What is Dua in Islam Make a Prayer Meanings

Wahi pukar sunne wala hai aur wahi to hai jo chain-o-sukoon dene wala hai. Wahi tamaam jahan ko banana wala hai aur wahi sab ka maalik Al-Khallaq Al-Khaliq hai. Usnay  hi  har ek shay ko banaya. Wahi to shay-in-qadeer hai. Aur usnay  hi  insaan  ko aql di…

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Meaning of Dua in Islam, Essence of a Prayer

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The concept of Dua in Islam

Roman English Version

Islam Mein Dua Kya hai?

You have obviously heard of dua a lot of times. Dua is the essence of worship (Ibadah). A dua made by a Muslim for another Muslim brother or sister is readily be accepted. A Dua is the most powerful weapon of the believer of GOD in Islam.

“And your Lord says: Call upon Me, I will answer you; surely those who are too proud for My service shall soon enter hell abased.” (Surah Al Mu’min, 60)

Our Blessed Prophet SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam has stated that “Du’a” is the essence of worship!

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Apne rab ko pukaro aur usi se apne dil ki baat kaho ki dil itna bechain kyu hai?

Wahi pukar sunne wala hai aur wahi to hai jo chain-o-sukoon dene wala hai. Wahi tamaam jahan ko banana wala hai aur wahi sab ka maalik Al-Khallaq Al-Khaliq hai. Usnay  hi  har ek shay ko banaya. Wahi to shay-in-qadeer hai. Aur usnay  hi  insaan  ko aql di. Aur usi ko sabse se afzal banaya jo ki ashraful makhlooqat hai. Insaan apni zindagi  bashar kartay hue kayi muskilat say guzarte jata hai.  Insan ko tamam apni khwahish sab mansha ke mutabiq jinay ki aadat ho jaate hai aur apni  hi hasraton mein ghir kar unka  ghulam ho jata hai jis mein shaitan apni  tamaam chaalo say uski  madad karta hai beshaq  shaitan to insaan ka khula dushman hai: Find Make Dua for Me here.

Surah Yusuf Ayat #5

Inna alshshaytana lilinsani ‘aduwwun Mubeenun

Verily! Shaitan (Satan) is to man an open enemy!

شیطان انسان کا صریح دشمن ہے

बेशक़ शैतान इंसान का खुला दुश्मन है |

Wah to logo ki bhalai dekhkar hi  apnay hi  jaal mein fasata hai. Jab insaan  usko hasil karna chahta hai. Aur wah seedhi rah se hasil na ho to uske husool ki tamam koshishe karta hai ke ALLAH ke bargaah mein  apni us khwahishat ko apni us zuban mein bayan karta hai jis zuban ko wah janta hai. ALLAH to tamaam zubano ko insaan ke boli ko aur uske haal ko, uski neeyat ko jo wah zahir karta hai aur jo wah chhupata hai, sab ko janta hai. ALLAH Ta’ala tamam ‘ilm ko janne wala hai ‘Aalim-ul-Ghayb hai. Dua kya hai aur iske husool jaaniye inki pecheedgi. How to get forgiveness in Islam?

English Version

What is Dua in Islam?

We all make a Du’a to ALLAH Azzawajal usually in the times of distress. We are used to make a Du’a when we need a special desire to be fulfilled by ALLAH Ta’ala. Do you ever think about what is Du’a in actual and how much importance it has in Islam? In this post, I am going reveal the factual meanings of Du’a and its significance near to ALLAH Azzawajal.

‘Life’ is one of the most blessed and blissful gift ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala has granted us ever. ALLAH Azzawajal, the King of all the worlds, did not leave us alone on this earth, rather He granted us a powerful source to communicate with Him at any time and in any state throughout our life. That source is called as Du’a.

Du’a (supplication) is a way of communication between ALLAH Azzawajal, The Lord, and His servant. The reason being why it is a ‘weapon of a believer’. It develops a strong bonding between ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala and HIS slaves. A worthy communication between a human being and ALLAH Ta’ala. Humans feel so relaxed and helped, the ultimate purpose of dua is to peace of mind and happiness.

Our Beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam told us about the best Du’a near to ALLAH Azzawajal in these words,

“For anyone among you, if the door of acceptance of du’a is opened, then the doors of His Mercy are also opened. The best du’a near to ALLAH is the one in which the caller asks for the goodness of this world and the goodness of the next world.” 

(Reported by Ibn Umer, in Tirmidhi, al-Hakim)

Value and significance of making a Du’a

Du’a itself is an ‘Act of Ibadah’. No Ibadah is complete without making a Du’a. So, Du’a is a ‘core of Ibadah’. In fact, through this an Ibadah reaches above all the skies. A believer transfers all his sorrows and hardships to ALLAH Azzawajal while making a Du’a and He, the Listener, gives peace and happiness in return for him. How Merciful ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala is, Who keeps on giving us and never stops to give.

So, we should ask ALLAH Azzawajal every moment not only during the time of sorrows and distress. ALLAH Ta’ala loves those who keep praying all the time and ask Him unconditionally.

Rasul ALLAH SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said;

“Verily, your ALLAH is Generous and shy. If His servant raises his hands to Him while making a du’a, He becomes shy to return them empty.”

(Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)

At another place our beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said,

“One who desires that ALLAH Azzawajal answers his du’as in unfavorable and difficult conditions, he should make plentiful du’a in days of ease and comfort.”

Significance of Du’a in the light of Qur’an

ALLAH Zille Shanahu, undoubtedly, Merciful and Majestic. He loves when HIS slave begs in front of HIM. In this world, when someone is suffering from a trouble, he needs someone to share his problem and also requires his help. The other person will listen to him or help him only one or two times. Then the miserable person will feel

Then the miserable person will feel himself so lonely and in that time of loneliness, Only the ALLAH Azzawajal is there for him. HE, The Most Gracious and The Magnificent will never leave HIS slave alone in the time of distress. When HIS slave comes one step towards HIM, HE welcomes and goes ten steps towards HIS slave. During the time of Tahajjud prayers.  HE used to call, if there is anyone who needs anything and I would give him.

ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala says regarding the topic of Du’a in different Chapters of Holy Qur’an like this:

وَقَالَ رَبُّكُمُ ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ ۚ إِنَّ الَّذِينَ يَسْتَكْبِرُونَ عَنْ عِبَادَتِي سَيَدْخُلُونَ جَهَنَّمَ دَاخِرِينَ

Waqala rabbukumu-d-‘oonee astajib lakum, inna-allazeena yastakbiroona ‘an ‘ibadatee sayadkhuloona jahannama dakhireena

اور تمہارے رب نے فرمایا ہے مجھے پکارو میں تمہاری دعا قبول کروں گا بے شک جو لوگ میری عبادت سے سرکشی کرتے ہیں عنقریب وہ ذلیل ہو کر دوزخ میں داخل ہوں گے

Call unto me, I will respond to you. Most certainly, those who shows arrogance in worshipping ME, will enter hell, disgraced.

(Surah Ghafir, Verse # 60)

“So call upon ALLAH, making your worship pure for Him, although the disbelievers dislike it.”     (Surah Ghafir, Verse # 14)

“Or, Who answers the distressed one when he calls upon Him and removes the evil, and He will make you successors in the earth. Is there a God with ALLAH? Little is it that you mind!”

( Surah Namal, Verse # 62 )

“O mankind! It is you who stand in the need of ALLAH, but ALLAH is Rich ( free of all wants and needs), Worthy of all praise.

(Surah Noah, Verse #15)

Significance of Du’a in the light of Ahadith

The act of supplication has immense value as our beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam gave much emphasis on it. As the Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam Himself was used to make Du’a to ALLAH Azzawajal all the time specially during the late hours in night.

Our Beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam described the significance of asking Du’a at various places. Some of them are described below;

According to Saheeh al-Jaami,

“Dua is the core of Ibadah.” 

This Hadith is a beautiful explanation of the meaning and significance of Du’a. It means without Du’a any Ibadah is incomplete and will be considered as less worthy.

According to Tirmidhi Shareef,

“There is nothing more dear to ALLAH Azzawajal than a follower making a Du’a to Him.”

 According to Tirmidhi Shareef and Ahmad,

“One who does not ask from ALLAH, ALLAH becomes angry with him.”

 According to Tirmidhi Shareef and Ahmad,

It is narrated by Abu Hurayrah RadiALLAHU Anhu that Rasul ALLAH SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam declared about the acceptance of Du’a for three special persons as follows:

“There are three people whose Du’a is not rejected; 

  1. The fasting person until he breaks the fast
  2. The just ruler
  3. The oppressor

ALLAH Azzawajal lifts their Du’a above the clouds and opens the door of Jannah for it and says: “I swear by my Honour, verily! I shall assist you, even though it may be after some time.”

According to Tirmidhi Shareef and Saheeh,

“ALLAH Ta’ala will not reject the Du’a of three persons;

  1. Du’a of the parent for his child
  2. Du’a of the one who is fasting
  3. Du’a of the one who is traveling

According to Tirmidhi Shareef,

It is reported by Salman Farsi Radi ALLAHU Anhu that Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said:

“Du’a turns the ways of destiny and good acts lengthen the age.” 

 No human action can change one’s fate but a Du’a can. Du’a has enough power to change one’s fate if it is made by a true heart. So, never miss the chance of asking ALLAH Ta’ala frequently and abundantly. Read more about what is dua here.

Ways of answering a Du’a by ALLAH Azzawajal

When a slave makes a Du’a to ALLAH Azzawajal, HE definitely responds to their call. The mere condition is, one must keep asking and begging HIM again and again. Begging with patience with absolute faith, devotion, and punctuality of obligatory prayers. If you will become impatient at any point in time. You have actually lost the battle you could have won. Many-a-times, one may not get a quick and desired result. Wash off your doubts and never loose patience. Keep praying to ALLAH Ta’ala frequently with generosity and a heart over filled with hopes.

You will never face a failure in any aspect of your life. Sometimes, we make a Du’a for a purpose desperately and we are assuming that purpose the cause of our happiness, and on the rejection of that Du’a by ALLAH Ta’ala, we start complaining Him being unaware of the fact that we could bear a loss if that Du’a would get accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal. So, always have faith in ALLAH Azzawajal as Only HE has the knowledge of good and bad for us. You will definitely achieve the best into both the worlds.

A Du’a is responded by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala in one of the following three ways:

  1. One will get the desired thing for which he was making a Du’a.
  2. One will not get the desired thing but will get something better that what he was asking for.
  3. One’s Du’a will be preserved to be rewarded on the day of resurrection.

As ALLAH Azzawajal says in this regard in the Noble Qur’an:

“But it is possible that you dislike a thing that is good for you, and that you love a thing which is bad for you, But ALLAH knows that you don’t.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah,Verse # 216)

Always trust ALLAH Azzawajal and keep praying Him repeatedly, He will definitely answer your Du’a. Read about History of Islam here.

Blessed Moments for Making a Du’a

One should make a Du’a all the time and in every condition as ALLAH Ta’ala is always there for listening to us, though there are some moments considered to be significant for making a Du’a, in which a Du’a is seemed to be surely accepted by ALLAH Zille Shanahu.

  • On hearing the crowing of a rooster.
  • From the time when the sun has passed its zenith till before the time of Zohar prayer.
  • At the time of Azan.
  • Period between the Azan and Iqamah
  • Between a very short pause during two khutbah before Friday prayers.
  • After making ablution.
  • In the state of prostration.
  • Right after performing the obligatory prayers.
  • During the entire day of Friday.
  • The last third portion of the night (Tahajjud time).
  • At the time of oppression.
  • In the period of sickness.
  • When it is raining.
  • While travelling.
  • At the time of death of a Muslim brother.
  • During the month of Ramadan.
  • In Shab-e-Qadr.
  • At the time of Iftar.
  • In the first ten days of Zil-Hajj.
  • While drinking the Zamzam water.
  • In front of Khana Ka’aba.
  • On the days of Hajj and Arafah.
  • When someone is being lost in the forests or deserts (in a miserable condition).
  • While Fighting in the way of ALLAH Zille Shanahu.

Prerequisites for the acceptance of Du’a

A Muslim should follow all the basics of Islam in order to be a true believer. As ALLAH Zille Shanahu likes His obedient followers and verily accepts their Du’a. To be dear to ALLAH Azzawajal, one should try to be His obedient and to become His obedient, one should follow all the basic of Islam given below:

1. Sabr (Patience)

Patience is the first key to the acceptance of your Du’a. It has a great significance in Islam and liked by ALLAH Azzawajal Himself. Patience is one of the best ways to win the pleasure of ALLAH Azzawajal. Through, patience great tasks can be accomplished. A believer must have a quality of being patient. One should not get panic and short-tempered while suffering from a difficult time. Rather, he should try to stay calm and cool in every situation. It will help him to deal with a massive situation more wisely and in a better way.

ALLAH Azzawajal loves those who are kind and have great patience in any situation. As ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala says in the Holy Qur’an:

“And ALLAH loves the patient.”

(Surah Al-Imran Verse #146)

 Patience is much worthy and has a great reward not only for this world but also in the Hereafter.

As it is described in the Holy Qur’an:

“Except those who show patience and do righteous good deeds: for those will be forgiveness and a great reward.”

(Surah Hood, Verse #11)

You can not feel the real value of a joy until you go through a painful phase. So, don’t lose your patience while suffering from a trouble and don’t make complaints to ALLAH Zille Shanahu regarding the difficulty as it will lead your Du’a to the level of rejection by ALLAH Azzawajal. Read How to get your prayers answered by ALLAH here.

When a believer faces a trouble, he must stay patient during this time from ALLAH Azzawajal towards HIS believer to test his patience level.

He wants to see the reaction and actual faith and trust of His follower towards Him while facing a trouble.

ALLAH Ta’ala says in the Holy Qur’an:

لَا يُكَلِّفُ اللَّهُ نَفْسًا إِلَّا وُسْعَهَا

“ALLAH never burdens a soul beyond that it can bear.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse # 286)

Sometimes you get a quick relief from a trouble and sometimes not. The reasons are:

  1. If you keep discussing your miserable condition and complaining ALLAH Azzawajal regarding your trouble again and again, you will not get rid of it easily.
  2. If you stay patient while facing a trouble and have faith that ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala is there for you to solve your problem, your trouble will disappear soon.
  3. Showing consistent thankfulness to ALLAH Ta’ala for granting you countless blessings regardless of the trouble you are facing, ALLAH Ta’ala will please with you and will convert your sorrow into joy.

Now, you would have come to know the importance of patience near to ALLAH Azzawajal. So, do not loose your patience in any condition during your entire life. Thus, success will surely be yours in terms of the acceptance of your Du’a. Read Islamic religion happy Muslim family.

2. Shukr (Gratitude)

Gratitude is the second key required for the acceptance of your Du’a and is liked by ALLAH Zille Shanahu. Saying thanks to ALLAH Azzawajal is one of the worthy things that pleases ALLAH Azzawajal the most. Gratitude has an immense reward for one who is having this attribute.

Human being is so dear to ALLAH Azzawajal among all the creature. As He loves His servants 70 times more than a mother loves her child. We should thank ALLAH Ta’ala all the time for all the blessings He bestowed upon us. We can thank ALLAH Azzawajal either by using our tongue or within our heart. As He is seeing us all the time. Nothing is hidden from HIM. He granted us a beautiful religion, a graceful personality and all the beauty prevailing around us in this world and much more. While we are so ungrateful, busy in our worldly affairs that we forget to thank our Lord.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to be thankful especially in the time of distress or in a miserable condition. But if we will remember the countless bounties of ALLAH Azzawajal, the Creator granted upon us, we will never forget to thank HIM.

Let us take an example from our daily routine. When our mother, sister or wife makes a good food for us, we appreciate them and say thanks for serving us a delicious food and they become happy as they deserve that appreciation. Then why don’t we say thanks to One, Who is the Only Giver and the Majestic, giving us the sustenance for making this delicious food to fill our stomach.

This is so disappointing that we are not thanking Him sufficiently, even when He is granting us every thing for our comfort. How can we take these blessings for granted?

If a believer sincerely thanks ALLAH Azzawajal, HE will get pleased with him and will remove all the hurdles he is facing in his life.

As ALLAH Zille Shanahu says regarding thankfulness in many places in the Noble Qur’an:

“Therefore remember Me, I will remember you, and be thankful to Me, and do not he ungrateful to Me.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse # 152)

 “And He gives you all that you ask for. But if you count the favours of ALLAH, never will you be able to number them. Verily, man is given up to injustice and ingratitude.”

( Surah Ibraheem, Verse # 34)

 If you want to become a true believer, start thanking ALLAH Azzawajal and your Du’a will going to be accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal.

 فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

Fabi ayyi A’alaa’i Rabbikumaa tukazzibaan

“Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?”   

(Surah Rehman)

3. Ibadah (Worship)

One should perform the basic Ibadah as per the rules of Islam.

  1. A believer must offer his prayers regularly five times a day.
  2. A believer must recite the Qur’an Shareef on regular basis.
  3. A believer must keep fasts during the month of Ramadan.
  4. A believer should offer zakat on his accumulated wealth.

These all are the basic Ibadah taught by Islam and every Muslim should follow them regularly as it will lead your Du’a to get accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal.

Helping others is also an Ibadah and ALLAH Azzawajal loves those who help others selflessly.We should also try to help others in order to be liked by ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala. Following are some of the acts of kindness and generosity through which we can please ALLAH Ta’ala.

  • To help someone in the times of distress.
  • To feed someone hungry.
  • To give clothes to wear someone.
  • To remove a pebble from the way of a stranger.
  • To help a blind person in crossing the road.

So, we should not miss a single chance to help people and insha ALLAH, our Du’a will definitely get accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal. See how to do prayer in Islam?

4. Do Good Deeds and Abstain from Evils

One should try to do good acts as much as he can. Always try to follow the right and legal path and don’t let yourself go to the wrong or illegal path. Else your worship and Du’a will not get accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal. A Believer must earn legally using the Halal resources and avoid all the Haram things.

A believer should be kind to others as an act of kindness is also an Ibadah. A believer should show his kindness towards all the human kinds even for the animals. A small act of kindness might be considered as insignificant to others but they are worthy near to ALLAH Zille Shanahu.

According to Hadith Shareef,

“Once a man suffered from thirst while he was walking on a journey. When he found a well, he climbed down into it and drank from it. Then he came out and saw a dog lolling its tongue from thirst and licking the ground.

The man said: This dog has suffered thirst just as I have suffered from it. He climbed down into the well, filled his shoe with water, and caught it in his mouth as he climbed up and gave the dog to drink. ALLAH Ta’ala pleased with this deed and forgave him.”

 ALLAH Azzawajal says in the Noble Qur’an:

“And cause not corruption upon the earth after its reformation. And ask Him in fear and aspiration. Indeed, the mercy of ALLAH is near to the doers of good.”

(Al-Aar’aaf, Verse # 56)

Set a standard for you and never let yourself go beyond your limits. Always try to follow the right path and do righteous deeds and you will achieve a higher rank near to ALLAH Azzawajal.

خودی کو کر بلند اتنا کے ہر تقدیر سے پہلے

خدا بندے سے خود پوچھے بتا تیری رضا کیا ہے

5. How to Make a Du’a?

Following steps should be followed by a believer while making a Du’a;

6. Posture of Hands

First of all, raise your hands up to your shoulders and keep them open facing up.

7. Glorify ALLAH Azzawajal

ALLAH Azzawajal has innumerable sublime attributes that no other can have ever. He is the only One Creator and the Controller of everything.

All praise is be to ALLAH, the Most Merciful and the Most Gracious and Who is free from all the imperfections. ALLAH Azzawajal likes to be called by Asma-ul-Husna, the lovely names of ALLAH Azzawajal. He is the All-Knowing and the All-Wise and the Most Powerful that nothing can be done without His order until and unless He says ‘Kun’. So, why would you not praise ALLAH Azzawajal Who is worthy for all the praise and Who have granted countless favours towards you. And ALLAH Ta’ala Himself likes to be praised by His believers and glorifying ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala has immense reward here and in the hereafter.

The Prophet of ALLAH, Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said,

“Saying ‘All praise is only for ALLAH’ fills the scales, and saying ‘Exalted is ALLAH and all praise is due to Him’ fills, that which is between heaven and earth.”

Everyone of us needs an appreciation to feel good, to become happy and to do our duties proficiently. We can simply understand the value of this point with the help of this example,

Whenever we are getting ready for attending a Ceremony, wearing new dress, enhancing our natural beauty, we want someone to praise us. And we become delightful on getting a good complement form any person. Then why are we not appreciating and glorifying ALLAH Ta’ala, Who is the Glorious, the One and Only Creator of this world, operating it so proficiently and the Giver, Who granted us the beauty. So, praise ALLAH Azzawajal and He will become happy with you and will readily listen to you. Read about our beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam here.

8. Sending Blessings on Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

After praising ALLAH Azzawajal, one should send blessings on the Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam. One should recite Durood Shareef at least three times in the beginning and in the ending of his Du’a. Reciting Durood Shareef has enormous virtues and rewards in both the worlds.

Always make a Du’a with the Waseelah of Our beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam. Your Du’a will undoubtedly accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal. ALLAH Ta’ala loves the Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam the most as ALLAH Azzawajal Himself sends blessings on the Holy Prophet SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam.

إِنَّ اللَّهَ وَمَلَائِكَتَهُ يُصَلُّونَ عَلَى النَّبِيِّ يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا صَلُّوا عَلَيْهِ وَسَلِّمُوا تَسْلِيماً

“Undoubtedly, ALLAH and His angels send blessings on the Prophet the Communicator of unseen news, O you, who believe! Send upon him blessings and salute him fully well in abundance” (Surah Ahzab, Verse # 56 )

9. Repentance from Offence

To err is human and to forgive is ALLAH Zille Shanahu. One should try to abstain from sinning. But if you have perpetrated a sin, you should make an instant repentance to ALLAH Azzawajal. Repentance is the main key to get success in fulfilling your Du’a by ALLAH Ta’ala. So, Always ask ALLAH for forgiveness for all the sins which are being committed by you intentionally or unintentionally.

You must ask forgiveness of your sins in this way to get it accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal.

  1. Firstly, feel guilty for the sins you committed.
  2. Ask ALLAH Azzawajal for true forgiveness for all the sins you committed.
  3. Make a promise not to commit such sin in future.

If you will seek true forgiveness from ALLAH Ta’ala for all the previous and the currently committed sins with guilty and a shameful heart, ALLAH Azzawajal will surely forgive you as He likes to forgive.

“Truly, ALLAH loves those who repent, and He loves those who cleanse themselves.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse # 222)

When a sinner admits his mistake and ask ALLAH Azzawajal for true forgiveness, ALLAH Ta’ala not only forgives him but also takes care of such person and helps him to refrain himself from committing that sin again.

In another Surah, ALLAH Azzawajal says:

“ALLAH accepts only the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and foolishness and repent soon afterwards; it is they to whom ALLAH will forgive and ALLAH is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise.”

( Al-Nisa, Verse # 17 )

“Say, O My slaves who have transgressed against their souls; despair not of the Mercy of ALLAH: Verily, ALLAH forgives all sins; He is the Forgiver, the Most Merciful.”

 (Surah Al-Zumar, Verse # 53)

10. Pray for Others First

One should first make a Du’a for others, then for oneself as it is more liked by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. Praying for others has much significance in Islam. You can not give something to someone in this sinful world but a Du’a with a sincere heart and you will earn tremendous reward from ALLAH Ta’ala. If you will pray for others in their absence, you will have no need to pray for yourself.

As the Holy Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said,

“There is no true believer who makes a Du’a for his brother in his absence where the angels do not say the same be for you.”

 (Saheeh Muslim)

When you make a sincere Du’a for someone in his absence, ALLAH Azzawajal listens to you and blesses that person and you will get the same in return.

Like, if you are supposing to undergo a critical situation and suddenly you realize that you have escaped from that situation safely. This is the result of someone’s prayers that he is making for you and also the reward of the prayers once you made for someone. So, you must include the other people in your sincere Du’a and your Du’a will surely accept by ALLAH Azzawajal. Read manzil dua benefits.

11. Faith

Faith is the foremost element one must have while making a Du’a and it is the basic key required for the acceptance of your Du’a. The possibility of acceptance of your Du’a depends on how much faith you have in ALLAH Azzawajal. One should make a Du’a having full faith and believe in ALLAH Azzawajal. If you are lacking of faith, your Du’a will never get accepted by ALLAH Ta’ala. Always feel ALLAH Azzawajal so near to you while asking a Du’a.


“We created man and We know what his own self whispers to him. We are nearer to him than his jugular vein. ”

(Surah Qaaf, Verse # 16)

 Ask Him with absolute belief that He is listening to you and will surely grant you what you are asking for. This faith will become a source of acceptance of your Du’a.

As ALLAH Azzawajal says in Qur’an:

“And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the supplicant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way.”

(Surah Al-Baqarah, Verse # 186 )

12. Concentration and dedication

Always be attentive and stay present minded while making a Du’a. Your entire concentration must be towards the purpose you are asking for. One must make a Du’a with Humility and humbleness.

ALLAH Ta’ala loves to be called by His believer with a generous heart. ALLAH Ta’ala will never reject a Du’a asked with a liberal heart and crying eyes.

Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam described the importance of shedding tears out of the fear of ALLAH Azzawajal in this way,

“There are seven types of people whom ALLAH will shade on the day of resurrection, when there is no shade but His: and a man remembered ALLAH while he is alone and his eyes overflowed with tears out of His fear.”

(Al-Bukhari, Muslim)

As ALLAH Zille Shanahu says:

“Call on your Lord humbly and secretly; surely He does not love those who exceed the limits.”

( Surah Al Aar’aaf, Verse # 55 )

 ALLAH Ta’ala does not like a Du’a making with a reckless heart. So, don’t show heedlessness while making a Du’a.

Always ask ALLAH Ta’ala with generosity and a heedful heart having absolute concentration towards the purpose you are asking for.

“And remember your ALLAH within yourself humbly and fearing and in a voice not loud in the morning and the evening and be not of the heedless ones.”

( Surah Al-Aar’aaf, Verse # 205 )

One should ask ALLAH Azzawajal for your purpose gently and politely and in a low tone. Always make a Du’a to ALLAH Azzawajal with adequate devotion and concentration having tears in your eyes with a very low tone and in a gentle manner. And repeat your Du’a three times concisely and articulately. Your Du’a will readily be accepted by ALLAH Azzawajal. See ya ALLAH short Wazaif

13. Best Posture to make a Du’a

The best posture to make a Du’a is the state of prostration. As a believer becomes so closer to ALLAH Azzawajal in prostration and his Du’a directly reaches to ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. Show that you are beggar begging for your needs only to ALLAH Ta’ala.

As Narrated in Saheeh Muslim,

“A salve becomes nearest to ALLAH Azzawajal when he is in prostration, so increase supplications in prostrations.”

14. Finishing Du’a

You must complete your Du’a by saying ‘Ameen’ and wipe both your hands over your face.

In the end, 

Don’t think of wishes you didn’t get after praying, rather think of the countless blessings you got from ALLAH Ta’ala without asking. We can not thank HiIM even for a single breath.

Develop hopes during and after the dua. Stop complaining and start thanking to ALLAH Azzawajal. Stay happy and thankful for HIM. Keeop performing obligatory prayers. It will change your entire life in a positive way as being thankful has many virtues and rewards.

Ask ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala for your any wish which could be petty also. abundantly and expressively with tearful eyes and a generous heart having certain concentration and faith in ALLAH Azzawajal. There will be no chance left in the acceptance of your Du’a and you will get a success in pleasing your ALLAH Ta’ala. Insha ALLAH!

So, always trust ALLAH Ta’ala and He will never let you down.

Roman English Version

Insani Khwahishaat Aur Dua

Human Desires and Making Prayers

Insaan ki jo khwahishat puri nahi hoti uske mansha mutabiq uska aacha natija jo wo chahta hai wah nahi milta to us ke nahi milnay ka sadma kar beth ta hai. Kya usko talab karnay ki koshish  jaari rakhta hai achay ya bure ke fer mein parh jata hai jis mein wo apni bhalai samajh kar wah uskay haq mein hai ya nahi usko insaan nahi jaan sakta. ALLAH ke samnay jo pukar ki gayi us baat ka accha ya bura natija baad mein aata hai yaani ye baat ghayb mein chupi hui hai aur ALLAH Ta’ala  tamam ghyaib ke baato ko raazdar hai insaan ke manshao ki in pukaaro ko beshaq ALLAH Ta’ala  janta hai. Find Psoriasis Cure Dua here.

Kya tumhare haq mein hai aye insaan aur kisme tumhara bura hai, is ‘ilm ki taaqat tumhare dimaagh ko nahi bakhshi gayi thi, chunanche tum sahi aur ghalat ke darmiyan ek farq bhi na pata laga paoge.

Ye sab uskay ikhtiyaar  ki baatein hai qubul karnay ka matlab insaan  ke hasb-e-talab mansha puri ho jaana ye maangi gayi dua ke un alfazo ki neeyat ke natijay hai, jo puri hui. Agar dua puri nahi hui to fir dua mein bole gaye alfaaz mein garbar hai ya fir niyat mein insano ke fitrat. Ya fir uska natija us ke haq mein behtar na hoga, to jo unhone manga tha wo unhe kyokar na mil paya. ya ALLAH happy People.

ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala farmate hai dua qubul karta hu pukarnay walo ki-

Surah Baqar Ayat #186

Wa-iza sa-alaka ‘ibadee ‘annee fainnee qareebun ojeebu da’awata-aldda-‘i iza da’aani falyastajeeboo lee wal-yuminoo bee la-‘allahum yarshudoona

And when My servants ask you, [O Mu’hammad], concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the invocation of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me [by obedience] and believe in Me that they may be [rightly] guided.

اور جب آپ سےمیرے بندے میرے متعلق سوال کریں تو میں نزدیک ہوں دعاا کرنے والے کی دعا قبول کرتا ہوں جب وہ مجھے پکارتا ہے پھر چاہیئے کہ میرا حکم مانیں اور مجھ پر ایمان لائیں تاکہ وہ ہدایت پائیں

और जब आपसे मेरे बन्दे मेर मुत’आल्लीक़ सवाल करे तो में नज़दीक हूँ| दु’आ करने वाले की दु’आ क़ुबूल करता हू| जब वह मुझे पुकारता है फिर चाहिए के मेरा हुक्म माने और मुझपर ईमान लाए ताकि वह हिदायत पाएं|

Dua ka Tareeqa aur Qubuliyat

How to Pray in Islam and it’s Acceptance

ALLAH Ta’ala nay insaan ko kamzor banaya saath hi  usay honsla aata farmaya hai.  Jab hum apni zindagi mein kabhi bhi kisi bhi maamlay mein kamzor ho jaate hai ya kamzor parh jaate hai to hum ALLAH Ta’ala  say faryaad karte hai aur ALLAH Ta’ala  hamay honsala aur taaqat farmata hai wahi barhi taaqat wala aur barhi kudrat wala hai. read about Women in Islam here.

Jab aadmi ko takleef pahuchti hai aur wah hamein pukarta hai. Lete aur bethe aur khade. Is takleef ko jab dil ki gehraiyo se mehsoos karta hai to ALLAH Ta’ala ke samne rota hai aur girgirata hai. Aur esi surat mein uski takaleef uske qalb se uske alfaz bankar nikal parhte haibehte hue ansuo ke saath, gunaaho ki nadaamat ke saath. Kha le qasam ae insan ke ab firse wahi gunaho mein khudko mubtila na karega. Find Women Rights in Islam here.

Du’a karnay walay insaan  ko nek aur imandaar hona chaaye kyonke neki aur bhalai karnay wale hi  acchi duwaye karta hai. Jis mein khud ke alawa insano ki bhalayi mangta hai aur unki dua ALLAH Ta’ala  zarur sunta hai. Aur neki karnay walo say ALLAH Ta’ala  ulfat rakhta hai kise be ranj say nijat paanay ka zariya hai ye dua. Aur imaan walo ko unkay ranj say nijaat deta hai. Dua ko qubul farmakar  wahi apnay bando ki madad ke liye jiske siway beshaq koi aur sunne wala, nijaat dene wala nahi. ALLAH Ta’ala ke siwaye bhala kaun hai jab muztar usay pukare to dua qubul karta hai aur musibat ko dur karta hai.

Surah Al Naml Ayat #62

أَمَّن يُجِيبُ الْمُضْطَرَّ إِذَا دَعَاهُ وَيَكْشِفُ السُّوءَ وَيَجْعَلُكُمْ خُلَفَاءَ الْأَرْضِ ۗ أَإِلَـٰهٌ مَّعَ اللَّهِ ۚ قَلِيلًا مَّا تَذَكَّرُونَ

Amman yujeebu almudtarra iza da’aahu wayakshifu alssooa wayaj’alukum khulafaa-alardi a-ilahun ma’a ALLAHi qaleelan ma tathakkaroona

Is He [not best] who responds to the desperate one when he calls upon Him and removes evil and makes you inheritors of the earth? Is there a deity with ALLAH? Little do you remember.

بھلا کون ہے جوبے قرار کی دعا قبول کرتا ہے اوربرائی کو دور کرتا ہے اور تمہیں زمین میں نائب بناتا ہے کیا الله کے ساتھ کوئی اور معبود بھی ہے تم بہت ہی کم سمجھتے ہو

भला कौन है वो जो क़रार की दुआ क़ुबूल करता है | और बुराई को दूर करता है | और तुम्हे ज़मीन में नायब बनाता है | क्या अल्लाह के साथ कोई और मा’अबूद भी है | तुम बहुत ही काम समझते हो|


Sabr aur Dua kya hai?

What is Patience and Prayer in Islam?

ALLAH Ta’ala  ke baarghah  mein jab apni tamnna bayan kar di jaate hai to us tamanna ke pure hone yaani usko qubuliyat ke natijay saamnay aanay tak ka intezaar karna chaahiye jis mein ye shart bhi shamil  hai ke  sabr ke saath intezaar karay  kyonke  uskay natijay ghayb mein  chhupay hai  aur jo kuch be milega wah  sab aasman say aata hai Rabbul ‘Alameen say hi  maangna chaahiye wahi khilata hai aur wahi pilata hai aur tumhari rozi aur jis cheez ka tum say wada kiya jata  hai aasman mein hai.

Surah Adh-Dhaariyat Ayat #22

وَفِي السَّمَاءِ رِزْقُكُمْ وَمَا تُوعَدُونَ

Wafee alssamai rizqukum wama too’adoona

اور تمہاری روزی آسمان میں ہے اور جو تم سے وعدہ کیا جاتا ہے

और तुम्हारी रोज़ी आसमान में है और जो तुमसे वडा किया जाता है |

Is Surah mein ek zabardast kism ki chaabi hai jis mein ALLAH Ta’ala  bhi apne rahmat ke darwazay khol deta hai ab jis ko jaisa  faiz chaahiye faiz hi  faiz milta hai. Hum ko sab kuch ataa karnay wala wahi mu’uti hai uski hamd-o-sana karna  uskay naamo say pukaarna uski taarif bayaan karna usi ka khauf khana  uski panah mein  rahna. Tammana zahir karna ye sab duao ke us daayre mein lay jaate  jahan say jannat ke asbab nazar ate hai aur haqdaar bana dete hai, aur dozaq ke sakhtiyon say baacha lete hai. Read ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara here.

Halan ke zindagi mein  jin marhalo  say paar  nahi ja paye to unhe ALLAH Ta’ala  ke supurd  kar dayna chayee aur  aajizee ikhtiyar kar leni chahiye balki  dua hum ko ye bhi sikhati hai apnay  jazbato ko kis gudaaj tariqay say uski baargah  mein  paysh  karni chahiye duao mein ALLAH Ta’ala  hamari niyat ko dektha hai. Read about Wedding Night in Islam here.

Tamaam khwahishat, hasraat ka ek  saath ikatha kiya hua  alishaan  guldasta  wah ALLAH Ta’ala  ke baargah mein  banda pesh karta hai. Aur tum to saare jaha ke palnay walay ALLAH Ta’ala  ke chahnay ke baghair kuch bhi nahi sakte  (Surah Taqbir Ayat #29). Neki karnay walo ki duayein bhi nek ban jaati hai aur usi jazbe ko ALLAH pukaara karein to acchi  natijay miltay hai.

Aag bhi thandi ho gayi wah Hazrat Ibrahim Alayhis Salam ko aanch tak nahi aanay di kyonke jo log parhezgar hai aur jo log nek daar hai ALLAH Ta’ala  unka saati hai (Surah Nahal Ayat #128). Nek amal say hi  paak duayein banti hai aur paak duayon ko ALLAH Ta’ala  suntan hai paak duwao say ALLAH Ta’ala  kabhi kisi bhi shay ko koi nuksan nahi hone deta hai. Read about Tahajjud Prayer here.

Duayein Hamare Haq Mein Behtar ha ya Nahi?

Whether Prayers are in our Favor or Not?

ALLAH Ta’ala  “Quddoos” hai.

Har ‘ayb say paak hai aur uski baargah mein tamaam be ‘ayb bey daagh pukaari jaane wali duayein hi qubool hoti hai. Magar jo ALLAH Ta’ala farmata hai yaad  rahe  aur unke qarib koi baat buri lagi hai aur tumhare haq mein behtar hai aur qarib hai. Jo baat tumhi  buri lage aur wo tumhare haq  mein behtar hai aur ALLAH Ta’ala janta hai aur tum nahi jaante. (Surah Baqar Ayat #216). Muslim beliefs on ya ALLAH.

Nek aur imaan wale bando  ke wah awaz hai jo paak  lafzo say banti  hai aur parhezgaari ke saat sadik dil  say ada hoti hai. Ye ALLAH Ta’ala ke baargah mein ke jaane wali wo tasvir hai jise hoor malaika jinnat bashar yaha tak ke har cheez jo zameen mein hai aur aasmano mein hai sab ALLAH Ta’ala  ka zikr karti rahti hai aur wahi ghaalib wahi barhi hiqmat wala hai. (Surah Hashar Ayat #1) noor say faili hui roshni hi  dua hai ye ek aise roshni hai ke jis ke liye yahi dua ki jaate hai to wah roshni usi ki taraf hi  jaate hai ke jiske leye ye dua ki jaati hai. Read about Islamic Religion Happy Muslim Family here.

To ALLAH Ta’ala  ke samnay paysh honay wah usay apnay tak rubaru honay ka ek zariya hai. Jisay uski qudrat wah taqat ka aur tamaam baato ka andaaza hota hai aur ALLAH Ta’ala hi  khol-khol kar samjanay wala hai. (Surah Ma’aida Ayat #116) duao mein hi  ghayb  ke tammam khazanay chupay hue hai aur un chhupay hue khazano ko dundnay ka zariya hi  dua hai. Dua karke hi  hum un ghaybi khazano ko paa sakte. Read Islamic Dua for Asthma here.

Ghayb ki aksar baatein humay malum ho sake ALLAH Ta’ala say mangna hi  dua hai dua karkay hi  hum ALLAH Ta’ala  say mangtay  hai. Aur ALLAH Ta’ala  humei apne ghayb say dayta hai aasman say dayta hai aur humay ghayb kuch be ‘ilm nahi hai ke jo hum nay manga wah humare haq mein hai ya nahi humarai haq mein nahi hoto usay  ALLAH Ta’ala  ata nahi karta. ALLAH Ta’ala  humay nahi ata farmata jo hamare haq mein nahi magar ho sakta hai aur hamaray dilon ko nuksan wali sadme wali lagay.

Aur ALLAH Ta’ala  sab se bayhater baat ka jaanay wala hai duwa ghayb say maangi  gayi  ek madad hai jo ALLAH Ta’ala  say chai jate hai aur wahi ghayb say madad karnay wala hai. ALLAH Ta’ala  ko uskay naamo say pukaro uskay naamo mein tamam duayein chhupi hui hai aur un mein bahut badi barkat hai. Inhi  say insaan  tamaam aanay wali musibat, pareshaniyan, zulm aur dil ke bechaini aasmani zamini aafatay tal jaati hai. Islamic Events Nauchandi Jummerat.

Dur ho jaati hai mit jaati hai naist-o-na’abud ho jaati hai sab  duayein to ghayb ke wo khabre hai jinhe hamari aankhe ghayb mein nahi dekh sakti ye sab uskay ahatay mein hai aur wahi hamari taraf inhe bhejta hai aur jaankari deta hai yaani insaan to har mamlay mein bahut adna hai usko ALLAH Ta’ala  hi  har ‘ilm ata farmata hai. Read about Islamic Dua for Success in Business, Karobar, Tijarat here.

Adami kamzor banaya gaya  (Surah Nisa Ayat #27) to fir aadmi ko jo kuch be milta hai ALLAH Ta’ala  ke Kun fayakun (“Be,” and it is) say mil jaata hai. Muslim Matrimonial Prayer, Tested & Tried!

Jazbaati hasraat say duao mein ek tasir paida hoti hai aur ALLAH Ta’ala  bahut qarib hai unko sunnay ke liye aur fir ye ghyab ke khabar hai jo hum tumhari taraf wahi karte hai Surah Yusuf Ayat #102 hamari duayein paida hoti hai aur ALLAH Ta’ala  bahut qarib hai unko sunne ke liye fir aisi hone chahiye ke kisi dusray ko kisi tarah nuksaan ya bura nahi ho. Dua har hal mein paak honi chahiye.

Dua say insaan ke kiye gaye tamaam qusoorr, zulm aur nuksaan sab ki maghfirat ho jaati. Insaan  dil ko taqat inhi milti hai. Uske tamaam nuksaan pure ho jaate hai aur wahi har nuksaan ka pura karnay wala hai tamaam duayein Huzur  SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam ke sadqa\eh aur tufail say hi  maangi jaati hai jinhe ALLAH Zille Shanahu  zarur qubul farmata hai, basharte ke jayaz ho. Wahi Ummah ko ALLAH Zille Shanahu ki taraf sidhi rah dikhane wale hai aur ALLAH hi ki taraf bulane wale hai, kyonke hum sabko beshaq ek yawm ALLAH Azzawajal hi ki taraf laut kar jana hai, aur roz-e-qayamat ko ek din zarur ana hai, Ameen. See Islamic Wallpapers HD Pictures here.

ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala hamari tamaam ghaltiyo aur gunaaho ko mu’aaf kare, humein bakshe, siratal mustaqeem ka rasta asaan farmaye aur hum sabka maqam jannat-ul-Firdaus mein banaye, Ameen. Download free Monthly Pregnancy Chart for Islamic Women from here.


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