ya ALLAH Powerful Tested Tried Dua Wazaif List

July 27th, 2020

Read ya ALLAH Powerful Tested Tried Dua Wazaif success stories in this post. I am really very grateful primarily to ALLAH Zille Shanahu and to HIS Beloved Messenger Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam and then to the visitors who keep visiting yaALLAH.in every day without any absence.

ya ALLAH Powerful Tested Tried Dua Wazaif List & Testimonials

Updated July 2020!

Sallallahu ‘Alayhe Wasallam

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

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Powerful yaALLAH Dua Wazaif List

For all those loving brothers and sisters with their support, yaALLAH.in has achieved the higher rankings ALHAMDULILLAH. I am really very grateful primarily to ALLAH Zille Shanahu and to HIS Beloved Messenger Muh’ammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam and then to the visitors who keep visiting yaALLAH.in every day without any absence.

Their consistent interactions with me gave me a high morale to work hard every second. Now, I hardly gets time for my personal life but I am glad that I am contributing at least something in the way of ALLAH Zille Shanahu. Click to see ya ALLAH Powerful, Tried & Tested Dua Wazaif Full List.


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Emails & Comments from the people who have got their desires fulfilled through ya ALLAH Website

ya ALLAH Happy Members

I am really very happy from the core of my heart for my people when their wishes fulfill and specially when they are Happy Members of yaALLAH Community!

She performed a yaALLAH Wazifa and Alhamdulillah!! she is getting married soon, Insha ALLAH! #yaALLAHTestimonials #yaALLAHfb

Special Comment  by a yaALLAH Member

Assalam alaikum …Thank you so much ..it really worked for me at the end of 11 days…initially my parents didn’t even listen to me …but at last impossible thing has become possible..i m going to get married within 6 months…allhamdulillah…

Comment #1 by a yaALLAH Member

Salam vaijaan
mere amail safal raha…aab mai jise like karti hu uskey pitajee Mujse milla chahte hai.. plz iskey liye koyi amal de dijiye jese uski pitajee mujhe pasand kare..shukriyaa.

Comment #2 by a yaALLAH Member

And it doesnt end there, my bestie friend, likes a guy, and thus she recited the wazaif for mariage from yaALLAH, and not only the guys Mom, but also his Aunty, who saw my bestie for the first time, instantly liked her. so now my Bestie is all set to say Qubool hai, Qubool hai, Qubool hai, by the end of this year. Alhamdulillah. a big thank you to yaALLAH and sir to you for all this.

Comment #3 by a yaALLAH Member

whats more???? Alhamdulillah, as i am blessed with long, thick, hair, i like to experiment with different hairstyles, and let them loose whenever i go out anywhere. i would get lot many compliment for havin beautiful hair. but later i kind of realised that i am loosin my hair. as always duas and wazaif 4m yaALLAH came to my rescue. and i started recitin the ” dua for cure from evil eye” and wazaif for all types of hair problems. and Alhamdulillah it works. coz my hair is back to what they were earlier. long, thick healthy and beautiful.

Comment #4 by a yaALLAH Member

Its since this year, that ive been refering to dua’s and wazaif from yaALLAH website, and little did i know then, that refering to yaALLAH , would gain me so much. Wanting to be General Surgeon, i was eagerly waiting to Ans the exam for same, in the month of March. But unfortunately the news of my aunty being diagonised with a severe disease broke upon us. we all were depressed with her health condition. simultaneously my Mom’s cousin got me a marriage proposal, and though i wanted to ans the exam and be a doctor, i cudnt say no to my parents. i just love them so much. i was into a fixed situation, wherein i dont wantd to give my ambition of being a doc, neither do i wanted to displease my loving parents, plus my aunty’s health was killing me. as a result, i ended up wasting all my precious time by just thinking abt things. and could not study. It was in mid feb, that i had the audacity, to tell my parents, that i truly wish to ans the exam in march. I then refered to the ”Dua to get success in exam” from yaALLAH website, and also studied for watevr tym was left. Alhamdulillah, wen i answrd the exam, my result was amazingly best. Thanx to yaALLAH, and sir Al e Imran. And as far as my aunty’s health was concerned, for that, i learnd to develop patience in myself in the first place and then pray to ALLAH. THANX TO SIR AL E IMRAN, cos everytime i wud read any of his post, duas or the comments he wud get, directly or indirectly he has taught us patience n faith in ALLAH.

Comment #2,#3 & #4 are by the same yaALLAH member.

What I am saying is if others can get benefits from yaALLAH Dua Wazaif then why cannot you?

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Insha ALLAH, many more people’s comments will be published here to let all know, that ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’ has benefited in real!

Comment #5 by a yaALLAH Member

 Thanx for response. But am a girl, and your sister not brother…:-)

My present wing includes field work [ being girl it was difficult for me to manage it] and i wanted some office post.

some one said that its bcoz of black magic you are on this post.
Mean time i followed your website and got this wazifa. suddenly i got call from Bangalore[head office] and they asked if am interested to work on tcsd wing (the post which i wanted). I said yes and sent my request letter. I had done this wazifa during September and on 09.10.2014 i got my transfer orders. All officers were shocked to see this. Bcoz it never happened before in my company. Generally for such transfers we need to spend 2lacks and i got it free of cost. Also transfers are done in the month of April but i got it as soon as i did wazifa.
Its like miracle for me. And it proved nothing is impossible if Allah is with us…:-) Thank u soooooo much YaAllah.in….:-) I will be waiting for the wazifa for my relieve. 

Thanx once again…:-)

welcome back sir,was thinking all of a sudden why the email stopped coming…im following the wazifa on acne .i got no pimples on my face..may allah subhanhu watallah guide you always !

Comment #6 by a yaALLAH Member

Mashhaalha gd work ur….take care. My muslim bhaiyo

Comment #7 by a yaALLAH Member

Meine job k liye wajifa kiya tha aap hi k site pe padhkar.. muje naya job mila bhi.. shukranallah.. lekin muje 2 month hue hai join kar ke. Aur kaam ka load itna hai ki extra duty karni padhti hai.aurholidays pe kaam pe jaana padhta hai… pura din kaam rehta hai no time to seat… muje aisi kuch dual bataye ki meri ye pareshani dur ho..

Comment #8 by a yaALLAH Member

Yaallah.in Thank you for your guidance.I attained many benefits from this website.For your good deeds May Allahuthaala Jallajalaaluhus blessings be showered upon you.Jazakkallah Khair.

Comment #9 by a yaALLAH Member

Millions of Thanks to you Ale Imran Saheb for Dua e Shifa and your Heartfelt appeal & request to all people across globe who are members of this site to pray for Bilal. I am sure when by your efforts people pray and say AMEEN then Allah will surely listen to their prayers.

Comment #10 by a yaALLAH Member

One of our brother commented for the wazifa on “Dua for Very Hard Times“:

“Allihamudulillah, that dua has helped me overcome a lot of difficulties in my life.”

Comment #11 by a yaALLAH Member

“JAZAK ALLAH mene is site kafi search kia h boht bar boht acha kam kr rhe hn ALLAH apko ajar den”

Comment #12 by a yaALLAH Member, By a brother Ibraheem who is now healed Alhamdulillah:

Salam/w. First of all I thank Almighty Allah for directing me to this site. I am 28 yrs old, all of a sudden I started expreiencing difficulty in breathing the 6th of november. I was so scared because I felt its a threath to life. So I went to doctor 13th of november nd I was diagnosed with hbp of 150 also some drugs were prescribe to me and that I should come back the 3rd day though I took d drugs but I experiece a little releif wic I tink is insignificant. So I started praying and Allah directing me 2 dis siteand I did has dey said with believe dat I am cured so dat day I went back to d doctor without taking the drugs dat mrning nd when I got there the doctor checked and find out my bp is normal 110/80. 

Alhamdulilh. Jazakullah khaira

Insha ALLAH soon!! More such comments will be published here. So, don’t doubt and keep up your hard work and leave the rest on ALLAH Subhanahu Wata A’la.

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  1. Page messenger par message karen, zarur javab milta hai.

  2. Tahreen on said:

    Assalamualaikum… Mai apne sasuraal walo see door rehna chahti hu. mai apni sasuraal ni jana chahti kyuki mere sasuraal me bht se aise kaam hote h jinko dekh ker mai ni chahti k mere bachho pe Inka asar pade. Jaise mere sasuraal me koi b kisi b gair muslim se shadi ker skta h.or ye ek fashion h waha. Lekin mai apne bacche ko achhi tarbiat Dena chahti hu or un sb se door rkhna chahti hu. Plz mjhe iske liye koi wazifa bata de

      • Msaa on said:

        Asak. One thing is highly confusing that “”WALLAHU GHALIBUN ALA AMRIHI”” ayah is for destroying the enemy or for creating love in someones heart. Kindly explain.
        Respectful Regards

        • This Verse can be recited for both the purposes by following the rules of a respective wazifa. The purpose must be legitimate.

  3. AoA. Pls mujhy koi Wazifa suggest krain Jis sy meray Ghr waly Aur lrky ky Ghr waly hmari love marriage sy agree ho jayain Aur jald as jaldi shadi ho jy ….

  4. Fatima14 on said:

    AoA. Pls koi esa wafiza suggest krain Jis sy meray parents Meri mrzi sy Shadi ky lia agree ho jayain or lrky ky parents b man jayain or begair Ksi b rukawat ky jaldi shadi hojy

  5. Hayat on said:

    Assalamualaikum…mne love marrige ke liye maulana se ishtekhar krwaya tha positive ayya tha phir amal bhi krwaye the hum log ne lekin ladke ke walid shab baar baar haa bolkr naa kr dere rahe hai mne 6din aytal kurrsi ka wazeefa bhi kiya pr koi result nahi plz mere madad kijiye

  6. mrssohayl on said:

    Asslamalekum Bhai
    Bhai aane wale baby ko lkr bhut tension ho rhi h is waqt k mahol ko lkr.dil ghbra jata h dual kijye plz sukun mile

  7. Sonu on said:

    Hi sir mujhe apse ek question puchna hai hamare Ghar ke pass bhi jhaad hai (tree) toh aj ek keeda tree ka mere shit ke upar aaya tha toh Maine use aise hi maar diya apne shirt pe woh bhut Chota tha toh kya namaz padhne ke liye mujhe ghusl lena padega ya kuch nai hoga
    Plz reply de

    • Bhai, agar aap par napaki lagi hai to ghusl karna parega warna nahi.

  8. Bhaijaan kya jadu ke tor ka wazifa ya qahhar wala hum ramzan mein bhi kr skte hai kya

    • Ji han sis aap Ramzan me bhi parh sakti hain.

  9. Aslkm bhaijaan mujhe pairo mein kandho mein dard hota hai aur Maine kitne wazife kiye shadi ke liye lkin koi kaam nahi krta ibadat mein dil nahi lagta hai aur naummed hof jati hu kuch samjh nai aata kya kru mujhe lagta hai mere upar jadu karaye gaya shadi nahi ho bolke plz mujhe jadu ka tor bataye woh ya qahhar wala plz

    • Aap ya Qahhar ka amal shuru kar dijiye sis.

  10. Zeba on said:

    Aslkm bhai kya mein surah ahzab ka wazifa rishte aane ki liye kr skti hu plz reply de

    • Ji sis aap kar sakti hain.

      • Aslam o Aalaikum sir mai itkaaf mai bethi hui hoon lkin mai khwab mai kya dekhti hoon jo larka mujhse muhbbat krta hai wo boht ro raha hai buri trha or mujhy bolta hai mujhse baat kro jab mai baat ni krti to bolta hai agr baat na ki to mai khud ko janvrun k hawaly kar don ga or wo mujjy kha jaain gy to mai khwab mai boht pareshan hoti hon or mai baat ni kr pati

  11. Aslkm sir Maine apka wazifa dekha shadi ke liye jisse 90 days taksurah ekhaas padhna hai usme bhaijaan mujhe sadqa dena hoga lkin mein toh dubai mein hu aur yaha kisI Ko sadqa du
    Kya sadqhe ke bagair yeh wazifa kaam nai krta

    • Aap parindon ko dana daal dijiye.

  12. Aslkm sir
    Sir yaha uae dubai mein shab e barat 2020 kab hai Maine Kal puri shab e barat ki namaz padhli lkin mujhe doubt hai ki kahi shab e barat aj hai plz bataye
    Shab e barat 2020 Kal thi ya aj hai
    Dubai uae mein

    • Dubai me kal thi Shabbe Barat sis.

  13. Asslamualaikum bhai jaan bhai Maine ek khaawb dekha takriban 1 se 4 baje ke beech mein Mujhe Pura khwab toh yaad nai hai lkin Maine dekhna ki mein apne phuphu ke Ghar gayi aur unhone mujhe pucha ki aj lipstick kyu nai lagai aur waha mera ex bhi tha usne bhi pucha ke lipstick kyu nai lagai uske pehle Maine dekha ki Maine red colour ki lipstick lagai hui thi aur uske baad Maine dekha ki mere hoonth sukhe gaye hai
    Iski Taber kya hai plz ap Bata skte hai

    • Sis, har khawab ki koi khas tabeer ho aisa zaruri nahi hai. Kuch khwab yunhi bhi aa jate hain.

  14. Bhaijaan Maine apka channel bhut pehle hi subscribe kiya hua hai mujhe bhut psnd hai apka channel

    • Bahut shukriya sis. Khush rahiye aur apne sabhi pyaron ko bhi share kijiye. 🙂

  15. Iram on said:

    Hamey rooz ladayi hojaati hai bina kisi wajah pe vo bhi karta hai mai nhi krti hu phr thodi phir baad Mai phrse ache se baat krte hai Mai Bohat pareshaan hu

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Maine aaj se waifa shuru Kiya padte waqt lag Raha tha mai na padhu…ghr wale disturb bhi Kar rahe se lekin maine complete Kiya dum Kiya pain bhi piya uske baad abi tak Halka lag Raha tha abi Aur bhari lag Raha hai… Ye kaise pta chalegi ki koi taweez kar Raha hai ki nahi

        • Ye asraat ki alamat hai. Konsa wazifa kiya aapne? Usi ke page pe comment kiya karen.

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Jab mai ye wazifa kar raho thi tab dil ki dhadkan teez hoti thi phr normal horha thi
        Jab mujhe pta chalegi mjhpe taweez Kiya hai ya nahi
        Jis se Mai mohabat karti hu Uske baad Mai unke liye Kar skti hu
        Mjhe ye kaise pta chalegi ki mjhpe taweez kiye gaye hai ya nahi

  16. Juveriya on said:

    Assalamualikum bhai.. mene istekhara kiya hai aur mujhe 1st day khawab aaya hai ki jin se mein mohabbat karti hun wo mere khawab meh muj se gale lag kr khene lage ki mujhe tum se nikha karna hai chalo nikha karne jayege aj hi.. aur 2nd day mujhe yaad nai hai kya khawab aaya.. aur 3rd mene khawab meh apple(fruit) dekha hai.. toh kya ye positive sign hai.
    Aur bhai us ladke k parents mujhe pasand nai karte isliye unka rasam kisi aur ladki se kardiye lekin wo nai karna chahate the fir b unke parents bhout hi forcefully karwaye. Lekin wo nakhush hai isse.. unka rasam hua isi wajha se mujhe bura laga aur hamare bich ladai hogai kyuki wo bolne lage the ki ab raasm hua mera mein kuch nai karsakta toh bhai please mujhe bataye mein kya karu?

    Aur kya mein aj isha k baadh wo wazifa b start kar sakti hun jo 11 din karna hai mujhe is link mein mila hai google pr(https://www.yaallah.in/ya-allah-powerful-tested-tried-dua-wazaif-list/#comments) bhai mujhe plz reply kijiye please mujhe bataye mein kya kru mein bhout taqleef mein hun abhi. kyuki hum pichle 6 saal se ek dusre k saath hai aur ab mein unse dur nahi reh sakti…

  17. Naaz sheikh on said:

    Assalamu alaikum sir
    Sir hum ap ko hamare sister ki problem batana chahate hai …
    Sir hamarI sister ki shadi hogai hai 4 sal hore hai but unke sasural wale bahot alg hai pahele sas se parshan the wo ab husband se hai unke husband ache se rahete khilate pilate pahenate sub acha hai but wo itni itni bato pe sister se ladai kar te hai or chup ke chup kuch bhi bolte hai unko matlab ke bht parshan krdete. ..ap hamare sister ke liye koi Acha wazife bataye jisse wo dono ke bich achi or such mohobbat ajaye hasi khushi unki life hojaye. .or Sir unko koi aulad bhi nahi horahi. …….

  18. Asslamualaikum bhai apke wazife bahout ache hote hai ap bhut acha kaam karte hai
    Mujhe ek sajal hai kya mein puch skti hu
    Kya mein shadi ke liye ek saath do wazife kar skti hu
    Jaise 90 days ka sureh ikhlas ka wazifa aur sureh yaseen ka tahajud mein
    Kya mein ek saath yeh kar skti hu
    Jazakalllah 😊

  19. Iram on said:

    Asalamalikum bhai Jan… Maine kal aapko bola tha ki maine dua padni shuru ki lekin kapde change nhi liye uske baad maine padha ki uske liye alag kapde rakhne hai phr maine aapko pucha tha ki mai aaj Naye se ye dua padni shuru Kar skti hu
    Aapka Kch Jawab nhi aaya
    Phr maine aaj naye se dua padni shuru ki kapde alag se rakhe is mai mtna Kch hai maine aaj naye se shuru Kiya please mjhe bolye

    • Dear sis, jis wazifa ke bare me sawal karna ho, please usi ke page par comment kiya karen. Kis wazifa ki bat kar rahi hain aap?

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Bhai Jan Waha pe comment ka page kholti hu Waha p Yhi page Khulna hai

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Asalamalikum bhai Jan… Maine kal aapko bola tha ki maine dua padni shuru ki lekin kapde change nhi liye uske baad maine padha ki uske liye alag kapde rakhne hai phr maine aapko pucha tha ki mai aaj Naye se ye dua padni shuru Kar skti hu
            Aapka Kch Jawab nhi aaya
            Phr maine aaj naye se dua padni shuru ki kapde alag se rakhe is mai mtna Kch hai maine aaj naye se shuru Kiya…naye se shuru Kiya hue kal 3 fun hue please mjhe bolye maine Thk liye maine aapko vo send Kiya Jo waifs Aapne bola tha…aapka channel b subscribe Kar chuki hu

          • Ab aap dobara naye sire se wazifa shuru kijiye sis kyunke ek dress ke sath hi ye amal parhna hai aapne.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Phle maine Sunday ke din shuru Kiya tha waifa….
            Uske baad Monday se naye se shuru kiya
            Maine Thk Kiya Ismai mtna Kch hai Monday ke din ke hisab se aaj 6 day hai Sunday ka din mtna aayega Monday ka din aayega

          • Ji sis, aap Monday se apne wazifa ka hisab rakhiye.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Bhai Jan Jis ladke se Mai mohabat karti hu uske liye waifa karti hu umeed hai Inshallah Allah qubool karenge…
            Lekin Jo unke papa ko unke naanihaal walo ne bola hai mere ghr walo ke baare mai mri mama ke baare mai mjhe jab vo yaad aata hai Bohat taqleef hoti hai dil p Jaise Pathar rakh diye ho dil kch bhari sa lgta hai… Uske papa bhi mere ghr walo ke baare kya sonchte honge…vo to rishtdar ki baat hi maanege unko hum hi glt dekhte hai glt words bole hai hamare baare mai… Aur unhu ne Bola hai hone bete ko yani Jis se Mai mohabat karti hu is ladki ko chood do hamare side se koi nhi maanega lekin is ldki ka dil nhi tootna chahiye… Unke ghr mai ek problem hai ki khali mama papa nhi maan ne chahiye share rishtdar man ne chahiye…. Agr vo khuda na Kare mjhe chood dete us se to dil hi toot ta na mra….mai ye chahti hu ki vo meri har baat maane Jo mai bolti hu unko karne ke liye usmai hum dono ka bhala haiJaise phle maante the…mjhe jhoot na bole vo mjhe kbi hoot nhi bolte the lekin jab se ye masla hua 1 2 baat jhoot bhi bola mjhe…vo bolta hai Hamey taweez kar rhe hai dur karne ke liye mjhe kaise pta chalegi taweez hai ya Kch Aur chupa rhe hai Mjhse Mai Bohat pareshaan hu mri madam kijiye bhai jaan

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Maine kal se wazifa shuru Kiya padte waqt lag Raha Raja tha mai na padhu ghr wale bhi disturb Kar rahe the paste waqt heart beat teez horhi thi normal horhi thi dum Kiya pain piya phr Shaam tak Halka lag Raha tha phr shaam ko phrse dil bhari lag Raha tha raat ko ajeeb spna aaya mjhe kch SMj nhi aaya….abi bhi heart beat teez hai ajeeb sa lag Raha hai … mjhe kaise pta chalegi mjhpe koi taweez Kiye hai ya nahi
            jab mujhe pta chalegi ki mujh pe koi taweez kar rha hai ya nahi uske baad Mai Jis se mohabat karti hu uske liye ye wazifa kar skti hu
            Jis se Mai mohabat karti hu vo mjhe bolta hai mjhe SMj nhi aata hai mai kya baat karu aapke sath
            Maine phle comment Kiya tha Aapne bola is page p comment karu

    • Nada on said:

      Assalamualikum bhai.. mene istekhara ki aur mujhe 1st day khawab aaya ki jin se mein mohabbat karti hun wo mere khawab mein aa k muj se gale lag kr khene lage ki mujhe tum se nikha karna hai mein nikha karna chahata hun abhi nikha karege hum chalo kr k khene lage.. kya ye positive sign hai?
      Aur mujhe ye bhi bataye ki kya mein ye wazifa aj isha k namaz k baadh shru kar sakti hun?

      Aur bhai mein jin se mohabbat karti hun hum pichle 6 saal se ek dusre k saath hai lekin abhi January 2020 mein unke(ladke) parents unka rasam karwadiye dusri ladki se lekin unko us ladki se nai karna tha unke parents ne forcefully karwadiya.. toh mujhe bataye ki mene jo istekhara kiye wo positive singn hai mere liye aur mein ye wazifa b karu aj se?

      • Aapka istikhara positive hai sis. Agar larke ka abhi nikah nahi hua hai to aap unke liye wazifa shuru kar sakti hain.

        • Juveriya on said:

          Assalamualikum bhai. Haan bhai unka nikha nahi hua abhi.
          lekin ye wazifa(qad shagahafah hubban) ap ne likha k nauchandi jumerath se start karna kar k likha hua hai ap ne toh kya fir b mein start karlu ye wazifa aur isko pardhne k liye koi ek time hai kya ya kabhi b pardh sakte? Aur is wazife se mera nikha hogayega na unse aur kitne din meh hoga mera nikha 11 din meh hi ?

          • Insha ALLAH apka kam hoga apke haq mein ap shuru kijiye

          • Juveriya on said:

            Assalamualikum bhai, ye wazifa (qad shagahafah hubba) ap ne kaha ki 11 din tk pardhe ya fir 21 din tk jari rakh toh kya agar menses aajaye toh kya uske baadh fir continue kar sakte hai
            jahan se chutgaya tha yaa fir se shru se ye wazifa karna hoga?

          • Ji han menses ki wajah se jahan pe chhootega aapka wazifa, paak hone ke bad wahin se aap continue kijiyega.

          • Juveriya on said:

            Assalamualikim, bhai shukriya ap k reply ka. Aur bhai plz ap bhi dua mejn yaad rakhyega mera nukha jin se mein mohabbath krti hun unse hojaye kr k.

          • ALLAH Ta’ala aapki jayaz khawahish puri kare, aameen!

  20. Asslamualaikum bhai Maine khaawb mein dekha ki billi ne mujhpar humla kiya
    Maine koi isteqhara nahi kiya iski kya Taber ho skti hai plz bataye
    Mein bhut pareshan hu

  21. rida on said:

    asslamualaikum ,
    I think i am going in depression, the reason is that from last two years nothing is going right in my house we are facing problems in anything we start .. like i am jobless from last one year , my engagement got broken , my sister is not getting a good match, my father got with an accident and not working for 6 months,lost my grandmother, my mother is facing health problems and now due to the epidemic (corona) my father’s ticket got cancelled .. as time is passing i am losing hope in everything.. please suggest me some dua which can make myself motivated and improve my family’s condition. due to not having job even after having good education my self esteem is getting down and from inside i am broken , i cannot share this with my family.. i am feeling worthless and loosing my confidence.

  22. Sufia on said:

    Mera ek sawal hai. The dua which sahabi read aur chauthe asmaan ke farishte bhi hil gaye aur maujood hogaye the madad ke liye aur ek ghur sawaar aaya aur dakoo ko katil diya aur voh ek angel tha. Toh mera sawal hai ki do i read this dua after salaam? Or before salaam in sajdah after subhanaka? Can u please reply in details mujhe bohot zarorat hai

      • Sufia on said:

        Sajdah mein jake aur phir baithe? Jald reply kijiye

        • Aap jis wazifa ke bare me puchh rahi hain uske page par comment kijiye.

          • Sis, salam pherne ke bad baith kar Dua parhiye.

          • Sufia on said:

            Dua parhne ke baad haath uthakar rabbana aatina fid dunya padhun aur phir dua maango kiya?

          • Ji han bilkul aise hi dua mangni hai aapne.

  23. Naaz sheikh on said:

    Assalamu alaikum sir
    Sir mai jis se mohobbat karti hu unke abbu ki tabiyet but kharab hai bbt halat kharab hogai unki abbu ki unke ghar me sub bhahot parshan hai …. mai unke abbu ke liye or unke ghar walo ke liye wazifa or dua ye karna chahati hu ..sub thik hojaye unke ghar ke parshaniya dur hojaye …mujhe koi dua ya wazifa bataye Sir ap

  24. Iqra on said:

    Assalamu alaikum… Mere Abba boht hi zada sakht dil ke hai.Woh humari koi baat nahi sunte. Boht shak karte hai mujhpe aur meri mummy pe kahi aane jaane nahi dete akele aur nahi bhai ke sath meri studies bhi band karwadi. Please koi wazifa btae unki soch change krne ka and dil narm krne ka…..Dua m yaad plz😊

  25. Asslamualaikum bhai mujhe shadi krni hai lkin mere baal bhut chote hai mein kya karu mujhe typhoid hua tha isliye Maine baal katwadiye mere baal shoulder tak hai mein apka wazifa kr Rahi hu shadi ke liye sureh yaseen ka wazifa 2 Saal pehle mujhe ek rishta aaya tha uske baad mujhe ek bhi rishta nahi aaya plz mere liye dua karaye ki mujhe rishta aajaye aur shadi ho jaye

  26. Sufia on said:

    Hello! I’m in dire need of some wazifa or dua that will help me get my bestfriend back in my life. Due to something, we fell apart and I wish for things to get fixed anyhow and make our relationship stronger than before in a way nothing can ever create a wedge between and back to same bond we had. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please repply

  27. Farheen on said:

    Sir apse fb per na ye website per contact horahi h….hmara msg ap tak nh pahoch ra h kyu aisa ..

    • Aapka bas abhi yahi ek comment aaya hai yahan sis 1 ghante me. Bataiye apna masla aap.

      • Farheen on said:

        Sir mera masla ye hai ke mai jis se mohobbat krti hu uski 4 month pahele achanak engagement hogai unke ghar walo ne kardiye ye wo bolte meko aisa…wo mujhe se koi bat bhi such such nahi batate..wo meko bole the ke todh denge engagement but ab tak kuch nahi kare unhone ..or ab wo bat bhi nahi karre mere se ….mai chahati hu ke unki wo engagement tut jaye or unke ghar wale man jaye hum dono ke liye or wo bhi mujh se nikha kare hum dono ka nikha hojaye 4 sal ka relationship hai hmara sub thik tha but achanak ye sub hogya … maine love marriage istekhara kiya hai 3 din but kuch nazar nahi aya ..ab hum kya kare .please Sir powerful wazifa bataye mujhe jis se sub thk hojaye. …

          • Farheen on said:

            Jazakaallah Sir mai ye wazife ko tahajjud me kar sakti hu …

          • Agar wazifa ka koi waqt muqarrar nai hai to aap tahajjud me bilkul parh sakti hain.

          • Farheen on said:

            Sir ek last question .kya ye wazife se unka jo rishta hoke hai wo tut jaenga na…mai sub se pahele ye chahati hu ke unka wo rishta or rasam tut jaye ..😢😢

          • Agar aapke haq me ye behtar hua to insha ALLAH aisa ho jayega.

  28. 92armaan on said:

    As-salamo alay kum
    Aap sabhi logon se guzarish hai ki mere waalid ki haq me dua karen
    Kyonki tabiyat bahut kharab hai aur icu me hai
    Aur brain ka operation hua hai aur inka tabiyat bigadta hi jaa raha hai
    Aap sabhi logon se guzarish hai ki inko thik hone ke liye dua karen
    Aur koi wazifa bataye sehad thik karne ke liye

  29. Aapko ijazat hai, bara-e-meherbani website ko follow kar lijiye.

    • Sonia on said:

      Imran bhai ap khwab ki tabeer bta skty? Mjy puchni hy

      • Agar koi khas khwab hai to puchiye sis.

        • Sonia on said:

          Bhai m ny khwab dekha k meri api ny mery lips py bosa(kiss) ki.or wo second time accepted hn.or wo bht khush hn mery khwab m parda krti hn wo pura or mery khwab m wo park type jagah thi greenery thi kafi or wo tehal ri thi khushi m bht idher udher .iski tabeer bta dyn plz

          • Positive khawab hai, achhi alamat hai isme.

        • Sonia on said:

          Ye jo api khwab m i hn mery inka naam ishrat hy or ye or m hm dono ak e daras m parhty thy .or m in s6 hmesha kehti rehti hu k mery lie dua kryn Allah pak meri pasand ki shadi ki mushkilaat asaan kr dyn.

          • Insha ALLAH, achhi alamat hai.

        • Sonia on said:

          Positive hy .😇😇.Alhamdulillah
          Bs ye bta dyn mery lie positive ya api k lie or .kia iska mtlb hy k meri wish puri hogi .meri psnd ki shadi ki?

          • Ghyeb ka ilm sirf ALLAH ke pas hai sis. Aapke khwab me achhi alamat hai, bas ham itna hi bata sakte hain.

        • Sonia on said:

          Assalam O Alaikum.
          Bhai m ny aj jo khwab dekha ptreshan hu plz btaiye ga mjy .
          M ny dekha apni frnd or uski behan ki shadi ki teyari m bhi un k sath .but in. Reality.unki shadi ho chuki hyabi 3 din pehly wLeema tha unka .m ny dekha un k sath hu m ak kheer ka paste hy wo laga ry wo dono munh py bary achy sy lagaya m ny ni lagaya frnd (arfa) or uski behan(sibgha ) hn sibgha kehti ap bad m laga lena itny m kamry sy billi ati wo mery sath cgipak k beth jati billi white clr ki .or phr m jaga badalti wo phr mery sath chipak k beth jati .m usy dhaka dy k door krti usko. Phr unka mask dry ho gya bilkul phr m lgany lgi mask.mery papa chat py hn jesy mazdoor ghar bnaty wo ghar k chat py do slips bnaty ak seedhi slop or dusri usi k center sy shuru ho k tedhi slop bnai .pury khwab m bna ry end py puri ho jati .itny m meri frnd arfa pic leny lgi apni mery do bhai pas hn but usko dekha kisi ny ni un k munh e dusri side.wo mjsy puchti kis side ko munh kr k pic lu .
          Or wo apni chest k nechy tak bilkul naked thi m ny dekha .phr hamary gate py koi ata mery bhai sath bolta goli marta mery bha8 ko bazu m lagi us k.
          Phr hm achanak sy makkah m hoty .jumma ka din hota meri dusri frndz hoti wo kehti hm masti kryngy abi m ny bola ni jumma ki azan hogi (khana kabah ko dekhty huy boli m) or hm yaha jummy ki nmaz parhyngy km az kam ye to hoga k hmny Allah k ghar namaz parhi .phr mery e ggar m hun m ak kutta hy bht bolta hy mery pechy pechy hota k mjy yaha sy nikalo jesy bolta ho ye.papa kehty ye ghalati sy dusry shehar sy aa gya yaha m kesy chorny jau isy .phr mera phone kahi pta ni kaha gum hota .mjy milta ak jagah mera phone m uthati mery lover k msgs ay hoty unko reply krti m phr sy ghaib ho jata phone .phr end m nazar aya k papa ny jo slops bnana shuru huy thy wo puri ho gayn or bilkull cmplete kr di papa ny.m preshan hu bht plz smjh ni a ri mjy ap mjy plz iski tabeer btaiye ga plzz

          • Ayatul kursi parhkar soya karen aur astaghfar parhen.

    • Mushahid Siddiqui on said:

      Asslamualaiqum bhaijaan khairiayt s h aap .
      Hum to Alhmdolillah Imran bhaijaan hmne aapse ek sawal kiya tha aapne uska jabab nhi Diya lekin abb ek dusra swal KR RHA Hoon uska koi Rasta btayiy Jo Maine aapse shadi s talluk wajifa puxa tha aapne aytul qursi ka wajifa btaya tha bo hmne 21 din Tak padha abb m sureh mulk ka wajifa or RHA Hoon jisse abb sayad Allah ko Kya manjur h hmm hmm dono ki ek duje s shadi ho Jaye isliy sureh mulk ka wajifa padh rhe h lekin riste dusri jgaah s aarhe h aur aise hmm dono bahut pareshan ho rhe h aap kux btayiy jisse hmm dono ka rista sirf hmm dono k Ghar wale ek duje k Ghar kre aur hmm dono ki shadi bhi ek duje s ho Allah s bahut Dua KR rhe h abb aap btao Kya kre mjhe lagta h kux to hmse krne ko Baki xoot RHA h tabhi y ho RHA h ya to Allah hmmdono ko Kya ishara KR RHA h mjhe bhi nhi pta aap kux btayiy hmm bahut pareshan h

    • Iram on said:

      Please help me mai eak ladke se pyaar Krti hu Vo bhi karta hai hum dono bohat time se Saat hai achanak Vo Bolne lga ki uske ghr wale Nahi manege phr uske baad uske naanihaal walo ne uske ghr walo ko pata nhi Kya kya bola ,meri family meri mama k bare main uske papa ne bola usko is ldki ko choodo mai phr bhi uske sath baat krti hu kyunki mai uske bhi pyaar krti hu apni mama se bhi pyaar krti hu….vo mjhe bolta hai mai tumse pyaar krta hu hamari shaadi impossible hai aage dekhte hai kya hoga…please mjhe bolye mai kya kru madad Kijiye mri

  30. Ek baar me ek maqsad ke liye ek se zyada wazifa kiya ja sakta hai ya nai ?

    • Ji han ek se zyada wazaif aap kar sakti hain.

  31. Ilaha on said:

    Weight gain krne k lye koi wazifa Bata den Mai khati peeti Hun pr Moti nhi hoti

  32. Ya Allh follower on said:

    Assalamu alaikum Imran Bhai & team, Bhai your page is full of ads now 🙁 & it is very difficult to see content. Aise lag raha hai jaise koi advertising page khul gaya ho, this is becoming very difficult for us 🙁 Pls help

    • Okay sis thanks, ham dhyaan rakhenge insha ALLAH.

      • Sonia on said:

        Salaam bhai.
        M bht confuse ho gai hu situations ko ly kr. Pehly istakhara kia tha m ny khud aam wo positive aya tha. Ab m ny ehteyatan yaallah nikkah istakhara kia do din mjy kuch b nazar ni aya. 😞.ye kesy ho skta jb k boht sy khwab aisy hn jo aadhy m ny dekhy aadhy talal(my lover). Ny dekhy.
        Or hm dono bht psnd krty ak dusry ko us k ghar waly b razi hn sirf mery mamaor papa ka issue hy. Jo wazify m ny khud sy choose kiye thy mjy ni smjh a ri ab m kia kru ap bhai khud sy mjy btaiye jo behter hn m wo kru jis sy mery ghar waly b man jayn or nikkah jaldi ho jai bs

          • Sonia on said:

            Jazakillah bhai m ajsy e shuru krti InSha Allah.
            Hmari bat bn jaygi na? M really worried 😐😣kuch smjh ni ata. Ap b dua kriye ga ery lie.
            Baki bhi jo jo follow kr raha dua m yad rakhiyega mjhy bhi. Allah talah hmari mushkil asaan kr dyn.

          • Insha ALLAH sis, ALLAH Ta’ala aapko aapke maqsad me kamyabi ata farmaye, aameen ALLAHumma aameen.

      • Sonia on said:

        Plz bhai reply diye ga m ny do din pehky b apko msg kia k ap insta py hn or m waha ap sy bat kr skti ya ni, follower hu m waha b apki .waha msg b kiye apko m ny per ap ny reply ni kara yaha plz mjy bta dyn. Bht mushkil m phasi v hu. Amma to berdasht ni krti mjy ghar m pta ni ku itni nafrat krti mjsy. M ny bs ye kaha tha meri shadi mein meri marzi hona haq hy mera. Kehti na tmari marzi or na haq. Bhai plz help kriye meri Allah apko ajar dyn.

        • Aap yahan raat 6:30-8:30 pe rabta kar sakti hain.

          • Sonia on said:

            Imran bhai salaam. Kia mjy apki wesite sy koi b wazifa krny ki ijazat hu? Or ak time k do ya ic sy ziada wazify kr skti meh ak e maqsad k lie???

          • Aap ek se zyada wazaif parh sakti hain sis, aapko ijazat hai. ALLAH Ta’ala aapko aapke maqsad me kamyabi ata farmaye, aameen ALLAHumma aameen. Website follow zarur kijiyega.

          • Sonia on said:

            Jazakillah. Ameen, Allahumma Ameen.
            Bhai m ny qul shareef ka taweez bnaya per m ny likha aisy right sy shuru kia “Qul” phr pehly neechy ko seedhi lani likhi phr oper right sy left. Phr nechy ko line phr oper right sy left. Koi masla to ni aisy likhny m? Kia m. Dobara likhu?

          • Theek hai, aap istemal kar len taweez.

  33. Ruky on said:

    Please I need dua, all of a sudden one of my Clothes I started using as rag disappeared and recently I just feel very tired, like I can’t do anything, everytime am sleepy and my body weak kind of. But I suspect one person carried it (Allah forgive me) and she does not like me. What should I do please?

  34. Farha on said:

    Mere fiance safar ke mahine m out of state jaa rahe hain to plz unki hifazat ke liye koi wazaif batayen aur ye bhi ke safar ke mahine m safar karen ya nahi

  35. ... on said:

    Assalamo alaykom!! I really need help, I have a bad habbit of staying sad and crying all the time. I want me to stop crying any wazifa or dua 🙁

    • Kindly go to wazifa- ‘Dua to remove sadness’ and start it.

      • Aruna Singh on said:

        Please pray for us financial problem my daughter is in university study ing very hard hole day till night she study exams going on I have 90 days notice move this house owner selling house looking for 2 bedroom house rent house ASP.PLEASE HELP US DO PRAY FOR US ME AND MY DAUGHTET.AMEN

        • May ALLAH Ta’ala resolve your entire issues, aameen.

      • Syeda on said:

        Assalam o alaikum … Allah Pak Khush rakhy apko Imran Bhai apko mein ne bht Sare wazife apki website or page pe se kiye ha or alhumdullilah kamiyabi bhi Mili ha magar ab ek masla agaya ha ..
        Mein jinse pyr Karti Hun uski engagement Kahi or hogae ha or Woh mujhe bhul Gaya ha 9 Saal ki muhabbat Woh Sahi tha usne mujhe bola tha engagement Ka magar mera mind Kahi or diverted krdia tha bht se logoun ne or me ne us waqt uski bt Tal Di or usne ghussay me Kahi or karli mangni … Now I want him back … Kya Karo me bht pareshan hun … Help me pls

        • Aap website par diye gaye love marriage wazaif me se koi ek parh sakti hain.

  36. Sanusi Mufliah on said:

    Pls sir i need dua for JOB SEEKING FOR MY HUSBAND.

  37. Raghu on said:

    Meine 2 saal pehle ek bahut powerful Wazifa kiya tha sugar ant pyar mein Paagal karne ka wazifa. Wazifa kabool nahi hua. mujhe obsessional thoughts aate hain jisse mera mental balance kharab ho gaya hai. Meine psycaterist ko bhi dikhaya koi solution nahi nikal raha. Suicidal feelings bhi hoti hai. Mein paagal ho gaya hoon bhai
    Kya yeh sab waZifa ka hi side effect hai ? Bataiye kaise isse theek mein cure Hona chahta hoon aur phir se wazifa karna chahta hoo

  38. Rajveer Deol on said:

    Bhai mein ek hindu hoon aur hindu hi rahoonga, mein kisi halat mein islam nahi aa sakta kyonki meri poori family hindu hai. mein ek mmuslim Pakistani ladki se bahut pyar karta hoon aur use shaadi karna chahta hoon, koi wazifa bataiye lekin mein islam kabool nahi kar sakta …

    • Mazrat hai bhai, Islam qubool kiye baghair aapko Musalman larki se shadi ki ijazat nahi hai.

  39. Mumtaz Mirza on said:

    A.o.a. mere ko aik larki se pyar ho gya ha.iss ko daily dekhta hon but iss ka name nahi pata …please koi wazifa bata do jis se woh bhi mere se pyar krne lag jaye

      • Saif Ali Khan on said:

        Emraan bhai black magic cute ka Wazifa dijiye

        • Dear brother, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘Wazifa to cure black magic’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

  40. Ayesha on said:

    MAAM MERY papers ho rhyy hain pehlaa paper bhht buraa howaa mjh lg raha supply aa jayee g ap plzz esaa Wazifa btaeinn jis se sb papers mein pass ho jaon supply na ayee

  41. Khalibali on said:

    Bhai neon ek Hindu goon, India as mei. Ek Muslim Pakistani ladki we Bahut love karta
    Join air use Shaadi Karna chahta hoon. Bataiye sir kya karna chahiye

    • Dear brother, ek Musalman larki se shadi karne ke liye aapko Islam me aana hoga.

  42. alima on said:

    mere paapa ki tbyt 1 mahene se bht khrab h plz kch btae .help kre meri..blood presure hr wqt low hojata h bechani chaker ankho k samne andhera ajata hae.or meda (stomach)bht khrab h ..unhe lagt h sb khtam plz batae kch ..umed chordete hem wo preshan hen bht hum sb

  43. alina on said:

    Apki site pe bhr s hajat ke wazaif me hen wo me kia khobsurti ke lea krskte hu k me khobsurat hojao..

    • Ji han aap kar sakti hain. Iske ilawa khas khoobsurati ke liye alag se wazaif bhi website par maujud hain jo ke aap search box me likh kar search kar sakti hain sis.

      • Knowen on said:

        As.salamuwalekum sis bhot bdi problem h meri ek insaan jo mera hi reshtedaar h or o Married bhi phir bhi o mere piche pada h mujhe paneki koshish krra h me use bata chuki hu ki Aap married ho Aapk 2 bacche h mera khayal nikaldo Apne dilse nhi to sabki zindagi barbaad ho jayegi pr us shaks ko samjh hi nh aara or me ghr pr bhi nh bata sakti Rishte tut jayege is dar se me bas itna chahti hu ki O mujhse mere life dur chala jaye mere sath sirf ek rishtedaar ki trah hi baat krre isse jyada kuch nh or koi rishte bhi na tute O uski bivi baccho k sath khush rahe me soch soch k preshaan ho gyi hu kaise picha chudau usse pls bhit dar lgra bina zagda fasad k sb thik ho jaye itna hi chahti hu

          • Knowen on said:

            As.salamuwalekum sis pls me kya kehna chahti hu samjhiye Allah k waste ye mera dushamn to nh Bas use itna samjh aajaye ki uski bivi h 2 bacche h o galat rah pr chalra uska or mera koi rishta nh ban sakta o Allah se mujhe manta h Duaa me ek married insaan ne Apni bivi hote huwe bhi kisi ldki ko Duaa me magna ye galt h ye uski samjh me q nh Aata Me clg jaati hu to mujhe chodne aa jata h clg k chutti se mujhe lene aata h me kuch kharidne jaao to waha bhi o paise de deta h jbki me mana krti hu phir bhi o kehta h ki tumhare liye me hi sab kuch kruga usk bivi ko bhi me ye nh bata sakti nh to o use chod k chali jayegi baccho ka kya hoga o to Masoom h me uski gaadi me baithne mana kru to o pure raste mere piche piche aata h log kya khege raste pr is dar se Majburan baithna pdta h Ab Aap hi batao sis me kya kru kaha jaao

          • Mujhe samajh aa gayi thi aapki bat sis. Aap pareshan na hon. Isi maqsad ke liye diya hai aapko ye amal taa ke wo aapko pareshan na karen. Kisi ka nuqsan nahi hoga isme. Aisa na sochen aap.

          • Knowen on said:

            Ji thik h sis me ye Amal krugi darsal bhot preshaani k wajahse Aisa bole jaari hu sis mafi chahti hu bs mere liye duaa kriye ki o insaan mujhe puri trahse bhul jaye

          • Don’t worry sis. ALLAH Ta’ala aapki ye pareshani door kare, aameen.

  44. raghunandan on said:

    meine aapki website pe yaqeen karke islam kabool karke bahut se wazifa padhe, nikah ishtikhara, pyar mein paagal karne ka wazifa, berozgari ka wazifa, black magic cure wazifa sab aapki permission leke. proper islam qabool tak kar liya tha aur 5 waqt namaz bhi padni shuru ki thi. mila kya ? ek bhi wazifa qabool nahi hua pooora yaqin kiya tha aur garibo ko paise bhi deta hoon. doctor ko dikhaya to usne bola aapko obsessive compulsive disorder OCD hai aur iska ilaj hoga medcines se. ab aap hi bataiye mein kya karoon islam mein aaon ya medicines khaoon ?

    • Bhai bimar hona mazhab badalne se nahi hota. Bimari to aani jani chiz hai. Naseeb me ho to bimari lag jati hai aur phir ALLAH to shifa bhi de deta hai. Bohat se aise log maujud hain duniya me jo intehayi khatarnaak bimariyon se lar rahe hain. Zindagi aur maut se joonj rahe hain. Aap ALLAH ka shukr ada kijiye ke aapki bimari ka ilaj maujud hai. Aap medicines regular khayenge to aap theek ho jayenge insha ALLAH. Aap himmat nahi haren aur khud ko zyada se zyada relax rakhne ki koshish karen. Is bimari me socho se bachne ki koshish ki jaye. Har baat ko sar pe sawar na kiya jaye. Apne andar will power paida ki jaye to banda ek dam normal ho jata hai. Shuru me regularly medicines len aap. Phir dekhiye ga jab aap theek ho jayenge to medicine bhi nahi leni paregi aapko. Sath me ye ek chhota sa wazifa hai behad aasan, ye parhiye aap- https://www.yaallah.in/dua-for-protection-against-all-diseases
      ALLAH Ta’ala aapko shifa ata farmaye, aameen.

  45. huda on said:

    asslam alaikum mai huda apse ak bar maine mere bareme bola tha ki mere shauher ko gussa bhot hai bat bat pe jhagade karate hai kbhito marte bhi hai galiya dete hai aur to shaq bhi karte hai mai kya karu boloto plz mai bhot pareshan hu aur mai gov. ke exam de rahi hu magar mera result hamesha fail aata hai aur inko pata chale to vo bhot gussa karate hai mai ak civil engg. hu pvt me job karati hu aur hamari love marriage hui hai aur mai ak hindu hu bt islam kabool kiya hai namaj quaran padhati hu mere mom dad mujhse rishta tode inki vajahase mai bhot pareshan ho gai hu pls mere shauher mujhpe shaq na kare aur gussa jhagada na kare vo mere sath pyarse bat kare aisa kuch bata sakate hai kya ap plz

  46. AA on said:


    Main ek Ghar kharidna chahta hu, ek psand bhi aaya hy but budget se thoda zyada qimat hy, kuch wazifa batayyiye k wo makan malik kisi aur ko na beche aur mere budget k hisab si bech de, makan ki value market k hidab se mere budget jaisi hi hy, lekin wo zyada profit kamana chahta hy.

    Pls reply zarur kariye

  47. Asifa on said:

    Assalamo alaikum
    M married since 1 year.mere sasur nhi H.aur husband ek laute aulad h.meri saas baht buri h.jitna socha b nhi ja skta utni buri.she is always coming in between me nd my husband.bat bat pe jhuth bolti h.bas bete ko apne aas pas rakhti h.humare upar apni marzia thopti h fuzul si.aane jane nhi deti kahi.pehli.bar gye ghumne usne janbujh k sugar ki dawa na leke sugar badha li bimaro ka natak kr li k kahi ja na paye dubara.har chiz control krne ki koshish krti h.meri jhuthi buraiya krti h.jb k.mai kuch aisa nhi krti.baht pareshan hu meri saas se.
    Please help kre.wo baht chalbaz h aur muje samajh nhi aata mai kaise handle kru.

  48. Rajeev on said:

    Bhai sirf foreign country mein jaldi job Paane ke liye koi wazifa bataiye

  49. Raghav on said:

    Sir, mein islam se Door rehke aur paagal hota jaa raha hoon. Mujhe waswas word kanji obessive disorder hua hai uska kuchh to matlab hai. Mera Mental balance Bigad chuka hai. Mein Hindu vapas gaya tha apni family ke wajah se. Mera allah se
    Vishwas uth gaya tha kyonki mera koi bhi wazifa Kabul nahi hua. Kya mujhe phir se islam mein aake phir se karna chahiye. Mein chahta hoon mujhe kisi psycatwrist/ doctor ko na dikhana pade. Inshallah meri mental problem thik ho jae

  50. AA on said:

    Talaq hu chuka hai

    • Pahli biwi se dobara nikah karne ke liye aapko halala ke tareeqe pe amal karna hoga. Is silsile me apne qaribi molvi se ruj’u kijiye.

  51. Amna on said:

    Mene nade ali ka wazifa prha h aj muhabbat peda krne ka .ap dua kre k kamyab hojae.me phd testimonial dongi

    • ALLAH Ta’ala aapko kamyabi ata farmaye ameen.

    • Asslamu alaikum
      Mai ek ldke se pyar krti hu or wo ldka bhi mujhse pyar krte he lekin us ldke ke ghr walo ne unki shadi kisi or ldki se Tai kiye he ldka bhi us rishte se khush nhi he lekin parents ke liye wo kr rhe he mujhe koe aisa wazifa bolona jis se wo rishta Tut Jaye or hm dono ki shadi ho Jaye jldi hi because time bhut km he Mai bhut preshan hu plz Meri help krona

  52. AA on said:

    Assalam walaikum Ya Allah.in Team,

    Ek bahot zaruri baat bata raha hu jo kabhi kisi ko nhi batayi. Bahot pashopesh me hu kya karu aur kya na karu.

    Meri shadi aaj se 10 saal pahle hogyi jo 1 saal hi chali , galti ham dono ki thi, pahle mai samajh nhi paya phir wo samajh nhi payi. Ek ladka bhi hua jo ab uske pass hy. 10 saal se na use dekha n ladke ko.

    Deep depration me chala gaya tha, achcha bura kuch samajh nhi aa rha tha us waqt, jo jaisa bolta gya wahi sahi laga. Depration me tha to ghar wale dusri shaadi k liye zor dene lage, kuch samajh nhi aa rha tha, socha wo sahi bol rahe hy, dusri shaadi bhi ho gyi. Do bachche bhi. Bachcho ko dekh kar zimmedari ka ahsaas hua, mashallah abhi koi kami nhi hy. Lekin dusri biwi jo k rishtedari me se hy , kam padi likhi, nasamajh aur gussail hy. Hamesha jhagda karte rhti hy. Uske ghar wale bhi thak gye hy samjha kar, koi bhi baat par bas muh chalati hy. Sab pareshan hy usse.

    Ab to depration me nhi hu samajh aa raha hy galti ho gyi dusri shaadi karke. Saath hi saath pahli wali ko bhula nhi pa rha hu.(hamare jhagde me pahli biwi ka zikr nhi hota, bas yu hi koi n koi matter par hota hy)

    Ab mujh batayye k ab mai dusri biwi k saath nahi rah sakta, mai chahta hu mujhe pahli biwi k saath rahna hy. Bahot pechida masla hy pls help me.

    • Kya pahli biwi abhi bhi aapke Nikah me hain ya aapka talaq ho chuka hai?

  53. ... on said:

    Mannath torne ka gunah hogha ? 🙁

    • Mannat torne ke kaffara isi liye to bataya gya hai aapko taake gunah se bach jayen aap. Sath me astaghfar bhi parh kar ALLAH Ta’ala se maafi maang len.

  54. ... on said:

    Kaffara kese ada kiya jaye please tell me
    Iska matlab kya hota hai and kjo kiya jaye

    • Kaffarah aap aise ada kar sakti hain,
      1. 10 ghareeb mohtaj ko acha khana khilaye. 2. Ya phir ek ghulaam ya Laundi ko azad kar dijiye.
      3. Ya phir 10 miskeeno ya Mohtaajo ko pahenne ka kapra de dijiye.
      4. Ya phir in me se kisi chiz ko b karne ki taqat na ho to to phir 3 din roze rakhiye.

  55. AA on said:


    Ye sawal mai dusri martaba puch raha hai.

    Moharram k Ashurat ji Raat thi, mai ek sunsan sadak se ja rha tha to mujhe saaf asman me do Dudh jaise safed parinde jaisi roshni gol gol ghumti hui dikhayi di. Jo koi artificial light nhi thi. Iska kya matlab hota hai

    • Aapko kal javab de diya tha maine. Aap pichla comment check karen. Ye ALLAH Ta’ala ki makhlooqaat me se ek makhlooq ho sakti hain. Pareshan hone ki zarurat nahi hai bhai.

  56. .... on said:

    As salam o alaykom mera ek question hai mein boht pareshan hu.. meine ek mannat mangi thi Ayat e kareema 125 000 parne ki because kisi se shadi ka irada tha, lekan us insan ne muje bht hurt Kia islie ab me use shadi ni krna chti to my question is ke ye jo mannat mangi who paro ja rok do?

    • Ab aap mannat puri karne ki bajaye mannat ka kaffara ada kar lijiye.

  57. Fakeha on said:

    Salam.. I need wazifa to get seperated from my in laws. I want to live peaceful life with my husband. My in laws are living with us in our house. My mother in law’s behaviour is worse with me.. She has daughters , All are married.. All she wants that my husband spend all his money on his mother n sisters. She even doesnt let him give me pocket money ever.. Im pregnant with my first baby.. Her behaviour is cruel.. She complains with husband that i dont clean the floor i dont mob it etc etc.. Inspite i m not allowed in first months to bend down.. I still do every work.. But still she complains to my husband on litlle little things so that my husband fights with me.. She wants me to be on her knees.. I cant do that.. I have my respect.. She disrespects me infront of my husband n her daughters that i do politics in home etc im so much stressed of this situation now.. Living with her in the same house seems like impossible to me.. . They all together make fun of me. Please tell me any strong wazifa that they got separated with us without any huge issues and situation get controlled. I cant take so much stressed in my prgnancy otherwise i ll lose my baby.. Please help me with any wazifa, im writting for wazifa coz im so muchh tired of this daily drama.

  58. Muns on said:

    Asalamu alikum bhai….maine apki aplication download ki thi pr wo kuch error dikha raha hai mai redmi note4 mobile use kar raha ho. Bhai mai bohot bohot mushkil mai ho….mere 2 hajat hai.
    1. Job: bhai maine bohot exam diye job k liye is sal forest k exam mai 2 marks se out hua, aur consumer affair mai b 3 marks se out hua bohot dukh hua, abhi sports deoartment mai intervive diya hai ab dar hai ki kahi waha se 1,2 point se out na ho jao. Mere is mushkil mai mujhe help kare plz.utna mujhe apne out hone ka dukh nahi jitna apne ghar walo k tension ka dukh. Plz help me
    2. Nikah: mai bohot jaga ladki dekhne gaya kahi pe mujhe pasand nahi aya to kahi pe mujhe pasand nahi kiya gaya, meri umer 34 male hai, aur bohot jaga meri private job dekh kar mujhe thukraya gaya, mai chahta ho ki jaldi se mera nikah ho aisi ladki se jo mere man k hisab se ho, taki mai gunaho se paak reh sako. Ye b batado mai love marraige nahi arrange marriage karna chahta ho.
    Bhai plzzzz mujhe in do mushkilo ka hal nikal k de plz… Jazakalah

      • Muns on said:

        Agar koi nimaz choot jaye to???

        • Muns on said:

          Aur jo ane wala sunday night hai wo shayed islamic calender ka pehla sunday night hai usi rat ko shuru karna hai??

          • Ji han aaj pahle islami itwaar ki raat hai. Nauchandi itwaar ka wazifa aap shuru kar sakte hain aaj.

        • Agar koi namaz choot jaye to qaza namaz ada kar lein.

          • Muns on said:

            Jazakalah, agar ek din magrib nimaz k bad pado to kya har din magrib nimaz k bad padna hai, yane agar kisi din isha k bad tym mila to kya pad sakte hai ya waqat padne ka ek hi rakhna hai???

          • Aap ne jis wazifa ke bare me puchna ho, usi ke page se comment kiya karen. Wazifa ki details me wazifa parhne ka waqt bataya jata hai. Aap wahan se dekhiye.

  59. raghuveer on said:

    bhai, mera islam ko bye bye kehne ka waqt aa gaya hai. meine ek ladki ke shadi ke liye jayaz maqsad ke liye islam qabool kiya, foreign mein setlle hone ka job wazifa bhi kiya. mujhe aur paagal mat banaiye, meien us ladki ke liye ghar pe baat ki gharwale proper hindu hai nahi maan rahe meri shadi Pakistani ladki se karne ke liye, mein oaagal ho chuka hoon nujhe waswasa bure khayal aate hain 24 hour dania meri behen hai. meine psycaterist ko dikhaya keh raha hai islam ki wajah se nahi hua hai yeh sab. aap depression mein ho deep depression usne bola aur bola ki medicines leni hongi. yeh sab ke zimmidaar aap hain, aapki website hain. ek last suggestion de dijiye kya ab bhi mein islam wapas qabool karoon. kahin aisa na ho mein born muslim nahi isliye wazifa islam koi dua kuchh kam nahi kar raha. pls kuchh kijiye aapki website responsible hai dekhiye mujhe depression medicines nahi leni

    • Bhai aap ALLAH Ta’ala se yu na ummid na hoyein. Pahli bat ye hai ke apni nakamyabiyon ka zimmedar dusron ko nahi thehraya karte. Jo esa kam karte hai wo log kamzor aur buzdil hua karte hai. Dusri bat dua wazaif ki to hamara kam hai logon ke free of cost achhe aur unki bhalayi ke liye unki help karna. Ham har ek wazifa sirf aur sirf unke achhe ke liye hi diya karte hai. Muhabbat kisi se agar apko ho gayi hai to aap koshish kijiye unhe pane ki.
      Agar apki qismat mein hogi to zarur milegi. Dua mein badi taqat hoti hai. Rahi bat islam mein rahne aur na rahne ki. To ap ghaur se padhiyega- Islam sirf is zindagi ke liye nahi hota jo ki behad chhoti si hai, yani chand saalon ki 40-50 ya phir 70-80 salon tak insan duniya me rehta hai.
      Imanwala, marne ke bad asal zindagi jeeta hai. Uske liye har ek khushi, har aram aur har lazzat hoti hai wahan. Wahan ki zindagi ki koi miyad nahi. Kyonke wahan maut ke farishte ko bhi maut mil jati hai.
      Islam insan ko sahi rah dikhata hai, ALLAH ki sachi ibadat se zindagi hi nahi balqi zindagi ke bad wali zindagi bhi sudhar jati hai. Apko jitni taklif kisi se mohabbat karne mein hui, ye apka imtihan hai. Agar yu na ummid honge to phir aap imtihan mein pass nahi fail ho jayenge.
      Huzoor-e-Pak ﷺ jinhe kaynat ki har shay dil-o-jan se mar mit ti thi. Unhone bhi esi esi taklif dekhi hai ke ham un taklifon ka zarra bhi nahi sah sakte hai.
      Akhir mein aapse yahi guzarish karunga ke aap fauran ALLAH ki zikr-o-hamd mein lag jayein. Tasbih padiye ALLAH ke pyare-pyare namo ki. Jaise ya ALLAHU ya Ra’hamnu Ya Ra’heemu, Ya Musabbebal Asbab. ALLAH ko har pareshani mein pukaro, uske samne ansu bahao, to ALLAH raham farmata hai.
      Kyonke hamari maa jo hamse kitna pyar karti hai, ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala hamse jitni mohabbat karte hai wo 70 gunah maa se zyada hoti hai.
      ALLAH ke samne hamara ansu jo ek bhi baha to ALLAH uska sila azeem deta hai.
      Aur jo bhi ALLAH se dua mango dono hath utha kar akele mein ro-ro kar mango, is yaqin se mango ke ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala apko wo ata farmayega hi.
      Aap himmat rakhiye, kyonke ALLAH unhi kandhon par bojh dalta hai jo kandhe us bojh ko dhho sakte hai. ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo ke raham-o-karam se apki pareshani zarur hal hogi, kyonke andhee ke bina ujale ka wujood kya, mushkilon ke bina asaniyan kya aur jo ranj-o-gham nahi zindagi mein to khushiyon ka ehsas nahi.
      Jaza kALLAHU khair

      • Raghuveer on said:

        mere pare Imran bhai , dekhiye. situation yeh hai meri poori family 15+ members hain, all hindu..ek akela meine is website to follow kiya aur islam qabool kiya tha..app khud socho mujhe kitna ajeeb lagta hai chhup chhup ke namaz padna room mein lock karke ki koi aa na jae. mera depression jo wazifa na Kabul hone se badta hai use uar negative khayal aate hain.ya to ho ki ek step to forward bane…jisse mein atleast foreign mein jaoon phir nikah ho. kuchh ho nahi raha. aap khud bataiye..meri poori family hindu mein akela muslim kabhi nahi patina chaoonga meine islam Kabul kiya. shadi bhi kis customs se hogi, hindu ya muslim..I cannot tell my family I m muslim. kya Fayda mere islam qabool karne ka.uper se Islamic ladki mana kardi gharwalon ne..time kam hai hindu ladki dhoond ke shaadi kar denge yeh log meri..upar se wazifa se jo mujhe side effect hua hai use meri mental disorder bhi theek nahi hua hai…mujhe psyctaerist pe jaana hi padega..kya option hai mere pass aap bataiye time bahut kam hai bas janauary 2019 tak jo ladki gharwalon ne di use shadi karwa denge meri… my situation is not a normal situation bro

        • ALLAH Ta’ala aapki madad farmaye, ameen!

        • Nowsheen on said:

          Raghuveer Bhai, mein ne apki sab comment pad ke apki situation feel kar sakti hu. Mujhe jitna knowledge hai, ap ” Istekhara ki namaz” kisi acche Muslim se bhi apke liye padne ke request kar sakte hai. I mean, someone else can perform Istekhara on behalf of you. Aur ek baat, Istekhara namaz ki jo dua hai, uski meaning ke sath pade…..a very very beautiful meaning it has. Mein ne 2 times Istekhara ki hai apne life me, and result was outstanding.
          Rahi baat shadi ki gharwalo ki pasand se, to ap NO bhi kar sakte hai. Ek adult ladka/ladkio pe ajkal koi force nehi karta. Islam kabool karni ki baat apne chupayi, mein samaj sakti hu, But dubai me job karne ki wish bhi apne chupayi? Unko, itna to bol sakte hai ke, apki job lagne ke baad hi ap shadi karenge. Mein koi pakki muslim nehi hu, but itna bol sakti hu, har problem ka solution wazifa nehi hai. khud ki dimag aur kaushis bhi honi chahiye. Ek baat apko janna bhuttt e jarury hai, ” wazifa se koi side effect nehi hota”. Muhammad (SW) ne kahan hai, dua 3 tarike se qabul hoti hai, 1. jo ap chaho wo apko mil jaye 2. jo ap chaho, wo na mile but usse better mile, 3. kuch na mile jo apne duaa ki, but after your death you will get reward for you unfulfilled wish.
          To bhai, ap depression me maat rahe, apne dimag ko cool rakhe, jo apki situation me bhut jarury hai.

        • dia on said:

          i am so sorry to read your comment here. i can understand your situation. but see bro. i am the same as you. i have accepted islam and ALLAH as my creator. i know sometimes certain things happen that we doubt the creator but no… leaving islam is not right. i am a zorastrian by birth but now i am a muslim by choice. i have been doing duas wazifa and taweez as well from this website as well as a molvi who helps me may ALLAH bless both of them. i always make dua and and i have been doing this for 6 years yes 6 years and no results have been showing not at all but my faith in Allah is not at all shaken. if one dua/ wazifa doesnt work i try another and then another and so it goes on and on but bhai i tell you i have 100% faith that my dua will one day be answered and yes In Sha Allah i will be married to him. my faith doesn’t shake and that is the only reason i do not feel bad. or do not feel depressed. brother believe me it only makes things worse. yes the present time is he doesnt even talk to me is already engaged though he broke it now my parents have come to know about such things his parents know but faith is the only thing in life that keeps a smile on my face. i love my Allah and He will answer my prayers. we are already alone in this world and if we will leave Allah Himself than who will we return to. remember that no one loves you as Allah does. not even you yourself.

          the following lines i am telling is very important and believe me “dua has the power to change your fate what we call taqdeer.” and yes one day all duas will be accepted. In Sha Allah. and i always remember mehrunisa and imran bhai in my prayers as they are doing very noble act. people charge 1000’s of rupees for telling you proper wazifas and that might be wrong or black magic. i pray to Allah that He gives imran bhai and all the makers of this website beautiful Jannat and also may their all dua’s be accepted in one asking. though my prayers are not yet answered but i pray for them all because they are doing a noble work that needs to be appreciated and encouraged. 🙂 stay blessed. i will pray for you… hope things get better in life yours as well as mine. 🙂

  60. maheen on said:

    aslkm immu bhai maine ek khwab dekha tabeer chahiye mere father hote to unhe hi puchti thi.rat ko maine surah baqara ki last ayat aise hi dek k padi thi nind agai.frr dekha k main without cloths (bht hi fair body thi)jarahi thi park ke pas hare trees the usi halat me jija ji dekhliye bularahe the dar ke main park me chali gai aur burqa dhundne lagi aur pahen liya..ek ache se makan me dakhil hui dekha buzurgane deen ka gharana tha..ek buzurgane deen ko lion pe sawar dekha wo hatte katte the unki ankhe hari thi white libas hara shmla sar pe unko salam kiya ..unse aur lion se dar lagne laga haibat hoti kanpti main darke kahin chhup jati room me waha ache libas ladkiyon ke green clr ke light green clr ke hote hain do admi bahar se room me dekhe haste hain sama chalraha hota hai bahar main andar hi rahti tu parda dale andar wo hazir hojate hain lion pe maine jise dekha tha unhone kaha k shadi k bad meem se naam rakhna koi nam bataya tha meem dal dal..spell karahe mje samj nai aya main phone me record karne k liye phone lane gai thi ankh khul gai

    • Dear sis, aap sadqah de lijiye. Baqi pareshan hone wali koi baat nahi hai.

  61. Raghav on said:

    ok sister, mein waswasa ki wazifa continue rakhoonga, 6 months se upar ho gaye hain ab tak berozgari bhi kabul nahi hua..kya berozgari ka wazifa bhi conitnue rakhoon ? Mujhe nahi yaad mera ishtikhara positive tha ya negative tha. mein ishtikhara bhi kar diya aur pyar mein pagal karna ka wazifa bhi kiya. but ultimately mein hi paagal ho gaya hoon. mujhe repated thoughts aate hain ki dania meri behen hai jabki usi ladki ke liye meine wazifa kiya tha. mein us ladki se pyar karta tha but pata nahi kyon behen wale thoughts aate hain. kahinn aisa to nahi wazifa side effect kar gaya ho. us case mein kya karna chahiye.

    • Aap dhyaan se parhen jo bhi amal parhen. Kahin aap se parhne me koi ghalti na ho gayi ho. Astaghfar parha karen aur abhi koi love amal nahi karen balki pahle yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara karen. Berozgari ka amal uski conditions ke mutabiq pura karen.

  62. Raghu on said:

    Mujhe foreign country mein settle Hona hain aur pakistani ladki se nikah karna hai charge kuchh bhi ho jae. Mein itne time se berozgari ka wazifa kar raha hoon. Sins karte hoon but astaghfar bhi karta hoon roz ro ro ke ro ro Roke pagal ho gaya hoon pata nahi 6 months ke Kareeb ho gaye hain pata nahi wazifa kyo. Nahi Kabul ho raaha. Mein thak chuka hoon wazifa kar kar ke. Aur phir woh WASWASe Ki problem. Pehle black magic 40 din cloth wala wazifa bhi kabool nahi hua. Abhi apne shaitani waswase wala wazifa diya hai. Mein Kaun Kaun se wazifa karoon ? Meri patience ab khatam hi rahi hai

    • ALLAH pe yaqeen rakhen aur jo ab waswase ko khatm karne ka amal aapko diya hai, wo parhen. Istikhara aapka agar positive tha to aap pasand ki shadi ka koi ek amal shuru kar sakte hain.

  63. Raju on said:

    bhai meri meri probem sirf yeh thi…2 extrmeme attacking negative thoughts
    1, waswase waswase waswase repeatative thoughts
    2. dania mri behen hai
    in toughts ki wajah se mein dpression mein aa gaya hoon. aisa lagta hai yeh thoughts mujhe darate hain. mera mental imbalance hil gaya hai. Aapne bola back magic cure wazifa karo. 40 din haldi wala wazifa kiya but aisa kuchh feel nahi hua ki theek hua hai. Ab aapne https://www.yaallah.in/islamic-prayer-against-black-magic-causes-social-aspects/ wala wazifa diya hai. Yeh bahut diffult hai au bahut lamba hai….sirf meri probem ki hisab se koi aur chhota wazifa bataiye kyonki mujhe nahi pata ki mujhpe koi black magic/jinn hai ya kya hai…kuchh aur bataiye

  64. rajvir on said:

    sir, astaghfar ki sabse awwal sabse strong dua konsi hai ?

  65. Raju on said:

    bhai, apne https://www.yaallah.in/islamic-prayer-against-black-magic-causes-social-aspects/ wala wazifa bola hai karne ko…mein already isha ki namaz ke bad berozgari ka wazifa kar raha hoon jo abhi tak kabul nahi hua. To kya mein isha ki namaz ke baad, berozgari wazifa ke baad phir uske baad //www.yaallah.in/islamic-prayer-against-black-magic-causes-social-aspects wazifa kar sakta hoon ?

    • Ji han aap ek waqt me dono wazaif eksath kar sakte hain kuch der ka wafqa de kar.

  66. bakhtawar on said:

    koi asar hi nai huaa kuch bhi nai hua. mai dubara karun ?

  67. Hira Ayub on said:

    Salam Imran Bhai.
    Men bohatttt zyada preshaan hun, men ek larke se shaadi karna chahti hun, or wo bhi mjhse shadi krna chahta he. Hamari families bhi mil chuki hen, ek doosre ko pasand bhi kar chuki hen. Mere abbu ye baat nai jante k meri marzi he idhr or wo har faisla khudi karte hen. Ab ek do or rishtay agaye hen tou wo unhen dekh rhe hen or us family ko jo dekhi b he jidhar me chahti bhi hun, unko mana karne ka soch rahe hen.
    Please help me. Men bohatttt depressed hun.
    Mjhe koi bht strong wazifa chahye ,jis se mera kaam bohat jaldi hojaye. 2 saal hogaye hen is sabko, ab or bardasht nai hota..
    Nikah istakhara kar chuki hun men or wo theek b agya hua he.

  68. bakhtawar on said:

    maine ap se ye puchna tha k maine nikah istikharakiya (bht achi tabeer ayi) is k bad vo 3din wali tameez likhi. pehle 2din to aram se jaal k rakh hogayi taweez magar aj 3re din maine bht dafa jalaya per vo bar bar band horahi thi phir bhi koshish kar k puri taweez rakh kardi magar taweez k akhir ka chota sa hisa jaal to gaya magar rakh na hua.
    maine ye puchna hai k kahen ab taweez ka ulta asar to nai hoga na ya taweez sahi asaar dekhayegi? please jaldi jawab deden shukria

    • Insha ALLAH, koi ulta asar nahi hoga taweez ka aap befiker rahiye.

  69. Raja on said:

    Mein ek hindu family mein born hua hoon. 1 saal se appki website follow karna chahta hoon. mere Sirf 2 maqsad hai
    1) Foreign country specially Dubai mein job permanent settlement forver in life with good job
    2) Pakistani Muslim ladki Dania (meri friend) se nikah

    I planned ki abhi nikah ishtikhara/ya koi love wazifa na karoon because Pehle Dubai/aur koi bhi foreign country mein job lage wahan jaoon, phir nikah ishtikhara/love wazifa karoon kyonki abhi abroad jaane ki liye already mein berozgari ka wazifa kar raha hoon.
    Mujhe ek galati ho gayi thi last year. Meine apni Pakistani dost se shadi karne ke liye 7 din nikah ishtikhara kiya. shayad dream positive hi gaya yaad nahi, Meine pyar mein pagal karne ka wazifa kiya. Tabh islam bhi accept nahi kiya tha. Shahada baad mien diya tha. Ab islam accept kar liya hai proper aur 5 waqt namaz bhi karta hoon.

    Mujhe ek mental disorder sa ho gaya hai. wohi aapko bataya hai ek obsessive fear and repeatative word WASWAS ka. aur doosra DANIA MERI BEHEN HAI. Yeh thoughts baar baar mind mein automatically repeat hote hain. Wazifa nahi kaam kiya. Sirf in thoughts ki wajah se mera anxiety, depression, anger, lack of concentration in work, lack of interest in things, fear, yeh sab hota hai bina kisi reason ke. Who meri behen nahi hai. Meri dost hai meri dost hai mein use nikah karna chahta hoon phir aise kaise yeh thoughts mujhe disturb karte hain. Aisa meine life mein Pehle kabhi nahi feel kiya.

    meine black magic check aur black cure 40 din cloth turmeric wala wazifa bhi kiya apke kehne pe. Kuchh fark nahi mehsoos hua, Depressing obseesive thoughts abhi bhi hain waswasa aur dania meri behen hai. Non sense thoughts which do not have reality. Mera berozgari wazifa bhi Kabul nahi hua bahut dino se kar raha hoon.

    Mein ek normal insan tha. Poori Tarah paagal ho gaya hoon. Mein sins bhi karta hoon lekin astaghfar bhi karta hoon. Rota hoon roz.L ekin kahin na kahin mujhe yakeen hai ki islam mein iska koi to solution hoga.

    Mera koi bhi wazifa abhi tak kabul nahi hua. Mujhe yeh nahi samajh aa raha ki kya sach mein yeh black magic hai, ya yeh koijinn poesseion hai ya pyar mein pagal karne wazifa ke side effect hai. Aap bataiye next kya karna hai mein islam se aapki ya allah website se cure chahta hoon. Mein kisi psycaterist/doctor pe nahi jaana chahta. !!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!

  70. Diana on said:

    Hello. Brother imran dear sister mehrunisha. I was a non muslim by birth but believe in Allah. and want to continue my faith in Allah. I need your help. I have read about the wazifa for how to check if we are affected by black magic. There were 20 signs out of which i can relate to 14 of them.

    I have problem that were not mentioned. Like hearing sound. Once or twice my left ear or one ear becomes blank and in the other ear i feel someone said something. I dont understand the language and dont know what that voice was. It was just for a moment as i turned my head to see what it was the voice was gone. I felt this once or may be twice.
    Another time i saw a black thing moving on its own at my home. I thought its a polythene bag blowing because it was a windy day. I thought i will pick it up after wards. But when i went there to pick it up. I was shocked to see it were one of my black pants. I was so shocked. A blow of wind can not move a pant especially heavy clothes.
    I have a boyfriend. We loved each other immensley. But before 3 years i started to depart. I sent other people naked pics of mine. And talked haram with them. Till then i was a non believer of Allah paak. I now dont remember when i did all that how dare did i. How i had so much guts to do such a thing. I dont even remeber the things i did all i know is from my bf who is still angry and unable to marry me because of past memories. My relation has now deteriorated. He has now left me. He meets me but than we dont message or call each other. When he is with me he stays with me so lovingly. And so very nicely that i think he will surely marry me some day but as soon as we apart he hates me. And he has no fault. If i was at his place i would treat a person same way. I dont know how to solve all these. Please help me.
    I dont have periods or have spottings sometimes till a month or sometimes not at all. Have periods every fifteen days or no menses till 2 3 months. In addition i have nightmares and remeber most of them. I have a constant fear of someone watching me or someone behind me. Please help me…..

    I know it is very hard to believe what i am saying but this is what is happening. Please help me.
    My email – dianacooper337@gmail.com.

      • Diana on said:

        Yes okay. I will surely do this and let you know. But this does mean that i am affected by black magic. If yes why would someone do that. N who it might be.

        • These are the symptoms of black magic. That’s why i recommended you the wazifa to get a cure from it.

          • Diana on said:

            Mehrunisha. I was about to do the wazifa. I had ghusl in the morning. I was going to do wuzu but thought to urinate first and then do wuzu but i saw spotting. So i was again impure spiritually. I have also marked this thing whenever i try to do any wazifa i get prriods. Just for the time being. Then its gone.

            Whatever the negative energy is it doesnot let me become spiritual. I have mentioned that i belong to a non muslim family. so even when my mother tells me to come to temples. I can not go because of the same situation.

            How will i ever get out of these mehrunisha. I am so worried. Please show some way.

          • Diana on said:

            Yes i will do it. but what if i have periods in between. Shall i restart or continue.?

          • You can continue the wazifa after getting free from your periods.

  71. Raghuveer on said:

    Sir black magic cure wazifa 40 days cloth turmeric jalane wala wazifa kar liya jaise aapne bola tha. Ab next kya karoon ?

    • Ab aap bataiye aapko faraq mahsus hua hai ya nahi? Aur aage aapka maqsad kya hai?

  72. Raj on said:

    Bhai, apne 2 wazifa diya hain ho mein roz kar raha hoon aapko yaad hoga.
    1. Berozgari ka wazifa
    2. Haldi black magic cure Amal ka
    Cloth ko haldi mein dip karke meine 40 tukde kiye the. Aaj 25 din hue hain matlab main 25 piece jala chuka hoon. Lekin bache 10 hain. Matlab total 35. 5 tudke kam pad rahe hain kyonki 40 din tak 40 jalane hote hain. Lekin meine 40 hi kiye the lekin pata nahi 5 kam kaise ho gaye. To kya mein un 10 tukdon ko chhota karke 5 aur bana loon jisse 40 poore ho jae?

    • Ji han aap un tukron ko chota kar lijiye.

  73. Raghav on said:

    sir pehle aapki website pe live chat option hoti thi. Last year thi Jismien kuchh helpers live chat se help karte the. kyon woh option hata di ? Comments mein jab hum likhte hain woh sab kuchh nahi bata pate. Kya aap yallah chat phir se enable kar sakte hain please ?

    • Insha ALLAH karenge shuru live chat. Aapke feedback ka shukriya.

  74. Sadiya Saeed on said:

    As salamo alykum bhai please meri behn ka talaq karwana hai hme uski shdi galat jagah hogyi hai jaha wo khush nhi hai.talaq k liye koi wazifa bata de jisse aasani se jaldi talaq ho jaye.

  75. Nazia Imrana on said:

    aslkum imran bhai, kya aap mujhe bata sakte hain ki kaunse kaunse wazifa ke liye permission zaroori hai aur kaise permission lena hai.plz reply asap.

    • Dear sis, yaALLAH website par maujud sabhi wazaif ke ijazat lene ke liye aap ek martaba website ko follow yani subscribe kar lijiye. Uske bad aapko tamam wazaif ki ijazat hogi.

  76. allahs servant on said:

    Imran sir.I am humbly request you.pls help me.I have been facing numerous issues.I have no money,cant find a job,I am in heavy debt nd my debtors are demanding their money back.I have no money.I cant afford my own expense how can I give them.I am also cant get married.what should I do.day by day my problems are increasing.I have tried several waxifas.also tried Also tried blackmagic wala.but nothing have changed.pls give me suggestion and do a dua for me

  77. Raj on said:

    Bhai, mein black magic cure cloth turmeric Roshan karne wala wazifa kar raha hoon. Wazife mein likha cloth ko sone Ki jagah pe Jalaen. Kya mein ise room Ki outdoor balcony mein jala sakta hoon kyonki room mein smell ho jaati hai ? Aur jalane ke baad uski rakh ko Kya karna hai use phenk de ya bacha ke rakhen ?

    • Kamre ke andar jalayen to behtar hai. Raakh ko kisi saaf jagah par daal den.

  78. Nandu on said:

    Bhai apne link bheja hai black magic cure Amal ka. Usmein bahut se wazifa hain black magic cure ke. Kya mein In mein se cloth to termeric mein dip karke jalane wala wazifa kar loon ?
    Mein Berozgari ka wazifa bhi continue kar sakta hoon iske sath ya sirf Ek hi wazifa karoon? Mujhe
    permission dijiye

    • Ji han aap haldi wale amal ke sath berozgari ka amal jari rakh sakte hain. Ijazat lene ke liye aap website ko subscribe kijiye.

  79. Hiba on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum…mere andar ehsase kamtari bahut hai jabke me sab kuch ache se Karti hu or meri tareef bhi Hoti hai phir bhi pata nahi kyu mujhe har cheez me dar lagta hai Aisa lagta hai me kar nahi paungi mujhse koi normal bat bhi puch le to mujhe bahut ghabrahat hone lagti hai heart beat tez hojati hai or me sahi se jawab nahi de pati mere upar dar bahut haavi hojata hai…me kisise eye contact karke bat bhi nahi kar Sakti koi kuch kehde to bahut feel hota hai mujhe sochti bhi bahut hu har bat Ko me Baar Baar…plz kuch bataye jisse me kisise bhi na daru mere andar bahut confidence ajaye or mera dar khatam hojaye ..

  80. Vansh on said:

    Bhai, 2 wazifa jo apne diya hain berozgari ka foreign settle hone ke liye aur black magic check Amal.
    Mujhe bure khayal aate hain aur Berozgari ka wazifa ka waqt aur bhi bad jaate hain jaise :
    Ek ladki Jisse mein nikah karna chahta hoon woh meri bahen hai,
    WASWASAY word ka baar baar repeat Hona itna zyada ki mujhe phobia bhi ho gaya hai. Yeh word meri thinking se mix ho jata hai jisse confusion depression aur anger ho jaata hai Bina baat ke.Baar baar repetitive negative thoughts aate hain.kal jab mein berozgari ke wazifa ke baad dua kar raha tha aikdum se Batti Gul ho gayi room Ki. Extreme black ho gaya. Mein dua thik se nahi kar pata kyonki negative thoughts mix ho jate hain aur meri dua ko nahi aane dete mind mein. Kuchh ajeeb hai mein bahut ghabraya hua hoon. Kya dono wazife continue rakhoon ? Ya aur kuchh Karoon ? Help kijeye

  81. Naman on said:

    Asalam alaikum, apne mujhe jo wazifa diya hai berozgari ka usmein darood sharif mein kya hum 11martaba darood mafi pad sakte hain” ALLAH HUMA SALLE ALA SAI YE DE NA WA MAU LA NA MUHAMADIWA ALA AALE HE WASALLIM “ ?

  82. Taufique on said:

    I would like to know of a dua for stopping someone from coming to my house and staying permanently. The thing is my wife’s 2 niece ( both grown up ) are coming to stay with us. My wife did not consult me. I have a grown up son and a young daughter. In today’s time how to take responsibility for girls. I will speak to my wife,but off late she is in her own World ( not listening at all )
    If there a wazifa wherein I can stop it.
    I hope you understand the situation.

  83. anjum on said:

    Assalam Walekum…. I lost my new born baby and have done tubectomy too. Now I am repenting i would have not done tubectomy operation. I eagerly need a baby. Any Dua Pls…..

  84. Juthi on said:

    Why I can’t text you in messenger??? You also didn’t reply me in email.. Plz do reply us timely. We need your help that’s why we text you but your irresponse really make me feel bad.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear sis, there is a fixed timing of opening of Facebook Page Messenger. You can text there between 12:30-2:30pm Indian Standard Time.

  85. Naman on said:

    Bhai, apne 2 wazifa bole the karne ko Ek bola k magic wala aur Ek foreign country mein settle hone ke le berozgari ka. Mein office se late aata hoon raat ko. Poore din bilkul waqt nahi hota. Isha Ki namaz ke baad black magic check wala wazifa karta hoon phir uske ekdum baad mein berozgari ka. Mera sawal yeh hai Ki kya mein bina gap ke black magic check wale wazife ke baad berozgari ka wazifa kar sakta hoon jisse mera waqt bache? Ya kuchh gap zaroori hai ?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Aap isha ke fauran bad berozgari ka amal kar len aur chahen to uske 5 minutes bad black magic check karne ka amal kar len. Lekin fauran bad na shuru karen, thora sa gap de den.

  86. Sk arif hossain on said:

    Ham ye wajifa kayse karen.. Plz thorasa hame v bata digia na

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Aap bataiye ke apko kis wazifa ke bare me janna hai?

  87. Nida on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum…Imran bhai hum sirf behne hain rishte ache nahi aate namaz roze ke bhi sab ghar me pawand hain sab …Kahi se baat banti hai to bante bante reh jati hai umar bhi bad rahi hai ..Ghar me bahut pareshaniya hain hamare papa hain nahi hamare or ammi or hum sirf behne hain ammi ki bhi tabiyat kharab rehti hai….Aap plz aisa kuch bataye jisse jald se jald bahut achi jagah shadi hojaye hum sab behno ki.agar kuch pdh rhe hai to aap ka batai hui dua bhi pdh skte hai..

      • Marriam on said:

        Mjhy email nai receive ho rai mein registered kia par koi mail nai aa rai.

        Comment bix bhi show nai ho raha.

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ab apna inbox check kijiye aur spam folder bhi. Email bheji hai apko.

  88. Arahim on said:

    Assalamualaikum..al imran bhai..
    Meri comment to dikhti hi nahi he
    Mene chanel subscribe kar li he to kya me ab wazifa kar sakta hu..ishtikhara kiya lekin muje nind hi ni aati he to bhi kiya lekin samaj na aya pehle deen pehle hum jaha rehte the USme samne ke ghar chala gaya dusre din bhi wahi tisre din khul ladki ko khab me dekha..bus aap muje izazat dijiye wazifa karne ki me wo ladki ke bager reh ni sakta bohat taklip hoti he plz izazat dijiye…al imranbhai reply jarur karna..khuda Hafez

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Apko ab shadi ka wazifa karne ki ijazat hai. Jo suit kare amal wo ap shuru kar sakte hain.

    • Arahim on said:

      Assalamualaikum…sis..aap ka khub Sukriya muje bus izazat ka hi intezar tha lekin me jabtak kamyab na ho jau aap ka sath chahiye or ho sake to koi asa wazifa dikhai ye jinse me 100% Kamyab ho jau me uske bager bohat tadapta hu jese bin pani machhali ek pal bhi sukun se nahi gujarta pls me aapka ahesan jindi bhar nahi bhulunga muje kuchbhi kar ke kamyab kar dijiye pls….reply jarur kijiyega…khuda Hafez..dua me yaad Rakhna.

      • Arahim on said:

        assalamualaikum..bro and sis..mene aap ki izazat ke baad sugar or aunt wala wazifa kiya aaj 7deen ho Jayenge lekin koy result nahi to muje ye Puchhna tha ki sugar ke upar har baar yane 41 baar fukna hai ya 41 baar pad ke sirf ek baar meto ek baar hi fukta hu or mere pass jo alam Tara (sure e feel ) he wo aap ne jo hindi me wazife me likhi he unse alag he lekin meto aap ki likhi hi padta hu to kya usme koi fer badal karu ya jo he wese hi chalu rakhu or me aayatul kursi wala wazifa bhi sath me karna chahta hu par muje urdu nahi aati to kya aap Hindi wala link share karenge phir me kya dono sath me chahu rakh sakta hu..bro..and..sis jawab jarur dijiyega kyo ke sugar wale wazifa ke aaj 7deen ho jayenge…Allah aapko inka badla dega inshahallah..plz reply

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Sugar wale wazifa me 41 bar surah parhne ke bad hi phoonkna hai. Jaise website pe bataya gya hai waise hi surah parhni hai. In dono wazaif me se ek wazifa hi karen ap. Iske bad Ayatul kursi ka amal ap shuru kar den aur Hindi me Ayatul kursi ap yahan se dekh kar parh sakte hain- https://www.yaallah.in/benefits-of-ayat-ul-kursi-surah-baqarah/

          • Arahim on said:

            assalamualaikum…bro..and sis..
            mene sugar wala wazifa do bar pura 7 deen ka kar liya par abhi tak koi result nahi mila hai kya ab me ayatul kursi wala wazifa Karu ya wohi saru rakhu ya or Kuchh karu bataona kya karu tatkal result Wala kuchh bataona muje bohat bechaini ho rahi he us ke bina ek nahi nikal ta hai or dar satata hai kahi uski engag na ho jaye please help karona…reply Jarur kijiyega khuda Hafez

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Agar apka istikhara positive hai to ayatul kursi ka amal shuru kar len.

  89. nandan on said:

    Main India se hoon .mujhe foreign country mein settle hone ke liye job chahiye thi isliye mein roz berozgari ka wazifa kiya. Job to lagi lekin india mein lagi, foreign mein nahi lagi. Lekin mujhe Job India mein nahi, foreign mein hi job chahiye. Kya mein is berozgari ke wazifa ko continue rakhoon ? Sath mein apne black magic check wazifa bhi bola tha. Usko bhi karta rahoon ?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ji han ap black magic ka amal aur job ka amal jari rakhiye aur berozgari ka amal karte hue niyat apni foriegn job ki hi kijiyega.

  90. Nighat on said:

    Assalamualaikum Imran bhai hum ko aap se kuch puchana hai plz kya hum puch skte hai?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Yes dear sis, puchiye.

    • Nighat on said:

      Assalamu Alaikum..Mujhe apse kuch puchna hai kya aap apna cont.No.deskte hai plz.

        • Samina on said:

          Assalamualaikum. Mujhe aapse pesonal kuch baat karni hain. Kya koyi number hain ke baat kar sake? Mein bohot hi pareshani me hun. Aap ko contact karne ke liye facebook hi ek zariya hein??Fb mein mere koyi accout nehi hein. Keise kya karon samazh nehi arahihein. Mere madat karen plz.

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Dear sis, personal number aap yahan se le sakti hain aur chahen to voice mail bhi kar sakti hain -https://www.yaallah.in/contact-us

    • Nighat on said:

      Assalamualaikum Imran bhai ek saal se hum apni aakho ko leke preshaan hai buhat ilaj kraya eyeside weak nhi hai pr aakhe buhat garm hojati hai or unnao behad dard rehta tha phir ek molana ne pani pr dm kr ke pilaya or kuch dua pdke ke phooka js se aakhen to usi waqt thndi lkne lgi drd mai bhi buhat kmi hui pr eyeside km hogai hum chashma bhi lgate hai pr wohi cheez saaf dikhti hai bgair chashme ke or wohi cheez dhundli smjh mai nhi arha kya dua pdhe jis se meri eyeside tez hojaye.plz.

  91. Husna on said:

    Apse ijazat kaise lein FB account nahi hai???

    • Rana on said:

      Subscribe kar diya hai to kya hum wazaif pad sakte hain??

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Ji bhai ab aap wazifa shuru kar sakte hain. ALLAH Ta’ala apko kamyabi ata farmaye ameen.

        • Liky on said:

          Please madad kijiye.. .main kisi se bohot pyar karti hoon .. Mijhe chod Kar ja chuka hain please kuch kare please madad kare bohot pareshan hoon

          • Aap pahle website pe diya gya yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara kijiye aur mukammal kar ke bataiye sis.

  92. ramesh on said:

    Main India se hoon .mujhe foreign country mein settle hone ke liye job chahiye thi isliye mein roz berozgari ka wazifa kiya. Job to lagi lekin india mein lagi, foreign mein nahi lagi. Abhi jis company mein job lagi hai hai to woh multinational. Lekin ab itna time nahi hai ki pehle ab mein struggle karoon yahan phir foreign country jaaon. mujhe foreign mein hi job chahiye jald se jald kisi bhi haalat mein kyonki wahan jaakar mujhe ek muslim ladki se nikah karna hai inshallah . Isliye mein abhi koi ishtikhara/love wzifa bhi nahi kar raha. Is waqt sabse zaroori mere liye foreign ki job hai ishtikhara/love wazifas nahi. Yeh sab mein foreign country jaake bhi kar loonga. Mera question yeh hai ki kya mein berozgari ka wazifa karta rahoon ? aur sath mein aapne black magic check ka amal bhi diya tha. Use bhi sath mein karta rahoon ? help kijeiye

  93. Ramesh on said:

    Asalam alaikum, kisi bhi halat mein jald se jald mujhe foreign country mein job chahiye permanent settlement ke liye. Aapne berozgari ka wazifa suggest kiya tha. Roz karta hoon wazifa. Abhi tak kamyabi nahi mili.. Roz I beg and cry to Allah. Also I ask forgiveness for my sins but result nahi aa raha. Abhi tak to I’m patient lekin ab patience nahi ho rahi. Aap kya suggest karte hain ? Berozgari ka wazifa continue rakhoon ? foreign mein job ke liye koi doosra wazifa bhi hai ?

  94. Tannu on said:

    Asalam O Alaikum
    Kindly suggest a wazifa or dua to win your wife’s love

    • Tannu on said:

      Asalaam O Alaikum
      I have being reading dua for my wife to get rid of bad friends. I give her water after dua. Is it fine that I blow the dua in the bottle of water as she has started to get suspicious thinking that I am doing something wrong which I am not. Infact the dua has helped in some friends out.

      Kindly suggest.

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Yes, it is fine to blow in the bottle of water after reciting the dua to get rid of bad friends. Insha ALLAH, you will be succeed, ameen. Don’t forget to share the testimonial once you get success, insha ALLAH. ☺

  95. allia on said:

    asalaamualaikum bhai mein bahut takleef mein hu meray shohar k pass ek ladka kaam kara hai woh najanay kya meray husband ko sikha dera hai jisay meray husband neecha dikharay aur gareeb loag ko kaam se hatha deray kuch aisa wazifa batayie jisay woh ladka kareem kaam chod de hamaray pas aur meray husband pehlay ki tarah mujsay pyar se rahe please

  96. Tannu on said:

    Asalam alaikum
    Imran bhai i want to know a wazifa to get rid of a person trying to do business with my wife…he seems to be a dicey case…I have never met him…My gut feeling says he is not the right person to do business.
    Kindly help

  97. niketan on said:

    sir, berozgari ka wazifa kar raha hoon. usmein 11 times darood sharif mein kya read Karen ? I am new to islam

  98. Raghu on said:

    Sir foreign country mein settle Hona tha hence started berozgari ka wazifa. Kal kiya tha ache se wuzu banake. Aaj subah mail check kiya itni achi job se rejection aa gaya. Yeh to nahi Hona chahiye sir. Mein Ek new muslim hoon aur roz 5 waqt salah bhi karta hoon. Help kariye sir kya karoon? Mujhe jald se jald foreign mein job chahiye

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Foreign country me job hasil karne ke liye ap berozgari ka amal zarur karen. Pure yaqeen ke sath karen ap himmat nahi harein. Insha ALLAH apko kamyabi milgei, ameen.

  99. aamnakhan on said:

    Bhai mai bhat upset hun because mainbhat wazifa ki lekin ek bhi success nhi hua ab mai kya krun ap he kuch btaden plzzzz

  100. Raghu on said:

    Sir mujhe foreign country mein settle hone ke liye berojgari wala wazifa start kiya hai. Abhi Ek din kiya hai. Mera question yeh hai Ki wazifa read karte waqt agar zaban ladkhada jae/ pronounciation galat ho jae, countings Bhool jae, waswasey/ negative thoughts aae to kya karna chahiye? Wazifa Padte waqt mujhe yeh sab problems aati hai

  101. asra on said:

    assalamu alaikum

    hum ne govt job ke liye apply kiya tha aur 25th march ko hamara written exam hua tha 100 questions the humne poore attend kiya tha but next din answer key check kiya tha tab 50 answers hi correct the.
    mujhe aurr 45 marks chahiye, 95% or 96% hona zaruri hai select hone keliye hum ne bahot mehenat ki thi exam ke liye. Tho kya hum wazifa “impossible to possible”(allahu rabbi la shareekalahu) padh sakhte hai kya
    plz bataye. inshallah april me result aane wala hai
    plz jaldi reply kijiye.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ji han parh sakti hain ap ye amal.

      • asra on said:

        Assalamu alaikum
        Hum bahot upset hai
        Hum ne govt job ke liye exam likha tha nd 95% score karne ke liye aap
        “Allahu rabbi la shareekalahu” padne ko kaha hum 25 days continues padhe but result aya tho sirf 42 hi marks aaye
        Hume kuch b success nahi mila ab hum kya kare plz bataye?

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ap dobara imtehan me kamyabi ka amal parh lijiye. Kamyabi ke liye du’a ke sath-sath mahnat bhi puri karen. Insha ALLAH kamyabi milge.

  102. Unknown on said:

    Asalamoalaikum please may bht pareshan hun mjhy imran bhai apsy bat krni a may apni situation ko private rskhna chahti hn please mayny facebook pay bhi mssge kiya magr kahin ans ni aya .please ap mujhay kahin to text karain pleaseeeee

  103. Shanaz on said:

    Aslm mera naam Shanaz hai chote bachon ku baagre hai Tho uss baagre Jana ke Liye kuch wazifa boliye na pls.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Samajh nahi ayi apki baat ki. Kindly dobara batayen.

  104. aamnakhan on said:

    Bhai ek baat btaye jaise ek century papaer liye aur pahle usme pure paper mai linning karke phir taweez likhkar cut kar sakti hun 70 parchi jo banana hai ya phir pahle kagaz ke tukde lekar tb linning karke likhna hai

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap lining kar ke taweez likh ke phir kaghaz kaat sakti hain. No problem sis.

  105. aamnakhan on said:

    Bhai ek baat btayen wo 7 days 7o parchi wala jo wazifa hai usmai maa ka naam nhi pta ho to huwwa likh sakte hain to asar krega aur pen jo normly likhne ke use kartey hain usi pen se likhna hai na zafran to hai bt usse kaise likhun means kis chiz mai daal kar likun plzzzz btaden sb

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Hawwa likh sakti hain ap maa ke nam ki jagah.
      Normal pen ap use kar sakti hain. Agar zafraan hai to chand qatre pani mein mix kar ke pen mein ink ki taraf bhar lein.

  106. raaj on said:

    bhai, bahut time se try kar raha hoon foreign country mein settle hone ke liye job lag jae…koi job nahi lag rahi…bahut time se struggle kar raha hoon. Koi wazifa bataiye jisse jald se jald foreign country mein job lag jae

  107. Shehzad on said:

    A.O.A sir kesy hi?
    plz help me sir jaldi reply kry plz
    sir mujhy USA ka rishta ayaa thaaa humary village ke 1 woman k through uss n mujh larki kee maa ka number deaa thaa k app isss sy phone pr baat kr loo or joo app ke qualification hi woo btaa dny m n amerca larki ke maa sy call ke tu unhoo n khaa k app apni degree snd kro m n apni degree or sath apni 2 picture send kr dee tu baad m 2 week baad meri sister ny un koo phone kr lea hall chall poochny k leay phir 3 week baad unhoo ny humari village kee women joo k rishta krwaa rhee thee usss k jwab dy deaa k hum n rishtaa nheee krna hum n sirf degree mangi theee isss ny humy picture ku snd kee or meri sister n phone ku keaaa
    sir plz mujhy koi qurani powerful wazifa btiay k wo jald khud e dubara rishty k leay khyyy woo Amerca rhty hi

  108. Param on said:

    Bhai mein islam mein aa Chuka hoon. I pray five times. Mein Ek muslim ladki se bahut pyar karta hoon aur use yeh khabar dena chahta hoon.Kya mein use bata Doon meine islam qabool kar liye kyonki future mein usi ladki ke nikah ishtikhara aur wazifa karoonga

    • Al Imran on said:

      Dear Bhai, ap ye khabar de dein unhe aur phir ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ shuru kar dena.

      • prakash on said:

        dear brother, meine islam qabool kar liya. meine prayers seekh li alhamdulilah. Ek ladki se shadi karna chahta hoon jiske liye i continously make dua. Mera sawal yeh hai ki kya nikah ishtikhara karoon ya sirf continously dua karta rahoon inshallah dua se hi kam ban jae ?

        • Al Imran on said:

          Bohat khushi ki baat hai ke ap ne Islam qubool kiya bhai. ALLAH Ta’ala apke liye tmam raste asaan kare, ameen.
          Behtar hai ap istikhara kar lein. Is se apko ALLAH ki guidance mil jayegi ke wo larki apke liye behtar hai ya nahi. Istikhara pura kar ke ap batana.

  109. raghu on said:

    imran bhai, meine islam qabool kar liya and started 5 times salah. I was so tensed as I was working in office and did not find place to pray. Suddenly today about some walk from my office there was hospital. Hospital had a special prayer room also including a prayer mat. Today I realized that Lord is always there for you I will never loose hope in my Lord and will continue praying. After becoming regular I will soon start wazifa insha allah.
    Thank You So much

    • Al Imran on said:

      Masha ALLAH, May you always be blessed brother! ameen.

  110. Dua on said:

    Nice.Islamic Wazaif are good means to solve all problems

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Jaza kALLAHU Khair ?

  111. Rajj on said:

    Bhai, meine Islam Qubool kar liya hai. Kya koi bhi wazifa Qubool hone ke liye 5 waqt namaz zaroori hai ? Meine suna tha agar agar aap 5 waqt namaZ Nahi karenge to yallah wazifa kam nahi karega

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      5 waqt ki namaz har Musalman par farz hai. Wazifa waise bhi kam karega insha ALLAH. Chunke namaz farz hai isliye parhni chahiye sath mein.

  112. Allah ki bandi on said:

    As salaam alekum….bhai main bht pareshan hun main ny apko pehly bhi msg kiya tha ab yaad nhi kis page py kiya tha.bhai meri mangni toot gai ab wo larka krna chah rha hy lkn uski ammi nhi us k ghar se koi razi nhi hrha wo bol rahey hain k koi razi nhi main kese karun shadi .unki ammi dosri larkiyan dekha rhi hayn.please please kuch karein k Un k ghar mei unki ammi razi ho jaein wo larka bhi mjhse deewano wala pyar kary please mjhy inse he krni hay shadi.istekhara bhi bht Acha aya tha.mjhy koi wazifa bataein or mere liye dua karein

  113. Karan on said:

    Bhai, jo hamari problems hain kya hum use apse kisi contact number pe call karke discuss kar sakte hain because meri problems comment box mein samjhana mushkil hai. Ya koi online chat help kahin se mil sake ?

      • alliya on said:

        asalaamualaikum bhai meri shadhi junaid se huwi aur mujay ek biwi ka haq nahi milta hai woh hamesha unki pehli biwi k pass he rehtay hai mujay ek wazifa batayie jisay meray husband hamaray saath b rehnay lagay aur unki biwi b meray sath achay se rahen please duwa karo meray liye

          • Allia on said:

            Kya yeh wazifaa kaam Karega mein jaisay ap bolay ho woh kari hu par result nahi dikra

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Astaghfar parhein aur sath mein sadqah bhi diya karein. Insha ALLAH apka kam ban jayega, ameen.

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Insha ALLAH karega kam. Ap astaghfar parha karein aur bohat yaqeen ke sath amal karein.

  114. Sania Shah on said:

    Assalam o Aliakum bhai…I am Sania. Such a depressed soul. Meri zindagi Bht hi mushkil hoti ja rhi hai. I have got no friends to talk with. Even agr mai apni so called friends k sath hn b to akela mehsoos krti hn because no cares for me. Mjhy asa lgta hai jaisa sb mjh sy jaan choraty hain..mery parents mery sath hain but asa lgta hai k wo b mjh sy tang Aye huye hain…mai 5 waqt k namaz parhti hn…. Qur’an parhti hn…. Allah sy mangti hn but Mjhy nhi pta mera sath bura q hota…jo mai mangti hn mjhy bht km milta hai …sb k life me problems hoti hain I know… but unki problems Hal ho jati hain… or mai unhi problems me uljhi hoti hn or nae problems ho jati hain….I don’t kno what to do….

  115. Jia on said:

    asalam o alikum wrwb
    Mujhe request karni thi k mujhe bataya gaya hai mujhe bohat sakt nazar lagi hai isi nazar ki waja se jis insan ko main pasand karti thi un se is tarah ki ikhtilafi hui ke sub khatam hogaya 4 mahiney se use dekha nahi hai 7 mahine se sub khatam hai. kindly mujhe koi ese nazre-bad se larne ka wazifa bataye jis se hum dono per lagi nazar khatam hojaye aur vo vapis ajaye. main us se mil aur us ko dekh nahi sakti tou esa kia amal karu k ye jo nazar lagi hai jis se us ki mohabaat khatam hogai hai vo vapis ajaye. mujhe bohat sakht nazar lagi hui hai. main chahti hu k vo mere pass vapis ajaye aur mujhe contact kar ke maafi mang le. main qad shaghafaha hubban ka wazifa kar rahi hu nauchandi se aur ya wudoodo ya rafo ya raheemo ka bhi. but nazre bad ka tor hojaye aur vo vapis ajaye esa koi wazifa bata dey. please and thankyou. App ko bohat si dua app log ne mujhe phir umeed dilai hai aur app ki waja se kai rohani chezien samjh ayi hai. App k message ki muntazir.

  116. NILOFAR KHAN on said:

    Bhai Jan PR mujhpr asraat hai to mai kya is wazife ko kr skti hu

  117. NILOFAR KHAN on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatahu. Bhai Jan mera mslah ye hai Ki…
    …. mera chhota bhai ek kaafir ldki k sath affair me hai. Vo ldki or uska khandan kuchh thik nhi.mera bhai kehta h ki usise shadi krega nhi to nhi krega. Hamare ghr me is rishte k liye koi raazi nhi qki vo ldki thik nhi.mere bhai ko ulti sidhi baate btati h or usko apne pariwar se duri karwa rhi hai. Aisi ldki KO hum apne ghr ka hissa nhi bnana chahte pr bhai maanta hi nhi h.eklota ldka h ghr ka. Koi tareeqa btaiye bhai jan jisse us ldki se nijaat mile or mere bhai ka dil o dimag uske or se hat Jaye . JAZAK ALLAHU KHAIRA.

  118. arifa on said:

    Aok Bhai. My name is arifa. I have subscribed this channel and already doing some of the wazeefa. Bhai I m not able to conceive. I m facing lots of a problems due to this. I tried some of the wazeefa to become pregnant but no results. I want to do ruqaiyya please do permit me. Waiting for your reply

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You are permitted for this wazifa. Let me know once you have done with it. Do not perform any other amal along with this wazifa.

  119. Sana on said:

    Imran bhai plzzz koi dua bataen k wo us larki ko chor de meri bat many usy pta nai kya hogya he us larki k pyar m andha hogya h usne mujhy shadi k liye zaban di thi lkn phr us larki se uski dosti gayi or attachment hogayi ab wo usy shadi krna chahta he or plzz koi wazifa bataen k us k father meri or us ki shadi k liye razi hojaen

  120. Shaikh on said:

    Asllamallaikum imran bhai..Me ek ldke ko psand krti hu or vo bhi mughe psand krta h..hum dono shadi krna chahte hain..or menr nikah istahkhara bhi krwa liya vo bhi postive aya h..jb mene apne papa s bt ki to mere bhai or papa n saf mna kr diya..or uske ghr wale bhi phle to raji ho gye the bt ab papa k mna krne pr vo bhi raji ni ho rhe..or mene kul shareef ka wajifa bhi 21 din tk..kiya bt koi postivi result ni aya..pls help taki humre ghr wale raji ho jye or humra nikah ho jyee..

  121. Shukria bhai…
    or muje ye puchna rha ki kya Mai heart melting dua pdh skti hu to remove hatred from their hearts..my fiance family n him also as they had broken the engagement…n also for removing hatred from both families…n dua for difficult times as m really going through very hard times,..

    • Nahi ap wo mat parhiye. Niche diye hue link se parhiye wazifa:
      please wait for the link

  122. Assalam o aleikum bhai….ap bhot acha kaam Kr rhe h…meri pareshani ye h ki due to my sins m going through very hard times..mere body me males hormones AA gye h due to which full body pr bhot hairs h even on face just like men…sb mazak bnate mera boys tease me that go n shave publicly girls don’t want to b my friend they think unka b mazak bnega…which really hurts me…mai dimagi taor pr b thoda kamzor hu…chize jldi smjh Ni aati…mera ilaj 16 saal se chal rha now m 23 but no cure instead it had increased…mera rishta b tut gya..kafi tym se fix tha bat b hone lgi Thi emotionally attach ho gye the…dono families me ldai b ho gyi h…meri beauty Ni rhi…hard medicines n laser treatment ki wajah se bhot affect Hua…i lost my beauty yellowish body ho gyi h…n benoor ho chuka h face mera…plzz help me n dua for me..koi wazifa btae jisse bimari b khtm ho dono families me wapas dosti n mohabbat paida ho jae…face wapas phle jesa ho jae…plzz help me..

    • Walekum as salam dear sis,
      Apologies for the delayed response. I read all your comment. Please forget about the tensions and all worries. Have high hopes from ALLAH Subhanahu Wata A’la.
      Regarding the hormonal imbalance in your body, I provide you few dietary recommendations:
      Eggplant (Brinjal), Avocadoes (Makhan-Phal, or Butter-fruit) and Pears (Nashpati) target the health and function of the womb and cervix of the female – they look just like these organs. Today’s research shows that when a woman eats 1 avocado a week, it balances hormones, sheds unwanted birth weight and prevents cervical cancers. And how profound is this? …. It takes exactly 9 months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit. There are over 14,000 photolytic chemical constituents of nutrition in each one of these foods (modern science has only studied and named about 141 of them).

      Hormonal imbalances that can cause an increased amount of facial hair, or hirsutism, to use the medical term.
      This is less likely to be your case as your periods are regular but a simple blood test could give you useful information about this.
      The most common of these is a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) but this is usually related to irregular periods as well as an imbalance in the sex hormones.
      Another common hormonal condition is Cushing’s syndrome but this normally causes excessive weight gain and other symptoms which you do not seem to have from the information that you have given me.

      Sometimes it may be ‘Hirsutism’
      Male-like face and body hair in women is called Hirsutism and may signal the presence of a hormone imbalance or a hormone-producing tumor. Its cause could be Genetic, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Adrenal Disorders or Ovarian Tumors.
      You should go and have it diagnosed with a qualified practitioner. As soon as I get any solution I will surely email you.

      To Get a cure from irregular period, please click on the below wazifa link:

  123. sahir sajjad on said:

    aoa bhai kesy hu ap? mera nam sahir sajjad hai. mera masla ya h k meri khala muj apny sath london ly k jana chahti hain lakin mera abu ni maan rahy bhai mene MSC ki hai r main bhr s PHD karna chahta hu ya mere lie golden chance hai q k muj kuch pay ni karna par raha sare expenses anti ni othany hain ap muj koi wazifa bataen jis s abu man jaen r muj anti k sath jany kin ijazat dy dain. anti ny 20 ya 25 dino tak chaly jana hai ap please meri help krain. please

  124. anjum on said:

    please i really need help me and my family is in really big pain.sombodey told me that in my house there is seher asabi effects.im anjum and im 24years old and married,have two kids mashallah.i live in chicago U.S.A.me and my husband live with my family here sinces two years.if my husband get mad than everybodey in the home is good and after4 or 5days when my husband is good than my dad get mad than my sisters and my brother.they will get mad and go crazy one by one.me and my mom is effecting our health.my sisters are mashallah grown ups now but still they dont know whats right or whats wrong.one more
    >> problem please help in that too give me some really really strong
    >> wazifa.i benn living with my family almost two years now.my
    >> problem is that my husband dont respect my parents,my sisters and my
    >> brother.he always talk bad about my parents and cursing them lot. i dont
    >> tell my parents about that, i always hide cuz i dont want to hurt them.my
    >> parents really love him and respect,love and care abt him.i always want to
    >> help my parents but my husband wont let me do that.he always try to hit me
    >> and curse me.my brother is 12yrs old and my parents are getting old and
    >> they need my help.i cant let them alone in pain.if my brother was old
    >> enough to tke cre of them ,than i will let them be alone.please give me
    >> some strong wazifa that make my husband love,respect and understand my
    >> parents problem.i really love my parents and ill do anything for them esp,
    >> my mom cuz i know they r really helpless and in pain.i care about his
    >> parents too and love,respect,listen to them.pls do something i cant see
    >> them like they are really helpless,they have health problem, money problems
    >> and lot more.im the only one in the house that is married and is
    >> older. my hysband never give me money.. he always give send money to his 3married sisters and two 20years old brother and his parents.he hit me lot when i ask him for the money.my health is not good and i need money please help me i have two small childrens. my husband doesnt love me or respect me. he think im pieace of garbage and im under his feet. he doesnt share anything with me.he said he is feeding me. samething goes with my mom with my dad. please help us.some people say we have maybe jinn effects in my house.we have no love or harmony between us the family memeber. we just hate eacother and dont help eacother out. please help me..please reaply me as soon as possible.thank u so much.:[

  125. amir on said:

    aoa … sir ap mujay wazifa btayen meray dost ik mushkal main hai us ny kisi bandy ko kuch paisay udhar diay thay lakin ab wo ussay wapis nae kar raha koi aisa wazifa btayen ko wo us ky paisay wapis kr dy …ap ky reply ka wait kar raha hoon … shukariya …

  126. anjum on said:

    slm..my name is anjum fatima .im also a member of yaallah communtiy.i msgd u begore but i didnt get any reply. please help me.my mom is in really pain.my brother name arif.he is 12 years old. we live in chicago U.S.A my brother he born in chicago. the problem is my brother met bad friends in school and he only want to hangout with them.he love them more than his parents.after meeting them i dont know what happened to him.he is keep running away from the house.he going in the morning and coming back at night time.everyday we have to look for him.he even stay with his friends at his house the whole night and they are non muslim.my brother use to sit under the tree everyday and read scary and dangerous books.he is talking and looking at womens and their private parts and he is only 12. so we took his name out from school and we wanted to send him to masjid to beacme hafiz. but now dont know what happened to him he doesnt want to go to masjid nor school he just want to stay at home and watch movies and chat with friends.everyday from asr time to magrib time he is making weired nosies,screams and clapping.he is breaking everything in the house like chairs and tables.he is misbehaving two much and really rude to my parents.he just doesnt understand anything we tell him.he is going crazy in the house.can you please give me some wazufa fro him so that he can go to masjid and pray and listen to my mom.he just doesnt want to read quran or pray namaz.please my mom will give you lots of dua.please helps for Allah.my mom is really worried from him.please give me wazifa so he can go to masjid.

      • anjum on said:

        As salamu alaykum, thank you so much,,i will start the wazifa today inshallah. but my brother doesnt want to go to masjid to read quran. he is not showing any interest in islam.he doesnt want to read quran or pray namaz. can you please give me something that make my brother go to masjid everyday and he read quran. we are trying to make him hafiz..i want him to go to masjid everyday with happy face inshallah.please help me.he didnt pray namaz for very long time.

          • anjum on said:

            As salamu alaykum,thank you so much brother…i have question for the surah yusuf can i just read one time and blow on water and give the same water to my brother for 40days or do i have to read it everyday for 40days?also can you please give me wazifa for my dad he watches the tv,movies,darams all day and he sits home all day.doesnt go to work.he sits home all day watch tv and hit my mom,me and my sisters and curse at us and say bad stuffs to us.thats why we dont have lot of money and 3sisters that have to get marry but we have no money.please help me.im mashallah married.but not my 3sisters.

  127. zubair on said:

    Sir please respond to my question…. plz i have sent it via contact form..

    • What’s your query? Can you ask me again here?

      • zubair on said:

        mera aik dost mjh se naraz hogaya hai mai usko manana chahta hn lekin wo nahi man raha… ghalti dono ki hai.. koye aisa wazeefa bata dain k wo khud sulah kar lay.

        • jab ghalti dono ki hai to ap intezar na kare ke wo sulah kare. Ap khud Durood-e-Ibraheemi parhkar aage se koshish kijiye insha ALLAH rabta hojayega. Apko sawab bhi milega.

  128. azam on said:

    Bhai i ask you before also that can u do ishtaiqara for someone

    • Apologies, I can’t.

      • azam on said:

        thank you imran bhai for ur reply

        • My immense pleasure 🙂

      • akifa amreen on said:

        bhai… jaisa maine bataya tha ke kuch din me mai khul ki amulet banaungii.. mai jisse pyar krtihu unke prents ne unke cousin ke sth fix kiyaa hai… tho mai ye pchna chhari hu ke srf amulet banayenge tho kaafi hogayaa yaa judai ka wazifa bhi krna hoga? plss bataye apne shayd jawab diya bt mujhse wo link milnahi rahi islsye dubara se sawal karrahi hu… kyaa amulet hum dono ko banana hogaa yaa srf mai banai tho kaafi hai?? plsss reply kijiyegaa..

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Ap dono mein se jo bnana chahe bna le amulet. Sath mein ek love marriage wazifa jo apko suit kare, parhna chahein tou bhi parh sakte hain.

          • unknown 1 on said:

            assalamualaikum.. bhai mujhe koi aisa wazifa bataye ke mere bf waps se mujhse pyar krne lage wo mujhpr ajkl bhtt shak krrahe hai aur bar bar chod ne ki bat krrahe hai hum dono nikah krna chhate the pr kch dino se woo behadd change hogaye haii..plss koi mujarrib amal bataye plss bhaii bht meherbani hogii

          • Al 'Imran on said:

            Pahle ap ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ karen sis.

          • unknown 1 on said:

            maine isteqara kiya hai bhai… wo positive aaya thaa… lekin wo bhtt shak krte hai mujhpe… wo aise nahi the phle… plsss wo phle jaise hojaye iske liye koi wazifa baatiye

  129. mohammedAsif on said:

    No besnes kohi kam nahi kohi dual bolo

  130. sadia79 on said:

    Salam Bhai

    Can you email me as I don’t want to discuss my whole matter on post

    Thank you

  131. Sadia on said:

    Salam Bhai

    I like this guy and everything was going well we had a misunderstanding and he just broke all ties with me. I love him a lot and can you tell me any wazifa to do for him to come back in my life and things to be normal again between us can u send it to my email address

    Shukriya Bhai

  132. shai on said:

    assalam o alaikum, imran bhai apko mera msg mila? maine cmnt me apni prblm lkhi thi wo mjhe dkhti hi nh h yhn page pe. apko maine google hangout pe bhi msg kia tha aur yaALLAH.in ki website pe bhi cmnt me kia tha. plz check kren aur faal nkl kr meri madad kren.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Sorry, sis Faal nahi nikalte hai.

  133. S00017313 on said:


    I am a 24 year old muslim girl.3 years a go meat a guy and by time we both fell in love with him its been 2.5 years now we r in a relationship until today he did not touch me we did not do anything physical…after a few months of the relationship he went to Australia for a better life…he is MASHALLAH a hafiz e quran and a very nice person…he is now in aust doing is education and trying to get a PR
    his family has agreed on us getting married but my parents have issues like he is less educated then i am
    his father had passed away when he was 3 so there is no one supporting him financially he is working in aust and earning enough to pay his uni fee and living and other expenses according to him he can also support his wife and a child…according to him he is well settled my father does not even want to hear or talk to him he has clearly said no….my father is not event trying to know him.we both are true and loyal and i want to make my love halal
    i do not want to hurt my parents..my friends also have told me to run away or get married without my parents knowing but i did not want to do that….can you please guide me about what islam says about getting marred according to my will…and can u tell me duwa that would help me convince my parents

    Thank you
    i will be wa8ing for your reply

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum,
      My first request to you would be to follow yaALLAH.in.
      After reading your comment. I feel you are on an extremely right path. ALLAH Azzawajal will help you. Let me quote some hadith here.
      Jaber related that Beloved RasulALLAH SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said: ‘When one of you seeks a woman in marriage let him look at whom he wishes to marry.’

      The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “We do not think that there is anything better for those who love one another than marriage.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 1847; classed as saheeh by al-Busayri and by Shaykh al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheehah, 624)
      Related by Abu Dawood

      Mughirah ibn Shu’bah narrated: ‘I sought a woman in marriage. The Messenger of Allah (saws) asked me :’Have you seen her?’ I said : ‘No.’ He (saws) then said: Then look at her, because it is more proper that love should be cemented between you.’
      Related by Ahmed, Ibn Majah, Nasai, and Trimidhi.
      The Messenger of Allah (saws) encouraged the believers who wish to marry to see, or even meet and talk if they wish to do so with the girl they are contemplating marriage, provided the girl is accompanied by her mehram guardian like her father, or her uncle, or her adult brother, etc. There is absolutely no harm in such interaction, provided both parties fear Allah and they sincerely intend to marry each other.

      You just first start a Nikah Istikhara from the below link:
      Once it comes positive, I will forward you a wazifa also.

      • S00017313 on said:

        salam Brother

        But what if in the istekhara i dont see a good dream…i do not want to let go because it will be very hard for both of us and we want to get married ….

        some one told me that if i have setup my mind about something i should not do the istekhara..as istekhara is to b done b4 u makeup ur mind about something…

        plz reply.. i am xtreemly worried coz my father doesnot agree …every one in my house is tryin to convince him for atleast talking to the boy i like but he does not want to do anything at all…

        JazakAllah khair

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          If it would be in your favor, you will see positive signs else not. Just go ahead with the istikhara, don’t worry.

  134. Bhai asalam alaikum! Bhai mainay apko pehlay b comments kiya tha mainay apko apnay maslay ka bataya tha k mujh ek larka acha lagta hy aur woh b mujh chahta hy… Mainay istekhara b kiya tha jo kay achay nikla tha… Imran bhai mujh aj pata chala k us larkay ka rishta kisi aur k sath teh ho gaya… Bhai main behad pareshan ho0n

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      See my earlier answer.

      • which one answer? plz write it again.

      • Plz tell me .. Plz for allah’s sake .. I need wazifa as he didn’t told his parents about me and now he is engaged to somebody else I need him back and wanted to get engaged to him. I know he has no guts plz help me out

  135. mariam on said:

    Assalam wa alikum

    please madad ki guzarish hai maine pasand sy rishta kia hai lekin larkay ki family nai mante just because wu log pathan hai lekin meri family ready hai hmare rishte ku 4 saal hogaye hai lekin ab wu mjhse sahi sy baat nai karte taki mai kisi aur sy shadi karlo kyun ke unke maa baap nai mante please meri madad karein humnein istikhara bhi kia hai meri ammi ny bhi kia tha please aisa wazifa bataye jissy mere mangetar ke dil mai jaiz muhabbat hojaye aur unke maa baap ka dil naram hojaye aur wu man jaye

  136. Bhaijan maine apka kya bigada hai itne din se mai comnt kr rhi ap meri problm ka solution nhi bta rhe sath hi mere commnt b del kr rhe ..:'(

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ap mujhe bataye

  137. Hira on said:


    I did the Nikkah istikhara just like you mentioned. I had the following dreams.

    Night 1: I saw green shoes, I really loved those shoes and was going to buy them.
    Night 2: I saw I was trying talk to the sister of the boy I want to marry, but I couldn’t. Then I saw two black mice running around my house.
    Night 3: I saw white bright screen (computer or cellphone), and than I saw black screen where someone was dragging a person who was skinned completely (I could see little bit flesh of that person being dragged) later I found out that person was me, then I woke up it was very scary.
    Night 4: I saw myself looking outside the window and i saw lots of snow, all white everywhere. Also, I saw lots wedding cards falling out of my hands.

    I am very confused with the results. Should I continue with the istikhara… can you tell me what signs am I getting positive or negative?

    Thank you,

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      All these are positive signs masha ALLAH.

  138. birchite on said:

    Normally I don’t read post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very pressured
    me to check out and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me.

    Thank you, quite nice article.

  139. hafsa on said:

    Thanks a lot for giving me response and wazifa
    God bless you.

    bhai mjhe surah tauba ki last 2 ayats ka jo apne btaya unka ye btaden k ye ktni muddat tk ka he ?or inki zakat kia he ?
    mene strt kye tha uthte bethte prhti thi bt wazife k tor pr nhi wse hi apki site pr prha or adat bna li bt abhi chori hui hn dsra kr rhi hn ye ayats me hr nmaz k bad 3 dfa prhti hn

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Check my earlier answer.

  141. assalam o alkum !
    bismillah er rehman nir raheem
    1.bhai mene ak wazefa strt kia he bt jesa k aap khte hn k ak se ziada wazaif ikathe na kren to mjhe confusion ye he k kia me us wazefe k sath koi surah bhi nhi prh skti ? me aaj kl surah waqia 3 dfa , ,surah rehman 3 dfa or surah muzamil 7 dfa prh rhi hn surah yasen rozana ak dfa subah surah mulk to wse hi rat ko prhti hn kafi arse se or surah muhammad(salala ho alihi wa alehi wasallam ) dil k sukoon k lye prhti hn or nabi (salala ho alihi wa alehi wasallam )ki mhbt k lye ab aap mjhe ye bta skte hn kia me surahs sari prh skti hn ikathi ? wazefe k sath ya ye sari chordun mene baki wazaif chordye bs ak ye surahs prhti hn or quran start kia he quarn prh k me hadya nabi (salala ho alihi wa alehi wasallam ) ,unk charon yaron or bilal(R.A) OR TAMAM SAHABA ko pesh krti hn or phr unk sadqe dua mangti hn kia ye sb thek he ?

    2.or dusra surah rehman ka apne mjhe btaya nhin he meer 21 din pore hogae hn aaj to 29 day tha bhai us se mere rshte aae hn lkin whe relatives ki wja se bat nhi bnti kia me is surah ko jb tk shadi nhi hti tb tk jari rkhun ya 40 din bad chordun ?
    bhai mere lye ap bhi dua kjyega meri achi job haje jldi me kafi preshan bhi hun lkin ALLAH (SUBHAN WATALLAH) pr yakeen he inshaALLAH wo bhtr krnge mere hak me

    3.or bhai mjhe ye zrur btayega k astaghfar or durood to prhne ki aam ijazat he na ya unk lye bhi ijazt zruri hti he ?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Walekum as salam dear sis,

      Yes ap pad sakti hai. Masha ALLAH kafi kuch padti hai ap. Ye surah ap wese hi roz fawaid ke liye padti hai na ke ye wazaif hai koi. Isliye ap padle. Hadiya kis tarah ka deti hai, kya ye sawab bakhshwane se murad hai. To is tarah savab bakhshwaye, pahle Nabi (sallallaho alaihi wa alehi wasallam) ko fir unki tamam Aal (family) ko fir tamam sahaba ko fir tamam Wali ALLAH ko fir Tamam Musalman Mard o Aurat jo is duniya se ja chuke hai unko.
      Fir Huzoor (sallallaho alaihi wa alehi wasallam) ke sadqe aur tufail me apni murad ko puri karne ki ALLAH se iltija kijiye. Insha ALLAH apki aur hamari sabki tamam jayaz murad puri hongi. Amin ALLAHUMMA Ameen.

      Jaza kALLAHU khair,

  142. hafsa on said:

    plz reply mujhe urjent cahiye wazifa …apni cousin kaliye

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      insha ALLAH I will provide you as soon as possible.

  143. hafsa on said:

    i hope u r fine..
    meri cousin ko Thalassemia hay wo buth ziyada weak hoti ja rahi hai is bemari ki waja se…agr apkay pass koi wazifa hai tu plz bata dain…

  144. zee.sultan on said:

    assalam o alakum

    BHAI M ZAINAB FROM ISLAMABAD ALLAH aapko zindagi ki har khushi den or aapk bhi or hum tamam muslamnanon k gunah maaf farmaen or hamari mushkilat dur frmaen
    bhai me kafi preshan hun mene aapse ak wazifa lia tha ya musabibul asbabu prhne ko dia tha aapne mene wo ak mnth se thora opr kya tha apni dgree k lye or mera kam ALHAMDULILLAH HOGYA lekin phr mjhse ghlit hui mene apse poche bgher wazifa chor dia bhai mjje smjh nhi aati me kia krun me aksr apni zndgi se itni mayus hti hn k suicide ka soch kr tauba krti hn m software engineer by profession lkin bhai mjhe job nhin milrhi he intrview acha hjta he lin phr jwab nhi aata mene teching bhi ki lkin wo job bhi khtm hgai phr as engineer job hui wo bhi bgher wja k unhn ne mjhe trminate krdia usk bad ak jga se offr ai whan me ja nhi ski bhai mene js se bhi pocha usne kha k tmhre bht ziada prhne ki wja se tmhri zndgi me mshklat hn tm prhai chor do lkin bhai ALLAH se me madad na mangun to ks se mangun hn ak adat mjhme he me dher wazaif ikathe shru krdti hn
    abhi bhi itne ikathe kr rhi thi bt ak jga ziada prhai k nuksan dkhe to kch din chor dye k me apse mshwra krk prhungi jo ap btaenge bhai ye wazaif me regular kr rhi hn in mese aap mjhe btaye k me knse jari rkhun or knse chordun ?or mudaat complete kye bgher kia me wazifa chorskti hn ?
    1. ya musabibul asbabu 100 tymes aftr fajar
    2. surah waqia 7 dfa ya aksr 3 dfa rat ko , surah muzamil 2 dfa aftr tahajud , surah yaseen aftr fjr
    3. bismillah ki ak taseeh aftr every prayer ‘
    4. surah zoha ayat 5 “walasaufa yu tika rabuka fatarza” ye mene mahnama ubqari me prha tha k maali mshklat k lye sawa lakh dfa prhen abhi mera 18000 dfa hua tha lkin me dargai k iski mene permission nhi li kis se ? kia me ye chordun ya jari rkhun ? iski aap permission deskte hn ?
    5 . surah tauba last 2 ayats ye apki site se dekga mne bt bhai iska aksr jga lkha he zakaat lazmi he wrna nuksan de he iski zakaat ka tareeka kia he ? kia me ye bhi jari rkhun ?
    6. “subhan allahe wa bihamdihi subhan lahil azeem astaghfirullahe” 100 tymes aftr fjr sunnat
    7. or me kasrat se darud prhti hn harwkt chahe kuch bhi kr rhi hn wazu bewazu

    bhai ye wazaif me regular kr rhi hn kia aap in mese jo aapko behtreen lge mjhe ijzat deskte hn ya job k lye mjhe koi wazefa recmnd kren bhai me ne imaam msjid se dua ka kha unhn ne mera sitara dkh kr mjhe kaha k aap sbr rkhn apk naseeb me bht rizk he bs surah yaseen 41 tymes khtm krwaen or bakaida tilawat krti rhen bhai me bht koshsh krti hn ALLAH PR TAWAQUL KRUN OR SBR SE KAM LUN BT JB MERI WALIDA roti hn me himat chordti hn or hrwakt wazaif strt krdti hn is se mera dl mutmain rhta he lkin bhai mere walid sahb ki bhi chlti shop thi lkin unhn ne bhi bht prhai start krdi thi hr wkt ab unki shop blkl bnd he or wo msjd me hi rhte hn hmare halaat kafi khrab hen ALLAH ka shkr he usne itna dia he izat se gzara hta he lkin relatives ki baten dil dukhati hen bhai aap mjhe koi ak wazifa recommnd kren rizk k lye

    or dusri bhai mera rishta nhi hrha meri umer 23 sal hogai h hmri fmly me shadian jldi hti hn bt meri engagmnt tk nhi hui aksr me preshn hjti hn k shaid mjhme koi kami he halank ALLAH PAK NE mjhe shakla surat bhi achi di or seerat bi rishte ate hn lkin relatives hne nhi dete khala khti hn meri bahu bnegi or mamu apni bna rhe hn lkin bhai me chahti hn mera rshta khandan se bhr hjae or mera hsbnd jo bhi ho deen pr amal krne wala ho mjhe dunya ki chah nhi he abhi apk dia surah heman ka ak wazefa strt kia awal o akhr darud sharef or 3 tymes surah rhman us se alhamdulillah mere 2 3 rishte bht ache aae meri walida han krna chahti thin bt nano ne nhi hne dia or ab wo roti hn wo meri jldi engagmnt krna chahti hn khud wo bimar rhti hn kia aap mjhe jldi rishte k lye bhi koi wazifa bta skte hn ? surah rhman wla kia me jari rkhun aaj 26 day he ? or bhai kia me shadi k lye or job k lye ikathe wazifa kr skti hn ?

    bhai aap agr hoske to ak page pr ye bhi explain krden k bgher poche prhai kia nuksanaat hn tak mjh jese preshan hal log bilawaja prhai na kren mjhe ab adat hogai he chorni bht mshkl he aap mjhe wazaif recmnd krn or ijazat djye
    ALLAH apko jaza dn aapk page se mjhe bht faida hua he bht se logon k masail hal hue hen ALLAH u hi aapko is nek kam ki tofeq den ameen
    shukrya jazakaALLAH

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum,

      Masha ALLAH that’s good ke apka kam hua. Apko job ka wazifa chahiye, wo bhi best to ye link dekhiye:

      Agar ap koi wazifa abhi kar rahe hai to pahle wo pura kijiye jitni miyad hai utne roz tak. Uske bad ap ye start kar de. Miyad se pahle please na chorhe.

  145. Aoa , parents ko love marriage k lie convince krna k lie kuch wazifa bta dain plz.or kia love marriage k lie Allah sa dua krna jaeez ha?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ek bar ALLAH ki razamandi jan le. Fir ap sirf ALLAH se apke haq me agar wo ladka behtar to ata farmaye esa mang sakti hai.

  146. Saba on said:

    I hv anthr prblm due 2 this not only me also my family is very dprs…
    Mtr is tht my fmly dn my engmnt 3 years ago but now they n also me not stsfy 2 him but my fthr is still agree 4 this mrg…I dn istakhara n I gt d rslt 2 brk ths rltn but way is not undrstd 4 me n my mthr 2 brk it wdt any dispute…plz help me n tell wazifa

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Please write clearly and not in too short. I am unable to understand this.

  147. shai on said:

    assalam o alaikum
    imran bhai plz mere msgs ka reply kre meri help kren, maine website bhi follow ki h jo rule hain maine follow kie h plz help me

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      yes tell me

  148. shayista on said:

    assalam o alaikum imran bhai,

    plz mere msgs ka jwb den meri help kre plz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Tell me what?

  149. shai on said:

    Assalam o alaikum,

    Imran bhai maine apko —wli id se mail kia h kya apko wo mail mili?

    Plz meri help kre plz,,,

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Email service has been stopped. Apologies!!

  150. Seeta on said:

    Asalam mea Ek boy ko pasand karte uh wo be muj pasand karta hea par ab hm juda hogaye hai family razi nhe hea mea ne istekhara be kiya Ta khwab mea green white thing aye the plz koi wazifa bataye ke os family or mery family man Jaye

    Mea ne apko or jaga pe be comments kiya hea pr abhi tak koi reply nhi mili hea plz bhai mujh koi wazifa Batao

  151. sufiyan Quraishi on said:

    Assalamoalikum ,Meri ek dost hai jo mere office mein kaam karti hai. Main usey pasand karta hun aur wo bhi mujhe pasand karti thee lekin kuch baaton mein maine uspe deeni taur pe bandishein laga di jo usey pasand nahi aaee. Ab hum nikah ke liye parents se baat karne wale hi they ki halaat utni smoothness pe nahi rahe. Koi wazeefa ho to bataein.Ladki ka naam Rifat Ashmina, mera naam Sufiyan

  152. sultana perven on said:

    Assalamualaiqum,Ramadan mubarak.i have tried surah jummah 21 days wazifa for several months…and have taken all cautions .But nothing happend.pls can u tell me why is not happening?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Might be somethings wrong. Apne koi laparwahi ki hogi.

  153. well. i am really surprised to read all these quranic ayat and imprsssed me,, No doubt, these are the powerful and eneficial spiritual requests from Allah Almighty God,,, .. wish to read and solve m y problems immediately on said:

    salam alaikum. I am originally from Pakistan but here in UAE since long. So, i am here and thanks God, happy.
    I want to ask some questions :
    a. There is a man ,, working and he gets Dh. 1,500/= . He has 3 more brothers..He send a visa for one of his brothers and he came and now. The other two are there in Afghanistan. One has his own shop and the other is working as a driver. in short, Is he deserve for zakat.
    b. There is another person, who is working here and he gets Dh. 1,400/- .. They are 6 brothers. According to him… They are separated but only one of his brother is here and they have a joint family. Both of them are working here. Is he also deserve for zakat.
    c. I personally when praying, always close my eyes and want to be fully concentrated with my prayer. But being a human being, my mind sometimes, changed. Anyhow.. just want to tell me please, is it ok if i close my eyes or open it and focus it at the place of sijda.But when i open my eyes and focus it at the place of sijda, it turn my mind to some other wordly matters

    What to do,, please advise me

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum,
      Please follow yaALLAH.in first.

      Thanks for your question. Condition of Zakat:
      Full Possession
      Real or Assumed Growth
      Fulfilling the Nisab (Minimum Amount Liable to Zakah)
      Fulfilling One’s Basic Needs
      The Lapse of a Full Year
      Forbidding Twice Payment of Zakah at the Same Year

      In Details:
      Full Ownership
      Full possession implies that the owner should be fully capable of disposing the property without being an object of contest by others. As Zakah is considered a kind of ownership as regards the receiver, the giver must purely own it. Thus, no Zakah is due on the property which is Dimar (that is not fully possessed, due to ignorance of its location or incapability to reach it). Some Companions are reported to have said, “Zakah is not due on a Dimar property, nor on the deferred amount of dower (as a woman cannot dispose of it) nor on the debt owed by an insolvent person.” However, in case such kind of property becomes fully possessed, Zakah becomes obligatory on it for one year only, no matter how many years it remained out of reach.

      Growth of Wealth, Whether Real or Assumed
      Real growth of wealth is that caused by its producing offspring, or by gain realized from trade. Assumed growth implies the liability of property, such as gold, silver and currencies to increase when exploited in trade. However, no Zakah is due on properties that are not liable to real or assumed growth.

      Reaching Nisab (Minimum Amount Liable to Zakah)
      The method of estimating the Nisab (minimum amount liable to Zakah) is applicable to cash money, gold, silver, commercial commodities and cattle. According to a prophetic hadith, “Gold is not liable to Zakah unless it reaches twenty dinars. Once it reaches this amount, half a dinar must be paid as Zakah on it. Likewise, silver is not counted for Zakah unless it reaches two hundred dirhams. Once it reaches this value, an amount of five dirhams must be paid as Zakah on it.” Based on this hadith the Nisab of gold counted for Zakah is twenty dinars (85 grams) of fine gold, while the Nisab of silver is two hundred dirhams (595 grams) of fine silver. The Nisab of merchandise is an amount whose value equals eighty-five grams of gold. No Zakah is due upon other kinds of property unless they reach their Nisab, which will be specified later on. Zakah becomes due upon reaching the Nisab or more than it. According to the Hanafi and Maliki juristic schools, the Nisab is calculated at the beginning and end of the year. Any decrease or insufficiency in between is overlooked. Any increase of property after reaching the Nisab during the year is to be included in the total sum counted for Zakah. This is considered the easiest and most applicable among the other juristic views, which has made the majority of scholars adopt it.

      Khultah [Co-possession]
      Khultah implies treating the property owned by two or more persons as that owned by only one person. This may result from the unity of type and conditions, such as the unity of pasture, watering place and enclosure if the property is sheep, or the unity of responsibilities, procedures and disposition in case of partnership. Though the concept of Khultah is often applied to Zakah on cattle, some juristic schools also applied it to other kinds of property such as crops, fruits and cash money. Thus co-properties are to be treated as a single unity making up the total sum on which Zakah is payable. For example, a flock of 45 sheep that is owned by three persons, 15 sheep each, is counted for Zakah, and one sheep is due, though treating each of the three persons individually would not reach the Nisab of 40 sheep.

      Exceeding One’s Basic Needs
      Properties owned to meet one’s basic requirements such as houses, work tools, machines for industry, means of transport, and furniture are excluded from Zakah. The same applies to the money dedicated to the repayment of debts, since the debtor is in need of this money to relieve himself from imprisonment and humiliation. This leads to a conclusion that the money kept to meet the basic requirements is exempted from Zakah.

      The lapse of a full year
      A property is not counted for Zakah unless after the lapse of a full lunar year right from the day it reaches the Nisab. In case the budget is linked to the solar year, the solar calendar can be applied provided that the percentage of Zakah is raised up to 2.577% instead of 2.5% so as to make up for the difference between the two calendars.

      However, this condition does not apply to fruits and other crops. The criterion for giving Zakah on these two specific kinds of property is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an, “Render the dues that are proper on the day that the harvest is gathered.” (Surah Al-An`am 6:141). In the same line the majority of scholars agreed that the lapse of a full year is not a necessity to pay Zakah on minerals and extracted treasures.

      Forbidding Twice Payment of Zakah at the Same Year
      Once Zakah is paid on a property, it absolves the owner, even though the property is then transferred to a type different from that on which Zakah had been paid. For example, when the crops or cattle are sold, thus transferred to cash money, this new type of property is not liable to Zakah in the same year in which Zakah is paid on the former type.

      Public wealth, endowments and charitable properties
      Zakah is not due on public wealth, since it is a common property owned by all individuals of the community, including the poor. Likewise, Zakah in not due on endowments and money dedicated to charitable purposes, such as charitable associations and funds, so long as they do not belong to a specific owner.
      I hope you had now a good understanding about zakat.

      Regarding the concentration problem, you are doing the right thing, that seeing towards the place of sajadah at one point. If you will do this regularly, insha ALLAH you will get full concentration.

      Jaza kALLAHU khair,

      • shai on said:

        assalam o alaikum,
        imran bhai maine apko kai msgs kie hain aur mail bhi but pta nh apko wo mle ya nh. mere cmnts bhi yhn pe nh dkh rhe h. plz apni id chk kr le meri help kre plz. plz mere mail ka jwb den…

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          Answer live on Hangout 🙂

          • Aliyajan on said:

            Salam brother can you help me out what to do because the othe day I had a dream I am walking in my garden in the night and I see this scary women on the floor she is alive but she is lying down I the floor and then when I walking further on I can see any thing so I put on my phone light and suddenly a grayish black snake come in front of me and try’s to bit me but I save myself and the I woke up because I got scared ? I have heard the black snake mean Enemy and it not good and you please tell me the meaning I this dream and what wax ifs or anything I can do to stop anything bad happening ? Please

  154. hafsa on said:

    plz check ur inbox main ap ko starone wali id se jawb diya hai ap parh lain.plz ..
    bhai google hangout kiya hota hay ap na pocha tha mujhe nahi pata wo kiya hai…or aj Magrib main Masjid Nabvi jaun gi…

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Jaz kALLAHU khair, 🙂

  155. neha khan on said:

    I m a reverted muslim.
    I got married to muslim guy.
    Mashallah it has been 4 yrs.
    But no child yet plz help me.
    I try to offer namaz keep rozas.
    Inshallah allah tallah accept my prayer nd.roza.
    Plz help me to give to.dua so that i could pray more in gis barati mahina nd increase. my chance to jave child.
    I tried links at ur site but nt abel to.gt

  156. M.A. Waheed on said:


    Jo wazifa aap ne pucha hai wo diff marriage wazaifa mein hai Wazifa for Girls whose marriage is bounded due to any type of difficulty Some virgin girls have problems in getting married due to some bandish(HURDLE)…..hurdle because of the bad eye, jealousy, or magic effects.

    One should have to recite Suraah Jummah 21 times,(11 times Darood Paak) before and after of this Wird). consecutively 3 Fridays..means to say just on each Friday One should have to recite it. and Select the Friday on after the Islamic Month starts,,,for it the Best to choose the first Friday ,,if not possible then 2nd Friday of Islamic Month.

    yeh wazifa Friday kaun si namaz ke baad padna hai jaise 1 st friday zohar ki namaz ke baad padah hai to 2nd friday fajar mein recite kar saktey hai wahi puch na hai.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Walekum as salam bhai,

      Ji ap kar sakte hai fajr me.

      Jaza kALLAHU khair,

      • M.A. Waheed on said:

        Jazak ALLAHU Khair Bhai

        Aap ke jawab ke liya. Iss wazifa ko friday ke din padah ne liye koi particular time hai kya ya koi bhi time padah saktey hai kya jaise mein ne johar mein 1st & 2nd Fajar mein padah.issi liye pucha.


        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          Ji ha.

      • Ayesha on said:

        Assalamualaikum .Mera name AYESHA FATIMA hai aur mere husband ka name MD Masood Alam hai. Mere ghar wali be ye condition Rakhi hai k mere husband mujhe unke sath hi rakhey humesha . Is bat par wo Mandy hai par mujhe inlwas k pas zabardsti le Jana chahrey jo k mai nhi Jana chahti hu aur na mere ammi log bhejna chahtey hai q k wo Jharkhand me rehtey hai jo mere liye bilkul safe nahi hai. ISI bat par bohat badi ladaee ho chuki hai aur mere you husband keh rahey hai ye condition hai toh tere jaisi aurat nahi chahiye aur mere husband bajaye mujhe mere log Ko manva kar lekar jane k bajaye meri har ek relatives k pas call krke unko wo personal batein bata di hai jo mai ek wife share ki thi apne husband se. Mujhe mere maikey me zaleel kar diye hai mujhe bohat badnam kiye hai aur jab mai unse 20din bilkul na ki toh unhe meri value pata chal gyi aur ab wo mujhe sab bhul kr wapas aney keh rahey hai .
        Yaha mujhe samajh nhi araha k is insan k sath bharosa kr mujhe agey badna chahiye ya nahi. Mere taraf log toh keh rahey hai isko khula dedey wo mere liye thik nhi.Par Mera Dil nahi man Raha hai kuch galtiya mujhse huee Han par mere shohar hadey par krdiye phir b bus shadi ko 1 half yr hi hua hai aur mujhe baccha b nhi hua hai.ab talaq aur khula ki bat chidh chuki hai. Mujhe faisla sahi hai ya galat samjh nhi araha hai.mai kya Karu bhai. Please help n seek dua for me.

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Dear sis, ap apni confusions dur karne aur ALLAH Ta’ala ki rahnumayi is silsile me hasil karne ke liye ye istikhara karen- https://www.yaallah.in/istikhara-for-future mukammal kar ke batayen.

  157. hafsa on said:

    ji bhai m apko starone wali say jawb diya hai wo parh lain hum aj makkah jain gain wahn bhi ap dua or kal wapis Madinah ayn gain yahn bhi kr lije ga theck hai

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Thank you so much for messaging me. Me call kar lunga insha ALLAH. Mere liye zarur dua kijiyega ke tamam jayaz hajat puri hojaye aur mushkile asan ho jaye meri. Ameen. May ALLAH reward you.

      Jaza kALLAH khair,

  158. hafsa on said:

    Asalamualikum..bahi how r u?
    Allhumdulilah i am in Madinah Munwraha…last few days…
    today after Zuhr namaz we are going to Makkah for Umraha…
    bhai meri ami aik istikhra krti thy wo 1 din ka hota agr 1 day kuch nazr na aye to 3 din kr skty hain

    1)5 time darood ibraheem
    2)5 time surah Fatiha
    3)3 or 5 time surah Ikhlas
    4)5 time darood ibraheem
    phir hathun main phoonkh maar k apnay upar hath pahir lain phir maqsad kaliye Dua kr k bina baat kiye so jay ..try to sleep towards Qibla
    if we see red or black its not good 4 us
    if we green or white its good 4 us
    if we see somthing different then concer to any Allam

    wo istikhra bhi main nay kiya par kuch ajeeb dekhta hai samjhe nahi ati kuch clear nahi ho raha kuch alag feel nahi ho raha hai k mujhe koi isharah mil raha hai…main bhi tens ho jati hun phir ab sub Allah pay chor diya hai jo ho ga behtr ho ga just dua krti hun…Quran pak bhi kahtm honay wala Allhumduliaha….
    bhai main kiya krun ap he batiye

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum,

      mash ALLAH ap Madinah Munavvara me hai. Ap fikr na kare sab achha hoga insha ALLAH. Ap chahe to ye hi istekhara dubara karle. Mene apse meri dua karvane ke liye kaha tha. Agar apke pas google hangout etc. kuch hai to.

      Check your inbox.
      Jaza kALLAH khair,

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum,

      mash ALLAH ap Madinah Munavvara me hai. Ap fikr na kare sab achha hoga insha ALLAH. Ap chahe to ye hi istekhara dubara karle.
      Mene apse meri online dua karvane ke liye kaha tha. Agar apke pas google hangout etc. kuch hai to otherwise me apko call kar lunga.

      Check your inbox.
      Jaza kALLAH khair,

  159. M.A. Waheed on said:

    ASAK, Shaadi ka jo wazifa 21 times surah jumma toh wo kaunse namaz ke time padna hai friday ke din jaise meri beti ramazan ke 1 st friday start ki hai zohar mein to next friday fajar ya asar mein paad sakti hai wo malum karana tha. plz rply asap Allah hafiz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum,

      Please follow the website to get benefits. Please provide the full details of the wazifa here. I can tell you only then.

      Jaza kallah khair,

      • M.A. Waheed on said:


        Jo wazifa aap ne pucha hai wo diff marriage wazaifa mein hai Wazifa for Girls whose marriage is bounded due to any type of difficulty Some virgin girls have problems in getting married due to some bandish(HURDLE)…..hurdle because of the bad eye, jealousy, or magic effects.

        One should have to recite Suraah Jummah 21 times,(11 times Darood Paak) before and after of this Wird). consecutively 3 Fridays..means to say just on each Friday One should have to recite it. and Select the Friday on after the Islamic Month starts,,,for it the Best to choose the first Friday ,,if not possible then 2nd Friday of Islamic Month.

        yeh wazifa Friday kaun si namaz ke baad padna hai jaise 1 st friday zohar ki namaz ke baad padah hai to 2nd friday fajar mein recite kar saktey hai wahi puch na hai.

      • M.A. Waheed on said:


        Imran Bhai please reply for the below message as early as possible bcoz 2day is the 2nd friday.

        ALLAH HAFIZ.

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          Bhai please check my earlier answer.

  160. TAHIRA on said:


    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Yes I got it.

      • TAHIRA on said:

        bhai is wazifa k 5 steps hn kia ye aik hi din shuru krna he………

        Please perform the following Wazifa:

        1. Recite Surah Al Ahzaab (chapter 33) regularly;

        2. Recite Surah Al Mumtahinah (chapter 60) five times daily;

        3. Recite Surah At Taha (chapter 20) and blow breath on a glass of water and let the girl drink it.

        4. Recite verse 36 of Yaseen Sharif 100 times before Salaat of Tahajjud for 40 days

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:


  161. Pia S. on said:


    aapko ramadan mubaarak….

    Hamari museebat kuch alag hi hai….hame nahi pata k aap isko kis thareeqe se dekhenge….par hum koi koshish zaya nahi karna chahte… hum jinhe pasand karte hai wo muslim hain or hum hindu…. hum islam qubool karne k liye thayyar hai (unke liye nahi par hamne jitna b islam ko jana hai hame islam se utna hi lagaav hota ja raha hai)…. sab karenge jo ek true muslim karte hain….par unke ghar par sab hame ek dafa dekhne k liye b raazi nahi hain…. unke liye ye zillat hai…. hame aap koi dua esi bata sakte hain kya ya koi zariya jisse k woh apne ammi or abbu ko mana sakenge…. ham dono ek doosre k bina nahi reh paenge ….. ab ye hamari galti tho nahi k hum hindu hain…… plz hamari maddad keejiye…agar kuch hum bhi kar sakte hain tho hum zaroor karenge….chahe kitna mushkil kyun na ho…. shukriya…..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum dear sister,

      Ramadan Mubarak Apko.
      Islam qubool karna chahti hai ap, masha ALLAH apko ALLAH khush, tandurust rakhe. Apko arabi padni ati hai. Agar padne ke liye bhi batate hai toh pad sakenge.

      Jaza kallah kum khariyan,

      • Pia S on said:

        Asalamu Alaikum bhai,

        Hume Arabic tho nahi aathi padhni lekin hum eng me translate karke unse sahi thareeke se pronounce karna seekh lenge….. hum dono sab kuch karne k liye thayyar hai…. bas ammi or abbu ka dil pighal jae or weh hasi khushi is nikkah k liye haan bol dain….. aap bas bataiye hume kya krna hoga…. hum jitna ho sakta hai usse badkar koshish karenge….. shukriya…..

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          Thats good.
          Masha ALLAH. But Ap jab tak islam qubool nahi karengi apki dua qubool hona mushkil hai.
          Allah Knows best,

          • Pia S on said:

            Asalamu Alaikum Bhai,

            Agar hum nahi padh pae tho koi baat nahi wo tho padh hi sakte hain …hum unko bol denge padhne k liye…… So please Aap hume bata deejiye k kya karna hai….. Unka nikkah b fix ho gaya hai….. i dont know what to do…..Plz help

  162. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum…how r u ?

    bahi main nay istikhra nahi kiya phir say tabiyat theck nahi thy bhai hum kal Madinah Munawrah ja rahe hai ma wahn ja kay istikhra krun gi phir apko batun gi…Ramzan wahi guzrain gain….inshaallah

    or meri cozn ki tratment apnay batni thy jisko blood lagta hai

    May this Ramzan brings lots of happiness
    4 u n ur family (Ameen)…

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamualaykum dear sis,
      Ramadan Mubarak to you.
      Please pray for me there.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  163. kehek on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum, bhaijaan aap mujhe batao ge larkay ki mum ka dil melt karne ke liye kya parhun k wo shaadi ke liye maan jayain? Itni ziddi n emotional black mail kar rahi hain wo usko. Please meri help karain n dua karain. Bohat pareshaan hun, uski shaadi karwa rahi hain magar wo khush nahin. Aise tou teen zindagiyaan kharab houn gi. Please aap batao mein kya parhun ke Allah ta’la unke dil mein rehem dalay n unka dil melt ho jaye.. please dua karain..

  164. kehek on said:

    Assalam o alaikum, bhaijaan aap mujhe batao ge Larkay ki mum ke dil ko melt karne ke liye kya parhun? Unki mum itni ego le jar baithi hain n itna emotional black mail kar rahi hai apne betay ko k wo unki baatoun mein a raha hai.. mera istikhara theek aya hai n larkay ka bhi positive hai ab unki mum itni pathar dil ho gayi hain.. main bohat pareshaan hun kya karun? Kya parhun ke wo shaadi k liye maan jayain? Plz mujhe batao aap n dua karo mere liye please. .

  165. sana on said:

    i also want to mention k mere rishtai main hamesha koi na masla ata hai koi na koi isue ajata hai.sub thek hota pata ne aisa kia hota hai biger jata hai sub..ALLAH pak sub ki madad farmayain…aisai lagta jaisai waqai koi aur mera kam bigar daita ho.ab to yeh haal hai k main depresion main rehte hun her waqt.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum dear sister,
      Ramadan Mubarak to you!
      Insha ALLAH jald hi apka nikah bhi ho hi jayega. Niche diye hue link ko click kare or wazifa dekhe.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  166. sana on said:

    i hope you enjoying your good health by the grace of ALLAH
    its been 3 years im in a relation.his family came to my home to ask rishta.things were going norml n good but with the pesage of tym things gt worst n now the situation is we bth are too woried but his famly is showing rudnes witout any reason.pkz tel me any wazifa so that things get beter.ALLAH SWT APKO JAZAY E KHAIR DAI

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum dear sister,
      Ramadan Mubarak to you!
      Insha ALLAH jald hi ye pareshani bhi hal ho hi jayegi. Niche diye hue link ko click kare or wazifa dekhe.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  167. Hiba on said:

    Assalam o alaikum bhai.
    Mein ik larke ko pasand karti hun kafi salon se or wo bhi mjhe pasand karta hai wo larka meri bhabhi ka chota bhai hai mere ghar wale raazi hain par larke ke ghar wale nahi maan rahe unko lagta hai watta satta jisse Lain dain kehte hain usmei shadiyan kaamyab nahi hotin mere ghar walon ko is bat se koi aitraz nahi par uske ghar walon ko hai mjhe koi duaein ya wazeefa batadein jisse uske parents maan jayein 🙁 sab hassi kushi humare rishte ko qabool karlein ..plz reply mein bht pareshani mein hun

  168. Assalam-o Alikum!

    Bhae main ny aik book main aik wazifa parha ha jo apny aik maslay k liy karna chahti hun but problem yeh hai k usk nechy likha hua ha k wazifa parhny k liy ijazat lena zarori hai ,mjy yeh samj nhe aa rha k kis sy ijazat lon qk jis area mn hum rehty hain wahan esay koi bazurg ya wali Allah nhe hain jin sy ijazat ly jaey.Bhae agr main apko woh wazifa aur apna masla btaon tu kia ap mjy usk parhny ki ijazat dy sakty hain?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Walekum as salam dear sister,

      Apko kisi ko dhundna padega, Me Wali nahi hu.

  169. kehek on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    Maine poochna tha aapse,maine ya qayyumu wala wazifa shuru kiya hai 2432 times wala jiske baray mein aapse poocha tha, is mein aik se ziyada insan ka tasawar kar sakte hain? And i read darood sharif 11 times awal n akhir, likha tou nahin hai ke shuru mein darood sharif parhain magar mein parhti hun as always read k koi bhi wazifa mein awal o akhir darood sharif parhain.. koi pharak tou nahin na parhta? N also, first 2/3 days i felt little restless during it. Karne ke darmiyaan thora restless feel karti hun, its never hapend befre for any wazifa, wht does tht mean? And aap mujhe batak gay sahi tarah se kisi ka tasawar kaise karte hain? I dnt knw if its ryt the way i do it.. jab tak pharak mehsoos nahin ho tab tak karti rahun? Kaise pata chalay ga its working? I mean, wo khud contact karain gay?I am doing this but i need a wazifa, to melt someones heart? Unki mumy ne shaadi ke liye maan kar phir ikhtilafat ki wajah se inkaar kar diya. Ab itna mananay ki koshish ki magar unka dil melt he nahin hota.. ye unki mum ka tasawur n unka taawur kar ke karun tou theek hai? shukriya..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Do insan ka tasawwur nahi kar sakte.

      Durood Shareef pad le chahe to.

      • kehek on said:

        aap mujhe batak gay sahi tarah se kisi ka tasawar kaise karte hain? I dnt knw if its ryt the way i do it.. jab tak pharak mehsoos nahin ho tab tak karti rahun? Kaise pata chalay ga its working? I mean, wo khud contact karain gay?I am doing this but i need a wazifa, to melt someones heart? Unki mumy ne shaadi ke liye maan kar phir ikhtilafat ki wajah se inkaar kar diya. Ab itna mananay ki koshish ki magar unka dil melt he nahin hota? shukriya..

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          Ji ha tasawwur ese hi karna hai.

  170. Assalam-o-Alikum!
    Bhae mujy apki help aur guidance chaiy.Bhae main ny aik book main aik wazifa parha ha aur main yeh wazifa karna chahti hun pr masla yeh hai k usk nechy likha hua ha k ijazat sharat ha.Ab mujy samj nhe aa rha k main kis sy ijazat lon.Bhae agr main apko woh wazifa aur apna maqsad btaon tu kia ap mujy woh wazifa parhny ki ijazat dy sakty hain???? plz reply.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Yes sure.

  171. Tasleem on said:

    Weight loose karne ke wazife menses ke days me bhi padh sakte hai kya.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Better hai nahi kare menses mein kyuke tasbih to pad sakte hai but Quran ki Ayaat nahi padni chahiye. Aur isme Ayaat hai.

  172. fareeha on said:

    Asalamualikum bhai. .
    Bhai ik do proposal aaisay aaey hain k amma baba ab soch ray hain un k baray main.. plz bhai kuch aaisa parhnay ko btaein k wahan k liye na manain parents…
    Ap nay jo marriage of choice ka btaya tha wazifa wo main parh rhi hoon…
    Is ka bta daein. . Bht tension hai mjhko bhai…

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Walekum as salam dear sister,

      Apologies!! I can’t guide you to stop your parents to marry you in any way. My dear sis, this is Haram and all depends on your destiny.
      I hope you would understand my this locale.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

      • fareeha on said:

        Bhai kindly give me your email I.d..
        I want to discuss a few issues.. plz

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          as salamu alaykum,

          If you are a follower of yaALLAH you can ask me as many of questions as you want.
          For my email address click here- alimran

          Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:
          • TAHIRA on said:


          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Ji ha. Emails ke jawab me bhot bad me de pata hu. Isiliye hamesha kehta hu ke website pe comment kijiye to fauran jawab milega insha ALLAH.

            Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  173. fareeha on said:

    Asalamualikum bhai. .
    I started that wazifa…
    Bt yesterday I was out of city so was unable to read the surahas…
    Tahajud k bad yaseen wala kiya mainy…
    Tou bhai ko msla tou nae k ssurahas parhna reh gaein ik din..?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Start again. 🙁

  174. friends foreverr on said:

    Bhai aj mere khwb me green leaves dkheye tho iska kya matlab h

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ye achhi alamat hai. 🙂

  175. friends foreverr on said:

    Isteqara k namaz k khayal me mujhe sahi se nind b nai aye kal r zyada kch khwb b nai aya bs nind me b ye he tha k kisse ae baat nai karna tho woi dimag me rahgaya. Jald se jald mere sawal k jawab dejiye .shukria

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Mera pichla jawab dekhiye.

  176. friends foreverr on said:

    Bhai mai kal se isteqara shuru kari
    2rakhta isteqara k niyyat se
    R kal mai ne khawab me mere family members ku dkheye r pata nai phele bar mai khawab me” rat” bht the rats black waleu dkhe . R aj mai isteqara k namaz k baad galti se baat karleye tho mai fr se isteqara k namaz padhleye kya isse koi prblm tho nai hogi na.
    Apke jawab k wait karahi hu

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ap firse shuru kar sakti hai. Ap chahe to ek khas nikah ke liye istekhara hai wo bhi kar sakti hai. Fir jo khwab apko aye mujhe abtayiyega me apko uski tabeer bata dunga. Nikah istekhara dekhne ke liye niche diye hue link pe click kariye:


      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

      • Adiba aftab on said:

        Assalamulaikum main ne allahmumma jalne mehboobin fi milte ya budhuhu ya budhuhu 7days kiya ,but ultha he left me,Kya karna hogaaaaa please imran bhai help kijiye

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Ap se wazifa karne mein koi ghalti ho gayi hogi. Dubara karein tou dhayan se karein. Kya ap ne ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kiya tha pahle? Agar nahi kiya tu pahle wo karein. #yaALLAHcomments

  177. hafsa on said:

    bhai wohi kiya tha nikha isitkhra kiya 2 bar kiya …
    pata nahi q nahi nazr aya ..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Don’t worry!! insha ALLAH sab thik hojayega.

  178. hafsa on said:

    main nay pehly 7 sath din istikhara kuch nazr nahi aya apnay phir say krne ko kaha phr 7 din kiya phir kuch nazr nahi aya ….
    i am tensd…now you tel me what can i do…plz help…

    wazifa for my cozn treatment

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Apne nikah istekhara kiya tha kya? Agar nazar nahi aya to zarur apse koi kotahi hui hogi. Dubara dhyan se kijiye.

  179. fareeha on said:

    Bhai mainy apko btaya tha k green fields aur pur sakun jaghain daikheen theen…
    Ap nay kaha tha k positive hai..
    Ab plz bhai wazifa bta daein as I want to get married to a person I love. . Wo b yhe cahtay hain… par meray parents ko unki family say ikhtalaaf a… although unki family kafi ziada achi hai…
    Plz bhai btaiye kuch

  180. fareeha on said:

    Bhai main ye pooch rhi the k mainy istakhara mukamal kar lea tha tou ab mjhko wazifa bta daein plz. . Aur is k liye b k meray parents b man jaein. . Plz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Kya istekhara positive aya tha sis?

      • fareeha on said:

        Bhai apko btaya tha k green fields aur pur sakun jaghain… aur qp nay kaha tha k positive hai…
        Ab plz bhai wazifa bta daein as I want to get married to a person I love.. aur meray parents b man jaein kyun k unko bht ziada ikhtalaaf a uski family say.. although unki family kafi achi a..
        Plz bhai

  181. Assalam-o-Alikum!

    Bhae main ap sy pochna chahti hun k aik hi kam k liy ya 2 different kamon k liy 2 wazaif aik sath kiy ja sakty hn? wazaif b esay hn jin k parhny ki hr aik ko aam ijazat hu.Reply plz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ji ha pad sakte hai 🙂

  182. kehek on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum, maine aapse poochna na ya qayoomu wazifa ke baray mein. Jo kisi ko apni taraf mael karne wala hai, agar rishta break ho gaya ho shaadi k liye,misunderstandings ki wajah se tou ye kar sakti hun ladkay n uski mum k liye? Uski mum tou jaise dushman ho gayi hain n usko bhi tarah tarah ki kasmein de di hain..
    ye mein kar sakti hun as tht melting heart wazifa is only for spouse.. also khilwat meaning? Ye sehri ke waqt aapne kaha karna hai tou fajr ki namaz se pehle hai na? Is mein so kar uthna zaroori hai kya? Kyunki isha n fajr ke darmiyaan itna gap nahin hai yahan pe, tou mein bina soay ye kar lun sehri ke waqt fajr se pehle? Please let me know.. shukriya 🙂

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Kaha pe itna gap nahi hai. Insha or fajr ke bich to bhot gap hota hai, puri rat ka. Ap kaha ki bat kar rahi hai?
      Sis, jese wazifa me likha hua hai wese hi kare, uske ilawa apni taraf se kuch nahi kare. Asar na b ho.

      • kehek on said:

        10.45 pe isha start hoti hai and 2.40 pe fajr start ho jati hai. N main UK se hun Jitni dair isha par ke quran par ke utho kafi dair ho jati hai tou sonay nahin hota ke sehri pe wapis utha jaye. Ya qayoomu wala wazifa sehri mein karna hai tou fajr shuru hone se pehle karna hai? Aur sona zaroori hai? Likha tou nahin i tuink ke so kar uth ke parhna hai magar sehri ka likha hai tou isi liyr poocha ke sona zaroori hai ya nahin? N khilwat mein baith kar karna hai, khilwat meanin?

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          As salamu alaykum dear sis,

          I guess you have not followed on facebook.

          1. Sehri ka koi bhi munasib waqt muqarrar karle or wese hi roz pade.
          2. Ji ha Fajr shuru hone se pahle karna hai.
          3. The meaning of Khilwat means to be alone in private, hidden.
          4. Sone se yaha murad nahi hai.

          ALLAH knows best.

          • kehek on said:

            Assalam o Alaikum,
            Maine poochna tha aapse,maine ya qayyumu wala aazifa shuru kiya hai 243 times wala jiske baray mein aapse poocha tha, is mein aik se ziyada insan ka tasawar kar sakte hain? And i read darood sharif 11 times awal n akhir, likha tou nahin hai ke shuru mein darood sharid parhain magar mein parhti hun as always read k koi bhi wazifa mein awal o akhir darood sharif parhain.. koi pharak tou nahin na parhta? N also, first 2/3 days i felt little restless during it. Karne ke darmiyaan thora restless feel karti hun, its never hapend befre for any wazifa, wht does tht mean? And aap mujhe batak gay sahi tarah se kisi ka tasawar kaise karte hain? I dnt knw if its ryt the way i do it..

          • kehek on said:

            Meant to say 2243 times wala.

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Apn shyad mera jawab nahi pda thik se, mene jawab diya to tha ke nahi kar sakte hai tasawwur.
            Tasawwur kese karte hai- unke shakl yad karne ki koshish karna.

        • kehek on said:

          Wa Alaikum Salam,

          aapka bohat shukriya reply ke liye. aapki website pe jo khatam-e-khwajgan hai, wo main kar sakti hun is wazifay ke saath? and wo kitne din tak karna chahye?

          main kisi bhi social networking site pe nahin hun warna follow zaroor karti. main aapki website zaroor rozana dekhti hun, updates etc. yahan pe aapne bohat saray achay wazifay and dua’s batayi hain. Allah Subhan wa Ta’Ala aapko hamesha apne hifz o aman may rakhein.

          aap mujhe apni dua mein zaroor yaad rakhiye ga and dua kijiye ga meray wazifay ki kamyabi ke liye and hum sab ki har mushkilaat asaan houn and duas ko Allah Ta’Ala apni baargah mein kabool or manzoor farmaye. ameen

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Jab tak apko farq na mehsoos ho. Ap ba ehtaram kar sakti hai.

          • kehek on said:

            I can do that khatam as well with this wazifa I mentioned earlier? and also, agar wo mael nahin huay tou phir? unki mum and wo? I think minimum 11days karna hai wahan tou yahi likha hai, agar 3-3 months tak na ho phir bhi jari rakhna hai?

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Ek bar start to kare

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Insha ALLAH honge

          • kehek on said:

            ok. In Sha Allah. akhri baat, sorry i dont want to make any mistake isi liye pooch rahi hun, mensus ke dinoun mein tou nahin karna hai na? n aap meray liye dua zaroor kijiye ga. shukriya.

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Insha ALLAH I will pray for you. No, don’t do it during menses.
            You are always welcome here on yaAllah.in

          • kehek on said:

            aap ka bohat shukriya.. 🙂

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Your welcome

          • aasif on said:

            Slm bhai. I love my girl but she doesn’t love me. Mje o ladki kisi b halath me chahiye. But mje wazaif se dar lagtha hai. My use kush dekna chatha hu.

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            As salamu alaykum brother,

            Please calm dawn and pray to ALLAH.

            Jaza kallah khair,

  183. Anila on said:

    I dont get any reply

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Please check properly, I sent you 2 days before.

  184. fareeha on said:

    Bhai plz bta daein…

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Please ap puchiye, sawal kaha hai?

  185. fareeha on said:

    Asalamualikum bhai
    Bhai 7 din mukamal o gaey istakhara k..
    Mainy in sb dinon main jo khwab daikhau un main aik cheez common the k bht greenery aur pur sakun jaghain daikheen…
    Mujhko wazifa bta daein ab plz….
    Aur meray parents b man jaein iska wazifa b btaein bhai plz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      iska matlab sis yehi hai ke apke haq me hai. Positive hai ye. 🙂

  186. juveriya kouser on said:

    Asak bhai. Meri shadi ki bath chal kar qatam hojati he..log akar pasand karte hain aur ladke walon ka jawab b han hota he,phir kuch dino k bad bagair kisi wajah k inkar kar dete hain..mai bahut pareshan hun kya karun aap batayie.. umar bhar apki ehsan mand rahungi.. mera sitara zehra he,bahut si rukawat hayal hogayi hain..kuch wazifa bataayen,jazakallah

  187. fareeha on said:

    Asalamualikum bhai. ..
    Bhai aj mera istakhara ka akhri din hai…
    Mujhko wazifa bta daein ab plz….
    Aur meray parents b man jaein iska wazifa b btaein bhai plz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ap ajki rat bhi kariye kal apko bataunga insha ALLAH

  188. areeba(zainab ) khan on said:

    Assalamoalaikum ..bhai the one whom i love i hav already told u.unka rishta aane ki dua kr reh h…koi wazifa btaye..hamari batcheet b band ho gyi h..due to some prblms…plzz dua kare..madad kare.

  189. kehek on said:

    I havent recieved a reply. Where have u sent a reply? Email id given?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Answered earlier.

  190. kehekshan on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    I sent u an email last night. Please reply back to it via email if possible. I dont want to discuss the matter on here.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Replied 🙂

  191. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum…bhai …maybe hum sab is month Madinah jain gain dua kije tickets arrange krne main koi problem na ho…

    main nay 3 din kiya isitihara par no hints..main phir bhi 7 days krun gi jari..

    or aik confusion hai wo yeh hai kay
    agr kesi ka nam school main passport main likha gaya ho par us nam uskay ghr wale nahi bulaty kesi nick name say bukty hain even frnds or har koi…
    tu kiya istikhara main uska papaer register nam bolna hai ya jis nam say usko bulya jata hai plz bata dein..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Unka jo naam asal me hai. Agar papers me hai to wahi. Nickname nahi.

  192. areeba(zainab ) khan on said:

    asslamoalakum…bhai..shukriya for ur ol wazifa..ek bat cnfirm krni thi..koi aisa wazifa h dat i can get him back…

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Who you want back?

  193. fareeha on said:

    Asalamualikum bhai. .
    Bhai meray ik cousin hain.. kafi paray likhay aur capable hain.. personality wise b bht achay hain.. par unko job nae mil rahi.. apply kartay hain aur wo sb acknowledge b krtay hain par fr akhri time pe job unko milti e nae ..
    Koi wazifa bta daein bhai k unko job mil jaey..

  194. hafsa on said:

    bhai apnay kaha kay main apko apni cozn ki bemari ka batun tu usko Thalassemia bhi hai or yarqaan(jaundice)bhi or hepatitis type hai ..uska ap bata dain treatment
    or bhai kiya phir say wo 7 dayz ka isitkhara start karun jo apnay pehly bayta tha par kuch dekhai nahi diya maybe dekhai diya ho or mujhe samj na ai ho tu main phr say kr lati hun

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘ Ala heal him Ameen

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Start kar de fir se.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Insha ALLAH me batata hu

  195. AoA bhai mery husband mery say ziyada apni family py trust krty hain ma lakh kasmain khaon k ma Sachi hn phr b yahi kehty hain k meri maa nd behnain jhoot Bol he ni sakti aur wo log es bat ka bht faida othati hain aur Jo kamtay hain wo bhen bhaion ko day dety hain ma bht kehty hn k hamry apny bachay hain in k liye Kch save kr lo tu keh dety kr Lon ga in k liye b na apna ghar banaty hain plzz koi ESA wazifa batain k wo bus mery oper trust Kerain aur apna ghar bana lain aur apni maa bheno k pechay lag k wo meri family say b ni miltay aur kehty hain k ma know b in k ghar ni Jaon ga plz help me any tell me any wazifa Jo in ka dil Khud he meri family ki taraf khechay

  196. fareeha on said:

    Tou bhai a main kya istakhara jari rakhun 7 din tk? Aur kya main wazifa kr skti hoon a?? Plz wazifa ta daein

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Nikah k liye wazifa bad me Kare pahle istekhara Pura karle

  197. fareeha on said:

    Asalamualikum bhai. .
    Bhai mainy istakhara shuru kiya hai. Kal pehla din tha. . Mainy ziada nae daikha kuch bs ik bht bari c jagha daikhi darakhton wali. .. aur khait ( fields ) daikhay jin main fasal lagi hue the aur bilkul tayar the fasal katae k liye…
    Bs yhe daikha..
    Iska kya mtlb hua bhai. .

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear sis,
      Apne jo fields dekhi uske alag alag mayne hai.
      Planting in a dream means that one’s wife will become pregnant. Seeing a green crop in a dream means longevity.
      Spike of grain or ears of grain mean a misfortune or miseries. Seeing barley corns in their fields in a dream means spiritual awakening and a conscious endeavor to do good. If one recognizes his crop in a dream, then they represent his worldly and spiritual deeds.

  198. hafsa on said:

    Bahi main nay tu Dil say kiya tha isitkhara par kuch pata nahi cahala tu ab kiya karun main…..or uskay kuch answer apko batin hain main nay ……
    ami bol rahi hain kay hum donu sisters kaliye gud luck ka wazifa bata dein ta kay study main kamiyab ho saky ..or buth dua de rahi thy apko….
    mere bhai ki beti main improvement hai thori thori jo apnay wazifa batya tha na uskay waja say thanx alot

    blood jis ko lagta hai uska bata dein kuch
    thanx again

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear sis, ALHAMDULILLAH ke unko yaALLAH ke wazaif se itna fayda hua, ALLAH ka karam hai, Ap mujhe is bachchi ki bimari bataye, fir me batata hu treatment.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  199. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum…bhai …Allhumdlilah meri sister Madinah Munwrah ponch gai hian…….w8ing 4 reply…..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Masha ALLAH & Alhamdulillah, say her to pray for me too. 🙂

  200. kashmala on said:

    plz plz tell me strong wazifa for love engagement

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Please see my earlier answer.

  201. kashmala on said:

    i love a boy and he loves me too but his parents are against the marriage as it is out of the family…. i need a strong wazifa for love engagement plz….. as i m too much worried…..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear sister, please follow the website. Firstly, perform a nikah istekhara. See the below link for nikah istekhara:

      Let me know what you see in the dreams, I will interpret for you here. If it comes +ve, I will suggest you a wazifa for your marriage.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

      • kashmala on said:

        i did the istikhara and the result was positive. i saw that i was wearing green and white clothes and was sitting with the love of my life and he said that everything is fine …. that was all i saw

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          All in your favor.

          • kashmala on said:

            now tell me what to do….. tell me wazifa

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:


          • kashmala on said:

            plz plz tell me wazifa for love engagement… may allah grant u jannatul firdous

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Love engagement means what? do you want to engage with whom you love or what?

          • kashmala on said:

            yes i want to get engage to person with whom i love

          • kashmala on said:

            i did the istekhara

          • kashmala on said:

            i have started wazifa of yaseen which one have to do in 40 days

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            The wazifa for Surah Yaseen, you have to perform for 40 days.

  202. hafsa on said:

    he also said that ..think and tell me .. take ur time becoze .this is ur life …

  203. hafsa on said:

    bhai 7 days istikahra kiya par kuch nazr nahi aya ..ab kiya krun or woh keh raha my parents wont accept this….now u decied what to do…

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      This is not right sis, hints to milte hi hai istekhara me. Ya fir ke apse koi kotahi/laparwahi hui ho?

  204. fareeha on said:

    I want a help.. kindly tell me if there is any dua or wazaif for marriage of choice? ??
    I am so worried. . Plz help

  205. ayesha on said:

    Aslmkm bhai….meri ek prblm hai mujhe ladka abdul khaleel hai unka name…pehle unho hi propose kare aur mere ghar walon ko manake shadi kartu bole my unke bathon ka bharosa kari..aur mera bharosa karte the khayal karte the patha nai sudnly nko kya hua mujhse bahut nafrat kare shadi nai kartu bolre….bahut rulare taklif dere please bhai meri prblm solve kardo aur mujhe wazifa bathao unkoki mohabbat o loutane ki madadh karo………

  206. hafsa on said:

    bhai main nay usay pocha hai tu usko Thalassemia bhi hai or yarqaan(jaundice)bhi or hepatitis type hai kuch usay .

  207. hafsa on said:

    bhai main nay 24th say isitkahra start kiya aj 4 day lakin kuch nazr nahi aya par main usko 7 days krun gi

    or bhai meri mamun ki beti ko bachpan say he blood lagta hai maybe jo ap bata rahe ho wohi ho usko ..uskay bhai ko bhi lagta tha par uskay bhai ki death ho gai hai choti umar main…

    tu woh upset hai uski tabiyat theck nahi rehti weak ho gai hai main nay usko 6 to 7 years say nahi dekha par phone pay baat hoti hai …tu ap uskaliye dua krna or kuch bata dije uskaliye

    bhai meri sis next week Madinah Munawraha ja rahi hai kesi nay batya hai unko airport main problem ho sakti hai tu dua kije wo kariyat say ponch jain
    Thanx 4 every thing take care Bhai

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Insha ALLAH Airport par problem nahi hogi. Unhe kahiye mere liye bhi dua kare, please.

  208. hafsa on said:

    bhai aj phir karun gi isitkhra agr kuch nazr aya tu ap ko gi

    or bhai aik problem hai meri mamun ki beti hai na usko blood lagta hai banchpan say 19 years ki hai par ab uski tabiyat buth kahrab rehti hai agr uskaliye ap kuch bata dein parhney kaliye buth weak ho gai hai gale ka bhi masla ho ta kuch kha bhi nahi pati …remember me in ur dua

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      ohh! blood lagta hai means kya Thalassemia??

  209. subham on said:

    I am a hindu girl my name is subha, i fall in love with a muslim boy,his name is anees ahmad ,we want to merry each other but i thought he unable to discuss home about us because of fearness..i am to ready to be a muslima, please suggest me for any dua,kalma,or fast i am ready to do that.. I am a hindu girl my name is subha, i fall in love with a muslim boy,his name is anees ahmad ,we want to merry each other but i thought he unable to discuss home about us because of fearness..i am to ready to be a muslima, please suggest me for any dua,kalma,or fast i am ready to do that..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As salamu alaykum dear sis,

      Please contact me as soon as possible on google hangout.

      • Subha Mohanty on said:

        i do not how to use google hangout

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          it’s google chat.

      • subha on said:

        i am not able to add you in google hangout

      • Subha Mohanty on said:

        brother ,

        my i know your google hangout id

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          You are already added.

    • subha on said:

      i am not able to add you in google hangout

  210. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum bhai

    main nay kal raat nikha wala istikhra kiya tha par kuch dekhai nahi diya mujhe main usko 7 days krun gi or bhai pehly future wla or kal nikha wla istikhra kiya tha par in do raatun main so rahi hoti hun par demge jaag raha ho ta hai kay ab kuch dekhai de ga or bar bar jag ho jati hai or subha ko sar bhi bahri ho jata hai
    pray 4 me

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Insha ALLAH I will pray for you. Please do not worry. 🙂 smile it’s Sunnah.

  211. hafsa on said:

    i know that lakin wahn likha tha k see above tu m samjhi kuch alag tareeka ho ga isiliye..
    or bhai jab bhi koi kam kro rukawat a jati hai ab main kal isitikarah nikkha krna tha tu net ki usb bhai lay gaya usko koi kam tha tu main isitikhra 4 future kr liya us main nay 2 surah parhe thy taya tu wadu main….or jo batya gaya tha wo prh k bina baat kiya so gai

    par kuch dekhai nahi diya mujhe ..jb uthi tu sar kafi bahri tha ….tu kiya aj nikha wala kr lun isitikhra..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      istekhara for future finish hogya hai to nikah wala start kar sakti hai.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear Sis,
      Tahiyatul wudu salat is offered straight after making the wudu. Before the wudu water dries.This is a nifl. This is offered before any namaz, may be zuhar. You can read any surah. The is no special recommendation for this.i hope you got it.

  212. hafsa on said:

    bhai apnay jo istikhara for future wala upload kiya hai na wo main nay parha tha uska tareeka tu thora samj nahi aya tha ap parh lain qk tahay tul wadu kay nafal ka tareeka nahi batay howa..

    or aj wednesday ko main isikahra 4 nikha wala hai na jo apnay aj kaha hai wo krun gi inshallah phr apko batun gi..

    or kuhwab hai na wo tu 2 din pehly dekha isitikhra tu aj krna hai

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ap tahiyat-ul-wudu ka link bheje mujhe yaha.

  213. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum..bahi …umeed hai kay ap theck hon gain..
    bahi aj wednesday hai tu mujhe istikahra krna hai main apkay wala method paraha hai mujhe smj a gaya hai par us main likha hai kay
    Offer two (2) rakah salah- “Tahhiyat-ul-Wudu” (See Above);
    lakin upar tu uskay bare kuch nahi likha or y bata dain 2 rakat ada krne kay wo 2 surah 7 times parhna hai ya rakat main parhni hai …plz liltle bit confuse ,,,jaldi bata djijye ga ta kay main aj kr sakun..uskay papa tu pakistan ka nam sun kay he gussa ho jaty hain ..aik muslims kay liye itni jealusy main nay kabhi nahii dekhki
    or bhai aik baat pochni thy k main parsun kuhwab main buth sari churiyan (knief) dekhi thy hai or us kauhwab main ur bhi rahi thy par kniefs buth ziyada thy itna zida yadd tu nahi mujhe ..iska matlb kiya hai …

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Kya ap mujhe iska link send kar sakte hai?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear, Kis wazifa ke bare mein ap puch rahe hai link dijiye ya apna maqsad bataye?

  214. emmi on said:

    Asalamoalikum bahi..ik larkay ko pasand krti ho per woe shadi k ly razi nahi..Allah pe bhorasa hai ..namaz mein dua krti ho ..Allah ki omeed hai k woe zaror sunay ga .ap ki site se ik wazifa parh rahi ho 41 times ayatul kursi wala..aur 823 wala ya khaberro wala bhi ..bathay k sahi hai?? Ya ais k aliwa koi aur ?? Duao mein yad rahkay ga ..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As-salamu-alaykum my dear sis,

      Please ap website follow kijiyega.Niche alag links de rakhe hai unpe click karke, like kijiyega.
      Please do not forget to follow yaAllah’s facebook fan page. Click to follow yaAllah on Facebook & Click to follow yaAllahu on Facebook
      Please follow- http://yaAllahu.net and http://yaAllah.in.
      Please do not forget to share and follow, as this would be a Sadaqah-e-Jariya for you if someone gets any help.

      I request you humbly please like http://yaAllah.in and http://yaAllahu.net on Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google+ , Pinterest If this islamic website is providing you such a beneficial service free then at least help it guys. Unless you won’t help it could not be able to gather more and more resource for your service.
      Please do recommend this to all your family members and friends and relatives and to all your known muslim brothers and sisters.

      Apko pahle nikah istekhara karna chahiye, niche likhe hue link ko click kijiye-


      Fir ap mujhe roz yaha apke khwab batayengi toh me unki taabeer bata dunga insha ALLAH.
      🙂 smile it’s Sunnah.
      May ALLAH Subhanahu Wat ‘Ala forgive all our sins grant you and all ummah jannah. Allahumma Ameen

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

      Al ‘Imran

  215. hafsa on said:

    thanx ..Allah ka shukar hai ap theck hain insahallah apkay bhai bhi theck ho jain gain…bahi main try krun gi k donu wazife parhun …or istikhra main is wednesday ko kar k ap ko batun gi…qk apnay wednesday kay din strt krne ko likhahai na isliye

    is wazifay se uskay or mere parents zaror man jain gain na insaha ALLAH

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Zarur insha ALLAH.

  216. hafsa on said:

    Asamualikum bahi app kahn ho itne din apka reply nahi aya ..or bahi us larke ki ami nay usay strickly mana kar diya hai kay ye possible nahi hai qk uskay father or uncle buth strick hain..or mere perious coment ka zaor jwab dijye ga w8ing
    Allah apko hmesha kush rakhy

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Achha, istekhara kiya apne?

  217. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum…bahi apka 3 din say jawb nahi aya apki tabiyat tu theck hain na Allah apko hamesha theck rakhy plz reply dijye mere msge ka plz,,,Allahafiz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear sis,

      Meri tabiyat thik hai bas me delhi tha mere elder bro k treatment and check ups ke liye. Today I resumed the work.

      Thank you so much for your concern sis 🙂

  218. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum..bahi apko last msge kiya tha apnay uska jawb nahi diya usay parh kar jawb day dain…plz reply ..w8ing

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      See my earlier answer.

  219. hafsa on said:

    Please take care of the numbers, the number of times you have to read.

    1. Make a fresh Wudoo.

    2. Durood/Salavat 3 times, then

    313 times
    “Ya sattaaral U’yooube Ya Musabbebal Asbaab Iyyaaka Na’budoo Wa iyaaka nasta’een, Ya Hayyo Ya Qayyooma Birahmateeka Astaghees”

    3. Durood/Salavat 3 times

    bahi apnay y bhi wazifa batya tha mujhe or nade ali 100 time wala ka bad main batya tha in dono ko he parhun ya koi aik parhun jo apko ziyda behtr lagta hai mere liye wo bata dijye plz…..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Ek pade jo apko behtar lage.

  220. bismillah errheman niraheem
    Assalam o Alakum bhai !
    mene apse pochna tha k kia me shadi k lye or job k lye wazaif ikathe kr skti hun ? ak tym pr ?
    or mjhe job k lye bhi koi wazifa btaye
    or bhai apne mjhe prhne k lye waifa dya tha “YA MUSABIBUL ASBAB” mene prha he blk abhi continue kr rhi hun or Alhamdulillah mjhe kafi frk mehsus hrha he lekin mera problm ye he k meri nano bimar hn unhn bathrum le kr jana prta he aksar me wazifa kr rhi hti hun to wo mjhe bulati hn me wazifa half chor kr unko bathrum le kr jati hun ab mjhe aj weham tha k shaid u wazifa batil hojata he
    aap btaye kia me wazifa dobara start kia krun ?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Walekum as salam, do one by one please.

  221. hafsa on said:

    bahi ap nay Nade ali ka wazifa batya tha 100 time parhne ka or pani pay dam krne ko bola tha woh parh rai hun….

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Okay sis, great!! Keep it up.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  222. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum..bahi umeed hai kay ap theck hon gain
    apko btna tha kay us larky nay apni ami say kal baat ki hai or uski ami nay mana kr diya hai or uski ami keh rahi hai uskay papa bhi nahi mane gain,,,kuin kay usky papa buth strick hai hain ..uski ami nay kaha kay hum indian hain or woh pakistani …
    ab batye kiya krun ,,bahi plz help me..cahlo s nay itn himat tu ki hai na ..
    .or bahi main apko starone wali id say apko alimran wali pay mail krti hun par koi jawb nahi dety ……i am w8ing Allahafiz t.c

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      yes sis. Apko jawab lene k liye yaha website pe hi comment karna padega emails response band kar diye hai. Ap abhi kya pad rahi hai?

  223. mawa on said:

    assalam o alaikum bhai,
    mera masla ye hai k men ak larke ko bht pasand kerti hon wo ye bat janta hai likn mje shayad pasand nai krta itefaq se wo mera dost b hai. men usse shadi krna chahti hon pr wo naraz ha mjse plz mje koi aisa wazifa btaien k wo mjse shadi k liye razi hojaye.wo mjse phly bt krta tha pr ab bt krna b bnd kerdi.men dil se , naik neyat se usko pasand kerti hn aur usk sath zindagii guzarna chahti hn ap plz koi aisa wazifa btaien jis se wo mjse naraz na rahay aur mjse bt krne lge aur uska dil meri taraf maiel hojaye. men allah se roz dua krti hn plz plz ap mje koi aisa wazifa btaden jisse usk dil me meri muhabbat peda hojaye aur wo mjse shadi krne k liye khudi razi hojaye aur mjse shadi krne ko khud kahe aur usk ghar wale b razi hojaien .men usse bachpan se janti hn au kafi salun se psnd kerti hn. meri koi galat neyat nai ha plz ap b mere liye dua ki ga aur mje plz koi wazifa btaden k wo wapis ajaye apki zindagi bhar shukar guzar rahungi …jawab ki talabgar

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Walekum as salam sis,
      I would as usual recommend Istekhara for you. What as usual I always recommend to my other people before performing any wazifa. Each day from the day one you should tell me what symptoms you have seen in the nights. Please see my another reply to your comment.

  224. faruk on said:

    asslamalekum, mujhe aisa koe wazifa bataye ke tamam dushman jo ghar wale hee hai unko kamjor kar du

  225. Samairah on said:

    Assalamualikum, mujhe rheumatoid arthritis hamesha ke liye kam hone ka koi wazifa bataye. Apki jawab ki muntazir rahongi

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

      Please do not forget to share and follow, as this would be a Sadaqah-e-Jariya for you if someone gets any help.
      I request you humbly please like http://yaAllah.in and http://yaAllahu.net on Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google+, Pinterest

      Sister, bas thoda sa or intezar kijiye. Insha ALLAH jald hi yaha apko is bimari ka behtareen wazifa milega.
      Keep visiting and keep commenting.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  226. baby name generator using parents names on said:

    You need to take part in a contest for one of the greatest sites on the web.
    I will highly recommend this website!

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:


  227. Assalam0alaikum… bro mujhey ye puchna tha k dushman ki Zuban bandi k liye jo wazifay hain un mein sy jo pehla wala Wazifa hai wo kitne dys tak parhna hoga…..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

      jab tak apko farq mehsoos na ho, ap kar sakti hai.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  228. plz mjy wazifa bta dain,mjy ni pta chl rha,maine aap ko cal b ki kitni dfa….plz meri help krain n mjy koi wazifa bta dain mery husband ka permanent ho jaye n un ki paper marriage khtm ho jaye plzz help me

  229. bano on said:

    asslam walekum
    pls mujhe help kariye may ek bahot problem hu
    pls mujhe waizfa chahiye
    pls jaldi se reply kariye

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Apko konsa wazifa chahiye sister?

  230. hafsa on said:

    thanx bahi or surah nasar aik he bar parhni hai na or meri ami apko buth dua or thanx bol rahi hain..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As-salamu-alaykum my dear sister,

      Ammi se kahiyega mere liye bhi dua kare or koi bhi zarurat ho to mujhse rabta kare. ALLAH unki, meri or tamam ummah ki bakhsish a’ta farmaye Ameen.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  231. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum.bahi apnay muje nade ali ka wazifa abtya tha wo main prh rahi hun
    ..par wo larka ab muj say taluq torna cahta hai or kehta hai kay or wo w8 nahi kr sakta par meri study ko abhi time hai main kiya krun apnay mujhe 313 wala wazifa bhi batya tha kiya wo nade ali kay parhun ya nahi ….bahi wo indian or main pakistani ..hum Madinah Munawrah main rehty hain ab main pakistan ai parhe kaliye …uskay uncle pakistani ko laike nahi rty usko gussa buth ata or uskay papa or uuncle ka poche he mat ap..buth strick ..main kiya krun wohi wazifa jari rakhun…bahi aik or baat mere papa ko kesi nay taweez pela diya hai jiskay waja say usnka karobar down ho raha hai or har kam rukawat hai buth mehnat krty hain ab mere papa 1 karor ka qarza ho gaya hai ..or koi nahi cahta hum behn bahi parhe age barhain or koi bhi hamra kam ko tiyar nahi har koi aik he baat kehta hai ap par buth strong jadu hai nazr hai par Allah ka Kalam say ziyada strong koi nahi ho sakta …ghr main surah baqra parhi jati hai 1 lakh ayat karim bhi parhi hum sab sister nay …or mujhe Hazrat Muhammad ki ziyarat buth shoq hai koi chez batin jis say ziyarat ho Masahallah mere papa ko ziyrat hoi hai hmre piyare Nabi ki …itni rukwat haikay bus had ho gai hai har chez ki pata nahi agr kiya ho ga bus Allah pay yaqeen hai

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Don’t worry sister insha ALLAH everything will be fine soon, Amin. Have positive hopes from ALLAH.
      You can start a wazifa to pay off the debts from the below link:

      For Ziyarat of Our beloved Prophet Hadrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhe Wasallam, i will be soon publishing a wazifa. I request you to please keep in touch and do remind me each day.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  232. saira on said:

    salam bahi ,
    bahiya mujhe samjh nahi aarha ke en diye huwe wazaif mein se kon sa wazifa parhun aapko meri prolm pata hai plz aap help kerein aap bataein k kon sa parhun.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As-salamu-alaykum sis,

      Please perform the wazifa from the below link:


      “Kisi Ko Apni Taraf Mael Karne Ka Amal”
      Agar kisi ko apni taraf mael karna maqsood ho tou Ya Qayyumu ko khilwat mein baith kar sehri ke waqt 11 din tak 2432 martaba rozana parhain. In sha Allah jis kisi ko apni apni taraf mael karne ka tasawar dil mein karain gey wohi mael ho jaye ga, Aik amil ka kehna hai ke jo subah sadiq se lay kar suraj nikalne tak Ya Qayyumu ko bohat parhay ga usay taskheer hasil hogi.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

      • saira on said:

        Aslam alaikum bhai ,
        maine yeh wazifa parhna start kiya hai 2 baar parhaa lekin aj raa mujhe nend aagai sehri ke time uh naa paai ou bhahi ab mujhe ye poochna tha ke ab wapas se 11 din parhun ya 9 din kyn ke beech mein ek din na par paai …. aur bhahi ek baat ke parte parte azaan hojaati hai hk haina bhai ya azaan se pehle parh ke pura kardun wazifa?
        and thanks bhahi help ke liye 🙂

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          ji ap aage continue kar sakti hai. But ese miyad me skip nahi kiya karte.
          May Allah forgive me and all, Ameen.

          • saira on said:

            Allah maaf karne wala hai ..ab main wapas se shuru kerti hun ye wazifa11 din continuously..

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            May ALLAH forgive you, me and all ummah, Ameen.

          • saira on said:

            Aaslam bhai maine es liye kaha ke wapas se start karun 11 din hi kyn k maine 2 din skip kardya thaa ..
            bhaai maine pehle 2 din parhaa phr 2 din skip ab continue hai 3 din se , tou mujhe yeh puchna tha ke pehle wale din bhi ginun?
            bhaai plz reply and duaa main yaad

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Continue kar le pahle wale se.

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Lekin pure hone ke bad dubara kare.

          • saira on said:

            acha mtlb 11 din pure kar ke dobara 11 din karun

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:


      • saira on said:

        Aslam bhai plz bhaai ye bataaein ke kia ye wazifa periods main parha jaae

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:


  233. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum..bahi umeed hai kay ap theck hon gain ..bahi main ab apki follower ho gai hun starone wali d say agr kuch or apsae pochna ho ya batana ho tu kahn pay msge krain isi page apya ya koi tareeqa hai matlab follower kah mage krty hain

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Bas yahi tareeka hai. Or Facebook twitter etc pe b like kijiyega.

      • hafsa on said:

        facebook or twiter main mra koi id nahi hai ..ok main alimran wali id pay mal krun gi apko ok.bahi and thanx 4 every thing …juma mubarak

  234. Samairah on said:

    Koi wazifa bataiye jisse anal fissure kam hojaye isse main bahuth pareshan hun aur sada dard me giraftar rehti hun.
    Apki jawab ki muntazir hun.

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Sister, I’ve told someone the same wazifa before, Please see below:

      While washing put your left hand’s middle finger on that place and rub as you generally do and recite whitin yourself- “Maane un Kameeera” at least 7 times. Please do not recite it loud in washroom, only move your lips. Your voice shouldn’t come out when you do this.

      Jaza kallah,

  235. sheeba on said:

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM… bro mujhe pchna ta kya nam ka insan pe uski zindaqi m asar hta h

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Thoda bhot kuch hota hoga, but esa hamesha nahi hota.

  236. saira on said:

    aslam bahi..
    ab mujhe kiya kerna hoga bahi plz aap wazaif bataaein k sab hk ho sab maan jaaein …

      • saira on said:

        un ke bhi bhai aur mere bhi parents maan jaaein kyn ke mein apne baba ke samine kuch kehna tak nhi chahti hun wo khud hi meri merzi chahein aur ammi bhi khush ho kyn k wo relatives k ilawa nhi chahti k kahein ho aur bahi please aap mere liye bbht duaa karein ..

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          InshaAllah Allah apke haq me behtar karenge Ameen.

  237. Khawaja Shoebullah Khan on said:

    Allah k fazlokarm se mujhe Beti hui hai.
    7.April.14. Time 9.35.am
    Mujhe Beti ka name rakhna hai pls aap sujest kare.
    Chand or sitaro se rakhte hai.
    Aap k side per dekha tha mujhe samaj me nahi aaya kis tarah match karte hai.
    Allah hafiz.
    Khawaja Shoebullah Khan

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Thanks brother for this honor. Please follow yaAllah.
      COngratulations brother for the lovely daughter you are now a father of Alhamdulillah.
      She is under BURJ HAMAL(SIYARA MAREKH)

      Which has the arabic letters-

      Abeer- Fragrance
      Afaf- Chastity
      Arwa (أروى) Arabic name, derived from the vocabulary word arwa’, meaning “drink, pure water; also, mountain goats.” (A Vocabulary: Persian, Arabic, and English, Wilkins, 1810)

      I would love to name “Arwa”, rest depends on you.

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

      • Khawaja Shoebullah Khan on said:

        Assalamoalekum Bhaijaan

        Bahot bahot Shukriya.


  238. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum..bahi …umeed hai kay ap theck hon gay ..bahi apnay mujhe yahoo pay follow ya allah ka mail kiya tha aj main nay confrim ko click kiya tu hoga hai follow ..or likha howa ya ahai now u r follower…tu dekh kay bta dein kay main follwer ho gai ho na plz.dekh lije ga..

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Yes, thanks. How can I help you now?

      • virgo on said:

        I want to ask something really imp
        im doin a wazifa that my friend told me for love marriage
        in it ive to recite surah Alam nashrah 17 times
        Take His name with his mother’s nameand then my name with my mother’s name
        Then recite Allahumma alqi mohabbatan ala qalbin..
        Blow it on black pepper and burn it on coal
        i have to do it for 3 days after fajr prayer
        Is it worth it..?
        ive done it one day and then im havin periods..can i do it during periods and if not then do i have to restart or carry on for the rest of 2 days aftr periods?

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          I am not aware of this wazifa. Better ask to the person who gave you. Sis, but you should not do this during menses. Start from the scratch again when you become pak.
          Jaza kallah,

  239. assalam alaikum imran raza bhai********
    ya musabbe bal asbab wala jo 100 baar roj padhna yeh kis cheej ke liye wazifa hai bhai????
    aur isko rojana kaise perform karna hai bhai???,,,??

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Please see my earlier answer.

  240. assalam alaikum imran raza bhai********
    ya musabbe bal asbab wala jo 100 baar roj padhna yeh kis cheej ke liye wazifa hai bhai????
    aur isko rojana kaie perform karna hai bhai???,,,??

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Please see my earlier answer.

  241. assalam alaikum imran raza bhai********
    ya musabbe bal asbab wala jo 100 baar roj padhna yeh kis cheej ke liye wazifa hai bhai????
    aur isko rojana kaie perform karna hai bhai???

  242. hafsa on said:

    Asalmualikum ,,bahi mainay apko a limran wali id pay mail kiya hai yahoo kay throug starone wali id hai plz reply dije main nay apsay kuch pocha hai agr usmain kesi chez ko follow krna hai tu woh bhi bata dein main apko follow ki khoies ki hai lakin har bar page loading problem a jati hai plz ans me

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

      You can create your another new email address- gmail also. Which will resolve your follow issue. As soon as you create your new email address just let me know.

      Share and follow, as this would be a Sadaqah-e-Jariya for you if someone gets any help.
      I request you humbly please like http://yaAllah.in and http://yaAllahu.net on Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google+ , Pinterest

      Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      There is some technical issues in yahoo email. GO ahead with gmail.

  243. zeesultan on said:

    assalam o alkm
    mene apse apna masla share kia tha me pasnd ki shadi krna chahti hun mene apse jo hazrat daood ka wazifa pocha tha me ne abhi wo kia he or ak wazifa kar rhi hun surah tauba ki 128-129 ayat ka sbh sham abhi apk ak dost ne mjhse rabta kia he k me surah rehman se zaicha nklwaun or phr wo mjhe wazifa denge to kia me tb tk ye wazifa chordun ya abhi jari rakhun ?or mene istakhara kia tha emra istakhara positive aya he kia ap mjhe koi or powerful wazifa bta skte hn ? or me ye wazifa pori life k lye kar skti hun ?
    barae mehrbani mjhe jldi jawab dijyega

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Sis, sabse pahle toh bataye ke mera dost kon hai jisne rabta kiya. Ya fir ap wese hi bol rahi hai, to fir thik hai. Ap “Ya Musabbebal Asbaab” 100 martaba pad sakti hai rozana or dua kijiye, jab tak apki mushkil hal na ho jaye.

      Jaza kallah,

      • Assalam o alikum ! bhai mujhe amil sana shah ( apk frend ) hen unhun ne contact kia he or ye wazifa me hmseha krti rahun jo apne btaya he

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          As-salamu-alaykum dear sis,

          Great! yes you can perform this.

          Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  244. hafsa on said:

    bahi apko mail kr diya hai yahoo kay through (alimran@yaallah.in) main plz ans me

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Where have you sent? Comment here I will reply you inshaAllah.

      • Faqihha on said:

        AOA sir… sir i really need your guaidness for solving my problem… so please tell how can i contect you??? coz i don’t want to publish my problem… i just want to share with you not on public page… so please help me in this matter…

        • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

          As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

          In only confidential cases, you can email me at: Alimran
          I request you humbly please like http://yaAllah.in and http://yaAllahu.net on Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn, Google+ , Pinterest If this islamic website is providing you such a beneficial service free then at least help it guys. Unless you won’t help it could not be able to gather more and more resource for your service.
          Please do recommend this to all your family members and friends and relatives and to all your known muslim brothers and sisters.


          Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

          • Faaqiha Ali on said:

            AOA, sir… i have visited your link…. then i have read that nikah istikhara… and also i have recomended your link to my friend….. but still i have a problem… really don’t understand that what can i do ???? please sir , help me in this matter??? mjy theek rasta ni mil rha .. guaid me JAZAKAALLAH

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            Let me know what is your need?

          • Faaqiha Ali on said:

            sir, i was much bigri hoi larki.. but suddenly a person came in my life, who’s name is Hussain…. he’s completly changed me…. he also want to marry me… and me also wants this… but some problems are come in between us…. he is anger on me… aik bar parha tha k kisi se muhaabat b kro to Allah k liy… oar ye theek hai, isi wja se wo mjy acha laga hai… he is hafiz e Quran masha Allah…. i want to marry with with him, … but before this want to overcome his anger…. i read five times prayers also offer my tahajud prayer… in night um reciting holy Quran…. so please suggest me some islamic rules…. ???? Allah mj se naraz to ni ho gye???? coz mai ny before one year Hussain k sath bohat batmizi ki the. us time us ny bohat sber show kia tha…. but after that….. mai ny translation parhi the k Allah k naik bandon ko tang kro gy to Allah tmhari madad ni kry ga. mai ny Hussain se batmizi ki. isi wja se mjy sakoon ni milta. isi year mra brain ka operate b ho gya. bohat beemar ho gai hon mai. bs kuch aisa batyen k mai Allah k naik bandy ko razi kr lon. coz Allha se bohat maafi mangi hai. and i know k Allah pak bohat ghafoor ur raheem hain. bs Allah k us bandy k dil mai mry liy phr se wo hi reham or pyar aa jaye… please bohat distrub hon mai. kuch galt ni krna chahti mai…… JAZAKALLAH

          • Faaqiha Ali on said:

            Aoa, sir please you recomend me any one….? now a days um suffering brain pain….. which very worst for me…also i can’t move now… my legs are not fine now…. bs ap mjy khud se koi bta dain mai kr lon gi… sir if possible , so please me your phonic contect number???? i want to share something with you , which is not related to world. before 4 year i saw a dream , and now again i saw that dream. aor hussain ki mother ko agree krny k liy b mjy parhny ko bta dain. JAKAALLAH

          • Faaqiha Ali on said:

            AOA, sir ….. please guaid me that how can i win the heart of his mother???? and also overcome his anger which is on me??? please guaide me….. i have very short time…. JAZAKALLAH

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            You can do a wazifa from this page, select from above wazaif,

          • Faaqiha Ali on said:

            JZAKAALLAH for guaid me…. sir can you do me a faver????? many times i have to do istikhara for hussain… all the times i saw a positive sigen…… but i want that , if possible then you do it for me….. is it possible?

          • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

            As-salamu-alaykum dear sister,

            You want me to do istekhara for you. I am starting free online istekhara service soon inshaAllah. on both yaAllah.in & yaAllahu.net

            I will send you a link to fill the form for istekhara soon.

            Jaza kallah kum khairiyan,

  245. assalam o alikum Bismillah er rehman nirraheem
    bhai mene apko apna problem btaya tha me ak lrke se mhbt krti hn nd unse shadi krna chahti hn but unki ami nhi man rhin or wo bhi khete hn k wo 2 sal k bad shadi krnge wo apni mother ko preshan nhi krna chahte hn mene istakhara kia he mera istakhara positive arha he barae mehrbani koi aesa waziaf btaye k js se mera nikah unse jaldi hojae me bht preshan hun

    or mene hazrat dawwod ki dua wala waziaf kia tha bhai lekin ab ap mjhe ye btaye k tawez ktne din bandhna he bazu pr ?
    or na paki k dinon me to ye utarna prega ya ghusal krte hue ? kia me is taweez ko apne pas smbhal k rkhskti hun bazu pr bandhne k bjae ?

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Juma Mubarak!

      Ghusl kare jab utar de. Jab tak farq mehsoos na ho bandhe rakhe.
      Bazu par hi bandhe.

  246. hasfa on said:

    bahi plz app mujhe apni yahoo ki id kr dain ya gmail ki ap ko yahoo kay through gmail ki id add kr lun gi plz bahi i wnt to talk wd u? i am hafsa i hope u remember me …plz

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Dear Sis, Ap mujhe yaAllah ke email par kar sakti hai.

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  249. hafsa on said:

    bahi ap bhi kehty ho gay main apko bar bar msge kr kay disturb kr rahi hun but trust me ap jo mail behjty ho main confrim follow ko click krti hun bad main error ya page loading problem a jata hai …bahi wo keh raha hai k agr kuch saal k bad tumhare bahi or parents nay mujhe accept na kiya tu phir kiya ho ga or uskay papa buth strick hain wo kesi ki baat nahi sunty bahi main kiya kron ab …ap apni koi yahoo ki id snd kr do plz main us apko kuch or bhi likhna hai

    • Ãleʿ Ímrãn on said:

      Marriage / Nikah According to your Wish:
      Awwal Akhir Durood-e-Pak then read 100 times and do a dum on water. Pray for your marriage with that person. Offer to drink to the family members.
      Read it daily & pray for marriage according his / her wish.
      For Softening Hearts:
      Read 41 times read on water & offer to drink

      See Nad-e-Ali picture through the below link: