Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes

There are so many ingredients which can be beneficial in treating diabetes/sugar. This Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes is concerned with Black Seeds (Kalonji). Black Seeds can treat almost every kind of disease and can cure everything except death.

Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes-BigRemedies

Black Seeds can be used to get a cure from high sugar levels if taken with a regular schedule for at least a couple of months.

This Ayurvedic Treatment For Diabetes is taken from a Hakim Saheb which is very effective and has been proved successful.

BigRemedies #1


  1. Acacia Speciosa/Lebbek Tree which is also known as Tukhm-e-Siras in Urdu;
  2. Acacia Nilotica which is also known as Gond Keekar in Urdu;
  3. Tamba Khushk;

How to Prepare The Medicine To Cure Sugar/Diabetes?

  1. Take all the ingredients in equal amount and make a powder by grinding;
  2. You can take 50 grams each also;
  3. Fill this powder in big size capsules;
  4. You can find these big size capsule and all other ingredients in a grocery or medical store nearby;
  5. You can even find these empty capsule which are also known as empty gelatin capsules from any nearby medical or grocery shop;
  6. Take these capsule three or four times a day;
  7. This will help to get a cure from diabetes/sugar even if the patient has a high sugar level. Once you take this for at least a month you will find the cure soon.

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