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yaALLAH Happy Members

I am really very happy from the core of my heart for my people when their wishes fulfill and specially when they are Happy Members of yaALLAH Coomunity!

Comment #1 by a yaALLAH Member

Salam vaijaan
mere amail safal raha…aab mai jise like karti hu uskey pitajee Mujse milla chahte hai.. plz iskey liye koyi amal de dijiye jese uski pitajee mujhe pasand kare..shukriyaa.

Comment #2 by a yaALLAH Member

And it doesnt end there, my bestie friend, likes a guy, and thus she recited the wazaif for mariage from yaALLAH, and not only the guys Mom, but also his Aunty, who saw my bestie for the first time, instantly liked her. so now my Bestie is all set to say Qubool hai, Qubool hai, Qubool hai, by the end of this year. Alhamdulillah. a big thank you to yaALLAH and sir to you for all this.

Comment #3 by a yaALLAH Member

whats more???? Alhamdulillah, as i am blessed with long, thick, hair, i like to experiment with different hairstyles, and let them loose whenever i go out anywhere. i would get lot many compliment for havin beautiful hair. but later i kind of realised that i am loosin my hair. as always duas and wazaif 4m yaALLAH came to my rescue. and i started recitin the ” dua for cure from evil eye” and wazaif for all types of hair problems. and Alhamdulillah it works. coz my hair is back to what they were earlier. long, thick healthy and beautiful.

Comment #4 by a yaALLAH Member

Its since this year, that ive been refering to dua’s and wazaif from yaALLAH website, and little did i know then, that refering to yaALLAH , would gain me so much. Wanting to be General Surgeon, i was eagerly waiting to Ans the exam for same, in the month of March. But unfortunately the news of my aunty being diagonised with a severe disease broke upon us. we all were depressed with her health condition. simultaneously my Mom’s cousin got me a marriage proposal, and though i wanted to ans the exam and be a doctor, i cudnt say no to my parents. i just love them so much. i was into a fixed situation, wherein i dont wantd to give my ambition of being a doc, neither do i wanted to displease my loving parents, plus my aunty’s health was killing me. as a result, i ended up wasting all my precious time by just thinking abt things. and could not study. It was in mid feb, that i had the audacity, to tell my parents, that i truly wish to ans the exam in march. I then refered to the ”Dua to get success in exam” from yaALLAH website, and also studied for watevr tym was left. Alhamdulillah, wen i answrd the exam, my result was amazingly best. Thanx to yaALLAH , and sir Al e Imran. And as far as my aunty’s health was concerned, for that, i learnd to develop patience in myself in the first place and then pray to ALLAH. THANX TO SIR AL E IMRAN, cos everytime i wud read any of his post, duas or the comments he wud get, directly or indirectly he has taught us patience n faith in ALLAH.

Comment #2,#3 & #4 are by the same yaALLAH member. What I am saying is if others can get benefits from yaALLAH Dua Wazaif then why cannot you?

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  1. Eram on said:

    Imran bhai iam very very angry with u coz u not an swered my comments i have posted so many times sometimes my comments do not show and when they are displayed u don’t answer

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sister,
      if you post your same comment or more than 2 comments in one day. The server will treat you as spam. Insha ALLAH I will respond you all guys one by one.

  2. FARAH on said:


    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Wãlękûm aš šālãm

  3. ASSALAM O ALAIKUM kia mre msg ap ko mil rahye hain bro? Mai kab se try karhi hun. Mujhe bhi wazife ka pochna hai plz reply

  4. sufia Ali on said:

    Mai boht bar apsy wazifa punch chuki ky brest decrease kaiysy hogi lekin apny rply nehi diye …plz the s dafa btadey…boht mehrbani hogi

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji mere pas esa koi wazifa filhal nahi hai ap next week me mujhse dubara rabta kijiye, insha ALLAH me publish karunga.
      Please do watch yaALLAH’s First YouToube and subscribe through this link-
      Video link-

      yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara:

  5. sheeraz khan on said:

    Asalamalikum mera koi bhi kaam nhi chalta me shooter hoon mujhe apni 1 rifle sale karni hai log aate hain aur dekh ke pasand karke chale jate hain aur iske alwa bhi mera koi business nhi chalta plz mujhe kuch padhne ko bataye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      As salamu alaykum my dear brother can you send me a picture of your rifle? Who knows may be I would like to buy!

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