In Depth Study of Quran

Lets have a look on Quran-e-Majeed Furqan-e-Hameed. How many sujood, Surah, Para, Ruku and many more features of The Holy Qur’an..

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In Depth Study of Quran

1. Total Surah In the Holy Quran  114
2. Total Surah in 30th Parah . . . 37
3. Total Madini Surah . . .28
4. Total Makki Surah ….86
5. Total Parahs in the Quran…30
6. Total aayaats in the Quran…6,666
7. Total Manzils in the Quran…7
8. Total of promises ….1000
9. Total aayaat forbidden certain things ..1000
10. Total aayaats of Commands to do …1000
11. Total aayaats of stories ….1000
12. Total aayaats of in the Quran though which things are made Habal ie.   Permitted.
13. Total aayaats of of Sajdah…14
14. Total aayaats of Rukuz in the Quran ..540 Haraam (i.e Taboo)
15. Total Letters of Maqattaat…29
16. The Surat in which the name of Allah is mentioned in every aayat…Surah Al Mujadilah
17. The Surat in which 2 adjective are there with the name of Allah, Continuously upto  7 aayaat..Surah Hajj   from aayaat No.58-65
18. The Biggest aayat in the Quran ….Aayaat No.282 in Surah   Baqrah.
19. The shortest aayat in the Quran Wazzuhaaha & Walfajr.
20. The Surah in which in certain aayaats all the alphabet (i.e from alif to yee) are there…Surah Baqrah aayat No.282 Aal-e-Imran…A.No.154 & Fatah..A.No.29
21. The 1st Madani Surah …Surah Al infaal.
22. The 3 Surah whose names are based on 2 letters only Surah Hajj Surah Jin.
23. The 2 Surah which were revealed together ..Surah Falaq & Surah Naas.
24. The 9 Surah which are on the names of 8 prophets & one surah younus Hood Yousuf Maryam Luqmaan   Mohammed Nooh Ibrahim Lahab.
25. The 2 Surah whose names are of only one letter ..Saad & Qaaf.
26. The 4 Surah whose names on the names of animals and insect…Surah Naml (ant) Surah Ankabut (spider)
Alnahl ( Honey bee) Albaqra (Cow).
27. The 3 shortest surahs of the Quran – S.Al Kausar, Alasr, Aliqlaas.
28. Who compiled the Surahs of the Quran & how ? Huzur Mohammed S AS on the instruction of Allah Taala.
29. Who put punctuation makes of the Quran –Abu Al-Aswad Al-Dou’ali.
30. The Total number of Zabar in the Quran – 53,223.
31.) The Total number of Zeir in the Quran..39582
32. The Total number of Pesh in the Quran…88,0004
33.) The Total number of Mad in the Quran …1771
34. The Total number of Tashdeed in the Quran..1274
35. The Total number of in the Quran Dots (i.e Nuqte)..105684
36. The Total number of Words in the Quran..86430   37. The Total number of Letters in the Quran…323760
38. The Letter used most frequently in the Quran Alif…48872
39. The Letter used most vey less in the Quran…Zoy..842
40. Total No of times the word Surah Appear in the Quran..10
41. Total No of Letters of the Arabic Alphabet …29
42. Total No of Times the Word Qul-Appear in the Quran..232 times
43. The 2 Mufassir of the Quran during the period of the Saheba-Haz Abdullah bin Masood Haz Abdullah bin Abbas.
44. Famous tafseer of the Quran in Urdu-Maasiful Quran tafseere Haqqani Bayanul Quran Tarjumaanul
Quran Tafseere Maajidi Tadabburul Quran Ahsanul Bayaan etc.
45. Who translated first Quran into Urdu – Maulana shah Rafiuddin sb
46. Total Period of revelation on Huzur Mohammed – 22 years 5 Months 14 days.
47. Total No of times word “ Allah” appears in the Quram -2,697 times.
48. Generelly Makki Surahs Start with Yaa Ayyuhannaas.
49. Generelly Madini Surahs Start with Yaa Ayyuhallazeena aamanu .
50. Total No of times the word Assalaat Azzakaat appears in Quran respectively 99 & 32 times.
51. Total no of times the word ‘Arrahman & Arraheem appear in the Quran respectively 57,115&68 times.
52. Total No of times the Name “Moosa” As Eesa as appear the Quran 135 & 33 times.
53. Total No of incident described in the Quran 28.
54. Total No of times the word Duniya & Akhiirah appear in the Quran respectively 115 & 115 times.
55. Total No of times the word Farishty & shayaateen & jaheem appear the Quran respectively 73 & 18,26 times.
56. Total no of times the word “Eemaan & Anaas appear in the Quran respectively 811,368
57. Total names of prophet appears in the Quran..26
58. Total no of times instruction are given in the Quran for asks supplication.
59. Total no of times instruction are given for Namaz – 700 times.
60. Total no of times instruction are given alms – 150 times.
61. The Surah in which more instruction & laws are times-Surah Baqrah.
62. Names of 7 Kaafirs described – the Quran Ibless firaun qaaroon haamaan aazar saamri abulahab.
63. Name of angles appearing in the Quran-Jibraeel Meekayeel Haarut Maarut only Road Malakulmaut.
64. The topics of the Quran addressed to – Human being.
65. The first revelation of the Quran – 12 Feb 610 AD
66. The present order of the Surah in the Quran is called – Taufeeqi
67. The Total Makki period of revelation of the Quran-4424 days.
68. The Total Madina period of revelation of the Quran-3435 days
69. The first Mufassir of the Quran – Mohammed SAS.
70. The moque of Madina where the Quran was read at first – Masjide Zareeq.
71. The first recitation of the Surah from the tongue of Mohammed SAS was heard by Haz Umar R.A – Surah Alhaaqqa.
72. Names of the Sahabah & others where names are found the Quran – Haz Zaid bin saabit RA- Haz Abubakar R.A Haz Aaesha R.A & Hazrat Maryam.

In Depth Study of Quran


Rumuz al-Awqaf: Punctuation signs

Another useful step taken to facilitate recitation (tilawah) and phonetically correct pronunciation( tajwid), was to provide signs with Qur’anic sentences which could tell the nature of making a stop (breathing).

Read more about Stop Signs.

Note: Those who are  beginner it is recommended that you Stop (take breath)  wherever it is permissible. These rule of punctuation sign  (stop, pause, no stopping etc.) is very important and applying these rule slightly affect the pronunciation. Generally, when there is a ( with some variation) the last letter immediately before the stop sign is made stationary, however there are many exceptions:

Let’s see some examples:

Do not stop here but stop is permissible.

it is better to stop here.

it is permissible to stop here.

This letter Za’ is an abbreviation of al-waqf al-mujawwaz. It means that making a stop here is correct all right, but the better choice is not to make a stop here.

This letter Sad is an abbreviation of al-waqf al-murathkhas. It means that the statement has not yet been completed at this point but, because the sentence has become long, here is the place to breathe and stop rather than do it elsewhere (al-Mianh al-Fikriyyah, p. 63).

This letter mim is an abbreviation of al-waqf al-lazim. It means if a stop is not made here an outrageous distortion in the meaning of the verse is possible. So, it is better to stop here. Some phoneticians of the Qur’an have also called this al-waqf al-wajib or the obligatory stop. But this is not ‘wajib’ of fiqh which brings sin if abandoned. In fact, the purpose is to stress that making a stop here is the most preferable of all stops (al-Nashr, 1/231).

This ma’ is an abbreviation of “mu’anaqah”. This symbol is inserted at a place where a single verse has two possible explanations. According to one explanation, the stop will be made at one given place, while according to another explanation, this will be at another place. So, a stop can be made at either one of the two places, but once a stop has been made at one place, it is not correct to stop at the other. For instance, take the verse (Arabic text). If a stop is made here at (Arabic text), then it is not correct to stop at (Arabic text) and should a stop be made at (Arabic text), then it is not correct to stop at (Arabic text). However, if a stop is not made at both places, that will be correct. It is also known as ‘al-maqabalah’. It was, first of all, pointed out by Imam Abu al-Fadl al-Razi (al-Nashr, 1/237 and al-ltqan, 1/88).

This is a symbol for saktah. It means one should stop here breaking the sound but not the breath. This is generally inserted at a place where assimilated reading is likely to cause an erroneous projection of meaning.

At this sign of waqfah, one must stop a little longer than saktah (pause). But, breath should not break here too.

This letter qaf is an abbreviation of qila ‘alazhz l’waqf. It means that some phoneticians of the Qur’an identify a stop here while others do not.

This word is ‘qif which means ‘stop’ and it is inserted where the reader may possibly think that a stop was not correct there.

This is an abbreviation of al-waslu awla which means ‘it is better to recite in assimilated continuity’.

This is an abbreviation of qad yusalu, that is, some stop here, while others like to recite on in assimilated continuity.

This is marked at places where some Hadith report proves that the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alayhey Wasalam) stopped here while reciting.

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