Islamic Prayer Against Black Magic, Causes, Social Aspects

January 3rd, 2019

Social Aspects and Islamic Wazifa to Combat Black Magic

Now, even a layman can break black magic through Quran. One can perform Islamic Prayer Against Black Magic, Causes, Social Aspects to dig out and throw this evil effects.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Others who have been striving to earn more and more, they have been performing black magic in return of few pennies.

Whatever we start, we must initiate with The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful. It will surely give you the favorable results, Insha ALLAH.

Islamic Prayer Against Black Magic, Causes, Social Aspects-

Overview of Black Magic in Islam

Believe it or not, this is one of the evil and has been rooted in the soils of our society. Muslims these days have been indulging in these kinds of sinful activities. Others who have been striving to earn more and more, they have been performing black magic in return of few pennies. No Deen, no Imaan has left. The experienced and qualified Scholars, Alims and Maulvis are becoming dynamic, creative and tech savvy.

I will elaborate on this further. The theme of the ya ALLAH post “Islamic Prayer Against Black Magic, Causes, Social Aspects” is to unveil the aspects of this job of Shaitan: How today, Shaitan has paved its way and penetrated into the lives of today’s Muslims.

How people got benefits from this wazifa?

yaALLAH Testimonials for Black Magic

Social Aspects and Causes of Black Magic in Islam

How to Break Black Magic Permanent in Islam?

I did feel the emergence of discussing the social aspects of black magic in Islam. While, when I thought about adapting the culture of black magic by Muslims, questions, that aroused in my mind are:

  • Why is black magic inferno spreading in Muslim nations?
  • Why Scholars, Alims, Maulvis etc. do not have fear of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala?
  • Why a Muslims take revenge?
  • Why is a Muslim devastated the lives of other fellow Muslim?

Most noteworthy, when the proposal from boy’s parent gets rejected by a girl’s parent due to a legible and valid reason. Do you think this is wrong? Absolutely not. Every parent has the rights to choose a suitable and pious spouse for their daughter.

What if the boy is not namazi? What if the boy is not earning and indulging in gambling or any sinful activities. Girl’s parents rejected this proposal, and this is what every parent wants to.

In this situation, the parent of a boy feels averse and they want to take revenge in this way, they never want to let that girl marry some other pious Muslim boy.

Here comes the role of black magic in Islam. Consequently, Boy’s parents will then approach any Alim, Maulvi a baba. Who can put a spell on the girl, so that she never gets married to anyone, Alas? They are the residents of the Jahannam, Alas. May ALLAH Azzawajal forgive them and every sin of each Muslim, Ameen.

They could be more similar causes of putting a spell on others. As a result, not letting anyone get a job, to earn, to marry, to get engaged, to get success and so on.

If someone who is reading this post is from such aforesaid category, then I request them humbly to pray to ALLAH and make a dua and to seek forgiveness. Know more about how to seek forgiveness? Those who are innocent victims and need a cure from black magic, they can go through Insha ALLAH, you will find improvements.  The innocent girls who have been waiting for years for their marriage.

As far as I remember, I have thousands of comments, emails and messages from those innocent sisters, they just want a wazifa to get married as soon as possible. Sometimes a dua to get remove problems in Marriage. May ALLAH The Reckoner provide a source for them and grant them a pious partner.

However, you may want to know how to check black magic? If it has been done on you or not. Read the entire post, once you are confirmed you can go ahead to get rid of it.  Furthermore, we will now discuss how to get a cure from the black magic in Islam?

ya qahhar wazifa for marriage-nikah ke liye qahharu ka amal yaALLAH010717

Islamic Prayer Against Black Magic


ya ALLAH ya Qahhar Wazifa to Cure Black Magic

There are a number of benefits of reading ya Qahhar, the lovely name of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. ya Qahhar means The Ever Dominating One. ALLAH The Great is the only dominator of this entire universe.

ya Qahhar wazifa is also famous and powerful to cure black magic. Along with this it also has the capability to get rid of jinn possessions.

Even a layman can perform this ya ALLAH wazifa. So you need not to worry about anything. Just follow the mandatory terms and conditions. Perform with intense dedication and devotion along with a 100% faith in ALLAH Zille Shanahu, and the favorable results will never remain too far from you.

One can also perform this dua for removing jinn possessions.

Islamic Prayer against Black Magic and it’s every Kind of Evil Effects

This is also known as ya Qahhar wazifa for black magic or ya ALLAH ya Qahhar wazifa

  • You can perform this ya ALLAH wazifa on any day and at any suitable time;
  • First of all, always start with an ablution in order to make the wazifa work effectively, insha ALLAH;
  • In the beginning, recite Ayat-ul-Kursi eleven (11) times;
  • Recite one of the lovely names of ALLAH Ta’ala Ya Qahhaar one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six (1836) times;
  • In the end, recite eleven (11) times Surah Naas;
  • After this, blow on a glass full of water and drink it;
  • Perform this wazifa for 7 days continuously without skipping any single day.

Important Note:

  1. Females must not perform during the 7 days of their menses/periods. Start from a day when you can complete 7 days in one stretch without skipping any single day.
  2. The third person can perform this wazifa for another person who is affected with black magic.

Islamic Prayer against Black Magic and it’s every Kind of Evil Effects

Ya Qahhaar ke wazifa ke fayde bahut hai. Ye ism-e-azam nihayat hi mujarrab hai. Ya Qahhar ka matlab poori kaynat par kamil ikhtiyar rakhne wala hai. ALLAH pak tamam kaynat ke malik-o-khaliq hai.

ya ALLAH website ka ya Qahhar ka wazifa kala jadu ka tor ke liye kamyab amal hai. ya Qahhar ka wazifa se jinn ke asrat se khalasi bhi mumkin hai.

Roman English

  • Ap ye ya ALLAH wazifa kisi bhi roz aur kisi bhi behtar waqt par shuru kar sakte hai;
  • Hamesha wuzoo bana kar hi wazifa parha kijiye isse wazifa jald aur zarur asar dikhayega, insha ALLAH;
  • Ibteda mein Ayat-ul-Kursi gyarah martaba (11) parhiye;
  • Uske bad ALLAH Ta’ala ke pyare nam Ya Qahhaar ko ek hazaar aath sau chhattis martaba (1836) parhiye;
  • Uske bad gyarah (11) martaba Surah Naas parhiye;
  • Fir pani par dum kar dijiye aur jis parh bhi kala jadu hai unhe pila dijiye;
  • Ye wazifa 7 yawm tak bila nagah karna hai ek roz bhi nahi tark karna hai bich mein.

Ghaur Talab:

  1. Khwateen ye wazifa haiz/maahwari ke 7 roz ke dauran qatayi na kare. Balki ese roz ye wazifa parhna shuru kare jab pure 7 roz lagatar parh paye.
  2. Koi bhi dusra shaks ye wazifa kar saka hai mareez ke liye. Ya mareez khud bhi kar sakta hai.

Kala Jadu ka Tor ke Wazifa Ka Faydah

Islamic Prayer against Black Magic and it’s every Kind of Evil Effects in Urdu

Jadu ka Tor ki Dua in Urdu Wallpaper

jadu ka tor ki dua

Urdu Text

کالے جادو کا اِسلامی علاج
١. آپ یہ وظیفہ کسی بھی روز اور کسی بھی بہتر وقت پر شروع کر سکتے ہیں۔
٢. ہمیشہ وضو بنا کر ہی وظیفہ پڑھا کیجیئے، اس سے وظیفہ جلد اور ضرور اثر دکھائے گا، انشاء اللّٰه۔
٣. ابتدا میں آیت الکرسی ۱۱ مرتبہ پڑھیے۔
٤. اس کے بعد اللّٰه تعالیٰ کے پیارے نام یَا قَھَّار کو ایک ہزار آٹھ سو چھتّیس (۱۸٣٦)  مرتبہ پڑھیے۔
٥. اس کے بعد ۱۱ مرتبہ سورت الناس پڑھیے۔
٦. پھر پانی پر دم کر کے جس پر بھی کالا جادو ہے، اس کو پلا دیجئے۔
٧. یہ وظیفہ سات یوم تک بلاناغہ کرنا ہے۔ ایک بھی دن بیچ میں ترک نہ کریں۔
غور طلب
١. خواتین حیض/ماہواری کے دوران یہ وظیفہ قطعی نہ کریں۔ بلکہ ایسے روز یہ وظیفہ شروع کریں کہ لگاتار سات روز پڑھ پائیں۔
٢. کوئی بھی دوسرا شخص مریض کے لیے یہ وظیفہ کر سکتا ہے۔ مریض خود کرنا چاہے تو اپنے لیے خود یہ وظیفہ کر سکتا ہے۔

Islamic Prayer against Black Magic and it’s every Kind of Evil Effects

काला जादू का तोड़ के लिए या अल्लाह वेबसाइट का या क़ह्हार का वज़ीफ़ा

या क़ह्हार के फायदे बहुत है| और इस इस्म-ए-आज़म से काला जादू से ख़लासी भी होती है| या क़ह्हार का मतलब हिंदी में- पूरी कायनात पर कामिल इख़्तियार रखने वाला


काला जादू और इसके बुरे असरात की काट के लिए या अल्लाह का बेहतरीन वज़ीफ़ा हिंदी में

  1. आप ये या अल्लाह वज़ीफ़ा किसी भी रोज़ और किसी भी बेहतर वक़्त पर शुरू कर सकते है;
  2. हमेशा वुज़ू बना कर ही वज़ीफ़ा पढ़ा कीजिये इस से वज़ीफ़ा जल्द और ज़रूर असर दिखायेगा, इंशा अल्लाह;
  3. इब्तेदा में आयत-उल-कुर्सी ग्यारह मरतबा (11) पढ़िए;
  4. उसके बाद अल्लाह त’आला के प्यारे नाम या क़ह्हार  को एक हज़ार आठ सौ छत्तीस मरतबा (1836) पढ़िए;
  5. उसके बाद ग्यारह (11) मरतबा सूरह नास पढ़िए;
    फिर पानी पर दम कर दीजिये और जिस पढ़ भी कला जादू है उन्हें पिला दीजिये;
  6. ये वज़ीफ़ा 7 यौम तक बिला नागाह करना है एक रोज़ भी नहीं तर्क करना है बीच में|

ग़ौरतलब :

  1. ख्वातीन ये वज़ीफ़ा हैज़/माहवारी के 7 रोज़ के दौरान क़तई न करे| बल्कि ऐसे रोज़ ये वज़ीफ़ा पढ़ना शुरू करे जब पुरे 7 रोज़ लगातार बिला नागाह पढ़ पाये|
  2. कोई भी दूसरा शख्स ये वज़ीफ़ा कर सकता है मरीज़ के लिए| या मरीज़ खुद भी कर सकता है|


  1. Ruhi on said:

    Assalamualaikum Bhaiyya Mera Ladka B Bohat dhoor Hai May Unku Paani Nai Pila sakti Thi Iss Surat May kya karoon????? Kya may uss ladke k tasveer parr dum karke aur Paani par dum karke Khudh piloon kya paani ???? Muje Batatyiye please .

    • Tasawwur karke dam karden

      • Mariyam Bi on said:

        Mana yeh wazifa zida tar suba k time per karti thy fajar k wakt , ma pani per dam Kar k pir pety thy
        1st day sar ma dard howa tora bohot
        2/3/4th day kuch khas ni howa
        5th day , mujh sa fajar ki namaz keliya ni uthna ho raha tha , ma uthna ki hoshish Kar re thy per muja awaza a re thy k mat utho , kafi time sa raha pir ak dam sa uth gay or pir namaz peri or wazifa pera
        6th mana magrib k time per pera wazifa , kuch khas ni howa ,
        7th day ma perna k bd Mujha khawab ma aya jis larka ko ma psnd karti ho phela wo Muja bol Raha tha mujh sa baat ab mat karna pir us k bd kud he baata shoro kar li

        Ab kia ma dubara apna lea yeh wazifa karo ya pir ab ma us keliya yeh karo tasarvar Kar k

        Q k muja bataya gaya ha k Humara beach ma bandish ha nikkah ni ho Sakta or larka khbi b ni bola ga nikkah keliya

  2. Tuba khan on said:

    Assalamu alaikum bhai. Ye bataye ki , agar pta kisi ko pani n pila sakte ar n hi sambe dam kr sakte ho to fir aise Surat me kya kre ? Qki mere mashuk pe meri taraf se bandish kr diya gya h , mujhe door krne ke liye meri bahan ne uska matt meri taraf se fir diya h jadi se ,ar wo mujhse door ho gya h .wo bahut door rehta h , mai ye dua padh ke uspe dam kru ya pani pilaun?

    • Tasawwur kar ke dam karden

  3. Kasem on said:

    السلام علیکم ورحمتللہ وبارکتہ
    بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
    Bhai mera naam Kasem .me 54 ka hoon.mera maa ki naam kaiser jahan.mein shadi kar chuka hoon.mera problem ye hai ke mera koi bhi kaam nahi horaha hai.matlab jis kaam pe hath deta hoon nakam hojata hoon.koi wazifa batayen.

  4. Qasim on said:

    Please bhai mujy ye wazifa shuru krny ke ijazat dayn

  5. Asslam U Alikum plzz memri help krein ma bht pareshan houn ma jis insan sy 8 saal sy muhabbat krti houn unho ny achank sy mujhy chor k kisii or sy shadi krlii ma un k bger nai reh sktii bht takleef mein houn ap plzz mujhy btaein ma kya karu mny bht sy wazaif b kr k dekhy lekin koi asar ni krtaa ap plzz meri help krein mery liye ye meri zindgi or mout ka sawal he

  6. Sadia Khan on said:

    Assalam aleikum, mujhe ye wazifa karne ki ijazat dein

    • Walaikum as Salam
      Kar len

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Assalamoalaikum, bhai hmari family pe kafi saalon se koi jaadu kara rha hai. Hmare kapdo ki katrano ki choti choti balls ghar mein mili thi jisme raakh or alag alag tareh ki cheeze bandhi thi. Iske alava kayi baar ammi ko sotey waqt mehsus hua hai koi cheez unke sir k paas reng rhi hai or chakkar laga rhi hai or us waqt wo hil bhi nahi pati, padhne ki koshish bhi karti to padh nai paati, or kaan mein kuch ajeeb sa hota jo purey jism se hotey huye jata. Or mera or ammi ka jism ka kuch hissa garam ho jata hai achanak se. Hmare ghar mein pareshaaniya bani rehti hai. Or bohot badey badey gamon se ammi guzri hai. Abbu ka inteqal, bhai ka inteqal, behen ka talaq. Is waseefe se koi pareshani to nai hogi ammi

  8. Aisha on said:

    Sir mujhay ijazat chaiye plz
    Mry aur hubby k upr last 2 years se jado ha
    Hm tor krwaty ha phr hojata ha tb se be chaini ha
    Mera miscarriage b ho gya..ijazat dy db plz

  9. Abdul Rafay on said:

    3 din hogae hn or mjhe aj ek khuab aya tha or meri behn ko bhi khuab aya jo ke shadi shuda hn unhone btaya ke unhone dekha mn papa ka ilaj kr rha hun or sadqa dene ka bhi bola h or Ali bhai mjhe wse koi takleef mehsoos tw nh hrhi hn thakan hoti h bs wse tw lkn abhi tk kch bura nh hua ap dua kijye mjhe kamyabi mil jae bs Allah apko salamat rakhe mn apka ehsaas kbhi nh bhool paonga agr hum in takleefson se nikl jaen

    • Aap sadqa den aur wazifa mukammal karen

      • Abdul Rafay on said:

        Ali bhai Alhamdulillah 6 din poore krliye hn kl mukammal hjaega or puchna tha ke kia mn yeh wazifa dubara krun Q ke abhi tak papa ki koi job ka bhi nhi hua abhi bhi ghr mn sirf api kr rhi hn… mera or papa ka kaam bigar jata h kia yeh jadu ke asrat hn ?? ya job ke liye bhi wazif krna hoga papa ke liye

        • Aap yeh amal karlen aur chahen to job ka bhi sath karlen

          • Abdul Rafay on said:

            Ali Imran bhai wazifa tw mukammal hgya comments approve nh hre mn keh rha tha ke kia mn dubara krun kia or btaen wazifa job ke liye mjhe or meri fiance ko ijazat den wazife ke liye job ke wpoh mere liye parhengi or mn apne papa ke liy eparhunga shukria bhai Allah salamat rakhe

      • Abdul Rafay on said:

        Ali Imran bhai mne wazifa Alhamdulillah mukammak krlia h job ka or ghr ke halat ka bhi wazifa bta den ijazat ke sath mn ape papa liye parhunga or meri fiance ko bhi ijazat den woh mere liye parhengi

          • Abdul Rafay on said:

            Konsa wazfia parhna h Ali bhai ?

    • Iram on said:

      Bhai jan mai aap se contact kaise karu messenger se link bejh de plz..aur kitne baje online hote hai aap

  10. Abdul Rafay on said:

    Bhai jaan mne apse ijazat mangi thi kia mjhe is wazife ko ijazat h yeb m apne walid ke liye krna chahta hun un pr shyd jadu h pehle bh asar hue the ab bh ramzan ka month h or is month mn bh hmari family pr bht crisis hn hr saal ki tarhan

      • Assalam alaikum.. Meri behan ku periods irregular hai.. Baar baar lunch na lunch health issues hota hai.. Abhi thyroid hai pata chala.. Aur wo bhi kabhi normal nahi rehta.. Ups n downs hota… Just wajah se body pain.. Hath aur pair me dard rehta hai…
        Maine yeah wazifa padhne ku bola tha.. Wazifa start karke 2 din hua.. Par koi khwab nai bus neend ache so hoti hai… Iska matlab Kya hai..

        Kindly rly

        • Walaikum as Salam
          Wazifa continue rakhen

      • Aisha on said:

        Plzzzz mjhy b ijazat dy dn


        Mry upr last 2 year se jadoo
        Bar bar hota
        Ilaj krwaty kch time guzrta phr

  11. Abdul Rafay on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai mere papa ka hr kaam banta bigar jata h or humen pta chala h ke hmari phpho ne yeh sb kia h meri behn ne wazifa kia tha mere papa kia yeh wazifa krskte hn ijazat dijye bhai ramzan mn bhi hmare ghr mn bht crisis hote hn bht pareshani hoti h

    • Walaikum as Salam
      Kar sakte hain

      • Abdul Rafay on said:

        Shukriya bhai agr yeh wazifa mn krlun Q ke mere papa ki condition sahi nhi h unko mne btaya h or mn pehli bar krunga koi wazifa tw dar lg rha h ke kch ghlt na hjae mjhse shukriya phr se bhai

        • Ghabraiyyenat aur yaqeen se karen

  12. Haya on said:

    And mujhe ek baat aur bhi batani hai day 1 tou mujhe koi dream nahi aayi but maine magrib ke bad parha tha tou rat samjhein 11 baje tak meri neck and chest mein pain hone laga maine ayatul kursi ka hisar kia alhumdulillah thodi deir bad theek hogaya
    2nd day maine after asar parha tha and main taqreeban 10 baje soyi for about half hour tou maine dream mein dekha ke meri choti phuppo hamare ghar mein hain and meri family ko woh kuch dam kia hua pani pila rahi hain apne hath se just hamari family ko… ( i live in a huge join family)
    Aap plx mujhe yeh bataein ke yeh 7days poore hone tak sab theek rahe ga na kuch bura effect tou nahi hoga na??? Plx main bht pareshan ho rhi hoon just yeh baat soch kar ke kahin koi bura asar na ho mere par yeh parhne ka… main pehli dafa koi wazifa aprh rhi hoon iss liye

      • Haya on said:

        Ek aur help bhi chahiye hai bhai… hamara naya ghar ban raha hai and inshallah next 6 months mein shifting karni hai… sab log mere abbu ko force kar rahe hain ke hamari dadi ko hum apne sath le kar jayein and mere abbu bhi yehi kar rahe hain magar mujhe aap se iss ke liye kuch chahiye ke woh hamare sath na jaeyin… woh meri ammi se aur humse bht bura rawaiya rakhti hain bht zulm karti hain meri ammi par and unke sath ek day night ki unmarried aurat bhi hai jis waja se hum nahi chahte ke woh hamare sath rahein hamare naye ghar mein.. abhu ko kuch bolein tou woh nahi sunte pehle to maid ka unhone bhi mana kia tha rakhne se ab woh uss baat ko bhi nahi soch rahe plxxxx aap mujhe kuch bataein ke jis se woh hamare sath na jaeyin and hamare taya ke sath he rahein unke ghar…. plxxxx meri ammi bhttt pareshan hoti hain iss cheez se kyunke keri dadi and phuppos meri ammi se bht kharab hain bht insulting aur hamare ghar par bht galat amliyat bhi karati hain:.. plxxx ap bataein ke main kya karoon ke woh bilkul na ayein hamare naye ghar mein plxxxxx

  13. Haya on said:

    Assalamualikum mujhe aap se ek baat poochni hai.. maine yeh wazifa shuru kia hai magar beech mein maine do sentence kisi se baat karli … kya iss se koi farq pare ga??

    • Walaikum as Salam
      Kisi bhi wazaof ke beech baat katna mana hai. Aage se dihan rakhen

      • Haya on said:

        Just galti se ek baar bol dia tha next time kuch nahi bola…
        aur mujhe ek bht zaroori cheez yeh poochni thi ke iss ka koi bura effect tou nahi hoga jo parh raha hai yeh wazifa uss pe?
        Main yeh apni family ke liye parh rhi hoon but koi bura effect tou nahi hoga na mujhpe ya meri family par? Kyunke mujhe zara dar lagta hai black magic ki cheezon se…. aur ek yeh bhi bataein ke jab yeh 7 days ka poora ho jaye tou uss ke bad kya karoon?

        • Ghabrane wali baat nahi. Koi nuqsan nahi hoga. 7 days mukammal karke bataen

  14. Sara on said:

    Kya ye main fajar ke bad kar sakti hu?
    Isko ya Qahaar parhna hai ke ya qahaaru?

    • Ji han kar sakti hain aap Fajr me. Dono tarah hi theek hai.

  15. Swera malik on said:

    Salam bhai, jaha meri mama mera rihsta krna chahti hn onho ny mera rishta apny chottay bete k liy manga th lekin meri phopo ny beech m rukawat dal de the or bd m onho phr dubara rishta manga th but bray bete k liy . But os ke age bht zyada hai … os k liy mere ghr walon ny naa krde .. wo abi b chahty hn k on k bray bete s mera rishta hujy.. lekin hum chotay bete k 7 krna chah rhy hn .. hum ny muhabbat k liy surah tak ke ayat wala or sfar ke dua wala. Ya lateefu ka wazeefa kiya lekin koch asr nhi hu raha.. ap rehnumai frma dyn, age is jaga k ilawa kahin or achi jga rishta hujy os k liy wazifa bta dejiye

    • Aap sab se pahle istikhara kijiye sis aur phir muje bataiyega.

  16. aoa bhai main ALLAH HO RABBI LA SHAREEKA LA wazifa per rahi ho since 4 days form my Husband and My JOB as we have applied no answers yet but im doing tht Wazifa…. YOU SUGGESTED ME YA QAHARR wazif i have started today can i do both wazaif together……………………..
    My Mother is upset Bc Of my Brother JOB and wedding issues things like nothing is working for her can she do this YA QAHAAR wazifa plz give permission also tell me do we need to take permission for wazaif from you or anyone can start it……………..

    • Yes you can do both the wazaif together but at different times. Your mother can also perform this wazifa.

      • angel on said:

        assalamualaikum plz mjy jawab deden …. mai third time comment krrhi hun…. mene ye wazifa 7 dayz krlya , akhri din khwab acha nhi aya , or ye wazifa krne k baad se mjy phr se problems feel horhy hn soo kr uthne k baad body m pain h , hathon m jaan mehsoos nhi hori h , mjh btayn m kia parhun ye kese thk hoga …. plz reply …

        • Aap dobara pure 7 din kijiye ye amal aur sadqah bhi dijiye.

      • anie on said:

        Plz Al imran raza bhai mje btayen k mere husband bahir hen to wo khud ni kr skty na unko pta ha. kya me unkliye kr skti hun or pani b nhi unko de skti dm kr k to kya treqa krun me asa k un per se kalam ka. asr utar jay plz tell me . me ye aml unk liye kr lu iska asar ho jayga ??

  17. Ummulkhairi on said:

    I started this wazifa for five days now and from the beginning each day I used to have a dream which I forget in the morning but I feel positive change in my body but yesterday I had a dream that am trapped in a black place am chain in the place like am suffering in the place but suddenly I got powers that I broke five of the chain remain three chains.i have many dreams yesterday like The sky many hands in the sky that is the cloud in form of hands many mountain with green vegetation something stuck in the back of my hand like and ant it enters my hand I ask my step mom to remove it for me we check but we did not see also doing black magic on rizk wazifa

    • These are mostly the good signs, just complete your wazaif.

      • Xyz on said:

        I have just subscribe to yaallah website for my mother she want to performe ya qahhar wazifa is she permitted if yes I will explain it to her cos she don’t understand English that’s why she asked me to subscribe for her am also Yaallah follower and thank you cos I always trust I know they have solution to my problems and all ur wazifa that I did was 100% works for me

          • Samia on said:

            Plz help krdyn.. Mere age 27 h… Or mn kise ko pasand krte the 7 sal hogye h.. Mgr na udar shahdi hue.. Mny boht koshsh ki mgr nh hue. Mjhy ghuzsa boht jldi ajata h… Phly wo banda razi tha shahdi k leay phir wo b mukar gya boht gap agya tha relation mn… Us k bd mee ghr walo NY b koshsh ki mere khae or shahdi krwae.. Hr bt hojate sub end mn mana hojta.. Kbhi mere Walden khud krdyty kbhi dosri family… Boht br es traha hua h… Sub bolty h bsndish h… Mere hairs boht girty h… 8 sal sy ye masaly h.. Ya to larky ki family NY krwaya h kuch… Ilm mjh pr or us pr b… Larka b razi nh h ab.. Plz mere help krdyn plz.. Sakbt preshan hun plz

  18. Mujhe khwab ki tabeer puchni h ye wazifa karte sath aag dekhi h

    • Sadqah dijiye aap aur wazifa jari rakhiye.

    • Farheen on said:

      Bhai meri shaadi mein bhot rukawat aati hai. Mein pasand se shaadi karna chahti hu or ladke k ghar waale rishta leke aaye fir khud hi mana kardiye k nahi karna hai shaadi .ladka bhi mujse shaadi karna chahta hai lekin uske ghar waale nahi maanre. Or muje aisa lagta hai k mere upar kisine kuch kia hai isliye mere har kaam mein rukawat aati hai. Kya mein ye wazifa kar sakti hu??
      Or bhi koe dusra wazifa hai to wo bhi bataye muje mein bhot pareshan hu.

  19. R***** on said:

    Please give me permission I want to do this for all my home members. I am already subscriber of your website and YouTube channel.

    • Nisha on said:

      Jazak Allah bhai I got what I was searching for .May Allah swt bless u..Dua me yad rkhna Mjhe bhi

      • ALLAH Ta’ala aap par Apna Karam-e-Khas farmaye, aameen!

  20. M on said:

    Bhai yh wazifa mere father krna Chahte h ijazt dijiy or bhai yh wazifa wo masjid m nmaz pdh kr phir ghr m aakr pdh skte h kya Plzz bta dijiy.

    • Aapke walid saheb ko ijazat hai ye amal parhne ki. Wo masjid se ghar aa kar parh sakte hain.

      • Khizra Khan on said:

        Bhai jise yeh sifli kraya h woh pass me na ho toh is surat e hal me kya krna chaiye btaye aap me bahut preshan hu

        • Jin par asraat hon wo agar aapke pas maujud nahi hain to aap ye wazifa parhkar unka tasavvur karke dam kar den.

  21. . on said:

    Salam I have been told I have buri nazar put on me through the help of jadoo. Will this also help me get rid of this nazar that has been put on me ? Thank you

  22. Aqsa on said:

    Assalamualaikum Bhai Mene yeh wazifa kiya bandish asrat the mujh pr us liye 7 din kiya bht frk mehsoos kr rhi ho isse … me bht badsoorat si lgne lgi thi khubsurti K bht sare wazaif kiye but koi frk nhi Abhi Mene yeh wazifa krliya h ab khubsurti ka wazifa start kiya h krna pls dua kijiye mujh pr asar Ho jy Aur me khubsurat Ho jao

    • Insha ALLAH sis, zarur asraat khatm honge, aameen.

  23. Sundas on said:

    Aoa . Bhai me 6 sal sy ek lrky sy reltn me hu mgr wo mry sy shadi ni krna chata 2,3 mah thk bt krta h phr mjy blok kr daita me bht love mrg wazif kiyh or istkhara b kia 3.4 bar hr br postv aya mgr wo lrka shadi k lia ni manta ub phr us ny blok kia h me 3.4bar khuwab me jinnat daikh liyh mtlb andhera hota or me ro rai hoti mjy lgta h us lrky pr kuch hoa h or ye bt wo khud b khta tha k han mry pr kisi ny kuch krwaya h me ye wazifa ek br phly b kia tha wo phly sy zyda gusa krny lg gya bech me thk hojata phr gusa krta kya kru us pr phr sy dam krna shru kru?

  24. Maisara on said:

    Aslm bhai.Bhai iam doing surah Fatiha wazifa from 1st of hijri..that is each verse 313 times for each day .coz i dnt see anythng in istekhara..yesterday I read “Ihdinas sirawtal mustaqhim” 313 times I raised my hands for dua but in dua I asked Allah swt to show me clear signs to get married to a guy.Bhai mene dekha ki trees sab sajda kar rahe hai.mene kisi ko puchna to kehte hai ki hamare Nabi(pbuh)ko karte hai.aur kuch suhabi ek bartan me paani peete hai but gayab se paani fill hone lagta hai.khatam hi nahi hota.phir dekti hoon ki ek mountain me unchayi ki taraf chalte huye jati hoon (meri maami Christian thi ab wo muslim hai).wo mere aagey mountain pe azaan dete huye aagey chali hai.phir ek darga pe mere saare risteydaar ikhata hotey hai.tabhi koi unme se meri salwar(pant) nikal dete bahot sharminda hojati hoon.phir Mujhe meri pant mil jaati hai. (Actual me mere rishtedar Mujpe black magic karte hai bhai) toh Kya me is dream ko istekhara ke way me le sakti hoon???

    • Istikhara ka natija to istikhara karne par hi sahee aata hai sis. Waise mostly dreams achhe hain. Aap kamil yaqeen ke sath apna wazifa jari rakhiye.

  25. Maisara on said:

    Aslm bhai.bhai Mujhe jab bhi kisi ladke ka rista aata hai. Istekhara negative hi dikta hai.ab tak 25 ladke ke dek chuki hoon.ab ek bahot acha nek ladke ka rista aaya hai mere parents ko baht pasand aaya wo namazi hai nek hai.toh mene Istekhara kiya toh Mujhe negative dikha ..meri ammi mere baju Soti hai unko positive dikha dream but wo istekhara dua nahi kiye they.please help me bhai.mujhe jaadu ka asraat tha Kya isliye negative dik raha hai bhai

    • Sis, ye to aapko khwab me kya dikhta hai, wo jaan kar hi bataya ja sakta hai ke asraat hain ya nahi.

  26. jatti on said:

    since i started doing this wazifa to remove black magic from my lover after i done doing it i feel to much burden on me. i also feel i am doing something wrong that i must not do or i have to stop doing it《yesterday night in the dream i saw i got sick i have cold sore throat and fever i was in my courtyard after a while i went into my room and I was lying on the bed after a while my anut starts crying saying that my left arm is hurting again…》

    • Must complete this wazifa, these all are the signs of black magic.

      • jatti on said:

        Ok i’m gonna complete it brother one more thing how i can know the black magic is removed bcz we’re still in no communication but i’ve postive vibes from him side i think he’s thinking about me… maybe he wants talk to me but something is stopping him…

        • You will feel it or would be able to see it in your surroundings.

          • jatti on said:

            I have been doing this for 6 days only one day left to complete it but stile i can’t feel anything i just feel sadness hole day my mood is off i get angry when every someone talk to me i don’t wanna talk with anyone all day I feel like crying strange thoughts come in my mind k nothing gonna happen i’m just wasting my time… he’s also not talking to me this is also stress full for me….

          • Be patient and keep praying.

      • Ummulkhairi on said:

        I started On friday I recited yaqahhar 1836 on Saturday I also recited it 1836 but today Sunday I did mistake and recited 1842 what will I do

  27. Benu Gopal on said:

    Asslam O Alaikum Bhai Jaan,

    Umeed hai aap khairiyat se honge. Bhai jaaan, meri premika pe kisi ne bahut lambe samay se Kala Jaadu kar rakha hai. Maine “YA QAHHAR” ka wazifa 21 din ka 3 baar kiya hai, but jab tak wazifa karta hoon. Tab tak toh voh mujhse baat karti hai, means wazife ka positive result rehta hai. Par jaise hi wazifa karna band kar deta hoon, toh sab kuchh pehle jaisa ho jata hai, jaise ki wazifa ka us par koi asar hua hi nahin.

    Bahut maulviyon aur tantrikon se maine yeh Kala Jaadu khatam karnvane ki bahut koshish ki hai, par koi bhi us kaale jaadu ko khatam nahin kar saka.

    Ik maulavi ne mujhe bataya hai, ki is ladki pe Jinn hai, jo aashiq ban chuka hai ladki ka. Is Jinn ko bali vagaira de kar hi khatam kiya jah sakta hai, bina bali diye is Jinn ko khatam nahin kiya jah sakta.

    Bhai Jaan please help me. Mujhe koi powerful wazifa batayiye, ki main is Aashiq Jinn se apni premika ko kaise mukt karvau. Please help me bhai jaaan, aapki help se I feel ki yeh kaam positively ho sakta hai, kyonk aapke wazife kaam karte hain.

    Please bhai jaaan, mujhe Jinn ko bhagane ya khatam karne ka koi powerful wazifa batayiye. Ki meri premika is Aashiq Jinn se mukat ho jaye hamesha hamesha ke liye, aur Jinn dobara kabhi na aaye.

    Please help me out Bhai Jaan.

  28. Anonymous on said:

    Assalaamalaikum Imran bhaiya ummed karti hoon aap khairiyat se honge. Firstly aapka bohat bohat shukriya for guiding us to the right path of having utmost faith in only Allah swt through ur wazifas and website.waise toh mashahallah we are a very loving family but from the last few months we were having a lot of fights at one could stand to see each other aise lag raha tha aapas mein muhabbat hi nahi bachi. Phir Maine yeh wazifa start kiya aur tamaam ghar Walon ko bhi dum ka paani pilaya. Alhamdulillah first day se hi Maine bohat hi positive results notice kiye aur by the time yeh wazifa complete hua humare ghar ki tamam Khushi ya waapas aa Gayi ab hum pehle jaise hi Ek doosre ki choti se choti baaton ka khayal rakhte hain. Allah ke Karam se mere ghar mein woh Barkat aur sukoon laut aayi hai. Thank you very much my brother may you and your family be rewarded immensely for the noble deed of helping other Muslims. Pls dua Karen mere baaki wazife bhi Kamayabi paane mein meri madad Karen Aameen

    • Masha ALLAH, bahut khushi hui aapka comment parhkar sis. ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala aap par aur aapki tamam family par hamesha Apna Karam-e-Khas banaye rakhe, aameen ALLAHumma aameen.

  29. Assalamualaikum Bhai jaaan y wazifa m krna chati izazt diziye aap m bhut preshan hu khi mnn nhi lgta mera gbhrat rhti h mujhe hr time bimaro ki trha rhti hu m kuch kaam nhi ho pata mere s kafi saal phle bhi mujh kuch asart the but iss time kisi ko dikya tha asarat batye h fir bhi m khud thik feel nhi kr rhi hu m kisi s mohobbt krti hu ladke vale razi ho gye but baad m mna kr di Meri family ki marzi h pr unki nhi halt bhut khrb h dono k ghr k dono chate h nikha krna but dikkt ho rhi kisi ko dikhaya to unhone btaya bandish h ap pr but pta nhi kesi bandish h vo unhone btaya apko kisi kaam m kamyabi nhi milegi tb tk y bandish nhi hategi iske liye bhi mujhe kuch batye aap bhut mherbani hogi apki khuda ki ksm bhut preshan hu Bhai apse maddat chati hu apke chenal s kuch wazife kiye but asar nhi hua pta nhi asa Kyu hua ya qahhar ka wazifa dekh kr bhut Khushi hui insaallah m krungi m thik ho jaungi Allah pr ykeen h mujhe kalame-e- ilahi m bhut takat h thankuu so much Bhai is wazife k liye aap dua krna m thik ho jau uske baad aap mujhe power full wazifa batana ladke k waliden ko razi krne k liye bhai ek request h reply zarur krna Allah apko khus rkhe Ameen Allah huma Ameen

    • Aapko ijazat hai sis ya Qahhar ka amal parhne ki. Website ko zarur follow kijiye.

  30. Binte Hawwa on said:

    Bhai is wazifa k sth sth mai apnay baki wazifay bhi jari rakh skti hoon kya?

  31. Binte Hawwa on said:

    Bhai mjh pay kisi nay shadi ki bandish karwayi hui hai.
    Kya mai ye wazifa kar skti hoon?
    Aur ye wazifa parhtay huye dar tou nahi lagay ga kya ?

    • Ji han aap parh sakti hain. Darne wali koi bat nahi hai.

      • Binte Hawwa on said:

        Thk hai bhai bohat shukriya.

  32. Muhammed on said:

    Day 1: I was with a lady and suddenly she ran away because of troubles in that place. Another lady came and was following me about. On the same day, i dreamt again that I did prayer and result was different from what other people are expecting but me am happy with the result.
    Day 2: My car developed fault on my way home. I called a mechanic close to that place. The mechanic left the car to go and pick somethings. Some boys came and carry the car saying it was parked wrongly. The mechanic started agueeing with them
    Day 3: They release the result of students but my name was not there. My step mum came and said someone deleted what her son wrote on the pasted result. She said after we will start complaining that we did not see our name.
    Day 4: I cannot remember
    Day 5: The same woman gave me food twice , I collected it but didnot eat it
    Day 6: I met a personality and I left my line for him. He asked me why but i told him that recorgnised him. However I have lost the place I left for him because other people have taken over. He said I should get a note from that office and bring it to him
    Day 7: I gave some one money to fix my car and it was done and the car was ok. I also gave money to buy food stuff and she bought it I asked her to cook it but she couldnot. I saw a trailer load of goods but was blocked by high tension wire. They removed it and the trailer was able to move. Also I slept in the same room with a woman and her son. Her son woke up at night and brought food but i didnot eat. Also that my step mum ask for somethings for her child, we gave her and locked the source so that she cannot go there.

    Please is this positive? At present, I am a divorcee. The second lady ivwant to marry also left me. I just found the 3 one that i am planning to marry.i lost my job, my car keeps developing fault everyday that i parked it personal business is stucked

    Please are all these dreams positive?

    • The dreams are not negative. Now pay some charity and start a wazifa for a specific desire/purpose that you want to do.

  33. 0917 on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhaijan

    Ya Qahharu ka wazifa kar rahi hu aj 3rd day tha mera…itni nindh aati hai wazifa krte waqt aur ajeeb si chizein zina ye sab nazar aane lag gaye…mera sat bhtttt bhari ho chuka hai..janamaz se uthi to chakkar mehsus hone lagi khana li khane waise rakh di…mann nai hua…sat but zyda dard ho raha hai bhaijan…kya wazifa rok du main?ya complete karu? Kya ye asrat k wajah se ho raha hai? Wazifa padte time hi aisa hota hai…but ask sar kafi dard ho raha hai… mera pyar bhi islye mujhse…bhaijan wo mujhe stalk karte hai daily bas baat nai krte…sirah fatir padh rahi hu aur b wazifa kr rahi hu… bhaijan help me plsss

    • Nahi sis wazifa bilkul nahi rokna. Mukammal karna hai. Ye jadu ke asraat hai sab ke sab. Insha ALLAH sab theek ho jayega.

      • 0917 on said:

        Assalamualaikum bhaijan

        Mera 5 day wazifa complete hua aur periods aagaye..
        Ab kya free start karna hoga ya baking ke 2 din complete karna hoga?

  34. R****** on said:

    Assalam wa alaiqum
    Bhaijaan kal ka 5th day tha ye amal ka abhi tk to koi sapna nhi aya tha lekin aaj ek sapna aya or do bar aya wahi sapna
    1) mai mere mama ke purane ghr me gya hu jo takriban 4-5 saal se khali h gao me waha mai gaya hu darwaza khol ke andar gya to andar bilkul bhayan khali tha koi nhi tha mai darr ke palat gya jaise bahar darwaze me wapas aya to andar se mami ki awaz aai jawai kb aye tum or wo samne aai kapde aise the jin me aaj tk maine unko nhi dekha tha. Bus itna hi tha khwab.
    2) mere mama ke ghr ke samne chhote mama ke ghr darwaze pe khada tha samne wo mama ka ghr dekh rha tha bhayan lag rha tha or unke 2 darwaze h to ek hi darwaza nazar aa rha tha mai dekhne ki koshish kr rha tha dusra darwaza kaha h to achanak mujhe mama ki awaz aai bahar nikal ne ki lekin wo darwaza nazar nhi aya jaha se mama nikle phr dusre darwaze se mami nikle or kapde bhi unke waise hi the pehle khwab me jaise nazar aye or puche kya jawai kb aye phr mama baju ke ghr me chale gye padosi ke.

    Aisa aya h bhaijaan khwab darr ye h ke wo log mere piche pade the unki bachchi se shadi krne ke lye kuch months pehle maine mna kiya unko. Or ab ye khwab aisa aya or mai itni dua kr rha hu kisi ko pane ke lye to wo bhi qubool nhi ho rhi.
    Smjh me nhi aa rha h kya ho rha h
    Ap rehnumai kare bhaijaan.

  35. M on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai kya yh wazifa Krne se phle yh Dekhna hoga k black magic h ya nhi phir start krna hoga bhai m yh wazifa krna chahti hu bcz m bhyt preshan hu study job ko lkr m study m acchi hu lkin jb pdhne bethti hu to thkan lgti h nind aati h or m sb bhool jati hu pdhne m dill nhi lgta h m govt job Ki preparation kr rhi hu lkin exam aate hi Mughe Kuch smjh nhi aata h study bhu bch bch m chhut jati h mughe health issues bhi Bhut rhte h bhai bta dijiy kya phle check krna hoga k black magic h ya nhi

    • Aap ko gumaan hai ke jadu hai aap par to aap ye wazifa parh sakti hain sis.

      • M on said:

        Bhai m apk btay hue wzife kr rhi hu phle se hi to sath m ise bhi kr skte h kya ya.

          • M on said:

            Bhai face k liy 7day ka or balo k liy week m 3krne ka ka or or surh AL qariha ka wazifa bhi

          • M on said:

            Bhai mughr Koi wzifa btay ap m jinh psnd Krti hu unhone Meko block kr diya h sirf isliy bcz maine unse nikah k Liy kha tha bhai m jb unse baat. Krti thi to wo mna krte the k shadi nhi hogi mere parents kbhi nhu manege lkin abhu Kuch dino se maime unh Barbar kha to unhone ajib behave kiya or baat bhu krna bndh kr di thi m msg Krti thi call Krti Mughe koi reply nhi dete the Maine surh AL qariha ka wzifa krna shuru kiya sath m hr Nmaz k Baad ya wadudu ya kbiru wala wzifa kiya wo baat to Krte the pr shadi k liy mna hi kiya unhone hr baar kl maime zbrdsti Ki to gussa kiya or Bhut kuch sunaya or kha m block kr duga bhai Maine sirf nikah Ki niyt rkhi h unho se maine aaytul kursi wala wzifa unh razi Krne k liy raat m pdh k wo bhi soti hu bhai lkin unhone bilkul nhi Suna or block kr diya bhai kya kru Mughe Kuch rasta btay plZzz….

          • M on said:

            Bhai m dono wzife kr skti hu kya tehjjud m pdhne wala or ya adlu bhai Maine ya Allah website se phle hi istikhara kiya hua h or wo mere haq m bhi aaya h bhai bhai plZzz Mughe ijazt de dijiy wzife Krne ki or dua kijiy wo Mughe unblock krk baat kre.

          • Afsar hmulla on said:

            Koi wazifa batayi mere sar me dard rehta raat me needh nai Ana chidchidapan hona aur mujhe koi pasand nai kartha sab Mera mazak udathi Bhai aur kafi log bolthi ki mujhe asraat hai koi Amal batayeee😢

          • Asraat khatm karne ke liye, ya Qahhar ka amal behtareen hai. Yahi shuru kar dijiye.

  36. mahi on said:

    aslkm maine firse ye wazifa start kia muje tasalli nai hui thi 2 set(7-7 din) padh liye 3rd set shuru hai 1st set me muje kwab ye aye i) bada room hai usme ek kaala naag gol gol circle jaisa pura room me bana diya uska sar dahliz ke bahar karke reng raha tha sar pura uska jism jo hai gol gol circl me circle pure room cover kia hua tha, aur hamare khala ke pas bel hoti hai usme bamboo ki lakdi me do sanp the ek suraq se sans lerahe the wo green color me the muje haibat dar lagne laga tha kyuke basil tree jo hai usse wo sanp paida hue hai aisa bolke cheekh rahe the sare hare poudhe dekhe, (Actual maine ghar par ye podha lagaya hai jija ji dant diye the ke hindu log lagate hai but usme medicinal properties hoti hai esliye lagaya maine sabhi allah ne paida kiye hindu pooja kare to wo unka thodi na hogaya na?? ii) fir maine apne face pe creeam ya chawal ka bilkul hi safed past lagaya hai meri eyebrows me se ek eyebrow kat kar fir jud gai right wali.

    2nd set me ye khwab i)meri qala jaan jo hi haal hi me fout hogai wo nazar ayi darga hazrat meeran hussaini r.a ke darbar me wahan peeran e peer ka jhanda mubarak hai waha hum sab the main periods me thi esliye chuke bosa nai desakti thi qala piche thi jhande ki jo lakdi hoti hai green wali color ki hui waha meri taraf se mannat ka dhaga bandh rahi thi dhaga nai tha to plastic ka white polithin jisme phool etc late hai wo bandhne ki koshish kar rahi the rote hue unse bandha nai jaraha tha kyuke wo plsh ka marz me thi hath uth nai rahe the meri didi cousin unko bolrahi thi bandho mummy to wo mushkil se bandha rote hue main samne ki taraf thi jhanda ka gilaf ya something bolte hai unke nishan chandi ka pANJA THA usme se salam ki awaz ayi main khushi se chumne bosa dene ki khwaish thi kyuke main haiz me thi isliye nai jasakti thi to bhabhi se kaha wo burqe me thi bolrahi thi jiska kam wo karo lekin peeran e peer ka jhande ko bosa leke mere muh par bhi na phera unhone fir main niche arahi thi to mandir ki jagah thi dusri waha ek hindu aurat nariyal ke tukde lke baithi soji ka prasad lene par hi narayal dungi kahkar dekhrahi thi soji na lene pe wo dant rahi thi kisi aur ko tent tha bahar …
    ii) hum andheri raat me chandini takht ki kashti me sawar the main dar rahi thi doob na jayen fir meri bhabhi barish ane wali hai kahkar niche jane lagi wo gahre neele rang a kurta aur kali leggin pahni thi bhai ne kala dress

    3rd set joki saturday start kiya hai aaj dusra din hai khwab yun hai i) main ghar ka rasta bhool gai hoon manzil ke liye yaha waha jarahi hu kahi se to nikla ga koi rasta kahkar par ek jaga aisi ai ke waha mandir hi mandir hai unpe hinduon ke devta buth the gahree neele rang ke main bach kar woi gali me the dusri side se ayaton ka wird karte guzar rahi thi par waha se guzar te wqt ajeeb sa bhadda sa ahsas hua jaldi nikal ke ai fir eggs etc dekhe ..

    mashaAllah wazife se sukoon milta hai par khatm nai hora silsila 2 sal pahle se start kia 2 set kiye ye aur s muzammill sharif ka bhi fir chhoda abb zidd ayi hai ke kitne bhi sets karne pade aise hi padhungi but ye khatm hoga kab??bar bar hota hai jadu es bar bhai ko bhi tasavvur me phoonka tha esliye to wo nazar nai aye?? wo to kuch kam nai karte lazy jaisa ghar pe rahte kisi ki zimmedari nai lete..

    • Aap pareshan na hon sis, bas nagha nahi daalna insha ALLAH khatm ho jayega jadu. Iske bad aapko hifazat ke liye wazifa bhi dunga.

  37. Az Khan on said:

    bhai kisi apnay se zina jis ka kabhi ao soch bhi nai sakhty khuwab main dkehin tu kia tabeer hai ye khuwab din main sotay huye aaya.
    jazak Allah

    • Astaghfar parhiye aur ayatul kursi parhkar soya karen.

  38. Iram on said:

    Maine 3day phle start Kiya jinse Mai mohabat karti hu aaj 4 day hai uske liye how to check black magic……
    Uske baad phrse Khud ke liye ya qahaaru wala wazifa start krugi…. Thk hai bhai Jan…ki Ismai kch hai…..aur bhai Jan first day jab ye wazifa Kiya tab raat ko neend nahi aayi legs mai ajeeb sa horha tha Kch Jaise keede ho legs ke andar se….2 day legs mai itni khujli aayi pgl hogayi hai 3 day bhi aayi lekin maine khujli nahi ki din Mai Thk tha soone k tym hua… Aur jinse Mai mohabat karti hu jinke liye Mai ye wazifa kar rahi hu…. Unhu aaj Kch ajeeb sapna dekha ki unko tang Mai dard hota hai Aapne Mai bolye hai Allah na Kare ye coronavirus ka naya symptom hai unko papa temperature check karte hai bolte hai Allah na Kare Isko temperature hai phr dusre Baar unke uncle check karte hai temperature Thk hai Waha pe saare roote hai…..bhai Jan Ismai mtna Kch hai ye sapna kya hai please mjhe bolye…aur kya unko Sar mai eak side se dard hua…mjhe continue Sar mai dard hai….Mai phle ab yahi start Kiya phr naye se mjhe Khud ke liye ya qahaaru wala wazifa krna hai… Mjhe bolye maine Thk kiya

    • Jadu ke asraat ki alamat hai sis. Ab ye wazifa rok den aap. Aur ya Qahhar amal shuru kijiye. Pahle apne liye parhiye. Aapke asraat khatm hone par unke liye parhiye ga. Chahe to wo khud apne liye parh sakte hain.

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Bhai Jan kal raat ko jinse Mai mohabat karti hu unhu ne sapna dekha ki…unke naanihaal wale Jo Hamey dur karna chahte hai jinhu ne meri mama ke baare mai Bura bola….dekha ki vo unke ghr jaate hai yani unke naanihaal jaate hai sapne mai vo sonchte hai ki mai kaise idr aaya mjhe Jo inke sath baat nahi Karni thi…. Vo Wahi p mere sath baat krte hai unke papa usko bolte hai mjhe pta hai tum Yhi ladki ke Saat baat kr rhe ho usne bola Ha mai usi ke Saat baat Kar raha hu mai nahi chood skta Isko…. Isi ke sath dekha ki vo ghr se mjhe milna chahta hai lekin scootey ghr p na hone pe vo paidal ghr se nikal te hai usko raaste mai papa dekhte hai vo kisi jagah p chupte hai lekin uskee papa usko dekhte hai bolte hai idr kya kar rahe ho ghat nahi aana hai…..

        Bhai Jan ye saare jadu ke asrat hai kya

        Mai ab phle Khud ke liye ya qahaaru wala wazifa phrse start kru….

        Aur phr jinse mohabat karti hu unke liye vo Khud nahi karege wazifa mujhe Karna pakdega dum unke photo pe hi Karna hai phr…khud ke liye Kitne din Karna hai Aur jinse mohabat karti hu uske liye Kisne din Karna hai

        • Maine bataya tha aapko ke pahe apne liye parhen aap. 7 din ka amal hai ye. Jab aapko lage ke asraat khatm ho gaye hain phir unke liye shuru karen. Tasveer par dam kar sakti hain aap.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Asalamalikum bhai Jan maine ye wazifa phrse start Kiya…2 din se Kar rahi hu…. 1 din padte waqt neend Jaisi aarhi thi Aur eyes Mai se Jaise aag nikal rahi thi shevring lag rahi thi heart beat Bohat fast hui phr soone ke time mjhe Jaise bhari tha heart SAANS nhi le Parhi thi kr aarhi thi sapne Mai Kch chocolate khati hu mai jinse Mai mohabat karti hu unko phn bolti hu Aapne chocolate laaya hai unhu ne bhi chocolate laaya hota hai…. pura sapna yaad nahi phr itna yaad hai Jaise hamara ghr p saare aaye hote hai mjhe mama ki can ke sath ladayi hojaati hai ….bhai jan maine kya sapna dekha ye….2 din karte waqt hi eyes ke pas dard shuru hua Sar ko bhi hua Thoda sa lag nikal rahi thi eyes se Aap nikal rahi thi heart beat fast hogayi phr Thk hua

          • Jadu ke asraat ki wajha se hai sis. Nagha nahi dalna aapne wazifa me. Insha ALLAH, theek ho jayega.

      • Rameeza Sayyed on said:

        Assalam kya mein apne Bhai ke liye yeh wazifa kar sakti hoon usska kahin bhi Shadi ka rishta fix nahi ho raha hai lekin mein pani dum karke de nahi sakti kyunki mein door rahti hoon

        • Aap bhai ke liye ye amal parhkar tasavvur mein unpar dam kar den.

    • Nida on said:

      Bhaijaan MERI ek Hindu dost h usse Apne liye aur Apne mehboob ke lite krna h ye wajifa aap pls usko izazzai de usne apko site KO follow BHI kr liya aap Uske haq Mai dua krna thank you

      • Unhe ijazat hai, ALLAH Ta’ala par pura yaqeen rakhte hue ye wazifa parhen.

  39. Iram on said:

    Bhai Jan mai Khud ke liye ya qahaaru wazifa .. Uske sath hi jinse Mai mohabat karti hu uske liye how to check black magic wala wazifa kar sakti hu eak time pe

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Maine phr kal se start Kiya jinse Mai mohabat karti hu uske liye how to check black magic……
        Uske baad phrse Khud ke liye ya qahaaru wala wazifa start krugi…. Thk hai bhai Jan…ki Ismai kch hai

  40. Maisara on said:

    Aslm Mehrunnissa sis.Sis mein bahot takleef mein hoon please meri maddat kijiye Allah apko ajar-o-sawab dein.sis Mujhe menses miss ho rahe hai 3 months se menses nahi huye .Mujhe kisine black magic kiya hai.aapne Mujhe 41 days Tak ya Qahhar parhne kaha tha aur saat hi “To remove jinn” bhi.mein wazife start ki hoon.ab Mujhe menses jaise feel ho raha hai severe stomach pain back pain thigh pain aur namaz ke time me bilkul periods jaise wet feel ho raha hai.but when I check ..there’s nothing.aisa kyun ho raha hai please help me sis.

      • Hussain on said:

        Main ye ya qaharu wala wazifa karna chahta hu

          • Sadia on said:

            Boht afsus hua sab ko reply Kar rahay hen par mujhe nhi 4 din say wait Kar rahi hun

          • Sabko one by one javab mil raha hai sis, aapko bhi mil jayega abhi. Aap pareshan na hon.

  41. Faiza on said:

    Assalamualaikum Imran bhai. Bhai aapne ya Qahharu aur to remove jinn wazifa parhne ko kaha tha.meri mom k liye.pani pe dum karke meri mom peena ke baad unko bahot shidat se pet ka dard.heartbeats fast hogaye they.aur bawaseer ka dard bahot shidat se ho raha tha.bawaseer ke liye bahot hospitals ke ilaj kiye ayurvedic ilaj bhi kiye but no use bhai.bhai bawaseer bhi jaadu se aasakta hai Kya??

    • Ji sis, jadu ki wajah se in bimariyon ki shikayet ho sakti hai. Aap pareshan na hon aur wazifa mukammal kijiye. Insha ALLAH, dheere dheere theek hota jayega.

  42. Iram Khan on said:

    Maine aaj ye wazifa 5 day Kiya full body Mai needles chub rahi thi eyes Mai padte waqt

    • Asraat khatm hone pe insha ALLAH, khatm ho jayega aise mahsus hona.

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Bhai Jan mai jinse mohabat karti hu mai Jan na chahti hu ki unke dil Mai mre kiye kya hai…. Vo mjhe bolte hai ki mai tumse beintiha mohabat karta hu…. Mai Jan na chahti hu vo loyal haina mre sath mjhse mtna Kch chala rahe hai vo BarosA hota hai rltion mai lekin jab misunderstandings hoti hai phr brosa b nhi rhta hai itna jtna phle hota hai…. Please help me

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Bhai Jan ye wazifa akele mai krna hai agr Kamre mai koi Aur hoga is mai mtna Kch hai

          • Akaile me karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai sis.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Bhai Jan maine kal is wazife ki 7 din complete kar liye

          • Ab aap sadqah dijiye aur ek din bad bataiye ke kya surate haal hai. Kuch positivity dikhayi de rahi hai ya nahi.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Bhai Jan sadqah kitna dena hai Aur kisko Dena hai Aur abi bhr se lock down hai

          • Jab de saken aur jitna de saken, de dijiyega.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            G bhai Jan Thk hai au4 uske baad bolna hai positive dikha kch

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Bhai Jan maine aapko bola tha maine ye wazifa kar liya… AaPne bola tha ki sadqah de dijiye…maine bola Abi lock down hai abi kaise dug sadqah Aapne bola tha jab bhi Aap de sakti hai tab de…. Ismai mtna Kch hai….janse ye wazifa Kiya tab se Thk lag raha hai Hlka lag raha hai lekin 4-5 din se Sar Bohat dard Kar raha hai…dawayi khayi thodi dair farak padha phr Aur dard hua eyes Aur Sar bhari lag raha hai koi agr kch baat bolta hai roone ka man Kar ta hai Khud Anso utar te hai… Raat ko ache se neend nhi aati hai maine aaj ajeeb sapna dekha jinse Mai mohabat karti hu unko dekha pura yaad nahi aur dekha ki mera eak daant toota hua hota hai…lekin jab mai mu band Kar ke phr se dekhti hu tab daant Wahi pe hota hai please bhai Jan mjhe bolye ye kya sapna hai….

          • Jadu ke asraat ki wajah se hai. Abhi wazifa parhte rahiye aap. Insha ALLAH, tabiyat theek ho jayegi.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Aur mere sath kuch saalo sE kch acha nahi horha hai har kisi kaam mai nakamyabi exam mai bhi …sirf eak baat achi thi ki jinse Mai mohabat karti hu vo mere sath the vo abi bhi mere sath hai lekin hamare dushmano ne jabse se problem create ki tabse to kch Thk nahi horha hai mere sath

          • Aap upar diya gaya amal parhiye sis. Insha ALLAH, theek ho jayega.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Maine 12 April ko is wazife ke 7days Complete kiye.. Ab Mai phrse shuru kr sakti hu

          • Ji han aap dobara shuru kar sakti hain.

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Bhai Jan maine kal 6 day wazifa Mai raat ko ajeeb sa sapna dekha pura yaad nahi hai lekin ye yaad hai mai Mai Aur mama Chal rahe hote hai mai kishti Mai chadti hu pani Bohat hota hai lekin mama ko apni Mai dekha Tairte hue ye kya dekha maine Aap bolte mjhe

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Kiske liye acha khwab hai bhai Jan… Maine mama ko apni Mai dekha Tairte hue ye mtna darne wali baat hai

          • Saaf pani dekhna achhi alamat hai. Itna sochne ki zarurat nahi hai sis. Wazifa aap mukammal karen.

      • Farheen on said:

        Mere shoahr hamse dur rahte pls ap bataiye m kayese ye sare asar unpar sw khatam karu

        • Aap unka tasavvur karke amal parhiye aur phir tasavvur me hi dam kar dijiye.

          • Farheen on said:

            Ji thanq so much allha se duwa kare ki mere sgihar thik ho jay.. Aur behad a6e insan h jo har shaks ka ap repl me jawab dete h.. Jisse log pareshan na rahe apne sawal ko lekar.. Thanq so much sir… Allha aap ko khus rakhe

          • Jaza kALLAHU Khair sis 🙂

    • Arman on said:

      Imran bhai me ladki se pyar krta hu or jagda hone ki vjhse hm alg hongay hai lekin me usse shadi krns chata hu voh ekdam change hongay vrna pehle toh mere bina reh nay sakti thi samese shadi ka bolti thi jagde ke bd pt nay easa kyu mujhe lagta hai usku ghr mese jaduu vage kuch kra ho usne abhi engajmnt bhi
      Krli hai pta nay kese me bht confuse hu syd isku ghr mese kisine ha ke liye kuch krvadiya ho toh uska sb nikl jave uske liye me kya kru or kra hai ke nay usku kuch vohbhi pta lag jave uske liye kya kru or voh mere pass pehle jesi engajment todke aajave mere pass plz btaye

      • Aap yahi wazifa parhkar unka tasavvur kar ke dam kijiye.

        • Arman on said:

          Pehle yahi wazifa kru ke voh mere pass aajave aapka voh wazifa kru or me sure nay hu lekin ek dam se chnge hongay hai toh lagtaj hai kuch kraj honga or yeh kruga toh kese pta chlega ke ha thaa or sb iske under se nikl gaya or apne isthikhra bola thaa voh bhi kra thaa aapne positive bola thaa. Pehle kya kru plz imaran bhai btayee ke voh sb engajment todd ke mere pass aajave hm shadi bhi krne wale thee 2 yrs ka relation tha plz btaye

          • Istikhara positive hai to aap love marriage wazifa parh sakte hain. Lekin agar aapko asraat ka gumaan hai to pahle ye wala ya Qahhar ka amal parhkar unpar tasavvur me dam karen. Wazifa mukammal karke batayen.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai mene aj dupher se strt krdiya hai yaqahhar ka amal lekin pta kese chlega ke usku asrat khtm hongay ?imaran bhai or mene aaj kra toh pani nay liya kyu ke me jisse pyar krta hu uske liye kra isiloye mere mobile me uski photo thi mene 3 br uspe dam krdiya brbr haine?

          • Ji han theek hai aise dam kar den. Halaat se andaza ho jayega asraat khatm hone ka.

          • Arman on said:

            Mene aaj dupher se strt kra toh kre bd sogaya tha toh mujhe sapna aaya meri frd instra pe post krti hai pic khudki toh mene dekhi toh socha ke me jisse pyar krta hu voh bhi dekhegij ne easaj mere pic meri frd ke pass post krvav toh me jise ptar krtav voh dekhegij ne iska kya mtlb huva imaran bhai?

          • Is khwab se koi khas matlab nahi nikala ja sakta bhai. Aap wazifa mukammal karen.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai mene ya qahhar ka amal chlu krdiya hai syd asrat hai apse bt krke lekin iske sath sath me love ka bhi wazifa krsakta hu? Ke pehle ya qahhar ka hi pura kru?

          • Behtar hai pahle ya Qahhar ka amal pura kar len.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai ya qahhar ka amal hai isme bhi jo sapne aate hai voh aapku btane ke hai jese isthikhara me btane ka thaa jisee khbr pdti thi sb isiliye?

          • Agar kuch khas dikhe to aap bata sakte hain. Har khwab batana zaruri nahi hai.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai yne jisse pyar krta hu uske related ho vahi khab btav ne. ?Aaj sapne me subh ki namaz ke bd soya tb ke 3 ek girls mere ghr ke pass dailyy me aay or pura naqab thaa toh usmese mujhe voh me jisse pyar krta hu voh lagii fir naqab nikala toh koi or thi 3 girls pani pina thaa unkuu

          • Khwab me koi negativity nahi hai. Jari rakhen amal.

          • Arman on said:

            Or aaj sapne me mene barish bhi pdraha hai voh dekhaa

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai aapne bola positive sign hai barish pdte huve dekha toh yne usku asr horaha hsi yuu? Ya qahaar ka amal ?yne usku kuch kra huvaj hai isiliyej positive sign mila?

          • Ji han asraat jane ki alamat hai insha ALLAH.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai 2 day subh ki namaz pdhke soya toh khb aaya ke me jisse pyar krta hu voh or me ek jagh hote hai vaha koi or bhi hota hai toh me kuch gussa hoke bolke niklta hu toh voh sb chodke mnane aati hai mujhe 2 khab ek frd ku bolta hu ke voh girls ku bol ke mujhe milns hai voh bhi meri frd hi hoti hai toh voh drti hai koi dekh lega or ek jagh wash room pass milne jate hai toh ek dam se iske frd or family vale aajate hai ke yaha kya krti hai jese najar rakhte the uske uper or voh bhna bnati hai fir is damiyan ek frd syd umrah krke aaya tha toh usse mila toh voh dua deraha thaa mujhe

          • Theek hai khawab, kuch negative nahi hai.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai aaj dupher me mene khab dekha ke me kahi jaraha hu or me jisse pyar krta hu uska dyan hainj dil me ke kuch krbethu uska call nay aaraha hai isiliye ek jagh pani dekhta hu syd nehr jesi lekin rk dam chokhaa panii isme ek girls ke kapde the voh bhi dikh rahe the or fir aage gaya syd gadi me tha toh itna khoubsurat najara thaa pile pile full ne bht hu lhubsurat najara tha raste me or me pic pdne ke liye mobile nikalta hu toh aage dargah bhi hoti hai

          • Arman on said:

            3 day Me subh namaz pdhke soyaa uske bd Ke me ek ladki ku kahi le gaya hu or voh koi ladke ke sath jati hai or bhr niklti hai toh voh ladka nay hota me shervani me or voh shadi ke jore me hoti hai or mene bola kya huva toh boli hath me likhraha thaa naam krkin mene mna krdiya ke sirf tera naam hi likhugi yne mera naamor fir hm dono ku bt krte vaha meri sister dekh leti hai hm gale jese milte hai toh syd or dusre bhi relative hote hai voh bhi dekh lete hai or vaha se niklte hai hm toh voh girls bhr jati hai or ghr ke bhr game kheti hai toh me bolta hu ke me jisse pyar krta hu voh bhr roj game khelti hai yne real
            Me jisse pyar krta hu usska jhenn me aajata hai 2 khab me ek class me hu or me jisse pyar krta hu voh bhi class me bethi hai lekin aage ki bench pe or mujhe ignor krrhi hai syd toh aage jagh khalii thi toh piche sb ku leliya bench pe toh usku mere basjik
            Bench pe bithaa diya or me bht masti krrha thaa ke voh mujhe notice kre isiliye

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai 4 day dupher ku ghr se bhr nikla toh barish ke bundee pdrahi thi voh dekha 2 dekha ke masjid me namaz pdhraha hu tarawih or 3 khb ke me kisi ladki ke sath hu ke pyar krta hu easa jhn me sirf

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai 5 day ratku easa khab aaya ke tahajuud ki namaz pdhke bht dua mngta hu firbhi kabool nay horahi hai iska kya mtlb hai

          • Koi bat nahi ghabraiye nahi.

          • Arman on said:

            5 day namaz pdhke soya toh khb aaya ke me koi exam dene gaya toh samese white jabhee vale bht sare insan jate hai or exam under gaya toh ek jan pehchnta thaa usne bhi white pehna thaa 2 khab me kahi pe masjid me roja khol raha hu or ek insan bolta hai me bta nay sakta mujhe sb kuch mil gaya me bhi bht taklif me thaa or vaha sarbat ka pura wuju krte haine easa sarbat or under insan bhi the srbt nikl ke dete hai or white mej hote hai syd 3 khab ke me koike ghr gaya toh me jisse pyar krta hu ne voh vahaj thi or mera ek frd bhi or uska bhi frdj hai voh or kuch bt hoti hai pta nay fir ek burkhe me aati hai ek girls me bolta hu yeh merse pyar krti hai syd easa bhi bolta hu isse meri shadi hoi ya hone vali hai

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai 7 din hongay hai aaj ya qahhar ka waifa pura krliya mene ab aap btaye me kya kru kyu ke abhi tk uska kuch rabta aaya nay hai or dream me aapne positive btaye hai toh kya use asr huva ke nay ? Isku agr asrat the toh nikl gay ke nay? Ke ab konsa wazifa kru jisse woh mujhse rabta krke shadi krne ka bole ke engajment mene toddi hai me tersej shadi krna chati hu 2 yrs ka rlation hai plz btaye imaran bhai

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai aaj subh ki namaz bd khab aaya ke kuch easa huva ke jise me pyar krta hu voh mil rahi hai or koi or num se bhi call kra thaa or milke bht khush thi gadi pe idhr jati fast or dusri bju jati hai or utrke bolti hai me ouske sath shadi nay krne vali fir mene bola pro kya hai fir pta nay ek dusre se bt krrhe thee pro ki ne sb

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai aapne btaya pyar me pgl krne ka wazifa me strt krrha hu plz izazat dijiye mujhe or mere hq me dua plz dua krna ke me jisse pyar krta hu jld se jld mujhse shadi krne ka rabta kree

          • Aapko is wazifa ki ijazat hai bhai. ALLAH Ta’ala aapki jayaz khawahish puri kare, aameen!

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai mene aaj strt krdiya hai dua krna ek bt puchni thi imran bhai sakar ke thode bde tukre the toh jb me ne chitiyon ko dalte wakht
            Mene hath ke nakh se uskuu chote kree tukde bhuke jese fir dalee toh chlega imran bhai? Ke ease hi bde hi tukde chlege todee bina ke?or mene kagaj uthliya sakkar dalkee ke nay uthane ka thaa?

          • Ji han sahee kiya aapne. Thore chhote tukre hon sugar ke to sahee hai aur kaghaz aap utha sakte hain.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai me duper ku wazifa krke soya thodi der toh khab me me jisse pyar krta hu voh aay mere ghrmej thee hm or mene pucha toh usne samese bola ha me shadi krugii or asse se bt bhi krrhe thee

          • Arman on said:

            1 day imran bhai mujhe khab aaya ke koi ladki hai usku bolta hu ke me kuch bhi krsakta hu tere liye2 khab kahi me tha toh vaha sher bhi hota hai or dog bhi or snak ka bhi jhn me aata hai vaha mujhe

          • Theek hai bhai, jari rakhiye abhi wazifa.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai me jisse pyar krta hu uske roj khab aate the aj pura din uska khab nay aaya isse drne valii bt hai imran bhai kis chij se plz btayee

          • No issues, zaruri nahi ke roz khwab aaye.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai 3 day hai wazifa ka me pdhke dupher ku soya toh mene dekha hm family kahi gay huve hai or me or koi or mera bhai namaz ki bt krrhe ke kb hongi abhi kitna time hai fir vaha bichme syd pani jesa thaa or sb sidd pe sunnee ke ghr se pure golden coler ke or gold ke hi pure ghr toh vaha me mummy ku puchta hu ke yeh koi le nay jata honga toh vaha smbhalne vale hote hai lekin unku dekha toh smbhlne vale tamanaya hoti haine imran bhai voh hote hai voh dikhte hai

          • Koi pareshani ki alamat nazar nahi aayi aapke khwab se.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai 4 day ku khab aaya ke me or family kahi chl rahe thee syd namaz pdhke toh mere jhn me me jisse pyar krta hu voh aati hai ke voh bhi easaj chl rahi hongi easa kuch Imran bhai kbhi kbhi let tk nind nay aati kyu easa wazifa krrha hu isiliye?

          • Ho sakta hai bhai parhayi ki wajah se ho. Aap ayatul kursi parhkar soya karen.

          • Arman on said:

            Imaran bhai me ya qahhar ka wazifa pdhraha tha tb me jisse pyar krta hu uske roj sapne aate thee lekin jb se love me pgl hone vala wazifa strt kiya hai pehle din hi dupher ku khb aaya ke ahadi ke liye ha bolti hai me jisse pyar krta hu voh uske bd aaj 4 din hongay ek bhi br mujhe me jisse pyar krta hu uska sapna nay aaya easa kyu imran bhai? Or kbhi kbhi let tk nind bhi nay aati sapne bhi aate hai toh ladai jagde ke jese sehtanij ek br toh danth tutela bhi aaya thaa easa kyu imran bhai?sapna nay aata toh dr lagta hai ke jyda dur hongay mere se voh imran bhai plz btayee mujhe kuch smj nay aaraha?

          • Sapna aana zaruri nahi hai. Befikr rahen aap.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai 5 day aj khab aaya ke me koi padki ky bolta ku ke bht pyar krta hu tujhse or uske bhi mn me hota hai ke mujhe sammese bole 2 khan bhi thoda easaj aaya ke koi ladki ke sath hota hu nasdik relation kij bte krrhe thee 3 khab aaya ke me koi ku syd btata hu easa kuch toh bolte hai ke jadu hai paise lagege mujhe ya me jisse pyar krta hu use syd paise lagege kuch 52 din me hojayega fir bola bht tume jyada hai toh bole ke fir jyada paise lagege.

          • Theek hai, mukammal karen wazifa.

          • Arman on said:

            Assalamu alaykum imran bhai wazifa ku 5 day hongay hai dua kro imran bhai me jisee pyar krta hu uska mere sath shadi krne ka rabta aajave. Rabta kre mujhe dua kro imran bhai

          • ALLAH Ta’ala aapke haq me sab behtar kare, aameen!

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai 5 day khab aaya ke koi program jesa hai usme me jisse pyar krta hu voh bhi aay hai or sb frds bhi hai or kuch game jesi khelte hau usmese mera naam aata hai toh mujhe koi task milta hai toh bhr jake dekhne ka koi word toh bhr jake dekhta hu toh mandap dejaa hota hai vaha word likhele hote hai bhr 2 khab aaya ke ghr me bhi kuch program jesa hota hai bs itnaj yd hai 4 khab kuch task krta hu toh pkra jata hu ladai ka kuch toh mujhe takla krdiya jata hai fir vaha se chodke helicopter se chodke mujhe kahi choddete hai fir vaha se road pe mujhe 2 taxi dikhti hai ke age choddoo easa kuch

          • Good, koi negativity nahi hai khwab me.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai aapku mene hr khab ne sb chij btay hai toh aap bta sakte hai ke love me pgl krne vala aml me jisse pyar krta hu usse asr krrha hai? Kese pta chlta hai imran bhai ke asr krrha hai?

          • Ye to waqt ke sath-sath pata chal jayega bhai.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai 6 day dupher ku khab aaya ke me meri sister ku bolraha hu koi ladki ke bre me ke usse me pyar krta hu yuu or fir koi mithaa srbat pita hu fir yd aata hai ke roza hai 2 khab kuch hora hai funtion jesa toh me sb ku invite krta hu mere frds ku ne sb ku or me jisse pyar krta hu usku bhi invite krta hu or jhn me hota hai ke aave toh accha hai ratka time hai isiliye or pehla sapna tha usme meri sister se bt krta hu ladki kr bre me usku bhi invite krta hu me 3 khab ke me kisi ko family ku syd wuzu krata hu or usmese ek ladki hoti hai syd usse me pyar krta hota hu khab me unki family hoti hai

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai kl last day hai wazifa ka kl 7 day hojayege abhi tk rabta nay aaya kya kru imran bhai

          • Positive asraat nazar aa rahe hain. Wazifa mukammal karke sadqah dijiye aap aur love wazifa jo parhna chahen wo shuru kar dijiye ga.

          • Arman on said:

            Aap hi btadidiye konsa wazifa love ka kru?or kl pura honga toh perso hi strt krdav dusra?imran bhai aapne btaya ke posive hai sb toh abhi tk rabta q nay aaya imran bhai kb aayega rabta dua krna imran rabta aajave shadi ka mujhe me jisse pyar krta hu uska

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai me yaqhar ka wazifa pdhta toh jisse pyar krta thaa uska jyada khab aata tha or love ka wazifa pdraha tha toh aay lekin itne nay aay toh kya mujhe ya qahhar ka wazifa pdhu ke usku asrat the or jarahe thee isiliye aate thee aap ke hisab se btaye imran bhai ? Ke aapne btaya 3 day love voh pdhu aap btaye plz mujhe confusu hu aap btayee

          • Bhai aisa nahi hai ke wazifa parhne lagenge to khwab aane shuru ho jayenge aur agar khwab achhe aap dekhenge to isse matlab nikalenge ke wazifa kaam kar raha hai. Aisa nahi hota bhai. Khwabon pe dhyaan dena chhor den. Aur na hi main har general khwab ki tabeer batane ke haq me hun. Main mainly sirf istikhara ya jadu khatm karne ke wazaif ke khwabon ke bare me batata hun aur wo jo khas hon unhi ko share karna chahiye. Warna to khwab to kabhi bhi aate rahte hain. Aap sirf wazifa ko parhne par dhyaan den. Aur jo dil kare wo parhna shuru kar den parson se.

          • Arman on said:

            Imran bhai aapne 3 days love back wazifa btaya vahi strt krduga perso se dua krna imran bhai

          • ALLAH khair kare aur aapke haq me achha kare, aameen.

          • Arman on said:

            Assalamu alaykum imaran bhai abhi tk me jisse pyar krta hu uska rabta nay aaya ab kya kru imran bhai easa toh nahi ne ke abhi tk usku syd kra tha kuch jadu vagera toh ho abhi bhi asrat toh asr naa hota hov?ke easa nay hota ke jadu ho tbbhi wazifa asr krta hai btayeimran bhai plz dua kriye mereliye. Vrna 2 yrs ke relation ku chodke chotase jagde me koi kese engajment krsakta hai kuch pta nay chl raha?

          • Jadu ke asraat hain agar to ya Qahhar amal parh len ek bar.

  43. Iram on said:

    OK bhai Jan…. Jab ye wazifa complete hojayega…. Jinse Mai mohabat karti hu mai unke liye ye start kar sakti hu… Ki phle mjhe check Karna hai unpe jadu hai ya nahi Jis se AaPne mjhe check karne k liye bola tha

    • Ji ha sis. Ap pahle check kar lijiye uske bas amal start kar sakti hai.

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Bhai Jan mri mama ki tabiyat khrb rhti hai usko puri body Mai dard rhta hai… Mai unko aaj ye wazifa karte ke baad dum Kiya hua pain pill sakti hu… Ki unko 7days tak lagatar plans hai mjhe bolye

        • Ji bilkul sis, aap pani par dam kar ke apni walida ko pani pine ke liye dijiye, lagataar 7 din.

          • Iram Khan on said:

            Bhai Jan mre amal karne Ka aaj 5 din hai to mai nahi pani oils sakti mama ko…7 din zaroori pila na hai

          • Ammi ke liye aap dobara shuru kar lena apne 7 din pure karne ke bad waqfa dekar.

  44. Iram on said:

    Bhai Jan ye wazifa karte din tak Karna hai…. Aaj 4 din Kiya maine ye wazifa lekin meri full body Mai padte padte needles chub rahi thi abi bhi chub rhi hai

    • 7 din lagataar parhiye. Nagha nahi dalna sis.

  45. bisma on said:

    or kis time parhna haii… bhai…

    • Upar sab tareeqa bataya gaya hai. Kisi bhi munasib waqt parh sakte hain.

      • Iram Khan on said:

        Asalamalikum bhai Jan mai 2 din se ye wazifa kar rahi hu phle din mjhe heart Mai pain hui padte padte phr thk hui uske baad Jaise eyes bhari hogayi neend Jaisi lag rhi thi
        Aaj Aisa kch nhi hua lekin jabse ye wazifa Kiya tab se beech beech Mai heart Mai pain horhi hai

        • Ye jadu ke asraat hai sis. Aapne bilkul nahi ghabraana aur Wazifa mukammal karen. Insha ALLAH, theek ho jayega.

      • Phr 7 din bad ye kese PTA chalay ga k asaib asraat chalay gae?

          • Sadia on said:

            Ap ka behad shukriya ap mujhe nhi jaantay main boht parhti hun wazaif main to vo larki hun jo khud aalima Vanna chahti hun or ap ki tarha logun ki madad karna chahti hun par 5 saal say mere khud k saaray kaam atak k reh gae hen ap nhi jaantay main Kya kuch face Kar rahi hun

          • ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala aapke masail hal kare, aameen.

      • Saba nayab on said:

        Yom kya hota h

    • Lisa on said:

      Assalaam Wa Alaikum,
      Yeh wazifa 2 logon se ziada ek hi baar me parh sakte hain. Aur agar paas me nahin hain to dua je pani baad me pir sakte hain

      • Ji han aap 2 se zyada logon ke liye ek hi bar me ye wazifa parhkar pani par dam kar dijiye. Aur wo log dam kiya hua pani pi len.

        • Assalamu Alaikum Vaijan, Alhamdulillah I have successfully completed Ya Qahhar Wazaif. And will continue till you confirm to stop. Positivity of work stepping up but no result yet, we all are suffering with Covid19.Allah knows well all. My relation with my cousin is worsed since few days. His behave changed & very rude. Its like that something is happening inside if him. still some odd dream is happening but everything feeling lesser than before. plz note that after broken my family my cousin shelter me strongly & since then he is a part of family but its about 2 weeks he is not like as usual

          • Keep doing this wazifa sis and let me know once you will see the positive signs.

          • Sukriya Vaijan. Can I do this Wazifa for all staying in the family? By reading once & Blowing once to the same water?

  46. Fatima on said:

    I had chest pain for the past few days, and when I did this wazifa, the pain immediately stopped after 5 minutes of recitation “Ya Qaharu”. What does that mean? Also, I did this amal many times before, and then I saw that I had many black taweez on the floor (in an unknown area on a white floor), and the numbers of taweez reduced as the days went with this amal. On the 7th day of the amal, I only saw one taweez being left. After that, I saw the sea (my feet under the water) and I felt very calm (feels at peace) whenever I did this amal (for 7 days straight). Whenever I did this amal and finished the recitation for the day, I saw clean water under my feet (around 1 feet high) and I felt very calm. What does that mean?

    • This means the chest pain was due to black magic. Complete your wazifa and pay some charity to poor. And in past, whenever you saw clean water in your dreams at the end of this wazifa. That shows the removal of black magic effects from you.

  47. Shaikh on said:

    Assalamu Alaykum.
    Maine 3 din ye amal kiya. Fir 4th day pe meri date aagayi. Mujhe nahi malum tha kyunki pregnancy ke baad ye 1st tha. Ab kya karu mai ? Jab paak hojaungi to dobara shuru karna hoga ya aage ke days complete karlu. Plz bataiyega.

      • Shaikh on said:

        Assalamu Alaykum bhai. Maine complete karliya hai ALHAMDULILLAH.
        Karne ke dauran rozana bahot sakht nind aati thi mujhe. Kya padh rahi kaise padh rahi kuch samajhta nahi tha itni strong nind ke khwab bhi ajate… Fir jaise taise complete karti thi. Lekin ALHAMDULILLAH pura hogaya. Ab aage kya karna hai bhai ? Kyunki Maine sasural jaana behtar hai ya nahi ye jaan ne ké liye Istekhara kiya tha lekin jaadu ki taabir aagayi khwab me. To ab please bataiye kya karu

        • Aap sadqah de kar ek bar phir se ye amal parhiye sis. Phir bataiyega.

          • Shaikh on said:

            Bhai kitna sadqa karna hai ? Koi khas amount ya kitna bhi apni haisiyat ke hisab se

          • Apni haisiyat ke mutabiq de den sadqah sis.

  48. Assalamu Alaikum Sir, I started this Wazifa but had a mistake not recite sura Naas after the 1836 recitations of Ya Qahhar & blew to water & drank. Next day I remembered the mistake did last day and did according to above suggession. What should I do now?

    • Now do it correctly for the regular 7 days again.

      • Assalamu Alaikum Sir, I have completed this Amal sucessfully yesterday & today have completed 40 days falitas lighting. Now what to do plz guide me.
        Jazakallahu Khairan.

        • Now pay some charity to poor and let me know if you feel any positive changes in the circumstances.

          • Assalamu Alaikum Vaijan, May Allah provide you a good health .
            With the name of Allah I have done some charity & In Shaa Allah wish to do more to the desire person & places ahead. Result: After completing Wazaif of 40 Days & 7 days, Alhamdulillah miraculously one project got bank approval & now it is moving there for the next procedures. I wish this procedures also be completed easily, shortly & positively by the grace of Allah. Please for me.
            Need Suggession: After completion of Wazaifs in between of 1 / 2 days I have been dreaming horrible & feeling panic & some odd things: Dream: 1) I am with my small child in custody of an old man , old man died , before he died he punched his palm with my palm, thunder type something felt. After his died his body kept to a dark room instead of bury. Even it was dead but strictly following & observing my activity & controlling me, I was trying escape but impossible. Dream: 2) I was chewing a baby’s finger thinking that its a chicken bone but someone told me that I ate baby’s finger can’t remember complete .Dream: 3) black majic & graveyard related….there on . Symptom** body temperature very high/ fever all times in the day & nights, medicine not work. Migraine pain almost every day. Symptom** At the time of sleeping body jerked badly in 1 night( Previous by Ruquyah it removed), Symptom** 2/3 nights felt hard throttling & panicky awakend by heavy cough. Symptom** Night time feeling something nearby & looking to me from away then I try to see it here & there. Please note that I close my body sleeping times daily & listen azan every nights.

          • These all are the symptoms of black magic. Perform this ya Qahhar wazifa once again and let me know the results after seven days.

  49. Khan saniya on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai mujhe ye wazifa padhna hai mere mehboob k ghar walo ne hamari mohabbat per jadu kar diye to mera mehboob ab mujhse koi rabta ngi karta to mai ye 7 days tak padhungi par uski pani nhi pila sakti hu qk wo bat nhi karta mujhse to kya karu ab ap bolye bhai please

    • Aap unka tasavvur kar ke amal parh len aur phir dam kar den.

  50. Benu Gopal on said:

    Bhai Jaan, mujhe izazat dijiye yeh wazifa karne ki. Yeh bata dijiye ki Is wazifa ko karte samay jis insan ke liye karna hai kya us insan ka khayal dimaag main rakhan hai ??? Is wazifa ko karne se pehle koi jaruri instructions wazu ke alava jo bhi hain voh bhi bata dijiye please.

    • Tamam tareeqa upar bataya gaya hai bhai. Jis insan ke liye ye amal karna hai uska khayal dimagh me rakh kar parhiye. Aur tasavvur me uspar dam kar dijiye.

      • Benu Gopal on said:

        Bhai jaan, photo par bhi dam Kar sake Hain ya tasavvar Karke hi dam Karna Chahiye ?

  51. honey on said:

    Humy kesy pata chalega k nazre bad ya black magic asrat temove hogaye hen ??

      • Fatima khan on said:

        Asalam o wakum imran bhai ye kitne din tak karun ye wazifa

        • 7 din ka amal hai, upar bataya gaya hai sis. Agar 7 din me asar kisi wajah se na dikhe to mazid 7 din parh len.

      • Z. on said:

        Assalam u alaikum
        Imran Bhai Maine yaqahhar ka wazifa 7 days Kia tha par mujhe nhi PTA k khtm hue asraaat ya nhi kiase PTA lagega ??
        Bas srf ye PTA hai k wazifey ab bhi asar nhi kr rhe ab idk wo Mera maqsad nhi thk ya wiase hi nakami horhi hai .

  52. MD Mohsin Ansari on said:

    Aasalam walekum
    G Apne btya hai pani Mai dam krne ko lekin mai pani Ka Kya kru ga Mai uss ldki KO to pila nhi sku GA to apne btya ki taswauur krke Pani Mai dam krde lekin mai Ka Kya kru ga please batiiye or ladki Ka naam neha parween hai jisse mai mohhabat krta hu

  53. Gazal on said:

    Assalamualaikum..Bhai aapki web pe black magic ki Jo nishaniya btayi h wo Meri family m Kya me ye wazifa KR sakti hu?or iske sath koi or wafiza k ye ek hi?

    • Aap sirf yahi wazifa puri family ke liye parh sakti hain sis.

  54. Urooj on said:

    Or hamain kese pta chale ga k ab asar khatm hogaya hai

    • Halaat se aur tabiyat se andaza ho jayega sis.

      • Sadaf on said:

        Salam bhai. Mj ye wazifa perform karna h to kya mj iski ijazat lni hogi.or jin k lye kr rai hu unhn pani nh pila sakto to tasawwur kr k dam kr skti hu?

        • Aap website follow kar lijiye sis. Aapko wazifa ki ijazat hai. Jinke liye parhna hai unka tasavvur karke parh lijiye.

  55. Urooj on said:

    Assalam o alaikum..sir agar ye hm aise bande k lye karain Jo sath na ho to kese krain gai..mtlb hm.use pani nh pila skte hon to kya krain gai

  56. Shahina on said:

    AOA.. bhaijaan.. me jise psnd krti hun ye wazeefa me unk lie krna chahti hun.. unpe unki bhabhi ne jadu kraya h taki wo unki cozn se shadi krle. Or jadu ki wjh se usk dil me dheere dheere mere lie berukhi agai h. Pr me unhe pani ni pila skti… to kya me tassawur krk unpe dum krne k sath sath aisa kr skti hun k pani pe dum krk unka tassawur krk khud pani pilu… kyu k mujhe aisa lgta h jaise wo or me ruh se ek dusre se jude hue hen… plz mera rply kijiye.. meri help kijiye

    • Aap manzil dua parhiye aur unka tasavvur kar ke dam kijiye.

      • Shahina on said:

        Manzil dua me kya kya pdhna hota h… me kaunsa wazeefa krun.. manzil dua ya fir ya qahhar wala… kaunsa jyada acha rhega mere lie…

          • Shahina on said:

            Shukriya bhaijaan… me ye amal insha Allah aj se hi shuru krungi… plz mere lie dua kijiye.. allah meri dua mere haq me behatar krk qubool kre.. or unpe se jadu ka asar khatm hojae.. Allah unk bhaiya bhabhi ko nek rah pe leae or unki engagement toot jae.. mera unse nikah hojae… bhai mere lie or jis se me pyar krti hun unk lie plz dua krna.. me bhot jyada preshan hun.. apk btae wazeefe poore bhrose k sath krti hun or bhot se wazeefo se mujhe fayada b hua h… dua kijiyega allah mujhe qamyabi de… Ameen

          • ALLAH Ta’ala aapki tamam jayaz dili muraden puri kare, aameen ALLAHUMMA aameen.

  57. Sundas on said:

    Salam me ny ye pochna h me ye wazifa 42 days kia h to swal ye h k mjy kaisy pta chly ga k lrky pr jado k asr khtm hoy ya ni ? Or kya me dubra phr kru ?

    • Ab aap koi ek love wazifa shuru kar sakti hain. Insha ALLAH, aapko malum ho jayega.

      • Sundas on said:

        Salam bhaai me ny qul shref ka taweez bnaya hoa h mhobt wala taweez b likha hoa lkin ye taweez abi use ni kr rai qk fb pr pocha tha to uno ny kha k abi ek e use krain
        2nd thing k mry or lrky k dermiyan halat thk e ni hory aisy e bilawja hum lrty rhty hain wo apni bat pr bazid h me shadi ni krni ….. or hmara contact h b or ni b mtlb bt kru to thk wrna na kro bt or mri neck me dard rhta all time ya phr avain rona tbyt khrab hoti lrky ko b job mil gai hoi mgr 4 mah sy pay ni mili us ka b future ni bn ra ☹ ab kya kru bhai ?

        • Aap ya Qahhar ka amal parh lijiye. Insha ALLAH, sab behtar ho jayega.

  58. Aap pareshan na hon sis aur pure dhyaan aur tawajjah ke sath parhiye.

  59. Doll on said:

    Aaslamo Aalaikum imran bhai…ALLAH ka jitna shukr krun kam hai..meri mama yeh wazifa Kar raien hain pahly 7 days kiya then usky bad ab daily hm sab pani peetay hain isko mama nay apni routeen main shamil kar liya…apka b bohat bohat shukriyaaaa… website bohat acchi hai ALLAH apko iska ajar dey….Ameeen aur bhai ik aur baat puchni thi k agr kisi ko buri nazar lagi ho aur hm usko pani nhe pila skty to kyaa kren aesi condition main plzz bta deejiye

    • Phir unka tasavvur karke unpar dam kar den ya phir unki tasveer par dam kar den.

      • afia khan on said:

        kya mai ye wazifa padh ke apne ghr ke sare logo ko pila sakti hu taki sb mehfioz rahe kuki hmre ghr me jadu bht karwaya gya tha pehle .. plz aur mujhe to bht ajeeb ajeeb se khwaab dikhai dete hai plz bta de

        • Ji han sis dam kiya hua pani sabhi ghar wale pi sakte hain.

          • Aaliya on said:

            Isko count karne k liye me tasbeeh le sakti hu usse counting thik ho payegi or agar ek do zyada ho jayen mistake to koi problem to nhi na

          • Ji bilkul aap tasbeeh istemal kar sakti hain.

          • Aaliya on said:

            Bhai me beauty se related bhi kuch waife kar rahi hu to Kya ye bhi kar sakti hu unke sath hi apne papa k liye koi problem to nhi isme unpar sifli kraya Hua hai kisi ne plzzz dua kijiyega ki me is amal me puri tarha kaymyab rahu aameen or mujhe ijazt den is wazife ki

          • Aapko ijazat hai sis, aap ye wazifa bhi sath me parh sakti hain.

          • Nashra Fatima on said:

            As salamu alikum Imran bhai main ek ladke ko pasand karti hoon aur usse shaadi b karna chahari uske liye my ayat ul kursi wala wazifa kar rahi hoon but meri us ladke se shaadi hone me rukawat unki badi bahen hai unki badi bahen ki shaadi hona hai tab unke abbu mujhe accept karte ya ny pata ny but sab se badi rukawat to unke bahen hai unke bahen ki shaadi jaldi hojaye nd unke abbu mujhe accept kare aisa kuch wazifa bataye na please please please bht pareshan hoon bhai my please help karde

      • Aaliya on said:

        Bhai ek or question hai me din me kisi bhi time ise pani par dum karke rakh lu or raat me jab papa aate hain to tab pila sakti hu na kyuki papa raat me hi aate hain ya dum karte hi tabhi hi pilana hota hai

        • Aaliya on said:

          Ye pani agr thodi der khula reh jaye jese papa khana khate khate pi le kyuki me unhe bata nhi sakti ki ye dum kiya hua pani hai to wo thoda thoda karke hi peete rhenge or pani hi rakha rhega unke paas to isse effect kam to nhi hoga na wazife ka…. sorry bhai bohot sare question puch rahi hu but me koi galti nhi karna chahti kyuki hme bohot zarurat thi is wazife aapki website par ab mujhe Mila h Allah aap sb ko hmesha khush rakhe aameen… mere liye bhi dua kijiyega ki ham ye wazifa karu or mujhe isme puri tarha se kamyabi mile aameen

          • Don’t worry sis, aise effect nahi khatm hota. ☺️

        • No issues sis, aap din me pani par dam kar ke rakh sakti hain.

          • Aysha on said:

            Assalaamualaikum bhai mene ye wazifa kal se shuru par diya hai bhai me ise jab padh rahi thi to shuru me to me Bilkul thik padh rahi thi baad me pata nhi Kya Hua ya qahhaar padhte padhte meri zabaan atak rahi thi me sahi bohot mushkil se padh pa rahi thi bhai plzzz mere liye dua kijiyega he wazifa me apne father k liye un par sifli kraya Hua hai or bandish bhi krayi hui hai karobar me or meri mother unpr bhi kuch kraya hua hai kisi ne or m apne liye kar rahi hu mujh par bandishein hai har kaam me rukawatein kamyabi nhi mil pati kisi b kaam me mere liye dua karna ki mera ye wazifa kamyab rahe or ham teeno ki pareshaniya khatm ho jayen aameen

          • Aaliya on said:

            Bhai mujhe is wazife ki karte hue 7 days complete ho choke the but koi effect nhi hua tha papa par to mene el or sitting start kar li hai ab 10 days ho gaye hain mujhe is wazife ko karte hue to mujhe ye pucha tha ki jab tak bhi Iska asar nhi hota to me ye wazifa karte raju regular
            7-7days ki sitting me hi or jab ek sitting complete ho jati hai to dusri sitting start Karne me kuch gap lena hai 1-2 days ka ya regular hi krti rahu jese ek sitting complete hote hai next day se gali sitting start kar du

          • Ji sis aap 1,2 din ka gap de kar shuru kar sakti hain dobara 7 din ke liye jab tak fayeda nazar na aa jaye isi tarah oarhte rahiye.

          • Aaliya on said:

            Or bhai wese mujhe dream aate hai par yaar nhi rehte mujhe kal subha dream me aaya tha wo mujhe yaad h kal mere is wazife ko 9 days hue the to kal subha mujhe dream me aaya ki mere Janne wali hai ek me jahan course kar rahi hu wo teacher hain meri to unhone mujhe apna mobile diya ki me unke ghar jaun or unki bhanji k liye koi call aane wali thi unke mobile par to me unki bhanji se baat kara kar mobile le aau wapas to jese hi me apne institute se bahr niklti hu me is mobile me pics dekhti hui nikli unki to bahr nikli to ek ladka mere hath se mobile chinne laga wo chor tha mene use mobile nhi chinne diya or waps andr aagyi jahan se nikli thi to wo andr hi aagya mere peeche peeche is time mere hath me do mobile the ek mera apna or dusra unka jinhone baat karane k liye diya tha to wo chor andr aagya or wo mobile fir chinne ki koshish karne laga mene wo mobile ek jagah rakha or use bahr nikalne ki koshish Karne lagi par wo mobile uthakr bhag gaya fir bhi.. mene dil me socha ki achcha hua mene mera mobile utha liya tha phle hi nhi to mera bhi le jata wo bhag gya tha whan se hum pakad nhi paye the usko fir thodi Der k baad me rickshaw me Beth kar kahi ja rahi thi mere uncle mere sath the to jate jate wahi ladka mere uncle se baat karne laga mene use dekha ki ye to wahi hai jo aaj mobile chura kar le gaya tha par usne meri taraf dhyan nhi diya or mujhe nhi dekha fir wo chla gaya mere uncle se baat kar ke uske jane k baad mene uncle se pucha ki ye kon tha unhone kaha ki ye unko bchcho ko roz school chhodta or ghar lekr aata hai mean rickshaw wala ya van wala kuch hai to mene uncle ko sari baat bata di mobile chori hone wali to uncle ne kaha ki ye abhi school ja raha hai ham iska peeche karte hain or hamne aesa hi kiya fir ham school pahunche uncle ne wahan pakad liya or usko marne lage ki wo mobile kahan hai fir usne apni pocket se nikal kar mobile de diya mene usse pucha ki sim to nhi nikala isme se koi usne bola ki nhi aesa ka aesa hi hai ye or mere hath me de diya wo mobile me khush ho gyi ki chlo achcha hai mil gaya unka mobile….

            Ek dream or aaya tha mujhko usi din par mujhe thik se yaad nhi hai ye wala or ye bhi yaad nhi ki ye phle wale dream se phle aaya tha ya baad me par aaya usi ke sath tha

            Jese me apni nani ke ghar par thi wha se me kahi ja rahi thi or meri sath me ek or ladki thi wo mujhe yaad nhi hai ki wo kon thi to jahan mujhe jana tha rickshaw wala mujhe jis raste ko me janti thi us raste ko na lekr kisi dusra raste ko lekr gaya wahan ka rasta bohot Alag sa tha soonsaan sa mujhe tention ho rhi thi ki ye hame kahan se lekr ja rha h uske baad ka mujhe yaad nhi ki kya hua fir uske kuch baad ka yaad hai ki ek fakeer aaya wahi nani k ghar usne pant pahni hui thi bas or upar sirf vest to wo mujhse upar pehenne k liye kuch mangne laga ki koi shirt etc de do to mene socha ki kya dun fir mujhe kuch yaad aaya or mene papa ki ek purani shirt unhe de di… or wo jo fakeer mujhe dream me aaya tha na wo real me mere nana hai ek.. unke jese tha bilkul I mean meri ammi k chacha hai jo real me wahi mere dream me fakeer ban kar aaye the

          • Kuch had tak positive hi hai dream sis. Aap jari rakhiye amal.

          • Aaliya on said:

            Bhai me ye wazifa apne papa unpar sifli karaya hua hai kisine jiski wajah se papa or mummy ko bilkul nhi banti papa ka behave bohot galat rehta hai mummy k sath bilkul gairo jesa or unke or kamo me bhi rukawatein hai sab me or bandishen hai koi kaam nhi banta karobaar me bhi bandish hai har kaam me ghata rehta hai…. or sath sath me mummy k liye bhi ye wazifa kar rahi hu wo bimar hi rehti hai medicine bhi permanent hi chalti hai unki par fir bhi kuch na kuch rehta hi hai unko to un par bhi mujhe shaq hai ki kuch kraya hua hai kisi ne…. or me ye apne liye bhi kar rahi hu mujh par bhi bandishen hain rukawatein hain koi kaam nhi banta mera jo karna chahtj hu jese karna chahtj hu wo hota hi nhi hai to ye wazifa me padhti hu daily or pani par dam karke me khud bhi peeti hu papa ko bhi pilati hu or mummy ko bhi…ye thik hai ne bhai is tarah karna

          • Ji han theek hai sis.

        • Aaliya on said:

          Assalaamualaikum bhai mujhe is wazife ko karte hue 20 din ho gye hain 21 din nhi kar paying me periods ki wajah se do sitting complete ho gyi par teesri puri nhi ho payi ab me free hokr again start karungi to wo teesri sitting hogi ya 4th meri

          • Aap aakhri din jo bacha hai bas wahi parhiyega.

      • Aoa kia meya qahar wala 7 days amal upnai ly or husband k ly kr skti hn? Kisi ne jadu krwaya hua hai or wo sakht naraz hain k separation tk baat phnch chuki hai. Kia un pr tasavur me dam kr dn? Or khud pani p skti hn in once wazifa? Kindly replu

        • Walaikum as Salam

  60. Zaiba on said:

    Can i do this wazifa for my boyfriend but he is not with me how i can give water to him

    • You may perform this wazifa by imagining your lover and blow on him through imagination.

  61. Farhin on said:

    Assalam Walaikum…Maine yeh wazifa ki thi..6din bht achhi achhi khwab dekhi..sab positive tha, par afsos ko baat yeh h k main 7nmbr day par wazifa nhi kar payi…isliye maine kuchh din baad phir se start kiya, fir 1st day bht achhi khwab aayi,jaise kisi subah main eggs boil kr rhi hoon nd abbu k liye chicken paka rhi hoon…phir hum nani k ghar jaa k sab milke lunch kr rhe the.. 2nd day ka jyada kuchh yaad nhi h par itna yaad h k main paani var rhi hoon bttl pe, 3rd day- main schl function par hoon, aur woh function kisi beach pe ho rhi thi, bt wahan mujhe ek naked ladki dikhai di jo ki ek buddhe k pass leti hui thi..yeh dkhte dkhte achanak mera bhi kapde gayeb ho jaate h..main fir function k liye saree pehen leti hoon..4th day-main ek station pe jati hoon, train ki wait kar rhi hoti hoon, aur train aate waqt jab train m chadne jati hoon phir mujhe khayal aate h maine shoes nhi pehni, isliye train chhod deti hoon..5th day- main doston k sath ghoomne jaati hoon taxi m, sham ko..bass aur kuch yaad nhi 6th day- kuchh yaad nhi, 7th day-main phirse bht sare schl frnds k sath enjy kr rhi hoon bt meri shoes bht gande they..aur yeh dekh kar wo sab has rahe the..uske baad m schl jaati hoon, kuchh party jaisa chal rha h..wahan ek class room ko cross krke maine bahar jaane ki kosish ki toh ek nepali ladka mujhe marne ki kosish karta h..main vagke sir k paas aati hoon aur poochti hoon k woh kaun tha..sir ne bola k woh uska ilaka h..waha jaane par woh maar deta h..achha hua k tu bach gyi..aise baat karte karte woh ladka firse class ki taraf dourke aata h..uske hath me chaakoo tha, main jaldi se door bandhbkar deti hoon..par woh door bht hi purana tha..woh bahar se darwaze par chaako ko mar raha tha..woh chaakoo darwaze k andar ghusa k woh darwaze ko upar se niche kat raha tha..phir maine ek hooter leke darwaze par laga diya..aur uske chaakoo wahan atak jata h…wo hooter ko kaat nhi paata h..phir bhi bahar se ghis raha tha chaako ghusake..phir meri nind khul gyi

    Usske nxt din maine khwab m phir se chhote chhote snake dekhi..par wo mujhe kuchh bhi nhi kiya..phir ek dost aakar mujhe dkhke khusi se ro deti h… KYA JADOO KAAT CHUKA HAIN?? Yah phir ek week karna padega…aur haan uss din meri ammi ne bhi ek khwab dkhi..jaise ki mammi ek bada sa kala cow dkhte bht ghabra rahi h..par kuchh aunty unhe bolti h k aap maat dariye..woh kuchh nhi karega..phir ammi uske side se jaane lgti h toh woh cow mammi ko dekh k baith jata h aur uska colour change hoke white ho jata h…iska kya matlab h plz rply kar dijiye😐

    • Don’t worry sis. Aap sadqah dijiye, insha ALLAH jadu ki kaat mukammal taur par ho jayegi.

      • Farhin on said:

        Suqriya😇 Aur ek sawal h..kya main iss amal ko har mahine m ek ek bar karke kar sakti hoon..koi nuksaan h kya isme??

        • Agar zarurat mahsus ho to kar sakti hain aap. Bila zarurat nahi.

  62. maahi on said:

    assalamualaikum bhai mujhe ye puchna the ke Ramzan me Jadu ki kaat, asrat ke door hone ke wazaif karsakte Hain?maine surah muzzammil aur ya qahhar bhi karliya hai. abb ya qayyar me daily 1100 isha ke baad yun hi padhrahi hu khwab me positivity dekhrahi hai lekin complete cure nai.. mere bare me pahle har bar sadqah araha hai. Ye word mere liye bhari horahai
    confusion ho rahi ke kaisa kisko den aur kya?

    • Ji han aap Ramzan me parh sakti hain sis. Kisi bhi zarurat mand insan ko sadqah de dijiye.

      • Afia Khan on said:

        mai apne papa ke lie ye padh kr dum krke pani pr pila sakti hu ya nhi

  63. Suman on said:

    AOA, kya aap please ye maloom kar Kay bata saktay hain agar kisi per kala jadoo hay ? Agar aap ko main un ka naam bata doon? Buhat pareshani hay buhat hi ziyada , please reply .

      • Afshan Ara on said:

        Assalamualaikum…Mai Ya Qahhar Wala wazifa Kar rhi hoon mujhe abhi 5 days ho chuke hein…Allah k Shukar se pehle din se hi sukoon hai aur tabiyat pehle se theek hai…lekin mujhe ajeeb ajeeb se khwab aa rahe Hein Jo mujhe ache se yaad Ni rehtey…mujhe khawab me ek din garden dikha jisme sirf white flowers thae, kabhi khud ko pareshani me dekhna, ek din dekha Mai khwab me kisi anjan insaan Jo bahut bura sa dikh raha tha dhokebaz jaisa usne Mera kaam Ni Kiya aur mujhpar pani pheka Mai usse muqabla Kar rhi thi aur wo bahut taqatwar tha lekin mujhe nuksan Ni pahucha saka Mai Puri himmat k sath usse muqabla Kar rhi thi… Aur ek din khud ko bahut zyada peshab karte hue dekha…Aaj khwab me ek Ghar dekha wo Tut raha tha wahan Naya Ghar banne k liye Mai us Ghar me kisi se Milne jati hoon Ghar me enter hote hi bahut sari jali hui wood padi hui hai Mai khud ko us jali hui wood se bachate hue Ghar me jati hoon to ek jalta hua chota sa angara mujhpar girta hai jisse mujhe takleef hoti hai phir Meri sister us angara ko mujhpar se hata deti hai aur mai ghar me chali jati hoon aur us insaan se milti hoon wo koi anjan shaks hota hai Mai usse khub batein karti hoon khush hokar aur wahan se jate waqt us Ghar me mujhe mere friends milte Hein.. ye ajeeb khwab k baad tabiyat ajeeb si aur sar me bhari sa ho jata hai hai ghabrahat si ho jati hai..kuch din bahut achi rehti hoon…phir tabiyat khrab ho jati Meri…p pleas mujhe batiye Mai kab Tak wazifa sab pareshani dur ho Jaye..

        • Aap sadqah dijiye sath me sis. Insha ALLAH, asraat jald khatm ho jayenge. Aur bure khawab bhi aana band ho jayenge. Abhi 7 din mukammal karke bataiyega aap.

          • Afshan Ara on said:

            Assalamualaikum…Maine Ya Qahhar ka wazifa 7 days mukammal kiya…6th day ko Maine khud ko unchai par chadhta dekha aur Mai us chadhayi par Puri end Tak pahunch jati hoon…aur phir Maine khud ko road par chalte dekha aur mujhe road par 50 rupees ka ek note Mila phir kuch dur chalne par 50 ka ek note aur mila…Mai ye sochkar paise utha leti hoon kisi gareeb ko de dungi…7th day Maine khwab me kacha gosht keema dekha…uske baad se tabiyat ajeeb si ho gyi…Jab Tak wazifa padhti hoon tab Tak khush rehti aur tabiyat theek rehti hai bahut faida hua hai mujhe is wazeefe se…lekin kuch din theek rehti hoon phir wahi haal ho jata…aur Meri tabiyat bhi jaldi jaldi kharab hoti rehti..

          • Dear sis, achhi alamaat ke sath kuch alamat achhi nahi hai khawab me. Jisse murad hai ke abhi jadu ke asraat baqi hain. Magar kafi had tak khatm hone ka gumaan hai. Aap sadqah dijiye aur wazifa jari rakhiye. Insha ALLAH, mukammal taur par khatma hoga in asraat ka.

  64. Suman on said:

    Assalamoalaikum, meray parents “ya qahhar “ ka wazeefa almost 10 months say kar rahay hain, meri bhai ki biwi nay humari puri family aur khaas tor say bhai par 10 years say kala jadoo karwaya hay. Aik Alim nay bataya hay kay bhabi nay khud seekha hua hay ye ilm. Almost 8 Alim hazrat say maloom karwaya hay sub nay same hi bataya hay kay buhat sakht aur be had ghaleez Amal kiya hay usnay.

    Hum sub buhat tarah kay wazaif kar chukay hain, ya qahaar daily parhtay hain, char qul , ayat ul kursi, surah baqra. Dum ka pani , buhat saray Amal kar liyay hain laikin parents ki halat buhat kharab hoti ja rahi hay. Bhai ki biwi mussalsal amal kar rahi hay.

    Ab aik Alim nay bataya hay kay is ka ilaj hay islami tareeqay say……. us kay liyay hiran ka khoon chahiyay jis par kuch amal kar kay us ko atay ya cheeni May mila kay dafan karna hay. Hum koi ghair islami tor ya Amal nahi karwana chahtay. Aap please guide kar kay kya hiran ka khoon istamal kar kay islami tareeqay say kalay jadoo ka tor Mum Kin hay . Please rahnumai kar dain .waiting for ur reply

  65. Salam sis Kya m ya wazifa krlu? Phly bndish Wala KR chuki hu

    • Ji han sis, aap hamesha ke liye jadu ke asraat khatm karne ke liye ye wazifa parh sakti hain.

      • Hina on said:

        Assalamu alaikum….mujhe b solutions Chahiye meri Bhabhi ghr pe preshan krk Rakhi h dhmki deti rahti h or bhaijan ko Kuch dikhta hi ni bol hi ni pate use Kuch ….aisa Kuch bta dijiye bhaijan k Dil me hmari Ammi HM log k liye mohabbat paisa ho Jaye or Bhabhi Sudhir Jaye ….Uske mayeke wale SB sikhate rahte h plz help me

    • Yasmeen Gazi on said:

      Salam dear .. maine yeh amal kiya h ar meri ammi ne khwab m dekha ki hmare garden m ek bda black snake mr gya jisse hmlog sb khush ho gye ar fir m ar meri bua hmare garden m bthkr hmlog mogre ke plants lga rhe h ar meri bua meri ammi ko bolti h ki accha hua yeh bda snake mr gya pr abhi bhi chote snakes h mogre ke plants ke niche.. isliye aap iski tabir bta dijiye

      • Dear sis, iska matlab hai ke ALLAH ki Rahmat se jadu ke bare asraat aap par se khatm ho gaye hain. Abhi mukammal taur par khatm nahi hua. Wazifa parhte rahiye aur sadqah dijiye. Insha ALLAH, jald hi jadu se mukammal nijat hogi.

  66. RFB on said:

    AOA is wazeefa ma Pani mention ha wo Tu ma nai pila Sakti as we all are in different cities… Kindly alternative bata daen water Ka … Sub ki pic pa dum krdu?

  67. Monisha Yeasmin on said:

    Mam maine is wazifa ko kal pura kr li or rat ko swapna aya mai apne bare mama sath bath kr bohot sara mithai kha rehi hun, iska matlab smjha dengi kya mujh par ki huye balck majic khatm ho gaye ya nehi, please

    • Alhamdulillah, achha ishara hai. Ab aap sadqah dijiye sis.

  68. Shermeen masood on said:

    Asalam o alikum mere sir mai gardan mai peechay ki side bhut dard rehta hai qur 4 saal say mai jin k sath shadi karna chahti un ka rishta aya tha jo mere parents nay na kar diya tha sirf zaat ki basiis pay aur yeh k woh normal kamatay ameer nai mere rishtay mai rukawat mai chahti nere parents maan jain ab tu meri tabiyt b kharab rehnay lagi hai soch soch k bhut thakan si mehsos hoti hai kia muj py b asraat hain kia mai yeh wazifa kar sakti aur aye roz un say laraiyan b hotin jin mai mai galiyan deti pehle tu mai aisi nai thi k kisi ko itna bura bhala kahon aur usko jis say mai mohbat karti muje nai samhj araha kia horaha mujs plz help me

    • Aapko agar kisi qisam ke jadu ke asraat ka andesha hai, to pahle aap upar post me diya gya wazifa shuru kijiye. Ye wazifa mukammal hone par comment kijiye. Phir aapko shadi ke liye wazifa recommend karungi insha ALLAH.

      • Shermeen masood on said:

        Andesha ho aur jadu na ho aur wazifa kr lain tu koi problem tu nai ? Kyun k m not confirm k jadu hai ya nai pr mere takiye k nechy se kuch taweeez nikly thy jo mainy saaf pani mai baha diye thy.

        • Aap ya Qahhar ka wazifa parh sakti hain. Insha ALLAH, koi nuqsan nahi hoga.

  69. ABC on said:

    As salam walikum
    dekhiye sis jaisa apne kaha main ek set aur padh rahi hu ya qahharu ka
    lekin, ammi ki tabiyat aj kal aur jyada kharab ho gayi hai aur isha k bad unki tabiyat jyada kharab hojatai hai rat bhar so nhi pati hain , plz koi fori hal batadijiye jo karne se ammi bilkul thik ho jaye hum sab ki pareshani dur ho sake plz help me!!!!!!

  70. abc on said:

    As Salam Walikum,
    apke kehne k mutabik maine ya qahharu ka wazifa kiya 7 day ka bila naga .kal wazifa complete hogaya lekin kal se ammi ki tabiyat phir thodi kharab hai iska kya matlab hai ? aur ye kaise pata chalega k bure asrat khatm hue ya hai plz help me!!!!!

    • Asraat khatm hone par tabiyat achhi ho jayegi insha ALLAH. Abhi wazifa aap jari rakhen. 7 din ka ek set aur parhen. Jab tak mukammal asar nazar na aaye. Is wazifa ko continue rakhen aap. 7-7 din ke set ki shakl me.

  71. zi on said:

    salam, i been to read ya qahharoo , is it ya qahhar or ya qahharoo

    many thanks

  72. maahi on said:

    aslkm sevn days kia khab m roads dekhi har bar buses miss hue zamin kkhd k tree lagaye..meri job chali gai frse compn loss m jari thi koi b job tikri nai adhi salry ari amavasya ko chali gai..kisi kk malm hua job jari imdtly chali pani padk ammi main dono piskte hain?pia bi h.main na umeed hu bht.jaha jaon vaha compny loss hora main hi panaoti llagri..koi n h mera maa h bas mard zatka saya bchpn se nai h

    • Aap pareshan na hon aur na hi na umeed ho. Na umeedi ke sath parhengi to fayedah nahi mil payega aapko. Ummed aur yaqeen ke sath parhiye. Sath me sadqah bhi dijiye. Insha ALLAH, zarur fayedah hoga. Aap aur aapki Ammi dono dam kiya hua pani pi sakte hain.

  73. Janat on said:

    Jazak Allah sis Kya me ya wazifa aapny lover ky ly kar skti hu aur kr ky unki photo par phoonky ya unk taswaar kar ky
    Q ky pani ni paalaa skty wo dur rhty h

    • Chahe unka tasavvur kar ke dam kar den ya phir unki tasveer par dam kar den.

  74. Janat on said:

    Asslamualkium sister Ya Qahhar prhna h Ya
    Ya Qahaaru theek word Kya h ya wazifa ki wjha sy Ya Qahaar prhna h

  75. Sizhar on said:

    I have subscribed and member of your website can i do ths wazifa fr 7 days . Jazakallah

    • Yes you can do this wazifa for regular 7 days. May ALLAH Ta’ala protect you from all the evil and bad black magic effects, ameen!

  76. abc on said:

    As salam walikum
    waqt ki pabandi zaroori hai
    jaise maine maine fajr ke waqt start kiya to 7 day tak fajr ke waqt hi padhna hai ya kisi bhi waqt padh sakte hai

    • Is islami amal ke liye waqt ki pabandi zaruri nahi hai.

  77. Anonymus on said:

    Aoa. Mery ly ek proposal Aya tha. Ma ne istkhara kr k dream dekha k ma ne white dress pehna hota ha aur college ma dostu k Sath khush hoti hu. Wha se lrkiu Kay prayer room ma jati hu. Rasty ma barish se guzarna ki wja se clothes pr kuch dry leaves LG jaty hn. Wha ek lrki soi hoti ha. Ma sochti hu k ma pani se leaves Saaf kr k fan k nichy jati hu Ta k Kpry dry ho jaen
    Fir uss lrke se engaged ho gei. Ma aksar dreams ma Khud ko naked, washroom ma dekhti. Ya mery mu se kuch nikli jA rha hota Jesy mitti. Ma nikal k smjti k khtm ho gya ha Lekin aur nikalta jata.
    ma dreams se preshan Thi Isly ya Qahaaru ka wazifa kr ri hu. Wazifa k doran kuch din Pehly ma ne dream ma dekha k us lrky ki shadi Ksi aur se hui hoti ha(lrki Asal ma married ha) aur Unka ek zehni mazoor baby hota ha.
    Kuch din Pehly dekha k Lrka mery Sath Betha hota ha aur bht emotional hota ha k Itni mushkil k baad Usy MIL gei hu.
    Kal dream ma dekha k ma ek office ma jati hu koi form leny. Wha meri koi achi job milny lgi hoti ha. Ma apna nam btati hu to office wala khta ha apka nam Ye nhi( us lrky k Sath as husband) to ma sochti hu k Isy b pta ha k meri shadi us se honi Thi Lekin abi tk hui nhi.

    Please tatabeer bta den. Ma bht preshan hu shadi ma rkawat se. Usy Khona b nhi chahti. Jzakallah

    • Istikhara dream aapka positive hai sis.
      Aur ya qahaar wazifa ke khwab bhi positivity show kar rahe hain. Agar 7 din ka wazifa mukammal ho gya hai aapka to ek baar phir se 7 din ke liye ye wazifa parh len.

  78. Anonymus on said:

    I am reading ya Qahaaru 1100 times in morning and evening.can I also start this 7 day on wAter?

    • Dear sis, as you are already reciting a wazifa of the same ALLAH’s name. Better to complete that first.

  79. Humaira on said:

    M ye wazifa kar chuki hon. Lakin abhi tak mujy koe fark ni para. Shyd 2 mnths phly kea tha. Plss mujy koe r effective wazifa btain. Meri shadi m rikawat door ho jy. Sar chakrata rhta ha har time. Tbit bht ajeeb rhtii ha. Pls koe asa wazifa batain. K agr muj py asrat han ya jadu. Forn khtm ho k meri shadi ho jy. Mary sab masly hal ho jain.

    • Aap website par diya gya ‘ya Qahhaar ka wazifa’ parhiye.

  80. Lekin sis isse pehle aapne kaha tha ke mai ya qahhar ke sath manzil bhi padh skti hoon. Mai manzil islye padhri thi ke mere shadi ke asbaab banjaye aur uss ladke ka black magic durr hojaye.

    • Agar dono wazaif aap ek hi maqsad ke liye kar rahi hain to behtar hai ke ek hi amal karen ek waqt par.

  81. Assalamualaikum sis maine ya qahhar wazifa ke do sittings complete kardiye hai 7-7 days ke aaj mera 14 day tha sath hi mai jisse nikah karna chahti hu unke liye manzil bhi padh rahi hu…kyun ki aaj second time wazifa ke last day tha maine fajr ke baad niyat ki ke mera blackmagic khatam hua ya nai ishara mil jaye aur maine dekha khwab me

    Mai ammi aur abba ke sath bakery gayi wahan bade bhaiya mile unho kuch khare the fir fridges mein 2 types ke icecream dekhi plastic cups mein aur cardboard cups mein bohat saare the khane ka Mann kar raha tha maine ammi se kaha ke mujhe ice cream chaiye toh ammi bole ke bhaiya dekhe toh ghussa honge unko ladkiyo ka aise outside khana pasand nahi… Bhaiya jane do fir lele na mai ne kaha theek hai fir mai jinke liye manzil padh rahi hoon shayd unko bhi wahan bulayi thi .mai bakery se unki car bahar hai ya nahi dekhne ke liye bahar nikli toh sadak ekdum sumsaan hogayi aadi raat hai bakery bhi close hogayi unki car bhi nahi dekhi koi tha hi nai road par fir ek bada sa kutta bhaag kar aya aur mere left hand bite kardiya uske do teeth chubh gaye aur khoon bhi nikla thoda then piche se bohat bada hippopotamus attack karne agaya mai bhaag fir wo chala gaya chalo gaya bolne se fir agya fir kahin chala gaya uske baad do gunday log aye chaku leke. mujhe laga ab kya hoga mera rape kardenge ye log maine unki chaku cheen li aur uss chor ke mote pet par 3 baar maara par chaku uske stomach mein jaa hi nahi rahi thi mai sochne lagi ke ye khwab hai ye haqeeqat bilkul bhi nahi ho sakta koi mujhe jagah do meri aankh khul kyun nahi rahi …… itne mein meri aankh khul gayi.

    • Dear sis, abhi aap par se Black magic nahi khatm hua. Mukammal khatm karne ke liye abhi wazifa aap dobara parhiye. ya Qahhar wazifa ya manzil du’a me se koi ek parhiye. Dono ek sath nahi parhen.

  82. Atiya sultanaa on said:

    Aswlkm mehr sis mujhe ek general question puchna hi plz guide me. I don’t know y mera post hina sis approve nahi karre.kya mujhse koi galti hui.plz approve my post.
    1.Actually ghar saaf karte dauran mujhe purane taweez mile hi jo pata nahi maine kis kis purpose k liye banaye the.mere ghar k paas koi talaab nahi.kya karu mai to discard it.agar soil mein dalu toh kya at a time pura dal sakti hoon soil mein ya alag alag dig karke dalna hoga one by one.

    2.aur sis mere paas net se download kare so bahaut saarein wazife aur surah hi.kuch samaj mein nahi ara kya karu saarein papers ka mai.all r in English mostly.some r torn too.advice me.
    Mostly yeh group join karne se pehle jo maine wazife kiye hi woh papers hi. Beadbi nahi karna chahri mai usey phat kar.
    Plzzz guide me sis🙋🙋

    • Nahi sis aisi koi baat nahi. Koi naraz nahi aap se. Ab tak aapko javab mil chuka hoga Facebook par. Aap wo sab taweez saaf soil me daba sakti hain.

  83. A.O.A
    kya ye wazifa roz ek hi waqt pe padhna hai ya kabi bhi padh sakte hai
    Mai agar isha ki namaz ke padhti hoon toh raat 12 baj hi jate hai isse koi masla toh nahi

    • Kabhi bhi parh sakte hain kala jadu khatm karne ka wazifa bas zawal ka waqt na ho.

  84. Sab on said:

    Aoa ! Kia mai ye wazifa apny sath apny bf k lye kr skti hon ? because mujh pay tu bandish hai hi but i got to know k unki mother ny unpay bhi kuch kerwaya hai k he left me!
    So can i do ths fr both of us at a time ?
    One more question k yahan is amal ka 7 days likha hai but apk fb page pay i read in many post k 40 days wala Ya Qahhar wala wazifa so m confused k kitny days perhna Pls answer my both queries.

    • ya Qahhar ka ye wazifa 7 din ka hi hai. Chahen to aap ek sath aap dono ke liye parh sakti hain. Ya phir pahle apne liye parh len aur wazifa mukammal hone par unke liye parh len.

  85. Assalamualaikum mera aaj ya qahhar wazife ka 6th day hai maine aaj subah fajar ke baad ayat ul kursi padhkar Allah se dua ki ke mujhe ishara dein meri kale jaadu ki kaat hogyi hai ya nahi.
    Aur maine khawab mein Kuch bhi acha nahi dekha

    Pehle toh mera green soap saara phigla hua dekhi phir maine bohat saara motion kiya itna ke shayad koi jaanwar hi ho toh kar sakta hai aur mere 6yrs old bhanje ki choti si bike hai uspar bhi saara motion hi laga hua dekhi.. Phir ladka mujhe zabardasti ched raha tha mai uspar ghussa hui aur kuch files lekar wahan se chali jati hoon..phir dekhi ke mai balconi se kharab tamatar niche phenki aur wo mere bade bhaiya ke haath par jaa phuta unhone upper dekha meri taraf ghusse se par Kuch nahi bole bayene hath se hi Tshirt saaf karliye aur wahan se chale gaye… Phir maine khana aur salan dekha jisme se taar nikal raha tha ekdum chigat tha WO aur kisi ne ka chalo coffee bangayi aur peene se WO bilkul bina shakkar wali aur badmaza thi.
    Ab mai kya karu sis mere toh 7 din kal mukammal hone ko hai aur phir bhi maine aisa sab Kuch dekha ab mai kya karu mujhe bohat tension ho rahi hai.

    • Abhi asraat khatm nahi hue. Aap wazifa jari rakhen abhi. Yani 7 din mazid parhen.

      • Mazid 7 days karne ke liye mere 3 days baad cycle start hojayegi aise toh 9 days gap hojayega fir se wazifa restart karne mein … Toh kya mai itne lambe gap ke baad fir se kar sakti hoon?

        • Abhi 7 din ka amal pura kar ke aap stop kar den. Phir jab aap easily mukammal 7 din ka ya qahhar ka wazifa one go me parh sakti hongi, us waqt shuru karen.

  86. Sorry mujhse padhne mein galti hogyi 1836 hi hai maazrat ke liye maafi chahti hoon.

  87. Rabiya on said:

    Assalamualaikum sis, recently meri delivery hoyi hai aj ku 46 days. 40 days chilla hone baad ye against black magic ka wazifa start karna samji but fir lite se bleeding hora chille k din bhi hua mera gusul utra ya nai doubt hai. aur bleeding kam hi nai hora. aise me mai kya karu sab rukawat hori gharme pareshani aur zyada hori mai wazifa start hi nai kar parim plz help me

    • Aapke ghar me se koi aur fard ye kala jadu ka tor ka wazifa parh len. ALLAH Ta’ala aapke masail hal kare, ameen.

  88. Assalamualaikum
    Mai ye black magic cure wala wazifa pani pe dum karke mere family ko de rahi hu aur mai khud bhi pee rahi hoon…Kya mai iske sath hi manzil dua padhke mai jisse nikah karna chahti hoon unka tassavur karke phunk sakti hoon,kyun ki unka behaviour kabi bohat Acha hojata hai kabi baat hi nahi mujhe lagta hai ye bhi black magic ki wajah se hai aur mera isteqara bhi har baar mixed hi aata hai….Shayad manzil dua padhungi toh sahin ajaye…
    Mai aisa kar sakti hoon kya sis do ek sath

  89. Maine Monday se mere nikah ke liye isteqara start kiya tha aur phir kal tuesday se isha ki namaz ke baad ya qahhar wazifa kar rahi hu..Maine isteqara dua ke baad raat ko kya khwab dekha yaad nahi par mai jab fajr ke baad 3 dafa ayatul kursi padhkar soyi toh bohat hi bura khwab dekha.Ab mujhe samjh nahi aara ke ye khwab maine isteqara ki wajah se dekha ya black magic ki wajah se aur mai isteqara stop karke ya qahhar wala continue karu ya phir Ya qahhar stop karke isteqara continue rakhu. Ya dono hi karti hoon?

    Maine khwab dekha ke mere ghar ke hall mein meri ek Hindu friend ne poty khundli hai aur uske pairo ko lag gyi toh maine meri ammi ki cupboard kholi jahan wo actually mein unke kapde rakhti hain lekin khwab me usme maine dhair saara gosht dekha aur kuch pieces nikal ke meri friend ke pairo par daalne lagi ke poty smell chali jayegi.Uske baad mai koi choti si trolly type kuch tha usme baithi hui thi uske tyres imbalance hue aur troly patle gande naale me jaake atakgayi par mujhe kuch nai hua mai bahar nikalgayi.uske baad dekhi ke meri bhanji kahin kho gayi usne red frock pehna tha mai usse dhundhri thi fir kuch ladkiya pairo mein lambe lambe lakhdiya lagake black pant pehanke kuch perform kar rahi thi.Phir mai ghar gayi aur ammi aur didi se pucha ke bhanji aa gayi kya lekin ammi ne kaha nahi kahan hai wo par unke face aur itminaan se mai samjh gayi ke ye dono mujhe bas meri laaparwahi karne ke liye aise bol rahi hai lekin shayad bacchi ghar agyi hai.
    Uske baad maine meri tayeammi ko dekha jinhone khwab mein tiffin centre khola hai.Ammi aur didi bole mujhe ke tum yahin ruko humlog khakar aate.bohat der hogyi toh mai hotel ke andar unhe dekhne chali gayi lekin wahan wolog mujhe nahi mile.wo hotel bhulbhulaiya jaisi thi saare rooms ek jaise mai khud wahan kho gayi aur bahar nikalne ka raasta bhi nahi mil raha tha bohat darr lag raha tha fir ek Hindu aunty wahan ayi toh maine unse kaha please bahar jaane ka raasta bata dijiye toh wo ek ladke ko bula rahi thi meri help karne ke liye toh maine ne unse kaha please aap mujhe lejaiye toh unho ne mujhe bahar tak chodha.

  90. Assalamualaikum brother
    Today I have started this ya qahhar wazifa and I felt most difficultly while reciting ya qahhar …sometimes I used to pronounce ya qahhar while other time ya qahharu and sometimes ya qaqqar my tongue wouldn’t turn easily and I also felt like something is stuck in my throat and I am unable to swallow. BUT still I continued and near to the end of wazifa I felt some easiness I was able to pronounce Ya Qahhar properly and then I completed my whole wazifa … is something I did anything wrong brother please help me out.

    • It happened due to black magic effects. Keep continue your wazifa. Insha ALLAH, you will get positive results.

  91. Assalamualaikum. ..kya zyada quantity pani par ye wazifa padh ke ghar ke saare members ko pila sakti hon?
    Kyun ki mujhe lagta hai mere sabhi gharwalo par black magic hai aaye din kisi na kisi ki tabyt bigadi rehti hai taqreeban sab ka ek masla body pains ka zyada hota hai.

    • Ji han aap ek baar hi ya qahhar ka ye wazifa parh kar zyadah pani par dam kar ke sab ghar walon ko pila sakti hain.

  92. Rabiya on said:

    Assalamualaikum Bhai, kuch 6 months se main ajeeb se behave karriv har baat pe gussa hori mere parents pe chilarim meri beti ku marriv gussa control nai hora. ek ek bar rona ajata bina wajah ghar chod k jane ka Mann karta ya marjana ka Mann karta. har choti baat pe mere parents se jhagda karti hu har din aise hi hora. thak gayi hu ab mere parents ka dil thoot ra mere wajah se. I love my parents but aise kyu karriv samaj me nai ara plz help me plzzzzz. .

    • Ap upar diya gya kala jadu khatm karne ka wazifa parhiye sis.

      • Rabiya on said:

        shukriya sis.. iss wazifa k sath ek aur wazifa phad sakti hu kya job k liye 5 days me mera results ane wale hai so I want that job plz help me..

        • Ji han is ke sath me job ka wazifa aap parh sakti hain.

  93. Anonymous on said:

    Ma ne ye amal poray 7 din kiya ha . aur is doran ma ne un per tasvur kr k dam kia ha. aur sath pani per b dam kia .mere bhai ma kafi postive Chang show hoa ha MASha ALLAH se . but mjhy ye ni samjh arae k lover ka behvior chang ho k ni q k hamari bt chet ab nae hoti aur ma sirf un se nikah ki dua karti hn ab . wo ha bhi out of country . kia ye amal ma dobara b karti raho ya bs ab 7 din ho gae ab rok doun ? aur ma daily manzil dua b parhti hn

    • Anonymous on said:

      ma ye bhai k liye bhi parh rae thi aur sath apne Bf k liye bhi, to ab is amal ko rok do ya dobara continue karo coz bf ma kia improvement ae ha mjjy nae malom wo bat nahi kr rahy 4 month se

        • Anonymous on said:

          Istikhara se ye pta chal skta ha k bf ma koi improvement ae ha k nahi ? kon sa istikhara kr skty ye jany k liye

          • Website par future istikhara maujud hai, wo kar sakti hain aap.

    • Aap dobara karna chahen to mazid 7 din ke liye ye black magic cure parh sakti hain.

      • Anonymous on said:

        foran start kar do dobara ya break lo coz ap ne likha k 7 days continous hone chaye

        • Offcourse beech me nahi chorna. Pura karna hai wazifa.

          • Anonymous on said:

            maera mtlb tha k 7 days to poray kr diye ma ne ab agy continue karo ya istikhara karo future ka ? phr dobara parhna start karo next 7 days k liye ?

          • Asar nazar aya hai to stop kar den. Nahi nazar aaya to dobara kar sakti hain amal.

  94. Anonymous on said:

    mai jis se pyar karti ho wo apne ghr jane k bad badal gae aur phr june ma unho ne mjhy bilkul chor dia . ma ne wait kia bht wazifa kiye ayat ul kursi wala bhi kia but no effect ab ak month hoa wo bahar chale gae ha dosre mulk, ma bht pareshan ho waha ja k wo totaly chang ho gae kehty ha un ko kch yad nae aur mjh se koi rabta nae ha ab un ka . mjhy shak ha un pe jadu na ho. mai ye wazifa un k liye kar lo ? sath un ko imagne kar k 3 bar phonk dou ? to thk rahy ga q k ma pani nae pila sakti
    aur ayat ul kursi wala amal abhi ruk dou ?

    • Aap ye jadu ka tor unke liye parh sakti hain aur istikhara agar positive hai to ayatul kursi ka amal jari rakh sakti hain sath me.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Mere bf out of country hoty han main isi YA QAHAROO waly amal ko parh k tasavur ma dam kar doun Ya phir mjhy koi aur amal bata dai jo ma un k liye parho wo out of country hoty han?

  95. maheen on said:

    aslkm jumah mubarak ye 21 days ka majra kya h 7 din padhen ya 21 days??uske bad protection k liye daily kya padhen roz??padhne k bad frr piche lag jata h koi..

  96. Atiya sultanaa on said:

    Aswlkm mehr sis today i made a mistake while reading ya qahar wala wazifa actually i was almost near to completion of 1836 times but somewhere in middle i forgot the counting i felt. anyhow i completed this full 1836 times and i drunk the water too. But i was not satisfied so again i read 1836 times ya qahar and drunk the water. Is it wrong kya sis.i read astaghfurillah for my mistake i did not do this purposely. Actually aaj poornima tha so mai kuch galti nahi karna chahri thi that’s y i read it again. Is it wrong kya.

    • Don’t worry, aapse ghalti se aisa hua. Aur aapne astaghfar parh li hai to theek hai. Ayendah ginti ka khayal rakhiyega.

  97. Atiya sultanaa on said:

    Aswlkm sis after 20 days of doing ya qahar mujhe break aya mahenewari ki wajah se i started doing again from tomorrow it was 21st day.sis i don’t know y par kal pure wazifa k dauran i was yawning. 2.Aur sis plz answer my this question i don’t know on which page to ask i always have one doubt hum jo sanah subhanaka padte hi surah fateha se pehle namaaz mein kya woh har baar namaaz mein rakaat bante waqt padte hi ya sirf only once in whole namaaz.for example if iam doing magrib namaaz should i read three times har rakaat se pehle sanah subhanaka, ya only once in whole prayer of magrib.i think iam doing mistake here.

  98. AS on said:

    Aswlkm sis aaj ku mere 19 days hue ya qahar wala wazifa k par sis i could see no effect.infact sis plz help me exact amaas ki raat se ek gandi bechaini hori and i could not control myself from doing masturbation.iam doing this wazifa daily before sleeping after isha prayer.immediately yeh paani peete hi toilet ara aur uske thode der baat bechaini hori aur iam doing such act.u know na mujhpe jo kiya gaya woh aise hi kiya gaya.feeling very helpless.iam doing this wazifa daily without skipping par i could c no result.plz guide me. I beg u Discuss my case with imran bhai and help me to fight with it.

    • Aap jari rakhiye apna ye wazifa aur sath me astaghfar bhi parhiye aur sadqah bhi dijiye. 21 din me asar na ho to mazid 7 din kijiye. Insha ALLAH, halaat behtar honge.

  99. Nida on said:

    Assalamualaikum Imran bhai hum ne 21din black magic wala wazifa kiya tha hum ne jo bhi khwab mai dekha woh humne aap ko btaya aap ne kha ke abhi aap pr jadu ke asraat hai or ek hfte ka yh qahaar ka wazifa or pdhne ke liye bola or kha tha ke jo bhi khwab mai dikhe woh aap ko bataain pr hum ne kuch bhi nhi dekha yh wazifa bhi complete kr liya ab aap humko yh btaye ke ab kya kre or acche rishte ke liye kya pdhe jis se jld se jld acchi jgha shadi ho jye plz plz. Or bhai hum ne gnti ki wjha se chano pr pdha tha ab kya hum un chano ko mitti mai dba de yh kya kre plz btaye. Plz bhai jldi reply de.

  100. ... on said:

    ya qahharu padna hai ya ya qahhar q k image m kuch hai or likha hua kuch or hai

    • ruksana on said:

      assalam aalikum,

      ye wazifa keke mai pani mere ghar m sabko pila sakti hu kya

      • Ji han ye kala jadu khatm karne ki du’a parh kar aap sabhi ghar walon ko dam kiya hua pani de sakti hain.

      • sayyed ruksana on said:

        assalam alikum,

        kya ye ya qahhar ka pani mai ak sath dam krke rakh sakti hu 7 din ka ak sath collect krke mai jinse pyyar krti hu unko pila skti hu q k vo month m ak baar h aate h mujhse milne

  101. Sabiha Gajala on said:

    Aslam Walekum, I had started doing “Ya qahharr” wazifa, I completed this wazifa successfully for 6 days but 7th day before I start wazifa my monthly periods started( unfortunately my periods started little early this month than usual), Please advice me what shall I do now.. I am very much worried, does it give bad effect to me now ? or Can I do this wazifa again after my periods?.. Actually I was doing this wazifa that one buzrug amil who is muslim has told me that someone has done black magic on me because of that I am not getting marry, and as now I become 35 year old but still not married… please help with your valuable suggestion

    • Don’t be worried sis. You can complete this ‘ya qahhar amal’ once you get free from your periods.

      • Sabiha Gajala on said:

        Thank you , do I need to start from initial(7 days) or just need to complete remaining day?

  102. Anonymous on said:

    can i do this wazeefa for my husband even if he is far from me, he say bad things to me now he say will leave me and blok me everywhere now .

    someone say that someone make bandish to us but need money for remove.

    but he is far how can i do?

    • You can recite this black magic cure wazifa and blow on him while having an imagination.

  103. Anonymous on said:

    Assalamualaikum ..
    My mom is doing the above wazifa ..
    Can my sister drink it even if she’s on her monthly cycle ?

  104. Meri engagement hogai hai apne BF k saath hum dono bohoth khush the kuch hi mahino ke baad mere saas sasur ne vo engagement tod di hamari aur mere BF k upper bhi kuch kala jadu karwake uski engagement kahi aur kardi hai uski shaadi 6mahino k baad hone wali hai kuch toh aisa wazifa bataiye jis se mera BF mere paas vapis ajaye aur uske maa baap bhi vo dusri engagement tod de aur mere ghar firse rishta leke aae
    Maine istekhara kiya 7din aur alhamdulilah positive aya toh maine kai wazife kiya lekin 1% bhi positive changes nahi aye BF ke ghar me
    Ayat ul kursi ka wazifa kiya
    Sugar ant wala kiya
    Anar ke Jhaad par taweez latkana
    Seedhe Haath me taweez penna
    Sureh taha
    Sureh manzil
    7-11din tak aweez banakar jalana
    Ye sab maine kiya BF ka tassavur karke q ki vo log dusre state me rehte hai 5mahino se wazife pe wazifa karti ja rahi hu kuch faida nahi hua

    please koi toh strong wazifa bataiye BF ki shaadi hojane se pehle
    Jiss se mere ex saas sasur ko ehsaas hoki unho galat kiya engagement tod ke aur jadu karke apne bete ko mujse dur kardiya uska ehsaas ho aur vo vapas mujse hi ek baar firse apne bete ka rishta karwaye
    Koi aisa wazifa di jiye jis se mai apne ex saas sasur aur BF ka tassavur karke karu unki photo par q ki vo log dusre shehar me rehte hai

    • Aap ek waqt me ek maqsad ke liye ek hi amal kijiye. Ayatul kursi ka amal aap parhiye pure khuloos ke sath aur astaghfar bhi parha karen.

      • Upper jo wazifo ke bare me maine bataya vo sab mai ek saath nahi kari ek ke baad ek karti gai jab kuch result nahi mila toh ayat ul kursi ka wazifa jaari rakhi saath hi saath sadqah bhi di aur astagfar bhi pad rahi par kuch nahi hora
        Kuch aur wazifa aap dena chahoge meri problem ke liye ya buss ayat ul kursi ka hi amal jaari rakhu

        Kyu ki 6mahino se BF ko vapis lane ki koshish me lagi hu
        6mahino se 1% bhi changes nahi aye
        Ye sab wazife karke bhi hala ki maine istekhara bhi kiya aur acha b aya

        Plz suggest ki kya karna chahie

        • Aap ayatul kursi ka amal parhiye aur astaghfar bhi rozana parhiye.

  105. allahs servant on said:

    I have many symbol of black magic and I also checked black magic.can I do it.I am going through with this,marriage,excessiveness laziness,forgetfullness,debt and many more.can I do other wazifa while doing this.I really need help.cant be patient anymore

    • Yes you can perform this wazifa to remove black magic effects on you along with other wazaif.

  106. Shabnam khan on said:

    Assalamu alekum bhai
    muje Aap esa amal bataye k mere soher me Jo bolo Wo sunne or jagda Na kre plz bhai

  107. Monawer on said:

    Salam Alaikum, I am having situation for last 5 years almost. I believe someone from family and some ex business partner has done black magic to destroy me. I was abroad having very good business but slowly slowly everything gone and now i am in India for last 3 years. Trying everything but business is not moving at all. Now i am in very bad shape financially. Past few days i have a deep feeling of leaving this world. But i am trying to be strong. I tried all way, Maulana, Mufti and also Ruqya treatment (who visited me from ivory coast) but it goes and comes back. According to all of them, this is sifly ilm and a chain which removes but the other batch comes in. I understood that i should do 40 days of burning turmeric cloth, should it be like diya with oil or just burn before sleeping near sleeping place? do i need to read any wazifa? Please help me, i will be very very grateful to you because mostly people take an advantage and putting in more problem. After reading all post here, i have so much confident that you are true adviser. Thank you so much. Allah will reward you.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Jaza kALLAHU Khair for appreciating our work. May ALLAH Ta’ala resolve your entire problems, ameen. You will burn the cloth in dia without using oil.

      • Afeera on said:

        Pls bhai mere help ker dan.. Ma boht mushkil ma hon… Mere jis k sath nikha howa hai.. Wahn wo lerka kbhi mery sath theek ho jata kbhi galat. Apni ami or bahan ku bato ma a ker.. Or mere dosri khala ku bete wahn hoti ha.. Yani uski shadi wahn hou hai… Wo usko kych na kuch pilati rehti dem kerwa kr.. You now black majic… Bcs mny bht bar istakhra kia ir kerwaya.. To mere khala ka hu nam ata hai… Kun k wo muj sa hasad kerti hn hamari family sa… Mujy btaen kia kron k us lerky ko pani b nhi pika sakty dem kia howa kyn k cousin hai.. To khala k sath hi ata hai wasy kbhi nhi ata.. Sb mery bhen bhai kah ker thak gy han… Mujy kuch nhi smjh ata.. Pls mujy zror mail ker dan… Mere koi bt nhivsunta shadi late sa late hoi ja rehee hai… Plz bhai.. Plz…

  108. Anonymous on said:

    Assalamualaikum Bhai..
    My mom had done this wazifa ( mom had done that few a times …. But it isn’t stable …
    My elder sister had recently started up an educational academy and since the start it’s been going in loss we had kept the taveez (dukan ya karobar ki tarakki ke liye taweez) in the Academy but we are not able to get positive results…. and my eldest sister have lost her job too
    And there’s our own house which we are tryna sell since a year . …but it isn’t working . . It’s a join property. … My uncle wanted for himself but the share should be equally divided ..he isn’t aagreein upon that….(can’t doubt anyone for black magic but we have that gut feeling about they are doing something) and my dad’s health is constantly fluctuating.. as well as his behaviors… N I have weird dreams.. I don’t remember much .. but that’s making me sleep whole day n night .. .. everyone are kind off falling sick.. .. please help us out with some wazifa …

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      You should perform the same wazifa and blow on some water and let everyone drink that water in your family. Once you complete 7 days of this wazifa, insha ALLAH you will feel better. If you don’t see some positive results within a week, you can start it again with a gap of two days.

  109. Amrin on said:

    Aslm alaykum. Mere bhai ka nam rizwan hai mera bhai aaj 10 to 12 years ho gaue sifli ilm ki lapet me hai.hamare town me ek dargah hai waha pe ek banda bauthta hai usne kutne logo ko apne sifli ilm ki lapet me luya hai mera bhai wo jitna bolta hai utna karta hai even koi bhi mobile naya chahiye roz ka uska kharcha kidr wo bande ko aana jana hai uska kharcha har chiz mera bhai business me to bilkul dhyan nahi deta hai hum chhote the tbhi hamare pappa ki death ho gayi thi meri mummy kahi bhi bahar nahi jate wo bahot pareshan hai hamara rent ki income pe ghar chalta hai usme bhi mera bhai almost amt usko pahuchata hai plz help me and suggest me some powerful wazifa plz i m in extreme need

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap yahi upar diya gya amal karein. Insha ALLAH kamyabi milegi.

  110. Salam sir .. mjy yai puchna hy k mai apny bf k leay ya qaharu ka wazifa krna chah re hu .. tw kya mi sath apna wazifa continue kr sakti hu to get back lost love wala ??

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han continue kar lein.

      • zairiat on said:

        Assalam Walaikum . mein keya mere liye & mere bf Ke liye aksath ak hi bar mein Ya Qahhar ka wazifa kar sakti hoon?ak hi par parhkar mein pani pe dum karke pe lungi & Larka ka Tasavvur karke Dum kar dungi . aisa kar sakti Hoon na?

  111. NILOFAR KHAN on said:

    Assalamu alaikum brother. Aapne mujhe ya QAHHARU wala wazifa krne ko kahe the pr bhai mai wazife kb tk karu asraat k khatme k liye. Isse pehle b mai asraat se.nijaat ka wazifa kr chuki hu surah muzammil wala. Pr actual baat ye h ki Jo aurat mujhe ye asraat me krwayi hai uske pass mera kpda (clothes) uske pass h jaise hi asraat utarta hai vo fir bhej deti h .ye sb baat muje Aalim sahab ne btaye .vo mera ilaaj krrhe the ab unhone bhi mna kr diya. Shadi k rishte b nhi aate Jo aate h success nhi hote. Jaise taise meri engagement Hui pr usme b bht problems aaye bina wajah jhgde hote the ab vo b rishta tut gya.. Khwab b bht gnde gnde aate h. Is jadu KO rokne ka koi tareeqa btaiye bhai plz. Kya uske bheje hue jadu ko rokne ka koi tareeqa hai??? Kb tk wazife krti rhu. Pareshan hu bahot. Allah k waaste mujhe madad kijiye.
    Please reply???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis ap mukammal ehtayat aur yaqeen ke sath karein ‘ya Qahharu wala amal’. Jab mukammal ho jaye to mujhe result bataiye. Insha ALLAH, jadu ke asraat ap par se khatm ho jayenge. Ap be-fiker rahiye.

      • NILOFAR KHAN on said:

        Assalamu alaikum bhai Jan. Mera ya qahhar ka wazifa pura hua or Alhamdulillah khwab bnd ho gye. Jazak Allahu khair bhai. Ab aage kya Karna h.plz btaiye’n.

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Kya apka wazifa mukammal ho gya hai? Ap detail se bataiye sis apko jo fayedah mahsus hua hai is se.

          • NILOFAR KHAN on said:

            Ji wazifa muqammal ho gya or tabiyt bhi pehle se Bahot behtar h ALHAMDULILLAH. Pehle stomach problems bhi bahot the pr ab nhi h or gnde gnde khwab bhi aapki dua se nhi aate.:)

          • NILOFAR KHAN on said:

            Assalamu alaikum bhai. Maine YA QAHHAR wala wazifa complete kiya. Dum kiya hua pani Maine Ammi ko bhi pilaya tha . Fir 7-8 days thik tha khwab b nhi aarhe the.lekin ek do Roz se fir se gnde wale khwab hum dono KO aane lage.stomach problem to abhi Alhamdulillah thik hai. Ab kya karu mai.bhai please help kijiye.

          • Al 'Imran on said:

            Ap dobara karein yahi amal aur sadqah bhi dein.

          • tabu on said:

            Assalamu alaikum Bhai. Aapne mujhe result btane k liye kahe the. Bhai ek bahot important bat btani thi Aapko. Kl fazar pdh k mere abbu jab soye tb unhone ajib huliye wala bahot kmzor dubla ptla (week) ajib insan KO dekhe.jisse koi bat krrha tha or Jo us ajib insaan KO dant rha tha vo dikh nhi rha tha bs aawaz sunayi de rhi thi. Vo hidden voice uss ajib insaan KO dandte hue keh rha tha ki “tu chale ja yha se. Tujhse ab kuchh kaam nhi hota.kisi kaam ka nhi rha tu etc etc….” Fir us ajib se insaan ne jawab diya ki “mai koshish kr to rha hu pr nhi ho pa rha. Aap mujhe bahot zaleel krte hain.main apni puri koshish kr rha hu.ab ek hi bcha hai dekhiyega is bar success ho k aaunga”. Imran bhai ye khwab mujhe bahot important lga isliye aapse share krrhi hu.or aapke kehne pr “YA QAHHAR” WAZIFA fir se krrhi hu.usse pehle jb yhi wazifa kiya maine to mujhe bahot aafiyt lgi .stomach problems to *Alhamdulillah* bilkul thik hua or bure bure khyal bhi bahot km ho gye.fever b nhi aata Allah k karam se or Aapki duao’n se. bhai yhi sab bat hai. imran bhai jaise Aalim Sahab ne mujhe bich pareshani me chhor k muh fer liye aap waise mt kijiyega please. Agar mere liye koi instructions h to btaiye.

          • Al 'Imran on said:

            This amal is working but I think you should continue it or restart it. And update me time to time. Don’t worry black magic on you is going gradually Alhamdulillah. Have patience.

          • tabu on said:

            G bhai ..PR aapke kehne PR Maine dobara kiya yhi Amal. PR result 100% nhi ho pa rha bhai.khwab b kbhi kbhi aajate h.aap please mujhe btaiye ki yhi amal Mai kitne Dino k liye Karu? Ya jb tk result 100% na mile tb tk karu? Ya 41 days wala h vo karu?? Kitne din k gap se karu? .bhai please guide kijiye.

          • Al 'Imran on said:

            Dear sis, ye amal 7 din karna hai. Asar na nazar aye to 3 din ke gap ke baad dobara shuru karein. Agar phir asar na nazar aye to phir aise hi karein yani 3 din ke gap ke baad. Mujhe sath sath batayega agar kuch mahsus karein ap to. Behtar hai sirf yahi amal karein abi dusra amal rahne dein.
            Wazifa ki ijazat lene ke liye yaALLAH Website ko is link ke zariye follow karein- aur Fb page ko zarur like and rate karein-

          • biya on said:

            lrky ki family m sy us p black magic krty..jis sy wo bemar rhta h..r koi na koi tnxn aye rhti bht preshan o ic bt sy..meri family m b koi na koi msla ajata..hmaray rishty sy related..ap plz mjhy btaeyn….agr m ye wazifa khd kroun tou??? unko pani prh k dena possible na hua? r kesy kroun agr me khd kroun plz ghuide me plzzzzzzzzzzzz

          • Farida on said:

            Asw bhai how to do for 3rd person if i am not able to make him drink water

      • how can i get permission for this i want to start muje yad dash ka, gal chock hone and stomach ka issue he pehle gande dreams ka bi issue tha but surah ahzab ayat 25 waradal la hul lazina …
        parhne se thek ho gya lekin baki memory wala and bimari barhti hi ja rai he mostly eyes ke age gray hota he sub se zyada mushkil study me hoti he jo parha woh yad nai rehta then bimarai and us ke bad ab to financial issues bi start ho gai hen My name Muhammad Faisal
        s/o : Liaquat Ali
        shahida perveen
        plz koi proper and small solution bata den drs se ilaja kar wa kar wa ke and wazaif parh parh ke thak gya
        apne emotions per bi control nai
        shadi ke ilawa jo amal batain ge i will do inshallah

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Ap yahi page wala amal kar sakte hain. Ya jo apko pichle comment mein bataya, dono mein se koi ek kar lein. Insha ALLAH, theek ho jayega sab, ameen.
          Is Wazifa ki permission lene ke liye is link mein jo steps diye gaye hain unhe ap zarur follow karein-

  112. yasmin ara on said:

    imran vai agr mere bf k upar black magic kiya hua h to kya mai ya qaharru wala wazifa krskti hun ,ar unke tasweer pe dam kr skti hun ar kya dam kiya hua pani mujhe pina h q ki wo to dur me rehta h plzz bhai rply me

  113. Aksa Khan on said:

    Assalam o alikum Imran Bhai me ya qahharo wala wzifa kr rhi hn aaj 5 days Howe hain me be hawaab dekha hai abi subha 12 bje dupeher ke,mene dekha hai black cow mere piche pri hai me bht taiz bhaag rhi hn phr dekha koi ajeeb si woman mera hath ki lakeerey dekh kr Keh rhi hai mere gr walo ko k is ki pasand ki shadi hogi but divorce hoga is ko,me ne Rona start kr dia h or meri ankh Khul gai seedhi ho kr soi howi thi or dupeher k 12 bje the or me pershan ho kr ap ko ye dream share ki h Bhai mje dr lg raha hai mere lye Dua krey,bro ans me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Pareshan mat hon. Sadqah dein aur wazifa mukammal karen.

  114. Saba on said:

    Assalamualaykum …can I get permission to do dis wazifa..??

  115. Khan on said:

    Assalamu Allaikum bhai… Ye ya qahaaru padhna h ya fir ya qahaar

    • Al Imran on said:

      Dear Sis, ya qahaaru parh sakti hai ap.

  116. Aksa Khan on said:

    Assalam o alikum Imran Bhai mje kbi kbi gussa aata h tu bht bura aata h aik se chehne chillane glti hn roti hn age gre koi mje bura Keh de tb,mje jinat ka aser h aisa mere mama k peer g me btaya pr un se mera ilaaj nai hota,me inti buri nai hn jitni gusa ki halat me ho jati hn badtameezi krti hn bs nai Chalta bad me aise ho jati hn jiase kuch howa hi nai normal,me khud k lye ye wzifa kr skti hn,help me???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap khud ke liye ye amal kar sakti hain. #yaALLAHcomments

  117. shabnam on said:

    Bhaijan mai mere ammi abbu or Bhai ko bhi dum Kiya hua Pani peela sakti hu ya mjhe individually sab k pani dum Kar ke dena hoga???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ek pani par hi dam kar ke sab ko pila sakti hain ap. No issues. #yaALLAHcomments

  118. Atifa khan on said:

    Imran bhai kya main wajeefa kar sakti hoon main pahlay hi se do wajeefa kar rahi hoon 7 mubeen bala or 41 din bala bacche ke liye please riply

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      nahi sis behtar hai ap itne wazaif na karein sath.

  119. Dr.warda on said:

    Can I talk during wazifa ?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Better don’t.

  120. qamar unnisa on said:

    Aur ek doubt k mai apne bf ki pic pe bhi dum kardun mere sath.kya hum ye khudke liye bhi karsakte hain.koi aur to padne wala hai nai hum par hi asar ho kya khud hi karsakte hain

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap try karke dekhlein sis.

  121. qamar unnisa on said:

    Aslkm mera doubt ye tha ki hum iske baad bandish ki tod wala wazifa karlen?aur sab karne ke baad firse hum par koi kuch karde to?uske liye hum kya karen?firse hum par blck mgc ka attack na ho kya karen?log jaise hi dekte hai ye aage bhadne ka ek kadam uthaye to wo kadam wahi ruk jaye,manzil pe na pahunche.apne hme blck mgc chck wala wzifa dia karne ko hum use nai kar paye bas hum blck mgc cure wala karna chahtein hain kyuki humne check karvaya tha to dono jagah bandish batai aur gnda wala ilm ki baat ki thi unu ne.hum to kisi k naam par ni jate bas ghar wale hi jalte hain fmly k hote hue.plzz help.hum ajse ye wala wazifa strt karre

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji ha sis ap start karlein. Insha ALLAH apko kamyabi milegi Ameen.

  122. Assalamu alaikum bhai,

    Any wazifa I try to follow through (Bismillah to join)
    I get this message (The email address has opted out of subscription emails.
    You can manage your preferences at
    And when i click on inthis page there is no proper info where i can resolve it and in that your site is followed already but not wazifa’s.
    Why is this happening?? I’m not able to joins your link and I don’t get subscrib mail also. Is it okie if i do any wazifa without following a particular link of it. Im already a member of
    Please help

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You can check the inbox of that email address you used to subscribe the website. There will be a subscription mail in your inbox. Check that mail and confirm the subscription. Then you will become a follower of ya ALLAH. #yaALLAHcomments

      • rfb on said:

        Dua kr k soi k muje Allah baye k mera ayatul kursi wala wazeefa n bandish k lia mazil prh rae hu tu koi ishara day k kia hora ha ..niat kuch aisi hi thi ..
        Koi purani imarart ha puranay zamanayn ki daddi marhoom kahti Ha k is k andar necchay tmare pardada wagaira ki kabrean . Hum bahr hotay us imarat k mtu mere abu k cousin ka beta ha sath.. usko ma bandish ya jadu ka toor btatti hu .. aik safaed kaghaz pa kuch likhna aur usko talay k sath bandhdena ha aur kisi unchi jagah sa kafi gehrAI WALI JAAG PA Phainka n ha wo isi trh krtA :tala chotay size ka ha(us wakt kafi talay nazr aye ) .tu wo kaghaz n talay wala chez ko us ghr k andar bahr say aik jagah phainka(andhaira typ ha us jagah jaha phaina) phainkay hi tala wala kaghaz bahr agayatalay samait n uchalnay laga n uchl uchl k wo ja ra ha taez jaisay kiisi chex k peechay laga ha. N wo tala wapas akay hmare pass ruk jata ha .. n usko hum kisi bhare eint (brick) k sath bandh daytay ha… Nkoi yea b kahta ha k us jagh Dal kr us jagh Ka mu mati Dal k band krdo phir ma usko yea sara process aik book say daykh kbtati hu..n sath ma yea b likha hota ha k 7 din ma kam hojaye ga..phir daykha k mere behn abu k cousin ka betay ko pasand krti ha n wo larka b usko pasand krta ha(reality ma aisa nai ha dono k beech larkay ka rishta pehle hi kahen tay ha) ma behn ko kehti hu tension na lo Allah pa bharosa rkho.n ma usko kahti hu k tmko mainay abi Nad-e-Ali aur Ayatul kursi ka naqsh dia ha (white kapray ma fold kr kay safety pin k sath jaisay tawezz hota ha galay ma dalnay k lia ) ur kahti hu jo ata ha prho n Is larkay ko b bolti hu .. tu wo Allah ka name YA- Alimu prhna start krta ha mere behn pehle aik copy ma 6 dafa yea name likti ha magr us ma spelling mistake kr rae hoti ha mean do chashmi hay lam k bad likti ha ma usko point out krnay lagti hu wo us say pehle hi wo wird krna start hojati ha .. phir is larkay ki jagah bhai ko daykha usko bukhar ha ma usko kahti hu subh fajr tym lazmi sub krna..baki Allah pa bharosa rkho.. ami usko tang krti ha takay subh wo uth na sakay k rat 12 bajay tm mere pass ao gay.. phir fajr tym ankh khul gaye..
        Is say pehle din fajr tym soi tu daykha k hostel wapas aye hu saman lay k ja rae hu entryb k bad mere hath ma kuch ha keys dayhi ha .. hostel ka assistant ata ha peechay(uska face nai nazr aya) kahta k ap kuch sath lay aye ha apnay jab daykha aik lock ha wo open ha .. n wo pakra dayti hu unko.

        al imran bhai yea sari sorat e haal ha 5 maheenay say ayat ul kursi wala wazeefa kr rae manzil b prh rae hu subh sham astaghfar b din ma 100 dafa.. pehle kabhi kabhar bat hoti thi aik maheeena saay bat nai hui .. n hum online chk krtay thay ab 5 din say wo b nai ha…

        ab muje bataen k is page pa jo wazeefa mention ha us k sath manzil prhu ya nai … .. plus yea wazeefa 41 days tak kaisay kru(process plz).. unkay lia aur apnay lia yea wazeefa aik tym kru ya alg alg
        gide me plz..

        • Jo wazaif kar rahi hain aap unhi ko jari rakhiye, insha ALLAH bandish ka khatma hoga.

          • Rfb on said:

            Yea wazefa na kru phir?

          • Filhaal nahi karen, manzil du’a se bhi asraat khatm ho jate hain.

          • rfb on said:

            Aoa AJ mainay khawab daykha fajr tym SA 20 min pehle
            Mere koi report ha medical ma sir ko daynay Gaye late hogaye mere frnd bahr baithi ha usko pakraya K TM sir ko day do.. frnd so jate ha .. ma ja k daykhti hu koi bottle sheeshay ki tuti hui aur koi chez ha blood ki u can say khoon Ka lothra human brain ha laikin wo gosht walla keemay ki trh ha koi kahta ha k yea Mera brain piece ha .. phir ma Sochto hu K Mera kaisay .. report file smanay pehle hui ha … I said k report mere ha baki Mera nai ha.. phir ma floor saf krti hi aur Sara Gand Jo oper Kaha ha saf kr know drain ma baha dayti hu..
            Phir ankh khuli .. do bara soi Tu daykha k mere sath 2 mard aur aik aurat ha aurat naked ha aur kafi subh k tym wali roshni ha. Koi open gari ha Tu wo aurat aik Mard ki goud ma baithi hui ha aur bataen kr Rae ha doosra Mard muj sath set honay ki koshish krta ha.. but ma impres nai hoti.. phir ma klass ma hu aur yea aurat smanay ha ajeeb si mardun wala face ha aur light blue kapray ha.. phir hum 4 uni ma ghom Rae ha aur bahr k lia dosra gate ki TRF jatay ha pillar pa Kuch Likha ha.. aik TRF white dog ha baray Balu wala us pa blood k dhabbay ha (wo hamla nai krta) phir hum agay jatay ha gate ki TRF Tu hmare left side pa usi trh k 4. Dogs with long hair n blood k dhabbay ha kharay ha ma pehle inko sheep smjha door say Tu Jo Banda muj pa line mar Ra hita ha wo dogs ki TRF jata ha aur wapas ajata ha .. dogs attack nai krtay phir hum wapas ajatay ha bahr nai jatay …
            Next yea daykha mere hath ma us larkay Ka hath ha jis SA ma pyar krti hu.. pehle daykha k mere hath ma engagement ring. Ha zamarud Ka stone ha aur us k side pa white stones ha aur gold ki ring ha us ring ki pic lay Rae hu phir unkay hath ma hath Dal k pic lay Rae hu.. unki b same ring ha jaisay mere ha but unka zamarud Ka stone Ka size bara ha aur gold pa ha .. plus unkay hath ma aik aur ring ha us pa blue aur white stones (yad nai k wo platinum ki ha ya silver ki typ dream ma smjh nai a. Rae)
            Ma ahat ul kursi wala wazeefa plus manzil aur astaghfar prh Rae hu.. meaning bta dae..
            AJ wo aur n wo larki Jo hmare beech aye ha in say milnay wali ha
            Ab batae asrat khatam honay Ka name hi lay Rae 5 month SA 23 march say SHIRU Kia ta
            Ab andare jgh say dar b lagna start hogaya ha

          • Abhi asraat khatm nahi hue. Positive se zyadah negative signs hain khwab me. Wazifa jari rakhen aur sadqah khairat bhi kijiye.

          • rfb on said:

            4 weeks pehle bed pa khare thi aur achanak gir gaye. but ma bajaye zameen pa girnay k baith gaye .. pair ma ankle sprain hogaya .. pehle dard kam higaya ab 3 din say dard b ha ok sis but aik confusion ha phichle aik maheenay say muje koi 3dafa negative khawab aye ha .. aur baki dafa positive khawab .. abhi jo recent coment kia us say pehle khawab daykha wo positive ta .. yea kia majra ha .. muje smjh nai araeha k yea kia majra ha..
            muje ab andhairay say dar b lag ra ha thora khas kr rat k tym..
            ma jab boht pareshan hoti hu tu ap logu ko btati hu
            mere rahnumai krdaejo ooper points batae ha

            baki apko zahmat dainay pa mazrat..dil say ap logu k lia dua nikalti ha. Allah Ap logu ko khush rakhay aur apni rahmataeen ap ki team k hAR fard pa rehmat nazil farmaye aur is ka-re-khair ma barkat day.. ameen..
            need prayers dua ma yaad rakahen..

          • Bas aap yaqeen ke sath wazifa parhte rahen aur sabr se kaam len. Insha ALLAH, behtari aayegi.

  123. lynsey on said:

    i need to help to remove black magic pls

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You may apply the above mentioned wazifa to remove black magic. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  124. Roze flower kashif on said:

    Main yeh wazifa ulaad ki bandish k tor k liyeh ker sakti hoo muje ijzaat hai waisy main ne in box mein ijazat li hai

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap ye amal kar sakti hain.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad me Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain. Join Now!!-

  125. Any testimonial for this wazifa?

  126. wafa ikram on said:

    agr unhy pani pilana possible na ho to phr?qk wo out of country hain

  127. Huma on said:

    Hi! Kia hum tasweer ke upar phoonk skte hain

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis, Ap ek hi mein sare questions puch lijiye. Alag-alag questions ka reply karna time consuming hota hai. Ap tasveer par foonk sakte hai agar majboori hai apko to. Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link- #yaALLAHcomments

  128. Al 'Imran on said:

    Yes sis, you can do an amal to cure black magic for the affected person. You may select another amal to cure black magic whose conditions can be easily fulfilled by you from this link – -
    Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB. See this link-

  129. tasleemsultana on said:

    asak. meri health tkik nhi rheti hamesha kharab rheti. riste bhi ni large hme kuch jldi wazifa bataye plz

  130. Mohammad fahad on said:

    Salam alaikum,
    Agar kisi ne mere pyaar pe kia hai ab na wo baat kari hai na milri hai,aur muje yaqeen hi k us p black magic kiya gaya hai..tau mai kya kar sakta hu..??

    • Al عِmrãń on said:

      Ap is link se wazifa kare - Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link-

  131. heena sayyed on said:

    assalamulaikum mujh kisisne shaadi ke liye bandish kr diya hai take meri shaadi na ho to kya me ye wzifa kr skti hu

  132. heena sayyed on said:

    assalamualikum ye wazifa me apne liye pad skti hu
    apki izzazat chye bhai
    allah hafiz

  133. Maria on said:

    Aoa bhai ye wazifa muje kisi aur k liye parhna hai par wo mere sath nai hain na hi wo black magic ko mante hain k khud parh lein to mai pani par dum kar k unhe nau pila sakti to kia karoon?

  134. 6510229Ch on said:

    Aoa… sir yh jo pani prhna ha 7days yh ak e pani per 7 days perh k bech me sy pani roz use kr sakty han ya roz new pani per perhna zuri ha plz guide me …

  135. ghazala on said:

    Brother can u please tel wats ol haram activity we hve to follow during wazifa and i dont understand y u sending how to get forgivness link

  136. ghazala on said:

    Can u pliz list all haram activities n any particular reason for sending me forgivness wazifa

  137. ghazala on said:

    Thank u. .. can u pliz tel me during this wazifa wat im forbidden to do

  138. ghazala on said:

    Asalamalaikum i want to perform ds wazifa but im not sure if im blackmagic victim can i i stil do it o it wl harm me

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      you can do #yaALLAHcomments

  139. ria on said:

    Sir can i perform ds wazifa btm nt sure if im been spell, wil ds harm me if i perform

  140. ria on said:

    Sir can i perfom ds wazifa bt m not sure if im been spell, aftr perform ds wazifa wil ir harm me

  141. ria on said:

    Sir can i perform ds wazifa bt m not sure if ive been spell, wil ds effect me aftr perform ds wazifa

  142. Bismah on said:

    Salam, I need permission for me and my mum to start this wazifa. please.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      You are allowed to perform any ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif only if you are a ‘ya ALLAH follower’. #yaALLAHcomments

  143. Imran bhai mere boyfriend pe amal dua hai mujhse door karne k liye main jaiz neyat se usk loye yeh wazifa kar k unki tasweer pe dum kar sakti hun takay unk oper se yeh amal khatam ho jaye?

  144. Imran bhai main kisi ko pasand karti hun or unk sath jaiz rishte main ana chahti hun shadi karna chahti hun per unki ami razi nahi or unho nay unpe amal krwaya hai k woh mujhse chor dain kia main is asar ko khatam karne k liye yeh wazifa kar sakti hun unki tasweer per dum kar k

  145. Moona Afzal on said:

    Bhai I just need ur premission for my mama to do dat wazifa ta k pura ghr wo pani pi sakye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      yes she can do that. The way to get permission is written there. #yaALLAHcomments.

  146. Moona Afzal on said:

    Aoa.,,,, Sir kia iski ijazat aam ha kia meri mama kr sakte kia aur ager sure na ho k kala jadu ghr per ha pr doubt ho tb b yh kr sakty han kia

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      thik se parhiye waha kya kya likha hua hai ijazat ke bare mein. #yaALLAHcomments

  147. SAEEDA HUSSAIN on said:

    Salaam my husband has very bad black magic done on him for 23 years by his sister and sister in law. Plz tell me what I can do to get rid of it forever. I have tried everything nothing is working.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Upar wala wazifa kar sakti hai Insha ALLAH Azzawajal zarur doorhoga. #yaALLAHcomments

  148. Sadaf on said:

    Aoa… sir Kia meri mama yh wazifa kr sakte han kia ager kala jadu feel hota ho bt exect confirm na ho k waqie kala jadu ghr pr chal rha ha ya nhe….kya isko krny ki ijazat ha kia q k ijazat k bagir ammal ka faida nh hota as i heard…..

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ijazat lene ka tariqa wha link me hai ap check Kare. Zaruri hai Lena warna asar nahi hoga. #yaALLAHcomments

  149. muqtar khan on said:

    Kitnay days karo aur Kay tum pay karo meku apse baat karna hai I cal u many Tums but no response plz allahusamad wala 7din karli but faraz Mai koi b changes nai aye aur baat to kharahi nai karay Kay Mai ruhani ilm karwao koi Ababa k pass u Mai fajar ki namaz padkay dua karti ho to right side k kaan Mai faraz ki awaz ati has meku w/o mujhe pukaray plz w/o mujhe but likee karty imran bhai plzzz mai help me number redacted yeh mera number hai plzzzz do anythng plzzzz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis ap wazifa kar le chahe to. #yaALLAHcomments

  150. muqtar khan on said:

    Imuran bhai Kay Mai mere boyfrnd ki photo pay dam karskti ho uno koi baat samjhray hi nai so plz grant me a permission plzz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      OKay ap kar sakti hai. #yaALLAHcomments

    • Brs on said:

      AOA admin mere chachi nay yea wafeeza 7 day Kia ha but asrat ab b ha Tu agay continue kitnay din ki gap say karay as she is due ti delvr her baby in October aur kitnay din tak continue Krna ha like 40 days

      • 2 din ke gap ke bad dobara amal parhiye. Phir bhi asraat hon to phir 2 din ke waqfe se dobara shuru kijiye. Jab tak mukammal fayedah na ho is tarah se parhiye. Agar bhabhi ko ye jadu khatm karne ka wazifa parhna mushkil ho to aap ya koi bhi dusra family member unke liye ye amal parh sakta hai.

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!