How to Read Faces in Islam

This generally means in Islam as ‘Ilm-e-Qayafa’ or Physiognomy in Islam which tells us How to Read Faces in Islam. For example, if someone has thin hairs then he is soft spoken and calm mind person. If someone has few hairs in his/her eye lids then it has been assumed that he/she will live a luxurious life. 

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Face Reading Techniques in Islam

How to Read Faces in Islam-

As Salamu Alaykum My Dear All,

Perhaps you are thinking about what can be read from faces and what can be assumed. Doesn’t really mean with the astrology here and this not even a palmistry nor an astrology. There are few bodily symptoms and features in every human being which reveals kind of characteristic of it’s own type. Every human face has their own uniqueness and symptoms. ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala has given us a precious beautiful body with different unique features. Every human being possess own quality, feature and own meaning.

This generally means in Islam as ‘Ilm-e-Qayafa’ or Physiognomy in Islam. For example if someone has thin hairs then he is soft spoken and calm mind person. If someone has few hairs in his/her eye lids then it has been assumed that he/she will live a luxurious life. How to read faces in Islam is one of the love post on ya ALLAH website. You will surely get some of the hints about the faces.

How to Read Faces in Islam in Roman English

Voice (Awaz)

  • Buland awaz ka hona jah-o-jalal ke hone ka suboot hai.
  • Awaz mein badal si garaj hona nek mardi ke asaar hai. Nek mardi se matlab wo insan nek hoga.

Eyes (Ankh)

  • Agar aankh safed ya syaah ho ya fir surkh ya dore in ankhon mein rahte ho to to iqbal mandi wa khush haali wa shahid parasti ki ‘alamat hai. Khwateen ko inse bahut fawaid pahuchenge.

Forehead (Peshani)

  • Badi peshani bulandi, khushnasibi aur daulat mandi ki nishani hoti hai.

Nose (Nak)

  • Buland aur badi naak ‘alamat daulat wa saadat ki hai.
  • Khubsurat masl manqaar (puri tarah se) toti wa khartoom (chawri surang ki manind) hone se za’i aql aur parhezgar aur saheb-e- iqtidaar (Ghalib, bada rawb hona) hoga.  Yani tote ki chonch jaisi tedi aur faili hui.

Nosetrils (Nathune)

  • Bade nathune hona be-‘haya hone ki ‘alamat hai.
  • Tang hona za’i aql aur bahya hone ki ‘alamat hai.

Eye Lids (Palko Ke Bal)

  • Palko ke bal kam hona zindagi mein aish aur ‘ishrat ki ‘alamat hote hai. Sakht aur zyadah bal hona muflisi ki nishani hote hai.

Ears (Kaan) and Earlobe (kan ki Lau)

  • Agar kaan bade ho kisi shaks ke to wo nek aur daulat mand rahega Insha ALLAH.
  • Umar daraz hoga.
  • Agar mile hue magar bareeq ho to ye ‘alamat khushaali ki hai.
  • Agar kaano par baal ho to ye ‘alamat mehnat aur ranj ki hai.
  • Kano ki lau agar kanpatti se juda ho to khushaali ki ‘alamat hai.

Lips (Lab)

  • Surkh lab ‘alamat sa’adat wa daulat ki hai.
  • Lab syaah ‘alamat muflisi wa nikbat ki hai.

Teeth (Daant)

  • Bareeq daant maslan anaar ke daane ke manind ‘alamat daulat wa sa’adat ki hai.

Beard (Daadi)

  • Syaah mulayam hona daulatmandi ki nishani hai.
  • Surkhi mayal hona berahmi aur ghussa ki ‘alamat hai.

Chin (Thodi)

  • Gol hona aqlmand aur fan hone ki ‘alamat hai.
  • Thodi ka khali hona badkhasaali ki ‘alamat hai.
  • Thodi ka buland hone daulatmandi ki nishani hoti hai.

Foreleg (Pindli)

  • Pindli par gosht acha khasa hona daulatmandi ki ‘alamat hai.
  • Pindli qawi hona yani mazboot hona masle jassos ki nishani hai. Aur khubsurat aurat milne ki ‘alamat hai.

Legs (Paaon)

  • Paaon khush andaam wa bharpoor gosht hona daulat wa sa’adat ki ‘alamat hai.
  • Kam gosht hona aur talwo ka gehra hona ‘alamat sa’adat wa daulat hona hai.

Stomach (Pet)

  • Pur gosht jisko hindi mein tond kehte hai ‘alamat n’emat wa daulat ki hai.
  • Pet ka bada aur bila gosht hona muflisi wa mohtajgi ki ‘alamat hai.

Hands (Haath)

  • Agar dahina haath baye haath se bada ho to tahawwur (bebaak) aur shuja’t ki ‘alamat hai.
  • Agar baya haath daahine haath se bada ho to ‘alamat bechaini wa bad dili ki hai.

How to Read Faces in Islam in English


  • A loud voice symbolizes a majesty and power.
  • Voice with roaring of a cloud symbolizes that a person is generous and pious


  • If eyes are extreme whitish or extreme blackish or if they are extreme reddishness symbolizes growth and prosperity. Females will be benefited from such person.



  • Straight and lofty noses hint towards good fortune and success.
  • Noses which are beautiful and entirely similar with a parrot’s beak symbolizes that a person is clever, intelligent, smart, will get a high position in his/her life and gain his respect and dignity in society insha ALLAH.


  • Wide and bigger nostrils denote that the person is scapegrace or a character of shamelessness.
  • A narrow nostril gives a hint of cleverness activeness.

Eye Lids

  • If the hairs in the eyelids are not in few numbers then this symbolizes that the person will get all the luxuries of life. H/she will be a happy and pleasant human being.
  • Hard and more hairs in eyelids symbolize that the person will live in the scarcity of sustenance that may lead to a poor standard of living.

Ears and Earlobe

  • If the ears are bigger than normal, it hints that the person is pious and generous. Such people will become rich in their lives. They will have a long life.
  • If the earlobes are joined with the face but are very thin and slim, this denotes the prosperity, success and good fortune in their lives.
  • If there are hairs on the ears it denotes that the person is hard working and will suffer. Such people will lead their lives in sorrows with
  • If the earlobes are separated from the face, this symbolizes prosperity in his/her life.



  • Small and well organized teeth likewise a pomegranate denotes good fortune and good luck in his/her life.


  • Blackish beard dentoes good fortune and sustenance.
  • Reddishness in beard symbolizes anger, mercilessness.


  • Rounded chin denotes cleverness and skillfulness.
  • A bit of empty chin symbolizes scarcity of resources and crisis.
  • Bigger and upward chin denotes good fortune and success.


  • Fat and well shaped foreleg means good fortune and prosperity.
  • If the forelegs are stronger than normal then it symbolizes spying nature of an individual. If he is a male then he will get a beautiful lady in his life.


  • If the legs are well shaped, this means this person will have a good fortune and sufficient sustenance.
  • If the legs are less in good shape then it also symbolizes good fortune and prosperity.
  • The sole of an individual is deeper than it symbolizes a good fortune, success, prosperity and growth in his/her life.


  • A well fat stomach which is also known as belly symbolizes good sustenance and fortune. It also denotes the blessings.
  • A bigger than normal stomach denotes poorness and inefficiency.


  • If the right hand is bigger than the left hand than it symbolizes the boldness of the person. It also denotes the braveness of an individual.
  • If the left hand is bigger than the right hand then it symbolizes the nervousness of the person. It also hints that this individual is impatient. Such kind of people is generally coward.

The aforesaid hints of the features of the faces here are genuine and authentic as per Islam. Exceptions are always there. So no one should have relied on them fully. How to read faces in Islam post will just help you to guess about the behavior of an individual in the best manner. Our destiny, our luck, and our lives have been written by ALLAH Ta’ala indeed.

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