Dua to Find Lost Things

Whenever you lose something don’t get panic and take it easy. Have faith in ALLAH Ta’ala and recite this dua to find lost things from Quran. Take your time, relax, and take a deep breath. Be patient don’t overreact. All these important tips will help you to sort out this panicking situation smartly. Click to read full..


La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah

Is post mein ham parhenge La Ilaha Illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah hindi mein tafseel se tarjuma ke saath.

एक बड़ी ही प्यारी हदीस है जिसका मफहूम है: हुज़ूर ﷺ ने फ़रमाया: “जिस किसी ने कहा: ला इलाहा इल्लल्लाह जन्नत में दाख़िल हुआ|” हमारे लिए ये कहना कितना आसान है| मगर इसे दिल से महसूस करते हुए कहना ज़्यादा ज़रूरी है| Click to read full..


Dawat Khane Ki Dua

Hamare mazhab mein jab koi musalman bhai kisi dusre bhai ko dawat de. To aise mein samne wale shakhs ko us bhai ki dawat qubul karni chahiye. Apna ahlo ayal aur rishtedaro ko halal maal se khana khilana sawab aur barkat ka baais (wajah) banta hai. Click to read full..


Dua For Happiness

Happiness is something one cannot buy. But can be shared. One just needs to rise above his problems of life. Think about peace from within. Follow the path of the Quran and Sunnah. Don’t forget to read this Inspiring dua for happiness mentioned in Hadith. Click to read full..


Dua for Health Recovery and Long Life

Human is weak and prone to diseases. At one time or another, he can encounter calamities. If he doesn’t fall sick he could meet an accident. There is nothing that can prevent him if ALLAH wills for him trouble through anyway. Being patient and praying to recover from the illness is the best a man can do. A dua for health and recovery is all a patient needs. Click to read full..


Surma Lagane Ki Dua

Agar surma lagate waqt chand sunnat tariqe apna liye jaye to yaqinan surma lagane ke sath-sath surma lagane ka sawab bhi ata hoga, Insha ALLAH. Misal ke taur par surma lagane ki dua parh li jaye to yahi surma shifa bhi sabit ho jayega. Click to read full..