Istikhara For Someone You Love-Istikhara For Love Back

February 2nd, 2019

A wonderful Istikhara for love marriage to know the reality of your love. Also known as Istikhara for love back.

Istikhara For Someone You Love-Istikhara For Love Back

Sallallahu ‘Alayhe Wasallam

ya khabeeru translations meaning

Ya Khabeeru

या ख़बीरु

Ae Khabar Rakhne Wale

ऐ ख़बर रखने वाले

This amal is for those panicking parents and boys & girls. Who have searched good Muslim matrimonial relationships for their children. Whether the relationship will be in their favor or not. This can also be performed anytime even just before fixing the date of marriage and arrangements.

This is one of the common issues in almost every Muslim home. Most boys and girls are indulged with each other and they wanna perform a love marriage.

However, they love each other too much but sometimes they also need a guide. Guidance from ALLAH Ta’ala. Whether this relationship is in their favor or not? In arrange marriages parents are responsible for marrying their children. See Pyar me Pagal Karne ka Wazifa here.

They seek the help of the Alim nearby, a Mufti or a Maulvi (Scholar) to seek the guidance of ALLAH Azzawajal. If one has performed istikhara on their own and it went positive and in their favor.

This amal ‘Guidance on Muslim Marriage Ceremony’ will be proved significant and helpful for them insha ALLAH. Definitely, you will get to know the results. No matter if it is favorable? or unfavorable?

For love marriages a boy or a girl anyone can perform a yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara. This has helped thousands of boys and girls. This is Tested and Tried, Alhamdulillah.

Parents who have searched good Muslim matrimonial relationships for their children can perform this process. This can be performed even just before fixing the marriage date and arrangement of ceremonial practices.

Every parent wants the best matrimonial relationship of their children. What I recommend is anyone from the parent, girl or a boy can do this process to seek guidance on the relationship. See Pyar Me Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa here!

How to Seek Guidance on Muslim Marriage Ceremony in Urdu?

مسلم نکاح کے لئے اللّٰه کی رضا جاننے کا وظیفه

١. لڑکا، لڑکی یا انکے والدین میں سے کوئی بھی یہ وظیفه کر سکتے ہیں
٢. وضو کی حالت میں کرنا ہے
٣. طہارت وغيره سے فارغ ہو کر
٤. عشاءکی نماز کے بعد تنہائی میں بیٹھ کر
٥. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم پڑھیے
٦. ٣٢٤٨ مرتبہ یَا خَبِیرُ پڑھیے
٧. اور کسی سے بات كيے بغير سو جائيے
٨. یہ وظیفه بلاناغه ٧ روز تک کیجئے چاهے آپکو پہلے ہی روز میں اشارہ ہو جائے
انشا اللّٰه خواب میں اشارہ ہوگا، آمین

غور طلب: خواتین حيض/ماہواری کی حالت میں قطعى نہ کریں

Istikhara To Seek Guidance For Love Marriage

How to Seek Guidance Via Istikhara for Love Marriage?

Aap Unke Sath Khush Rahenge Ya Nahi Janiye Asan Amal Se. Yahan Har Dua Qabool Hone Ki Dua-Juma K Din Ka Wazifa For Hajat Dekhiye!

  1. Ladke ya ladki kisi ke bhi walid ya walidah ye wazifa kar sakte hai;
  2. Wuzu ki halat mein karna hai;
  3. Tahaarat wagerah se farigh hokar;
  4. Rat ko insha ki namaz se farigh hone ke bad;
  5. Kisi bhi tanhayi (khilwat) ki jagah mein jakar beth jayein jahan amal ke dauran koi khalal na paidah ho;
  6. Sabse pahle Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem parhiye;
  7. Phir, 3248 martaba Ya ‘Khabeeru parhna hai;
  8. Uske bad bila kisi se koi bat kiye so jaye;
  9. Ye wazifa 7 roz tak bila nagah kijiye. Agar ishara pahle hi nazar ajaye to is surat mein bhi 7 roz pura karna laazmi hai;

Ye rishta behtar hai apke liye ya nahi insha ALLAH khwab mein apko zarur ishara hoga ke. Yahan Jaldi Shadi Hone Ki Dua dekhiye!

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen ye wazifa haiz/maahwari ke 7 roz mein qatayi na kijiye.

How to Seek Guidance Via Istikhara for Love Marriage?

A wonderful Istikhara for love marriage to know the reality of your love or for love back.

There are certain instances in which you can perform this:

  • If you have searched a boy or a girl for your children for a matrimonial relationship. Then, either parent, a girl or a boy can perform this process to seek guidance on their Muslim marriage ceremony. See Dua to Wake Up Early in The Morning-Dua Sokar Uthne Ki here.
  • If a girl or a boy loves someone. In this case, anyone from them can perform this.
  1. Either Parent of Boy or girl or boy or girl themselves can perform this wazifa;
  2. Make an ablution;
  3. Get yourself free from the toilet and all;
  4. Sit in a lonely place;
  5. Perform this wazifa after night obligatory prayers;
  6. Recite Bismillah hirRahmaan niRaheem;
  7. Recite 3248 times Ya Khabiru;
  8. Go to sleep without talking to anyone;
  9. Perform this wazifa continuously for 7 days.

Insha ALLAH you will get the symptoms and signs. Perform this amal completely for 7 days no matter even if you have seen the symptoms before that.

Important Note: Females cannot peform this during their 7 days of menses/periods.

अल्लाह त’आला की रज़ा मुस्लिम निकाह के लिए वज़ीफ़ा हिंदी में

  1. लड़के या लड़की किसी के भी वालिद या वलिदाह ये वज़ीफ़ा कर सकते है;
  2. बा वुज़ू हालत में;
  3. तहारत वगेरह से फ़ारिग़ होकर;
  4. तन्हाई की जगह में बैठ कर; यहाँ रिज़ल्ट में कामयाबी का वज़ीफ़ा देखिए!
  5. रात को इंशा की नमाज़ के बाद फ़ारिग़ होकर;
  6. सबसे पहले बिस्मिल्लाह हिर्रहमान निर्रहीम  पढ़िए|
  7. फिर 3248 मर्तबा या ख़बीरु  पढ़िए;
  8. उसके बाद बिला किसी से कोई बात किये सो जाये;
  9. ये वज़ीफ़ा 7 रोज़ तक बिला नागाह चाहे इशारा पहली ही रात को हो जाये तब भी पूरा कीजिये;

इंशा अल्लाह त’आला ये रिश्ता बेहतर है या नहीं ख़्वाब में आपको ज़रूर इशारा होगा |

ग़ौर तलब: ख्वातीन ये वज़ीफ़ा हैज़/माहवारी के 7 रोज़ में क़तई न कीजिये |

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  1. sir batni ankh khulne ke liye ya khaberu kis tadad me padhna chahiye

  2. Ummulkhairi on said:

    It really working brother since I started this wazifa I never missed my sallah before sometimes I don’t like praying my 5 times salah I feel as if salah is a burden to my but now I love it and I do it 5 times without missing any.I should continue the ya qahaar?in my heart I want to do more but I need your advice.and THANK YOU

    • That’s great sis. If you feel that you should do one more set of ya Qahhar amal, you can go ahead.

  3. Ummulkhairi on said:

    Slm I started the ya qahaar wazifa again and masha Allah I feel much much more better and since I started again I keep on dreaming but sometimes I forgot what I dream some that I remember are as follows:
    1:my uncles wife and her son were talking about money and is in the night their is darkness
    2:I was in somewhere and is also in the night but that sunlight is on me I was feeling the sun but in my heart I was saying that after this sun it will rain and not small rain but big rain since the sun is to much in the dream is night and also the sun and me thinking in my heart that it will rain
    3: that is when I did yaqahar 6 days in the night I dream that I went to visit my grandparents(they stay in different place) when I reached on the varander their is a dirty water(brown water) but the dirty water is not much(because before doing ya qahaar wazifa I used to dream about the dirty water in is in a bigger amount is much) but yersterday the dirty water is small.I have giving some sweet chocolate to small after the wazifa today

  4. Ummulkhairi on said:

    Alhmdh I feel positive change in my life even my relationship with family and friends improve before doing the wazifa I experience heart pain but after doing the wazifa the pain reduce since I started the wazifa I have dreams which in the morning I can’t remember.I have give charity to small children and alhmdh I feel so much relief will I performe yaallah nikah istihara o I should continue doing this

    • I have already replied you that you can perform a set of ya Qahhar wazifa once again and then let me know the condition. Or you can start istikhara if you want.

  5. Aahana on said:

    Assalamu alaikum bhaijaan. ..maine ishtekhara kiya hai orpositive hai. ..bhaijaan main ek larke pasand karti Hu ..bhaijaan koi wajifa bata dijiye k wo mujhse pyar kare or wo khud ake mujhse shadi ki baat kare. …

    • Ummulkhairi on said:

      SLM I did yaallah nikah istikhara and my dreams are as follows
      1.I saw someone trying to kill a snake and I was standing with some people we all think he killed the snake but latter on the snake started running towards me and the person trying to kill the snake said I should jump in other for the snake to pass I did jump but the snake disappeared as if it enters my body and the place is a green garden.then I wake up then I slept again then I dream for the second time that some witches were trying to catch me and they tro a scissors at me which causes a small cut at the back of my finger I started reciting hasbunallahu waniimal wakeel they try as much as they can but I keep on reciting then I ran an meet my brothers with a white car(land rover) then I entered the car an we left the place .

      2.I think I had a dream but in the morning I could not remember

      3.I was trying to cross a bridge which I taught I will fall then I saw someone sealing food rap in a banana leaves then I went somewhere to buy medicine then I meet my uncles they where wearing White cloth and I saw a friend he was also periparing to go back to school.

        • Ummulkhairi on said:

          Salamu alaikum brother I finish the ya qahhar wazifa.

          • Now give some charity and see if there are any positive signs or not.

          • Ummulkhairi on said:

            Alhmdh I feel positive change in my life even my relationship with family and friends improve before doing the wazifa I experience heart pain but after doing the wazifa the pain reduce since I started the wazifa I have dreams which in the morning I can’t remember.I have give charity to small children and alhmdh I feel so much relief will I performe yaallah nikah istihara o I should continue doing this

          • It’s better to perform the wazifa once again for regular 7 days. After then update me about your circumstances.

        • Ummulkhairi on said:

          SLM I finished ya qahhar wazifa yesterday but is in the night that I finished it so this morning I pay some charity.I used to dream but in the morning I cant remember only for the first night and the last night I remembered
          1.I was climbing a mountain I reached the highest point in the mountain then I was also in a river with some people that I don’t know them first we were in a boat and then we are inside the river again and I was even complaining that I don’t know how to swem but the water is very clear
          2. Someone ran away with my 250000 and is the only money I have which I wanted to invest I called him to bring the money for me but he said he will not then I reply to him that may God bless him
          I off the phone and started crying me and my mother but I cry as much as I can as if I will day people were asking me why am I crying am telling them but my dad did not even ask me as if he is happy that someone ran away with my money.

          • Mostly the dreams are okay. There is no sign of black magic in the dreams.

  6. Munaf on said:

    Mera naam munaf he me ya khaberu ka 3248 bar 7 din me isthikhare ke liye amal karna chahta hu ijajat chahiye. Mera naam munaf maa ka naam nasima

      • Ummulkhairi on said:

        SLM bro may Allah bless you and reward you for your help. Pls am in a situation two people propose to me and I don’t know who to choose among them I want Allah to choose the best for me can you pls help me out with dua so that if I do the dual Allah will choose for me.thank you

          • Ummulkhairi on said:

            SLM bro pls I need clarification I started yaallah nikkah istikhara for one day then my period came then I stoped now will I continued or I have to restart

          • You will start it again.

  7. Faqeer on said:

    Imran bhai mei ak lrky sy piyar krti hon mujy pta krna hai k wo b muj sy piyar krta hae or kia hmari shadi possible hae q k hmare kch salon sy family trums khrab ho gae han mgr me us sy piyar krti hon kch hal bta dein asal me kud istekhara ni kr skti mujh khab bhol jaty han kch b yd ni rehta muj bta dein kch istekhara kr k bta dein kch possible hae kia 🙏please madad krein…. 😭😭😭😭

    • Arman on said:

      Hmare relation ku 2 yrs hongay or thode din pehle jagda huva kuch bt nay thi bdi tbbhi or na bola ab nay rehna shadi krlavgi me or usne kuch abhi 45 din huve hai engajment krli hai toh syd usku kuch krdiya honga khb chij isiliye mind iska chnge hongaya toh toh aap btaye kya kru me toh mujhe smj pde ke kese kya huva hai mujhe koi wazifa btayee ke use sb yd aake sb chodke engajment ne sb mere pass aajave me bht pyar krta hu shadi krni mere uske sath or voh bhi krne kij thi lekin pta nau plz aap btayee uske dimag se sb nikl jave

  8. Isha on said:

    Mere behn hai us ki umer 42 saal hai us ki shadi nai ho rhe us ki waja sy bohat preshan han bobat ilaaj b krwaya hai dum waln sy mgr aram nai aya or na koi rishta aya na shadi ki bat bani hai wo bohat thak gai hai bohat roti hai ghr waly hum sub chahty han us ka ght bas jai wo bohat kush rahe plzzz mere madad krein ab tu rishta b nai ata us k liye bohat preshan han plzzzz….. 😭😭😭😭😭🙏

  9. Shahid malik on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai.. m ladki Hun nd I am using my father’s id.. me ne 4din pure normal istekhara kiya normal means ki 2nafil istekhare k padh k dua pdhi bss ho muntakhab Hadees m h…Mene 1st day koi Sapna nhi dekha by Fajr padhne k Baad dream aaya to woh bhi mujhe yaad nhi rha fir kisi bhi din koi dream Ni dekha ha bs mujhe itna yaad h mmene ek ladka ladki dekhe the jo ek dusre Ko support krrhe the just 4din ho Gaye I don’t know ki yh positive h ya nhi plzzz help me m bht preshanii Hun plzzz🙏

    • Koi clear ishara nahi hua. Aap abhi Istikhara jari rakhiye sis.

  10. eisha on said:

    Aslamualaikum sir muje apse 2 khawabon tabeer phuchni hai ye donu khowab mere ex ko aye the jinse main pyar karti hun
    1) pehle khawab main uno ne dekha ke ham donu chalte ja rahe han ek dusre ka hatn pakr ke bas chalte ja rahe han aur manzil ka pata nai .
    2) dusre main uno ne dekha ke ham donu bhaag rahe han ek dusre ka hatn paker ke aur bas bhaagte ja rahe han aur yahan bhi manzil ka pta ny
    Sir maine bhi 1 khawab dekha ke ham donu ek theather main bhethe hue han ek show chal rha hai ham donu bore ho rahe han main unke kande par sar rakh diya aur dil main yeh soch rahi hun ke main rakh sakti hun sar unke kande pe kyun ke wo mere han aur thori der baad ham donu bhahir nikal aye thora sa chale to aghe ek bhohat bhara dog hamare samne ah gya aur hum pe bhonke lagha aur hamare phiche lagh gya hum donu bhohat bhaaghe wo hamare phiche bhaaghta raha phir mere ex mujse kaha ham donu raaste alagh kar lete han tabhi ye jaye gha aur nuksa kam bhi kar gya wo chala gya aur phir ek ho ghe SIR KHOWAB muje tab aya jab uno ne mujse shaadi karne se inkar kar diya SIR PLEASE MUJE INKI TABEER BTA DEN

    • Sadqah dijiye aap aur astaghfar parha karen aur behtar hai ke ‘ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ jo yahan website par diya gaya hai, parh lijiye.

  11. Toyba Khan on said:

    Aslamualikum Bhai
    Kya koi aisa wajifa ya istekhara hai jisse ye pta chal paye ki Allah ki marji hone ke baad bhi hmare nikah me Kya problem AA rhi hai Jo hme ek sath nhi reh ne de rhe hai… Maine istekhara kia tha vo positive that… Plsss Meri madad kijiye

      • Toyba Khan on said:

        Shukriya Bhai
        Apse ek baat puchni thi
        Agr koi koi taveez ko lehsun ke chilke or pyaz ke tukde de bhandh kr green ya black kpde me dal kr koyle ki dhoni ke liye kehte hai to iska Kya mtlb hota hai
        Mera mtlb ye hai Bhai puchne ka ki vo insaan mushrik hote hai Jo do khuda ko mante hai ya koi totka hota hai kuch kaam krne ka

        • Nahi sis, aisa amal karna theek nahi. Quran aur Sunnat ke raaste pe chaliye.

  12. mustafa on said:

    Assalamualaikum ……..
    Mere waledain mere rista aek ladkise jabrdasti kar rahe haii……….
    Lekin muje vo ladki pasand nahiii………
    Mujo koi aesa wazifa batae jiss ae rista ho hi nahi……….plz bhai meri jindagi ka sawal haii.

  13. Arfan on said:

    Kiya yeh istakhara mein apni sister ke liye kar sakta hoon?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes, ap apni behan ke liye ye istikhara kar sakte hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  14. Fathima on said:

    Askm Bhai, mai ne Ya Allah Nikah Istikhara kiya aur aapko bataya that ke mujhe theak ishara nahi mila, aapne suggest kiya that ki mai “Guidance on Muslim Marriage Ceremony: follow karoon, per ismain likha hai ki Maa ya Baap ko yeh isthikhara karna padega, Mere abba is duniya mein nahi hai aur meri ammi bohath zayeef hai, unke liye yeh karna mushkil hoga. Tho kya mai khud yeh isthikhara karsakthi hoon. Please advice.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, yahan page pe uper ye bhi likha hai ke larka ya larki khud bhi ye amal kar sakte hain. So pareshani ki koi bat nahi hai. Ap khud ye amal kar sakti hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  15. Zainab on said:

    Salam brother,

    Last year my parents and my moms side has forced me into an engagement with my moms brothers son (her nephew) back home. I talked to him, did istikhara and prayed immensely however I have no feelings for him at all in my heart. I told my parents I am not happy and I have no feelings and that we do not connect however they will not take no for an answer. They said there is no way of breaking this and that weather I love him or not I must marry him. Please help me brother, give me the words Allah Swt sent to us from the Quran and give me a wazifa that will help me get out of this forced marriage.

  16. Fathima on said:

    Askm bhai, Need your advice. I am a widow and a mother of 2 children. However I am finding it difficult to manage everything in our life all alone, hence I am thinking of getting married once again. I know a person who is already married and does not have any children from his wife. He is very religious and is capable of taking care of my family too. But we have not communicated with each other so far, but I want to get married to him. Is this possible? Please advice.

  17. salam bhai , kya ap yeh bata skte hain k yeh istikhara isha ki namaz k foran bd krna hai ya isha ki namaz adaa krne k bad kabhi b strt kr skte hain?

  18. Shaista on said:

    Assalamo alaikum…. Imran Bhai plz mujhe btaye k Maine Jo istekhara kiya hai wo positive hai ya nahi…..
    Day 1:- kuch log white kurta payjama me julus ki shakal me kahi ja rahe hain aur shayad green amama bhi hai unke sar me….
    Day 2:- mere cousin brother ki marriage ho rahi hai aur sare relatives ek sath hain jinse humara koi contact nhi tha wo bhi….
    Day 3:- mai kisi ki shadi me ja rahi hu lekin raste me fas jati hu,, meri ek relative aake mujhe nikalti hain aur fir mai us ladke k sath( jiske liye istekhara kiya hai) uske sath chale jati hu…
    Day 4:- mai white school uniform me us ladke me sath ghumne ja rahi hu…
    Day 5:- white marble ki mazar jaise k dargah me white qabr hoti hai waise hi black linings wali white mazar dikhi…
    Day 6:- ek friend red dress me dulhan ban k khadi hai fir uski kisi se ladai ho gyi….
    Day 7:- yaad nhi thik se kuch…

  19. imran bhai apki help chaiye mai bht serious situation mai phass chuka hon mje kuch smjh ni arah mary pss do option hai.jis sy mai shdi krna chahta hon wo b krns chahti hai ab wo mary sy ik sal bri hai.BA mai prh ri hai ab agr mai agy study do sal or kru to un do salo ka kya pta agr uska rishta hogya to mai mar jaun wo lrki bolti hai mje ni pta jb ap rishta ly k ao gy to kya pta mom dad education ka pochy..dosra ye k mai out of country jany ka soch raha hon just us lrki k liye k mai do sal mai set ho jaun ga nd rishta bhej don ga.lkn msla wohi k agr mai bhr set ho jta hon to usky mom dad study ki waja sy rishta ni daity phr.or agr study krta hon to is doraan uska khe kd jta.Mje plzz guide krein k mai kya kru k usky st rishta ho jay???waitng bhai Allah ka wasta jldi reply krna ap.i dnt have much time so plzz help me bhai

  20. Hajra on said:

    Actually I am trapped in a huge problem which I didn’t expect to come in my way.
    May Allah swat tala help me

    Meray parents ko family ma se ek proposal aya tha. Larka kafi acha tha so unhon na accept ker lia. But after engagement uski mother change hogaye. But uske father or usne kaha k hum nay jahan commitment ki hay wahin hoga yay rishta.
    After that I started talking to him and he proved to be great man at that time but gradually his attitude started to change cox he was under black magic dome by his mother. He didn’t get rude with me but he said k wo sab problems solve nahi ker pa raha .
    Uske father b change hogaye hain or baki family walay b or unke is attitude ki waja se mere parents ka mood b totally change hogya hay.
    In short situation near to impossible hay but I want to get married to him.
    Please tell me wazifa for changing his mother’s mind esp
    Wo bohat black magic kerte hain or uska rishta kahin or kerna cha rai hain.
    Lekkin wo b muje pasand kerta.
    Muje kuch asa btayen k wo b mere liye stand le or uski ama ka b dil mere liye maan jaye.

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!