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A very popular ‘love marriage istikhara online’ also known as yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara all over the globe. Official ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara sirf yahan hai video ke sath. Yahan se hazaron websites par ye istikhara copy kiya gaya hai, unse bachkar rahiyega. Shadi ke liye ek asan, behad mashhoor-o-maqbool ya ALLAH Nikah Istikharah. Khwab me ap jo bhi dekhein uski tabeer hamse puchiye! Fori jawab milega. Hazaro logon ka aazmaya hua khud unki zubaani parhiye.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

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Have you ever had a question? what is yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara?

This is a simple Islamic process of recitation of dua to seek the guidance of ALLAH Ta’ala to marry a particular person. If that marriage would be in favor the seeker or not?

Please note that seeking guidance through nikah istikhara doesn’t mean that you will definitely get married to that specific individual. However, it shows you the signs:

  • If you get married to that specific person, it will be good and in your favor.
  • If you didn’t get married to that specific person, there will be nothing wrong and harm for you.

A seeker who is performing yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara can also perform this marriage Istikhara for multiple individuals. In such a situation:

  • Either, the seeker will get the positive and favorable signs for one or more persons in his dream interpretation.
  • Or, the seeker will get negative signs in his dream interpretation for one or more persons.
  • Therefore, he/she can marry any one of them.

There are different Istikhara types all over the internet. You will definitely get confused. You just need a very simple way of performing your Istikhara for love marriage.

Only Official ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara

As-salamu-alaykum Brothers, Sisters, and all Buzurg!

I have been observing Muslim youngsters recently, seems they are too confused about their marriage (nikah). Besides, they fell in love with someone, then they struggle. Even they could not be able to share these issue with their family members. I am receiving these kinds of emails to make an Istekhara for their marriage problems.

I request you all not to commit this sin. ALLAH Azzawajal, The Knower of all hidden secrets has far better options than what we cannot think for ourselves. Might be we are wrong and incapable of deciding best for ourselves but ALLAH Azzawajal can, doubtless. Different Istikhara yahan dekhiye.

To seek the guidance of ALLAH Azzawajal in this. I am sharing a very lovely 7-days Istekhara process. Perform this on your own, and see the results. Insha ALLAH Azzawajal you will get to know the best for you in your dreams.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Website

Request- Please do not forget to make a dua for seeking forgiveness for My Marhoom Nana “Fateh Muhammad Saheb”. May ALLAH Azzawajal forgive all his sins, fill his grave (qabr) with noor, remove all the Azaab from his qabr. May ALLAH Azzawajal grant him Jannah, Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer-Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikharah

also known as

Love Marriage Istikhara

Tried and Tested Marriage Istikhara

Strong Istekhara for Marriage to a Specific Boy or Girl

‘या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिखारा’

This is tested and tried by thousands of Muslims

How to perform ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara? In this post you get to know the process of performing Nikah Istikhara in four different languages: English, Urdu, Roman Urdu and Hindi.

This is just for your ease and understanding. If you have any doubts and questions, please feel free to ask through comments. ya ALLAH Team will respond you the same day.

After night prayers, make an ablution,  recite the following in the particular way provided below with the intention of knowing the results of marrying a particular boy/girl. Then sleep after reciting this without talking to anyone. Remember!! if you talk you might not get the accuracy in the results. Find Impossible to Possible Wazifa here.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara






Uske bad ye parhein



                                                                               Uske bad ye parhein



Fir akhir mein Durood Shareef- ‘Wa SallALLAHU Ta ‘Aala ‘Ala MuhammadinwwaAlehi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Barik Wasallim’ parhein.




Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara

Urdu (Text)

Istikhara Kaise Kiya Jata Hai in Urdu

      یا اللّه نِکاح استخارہ محبّت کی شادی کے لیے

اگر کوئی لڑکا یا لڑکی کسی خاص انسان سے نکاح کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہو تو اس کے لئے مفید ہے۔ اگر کوئی لڑکا یا لڑکی کسی خاص انسان سے نکاح کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہو تو اس کے لئے مفید ہے۔

اپنی منگنی کا کسی سے اظہار نہ کرے اور یہ عمل شروع کر دے۔
عمل کیسے کرناہے؟
خوب اچھی طرح وضو کر کے دو، چار، چھ یا جتنے نفل ہو سکے پڑھیں
پھر خوب اللّٰه تعالٰی کی حمد و ثناء اور عظمت و بزرگی بیان کریں
اس کے بعد تین مرتبہ ُدرود شریف پڑھیں
اس کے بعد سورہ فاتِحہ تین مرتبہ پڑھیں
حضرت محمّد مُصطفٰیؐ کو ثواب بھیجیں۔
اس کے بعد پھر سے تین مرتبہ دُرود شریف پڑھیں
پھر سے تین مرتبہ سورہ فاتِحہ پڑھیں
اس کے بعد اوپر دی گئی دعا پڑھیں

غور فرمائیے؛

دھیان رہے کہ جب پڑھتے پڑھتے انّا فِی فلا نتٍ پر آئیں تو اس کے بعد جن کے لیے پڑھ رہے ہیں انکا نام لیجئیے. پھر بن یا بنت پڑھیے.لڑکے کے لیے بن اور لڑکی کے لیے بنت بولیے
مثال کے طور پہ اگر لڑکی سلمیٰ کے لیے پڑھ رہے ہیں تو بولیں گے سلمیٰ بنت ثمینہ
مثال کے طور پہ اگر لڑکے کا نام سلیم ہے تو بولیں گے
سلیم بن ثمینہ
اس کے بعد و یُسٙمّیھَا سے پڑھنا شروع کر دیں
پھر دُرود شریف پڑھیں۔
خاموشی کے ساتھ سو جائیں۔
رات کو جو بھی خواب نظر آئے ہمیں یہاں شئیر کریں۔

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara


How to do yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara?

    1. Make a fresh ablution;
    2. Offer two, four, six or eight (in any amount you want) optional prayers;
    3. Praise ALLAH Ta’ala with duas whichever you know;
    4. Recite Durood Shareef three (3) times if you know Durood-e-Ibraheemi;
    5. Recite Surah Fateha three (3) times;
    6. After this offer Savaab to Beloved Prophet Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam;
    7. Then again recite the same Durood Shareef (Durood-e-Ibraheemi) three (3) times;
    8. Again recite Surah Fateha three (3) times;
    9. Then recite, “Ya ‘Hameedu Tahmatta Bil ‘Hamde Wal ‘Hamdu Fi ‘Hamde ‘Hamdika Ya ‘Hameed” three 3 times;
    10. After this recite, “Ya Majeedu Majjatta Bil Majde Wal Majdu Fi Majde Majdika Ya Majeed” three (3) times;
    11. Then recite,

“ALLAAHUMMA INNAKA TAQDEERO WALA AQDEERO WATA LAMOO WALA ‘AA LAMOO WA ANTA ALLAAMUL ‘GHUYOOB FA IN RA A’EETA ANNA FI FALAA NATIN” name of the person for whom you are reading this. Bin te /Bin ‘girl’s/boy’s mother’s name’ (if you don’t know mother’s name recite ‘Hawwa’)



              12. Then recite the below Durood Shareef in the end.

Wa SallALLAHU Ta ‘Aala ‘Ala MuhammadinwwaAlehi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Barik Wasallim

Perform this wazifa continuously for 7 days without skipping any single day. Insha ALLAH in any single night or may be regularly for 7 days or for any number of nights within these 7 days you will see the hints (Ishaara). Whether you see positive symptoms or not you need to finish this ‘ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ for 7 days. Please share this link to more and more people to get Sawaab, and do not forget to recommend yaALLAH Website to all your relatives and friends.

Note: Use ‘bin te’ for a girl or ‘bin’ for a boy. For example- A Boy is performing this Istekhara to marry a girl named ‘Hafiza’ daughter of ‘Zulekha’. Then ‘Hafiza bin te Zulekha’. In the same wayif girl is doing this and the name of the boy she wants to marry is ‘Parvez’  son of  ‘Nazneen’. Then ‘Parvez bin Nazneen’. Find Pyar Se Shadi Karne Ki Du’a here.

yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara for Marriage and How to Get the Answer?

There are two simple ways to get an answer for Istikhara for marriage.

  1. Comment here with your entire 7 days yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara dream and we will respond you for the interpretations.
  2. Drop your message in yaALLAH FB Private Inbox. We do respond the same day.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method-yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara

Roman English

yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara Kya Hai?

Ek asan tariqa-e-amal jiske zariye ap nikah mein bhalayi aur raza jan sakte hai. Agar ap kisi khas shakh se nikah ke muntazir hai to bhi is Istikhara ko parh sakte hai. Agar ap ek ya ek se zyada shakhs ke bare me jaanna chahte hai to bhi alag-alag shakhs ke liye ek-ekkar ke ye istikhara parh sakte hai.

  • Ghaur Kijiyega! Istikhara ka maqsad sirf ye janna hota hai. Ke falan shakhs se apka nikah behtara rahega ya nahi. Iska matlab ye nahi hota ke unse apka nikah hoga ya nahi.
  • Agar ap 4 shakhs ke liye alag-alag ye Istikhara kar rahe hai. Aur unme se sirf 2 ke liye bhalayi nazar ayi hai. To ese mein un dono me se kisi bhi ek shakhs se ap nikah kar sakte hai.
  • Ye Istikhara apni ya waledain ki pasand ki shadi ke liye Istikhara bhi hai.

Istikhara apke haq mein hai ya nahi ye ap khwab ki tabeer ke zariye yahan puch sakte hai. Ap chahe to kisi bhi aalim se mashvira bhi kar sakte hai.

Ye Nikah Istikhara jo ki apki man pasand shadi ke liye behad asan aur nataij bhara hai. Aur yahan tak gharwalo ki pasand ki shadi ke liye bhi ap is Istikhara ko parh sakte hai. Is Istikhara ko Surah Fatiha ka istikhara bhi kaha jata hai kyonke isme Surah Fatiha bhi parhi jati hai.

Ek hi rat mein apko fori natija mil jata hai. To ‘ha’ ya ‘na’ jo bhi ho apko awwal shab mein nazar aa hi jayega Insha ALLAH Ameen. Ye fori Istikhara ki dua se ap apne tabeer par pukhta ho jayenge Insha ALLAH.

Isha ki salaat se farigh hone ke bad, sone se thik pahle, wuzu kijiye. Uske bad niche diye hue tariqe se dil me us khas ladke ya ladki se nikah ki behtari ke apke haq me hai ya nahi, ALLAH ki isme raza jaanne ke liye ye ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kijiye. Phir, bila guftgoo kiye khamoshi ke sath isi niyat se so jaye.

Dhyan rahe agar kisi bhi tarah ki laparwahi ya kotahi hui to shayad ke kuch ghalat ishaara nazar aa jaye. Ya fir zaraa bhi ishaara na bhi mile. Know about Tahajjud Prayers in Islam here.

Other Powerful ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’

Agar Istikhara Mein Ishara Nahi Mila to Kya Karein?

Agar kinhi wajuhaat se pure saaton roz mein ek bhi roz ishara nazar nahi aya, to dubara kar sakte hai. Isme koi harj nahi. Aur ha agar ye apke haq mein nahi ata hai to esi surat mein ap ek bar phir se puri tawajjoh ke sath shuru kijiye.

Ho sakta hai kisi ghalti ki wajah se esa hua ho. Lekin agar dubara bhi ye iski tabeer apke haq mein sahi nahi aye to samajh lijiye ke wo ladka/ladki se nikah apke haq mein behtar sabit nahi hoga. Find Wazifa for love muhabbat tilsim ka amal here.

Ap majboor hai dil ke haathon to du’a kijiye ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo se ke unhe apke naseeb mein likh dein. Aage jo ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala ki raza hai wahi sabse behtar hai. Know about What is dua in Islam here.

    1. Khoob ache se taza wuzu bana lijiye;
    2. Do, Char, chhah ya fir aath (jitni ta’adaad mein ap chahe) rak’at nifl namaz ada kijiye;
    3. ALLAH ki ‘hamd-o-sana kijiye, jo bhi du’ayein apko yad hai ALLAH ki tarif mein parhiye;
    4. Durood Shareef, agar Durood-e-Ibraheemi pade to behtar hoga, 3 martaba;
    5. Surah Fateha, 3 martaba;
    6. Isal-e-Savaab bakhshe Pyare Aqa Hadrat Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam ko;
    7. Phir, Durood Shareef agar Durood-e-Ibraheemi jante ho to, 3 martaba;
    8. Phir, Surah Fateha, 3 martaba;
    9. Phir, “Ya Hameedo Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi Hamde Hamdika Ya Hameed”,  3 martaba
    10. Phir,“Ya Majeedo Majjatta Bil Majde Wal Majdu Fi Majde Majdika Ya Majeed” 3 martaba
    11. Phir, niche di hui dua pade:

ALLAHUMMA INNAKA TAQ DEERO WALA AQDEERO WATA’ LAMOO WALA A’ LAMOO  WA ANTA ALLAMUL GHUYOOB FA INNA RA ‘AYETA ANNA FI FALAA NATIN ‘Phir jinke liye parh rahe hai unka nam lijiye (Ladki ke liye ‘bin te’ /Ladke ke liye ‘Bin’ pade) Phir unki walida ka nam parhe (agar ma ka nam nahi  maul to parhiye ‘Hawwa‘) Phir niche di hui dua parhe:


            9.Phir, se niche di hui Durood-e-Pak akhir mein parhe:

Wa SallALLAHU Ta ‘Aala ‘Ala MuhammadinwwaAlehi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Barik Wasallim

Phir, du’a karlein aur bina kisi se bat kiye chup chap khamoshi ke sath so jaye;

Istikhara Ke Khawab Ki Tabeer Puchiye?

  • Comments– Is page par comment kijiye, apko 24 ghante mein jawab zarur milega.
  • yaALLAH FB Private Inbox: Ya phir FB private message box mein apna message bhejiye.

Apke haq me ya nahi hai insha ALLAH apko tabeer jawab mein zarur bataunga. Zyadah messages ki wajah se apko jawab milne mein chand ghante lag sakte hai. Know about What is Eid-ul-Adha here.

Note: Ise 7 roz tak lagatar bila nagah kijiye. Insha ALLAH Natija zarur nazar ayeg. Khwab me ishara hoga, pahle hi din, ya dusre din hojaye, Kisi kisi masle me pure 6 din tak shayad ke nazar na bhi aye par saatve din insha ALLAH ishara ho jaye. Agar bilkul bhi kuch nazar nahi aye pure saato din me se kisi bhi din to iski wajah yahi hai ke apne hi kahi kotai ya laparwai kar di. Ap chahe to ise dubara ya teesri bar bhi kar sakte hai. Isme koi nuksan ya harj nahi hai. Ye nikah ka istekhara azmooda hai aur khud mene bhi try kiya hai. Insha ALLAH apke sare confusions door honge. Find How to pray in Islam Salah Qaza-e-Umri here.

Love Marriage Istikhara ya ALLAH Credits:

The man who helped me a lot. A simple Muslim man, Maulvi Mumtaz Ahmed Saheb, Ajmer Shareef, lives in The Lovely City of Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Rehmatullah Alayhe.

हर तरह के निकाह के लिए या अल्लाह वेबसाइट का इस्तिख़ारा हिंदी ज़ुबान में

इशां की सलात के बाद सोने से पहले, वुज़ू कीजिये, और निचे दिए हुए तरीक़ाकार से किसी ख़ास लड़के या लड़की से निकाह की बेहतरी के लिए करे| उनसे आपका निकाह आपके हक़ और बेहतरी में है और अल्लाह की रज़ा है या नहीं ये जानने ले लिए ये अमल उम्दाह है |

इस इस्तिख़ारा को करने के बाद बिला गुफ्तगू किये खामोशी के साथ सो जाये| और फिर आपको ख़्वाब में इशारा नज़र आएगा| रोज़ाना नोट कर लीजिये आपको जो भी नज़र आया| और फिर हमसे यहाँ कमेंट के ज़रिये यहाँ शेयर कीजिये| चाहे तो आप फेसबुक पर भी इस लिंक पर प्राइवेट मैसेज बॉक्स के ज़रिये मुझसे या फिर हफ़सा से उसकी ‘अलामत पूछिये|

ध्यान रहे अगर किसी भी तरह की लापरवाही या कोताही हुई तो शायद के कुछ ग़लत इशारा नज़र आ सकता है ख़्वाब में या फिर ज़रा भी इशारा न भी मिले|

या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिख़ारा का तरीक़ा एक बार फिर से तरीक़ा देख लीजिये:

  1. खूब अच्छे से ताज़ा वुज़ू बना लीजिये;
  2. दो, चार , छह या फिर आठ (जितनी ता’अदाद में आप चाहे) रक़’अत निफ़्ल नमाज़ अदा कीजिये;
  3. अल्लाह की हम्दो सना कीजिये, जो भी दु’आएं आपको याद है अल्लाह की तारीफ में पढ़िए;
  4. दुरूद शरीफ, अगर दुरूद-ए-इब्राहीमी पढ़े तो बेहतर होगा, 3 मरतबा;
  5. सूरह फातेहाह, 3 मरतबा;
  6. प्यारे आक़ा हज़रात मुहम्मद सल्ललाहु अलयहे वसल्लम को इसाल-ए-सवाब बख़्शे;
  7. फिर दुरूद-ए-इब्राहीमी , 3 मरतबा;
  8. फिर सूरह फातेहाह, 3 मरतबा;
  9. फिर, “या ‘हमीदु तहमत्ता बिल ‘हम्दे वाल ‘हम्दु फी ‘हम्दे ‘हमदीका या ‘हमीद”, 3 मरतबा;
  10. फिर ,“या मजीदु मज्जत्ता बिल मज्दे वाल मजदू फी मज्दे मज्दिका या मजीद” 3 मरतबा
  11. फिर ये दु’आ पढ़े: अल्लाहुम्मा इनका तक़दिरु वला अक़दिरु वता’अ लमू वला अ’ लमू व अन्ता अल्लामुल ग़ुयूब फ़ इन रा अ-यता अन्ना फ़ी फ़-ला  नतिन’;
  12. फिर जिनके लिए पढ़ रहे है उनका नाम लीजिये;
  13. उसके बाद बिन/बिन्त (लड़की के लिए बिन्त /लड़के के लिए बिन पढ़े) फिर उनके वालिदा का नाम पढ़े (अगर वालिदा का नाम नहीं मालूम तो पढ़िए ‘हव्वा’)
  14. फिर ये दुआ पढ़े: व-युसम्मीहा बि -इसमीहा ख़ैरल्ली फ़ी दीनी व दुनिया ए व आख़िरती फक़दुर’हाली व इन कान फ़ी ग़ैरेहा ख़ैरम्मिन हाली फ़ी दीनी व आख़िरती फक़ दुर हाली”|
  15. फिर से नीचे दी हुई दुरूद-ए-पाक आख़िर में पढ़े: “व सल्लल्लाहु त’आला ‘अला मु’हम्मदिंव व-आलेही व-असहाबीही व बारिक वसल्लिम” 
  16. फिर दुआ कर लें और बिना किसी से बात किये चुप-चाप ख़ामोशी के साथ सो जाये;
  17. फिर ख़्वाब में जो भी इशारा हो आप मुझे यही कमैंट्स करके बताये में इन्शा अल्लाह आपको ताबीर बताऊंगा के ये बेहतर है आपके हक़ में या नहीं है| आप चाहे तो फेसबुक पर भी प्राइवेट मैसेज बॉक्स- के ज़रिये मुझसे आपके ख़्वाब की ‘अलामत पूछ सकते है|

ग़ौरतलब: इसे 7 रोज़ तक लगातार बिला नागाह कीजिये| इन्शा अल्लाह नतीजा ज़रूर नज़र आएगा| ख्वाब में इशारा होगा, पहले ही दिन, या दूसरे दिन| किसी-किसी मसले में पुरे 6 दिन तक शायद के नज़र न भी आए पर सातवें दिन इन्शा अल्लाह इशारा हो जायेगा| अगर बिलकुल भी नज़र नहीं आये पुरे सातो दिन में से किसी भी दिन तो इसकी वजह यह भी हो सकती है के आपने ही कही कोताही की है या लापरवाही कर दी|

ऐसी सूरत में आप चाहे तो इसे दुबारा या तीसरी बार भी कर सकते है| इसमें कोई नुकसान या हर्ज नहीं है| ये निकाह का इस्तेख़ारा आजमूदा है और खुद मैंने भी इसे किया है| इन्शा अल्लाह आपके सारी उलझने दूर होंगी आमीन|

इस्तिख़ारा के ख़्वाब की ताबीर कहाँ पूछें?

  1. कमैंट्स- इस पेज पर कमेंट कीजिये, आपको 24 घंटे में जवाब ज़रूर मिल जायेगा|
  2. या अल्लाह फब प्राइवेट इनबॉक्स: या फिर ऍफ़ बी प्राइवेट मैसेज बॉक्स में अपना मैसेज भेजिए| उसी दिन जवाब मिलेगा|

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  1. naushaba on said:

    shi trika kia hi istikhar perne ka plzz mujhe btayi

    • Istikhara karne ka mukammal tareeqa upar post me bataya gya hai. Aap pura post dhyaan se parhiye.

  2. naushaba on said:

    meri ammi ne istikhara pra tha mere liye ek din tho kia ek din se result aa jata hi shi unhone dekha tha ki ek bhoit bri nadi hi aur wo paar nhi ker pa rhi hi wha bhoit se log hai jo bol rhe the unse ki aap esko paar nhi ker payengi tho eska kia matlab hi jis lerke ke liye pri thi uske liye maine dekh atha tho positive aya tha but wha sab raji hi mujh se shadi ke liya tho kia kerna hi aap btayi mujhe

  3. Mahnoor on said:

    Aoa many Nikah k istakhary K bd Khwab me green Kpry or white shoes Dekhy h apny liy
    Iska Kya Mtlb h? Or mny istakhara is niyat sy Kia h k Nikah hoga ya nhi

  4. Unkwn on said:

    As-salam-ualaikum dear sis i have one question that mene ek video dekha tha to usme ishtekhara ke bare me bola tha ki ye bs srf Allah ki raza lana hota h ap nhi pata laga skte ke ye yes hai ya no hai to ap kese btati h ke ye positive h ya negative h or me apko us video ka link deti hu plz mujhe sahi jawab dijiyega

    • Istikhara ALLAH ki raza malum karne ke liye hi kiya jata hai. Jo ke Ahadees se bhi sabit hai. Agar istikhara me kuch positive dikhayi de to ham bolte hain ke aapke haq me hai. Agar negative dikhayi de to haq me nahi hai.

  5. Saher on said:

    Aoa sir
    Agr shadi k liye istikhara krein aur khawab main khud ko garden main khara dekhain jidr phool hon aur ek dm sy taiz hawa chl jye k kch nzr na aye to iska kya mtlb hai

    • Iska matlab hai ke aapka istikhara aapke haq me aaya hai. ☺️

  6. Anonymous on said:

    Assalam o alaikum
    Mai jisse pasand krti 6saal se wo bande ne muje bahut bada dhoka diya ek saal pehle uski mangni hu ek saal se muje physically aur mentally torture kiya jhuth bola k wo usse shadi nhi krna chahta mujse pyar krta lekin wo usse relation me tha sath sath aur aaj jb muje sab sach pata chala wo muje zalil krke chodh diya ek pal k liye b sry feel nhi kiya
    Kya Allah muje is baat ka insaad dege wo dhoke baaz ko saza milne me mai usse loyal thi aur wo mere sath bs game khelra tha mai chahti hu usko uske kiye saza mile allah k tarafse 😔
    Mai jeena nhi chahti

    • Dear sis, ALLAH ne ijazat nahi di ke aise kisi ghair mahram ke sath ta’alluqaat rakhe jayen. Agar pasandeedgi ho jaye to seedha rishta laane ki baat ki jaye. Aur walidain ko bataya jaye. Baqi agar aapke sath zyadti hui hai to beshak ALLAH sab dekh RAHA hai. Wohi insaaf karne WALA hai. Aap ALLAH se hidayet ki du’a maangen.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Ji mai jaanti meri b galti h uske liye roz maafi maangti hu Allah se
        Usne muje sab jaanke dhoka diya h sab kch jaanke khel khela h mere sath mai depression me hu kisise kch keh b nhi sakti mai dilse chahti use uske kiye ki saza mile aur Allah sab ka insaaf krte muje Allah pr bharosa h

  7. Sarfaraz Akhtar on said:

    Assalamo Alaikum…
    Mai ek larki se pichle 12 sal se pyar karta hoon pahle to hamesha uska inkar rahta tha baad me 2013 me usne bhi qubul kiya kiya fir sari cheezen chalti rahi 2017 me usne apne gharwalon se sabse zid karke mujhse rishta k liye raazi kiya hamari mangni bhi ho gyi ab wo ye bol rahi hai jab hamare ghar ki taraf se date lene ki baat hui to larki ke abba ne kha ham sonch kar batate hain aur larki bilkul bhi raazi nhi hai….Mujhe kya karna chahiye

  8. firoza on said:

    meny khwab may chand or suraj aasman may upar nichy dekha hai iska koi upar chand hai or nichy suraj iski kya tabir hai plz bataye

  9. Maihevish on said:

    mujhe pta h thoda ajeeb khwab h thabhi mujhe samjh nhi aa rha. normal khwab h ya ishara h agr ishara h to positive hai ya nagetive

    • Aapko bataya to hai ke achha khwab hai. Achha matlab positive khawab hai.

  10. Maihevish on said:

    Asslamu alaikum mujhe ek sapana aaya tha but maine fajar ke namaz ke liye alaram laga ya to maine jab vo alaram baja uko band kya or soo gyi tab aya tha to mujhe samjh nhi aara ki ye normal sapna h ya koi ishara mujhe ye sapna aya tha ki mere chacha ji mujhe bohat saari shopping kra rhe jo m kahu vo dila rhe to phir achanak se ek room ke bahar aa gyi or maine ander dekha to mere dono bade bhai room m bhaithe h meri bhabhiyo ke saath unme se choti bhabhi dulhan bani hui thi phir maine bahar ja kr dekha to mera dusre bhaiyya jcb se ghr todne jaa rhe the phir m bhag kr gyi or unke saath ja kr room bhaith gyi phir vo bhai bhi agya jo jcb se ghr thod rha aagya or hamare tha bhaith gya or bola ki m bhi enjoy krunga phir ham ne bohat maje kare masti kri bs itna hi tha

    • Maihevish on said:

      mai 2 din istekhra kr rhi hu kuch sapna nhi aara but ye kl aaya tha

      • Koi baat nahi sis. Kisi bhi ek raat me ishara ho sakta hai. Aap lagataar saat raaton tak love marriage istikhara parhiye.

  11. Unkwn on said:

    assalamualaikum sis mujhe ek wazifa chahiye tha actually me jinhe pyar krti hu unhone apni study bi accha se complete ki hai english bhi bohot acchi h kaam bi sab ata h par pata nahi kyu unki job nahi lag pati or jab bi khin interview dete h to wo clear ho jata h but unko pending me dal diya jata hai ya hold pr rakh dete h ya agar job lag bhi jati h to usme bohot prblms ati h plz koi esa wazifa btae jo me unke liye padh saku or unki job lag jae plz sis bht zaruri h

  12. Shabnam on said:

    Agr khwab me white color kay buhat se kapraa nazar aye to kia yeah istikhara positive he?? Or agr larka bhi white kapre pehne khuwab me nazar ae to is ka kia he jawab? Please reply

    • ji hai sis apka nikah istikhara ki tabeer positive hai.

      • shabnam on said:

        Itna ziada white kapra (kafan) ki trha ka nazar ana acha hota? kindly confirm kr den? But mjhe un logo ki wja se dukh hi mil rha koi na koi or rishta bhi nahi ho rha he?

        • Safed rang istikhara me nazar aana positive alamat mani jati hai sis.

  13. Rizwana on said:

    Assalamu alaikum kya koi aise duva hai engagement break karvanae ki plz batayae

  14. Assalamualaikum
    Maine isteqara kiya aur dekha ke mai aur meri sister ek function hall ke opposite mein khade hue hai aur meri sister bol rahi hai ke ye dekho wahi function hall haina jisme khala ki shadi hui thi ye kitna chota hai toh mai kehti hu ki Han chota toh haI par Acha hi bas shadi hojane se matlab kya karna hai bade chote se… phir wahan right side par bohat saare gamle hote hai line se mai kehti hu ke dekho didi pehle ye side se seediya nahi thi ab seediyan banaye hai ye log ne aur ek gamle mein bohat khoobsurat red and brown clour roses hote hai meri sis sirf leaf ko hath lagate hi watchman mana karta hai / phir dekha ke meri sis keh rahi hain ke maine jo locket diya unhe gift mein unhe pasnd aaya/ phir dekha ke mai meri ammi aur meri saheli archies shop par hai wahan bohat saare greeting cards hai mai ek greeting card nikalti hu wo bohat colourfull aur attractive hota hai par usme pehle se hi kisi ke notes likhe hote hai aur sayeed afridi kehke naam bhi hota hai toh meri seheli aur mai wo nahi lete …wahin pe kuch dresses bhi hoti hai meri friend ko ek dress pasnd aata hai par rate zyada hone se wo nai leti mujhe ek white aur ek sky blue dress pasand aata hai par mai b wo nai leti ham ghar wapas aajate hain mai jab burqa utarti hu toh dekhti hu ke maine white top pehna hua hai jo maine nahi khareeda sochti hu ke maine shyd galti se pahanliya isse wapas karna hoga warna ye chori kehlaayegi soch kar utar deti hu wo black and ash lines wali t.shirt hojati hai phir ammi bahar se aati hai aur kehti hain ki dekho zara meri gardan par pissu hai kya toh mai uss pissu ko pakadti hu aur maar deti hu fir aur zameen pe mujhe aur ek pissu dikhta hai usse b maar deti hu aise hi teen chaar ko maarti hu.

      • Jazakallah mehar sis

  15. Gazala on said:

    Assalamu alaikum..Mera naam gazala jaha job krti hu waha k manager husain naam h unka muje Pasand h..hum dono ekdusre ko last 6-7 Saal s jaante h.. starting k 3-4 Saal hmre darmiyan Bahot achcha tha bt last 2 Saal s sb prblm h..muje husain s nikah krna h..wo ha kehte h phir kya kru?Plz help kriye meri..

    • Aap upar post se ya ALLAH Nikah istikhara kijiye aur phir bataiye. Pura hone par aapko wazifa recommend karungi insha ALLAH.

  16. Samia on said:

    Mam mjy apni marriage k bary.mai puchna h mai zada depressed hu agar dream mai red clr dekhy istakhara k bd iska kia mtlb h? Kindly respons krain

  17. Ap hr ek ka istkhara kaise positive deti hen sis? Larai ghusse me kia positive hona. Or mera rishta toot bhi chuka ha

    • Jiska istikhara positive aata hai usay hi positive bataya jata hai sis. Istikhara positive aane ka ye matlab nahi hota ke nikah bhi wahin hoga. Ye bhalayi me hai ya nahi, ye malum karne ke liye kiya jata hai.

  18. Shifa on said:

    Mam apse mene black magic check krne ka wazifa manga tha asal me jinse me pyar krti hu to unse meri khala apni beti ka rishta karana chahti hai or abhi kuch din phle un boy ke blazer me se kafi girls ke baal nikle .me in sab cheezon or ykeen nhi rakhti but mujhe confrm krna h kyuki meri khala in sab cheezon me bht zyda hai ap samjh hi gain hongi me kya bol rhi hu to bs mujhe dar h khin wo kuch kar na de glt unke sath or jo boy h unki job me har wqt rukawat ati rehti h unko har cheez ati h apni feild ki english bi bht acchi h but pta nhi Allah ki kya mrzi h jahan bi jate h wahan ya to interview cancle ho jata hai ya fir wo sab jo interview hue h wo pending me chale jate hai or agar job lg jati h wahan bht preshaniyan ati h kbhi whn ke log unko dant dete h bewjh hi yakbhi kbhi unko namaz ke liye nhi jane dete to isily mujhe pta lagana tha kya koi preshani to nhi
    to mene comment kiya tha phle bi to apne mujhe ye reply kiya tha -Kala jadu check karne ka wazifa-
    but mam ye wala wazifa bohot mushkil h mere liye kyuki meri family joint h agr me ye krungi to wo glt smjhenge z kuch esa wazifa btae jisse mujhe padh kr khwb me pta lg jae ke kya prblm h
    or mam job ke liye bi wazifa de dijiye taki unki gulf country me acchi job lg jae bgt wqt ho gya h struggle krte krte
    allah hafiz

  19. Ayesha khan on said:

    Mene to 1 baar kar ke chodd diya fir se kar sakti hu
    Aur mene isse pehle b 3 baar kiya he jab 1st tym kiya tha tab pure 7 days complete kiye the har baar yes me answer aya mene ek alim se puchi thi khwab ki tabir lkn unhone kaha ki rukawat he

  20. Shifa on said:

    Mam ye nhi ho paega ye thoda mushkil bi h or time bi bht jaega or meri family joint h to nahi kar paungi me ap please koi esa wazifa btae jo srf padha jae

  21. Shifa on said:

    Mam ye thoda difficult h or me ye kar bi nhi paungi kyuki ek to mujhe smjh nhi aya or meri joint family h me nhi kar paungi koi asan wazifa btae jo srf pdhne septa lg jae

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘istikhara ki dua’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

  22. Anonymus on said:

    Assalam o alaikum. I love a boy for 5 years. Wo b mery Sath sincere ha. But Jb b shadi ki try kren to problem Aa jata ha. Mjy magic related dreams aaty thy. Usk ly Ya Qahaaru prhti hu. Nikah istkhara b bht dfa Kia ha positive Ata ha.
    Kuch din Pehly dream dekha k
    passport bnanay Waly office ma hu. Wha ka Mahol khushgwar hota ha. Mery Sath meri friend hoti ha. Sign etc Kra ry hoty hn. Phr wha se Baher dekha to koi tbaahi AI hoti ha. Log Mar ry hoty Han. 2,3 black bhainsen (cows) b bht takleef se tarap kr Mar ri hoti Han. Lekin office k Andar sb Theak hota ha.

    Ma ayat Al kursi ka wazifa kr ri hu. Shadi k halaat kuch bnty hn, Lekin khandan k kuch Logu ne zid Lga rkhi ha k shadi nhi hony deni .

    PleAse help me ma kya kru. Ma us lrky ko nhi bhool skti. Aur khandan Walu ko Mera single rhna manzur ha Lekin wha shadi nhi.

    • Aap ya Qahhar ka amal parhte rahiye jab tak jadu ka asar khatm nahi ho jata.

  23. Shifa on said:

    No mam black magic cure wala wazifa nahi i need wazifa to check black magic apne bola tha na ke boy pr agr kuch hua hoga to is wazife se pta lg jaega but mujhe nhi mila wo to ap black magic check krne wale wazifa ka link share kre

  24. Shifa on said:

    Mam wazifa to black magic ka link de dijiye

  25. Ayesha khan on said:

    Jazakallah sis lkn dusmani kisse me samjhi nahi kon dusman aur me 3 din complete karu plz bataye mujhe ap

    • Khwab se andaza hua hai aisa. Aap 7 din istikhara kijiye mukammal.

  26. Ayesha khan on said:

    Assalamu alaikum
    Mene nikah istikhara kiya jisse me love karti hu unke liye aur usme mujhe ped aur asman dikha lkn jese sunset hota hena vesa asman tha aur esa b dikha jese eid ani hoti he aur hum tayyari to me lag jate he vesa mahol dikha saam ka tym he aur bht zabba lehnge sir par topi pehne log ek kapde ka bht lamba sa than banay he jo peach colour ka he aur vo khule asman ke niche hi bana rahe he jo bht khubsurat he fir mujhe mere lover b dikhe white shirt me jo mujhe dekhne ko mere ghar ke niche aye he lkn vo waqt fazar ka dikh raha he aur asman dikh raha he fir mujhe 3 bht expensive soaps dikhi usme se ek soap jo light orange colour ki thi me leke nahane gai lkn naha nai paai qki vaha ek choti chipkali aai aur usse dekh ke bht sari badi badi chipkali nikli aur usko daboch ke le gai lkn mujhe kuch saaf nahi dikhi chipkali aur kuch gunde type darwne log b dikhe lkn vo mere liye nahi aay the
    Ye istikhara 1 hi din ka he mene age complete nahi kiya lkn isse pehle 3 baar istikhara ki aur sab me ha aaya lkn sath kuch rukawate b aayi
    Aap plz mujhe iss khwab ki tahir bata dijiye

    • Positive hai aapka istikhara. Kuch dushmani ki alamat bhi hai.

  27. Shifa on said:

    mam mujhe nhi mila ap plz mujhe link de dijiye

  28. Shifa on said:

    shukriya sis or kya me ishtekhare ke sath sath kar lu wazifa bi?

    • Behtar hai istikhara pahle mukammal kar len aur uska natija aane par wazifa shuru karen.

  29. Shifa on said:

    Mam ek or prblm h jinhe me chahti hu….meri khala apni ladki ka unse karana chahti h rishta or wo thode karne karane me yakeen rakhti h me bilkul nhi mnti hu but mam asal me kal unke blazer me girls ke baal nikl rhe the plz btae koi problem to nahi h
    mam plz ap meri is baat ka jwb de dijiye mujhe dar h mere nani ghr ke ese hi log h or khala bi bht ykeen rkhti h is pr
    me jnti hu Allah se badh kr kuch nhi fir bi bs apse cnfrm krna chahti hu

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘wazifa to check back magic in islam’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar kuch din tak boy ka tasavvur kar ke ye wazifa parhiye. Agar kuch kiya gya hoga us par, to pata chal jayega.

  30. MAISARA on said:

    Aslm Sis.. mene aako 1st aur 2nd day ka istekhara bataya tha ..apne mere istekhara positive bataye . .
    3rd day kuch bhi dream nahi aaya
    4th day mene dekha ki ek ladki kisi ladke se baat Kar rahi hai wo ladka police hain.ek dusra gusse Waala police in dono ko baat karte hue delta hain ladki to saare Mohalle me beizzat karta hai wo ladki bht roti hai. Wo gusse Waala police us ladki ko arrest karne ki Kashish karya hai tabhi wo dusra police wala jo ki us ladki se baat kar raha tha wo ladka us gusse waale police se maafi mantra hain ..phir wo ladki uske ghar jaati hain.
    Sis plz batayi k aisa kyun 2 days ka itna acha istekhara phir Aisa😢

  31. Shifa on said:

    Assalamualaikum mujhe apne khwb ki tabeer punchni h
    1st day mene dekha ke me kidi mrg me hu or jinse pyar krti hu wo bi wahan h or me whn se fir ghar ke liye niklne lgti hu apne cousin bhai ke sath kyuki ghr pss hi hota h to wo bi mere piche piche ate h or raste me bs hum dono hote h wo bht tez tez bhaag kar merepss ate h or me unhe dekh kr hns rhin hoti hu ke ab mere piche piche kyu a rhe ho fir wo mujhse phle ghar phnchna chahte h to wo side se nikl kr bht tez bhaag kr ghar phnchte h me araam araam se chl kr jati hu kyuki mene heels phni hoti h or bs muskura rhi hoti hu or jb ghr phnchti hu to me dhundti hu khn khn h bhr khade ho kr kyuki keys to hnare pss thin to mera cousin bolta h upr dekho to wo terrace pr chad jate h jese bi chadhe to fir unse room ke lock nhi khulte h me fir ghr me ja kr apne room ke lock khilti hu to mere cousin se kehte h tumhari baji ne bade hi acche se lock laga rakhe h fir wo bathroom me chale jate h or me khana lene chali jati hu tab tak to wo whin hote h but jb me khana le kr a jati hu to wo whn nhi hote or me dekhti hu ke gae khn pr fir baji cousin a jatin h or me khana kha rhi hiti hu me unhe bi bolti hu tum bi kha lo fir sb ghr ke log wps a jate h to fir me unhe dekh nhi pati
    2nd daya aya to tha but dhyaan nhi rha

    Mam ek or prblm h jinhe me chahti hu….meri khala apni ladki ka unse karana chahti h rishta or wo thode karne karane me yakeen rakhti h me bilkul nhi mnti hu but mam asal me kal unke blazer me girls ke baal nikl rhe the plz btae koi problem to nahi h

  32. Shehla on said:

    Assalamu alaikum…
    Agar istekhare ki last ki dua yaad na ho to dekh k padh saktey hain???
    Please help me..

    • Ji bilkul istikhara dua aap dekh kar parh sakti hain.

  33. MAISARA on said:

    Aslm Sis.. .last nyt k istekhara me mujhe zamin se paani aate hue dikha phir uske baad mujhe ek hazrat white kapde aur white topi pehen hue ek amil jaise dik rahe they..wo mujhe bolte hain ki tum us gaar (underground)Me jao wahan golden rohani jaise tumhe dik sakta hai wo paak jinnat ki neeshani hai..agar wo tumhe dik gayi toh tum bht safalta milegi..shadi karne se acha hoga par tum us gufa me jaaogi toh usse b acha hoga…iska Kya matlab hai sis???

  34. Salam sis mny dusri jga b cmnt kiya tha but mjy response ni Mila …m kisi lrky ko psnd krti hu or us sy shadi krna chahti hu .. m chahti wo b mjy psnd kry or apni Khushi sy rshta kry …us Sy phly mny yha nikah istikara ki sari details pri or mny kiya b aj Mera frst day tha …khuwab m mny dkha m shall orti hu black clr ki embroidery wli but m satisfied ni hoti hu mjy lgta ha wo thand cover ni kry GI ya shi ni lgy gi mj py …m usy or KR chk krky utar dati hu or dusri shalls dkhny LG prti hu

  35. Zeenat Sayyed on said:

    Asalawalekum my Nidal istikhara krri 5din hue h 1din ka kuch yaad ni 2 din ka yaad ni tha par 3din jb dekhi to 2day ka continue khawaab tha my mere bhn aur WO ladka unke ammi bhn aur bhanji b the ham log ek jagah the jaha ek bada sa mall jaisa kuch tha jiske samne ek Chota sa ghr aur ek ped tha to un dono k bich sirf ek rasta tha to waha pura pani bhar gya tha raste PR mall me to hum sab WO chote ghr k waha the q k waha pani ni tha fir my aur koi car me baithe aur na Jane kaise pani se hote hue mall me pahuche fir waha ek tap ya wol jaisa kuch tha humne use bnd kiyato Sara pani chala gya fir subha hue aur WO ladka utha to unke ammi aur bhn b uth gye to unhone unse so Jane kaha fir baju me unke ek uncle soye te to unhone pucha kaha ja re ho to bole k meri bhn ko dekhne fir WO ghr me the chote to bahr aaye to ek dusra room me gye to waha ek ladki safed dulhan k kapde me ti Kon ti pta ni puri bhigi hue aur kuch boli bas 4day ka b kuch yaad ni 5day ka b yaad ni mere Abba ne kl hi has kahe par unke Abba unka rishta kahi aur kiye 31dec se pehle sagae krne wale WO ni maan re plss bataye kya kare

    • Positive sign hai istikhara me. Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘ayatul kursi ka wazifa for love marriage’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

  36. MAISARA on said:

    JazakAllahukhairan jaadu k kat ka wazifa b kar rahi hoon…aur mujhe plz yeh bataye ladke waalon se koi jawab nahi aaraha hai toh me unse haan karwane k liye konsa wazifa Karun?

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘rishte ki han karane ka wazifa’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

  37. MAISARA on said:

    Aslm .kal raat mene istekhara Kiya..mene mere khwab me dekha bahot paani bilkul Tsunami jaise .phir aasmaan bhi paani ka ho Gaya tha ..phir mene ek masjid dekhi wo darga ki bhi tarah thi ..wahan ladies k liye bhi Alag se place thi ..wahan ek lady thi wo kisi Kitab me istekhara dekne kitab khol ti hai toh wo kitab me bilkul snake aur ladder game..jaise chote snakes dikte hain ..

    • Positive ishare ke sath me jadu ke asraat ka bhi guman ho raha hai. 7 din istikhara mukammal kar ke bataiye.

  38. John micra on said:

    3 day koi khawab nahi
    4 day koi khawab nahi
    5 day mai or mera dost hamari white car se saman la rahe hai mere dost ne or mene us din collage ki jhuti kar li hum kisi ki shadi ka kaam kar rahe hai.
    6 day mai fuppi ke ghar gaya waha par mai bhai ke room mai gaya to us room mai mare room jaise hi parde lage hai jinka rang hara hai bhai ne kapde ki quality batai or mene mere crush ko impress karne ki tips puchi.
    7 day maine use message karne ka plan banaya or baki kuch clear nahi hai lekin wo is khawab mai nahi dekhi us ke bare mai baat zarur hui.
    last ab kiya use propose kar du. reply soon

  39. Aoa. Mene ye istakahara nai kia. Conventional wala shuru kia hua ha. Jo simple istkhara hta ha. Istkhara shuru krne se 1 din pehle mene dekha k mere fiance k abu ghar aye hur hmare or kisi bat p unchi awaz me lar rahe. Ghussa ho k ghar se chale jate. Istkhara k pehli rat mene dekha hm mere fiance k parents ko ghar bula rahe hen but wo aa ge nai rahe. No response. Istkhara ki dusri rat ko mene dekha k meri ammi mere fiance ko bta ri hen k me unke ghar gai hun lekin mere fiance ki ma ne mj se acha rawaiya nai rkha jispe mere fiance afsos ka izhar krte hen or me dukhi wapis ghar ati hun. Plz tabeer dein.
    Agar ne istkhara krti rhu to kia khud aise halaat paida ho jaien ge jis se yak tarfa faisla ho jaye?

  40. Hurairah on said:

    Aslm sir..kya me wazifa arrange marriage k liye karsakti hoon??? Aur 2 din me ladle waalon ko confirm Karna hai ..isliye instant istekhara batayi yeh sir

    • Ji han ye istikhara aap arrange marriage ke liye kar sakti hain. Instant istikhara ke liye Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘istikhara ki dua’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Istikhara ka page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar aap parhiye.

  41. Binte hawa on said:

    G sister.
    Ma apny ly ya Qahaaru wala prh ri hu boy k ly surah Muzammil aur Sath ayat Al kursi ka start Kia ha. Dua ma yad rkhiey ga.
    Boy Khud hi contact kry ga ya mjy krna pryga? Q k Wo naraz ho gya tha Itni mushklat k baad

    • Aap apne love wazaif khoob yaqeen ke sath parhen. Insha ALLAH, kamyabi milegi, ameen! Contact aap karna chahen to kar sakti hain, ye aapki marzi hai.

  42. Binte hawa on said:

    Jzakillah sister for reply.
    Magic ka wazifa 11 days ka ho gya ha. Dream ma ne btaya ha. K old man ki deadbody dekhi.Ab next shadi ka amal kr lu? Aur magic wala b Sath krti jau?

    Istkhara k 6 day do dream dekhy thay
    Ek dream ma raat ko 4 new yellow hair bands dekhy aur Fajar k time time dream dekha k
    Ma ne abi dream ma dekha k ma apni sis k Sath Fsd ma I hoti hu to bhai ki call ami ko ati ha k Mohally ki anti Umrah kr k AI Han aur wha se tasbeeh, khjoor, bags, chocolates etc lai Han. Ma sochti hu k hmary grh Jany tk bhai ne chocolates Kha li hungi.
    Phr ma nmaz k ly jati hu to neem grm pani Aa rha hota ha. Ma khush ho jati hu k ami ne geyser chla dia tha aur wuzu krny lgti hu

    • Istikhara positive hai aapka.
      Shadi ka amal aap kar sakti hain shuru aur sath me black magic cure ka amal bhi parh len.

  43. John micra on said:

    As salaam ale kum mere pechle sawal ka jawab nahi aaya hai. Aaj ka sawal mene ya Allah nikah istekhara kiya apna khawab batane ke pehle aap ye jan le ki mene 2018 me 12th karle me jis ke liye yeh kar raha hu wo ladki abhi 12th kar rahi hai hum same school me hai .Mene dusre din istekhara kar ke soya to mene dekha ki meri Class ke sare doast basketball khel rahe hai khel te hue hamari ball bahar gale jate hai me jakar ball lata hu mere aane par wo ladki bhi muje wahi dekhte hai. Suddenly mere uncle aaja te hai mere uncle ki safed beard hai or wo safed topi mai aate hai wo muj se bat kar de hai or mere dost ka puchte hai mera dost unse chup ta hai ye dekh wo ladki jis ke liye mai ye istekhara kar raha hu wo muskra ti hai wo me us ko dek ta hu uncle ka driver uncle ko mere dost ke bare me bata deta hai uncle us se bat kar jane lagte hai mai Uncle ke sath jata hu or driver ko kehta hu yeh mera nursery se Friend hai is se sahi rehna warna bhai se bol dunga yeh sare bat wo ladki sun leti hai.phir meri nind khul jati hai .please reply me as soon as possible

    • Aapke pichle comment ka javab de diya tha. Ye Dream bhi positive hai. Istikhara mukammal karen aap.

  44. John micra on said:

    imran bhai as salma ale kum
    Mene pheli raat ko dekha ki hum dost bed kar building construction ki baat kar rahe hai phir 1 or dost aata hai or wo ladki bhi aati hai me us ladki se kabhi bhi personal baat nahi karta hu magar khawab mai mera dost jese mere crush ke bare me pata hai kehta hai baat kar or us se baat karta hu wo meri baat par hasti hai bas fir fajr ka waqt ho jata hai or mai ute jata hu. please reply as soon as possible and also say i have to continue this wazifa or not.

    • Positive sign hai ye. Aap 7 din tak istikhara pura kar ke batayen.

  45. Bint e hawa on said:

    Salam. Mera ek proposal Aya. Ma ne istkhara Kia Kafi dfa aur dream ma dekha k ma ne white clothes Pehny Han. Aur college ma khush hoti hu friends k Sath. Phr wha class se prayer room ma jati hu. Rasty ma barish se char qadam guzarny se kuch dry leaves mery kpru pr lLG jaty hn. Ma prayer room ma jA k sochti hu k wash kr k fan k Nichy dry krti hu.
    Isk bad engagement ho gei Lekin rishta ma bht rkawat Aa ri ha. Magic ka wazifa kr ri hu. To dream ma dekha k ek bht old man ki deadbody ha Jisy dream ma father smja hota ha.(wo father jesa nhi tha)
    Now I again started nikah istkhara. Ma ne day one dekha k School ma hu wha kuch lrkiu ne light brown, white tasbih ko as bracelet pehna hota ha. Ma uny alag krti hu. To ek aur khoobsurat lrki nzr AI Jis ne white motmotiu wala bht pyara necklace pehna hota ha. Ma Usy b alag kr k teacher se khti hu k Ye Lrkian jewelry Pehan kr School AI Han.
    Second ,third , forth day dream nhi dekha koi Khas.
    But in heart I feel more love for him.

  46. Positive hai aapka khwab. Aap 7 din tak karen istikhara.

  47. Faria on said:

    Mene personally bat krni hai apse. Kese hogi ? Kuch cheezain discuss krni hai regarding my issue

  48. Asslam.u.alaikum sir ma ny khwab mn dekha k ma un k sath boht khush hon or hr trf sabza he sabza mean green trees lekn phir ma my dekha k koi humen zbrdasti door krny ki koshish kr rha hs

    • Masha ALLAH, aapke istikhara ka natija aapke haq me aaya hai sis.

  49. Periods k doran kr skte hen?

  50. faiza on said:

    sir kya 7 din istakhara krna lzmi hai

    • Ji han yaALLAH Nikah istikhara 7 din karna zaruri hai.

  51. Syeda Khaleda Sultana on said:

    Salaam sis. As you recommended, I did the istikhara for the second time and the following are my dreams:

    Day 1: I saw in my dream that I was sitting our courtyard, applying henna to my hair. I then saw a couple of black cobras coming towards me. They stopped in front of me, hissing menacingly and tried to bite me. I got up and ran into the house, thew something at them as they were following me and closed the door.

    Day 4: I saw myself with some unknown people. I was about to take some sort of a critical decision. These people tried to explain things through and tried to make me understand why I should not go ahead with the task. It felt like these people were a blessing from Allah because I was having a lot of trouble deciding what I should/should not do.
    Then I saw myself standing to offer my Maghrib prayers with my father. But, he would not allow me to pray with him. He said that men and women should not pray together. I tried to explain to him that since he is my father, this rule does not apply. But, when he did not agree and I saw that the prayer time was coming to an end, I left. I went to Ammi (if you remember from my previous message, she is no longer with us) and asked if there is any such rule, she asked me to go ahead with what I know….then I woke up.

    Days 2,3,5, 6 & 7, I don’t remember the dreams.

    Please let me know what you think and please keep me and my little one in your prayers.


    Syeda K Sultana

    • Dear sis, your istikhara’s result showing some sort of black magic effects on you. Kindly first perform a wazifa to remove black magic effects.

  52. Assalamualaikum maine kuch dino pehle isteqara kiya tha aur maine dekha
    Pehle din : ek buzurg lady hai jinhe mai jaanti hoon unko mai red colour ki small jelly khane ke liye de rahi hu unke paas white colour ka mixer grinder hai jiska wire black hai
    Dusre din dekha ke mai jinke liye isteqara kar rahi hoon wo ladka bina kapdo ke hai aur unko pata nai kyun unke dost utha kar laaye aur mere ghar guest room pe bithaye mai kuch durr par mere room ke door se unko chup kar sab dekh rahi thi.

    • Kuch khas positive nahi dikhayi diya. Aap 7 din mukammal kar ke bataiye.

  53. iqra tariq on said:

    i did istahara for me loved one .
    on 1st night i saw that someone is giving me dard green embroided shirt.
    on 2nd night i saw his sister showing me some dresses
    on third night i saw lot of hen.and a well of water and i m pouring water from well .is it positive istahara ?

  54. Faeeza on said:

    Salmz jazakallah khair for assisting with guidance to everyone, may you be rewarded in Abundance aameen. My name isFaeeza I have a personal issue that I’m seeking guidance for is it possible for me to speak in private to you. Jazakallah.

  55. Sizhar on said:

    I am Sizhar and i am a member of your website from along time. Can i do this istekhara.

    • Yes you can do ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara anytime you want.

  56. Faria on said:

    Istekhara positive tha. Or me boht wazaif kr chuki hun 1 saal ho gya hai koi asar nahi ho rha. Or msla ye hai k uske parents ne khandan me lrki dekhi hui hai or mera nam sunay bghair keh dia hai k apni psnd se krni hi nahi hai. Please tell me something powerful. Or agr koi ristrictions hain to please mje guide krdain. Koi aisa wazifa btayen jisse wo jaldi man jayen kyu k mere liye b rishty any lg gye hain. Qul k taweez wala 2 bar kia hai pr ayat ul kursi wala. Or impossible to possible wala. Pta nahi kyu asar nahi ho rha please mje kch btayen me boht pareshan hogai hun.

    • ALLAH Ta’ala par yaqeen rakhiye aur khoob dil se du’a kijiye. Insha ALLAH, aapki mushkil asaan hogi, ameen!

  57. Naaz on said:

    Do my dreams have meanings like seeing being pregnant and being drowned in water

    • I have already told you that these istikhara dreams are positive.

  58. Nazzz on said:

    I did my Istikhara before it was positive and it was the same guy
    There is a guy I love but he is engaged. I did Istikhara again in order to ask the guidance of the allah to see whether I m going on the right path for asking allah to give me him. I have did many wazifas to get him. So I wAnt to know am I going on right path

    On first day I saw the guy, we talk with each other really happily. Then his aunt said to him if u love her and why don’t u marry him. And he nod.

    On the second I saw water and I was drowned or I forget I saw a woman drowned. I confused about this. Then I saw I was pregnant

    Is my Istikhara positive

  59. Sab on said:

    Oh ok ! I dint knw tht i cnt do istekhara with YA QAHAR i stopped istekhara nw ! Thank you sis for updating me about this ! But sis one thing i noticed whenever i do istekhara prayer i spent whole night restless ajeeb tension mai rehti hon why is ths happen ?

  60. Sab on said:

    I am doing nikah istekhara n i saw…

    First Day : I saw a girl wearing beautiful black dress then suddenly i saw my bf in my home he was wearing white shirt and saying me that i will marry some other girl cause she is more well off then you and then he left my home then i saw my mom fell down n bleeding started from her head thn my bf came again n asked me to take her to hosp but i refused him n mai ghussay mai unhien jana k kehti hon ghr sy..then meri ankh khul gai n i woke up for fajar prayer after prayer i slept again tu i saw that my bf saying me k mai jhoot bol raha tha koi dosri larki nhi hai..

    Second Day : I saw myself wearing blck dress and mai buhat tayar hon thn my bf came to me n he tried to praise me but i was ignoring him but he kept following me.. then i saw some office where i saw light green grapes hanging on every table.

    I have done just 2 days and i am confused about the dreams.. Can you pls tell me about the meaning and sign of these dreams .. moreover i am also doing YA QAHAR wazifa these days..

    • Why are you doing ya qahhar wazifa along with istikhara? Your dreams are mostly negative. Better to do istikhara once you are not doing any black magic wazifa to get a clear result.

  61. Ayesha on said:

    MAM MEIN NAMAZ PEHLY PRH LETI phr dobara 11 bjy ISTIKHARY ky NAFAL prhti or phr soti

    • Ji bilkul aap aise kar sakti hain. Istikhara karna hi raat ko theek sone se pahle hai.

  62. Rehan on said:

    1st day mujhe paani or patte nazar aaye he or second din ka yad nhi aa rha mjhe kya he positive he

    • Istikhara ke khwab me pani aur sabz patte dekhna achi alamat hai. Aap 7 din pure kar len.

  63. Sizhar on said:

    Assalamu alaikum

    We got a rishta for me from a proposal office. My dad and family finds him angry while talking but loks decent . I want to do ishtekhara to know if he is suitable for me. Kindly allow me for this nikah istekhara.

    • You may perform this istikhara once you subscribe the website.

  64. Anonymous on said:

    Nikah istekhara ki maine khwab dekhi k mai call centre me job krti hu jisse mai nikah krna chahti usse baat band rehti h to use manane k liye milne ka plan hota offc bunk krke meri frnd k sath jari hoti pr jb batane call krti hu k milna chahti to meri frnd mere hath se phone leleti h aur baate krne lgti h wo use kch bolta h k muje call… phr call cut hojata frnd ko puchti hu kya bola to bolti h mere samaj nhi aata kch to call ka bolra tha uske baad aadha din tk mai use call try krti hu pr cnnct hi nhi hota to mai tut jaati hu sochti k avoid krra h muje
    Phr mai cab me baithke kahi chali jaari hoti
    positive h ya neg bataye

    • Kuch had tak positive hai. 7 din pure karen istikhara ke.

  65. Ayesha on said:

    MAM apko batana chahti ky mein do dafa ISTIKHARA kr chuki mjhy khawab yd nhi rehty jo ek yd raha tha apko bataya tha ap kehti irrelevant hai to kia krn khwab yd nhi rehty

    • Pure 7 din karen aap istikhara. Aur parh kar fauran so jaya karen.

  66. Ayesha on said:

    MAM jimse meiny ISTIKHARA krwana wo khe rh pora naam batao dono ka

    • Aap khud ye istikhara kar len jo upar bataya gya hai. Is me sara tareeqa bataya gya hai. Iske mutabiq aap parh lein.

      • Assalam o alaikum

        1st day maine dekhi k uske or mere daddy baat kar rahe the fir achanak koi darwaze se bahar nikla or chapal pehna or danish mujhe kuch msg karta hai…..fir meri ankh khul gai to uske baad mai fir so gai to dekhi k koi 2 log kisi ladki ko behosh kar k uske sath galat harkat kar rahe or maine us ladki ko bacha li or unlogo ko saza mili or usladki ki jaan bach gai hai

        2nd day maine sone k baad kuch nhi dekhi or meri ankh khul gai fir maine tajudh ki namaz padhne k baad mai so gai to maine ek hotel mai kuch logo ko dahi ki koi chiz banate hue dekhi or mere mamu ne mujhe koi ghadi ki chabi mangi to maine unhe dhundh kr di or ek pen dekhi jo green color ki thi

        3rd day maine mere bhai ko dekhi jo hafiza kar raha hai wo zamin mai chupa raha tha or ajeeb si bheed dekhi kuch boxers logo ki or ek banta hua ghr dekhi

        4th day maine ek pahad dekhi or ek khubsurat sa maindan dekhi or zor ki barish dekhi fir Maine mere bhai ko chabi le jate dekhi to dekhi k usske hath se chabi gir gai to maine usko utha kar di or dekhi k meri tabiyat kharab hai

        5th day maine dekhi k mai exam de rahi hu or mai kahin ja rahi hu mere frnds bohot ro rahe hai bahar bohot haryali hai dhimi barish bhi thi shayad mai bhi ro rahi hu or ek ghira kuwa bhi dekhi or ek shooting set pr ek ladki k girne ka scene hai fir wo log lagaye hue set ko todte hai

        6th day Maine dekhi k ramdan ki tarha mtlb sehri ka mahol hai ek bada kitchen dekhi bartan the usme or jingha bhi dekhi or ek badi safed khidki jis me se bohot ujala arha hai bohot ujala hai

        7th day maine kuvh nhi dekhi
        4th day maine ek pahad dekhi or ek khubsurat sa maindan dekhi or zor ki barish dekhi fir Maine mere bhai ko chabi le jate dekhi to dekhi k usske hath se chabi gir gai to maine usko utha kar di or dekhi k meri tabiyat kharab hai

  67. syeda k sultana on said:

    Salaam sis.
    I contacted you a few weeks earlier while I was doing the black magic cure. You suggested a way to protect my baby and advised that I do the online Istekhara and inform you about the results when I am done. Well, before I begin writing the details of my dreams, I wanted to remind you that this person has not proposed to me (but accepted my request on a matrimonial site), has been a good friend ever since, lives abroad, is a Shia (while I am a Sunni) and has abruptly stopped all forms of communications with me. I would also like to inform you that I do not sleep at night and go to bed after Fajr prayers. So, my dreams are all after Fajr. The following is a description of my dreams:

    Day I: I initially had a dream right after I fell asleep but I dont remember that. But after that, I saw that my 4year old daughter and I were visiting a family (who were gathered up for a family reunion). They were very nice people and were very cordial, loving and friendly towards me and my princess. There were 4 kids; 2 of them were infants, twins and the other 2 were also twins but my daughter’s age. One of the parent of the infants asked me to feed them. Mash Allah, all 4 kids were healthy, very beautiful and happy. My daughter too seemed very happy playing with the infants. After feeding them, we went to a place…I did not recognize it except for the fact that it was somewhere abroad. The family gave me a tour of this place we went to and mentioned that they had an appointment for routine check up for the toddlers. While the toddlers and their parents went in to see the doctor, my daughter and I stayed back with the parents of the two babies in the kid’s zone. We were conversing like we knew each other for years and were enjoying the company of our already very happy kids. The other couple came back with their kids and we left the building and went downstairs. There, we were waiting for cabs. One of the men from the family mentioned that since it was peak hour, it might take the cabs longer to arrive. At that point in time, one of the doctors came to me and said that they needed more practitioners like me…I saw Ammi (she passed away 3.5 years ago) and gave her a confused look because I am a pharmacist, not a pediatrician. I told her that most people go max to Singapore to study pediatrics coz Canada is too expensive. Ammi said she will ask around to see if anyone from back home is interested. Then I saw one of my juniors (he and his wife already emigrated to Canada) and called out to him. At first, he was absent minded but when he realized that he was being called, he came running, offered his Salaams to Ammi and me. I teased him by saying that ‘You might be here but your heart is with your wife’. He happily agreed and that’s when my daughter woke me up. It was Maghrib time and the Azaans just started.

    Day 2: I dont remember the details. It had something to do about a grave that had been desecrated and a warning that there will be consequences.
    After that, I see myself in my house. For some reason I was depressed and stepped out to take a walk. when i came back, i decided to go to the roof. there, i saw that some of the plant which were healthy before, were dying. I also saw one of our hens (a black hen) dead by the chicken coop. i love my animals, so, i left the house in tears to get some fresh air. when i got back, i heard my younger brother talking to my father. he was telling my father that the plants and animals were dying because of me; that i had poisoned them (in reality also, he is doing the same for the property left behind by my mother). I went upstairs to the roof again and saw a man. i did not see his face, but, he seemed to be some one i know. i told him about what was going on downstairs between my brother and father. i was so sad and depressed that i started crying, resting my head on his shoulders. he held me protectively and let me cry. i then heard my Ammi calling my name. She said something about both my brother and I inheriting about 50 lacs each from what she left behind. She was angry and sad about the fact that her son was going out of his way to have me disowned and that my father was not doing anything about it. She said ‘what they are doing to you is not right’. then i saw another well wisher; she grew up in our house. she expressed her disappointment on my brother’s conduct and the fact that my father was complying with his son. she also told me to have faith in Allah. I woke up and went back to sleep after some time.
    I then saw that my daughter was vomiting mucus. it was the usual green color, no smell to it or anything.

    Day 3: My daughter had some kind of a pimple on her upper lip. she was complaining that a mosquito bit her….then i saw her eating something. but, her mouth was filled with blood which she spat out. however, she did not complain of anything like pain or otherwise.

    Day 4: Dont remember

    Day 5: Initially, I had a dream which I dont remember. Then i saw myself in a grocery store. My ex-mother in law (who practices black magic) and my ex-husband were also there. I saw Ammi with me. I have a very nasty habit of not even bothering with politeness and salaam with people whom i dont like and Allah knows that that woman (my ex mother in law) played a key role in finishing my marriage. Anyway, I saw her speaking to someone over the phone about her son and new daughter in law leaving the country soon. That is when i went up to her and asked ‘did i ask too much from your son?’ Since we both were abroad, the entire basis of our marriage was that he promised me that we will be shifting to Canada permanently after our wedding because we both knew what his mother practiced and because we could not adjust here. she did not say anything. then i heard my ex-husband speaking to his wife on the phone, asking about how her ultrasound went. then he mentions that they will be having twins; boys. obviously overjoyed.

    we are Syeds and when i included the name Syeda to my daughter’s name, they all said that children dont have any blood relation/blood ties with their mother and that only ‘najayej’/illegitimate children carry their mother’s name. they called my innocent baby ‘harar’ and ‘najayej’. they called the Syed blood line ‘najayej’ because it came down by way of Hazrat Fatema (RA).

    So, in my dream, when I heard him saying that they will be blessed with twin boys, i could not stop myself from laughing. i was telling Ammi ‘It is like the time when Allah sent Musa (AS) to Pharaoh to destroy him’. Ammi replied that they will pay for what they have done to me any my baby and that Allah will do justice.

    Next, I see myself in a school, maybe a college or university and was a teacher there. i dont remember much about this dream. all i remember is that i lost my diamond ring. one of my students suggested that i retrace my steps back so that i may be able to find it. i asked a few of my students to keep an eye in case they find it. the school and the students were unfamiliar to me but they seemed to love and respect me.
    then i saw myself on a road side looking for my ring. i could not find it and went back to the school coz it was time for my class. after class i went to the library. the librarian said that i left my ring on her desk but seems to be missing from there as well. she expresses her concern that maybe one of the students took it. i replied that i trust my students not to do something like that. i am not quite sure who i saw next in the library; it was either one of my students or my ex-husband…but i had a suspicious feeling about him. i went up and asked if he had taken my ring. while he was saying ‘no’, the ring slipped fell out of his pocket. i picked it up, put it back on my finger. then i woke up.

    Day 6: dont remember entirely what i saw in the morning except that i was extremely happy because it seemed like Ammi came back from the dead. i was embracing her and that feeling of peace when you embrace your mother. but when she pulled away, she did not look anything like my mother. but, she was very happy too; her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears. all she told me was that i should stop using the sleeping aids.
    Towards the afternoon, i saw that all our domestic animals were back in the house (they were all sold off after Ammi passed away). Ammi was sick and i was asking her that if it was necessary to get these animals back especially because she was sick and i no longer had the strength or capability to look after them…as much as i love them. she said that it was necessary. then i thought i saw a black cobra and heard the hissing of snakes. i woke up. it was Maghrib time but i was quite shaken.

    Day 7: I saw about 5-6 people who i did not recognize rushing me to an SUV asking me to make haste. When i asked them what was going on, they replied that they had to get me out as soon as possible to keep me safe. one of them stuffed my belonging into a large suit-case and hastily put it in the trunk of the SUV. these people seemed to know me..but i did not know them. the car started off. i remembered something important and asked the person who packed my suit case if he had all my belongings in it. he said yes. but when i looked into it, some of my belongings were missing. then we heard a female laughter as if she was mocking me. she said that some of my things were not there…how will i make it out? the people i was with said they have to retrieve whatever that woman took in order to protect me. i smiled very slightly saying that whatever was missing was of no value or importance to me. but they insisted on getting the things back. they left and returned after sometime with my missing items and the woman. i did not recognize her but she knew me and was struggling to free herself…but could not. i woke up after that.

    I know the entire week’s dream is very lengthy and I offer my gratitude to the entire team of yaAllah for taking the time to patiently read the narration. if it is a positive sign, please do advise me what i should do next. also, i want to inform you that my ex-mother in law in constantly doing black magic on me and my baby and has bandish on every aspect of my life like job, going abroad, getting married etc. please keep my princess and me in your prayers that Allah may aid us in leaving the country as soon as possible and if possible grant me a good spouse because, in this world, its just my little one and me.


    Syeda K Sultana

    • Most of the dreams are irrelevant. I would recommend you to do this istikhara once again to get some clear results.

      • Syeda K Sultana on said:

        Salaam. Thank you sis. In Sha Allah I will. I also wanted to ask you something else. I have send messages via FB messenger before. But for some reason, I am not being able to do so anymore. Sometimes, some problems can get too personal to discuss it publicly. Please help me out on this one.


        • There is a fixed timing of sending messages to Our Fb Messenger. And that is 12:00pm to 2:00pm Indian Standard Time.

  68. Ayesha on said:

    MAM mein my pehly kia tha ISTIKHARA LEKIN KUCH SMJH NI AYA AB DOBARA KR R first day ki khawab bta deti lekin abhi sath din pory nhi hoye meny abhi pehly din dekja ky EK LRKI SHAHID HOI OR AHAHID TO ZINDA HOTY NA TO WO SB SE BATEIN KR R OR EK ANTI AI MERY GHR OR KEHTI KY EK MOJZA HOA HAI WO LRKI SHAHID HOI HAI OR SB SE BATEIN KR R OR PHR HM GAE Phr hum gaye agy phr usko dekha to mein bhht dr r thi ky wo SHAHID HO GAI HAI PHR BHI BATEIN KR R HA

      • Ayesha on said:

        Acha to kia seven days pory hny dn or mam mjhy khawab yd ni rehty

      • Ayesha on said:

        Mam lrky or ami ka pora naam pta hna chaiye ye lazmi ha

        • Larke ka first name lazmi pata hona chahiye. Walidah ka name nahi pata to hawwa bol sakte hain.

  69. Anonymous on said:

    Maine pehle do teen baar aapki site se istekhara b kiya hua hbpositive aaya h

    Maine aisehi aaj normally aaj khwab dekhi subah k waqt k mai jisse chahti hu uski haldi ki rasam ho rahi h uski mangetar k sath mere gharme iska kya mtlb h plz bataye ye istekhara ka khwab nhi h normally dekha h plz bataye muje tension hori h bahut llz guide iski kya tabeer h

    • General khwab aate rahte hain. Zaruri nahi jo khwab me dekha jaye waise hi ho. Dhyaan mat dein.

      • Ayesha on said:


        Mai Jisne Nikah krna chahti (Amber) hu Unke bare Mai mere Ghr mai Sbhi Ko Pta h Aur Amber k ghr mai Unke Abbu k alawa Sbhi Ko Pta h..

        Maine aaj first time nikah istikhara kia tha.. Maine dream mai dekha Mai Aur Meri ek Meri frnd Hum school Mai h aur waha teachers h. (Mai pehle school Mai teachite Krti thi) Aur kuch 12th k students mere paas aaye h treat lene bcz mera last day h school Mai.. Mai room se Nikalti hu class Jane K liye Kaha Maine cake mangwaya h Unke liye aur Lawn (Jo full of green grasses h) cross krna h classroom tk Jane K liye.. Bahar Buht achhi bariah ho rhi h
        .. Mai class Mai puhach jati hu..
        Fir Mai aese hi h kuch chote chote photo framme dekhe jinme Meri sister Aur hushusb k cute and sweet moments k pictures h..

        Please Mujhe iska Mtlb btaye Kya hoga.

        • Positive hai aapka dream sis. Aap 7 din pure kar ke bataiye.

        • Ayesha on said:

          Assalamualaikum sister

          Amber Mere parents se mile the Aur Unhone unse Apne parents se baat krwane Ko bola.. Amber ne Apni Ammi se Kai dafa baat Ki is bare Mai but wo seriously ni le rhi h Aur abi baat ni krna chahti h mere Ghrwalo se.. Aur na hi mana kr rhi h.. Bas time extend kr rhi h.. Keh rhi h Amber se agr tere kismat Ki hogi to Kahi ni Jayegi.. Mere parents Ramadan se pehle chahte h baat hojaye Wrna wo koi Aur rishta dekhenge.. Mai chahti hu unki Ammi maan Jaye Aur baat krle April se pehle bcz mere parents ne April tk ka tym dia h amber Ko baat krwane ka..

          Please sister btaye Mai Kya kru.. Kya padhu Jo unki Ammi maan Jaye.. Please suggest me.

        • 7 din me agar khwab nazar na aaye to halaat jis taraf ko jayen, ya dil me jis taraf ahas ho, usay istikhara ka natija mana ja sakta hai.

    • maham on said:

      i am very tensed
      Maham here few months back i texted and told my whole story
      kia waqai hi bad dua qabool hoti hy?

      • Baddua agar haq (sach hai) hai to ALLAH sunta hai, Insha ALLAH.
        ye ALLAH ki marzi hai k wo sune na sune, ye ham kese bata sakte hai.
        Lekin agar kisi ko naa-haq pareshan kiya aur usne baddua di to lag bhi jati hai.

        Aakhir me phir se ALLAH ki marzi hai.

        • Anonymous on said:

          Agar hum kisi ko hurt krte h taqlif dete h jisse saamne wale ko dilse taqlif ho phr jb hume galti ka ehsaas hojaye aur dilse baar baar maafi maangne k baad b wo maaf na kre aur dil se apni wo baat nahi nikal para to kya krna chaiye

          • Anonymous on said:

            Us case me maafi mangne wala galat hota ya maaf na krne wala

          • ALLAH behtar janta hai sis. Main kya kah sakti hon.

  70. Jis raat ko isteqara kiya ho uske baad aane wala sirf raat ka hi khwab matter karta hai ya fajar ke baad ka b count hota hai… meaning rakhta hai wo ya nai.

  71. Assalamualaikum maine 7 din poore kar liye hain please tabeer bata dijiye
    Day 1 : Mujhe zyada kuch yaad nahi par maine apni family members ko lift mein dekha ..uske baad yaad nahi maine plate mein kuch khaya kya khati hu yaad nhi phir pani peene ke liye kitchen ke door ke pas gayi jiske tiles black hain. maine bas adha kadam black tiles rakha hi tha ke bhabi ne mujhe pani diya wahan baithne ke liye kuch nahi tha toh mai niche (pairo par)baith kar bottle se pani peene lagi (in reality meri bhabi mujhe pasand nahi karti hamari khaas jamti bhi nahi).

    Day 2 : Dekha ke bhaiya aur bhabi ek dusre se naraz hain aur bhabi unhe paper balls bana kar manane ki koshish kar rahi hai par wo nahi mante fir mai uss white paper ball ko uthakar padhti hoon par usme kuch khaas sorry jaisa messesage nahi hota. Phir school principal madam ko dekha aage yaad nahi.

    Day 3: meri bhanji jo 1 half years old hai usko aur hamare ghar ki maid ko dekha baaki yaad nahi.
    Usi din fajr ke baad jab soyi toh khwab aaya ke
    Maine sir mein mehandi lagayi hui hai aur ayeene mein dekh rahi hoon tab hi meri ek khala wahan par aati hai aur kehti hai ke henna pack mein anda aur coffee milani chahiye,Acha hota hai.Mai kehti hoon ke maine already pack mein andanda milaya hua hai phir bhi meri do khalayein mujhe force karti hai ke mujhe anda coffee mix karke lagayengi aur itne mein dono anda todh deti hain aur wo zameen par gir jata hai.
    Day 4 : Dekha ki ammi red colour Almary ek room se dusre room shift kar rahi hai. (In reality mere liye ammi ne ek ladka pasand kiya tha jiska behaviour meri aor bohat hi caring tha par pata nahi kyun wo bhi badal gaya aur uske gharwalo ne bhi mujhe reject kardiya tha) Mera ye isteqara uske liye nahi hai dusre ladke ke liye hai phir bhi mai khwab mein ammi se bol rahi hoon ke Ammi shayad bhabi aur bhabi ke gharwalo ne hi kuch karwa diya hoga jaadu uspar kyun ki wo mujhse jalte hain ke wo mujhe ache se dekhleta. Uske baad ek choti paper plate mein restaurant jaisa mutton dekhi juicy and tasty lag raha tha,sath mein half cut nimbu bhi tha. Sirf dekha hai khayi nahi.
    Fir usi din fajr ke baad khwab aaya ke
    Main aur didi ghar se bahar gayi hai Didi ne naak pochne ke liye mujhe tissue maanga mere pas kerchief tissue kuch nahi tha toh maine sadak par ek book thi uske do paper paad kar didi ko diye. Didi ne naak pochte hi saamne ek white colour ka door khula aur unpar shaitan Chad gaya ajeeb behave karne lagi aur mai jaise taise karke unko ghar leke aayi aur maine ghar aake khoob saara urine kiya bathroom mein (wo ghar hamara nahi lag raha tha jiske bathroom mein main thi bohat bada washroom tha) usme ammi and koi maid mere samne hi khade the, uss maid ne pipe se mujhe pani diya taharat ke liye.uske baad ka hissa dekha jaise mai nani ke ghar gayi hui thi maine white top aur sky blue skirt pehna hai.
    Day 5 : yaad nahi
    Day 6: raat ka khwab toh yaad nahi par fajr ke baad khwab aaya ke
    Main aur sath mein koi the yaad nahi hum kahin se ghar wapas aare the ke galli mein khodayi karke labours ne bohat bada gehra gaddha kardiya tha ke wahan se jaa hi nahi sakte.Hame ek labour ne kaha mujhe haath do mai madad kardunga.Mai fir bhi darr rahi thi aur mere hath mein ek green colour ki chaaku thi toh ye soch rahi thi ki ye chaaku nahi laati toh uski madad leti fir bhi bohat darr laga aur meri aankh khul gayi.
    Aur phir jab aankh lagi toh dekha ke mujhe ek kinner (hijra)ched raha hai aur mere sath batameezi karne ke liye mere piche padh gaya aur mai kisi tarah usse bachkar bhagi aur phir dekha ke mai uske baad 4 din school nahi gayi.Aur jab gayi toh mere class ke ladko ne mujhe reason pucha toh maine pata nahi unlogn ko aise kaha ke bazu school wale ladke ne mere sath batameezi karne ki koshish ki jabke kinner ne ki thi .Aur phir mere ek classmate se kaha ki mere saath chalo principal se uss ladke ki complaint karne toh classmate ne mujhe mana kardiya aur bola mujhe darr lagta hai tum hi karlo.

    Day 7 : Raat ka khwab yaad nahi Fajr ke baad jab soyi toh
    Pata nahi kyun aise dekha ke Nude couples hain phir mai uthi aur washroom jaake aayi aur sogyi toh khwab aaya ke.
    MAi auto mein school ja rahi hoon mere paas red colour ki pocket mein kuch coins aur paise hain.Hum sab bacchiyo ka uniform bhi red hai.fir dekha ke teacher ne hame ek diagram draw karne ko kaha toh mai apni best friend se kehti hoon ke isme kitne saare layers hai aur ye kitna mushkil diagram hai lekin meri saheli usse badi asaani se draw karleti hai aur uske draw karte hi wo diagram haqeeqat mein green colour layers wala jaise aloevera plant hota hai waisa banjata hai. Wo dekh kar mai hairaan hoti hoon aur mai bhi try karne lagti hoon.

    • Aapke dreams me koi khas positivity nazar nahi ayi sis. Behtar hai aap dobara istikhara kar lein.

  72. Ayesha on said:

    Mam apki websiye py istikhara kr ky dety

    • Dear sis, Istikhara ki services available nahi hain filhaal, aap upar se dekh kar khud Istikhara shuru kar sakti hain. Ye bohat hi asaan hai. Mukammal kar ke bataiye. Ham aapko result bata denge.

      • ANJUM on said:

        aasalamalikum warahmatullahi wabaraktu sister I have performed nikah istikhara whom I want marry he and his parents came in my dreams is this ishara positive and which wazifa I’should do to convince and make agree his and myparents

        • Yes, you dreamt positive. You can see the wazifa to convince his parents from the website’s main page, published a few days ago.

  73. Umrah on said:

    Asalam alaikum
    Ji Mai yh ishtikhara kr thi hu or jinki Lia kr rhe hu vo mujhi dream mi dekhae dete hai tho Mai ise positive samju

    • Umrah on said:

      Or Ab Mai sugar ant wala wazifa kr sakte hu ijaazat hai

      • Agar aap ‘yaALLAH Follower’ hain to aap ye love process parh sakti hain.

  74. Point 5 samjh nahi aayi huzoor ko sawab kaise bhejein?

    • Ap ne bolna hai ke ya ALLAH! Maine jo parha hai is mein agar koi ghalti ho gayi ho to mujhe mu’af karna aur iska savab Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam ko pohancha dena.

  75. Sabeen Shamim on said:

    Agar Nikkah Ishtekhara kren or larky ki maa ka naam nai Pata ho tw kia bolen gay Q k mjhe unki ammi ka naam nai Pata hy

  76. Anonymous on said:

    maine love marriage k liye nikah istekhara kiya h jisse mai nikah krna chahti unki gharwalo k pressure me aake ngmnt hogyi h 5mnth baad shadi fix hogyi h humdono ekdusre se nikah karna chahte h
    Start k 3din ka khawaab muje yaad nhi aara
    phr nxt day ka ek aurat hoti aged jinko aur do ladke hote jinko mai jaanti nhi hu kch deal hoti h paiso ki wo ladke kch kharidre hote kch plant jaisa shayad kya kharidte h wo muje yaad nhi phr usike baad meri ek frnd jisse mai bahut saal se cntct me nhi hu usse milti aur uske status dekhke use bolti tu tere ex k sath wapis patch up krli batayi b nhi wo us baat ka jawab dene jaati h utne me meri aankh khul gyi
    Phr agle din ka yaad nhi
    Phr nxt day maine dekha meri bst frnd muje pics bhejti h jisme mehandi bani hoti h aur uunki mangetar ka naam b likha hota h uspe ayesha likha hota aur sath me unki mangetar ka naam ayesha uska naam nhi h ayesha plus uska naam sathme phr mai meri frnd pe bhadak jaati k uska naam q bhejri h muje krke to wo kehti h k ye uska naam bilkul b nhi h ye to meri cousin bhen ka naam h phr neend tut gyi aur muje itna hi yaad h aur kch yaad nhi plz guide

    • Abhi clear result nahi nazar aaya. Aap mukammal istikhara kar ke bataiye.

  77. iffat on said:

    Salam kia nafall prhny want sjdy main dua mang skty hain ? or soty want koi dua prh skty hain plz tel me mera aj second day h istikhara ka first dayto koi khwab nhi aaya to mujhe jldi rpy dy dain jazakaallah

    • Ishara 7 raaton me se kisi bhi ek raat me ho sakta hai. Istikhara ka tareeqa jaise bataya hai theek waise hi parhna hai. Sote waqt Istikhara ke bad kuch aur nahi parhna.

    • Sabeen Shamim on said:

      Agar Nikkah Ishtekhara kren or larky ki maa ka naam nai Pata ho tw kia bolen gay Q k mjhe unki ammi ka naam nai Pata hy

      • Larke ki Ammi ke naam ki jagah aap istikhara me ‘hawwa’ bolengi.

        • Unknown on said:

          My Istikhara is positive however the guy I want to marry is engaged but I love him a lot I can’t imagine my life without him is there any Wazifa I can do pls help me

  78. Ashk on said:

    Assalamu Alaykum Sis. Ye nikah istekhara kya ladka aur ladki dono ne karna zaruri hai ya koi ek bhi kare to kaafi hoga ? Aur kya dono ko positive aana zaruri hai ?

    • Larka ya larki me se koi ek kar sakta hai ye istikhara. Dono ka karna zaruri nahi hai.

  79. Assalamu alyku waroh matullohi wabarokatuh….
    Mere ammi ne mera rishta humare rishto me teh kiya he bt me wahaa rishta nai karna chahti me kisi or ko pasand karti hu woh bhi mujhe pasand karte he esa woh kehte he me ab tk unse ek baar bhi nai mili hu woh milna chahte he mujhse lekin me sure nai hu k woh mujhse shadi karenge ya nai toh kya me ye istekhara unke naam ka kar sakti hu jab k meri ammi ne meri rishte ki baat kai or fixed kar rakhi he is sab k dauran kya karna chahiye mujhe plzz rply…

    • Jinhe aap pasand karti hain unke liye ye istikhara karen aap aur batayen yahan.

      • Assalamu alykum wa’roh matullohi wabarokatuh….
        Mere nikah istekhara k kal 6din ho gaye n unluckily aaj mujhe periods aa gayaa jis ki wajah se aaj me nai kar paungi ab isse dubara dohrana hoga paaki k baad woh aap bataa dijiye plzz ye baat aap ko batati chalu k istekhara shuru karne k….
        1st day… par hume sapna kuch esa aayaa tha k hum safar me the or wahaa ek anjaan shaks se mulakat hui woh shaks koi ladka tha ab mere liye woh ajnabi the bt woh mujhe jaanta tha usne esa kahaa sapne me lekin me nai jaanti thi unhe k woh kaun he us k baad esa hua k mene khud ko jail me payaa wahaa andhera tha or 2 ya 3 aadmi saamne se aa rahe the mere paas mujhe khicha un tino ne toh mere ek leg k side se kapda fataa or calf se angle tak leg mujhe dikha utne me woh ladka aa gaya mujhe protect karne jo mujhe safar me mila tha or mujhe protect kiya un logo se or meri aankh khul gayi…..
        2nd day…ammi k koi relatives the jo ammi se baad chit nai hoti thi toh ammi ko manaane aaye the humare ghar….
        3rd day…. aayaa tha sapna bt yaad nai bilkul bhi…
        4th day… ghar k saare rishtedar ek sath beth k baate kar rahe the or usme woh ladka jis ka rishta meri mom ne fix kiya he unke parents bhi the us sapne me…
        5th day….kuch neibours log ko me help kar rahi thi unko help ki zarurat thi or kuch neibours meri help kar rahe the mujhe apni dadi k liye koi injection lanaa tha or kai mil nai rahaa tha or neibour ne help kiya usko laakar dene me..
        6th day…bohot saari baarish hui or climate bohot achha tha fir dekha mene me koi chawl ki gali se jaa rahi hu kai or wahaa raaste me ek ladka betha he or woh behad khubsurat he or wahaa se woh mujhe dekh raha he or me usse dekh rahi hu or mujhe sath hi ye feel hua k woh ladka mujhe lyk karta he utne me 1 chhota sa bachcha aata he wahaa or kehta he k kya aap mere sath khelenge haste hue toh mene kahaa haa q nai utne me mene dekha k woh ladka apne ghar me chalaa gaya wahaa se guzarte hue mene dekha meri cousin fufi uske ghar me baithe he toh mujhe ye khayal aayaa ye yahaa q bethe he kai apni betiyon ka rishta toh karwane nai aaye fir us ladke ko me dhundne lagi uske ghar k ander jhaak k or meri aankh khul gayi…
        Ab aap bataye kya taabir he negative yaa positive yaa 7 dayz completa naa hone par mujhe dubara karna hoga istekhara…..

          • Uma on said:

            Assalamu alykum wa’roh matullohi wabarokatuh…
            Humne pehle istekhara kiye the after 6days menses aane k kaaran 7dayz pure nai kar paye toh humne dubara se kiye nikah istekhara paaki k baad jaise aapne kahaa tha so kal humare 7dayz complete ho gaye bt koi dream hume nai aayaa 6dayz tk 7th day pe itna sapna aayaa k humara sar dard kar rahaa he or hum ro rahe he sar dard hone k kaaran jo k filhal humari tabiyat waaqi me kharaab he or sar dard bhi he wahi humne sapne me dekhe bas is k alawa or kuch nai dekhe sapne me… humne isse pehle istekhara me kaafi kuch dekhe the jo k aap se hum share kar chuke he so ab hum kya kare aap bataa dijiye plzz…..

          • Aise to koi bhi result nahi nikala ja sakta. Aap dhyaan kijiye aur dobara waqfa daal kar shuru kijiye istikhara, aap se kahin kuch parhne me ghalti na ho gai ho.

          • Uma on said:

            Assalamu alykum wa’roh matullohi wabarokatuh …
            Toh kya hume dubara se nikah istekhara karna hoga??

          • Behtar hai aap dobara istikhara kar len.

          • Uma on said:

            Assalamu alykum wa’roh matullohi wabarokatuh……
            Humne pehle 2 baar nikah istekhara kiye pehli baar pura nai kar pai the q k menses problem ho gayi thi in between 2nd tym kiye toh kuch bhi nai aayaa istekhare me toh aapne waapas karne k liye kahaa hume 3rd tym kiye humne toh 1st day….par esa sapna dekha humne k hum kai se study kar k ghar pe aa rahe he lift k paas humne ek ladka dekha jo 10th std me padta tha usse bhi life se jana tha hum life me jaise gaye pura andhera tha woh ladke ne 6th floor press kiya or humne 9th floor jo k real me hum 9th floor par hi rehte he jab lift chali toh woh ladka bola aap ko dar lag rahaa ho toh me 9th floor tk drop karu aap ko by lift mene kahaa nai me jaa sakti hu or woh chalaa gaya me bhi 9th floor pe aa gayi door knock kiya toh ammi ne door khole toh ghar me bohot saraa paani padaa hua tha or ammi ghar ki saaf safai kar rahe the me ghar k ander jaate hi toilet gai bt toilet mujhe dikhi nai sapne sirf itna dikha k me toilet gai or toilet me dekha k kisi ki shadow nazar aa rahi he wall pe tab mene window ko khol k dekha toh terece tha pura or kaafi saare aadmi nichee kuch bichha rahe he mene puchha kya he yaha sab toh kisi ne kahaa shadi he is liye khanaa khilane ka intezam ho rahaa he or me toilet se fir nikal gai or aankh khul gayi…
            2nd and 3rd day yaad nai..
            4th day….me kai jaa rahi thi or raasten me mujhe meri cousin fufu ka ladka mila woh mere saamne dekha or smile kiya or mene bhi dekh k smile kiya bas utna hi…
            5th day….mene meri cousin fufu ko sapne me dekha jo normally humse baat kar rahe he jab k real me woh bohot jealous hote he humse saamne mitha bolte he or pichhe gibat karte he humari…
            6th day….market me chizen lene gaye the or humne jitna hisaab tha usse zyada paise diye usse q k change nai tha humare paas toh usne paise wapas karne k bajaye hume check diya jo k hum jitna lena tha usse kai zyada paise cheque pe likh k diye usne ghar pe jab aaye ammo ko bola paise k badle hume cheque diya toh bohot ghussa hue humpe..
            7th day….kisi ne mujhe kahaa k kai par koi hakim aataa he jiske hath me bohot shifa he har bimaari ka ilaj karta he toh hum wahaa gaye jaate hi dekha ek buzurg nihayat khubsurat dikh rahe the or unke ander me Drs bhi toh jo checkup kar rahe thesab ka or dawai ye buzurg de rahe the sab ko hum gaye wahaa bas ussi dauraan aankh khul gai humari……ab is result kya he pure sath din k istekhare ka plzz bataa dijiye…

          • Aapke khwabon me kuch bhi negative nahi hai. Isliye inhe positive consider kiya ja sakta hai.

          • Uma on said:

            Assalamu alykum wa’roh matullohi wabarokatuh…..
            Me jisse pasand karti hu unke liye mene ye nikah istekhara kiya tha or Alhamdulillah aapne positive consider kiye he isse toh ab aap bataye koi wazifa jisse meri unse shadi as soon as ho jaye or woh khud apne parents ko humare baare me bataye or humare or unke parents is rishte se raazi ho jaye or aapse ek or baat puchhni he k jinhe me pasand karti hu unse pehle me kabhi nai mili or naahi real me dekha he unhe kabhi sirf pics me dekha he unhe or woh mujhse milna chahte he jo k me aap ko pehle ye bataa chuki hu toh kya me ab unse mil sakti hu??..

          • Unse Milne ke liye main aapko nahi kahungi.
            Agar milna hi hai to kisi bare ki maujudgi me milen unse. Aur pasand ki shadi ke liye website par bohat se wazaif maujud hain, unme se jo suit kare wo kar len.

  80. Cat is here on said:

    Please bata do istikhara negative hai ya positive
    Mene kis ke liye yeh liya hai wo mere se milna chahta hai toh mene socha ke pehle istikhara kar lu agar positive hai toh hi milugi warna nahi.

    Day 1: Wo dikha aur us ke hath main ek stil ki plate thi us main black bada sa chuha tha us ko nikal kar mene faika.

    Day 2: Mera billa kisi ki black sandal uthakar laya hai aur us ko chaba raha hai fir meri dost wo sandal try karti hu fir bolti hai yeh chappal pehan ne layak nahi rahi aur use utar kar chale jati hai. Fir billa use chabata hai.

    Next: dekha mere bille ne diwaron par susu kar ke rakha hai 3,4 susu ki dhare toh wo mujhe clean karna tha

    Day 3: Meri office ki colleague ke sath main screen set up kar rahi rahi thi usne black tshirt pehni hui thi

    Day 4: Green colour ki truck dekhi saman export import ho raha tha

    Day 5: Mere baju wale kisi ke marne ka intizar kar rahe the fir pata chala woh to kal raat main hi mar gaya koi non-Muslim thi fir yeh khabar sunte hi agarbatti jalte hue dekhi

    Next: Main meri mani hui sister ko 11 rs saqka de rahi thi toh us ne lene se mana kar di aur boli main abhi kama rahi agar yese paise lelugi to mujh par musibat aajayegi kisi zaroorat mand ko dedo.

    Next: Dekha ki koi student hai us ko assignment karna hai toh woh mujh se cream color ka cotton ka dress manga aur mene use dedi.

    Day 6: Yaad nahi

    Day 7: Koi toh mujh se mere istikhara ka result pooch raha tha toh mene kaha negative hai

    Jazak Allah

  81. Ayesha on said:

    As-salammualeikum sir
    Sir actually mai 10 years se b jyda ho gae h ek relationship m hu. Wo mere real fufa k real brother k bete h. Hum ek dusre se shaadi krna chahte h but unke ghrwale raazi ni ho rhe mre ghrwalo ko dikkat ni h. Mai har roz unhe apne dream m dekhti hu. Kuch btaeye powerful wazifa ya dua jo 100% working ho unke walidein ki razimandi ho jae hmri shaadi ki jald se jald

  82. Mehek on said:

    Assalamu Alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatahu

    Mai ye istekhara jiske liye kari hu wo mere sage mamu ke bete hai mere cousin bhai lagte.
    Istekhara ke dreams ye hai :

    1st day

    Pehle dream kuch khas yaad nahi bus itna ke Koi club hai raat ka waqt hai. Aur phir kuch log bhes aur chehre badal kar bahar jaate hai.
    Dusra ye ke mai mamu ke ghar hu jinke waha se rishta aaya hai. Waha koi jaankaar insan aaye hue hai shayad doctor ya koi aise. Aur sab unke paas milne jaate hai. Hum bhi jate hai. Fir jab dobara jana hota hai to wo mana kardete hai ke ab unke meeting hours over hue.
    Fir ye dream dekha ke ghar me light nahi hai dim light chalri. Aur 2 lizards aaye hue hai to humlog unhe bhaga rahe. Mai daddy ki help karri bhagane me. Aur itne me humare ek neighbor aunty aate hai aur kehte hai ke beti tumhara birthday hai to gift ke taur pe paise lo to mai mana karti hu aur kehti ke nahi aunty aap bus dua me yaad rakhiye woi kaafi hai.

    2nd day

    Kuch zyada yaad nahi
    Bus ek scene ye dekha ke mere kuch frnds hai unlog raste me mujhe mile aur wo kisi music concert ke liye pakistan jaa rahe aur mujhse bhi kehte sath chalne to mai kehti hu ke agar sath chali to mujhe meri family jaane to degi lekin fir ghar pe entry nahi milegi.
    Aur dusra scene ye dekhi ke mai ek tourist place pe hu jaha bichme ek lake hai sur usi ke baazu se kahi jaa rahi aur ek admi milta hai jise mai actual life me to nahi jaanti lekin dream me wo insan mujhe boss ki tarah lag raha hai aur wo mujhe chillane lagta hai ke kaam nahi kiya. Aur mai chup chap sun leti.

    3rd day

    Jiske naam se istekhara kar rahi wo mera cousin bhai lagta hai use dream me dekhi ke wo mera hath pakde hue bahot dara hua baitha hai. Mai uske hath pe hath rakh ke ishare se puchti kya hua par wo kuch nahi kehta.
    Fir scene change hota hai aur ek bada sa talab ya nadi kuch dikhti hai. Charo taraf reti hai. Aur koi old couple hai jinko mai nahi janti un dono ko koi rassi me bandh deta hai.
    Aur fir wo scene dur hote hue nazar aata hai. Jaise zoom out ho raha ho pura talab ka scene
    Fir tisra scene ye ke mai aur mere mom dad kahi jaa rahe hai aur rasta cross karre to saamne badi badi busses ekdum se humare karib aa jaa rahi. Fir kaise bhi karke hum log road cross karke ek shop pe jaate. Waha se khaane ki chizo ki shopping karte hai.
    Fir last scene ye dekhti hu ke jo dusra rishta mujhe aaya hua hai wo ladka aur uski ammi ya behen koi hai aur mai, hum sab kisi ke function me hai sab decorated chairs lagi hui hai aur khane ke buffet lage hue hai. Aur wo dono mere sath khade hai. Wo ladka meri photo dikha raha hai unhe aur wo acha kehre. Fir mai unse baat karti hu kuch der aur fir khane ke liye chali jaati hu khane ki plate lekar.

    4th day

    Zyada yaad nahi hai is raat ka khwab. Bus kuch kuch yaad hai. Ke meri tabiyat kuch thik nahi shayad aur koi hospital me admit hu. Waha ek nurse hai jo mujhe attend karti hai. Mujhko saline aur injection waghera lagati hai. Aur kuch time me mai aur wo nurse lesbian relationship me ajate hai.
    Bus itna hi yaad hai. Aur bhi khwab the lekin bhul gayi.

    5th day

    2 khwab dekhi. Aur in sab me unhi ki jagah hai jin ke rishte ka istekhara kar rahi mai. Mere mamu ke bete hai wo mere cousin lagte.
    Abhi recently waha ek aunty ki death hui hai. To khwab me bhi dekha ke hum sab unhi ke funeral me gaye hue hai. Der shaam ka waqt hai. Mai niche raste pe aati hu kuch logo se milti hu aur achanak ek bachi ko dekhti aur wo thodi haunted type lagti hai ya possessed hai pata nahi. Fir mai lahaula wala kuwata illa billah padhne lagti hu aur wo dur hojati hai. Fir mai wapas upar ajati hu maamu ke ghar par aur waha sab aas pados ke logo ke sath baith jati. Ek friend meri mujhe haleem (khichda) laake deti hai uske paas do tiffin hai to khud ka ek hissa rakh leti hai aur ek hissa mujhe deti hai. Wo mai baaki log ko bhi deti hu lekin mamu ke ghar meri family bhi baithi hai un sab ko nahi deti kyunki bahar sab ko baatne me khatam hogaya aur thoda maine bhi khaya tha. To is baat se sab naraz hojate hai aur mujhe bahot baate sunate hai mujhe rona aata hai to mai waha se nikal jaati hu aur phir se niche aajati. Auto ka wait karti hu ke akele hi apne ghar aajau. Lekin fir meri family bhi piche se ajati hai. Waha ek chhota sa bacha hai uski bakri se khelra hai mai wo dekh kar bahot khush hojati hu. Achi tagdi moti si pyari si bakri hai.
    Fir dusra khwab bhi der shaam ke waqt ka hai aur wohi jagah ka hai mere mamu ke ghar ke paas ka.
    Bahar sab logo ke sath baithi hu kyunki wo jo aunty ki death hui hai unki betiya aur sab dukhi hai to unsab se baate karte baithi hu. Aur jo ladke ka rishta aaya hai (mera cousin) Wo mujhe dekh raha hai. Mai bhi use dekhti hu. Aur aisa lagta hai ke hum dono bahot serious feelings ke sath ek dusre ko dekh rahe jaise humare dil dimag me bahot kuch ho ek dusre ke liye. Fir mai ghar ke andar jaati hu jaha mere Maamu mumani sab baithe hai aur wo mera cousin upar maale pe hai. Hum dono fir usi lehze se ek dusre ko dekhte hai. Aur itne me uski sagi behen uske paas khadi hojati hai aur use seduce karne lagti hai galat tarike se use chhune lagti hai. Aur wo bahot chidta hai lekin usko rok nahi paata. Aur mai bhi chidti hu ye sab dekh kar aur waha se bahar aajati hu. wo mujhe window se dekhta hai mai bhi use dekhti aur hat jati hu waha se.

    6th day

    2-3 khwab dekhi.
    Meri ek friend hai humare area me uski shadi kuch months pehle ho chuki hai.
    Khwab me use dekhi. Unka ghar hai samne ke raste pe. Aur khwab me dekh rahi ke unlog ke ghar ka renovation chal raha. Maala pura khol diye aur chhat ko ucha bana rahe aur wo bol rahi mujhe ke mehman waghera aaye to rehne ko easy hota isliye bana rahe.
    Fir scene change. Aur dusra khwab ye dekhi ki mai job ya dawai in dono me se kisi ek kaam ke liye ek jagah pe gayi. Office hai wo. Aur andar jo main insan hai uski secretary baithi hai. Wo mujhe wait karne kehti hai. Fir uska boss aata hai aur mujhe cabin me bulata hai mai baithne ke liye chairs arrange karti yaha se waha. Fir wo mujhe apne samne ki main chair pe baithne ko kehta hai. Mai isse pehle ke use kuch kahu wo mujhse sath me lunch karne kehta hai. Aur khana order karta hai. Pasta aur shayad cheese pizza aisa kuch hai. Wo kha kar chala jata hai. Mai akele khate baithti hu. Fir jab mera hojata hai khakar to mai apni plate leke uthti aur bahar jakar uski secretary ko puchti hu ke plate ka kya karu to wo mujhe ek jagah pe rakh dene kehti hai. Aur uske boss ke naam se mujhe chhedti hai. Aur mai smile deke waha se hat jati hu.
    Fir scene change. Aur ye khwab dekhti ke ek actor hai jo YouTube channel pe aata hai The Baigan Vines ke show me aamir naam ka. Wo aur mai hath se ek dusre ko taali dekar bacho wale khel khel rahe. Fir itne me round khatam hota hai Aur barish ho rahi to ceiling se paani leak hone lagta hai to wo uth kar chala jata hai.
    Fir scene change aur ye khwab dekhi
    Ke mai meri family ke sath, mere mamu mumani aur unki beti ke sath hu (mere mamu ke hi bete ke liye istekhara kar rahi hu)
    Aur khwab me aisa nazar aa raha jaise unlogo ne naya ghar liya hai. Kafi bada hai. 2-3 rooms hai. Mai aur unki beti matlab meri cousin behen hum dono sara ghar dekhne jaate hai. Wo mujhe sare kamre bata rahi. Fir ek kamre me aate jaha kuch saamaan rakha hua hai jaise pani ke khaali drums aur cans waghera. Aur hum wahi baat kar rahe. Itne me wo sab drums ki awaze aane lagti hai. Apne aap aa rahi. Aur wo chize hilne lagti hai jaise koi darawni movie me dikhate hai. Humlog sochte ke aise hi hua hoga lekin wo aur zyada awaz karne aur hilne lagte hai aur wo mahol pura haunted hojata hai. Tab meri cousin behen dar ke waha se bhaag jati hai. Lekin mai ruk kar La hawla wala kuwata illah billah padhne lagti hu. Aur padhte padhte waha se hat jati hu.
    Aur bhi ek khwab the lekin wo yaad nahi thik tarah se.

    7th day

    2-3 chhote chhote dreams dekhi.
    3 saal pehle meri ek jagah baat pakki hui thi. Lekin shadi ke 15 din pehle hi rishta tut gaya tha. Wo ladka sahi nahi laga tha meri family ko. Dusri ladki ke sath affair rakha tha. To shadi cancel hui thi. Lekin badme us ladke ki kisi or ladki se shadi karwa diye uski family ne.
    To maine usi ke baare me khwab dekha. Waise kayi baar wo mujhe khwab me dikha hai lekin ye dream me dekha ke usne meri family ko phone kiya aur bahot pyar jata raha. Aur bade adab aur pyar se mummy daddy se baat kar raha phone par. Mujhe bhi message me kuch kaha. Aur fir itne me humare ghar ke bahar se kuch awaze aati hai to mai bahar nikal kar dekhti to humare pados ke aunty aur kisi dusri lady ka apas me jhagda ho raha wo shayad unki sauteli beti hi hai. Dono ekdum violent hogaye aur maar pitayi kar rahe. Mai dekh rahi unko jhagadte hue aas paas ke log unko shant kara dete fir mai ghar ke andar ajati hu.
    Dusra dream ye dekha ke do foreigner log hai couple hai wo. Husband wife hai ya pata nahi kya relation hai lekin wo dono ek bade se talab ke paas hai aur ekdusre ke sath ashlil aur obscene harkate kar rahe.
    Aur ye scene pura zoom out ho raha jaise camera dur dur jaa raha ho.
    Aur wahi wo dream khatam
    Fir ye dream dekha ke mai apni family ke sath BATA shoes ke showroom me hu. Lekin ek bhi shoes display pe nahi hai. Aur ekdam godown ki tarah dikh raha hai. Sara saman bade bade boxes me packed hai. Aur mai yaha waha dhundri ke koi shoe acha dikh jaye but nahi dikhta. Fir mai laut aati hu counter ke paas. Waha ek ladki baithi hai counter pe uske paas kuch khane ki chiz hai. Chhoti hai aur khade namak ki tarah dikhti hai. Humlog wo khate to wo ekdum khaara aur namak ki tarah lagta hai to aur aage kha nahi paate aur hath me rakh lete. Bus yahi dream khatam hojata..
    Aur bhi chize thi lekin bhul gayi.

    Ye saato din ke dreams the aap please rehnumai farmayega. JazakALLAH

  83. Ayesha on said:

    Assalaamu alaikom, if i only have 2 positive sign of 7 days, do I have Idjazat to perform wazifa? Or do I need 7 signs?

    • If you are not seeing any negative thing during the 7 days of Istikhara, these two positive signs will be deemed as a positive result of your entire Istikhara.

      • Ayesha on said:

        Assalaam sis, my last dream abt a woman wit younger guy. They were together. The guy i want to marry is also in age couple years younher then me. Is this dream irrelevant? Or positive?

  84. A123 on said:

    I am a subscriber and I want ijazat for my sister to do this istakhara please

  85. Ashk on said:

    Assalamu Alaykum Sis. Maine apke bataye hue tarike se Istekhara complete kar liya hai. Bahot se dreams dekhe. Maine apki Facebook page Ya ALLAH pe inbox karke sare dreams kal bataye hai. Aap please answer bataiyega. JazakALLAH sis 😊

  86. farah on said:

    i am doing it for.last 3 days but couldnt able to see a single dream.about it.

    • Don’t worry and complete your 7 days of Istikhara regularly.

  87. Bushra Zafar on said:

    Main nikah ishtekhara krna chahte hu is isha ki namaz ke bad sare kam se fragat hone ke bad pdne h ijazat de

    • yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara ki ijazat lene ke liye aap website ko follow kijiye sis.

  88. Ayesha on said:

    Assalaam, my sec dream, my fam received people at my house, i was cutting a aloe vera plant and eating it, rest of my dream i dont remember

  89. farah on said:

    if we dont know mother name then how can i do istekhara?

    • You will say ‘hawwa’ as his mother’s name in Istikhara.

  90. Reshama on said:

    Jinn ke vajese muje koi problem tho nahi hai na, isiliye to mere nikha me problem to nahi. Kaise patha karon.
    Please guide me

    • Insha ALLAH problem nahi hogi. Agar aapko phir bhi andesha hai to aap kuch din manzil dua parh lijiye.

  91. Reshama on said:

    Salam ,

    Mere istekhara positive tha, aur jaise aapne bathaye mine istekhara mukammal kia. Ab kya padoon ki o mujhse jaldi nikha karle. Abhi o mujse thek se baath bi nahi Kar raha hai.


    • Dear sis, aap website par diye gaye love wazaif me se jo aapko suit kare ek wazifa shuru kar len.

  92. Anonymous on said:

    Assalam walekum

    Maine nikah istekhara ki hu 7din hogye

    Frst day to kch nhi dikha second day maine khwab dekha pr wo muje bilkul b yaad nhi aa raha

    Phr fourth day maine dekha ki mai aur meri bbhabhi ki debate hori mumbai acha h ya kerala acha h aur mai usme jeet jaati hu aur mumbai jaane gharwale maan jaate h

    Phr last din muje srf train platform dikha ye yaad h bs waha hua kya muje wo bilkul b yaad nhi aara plz bataye iski taabeer kya h

    Hmlg kerala shift hogye h aur mai jiske liye istekhara ki hu wo mumbai me rehte hai

    • Ye Khawab irrelevant hain. Aap dobara Istikhara shuru kijiye.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Maine pehle b do teen baar istekhara kar chuki hu aapki website se positive aaya h wazife b kiye hai maine koi asar nhi hua kch mnth tk to maine haar maanli thi muje pata h mera haar manna galat h kisi b wazife k liye ab uski shadi fix hogyi nxt year to maine wapis istekhara kiya tha ye mai bahut depression me hu plz guide me

        • Kuch clear positive results nazar nahi aaye. Isliye dobara Istikhara karna behtar hoga.

          • Anonymous on said:

            Aapne muje dobara istekhara krne kaha tha mai ne shuru ki aaj frst day tha maine khwab to dekhi pr muje kch b yaad hi nhi aara subah uthne k baad kitni koshish ki yaad krne ki bilkul b yaad nhi aara

  93. kya aap ko 7 days lagatar khawab batana ha

  94. kya aap ko 7 days ka sara khawab batana hain

    • 7 din mukammal hone par koi khas khawab ho to aap share kar sakti hain.

  95. Ayesha on said:

    Assalaam alaikom, pls explain my dream. I dreamed the boy was cooking shrimp in my mom kitchen. And i was helping, Suddenly the kitchen had flood, like it was raining in the kitchen cupboard. My older brother was also there then to help with the flood.

  96. Reshama on said:


    1. Monday raat ko dekha ki dark room me 2 white containers / dabba dekha usme light ujala Tha. Jiska My istekhara karrahi hoon uska naam liya gaya. O merese paise liya hai isiliye.
    2. Tuesday raat kuch yaad nahi.
    3. Wednesday raat ko dikha ki mere collegue NE mUje chandi silver ke earrings diye. Aur kuch yaad nahi .

    Mere kwab ki tabeer batayiye

    • Aapke Istikhara ke khawab positive hain sis. Mukammal karen isko.

      • A.o.a khizar bahi mein ny Istikhara kiya h but kuch smjh ni a raa k positive h ya negative ya irrelevant h mein ny nomalood bachay b dekha h Naha chand b dekha h or dog k bhonknay ke awazein b sunii hein dog ni dekha plz mujy answer jldi dyna mera rishta ayaa huva

        • Positive hain aapke dreams. Aap Istikhara mukammal karen.

          • Arzo on said:

            Again Istikhara kiya h mein ny or kuch b yad ni khawab ayee thy bs jb ankh khulii tu yeh yad h hmara purana ghr h or itnii barish h k room mein b a rahi or mein bheeg gaee us barish mein is ka kya MATLAB h

          • Positive hai ye Dream. Aap 7 din Istikhara karen.

      • Reshama on said:

        4, 5,6,7 ko kwab kuch khas yaad nahi. Ab kya padoon ki o mujhse jaldi nikha karle. Abhi o mujse this season baath bi nahi Kar raha hai

        • Aapko aadhi raat ke waqt jo itr ki khushboo mahsus hui aur kisi ke hone ka ahsaas hua, ye jinn ho sakte hai, isme koi shuba nahi ke wo bhi hamare aas-pas hi guzar basar karte hain. Hamari tarah unki bhi family hoti hai.

  97. Raheem on said:

    Maine khwab me 3 machliyan dekhi aur usi khwab me deka ke o 2 din ke bad faisla bataungi bol rahi thi plz muje iski tabeer batayiye

      • Raheem on said:

        Mere 7 din ho gaye pehle 3 din sirf o gawn nazar aya jahan o rehti hai per o nazar nahi ayi 4 din usne 2 din ki mohlat mangi 6 3 machliyan dikayi di 7 din mai duff sikh raha tha. Ab kya karu

        • Positive hai aapka Istikhara. Ab aap Website Menu par ‘Love Marriage Wazaif’ ki category se jo wazifa parhna chahen, parh sakte hain.

      • Lateef on said:

        Sir mai aapko coment kaise karu plssss mujhe bataye

        • Aapne jaise ye comment kiya hai, theek aise hi comment kijiye. Aapka comment post ho chuka hai.

  98. Marriam on said:

    Reply plz. Us larkay ny mangni kr li hai. Mein usi sy shadi krna chati hoon .plz help me

    • Aap yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara kijiye jo upar diya gya hai.

  99. Girl on said:

    Agar maa ka nam na pata ho tou ?

  100. Sab se pahle aap yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara jo ke upar diya gya hai, kijiye.

  101. Rehnuma on said:

    Mujhe apne maa baap ko raazi krna h kese karu wolog meri shaadi kahi or karana chahte h pr me kisi or se karna chahti hu uske liye kya kru

  102. Reshama on said:

    Kya har roza Nahana hoga istekhara Karne se paddle, ki Isha namaz ke bad ohi wuzu me Kar sakthe hai.

    • Bath lene ka to kahin nahi likha hua post me sis. Aap isha ki namaz ke bad bhi Istikhara uai wuzu kesath parh sakti hain.

  103. Ismat on said:

    Aoa.. Sir .i did istikhara and saw kn dream… Me or mri ami ksi andheri jga pr han. Phr usy k bad ksj shop pr green or white colour k dood k dibby dekhy…phr apny ksi rishtadar ko pury white drees me dekha . Or khud ko black burky me .. .

    • Positive kesath negative alamaat bhi hain. Aap 7 din Istikhara mukammal karke bataiye.

  104. GuRiya Awan on said:

    Mna nikah istikhara kia kal first day ta …
    Mna khawab mn ik larky ko dekha jis ka murder ho jta h wo bi mra collegue ha…
    Please kuch btain bura khawab h kya ??

  105. uzma on said:

    In how many days I’ll get answer?

    • You will have to do this Istikhara for regular 7 days.

  106. uzma on said:

    As salamo alykum. Maine apki website pe btaya gya istikhara kiya or 4th day mei dekha jinhe mai chahti hu wo mujhe or meri ammi ko ek bank ya college jaisi jgh mei dikhe hath mei ek bag liye hue bht der tk kuch ni bole fir hm dono se bole apne ye accha ni kiya fir thodi der baad exit point pe fir mujhse bole ye accha ni hua or fir chle gye. Un k jne k baad mai or ammi dono ek shop pe ice cream kha rhe the or bhi sweet dish. Mujhe isme kuch smjh ni aya qki mai toh unhe chahti hu ulta wo mujhe chod k gye fir bhi dream mei bole ye accha ni hua.Mai ek muslim ldki hu or jinne Mujhe propose kiya tha wo ek divorcee h or hindu family se h pr wo atheist h wo mujhse pyr krte the pr pta ni suddenly kya hua wo mujhe chod k chle gye or lst 5 mnths se mera unse koi contact ni h bt I’m seriously in love with him mai unse shaadi krna chahti hu pr mai khud muslim hi rehna chahti hu. Kindly help me. I’ll b highly obliged if u solve my problem by answering.

    • Aap Muslim hain sis, kya aapko malum nahi ke aap ghair Muslim se shadi nahi kar sakti. ALLAH ne is baat ki ijazat nahi di.

  107. Fari on said:

    I have done istekhara in June and result was positive I shared it here earlier. Me tb se boht se wazaif kr chuki hun lekin mje koi result nahi show ho rha me poore yaqin se krti Hun. I love someone and so does he but he’s unable to convince his parents for proposal. Later usne mje sorry bola or kaha k mene sb krlia hai lekin unho ne lrki dekh li Hui hai or kisi Surat nahi man rhe. Theres nothing I could do. Itna arsa hogya hai me itni duain kr Rahi Hun. Or kahin b or krne ka tassavur b nahi kr skti me yahin krna chahti hun. Mje please kch aisa btayen k wo or uske parents jald se jald man jayen or Meri studies ki wja se traveling boht hai me phr b namaz ki pabandi krti Hun lekin koi frq nahi pr ra. Mje kch btayen k jaldi proposal ajaye udr se. Or kch convenient btayen Jo traveling or university ki wja se effect na ho. Me boht zada pareshan Hun isko ly k to mje jaldi results chahiyen.

  108. Syeda Khaleda Sultana on said:

    Salaam. I am a divorcee with a 3 year old beautiful daughter. My uncle got me registered to a matrimonial site so that I might find a possible match. I send out about 200 requests out of which I only got one response. We are Syeds, Sunni, Hanafi. But the person who responded to my request is a Shia. He agreed to be friends. Coincidentally our nick names even match. Due to the Shia-Sunni difference I am confused. He lives in Canada and I too am trying to get a PR there. He seems to be a very humble and good person (Allah knows best). I asked him if he is serious, he answered that he needs to get to know me better. After the end of a 7 year relationship and with a baby, I want to get married to a person whom Allah has chosen for me.

    So I did the Istekhara. First few days I could not remember what I dreamed of and the later ones I only recall in bits and pieces. For example I saw that there was flood that was washing away everything and I was saved by a group of people who were unknown to me and seemed like they lived in jungle. The next I saw that I was standing on a small piece of land in the middle of this flood and the rush of water was breaking off so quickly that I was about to fall into the torrent of water. At that very moment someone grabbed me and pulled me up. Initially, I did not see the person’s face but he felt like he was someone I knew. When I looked at him, it was the same person who accepted my request.

    A few days later in my next dream (which too was in bits and pieces) I saw that I was engaged, I was reciting Aytul Kursi and after that I offered ‘Mere Maula karam ho karam’ dua. I was very happy in my dream. Then someone comes and tell me that the person I am supposed to get married to passed away.

    I did not have any intention of getting married again. But my Ammi passed away and now my younger brother is keeping me under constant mental torture and spreads very nasty rumors about me. My father is alive but he holds the typical mentality that sons are always right and better than daughter. No matter what or how much I tried, I could never be on his good books.

    If you could please give me the interpretation of this dream of whether or not Allah’s will is involved in this marriage, I would be very grateful.

    JazakAllah Khair

    Syeda Khaleda Sultana

  109. UF on said:

    Aslam o alaikum, meri engament ho chuki hai pasand ki b ti aur ghar walon ki marzi ki b. Pehley sab kuch theek ta lekin engament ky 3 month bad wo shaks aissa badla hai jaissy pata nai kiya hota hai pehley baat b hoti ti lekin ab khud baat karo tu baat karty hain wo b har waqt gussy main rudely. Aur pehley bht si larkion ky sath baat karna ye wo jo ky muje ab pata chala hai. Lekin wo kehty hain meine trust nai tora. Plz app kuch aissa wazifa bata dein jis sy wo ik naik achy wafadar insaan ban jay aur jaissy ty pehley jaissy jo jaein. Gussa b na karein. Plz Jazzak Allah

    • Sab se behtar ye hai ke aap upar diya gya shadi ka istikhara parhiye aur mukammal hone par comment kijiye.

      • Rizwan on said:

        Janab ager koi istikhara krny k bad kuch study krna chay to kia study kr skta hy
        Ager istikhara positive a jy to kia phir bhi istikhara 7 din krna hy na krain

        • Istikhara ke bad koi bhi activity nahi honi chahiye. Positive aane ki surat me bhi ye yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara 7 din pure karna hai. Clearly likha hua hai upar.

  110. Iqbal Khan on said:

    Assalamo alaikum..
    Ye girl ka nsg hai..
    Kya Koi Aisa Wazifa H Jisse Jo Hm Chahte H Uske Alawa Or Koi Rishta Na Aaye,

  111. Risal khan on said:

    Assalamualaikum !
    Agar phle din hi khwaab me kuch dikh jaaye toh ye amal dusre din bhi krna zaroori hai ?

    • Clearly likha hai ke 7 din ye Istikhara karna zaruri hai.

  112. adina zia on said:

    ASAK. i had preformed this earlier maybe 8 months ago n now after a little problem i did again. i will write down both time about the dreams i had. please help me understand this. my family wants me to get engaged to a guy i don’t even know n the guy i love wants 6-7 years to marry me. so i wanted to know if it is worth waiting or not.

    the first time when i had preformed it.
    1. i am standing in an open garden, there is a function taking place it looks like marriage celebration. i follow my aunt and see that it’s him but i don’t know who is his bride.
    2. i am standing at a hill station it is going to be sunrise i am wearing a white trench coat i feel someone holding my hand it is him on asking where are we he replied we are here to celebrate our marriage.
    3. i am playing badminton with my sister. i see him passing by me i shout out his name loudly n stop. he is with his mom who gets down n asks me my age name what i want to do. then i see his dad standing under a tree which is in front of house he asks me what i am studying n what i want to do later in my life.
    4. it is night i see 3 stars falling. the sky is full of stars it is like diamonds spread too gorgeous to put in words i run to my friend n ask her to see the sky. i stand seeing the sun rise. the bright sunlight is everywhere and i pray for our marriage n see the sun is right above my head though the sunlight is extremely bright it’s not harsh. i see moon sitting in my balcony on the right shoulder.
    5. he has taken me out on lunch and then we go to his house’s terrace i am wearing the same white color trench as in my first dream i am in the same attire. he has holding my hands and talking to me about his goals what we wants to do in his life. we are at a great height and i see him hugging me.
    6. i am dressed in a green dress going out with my family i don’t know where i am going but when i reach to the place i see myself transformed.. i am in a black gown my hair are coal black everyone is praising my beauty. i see my mom sitting across the dining table. a lady slips on the stairs behind me. a guy helps her she comes sits next to my mom. she too is praising me for my beauty. i see it is him with his mom sitting with my sister n mom next to me his elder brother’s girlfriend. we all our having lunch together n i have sort of mustache it is green on my chin but he is mom tells i am looking very pretty.
    7. it is a marriage going on, my sister is busy in preparations she sees an old man coughing he seems to be his relative he falls down n is dead. my sister gets back to the preparations n is taking pictures with the guy she is to be married. my mom calls her for some help n then she sees a dead carriage n there are 2 graves when is left open n the other is filled with flowers.

    THIS TIME WHAT I SAW.. 7 months later..
    1. i am at a hill station with him sitting on a bench it is sun rise i am in a white trench coat it is the same place as i had seen twice earlier but the greenery is wonderful this time.
    2. i saw him happy n laughing with his friends i am walking out of a forest which led me to a road. i see his elder brother standing there who knows about us n is like his second mom my guy. he is talking something to me n starts to tease me about adultery. i just smile and look at him telling i have submitted myself to your brother n i wish to do so. he laughs at me, i turn n start walking at him he continues to laugh.
    3. i am at my school in school uniform being awarded. i come home but it seems to be a sea with high tides there are green apples which are sorrow n i throw them away. i see sea animals like sharks n whales totally harmless. there is lady with her husband who is in labour pain n is giving birth to a boy baby. i woke up and went back to sleep again. i am at his house with my mom and my mom is talking to my mom there is some cooking going on his mom tells there will be no work she has to do my mom seems to be happy with his relationship but i see his brother sleeping in the room but not him.
    4. i am sitting in my room wearing something red n white with my cousin sisters around me n i see my mom smiling at me and i remember only my newly wedded sister i have a green color dress in my hand and he is on call with me asking me to come down in 5 minutes. it was a happy dream.
    5.i see myself sitting in a boat there are sharks n whales again there are huge shutters above me. i don’t remember anything then.
    6.he has taken me.. he stops by a place and asks me get down to walks towards an old lady she is an astrologer out of nowhere it hits to my mind that we are here to know about the marriage. my sleep broke n i fell asleep again. there is feast celebration he wants to take me outside with him. i am wearing something green then something black. it is a fair going on. i am wearing something black and he is accepting me in front of his friends. he is wrapped me in his arms from behind.
    7. i have sneaked out at night with my friend there is boy baby in my hand. i am somewhere with my friend i meet an old friend n i am crying.. there are kids eating food some function type. the dream went over my head.

    • Your istikhara of both times is showing a positive result.

      • adina zia on said:

        i want him to stay loyal n love with me not flip his mind over other girls so if you can please in this it would be great it is a long journey to go.. something that might work in a span of 15-20 days. as the guy who my family wishes is going to come by the end of this month to see me.. something that will retain my love to me. something reliable. please a humble request.

  113. Cat is here on said:

    Please mujhe bata do mera istikhara positive hai ya negative.

    Day 1: Yaad nahi
    Day 2: Yaad nahi

    Day 3: Wo mere pas aaya aur kehne laga Meri tabiyat bohat kharab hai mujhe dawakhana lekar chal, toh main use nazdik ke clinic main lekar jati hu.

    Dusra dekha ki us ki choti sister jo mujhe bohat pasand hai wo namaz pad kar soi hui hai Meri nani use aur mujhe hum dono ko dua de rahi hai aur keh rahi hai Allah tum dono ki nasib bohat achi karega

    Day4: Yaad nahi
    Day 5: Yaad nahi

    Day 6: Main namaz pad kar just uthi hi thi aur mera ek friend ghar par aagaya aur mujh se kehne laga Zulekha tu pehle se kitani sharif hogai hai sar par rupatta Kya hai yeh sab. Pehle toh gali se baat karti thi aur ab bapre. Pehle jaise free ho ja tabhi hi tujhe koi milega. Mene mere dil main kaha main jaisi hu waise hi rahugi free main sirf ek ke liye hi ho sakti hu

    Day 7: Yaad nahi

    Jazak Allah

    • Sis! Apka ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikharah’ ke khwab ki tabeer ka natija apke haq mein hai! Ap aage amal kar sakti hai. ALLAH apke masail hal kare, Ameen.

      • Cat is here on said:

        Summa Ameen. Jazak Allah. Allah bless you and your team Ameen

  114. .... on said:

    As salam o alaykom I have done this istakhara before and I want to do it again ijazat hai?

    • If you are a follower of yaALLAH, you are permitted to perform this. If not, then subscribe the website first.

  115. Ams on said:

    Salaam I have done a nikkah istikhara before, and it came positive. I’m doing it again for reassurance purposes bc I’m seeing mixed results with my wazifas and I’m not sure why as I do astagfar, give sadaqa, and read salatul tauba. I’ll post the rest of my dreams as I have them.

    Day 1) I see a dream in which I have an amazing dream job and I’m very happy. Additionally my school asks me to help me classmates that I did my mba with. Even though in reality, I don’t like the people I’m helping, in my dream I’m happy to help them out and advise them, and they give me a lot of respect as well.
    There were two weird incidents that happened
    First: I kept tossing and turning in the beginning of the night and I found it hard to sleep. Idk if this happened in a dream or in reality, but I hear a man’a voice. I forget what he said exactly but he’s trying to convince me to take off my taweez (I have a 7 day taweez I got from this website) and sleep on my left side (as I was trying to sleep on my right) eventually, I get annoyed and end up doing as he says but at some point I go back to sleeping on my right and put the taweez back on.
    Second: during my dream I kept waking up and whenever I would wake up there would be a lot of light outside my window and I would get worried because I thought it was morning and I missed my namaz. But I would check the time and it would be 1 or 2 am. When I get up for tahajjud at 3 I notice it’s still bright outside, and I tell myself I’ll check why the sky is so light at this time of the night. I go do wudu and come back out and it’s dark outside. Therefore idk if this actually happened or I imagined it or I was dreaming.

  116. Maria Shabbir on said:

    Is this necessary to sleep after doing istakhara and not to talk to anyone

    • Yes it is compulsory to sleep right after doing Istikhara without talking to anyone..

  117. Mustak on said:

    Mujhe khwaab me ye dikha
    1. Super heero hu ban ke logo ki help kr rha hu (superman banke )
    2.eid ul fitar ki taiyari kar raha hu
    3. Kisi ki shadi me hu
    4.Barish ho rahi he or me kisi relative ke yaha me baar baar khana kha raha hu
    5.Apne institute ke liye bag banwane ka order kar raha hu
    6. God ke liye singing kr raha hu
    7. Kisi ladki se jadaran koi shadi kr leta he fir wo us ldke ko sudharne ke liye zid krne lgti he ke aap aisa karo jao ye kam karo fala karo fala karo..
    Or fir mujhe hamara hi ghar dikhayee diya jisme light nahi he or wo toota. Foora sa he jisme ham ghar ke sabhi log so rhe he ..

    • Positive hai aapka istikhara, aapko pahle bhi javab de diya tha bhai.

      • afiya on said:

        Assalam o alaikum, mjhe ye batayiye positive signs ko kaise pehchan paaye hum, humne isteqara kiya 7 days bus Esme do din ka khwoab yaad raha,m Ain Bangalore se hu mere bf Delhi se distance ki wajah se mere ammi nahi maanrahe ,ek din k khwoab me koyi white shirt pehenke ladke hai o kehrahe hai k wutni door hai mat karo shadi ziada difference hai,myne suna tha white colour dekhna positive sign hai.Kya ye sach hai? Dusra khwoab me ye dekhi main my aur mere bf ek shad me Gaye huwe hai Kisi red colour pehenle huwe logoan ko Dekha ek room Ka interior boht Acha white mirors lage hai deewana par, mere bf ne black aur grey T-shirt pehna huwa hai,main kehrah hi hamare room me ye design Acha lagega ,plz aap bataayiye kya hai?

          • afiya on said:

            Thanx a lot sis reply k liye but plz mjhe ye bataayiye positive signs kaise Malum kare.

          • Aapko jo dreams aayen aap yahan share kar dena. Ham aapko result bata denge.

  118. Shaheen on said:

    Meri shaadi me rukawat arahi hein aur koi intezam nhi. Pehle istekhara positive aya. Ladk ki maa ne kala amal kia hua hai. Apne dubara istekharakarne kaha. 3 dreams hein
    Ek cousin ki mere july 1 ko shaadi hui jise mein nhi gai. Usko laal jod3 me dekha. Dula white libaas me tha chehra ngi dikha aur dawat chal rahi thi.
    2nd khwab- mein aur luch ladkiyan jungle me hein maghrib ka waqt hai. Ek nest me kuch white eggs, white baby birds aur wk black bird dekha. Usi khwab me meri sis soi hai aur ypar kali billi chadk kudi
    3rd khwab me blood stained sanitary napkins mein plastic cover me dalk ohekne ja rahi hun. Wahi khwab me nahane ja rahe hein aur white kapda dala hai khud ko dhakne

  119. Mustak on said:

    Mujhe khwaab me ye dikha
    1. Super heero hu ban ke logo ki help kr rha hu (superman banke )
    2.eid ul fitar ki taiyari kar raha hu
    3. Kisi ki shadi me hu
    4.Barish ho rahi he or me kisi relative ke yaha me baar baar khana kha raha hu
    5.Apne institute ke liye bag banwane ka order kar raha hu
    6. God ke liye singing kr raha hu
    7. Kisi ladki se jadaran koi shadi kr leta he fir wo us ldke ko sudharne ke liye zid krne lgti he ke aap aisa karo jao ye kam karo fala karo fala karo..
    Or fir mujhe hamara hi ghar dikhayee diya jisme light nahi he or wo toota. Foora sa he jisme ham ghar ke sabhi log so rhe he ..
    Or yahi ni 7 days to hame ye b dikha ke ham kisi mohalle ke cleanik per dwa lene gaye or waha ham apna mob chhod aye jise unki lady compounder ne rakh liya baad me ham use lene pahunche to lady waha nhi thi Dr. Bola ke abhi ati hogi mob mil jayega chinta na karo..
    Or fir ham bahar khade intjaar kar rhe the ke tabhi achanak ek juloos ke sath hamara ek friend aya aur wo sabko khushi se 10 y 20 Rs ke Note de raha tha . Usne hame dekha aur hamse gale mila aur hame bhi ek note 10 rs aur ek note 20Rs ka (yani 30 rs ) diya . Hamne use puchha ke kyo de rha he wo bola ke yar me Devi maa ke darshan ( veshno devi ke darshan ya teerath yatra ke liye ) ke lie ja rha hu tum rakh lo

    • Positive hain aapke dreams. Aap website se jo amal karna chahen dekh ke parh len magar pahle website ko zarur subscribe kijiye.

      • Beeha on said:

        Assalam o Alaikum sister I’m performing this istahara first night I have no dream bcoz dua no.10 mainay galti say 3 bar parhi ap k kehnay k mutabiq mai 7 din pura karu gi insha Allah and hope for positive results

          • Beeha on said:

            Assalam o Alaikum sister ye istahara mujsay skip hogya 1 raat first 2 days mujay koi khawab nae aya or 3rd day istahara miss hogya ab mai dubara yahan say he continue karu ya dubara start karu

          • Dobara shuru karen 2 din ke gap ke sath.

          • Beeha on said:

            Ab 2 din bad Yani Kal say dubara shuru krna phir say 7 din k liye karu ya Sirf 5 din k liye

          • Pure 7 din ke liye karen. 2 nahi to kam se kam ek din ka gap de ke karen.

          • Beeha on said:

            Assalamu alaikum sister apke kehnay k mutabiq mainay Kal raat wazifa Kiya khawab Kuch khaas yaad nae bs itna yaad hai k Mai nay dekha mai apnay cousin say online baat krtay huay usay tanz kr Rae hu jesay Mai krti hu us say breakup hua tha mera bs it a yaad hai

          • Beeha on said:

            Boht shukriya sister ab mai ye istahara baki 6 din karu ya marriage wazifa start kr du

          • Off course, aapko mazid 6 din karna hai istikhara.

          • Beeha on said:

            Assalamu alaikum sister 5 din hogaye istahara krtay huay koi khawab nae a raha meray boyfriend ko Kal 1 khawab Aya agr ap kahain to Mai share kr skti hu pr kindly guide karain ye istahara jari rakhu ya dubara shuru karu

          • Aap Istikhara kar rahi hain, aapko hi ishara hoga. Boy ke dream ka isse koi taluq nahi. Aap apne istikhara ke 7 din pure karen.

  120. Sidra on said:

    Agar akele letna possible na ho to sabke Sath me letkar kar sakte hain ???

  121. ... on said:

    istekhara karne agar maa aur bete k do naam hein yani pukarne ka alag aur khaas paidaishi naam alag to dono lene zaruri hein?aur pura naam lena zaruri hai- yani sur name?

    • First name lena zaruri hai, pura name lena zaruri nahi aur asli name lenge yani ke paidayeshi name.

  122. Kya aap srf nikah k istikhare ki tabeer btate h..nikah istikhara postv th..mgr mre bf ko career s related istikhara krna h..kya aap tabeer bta dnge?

    • Ji bilkul career istikhara ka natija bhi aapko bata denge.

      • Assalamoalaikum..unhone bs 3 din kra ab bolre h mje ni krna ab yh sb
        Bs first day dream aaya
        “Sher Baitha tha sb darr gye phir hm pass gye toh usne aage aake daraya then wo neeche chla gya room mei sbne darwaza band kr diya phir ye hua chla gya n all then dekha hm ammi mamu kahi ja rhe bada acha mousm ha ammi kah rhi dekho kitna acha mousm ho gya h”
        Yh dream h
        2nd n 3rd day dream ni aaya
        Aap plz btaiye first day ka dream ksa h?

        • Is dream se koi natija samne nahi aa raha. Dobara pure 7 din ke liye Istikhara karen.

  123. Atiya on said:

    Aswlkm sis yes sis even i exactly wanted to do this again.
    1.Sis mera haldi ka kapda wale amal k 40 days nahi hue abhi.
    2.Aur ruqia sharia wala wazifa, ayat ul khursi wala wazifa and pyaar mein paagal karne wali taweez bhi banayi hi maine.should i do all these along with istekhara.suggest me.and pray for my success.
    3. Istekhara Tuesday night karu ya Wednesday night.koi tuesday karre or koi wednesday iam confused.

    • Ji han aap in wazaif ke sath Istikhara kar sakti hain. Aur future Istikhara aapko Wednesday night ko karna hai.

      • Atiya on said:

        Aswlkm sis apne nikah istekhara karne ko kaham hi mujhe ek reply mein par apne phir is reply mein future istekhara kaha now iam confused kounsa istekhara karu exactly guide me.plz

        • Is Istikhara me to kahin mentioned hi nahi hai specific day. Ye to kabhi bhi kar sakte hain. Wednesday night ka question to future Istikhara me aayega kyune wahan mentioned hai.

  124. Fatima on said:

    1st day ishtikharah me muje pura to nahi yad but gar ke back yard thi or asamsn se kuchh lakri ki jesa sitare jesi light walachamakdar tej ja raha tha south se north wo duve jesa nikal ke kham ho gaya mene ammy ko dekhne ke liye bulaya tab tak khtam ho chuka tha fir wapas thodi der k bad wesa tej lakri jesa chamkdar west se east ki tara ja raha tha tab mene ko dikhaya or unhone ammy bhi dekha fir iske sath tej baris hui or wo chamak raha tha to me mammy gar me aaye khof ki wajah se fir bhi wo baris gar me aayi or iski tej bhi fir mammy ne doni kitab k bare me puchha mene bola me akeli padh li aahista mammy ne bol sab sune itni aawaj se padhni chahiye thi fir aur bhi bahot kuchh tha dream me but yad nahi hai
    Abi 1 din istikhara kiya hai please tabir bata dijeye.
    Or 6 din karna hai?

    • Abhi kuch khas result nahi nazar aaya. Mazid 6 din karen Istikhara aap.

    • Asma on said:

      Agr positive ni dikha to kya fir usko paane ki dua b ni kar sakte???

      • Positive na dikhne ki surat me ALLAH Ta’ala se apne haq me jo behtar hai uski du’a mangiye.

        • maham on said:

          Aoa.I am very depressed and tensed I am 24 years old I did istikhara in Ramadan and it was positive..I love my second cousin my fathers cousin son..I am dentist he is doing mbbs..he is 26 we met in medical college ..phele toh he exchanged our numbers and we started talking and when i fell for him he said I am committed to someone she is also soing mbbs from smother medical college..but he still remained in contact committed not engaged and his family doesn’t know her too six years now all was fine calls and texts..he got detained twice i graduated before him…i am doing ..this year was his final yr but again he failed and got detaination now i have government job..this February something happened he said k mwri aor apki shadi hojani hy toh phr ese bt krna mushkil hoga .mjhe ap bht psnd ho..but apki life aor mushkil nhi kr skta isliye bt nahi kren gy..
          and he blocked me..ab dosre number se kbi kbi i used to text him toh kbhi reply kr deta tha kbhi nahi..kal he told me.mieny apni job ka hi btane k liye msg kia and he said m engaged..
          i don’t know what to phopho is his mumani..woh jb last time eid pe aeyn bcz iski cousin ki shadi thi my mum asked about him toh she said abi iski shadi nahi krni bcz oski ami kehti hyn yeh abi kuch kama toh le..i thought things will be fine..but kal he said me ones dies i know..but its like something is killing me inside everyone says me u r pretty itne rishte b iski wjase mna kr diye bs mind mie bs wohi rehra hy kia krun kindly help i think i won’t b able to marry anyone except him

  125. Zeenat. on said:

    AOA…. MN ne ye wazifa kia tha. Mujhe larky ki Ama ka naam ni pata lekin MN Hawa laga lia tha. MN dekha tha k Phele to thora andhera sa nazar ata H lekin thori dr baad Foran se Mujhe Dark green jungle nazar ata H jisy k upr MN urti hui ja rahi ho0n. Aur phir white color ka dress b pehnti ho0n.
    Mujhe results ki samjh ni I k ak e khawb mein 2 cheexein dekhny ka kya matlb H. Kindly mujhe bta dein.

    • Positive signs hain aapke dream me. Agar aap ne 7 din tak nahi kiya Istikhara to 7 din pure kar len.

      • Zeenat. on said:

        MN ne kia tha dobara lekin kuch b nazar ni aya tha

        • Dear sis, phir aap kisi molvi se karwa lijiye kyunke Istikhara karna zaruri hai.

  126. Mursheesiddiq on said:

    Asalamu alaikum warh bhai …
    Myself mursheesiddiq. M one of the follower of
    Last year I got married but doesn’t last long bcz of my father in law nd sis in laws … I nly live wth him for 7mnth … after i became pregnant more pblm s came. Wth allah blessing I got boy babe dey still never came to see baby. without him I can’t live ..being n home more dan 9mnth so I applied case in court .it’s n processing .. by one day I saw ur website page so as per ur page instruction I did love ishtikarah …. I got dream throughout 7 days … from ds nxt wat should I do now … plzzz help me to get back by husband …
    My dreams
    1=> while moving somewhere m phone is ringing.. wth azan sound
    2=> by doing shopping m seeing my husband n my way .. he sawn me and he never took his eye out from me
    3=> my father_inlaw s carrying my babe
    4=> moving to New home
    5=> back to school reunion m njyng der and also m asking my servant abt my father_in-law and mother-in-law whether dey talking anything any me …
    6=> m seeing alien planets n my area wth white and red colour
    7=> m seeing fire accident n mny area and every1 is suffering . By dat tym m seeing a boy getting into fire through my home window … suddenly I rescue him from fire… aftr saving his life and m taking him into my home …. dats all my dream
    do reply
    asalamu alaikum warh

      • Mursheesiddiq on said:

        Jazakallakhair…. es still wr r n nikkah .. is that any pblm to get negative sign of dream … if i did ds wazifa wil i get him back

        • There is no problem with this Istikhara result. You can start a wazifa to resolve your problem. Insha ALLAH, that will work.

      • nadeem shaikh on said:

        asslam walaikum sis maine istekhara karwaya tha usme sab sahi aa raha lekin ladki nahi bolri har bar aur e usse be inteha be panha mohbbat karta hu pls help me

  127. Sadaf on said:

    My 1st day dream: Neela pani hai aur saaf hai, toh samajh ni aya ke samandar hai koi jheel.bas Neela pani dikha or need khul gayi, fir jab neend aayi toh bohot sare sone ke sikke dikhe. Fir neend khul gayi, fr jab neend ayi toh dikha ghar pe aag ka ek gola gira upar se or wo girne ke baad humne sabko bacha liya or sare log mehfuz the, or koi aagni barsi. Bas ek bar hi wo aag ka gola gira tha or dobara nahi gira.

      • Sadaf on said:

        I have done this for 7 nights,only on the first day I had seen the dream but for the rest of the days had seen no dreams or had seen but didn’t remembered. Please help

        • You need to do this yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara once again with entire concentration for regular 7 days to get a clear result.

          • Sadaf on said:

            I am doing this Istikhara agin, first day I had seen no dream, 2nd day I saw, I am playing with my neighbour 3 years old kid, then Having some sweet moment with the person for whom I am doing this Istikhara.

          • Your Istikhara dreams are positive. Keep continue it for 7 days.

          • Sadaf on said:

            My 2nd day istikhara was positive.
            3rd day I had seen I am viewing the photo of that person in my phone.
            6th day I had seen I am having with my friends and talking with them.
            7day I had seen I am going on tour with my father,my brother and other reltives but the cab driver came very late to drop us to station but there were still time to catch the train.

            Please tell me whether it is positive or not.

          • Your dreams are positive. Now you can start a wazifa that suits you.

          • Sadaf on said:

            I did this istikhara for the person whom I love madly, Even he loves me but for some reason he always takes his step back. I want to marry him, He is not talking to me. Since 6months. And seems like everything is ended. I want halal relationship and want that he confesses his love to me and agrees to marry me.I want him to share his feelings.Please tell me the wazifa that will create love for me and he agree for marrying me.

          • Sadaf on said:

            Yes the istikhara result was positive and I had started ayatul kursi wazifa from today.I want him to confess his love wants to marry him.This wazifa is fine or some different wazifa i have to perform?

    • I have done istekhara for 7nights for my BF & these are my dreams
      1. No dream
      2. No dream
      3. I saw greenery and iam sitting with my BF there
      4. No dream
      5. Iam standing alone near some sea it is full of water waves are coming towards and i was getting scared & iam trying to run to save my self from waves then one girl came i dont know from where and she saved me from those high waves
      6. I saw my self sitting with my family amd we are talking
      7. I saw my BF and his father and my family weare all sitting together and talking some thing like normal talks having fun and laughing

      Is is positive or negative?

      If thats negative should i do it again ?

  128. aik aap nu ayat ul kursi wala wazifa btaia or dosra surah imran ka wo dono hi ni kr skty kia or koi rozy wala wazifa hai to bta dy please

  129. jaisy k aik wazifa khaas marraige k ly ho or dosra waisy dua hr frz nmaz k baad kisi b maksad k ly us wazify mai sath dua to kr skty hai na marriage k ly b

    • Ji bilkul har farz namaz ke baad ya kisi bhi waqt du’a aap kar sakte hain.

  130. Anum on said:

    Aoa . . Me NY dream dekha k bht bara samandar hai Neely rang saaf shafaaf n pur sakoon . ..aur us k sajil py aik chiria hai . .wo cheria just Jaga hai waha kuch purana toota phoota saman para hai PHR cheria urr k Thora agy sahil py jati jaha SB kuch saaf hai . . Waha py wo apni choonch sy zameen sy koi keera nikalny ki koshish krti lekin usy mushkil pesh ati . . Itny me waha us k pas aik billi ati n us cheria ki help krti. . N cheria wo keera nikal leti apni choonch me aur bht khush hoti . … . PHR second dream Jo me ny dekha wo ye dekha k me ny 4 cup qehwa chai mangway aur apni colleguc ko pilay n khud bhi pia . . Is k elawa mujy baqi dino me koi drean dekhae nai dia. . AP btaein mery dream ka Kia mtlb hai? . ..Kia mujy wo shaks mil Jay ga jis Sy shadi chahti hun?.

    • Positive hai aapka Istikhara. Ab aap jo wazifa parhna chahen parh sakti hain.

  131. aik sa zaid wzaif b kr skty hai aik sath jaisy k fjr time aik kr lia esha time koi or kr lia or wzaif k sath taweez b use kr skty hai

    • Ji han agar maqsad alag hai to kar sakte hain. Warna ek maqsad ke liye ek hi wazifa parhen aur taweez sath me istemal kar sakti hain.

  132. Rashu on said:

    On 2nd day, I saw a dream. It was like this- I was sleeping. My room had a window behind my head. A very beautiful lady came to the window and she was tied with rope. I pulled her in my room. Then I told her that ‘It is obviously not you! You are surely a boy in disguise of a very beautiful lady, isn’t it?’ She said nothing but laughed. I untied her and then slept again. What does it mean?

  133. salma@ on said:

    maa baap ko razi kaise kare??

    • Mohd Shamsuddin Siddiqui on said:

      As-salam alikum Hazrat meri shadi hoo gai pur meri biwi laad Kar maike chali gai hai aur usne court case kar deya mai istekhara iss batt pur kiya ki hum dono ke bich jadu ya Allah ki taraf se ajmais hai ,mai khowab me Dekha ki mai apni maa se batt kar raha hoon aur phir dekha ki koi janwar sher ya kutta mujhe laad raha hai.iska kya mutlab hai

      • Ye achha sign nahi hai. Aap Istikhara 7 din tak karenge to clear result aayega.

  134. Naseem ahmad on said:

    Sir meri shadi ho chuki hai but mujhe kisi ladki se pyar ho gya hai or us ladki ka mujhe nahi pata ki wo karti hai ya nahi meri usse baat tak nhi hui hai. mei usse nikah karna chahta hu. kya mei ye istikhara kar sakta hu. or kya wo ladki mujhse mohabbat karne lagegi. meri shadi ho chuki hai aur meri wife or bache bhi hai. kya us ladki ki shadi mujhse ho sakti hai. istikhara kar sakta hu kya.

    • Bhai aapke apne biwi bache hain. Aap unka khyal kijiye. Khayal rakhiye ke unka dil na dukhe. Sochiye ke jo aap karna chah rahe hain us se aapki biwi ka dil dukhega. Aur waise bhi dusri shadi ke liye aapko apni pahli biwi se ijazat lena zaruri hai. Is silsile me apni biwi se aapko pahle baat karni hogi.

  135. Faria Asim on said:

    I have completed 7days istikhara I need to know tabeer of my dream and the best wazifa for my problem

    • Kindly share your dreams here and i will tell you the results.

        • Fari on said:

          Agr qabaristan b na ho aas pas or behta pani b nahi ho mtlb bilkul b koi chance na ho to to taweez jb poora ho Jaye to uska Kya kren ?

          • Qabrastan me dubana koi condition nahi hai. Kisi bhi saaf jagah ki mitti me duba den.

        • Fari on said:

          I have been traveling a lot mtlb almost Roz kahin na kahin Jana hota hai for projects to mere liye ye possible nahi ho rha taweez Wala Amal krna.
          Is there anything else suitable for my situation ? Mtlb namaz k bad ya nafal wghera parh k Jo me krlon.
          Or jis ka result jaldi ajaye?
          Kyu k mere rishta ka boht issue chal rha hai ghr me. Or usne saf Mana krdia hai k nahi layega. To mje urgent results chahiyen. Please suggest me something

        • Faria Asim on said:

          Mje koi result nahi mil rha after doing hajat Wala wazifa

          • ALLAH par mukammal yaqeen rakhen aur astaghfar bhi parh karen aur sadqah khairat bhi kijiye.

      • Faria on said:

        Usne mjse dobara contact Kia mene poocha to kehta hai k nahi ho skta ghr waly nahi man rhe kisi halat me. Usne saf saf Mana krdia hai. 3 mahine ho gye Hain koi b wazifa Kam nahi kr rha.. me Kya krun ? Konsa aisa wazifa hoga k usne parents khud usse marzi poochain? Or is time wo stubborn bny huye Hain k hogi to hamari marzi se. Usne block krdia mje or chla gya. Me kya krun ab ? Istekhara positive tha mene btaya b tha ab show nahi ho rha. Please kch btayen

  136. Salma on said:

    Assalamualikum maine istikhara kara hai or mujhe abh tk uska jawab nhi mila hai plz jldi jawab dey

    • Aap dobara pure dhyaan ke sath Istikhara kijiye. Insha ALLAH, zarur jawab milega.

  137. tabu on said:

    Sis… istakhara ka mera first day result aaya tha .or mujhe grass dikhe. Mujhe btaya gya ki mera result positive h. To kya 6 din or Karu ya wazifa Karu Ab???

    • Clearly upar likha hua hai ke 7 din karna hai ye Istikhara sis.

  138. noor on said:

    Mein ne nikah istekhara kua . Sirf ek din hi khwab aya jisme koi dawat chl rhi hai. Mere ek relative aunty kuch paka k mujhe paros rahi hein. Mein bol rhi hun merefather se k mere mamu ki shaadi hai.

  139. Salma on said:

    Assalamualikum maine istikhara kia hai 1day mere hatho mein mehndi dalrey ghr mein log bhi dikhaye derey aisa Kuch hai 2day bht khawf naag khawab tha ek evil lady hai jo bhi uske pass jata usy apny andar lelety ek almarih ke andar sey aisa kuch fr 3,4,5,yd nhi 6day ghr pr sb khandan ke log dekhrey 7day bhi aisa hi dikha ghr mein log log hai relatives plz reply it

  140. Faria on said:

    Agr istikhara ki Dua parh kr so jayen or koi khab na aye or ankh khul Jaye or kch dair bad dobara so jayen b Jo khab ayega wo count hoga ?

  141. 5th day b mujy kuch khas yaad nahi rha lkn etna yaad hai k mai us sa baty kr rhi thi or sixth day b hum baty kr rhy thy
    in tmam dino mai mai ny surak ya siah kuch ni daikha or hr khowab mai kush mahol hota hai

    • Aapka istikhara positive hai sis. Aap ab chahen to shadi ke liye amal shuru kar sakti hain.

  142. assalam o alaikum 2nd day khowab mai mai ny us k gfand father and grand mother ko daikha lkn etna mind mai nahi hai k pic daikhi ya phr waisy lkn reality mai ny unhy ni daikha hwa 3rd day sehat khrab thi esi ly esha ki nmaz k ly jo wazoo kia tha usi sa estkhara kia us raat kuch ni nzr aya koi yaad ni 4thy din b jo meri day timr activity thi whi khowab mai ai raat ko mai apny sir sa baat kr rhi thi lkn dophr time mai ny daikha khowab k mai apny bhai or ami g k sath hoo hum rasty mai aik jga rukty hai cycle hai hmary paas wha pani ki nehry or sbza hai etna saaf pani jaisy k aabshar ko ho pani peeny lgty hai to daikhty hai k wha pani mai powder mix hai agy chly jaty agy pani mai pty giry hwy hai trees k saya hai wha phr whi mnzr aik university or resturant mai bdl jata hai nhr b sath hi hai tables or chairs lgi hoi hai hmary paas paisy km hoty hai is ly hum kuch order ni krty ami g khi side pa hai or mai or bhai hum aik tables k sath lgi chairs pa baith jaty hai bhai ami g k ly juice order krta hai wha pa bhai ki girl friend b ati hai apni walida k sath jo k mery ly yellow colour k pholo ka gajra lai hai or packing mai 2 or tra k phool b hai waiter jo k aik larki hai wo aik bry bowl mai kuch ly kr ati hai juice ty ni tha pta ni kia tha but liquid or buht thora sa bhai wo apni gf ko dy deta hai ami g aty hai 1 minut k y rukty hai wha baithty hai phr bhai sa gf ki wja sa gussy ho kr chly jaty hai bhai b un k peechy jata hai or mai b jany lgti hoo phr wapis ati hoo wo phool or gajra uthati or un sa khti hoo k agr jha rh jata to aap ko bura lgna tha us larki ki maa khti hai apni beti k hwaly sa k ab to esy smj jana chachy mai un sa khti hoo k anti g mai ny to esy phly hi sach bta dia tha mai ni chahti k meri khamoshi sa kisi ki zindgi brbad ho wha pa mujy jaag aa gai
    jis sach ka zkr is khowab mai hai wo mery bhai sa related hai k us ki kafi gfs hai or j baat mai ny aik larki ko btai b hai just is ly k kisi ki zindgi khrab na ho us ki baat hoi thi muj sa to mai ny bta dia sach

  143. Aamir ahmed ashrafi on said:

    Assalm u alaikum
    Mjhe nikah istikhara krna hai toh namaz istikhara ki 2 rakat nafl kr k pdhna hai plzzzz help

    • Ji han istikhara namaz ada kar ke istikhara du’a parhen aap.

  144. Faria on said:

    Agr personally bat krni ho apse to kidr contact Kia Jaye ?

    • Faria on said:

      Isko fajar k bad parh skte Hain ya esha k bad hi lazmi hai ?

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Isha ke bad hi karen Istikhara aap.

    • Faria on said:

      Agr ye istikhara kr k so jayen or kch dair bad ankh khul Jaye or koi Kam wghera kr k phr soyen or phr Khab Aye to wo b count hota hai ?

    • Faria on said:

      Jis k liye kr rhe hoty Hain usse bat kr skte Hain is dotan?

  145. shaheen on said:

    uniform ka colour white or sky blue tha lkn aik cheeze j k mujy healyh problem hai or start sa hi shayed hi koi raat ho jis mai mujy khowab na ay mujy khowab lazmi aata hai baaz dfa aisy hi or sometime drowny or mai apni ideal name use ker rhi hoo real nahi face book community mai exams k baad start kro gi mai facebook use ni krti

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Khwab me White color dekhna acha hota hai sis.

      • Maryam mehmood on said:

        Salam, i have done nikkah istikhara and maine khuwab mei white color ka dress or green grass dekha h iska sign kiya hoga???

  146. Farhat Yasmin on said:

    jzakallahu khair
    God bless you always and be happy

  147. Farhat Yasmin on said:

    assalam o alaikum mai apny parents sa buht piyar krti hoo mai unhy apni pasand k bary mai ni bta skti aaj sa isthkhara start kr rhi hoo aap please mujy koi wazifa bta dy

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Pahle aap istikhara mukammal kar ke batayen phir wazifa aapko diya jayega insha ALLAH.

  148. noor@786 on said:

    mein ne nikah istekhara kia tha jo positive aya. aur quadri tareeq k ek masjid k imam ne b positive bataya. lekin meri engagement tut gai. ladka 10 daal se pasabd karta hun kark baatein kara. engagement k baad hi meri koi izzat nhi. dowry k lie pareshan karna. ladk k aprents b aye din kuch na kuch pareshani create karte hein. ladka ek din pyar ki bateinb to ek din mujhse ghudsa aur insulting way se baat karta hai. ab emhaengageb tut gai aur uski dusri jaga baat chal rahi hai. mere gahr pe dubara us ladk ko consider karne razi nhi. nikah istekhara positive tha phir rishta juddr mrri tabiyat b kharab rehti aur mental unrest b. ladka aur usk parents ne meri aur mere larentski b buhat beizzart ki aur ab hame badnam kar rahe hein. ladka ab mujhe msgs kark dubara rishta jodne ki baatein karta hai aur suddenly mind chnage kar leta hai. sasural aur ladka buhat mentally pressure kare . surah ikhlaas tawwz v banai. but ab mujhe wahnw rishta karne sedar lagta hai. bataen kya karun?

    istekhara positive aya tha phir b aise log nikle aur ladka khid aise taklof denewala hai.

    kou hal ho to bataein

  149. Ss on said:

    I love a boy but he is engaged I tried wazifa like ayat ul kursi, fatiha amal and surah ikhlas Amal but seen no result. Is there any other wazifa I can try. I really want to marry this guy and my Istikhara is positive. Please help me out

  150. ajmal shamsudeen on said:

    doing isthikhara after gaving a two days gap

    first day

    i saw taj mahal in the middle of no where and i was exited to see the masjid on a road side like in heaven

    and second thinv is that i dont know why i saw that in my dream its very bad to comment here. immoral thing with a lady .. 🙁

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      The first dream is positive. Keep continue this istikhara for seven days.

  151. Imran bhai apki site bhot helpful hai. Meri badi se badi problem iss site ke wazaif se aur apki aur facebook ki admin ki help se door ho gayi. Meri shadi bhi pasand se ho gayi, ALLAH apko khush rakhe, Maine pyar me pagal karne wala wazifa kiya tha, pahle nikah istikhara kiya tha. usse pahle mene shadi ke liye behtareen dua ki thi. Jaza kallah!

    • Al Imran on said:

      thanks and Jaza kALLAHU khair ALLAH apke masail hal karta rahe, Aur isi tarah se sabhi yaALLAH Followers ki bhi pareshaniyan door hoti rahein aur murad poori hoti rahe. Insha ALLAH Ameen.

  152. Aga Khan on said:

    Assalamualaikum. Meine aur meri gf ne ye wazifa saath mein shuru Kiya. Usko 7 mein se 5 din ache khwaab aaye jaise hum dono kahi ghoom rahe hain yaa hotel mein sab khana kha rahe hain family ke saath. Ek khwaab mein hum dono beach pe walk kar rahe hain. Par mujhe sirf ek din, pehle din khwaab aaya tha ki hum dono phone pe pyaari baatein kar rahe hai aur Masti kar rahe hain. Phir doosre din koi khwaab nai aaya. Aur teesre aur chauthe din mein galat dua padh liya, mujhe Binte padhna tha par mein do din bin padh liya tha. Mujhe koi khwaab nai aaya. Meine 5th day Ko poora restart Kiya tha aur 3 din aur padha par koi khwaab nahi hai. Ab mein Ramzan eid ke Baad wapas ye wazifa karunga. Par meri gf ka wazifa ho Gaya hai aur usko positive ishaara aaya hai. Mere ghar waale ammi aur Abba hamari shaadi ke liye raazi nai ho rahe hai. Uske ghar waale shaadi ke liye tayyar hai. Hum dono Ko kaunsa wazifa karna chaahiye

      • Aga Khan on said:

        Hum dono ye kitne din tak karein. 3 din tak?

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Love marriage Istikhara ki mukammal details upar batayi gayi hain ke ye aap ne lagaatar 7 din karna hai.

  153. A khan on said:

    Asslamu alaikum
    Maine nikah istekhara kiya hai kuch dino pehle.. apse guzarish hai ki aap tabir bta den…
    7 me se 3 dino k hi khwab mujhe yad hain…
    Khwab is trh se hain-

    1st day- maine khwab me 3 ladke dekhe white shirt me or ye teeno mere purane student reh chuke hain

    3rd day- sooji ka tight dough ( gundi hui sooji) ek dukan pr dekha.. jise dekh kr mai khwab me hi socha ki ye dough patla or mulaayam hota hai itna tight nhi hota lekin or kisi se nhi kaha

    7th day- maine sandwich k liye mayonnaise ka mixture bnaaya tha

    Jazakallah for helping us

  154. Nasir on said:

    Assalam o alikum sir me punjab shift huna chata hun to is k lie main ny istekhara kia ur me nay daikha k ek bechi red color k kaproo me bethi apple kha rahe hay hay to iska kia metlb hua mery lye thek hay k nae

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Apko khwab me positive sign dikhayi diya hai bhai yani apka Istikhara aapke maqsad ke haq me aaya hai.

  155. Shanaya on said:

    As salaam walaikum….am i suppose to continue my istakhara and what shld i consider my istakhara positive or negative????

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      If you are not getting any clear signs in 7 days of Istikhara, you can restart it with a gap of at least 2 days.

      • Mdfarru on said:

        ji my 4days istikhara kiya aj morning saheri karke namaz ke bad jab soya to ek khwab padya my aur wo ladki phone pe bat kar rahe jaisa tha.fir neend se jaag gaya.kya a dream positive or negative hai?please bataye.

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Positive sign hai ye bhai.

      • Shanaya on said:

        Khawab me Bakri dekhna ameeri ki alamat hai. Ye positive sign hai sis. Apna yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara pura karen ap. Uh said to me this previously bus mujhe yahi puchna hai k kya mera istakhara positive hai aur aageh mei koi bhi amaal kar sakti hu plzzz muje bataiye

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ji han agar aapka istikhara mukammal ho chuka hai to aap love marriage ka amal kar sakti hain.

          • Shanaya on said:

            Plzz mujhe luv marriage ka amaal bataiyeh naa.i luv someone and he too luvs me but unke ghar vale nahi maan rahe hai koi saath nahi deraha hai hamara unke ghar se plzzz can uh suggest me what to do plzzz…..i m a divorcee and he wants to marry me for the sake of allah but unke ghar valo ko galat lag rha hai yeh he is my relative pehla unke parents maan gaye the par ab mana kar rhe hai

    • ayesha on said:

      Ist day mainai kuch khaas nahi dekha bas game khel raha hota hu aur usi mai fir golya etc game mai.. 2nd day mainai dekha ki meri gf k cosin ki engagement ki shadi aisa kuch hota hai toh toh gf b mai b hota hu vaha hi fir muje gf bolti hai.. Papa kidar hai vo kue ni aayai.. Means mera boy ka papa…. Toh mai apni gf ko kiss krta hu uski grand maa k k baad uski grand maa humai bolti hai jao ab gar… Toh hum ab nikaltai hai toh raastai mai kuch firing c hoti hai.. Hum gadi mai hi sotai hai kuch fir.. Ye tha 2nd day ka… Lekin ismai jaisai laga shadi ho chuki hai gf k sath….

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Aapka ye Istikhara ka khwab positive hai. Saat din mukammal karen.

  156. Ajmal Shamsudeen on said:

    7 days completed and not a single dream about my ishthikhara

    yesterday i dreamed about travelling to dubai only ,my told job location is in dubai i dont know i am feeling little down ….

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      You should restart it with entire concentration with a gap of at least 2 days.

  157. Ss on said:

    In my dream I saw I was in middle of somewhere. There was a strong wind coming toward me. It was really strong but I can withstand the wind. Then I heard allah saying no matter what happen u will get what is in ur destiny no matter what happen

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      This is a positive sign.

      • Ss on said:

        I got scared after seeing the dream as I feel like the wind was lightning blowing toward. Is the dream related black magic

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Don’t be afraid. It is not a symptom of black magic.

      • Ss on said:

        As allah said no matter what other people do nothing can stop. U will get what is rab ko manzor
        Please tell me was it just positive sign or something related to black magic

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          It is not a sign of black magic. Don’t worry about it.

  158. Aneela on said:

    Aslamu alaikum Bhai
    Ma ne 7 din Istakhara kia hy and kal last day tha
    Mjhe sirf pehly din ka khowab yad hy wo b thora sa,baki 6 din kuch nazr nhe aya ya aise lgta hy khowab bhol jati hon main
    Pehly din main ne dekha k koi function chal raha hy,sb log ready ho k aye hoe,un men sy mjhe apni 1 cousin and uski 2 betiyan nazr ae hen jo mjhse jealous hoty hoe nazr ae hen,kuch krny nhe dy rhi,us k bad main larky k parents ko b dekha hy,wo b mjhe kisi bachy sy door krny ki try kr rahy,wo bacha chota hy,godh men hy unki
    agy mjhe yad nhe aya k kea tha
    Baki 6 din lgta kuch nazr nhe aya ya maIn bhol.gae
    Plz mjhe iski tabeer btaen,main boht pareshan hon

      • humaira..khan on said:

        ASW.. bhaayi hmse kuch galti ho rhi h istikhare me bhayi..nmaz puri pad ke dua bh krke fr ye sb pdna h ya dua se pehle hi ye sb pd ke fr nmaz ki dua krni h….or bhayi ye hamdo sana hmko nh pta kese krte h
        ..meri madad kre plzzzz bhayi hme istikhara krna h…or ache se sahi se krna h hmse kuch glti ho rhi h. hmko kuch nzr nh a raha 7 din bh ho gye h

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Aap dhyaan se parhen. Bohat asaan hai ye Istikhara. Sara tareeqa upar bataya gya hai. Usi ko follow karen. Hamd o sana se muraad ALLAH Ta’ala ki tareef bayan karna hai. ALLAH Ta’ala ke Paak namo ke sath aap tareef bayan kar sakti hain.

          • humaira..khan on said:

            hmara trika sahi h… bhaayi..ese hi krna h hm bss isme confused h ki nmaz puri trha ada krke dua bh krke fr niche likha sb pdna h or fr se dua krke so jana h…bss ye btayiye bhaayi

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Ji han isi tarteeb se Istikhara karna hai aap ne.

  159. Ajmal shamsudeen on said:

    Assalamu alaikum 5th day completed no dreams for the last 5 days. But after waking up full her thoughts and becoming sad because of that. I don’t know why there is no dream coming.2 more days only remaining

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      You can get a signal even in the last night of Istikhara.

      • Ajmal shamsudeen on said:

        In Sha allah…. Dua keejiye for my Isthikhara to be positive.

  160. Shanaya on said:

    As salaam walaikum….meine yeh istakhara subah fazr ki namaz k baad kiya hai aur meine khwaab mei asmaan mei tiger dekha aur kuch chamakti huvi chiz joh aasmaan mei dikhai derahi hai….yeh first day ki dream hai plzz can uh tell me is dis positive…thank uh

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap 7 din pure kar ke batayen tab clear result Istikhara ka pata chalega.

      • Shanaya on said:

        Third day also i didnt get any dream….what can i do

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Don’t worry. You can get a signal in any night.

          • Shanaya on said:

            As salaam walaikum…i got a drm today aftr fazr meine istakhara kiya aaj meine khwaab mei ek bakri dekhi aaj joh mere ghar mei thi aur mei namaz padh rhi thi…..aur isse zyaada mujhe yaad nahi hai aaj mera 4th day of dream tha plzz mujhe batai na iska kya matlab hai frst day meine tiger dekhi thi aur aasmaan mei chamakti huvi chiz plzzz tell me what does it mean.i luv someone he also luvs me but unke ghar vale nahi maan rahe woh mere rishte mei hi hai what shld i do….thank uh

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Khawab me Bakri dekhna ameeri ki alamat hai. Ye positive sign hai sis. Apna yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara pura karen ap.

  161. Mahmoodunisa sadaf on said:

    Maine chand din pehle isteqara kiya tha… aur mai apne khawb se canfused hun …. maine istaqara kar k soyi thi aur khawb me dekhti hun k ek bade se maidan me ek ladki kale color k kapde pehan k chal rahi haiaur fir mai aasman ki taraf dekhti hun to bade se safeed color k badal hain jo chamak rahe hain…… mujhe khawb me kala aur safeed dono rang nazar aaye hain… isi liye mai confused hun

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear sis, mixed tabeer banegi apke is istikhara ke khawab ki. Ap lagataar 7 din istikhara karne ke bad bataiye.

  162. Zoya on said:

    Assalamalekom m yhe janna chahti hu ke hum salatul istikhara ..ya koi istikhara ase karsakte h kya jese phale isha ki namaz ke sath hi 2 rakat nafil istikhar ke liye namaz padle fir thodi dar bd jb sone jaye tb istikhara ki dua padke sojaye kya hum is tarah istikhara karskte h ..?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Nahi aise karna munasib nahi sis. Istikhara nafal ke sath hi Istikhara du’a parhen.

  163. R on said:

    As salaamualaikum.
    Apse sawal tha k .. yeh istekhara karne ke liye member hona zaruri hai?
    Aur agr istekhra karne pe bas blank hi ho sab yani kuch dikhe hi na toh?
    Aur 3 din kare and ap ko kuch dikhta hai toh b jari rakhna chahiye?aur akhri cheez k agr ap istekhra karke bas 1 ya 2ghante soye toh kafi hoga?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Website ko follow kar ke aap hamari follower ban jayengi to apko tamam wazaif ki ijazat mil jayegi sis. Istikhara 3 din nahi 7 din lagataar karna hai. Kar ke fauran sona hai. Soyen jitni marzi der, no issues.

  164. Arasmias on said:

    As salam alykum. .
    Sis mje ye batana hai ki mje kisi se bht mohabbat karti hu. Aur ab wo bande k dil m bht nafart agyi h mere liye. Pehlehum college sath jate thay aur jigri dost the. Aur kuch zyda jismani nazdeekiya bhi hogyin thi darmiyan. Lekin achanak meri kuch galti aise buri laggyiuse ki usne rabta khatam krne ka soch liya mujse. Mine khoob towba kari h aur kar bhi rahi hu rab se. Aur 7 mubeen wazifa bhi kara h. Lkn abhi kuch change nazr nhi aya situation m. Mai majboor hu use chhor nhi sakti jismani talluqaat k wajh se.
    Dua kare Allah madad kare meri .
    Mene istikhara ab strt kara h kl to mai uske khawab bataungi pooray 7 hojae fr.

  165. Zuber Khan on said:

    In my dream i seen my ex wife (who I want back in my life).
    She is living in a flat and I go to visit her  then later one of the security lady says to me i have to get out as its past 10pm and nobody is allowed to visit that time.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      If you saw your ex wife in your dream, then it is a positive sign.

      • zuber khan on said:

        past 5 days i be having no dream. so if this dream was positive can i start wazifa today??

        please can you suggest me a best easy and quick wazifa to make my ex wife love me and come back to me and forget all the problems and listens to me.

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          To remarry your ex wife, you need to do halalah. I hope you know about it. If not, then you need to contact to your nearby Maulvi regarding this issue.

      • zuber khan on said:

        what can i read or do to make her love me and forget all problems

        i need something quick and short.

      • Amber javed on said:

        AoA… mujhy b apne khwab ki tabeer janani hai. Mene kal fajar k bad apni psnd ki shadi ka janane k lie istakhara kia or mujhy khwab me masjid e nabvi nazar ai… mene sabz gumbad nahi dkha magar masjid e nabvi k darvaze dekhe or phr me masjid k washroom me wazu krne k lie chali gai jha mjy aik family mili or us ne mjy aik din k lie Quran pak dia ta k me parh lu us me se… me Quran pak le k bahr niklti hn to aik anjan larka mjy tng krne lgta ha or phr manzar badalta hai or wo larka mere ghar me mojood mjy dhamki de raha hota ha or tb us ki shakal change ho k hmare sath wale ghar k larkay ki ho jati hai. Masjid e nabwi me akeli hi gi hti hn mre ghar se koi ni hota or na hi wo hota hai jise me pasand kerti hun . Plz is khwab ki tabeer bta den

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Apke istikhara mein positive sign dikhayi diya hai masha ALLAH. 7 din pure karen aap.

          • Amb on said:

            Ji wo me aj se dubara 7 din k lie shuru kerun gi magar mene puchna tha k larkay k papa nahi maan rahy wo un ki shadi unki czn se krwana chahty hain jis ka un ne bachpan se soch rakha tha magar larka ye shadi nahi krna chahta wo mre sath shadi krna chahty hain… ap is k lie koi wazeefa btaiye plz

  166. Anum on said:

    Aoa me ny istekhara Kia n mujy aik din dream me Aya k mery Abu ummrah py ja rahy Hain me un ko khti Hun Ami ko b ly jaein . PHR next day dekha k me apny Abu k sath ummrah py ja rahi hun . . PHR third time dekha k bht sari cheriyan aik darakht py bethi hain . . N koi fire krta to cheriyan urti nai bs halchal hoti . . . Aur kisi cheria ko goli lgi y nai ye cnfrm nai pta . .AP bta dein Mera istekhara positive y negative

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Kuch positive hai apka Istikhara. 7 din tak karen.

      • Anum on said:

        Aoa sis . .mera istekhara positive Aya tha aur me Jin sy shadi krna chahti hun un ki bat kahein aur fix ho gae hai . . Aur unho NY muj sy bat cheet bhi band KR di hai . . Me NY sure feel Wala Amal 2 dafa Kia aur allahu rabbi Wala pechly aik month Sy KR rai hun aur right bazu py taweez bhi pehna hai . . Lekin halat me koi behtari nai arhi . . Plz help me me agy Kia krun ?

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          ALLAH Ta’ala par yaqeen rakhen aur apna shadi ka wazifa jari rakhen. Sath me astaghfar bhi parha karen aur sadqah bhi diya karen.

  167. Aaaa on said:

    I started my first day Istikhara I saw my mom talk to the mother of the boy related to gold how she want these type of jewellery for her another daughter in law and I was seating between them and listen. Then my mom said I wished I could married the guy but he is already engaged and I say even I want to.

    So the situation is the boy is already engaged in real life but I still want him because I really love him and knowing that he is engaged is making me have lots of torture in my heart. Please help me out what should I do

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Your Istikhara dream is positive. Now do it for regular 7 days.

      • aa on said:

        even though the istikhar is positive but the boy I want to marry is engaged but I want to marry him and want his engagement to break I love him a lot. after knowing he is engaged my heart always have been unhappy always want to cry and feeling the soul being toture. any solution to this problem.

        I forgot to mention in my dream I saw a girl who I thought in my dream is engaged to that guy but she is not the girl which he is engaged in real life as I know the girl in real life and I saw the girl in my dream wearing gold bangle and she was saying the bangles are given by her khala but she have no khala in real life. that was weird as the girl was my phupo ki beti.

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          If the boy is forced for this engagement, you may go ahead with a wazifa. Else you shouldn’t do any wazifa for him.

  168. سارا on said:

    As salamalykum
    Bhai museum ye batae ki kya hum istikhara ramadan mai kar saktay hain? Jabki hum sote h fajir k baad to hum tab parh kr ye duae kar sakte hain?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Istikhara ka behtareen waqt raat ka hai. Lekin Ramzan me agar raat ko aap nahi sona chahti to fajar ke bad aap istikhara parh sakti hain.

      • Allah ki bandi on said:

        Mene ye istekaharah kara i got some dreams .
        1st day. I saw me and that boy were at some place nd he was sitting next to me and jese naraz ho. fir unhone apna hand dikhaya muje unke thumb k side per she broke my heart aur broken heart bna hua tha aur fr mene dikhaya unko woi same he broke krke mere thumb pr likha tha . Ye dekh k unhone nrzgi door krke mje hug krlia. To mje khuwab m hi itni tasalli aur sukoon mehsoos hua. Ki shukr h ye theek hogya. Aur wo muje bula bhi rahe the ki chlo mere sath. And wo mje unki gadi se ghar legye drop karne . . Jese wo mje pehle colg se ghr drop krte the real mai.
        2nd day. Kuch jagah thi jaha bahr bht log the jese sab ghoomne aae ho. Aur ander bada hall type tha aur relatives the waha those. And ek admi horse liya Khada tha beech m aur wo horse bht uchak raha tha aur waha sab normal the koi usse dar nhi rha tha lkn mje lgra tha m peeche Beth gyi ek mere uncle k jkr to wo horse kisi chhote animal k paas (goat thi shyd) aate aate mere pas face leaya mere face k kareeb bilkul . Wo brown color ka face tha uska. And it was like he was so happy wo masti m tha. Then m bhr bhaag gyi to bhr bht se relatives the bht Acha mosam tha aur wo jagah green thi bht to m waha gaadi k peeche hass kr chhup ri hu aur waha jo aunty dusri gaadi m bethi mujse poochti hai ki kya hua to i said wo horse pgla raha h. . .
        3rd day.
        I saw that boy and me in same class room then my phone rings and I saw he called me to say chlo ab. Then we went together.
        Baki mje yaad nhi kuch .
        4th day. Kuch sahi yaad hi nhi. Gaadi chalarhi thi m kahi market tha kuch papers the bs kuch yad nhi.
        : 5th day. I saw ki mai apni ammi k sath us shaks k ghar gayi hu. And we were sitting on the terrace . With him. And he was talking to me nicely Then he showed me his pets . There was 1 white Persian cat and a long ears small dog . He brought both the pets near my legs . And said see . And said cat panja maarti hai. And when I picked that cat to uska halka sa sirf 1 nakhoon chubha panja nahi mara. And the dog was just sitting and looking at me . Bs fr he put both the pets inside their pet house. Fr wo banda mjse baate karraha tha . Jo mje yaad nhi. Ammi se bhi baaten horhi thi . Bs fr yaad nahi. 5th day k Mai b I saw cat because on that day I was playing with the cat and was thinking to ask that person to gift me a Persian cat.
        Well Allah knows better ..
        Fr kuch dikha tha ki m kisi lake dekhti hui jarhi hu kahi se jismai khoob pani h mojo jese. To mai bolrhi hu ki Allah mashaAllah ye to full hora h aur log kehrhe the ki sookh gaya. ..
        Bs yehi yaad h 5th day ka
        Then 6th day ka yaad nahi
        Then 7th day sahi yaad nhi bt I saw that I was sitting with that person and he was talking to me . And we were going somewhere as we work sitting in some vehicle.
        And 2 ya 3rd day k dream mai ek aur cheez thi ki muje awaz arhi thi kisi ki meri saari duae qubool hogyi.
        And I was so happy and maI aur dua karrhi thi ki woh banda miljae muje Allah uske sath mera naseeb kholdiye.

  169. Dora on said:

    Sis is wazifa karne se black magic rahe to woh v dur ho jayegi kya?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap istikhara ke page par comment kar rahi hain. Kindly jis wazifa ka puchna ho usi ke page se comment kiya karen. Aur agar ap istikhara ke bare me hi baat kar rahi hain to sis ye to istikhara hai, iska maqsad ap puri post parhengi to apko samajh aa jayega. Black magic remove karne ke liye nahi hai ye.

  170. Dora on said:

    Assalamu alaykum
    Shadi k rukawat torne ka wazifa bataye plz

  171. Amreen Khan on said:

    Aslamuailkum … mera nikah istekhara positive tha mai suar and ants wala wazifa kr rhi hu..aj 6 dsys cmplt ho gye pr abhi koi koi asar dikhai nhi de rha he… ab btaye plzz mai kya krun bht zyada preshan hu

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      ALLAH Ta’ala par yaqeen rakhiye aur sugar ant wazifa ke 7 din pure kijiye aur du’a karte rahiye.

      • aesha on said:

        bhayi ap hmare msg ke reply kyu nh de rhe h hmne to joing bh krli h…hm istikhara kr rhe h ap tabeer btayiye bhayi plz…

          • Arzo on said:

            A.o.a plz meujy b answerh dyein mein agy b, msg kiya h but reply ni aya mein nikkah istikhara kr rai houn but dream n aty ek dafa, khawab mein saag bna huva dekha dosri dafa paka huva, meat tesrii dafadafa ummary k liyee jawany waloun ko mubarak dety or naat sunty huvy……relvant h ya irrelevant plz tel mee

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Kuch khas relevant nahi hai. Positive consider kar sakte hain ise.

      • Dora on said:

        Assalamu alaykum
        Mai sugar and ant wala wazifa 7 days kiya but koi asar nehi hua.plz bataye ab age kya karu.
        Aur ek ques thi urgent wish puri hone ki jo wazifa hai “hasbunallaha wa ne’mal wakeel”ye kya Esha namaz k bad parhna hai ya der rat i mean 12 baje k bad v parha ja sakti hai?waha pe likha hai during night ye amal karna plz bataye kis waqt karna hai.

      • As salaam waleikum rehmatullahi wa barkatahu, khairyat aap plse mujhe aapki help ki bht zyada jarurath h bhai help me

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Bataiye main apki kya madad karun.

          • Mei apko mera pbm btaungi plse aap mujhe aisa wazifa suggest kijiye jisey mere pbm solve hojaye jisey mei chahti hu uske parents razi hogayi par mei mere abbu ko mana nhi pa rhi hu mere pas sirf June ending tak hi waqt h uske baad us ldke ki ammi us ldke ko jabardasti shaadi karwadeyngi q ki woh pichley 6 saal se intezaar kar rahe h hamare rishtey ke tnsn mei us ldke ke abbu ko heart attack agaya aur woh zugar gaye isliye jo mujse itna nuksaan hogaya h unka bhai unhe lotana chahti plse help me aur us ldke ko koi bhi sureh ya wazifa padna nhi aata isliye jo kuch bhi karna mujhe hi krna h plse bhai mujhe galat math samjhiye ga plse mujhe block math rakhiyegaa aap hi akhiri umeed ho meri jzk

          • As salaam waleikum rehmatullahi wa barkatahu bhai mei jis ldke ko chahti hu usko mere abbu 1% bhi pasand nhi krtey h par mera uske saath relationship 6 saal ka h abhi mere paas sirf June ending tak hi waqt h uske baad us ldke ki ammi us ldke ko jabardasti shaadi karwadeyngi plse madad kijiye mere abbu ko manane mei usko khona nhi chahti hu plse aapke alawa mere pass aur koi umeed nhi h aur usko koi Arabic ya urdu ka wazifa padna nhi aata h jo kuch bhi krna h mujhe hi khud krna h plse bhai mujhe galat math samjhiye ga mere paas waqt nhi h mere abbu ke dil mei uske liye narmi aur izzat paida karwana h

    • Dora on said:

      Assalamu alaykum
      Mai sugar and ant wala wazifa 7 days kiya but koi asar nehi hua.plz bataye ab age kya karu.
      Aur ek ques thi urgent wish puri hone ki jo wazifa hai “hasbunallaha wa ne’mal wakeel”ye kya Esha namaz k bad parhna hai ya der rat i mean 12 baje k bad v parha ja sakti hai?waha pe likha hai during night ye amal karna plz bataye kis waqt karna hai.

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Ap urgent wish ka amal der raat me bhi kar sakti hain.

        • Dora on said:

          Thank u sis.
          Aur meri sugar & ant wala amal khatam ho gayi but koi asar nehi hua.ab kya karu plz bataye

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            ALLAH pe yaqeen rakhen aur sabr se kaam lijiye. Insha ALLAH, sugar ant wale wazifa ka asar hojayega.

  172. Mursheesiddiq on said:

    Asalamu alaikum warh….
    Myself Murshee siddiq , I have married to a guy on 2017 (Siddiq) v really love each other so for our love symbol within a mnth I get pregnant .. but my husband has depend to his dad . my in laws never lyk me , never allow me to close with my husband … I lived with my husband just for 6 month….. during these period I cried a lot there . Dey never allow us to even a walking .. after a big fight with my in laws house my father took me to my home by the tym I was 7 month pregnant …. still m n my mom home .. with allah blessing I deliver a boy babe . Nw he s turn to 6month still they never came to see babe .. v put case in court as per process s moving …. but I really love my husband I can’t live without him .. some misunderstanding so he s not talking with me for 8mnth … By the tym I saw ur website so as per ur instruction I did this allah mom ah ishtikarah ..
    1 day ? I saw my father in law n my dream , he carying my babe nd me my in laws wr moving out
    2 day? I posting love status nd old fotos of my husband in facebook pages dat my mom sawn and scolding me … dnt think him one how left u
    I said I m still loving hm mom . He will take me
    As dat continuously nxt 5 days I never get any dreams
    Plzzzzzz hlp me wat should I do now … plzzz I want to live a happy life of wife wth hm ….

    • Dora on said:

      Assalamu alaykum
      Meri nikah ishtikhara ki 7days puri ho gayi hai.aur mai apna dream bataya tha.plz uska ans dijiye.yaha mai jo likha tha o mil nehi rahi.kya ap mujhe koi email address de sakti hai jisme mai apna dream likh saku

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Apko javab de diya tha sis. Apka dream positive hai.

        • Dora on said:

          Assalamu alaykum
          Mai sugar and ant wala wazifa 7 days kiya but koi asar nehi hua.plz bataye ab age kya karu.
          Aur ek ques thi urgent wish puri hone ki jo wazifa hai “hasbunallaha wa ne’mal wakeel”ye kya Esha namaz k bad parhna hai ya der rat i mean 12 baje k bad v parha ja sakti hai?waha pe likha hai during night ye amal karna plz bataye kis waqt karna hai.

  173. Dora on said:

    Assalamu alaykum
    Agar 7 din tak mujhe koi sapna na aaye ya phir sapna yaad na rahe to kya phir se ishtikhara karna parega?aur esha namaz esha k waqt parhke phir rat ko sone se pehle ishtikhara kar sakti hu alag se?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ji han istikhara apko dobara karna parega agar apko koi signal nahi mil raha. Ap isha ki namaz isha ke waqt parh sakti hain aur raat ko theek sone ke waqt ap istikhara parhiye.

  174. Dora on said:

    Mai nikah ishtikhara 7 days se kar rahi hu.pehle 3 din k bad 4th days me galti huyi thi.thats why 5th days ko pehla din manke kar rahi hu phir abhi uss hisab se 3 din hua hai.pehle 2 din sapna nehi aaya.aur ayya v to yaad nehi thi.but 3rd din kuch kuch yaad raha.
    1st dream-mai jis office me job karti thi.waha ek sis k sath meri mulaqat huyi.aur woh aur ek male colleague se mujhe bat karwa rahe the mobile pe (woh male colleague real me shadi shuda hai).bas itna hi yaad hai.kya bat huyi o yaad nehi.

    Dusra sapna fazr namaz parhke soyi tab dikhi.

    2nd dream-isme v meri colleagues logo ko dekha.meri uss office me ek sis thi( jiski real me shadi tut chuki thi) unko sapne me dekha ki unki kisi se shadi huyi hai.aur o apni pasand se shadi kiya hai.but jisse shadi kiya hai uss larke k ek leg me prblm o normally walk nehi kar sakta.par dono eksath khus hai.
    Plz mujhe bataye kya ye sapna count hogi?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ye irrelevant khawab hain. 7 din istikhara pura kar ke batayen.

  175. Amaan Ahmad on said:

    hi Assalamoaleikum,
    bhai/ bahen i am sorry mi apko fb pe msg kr rha but send nhi ho rha,
    mi yaha pe apna khwab nhi btana chahta hun… jisse koi km ilm wala galat tabeer na bol sake…
    sbse phle to apko mi ye btana chahunga ki mi india (U.P.) mi kanpur ka rhne wala hun per mi approx 4saal se ek ladki ko chhat hun lekin wo pakistan ki hi..
    abhi tk masla bilkul theek chal rha tha wo mujhe le k pareshan bhi rhti thi per 14december ko uski ammi ne mujhse bat na krne ki qasam de di thi (usne mere bare mi apne ghr pe btaya tha) to wo mujhse door hone lagi thi per mere bhut samjhane k baad wo thoda normal hui… fir thodi thodi bat hoti rhi per ab april mi halat or zada kharab hone lge or kafi misunderstanding ho gai or usne bat krn abnd kr diya pure april bhr meri bat nhi ho pai…
    lekin mi use bepanah chhata hun ab halat ye h ki mi itna zada pareshna ho gya tha to meri ammi ne mujhe apni qassam de k pura matter pu6a, or maine indirectly btaya to ab meri ammi or mere ghr pe jise jise pta h wo sb agree hain or mi usi se shadi krna chahta hun per wo aapni family ki wajah se mujhse door ho rhi thi or bhut ignore kr rhi thi…
    mi uske iye itna pagal ho gya hun ki hr pal dua padhta rhta hun… last friday ko maine apki web pe wvisit ki.. or saturday night se istikhara kr rha hun… mujhe 3khawab dikhe hain ab tk or apse guftugu krni h..
    kindly help me…
    mere pakistan mi ek dadi ki family bhi rhti h or unke 4ladko mi maine sirf 1 chacha se seriusly share kiya sb ku6 wo support kr rhe the per ab wo bhi whatsapp pe reply nhi kr rhe hain maine usse shadi krne k liye hi sare link nikale the per ab bepanah ka pareshan hun itni dua mang rha hun ki rat ko sote se aankh khulti h to dua padh rha hota hu…
    mujhe ye wazifa krna h per mujhe kahwab clear nhi ho rhe h isliye apse madad chahiye…
    wo ab apne ghr mi mere liye stand bhi nhi le pa rhi h…
    plz mujhe mail mi bhi reply de dijiyega…
    mi apne pyar ko rishte ko jayaz rishta bnana chhata hun, or uske siwa kisi or se shadi nhi krna chahta… Need Help :'(

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear brother, ap yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara pure 7 din mukammal dhyaan ke sath parhen. Phir jo bhi apko khwab ayen ap yahan share kar den. Apko uska result ham bata denge insha ALLAH.

  176. Asie on said:

    As salamu alaikum
    This is my first day of istakhara,after sleeping I had a very disturbed sleep,I found myself speaking and praying that Ya Allah yeh Istakhara positive ho,Ya Allah tu mera Nikah usse karre,and I did wake up few times in sleep,I saw many things but I don’t remember much,I just remember on thing that I saw a beautiful valley and I was standing on the cliff and enjoying the beauty,suddenly I told my self that she is not going to push me of the cliff please don’t consider it negative,phir I got up for tahajud and after Fajr when I slept again I had a very weird dream,I dreamnt that there is a room and there is a evil spirit I don’t remember wheather it wants to come out or it’s not allowing anyone inside,I read KALMA and started blowing on the spirit and the spirit was shouting with pain,shayad I same kinda thing happend twice but am not sure,other thing I saw is my friend had calling and was talking about this relationship but am not sure whether it’s positive or negative.

    • Asie on said:

      When I get up for tahajud I sit for zikr sometime,and I have to speak to my saathis,is it ok if I speak to them and after fajr do I need to make Niyath Again

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        It’s fine. You just need to apply the entire process of yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara in night.

        • arfi on said:

          assalam walekum
          hmne abh abh join kiya plzz aap help kr skte h hmari

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Ji bataiye apki kya madad ki jaye. Apna masla batayen ap.

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Pyar me pagal karne ka wazifa bohat strong wazifa hai. Wazifa parhne wale ye yaqeen par depend karta hai iska asar.

    • Asie on said:

      As salamu alaikum bhai
      Bhai after writing this comment,I prayed to Allah n slept again,I dreamt that what I had forgotten to tell you,I dreamnt that,I felt that I have become spiritually elevated.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Your Istikhara dreams are positive.
      Keep continue it for regular 7 days.

  177. Asie on said:

    As salamu alaikum bhai,
    Before getting into your website I had started trading YA MUJEEBU 5555 times,it’s been just a day,now on the second day I found your website and did istakhara,should I continue with the Wazifa or start again after Istakhara.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Keep continue your Istikhara and marriage wazifa and must inform us here once you finish your Istikhara.

  178. Iqbal Khan on said:

    Bhai ye namaz tahiyatul wuzu kese padhi jati h.
    Or kya hm surah ikhlas k wazife k sath istikhara for future kr skte h… Or ye kitne din krna hai..

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Istikhara for future ap ne kam se kam 3 din karna hai. Tahiyyatul wuzu se muraad hai wuzu karne ke fauran bad ap nifl ada kar lijiye. Surah ikhlas ke wazifa ke sath ap istikhara nahi karen.

  179. Mursheesiddiq on said:

    Kindly .. can I have full sentence in English because I do no Hindi……..

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      You can read the whole process in English as well. Kindly check this post thoroughly.

  180. Sania on said:

    Aslamoaliqum..mera 7days nikah istikhara complete ho gaya he jo k positive aya he…plz mujhe koi aesa wazifa bataiye jisse hm dono ke parents agree ho jae…hm log 8year se sath he…ek dusre ko bht love krte he…unhone apne ghar me bataya pr koi agree nhi he qk hamari cast alg he…or abhi mane nahi bataya he apne ghar me…me chati hu jb b me ye bat batau to mare parents agree ho jae shadi ke liye…plz help me

    Nd fb me meri post approve nahi ho rahi he…me bar bar try kr rhi hu…bt nh ho rahi h

    • As salaam waleikum rehmatullahi wa barkatahu, khairyat aap ne jo nikhaa istakhara bataye h kal hi mei ney usey khatm kiya aur mere 7 din ke khwab ye h 1St day . mujhe bht sarey sapne aaye jitney mujhe yaad h utney mei likh rhi hu 1st dream : mei YouTube Mey kuch dekh rhi thi us mei likha gaya h kuch sureh ka naam usmei 1st surah dua e noor ka tha. 2nd dream aur koi kisiko maarney se use daanto se khoon nikala .
      2ndday. Mei 2nd day itney sapne dekhey jo bht der tak khtm nhi hue 1st dream : mei ek ldki jo moti thi jo patli hona chahti thi mei usko green tea aur badminton khelney ko suggest kar rahe thi . 2nd dream meiney apney haatoh pe kuch bulbuley jaisi dekhi sab ne kaha ki woh sunburn hua h. 3rd dream : kisika function chal rha tha usmei 4 families the usmei ham mehmaan bankegaye koi aake kuch boley aur usmei 2 families photo khichwaane unke anti family memberke bachey jagda krney lagey. 4th dream : mei apni badi mami ki mout dekhi jab unki khabar ghar pe banadiya gaya phir woh jageh sunsaan bangaya. 5th dream : koi ldki ldka chal rhe the ldki ney kisiko hire kiya usko giraney aur ldka us hire karney valey ke pichey bhaga toh woh mera neighbours ka bacha nikala.
      3rd day. I don’t remember anything .
      4th day : mei kahi gayi waha ek insaan se mili uske room ke khidki se mei ek aur insaan ko dekhi jisko jaanti thi aur woh dono nhi jaantey ki mei un dono ko jaanti hu .
      5th day : I don’t remember anything.
      6th day :mei jis ldke ko chahti hu mei uske gau gayi aur mujhe lejane walk mera cousin tha jo mujhe badnaam karney aata h jab mei aur woh ldka bike pe jaa rhe the ki agey mere abbu agaye achanak se phir chaleygaye mujhe phir bhi Dar lagne laga phir neendh khulgayi.
      7thday : mujhe yaad nhi h bas itna yaad h ki mujhe sureh ikhlaas dikha

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Apka istikhara negative bhi hai aur kuch positive bhi. Behtar hai ke ap dobara istikhara karen kuch din baad ya phir kam se kam 2 din ke baad.

        • Toh mujhe kal se shuru krna padeyga kyaa

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Kar len Istikhara dobara shuru aj se.

  181. Muskan Mohmmad hussain Sayyed on said:

    Ye istikhara kis waqt kare

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Love marriage istikhara raat ko sone se pahle ap ne karna hai.

  182. Sania on said:

    Aslamoaliqum…mujhe nikah istikhara karte hue…5days ho gae he…1 nd 2nd day ka result positive aya apne bataya the…

    3rd day night me mujhe koi dream nahi aya…par jb me fajir ki namaz or quraanpak padh ke soi to mane dekha..k me kahi akeli ja rhi hu…auto/taxi me …or wo taxi wala mujhe kahi or hi le ja raha hota me…me usse bolti hu k ap galt raste se le ja rhe wo mari tarf ghur k dekhta he…or me taxi se jldi se utar jati hu..or use bht marti hu…or logo ki help mangti hu baht sare log a jate h or me waha e bhag jati hu…fr me apne frnds k yaha jati hu (real me wo mare frnds nahi he) ek chota sa room hota h…wo ladke b mujhe galt nazr se dekhte h…m unhe bato m laga k waha se bhag ati hu….
    Fr mane dekha mare chachu k ek dost h wo hme kahi le ja rhe h hamari fmliy k sath k…or hmari marhoom daadi b he sath hm log college jate h jo ek ghr ki trha dikhai deta h..waha k teachers hamare relatvs hote h…hm bht ache se baat krte h unse bht masti krte h sb mil k…
    (3rd day hm bht khush b the bht achi feelings a rahi thi…par hmne apne bf ko nahi dekha usdin)
    4th day
    Hamare sath hamari ek frnd he…or hamare bf k bade bhai (unki abhi shadi nahi hui real me) wo hmse khte h k tm shadi k liye kon si dua padhti ho hme b batao hme b padhna h…hmne kaha aese nhi padh skte phle prmition lena hoti h wo hme bht fros krte h fr wo whi dua padhne lgte h jo hm padhte h….
    Fajir ki namaz padh ke hm so gae fr hmne apne bf ke sath train me kahi ja rahe hote he…or hm dono bht bht bht hi zyada khush he…or sath me hmare bf ka frnd b he jo dusre box me he..1 pulice wale uncle ate he or hmare bf se khte he k wo box m ek ladka betha h ap use jante he…to wo khte h ha jante he… pulice wale kehte he k hme apse bat krna h ap hamare sath chaliye wo chale jate he….fr train chlne lagti he or hmare bf train m nhi chad pate wo bhagte hue ate h hm bht awaz dete h…fr wo bht fast bhagte h or train m chad jate h….or hamare gale lg jate h…hm dono bht khush ho jate he…or fr hm ko jaha jana hota h waha pahuch jate h…wha hmari ammi b hoti he…or waha bht dance ho rhe hote h…hmari ammi hme bht fors krti h dance krne ko…or hm dance krte h to hmari ammi or hmare bf bht khush hote h hme dekh ke..

    5th day real life me jb me 11th class me thi 1 ladka tha jo mujhe bht zyada pareshan krta tha…or me usse bht zyada nafrt krti thi wo mujhe blkul pasand nhi tha..wo mere dream me aya mane dekha ke me ghar me akeli hu…or wo ladka mare ghar k bahr gate pe khada he…or bht gusse me he..or me bht dari hui hu..or mane ek finger ring phni he…wo mujhse khta he…jo tm hath me finger ring phni ho tmhare bf ne di he jo wo tm abhi k abhi utaro…me khti hu me kabhi nhi utarugi…or dar ki wjh se khti hu k ye ring mare bf nhi di mujhe..wo bht zid krta h k ring utaro or bht gussr m rhta he…fr me uspe bht taz taz chillane lgti hu or use apni kasam de deti h ke yaha se chale jao…ab life m mujhe kabhi mat dikhna.

    Or mane 4th nd 5tha day ka dream jb m fajir ki namaz pdh k so jati hu uske bad dekha koi problm to nhi h.

    Iska kya mtlb he plz bataiye ye kesa sign he

  183. Iqbal Khan on said:

    Assalamo alaikum…
    Bhai hmara 90 din ka surah ikhlas ka wazeefa pura hone wala h Lekin abhi tk hmare ghr wale raazi ni hue h na hi koi raah nazar aa rh h aap plz btaiye hm kya kre..

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      ALLAH pe yaqeen rakhen aur shadi ka amal pura karen. Du’a mangte rahen aur astaghfar ka amal bhi parha karen.

  184. ...... on said:

    Aslamoaliqum…mujhe nikah istikhara karte hue…4 days ho gae he…1 nd 2nd day ka result positive aya apne bataya the…

    3rd day night me mujhe koi dream nahi aya…par jb me fajir ki namaz or quraanpak padh ke soi to mane dekha..k me kahi akeli ja rhi hu…auto/taxi me …or wo taxi wala mujhe kahi or hi le ja raha hota me…me usse bolti hu k ap galt raste se le ja rhe wo mari tarf ghur k dekhta he…or me taxi se jldi se utar jati hu..or use bht marti hu…or logo ki help mangti hu baht sare log a jate h or me waha e bhag jati hu…fr me apne frnds k yaha jati hu (real me wo mare frnds nahi he) ek chota sa room hota h…wo ladke b mujhe galt nazr se dekhte h…m unhe bato m laga k waha se bhag ati hu….
    Fr mane dekha mare chachu k ek dost h wo hme kahi le ja rhe h hamari fmliy k sath k…or hmari marhoom daadi b he sath hm log college jate h jo ek ghr ki trha dikhai deta h..waha k teachers hamare relatvs hote h…hm bht ache se baat krte h unse bht masti krte h sb mil k…
    (3rd day hm bht khush b the bht achi feelings a rahi thi…par hmne apne bf ko nahi dekha usdin)

    4th day aj hmne dekha..
    Hamare sath hamari ek frnd he…or hamare bf k bade bhai (unki abhi shadi nahi hui real me) wo hmse khte h k tm shadi k liye kon si dua padhti ho hme b batao hme b padhna h…hmne kaha aese nhi padh skte phle prmition lena hoti h wo hme bht fros krte h fr wo whi dua padhne lgte h jo hm padhte h….
    Fajir ki namaz padh ke hm so gae fr hmne apne bf ke sath train me kahi ja rahe hote he…or hm dono bht bht bht hi zyada khush he…or sath me hmare bf ka frnd b he jo dusre box me he..1 pulice wale uncle ate he or hmare bf se khte he k wo box m ek ladka betha h ap use jante he…to wo khte h ha jante he… pulice wale kehte he k hme apse bat krna h ap hamare sath chaliye wo chale jate he….fr train chlne lagti he or hmare bf train m nhi chad pate wo bhagte hue ate h hm bht awaz dete h…fr wo bht fast bhagte h or train m chad jate h….or hamare gale lg jate h…hm dono bht khush ho jate he…or fr hm ko jaha jana hota h waha pahuch jate h…wha hmari ammi b hoti he…or waha bht dance ho rhe hote h…hmari ammi hme bht fors krti h dance krne ko…or hm dance krte h to hmari ammi or hmare bf bht khush hote h hme dekh ke..

    Iska kya mtlb he plz bataiye ye kesa sign he

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Achi feeling aana positive ishara hai. Ap nikah istikhara ke 7 din mukammal karen.

  185. Fatima Ahmed on said:

    Mene kal se ye Istikhara shuru kiya hai, mene do khuaab bohat miltay jultay dekhey heinn.
    Pehla: me apni ami ke sath ghar me bethi hui hn aur ami ko me koi cheez nikal ke derahi hoon jo ke 2 hein jese hi me wo pehn ke dikhanay lagti hn toe dusra hisa gayab hojata hai aur me dhoondti rehjati hn.
    Dusra: me kisi jan ne walay ke ghar me hoti hoon aur raat ke time me socks nikal ti hoon ek pehnti hoon toe wohi wapis dusra gayab hone lag jata hai.
    Aj bhi kia hai InshaAllah bataoungi phr.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Abhi positive nahi hai natija. Ap love marriage istikhara 7 din lagaatar karen aur batayen.

      • Sania on said:

        Aslamo aliqum…me nikah istekhara karna chahti hu….par sone se phle nahi kr pa rhi hu…qk meri sis mere sath hi rehti h or me unhe nahi bata sakti…istekhara kisi or time pe kar sakte he kya…jese fajir ki namaz ke bad istekhara karke so jae ya…isha ki namaz me hi kr le or soe apne time pe hi…plz rply

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Nikah Istikhara apko raat sone se pahle hi karna hai. Jab apki sister so jayen to ap tab kar lijiye.

          • ...... on said:

            Me 2 dinse yaallah nikah istikhara kar rhi hu..

            1st day- me naani ke yaha hoti hu or room m ek chota bacha hota he..or me apni ammi or sis ka wait kr rhi hoti ammi or sis a jate me apne BF ko cal krne ke liye niche jati choti maami mujhe batati he ke badi maami ki fingers me kuch ho gaya he to wo hospital gayi he…fr me apni gadi naani ke ghr k bahar petrol pump he waha rkh deti hu fr mera BF ata he me uske sath bike pe chali jati hu…or hm thodi dur jate h waha ka rasta band rhta h to wapas a jate he…

            2nd day-Rat ka time hota he bht sari janawaz bichi hoti he or thodi si roshni a rhi hoti he or 1 ladki hoti he hm use hazrat ibrahim a.s ke bate bata rhe hote he janawaz pe khade hokar or ek uncle salwar kamiz phne rhte h or piche khade hoke ye sb bate sun rhe hote h… fr me or ammi subha k time ek shop pe hadees ya kitab lene jate he..1 to hm le lete h ammi ek or mangti he to wo uncle khte h k ap ye padh logi hm kehte h k ap hme bataiye kese padhna he…to us kitab he mubeen jb jb ae fr se shuru krna he jese yaseen sharif me padhte he wese or 1 bar m hi padhna h wo puri kitab…fr hm khte h ye bht mushkil h nhi padh paege…fr ammi pata nhi kaha chali jati he…hm apne ghr a rhe hote h to hmara BF hme dikhta he bike pe a raha hota he hm bht khush ho jate he or samne hmare papa ki shop rhti he to hm puchne wale hote he k ap yaha kese…to jb wo pas ata h or bike khadi krta h to wo koi or hi ladka hota he or wo ladk bht sare logo se bate krne lgta h…fr hm sidhe apne ghr jate he tb…2 ladke hote h jo hmari jaan phchan ke hote h wo raste m aps m bht hasi mazak kr rhe hote he…or fr hm ghr ate h hmari choti sis bht dino se school nhi ja rhi hoti he or uske exam chl rhe hote h or hm unke sir se baat krne jate h or wo sir unhe bht ache paas kr dete hm apni sis ko batate h copy me ke tmne likhne me kya kya mistake ki fr b sir ne paas kr diya…wo bht khush ho jati he…

            Iska kya mtlb he…ye kesa sign he..plz hme bataiye

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Apke yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara ke khwab positive hain. Saat din pure karen ap.

  186. .... on said:

    Salaaam… meine istakhara nahi kiya lekan 3 raathon mein aisi khwaab dekhi ke dil mein darh beth gya… ap please mujhe iska matlab bta de.. and bta de ke mein kya karo ke jho sakthi aai hui who talh jaye.. Jazak Allah khairun… friday rath meine khwaab mein dekha ke jho mera cousin faut ho gya uski behn or maa se mili or hum teeno rouh rahi hai boht ziada.. saturday rath dekha ke mere pas boht ziada pese ho te hai.. note.. or meri cousin kehti mujhe de do ek note to mein usko de dethi ho… meine suna ke kisi ko khwaab mein pese dena is not good… sunday rath dekha ke meri popho who is already married with two kinds mashallah.. who second marriage kar rahi and unk husband ko ni pata lekan who unk husband ke family mein se hi hai.. to kuch aisa hota k jin se unk shadi hoti who nahi aa rahe or hum sab boht pareshan or popho dulhan ki tarha sajjhi hui boht roun rahi hai zor zor se… mujhe is khwaab ki tabeer bta dein please.. meine last month yeh wala istakhara Kia jis mein apne btaia ta k positive sign hai mashallah…

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ye istikhara ke khwab positive nahi hain. Ap 7 din pure kar ke batayen.

      • .... on said:

        Yeh istakhara ke khwaab nahi hai sis.. mein istakhara nahi kar rahi.. please ghor se dekhe mein bs tabeer pooch rahe please bta dein…

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Istikhara ke page pe puchengi to mujhe aise hi lage ga na sis. Don’t worry, aam khawabon pe itna dhyaan na diya karen.

          • .... on said:

            I am really sorry sis.. tension mein itna nahi socha.. thank you for the reply.. May Allah bless you! Really helpful webside

  187. naila naz on said:

    assalam o alikium sir
    phly ap ka r Allah pak ka lakh baar shokriya ap nay Jo ya wahabo wala job k lieay wazifa btya main nay wo KIA r alhamdulillah main nay jin k lieay so wazifa KIA un KO 3 day e job mill gai thanks you so much

    ab Mari problem ya hai main ik larkay KO boht pasnd krti maray ghar walay razi b ho gay thay sub koch thek jaa raha ta hum akhtay kam start KIA log kafi btain krty thay to hum to hum Dono nay nikah kr lia gharwalon KO nai pta yahi socha k fobara phir nikah ho jaay ga hum nay ya molvi sb say b pocha ta unhu nay b btya k ho jay ga nikah but maray Abu ki death ho gai r sath e Mari Ami change ho gai Maray chachu log Mara rishta mang rahy hain main nay inkar b KIA r us larkay KO b sub bta dia wo khta mjy koi faraq nai prta main phir b shadi kr ln ga but main nai krna chahti us say shadi main Ami KO smjya sub Ami nay mjy kaha kr dn GI tari shadi tari marzi say lakin hum tm say har taluk toor rain gay

    please ap Mari help kr do k Mara ghar b na today ab to wohi maray husband hain na main kasay usy choro ap mjy koi wazifa bta do k Ami log maan jayain mj say koi taluk b na toray r usy b pasand krna start kr dain sub both baduain datay humain

    ab hamara business b khtm ho gia chal b nai raha us k lieay b wazifa bta dain k kam chalay ap say request Hai Mari problems hal kr dain jazakallah

  188. Assalamoalaikum!!!! main jis larkay se shade krnaa chahti hn mery ghr waly us k cast ki waja se wahn ni manty hen ….. ap ka ya walaa istikhara us larkay ny 3 din kia….use khuwab aya k us ka suit case aur computer para hta h us k choti bhen aur chota bhai jaty hen to wahn choty choty sanp k buchy hty hen wo jb is ko bulaty hen jb ya larka uthata h wahn se suit case aur computer to wo choty buchy sanp k bary bary sanp bn jaty hen aur wo jitna marta h wo utnaa strong hu k hamla krtay hen….phr khuwab aya k un k ghr k sth jahan fotage hui hai ak jawan betay ki un k ghr se ise jhagry ki awazen ati hen jb ya jata h un k ghr to un ko dant k bolta hai k tm logun ka jawan beta mar gya h lakin abhi bhi tm logun k fasad khtam ni hu rhy hen….ham ny ya khuwab btaya to kafi logun ny bola k negative h is dar se us ny istikhara chor dia…ap is khuwab ka mtlb btaen aur kindly ya bhi btaen k ab istikhara kry ya nai??? aur koi hamare shade k lia wazifa bhi bta den plxzz… jalde reply den am waitinng….

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara pure 7 din karna hota hai. Jadu ki alamaat nazar aa rahi hain. Istikhara chahe boy dobara kare ya ap karen. Aur boy ko ye manzil dua parhne ke liye bolen- kuch din kar ke batayen.

      • Zairiat on said:

        As salam walaikum mein 2 din pehle istikhara suru kiya hein .. 1St Day :Ratko nind nahi aa rahi thi . phir pata nahi kab So gayi . phir subhe 6 baje Fajar Ki Namaz ki liye Utthi . Jab Namaz par rahi thi Tab mera DAT Mein thori si sir sir huyi thi & mere 2 no Hat Mein & left pa meinThori si dard huyi thi phir mein fajar ki Namaz parkhar So gayi & Allah se dua kar rahi thi ki mere isthikhara ka Result positive aye .. Fir mein Bohot sari sapne Dekhe . Mujhe Thik Yadd Nahi Hein thori thori yadd hein . dekha ki Mere BF ne mujhe Call Kiya Hein Tab sayad iftar ka waqt Tha mein phn pick kiya BAtt Kar rahi thi lekin mere papa a gaye WO agar dekhenge is waqt mein phn pe batt kar rahi hoon To gussa Karenge Phir mein dusri Room mein chali gayi batt karne waha bhi mere family member hi the WO log bhi behthe the mein waha batt kar rahi thi waha bhi mere papa a gaye unko dekhkar mein ne phn kan se hata diya phir unke jane ke bad mein batt kar rahi thi phir net Prblm waja se phn kat gaya&mein jaha mere papa uno sahayad iftar kar rahe the waha a gayi iftar karne . akar dekhi shayad sabka iftar karna khatam ho gaya hein & mere plate fllor pe Jo chaddar bichi huyi thi usme rakha hein mein doura kar ayi & beth gayi plate ki samne . phir dekha mein & mere behen mere cousin ki flat pe gayi Jo ki humare niche wali flat pe rehte hein jakar unhe kehte rahte the mein ne nikkah isthikhara kiya hein Tab shayad rat 3 baj rahe the phir mein mere behen ko raha chalo chale jate hein nahi to Mom Kahengi itni rat Hum o yaha Keya kar rahe hein . Mere 1 cousin pregnant hein mein e dekha mere koi cousin ki shayad kuch din bad shadi thi to mein jo prgnet he usko keh rahi thi tum to uski shadi mein photo nahi khichoaogi kyun ki tumhari pic achi nahi ayegi To tumhara vag ka photo bhi humo e khicyaenge phir usne kaha Hmm . itna hi yadd Hein . iske age bhi bohot sapne aye & bad mein bhi lekin WO sab mujhe yadd nahi hein … 2ND day : Rat Ko sone ke bad koi sapna aya ya nahi mujhe YaD Nahi . Subhe fajar ki Bad jab sone gayi to shayad bohot shapne aye bar nind khol jati noon phir nind ayi to phir shapne aya aisa ho raha tha. Muje sab thik se yad nahi hein kuch kuch yad hein . Mein ne dekha Mere BF Shayad kahi Function mein gaye hein WO paste colour panjabi pehne huye the mere unke sath waha dekha ho gaya tha to mein ne unse kaha Hi . phir WO shayad humare cousin ki ghar pe aya tha . humare paros ki bari mein shayad kisi ki haldi ki function tha road pe shayad function ki bohot admi tha aur waha gana baj raha tha To mein aur mere koi cousin nachte nachte humare upar wale flat ki belcony pe gaye the function mein keya ho raha hein dekne lekin road me shayad koi signboard laga huya tha kuch dekhai nahi de raha tha aur humo flat ki gate lagakar chale aye . aur tab shayad mere BF mere cousin ki room e hi beitha hua tha . mere Ammi Abbu Tab shayad bari mein nahi the . mere cousin uske liye shayad tiffin laye the . mere Papa ane bad mere cousin bol raha tha mere wife ka bhai aya hein . Aur phir shayad nind chut gayi aur phir nind ayi to dekha shayad koi shop pe mere Ammi Me aur koi beitha hua tha mere Ammi mujhe keh rahi thi tumahara aur uska kitni din ki relation hein mein kuch nahi bol rahi thi kyun ki mein soch rahi thi mere Ammi ko kehne se agar uski sath mere contact OFF ho jaye mere Ammi phir se puchi kitni din ka relation hein Tab Mein ne kaha 4 yr ka & Wo 1989 yr ko born huya hein uski age 29 hein shayad ye bola hein.. aur kuch Yadd nahi mujhe bohot shapne aye lekin mujhe itna hi yadd hein iske pehle bhi shapne aye aur bad mein bhi lekin mujhe itna hi yadd hein

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Dreams positive hain apke. Ap yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara 7 din tak mukammal karen.

    • Hira on said:

      Assalam-o-alikum m ny Ya Allah istakhara kea h aj 4 day karu ge m ny khwab daikha h k myre anty jin ke death ho gae h unko m apny jahyz ka saman dikha rae hu r kch paisy hoty hn jo wo mujhy khte hn ye unke trf sy m gift rakh lu kea ye positive h r us sy phly m kise k ghr gae hue hote hu r un sy jaenimaz lyte hu

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Abhi ka istikhara ka khwab apka positive hai. Apni marhoom auntie ko parh kar bakhshen ap aur Nikah Istikhara saat din tak karen.

  189. bhai i did this istekhara bt kuch khuab bhot ajeeb the
    1 st night dekha me meri sis n fufi k sath thi jo mere bhot kareeb he real life me
    2nd night dekha meri sis ko ladka hu n ham uska naam rakh rhe he
    3rd n 4th ka yaad nai
    5th night dekha me meri frnd ki shdi me hu n us din sachme ek frnd ki shdi thi or jo frnds mere sath shdi me the wahi mere dream me bhi the
    6th night ko mere ghar pe sab roo rhe he q k mera guzar gaya fir pata chala woh bas behos huva tha
    7th ko dekha k me koi mithai kha rhi hu shyd ragulla ya rabdi thi

      • maham on said:

        i did istikhara apse kisi ko bhulane wale wazifa mien comment kia tha n u suggested about istikhara
        its been two nights
        first night mieny dekha apni khala ki trf gae hun gift le k i was happy.aj raat dekha k meri phopho i hue hyn aor phr mieny khanay mien kheere dekhe..i don’t know iska kia mtlb hy..aor apni college juniors k sth thi i was happy..kuch sad nahi dekha mieny.but i didn’t see that guy.kindly reply

  190. anonymous on said:

    Main ny ya istikhra kiya hy 7 din tk koye ishra ni mila..bohat preshan hon ..smj ni ay rhi k kya karon plz help me.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap pure dhyaan ke sath dobara yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara karen aur phir batayen.

      • anonymous on said:

        Ok i will inshallah do it again.. And let you know.plz remember me in your duas..thank you .

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          May ALLAH Ta’ala help you, ameen! You can let me know once you complete your Istikhara for marriage.

  191. Ajmal Shamsudeen on said:

    assalamu alaikum varahmatullahi wabarakathuhu

    i subscribed to this website .do i get permission to do this isthikhara ?

    i really wanted to marry a girl who was close to me but from the last 3 mnths there is no contact and she breaksup with me .i really love this girl and i always ask allah to to get married to this girl.she is a very good girl and she backed up from the love due to the reason that being in love is a sin and she is very close to her family .i really want to marry this girl and i love her from bottom of my heart .

    am i permitted to do this ishtikhara my dear brother ?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Yes brother, you are now permitted to perform love marriage istikhara.

  192. Sry, I’ve done nikah istikhara for 3 days. After 3 days my menses started so I couldn’t complete it. Should I start this from the beginning?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Now you will start this istikhara for marriage from the beginning.

    • Assalamualaikum,

      I Have completed full 7 days nika ishtekhara namaaz.
      First day I dont remember.
      Second day bhi kuch yaad nahi hai.
      Third Day after fajar I saw him full around of us candle was burning full brightly.
      Fourth I dont remember.
      Fifth Day Naya Building Construction dekha aur bhi kuch dekha but yaad nahi thik se
      Sixth day yaad Nahi kuch
      7th day I went for shopping with my family Aur college ke dost bhi mile..
      But mujhe positive wali feeling aarahi hai ke meri dua qubool hogayi ho jesi..

      Next bataye kya wazifa hai..
      waiting for your reply.

        • Nauchandi jumerat kab hai please bataye mujhe please

          • Ayesha on said:

            ek ladke se bahut pyar karti hu or mujhe uske sath apni puri life spend karni hai ek daam kushi vali me uska sath apni puri life spend karna chati hu uske sukh aur dukh mea uska saath dena chahti hun I really love him so much me kya karu or konsa Wazifa read karu jis se meri problem jaldi solve hojaye bcoz I don’t have so much time is it prossible for u to help me out plz sir help me pehle o bhi mujhse pyaar karta tha tab maine mana kardiya but ab kehta hai I will be your best friend please o phirse mujhse pyaar karle please help me kya me kisi ke dil me pyar daalne wali wazifa parsakti hu 11 days…ka bataaye mujhe please.
            aur nauchandi jumerat kab hai aur woh wazifa wallpaper 1 aur 2 hai dono padhna hai kya please help me….

            JazzakhaAllahu qhair
            Waiting for your reply…

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Ap pahle yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara karen sis.

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Nauchandi Jummerat abhi ek week pahle hi guzri hai. Aa agle mahine aayegi.

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Isi comment me apko de diya tha love wazaif ka link. Kindly link check kijiye.

        • Ayesha on said:

          Kal raath maine 41 days wala wazifa padha but pura 141 Marta ba nai padsakhi bich mea mujhe neend aagayi thi Kya Iska Mai salatul touba namaz padke Aaj firse shuru kardu please boliya

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Dear sis, kindly jis wazifa ke bare me puchna ho, uske page par comment kiya karen. Ap salatul taubah ada kar ke do din ke waqfe ke bad amal dobara shuru kar sakti hain.

  193. Meny b kiya phely din hi mujhe khwab me wohi lrka dekhai diyaaa. muskurata hua

  194. Assalamualaikum Bhai
    mera aaj 4th Day of istikhara Namaz hai but ye 3 din se koi bhi khwab yaad nahi hai mujhe but positive feeling ara jaise meri dua qhoobul hui ho jaisa.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Masha ALLAH aisi feeling positive ishara hai. 7 din pure kar ke batayen ap.

  195. Arooj Fatima on said:

    Sir mny iskhara kia mjhe 7days kuch nh nzr aya bas ek din ka hlka sa yad h k meri ek frnd meri khala k ghr ai hoe hoti h r mjhe mehndi lga rahi hoti h ham college k function m jany ki tiari kr rahy hoty hain tabhi meri ami bazar se atti hain r kehti hain ye m tmhary lye suit ly lr ai hn tm function m yahi suit pehn k jana suit ka color black+of white+shocking pink color ka hota h r sab ko wo suit pasand atta h bas mjhe itna yad h……sir ap plz mjhe is ki tabeer btain

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Positive hai apka khawab.

  196. Arooj on said:

    Sir mny 7 din istkhara kia h mjhe kuch wazhy nzr nh aya bas ek ka mjhe thora sa yaad h k meri frnd ghr ai hoe hoti h wo ghr b meri khala ka hota h r mjhe mehndi lga rahi hoti h hm kisi college function ki tiari kr rahy hoty hain r meri ami atti hain r mjhe kehti hain dekho m tmhary lye naya suit lai hn tm function m yahi pehn k jana r sab mjhe keh rahy hoty hain k tmhara suit to bht acha h…..bas itna yad h mjhe

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Positive hai apka dream. Phir bhi mazid clear result ke liye ap dobara istikhara kar sakti hain.

      • Assalamualaikum..maine 3 days kra h abi..1sylt day fajar ki namz k bad dekha tha ki mae apni kisi relative k sth kisi five star hospital k lift m hu or bht khush hu or wo ksiki deluvery hne wali h islye aayi h or mje ni pta mae q hu usi lift m ik waitress hti h toh usse mri relative bolti h waitress s k isko chai bna k do toh mae sochti hu k acha 5 star hospital h yha p dte hnge apne aap or wo waitress nescafe ka red color ka bada s cup nikalti h toh mae usse bolti hu dudh zda wo bnati h or mri aakh khul gyi(mujhe chai bht pasnd h or maine dudh ni dkha th dream m)2nd or 3rd day koi dream ni aaya

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Positive hai apka dream. 7 din pure kar ke batayega.

          • Asiya on said:

            Assalamualaikum..kya esa hta h k istikhara krne k bad b shaytani khwab aa jaye?
            Aaj 5th day th mra..maine hijra dkha khwab m? Mre sth koi or b th or wo hijra kch parh rha th uspe usko b hijra bnane k lye toh mae b whi th maine ayatal kursi parha or us hijre p fook k use leke wha s bhaagi..uske bad 5-6 bcche 4-5 saal k wo b hijre th or dauda rhe th hm dno ko or mae sb p ayatal kursi parh ri th toh wo log dur chle jare jgh s 5-6 bcche jo hijre th niklre th or hm log ko dauda re th..mri dar s aakh khul gyi or fajr k azan hori th..fajr ki namz k bad maine dkha k mae apne jiju appi or mummy k sth car m hu or bht acha mausam k piche dno side p agarbatti jalri h or wo hm log ko long drive p le jare h
            Aapne 1st day ka istikhara btaya th k positive h

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Abhi ye dream kuch relevancy nahi dikha raha. Ap 7 din istikhara ka amal pura karein.

  197. haris sheikh on said:

    bhai meny text kra hn apne ab tak ans nh kiya

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Where bro? Ap fb page pe text karein.

  198. safa on said:

    ya allah isteqara 7 din karna hai kya

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ji han 7 din lagatar karein.

  199. Narjis on said:

    Asalaamalikum. Ji shukriya. Maine do din k liye yeh rok Diya tha kaam se Bohat Masroof hogayi thi. ? kal raat Mujhe yeh khwaab Aya ke mei unke abba ke pair dabarahi hoon woh bemar lagrahe the aur woh bhi mere saat madad karahe the. Kya aap Mujhe is khwaab ka matlab batasakte hai please. Mei Phir se In sha Allah shuru karungi. Mujhe Bohat zyada takleef hai ke unke engagement ho Chuki hai ab. Phir allah se Du’a mange ka dil chahata hai.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Acha sign hai.