pe chalte h.meri condition is ghar me sirf furniture ki trh h plz help me mai kaun sa wazifa kru..apne husband ko apni trf krne k liye aur meri saas apne ghar chali jaye mere ghar se

  117. I need ur help plz reply me how can I contct u sir

  118. I need ur help plzz how can I contct u

  119. Plzz reply I need ur help

  120. Assalaamo alaikum

  121. Assalaam alaikum

  122. Assalamo alaikum

  123. Assalamo alaikum…i need ur help

  124. Assalumu alaikum…me ek ldki ke saath 3 yrs se rltnship me tha wo ldki mujse bht pyaar krti thi pr 5 mnths phle usne muje achanak chod diya uske parents ke kehne pr or kuch logo ke bhadkane pr.. tabse me bht pareshaan chl rha hu tbse hamare koi contact nai he or na hi me mil paa rha hu us se n ab uske parents uska rishta dekh rhe he or me use apne paas laana chahta hu to kya me ye wazifa pad sakta hu plz rply as fast as u can….

  125. Assalamu alaikum…Me ek saath 3 yrs se rltn me tha wo mujse bht pyaar krti thi pr 5 mnths phle usne muje chod diya uske parents ke kehne pr or tbse me pareshaan ho rha hu wo na mujse milti he na baat krti he or ab uske parents uske rishta tay kr rhe he or me use wapis apne paas laana chahta hu to kya me ye wazifa pad sakta hu plz answer me as fast as u can…

  126. can i start this wazifa from this thursday? Plz tell me..

  127. That means i can start this wazifa from today’s fazar namaj. after sahari.

  128. My wazifa is positive you said then can i start this wazifa from this thursday?? Plz tell me..Because upcoming thursday is near..Plz

      • Sir,Can i also perform this wazifa?

      • Sir,can i also perform this wazifa? Please reply me

      • Did you see my comments?? Plz Reply …I am very worried
        I am confused.. I do “Khoya Pyar Pane Ka Tarika. ” wazifa since thrusday.. But Still now he is back in my life… And he also stopped contact with me in facebook, he block me in fb from today… What should i do now???Plz i am very worried about it.. Is that wazifa is working??

  129. Kiya may ish wazifa ko nxt thausday 25/06/2015 tarikh se start karu ho success hoga na.. plzzzzz tell me na.. plzz fast reply meee

  130. Aoa apny mujy nikah istakhara krny ko kaha tha wo positive aya ha ab me ye wazifa karna chahti hu lekin mujy periods ho gay han to kia me ye wazifa apni kisi friend ya cousin sa karwa sakti hu please ijazat dain

  131. Aoa ap ny nikah istakhara krny ko kaha tha wo thek nikal aya ha ab aik problem hai k mujy periods ho gay hain tou kia me apni kisi friend ya cousin sy karwa sakti hun ye apna liya? Please muja ijazat dain

  132. I can start this wazifa from this thursday?? I have a confusion about the circumsied and obligatory prayers?? is that means after finish the Sunnat namaj the i recite this wazifa and then i pray frad namaj??? Is that correct?

      • can i start this wazifa from this thursday? Plz tell me..

      • Can i start this wazifa from this thrusday?? Plz tell me

      • Can i start this wazifa from this thursday? Plz tell me

  133. monday ya next thursday se krskti hun..nochandi to guzar gaya…plxzzz reply today

      • Ab kab ayega… 25 june ko kiya plzz tell me

  134. Salam brother please can you let me knw can I do this wazifa along side with the other wazifa I’m going to start inshallah on thursday

  135. i want to discuss my issue plz give me your email adress plz

    • Bhai, please can you not include the blue highlighted letters as it is confusing on how to read/pronounce.

  136. asalam o alikum. I want to marry a boy. he first proposed me and now says his parents will not agree and he has blocked me. Can you tell me a strong wazifa to make him agree to marry me.I want him back as soon as possible. plz help ne and reply me soon.

  137. Salam, my boyfriend is very angry on me and recently he said he don’t want to be with me anymore. I don’t want to breakup this as we have decided to get our parents agree to our marriage. But then all this happen. Plz advise me ?

  138. mei ye wazifa start karna chahti hu,kya aap mujhe english month ki date bata sakti hain?aur ye wazifa fajr ke sunnat ke baad aur faraz se pehle parni hogi,right?kaabse shuru karu agar saab details de de to samajh paati.

  139. mei ye wazifa start karna chahti hu,kya aap mujhe english month ki date bata sakti hain?aur ye wazifa fajr ki sunnat ke baad aur faraz ki pehle parni hogi,right?

  140. mei shuru karna chahti hu,kabse shuru karu?aap mujhe date bata sakti hain?aur ye wazifa fajr ki sunnat ki baad aur faraj se pehle parni hogi,right?

  141. mei ye start karna chahti hu,kabse shuru karu?mujhe plz aap date bata dijiye.aur fajr namaz ki sunnat ki baad aur faraz se pehle wazifa parni hogi,right?

  142. Aoa ma apna husband sa bht pyaar krti ho r vo mj sa baat b nai krty 7 month hoga ha phala vo mj sa bhot pyaar krty thy ab pata nai unko kiya hogya ha plz app mje koi wazifa btaya k vo mj sa cntct kry r phala jasa ho Jaye ma bht pershan hoon plz help m waiting for ur reply

  143. Me.apny pyar ko wapis pana chahti hu wo mujy chur ker ja raha he mery sath wady ker ke sab bhula raha he me bohot tension me hu mujy btayen parhna chahti hu lekin kis din shuru karu?

  144. zohaaib khan said:

    Please email me ur number need to talk to you about a problem zohaaib_ please msg me ur number we can talk instantly on wats app its very urgent or I will die +917276450207

  145. zohaaib khan said:

    Please call me or msg me +917276450207 I a, zohaaib khan I am a guy in love with a married women she too loves me
    A lot,it has been more then 6 months I have gone through hell my eyes pain I ask allah but I am not a good personwithI seek ur help please help me I don’t know what to do or just pray that allah calls me
    life is tears with out her.

  146. sir, can you please explain point number two . Between circumcised and obligatory prayers of morning ?

  147. from past 4 years i was in deep love with a girl, but bcoz of my parents high pressure i have to marry another girl, but im not at all happy with this girl , every minute every hour every day im thinking about my first love only, but recently my girl friend got married with another boy , but she was not happy with him at all. can i pray this dua or can u suggest any dua for me to get my love back in my life and i want to marry her , and i want to settle with her, bcoz i lost happy in my life , and my parents cannot understand my problem, and my wife dont know that im not happy with her, every day im crying like a baby, im praying Allah to get back my love and want to marry her,pls pls pls i need my happiness in my life, without my love i cannot live happily, even in dark times when i see my love face , all struggle and tension, pressure so easy to mee, but now im not talking to her from past 17 days and life is like a hell to me and every small problem seems like and mountain to me, pls suggest me to get my happy back in my life, and the happiness is my first love.

  148. salam bhai..hw r u…i wanna do tis wazifa but i had some doubts…
    wat if someone is not able to do d wazaif on d day mentioned(cz of periods)..
    i want to do tis wazifa n tis one also
    wic one shud i start 1st,,,
    i completed wazifa for evry desire n need also…its more than 2 months but abi tak kuch nhi hua…
    plz help me bro…m really in need…i have u so many times…plz reply soon….

  149. Mujhe upar jo 2nd para mei likha hai aap mujhe smjhaynge plz

  150. as salam.o.alekum.mere shohar mujhe talaq de chuke hain mein chahti hon woh ksi trha se.mujhe wapis bula.lelein hamara ek.baita bhi hai kia mein ye wazifa parh sakti.hon

  151. Kya ye wazifa sirf 11 din karna hai ya usse zada bhi din karna hai details batae plzzz

  152. Kya ye wazifa sirf 11 din karna ya usse zada bhi karna pura details batae please urgent hai

  153. Main jinhai chati hon woh pyaar ka dawa bhi kartay hai or choti choti baat per khafa bhi ho jatay hai baat jab bhi shadi tak ati tuo Allah ko jab monzoor hoga tab hojahai ge kehtay hai 2 saal sai commited hon per kafi bar baat shadi tak aa Kay ruk gae kindly batahai Kia Karo ab tuo kafi waqt sa baat bhi Nahi kar rahai asa lagta hai maira pyaar kho gaya hai main logo Kay sawalo sai paraishaan ho Kay sawaal Karen rahi hon Kia mujah ya wazifa karnay ki ejazat hai

  154. Can I do this wazifa? My lover just got married to other girl in last week. He didn’t wanted to do that marriage but his parents made him to marry that other girl. He still loves me but we don’t have any solution. Thus I want to know can I do this wazifa or is there any other wazifa so that my lover could get back to me and marry me.
    Please tell at what time I can do the above given wazifa.

    • This is haram. What else is left is that you can only be his second wife, now!

  155. this wazifa do only Hijri month? cant do it other month.pls reply. it is very urgent for me.rply pls.

  156. faheem feroz advocate said:

    yes normally boys do that… but what if girl do this to me ?
    i am boy i love a girl with so much intensity…
    i didnt even talk to any other girl…
    she was studing n told me to wait until her study completed..
    i was waiting from 6 years…
    n know she told me our mental level didnot match……
    how can she be cruel ?
    i told her mjse nahi raha jaega nhi raha ja rha marjaoga tw kehti ha marjao?????????????

  157. Can you please explain point number 2? Must you read the wazifa before fajr

    • ye kaha likha hai ke fajr ke pahle parhna hai, ap galat bata rahe hai dear sis. Please dhyan se parhiye.
      Fajr ki sunnaton aur fard namaz ke darmiyan ye wazifa karna hai. Jab ye wazifa kare to matloob ka tasavvur kare;

      • Can you please reply in English, as I’m new to all of this. I’m a revert

        • You have to do this in between sunnat and fardh prayer of the morning prayer

  158. Kya ye wazifa kam karega ladki pe jadu kar ke relationship khatam karaya gaya hai? To wazifa me success milega?

  159. can I pray this wazifa to get my wife and kids back or wazifa to create love in someone’s heart, you see my wife left me for someone else and took the kids with her, now she does not want to talk to me or to kids, please advise

  160. what is hijri maah?

    • This is the calendar in islam according to moon citation. Current month is May 2015 which is Rajab 1436 as per Hijri.

      • Can I do this wazifa? My lover just got married to other girl in last week. He didn’t wanted to do that marriage but his parents made him to marry that other girl. He still loves me but we don’t have any solution. Thus I want to know can I do this wazifa or is there any other wazifa so that my lover could get back to me and marry me.
        Please tell at what time I can do the above given wazifa.

      • Nida quadir said:

        Asalamo alaikum, kya is wazifa ko parso yani aane wale jumerat se kr skti hoon.

          • mei ye wazifa start karba chahti hu kya ap mujhe english month ki date bata sakti hai kaabse shuru karu,aur ye wazifa fajr ke sunnat ke baad aur faraz se pehle parni hogi,right?details de de to samajh pati

          • uzma said:

            Bhai apko mere comments nai milte ….meri help karen

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