Cure for Hearing Loss in Islam Behra Pan ka Rohani Ilaj

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Effective Spiritual Cure for Hearing Loss-Behra Pan ka Rohani Ilaj

Kayi martaba ye dekhne mein aya hai ke kam umr ke daur me hi kaano se sunai dena bahot hi kam ho jata hai. Iska wajuhat kuch bhi ho nuksan zahir hai. Is tarah ke kam sunayi dene wale marz se nijat ke liye ye post Behra Pan ka Rohani Ilaj- Cure for Hearing Loss in Islam pesh hai.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Kaanon Mein Behrapan ka Ilaj in Urdu

Kam Sunayi Dene ka Marz Se Shifa

Cure for Hearing Loss in Islam Behra Pan ka Rohani Ilaj-hearing-loss-yaALLAH-190717

Behre Pan ki Dua

Roman English

Agar kisi shakhs ko kam sunne ya fir kaan me awaz aane ka kisi bhi tarah ka marz ho gaya ho. Ya fir kisi surat me na ke barabar sunayi deta ho to bhi ye wazifa mufeed sabit hoga Insha ALLAH.

Qur’ane-e-Kareem ki Surah adad 41, Al- Fussilat ki ayat adad 12, (niche dekhein)

ۚفَقَضَاهُنَّ سَبْعَ سَمَاوَاتٍ فِي يَوْمَيْنِ وَأَوْحَىٰ فِي كُلِّ سَمَاءٍ أَمْرَهَا

“Faqada hunna sab-‘aa samaawaatin fee yawmayni wa-awhaa fee kulli samaa-in amrahaa”

And He completed them as seven heavens within two days and inspired in each heaven its command.

 پھر انہیں دو دن میں سات آسمان بنا دیا اور اس نے ہر ایک آسمان میں اس کے احکام بھیجے

  1. Upar di hui ayat adad 12 ko har roz 41 martabah wuzu ki halat mein rehte hue parhein.
  2. Parhne ke bad apne hathon par dam kar dein. Mariz ke chehre par 3 martabah fer dein.
  3. Ye amal 41 roz tak bila nagah karein.
  4. Insha ALLAH usse pahle hi marz se shifa mil jayegi.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen haiz/maahwari mein ye Qur’ani ayat nahi parhein.

Behre Pan ka Desi Ilaj

Behre pan ka wazifa ke sath-sath iska desi ilaj ghar mein bhi maujood hai. Khane mein ap ye lijiye:

  • Lahsun– Kisi bhi taur par khane mein istmal kar sakte hai.
  • Tulsi ki pattiyan– Tulsi ki pattiyon ko khane mein milakar ya phir jaise bhi apko pasand ho zarur istimal karein. Ye kanon ke sunne ki taqat ko tez karenge Insha ALLAH. Kanon mein agar koi infection hoga to wo bhi isse door hoga.
  • Sarson ka tel– Kanon ke behrepan ka ilaj ke liye sarson ka tel ek asan aur kargar gharelu nuskha hai. Ye kanon ki gandgi ko nikal phekta hai. Ratko sone se pahle neem garam kar ise kanon mein daliye. Aur rooyi laga lijiye. Chand dino ke wazife se sunne ki taqat laut ati hai. Sarson ka tel khane mein bhi istimal mein lijiye.
  • Seb ka Sirka– Khane mein lijiye. Kanon ke liye behre pan ko door karne ke liye taqatwar ghiza hai.
  • Namaz– Agar zarurat mutabil khane mein lein to sunne ki quwwat mein izafah karta hai.

Cure for Hearing Loss in Islam Behra Pan ka Rohani Ilaj

A very easy and working wazifa for hearing problems in English.

  1. In the state of fresh ablution.
  2. Recite the above-mentioned verse #12 of Surah Al-Fussilat from The Holy Qur’an 41 times.
  3. After reciting, blow on the hands and wipe it on the face of the patient three (3) times.
  4. Perform this wazifa continuously for 41 days without skipping any single day.
  5. If ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo wills the patient will get a cure, Ameen.

Note: Females must avoid reciting this verse during their menses/periods.

Hearing Loss Home Treatment

Deafness can be easily cured at home. There are few recommendations which can help to boost the hearing power of ears.

  • Mustard oil– Helps to remove dirt from ears. A lukewarm mustard oil poured in ears in the night. Seal the ears with cotton. The next the entire garbage within your ears will come-up. Which can further be extracted.
  • Basil leaves– Juice of basil leaves can be consumed. This helps cures infections of the ears.
  • Salt– Salt helps to boost the hearing power of ears. Consume it in required amount every day.
  • Apple cider vinegar- This vinegar has proven a boon to heal the deafness and smooth running of ear mechanism.
  • Garlic– This can be consumed in food in any form. Garlic helps to cure hearing loss.



 کانوں میں بہرہ پن کا علاج اردو میں

کم سنائی دینے یا پھر بالکل نہ سنائی دینے کے مرض سے شفاء

١۔ اوپر دی ہوئی آیت عدد ١٢ کو ہر روز ٤١ مرتبہ وضو کی حالت میں رہتے ہوئے پڑھیں۔

٢۔ پڑھنے کے بعد اپنے ہاتھوں پر دم کر کے مریض کے چہرے پر ٣ مرتبہ پھیر دیں۔

٣۔ یہ عمل ٤١ روز تک بلاناغہ کریں

٤۔ انشاء اللّٰه عمل پورا ہونے سے پہلے ہی مرض سے شفاء مل جائے گی۔

غور طلب: خواتین یہ عمل حیض/ماہواری میں نہیں کریں۔

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कानों के बहरेपन का इलाज

कम या बिलकुल न सुनाई देने का मर्ज़ से इस्लामी शिफा हिंदी ज़ुबान में

  1. दर्ज ज़हल आयत अदद 12 को हर रोज़ 41 मरतबाह वुज़ू की हालत में रहते हुए पढ़ें|
  2. पढ़ने के बाद अपने हाथों पर दम कर दें|
  3. मरीज़ के चेहरे पर 3 मरतबाह फेर दें या फिर मरीज़ खुद भी कर सकता है|
  4. ये अमल 41 रोज़ तक बिला नागाह करें|
  5. इन्शा अल्लाह उससे पहले ही मर्ज़ से शिफा मिल जाएगी|

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन हैज़/माहवारी में ये क़ुर’आनी आयत नहीं पढ़ें|


  1. Samia on said:

    Sir if i do this wajifa but after 30 days if my periods start then should i repeat it for starting? Or repeat after the days i’ve completed

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      In such a case you will continue this wazifa to cure hearing loss from where you will leave it.

  2. SAEED AHMED on said:

    My Wife Fight with me too much by Tongue & beating by Hand and Leg. Always Doubt me for Affair with Woman.
    Our marraige is complete 15yrs & have 2-sons of 13 yrs and 8 yrs , so I dont think of givng her divorse at this Stage ,
    kindly provide me solution , my life is worse & I am jobless

  3. Bhai shadi shuda orto ki bimari athra k bary mien tafseeli bat btaeyn plzzz or is Ka ilaj bhi , ap ki meharbani ho gi.

  4. Faizan khan on said:

    Bhai ye jo hearing loss ka wazifa or weight loose karne ka wazifa din me sirf 1 baar padna hai yaa 5 waqt ki har namaz k baad padna hai 41 days tak

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Din mein ek martabah karna hai wazifa.

      • Faizan khan on said:

        Shukriya aap ka bohot bohot
        Bhai dua ki darkhwast ki meri job lag jaye airport pe jald se jald

        • Al Imran on said:

          Insha ALLAH jald Ameen.

  5. Faizan khan on said:

    Assalam walaikum bhai, i am sufferuring from a pack of stomach problems like kidney stone and liver problem like swelling acidity and belly fat also so sir plz help me with some wazifa for all the stomach problem i am eagerly waiting for your reply….and plz plz plz reply it has come onto my career

  6. Dua on said:

    Aslam o alaikum
    Meri Mama ko bohat kam sunaii daita hai and she wears hearing aids pir b kabi kabi sun nahi pati. Mere bhai hain wo b ik hear sy nahi sunty bilkul band hai.
    Kia ye wafiza kar sakty hain dono?
    (I’m already your member)

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han apki mama aur bhai ye wazifa kar sakte hain. #yaALLAHcomments

  7. Bhai mien apny husband k pass London Jana chahti hoo or is k liey koi wazifa bataeyn , ta k delivery k bad mien London chali jaoo , delivery mien sirf 2 month reh gy hyn Plzz Bhai help

      • Bhai number 4 wazifa pr 6 duaeyn do Hoi hyn wo sari parhni hyn ya koi aik or kB tk parhni hyn or aik din mien kitni dafa parhni hyn Plzz tafseel sy bta dyn.

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Sab detail se likha hua hai. Dhyan se read karen details. #yaALLAHcomments

    • ghazala on said:

      Sir i want to mari guy whom.i rejected,
      I decided dt il mari him bt again i chnge my mind nt to mari n d prob is dt i ws ds guy past 10 years n loved me behayd bt sice 3 years he cheated til ive no interrst in him a bit bt hve lots sympathy cz i stl care abt him alot dt i cn go bck to him.if he needs me nywz bt fr my safe future n i overconfident dt sum1 cnt chnge its d guy i rejected thou i dnt love him bt my eyes n mydcision cnt b wrong…
      If he cn leave hs gf d day he me vame fr propsal d5s d guy i need…

      I knw nobody cn cum inbtwn us.
      Khel wale kheley n teue lover gets hs love

      • Al 'Imran on said:

        Have you done ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ from this link- ? If not, then do this for 7 days. Read details on the page and let me know once you complete it.

  8. Titilayo Arogundade on said:

    Eku fly send Wazifa for good fortune

  9. tiamiyy abd qoyyum on said:

    salam alaikum
    please i need wazifa for payment of my school fee. exam starts in 2 weeks and i will not be allowed to write the exam

  10. Nahid on said:

    Assalamualikum meri beti 15mths ki hai wo kal gir gaye thi aur usku sar ku peche marlaga aur sar ke pass bahut laal hogaye kuCh dua boliye na jisse uska laalpan kaam hojaye mujhe bahut dar lagra hai

  11. syed farheen on said:

    Mere chehre par kisne rumal uthare hai taki mera chehra kharab ho gaye
    Main bht pareshan ho gayi aapne chechre k daag dhabbo se plz meri madad kigiye ki mere chechre k daag dhabbe kisi wazife se jaldi dur ho jaye

  12. zareenamoin on said:

    please bhai my house is on sale but, it is not selling please kindly give some surah to recite so it can sell fast it is not for money anything but, just wanted take halal house.


  13. Bhai mery husband apny brothers KO 3,3 lakh dy dety hyn or JB mien Kisi cheez k khareedny k bary mien bat Karoo to inkar kr dety hyn ya ignore kr dety hyn or kabhi kehty hyn apni chooria bech do ya locket Chan bech do , jbk Jin KO pesy dety hyn un k pass Kisi cheez ki Kami ni hy , mieny aik dafa slai machine Ka kaha to un ki ammi ny mana kr dia , aik dafa blanket Ka kaha to husband ny manah kr dia , mujhy zaroorat ki cheezy bhi ni le k dety mien doosro sy maang k use krti hoo . Hr aik k liey un k pass lakho rupey nikal aty hyn or meri Bari 5,ya10,00 bhi ni nikalty.plzzz koi powerfull wazifa bataeyn k wo kudh hi meri hr zaroorat poori kryn .Un ki ammi unhy jis bat k liey mana kr dyn pher meri wo wali zaroorat poori ni krty jitni mrzi mintyn kr loo??.

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!