Ramadan Mubarak 2015 All Ummah

Congratulations for Ramadan Kareem 2015 to Entire Ummah!

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As Salamu ‘Alaykum Wa Rehmatullahe Wabarakatuhoo Dear Brothers, Sisters & All Elders! I wish you all

Ramadan 01, 1436

Insha ALLAH I will publish more and more lovely and strong yaALLAH Dua and wazaif here.
There are so many types of Ibadat which we can offer during the Month of Ramadan.

This is the blessed month of Ramadan Alhamdulillah we have got this year as well. This is an ideal time to purifying our souls from all the sins that we did in the past year. A month full of enormous spiritual wealth and reward, Ramadan is an worthy opportunity we mustn’t lose in any way at any cost.

Today is the very first Ramadan around all over the globe. May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala accept all our prayers and Ramadan that we have kept today and we will keep in future during the entire month of Ramadan. I have compiled few points that will help us get full benefits of this special month of Ramadan.

  • Get ready

Your Agendas during this month of Ramadan 2015.  This Ramadan, I Will…

ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala encourages us to keep fast and do a bit more good deeds during few months including Ramadan.

Try to wake up one hour before fajr prayer, read more Qur’an even if you sit for small time. Try to sit more and more.

If you haven’t prepared for this Ramadan, make the intention to do it next Ramadan.

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  • Be a Real Muslim, Stabilize your Performance

Generally, we enter Ramadan with a very high aspirations and so many promises to ourselves we can’t keep. Do good deeds even if they are small.

Prophet Mu’hammad, SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam said: “The best deeds are those which are consistent even if they are small.” (Al-Bukhari)

Offer Tahajjud prayers, this will attract you more and more towards ALLAH Subhanahu Wat ‘Ala, at this moment ALLAH Subhanahu Wat ‘Ala is at the lowest sky, is there anyone who wants somethings, is there anyone whom I can grant something. Find ya ALLAH Testimonials here.

We are sleeping!!! Alas! Wake up now!

  • Eat less in Iftar

Do not over stock yourself while eating in Iftaar (the meal after sundown that open the fast). This will become a hurdle in offering Maghrib, as well as Tarawih prayers. Whereas, you will not eat the required amount in the next fajr. Write to us ‘Make Dua For Me‘, we will help you!

Unfortunately, it has become very common tradition in Muslims families to eat so much food at iftar (the meal after sundown that open the fast) time and late into the night. You have already lost the essence of Ramadan. The toxins from your body will not come out then, I am sure!

Thus, Iftar should remain very simple, in a balanced manner and with healthy eatables. For Iftar choose foods that will nourish our body and provide us with sufficient energy for that night and the next day.

Follow the Sunnah (prophetic behavior) of the Prophet Mu’hammad, SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam, by filling only a third of the stomach with food, a third with water and allowing a one third for air, you’ll immediately notice a difference in your energy level while fasting and after you break your fast Insha ALLAH. See Dua for Good Health here.

  • An Hour before Fajr

Prophet Mu’hammad, SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam taught us that there is barakah in the early hours of the morning. By spending the hour before fajr in prayer, recitation of Quran, and in the remembrance of Allah, you will get the spiritual nourishment your body requires for that day. Six Kalimah in Arabic.

‘Have suhoor, for in suhoor there is barakah.’ (An-Nasa’i)

  • Prepare for Eid Early

It is highly important to prepare for Eid early if you don’t want to miss out on the treasures of the blessed last ten nights.

The last ten days of Ramadan are the most blessed and contain rewards. ALLAH purposely chose these days to be the most rewarding to test us because He knew that very few people will be able to maintain or increase their amount of worship towards the end of Ramadan.

So do not give up during the last ten days also. keep worshiping.

Do not waste your your time in shopping during the blessed 27th and 29th night.

  • Du’as for Others

Insha ALLAH if you want to increase the effectiveness of your du’as, and to make them accepted by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala you should make du’as for others.

The Prophet, Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam, said:
‘Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say ‘and same to you.’ (Muslim)

This is also called hitting two birds with one stone – praying for others and for yourself.

Choose times in which du’as is answered by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala, like the last third part of the night and when you open your fast (Iftaar time), to make all du’as with all sincerity and a wakeful heart. ALLAH does answer the prayers of those who supplicate Him.

Make a Dua for your entire family, relatives and friends. Be patient and keep praying May ALLAH Azzawajal answer all our prayers in this Ramadan. Ameen.

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