Increase Sperm Count Naturally Home Remedies

Increase Sperm Count Naturally Home Remedies through homely foods and fruits.

Boost Your Sperm Count Naturally At Home

Increase Sperm Count Naturally Home Remedies

As per World Health Organization standards:

-The concentration of spermatozoa should be at least 20 million per milliliter.

-The total volume of sperm fluid should be at least 2 milliliters.

-At least 30 percent of the spermatozoa should be of normal shape and form.

-At least 25 percent of the spermatozoa should be swimming with rapid forward movement.

-At least 50 percent of the spermatozoa should be swimming forward, even if only sluggishly.

-The total number of spermatozoa should be at least 40 million.

-At least 75 percent of the spermatozoa should be alive (it is normal for up to 25 percent to be dead).

Let us discuss the dietary recommendations to increase sperm counts.

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Increase Sperm Count Naturally Home Remedies


Dietary Recommendations that can help increase sperm count in a very natural way.

You need a normal rate of counts of your sperms to fertilize an ova. In male infertility, men have low sperm counts which are unable to fertilize the ova within the female. Please see the picture describe this disease, on the left-hand side there is a specimen of the normal amount of sperm counts and on the right, there is a low sperm count.

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Top 10 Foods That Helps in Sperm Counts

  1. Garlic: It helps in blood circulation in the genitals and raises the sperm counts. Take at least 3-4 garlic clove every day directly with a sip of water.
  2. Bananas: Enriched with Vitamin A, B1 and C. Banana has bromelain which is an enzyme that helps in managing sexual hormones. Bananas also help to increase stamina and sperm production.
  3. Dark Chocolate: None is sexier food than a dark chocolate. Who else doesn’t want to eat? Yes, Dark Chocolate helps in increasing sperm counts naturally.
  4. Pomegranates: Enriched with antioxidants which in turn cuts malondialdehyde, which mainly is very harmful to sperm production. Ultimately, it also helps in producing quality sperms.
  5. Beef: It prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen which promotes libido.
  6. Egg: Enriched with Vitamin E. It raises sperm counts.
  7. Walnuts: Enriched with Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  Helps in production of sperms and blood circulation in genitals especially in the penis.
  8. Avocados: Enriched with Vitamin E, B6, and Folic Acids. The best time for this fruit is summers. Don’t let it go this summer! Avocados help to boost sperm motility and great functioning of fertilization of the egg.
  9. Asparagus: Enriched with vitamin K, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate, Copper, and Selenium. You can mostly find this in springs season. It protects the cells of testicles and keeps sperms off from oxidizing.
  10. Water: The key to health. Water has a significant role in increasing sperm counts. Also, helps in the smooth functioning of sperms.

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-Avoid overheating of testicles.

-Massage body with a good herbal oil, this helps in blood circulation.

-Avoid wearing tight jeans or pants which may tighten testicles and may prevent the sperm production.

-Avoid putting the laptop on your lap/thighs, this is a common problem these days. A very bad work culture has been emerging and effects health. Placing the laptop on thighs prone the chances of overheating of testicles.

-Avoid sitting on hot vehicle seats in summers, this obviously heats up the testicles.

-If an individual is married, have sex every alternate day. For example- skip one day which will let the body to produce more sperms and then have sex twice on the other day. This will result in the excretion of the entire amount of sperms in stock which will help the body to produce more sperms simultaneously.

-Avoid getting worries on every minor problem. Do not get tensed. Tensions and depression affect the production of sperms.

-If you are fighting with the disease of Low Sperm Count. Try all of the above foods and the precautions that are mentioned above for at least 3 months. Generally, productions of sperms take at least a 3 month time duration.

These foods will definitely help you to overcome the low production of sperms with their counts.

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