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A very popular ‘love marriage istikhara online’ also known as yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara all over the globe. Official ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara sirf yahan hai video ke sath. Yahan se hazaron websites par ye istikhara copy kiya gaya hai, unse bachkar rahiyega. Shadi ke liye ek asan, behad mashhoor-o-maqbool ya ALLAH Nikah Istikharah. Khwab me ap jo bhi dekhein uski tabeer hamse puchiye! Fori jawab milega. Hazaro logon ka aazmaya hua khud unki zubaani parhiye.

Top Rated yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara for Every Type of Marriage

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

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Have you ever had a question? What is yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara?

This is a simple Islamic process of recitation of dua to seek the guidance of ALLAH Ta’ala to marry a particular person. If that marriage would be in favor the seeker or not?

Please note that seeking guidance through nikah istikhara doesn’t mean that you will definitely get married to that specific individual. However, it shows you the signs:

  • If you get married to that specific person, it will be good and in your favor.
  • If you didn’t get married to that specific person, there will be nothing wrong and harm for you.

A seeker who is performing yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara can also perform this marriage Istikhara for multiple individuals. In such a situation:

  • Either, the seeker will get the positive and favorable signs for one or more persons in his dream interpretation.
  • Or, the seeker will get negative signs in his dream interpretation for one or more persons.
  • Therefore, he/she can marry any one of them.

There are different Istikhara types all over the internet. You will definitely get confused. You just need a very simple way of performing your Istikhara for love marriage.

Only Official ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara

As-salamu-alaykum Brothers, Sisters, and all Buzurg!

I have been observing Muslim youngsters recently, seems they are too confused about their marriage (nikah). Besides, they fell in love with someone, then they struggle. Even they could not be able to share these issue with their family members. I am receiving these kinds of emails to make an Istekhara for their marriage problems.

I request you all not to commit this sin. ALLAH Azzawajal, The Knower of all hidden secrets has far better options than what we cannot think for ourselves. Might be we are wrong and incapable of deciding best for ourselves but ALLAH Azzawajal can, doubtless. Different Istikhara yahan dekhiye.

To seek the guidance of ALLAH Azzawajal in this. I am sharing a very lovely 3-days Istekhara process. Perform this on your own, and see the results. Insha ALLAH Azzawajal you will get to know the best for you in your dreams.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Website

Request- Please do not forget to make a dua for seeking forgiveness for My Marhoom Nana “Fateh Muhammad Saheb”. May ALLAH Azzawajal forgive all his sins, fill his grave (qabr) with noor, remove all the Azaab from his qabr. May ALLAH Azzawajal grant him Jannah, Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer-Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikharah

also known as

Love Marriage Istikhara

Tried and Tested Marriage Istikhara

Strong Istekhara for Marriage to a Specific Boy or Girl

‘या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिखारा’

This is tested and tried by thousands of Muslims

How to perform ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara? In this post you get to know the process of performing Nikah Istikhara in four different languages: English, Urdu, Roman Urdu and Hindi.

This is just for your ease and understanding. If you have any doubts and questions, please feel free to ask through comments. ya ALLAH Team will respond you the same day.

After night prayers, make an ablution,  recite the following in the particular way provided below with the intention of knowing the results of marrying a particular boy/girl. Then sleep after reciting this without talking to anyone. Remember!! if you talk you might not get the accuracy in the results. Find Impossible to Possible Wazifa here.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara






Uske bad ye parhein



                                                                               Uske bad ye parhein



Fir akhir mein Durood Shareef- ‘Wa SallALLAHU Ta ‘Aala ‘Ala MuhammadinwwaAlehi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Barik Wasallim’ parhein.




Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara

Urdu (Text)

Istikhara Kaise Kiya Jata Hai in Urdu

      یا اللّه نِکاح استخارہ محبّت کی شادی کے لیے

اگر کوئی لڑکا یا لڑکی کسی خاص انسان سے نکاح کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہو تو اس کے لئے مفید ہے۔ اگر کوئی لڑکا یا لڑکی کسی خاص انسان سے نکاح کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہو تو اس کے لئے مفید ہے۔

اپنی منگنی کا کسی سے اظہار نہ کرے اور یہ عمل شروع کر دے۔
عمل کیسے کرناہے؟
خوب اچھی طرح وضو کر کے دو، چار، چھ یا جتنے نفل ہو سکے پڑھیں
پھر خوب اللّٰه تعالٰی کی حمد و ثناء اور عظمت و بزرگی بیان کریں
اس کے بعد تین مرتبہ ُدرود شریف پڑھیں
اس کے بعد سورہ فاتِحہ تین مرتبہ پڑھیں
حضرت محمّد مُصطفٰیؐ کو ثواب بھیجیں۔
اس کے بعد پھر سے تین مرتبہ دُرود شریف پڑھیں
پھر سے تین مرتبہ سورہ فاتِحہ پڑھیں
اس کے بعد اوپر دی گئی دعا پڑھیں

غور فرمائیے؛

دھیان رہے کہ جب پڑھتے پڑھتے انّا فِی فلا نتٍ پر آئیں تو اس کے بعد جن کے لیے پڑھ رہے ہیں انکا نام لیجئیے. پھر بن یا بنت پڑھیے.لڑکے کے لیے بن اور لڑکی کے لیے بنت بولیے
مثال کے طور پہ اگر لڑکی سلمیٰ کے لیے پڑھ رہے ہیں تو بولیں گے سلمیٰ بنت ثمینہ
مثال کے طور پہ اگر لڑکے کا نام سلیم ہے تو بولیں گے
سلیم بن ثمینہ
اس کے بعد و یُسٙمّیھَا سے پڑھنا شروع کر دیں
پھر دُرود شریف پڑھیں۔
خاموشی کے ساتھ سو جائیں۔
رات کو جو بھی خواب نظر آئے ہمیں یہاں شئیر کریں۔

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara


How to do yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara?

    1. Make a fresh ablution;
    2. Offer two, four, six or eight (in any amount you want) optional prayers;
    3. Praise ALLAH Ta’ala with duas whichever you know;
    4. Recite Durood Shareef three (3) times if you know Durood-e-Ibraheemi;
    5. Recite Surah Fateha three (3) times;
    6. After this offer Savaab to Beloved Prophet Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam;
    7. Then again recite the same Durood Shareef (Durood-e-Ibraheemi) three (3) times;
    8. Again recite Surah Fateha three (3) times;
    9. Then recite, “Ya ‘Hameedu Tahmatta Bil ‘Hamde Wal ‘Hamdu Fi ‘Hamde ‘Hamdika Ya ‘Hameed” three 3 times;
    10. After this recite, “Ya Majeedu Majjatta Bil Majde Wal Majdu Fi Majde Majdika Ya Majeed” three (3) times;
    11. Then recite,

“ALLAAHUMMA INNAKA TAQDEERO WALA AQDEERO WATA LAMOO WALA ‘AA LAMOO WA ANTA ALLAAMUL ‘GHUYOOB FA IN RA A’EETA ANNA FI FALAA NATIN” name of the person for whom you are reading this. Bin te /Bin ‘girl’s/boy’s mother’s name’ (if you don’t know mother’s name recite ‘Hawwa’)



              12. Then recite the below Durood Shareef in the end.

Wa SallALLAHU Ta ‘Aala ‘Ala MuhammadinwwaAlehi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Barik Wasallim

Perform this wazifa continuously at least for 3 days and without skipping any single day. Insha ALLAH in any single night or may be regularly for 3 days or for any number of nights within these 3 days you will see the hints (Ishaara). Whether you see positive symptoms or not you need to finish this ‘ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ for 3 days. Please share this link to more and more people to get Sawaab, and do not forget to recommend yaALLAH Website to all your relatives and friends.

Note: Use ‘bin te’ for a girl or ‘bin’ for a boy. For example- A Boy is performing this Istekhara to marry a girl named ‘Hafiza’ daughter of ‘Zulekha’. Then ‘Hafiza bin te Zulekha’. In the same wayif girl is doing this and the name of the boy she wants to marry is ‘Parvez’  son of  ‘Nazneen’. Then ‘Parvez bin Nazneen’. Find Pyar Se Shadi Karne Ki Du’a here.

yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara for Marriage and How to Get the Answer?

There are two simple ways to get an answer for Istikhara for marriage.

  1. Comment here with your entire 3 days yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara dream and we will respond you for the interpretations.
  2. Drop your message in yaALLAH FB Private Inbox. We do respond the same day.

Love Marriage Istikhara Online Answer Method-yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara

Roman English

yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara Kya Hai?

Ek asan tariqa-e-amal jiske zariye ap nikah mein bhalayi aur raza jan sakte hai. Agar ap kisi khas shakh se nikah ke muntazir hai to bhi is Istikhara ko parh sakte hai. Agar ap ek ya ek se zyada shakhs ke bare me jaanna chahte hai to bhi alag-alag shakhs ke liye ek-ekkar ke ye istikhara parh sakte hai.

  • Ghaur Kijiyega! Istikhara ka maqsad sirf ye janna hota hai. Ke falan shakhs se apka nikah behtara rahega ya nahi. Iska matlab ye nahi hota ke unse apka nikah hoga ya nahi.
  • Agar ap 4 shakhs ke liye alag-alag ye Istikhara kar rahe hai. Aur unme se sirf 2 ke liye bhalayi nazar ayi hai. To ese mein un dono me se kisi bhi ek shakhs se ap nikah kar sakte hai.
  • Ye Istikhara apni ya waledain ki pasand ki shadi ke liye Istikhara bhi hai.

Istikhara apke haq mein hai ya nahi ye ap khwab ki tabeer ke zariye yahan puch sakte hai. Ap chahe to kisi bhi aalim se mashvira bhi kar sakte hai.

Ye Nikah Istikhara jo ki apki man pasand shadi ke liye behad asan aur nataij bhara hai. Aur yahan tak gharwalo ki pasand ki shadi ke liye bhi ap is Istikhara ko parh sakte hai. Is Istikhara ko Surah Fatiha ka istikhara bhi kaha jata hai kyonke isme Surah Fatiha bhi parhi jati hai.

Ek hi rat mein apko fori natija mil jata hai. To ‘Ha’ ya ‘Na’ jo bhi ho apko awwal shab mein nazar aa hi jayega Insha ALLAH Ameen. Ye fori Istikhara ki dua se ap apne tabeer par pukhta ho jayenge Insha ALLAH.

Isha ki salaat se farigh hone ke bad, sone se thik pahle, wuzu kijiye. Uske bad niche diye hue tariqe se dil me us khas ladke ya ladki se nikah ki behtari ke apke haq me hai ya nahi, ALLAH ki isme raza jaanne ke liye ye ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kijiye. Phir, bila guftgoo kiye khamoshi ke sath isi niyat se so jaye.

Dhyan rahe agar kisi bhi tarah ki laparwahi ya kotahi hui to shayad ke kuch ghalat ishaara nazar aa jaye. Ya fir zaraa bhi ishaara na bhi mile. Know about Tahajjud Prayers in Islam here.

Other Powerful ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’

Agar Istikhara Mein Ishara Nahi Mila to Kya Karein?

Agar kinhi wajuhaat se pure saaton roz mein ek bhi roz ishara nazar nahi aya, to dubara kar sakte hai. Isme koi harj nahi. Aur ha agar ye apke haq mein nahi ata hai to esi surat mein ap ek bar phir se puri tawajjoh ke sath shuru kijiye.

Ho sakta hai kisi ghalti ki wajah se esa hua ho. Lekin agar dubara bhi ye iski tabeer apke haq mein sahi nahi aye to samajh lijiye ke wo ladka/ladki se nikah apke haq mein behtar sabit nahi hoga. Find Wazifa for love muhabbat tilsim ka amal here.

Ap majboor hai dil ke haathon to du’a kijiye ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo se ke unhe apke naseeb mein likh dein. Aage jo ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala ki raza hai wahi sabse behtar hai. Know about What is dua in Islam here.

    1. Khoob ache se taza wuzu bana lijiye;
    2. Do, Char, chhah ya fir aath (jitni ta’adaad mein ap chahe) rak’at nifl namaz ada kijiye;
    3. ALLAH ki ‘hamd-o-sana kijiye, jo bhi du’ayein apko yad hai ALLAH ki tarif mein parhiye;
    4. Durood Shareef, agar Durood-e-Ibraheemi pade to behtar hoga, 3 martaba;
    5. Surah Fateha, 3 martaba;
    6. Isal-e-Savaab bakhshe Pyare Aqa Hadrat Muhammad Sallalahu Alayhe Wasallam ko;
    7. Phir, Durood Shareef agar Durood-e-Ibraheemi jante ho to, 3 martaba;
    8. Phir, Surah Fateha, 3 martaba;
    9. Phir, “Ya Hameedo Tahmatta Bil Hamde Wal Hamdu Fi Hamde Hamdika Ya Hameed”,  3 martaba
    10. Phir,“Ya Majeedo Majjatta Bil Majde Wal Majdu Fi Majde Majdika Ya Majeed” 3 martaba
    11. Phir, niche di hui dua pade:

ALLAHUMMA INNAKA TAQ DEERO WALA AQDEERO WATA’ LAMOO WALA A’ LAMOO  WA ANTA ALLAMUL GHUYOOB FA INNA RA ‘AYETA ANNA FI FALAA NATIN ‘Phir jinke liye parh rahe hai unka nam lijiye (Ladki ke liye ‘bin te’ /Ladke ke liye ‘Bin’ pade) Phir unki walida ka nam parhe (agar ma ka nam nahi  maul to parhiye ‘Hawwa‘) Phir niche di hui dua parhe:


            9.Phir, se niche di hui Durood-e-Pak akhir mein parhe:

Wa SallALLAHU Ta ‘Aala ‘Ala MuhammadinwwaAlehi Wa Ashaabihi Wa Barik Wasallim

Phir, du’a karlein aur bina kisi se bat kiye chup chap khamoshi ke sath so jaye;

Istikhara Ke Khawab Ki Tabeer Puchiye?

  • Comments– Is page par comment kijiye, apko 24 ghante mein jawab zarur milega.
  • yaALLAH FB Private Inbox: Ya phir FB private message box mein apna message bhejiye.

Apke haq me ya nahi hai insha ALLAH apko tabeer jawab mein zarur bataunga. Zyadah messages ki wajah se apko jawab milne mein chand ghante lag sakte hai. Know about What is Eid-ul-Adha here.

Note: Ise 3 roz tak lagatar bila nagah kijiye. Insha ALLAH Natija zarur nazar ayeg. Khwab me ishara hoga, pahle hi din, ya dusre din hojaye, Kisi kisi masle me pure 6 din tak shayad ke nazar na bhi aye par saatve din insha ALLAH ishara ho jaye. Agar bilkul bhi kuch nazar nahi aye pure saato din me se kisi bhi din to iski wajah yahi hai ke apne hi kahi kotai ya laparwai kar di. Ap chahe to ise dubara ya teesri bar bhi kar sakte hai. Isme koi nuksan ya harj nahi hai. Ye nikah ka istekhara azmooda hai aur khud mene bhi try kiya hai. Insha ALLAH apke sare confusions door honge. Find How to pray in Islam Salah Qaza-e-Umri here.

Love Marriage Istikhara ya ALLAH Credits:

The man who helped me a lot. A simple Muslim man, Maulvi Mumtaz Ahmed Saheb, Ajmer Shareef, lives in The Lovely City of Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Rehmatullah Alayhe.

हर तरह के निकाह के लिए या अल्लाह वेबसाइट का इस्तिख़ारा हिंदी ज़ुबान में

इशां की सलात के बाद सोने से पहले, वुज़ू कीजिये, और निचे दिए हुए तरीक़ाकार से किसी ख़ास लड़के या लड़की से निकाह की बेहतरी के लिए करे| उनसे आपका निकाह आपके हक़ और बेहतरी में है और अल्लाह की रज़ा है या नहीं ये जानने ले लिए ये अमल उम्दाह है |

इस इस्तिख़ारा को करने के बाद बिला गुफ्तगू किये खामोशी के साथ सो जाये| और फिर आपको ख़्वाब में इशारा नज़र आएगा| रोज़ाना नोट कर लीजिये आपको जो भी नज़र आया| और फिर हमसे यहाँ कमेंट के ज़रिये यहाँ शेयर कीजिये| चाहे तो आप फेसबुक पर भी इस लिंक पर प्राइवेट मैसेज बॉक्स के ज़रिये मुझसे या फिर हफ़सा से उसकी ‘अलामत पूछिये|

ध्यान रहे अगर किसी भी तरह की लापरवाही या कोताही हुई तो शायद के कुछ ग़लत इशारा नज़र आ सकता है ख़्वाब में या फिर ज़रा भी इशारा न भी मिले|

या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिख़ारा का तरीक़ा एक बार फिर से तरीक़ा देख लीजिये:

  1. खूब अच्छे से ताज़ा वुज़ू बना लीजिये;
  2. दो, चार , छह या फिर आठ (जितनी ता’अदाद में आप चाहे) रक़’अत निफ़्ल नमाज़ अदा कीजिये;
  3. अल्लाह की हम्दो सना कीजिये, जो भी दु’आएं आपको याद है अल्लाह की तारीफ में पढ़िए;
  4. दुरूद शरीफ, अगर दुरूद-ए-इब्राहीमी पढ़े तो बेहतर होगा, 3 मरतबा;
  5. सूरह फातेहाह, 3 मरतबा;
  6. प्यारे आक़ा हज़रात मुहम्मद सल्ललाहु अलयहे वसल्लम को इसाल-ए-सवाब बख़्शे;
  7. फिर दुरूद-ए-इब्राहीमी , 3 मरतबा;
  8. फिर सूरह फातेहाह, 3 मरतबा;
  9. फिर, “या ‘हमीदु तहमत्ता बिल ‘हम्दे वाल ‘हम्दु फी ‘हम्दे ‘हमदीका या ‘हमीद”, 3 मरतबा;
  10. फिर ,“या मजीदु मज्जत्ता बिल मज्दे वाल मजदू फी मज्दे मज्दिका या मजीद” 3 मरतबा
  11. फिर ये दु’आ पढ़े: अल्लाहुम्मा इनका तक़दिरु वला अक़दिरु वता’अ लमू वला अ’ लमू व अन्ता अल्लामुल ग़ुयूब फ़ इन रा अ-यता अन्ना फ़ी फ़-ला  नतिन’;
  12. फिर जिनके लिए पढ़ रहे है उनका नाम लीजिये;
  13. उसके बाद बिन/बिन्त (लड़की के लिए बिन्त /लड़के के लिए बिन पढ़े) फिर उनके वालिदा का नाम पढ़े (अगर वालिदा का नाम नहीं मालूम तो पढ़िए ‘हव्वा’)
  14. फिर ये दुआ पढ़े: व-युसम्मीहा बि -इसमीहा ख़ैरल्ली फ़ी दीनी व दुनिया ए व आख़िरती फक़दुर’हाली व इन कान फ़ी ग़ैरेहा ख़ैरम्मिन हाली फ़ी दीनी व आख़िरती फक़ दुर हाली”|
  15. फिर से नीचे दी हुई दुरूद-ए-पाक आख़िर में पढ़े: “व सल्लल्लाहु त’आला ‘अला मु’हम्मदिंव व-आलेही व-असहाबीही व बारिक वसल्लिम” 
  16. फिर दुआ कर लें और बिना किसी से बात किये चुप-चाप ख़ामोशी के साथ सो जाये;
  17. फिर ख़्वाब में जो भी इशारा हो आप मुझे यही कमैंट्स करके बताये में इन्शा अल्लाह आपको ताबीर बताऊंगा के ये बेहतर है आपके हक़ में या नहीं है| आप चाहे तो फेसबुक पर भी प्राइवेट मैसेज बॉक्स- के ज़रिये मुझसे आपके ख़्वाब की ‘अलामत पूछ सकते है|

ग़ौरतलब: इसे 3 रोज़ तक लगातार बिला नागाह कीजिये| इन्शा अल्लाह नतीजा ज़रूर नज़र आएगा| ख्वाब में इशारा होगा, पहले ही दिन, या दूसरे दिन| किसी-किसी मसले में पुरे 3 दिन तक शायद के नज़र न भी आए पर सातवें दिन इन्शा अल्लाह इशारा हो जायेगा| अगर बिलकुल भी नज़र नहीं आये पुरे तीनों दिन में से किसी भी दिन तो इसकी वजह यह भी हो सकती है के आपने ही कही कोताही की है या लापरवाही कर दी|

ऐसी सूरत में आप चाहे तो इसे दुबारा या तीसरी बार भी कर सकते है| इसमें कोई नुकसान या हर्ज नहीं है| ये निकाह का इस्तेख़ारा आजमूदा है और खुद मैंने भी इसे किया है| इन्शा अल्लाह आपके सारी उलझने दूर होंगी आमीन|

इस्तिख़ारा के ख़्वाब की ताबीर कहाँ पूछें?

  1. कमैंट्स- इस पेज पर कमेंट कीजिये, आपको 24 घंटे में जवाब ज़रूर मिल जायेगा|
  2. या अल्लाह फब प्राइवेट इनबॉक्स: या फिर ऍफ़ बी प्राइवेट मैसेज बॉक्स में अपना मैसेज भेजिए| उसी दिन जवाब मिलेगा|

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  1. Unkwn on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai ek bht badi preshani h meri phopo h wo 32 yrs ki ho gain h or phle rishte nhi sahi mile ab ek bht acchi rishta mila h to wo mana kr rhi h or wo ek glt rste par nikal padi h ab wo bolti h mujhe shadi hi nhi krni h or reason nhi bta rhi h pr hume pta h unki ek dost h wo uski wajah se shadi nhi kar rhi h bhai wo ladki ho kar ek ladki ko psnd krtin h or wo isily shadi nhi karna chahtin bhai bht preshani h please ko hal btao jald se jald bhai humre ghr ki bht izzat khrb hogi or Allah ne is cheez pr bht gunah bhi btya h

      • Unkwn on said:

        Theek h bhai pr ye jald se jlad kaam kre kyuki saturday tak ladkon walo ko jwb dena h

    • Pinky raza on said:

      Etna sari dua hame yed nhi he, tau mei pepar me likh kar phir dakkr parke a istikhara karsaktti hu plz bataye,

      • Ji sis aap istikhara ki duayen dekh kar parh sakti hain.

  2. Namira on said:

    Assalamu alaikum
    M ne dusra istekhara kar chuki hu chitti ka hota h aur usme hume postice result aaya tha haa aaya usme toh please aap mujeh help kar sakte ho dekhiye mere ghar wale ready h but issue unke ghar se woh log kehte h ki woh hume pasand nhi karte aur issi wajha se woh log usko bhi bahot kuch bolte jisse woh pareshaan ho gaya aur bolta h mujhe ki hum door ho jaate h aur woh uske liye ladki bhi dekh rahe woh khud pareshaan aap mujhe please help kariye ki uske ghar wale bhi maan jaaye koi bhi apne ghar ka raaz na rakhe jisse mana ho jaye

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Aswk Imran Bhai, kya aap yeh Istikhara mere liye kar sakthe hain ?

    • Nahi sis. Ye istikhara aapko khud hi apne liye karna hai. Bahut aasan hai, aap shuru kar dijiye.

      • Manoo on said:

        Me ne raat yh istkhara kiya or mjhy khuwab me chicken ka ghosht, kheera, machli dikhai diye, or me ne us shakhs ko b khuwab me dekha jisk lieye istkhara kr rhi hun, iska kya mtlb howa

          • Sana parveen on said:

            Asslam aleyko bhaijaan mne raat mohbbat nikah istakara kiya h mujhe aapko khuch batana h bhaijaan plz reply me mne fb pr bhi msg kiye h aapko plz reply kru bhaijaan

          • Ji bataiye sis yahan par.

  4. Shahrukh Hussain Qureshi on said:

    Me ek ladki se mohabbat Krta hu or wo bhi mujhse mohabbat krti he or hum dono nikah krna chahte he
    Or uski walida razi he or mere walid walida bhi razi bs uske walid razi ni he
    Allah behter janta he k uske walid kis bat se mujhse khafa he
    Or unhone unki ladki nikah kahi or tay kr diya he
    Pr fir bhi wo ladki or me nikah krna chahte he pr hmare waldein ki izazat or khushi k sath
    Aapse guzarish mujhe dua bataye

      • Shahrukh Hussain Qureshi on said:

        Bhaijaan mene ya Allah nikah istikhara krne ki koshish kri or kuch khwab me bhi aya tha pr khwab yaad hi ni aara he
        Is masle pr Kuch madad kr skte ho kya aap
        Kisi or se krwa skta hu kya mere liye nikah istikhara

        • Aap koi dusra istikhara karwa sakte hain kisi aur se. Website par aur bhi istikhara ke tareeqe maujud hain.

          • Shahrukh Hussain Qureshi on said:

            Mujhe nahi mil rahe he aap thdi si madad kre
            Apse guzarish he

          • Ji bhai kya nahi mil raha aapko?

          • Shahrukh Hussain Qureshi on said:

            Nikah istikhara ke aur dusre tarike

          • Shahrukh Hussain Qureshi on said:

            Assalamualaikum bhai
            Mene istikhara krne ki koshish kri
            Pr mujhe khwab pure yaad ni aate
            Pr itna yaad rehta he jiske liye krra hu wo jrur nzr aati he khwab me ya fir usse related jese uske msg aaye ho ya usse me bat krra hota
            Pr pure khwab ni yaad aare he me kya kru mujhe btaye

          • Iska matlab hai ke aapka istikhara positive hai bhai.

          • Shahrukh Hussain Qureshi on said:

            Allah ka shukr
            Fir ab me kya kru jisse Allah usse mera nikah kra de
            Kuch btaye bhai

      • Saji Nightangle on said:

        Assalamu alaikum …bhai aapse sawal kese

    • Saji Nightangle on said:

      Assalamu Alaikum ….bhai mene ye istakhara kiya tha aaj pehle din…. Mujhe mera khkhwab theek se yaad nhi h … Bss itna yaad h ke me 2 ajnabi aurto ki madad kar rahi hu.

      • Koi bat nahi sis. Aap puri tawajjoh ke sath 7 din mukammal karen istikhara. Insha ALLAH clear ishara ho jayega.

        • Saji Nightangle on said:

          Assalamu Alaikum…aaj mera 3rd din tha … Aaj mene apne bf ko dekha h sapne me ..wo mere ghar pr aaye hue h ….bed pr lete h mujhe bol rahe h bss 2 min k liye aao phir kar lena kaam … Me kaam me bohot busy hu..phir bhi me unke paas 2 min k liye beth gyi hu…phir isi sapne me mene apni friend k bhai ki death ki khabar suni.

  5. nasreen on said:

    assalamu aleikum warehmatullahi wabarakatuhu bhai mai isteqara nahi ker sakti toh kya mai taweez likh sakti hun aur dusri baat nauchandi itwaar chala gaya kya ab isko kisi dusre din likh sake hai

    • Taweez likh sakti hain aap magar usi waqt likhen jo tareeqa kar me bataya gaya hai.

  6. umme muhammad on said:

    asalam o alaikum brother
    first i want to tell u a little about myself
    i’m divorced with kids now seeking to marry a man of my choice.Before visiting your page i did another marriage istikhara n had a dream that the man was sitting with my kids and family n everyone was confortable with him.I prayed that istikhara only once. Then on another night when i didnt even perform istikhara I had a dream that he called me n said hez coming to my city (which is very difficult for him right now).Now after a week I came across Ya Allah istikhara.
    I did it for 2 days n I had following dreams:
    Day 1: In my dream my parents r talking about him but they’re looking upset.I dont remember what they said, then I woke up n after Fajr I had an irrelevant dream that we’re watching a movie in which a man is eating when hez attacked by fire balls n unseen powers.
    Day 2: I’m in a hospital with him n talking to his sister maybe (although I have’nt ever seen her) n I tell him to be a good husband like his sister’s husband is.In the same hospital I fall very ill, my kids n parents come to see me but he stays away although hez in the hospital.He just fullfills formality n sists seperately in the waiting area.
    Today is going to be my third day.
    For how long should I perform this istikhara?

    • It’s showing a positive result. I would recommend you to continue this for regular 7 days.

      • umme muhammad on said:

        ok thanks
        3rd day: I didnt see anything
        n didn’t see anything relevant
        i forgot to tell u that on 1st day of ya Allah istikhara I also saw my ex in laws trying to escape from us in my dream.

      • umme muhammad on said:

        n doing it for 7 days means 4 more days now or 7 days again making it 10 days in total?

          • umme muhammad on said:

            Jazak Allah khair brother
            u r indeed doing a wonderful job for a sacred cause
            May Allah swt always bless u

          • Ahsanal jaza my dear sis. ☺️ Always be blessed, aameen.

  7. Fakf on said:

    Bhai kya my nikha istekhara tahajud ada kar k padh sakhtin hun like around 3 am.. Bczzz isha ki namaz padhne k badh bina baat kia soona possible nahi hai..

      • . on said:

        My isthikarah was positive and again i performed that frst day in dream:i was sleeeping and i woke up and asked my mom what happened yesterday night..she said ur bf father called us and i and ur dad went his and his dad was in one room..she said they did nt not speak anything…then till 5 th day i didnt get any dream 6th day i had a dream of my cousin who in reality going to marry after two dream i saw she is dead..7th day i didnt have any dream what it means??

        • Your istikhara is not showing a good positive result. Though not a negative one as well.

  8. Neha on said:

    Asalaam Allikum Sir,
    Maine ek larke s bht pyar krti hu pichle 8 saal s hum sath h pr wo pehle gair muslim the kc saal pehle imaan lae h. Mere ghr wale shadi k liye razi v h pr fr v maine socha shadi k liye Ishekhara kr lu. ye wazifa pure 7 din tak kr liya h 6 din tak maine jo v khawab m dekha wo m subha uth kr bhul jati thi pr ha apne hone wala husband ko dekhti thi khwaab m ye yaad rahta tha. Last din maine khawab m unko fir s dekha or last din m khawab yaad h mjhe. Maine dekha ki mai or mere husband kahi ghumne gye h or bht khus h uske baad hi meri ankh khul gyi..ab mjhe aap hi bate ki mera Ishekhara positive h y negative..

  9. Sham on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum
    I started praying Isthikhara for two days now. On my first day I didn’t have any dreams but on my second day I saw one of my nieces with her wedding attire with her husband who recently got married. What does this dream means? And also should I complete my Isthikhara for three days or seven days? Please explain

      • Sham on said:

        Assalamu Alaikum Brother
        I continued for seven days but mistakenly I mentioned his name with Bin Father’s name for the first six days then last night on my seventh day I mentioned his name correctly with his mother’s name. as i remembered having all these problems I couldn’t sleep at all so I guess I didn’t dream anything or may be I don’t remember the dream.. even yesterday I was fasting to get a positive results but still i didn’t get any dreams.. what should I do? should I stop praying Isthikhara or should I continue praying? pls help

        • Have a break of a day. And restart istikhara properly following the exact process described above for regular seven days.

          • Shezal on said:

            Day 1 – yad nhi
            Day 2- Meri mama mujhy kehti hain k wird kr lo. Mai koi wird kr rhi hoti hun k awaaz aati hai k kya tm is ism ko 11 baar nhi parho gi? Meri ankh khul jati hai.
            Ankh khulne se qabal kachi neend mai yeh daikha tha

            Dubara soi tu daikha k
            Mere chacho shop par khary dresses ki payment krty hain ik white shopper mai kafi sary unstitched dresses hain. jo wo mujhy lai kr daity hain. Shop wala unhai janta hai. Aur wo payment cash mai nhi krty kehty hain mere account se kr do.
            phir wo apna wallet khol kr koi chit nikal kr shop waly ko daity hain jis par line se numbers likhy hoty hain jese dukandar kachi receipt bnata hai wese. Mai ne daikha k Un k wallet mai kafi cash mujood hai. shop se bahir aaty hoay brabar mai samosoun ki shop hoti hai jis par ik thaal mai boht zayada taadad mai samosy rakhy hoty hain. samosy daikh kr kehti hun k mujhy khane hain tu chacho us se lene k liye pochty hain wo shayed boht costly dai rha hota hai tu usi duran meri nazar un k sandwiches par parhti hai tu mujhy yad aata hai k yeh mai ne khaye thy iska taste bus theek tha. Par samosy achy lg rhy hain. Meri ankh khul jati hai
            Time: fajar

            Day 3: koi khuwab nhi aaya

            Is ka kya matlb hai? Or mai istikhara 7 days tk continue karoun?

            Mai jb b istikhara krti hun mujhy zayada tar khuwab yad nhi rehty

          • 7 din tak jari rakhiye istikhara, phir bataiyega sis.

      • shifa naaz on said:

        Assalamu alaikum bhai.
        Hamd-o-sana means Allah tala ki tareef bayan karna hai toh plz Bhaijaan aap Mujhe Yeh Bataye Ke ALLAH Tala Ki Tareef kaise bayan kare plz Bhaijaan Ek Example dekar batadijiye… of huzur ko sawab bhejna matlab Durood-e-paak Kitne martaba Padhna Hai???? Or yeh istekhara shuru karne ka koi khaas din toh nhi haina??? Plzzz Bhaijaan sirf itni 3 baatein bata dijiye toh bohot meherbaani hongi aapki plzzzzzzzzzz…

        • ALLAH Ta’ala ki tareef ALLAH Ta’ala ke Pyare Namo se ki ja sakti hai. Huzoor Pak ﷺ ko savab pauhanchate waqt aap aise bol sakti hain ke ya ALLAH! Maine jo parha hai is mein agar koi ghalti ho gayi ho to mujhe maf karna aur iska savab Hazrat Mu’hammad ﷺ ko pauhanchaiyega. Istikhara kisi bhi din kar sakte hain.

          • shifa naaz on said:

            Ji Bhaijaan ab sab samajh mein aagaya acche se…jazak allahu khair

      • Siddiqui zoya on said:

        Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu. Bhaijaan aapki di hui istekhara maine kal se padhna start kardi hu or kal mere first night dream mein dekhi ki mera accident hua woh bhi ek ke baad ek 3 baar lekin mujhe bilkul bhi chot nhi aayi or main muskura rahi thi accidents ke baad…or main jinhe chahati hu woh bhi wahi per maujood the or mujhe pehele lagraha tha ke mera accident wohi kar rahe hai fir koi or hi the jisne mera accident kiya tha woh nhi the woh or fir main nind se uth gayi usske baad jab main soyi toh maine dusra khawab dekhi jis mein mere daanto (teeth) mein keede lag gaye the isske liye mujhe mere mummy ne ek paste diye mere daanto mein lagane ke liye or fir maine woh paste apne daanto per lagayi or suddenly mere daant tut kar mere haato mein aagaye or ussper red colour ka kuch tha I think woh khoon hi tha or fir mera khawab aagey badha or main ek jagha gayi jaha ek function tha waha per kisi ki shaadi thi or mere kuch relatives or mere kuch teachers bhi waha per maujood the main jab uss function mein enter hui toh waha per ek plate mein fateha ke kuch meethe chawal the jo sabko baant rahe the mujhe bhi diye woh meethe chawal toh maine bhi woh khayi or khawab mein meri shaadi ki bhi baat chal rahi thi lekin kisi or ladke se toh maine mana kardi thi. Yeh maine peheli raat dekhi mujhe or 2 days continue karna chahiye kya bhaijaan??? Or yeh khawab ki tabeer kya hui???

        • Siddiqui zoya on said:

          Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu bhaijaan.👆yeh mera day 1 ka khawab tha day 2 ka mujhe kuch yaad nhi or day 3 ko maine khawab mein dekha ke main or meri friend hum dono baatein karte baithe hai Bs mujhe sirf itna hi yaad h or fir main fjr mein uth gayi mere daddy ko from ke liye uthayi or fir wapas sogayi fir usske baad ka mujhe kuch khaas yaad nhi fir maine subha 8:00am ko dekhI ke main or meri friend hum dono whatsapp per chatting kar rahe hai toh ussne mujhe first time usska boyfriend h boli woh toh maine bhi fir mere boyfriend ka zikr ki ussey sirf itna hi…ab aap plzzz mere first day or yeh wale khawab ko dekh kar boliy ke kya mera khawab positive h??? Or bhai main yeh istekhara 7 days continue bhi nhi karsakti kuch issues h toh plzz bhai mujhe yeh sab dekh kar batayenga aapke reply ka intezaar rahenga…Allah hafiz

          • Kuch positivity dikhayi nahi de rahi. Behtar hai ke kuch din tak dobara istikhara parhen aap.

        • Positive nahi hai sis, aap pura kijiye istikhara.

          • Siddiqui zoya on said:

            Ji theek hai bhaijaan main kuch Dino ke gap se karleti hu.

  10. Ilaha on said:

    Piyar Mai pgl krne ka wazifa or lrky k ghr walon ko razi krne ka wazifa plz bta den isthikara krwalia hai positive hai

      • Nida on said:

        Assalamu alikum mujhe apse bahut jruri bt krni h please help me

        • Ji sis boliye main aapki kya madad karun?

          • Nida on said:

            Allah apnko tandrost rakhe Mera msla ye h ki Mai Kisi se bepnah mohabbat krti Hun aur wo BHI krte h aur mere se shadi krne KO BHI raaji Lakin wo Apne Ghar wale ko mere bare Mai. Nhe btana chahte aur ab na he pehla Jaise pyr krte h aur na he bt krte h please koi aisa wajifa amal btaye ki wo mere se nikah krne ke liye khud bole aur mere bare Mai apni family KO btaye please aur apni family ke samne mujhe accept kr le aur mujhse bepnah mohabbat kre aur daily BT kre aur khud phone kre

          • Nida on said:

            Kiya is wajifa se ladka Apne famikf ko mere bare Mai btayega. Plz btaye Kiya qul Ka naqsh wala wajifa ke sakti Hun

          • Ji han qul ka naqsh aap bana sakti hain.

          • Nida on said:

            Aap plz mera masla padhe Mai chahti Hun ladka khud apni family KO mere bare Mai btaye or mere se bepanah mohabbat kre Jaise Mai krti Hun wo khud mere se nikah krne ke liye bole plz MERI madad kro Mai bahut umeedo se apse rabta kra h plz

          • Nida on said:

            G jarur Mai krungi Lakin ladka to razi h bss wo Apne papa se kehne ki himmat nhe bss Kiya is wajifa se wo Apne papa ko bta dega

          • Insha ALLAH, aasani paida hogi.

          • Nida on said:

            AsslamuA alikum Bhai jaan kiya hum nikah istkhara ke sath koi aur wajifa ke sakte h please reply jrur dena

          • Ji han aap istikhara ke sath koi aur wazifa bhi parh sakti hain.

          • Nida on said:

            Assalamu alikum Bhai jaan Maine pure 7 roj istkhara Kiya Lakin mujhe Apne khawab ke bare Mai Kuch had nhe h bss ek din Ka had mere khawob Mai paani samundar najar Aya bss Kiya Mai dobara kr sakti Hun ye istekhara

          • Positive hai aapka khwab. Agar aap istikhara dobara karna chahti hain to kar sakti hain.

        • Nida on said:

          Assalamu alikum Bhai jaan Maine Jo istekhara Kiya tha 7 roj Kuch nhe dikha Lakin agle rat mujhe dikha ki mere aur mere mehboob ka nikah ho Ra h plz btaye ye positive h ki negative

          • Positive consider hoga.

          • Nida on said:

            BHI Jaan mujhe isiwajifa krne ki ijajat dijye htt://

          • Aapko istikhara karne ki ijazat hai sis.

  11. Asalam o alaikum.. Bhai jaan me ek larki ko pasand karta hun or us se nikkah karna chata hun.. mene apne walidean ko usk ghar b bheja tha wahan jaa k baat cheet bht ache se hui mri ammi ne wapsi me nikalte waqt us larki ka matha b chooma.. usk ghar walon ko mere maa baap bht pasand ae or vo raazi b hain lekin mri ammi ne ghar aa k kaha k vo hamare miyar k nae or ye vo.. bhai me bara pareshan hoon me kia karun me us se bht pyaar karta hun or nikkah karna chata hun.. please ap meri koi madad karsakean mere maa baap razi hojain or us larki ko mere lie qabool karlean.. apk jawab ka muntazir rahun ga janab..

    • Benazir on said:

      Assalamualykum. Jumma mubarak. 1saal se Mai ek ladk se chahti hun mai ya Allah love marriage k wazifa karihun aur uno bi mere se razi hogaye ham dono nikah karne k liye chahte te aur parents k bi razi karen te pir 1 month phele hamra chota se jakda hogaiiya jakde k din i will call u tomorrow bole per ab tak call nahi aya pir switich off muje both takleef hora hai mai jakda nahi kar na ta pir mai ya allah nikah isthikara wazifa ki kal wazifa complete hone k baad soi mai eyes close un k face nazar aaya with simle muje dil halka feel Hua pir un k saat mera nikah hojate feel Hua pir dil sukun ta pir dream m mera ghar k side m kuch log bayan program kar te muje vo dek kare both kush Hua aur mei kuch raste m meri consin k saat karahi ti pir vahan chota sa fruit k shop m mera pasand k fruit khai ti sweet te aur tahajud k liye utgi Kya aa postive ha ya negative? 😢 plz pataya aur mei love marriage k wazifa continue karun ya istikhara wazifa aur 6 din istikhara continue karun?

      • Aapka istikhara positive hai sis. Aap marriage wazifa parh sakti hain.

        • Benazir on said:

          Assalamualykum bhaiya.i need help Jise mai chahathi hun vo ladka muje razi hone k liye mai 90days surah ikhlas wazifa ya Allah YouTube m dek k kithi ab bi contiune karihun wazifa karne k baad unhone bi muje se razi hoge muje chahte dono nikah karne k liye chahte te aur parents k bi razi karen k liye te ab 2 month k phele kuch argument hua aur uno (dear i will call u tomorrow don’t msg call ) bole k bole likin ab tak call nahi aya baat nahi hora hai 2 month se aur swittich off muje bohat paresani hora hai .plz bhaiya koi wazifa boliye .uno vo Hi true love nikah k niyath se mera baat karne … mai ya Allah isthikara bi ki postive bol k bole ap …… jazak Allahu khair

          • Aap apna wazifa mukammal kijiye kamil yaqeen ke sath. Insha ALLAH, aapke haq me achha hi hoga.

      • Benazir on said:

        Assalamualykum bhaiya isthikara 1 day dream mai ap k msg kithi bhaiya that im eaten the fruit in frist day dream ..Dec 6 aur 2nd day isthikara ki dream m ( white dove bird) deki aur muje namaz nahi 3rdAy tab bi muje dream aya. jise mai chahti vo boy dream m aaya muje message kiye jaise aur unhon k ghar m kitchen m unhon k sister se baat karithun aur unhon ek room se bahar aaya aur muje se simle se baat kiye muje sunkun ta aur muje aur unhon ku ek baby ta ….. (aa postive ha ya negative?) Aur mai chahathi hun uno ab baat nahi kare switich off hai unhon pir se mera vo hi true love se baat kare k liye koi wazifa boliye bhaiya aur uno bi muje chahte hai ham dono nikah karne k liye chahte te….ab baat nahi horihai uno switich off kardiya ……

          • Benazir on said:

            Jazak Allahu khair. . . My istikhara wazifa is postive can I continue love marriage wazifa which I’m doing form before ….that my loved one was accepted my marriage proposal after I completed love marriage surah ikhlas wazifa ya Allah YouTube 90days …..he was not talking form last 2 months coz of small argue he said that lastly ( dear I will call u tomorrow don’t msg call)but now switich off form last month I’m getting afred and depressed..bhaiya say any wazifa for this problem plz….that he talk to me and come back to me with same affection ….jazak Allahu khair for last reply and sorry to trouble bhaiya 😔

          • Yes you can continue your wazifa.

          • Benazir on said:

            Assalamualykum bhaiya jumma Mubarak my isthikara is postive and I’m continuing my wazifa….past 2 months he is not talking to me ham dono nikah karne k liye chahte te….but form.2months switich off I am depressed he said he will call me next day when he talk lastly befor 2 months .but day switich off he is not talk with me coz of some agrue please to solve this issue problem….please say any wazifa 😢 bhaiya jazak Allahu khair and sorry to trouble bhaiya

          • Be patient and complete your wazifa with entire devotion and dedication.

          • Benazir on said:

            Assalamualykum muje bohat paresani hora hai plz help kijiye bhaiya jise mai chahti hun vo wapse lotke aane k liye koi wazifa boliye ….. mere istikara wazifa postive hai …aur mai 90day ikhlas k love marriage wazifa ki jo mai chahathi hun vo muje se razi hoge aur muje se nikah karne chahat te 60 dino se mere se baat nahi kare hai coz small argument k waje se aur unka phone bi off hai 60 dino se ….60dino se phele jab argue hui us din uno I will call u tomorrow don’t msg call bole per ab tak nahi aya ….. till now I’m confining the love marriage surah ikhlas wazifa……iske saat aur koi wazifa kar sakthi Kya….. plz batijiye bhaiya jazak Allahu khair…..muje yaqeen hai ki app muje help karoge plz bhaiya

          • Aap Surah Ikhlas ka shadi ke liye wazifa parh sakti hain sis. Bas wahi kamil yaqeen ke sath parhiye.

          • Benazir on said:

            Bhaiya black magic break karne k liye aur nazar tut ne k liye vo muje truly love karete te nikah k dono chahate te mera relative ham dono nahi milna bol k sochre …..vo muje se na baat kar k 60 days hora wapas mere pas vo lotka aana k liye surah ikhlas wazifa k saat aur wazifa kar saakte Kya….? Plz reply kijiye mai yaqeen se ap k reply k liye wait karhun bhaiya .

          • Ji han aur wazifa sath me parh sakti hain aap.

  12. Mumtaz Kouser on said:

    Assalam Walliakum Bhaijaan , Mere sab se zyada close friend mere se baat karna chood kar 50 din hogaye mai bahut pareshan ho , isliya mai ne 3 raat istakhara namaaz padhkar so gaye , pehli raat ke khawb maine dekha ki mere friend mujhse bahut sare baate kar rahe hia aur wonho ne mujhe hug bhi kiya. Dusri raat maine kuch nahi dekha aur tesri raat mai ne dekha ki mere friend mujhe se phone pe baat kar rahe hai woh bahut mushkil mai hai aur mujhe se madad maang rahe hai.
    Iksa matlab kya hai bhaijaan plz reply karo aur mere madad karo ki mere friend jaldse jald mujhse baat kare aur mujhse raabta kare . – JAZAK ALLHU H KHAIR.

    • Istikhara positive hai sis, aap pyar hasil karne ka koi ek wazifa shuru kar sakti hain.

    • Benazir on said:

      Aur bhaiya I forget to say that me fruit khane k baad tahajud k liye utgi pir so gaye tho pir dream m mai mera mom k saat relative k ghar m hun unhono bi same fruit dekar khaoo bole mai un se puchi mei fruit raste m khahi dream m hi dream k bara m boli unhon bole kaisa ki ap k milne k tha vo milgaye bol k bol aur ithna hi yaad hai muje khwab plz reply dijiye

      • Benazir on said:

        Surah ikhlas wazifa k saat aur wazifa karsakti bolk ap bole bhaiya khon se wazifa karun saat m jis se mai chahathi hun vo wapas aane k liye?? Vo 60 dino se baat nahi kare hai aur phone off hai vo 60din k phele I will call u tomorrow don’t msg call bole …..koi Wazifa boliye bhaiya vo wapas aana k liye aur vo pyar aur nikah k niyath se un k parent’s k bi manala…… plz bhaiya koi wazifa batyai bhaiya …..plz……

  13. Shabina on said:

    Assalam walaikum bhaijaan..maine yaa Allah istikhara Kiya tha but 1 St day wala khwab b mujhe yaad nh tha or second day maine khwab m dekha k Mai Apne cousin bhai k sth Masti krri hu or bht ronake sajawat ki hui h aju baju m or fir kch wqt m humare bf or unke ghr k kch log b unke sth waha ajate h or humare Nazar unpr padhti h or hum pehle to ek dusre ko smile krte h hlki se…or bad m hum bat krne LG jate h or aage ka kch yaad nh..or maine ye 3 Roz h Kiya tha 3 Roz ka khwab mujhe yaad nh ara kch…to ap bataye ye positive h ya negative…qki mere mangni ho gyi or ab unke ghr walo n humare mangni Tod diye ..but hum Dono Abhi b ek dusre s Mohabbat krte h…or bs yahi h k bs unke ghr wale fir s razi ho jaye humare rishte k liye

      • Faiza on said:

        Assalamo alaikum mene khuwab dekha tha k jis se mai mohabbat krti Hyun us se meri shadi hogayi hai or February mai meri cousin ki shadi hai to us shadi mai hum sath hain or jis se mai mohabbat krti Hyun us se meri shadi hone wali hoti hai to koi problem masly ajaty hain to aap is khuwab ki tabeer btaden plz

        • Agar istikhara ka khawab hai to positive hai. Aap pasand ki shadi ka wazifa shuru kar sakti hain.

          • Ansha on said:

            Asslamualaikum..i performed nikah isthigarah..for the frst day i saw one dream in that i remember only the thing is i mom and dad is sitting near a table and my mom and dad is telling..we wont compell you to talk your brothers..that time i said them i wanted to talk with them and i will talk …suddenly in reallty not in dream my mom got one call at4:00am and it was about to inform that my moms friend had expired secd day day i didnt get any dream..third day 3:am i woke up and i was thinking about my dreamsuddenly i slept and i had dream i saw white colour then sky blue suddenly walk up i saw my nephew who is of age 3 in my dream..the thing is not clear or i am nit remebering the dream..den i woke up..after that i pray thahajud and i will sleeep and some times i get dreams of my dad and boyfirends..frth day i dont remeber if i saw any dream..fourth day i had one dream bt i dont remeber whether it is after subh prayer or that dad and my bf is talking…bf is telling that he is not earning much..that time my dad said dont worry i will help you..what it meanS???

          • Faiza on said:

            acha istekhare ka khuwab nhe aya mai ya Allah nikah istekhara kr skti Hyun Ya nhe

          • Aap ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara parh sakti hain sis.

          • Ansha on said:

            My isthigarah was my boyfriends brother is strictly against me…My bf is telling that his faamily wont accept our relation…what can i do?

          • Ansha on said:

            Asslamualaikum…my isthigarah was positive…while doing my bf used to text me and now he completely stopped…he said he can’t marry me…we were in relation for past 7 years..his Elder brother is yet To he said we are 24 his marriage will be after 5 years it he is said dont wait for me and he called my mom today and said her..u search other guy for her…i said him i cant leave i wont disturb…what wazifa i can perform to marry him..i can wait for he and his famly should accept me..

          • Ansha on said:

            Asslamualaikum..i performed ya allah nikah isthikarah and it is positive and started the ant wazifa as per ur suggestion because my bf left me after i performed nikah isthikarah…yesterday i started Ant wazifa and today i checked..sugar is not there in that i feel ant had eaten…today mrng i called my bf and he was angry…he said dont disturb me ..jus leave me alone.he doesnt need me..jus leave and go…we can’t marry because parents doesnt like Love marriage…even his brother is yet marry they jus started a business in abroad…not settled yet it seems…his parents and siblings are not thinking about marriage now it seems..his brother also talked to me nicely…he said me to leave his brother (who is yet to marry) and he is 28 and my bf and me 24…brother said my bf is not matured..he will marry after 4 -5 years,so he said dont wait for him…jus leave him and you both live happy life.He said i can forget everything happen between us..i can’t leave him also..i wanted to wait for love is true for him..I wanted to mary him..I wont disturb him bt i wanted to marry him and live happily with hime ..i can’t live with other guy…so what i should do…
            U suggested me a wazifa for his brother mind to change i am performing that his brother is changing my bf s mind ..for past 4days his brother is asking my bf to block me
            What it means??What i can do..??Any wazifa to solve?Is henot written in my fate??

          • Have some patience and complete your wazaif having entire faith. Insha ALLAH, you will see good results.

          • Ansha on said:

            I am afraid if i am affected with black magic or evil eye..everytime i get tensed..i was in relation for past 7 years…in that once we broke up and again after 5years same..he brokeup…many doesnt want us to be together..what can i do??we love each other some people keep us away

          • Anshaf on said:

            Asslamualaikum sir..,,i did nikah isthikarah,it was positive,then i did ant wazifa 3days remaining,,bt my bf said he doesnt want me dont txt me and disturb…day before yesterday his mother and sister told not to love her anymore..he said he doesnt love me…jus leave and go..i asked him if my parents come as a proposal will they accept??…he said no..they wont accept and sometimes he use to tell he dont trust me he dont love..he said he also doesnt like me and their parents because we are rich it seems..hi isnot matured it seems..he has brother to marry…can i perform any wazifa for his brother marriage to happen soon??after doing wazifa for her brother and parents to change their mind…they said my bf to avoid me..what it means😰

          • It’s better to perform a love marriage wazifa for your own marriage purpose.

  14. Unkwn on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai me jinse pyar krti hu asal me unhone ki hui h civil me acche se bht mehnat bhi krte h or smjahdar bhi h or btech complete kiye hue 1.5yr ho gya h pr lhin job nhi lg rhi ya to esa hota h ke job lg jati h pr 1 mnth se phle hi nikal dete h ya interview clr ho jata h but job pr kisi or ko rakh liya jata h ya interview hi cancle ho jata h bhai bht preshani h samjh nhi a rha me unke liye kya padhu or ek business bhi shuru kiya but koi accha response nhi h bhai plz koi esa wazifa btae ke is month me unki job acchi jgh lag jae bhai wese wo gulf jana chahte h esa wazifa ho ke gulf ki job lag jae or jo wo job chahte h wo wali hi lge
    Or ek or masla tha bhai ke unko pta nhi kis wjh se zukham se ya kisi infection se ear ke parde me hole ho gya h dawai ki kafi but asar nhi ho rha ap koi wazifa btae jisse theek ho jae

      • Unkwn on said:

        Thk h to wazifa me kar skti hu?
        Or ap ne kaan ke liye wazifa nhi btaya

        • Ji han aap wazifa parh sakti hain. Kan ke liye konsa wazifa chahiye aapko?

          • Unkwn on said:

            bhai ke unko pta nhi kis wjh se zukham se ya kisi infection se ear ke parde me hole ho gya h dawai ki kafi but asar nhi ho rha ap koi wazifa btae jisse theek ho jae
            Bhai ye btaya tha mene

      • Fasiha on said:

        Assalamo alaikum…Bhai plzz I need ur help Mei jise pasand krti thi woh mujhe har tarf se block krdiya hai Mei bas itna chahati hu k woh mujhse ek bar baat krle bas koi aesi wazifa bataye plzz

        • Aap pyar me pagal karne ka wazifa parhiye.

          • Fasiha on said:

            Thank u Bhai reply Dene kliye…lekn mujhe usse pyar Mei pagal nhi krna hai bas Mei itna chahati hu k woh mujhse maafi mang kr baat krle taakey mere maan Mei Jo kch v hai woh Mei bolsakun isliye plz mujhe yaha aesa koi wazifa ka link deden plzz

        • Xx on said:

          I and bf have indulged in boyfriend now avoiding me as he is not intrested in meBecause i used to argue with hime compltely i changed my character.,our parents are strictly against us..because of this this rsn i am not talking to my parents proporly i want to marry i cannot marry isthikarah as per your suggestion it is positive ..what can i do to get him back And he to accept me and parents and family to accept us??

      • Ansha ar on said:

        My boyfirends Buisness is down..He has shop in mall in UAE which is started 3 months back and he is tensed about it and customer is not there and feel lonely…. ..he is doing business with his brother..Brother always complains him that he is not calling there any wazifa??

    • Ayat on said:

      Assalamualaikum Bhai aapne hune ishtekhara karne ke liye bola tha Hume kal Kiya tha aur humne khwab me dekha ki meri cousin sister ki love marriage huyi hai aur unki hone wali bhi hai uske baad humne dekha ki mere fufa ji jaa rahe rate the humare yahan monkey bahot jyada hain unhe gher liye unka saath unka beta bhi that hum sabko bula rahe bachane ke liye par koi suna nahi akhir kaar unhone ne bacha Liya Apne bache ko uske baaB sab log pahuchi uss jagah par .iss ki tabeer Bata de abhi hum apna ishtekhara continue rakhe na bhai ? Bata dijiyega

    • .. on said:

      Asslamualaikum..i performed nikah isthigarah..for the frst day i saw one dream in that i remember only the thing is i mom and dad is sitting near a table and my mom and dad is telling..we wont compell you to talk your brothers..that time i said them i wanted to talk with them and i will talk …suddenly in reallty not in dream my mom got one call at4:00am and it was about to inform that my moms friend had expired secd day day i didnt get any dream..third day 3:am i woke up and i was thinking about my dreamsuddenly i slept and i had dream i saw white colour then sky blue suddenly walk up i saw my nephew who is of age 3 in my dream..the thing is not clear or i am nit remebering the dream..den i woke up..after that i pray thahajud and i will sleeep and some times i get dreams of my dad and boyfirends..frth day i dont remeber if i saw any dream..fourth day i had one dream bt i dont remeber whether it is after subh prayer or that dad and my bf is talking…bf is telling that he is not earning much..that time my dad said dont worry i will help you..what it mean

      This was my isthikarah..u said this is positive ..after i performed this…everything started changing…everything came agaist his brother talked with me..he said his famly wont accept bf also started hating me…even my bf talked with my mother..she is also against ..what it means😰😰😰

      • Your istikhara is positive. Now you need to perform wazaif to tackle your problems.

        • .. on said:

          Thank you…Which wazifa…?which you said me to perform before?all that i am performing….

          • Continue those wazaif that you are already performing.

        • ... on said:

          I am so i texted my bf…he doesnt like me…he said me that i ruined his life…i cant bear this…inam trying every wazifa U said and he is avoiding me

          • Be patient and keep praying.

  15. unknown on said:

    assalamoalaikum, mene istikhara kiya. phle din mene dekha ki zameen pr dastarkhan bicha h usle as pas mein meri ammi or papa bethe hai saath m do mehmaan bhi hai. dastrkhan pr khana hai chawal , dahi, or desi ghee. Dahi ko dkh kr guest meri ammi se puchte hai ye kya cheez hai.
    Dusre din mene dekha ki meri mami kitchen m hai wo suji ki kheer bna ri hai or mjhse baate kr ri h, baki yaad ni thik se
    plz iska matlab btaye

      • unknown on said:

        M kisi ko 9 saal se pasand krti hu…wo bhi , hum dono ekdusre se shaadi krna chahte hai . uske ghrwale tyyr hai par mere maa baap raazi nahi hai, logo k dar se kyunki wo different caste se hai. Lekin m kisi or se shaadi nahi krna chahti or maa baap ka dil bhi ni dukhana chahti. Kuch btaiye jis se mere maa baap raazi ho jye khushi khushi is rishte k liye

  16. Reem on said:

    Assalamualaikum imran bhai,
    Mera sawal istekhara se related hai.
    agar istekhara tahajjud k waqt kre aur fazar se pehle khwab dekhe aur agr wo khwab yaad na ho toh subh k khwab ko result m le skte hai kya.

    • Ji han Fajr ke bad ke khawb bhi count honge.

  17. Huda on said:

    Assalamualaikum… Maine abhi do din ye istikhara kiya h… Pehle din maine dekha k mai apni gali ne khadi hun, kisi function me jane k liye tyar ho rhi hun, white and blue dress me, jo k mere ps real me bhi h… Tyar hote hue ek lady se bt kr rhi hun jo hmare ghr k saamne hi rehti hn… Pr mai function me nhi ja pati… Gali me hi kisi k ghr pr chali jati.. Jinke hm rarely jate hn, wahan ek lady mere liye koi fruit kaat rhi hoti hn, ek 4-5 mahine ka bachcha crawl krta hua room se bahar aata h… Hm sehen me baithe hue hn… Wo bachcha mujhe dekh kr hasta h… Usne white kapde pehne hn… Mai usko god me lekr khilane lgti hun or wo hasta h, phir mai usko wahin folding bed pr leta kr room me chali jati hun, room me pahunch kr window se bahar dekhti hun to mujhe pta chalta h k mai second floor pr hun or bahar neeche gali me mera chota bhai bike pr baitha h, usne white kurta pajama pehna h or uski dono aakhe laal ho rhi hn, mai usko dekh kr mai jaldi se window band krdeti hun taki wo mujhe na dekh ske or room me hi khadi rehti hun.
    Second day, mujhe poora achche se yaad nhi h, itna yaad h k mera chota bhai or mai kisi k ghr pr hn or wo bahut preshan h, mai usko samjha rhi hun k ghabraye na, sb thik ho jayega.

      • Mohammad Shahid on said:

        Assalamo alaikum bhai jaan maine istikhara shuru kiya to dusare din maine dekha ki ladki ka bhai mere ghr aya h or usne ghr dekha or phr maine apni jamin dikhai jo kuchh dur tk khali thi or kuchh dur tk hari thi or 2 din lagatar jaise mujhe koi kah rha h tu wo wazifa kr le phir ek din maine dekha ladki k ammi abbu donon log aye hain pr wo uski maa ye kahti h ki in logo ka pahle se setting h ap batayen kya sahi h mujhe to kuchh samjh nhi aa rha

      • Assalamualikum imran bhaijan app ka sb se phile thanks kahena chahti hu mai… App k wazife bhot ache hote hain helpful success b…. Bhaijan mai jise pasnd krti hu unki shadi kisi or se ho rahi hai or mai allaha se dua mang rahi hu mujh meri mohobbat mil jaye or o vapas ajaye… Bhaijan mai sure muzmmil padh rahi hu rozna 41 times to mere khwab…orbhaijan Mai allaha se rat me kahe k sogai ti kiya karu batao mujh rasta bolkr or kiy samjhu bolo bolkr….Mai jise ladke ko pasnd karti hu mere pass agaya or akar mujh lipt k sogsya or kaheta hai ami ne singnal dediya shadi tut gai meri bolta fir mujh unke ami abba dikhai dete hain or mai unlog salam namaste kaherahi hu or unke ami ek kasti me yellow pilos ka kapda rakhe te ospe haldi girti hai mai os haldi ko saaf krti hu or inke ami k haat me mangal sutar hai ose pe inke ami darood sharif padhti hai mai shocing se dkhti hu kiya ap ko A ata hai fir halki barish hoti hai asman se whaite chune jisa niche kirta hai or o mangsutru mai kis ka kheti hu to mere chote beta ka bolte inke ami or mai jis ldke ko psnd krti hu inke sab bhai inse puchte hain to shadi nahi krta kiya A ldki k liye bolte or fir mai bhot in sab me ghul milti hu or ek ladka bhot badi tukri me khna leker jata hai bhaijan theeek se yaaar nahi hai plz iski taberr batiye or bhai jana mujh khwab me ise do mai jise pasnd krti hu oski shadi tut hvi hai aya hai or a ladka mere pass vapas aya hai plz plz bhaijan batiye mai isteqhara b kiya positive aye ab a batiye bhai jan plz tention me hu….

        • Bazaher to khwab achha hai. Bas aise hi yaqeen se dua mangte rahiye. ALLAH ki raza se sab behtar hota jayega.

          • Thanx bhaijan … But mai ek kashmakash me hu bhaijan o ladka na to meri taraf ane ki baat kara or na hi shadi tudne ki baat kar raha hai or allaha se mai bhot ro k gid gida k oski hidayat ki dua mangnti hu or bhaijan hajzt ki namaznn or hajazt k wazife b kar rahi hu bhaijan or 11 days me shadi hai oski or allaha se rasta puchti hu to aise khwab aten hain o meri tarf ayega or shadi tuddega mere khwab me 2 time oski shadi tut gai aya bujhaijan… Bhaijan mai kiya samjhlu kiya Allaha mujh se or azmish ka imtehaan lera kiya Allaha ki yeh raza hai o nahi ayega or kiya Allaha tala mujh khwab me bata k ata karne wala hai osko … Bhaijan plz help kariye kiya karu mai or bhaijan sabar se hi raherahi hu or galt km galt kuda uthne ka b nahi sochti hu mai basss allaha tala ki raza se mujh miljaye o ladka or islam khubool kare apni shadi tud k hidayat ki tarf aye mujh se shariyat k sat ba izzat nikha karle ya hai dua mangti hu… Or bhaijan Mai fuzul gufgu b nahi karti hu ose… Kiya samjhliu bhaijan allaha pe to yakin hai hi mujh o sunege or meri tarf osko bhejynge but bhaijan halat or siution itni mushkil dikhre kuch kuch samjhne nahi ara aisi kasmash kaisi hai bhaijan meri a plz plz help kriye bhaijan kiya karu mai…..

          • Dear sis, aap sabr se kaam lijiye. Sahee waqt par aapko in sab savalon ka javab mil jayega.

          • Assalamualikum bhaijan 12 rabi ul mubarak ho app ko… Bhaijan app ne mujh jadu k asar khtam krne k liye ya qharu ka wazifa padhne k liye diya ta na o mai ne padhliya hai 7 days complete kardiye…. Or meri sahat b achi hai ab mai kiya samjhu khtam hogaya mujhe pe asar jadu k…. Or bhaijan is 7 din me mujhe khwab aye to first din kuch yad nahi hai 2 din ek sirl k dialogue chalre o log o chor hai wazifa padhlo wazifa padhlo ye kahete hain…. Or hm ek aurat se darte hain ek rom me fir namaz padhte hain…. 3 day kuch nahi 4 day mujhe khwab aya jis ladke ko mai pasnd krti hu oske whatsup dp pe kale ranga cow 🐄dikhti hu or kaheti hu ab a dulha banega to ispe baithega Or o cow ko mai nandi kaheti hu 5 day kuch nahi aya 6 day mere khwab me meri freind ko unke husbnd ko khana khne bulati hu or o B mere ghr me ate hi khana khilna chod k hm namaz padhte hain sab…. Kiya samjhna in sab ka matlb bhaijan….. Or bhaojan allaha ki marzi nahi hai shayad mai jise pasnd krti oske sath mera nikha ho 3 days bache hain kuch bhi asar nahi lgare bhaijan o ladka ko baat kri to mai o shadi nahi tudega kahediya…. Mai ne allaha se abi dua mangru… Or shukr kr rahi hu iski raza pe….. But bhaijan mujhe a samjh nahi araha hai allaha ne mujh bhot sare khwab dikhye Or apni shadi tud k ayega hi Or meri murad B manat B puri hune k batya abhi tak kuch bhi asar nahi nazar arahain…. My kuch bhi nahi samjhru bhaijan … App batiye kiya karu mai

          • Ab aap impossible to possible wazifa parhiye sis.

          • Assalamualikum bhaijan abb tu umeed sab se khtam hogai jisa lgra bhaijan q k 2 din bad shadi hai o shadi tunde kki baat hi nahi kr raha … Bhaijn mai ne allaha ka shukar ada kar liya hai… Fir bhi 2 tak intezaar me hu mai or bhaijn mera period chalre a kiya mai padhskati hu..bhaijan os ladke k ane ka mujhe andaaza nahi lga mai ne 100 rakat nnafil namz padh k allaha ka shukr ada kiya allaha apki marzi yahi hai shayad o nahi ayega bolkr… Bhaijn mai galt to nahi ti na os ldke k liye dua mangti rahi o hidayat k raste pe ajaye or Islam khubool kre bhaijan mai ne allaha ki azmish me sabar B kiya dua bhi ki quran Or namaz se madad puchi dua bhi manngi…Ab mai zindagi ko khtam hi krna chahti bhaijn allaha mere gunha mufff kre or meri mout allaha k sajde me ho hojaye…. Bhaijn thankx sab sab ache the apke wazifa or apke batne ka bhi andz bhot acha hota hai.. Bhot se log ko faayda hva hai mujh nhi hva hva mai fir bhi app se dil se bhot shukr ada krti hu…

          • Dear sis, zindagi khatm karne ki bat nahi kijiye. ALLAH ko ye bilkul nahi pasand. Aapne sabr kiya hai, aage bhi kijiye. Insha ALLAH, aapko bohat achha reward milega.

  18. Rabiya Basriya on said:

    Assalam walliakum Bhaijaan maine kal tahujud ke namaaz ke baad YaALLAH nikah Istikhara namaaz padhkar sogaye aur khawb me dekha ki mujhe koi kuch wazifa bata rahe hai aur wonho ne Kaha ke mai woh wazifa Karo aur mere needh khul gaye aur mujhe woh wazifa bhi yaad nahi hai bhaijaan plz plz mujhe reply Karo aur mere madad Karo ke mera khoya huwa pyar mujhe wapas mil jaye aur mere zindagi mai laut aaya hamesha ke lia. Mai bahut pareshan ho meharbani Se mere madad Karo bhaijaan.

    • Abhi aap istikhara mukammal kar ke bataiye ga mujhe sis.

      • Menhaz ali on said:

        As Salaam alaikum bhaijaan
        Mene Monday ko istikhara kiya or khrab me dekha ki mere flat pr kuch log aaye h or hmlog kahi jane ke liye ready ho rhe h
        Or dusre din dekha ki mere ghr cousion sb aayi h

        • Abhi koi khas positivity nahi nazar aayi. Istikhara mukammal karke bataiye.

      • Menhaz ali on said:

        As Salaam alaikum w.r.w.b
        Kaise h aplog
        Mai 3 din se yaallah nikah istikhara kr rha hu
        1st day mene istikhara krke so gya or khwab me mene dekha ki mere flat pr kuch log aaye h or hmlog ready ho kr kahi jane ke liye nikal gye
        2nd day mene khwab me dekha ki meri cousion sister sb aaye h or ek cousion sister ro rhi h or baki sb mujhse majak kr rhi h
        Or 3rd day mai istikhara krke bed pr aa kr so gya or khwab me dekha ki bahot sara pani h or kewal body dikh rha phr nind khul gyi or jb meri aankh lgi to dekha ki kisi ladki ka accident me death kr gyi
        plz mujhe iska tabeer btaye

        • Positive nahi hai. Abhi 7 din kijiye istikhara.

  19. supriya khatri on said:

    bhaijaan m hindu hu to ye rakt nifl kase adda kru or uske baad wala process b nhi kr paungi m durood e sharif se start kr skti hu lekin uske upar ke 2 steps nhi follow kr paungi plz btaye kase kru

    • Koi bat nahi sis, aap duayen jo di gayi hain wo parh lijiye dhyaan se.

      • Bushra Khan on said:

        Assalamualaikum, sir kya Maine instekhara kiya or 2nd day mujhe khwab dikha…kya mai uski tabeer apse inbox me puchh skti Hun….kya mai apna msla detail me apko inbox me bta skti Hun??

  20. Unknown on said:

    assalam walaikum bhai
    3din tak mai raat me istiqara ki,kya baki4 dindin me kar sakte hain? Mera night shift chalega abi isliye.

    • Istikhara to raat ko hi karna chahiye sis. Aapki majburi hai to dekh lijiye aap.

    • artibansal on said:

      bhaijaan m allah ki hmdi sharif or raft nikl ki namaz adda nhi kr skti kyuki m hindu hu or ye urdu me likha h to plz btyae ki m kase kru ye istikara baki niche ke to m padh lungi

  21. Saba on said:

    bakashna kaise h please mujhe bataye…

    • Aap aise boliye ga, ya ALLAH! Maine jo parha hai is mein agar koi ghalti ho gayi ho to mujhe mu’af karna aur iska savab Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam ko pohancha dena.

      • Saba on said:

        kam se kam kitne dino ka kar sakte h

          • Simmi on said:

            Assalamu laikum bhaijaan aap ne yaallah nikah istkhara ka vdo b bnaya hai kya mujhe kuch samajh me nhi aaraha hai aise kya pdhna hai kese pdhna h nafil nmaz k bad is dua ko dekh kr pdh sakte h or ishak k nmaz k bd pdhna hai ya fir kisi b tim pdhna hai

          • Dear sis, ye sab to clearly bataya gaya hai. Raat ko sone se theek pahle istikhara parhna hai aapne. Nifl parhne ke bad step by step duayen jaise batayi hain waise dekh kar parh sakti hain aap.

  22. Shaida on said:

    Assalam walekum ji mujhe ek rishta aaya tha toh maine istekhara kiya hai toh sirf ek din ka khwab yaad hai aap please mujhe bata dijiye ke kya hai toh khwab tha
    mere khala unke bache humse naraz hai real mei toh dream mei aaya ke unko ehsaas hua hai mere ammi se maafi mangi chahiye isliye mere cousion mujse baat ki aur hum sab kahi exhibition mei gaye hai aur wahan kisis ki shaadi ka saman rakha hai. Mai b mela ghum ke phir se room mei aake tayar hone lagi aur bazu se koi dulhe walon ko khane ke liye bitah rehe hai….

      • Uzma on said:

        Assalamualaikum Bhaii mene yh wazifa isha ki namaz ke baad kiya tha 1 din mene tahajjud ki namaz padhkr sogyi uske baad mene khwaab me dekha ki me or mere cazin or fufui mere sath h hmm el masjid me gye vha PR unlogo ne namaz padhi fir me jab vazu krrhi tabhi NAL ka pani bilkul saaf pour h or pass me paas me mere ek indonasia type ki ladki thi vo mujhe dekh kr muskura rhi thi jab me vazu krke uthi namaz ke liye aage bde to dekha 3 color full wale parrot h jb mene apna naam liye to vo bhi naam lrhe the vo ladki mujhe namaz padhane ke liye oper legyi vo ek room type ka tha Jo lkdi ka stylish me bna hua tha vha pohche to dekha vha ek janamz or kuch hadees books rkhi hui dekhi itne me meri nind khul gyi or me fazir ki namaz padhne lgi 2din yaani kl fir khwaab me dekha ki me nl se vazu krrhi hu paani bilkul saaf dekha or me dukaan PR kuch lene jaati hu tabhi ek bandar aajata or mere sath kuch bachhe bhi dukaan wale hmm andar krdete h usme se ek bachha get LGA leta h ander se or vo bandar dadi ke Ghar me chla jata h or fir kisi natak ka seen shru hojata h fir me tahajjud padhne ke nind khul jaati h fir namaz padhkr vapas so jaati hu fir khwaab me aata h ki bda sa swimming pool h paani bilkul saaf dekha or usme ek color full badi si fish h me pool k paas khdi hu .. Plzzz iaski tabeer bataye kya me ab surah al ahzaab ka wazifa krskti hu ya pure 7 day hone k baad or kya mujhe abhi bhi istekhara 7 day tk istekhara krna hoga

          • Roli jaiswal on said:

            Salam bhai kya love marriage istekhara Hum kisi se kara sakte h kya please bata dijiye ya kli aur bata dijiye jo hum kisi aur se karwa sake please reply…

          • Nahi sis, ye istikhara khudi parhna chahiye.

        • Sahiba on said:

          Assalamu alaikum Imran bhai jaan ye bt ramzaan ki hai ramzaan ka pehla din tha tb mene koi istikhara nhi kiya tha..lekin jb subh uth kar fazr ki namaz padh kr soo gyi thi aur apne mehboob ka zikr allah se krke fir se soo gyi thi…tb mujr khawab me aya ki vo mere ghar aaye h aur meri ammi se akr khud bole ki hme apki beti se nikah krna hai..aur meri ammi raazi ho gyi..bataiye iska kya mtlb huwa..isey mai apne haq me samjhu ya nhi…plzzz jaroor bataiye

          • Ye istikhara ka khawab nahi hai. General dream hai isiliye aisa ho bhi sakta hai aur nahi bhi.

      • Anam on said:

        Assalam Alaikum..maine kal raat pahle din istikhara kia or subh kuch yaad hi ni hai k kya khwab dekha

        • Koi baat nahi sis. Aap lagataar 7 raat tak kijiye istikhara. Kisi bhi ek raat me ishara ho sakta hai.

      • Mohsina on said:

        Assalamualaikum bhai…. Mjhe isokhara karni h mene apko har jagah msg koa but apka rpl nai aya… Mjhe puchna tha mene uaseen sharif wala nikah k loe wazifa start kia h kya me istikhara kar k surah al azhab wala bhi kar skti hu plz rpl dijiye bcoz jald se jald karna h

        • Ji han sis aap Surah Ahzab wala wazifa bhi parh sakti hain.

      • Wahida Simmi Sheikh on said:

        Assalamu alaikum bhijaan allah ki hamd o sana ki ak achi si or behtar dua btaiye plss

        • Jo bhi ayaat, wird aur suratein aapko zubani yad hon, aap parh sakti hain.

          • Wahida Simmi Sheikh on said:

            Fir b ak bar sab me behtar ayat, wird, aur suratain jo allah ki hamdo sana k liye achi ho bta digiye hamdo sana me surah fatiyah b hai lekin aap ne istekhare krne me 3 br to pdhne k liye kha h isliye mujhe samjh ni aaraha kon si ayat ya surah pdhu hamdo sana k liye aap plsss bta digiye koi b ak behtar

          • Aap Surah Fatiha parh lijiye. Aur ALLAH Ta’ala ke Naam Mubarak jo bhi aapko yad hon jaisa ke ‘ya Rahmaanu’ ‘ya Raheemu’ ‘ya Kareemu’ ka wird kar sakti hain.

          • Wahida Simmi Sheikh on said:

            Nikah istekhara me sab se phle 2 rakat nafil pdhti hu niyat ye krti hu ki do rakat nafil nmaz istekhara waste allah k muh mera kaba sarif ki taraf namaj puri hone k bad dua k liye baith jati hu jaise aap ne btaya hai ki phle hamdo sana krni hai to allah k namo ka wird kru (kitni bar krna hai 100 bar kr lu) fir 3 bar darood sharif or fir 3 bar surah fatiha padh kr isale sabab huzoor pak ko bakshti hu uske liye khti hu ” k aai mere khuda mere malik jo b mene abhi darood pdhi h us ka sabab mere aka muhammad salalahi alaihi wasallqm ko de ” . fir darood 3 bar or 3 bar surah fatiha uske bad jo dua aap ne btai h is post me use 3, 3 br pdhti hu or fir istekhare ki dua jo hai use ak bar fir jo darood btaya hai use 1 br pdh kr dua mang kr so jati hu

            Aise hi krna hai na ya fir hamdo sana me b surah fatiha ak br pdh kr fir allah k namo ka wirdh krna h

          • Sab tareeqa step by step bataya to gaya hai upar sis. Jo maine ab bataya hai wo Hamd o Sana wali jagah parhna hai aapne.

          • Wahida Simmi Sheikh on said:

            Ji bhaijaan vo to me same waise hi pdhlu lekin aap ne allah k naam mubarak k wirdh ka nhi btaya ki kitni bar krna hai 100, 200, 600 ya or jada

  23. Assalamualaikum
    Maine khwab mein dekha ke dry fruits teen glass mein hai badam chuara mai chupa rahi hu kahin pe
    Dusre din khwab aaya maine azaan di bohat beautiful voice mein / ghar mein eid jaisa mahol hai mai ghar ki terres par arviyo ki tokri lekar gayi toh kisi ne kaha ki ab kyu laayi khana toh pak bhi chuka chalo aao khalo …. sab khana kha rahe the dastarkhwan pe toh mai bhi bait gyi aur khana khaya….mai aur meri khala steps pe baithe ek ladka aur ladki unke painting dikha rahe the hum ko tab hi meri khala ko wo ladka pasand agya wo uske hath mein hath lekar baith gyi mujhe thoda ajeeb laga lekin mai fir se paintings dekhne me masroof hogyi uske baad dekha ki mai aur meri do saheliya bazar gayi hain wahan bohat saare greeting cards hai roses hAi maine shop keeper ke pas bucket lekar hath muh dhoye … maine apni friend ko madina kehke awaaz lagayi wo nahi sunti fir uska naam liya toh suni
    Day 3 : meri ammi abbu mujhe namaz ke liye bula rahe hain koi song zor se chal raha hai… Mobile mein bhi koi son maine dekha maine meri nani ko bataya ke mere kitne baal jhad gaye aur unko ya bariu ka wazifa padhne keh rahi hoon

      • Shaida on said:

        Ji shukriya. Aap mujhe please batayiye ki aage mai kaunsa wazifa karun jissey mera rishta pakka ho aur ghar mei shaadi ki tayari ho. Kyunki mujhe darr hai kahin yeh rishta aage na bada toh isliye please meri madat karo

          • Shaida on said:

            Maine yeh amal shuru kiya hai 2 din hogaye. Koi muje keh raha the ki mere nikha par bandish hai toh issey hatane ke liye mujhse paise mangne lage. Kya nikha par bandish hoti hai. Agar hai toh kaise hatayen?

          • Shaida on said:

            Assalam walekum. Imran bhai aapka bahut shukriya aapne jo yeh wazifa bataya hai ussey mera rista almost fix hogaya. Agar Allah chahe toh Nikah bhi tay hojaye. Par mai yeh website se bahut khus hoon har wazifa mera meyab hogaya. Maine nikha bandish ka wazifa shuru kiya 21 days ka woh bhi complete hone aaya hai

          • Masha ALLAH sis, bohat khushi ki bat hai. ALLAH Ta’ala aapka naseeb bohat achha kare, aameen. Rishte ki bandish ka tod padha tha aapne? 😊

          • Shaida on said:

            Ji rishtey ki bandish ka tod shuru abi 6din aur ka amal hai bass 21days pooreg hojayenge

          • Kamil yaqeen ke sath mukammal kijiye.

          • Shaida on said:

            Assalamualaikum. Imran bhai aapke dua se aur bataiye hue wazife se meri mangni hogai. Par woh log hame shaadi ke liye date fix nahi karrey. Ramzan ke baad bolre hai par exactly date fix nahi bolre. Aap please koi dua bataiye jissey meri nikha ki date mil jaye

          • Jaldi shadi hone ka wazifa website par diya gaya hai, wo shuru kijiye sis.

  24. sheeza on said:

    Aslam u alikum, m n teen raat shadi ka istikhara kia lekin kch nazar nhi aya phr tesri subah fajar ki nimaz parh k do nafal istikharay k parahay or subh 5 bajay so gae, or us wkt khawab mien nal se nikalta saaf pani daikha or sufaid rang ka bachay ka pishi wala diper daikha . ye khawab subh 5 bajay se 5:28 minute tk hai. kia ap mujhay bta saktay hn k ye khawab sch hai ya koi khayal hai?? ya mujhay 7 raatun tk istikhara karna ho ga, ya isi ko positive jawab samjhun??

    • Saaf pani dekhna achhi alamat hai. Mazid clear results ke liye 7 din ka istikhara aap pura kar len.

  25. Rukhsar on said:

    Assalamualaikum….Maine 3 din complete Kia istikhara…..pehle do din ke khwab yaad nhi rehte the uthne k baad khaab me bus itna yaad hai k kuch normal daily routine chal raha tha aise Khwab aksar aaya karte hai muje……fir 3 day ka Khwab aisa dekha ki Mai aur Meri bhen bus me hai Ghar aare hai aur mere paas koi chota baccha hai muje pata nhi hai k Khwab me wo baccha Kon tha… bus se aare the aur humara stop Chala jaata hai fir dur jakar utarna padta hai…..aur bhen muje daat ti hai…….darasal aisa humare sath tab hota tha jab humlog school me the Kai baar bus se aate wakt stop Chala jata tha…..plz batae Kya ye Khwab koi relevant Khwab hai ya nhi n iska result Kya hai

    • Kuch khas relevancy nahi hai sis. Aap 7 din ka istikhara mukammal karke bataiye.

  26. HANEY on said:


    • Pura post parhiye bataya gaya hai ke 7 din karna hai.

  27. Unkwn on said:

    1st day mujhe acche se khwb yaad nhi h but ye dhyaan h kisi relative ko dekha jinke ghr hum nhi jate h or unke ghr jinse me pyar krti hu unki bhen ai hui h
    2nd day dhyaan nhi kya tha
    3rd day koi khwb nhi aya

    • Unkwn on said:

      Assalamualaikum bhai or shuriya rsult btane ke liye ke positive h bhai plz mujhr koi accha wazifa btaiye taki me jinse pyar krti hu wo mujhse man jae kyuki wo khafa h mujhse kyuki asal me glti to meri h mene bht jhuth bole unse bht chupai baten or gltiyan ki or wo mujhe smjhate rhe pr me na smjhi or ab wo mujhse door ho gae h baat krte h pyar bhi krte h but wo meri izzat nhi krte mujh pr yakeen nhi krte or me unke dil se utar gai hu or shadi ke liye bhi mana kar rhe h pr me unke bina nhi reh skti or me wada krti hu me ab koi jhuth nhi bolungi na ab glti krungi acche se chalungi bhai plz jldi se koi wazifa bta de taki sab pehle jesa accha ho jae wo phle jesa pyar krne lagen
      Or ek or wazifa btana bhai khud pr cntrl krne ka taki bar bar galtiyan na dohrau or na jhuth bolna pde unse

  28. amina on said:

    i have done marriage istikhara for 3 nights for this specific person, for the first 2 nights I don’t remember the exact dream events but I remember that I was dreaming and I felt that in the dream I was getting hints that this is the person I will marry. and the very moment I wake up, I get this good feeling that this is the person. but on the third night I don’t remember the dreams and I didn’t get any feelings either. please explain.

      • Neha Khan on said:

        Assalamualikum bhai
        Bhai raat maine istekhara kiya tha mera 1st day tha raat maine khawab m dekha ki m kisi jagha pr hu or waha fight kr rhi wo bohat powerful log h but m fight kr kr waha se nikal aati hu mere sath meri friend bhi nikal aati h or rashte m ek ladka milta h jo ki shop pr baitha hua hota h or wo naraz hota h mere mujhse fight karne pr or bol rha h kI m riyad chala jauga but m usko apne ghar le aati hu or hum terres pr h or m khawab m so Jati hu jab uthti hu to dekhti hu us ladke ko thand lag rhi h to m usko apne bistar pr le aati hu but hamare Bich ek naughty baby a jata h jo ki hm dono se sath sone ki Zid karta h or maine barrish bhi dekhi h or m pani bhi pics hi hu plz bhai reply me m bohat tension m hu jis se m shaadi karna chahti hu phele wo agree the but ab sorry bol rhe h qki unki ammi or sisters mere liye mana kr rhi h

      • Neha Khan on said:

        Assalamualikum bhai
        Plz meri madad ki jiye m jis se love karti hu phele wo agree that but ab wo mujhse baat tak nhi karta 2 month ho gaye h uske ghar wale means ammi or sisters agree nhi h m kya karu bhai m usse shaadi karna chahti hu plz khuda ke waste meri madad kare

  29. Ajmal Asrar on said:

    Assalam Alykum Hazrat,
    Meri problem ye hai ki mai jisse pyar krta hu usse nangi bhi ho gai hai but vo ab shadi k liye mana kar rhi hai aur jagti hai k mai tumse pyar nahi karti hu meri taraf se ye rishta khatam ho chuka hai vo na Jane q mujhse ab nafrat karti hai kya kru samjh nahi aa rha. Mai aur meri family b chahte hai k usse hi shadi ho. Is wjh se mai apne work pe bhi focus nhi kr pa rha hu bhut zada pareshan ho gya hu please meri help kijiye ke uske dil me phle se b zada mohabbat badh jaye mere liye aur shadi k liye khud ha kr de aur shadi me koi mushkilaat na aaye.

    • Bhai aap yahin website par diya gaya mohabbat me pagal karne ka wazifa parhiye.

    • Sasha on said:

      bhai maine kl raat istikhara kiya tha 1st day pdhke sone k baad mujhe dream aayi bt wo yaad nh bt jb mai tahhujud k baad fajr me soyi to tb khwab aaya ki mai apne ghr pe kapde try krri hu kisi functn k liye whha sb the meri sis bhi thi mum bhi the aur koi girls bhi the aur us tym mere zehen me mere mehboob ka khyal chl rha tha mai unke bare me hi soch rhi thi aur tb hi mere phn pe call aati h aur wo mere sis recive krne jate h mujhe lgta h ki mere mehboob ki call h khhi mere sis na uthale mai drr jati hu..lekin wo cal mere papa ki hoti h…
      bhai iska kya mttlb h?

      • Positive hai sis. Istikhara mukammal kar ke bataiyega.

    • Mehreen on said:

      Me ne dekha k jisay me pasand kerti hon os k gher k sehan me me 1 pot (gamla) me chota sa poda laga rahi hon, or dosra khawab dekha k os k gher me me bhi polao kha rahi hon or wo bhi polao kha raha hai, or dekha k prindo k 2 anday pot me Rakhen Hain or 1 prinda dosray k oper tha osi time me or wo bhi dekh raha tha

  30. Nofisah on said:

    The Person is madly in love with me so am I but my parents are strongly against us being together and also the love is kinda toxic in a way that I influenced him positively but the relationship causes most harm than good to me and every time I tried to put an end to the relationship he’s always crying and begging me not to give up on him.

    The first and second day I did the Istikhara I had no significant dream
    The third day I dreamt we made love to each other

  31. tehseen bibi on said:

    mai apni love marriage k bary mai pochna chahti hn

      • Fasiha on said:

        bhai aapse 7 days pehle puche the k mera istekhara 7 din cmplt hone mei srf 2 din rehegaya tha or mera period hogaya or uswaqt aapne mere istekhara ko kaha tha kch had tak positive hai lekn aap 7 din mukammal kijiye toh mera 2 din rehegaya cmplt hone mei toh aapse puche the toh aapne kaha tha k firse 3 days krna or uss k baad batana aapko toh meine avi
        day 1 ko dekha k mei jisse shadi krna chahati hu ussi k sath baith kr chocolate pastry kharahi hu or hmdono k face pe smile hai or dekha k pata nhi mei kisi mazhar mei hu or koi mazhavar se apni pareshani kehrahi hu k mei jisse pyar krti hu woh mujhse shadi nhi krna chaharaha toh usne mere sir pe hath dekar kaha k jaa woh haa krdega bas itna hi yaad hai or kch zyada nhi
        bhai dusre din jb mein istekhara kr kr sorahi thi toh meri sistr mujhse baat krne lagi lekn meine koi jawb nhi diya or uss raat ko mujhe koi
        dream nhi aayi
        day 3
        bhai 3rd day v koi khas dream nhi aayi bas normal hasi mazak jaisi dream thi woh v kch thik se yaad nhi bas 1st day hi ache se dream aaye jo puri yaad thi bhai kya mein ab wazifa sugar or ant wali strt krskti hu

        • Positive hai aapka dream sis. Aap wazifa shuru kar sakti hain.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai mujhe aapse puchna tha jo wazifa hai sugar or ant wala usmei sugar mei dam krna hoga or usse ant yah koi v insect kha skta hai or sugar ka puriya mein kahi par v rakh skti hu or rozana wahi jaga rakhna hoga yah alag alag jaga rakh skte hain plz reply dijiye

          • Alag-alag jagah aap rakh sakti hain bas jagah saaf honi chahiye.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai mere ghr pe toh ant bilkul nhi hai or mere ghr pe koi insects v nhi aate toh kya mei apne terrace pe koi kone mei rakh skti hu plz help me

          • Agar terrace par ants aane ke chances hain to rakh dijiye.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai sugar ka puriya choti rakhni hai yah badi

          • Chhoti si pudiya jisme thori si cheeni ho.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai plzzz mujhe sugar ant wala wazifa ka link send krdijiye mujhe nhi milraha hai meine bht dekha plzz link dejiye

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai aapka bht bht shuriya ada krte hain k aap mere har sawal ka jawb dete hain bhai mujhe yeh chiz puchna hai k jaha mei rakhun pudiya waha agr chitiya nhi khayi yah koi v insct toh kya koi masla hoga

          • Aap aisi jagah ka intekhab karen jahan ants aane ke chances hon. Agar ants na aayen to aap jagah badal den sugar ki.

          • Fasiha on said:

            Assalaamo alaikum..bhai meine sugar ant wala wazifa shuru kiya do din hua or inn 2 dino mei hamare yaha behad barish hona shuru hogaya jis din se meine strt kiya or dono mei sugar ka pudiya apne window k corner mei rakha tha waha chitiyan aarahi thi lekn barish k wajeh se shayad sara chini behai gaya meine yehi wajeh se terrace mei nhi rakha apne window k outside rakha mei do din toh yehi hogaya mei kya karu plzz help me bhai mei bht dari hui hon q ki woh toh pardha hua chini tha kahi kch galat naa hojaye plzz help me

          • Aap daren nahi, aapne konsa jaan boojh ke zaya ki sugar. Aap ALLAH Ta’ala se muafi mang lijiye aur aage se aisi jagah rakhen sugar ke barish aane pe zaya na ho.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai mei kolkata mei rehti hu or avi kch 1 week tk barish hone wali hai yaha or mei ghr k andar sugar nhi rakhskti mera ghr utna bada nhi hai or mere ghr k andar ant v bilkul v nhi aati sirf window mei hi ant aati hai toh mujhe sahi jaga laga or meine waha rakha or avi barish k wajeh se har taraf pani hai toh meine do din kiya toh kya ab mei barish band hone ka wait karu kch din toh uske baad firse shuru krskti hu plzz help me mujhe kch samajh nhi aaraha

          • Ji han sis, ab baarish khatm hone ke bad aap shuru kijiyega.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai barish band hogayi hai aaj mera 3rd day hua do din toh barish k wajeh se shayad sugar behaigaya lekn aaj 3rd day koi parishani nhi hui sari chini chitiya khali toh mei continue krskti hu 7 days yah fir shuru se karna hoga plzz help me

          • Ji han aap continue kar len.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai sugar ant k wazifa mei 3rd day chitiya sari chini khali lekn 4th day ko jab meine raat ko chehk kiya toh chini baki thi pudiya mei toh mei woh waise hi chordu or 5th day wali chini v rakh skti hu wahi pe plz reply me

          • Ji han sis usi bachi hui sugar par next day bhi sugar rakh sakti hain.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai aaj mera 7 days cmplt hogaya sugar ant wale wazife ka lekn aaj meine kch time k baad check krne gayi k chitiya ayi yah nhi toh chitiya toh bhari hui thi pudiya mei fir jb dobara check krne gayi toh pudiya mere 2nd floor wali window k upar albester hoti hai usmei giri hui thi ab pata nhi k usme chini thi k nhi or uss pudiye ko uthana possible nhi tha q ki wahan koi v chiz uthane k liye nhi pohachti toh plzz aap bataye q masla toh nhi hoga

          • Koi baat nahi sis, ALLAH Ta’ala se muafi mang lijiye aap.

          • Fasiha on said:

            toh fir kya mujhe dobara se yeh wazifa krna hoga

          • Agar asar nazar na aaye to aap dobara parh sakti hain sis.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai aaj mera 7days cmplt hogaya hai sugar ant wale wazife ka lekn koi asar nhi dikha ab tak toh kya dobara krna hoga yah fir kch din wait karu plzz bataye

          • Sabr kijiye, sadqah dijiye aur kuch din tak dekhiye.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai ek baat puchni hai aapse aap plz yeh batayen k jb raat ko tahajjud prte hain toh esha mei witr nhi prte hain mei raat ko uttkr har roz tahajjud prti hu or witr tahajjud k baad toh jb mei esha ki namaz prti hu toh esha ki 17 rakat hoti hai usmei mei 4 sunnat 4 farz 2 sunnat or 2 nafl prti hu toh kya yeh sahi hai yehi puchna hai aapse

          • Ji han sis aap sahee parhti hain.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai salatu tasbeeh friday k din hum kis waqt parsktey hain kis waqt prna chahiye plzz bataye

          • Isha ki namaz ke bad parh sakti hain aap sis.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai aapne youtube mei jo wazifa diya hai muharram k 10 tarik ko prne kliye esha k baad Allah hussamad wala 1000 times toh plzz yeh bataye k muharram k 10 tarik tuesday ko hai toh kya yeh wazifa monday k magrib baad esha mei prni hai yah tuesday ko esha k baad prni hai plzz bataye

          • Monday ki isha parhne ke bad wazifa parhna hai.

          • Fasiha on said:

            Assalamo alaikum Bhai….Bhai plz hosake toh Pura comnt pariyega mujhe koi khaas tarika bataye yah wazifa Jo Meri hajat Allah Puri krden mein bht parishaan hu 5 month se lekn Avi Tak Meri parishaani haal nhi Hui aapke bataye hue wazife ab tk krrahi hu 5 waqt ki namaz ada krti hu har raat tahajjud v prti hu kavi Kadar nhi pr pati hu nind nhi khulti har waqt astagfar ki wird krti rehti hu har waqt jb mauka milta hai ayate Kareema ki v wird krti hu sajde Mei v labaik firlee prti hu subha fazr ki namaz k baad yah wadoodo ka v wazifa prti hu or esha ki namaz k baad v yah wadoodo ka wazifa or ayate kareema ka v wazifa prti hu Jo aapke site Mei dekha tha lekn Mei jisse shadi krna chahati hu jisse pasand krti hu woh koi contact nhi krraha mujhse naa mujhe unblock tak kiya meine ant or sugar Wala v wazifa kiya tha meine isthekhara krne k baad Mera isthekhara aapne positive v bataya tha Dene Wala toh Allah hai Allah toh zarriya lagate hain plzz aesa kch bataye Jo Allah Meri sunle Dua or jisse Mei pasand krti hu or shadi krna chahati hu woh wapas aajaye

          • Aap kamil yaqeen ke sath apne wazaif jari rakhiye aur sabr ke sath dua karte rahiye. ALLAH Ta’ala aapke haq me sab behtar kare, aameen!

  32. sadaf kureshi on said:

    Assalamualikum bhaijaan
    M apna khwab batane se pahele ye batana chahti hu k Meri love marriage hui h or ab ISI sal November m shadi h…or ab kuch aaisa ho Gaya h ki vo mujhse nafrat karte h or ab shadi k liye bhi inkar Kar Rahe h… mujhse koi rabta nhi rakhna chahte…unpar pressure h k mujhse shadi na kare…Varna Ghar se bahar Nikal denge…ISI bat ko lekar hamare Ghar wale k bich m jhagda bhi huva tha….
    1 day kuch nhi dikha
    2 day Dekha k mere Nani k Ghar sufiyan k Ammi mumani Nani aay h rishte k bare m puchni k kya karna h…tabhi mere Ghar wale unhe bht ignore karre the unse bat nhi karre the…vo takriban sham k 7 baje aay the….m bht ro rahi thi k bat karo Mera rishta karva do Kisi tarha…bht gidgida rahi thi mgr koi MERI bat nhi sun Raha tha…phir mujhe bole k tujhe Karni h to Tu khud jakar bat karle to Maine kaha thik h..phir parde tak aai or phir piche hat gai k meri himmat nhi hui….phir Maine Dil socha k agar sufiyan ko ye mamul pata Chala to vo bht ghussa honge…ISI tarha rat k 9 baj gay…vo bole chalo ab chalte h to meri choti khala kaheti h ha Ruk Kar koi fayda nhi h vaise bhi sufiyan ab nhi Karni h bol Raha unke Ammi bhi nhi bolre to kya fayda karwakar…to vo log ja rahe the to Maine hi Kaha ruko or Apne chote Bhai se kaheti Hu k ja jakar mumani ko le aa kahena saniya Didi bula rahi h….to vo phir aaya hi nhi or mere mumani bhi nhi aay…usi waqt khwab tuta…na m Puri tarha nind m thi or na puri tarha jagi hui…usi waqt m dekhti Hu k..m Kai kuve k Pas baithi Hu or piche se ek safed CLR ki chiz aakar Pani m gir gai to m uthkar dekhne lagi k kya h to Pura Pani safed CLR Ka tha phir khwab tuta or 10 baje k karib Dekha k ….mere Nani k Ghar k Pas 2 chote ladko Ka rep huva h…m or meri frd clg ja rahe h raste m bht gardi h ham vaha gay to Pas se ek aadmi bol Raha tha k chiiii….kitne gande bacche h to m Apne frd se kaheti Hu k Dekh vo aadmi kya bol Raha h…..or Mera khwab tut gaya…

    Bhai iski tabir kya h mujhe jldi batana…. istekhara Karne se pahele bht khwab dekhe the jisme m Apne shohar sas sasur k sath bht Khush Hu or sab mushkil aasan ho rahi h…Mera unse nikah ho Gaya…ham dono ghumne gay h….mtlab sab acche acche khwab dekhe… Bhai MERI madad kijiye….Mera rishta tut ne se Bache or ab Bakra Eid k bad hamare Ghar wale phir ek bar bat Karne wale h…Bhai m nhi chahti hu k Mera rishta tute Bhai Kuch aaisa batay k us din faisla mere hak m ho ….or wazifa bhi batay k unke Dil m mere liye mohabbat or izzat paida ho jay..

    Bhai is se pahele bht bar msg Kiya mgr msg nhi jraha
    Bhai.. plzzz help Kar do….

    Allah Hafiz

    • Istikhara me white color dekha hai aapne jo ke achhi alamat hai sis.

      • sadaf kureshi on said:

        Bahijaan ye mere hak m bahetar h ki nhi…Maine 3 din Kiya h 3rd day kuch nhi dikhai Diya..insh insha’Am 7days Ka Pura karungi…or mujhe koi wazifa batay Jo mere hak m ho

        • Maine aapko bataya sis ke White color dekhna achhi alamat hai yani aapke haq me hai. Aap love marriage wazaif category me se jo suit kare wo wazifa shuru kar sakti hain.

  33. Afshan on said:

    Assalamualaikum , kal meine istikhara kiya toh khwab mein dekha ki ek aurat labour pain meim hai and she deliveres the baby and with the smiling face woh baby ko mujha dikha rhi hai . Aur ek khawab hai first day ka some dresses I can see usmein se I saw a green dress. Ye khwab 4.15 ko dekha amd baad mein neendh khul gyi and humne kisi se baat kiya . Plz btaye ye pahle din ka hi khwab hai. Aur 2 din baaki hai.

  34. alveena chaudhry on said:

    Aoa mny pehly din dekhak mery pechy ik pely rang ka kera hai jisy hum wasp kahty hai wo mjhy katny k liye araha hai r mn chat sy nechy ati hun r wo sath sath araha hai r nuqsan dena chah raha phr mn bachao k liye usy marti hun to uska ik par tut jata hai mery pass 5 log or khary hai likn wo kisi ko nuqsan ni dy raha bs mery pechy hai phr mn kahti hun icy mar do to koi usy mar deta hai ici khuwab k dosry hisy mn dekha k ik jaga sy bht ziyada pakhana nikal k bahir araha hai jesy gatar ubal raha ho

    dosry khuwab mn dekha k mn kisi class room mn hun r waha koi kam krny ko deta hai mn sara kam krti hun likn jb ik aurat a k kahti hai kam dekhao to mera sara kam ghaib hota hai mn kahti hun mny kiya to wo kahti hai dobara a k deku ge jb dobara ati hai to mera sara kam ulta phulta hoa hota hai usi mn dekha k ik ground sy bhagti hoi kahi ja rahe un rat ka waqt hai ground thek hai green hai likn ik dam koi daka deta hai mn nechy pani mn gir jati hun pul sy r wo pani ganda hota hai jesy dher sari miti dal k pani dala ho us trhn ka

    tesry kuwab mn dekhti hun k ik white c building hai waha py log mojud hai r mera ik couzin mojud hai jb mn wapsi any lagte hun to koi mery py us couzin ko ly k ilzam laga deta hai r mn jaldi ghar wapis any k liye nikalti hun to rasta bhol jati hun koi kahta hai waha jaoun us trf jati hun to or phas jati hun r jaga aysi ho jati hai jesy kisi jaga bomb blast hoa ho r bht mushkil mn dekhti hun
    plz mjhy ic k bary mn jaldi bata dain k mjhy kuch smjh ni arahe

    • Istikhara kuch had tak positive hai sis magar asraat bhi hain. Aap website se dekh kar jadu ke asraat khatm karne ke liye ya Qahhar ka wazifa parhiye.

      • Fasiha on said:

        bhai ek sawal puchna tha k meine jb se istekhara shuru kiya hai 4 days hogaya mera strtng k do din mujhe fajar k baad dream aane laga jo mujhe yaad raha or aapne uss dream ko kch haad tak positive kaha lekn uske baad se mujhe koi dream q nhi aaraha or jo aa v raha hai toh yaad v nhi aaraha or jaise normal days mei dream hota hai ussi tarike ka dream aata hai thora bht fajar k baad lekn ek proper tarike se kch nhi aaraha plz bhai mujhe samajh aaraha jb istekhara mei jo jaise likha hai waise hi krti hu or chup chap sojati hu kisi se v baat kiye lekn fir v kch nhi dikhta sahi se bas first 2 days aaya uske baad se nhi plzz bhai bataye koi masla toh nhi hai mujhe wazifa krna hai sugar or ant wala mei bht pareshaan hu

        • Don’t worry sis, kisi bhi ek din ya raat me ishara mil sakta hai.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai mujhe nikah istekhara mukammal krne mei srf 2 din rehegaye the or periods hogaya toh mujhe kya firse strting se krna hoga strtng k 2 din mujhe jo khwab aaye the usse apne kaha tha k kch haad tak positive hai or aapne kaha k 7 din mukammal krlijiye or fir 2 days rehegaya or periods hogaya toh ab kya karu mei plzz reply dijiye bhai

          • Dobar shuru kijiye ga sis aur 3 din parhkar bataiyega.

    • Reshma Shaikh on said:

      Assalamu Alaykum.., bhai mene 2ye istikhara kiya he ..,
      1day: mene sapne me dekha ke me us ladke ke ghar hu , vaha uske czn sis ki shadi ho rahi he , jaha meri ammi bhi mere sath he aur uske ammi ki aur ishara karte huye me meri ammy ko bata rahi hu ke ye us ladke ki ammi he , mujhe uska czn bhi dikh raha lekin vo ladka nahi dikh raha me use dhoondh bhi rahi hu , aur fir yaad nahi ..

      2day: Dusre din mene dekha ke meri family aur uski puri family kahi gaye huye he bahar aur hotel me ham ruke huye he, aur mere ammy papa se iske parents baat kar rahe he , to mere papa keh rahe he ke agr kisi bho tarh ka natak kare to ap usi waqt saman bhandh ke bhejdo ghar, bhale meri ladki he lekin faltu chijo ko me bhi agree nahi karta , vaha jese mere papa meri shadi ke liye bol rahe he unse , aur uske ghar vale bhi ammy papa se detail me unke baare me inquiry kar rahehe .. Par aj bhi mujhe vo ladka nahi dikh raha ..
      Aj 3rd day ka me karungi ishtikara

      But iska kya matlb hoga . Bataiye

  35. Rabia on said:

    Mene 2 din istikhara kiyq but ab miss hogya periods ki wjha se ni kersakti to kya mjhy is k bad continue kerna hoga ya dubara se 3 din kerna hoga ya ckntinue ker k sirf 1 din or istikhara kerna hoga

  36. Shabreen on said:

    Assalamualaikum Bhai. Meine ye ishtikhara teen din pehele shuru Kiya Tha. My India se hu aur Isha ki namaz k baad sone se pehele my ishtikhara jaisa apne bataya waise hi karti rahi . Pehele din ishtikhara k baad jab sone jaari thi to mere ammi ne awaaz dedi lekin my unko sunke b awaaz na di thi us raat mujhe koi ishara nai hua. Dusre raat ishtikhara ke baad soyi to aadhi raat me fir se mere ammi ne kuch baat kardi mujhse aur nind me meine b jawab de Diya to uss raat bhi mujhe koi khwab na aaya. Kal teesri raat namaz k baad my soyi to mujhe khwab aisa Tha jaise mere chehre par roshni padhri ho jisse mujhe accha b lagra tha aur sirf white hi dikhra tha aankho k aage. Batayiye iski tabeer Kya hosakti . My love marriage ke liye ye ishtikhara karri Hun. Ladke k Ghar me Mana kardiye hai aur ladke ne mujhse baat karna band kardiya hai . Kya ye tabeer positive hai?

      • Shabreen on said:

        Bhai khwab jab hua. My Puri tarah nind me b na thi aur na Puri tarah jaagi huyi thi. Bas halki si roshni chehre pe feel ki thi. Kya itna sign kaafi hai mujhe wazifa karne k liye ya fir mujhe ek baar karna chahiye..

        • Roshni dekhna achhi alamat hai sis. Chahen to shuru kar sakti hain aap wazifa.

          • Shabreen on said:

            Bhai, Kya Islam me kuch aisa hai ke ek Syed ladka non Syed Matlab sheik ladki se Shaadi Kare to aage married life me kuch problem hogi??? Ek Syed ladka aur non Syed but Muslim ladki se shaadi jayaz hai?

          • Ji han ek Muslim (Syed larke) ki ek Muslim (Non-Syed larki) se shadi jayaz hai.

      • Haya on said:

        day 1
        Neend lagne se pehle bahot bechain thi uske baad Maine sapne me dekha k mai jinse shadi krna chahti hun vo paani pi rahe they glass se aur mere choti bhai aakr bade bhai se puche ye to aapka glass haina to bade bhai kehte hai mere unko dekh kar k mai apna glass kisiko nahi share krta sirf tmhe diya hai kyunki tum iss ghar k damaad ho… Phr hum dono ek dusre ko dekh kar muskurate hai
        Day 2
        Kuch to dekhi thi lekin yaad nai
        Day 3
        Adhura sa yaad hai… Sapne me unko dekha tha maine jisko pasand krti hun aur white jhubbe me they vo hum dono ne ek dusre ko dekha tha aur muskura rahe they
        Day 4
        Kuch to dikha tha lekin yaad nai raha lekin mjhe jisse nikah krna hai unka chehra dikh tha

        Maine fb pr b msg kiya bhai lekin koi reply nahi aya hai ab tak… Comment krne ki bhi bahot koshish kr rahi hun day 1 se lekin comment yaha hohi nai raha hai

        Tabeer bataye plz

      • Fasiha on said:

        bhai istekhara mei 3rd no pe jo hai woh mujhe samajh nhi aaya 2 nafl prne k baad dua mangna hai or alhamdo sana kaunsa para jayega kya mei surah iklas prskti hu plz reply dijiye

        • Hamd o sana se murad, ALLAH Ta’ala ki tareef bayan karna hai. Jo zubani wird aapko yad ho, aap parh sakti hain.

          • Fasiha on said:

            day 1
            bhai pehle din meine istekhara kiya toh dream kch nhi aaya fir dusre din meri taviyt kharb k waje se mein nhi krpayi firse meine 3rd se shuru kiya strting se lekn ussdin v koi dream subha fajar se pehle nhi aayi lekn jb meine fajar parkr soyi toh uske baad se dream aane lagi k mei dulhan bani hui hu lekn ladka koi nhi hai or jahan meri shadi horahi thi thik ussi k pass wale hall mei kisi or ladki ka bht dhoom dhaam se barat aayi thi lekn mere iss mei bht sadgi thi plzz iska tabeer bataye bhai
            day 2
            bhai dusre din bhi mujhe raat k khwab kch v yaad nhi lekn jb fajar prkr soyi toh mujhe dream aane laga or meine ek ajib sa dream dekha dono hi din mujhe dog koshish krraha katne ki lekn dono hi din mei bach gayi pehle din white dog or dusre din black or meine dikha k bht halka sa yaad hai k kch log room sajah rahai hai dulha dulhan ka or baki kch yaad nhi plzz tabeer bataye
            day 3
            bhai 3rd day ka khwab mujhe kch thik se yaad nhi fajar k baad jo khwab dikhti thi woh nhi thik se yaad meri frnd apne husband k sath restaurant mei dinner krrahi hai bas itna hi yaad hai..mein kya 7 days kliye continue karu yah stop krdu plzz bataye bhai ek or chiz k istekhara mei kya mujhse koi glti horahi hai jo thik se mujhe khwab nhi aaraha aapne jo kch istekhara mei likha hai usse hi step by step krti hu nafl prkr kya dono hathon ko utha kr sab prna hoga jaise durood sharif sureh fateha plzz reply dijiye

          • Kuch had tak positive hai sis, aap 7 din mukammal kar len.

  37. arusa on said:

    Aoa many first day dkha k jse ma psnd krti hu uski bhn ki shadi hori hti ha wo dor khra hta ha hm dono ik dosre ko dkh k smile krty hein ma sochti hu k kash hmari shadi hjye.usi rat many dkha wo mre bht kareb js tra husbnd wife apas ma hug kr k lty hty hein wase hta.
    3rd day dkha k mri bhn mje btati ha k wo lrka to kci or lrki sa shadi krra rat many isthikara dua prh k or kamo ma pr gyi thi isthikara sai sa ada ni hua
    4th day dkha .mri bhn or ma ik street sa guzr rhy hty hein to udr do bhnsein hti hein ik kali or ik safaid ma bch k ajti hu bd ma yad ata ha bhn to udr he rh gyi phr thori dar bd wo b ajti ha
    Kindly btaein mje

      • Fasiha on said:

        bhai plz aap yeh batadijiye k mei jb yeh istekhara jiskliye prna chahti hu unka asal naam lekr paru yah fir nick name v leskti hu plz reply bhai

      • Erum Majid on said:

        Assalam walekum main 3 din ishtikhara kiya but mujhe koi dream koi result nhi nazar aaya aur main aapse ek sawal bhi pucha tha lekin uska bhi aap logo ne koi reply nhi kiya plz koi reply kare

        • 7 din tak jari rakhiye istikhara. Dusra sawal konsa hai sis aapka?

          • Erum Majid on said:

            Ji maine 3 din ishtikhara kiya aur fir maine kal nahi kiya toh kya main aaj se wapas se ishtikhara shuru krsakti hu aur dusri sawal yeh thi ki hamd o sana ka kya matlab aur kaise kare aur isl e sawab kaise pahochae main bht pareshan hu meri madad kriye main yeh ishtikhara krke jald se jald woh surah ikhlas ka wazifa strt krna chahti hu agr ishtikhara positive aaya toh

          • Dobara istikhara shuru kar sakti hain aap sis. Hamd o Sana se murad hai ALLAH Ta’ala ki tareef bayan karna. Aur jo parha hai uska savab Hazrat Mu’hammad ﷺ ko mile, aise bol sakti hain aap.

          • Fasiha on said:

            bhai pehle din meine istekhara kiya toh dream kch nhi aaya fir dusre din meri taviyt kharb k waje se mein nhi krpayi firse meine 3rd se shuru kiya strting se lekn ussdin v koi dream subha fajar se pehle nhi aayi lekn jb meine fajar parkr soyi toh uske baad se dream aane lagi k mei dulhan bani hui hu lekn ladka koi nhi hai or jahan meri shadi horahi thi thik ussi k pass wale hall mei kisi or ladki ka bht dhoom dhaam se barat aayi thi lekn mere iss mei bht sadgi thi plzz iska tabeer bataye bhai

          • Positive consider kar sakte hain aapka dream sis.

          • Erum Majid on said:

            Assalam walekum bhai mujhe puchna hai ki kya ishtikhara ka result sirf dream ke hi through aa sakta hai ya kisi aur bhi tarah se ishare mil sakte hai maine plzzz mujhe batae sahi se

          • Zaruri nahi hai ke dream me hi ishara mile, halaat se bhi ishara mil sakta hai sis.

  38. MOHAMMED SHUAIB on said:

    Assalamualaikum. Bhai Maine nikah istekara 3 din wala kiya hai jo apki website mein maujud hai. Aur teeno din jab main istekara karke aankh band kartha tha aisa nazar ata jaise shadi ka hall hai aur meri aur unki shadi ho rahi hai aur mera aur unka naam dikhayi de reha tha jo shadi ke hall mein lagaya jata hai jisse malom hota kiski shadi ho rahi hai aur uske baad gheri neend aati aur main so jata aur phir acchi neend ati aur meri aankh subah mein khulti. Iska matlab kya hai kya meri shadi inse hogi ya nahi batayiye.

    Aur ask main unhe white saree aur white dress mein dekhya. Iska matlab kya hai batayiye kya meri shadi hogi ki nahi unse.

    • Aapka istikhara achha hai bhai. Ye aapke haq me aaya hai bhai. Ab khoob ibadat kar ke aur wazifa parhke apni pasand ki shadi ki dua kijiye.

      • Subi on said:

        A/w bahijaan myne avi 1 day hi istikhara kiya or jb mai istikhara kr k soi to mujhe laga ki koi h jo bol rha hai ki subi ka nikah belel se hoga or myri aankh khul gai mera nam hi subi hai

        Aap hme ye bataen ki kya ye mere haq me hai or kya hme baqki k do din or istikhara krna hoga

        • Agar boy ka name wahi hai jo aapne dream me suna to dream positive hai. Aap chahen to 3 roz tak kijiye continue.

  39. arusa on said:

    aoa many isthikara start kia tha first day many dkha jnko ma psnd krti hu unki bhn ki shadi hri ha or wo dor khre mje dkh k muskra re hty hein or madilma sochti hu k hmari shadi hjye kash.2nd day kuch nzr ni aya third day mje lgta sai treqa sa perform ni hua ku k nafal prh k ma khamoshi sa soi ni ghr walo sa bt krni pr gyi thi. tb khwab dkha mri bhn mje btati hai k wo lrka to kahin or interested hai .usky bad many dobara sa isthikara kia kl rat kuch khas ni dkha ab kl or prsu phr krugi,

  40. Parveen Khan on said:

    assalam alaykum….. mene kal se istikhara padna shuru kiya hai…mene aaj pehle hi din 2 khwab dekhe hai…., 1 khwab raat me ye dekha ki me nagar palika me meri bahan ke sath kisi kaam se gayi hu aur waha adhikari ke pese jama kr rahi hu… adhikari ne kaha itne me nhi hoga, 60000/- rupay lagege, mene unse kaha pehle to apne 12000/- bataye the ,, fir mene kaha itne me hame nhi karana our waha se bahar nikli to ammi wahi mil gai…. ammi ek ladis adhikari se usi kaam ke bare me bol rahi thi…us ladis adhikari ne kaha tum waha pahucho me abhi wahi pahuchkar karwadeti hu…..mene man me socha ye aise hi ammi ko tal rahi hai.ammi ki baat kon sunega waqt unka chai-nashta- pani chal raha tha…. ammi ne bhi unse pani ke liye kaha….to unhone ammi ko bahut izzat se pani bhi pilwaya aur chai ke liye bhi kaha …ammi wahi rook unhi ke sath akr kaam karwa hi legi…aur me waha se ghr ke liye nikal gai.
    Fir neend khuli to mene irada kiya ki me subah hi ammi se mafi magungi….kyunki ammi bhi mujhse naraz hai….

    2 kwab mene fajar ki namaz padr sone ke baad dekha …. mene dekha ki me office me nahane ki teyari kar rahi hu….fir shayad office me naha bhi li…..fir jis ladke ke liye mene istikhara kiya hai wo mujhe office me dikha ….mene use ek ladke ki photo dikhakr jhut kaha ki me is ladke se shadi kr rahi hu…..dekho kesa hai…..usne photo dekhkr khmoshi aur udasi se kaha achha hai….fir mene use chillaya ki me tumhari tarah nahi hu jo kisi se bhi shadi krlu…….fir me waha se chali gai…..iske baad ek ladki ek ladke ko phn kr rahi thi aur wo ladka office me bahut important kaam me uljha hua tha isliye uska phn kat raha tha….fir jb wo ladka office ke kaam nipta kr nikla to usne ladki ko patang udate hue dekha …..aur usse shadi krli…dono shadi ke jode me khde hai,,,,ladke ke dost bhi sath hai…….bs itna hi dekha aur need khul gai……,
    (jis tarah ye ladka bussy hone ki wajah se ladki ka phn kaat raha tha …….same yahi prblm hmare sath bhi hai…….hamra jhagda isi wajah se hota hai ki wo mera msg ka reply time pr nahi kr pata…….aur kehta me bussy tha isliye reply time pr nahi kr paya …)

    • Fasiha on said:

      Plzz reply dijiye mere comnt aap dekh rahai hain toh plz ek reply djiye mujhe istekhara k tabeer k bare mei puchna hai

        • Fasiha on said:

          mujhe istekhara karna hai plzz aap bataye k mujhe 2 nafl esha ki namaz k baad prskti hu yah raat sote waqt istekhara or nafl namaz ek hi sath krna hoga

          • Istikhara dua aur istikhara ke nifl ek sath hi parhiyega.

        • Fasiha on said:

          Assalaamo alaikum…ji mujhe yeh puchna tha k mei wazaif prti or uske sath 5 times namaz bhi prti hu lekn mujhe asar ki namaz qaza hoti hai jo mei raat ko esha k namaz k sat prti hu q ki asar k waqt mei ghr pr nhi hoti students ko tuitions prhati hu toh isse mere wazife mei koi pareshani toh nhi hogi

          • Koi diqqat nahi sis, majburan namaz choot ti hai, aur aap qaza namaz bhi parhti hain, beshak ALLAH qubool karne WALA hai.

  41. Iqra on said:

    Assalamualaikum Kal Maire istakhara krne ki phely raat the maine daikha k maire cousin Jo islamabad m rehti hain wo chand raat the or wo unky hasband or unki beti mujy Bazar m buhet rash m milli m pani ky glass exchange krwane gye the.phir ek larky NE ek glass maire taraf phaikha or Maine pakr liya …

    • Iqra on said:

      Dosary din Maine daikha k m ek college m Hun college ka nam bhi pata hai superior hai waha ek larki sy bat hue hum dono ek bus mein thy us sy college k bary m Puch rahi the us larki NE bataya k wo waha sy CA kr rahi hai phir meine daikha k m Ghar pr Hun or APni Chachi or unki beti k sath dobara usi college ja rahi Hun mein apni classes dhoond rahi hn ek class laine k bad mein phir usi larki sy milli buhet acha laga us sy bat KR k maire dosari class 11:00 sy 5:00 bjy tk honi the 10:45 pr us larki NE mujy Jane ko kaha … Phir Maine daikha hamare Ghar koe Aya hai hum sab buhet khush Hain shaid wo Kuch mawah jat ley k Aya tha …phir maire ankh khul gye phir meine daikha k mairy cousin sy mein batin KR rahi Hun mazak KR rahi Hun …. Phir daikha k ek college hai waha k corridor
      M teachers ka w8 hum sab class fellow kr rahy Hain hum sab cake or 1,2 chezay ly k sir ka w8 KR rahy Hain shaid unki birthday the…phir mujy ek larki milli Jo mairy school m maire sath parhti the phir koe sir room sy bahir aye or us sy uska cgpa pucha uska cgpa 3.2 tha bs ab mujy Bata Dein ….

    • Abhi kuch relevant nahi nazar aya sis, aap mazid parhiye abhi istikhara.

  42. Assalamualikum baji imran bhai jaan mai ne future isteqhara kiya mera nikha isteqhara positive ayya Or mai ne future isteqhara kiya 3 din ka mai first din koi khwab nai ayya 2 din mujh khwab kuch istraha ayya mai os ldke k ghr pe hu or o ladka dulha bana hva hai na koi shdi jisa mohal na koi function bass o dullaha bana hva hai or is ladke ka bhai or a ldka mere nazdik akar kahta hai tm mere a bhai ko shadi kr lio bolkr mujh aisa lg raha hai k o dono mujh se mazak kr rahain hai or mai in dono ko dhaka mar k t. V ka remote lkr sofe pe baith gai or fir a ldka mere nazdik akr kaheta hai apne bhai ko mere liye nusta lkr ane ko or oska bhai nasta lne k liye jata hai fir hm dono bed sird palng side ek naga admi soya hva hai or 2 second bad ek aurat oske upr girti hai logic se fir inka bhai nusta lkr ate hi iska bhai dekhte hi o nage admi k upr ki aurt uchaal k door gir jati hi Or logic se fir dono b gaib hote hain fir A dono bhai mujh vahi room me band krkr jate hain mai windo side se bhar niklr college pahunchti hu college me ek ldki class se mising hvi hai mai meri didi techer ko o missing ldki ka pata bata rahin hian iska kiya mtlb bji

    • Aizal on said:

      Assalam alekum baji
      Maine nikah ke liye istikhara kiya tha uska result positive aaya aapne mujhe ant’s Wala wazifa btaya tha Maine ek din kiya but wo mere liye possible nhi hai because mere ghr me sabko malum ho jayega ki Mai kuch pdh rhi hu aur us din ghr pr koi nhi tha to Maine kiya tha please aap mujhe koi dusra wazifa btaye.

      • Dear sis, aap website pe dekhiye, bohat se love marriage wazaif maujud hain. Jo aapko suit kare wo shuru kar len.

  43. Shahi gul122 on said:

    G bahi main istakhar kia tha or muje khuba aya tha ke main kam kar raha hun or jis ke lia main wazif karan chata hun jise main shahdi karan chahta hun main khuwab dekh usne muje call ki or boli ochi awaza boli i Love you usne kamse kam 10 dafa boli i love you kia ye or wo boht khush thi

  44. Juveriya on said:

    Assalaamu alaikum… Aj ye wazife ka 1st day hai. Maine jiske liye ye wazifa Kiya wo mujhe quawb me nazar aaye… Wwo meri taraf dekh rahe the. Fir hum dono online kuch game saat khel rahe the shyd toh fir unhone mujhe whatsapp pe message karke kuch kaha ki mera naam galat hy or Mai use sahi karlu. Toh Maine karliya. Mujhe khwab theek se yaad nahi ki kya hua tha… Mai ye wazifa continue karinge aj fir… Aj jo mujhe khwab me dikha. Uska koi Matlab hy toh plz bataye

  45. Shazia Saifi on said:

    Maine aapko msg Kiya tha wo gayab hi ho gya. Maine 15 may se ayatulkursi ka wazifa shuru Kiya tha or 23 may se Alqariah wala or 25 may se ya wadudu ya kabiru 100 Baar padhne wala. Kuch asar nhi ho Raha h bohot Jyada preshaan Hun. Main sayyed ul Astaghfar bhi padhti Hun. Recover money Ki dua bhi padhti hun.Huzoor ko sawaab bhi pohchati Hun. Maine bohot Wazife Kiye Kuch asar nhi hua lekin Maine ummeed nhi chhodhi. Manzil dua bhi padhti Hun har nmz k baad.mere wazife kaamyab kyu nhi ho rahe.😭😭 Mere cousin ne Mujhe unblock nhi kiya. Main ya Qahhar ka wazifa krlu.or impossible possible wazifa krlu. Aap mujhe Kuch to btaao bohot preshaan Hun. Bohot log to kaamyab hogye h ayatulkursi wazife se mujhe fazilat kyu nhi dikh rahi jbki poore dil se yaqeen k saath krti Hun.😭😭😭

    • Pure yaqeen ke sath wazaif jari rakhiye aur sadqah bhi dijiye. ALLAH Ta’ala aapki pareshaniyan door kare aur aapke liye aasaniyan paida kare, aameen.

  46. Juveriya on said:

    Assalaamu alaikum,, in Sha allah Mai ye wazifa zarur karungi… Ye wazifa 3 din ka hai.. Agar 1st day hi result mil jaye toh ye wazifa rokna hai ya 3 days tak continue karna hai?

    • Istikhara me agar pahle roz hi strong ishara mil jaye to beshak stop kar den. Nahi to kam se kam 3 roz zarur karen.

      • Aayat on said:

        Assalam walikum
        Maine ye istikhara kiya tha aj raat. Mjhe fazr m wqt khwab aya k mere ghr me kisi ladki ki shadi ho rhi h aur wo ladki aur hmare sbhi ghr wale bht khush h aur mai na khush hu aur na hi udas aur na hi mai us ladki ko janti hu….
        Mere khwb ki tabeer please bataye apki meharbani hogi

  47. Amna on said:

    Assalam-u-Alaikum, meny istikhara kia or dekha k mery sb brothers ki shadi hogai h or unki wives bht tyar ho kr bethi hui hn or meri sis hm sisters ko kehti h ap b tyar rha kro mjy btadain k istikhara positive h ya ni

  48. .... on said:

    As’salam o alaykom
    Mein yeh istakhara pehle kar chuki, and aaj phir se start karna chahti.. 3 din karo jaa 7 din? Jazak’Allah

    • ... on said:

      I started the istakhara last night, mene apni mama or tahi Ami ko deka but khwaab yaad nahi aa ra 🙁

      • Abhi jari rakhiye istikhara sis, jab tak clear ishara na ho jaye.

        • MD arief on said:

          A/w ma na lover leya istikhara key. Dream ma dakha AK flower ke market gaya ho. Bohot Sara phol Ko dakha.phir ma AK( white) phol Kharad ka ghar la ya ho… Khwab taber blona pls…

      • .... on said:

        Salam sis, meine aaj raat khwaab mein pehle kuch nahi dekha phir fajr ke time meine baath bhi ki sab se phir soi phir meine dekha ke jho mera cousin faut ho gya last year who wapis aa gea and sab boht khush mein bhi boht khush.. phir end mein dekha ke mein aur meri cousins mithai ke bare mein baath kar rahi..

          • .... on said:

            Salam sis thanks for your reply, aaj raath meine gaaz dekha phir end mein dekha ke mein cake bake kar rahi boht bara

          • .... on said:

            Meine ek aur khwaab dekha aaj ek ladka uski dono bazo injured aur who keh raha meine suicide karne ki kosish ki 🙁 iska kya matlab?

          • ... on said:

            Mere aj se days start ho ge hai, 2 din istakhara huwa mein 3rd day se continue kar sakthi after periods?

          • Periods ke bad dobara shuru kijiyega istikhara.

          • .., on said:

            Sis first day wala dream ek baar phir explain karna chahu ghi… meine dekha ke mein unko dund rahi jinse mein shadi karna cha rahi or mein har room har bed mein check kar rahi lekan who kahi nahi mil rahe or calls kar rahi but utha nahi rahe end mein utathe tou mein kehti kaha the tou kehte meine apne phone ka awaz band kiya hua tha yeh sun kar mein boht sad ho jathi 🙁 please help

          • .... on said:

            sis mera aaj 3rd day tha meeine kwhaab mein dekha ke mein aor mere saath jho hai hum kahi walk kar rahe boht khoobsurat jaga aur mein sab ko keh rahi ke mein pehle jaha rehti thi, phir hum ek building mein hote hai meine who jaga in real nahi dekhi hui… pyari jagha hai aur mere sath meri cousin aur sis hoti hum boht khush hai aur aghe peecge ghum rahi… phir mein uth jathi subah.. aur 5-10 min phir se jab soti toou mein dekthi ke jho mere lover ki ex haijho ke in real kosish kar rahi unki zindagi mein wapis ane ki.. who mere ghar par ati aur koi samaan le ke jaa rahi ek small bag le ke jathi aur mujhe kehti ke apna mobile mujhe dedo q ke uska kharab ho gya… mein usko yeh nahi dethi aur who chali jathi jab who jathi tou mein dekthi ke jho big bag tha who bhool gyi.. usko yeh btane ke liye mein car ke peeche bagti tou mera paon zakhmi ho jatha who nahi rukti mein phir andar jathi aur paon se patthar nikal rahi aur khon bhi boh aaraha tha.
            boht pareshan hoo plizz mujhe jaldi reply de dein

          • Positive nahi hai ye khwab yani aapke haq me nahi hai.

          • ... on said:

            Sis meine aj 4rd day mein jho khwaab dekhi zyada kuch yaad nahi bs yeh yaad ke jho mere lover unki ammi se phone pr baath kar rahi hoti aur who baath kar rahi lekan mein soch rahi meine tou istakhara kar liya mein inko kese jawaab do aur bs jahi yaad

          • .... on said:

            aaj 5th day tha meine dekha ke hum sab tyar hui vi hai sabb cousins aur behne kapre try kar rahi dadi ammi k ghar hai sab….

          • ... on said:

            Sis periods se pehle jabb meine start kiya tou jho 2-3 din the positive signs aur abhi 1st day ka negative hai 2nd Day kuch dekha ni aur 3rd negative but 4th positive hai aur 5th ka abhi ni pata tou mein kya samjho sis plz help me out 🙁

          • Positive se zyada negative hi consider hoga. ALLAH se apne haq me behtari ki dua kijiye.

          • .... on said:

            Meine kall raath yeh bhi dekha ke mein shisha smone kr ri

          • ... on said:

            2 din jho reh gye who phr karo? jaa day 1 se start kar lu ap btaen sis plz

          • .... on said:

            Salam sis meine 6th day dream mein apne lover ki khala ko dekha who boht tareefe kar rahi aur apni behn (unki ammi) ko keh rahi ke inki shadi mein pakki kar rahi.. phir sis mein uth gyi aur jab phir se soi tou meine apki ek cousin dekhi usne table aur chair par white color ka paint laga diya aur mere earphones pr kuch yellow tou usko mene gussha kiya aur mara b 🙁 tabeer btaye plz sis

          • ... on said:

            Lekan 2nd khwaab subah 9 bajhe k bad dekha meine… phir mein aur meri 3 cousins kitchen mein dessert kathi hoti hai jelly hoti green color ki b or pink b upar white souce

          • .... on said:

            7 days total kiya hai aab complete positive hi hai naa?

          • Ji han positive hai Sis. Ab aap wazifa shuru kar sakti hain.

          • ... on said:

            Jazak’Allah sis means hum dono ka nikah dono ke haq mein jaiz hai? 🙂

          • Istikhara positive aane ka matlab hai ke aap dono ka nikah hona aapke haq me behtar hai.

          • ... on said:

            Thank you so much sis!

    • Aizal on said:

      Assalam alekum baji mujhe antsa Wala wazifa krna hai 7 days Wala ?

  49. Firgis on said:

    Asslamu alaikum
    Mene istikhara kiya tha
    Mene 2 dreams dekhe
    1st to y k apni mumma k sath market gyi to mujhe grocer shop dekhi
    2nd mera rishta kahi or kr diya to me rone lgi to bhai ne mera rona dekh wo rishta cancl kr diya

    • Mazid kijiye istikhara 7 din tak taa ke clear result dikh sake.

      • Assalamualaikum baji. Mujhe do rishte aye the. Pehla rishta kuch bahot pehle Aya tha aur dusra kuch din baad.
        Maine isteqara dusre ladke ke liyel isteqara kiya . Khwab Pura yad nahin. Lekin khwab shadi me date fix rahi thi. Pata nai Meri shadi ki date ya dusron ki. Phir sehri ke bad khwab me dekha ke do cousins ki shadi yaa valimaa ek sath hora hai aur wo do dulhe cream color sherwani pehene Hain aur ek dulhan shayad green dupatta aur dusri dulhan shayad blue color ya kuch aur color ka dress. Aur us shadi me pehla Ladka cream color sherwani pehenke Aya tha.
        Mujhe ye puchna hai ke, Maine dusre ladke ke liye isteqara kiya lekin pehla Ladka Aya Jo mujhe bhi bahot pasand hai.

      • Afia Khan on said:

        A/s maine youtube pr ek wazifa dekha h apke channel pr love ko hasil krne kr lie ..ya habeeba man la habeeba … uska written link nhi hai apki website me kya ap bta sakte h ke usko paper pr likh kr ayat ko taweez bna kr pehnana h ya phr ase hi kahi rakh dena h

        • Website par iska post maujud hai jiska title hai- Apne pyar ko wapas pane ki dua

          • Afia Khan on said:

            Sorry mam website pe ye waxifa nhi h aur video me iska link disable hai ap mujhe bs itna bta de rakhna kase h plz badi meharbani hogi..

          • Website pe hai ye wazifa jiski aap bat kar rahi hain. Wazifa Title aapko bata diya tha maine. Wo taweez aap pahen lengi to zyada behtar hoga.

    • Aizal on said:

      Maine istekhara kiya tha Maine 2 dreams dekhe
      1 ye ke Mai kisi stranger ke sath khin jaa rhi hu mere aage ek aurat hai aage chalne pr kuch khufuk aur khubsurat raste aaye Maine wo raste phele kbhi nhi dekhe the
      2 Maine jisse shadi ke liye ye istekhara kiya tha dream me dekha ke usko exam dena hai aur uske exam me aane wale 5 questions ka mujhe answer dena hai Maine wo answer apne mobile me find kiya lekin mobile me photo hai Maine apna photo hide krde sirf answer diya usko

        • Aizal on said:

          Koi aisa wazifa btaye ki unke ghr se rishta aaya Maine unhe janti hu lekin wo mujhe nhi jante

          • Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘Jaldi pasand ki shadi ka wazifa’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

        • Aizal on said:

          Assalam alekum baji mere istekhara ka result positive aaya hai aap mujhe koi wazifa ki link send kr dijie

          • Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘pyar me pagal karne ka wazifa’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

    • Zeenat on said:

      Wazifa ka page open krne pe bhut sare wazife open ho rhe h to kya aap bata skti h kon sa wazifa padna shi rhega. Aur kya isme b istekhara krna zaruri h.

      • Istikhara karna behtar hai sis. Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘wazifa for love marriage’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

        • Sundus on said:

          Istikhara ki khwab mai maithi hari sabzi or apna white kurta dekhna kesa ha?

      • Zeenat on said:

        Istekhare ki dua ka page open krne pe bhut sari dua open ho rhi kya aap bata sakti hai Kon si dua behtar rahegi. Aur aytal kursi ka wazifa kr sakte hai. Aur phle istekhra kre fir wazifa kre ya dono sath me kr sakte hai plz bata diye.

        • Koi sa bhi ek istikhara shuru kijiye sis. Behtar hai pahle istikhara parhen. Uska natija aane par wazifa shuru karen.

        • Zeenat on said:

          Assalamwalikum. Hmne istikhare ki dua pd k kl soye to hmne khwab dekha pr zyada yad nhi h bs itna yad h k hm meri ammi aur Meri bahan khi gye h fir hm log ldke ke ghar phuch gye h ladka b h fir hm log ghar aane k liye niklte h to auto nhi milta fir hm log ldke ghar jate h aur sb andar bate krte h tbhi ldka apne friends ko le k a jata h aur ghar chota hone ki wjh se hm dono bahar baith k bate krte h. Plz batayiye iska kya mtlb hua……. Aur ye istikhare ki dua aur kitne din pdni hogi.

      • Zeenat on said:

        Hmne kl istekhare ki dua pdi aur khwab dekha pr hme pura khwab yad nhi hai bs itna yad hai k hm hmari ammi aur sis ldke k wha gye hai. Hm log nikle wha se pr fir ldke k wha a gye aur ldka apne friends ko b le k aaya sb bate kr rhe the aur hm dono bahar baith k bate kr rhe the. Iska kya mtlb hua. Kya ye istekhara 7 din krna hoga

        • Positive hai aapka istikhara sis. 3 din tak kar kijiye to kafi hai.

        • Zeenat on said:

          Hmara to ek din ka naga ho gya hai usse koi problem to nhi hai

          • Koi bat nahi ap dobara shuru kar lijiye.

          • Zeenat on said:

            3 din fir krna hoga

  50. Amna on said:

    Assalam-u-Alaikum Sis, mera istikhara 7days positive or negative ka mix aya h ab mjy btain k kia mn ye istikhara dobara start krlon

      • Aizal on said:

        Please btaye ki Mai 7 days continue krun ya chod du

        • Agar aap 7 din karna chahti hain istikhara to zyada clear results ke liye kar sakti hain.

          • Aizal on said:

            Assalam alekum
            Aaj Maine dream dekha ki Mai aasaman me ud rhi hu aur niche zameen me sirf greenery hi hai aur bhut acha weather hai
            2 dream me dekha ki Mai kisi ke sath boutique gyi hu aur wahan ki Jo owener hai wo Meri pehchan ki hai uski manager ne kapde ka rate bhut zyada btaya jb Jane lgi to Kam kr diya aur shayad Maine ya Mai jiske sath gyi thi usne kha ki sab PTA hai ki ye kaise owner bni hai is boutique ki

  51. aimen on said:

    maine isteqaara kiya tha love marriege ke liye
    lekin maine mere phupu ke bete ku dekha iska kya jawab hai.mai kisi aur ke liye isteqara kiya tha.
    aap mujhe sahi jawab kya hi bolo please

  52. Eram on said:

    Love marriage wazifa surah Ale Imran ayat 31 wala kya raat me 12 baje star kar sakti hu kuki jab 1 am pe start karo to padhte padhte bhot late ho jaata hai aur beech me hi nind ajati h aur kab so jati hu pata nahi chalta.wazifa incomplete ho jata hai isse.

  53. Assalamualikum baji a isteqhara kitne din karna hai

    • Agar 3 din me hi natija aa jaye to 3 din kijiye. Warna 7 din kijiye istikhara.

      • Assalamualikum maher baji imran bhaijan mai ne isteqhara kiya tha thursday k din or mujh first din fajar k bad ek khwaab ayya mai os khwab me khush hu ek ladka safed kapde phene hve mujh hasa raha hai mujh thik se yaad nai hai o khwab but mai khwab bhot hass rahi hu or jo mai khwab has rahi hu bhot khushi se hass rahi hu mere hasi ghr pe sabi dkhe mera itne me khwab khtam hogya or dusre din mujh koi khwab nahi ayya 3 din mujh khwab ajeeeba ayya mujh kahete hve sharam aa rahi or mujh a khwab kuch acha nai lgra baji q mai isi thinking kabi din nai rakhtu or mera khwab 3 din ka mai jis ladke ko pasnd karti hu ose mai kis kar rahi hm dono satt baithe hve hain batnn kar rahe hain mai ose kis kr rahi hu hm dono khush hai khwab me . .Baji aise thinking mai kbi din nai raktu baji a allaha naraz to nai hai mujh se baji mujh is khwab ki tabeer batiye…

          • Shukriya baji batne k liye Or mai 7 days complite kru kiya or baji mai actually kursi ka apke bhot sare wazife kar rahi hu o ladke me mohabbat to bhot hai or mujh se rishta B rakhna chahta hai or engmnet hva so ladki se shadi nahi karne ka kaheta hai but islaam khubool karlo baat kahti hu to cheeed me ata hai mai mera jwab kuch bhi nai deta hai or jab se manzil dua padhri hu os ladke me phile jsi baat ar rahi hi but islam khubool karne ki baat kuch bhi farak nahi dikh raha hai baji kiya karu mai … Baji hm dono bhi sahdi karna chahte hai hmre bich mohabbat B bhot hai problem sirf oske cust ki hai baji… Bass dua kijye baji o jldi islaam khubool krke hidyat ki tarf aajye mujh se nikha karle Or baji kuch or dua bhi batiye baji kaise isko convenc karliuu bhot bhot bar koshish ki convence krne ki but kuch b nai hva mai kiya karu baji batiye

          • Aap already bohat wazaif kar rahi hain. Jitne aasani se kar saken utne wazaif hi parhiye sis aur sabr se kaam lijiye. Jo aapke liye behtar hoga ALLAH ata kar dega.

          • Assalamualikum baji thik hai baji baji app k wazifa bhot bhot ache hai baji hm to pure karna chahte hain or thik hai baji mujh se jitne ho ske utne hi wazifa kar rahi hu or baji mai ne isteqhara pure 7 days kiya hai. 4 din koi b khwab nahi ayya 5 or 6 day mujh khwab ayya mai 4 day anjan aurat se jhagda kr rahi hu .or 5 day hmre area vali aurat se jhgda kar rahi hu or baji 7 day mujh khwab is taraha aya hm phile ghr me sab phopo k ghr faethain hai vahain jarahe hain hmre bhai akr nahi jana kahete hai fir hm puri family bazar jaten hain mai mere abba ko chandi ka chasma dilra hi Or mai suna Or chahndi khareed rahi hu… Iska kiya mtlb hai baji

          • Kuch had tak positive hi shumar kiya ja sakta hai khawab.

          • Assalamualikum baji kiya mai isteqhara fir se shoro kru app khuch had tak positive bata rahi Or abhi tak mujhe ldke ka call nahi ayya 1weeks hogae 22may ko os ladke k dad ka inteqhal hogaya jab se o ladka mujhe call hi nahi kiya…

          • Dobara karna chahen to aap kar sakti hain istikhara.

    • Assalamualikum baji mera a isteqhara postive ayya Or mai ne future isteqhara kiya to mujj khwab kuch istraha hai ayya first din kuch nai ayya 2 din khwab mai jis ladke ko psnd krti hu o dullaha bana hai shadi wagir ka shoro kuch nai bass dullaha bana jisa dikhra Or mai inka bhai ek kamre me hai hm 3no or mai jise psnd kri a ladka kaheta hai tm mere bhai ko karlo shadi Or inka bhai B mujhe bhot caring dikha raha hai mujh aisa lgra ta khwab me a dono mazk kare jisa dikha Or mai in dono ko dhaka de kar mai t. V ka remote lkr sofe pe ja baithi Or ino apne bhai ko kahete hain mere liye nusta lkr aoo bolkr inka bhai jate hi plang k side ek naga bina kapdu k ek admi sojata hai hmdono o admi ko dkhrahain nazdk jakr Or ek aurt o admi k upr sojati hai jise hi inka bhai nusta lkr ata hai Or door uchaal k gir jati hai or mujh a dono bhai ek kamre me bnd krte hai mai os kamre me se bhar nikl rahi hu nikl k college me phunhi col me teacher ek ladki ko dhundrahin or mai o ldki ka pata bata rahi hu… Or 3 day khwab kuch istraha ayya mai mere frind khule asman darak night me ek chaat k upar ishain ki namaz padh rahain Or mai meri cousin sstr ko steps se upr bolalekr jati hu aoo namz pdhinge bolkr Or hm namz padhte hain fir hm sab bche bde kachhe green rang k mithe amm kaha rahain hai baji iska kiya mtlb plz batiye mujh

        • Assalamualikum baji mai ne nikha Isteqhara kiya or future Isteqhara B kiya do B mere Isteqhara postive ayye but ladka pe kuch asar nahi hora baji… Mujhe strong wazifa batiye o nikha k liye razi ho or Islam khubool karle….

          • Aslkm baji maine fir se nikha Isteqhara kiya ta mujhe first day kuch khuwab nahi ayya 2 day khwab me mujh fever k dinner seat dikyi diye or mujh do aurtn o diner seat k plats k flower batarahain hai mujh o Flower bhot ache lag rahain mai khushi se dekhr kitne ache hai kahe rahi hu… 3 day mujh kuch khwab nahi aya 4 day mujh khwab me mai meri sstrs bche male me mtlb urs type ki jagha pe gae Or bhot bhid hai vhain pe or mai bhot sari ladkiyn ek hi cloer k gold saree pe kuch naat padhrai rahi kuch dua kar rahi hai kuch ldkiyn dance kar rahi hai kuch ldkiyn round circle me bi thi hvi hai or mai in sab ladkiyu ko dkh k ssster unko bolne ja rahi hu mere sstr k ladke ka bche ka pair bhidh me phasjata os bhid se niklte bche ko fir meri cohti sstr ko magrib ki namaz pdhte hve dkhiti hu fir inko B bolalkr o mele me jate hain or mai ek watch kharidne k liye dukan me jati hu sstr nko kahete hain fir pura mela dkhte hain fir mujhe 5 day koi khwab me mujh os ladke ko dkhti hu wihte shirt me o mere samne dikhta hai jise k photo me dikhte hain oise but baat nahi kare kuch.. Or 6 day khwab me mai mere ami sstr brother k bache khain gau ko jar rahe hai or bus ka intezar ek pull brigad type jaga pe thire hain or brish hogai jisa nazar ara hai but mai barish ko dikhi nai or brish k bad pani jo road me se ata hai o mai dikh rahi hu pani ara hai bolkr pani aista aista nazdikh ata hai fir halki barish ho rahi hai hmsab ek atu me bithe hve hain mai pani ko hi dkh rahi hu or bchu kisi fikr kar rahi hu br br bchu se kahe rahi hu pani nazidk ate hi koli krdio bolkr Or fir bhot sare log B atu me bithe hve hain or mai lami road pe se pani ko unchai se ata dkhti hu or pani neele rang nazdikh ara hai pani o pani ko dkhte hve bhot khush ho rahi hu mere dil k andr se chikhain arahi hai mai ful khush horu pani ara pani ara paninazdikh ata hai fir hm sab bhig jate hain fir sab sahi salamt rahte hain log B bache b fir hm kheatu se gau k raste ko niklte or kheatu me tahndi hva chalr rahi hai… 7 day kuch nai aya baji mera dobara Isteqhara ka kiya tabeer hai batiye baji plzz Or mujh strong wazifa b batiye

          • Aapke istikhara ke khwab positive hain sis.

          • Wazaif sabhi strong hai. Sabr se kaam lete hue koi ek shuru kar dijiye.

  54. Mona on said:

    1shakhs ko garam oil k qarahay me ulta lety huy dekha pr usy kuch ni ho rha phr usi shakhs ko bahar tyar khary huy dekha

    2day. Don’t remember

    3day. Meny dekha k mn apnay previous boss ko bta rhi hun k meri salary increase hogai h phr dekha k mn college function k lye tyar ho rhi hun phr dekha k mery college ki larki cream dress pehny huy bht pyari lag rhi h or akeli ja rhi h oper shiny black shawl li hui t .
    4day. Don’t remember

    Meny dekha ghar me bht c cats hn mjy lagta h k wo nuqsan pohnchayn gi islye mn astaghfar parh kr in pr phonk deti hun to wo gaib hoti ja rhi hn, phr dream change hogya or blood drops dekhy

    Meny dekha kisi ki shadi h or log khana kha rhy hn, phir dekha k koi mjy khooayn (well) me phenkny laga h pr me ni ja rhi or koi larka mera hath pakr leta h or mn bach jati hun
    Meny red pen se 50 likha hua dekha phr dekha k mn van me kahin ja rhi hun aas pas khait or sabza dekha
    Sis mera istikhara positive h ya nahi

    • Dear sis, aapko pahle bhi maine javab diya tha ke kuch positivity ke sath negative results bhi hain.

      • noram on said:

        mera full night shift hoti hai job me .. kya mai ye wazifa subha fajir ki namaz me padh kr so sakti hu .. mere lie raat me padhna munasib nhi hai plz tell me

          • Zeenat on said:

            Ye istekhara to hm nhi kr payege agr iske alawa koi aur istekhare ki dua hai to bata diye. Kya ayatal kursi ka wazifa krna behtar hoga. Aur wazifa krne ki ijazat h

          • Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘Istikhara ki dua’ aur search button par click kijiye.

      • Mona on said:

        Dear Sis, Phir ab mjy kia krna chahye kia mn dobara istikhara start krlon?

  55. naeera on said:

    i start this wazifa on friday. 1st day i saw some dreams but i don’t recognize it. 2nd day also saw some dreams but i do’t recognize it. 3rd day that is yesterday i saw some dreams and i only recognize that my parents go and buy new cloths for me and give it to me with pleseant mind. They are look at me and smile. is it positive or negative?
    what i do to get my love back?

      • naeera on said:

        i want his true love to me….
        which wazjfa is powerful to get my back him with true love?
        today is my last day for doing this wazifa and today morning he cal me just only asking how are you?

          • iqraa on said:

            sis mujhy larkay ki maa ka nam nahi pata tou mein kia karun ab…

  56. U..m.. on said:

    Ma ne apni dost k rishty k ly istkhara kia ha. First day dream ma khajoor k bags dekhy.
    Dusry din dekha k ma apni kisi dost k Sath saudia Arab travel kr ri hu. Khana kaba dekha. Aur wha Biryani b Khai.
    Third day dream ma gold k 2 kary (bangles) dekhy aur yellow lead pencil.

    PleAse tabeer bta den. K Usk ly wo rishta kesa rhy ga.

    • Khawab positive hain magar clearly upar post me bataya hai ke ye istikhara khud apne liye karna hai.

      • U..m.. on said:

        Ma ne Khud b Kia ha. Ek dream ma dekha k grh ma sb Khana Kha ry hoty Han. Phr ma kitchen se gajar ki kheer aur custard leny jati hu. Custard milk aur sugar jesa hota ha. Sister khti ha mjy tea laa do. Wo ma cup ma dalti hu.

        Dusry dream ma School dekha. Students ne white uniform Pehny thy . Ma absent girls ko class k Baher khra krti hu Ta k head se dant prwau . Head bad ma ati ha to Usk hath ma cards (taash k patty) hoty hn. Wo khti Han ma students ko engage krungi koi class ma na ae.

        Third ma dekha k meri sister ami se gold ring ki demand krti ha to ami rony lgti han. Ma sis ko call kr k ghusa krti hu k Bjae deny k tm leny ki baat kr ri ho. Phr ma ami se khti hu Ap Umrah kr len. Etc.

  57. S S on said:

    Ramzan Mubarak.
    Maine aj pehle isteqara kiya.
    Isteqara dua me main Allah se positive ke liye green ya white color of ishara manga.
    Khwab yad nahin hai.
    Raat me neend khuli aur uthke 5 second chalke sogayi.
    Phir kuch Der bad dekhake main green hijab pehenke white dress pehni Hoon. Phir kuch Der me main sehri ke liye uth gayi.
    Meherbani karke bataiye.

    • S S on said:

      Ye mere pasand ka ladka hai. Hum donon do saal se dost hain. Ladke ne hath jodke gid gidake mujhe shadi ke liye manaya. Uska gaon mere shahar se hazaron miles dur hai. Badi mushkil se donon ke parents shadi ke liye maan Gaye. Pichle mahine shadi bhi hone wali thi. Lekin kuch mahinon pehle ladke ke walid ka inteqal hogaya Jo bahot sal se bimar the. Uske bad ladke ki maa ladke ko wapas gaon bularai hai Jo sirf backward hi nahin balki safe bhi nahin hai rehne ke liye. Abhi shadi cancel bhi hogai. Ladka apni maa ki khatir mujhse out of contact hai. Koi wazifa bataye jise ladke ki maa shahar me settle hone ke liye ya khud shahar ane ke liye maan Jaye. In Sha Allah

        • Shukriya sis. Pehle ye ladka mere payr pakad ke aur hath jodke mujhe shadi ke liye manaya. Phir abhi apne gaon (dusre state me hai) Chala Gaya apni maa ke pas, gaon Jane ke bad se mujhse behad nafrat bhi karne laga hai aur kehta hai Mar bhi jaunga to bhi mujhse shadi nahin karega. Aise lagra hai us per kisi ne kuch kar Diya hai, Taki wo thukra de. Kiu ki, kuch mehne pehle aur ab me zameen asman ka fark hogaya hai. Pehle wo Meri mohabbat ki bhik mangta aur ro ke kehta “mere siwa kisi ke bare me shadi ke liye soch bhi nahin sakta”. Ab jab shadi hone wali thi toh mujhe nafrat karne laga hai. Pata nai kisne Kya kardiya. Main bahot lachar feel karai hun. Photo pe phunkne ka wazifa bataye, Taki woh aur uski family wale jaldi man Jaye. In Sha Allah

          • Aap manzil dua parhiye aur dam kijiye unki tasavvur par ya tasavvur me.

  58. Shazia Saifi on said:

    Main mohobbt k wazife alg alg waqt me kr Sakti hun.ek hi maksad k liye. jese ayatul kursi wazifa, Isha ki namaz k baad darood shareef 360 Baar 1din Ka wazifa, or salatul hajat ki namaz.or sayyed ul Astaghfar, nochandi jumerat wala wazifa kab aayegi nochandi jumerat aap date bta do. Or mujhe recover money wala bhi wazifa krna h. Aap mujhe btaaen Kaisa krna theek rahega Wazife plz jaldi reply dena.😔

    • Ji han aap kar sakti hain ye wazaif. Ab nauchandi jummerat june me aayegi.

  59. Aasalamuwalaikum previously i have done istekhara for a day n i got it positive n due to some issue i couldnt make it so yesterday was first day of istekhara i made it up after fajr namaz n i had dream that my guy called up me asked where you and i said in home he was like ur out i kbow wid anger he kept of the call n den i played wid my frnds in water n after dat i dnt remeber n
    2nd day istekhara i had a dream my guy calls up n spoke to me n thn dnt knw from ver one unknw guy came he was coming to me closer n i was moving away n thn my uncle came n i escaped from there.

      • Day 6 no dream day 7 :I had a dream that I was going out with my family to a resort n I was worried my guy will call n ask me ver m I so we postponed to the next day so next day morning we all r getting ready to go out my aunt had some work so evening hgya thn I went to my another aunts house me n my sis so wen I m going on the way I saw a men who has taseebh like u can say baba type he said me the taweef ur wearing will break again wen u tie it will break be careful thn I went off from der my sis asked what did he say u so I said her he said me that n thn soon as I entered the gate I called up my guy he spoke to me n kept off n after dat my granny woke me up

  60. Mona on said:

    Assalam-u-Alaikum, main jb b istikhara karun tb zada tar dream ni ata or meri ankh khul jati h or agr ay b to yad ni rehta kia esy me dobara Sony k bad wala dream b consider hoga ya nahi plz mjy btadain

    • Ji han dobara sone ke bad wala dream bhi istikhara ke liye consider hoga.

    • Little Sparrow on said:

      Mein ny Aj istakhara kia tha us me
      1st number pr mein ny dekha k family me kafi tensions chal rhi hein abi hmari shadi ni hui Lekin jin sy shadi krna chati hun wo muje achi c mehendi lagwate hein ta k mein b achi lagun
      2nd dream muje ye aya k mera exam hota hai exam hony mein sirf aik mint reh jata hai or mere chachu jo k bohat sakht hein sab darte hein un se, wo b exam deny ja rhy hoty hein or apny pen mein muj sy le kar ink bharty hein or aik or student b muj sy ink le k bharta hai jab mein exam k liye ja rhi hoti hun to Allah pr 100% bharosa hota hai k hamesha ki trha is bar b Allah help kry ga exam mein is k ilawa b aik or dream dekha par wo clear ni hai itna mein ne aik jadu garni Dekhi jo muje kisi Problem k solution k liye aik Amal bta rhi hoti hai lekin jab mein wapis ja rhi hoti hun to wo meri kamar par “6” digit ko ulta kar k likhti hai or ungli se zor sy meri kamar ko dabati hai ap please btaen ye sb positive hai Kya?

      • Positive hai aapka istikhara sis.
        Aap black magic check karne ka amal parh kar bataiye kuch din bad.

  61. Mona on said:

    1shakhs ko garam oil k qarahay me ulta lety huy dekha pr usy kuch ni ho rha phr usi shakhs ko bahar tyar khary huy dekha

    2day. Don’t remember

    3day. Rat ko jaldi ankh khul gai tb to khawab ka yad ni phr so gai tb dekha k mn apnay previous boss ko apni career growth se related bta rhi hun phr dekha k mn college function k lye tyar ho rhi hun phr dekha k meri classmate cream dress pehny huy akeli ja rhi h oper shiny black shawl li hui t .
    Plz mjy btadain mjy kia krna chahye istikhara positive h ya nahi.

    • Koi positivity show nahi hui sis. Aap 7 din tak karen istikhara.

  62. Mahi on said:

    Phir mujhe btaiye k mein kb wo sugur wala wazifa krun..

    Aur wo qad shagafa wala wo nochandi jumerat ko stary krna hai.. wo 9may ko nochandi jumerat ko nhi hosakta kisi bhi tarhan kia krun?

    • Aap sugar ant wazifa parh len sis. Kabhi bhi shuru kar sakti hain aap.

      • Mahi on said:

        Mene yea istekhara wala wazifa kia tha first 2days mujhe yad nhi kia tha khuab but 3rd day mene dekha k mein yellow dress me hub mayun ya kisi shadi k lye ready horhi hun bs itna yad hai k koi shadi ka event hai…

        Aur phir mene us insan ki shakal dekhi jis se mujhe shadi krni hai..

  63. Shazia Saifi on said:

    Main bohot dukhi bohot preshaan hun. Maine pyar me pgl krne ka wazifa bhi kiya 7din fir istikhara kiya 7 din positive aaya. ab dubara pyar me pgl krne ka wazifa kiya kal 7wa din tha yaqeen k saath iske saath me astagfaar wazifa bhi krti thi. Lekin mere cousin ne mujhe unblock nhi kiya. Meri Ammi mujhse ladti h baat baat pr taane deti hain jb bhi main Apne cousin k baare me ye bolti hun ki main usi se krungi Kisi or se nhi krungi shaadi. Meri Ammi bolti hain humne apne maa baap ki izzat rakhi h ye karm kbhi nhi kiye. Jahan maa baap bhaiya chahenge shaadi wahi hogi. Allah esi ladkiyo ko to paida hote hi gaarat krde. Ye bhi bolti hain Tu Apne aap hi krle jahan krna chahti ho. Hum waha jaakr bheek nhi maagenge. Mera cousin bhi mujhe bhool gya ab saare raaste mere liye band hogye hain.😭😭 Koi esa wazifa btaao Jo mere cousin k Ghar waale khud humare ghr aaye rishta lekr mere liye. Or mere cousin ko mujhse bohot pyar hojaaye.,😭😭😭

    • Shazia Saifi on said:

      Or humare Ghar me bhi kaafi problem chal rahi hain. Jahan mere papa bhaiya kaam krte hain wahan se payment nhi milti maalik log paisa nhi De rahe saalo hogye hain. Or mere abbuji ki kidney kharab hogyi h unki dailysis hoti h. Humaari zameen bhi nhi bikti. Humare ghr k brabr me ek ghr h wo humara h uske upar bhi log kabja krne ki soch rahe h mere abbuji ne paise bhi diye logo ko is time humaare laakho rupe khrch ho chuke h. Or Jo aadmi humare paise leleta h wo deta nhi h wapis. Bohot preshaan hain koi strong wazifa btaao jo insab se nijaat mile Hume.😔😔

    • Sabr se kaam lijiye sis. Ibadat aur dua karte rahiye. Insha ALLAH, aapke haq me achha hi hoga sab, aameen.

  64. anju. sara on said:

    Assalamalaikum sis, maine last 2 days se ye istikhara shuru kiya hai, day 1 dream yaad nahi, day 2 bus thoda yaad hai ke main koi class me kuch project karti hui hun aur kuch khaas yaad nahi, aaj inshaaAllah 3rd day hai, iss ka kuch matlab hai kya ? yeh aur kitne din karna hain aap batayega please?

    • Abhi clear ishara nahi nazar aaya sis. Aap 7 din tak kijiye istikhara.

  65. Pak on said:

    Meny nikah istikhara kia h
    Day1: meny 1admi dekha jo oil k garam karahy me ulta leta hua h jb fish fry hojati h wo hath se bahar nikal deta h or usy kuch b ni ho rha phr meny dekha wo karahy se bahar b ajata h or tyar khara hua mery samny ajata h, meny ye istikhara apny lover k lye kia tha pr wo sary khawab me kahin nazar ni aya bus meny uska 1msg parha jis pr likha tha “trust him” asal me usay cancer ho gya pr operate k bad reports normal hn pr uski tbiyat kharab hoti ja rhi h shayd wo tension ly leta h, plz mjy btadain wo mery haq me behtar h ya ni ya wo thek to ho jaega na

  66. Samreen on said:

    Assalamu alaikum,
    Maine ek ladke ko fb me frnd huwaa tha… wo mujhe msg karne laga aur numbers exchange huwaa… Baad maine usse accept kardi .. He said that shaadi hogaya tho koi problems hamare beech me nahi aange… then usne mujhe laccha khud pahnaa diya aur shaadi ho chuki thi without knowing to any1.. parents ko kuch ni bataa diye but we were in relationship… suddenly usko allaince dekhna unke parents shuru kiye the… i was very scared… He said that I will make it cancel… suddenly wo badal gaya… hamko shaadi geedi kuch nahi huwaa karke bol raha hi… job aagaya usko and badal gaya.. now he is putting conditions for our marriage… agar conditions ek bhi satisfy na ho tho I will get marry sum other karke daraa raha hi… what to do I am in confusion… We had physical relationship too… galti hogaya… ab mai kya karoo?
    He said mai confirm shaadi karlunga and mai uske baatein sunnkar galti kar diyi… Allah mujhe maaf karoge?

    • Samreen on said:

      He blocked all my contacts… i am unable to contact him… Wo kahan hi kya kar raha hi kuch bhi samajh me nai aaraha hi.. Dekhe to he used and thrown me..

      • Samreen on said:

        I want to get marry him at any cost… please help me… Is there any wazifa for this kind of problems.. I want to get him back in my life… I cant marry any other guy… uske badal marna behtar hi… please help me ….

        • Website pe bohat se love marriage wazaif maujud hain sis. Koi ek shuru kar den aap.

      • Have faith in ALLAH. Seek forgiveness as much as you can and pray to Him.

      • Samreen on said:

        Shadi ka wazifa karne se zaroor wo ladke ke saath shaadi hounga!!

  67. Zahra on said:

    Agar estekhara pehle raat se hi positive ho toh wazifa shoro kar sakte hai estekhara ke saat?

  68. Zahra on said:

    Asalam o alikom!
    Main ne estekhara start keya kal raat ko aur main ne khwaab main dekha ke meri dost ka engagement hai aur saraa room aurtoo se bhara hua hai ek aurat vaha bethi hue hai jes ne meri dost par kaala jadoo keya hota hai ke os ka reshta rad hu jaye par vo kamyab nahi hoti hai es kaam mai.. tu main os aurat par yaseen sharif parh ke poonk maarthi ho aur es amal se os jadogar aurat ko taklif hota hai.. mujhr apna sapna pori tarah se yaad hai subha oth kar mujhe bohot khushi hue… main apna estekhara toh jaari rakhongi par kya os ke saat hi main ayatul kursi waala wazifa bhi start kar sakti hoon? Jo ki mujhe sapna positive ayaa yai

    • Positive sign hai sis. Istikhara ke sath me chahen to amal shuru kar sakti hain aap.

  69. Eram on said:

    Surah Ale Imran ayat 31 wala wazifa kiya h par first day din me 21 baar padhna bhool gae to kya ye wazifa nhi hua pura? Baki ke din din wala bhi padha hai 21 baar.

    • Aap dobara shuru kijiye sis aur sahee ta’adad me parhiye.

  70. Afreen Khan on said:

    Aj thrd day tha istakhara ka
    Aj mene dekha ki hum ghumne ja ry h srf csns log ja ry thae ghumne k liye pehle hum bus k through gaye phr bhai log by air bolne lage ghumane ko bt wo srf humko airplane m betha k kuch dair wapas le aaye baki ka kuch yaad ni aara h

  71. Afreen khan on said:

    Mera second day h istakhara ka ar mene dekha ki hum unke shehar m ja ry h… Ar mtlb brk b pdi hui h.. M ar meri ammi khali baki log b h shayd means family member unko to nhi dekha ye bhi yaad nhi kiske ghr m thae us waqt hum…

  72. Shahroz on said:

    Salam imran bhai main kisj ko pasnad krta hu aur humra istkhra b positive hai mery ghr waly nai maan rahy hain main us larki sy nikah krna chat hu mtlba nikah kr k abi kisi ko btain gy nai woh apny ghr he rahy gi kia main nikah krny sy phly ye istkhra. Kr skta hu k nikah abi kiya jay ya nai???

    • Chhup kar nikah karna sahee nahi hai bhai. Aisa nahi karen. Larki ke nikah ke liye Wali ki razamandi zaruri hai. Aap istikhara kar sakte hain. Positive aane par unke walidain ko manane ka wazifa parh sakte hain.

      • Shahroz on said:

        Matlb main nikah k liye toh phly ye kar sakta hu na k nikah karu ya nai ????

  73. Afreen Khan on said:

    Mene ye istakhara start kia h kal se kal mko ek dream aya to tha but mjhe yaad nhi raha morning tk to mera aj second day h to isme koi problm to nhi h na

    • Koi problem nahi hai sis. Kisi bhi ek raat me ishara ho sakta hai.

  74. Samreen on said:

    Mera aaj 6 day h. Mujhe 6 din sapne Aaye 1 din me kayi kayi sapne Aaye ek ke baad ek bohot bade bade spne to isliye main aapko short me bta deti Hun. Maine copy me bhi likhe hue Hain. Jyada tar mujhe white kpde jese frock, shirt, paper, Kurta pajama, phone, sendle. green salwar dikhi me pehne hue hun. Or new makaan usme white wall putty ho Rakhi h. Tils dikhi. Or humara new makaan bna hai usme white ya cream tils lgi hui Hain. White dog bhi dikhte 2 Baar. Or Mera jhagda hote hue Dekha Maine. Shadi hote hue bhi dikhi. Black cheenti, bike, sendle, cat dekhi. Maine ese kpde pehne hue the jisme Meri body dikh rahi thi. Or main Ammi se dar rhi thi kahi wo mujhe na dekhle tree k beech me. Or sardaar bhi dikhte pagdi pehne hue unke saath ek lady bhi thi. Meri Bhabhi roti Hain ki unke pass baby nhi h. Ye Maine aapko short me btaya aap btaao kya ye positive hai.

  75. jaseem on said:

    Aas salaam o alaikum
    Mjhe ek baat poochni the

    Ager hamara istikharaa love marriage k liye positive aye aur hum pure niyat aur ache se love marriage Wala wazeefa Kare..tu Kia wo waqaye effective hota hai?
    Kia aise wazaif se kisi ka Dil apni taraf Pyaar mein ker sakte hai?
    Plz is ka jawab dijiye ga

    • Ji bilkul aise me wazifa bohat effective rahega insha ALLAH.

      • jaseem on said:

        Bt kafe zayada logo ka ye khna hai k is kism ke wazaif se kuch nhee hota…..

        Mein bhee kafe days se ap logo k diye hoye wazaif ker raha Hoon aur taweez bhee mager kuch bhee asaar nhee hiraho hsi….
        Plz help me

        • ALLAH par mukammal yaqeen rakhte hue aur parhezgari ke sath amal parhiye. Insha ALLAH, aapko zarur fayeda hoga.

      • Shazia Saifi on said:

        Aaj mera 7 day h. Mujhe poore 7din spne aaye. 1din me kayi baar spne aaye. Jyada tar mujhe white cheez hi dikhi. Or aaj mujhe meri dadi jo guzar gyi hain wo dikhi subha subha shayad isliye dikhi qki raat main unke baare me sochkr or rokar soyi thi. Maine dekha meri dadi ko kahi se laya gya h hospital se pta nhi kaha se unhe dekh kr esa lg raha tha jese unki body bohot dukh rahi h wo kamzor hogyi h. Maine or mere rishtedaar wagera ne unhe charpayi pr lita diya. Fir meri subha me aankh khul gyi fazar me time dekha 5:1 mint ho raha tha. Nmz pdh kr main dubara sogyi. Maine dekha mere fuppo ka ldka bed pr betha hua h or main bhi wahi leti hui hun maine halka green colour ka frock pehen rakha tha mera fuppo ka ldka mujhe bolta h ki sirr pr dupatta odhlo main unse kehti hun aap apni biwi ko to odha lo dupatta sirr pr fir wo mere ko dekhne lgte h. Iske baad main dekhti hun ki meri dadi mar gyi hain. Humare yahan rishtedaar bhi aaye hote h bohot saare sab rote hain main bhi bohot roti hun. Mere taau ji k bete mujhe gle lga kr rote h. Meri dadi zinda ho jati h haath chalaane lgti hain. Ek bhaiya bolte h dekha dua krne se sab theek hojaata h esi kuch bolte h wo. Mere pass 2 hindu orat bethi hoti h ek budhiya si ek jawaan si mujhse bolti hain. Yahan khana me kya kya h unke haath me pehle se hi khana hota h ek me chawal white se or ek me roti ya puri dhyaan nhi h mujhe. wo dono hindu orat mujhse kehti h mujhe khana lakr dedo main unki pilate palat deti hun main bolti hun ek to meri dadi mar gyi upar se tum khana manga rahi ho. Bohot bada spna tha main bss yahi tak bta rahi hun. Ab aap bta do mera spna positive h kya.

        • Aapka istikhara positive hai sis. Aap apni marhoom Dadi ji ko parh kar bakhshein.

          • Shazia Saifi on said:

            Ji Maine jbhi padhkr baksh Diya tha Subha fazar me hi. Sister main aapko bta nhi Sakti main bahut preshaan Hun roti rehti Hun. Aap mujhe esa wazifa bta do Jo mere cousin ko mujhse mohobbt hojaaye or humara nikah hojaaye uske Ghar waale khud humare Ghar rishta lekar Aaye qki mere Ghar wale yahi kehte h ki hum nhi jayenge baat krne wo khud baat krenge humse.kuch Saal pehle to Mera cousin mujhse mohobbt krta tha lekin fir pta nhi kya hogya. Maine usse baat kri msg pr to usne mere saare no block kre hue Hain. Plzzzz Meri help kro Maine kaafi wazife kiye pr koi fark nhi padha fir Maine istakhara kiya. Mere cousin k Dil me mere liye pyar hojaaye or uske ghar wale mere yaha rishta lekr Aaye.uska dil to patthar Ka h esa lgta h mujhe

          • Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘pyar me pagal karne ka wazifa’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

          • Shazia Saifi on said:

            Ye pyar me pagal krne Ka wazifa Maine istakhara krne se pehle Kiya tha Kuch fark nhi padha. Ab dubara krleti Hun aap bolti ho to dua krna mere liye uske Dil me mere liye mohobbt peda hojaaye.

          • Aap pure yaqeen ke sath parhiyega sis. Insha ALLAH, kamyabi milegi.

  76. Farheen on said:

    Assalamualaikum mai ye istikhara kar rhi hu Monday night se tau mujhe first night khwab mai dikha ke maire ghr hmari ek milne waali aiwi h humne unki dawat ki h aur unhe shadi m jana hai aur shyd mujhe bhi jana h aur phir dekha maine k maire hath m mithai hain tau jo hmare ghr aaiwi h unhone wo mithai maire hath m se utha kr thori si khali h aur maire hath m bhi mithai h jo maine khana chah rhi thi phir uske baad mairi ankh khul gyi thi tau maine socha k ye khwab shyd thik na ho kyu ke hum monday ko ek jghe shadi k function m gye the usi raat ko maine ye istikhara shuru kia tha tau maine socha k shyd whi function ka khayal a gya ho khwaab m islie maine aage istikhara continue kra tau ab 3 night padh lia h bs jis din start kia tha usi raat ka khwaab yaad h mjhe aur m jo khwaab dekh rhi hu wo mujhe yaad nhi reh rhe h sbhe uthte uthte m khwaab bhool jaa rhi hu mai kya kru please btaiye aisa q ho rha h smj nhi a rha h 3 din padh liya h kya aage bhi padhu please btaiye …🙏

    • Pahla khawab positive hai sis. Aap lagataar 7 din kijiye istikhara.

  77. Assalamualaikum
    Day 1 : main apni selfie le rahi hu tab hi meri ek relative mujhe awaaz deti hai aur mai piche palate kar dekti hoon toh koi function chal raha hota hai ladkiya slow motion melody dance kar rahe hote hai mere aur meri ek friend ke kapde pure white hai aur transparent hai jisme se piticot nazar aa rahi hoti hai jispe strawberries ki pictures hai aur ek frnd ko b dekhi uski dress ka clor yaad nahi par usne bataya uski piticot bhi same hai strawberry wali. Fir hum hasay.use baad ek admi ke hath kuch laga hua tha mai pochne ke liye kapda di usko usne pochliya. Usne pucha ke ghar me wash basin nahi kya toh maine usko 3 wash basin bataye aur usko ghar bhi bata rahi hu apna jo construction mein tha pehle aisa nahi tha tod kar mummi ne aisa banaya hai keh rahi hu usko aur fir bohat log ku dekhi aur ek tiger ko b dekhi
    DAY 2: bhabi pregnant hai toh unke liye special biscuits hain ghar mein pregnant logo ke liye. Meri khala mujhe doodh ka bartan laane ko keh rahi hai par wahan chat hi rahi thi mai darr rahi hu nahi laati patients toh khala khud aake leti hai aur for unke piche kaali bhains lag gayi kuch der baad khala ne bhains ki zuban se apni zuban milayI. Usi khwab mein mai ne Allah ke names ke wallpapers banaye pink color mein. Aur dekha ke ek admi ke hath dusra admi bricks rakhke chundwa raha hai aur keh raha ke aisa nahi karenge toh misaal khayam nahi hogi aane wale logo ke liye
    DAY 3 : Bohat saare phate hue paise dekhi … Ammi ka hath dard ho raha tha wo dabane ke liye keh rahi hai / mere bhatije ne tray todh di jo white color ki thi / mere bhai ne ek maila kapda dhokar saaf kiya jo white hua
    Fajr ke baad dekha ke

    Saari cars ko aag lag rahi thi mai keh rahi hu ke shyd kisi ne petrol me milawat ki islye aisa ho raha hai fir mere khala ne mujhe 5000 rupees ke notes diye maine ek bade se bag me usse rakha ek budha aadmi usse churane ke liye bag lekar bhaag raha tha toh usko humne pakad liya / mai school mein hu mere juniors 10 class mein hai aur hum sab 10 class wale 9 class padh rahe hain ek sir aaye aur hum sab ko red wali plates diye jiska back side red tha aur inside silver.

  78. Shamsi on said:

    assalamwalekum g maine kl istekhara kiy mujhe jada kuch yaad ni but itna yaad h ki mai travel kr rahi hu or fr apne ghar aai to maine ek bowl me doodh (milk) dekha or meri ammi green colour ka dress pehni h plz aap batayn mujhe..

    • Roza on said:

      Aur han ladke ne ILAICHI k colour ka kurta paijama pehna hua tha …dream me… Lkn mujhe mera dress ka colour ptanhi..

    • Roza on said:

      Assalamualaikum …maine love mrg wala istekhara kia…2nd night tha istikhara ka…to main sapna dekhi k main jaha pehle rehti thi waha par main hu sapne me aur ladka v wohi h…main dekhi k main n ladka phone me bat krrhe h…ek dusre se mile has I mazak kie….fir mazak mazak me wo gussa hoke apne ghar chla gya aur main b uske piche uska ghar gyi…

      Fir uski mummy (jinko main aj tak nhi dekhi hu) unko salam ki… (Matlb mujhe nhi pta k real me uski mummy aisi dikhti b h k nhi lkn sapne me wo usko mummy bolrha tha)

      To uski mummy mujhse bat ki ache se…fir uske ghr me rahe kch frnds k sath hasi mazak hua fir main chli.aai…

      Av ye btayie k kya ye ishare ka khwab h ya normal khwab h???

      Main pichle 4-5,day se boht stress me b hu…qki wo saf mana krdia h k usko shadi krni nhi h..bas normal relation rakhna h…aur mera saf niyat h suru se uska nikah krne ka….plz meri madad kijie kaise b krke kmse km 2sal me humari shadi hojae…qki wo avi job nhi krta…

      Plz mere lie strong wazifa btayie kch…

        • Roza on said:

          Maine istekhara 5days tak kia…fir chutgya … To kya firse suru karu istekhara???? Ya av uska zarurat nhi…

          Maine 5days jo kia uska khwab bayan ki thi to apne positive btaya tha …

          Bt 2 din chut gya…

          To kya firse 7day ka suru kru?

          • Theek hai sis phir aap positive hi samjhen apne istikhara ko. Mazid karne ki zarurat nahi hai.

  79. Aasalamuwalaikum , yesterday was the frist day i performed istekhara n i saw a dream that i called up the guy whom i love and he received n said m busy with family call u later n later he called me up n thn i called up my best friend n asked them where are they n it was raining heavly i wanted to go out my mom shouted at me n den i didnt go the nt day i went out n while returning it was totally evening n i was walking n going home i saw dogs on the road n i was scared seeing them bt one aunty helped me out from there n i reached home savely…so is this a positive or negative sign.

    • I have already replied you that it’s a positive dream.

      • Aasalamuwalaikum I wanted to know that if I miss single day of istekhar can I continue next day .

  80. Aasalamuwalaikum yesterday was my first day i saw a dream that i called my guy so he said me m with my family i will call you back so after this i called up my best friends and it was heavily raining my mom stopped me thn i dint go thn later my guy called me back i spoke n kept off n next day i went out while returning i saw five six dogs i was scared by seeing then one aunty helped me to cross my way n thn i reached home safely ..i want to know what this mean is it positive or negative

      • Can I do any wazifa now

      • Kashish on said:

        agar aap ko thikh se sapne hi na aate ho or agar aae toh aap bhul jae tab kaise malum kare or dusra istekhara ki namaz pdhne par aap ko turant neend na aaye or aap dil me baat krte ho toh kya aap ki namaz toot jaati h

        • Nahi aise namaz to nahi toot ti. Bas jaldi sone ki koshish kijiye.

      • Aqsa on said:

        Assalamolaikum sis aj mery istikhary ka 5 roz hai mjhy sirf 2 din k istakhary yad hen baki yaad nhi pehly din yh aya tha k wo dono bhai hamary ghr rehny arty hen or kisi ek vhai ka rishta, mangty hen yaha sy mtlb hanary ghr sy or yaha sy han hojati hsi bsss itna hi yad hai
        Next day wo yh tha hum dono ki engagement ho rhi hotti hai or sth men unki, bari sis hotti hen or unky hath men unka beta hotta haiha or abhi filhal apoi ka 7 month hai koi aulaad nhi hai bsss abhi tk istakhary nen yhi aya hai

  81. Junaid Ahmed on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    Bhai agar larki ki maa/mother ka naam maloom na ho to father ka naam le skte hen?

    • Larki ki walidah ke nam ki jagah aap ‘hawwa’ boliye bhai.

  82. assalamualaikum mera naam samreen hai aur main apse istekhari ki ijazat chahti hu aur chahti hu ap duwa kre mere haq main qki main jisse pyr krti hu masha allah woh aur main dono nmazi hai dono ek jaisi psnd soch sb rkhte hai woh bht smjhdar bhi hai aur main bhi unhe smjhti hu pr achnk hmre beech kuch ghlt ffehmi hoti hai aur hum alag hojte hai aur is br unhone mjhe khudse dur krdiya qki maine unpr gussa kiya main unse bht pyr krti hu dur dur nhi jaana chahti aur chahti hu allah hmre beech dobra sb thk krde woh waps ajaeye but main jnti hu wh mjhse bt hi krenge aur main apni taraf se koshish krchuki ab mere ps duwa k alwa koi rasta nhi hai but mjhe dar hai k kahi hmra dur hona alllah ka koi ishara to nhi plz suggest main kya kru

    • Dear sis, aapko istikhara ki ijazat hai. Aap pahle ye parhiye aur bataiye. Phir aapko wazifa dungi insha ALLAH. Aapse darkhawast hai ke aap website ko follow kar lijiye.

      • yasmeenbano on said:

        Ji abhi feb m mera rishty k ly larke or uske ghar wale aye hm dono ko ek dusre psnd h 4 month tk bt bhi hui larke wale mujhy dekhne k bd koi jwab ni dy jb ki larka ko mai psnd ho bt y h ki phle mere risty ki bt unke bre larkey se shadi ki bt chl rhi thi mujhy psnd ni tha to mane mna krwa diya ki unke choty bhai se wo log agree hongy to mai choty bhai se shadi kr loungi or bre bhai ka rishta mere papa n khi or tay krwa diya bad m larke wale apne choty bety ko lekr mere ghr aye dekhy hm dono ek dusre ko psnd h pr larke ke ghr wale koi response ni dye phle to phon kiy larka tyyar ni ho rha h fir ek week bd unke phon aya larke ko tyyar krya j rha shdi k ly fir do din bd phon ky khne lg e smjh m ni aya jb ki mane larke se pucha ki ap shadi k ly agree ho to boly h mai agree hu tb mane kha apke abbu fir y q khy larka tyyar ni fir tyyar krya j rha bt kya h to larke n jwab diya actually bt y hui ki apne mere bre bhai k rejection krna or fir mera selection hone hi ghar m bra point bn gya jisse bhi k mood off tha yhi wjh bna plzzz koi dua wajifa ho to bty jisse meri shdi choty bhi k sth nikah ho jay plzzz ab too larke se meri bt bhi ni ho rhi plzzz

      • Samreen on said:

        Assalamualaikum sis maine kalse istekhara shuru kiya masha allah se but rt main meri tbyt khrb hone ki wajhse main thk se so nhi pae aur mjhe kuch nhi dikha but jab main sbha kuch der k liye soe to mjhe ek khwab dikha k mai apne chacha k ghrgae hu aur waha ek ladka aya m use janti thi but usne mjhse bt nhi ki chup chap akr woh let gya aur main use khwb dekh rhi thi but maine bhi usse bt nhi ki but woh woh nhi the jnse m pyr krti hu m unhe apne chacha ka beta bol rhi thi jo hmre dur k relative m hai jo mjhe dikhe bus mjhe itna hi yd h ye bhi mjhe sbha dikha 8 bje k kareeb aj main phrse pdhungi insha allah but mere kuch swl ha ke ye isha ki nmz k bd krna h ya phr jb sone jaeye tb aur kaise smjhungi m k ye allah ka ishara h

        • Istikhara raat ko theek sone se pahle parhna hai sis. Abhi khawab me koi sign nahi dikha. Mazid 6 dino me aapko jo kuch khas nazar aaye, aap yahan share kijiyega. Ham aapko result bata denge.

          • Samreen on said:

            Assalamualaikum sis aj teesra din tha masha allah mere istekhare ka kl to mjhe kuch khaas dikha nhi bus dikha ke teen log hai main meri dost aur unka ek dost aur hm baithe hai main bht preshn hu aur aj maine dekha phle k main ek jgh h waha akeli hu use m offce keh rhi thi apna aur main bilkul akeli hu kisi cheeze ki hifazat kr rhi hu waha do darwaze hai main dusre darwaze k ps hu aur mjhe dar h ke mjhpr hamla hoskta hai aur achnak darwaza baja aur m soch rhi hu yha se kaise niklu phr meri aankh khul gae uske bd dobra aankh lgi to maine dekha k mere ps kuch hai hath m potli m jo bht keemti hai aur m use bacha rhi hu aur main ek almarih hai uske peechhe use chupane ki koshish krti hu pr achnk mjhe khyl ata hai yha ye save nhi hai to main ek packet wahi chhupati hu aur dusra lkr ja rhi hoti hu to meri dost ka mjhe khyl ata hai ke woh soch rhi hogi maine use dhokha diya to main chhupkr use awaz deti hu aur use woh cheeze dikhati hu aur itminan dilati hu maine use dhokha nhi diya phr meri aankh khul gae fajr ki azaan horhi thi

          • Dear sis, abhi kuch khas positivity nahi dikhayi din. Aap jari rakhiye apna istikhara.

          • Samreen on said:

            Assalamualaikum sis maine aj jab main rt nmz padhkr soe to maine alag khwab dekha k main kahi busy thi kuch kaam kr rhi thi aur apne offce k sir se dar rhi thi matlb tb kch alag mjhe nhi dikha lkin phr jab main uthkr aur dobra soe to mjhe dekha main kahi se aati hu aur apne dono dosto ko dekhti hu ke unhe mere ghrwalo ne bht torcher kiya hi to main aati hu aur gussa krti hu roti hu bht zyda hai inki kya ghlti mera inse koi rishta nhi h ye dost hai mere inhe chhod do unme se ek mera best frnd tha main kehti hu isne bht kuch kiya hai mere liye apne kya haal bna diya inka phr mjhe pta chalta hai meri shdi horhi hai but m bilkul khush nhi hu chup chap baithi hu sb tyr kr rhe hai aur main khamosh hu bilkul aur achnk ek ldki hai jo khwab m meri chhoti behan hai but woh meri sis nhi thi mtlb uska chehra meri sagi sis ki tarah nhi thi but khwb m meri chhoti behan thi achnk mere ps aati hai aur main use kuch deti hu jisme main usldke ki kuch baatein record krti hu jo ke mjhse shdi kr rha hota hai us recording m woh kisi ldki se bt kr rha hota h phr achnk goli ki awz aati h to meri sis woh lekr papa k ps jati h ke unko woh dikhade main bht rorhi hoti hu bht preshn hoti khamosh na umeed hokr baithi hoti hu but jab woh recordng sunati hai woh achnk gyb hojti hai to woh phr main hi dikhti hu to usme kuch nhi hota aur woh ldka jisse shdi horhi hoti hai aur uska dost muskura rhe hote h phr main apni behan ko dhundne niklti hu to main use dhund rhi hoti hu har jgh main ek ajeeb si jgh jati hu chat pr chad kr uska dost kehta hai tmhri behan ab nhi milegi tmhe achnk mjhe kuch milta hai aur main talash kr rhi hoti hu behan ko apni achnk kuch ajeeb log dikhae dete h main unse puchhti hu woh khana waghra lkr ja rhe the k kkha ja rhe ho ap log to woh log ajeeb si jgh btate h jise sunkr mjhe achnk chiristian qabaristan yd ata hai aur main shocked hojti hu bht phr mere mamu mere ps aate hai main unse sb btati hu jo jo hua phr meri aankh khul gae…baki pichhle do din m koi aisi Khwb nhi dikha mjhe na mjhe yd hai

          • Kuch had tak positive hi hai khawab sis.

          • Samreen on said:

            assalamualaikum sis aj masha Allah mere istekhare ke panch din pure hogae aur maine dekha ke main kuch krna chahti hu dekha koi school kholna chahti hu but mjhe jgh nhi mil rhi kahi bhi to main pareshn hu phr maine kisi parking ko decorate kiya aur usme aise hi apna school khola aur bachcho ko padhana shuru kiya but waha gadiya khadi hoti hai to mjhe preshni horhi hai phr achnk ek ladka meri madad krta hai ur woh wahi h jisse m pyr krti hu but m usne narz hu phle to unknown smjhkr to m help leti hu but main unse nrz bhi hu k woh q itne din gyb rhe m akeli thi but m bht khush hu aur shikayt krti hu aise nhi manugi m apse qki ap mjhe chhodkr gae the phr m uth gae.

          • Samreen on said:

            sis 5 nhi aj 7 din masha Allah complete hogae sis ab mjhe btaeye mjhe kya krna hai aage qki unki narazgi to aisii hi hai abhi bhi aur halat bht bure h usdin se ajtk hmra koi contct nhi na mjhe unki koi khbr na unhe meri balke unhe meri tbyt ka pta chala to bol rhe h mjhe nhi janna woh kis haal m hai na mjhe mtlb woh kaisi hai aur meri tbyt bht khrb hai usdin se aur main offce study kuch nhi kr pa rhi hu aur unhone sbse boldiya h mjhse rishta nhi rkhna hai mjhe smjh nhi arha ye hua kya mere sth achnk woh to bht pyr krte the mjhse to achnk itni nafrt kaise agae sis plz meri madad krye ke atlease unki nafrt km ho aur allah hmesha k liye hmre beech sachchi mohabbat paida krde aur hmre beech ki ye jo nafrt h khtm krke sachcha pyr paida krde

          • Aap website pe diya gya ‘pyar me pagal karne ka wazifa’ parhiye sis.

          • Samreen on said:

            Sis plz mjhe suggest kijiye main kya kru ab aur maine apko sb bt likhi hai isse phle comment m jo is waqt halat hai plz sis meri madad krye m bht preshn hu mjhe apne Allah pr atoot bharosa hai but main kis raste jao kya kru kuch smjh nhi arha hai

          • Jab aapko samajh na aa raha ho ke kya karna hai to Istikhara karna chahiye sis. Website se dekh kar istikhara parh len aap.

          • saher on said:

            salam o alikum mam mujhy swal krna tha k meri mangni ho chukki hai 1 year r 3 months hogye hai mangni ko r shsddi issi saal nov ya dec mai hai sab ko pta hai mangni r shaddi ka lkn …..jb meri mAngni hui thi tab molvi hain koi dum krtay hain bs r unse pochwaya tha k meray mangetar k baray mai unho kaha tha k larka ni achaa phr ab 1 week phlay kaha gya tha mujhy k shadi kamyab ni ho gii abb btaye mera istekhara krna jaiz hai ya naii ku k sab jantay hai ….jazak Allah

          • Bilkul sis aap istikhara kabhi bhi kar sakti hain. ALLAH Ta’ala ki guidance lena behad zaruri hai.

  83. jaseem on said:

    Aas salaam o alaikum

    apse phle bhee baat hoyee thee

    meine istikhara complete kerlia hai 7 days tak

    day 1 mein khawab aya k mein ek buuhat bare room mein hoon …waha her cheez white hai means furniture aur mein waha kisi ka wait ker raha hoon sahyed koi teacher ka jo shayed mere cousins ko perha rahe hai….
    aur phir mere aankh khul jate hai….fajar k liyee

    day 2 koi khawab nahee aya

    day 3 koi khawab nahee aya

    day 4 raat mien tu koi khawab nahee aya but dophar mien khawab aya k mien uske saath hoon aur hamari shaadi hochuke hai
    aur hum buhat khush hai

    day 5 miene dekha k men ksi alim deen ka bayan sun raha hoon aur niyaat k oper dars de rahe hain

    day 6 koi khawab nahee aya

    day 7 khawab aya tha mager mjhe kuch yaad nahe araha hai

    aap mjhe koi powerful wazeefa batadein k jis se us se mere shaadi hohaye…..wo nikah k liyee man jayee aur mjhse raabta

    kare…..kyu k usne sare raabte khatum kerdiye hai mjhse….plz jaldi reply kijiye ga

  84. jee mere sirf khula hoye the court se…aur khula mien talaq ke word ada nahe hoyee thee dono taraf se–bus khula hoye the..aur na hee kahein sign hoyee theee……..
    tu is condition mein tu halala nahe kerna pare ga na?/

    aur meine istikhara bhee kia love marriage wala…..abhee ek hee dinkia hai

    day 1 mein khawab aya k mein ek buuhat bare room mein hoon …waha her cheez white hai means furniture aur mein waha kisi ka wait ker raha hoon sahyed koi teacher ka jo shayed mere cousins ko perha rahe hai….
    aur phir mere aankh khul jate hai….fajar k liyee

    • Ji han bhai, aapko halala karne ki zarurat nahi hai. Aap wapas ruju kar sakte hain. Aur aapka istikhara positive hai bhai.

      • Jaseem on said:

        Ji jazakAllah
        Mein ye istikhara 7 days tak keroun?
        2nd day koi khawab nahe aya..

        Mjhe ye batadein mein konsa wazeef keroun .jis se wo dobaara rabta kare aur nikah k liyee razi hojaye… Kyu k abhee Tu usne sub rabte bund kiye hoye hain…..plz koi powerful wazeefa batadein

      • Mein istikhara kiya do din to mujh iska mtlb jane hai. Plz ap mujh ap isk mtlb bta dy gi. day one Asman pa airplane or green or white kach ki choria green colour ka bubble tha jo mein kah tha.
        Day 2Meri shadi kesi or se hoti hai lekin mein jis se pyar krti hu vo mujh us se save kr leta hai. Or meri shadius larky se tot jati hai. Scene chance hote hai. Mein dehkti hu k mein kesi parshani mein hoti hu. Or mein jis se pyar krti hu vo meri pershani ko duar krta hai. Vo mujh call krta hai. Or hum khush hote hain.

          • Aqsa on said:

            1st day mainy yh dekha unky chotty bhai or wo hamary ghr rehny atty hen or bary bhai or chotty bhai mtlb yh 2 hi bhai hen tau dono ka rishta mangty hen hum dono behno k liye tau agy yad nhi hai

          • Positive hai aapka istikhara ka khawab sis.

      • Sundus on said:

        Salam muje aik to apse ijaazat leni he is istakhare ki or doosra poochna tha k agr us larke ki maa ka naam pata na ho uska poora naam pata ho bus kia me ye istekhara krsakti hun? Meri situation bht buri he me office me aik larke ko pasand krne lagi thi wo b muje dekhta tha aik maheene tak me apne apko jhutlati rahi mene namaz parhna start krdi or pehle se istekhara jo normal hota he namaz k baad kisi b waqt 2 nafil istekhara or phr dua e istekhara (muje bataya gya tha k ye sunnati way he or àp istekhara kabhi b karsakte ho) jb jb me ye krti gai mera dil uski taraf barta gya shiddat hogai k mene zindagi me pehli dafa kisi ko khud confess kia me heran the k na paisa he na bht khoobsurat he muje koi waja smj nai aati k muje wo larka q pasand he uska aik najaez relationship b rehchuka he aik aurat philipino k sath (usne muje sab bataya tha confess k din k wo majboor tha paison k lye ) or sharab b pi hui he chars b kia hua he (uske mutabiq halat or tension ki waja se kia tha) me kabhi b aise mard se shadi ka soch b nai sakti thi laikin muje smj nai aai k allah muje iske pas q bhej raha he ya hosakta he shetan ho jadu etc! Mene kaha k wada karo aj k baad ye sab dubara nai karoge usne wada kia … jahan tk muje usne bataya me usko bht pyari lagti thi phr hamari chat pr baat hui mene musalsal dubara uske lye istekhara kia pata nai q achanak muje job se nikal diya or usko suspend krdya (but wo abhi b kaam karraha he ) shyd wo pakistan chala jae wo bht depression me b he jb se ye hua uska mujse dil hat gya me to bht shiddat se chahne lagi thi laikin usne muje saaf kaha k uske lye ghr wale zyada important hen pehle kehta tha wo log maane ya na maane me tumse shadi karunga or ab ye last bus ye k mene bht koshish ki zaleel hui sharminda hui uske peeche prgai wo nai mana he blocked me from everywhere mujse ye brdasht nai horaha me chahti hun k me ab kuch aisa karun k jesa mera dil tarpa he uske lye kuch b ho uska b mere lye dil tarpe jb muje wo pasand aasakta he jiski waja muje nai pata bus wo muje hansta hua acha lagta tha dekh kr khushi hoti thi kuch aisa ho uske dil me me dubara se aon shiddat se or wo chah kr b muje naa bhoole… me bht pareshan hun sab khatam laikin dil ko sukoon nai milraha muje uski maa ka ya baap ka naam nai pata or na pata chal sakta he plz meri madad kare bht shukriya

        • Aap mukammal 7 roz ye istikhara kijiye. Unki maa ke naam ki jagah aap ‘hawwa’ boliye aur istikhara pura kar ke bataiyega.

          • Sundus on said:

            Salam apke jawab k bht shukriya muje aik to poochna tha k nabi pak saw ko sawab kese pohnchaon matlab tareeqa kia he. Wo to already aik nabi he allah k mehboob aik jannati shakhs unko sawab ki kia zaroorat hum unko already drood pak parh kr bhejte hen doosra isha ki namaz k baad foran istekhara kr k sojana he? Kisi se baat b nai krsakte? Plz madad ki jiyega muje ilm nai itna shukriya

          • Dear sis, Ap ne bolna hai ke ya ALLAH! Maine jo parha hai is mein agar koi ghalti ho gayi ho to mujhe mu’af karna aur iska savab Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam ko pohancha dena.
            Aapne sone se theek pahle istikhara parhna hai aur kisi se baat nahi karni parhne ke bad.

          • Sundus on said:

            Mene 7 din tak bilkul isi tarhan istAkhara kia he but mene koi khwab nai dekha hamesha me tahajud k waqt uth jaati thi or akhri din mene bus ye dekha k hum dono aik office me hen or wo call center me call pr baat karraha he or me uski awaz sun rahi hun ghor se call pr doosre fone se aisa nai hosakta k uska dil meri taraf mur jae muje like krta tha phr muje chor dia mera koi raabta nai usse me uski waja se badnam hogai ab me chahti hun kuch aisa ho k wo mere pas khud lot kr ae uske dil me mere lye bechaini paida hojae kia aisa nai hosakta? Mene usko hamesha apne shohr jesa smjha tha but he left neend nai aati muje bhoolna chahti hun nai bhool paati plz kuch madad karen shukriya or aisa bataen k juld ho q k wo kabhi b doosre mulk jasakta he ye suna he bus

          • Positive hai aapka istikhara ka khawab.

          • Sundus on said:

            Salam agr mera khawab positive he to sab khatam q hogya he? He left me me usse baat b nai krsakti usko ye relationship nai chahye usne muje saaf kehdya k hum sab khatam krte hen he blocked me.. meri itni bezati kabhi nai hui.. me kia karun ??? Guilt se neend nai ati har waqt uske bare me sochti rehti hun ? Kia karun?

          • ALLAH par bharosa rakhiye sis. ALLAH Ta’ala ne zarur aapke liye kuch achha likha hoga.

      • Salam plz ap mera istikhara k jwab dy. Day one,Asman pa airplane or green or white kach ki bangles green colour
        Day 2-,Meri shadi kesi or se hoti hai lekin mein jis se pyar krti hu vo mujh us se save kr leta hai. Or meri shade us larky se tot jati hai. Scene chance hote hai. Mein dehkti hu k mein kesi parshani mein hoti hu. Or mein jis se pyar krti hu vo meri pershani ko duar krta hai. Vo mujh call krta hai. Or hum khush hote hain.
        Day 3, mein kisi jaga hoti hu I think vo koi hospital hota hai. Or wahan mujh white colour ki tablets milti hain, usk bhd mein apne bhai ko dehkti hu vo kuch white colour ki cheez coocking kr rha hote hai. Phir dehkti hu k mein ek red colour ki car mein hoti hu. Or go mujh kahain la kr ja rha hote hai us insan ko mein nai janti. Lekin mujh shak hote hai k ye insan theek nai hai to mein car se autar kr bhag jati hu. Phir meri ayes open ho jati hain

        Day 4, mein khawb mein dehkti hu k mein khaba k samenh kahri hu. Phir dehkti hu k mein jis ko passand krti hu usk msg aata hai hum bat krty hain vo kheta hai k tum meri ho. Mein usko jwab ni deti. Phir dehkti hu k meri sis ami ko sub bta deti hai. Or meri ami kheti hai ko bolo vo risth la kr aay hum tumri shadi kr dy us se.

  85. jaseem on said:

    Aas salaam o alaikum

    mere shaadi nakaam hogaye the..kisi waja se khula hogaye the….mein ab us se again shaadi kerna chahta hoon…..likin aisa konsa wazeefa keroun jis se wo wapis ajaye,,aur us se mere dobara shaadi hojaye

    • Wapas pahli biwi se shadi karne ke liye halala ka process karna parta hai bhai. Iske liye aap apne qareebi maulvi se malumaat le sakte hain.

  86. Shahnaz on said:

    Me aapse ye istikhara ka amal karne ki ijazat chahti hu…..Kisi wajah se me ye amal 16 march se shuru krungi inshaallah…..So plz bhaaijaan mujhe ijazat de dijiye….

    • Sis, aapko ijazat hai istikhara karne ki. Bas aap pahle website ko zarur follow/ subscribe kar lijiyega.

      • Mahi on said:

        plz Bhai mujhe istikhara Karne ki izzazat de or num 6 wala mujhe samjha de umse Kya Karna h

        • Aapko ijazat hai sis istikhara karne ki bas aapse darkhawast hai ke website ko follow kijiyega.
          6th point me aap aise boliye ke ya ALLAH! Maine jo parha hai is mein agar koi ghalti ho gayi ho to mujhe mu’af karna aur iska savab Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam ko pohancha dena.

  87. mai ye wazifa do din se kr rhi hun mai wazifa krne ke turant bad nhin so pati hun aur bina kuch bole bhi nhin ho pa rha gharvalon se kuch na kuch bat krni pd jati hai ap btaiye ye thik hai ya phir just sone se pehle hi krun.

    • Istikhara ke bad aapko fauran late jana hai, kisi se bat nahi karni, koi kam nahi karna.

      • varisha on said:

        maine teen din ye istikhara galat tarike se kiya istikhara krne k just bad sona hota hai but i could not sleep just after to kya ab mai ye istikhara chhod skti hun beech me aur ek din ka gap lekar dobara start kr sakti hun sahi tarike se

        • Ji han ab aap ek din ka gap de kar dobara istikhara shuru kijiye.

  88. Reshma on said:

    Mene ishtekhara kiya kal rat hi mene izazat nahi li he to plz izazat dijiye ishtekhara ki mene subscribe ki he website aur fb insta page b follow kr ri aur muje pure khwab yaad nahi rehte har roj ajibo garib khwab dikhayi dete he muje aur jab se rishta tuta tab se esa dikhayi deta ki me aur wo ldka sath me aur sb thk ho gaya aur hum khush he pr kal mene rishta toot jane ke baad use wapas pane ke liye wajifa kra aur sath hi me kal raat me pehli bar ishtekhara kiya … to me ishtekhara kr ke kal foran so gayi aur khwab adha dhura yad he ki me khwab me dekh rhi hu ki muje khwab yad nahi rehta isliye me apne fb mesanger pr khud ko message likh rhi hu ki muje ye khwab aya he taki me subah bata saku usme mene periods me jo pad use krte he wo wala pad dekha aur spit (thuk) ke bare me b mene likha tha aur ye sab me likh kr pdh kr yad kr ke khwab me so jati hu fir ek clasrrom me me aur meri best frnd aur uski bahen sath me banch pr bethe huve hpte he aur msti kr rhe hote he aur piche 3-4 ldke b bethe huve hote he (hala ki me girls ke school clg me hi pdhi hu haqeeqat me pr khwab me esa dekha) aur wo me msti kr ri wo dekh aur sun rhe hote he me pi6e mood kr nhi dekhti isliye chehra nahi dikha kisi ldke ka… fir me apni frnd ko haste haste bolti hu ki humne rishta tod diya ..mere papa bolo ki wo ldke wale na bole is se acha he hum hi na bol de aur ye bat me muskura kr kehti hu aur bad me atitude se haste haste bolti hu ki muje koi reject kr de esa ho skta he kya aur fir bad me hm sab hsne lgte he ….. bs itna khwab yad pehli bar hi kiya he ishtekhara ek din hi huva he plz batiye its a good sighn or not?

    • Aapko ijazat hai Istikhara karne ki sis. Aur istikhara ke bad jo wazifa karna chahen aap kar sakti hain. Abhi filhaal koi positivity nahi dikhayi di hai.

      • Reshma on said:

        *day1* : me khwab me dekh rhi hu ki muje khwab yad nahi rehta isliye me apne fb mesanger pr khud ko message likh rhi hu ki (white nd blue theme me blavk lattets the)muje ye khwab aya he taki me subah bata saku usme mene periods me jo pad use krte he wo wala pad dekha(par saaf tha koi i mean white hi tha blood ni tha ) aur spit (thuk) ke bare me b mene likha tha aur ye sab me likh kr pdh kr yad kr ke khwab me so jati hu fir ek clasrrom me me aur meri best frnd aur uski bahen sath me banch pr bethe huve hpte he aur msti kr rhe hote he aur piche 3-4 ldke b bethe huve hote he (hala ki me girls ke school clg me hi pdhi hu haqeeqat me pr khwab me esa dekha) aur wo me msti kr ri wo dekh aur sun rhe hote he me pi6e mood kr nhi dekhti isliye chehra nahi dikha kisi ldke ka… fir me apni frnd ko haste haste bolti hu ki humne rishta tod diya ..mere papa bolo ki wo ldke wale na bole is se acha he hum hi na bol de aur ye bat me muskura kr kehti hu aur bad me atitude se haste haste bolti hu ki muje koi reject kr de esa ho skta he kya aur fir bad me hm sab hsne lgte he ….. bs itna khwab yad pehli bar.
        *day2* : me aur meri wahi best frnd hum dono school ja rahe hote he hmari school uniform light grey aur leafgreen color ki he chex wali aur duppatta green he aur barish ho rhi hoti he aur meri frnd ulati taraf ja ri hoti he me awaaz lagati hu zor se ki idhar jana he to fir me chal rhi hoti hu aur kichad me gir jati hu mera uniform kharab ho jata he aur fir dusra khwab ata he usme mene tin alag alag rang ki mehndi color ki dress pehne huye ldki dekhi usme se ek ka colour locky jesa tha ekdm light aur ek ka mehndi colur tha aur bahot mela tha wo dress aur tisra yad nahi aur tisre khwab me suraj ko dekha ye tino lhwab gehri nind me dekhe aur fir subah 9 bje ke aspas me jag rhi thi aur so bhi rhi thi mtlab kavhi nind sab sunai deta he aspas kya ho raha he wesi nind me mene red marker se koi off white colour thoda cream jesa thela us pr koi kuch likh raha he… aaj do din huye he

        • Pahle khawab ka javab pichle comment me aapko de diya hai maine. Dusra khawab positive hai. 7 din pure karke bataiye aap.

          • Reshma on said:

            Day 3 : juva khel rhe hote he ku6 log white nd black kpdo me.
            Day:4 norml drems yad ni reha
            Day :5 uncle jghde aur upar gaye aur awaj aya papa ne dekha aur bole khun gira balkani se mene nai dekha pr papa bole
            Day : 6 mene ku6 kagaz me likh rkha he kora white kagaz jo ki zaroori hota ku6 logo ke liye wo pdhna aur sab mere pi6e lag jate he me badi si khali buildeing me ghus jati hu aur waha diwal ke under thodi jagah hoti waha 6upa deti hu wo kagaz aur kabi upar terecce pe ja kr fad ke uda detiu waha ek mela sa jaad hota he (tree) aur ek cement ki oani ki tanki jo band hoti he black colour ka dhkkan se itna khwab tha. Aur khwab me kabi din tha kabi raat thi. Aur us din subah muje dard b ho raha tha body pain jo aksar muje ho jata he…pr aaj thk ho gaya he …ishtekhara ke dauran b huva to mene batana jaroori smja.
            Day :7 fazar ki namaz tak.koi khwab ni aya fir namaz bad soyi to mene fynally us ldke ko khwab me dekha hm log uske ghar bat krne gaye hote he pr wo ghar jo dikha khwab me wo uska nai tha… wo bahot sari cidiya utar gaya tha aur mene pu6a apne bhai se wo kaha he uska naam le kr aur usne kaha wo to cidiya utar kr ja chuka to mne fauran dekha aur muje wo dikhe usne white shirt pehen rkhi thi to mene apne ap se bola white pehna he usne to aur wo bahot door the mene halki si awaaz lagayi to wo bahot door the matlab bahot door fir b usne ek halki awaaz sun li aur muskuraye aur wapis aye upar aur ghar me aye fir koi shakhs ku6 chiz lene aya tha to use pani ka cooler blue colour ka aur ku6 box diye aur hume pu6a apko kya chahiye to papa bole tumare papa ko bulao to uske papa aye fir me aur ammy white floar tha us pr hi beth gaye aur mene blue suit pehen rkha tha wo bole muje kaam he me jata hu mene bola ha nipta do… hm rishta todne gaye hote he pr mere havbhav dekh kr papa bolte he tume yahi krna he rishta aur me hone nai duga… to me boli ki muje baat to krne do pehle wo meri bate manta he to krege rishta warna fir dekhte he… aur wo ldka uthta he uske ghar se to papa bolte kaha ja raha he ye to uske papa bole classis lene uske frnd ki shop ke pas waha pr bahot sari ldkiya ati he to dekhenge usme se koi psnd aye to … to me apna muh 6upakar bethi hoti hu duppate se rona aa raha hota he aur wo muje bol kr chala jata he ldka ki kaam he aata hu fir to me bolti hu kaam nipata do… bs itna khwab tha….aur mera dil us sakhs ko pane ke liye hi machal raha he matlab usi ki aur mail ho raha he ki kisi tarah use pa lu ishtekhara ke dauran ke dino me b aur uske pehle b ….aaj akhiri din tha 7 va din ishtekhara ka…mene 7 din mukkamal kr liye he aur 2 din ke khwab upar hi bata diye cmnts aur 5 din ke abi bataye ap sab dekh lo khwab 7 dino ke aur bataiye plz… ishtekhara result… aur ha me apko bata du ki muje har roj ajibo garib daravane aur khoon kharabe ke aur bhut ke khwab ate he pr ishte khra ke dauran esa nai huva ap plz read kr k meri help kijiye ishtekhara result bataiye.

          • Istikhara ke dauran aapko achhe khawab aayen hain jiska matlab hai ke istikhara aapke haq me hai sis.

    • Nazia on said:

      Assalamualaikum..Maine khawab m mangoes dekhe aur khaye iski kya tabeer h.mere cousin ka rishta ho rha h mahtab Anwar ammi Noor Bano ladki Asma Yaseen h yh pasand ka h wo apni zid se krrha h plz..istekhara krke btayeyh shadi kaisi rahegi…plz jaldi kyunki shadi fix hone wali h hmlogo Ko dar h

      • Agar aapka ye istikhara ka khawab hai to positive hai sis.
        Cousin ke rishte ke liye aap ya aapki Ammi istikhara kar sakti hain.
        Website ke search box me likhiye- ‘istikhara ki dua’ aur search button par click kijiye. Istikhara ka tareeqa aapke samne aa jayega. Dekh kar parhiye aap.

  89. Ali on said:

    M n nikah istikhara Kya h plzz btain k positive ya ni
    Day 1 Chacho k bety ki Shaadi h r phupo hmary ghr unki betion k lye kpry ly k aai hn sb vhi dkh rhy hn
    Day 2 din time dkha k ksi teacher ki Shaadi h unho n cream sherwani r red kula phna hoa h
    Day 2 rat ko dkha k jinsy m Shaadi krna chahti hn unki Ami r bhai mry ghr risjta ly k aye hn
    Day 3 kch yad ni
    Day 4 Dewar p likha dkha k 2016 m ksi ki death hogai r kch ni yad
    Day 5 khen dawaat h r Khana h.r phr dkha k Mera paper h r adha sllybus prh k ni aai
    Day 6 kch ni yad
    Day 7 kch ni yad

      • Ali on said:

        Yani mry haq m bhtr h agr yhn shadi hojaye to?
        R dsra swal yh h k mry parents ni man rhy meri yhn shadi k lye usky lye kya kron? Plzz reply

          • Kaynat ali on said:

            Assalamu alai qum….humne 7 bar istikhara krwaya h ek bar khud Kia h or 2nd tym ek Qari sahab ne Kia tha 3rd tym maulavi sahab ne 4th tym Hafiz ji me 5th tym maulvi Sahab or 6th Nd 7th alg alg hazrat Sahab ne kia h sbme Alhumdolillah se positive hi aya h….pr abhi halat bahut khrab ho chuke Hain mere parents bs caste ki wjh se razi nhi ho rhe hain or dusri trf boy k ghr walon ne unka rishta kahin or kr dia h aisa ho rha h JB istikhara positive h….Mai Imran Bhai k btaye huye kai wazife kr hun ek taweez wala bhi Kia h pr muje abhi tk koi result nhi Mila ek month se kr rhi hun please aap meri madad kren or Allah se dua kren hmara sath bna den Allah Rasool kaise bhi kr k or dusri trf boy k ghr walon k Dil me rahem AA Jaye wo log ruk Jayen

          • Aap khoob yaqeen ke stah wazaif parhiye sis. Sath me astaghfar bhi parhiye. ALLAH Ta’ala aapki madad farmaye, aameen.

      • Shahista on said:

        Hi maine ya allah nikkah istikhara kiya
        Pehle din muje khwab nahi pada,
        Kaal , muje khwab pada, ke main mai aur mera ladka sath hain, thodi der, hum lad rahe hain.. thodi der ek dusre ke sath bohot khush hain.aur ladke ki maa mere liye piste color burqa laye hainn.aur muje burqe ka color kuch khas passand, nai araha phir main unhe Bolrahi hoon .muje color passant nahi.
        Phir ladke ki maa aur behn muje keh rahi hain.iss bar yahin burqa rakhlo
        AagliI bar dusre Color ladenge

        • Aapka istikhara ka khawab positive hai sis. Aap 7 din pure kar ke bataiye.

  90. naushaba on said:

    shi trika kia hi istikhar perne ka plzz mujhe btayi

    • Istikhara karne ka mukammal tareeqa upar post me bataya gya hai. Aap pura post dhyaan se parhiye.

  91. naushaba on said:

    meri ammi ne istikhara pra tha mere liye ek din tho kia ek din se result aa jata hi shi unhone dekha tha ki ek bhoit bri nadi hi aur wo paar nhi ker pa rhi hi wha bhoit se log hai jo bol rhe the unse ki aap esko paar nhi ker payengi tho eska kia matlab hi jis lerke ke liye pri thi uske liye maine dekh atha tho positive aya tha but wha sab raji hi mujh se shadi ke liya tho kia kerna hi aap btayi mujhe

  92. Mahnoor on said:

    Aoa many Nikah k istakhary K bd Khwab me green Kpry or white shoes Dekhy h apny liy
    Iska Kya Mtlb h? Or mny istakhara is niyat sy Kia h k Nikah hoga ya nhi

  93. Unkwn on said:

    As-salam-ualaikum dear sis i have one question that mene ek video dekha tha to usme ishtekhara ke bare me bola tha ki ye bs srf Allah ki raza lana hota h ap nhi pata laga skte ke ye yes hai ya no hai to ap kese btati h ke ye positive h ya negative h or me apko us video ka link deti hu plz mujhe sahi jawab dijiyega

    • Istikhara ALLAH ki raza malum karne ke liye hi kiya jata hai. Jo ke Ahadees se bhi sabit hai. Agar istikhara me kuch positive dikhayi de to ham bolte hain ke aapke haq me hai. Agar negative dikhayi de to haq me nahi hai.

  94. Saher on said:

    Aoa sir
    Agr shadi k liye istikhara krein aur khawab main khud ko garden main khara dekhain jidr phool hon aur ek dm sy taiz hawa chl jye k kch nzr na aye to iska kya mtlb hai

    • Iska matlab hai ke aapka istikhara aapke haq me aaya hai. ☺️

  95. Anonymous on said:

    Assalam o alaikum
    Mai jisse pasand krti 6saal se wo bande ne muje bahut bada dhoka diya ek saal pehle uski mangni hu ek saal se muje physically aur mentally torture kiya jhuth bola k wo usse shadi nhi krna chahta mujse pyar krta lekin wo usse relation me tha sath sath aur aaj jb muje sab sach pata chala wo muje zalil krke chodh diya ek pal k liye b sry feel nhi kiya
    Kya Allah muje is baat ka insaad dege wo dhoke baaz ko saza milne me mai usse loyal thi aur wo mere sath bs game khelra tha mai chahti hu usko uske kiye saza mile allah k tarafse 😔
    Mai jeena nhi chahti

    • Dear sis, ALLAH ne ijazat nahi di ke aise kisi ghair mahram ke sath ta’alluqaat rakhe jayen. Agar pasandeedgi ho jaye to seedha rishta laane ki baat ki jaye. Aur walidain ko bataya jaye. Baqi agar aapke sath zyadti hui hai to beshak ALLAH sab dekh RAHA hai. Wohi insaaf karne WALA hai. Aap ALLAH se hidayet ki du’a maangen.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Ji mai jaanti meri b galti h uske liye roz maafi maangti hu Allah se
        Usne muje sab jaanke dhoka diya h sab kch jaanke khel khela h mere sath mai depression me hu kisise kch keh b nhi sakti mai dilse chahti use uske kiye ki saza mile aur Allah sab ka insaaf krte muje Allah pr bharosa h

  96. Sarfaraz Akhtar on said:

    Assalamo Alaikum…
    Mai ek larki se pichle 12 sal se pyar karta hoon pahle to hamesha uska inkar rahta tha baad me 2013 me usne bhi qubul kiya kiya fir sari cheezen chalti rahi 2017 me usne apne gharwalon se sabse zid karke mujhse rishta k liye raazi kiya hamari mangni bhi ho gyi ab wo ye bol rahi hai jab hamare ghar ki taraf se date lene ki baat hui to larki ke abba ne kha ham sonch kar batate hain aur larki bilkul bhi raazi nhi hai….Mujhe kya karna chahiye

  97. firoza on said:

    meny khwab may chand or suraj aasman may upar nichy dekha hai iska koi upar chand hai or nichy suraj iski kya tabir hai plz bataye

  98. Maihevish on said:

    mujhe pta h thoda ajeeb khwab h thabhi mujhe samjh nhi aa rha. normal khwab h ya ishara h agr ishara h to positive hai ya nagetive

    • Aapko bataya to hai ke achha khwab hai. Achha matlab positive khawab hai.

  99. Maihevish on said:

    Asslamu alaikum mujhe ek sapana aaya tha but maine fajar ke namaz ke liye alaram laga ya to maine jab vo alaram baja uko band kya or soo gyi tab aya tha to mujhe samjh nhi aara ki ye normal sapna h ya koi ishara mujhe ye sapna aya tha ki mere chacha ji mujhe bohat saari shopping kra rhe jo m kahu vo dila rhe to phir achanak se ek room ke bahar aa gyi or maine ander dekha to mere dono bade bhai room m bhaithe h meri bhabhiyo ke saath unme se choti bhabhi dulhan bani hui thi phir maine bahar ja kr dekha to mera dusre bhaiyya jcb se ghr todne jaa rhe the phir m bhag kr gyi or unke saath ja kr room bhaith gyi phir vo bhai bhi agya jo jcb se ghr thod rha aagya or hamare tha bhaith gya or bola ki m bhi enjoy krunga phir ham ne bohat maje kare masti kri bs itna hi tha

    • Maihevish on said:

      mai 2 din istekhra kr rhi hu kuch sapna nhi aara but ye kl aaya tha

      • Koi baat nahi sis. Kisi bhi ek raat me ishara ho sakta hai. Aap lagataar saat raaton tak love marriage istikhara parhiye.

        • anam on said:

          Assalamalaikum sis apse ek ilteza hai ap hamara love marriage istekhara kr de sis allah k waste uske bad ho ho wo bta de q ki sister hm itne aalim nhi ki ye sb kr payenge

          • Pyari sis, main aise Istikhara nahi karti hon. Istikhara karne ke liye aapko aalim ya faazil hone ke zarurat nahi hai. Ye bohat hi aasan istikhara hai. Aap shuru to kijiye phir mujhe yahan comments me bataiye. Don’t worry, main aapki help karungi. 😊

  100. Unkwn on said:

    assalamualaikum sis mujhe ek wazifa chahiye tha actually me jinhe pyar krti hu unhone apni study bi accha se complete ki hai english bhi bohot acchi h kaam bi sab ata h par pata nahi kyu unki job nahi lag pati or jab bi khin interview dete h to wo clear ho jata h but unko pending me dal diya jata hai ya hold pr rakh dete h ya agar job lag bhi jati h to usme bohot prblms ati h plz koi esa wazifa btae jo me unke liye padh saku or unki job lag jae plz sis bht zaruri h

  101. Shabnam on said:

    Agr khwab me white color kay buhat se kapraa nazar aye to kia yeah istikhara positive he?? Or agr larka bhi white kapre pehne khuwab me nazar ae to is ka kia he jawab? Please reply

    • ji hai sis apka nikah istikhara ki tabeer positive hai.

      • shabnam on said:

        Itna ziada white kapra (kafan) ki trha ka nazar ana acha hota? kindly confirm kr den? But mjhe un logo ki wja se dukh hi mil rha koi na koi or rishta bhi nahi ho rha he?

        • Safed rang istikhara me nazar aana positive alamat mani jati hai sis.

  102. Rizwana on said:

    Assalamu alaikum kya koi aise duva hai engagement break karvanae ki plz batayae

  103. Assalamualaikum
    Maine isteqara kiya aur dekha ke mai aur meri sister ek function hall ke opposite mein khade hue hai aur meri sister bol rahi hai ke ye dekho wahi function hall haina jisme khala ki shadi hui thi ye kitna chota hai toh mai kehti hu ki Han chota toh haI par Acha hi bas shadi hojane se matlab kya karna hai bade chote se… phir wahan right side par bohat saare gamle hote hai line se mai kehti hu ke dekho didi pehle ye side se seediya nahi thi ab seediyan banaye hai ye log ne aur ek gamle mein bohat khoobsurat red and brown clour roses hote hai meri sis sirf leaf ko hath lagate hi watchman mana karta hai / phir dekha ke meri sis keh rahi hain ke maine jo locket diya unhe gift mein unhe pasnd aaya/ phir dekha ke mai meri ammi aur meri saheli archies shop par hai wahan bohat saare greeting cards hai mai ek greeting card nikalti hu wo bohat colourfull aur attractive hota hai par usme pehle se hi kisi ke notes likhe hote hai aur sayeed afridi kehke naam bhi hota hai toh meri seheli aur mai wo nahi lete …wahin pe kuch dresses bhi hoti hai meri friend ko ek dress pasnd aata hai par rate zyada hone se wo nai leti mujhe ek white aur ek sky blue dress pasand aata hai par mai b wo nai leti ham ghar wapas aajate hain mai jab burqa utarti hu toh dekhti hu ke maine white top pehna hua hai jo maine nahi khareeda sochti hu ke maine shyd galti se pahanliya isse wapas karna hoga warna ye chori kehlaayegi soch kar utar deti hu wo black and ash lines wali t.shirt hojati hai phir ammi bahar se aati hai aur kehti hain ki dekho zara meri gardan par pissu hai kya toh mai uss pissu ko pakadti hu aur maar deti hu fir aur zameen pe mujhe aur ek pissu dikhta hai usse b maar deti hu aise hi teen chaar ko maarti hu.

      • Jazakallah mehar sis

  104. Gazala on said:

    Assalamu alaikum..Mera naam gazala jaha job krti hu waha k manager husain naam h unka muje Pasand h..hum dono ekdusre ko last 6-7 Saal s jaante h.. starting k 3-4 Saal hmre darmiyan Bahot achcha tha bt last 2 Saal s sb prblm h..muje husain s nikah krna h..wo ha kehte h phir kya kru?Plz help kriye meri..

    • Aap upar post se ya ALLAH Nikah istikhara kijiye aur phir bataiye. Pura hone par aapko wazifa recommend karungi insha ALLAH.

  105. Samia on said:

    Mam mjy apni marriage k bary.mai puchna h mai zada depressed hu agar dream mai red clr dekhy istakhara k bd iska kia mtlb h? Kindly respons krain

  106. Ap hr ek ka istkhara kaise positive deti hen sis? Larai ghusse me kia positive hona. Or mera rishta toot bhi chuka ha

    • Jiska istikhara positive aata hai usay hi positive bataya jata hai sis. Istikhara positive aane ka ye matlab nahi hota ke nikah bhi wahin hoga. Ye bhalayi me hai ya nahi, ye malum karne ke liye kiya jata hai.

  107. Shifa on said:

    Mam apse mene black magic check krne ka wazifa manga tha asal me jinse me pyar krti hu to unse meri khala apni beti ka rishta karana chahti hai or abhi kuch din phle un boy ke blazer me se kafi girls ke baal nikle .me in sab cheezon or ykeen nhi rakhti but mujhe confrm krna h kyuki meri khala in sab cheezon me bht zyda hai ap samjh hi gain hongi me kya bol rhi hu to bs mujhe dar h khin wo kuch kar na de glt unke sath or jo boy h unki job me har wqt rukawat ati rehti h unko har cheez ati h apni feild ki english bi bht acchi h but pta nhi Allah ki kya mrzi h jahan bi jate h wahan ya to interview cancle ho jata hai ya fir wo sab jo interview hue h wo pending me chale jate hai or agar job lg jati h wahan bht preshaniyan ati h kbhi whn ke log unko dant dete h bewjh hi yakbhi kbhi unko namaz ke liye nhi jane dete to isily mujhe pta lagana tha kya koi preshani to nhi
    to mene comment kiya tha phle bi to apne mujhe ye reply kiya tha -Kala jadu check karne ka wazifa-
    but mam ye wala wazifa bohot mushkil h mere liye kyuki meri family joint h agr me ye krungi to wo glt smjhenge z kuch esa wazifa btae jisse mujhe padh kr khwb me pta lg jae ke kya prblm h
    or mam job ke liye bi wazifa de dijiye taki unki gulf country me acchi job lg jae bgt wqt ho gya h struggle krte krte
    allah hafiz

  108. Ayesha khan on said:

    Mene to 1 baar kar ke chodd diya fir se kar sakti hu
    Aur mene isse pehle b 3 baar kiya he jab 1st tym kiya tha tab pure 7 days complete kiye the har baar yes me answer aya mene ek alim se puchi thi khwab ki tabir lkn unhone kaha ki rukawat he

  109. Shifa on said:

    Mam ye nhi ho paega ye thoda mushkil bi h or time bi bht jaega or meri family joint h to nahi kar paungi me ap please koi esa wazifa btae jo srf padha jae

      • Zeenat on said:

        Asl me ldka jb b ghar me bat krta h hmse shadi ko le k ghar walo ki bato se uska mood off ho jata h aur wo hmse kuch din bat b nhi krta hai. Aur hm usse bhut mohabbat krte h. Hme aisa wazifa bata diye ki hm dono ki shadi hr hal me ho jaye.

        • Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘wazifa for love marriage’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

  110. Shifa on said:

    Mam ye thoda difficult h or me ye kar bi nhi paungi kyuki ek to mujhe smjh nhi aya or meri joint family h me nhi kar paungi koi asan wazifa btae jo srf pdhne septa lg jae

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘istikhara ki dua’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

  111. Anonymus on said:

    Assalam o alaikum. I love a boy for 5 years. Wo b mery Sath sincere ha. But Jb b shadi ki try kren to problem Aa jata ha. Mjy magic related dreams aaty thy. Usk ly Ya Qahaaru prhti hu. Nikah istkhara b bht dfa Kia ha positive Ata ha.
    Kuch din Pehly dream dekha k
    passport bnanay Waly office ma hu. Wha ka Mahol khushgwar hota ha. Mery Sath meri friend hoti ha. Sign etc Kra ry hoty hn. Phr wha se Baher dekha to koi tbaahi AI hoti ha. Log Mar ry hoty Han. 2,3 black bhainsen (cows) b bht takleef se tarap kr Mar ri hoti Han. Lekin office k Andar sb Theak hota ha.

    Ma ayat Al kursi ka wazifa kr ri hu. Shadi k halaat kuch bnty hn, Lekin khandan k kuch Logu ne zid Lga rkhi ha k shadi nhi hony deni .

    PleAse help me ma kya kru. Ma us lrky ko nhi bhool skti. Aur khandan Walu ko Mera single rhna manzur ha Lekin wha shadi nhi.

    • Aap ya Qahhar ka amal parhte rahiye jab tak jadu ka asar khatm nahi ho jata.

      • mehavish on said:

        Agar koi negative sign aaye aur phir hum Allah se uske pisitiveness ke liye dua kare toh kya ye mumkin h ya khwaab dekhkar hame chup rehjana h?

  112. Shifa on said:

    No mam black magic cure wala wazifa nahi i need wazifa to check black magic apne bola tha na ke boy pr agr kuch hua hoga to is wazife se pta lg jaega but mujhe nhi mila wo to ap black magic check krne wale wazifa ka link share kre

  113. Shifa on said:

    Mam wazifa to black magic ka link de dijiye

  114. Ayesha khan on said:

    Jazakallah sis lkn dusmani kisse me samjhi nahi kon dusman aur me 3 din complete karu plz bataye mujhe ap

    • Khwab se andaza hua hai aisa. Aap 7 din istikhara kijiye mukammal.

  115. Ayesha khan on said:

    Assalamu alaikum
    Mene nikah istikhara kiya jisse me love karti hu unke liye aur usme mujhe ped aur asman dikha lkn jese sunset hota hena vesa asman tha aur esa b dikha jese eid ani hoti he aur hum tayyari to me lag jate he vesa mahol dikha saam ka tym he aur bht zabba lehnge sir par topi pehne log ek kapde ka bht lamba sa than banay he jo peach colour ka he aur vo khule asman ke niche hi bana rahe he jo bht khubsurat he fir mujhe mere lover b dikhe white shirt me jo mujhe dekhne ko mere ghar ke niche aye he lkn vo waqt fazar ka dikh raha he aur asman dikh raha he fir mujhe 3 bht expensive soaps dikhi usme se ek soap jo light orange colour ki thi me leke nahane gai lkn naha nai paai qki vaha ek choti chipkali aai aur usse dekh ke bht sari badi badi chipkali nikli aur usko daboch ke le gai lkn mujhe kuch saaf nahi dikhi chipkali aur kuch gunde type darwne log b dikhe lkn vo mere liye nahi aay the
    Ye istikhara 1 hi din ka he mene age complete nahi kiya lkn isse pehle 3 baar istikhara ki aur sab me ha aaya lkn sath kuch rukawate b aayi
    Aap plz mujhe iss khwab ki tahir bata dijiye

    • Positive hai aapka istikhara. Kuch dushmani ki alamat bhi hai.

  116. Shifa on said:

    mam mujhe nhi mila ap plz mujhe link de dijiye

  117. Shifa on said:

    shukriya sis or kya me ishtekhare ke sath sath kar lu wazifa bi?

    • Behtar hai istikhara pahle mukammal kar len aur uska natija aane par wazifa shuru karen.

  118. Shifa on said:

    Mam ek or prblm h jinhe me chahti hu….meri khala apni ladki ka unse karana chahti h rishta or wo thode karne karane me yakeen rakhti h me bilkul nhi mnti hu but mam asal me kal unke blazer me girls ke baal nikl rhe the plz btae koi problem to nahi h
    mam plz ap meri is baat ka jwb de dijiye mujhe dar h mere nani ghr ke ese hi log h or khala bi bht ykeen rkhti h is pr
    me jnti hu Allah se badh kr kuch nhi fir bi bs apse cnfrm krna chahti hu

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘wazifa to check back magic in islam’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar kuch din tak boy ka tasavvur kar ke ye wazifa parhiye. Agar kuch kiya gya hoga us par, to pata chal jayega.

  119. MAISARA on said:

    Aslm Sis.. mene aako 1st aur 2nd day ka istekhara bataya tha ..apne mere istekhara positive bataye . .
    3rd day kuch bhi dream nahi aaya
    4th day mene dekha ki ek ladki kisi ladke se baat Kar rahi hai wo ladka police hain.ek dusra gusse Waala police in dono ko baat karte hue delta hain ladki to saare Mohalle me beizzat karta hai wo ladki bht roti hai. Wo gusse Waala police us ladki ko arrest karne ki Kashish karya hai tabhi wo dusra police wala jo ki us ladki se baat kar raha tha wo ladka us gusse waale police se maafi mantra hain ..phir wo ladki uske ghar jaati hain.
    Sis plz batayi k aisa kyun 2 days ka itna acha istekhara phir Aisa😢

  120. Shifa on said:

    Assalamualaikum mujhe apne khwb ki tabeer punchni h
    1st day mene dekha ke me kidi mrg me hu or jinse pyar krti hu wo bi wahan h or me whn se fir ghar ke liye niklne lgti hu apne cousin bhai ke sath kyuki ghr pss hi hota h to wo bi mere piche piche ate h or raste me bs hum dono hote h wo bht tez tez bhaag kar merepss ate h or me unhe dekh kr hns rhin hoti hu ke ab mere piche piche kyu a rhe ho fir wo mujhse phle ghar phnchna chahte h to wo side se nikl kr bht tez bhaag kr ghar phnchte h me araam araam se chl kr jati hu kyuki mene heels phni hoti h or bs muskura rhi hoti hu or jb ghr phnchti hu to me dhundti hu khn khn h bhr khade ho kr kyuki keys to hnare pss thin to mera cousin bolta h upr dekho to wo terrace pr chad jate h jese bi chadhe to fir unse room ke lock nhi khulte h me fir ghr me ja kr apne room ke lock khilti hu to mere cousin se kehte h tumhari baji ne bade hi acche se lock laga rakhe h fir wo bathroom me chale jate h or me khana lene chali jati hu tab tak to wo whin hote h but jb me khana le kr a jati hu to wo whn nhi hote or me dekhti hu ke gae khn pr fir baji cousin a jatin h or me khana kha rhi hiti hu me unhe bi bolti hu tum bi kha lo fir sb ghr ke log wps a jate h to fir me unhe dekh nhi pati
    2nd daya aya to tha but dhyaan nhi rha

    Mam ek or prblm h jinhe me chahti hu….meri khala apni ladki ka unse karana chahti h rishta or wo thode karne karane me yakeen rakhti h me bilkul nhi mnti hu but mam asal me kal unke blazer me girls ke baal nikl rhe the plz btae koi problem to nahi h

  121. Shehla on said:

    Assalamu alaikum…
    Agar istekhare ki last ki dua yaad na ho to dekh k padh saktey hain???
    Please help me..

    • Ji bilkul istikhara dua aap dekh kar parh sakti hain.

  122. MAISARA on said:

    Aslm Sis.. .last nyt k istekhara me mujhe zamin se paani aate hue dikha phir uske baad mujhe ek hazrat white kapde aur white topi pehen hue ek amil jaise dik rahe they..wo mujhe bolte hain ki tum us gaar (underground)Me jao wahan golden rohani jaise tumhe dik sakta hai wo paak jinnat ki neeshani hai..agar wo tumhe dik gayi toh tum bht safalta milegi..shadi karne se acha hoga par tum us gufa me jaaogi toh usse b acha hoga…iska Kya matlab hai sis???

  123. Salam sis mny dusri jga b cmnt kiya tha but mjy response ni Mila …m kisi lrky ko psnd krti hu or us sy shadi krna chahti hu .. m chahti wo b mjy psnd kry or apni Khushi sy rshta kry …us Sy phly mny yha nikah istikara ki sari details pri or mny kiya b aj Mera frst day tha …khuwab m mny dkha m shall orti hu black clr ki embroidery wli but m satisfied ni hoti hu mjy lgta ha wo thand cover ni kry GI ya shi ni lgy gi mj py …m usy or KR chk krky utar dati hu or dusri shalls dkhny LG prti hu

  124. Zeenat Sayyed on said:

    Asalawalekum my Nidal istikhara krri 5din hue h 1din ka kuch yaad ni 2 din ka yaad ni tha par 3din jb dekhi to 2day ka continue khawaab tha my mere bhn aur WO ladka unke ammi bhn aur bhanji b the ham log ek jagah the jaha ek bada sa mall jaisa kuch tha jiske samne ek Chota sa ghr aur ek ped tha to un dono k bich sirf ek rasta tha to waha pura pani bhar gya tha raste PR mall me to hum sab WO chote ghr k waha the q k waha pani ni tha fir my aur koi car me baithe aur na Jane kaise pani se hote hue mall me pahuche fir waha ek tap ya wol jaisa kuch tha humne use bnd kiyato Sara pani chala gya fir subha hue aur WO ladka utha to unke ammi aur bhn b uth gye to unhone unse so Jane kaha fir baju me unke ek uncle soye te to unhone pucha kaha ja re ho to bole k meri bhn ko dekhne fir WO ghr me the chote to bahr aaye to ek dusra room me gye to waha ek ladki safed dulhan k kapde me ti Kon ti pta ni puri bhigi hue aur kuch boli bas 4day ka b kuch yaad ni 5day ka b yaad ni mere Abba ne kl hi has kahe par unke Abba unka rishta kahi aur kiye 31dec se pehle sagae krne wale WO ni maan re plss bataye kya kare

    • Positive sign hai istikhara me. Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘ayatul kursi ka wazifa for love marriage’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

  125. MAISARA on said:

    JazakAllahukhairan jaadu k kat ka wazifa b kar rahi hoon…aur mujhe plz yeh bataye ladke waalon se koi jawab nahi aaraha hai toh me unse haan karwane k liye konsa wazifa Karun?

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘rishte ki han karane ka wazifa’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

  126. MAISARA on said:

    Aslm .kal raat mene istekhara Kiya..mene mere khwab me dekha bahot paani bilkul Tsunami jaise .phir aasmaan bhi paani ka ho Gaya tha ..phir mene ek masjid dekhi wo darga ki bhi tarah thi ..wahan ladies k liye bhi Alag se place thi ..wahan ek lady thi wo kisi Kitab me istekhara dekne kitab khol ti hai toh wo kitab me bilkul snake aur ladder game..jaise chote snakes dikte hain ..

    • Positive ishare ke sath me jadu ke asraat ka bhi guman ho raha hai. 7 din istikhara mukammal kar ke bataiye.

  127. John micra on said:

    3 day koi khawab nahi
    4 day koi khawab nahi
    5 day mai or mera dost hamari white car se saman la rahe hai mere dost ne or mene us din collage ki jhuti kar li hum kisi ki shadi ka kaam kar rahe hai.
    6 day mai fuppi ke ghar gaya waha par mai bhai ke room mai gaya to us room mai mare room jaise hi parde lage hai jinka rang hara hai bhai ne kapde ki quality batai or mene mere crush ko impress karne ki tips puchi.
    7 day maine use message karne ka plan banaya or baki kuch clear nahi hai lekin wo is khawab mai nahi dekhi us ke bare mai baat zarur hui.
    last ab kiya use propose kar du. reply soon

  128. Aoa. Mene ye istakahara nai kia. Conventional wala shuru kia hua ha. Jo simple istkhara hta ha. Istkhara shuru krne se 1 din pehle mene dekha k mere fiance k abu ghar aye hur hmare or kisi bat p unchi awaz me lar rahe. Ghussa ho k ghar se chale jate. Istkhara k pehli rat mene dekha hm mere fiance k parents ko ghar bula rahe hen but wo aa ge nai rahe. No response. Istkhara ki dusri rat ko mene dekha k meri ammi mere fiance ko bta ri hen k me unke ghar gai hun lekin mere fiance ki ma ne mj se acha rawaiya nai rkha jispe mere fiance afsos ka izhar krte hen or me dukhi wapis ghar ati hun. Plz tabeer dein.
    Agar ne istkhara krti rhu to kia khud aise halaat paida ho jaien ge jis se yak tarfa faisla ho jaye?

  129. Hurairah on said:

    Aslm sir..kya me wazifa arrange marriage k liye karsakti hoon??? Aur 2 din me ladle waalon ko confirm Karna hai ..isliye instant istekhara batayi yeh sir

    • Ji han ye istikhara aap arrange marriage ke liye kar sakti hain. Instant istikhara ke liye Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘istikhara ki dua’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Istikhara ka page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar aap parhiye.

  130. Binte hawa on said:

    G sister.
    Ma apny ly ya Qahaaru wala prh ri hu boy k ly surah Muzammil aur Sath ayat Al kursi ka start Kia ha. Dua ma yad rkhiey ga.
    Boy Khud hi contact kry ga ya mjy krna pryga? Q k Wo naraz ho gya tha Itni mushklat k baad

    • Aap apne love wazaif khoob yaqeen ke sath parhen. Insha ALLAH, kamyabi milegi, ameen! Contact aap karna chahen to kar sakti hain, ye aapki marzi hai.

  131. Binte hawa on said:

    Jzakillah sister for reply.
    Magic ka wazifa 11 days ka ho gya ha. Dream ma ne btaya ha. K old man ki deadbody dekhi.Ab next shadi ka amal kr lu? Aur magic wala b Sath krti jau?

    Istkhara k 6 day do dream dekhy thay
    Ek dream ma raat ko 4 new yellow hair bands dekhy aur Fajar k time time dream dekha k
    Ma ne abi dream ma dekha k ma apni sis k Sath Fsd ma I hoti hu to bhai ki call ami ko ati ha k Mohally ki anti Umrah kr k AI Han aur wha se tasbeeh, khjoor, bags, chocolates etc lai Han. Ma sochti hu k hmary grh Jany tk bhai ne chocolates Kha li hungi.
    Phr ma nmaz k ly jati hu to neem grm pani Aa rha hota ha. Ma khush ho jati hu k ami ne geyser chla dia tha aur wuzu krny lgti hu