Wazifa for Angry Husband Shohar Ko Manane Ke Liye

A very old wazifa for an angry husband which is already tried and tested by thousands of wives. They got success, Alhamdulillah!

Wazifa for Angry Husband

Who is Destitute/Nymphomaniac/Loose Character

A Husband who is Indulged in Haram Habits

A husband who live like a vagabond and wanders here and there. Such husbands are commonly indulged in illegible activities of intoxication, gambling, and having haram relationships with other females. Or any one of them. This wazifa will help to break haram relationship and to stop bad habits they are in.

The Best Wazifa for Loose Tempered/Vagabond/Destitute/Nymphomaniac Husbands in Islam

If your husband has indulged in any illegible and wrongful acts like relationships with other women, alcohol, and gambling. Or any other haram acts.

You want your husband to get rid of these habits and become happy and come to you again, start living the normal life with you and your children. Insha ALLAH your husband will come to you and your marital life will become healthier soon. Whatever habits he might have, he will quit Insha ALLAH. You both will be mingled in love once again. The love between husband wife will be recreated soon.

Gussail Shohar Ko Manane Ke Liye Wazifa in Urdu


Wazifa for Angry Husband / Shohar Ko Manane Ke Liye in Roman English

Itwaar ke roz maghrib aur isha ke darmiyan gulaab ke taaza phool par sat martaba (Upar di hui ayat) parh kar dum kare aur shohar ke sarhaane rakh de. Takiye ke niche bhi rakh sakte hai.

Other Tested & Tried yaALLAH Dua Wazaif

Amal for Controlling Husband Anger

How to deal with a short-tempered, disrespectful, angry husband? This is a very effective dua to bring husband and wife closer. It will help wives to make their husbands loyal. They will soon start loving and caring for their wives Insha ALLAH.

Dua for husband wife love from Quran or Dua for husband and wife problems.

  1. On Sunday, between twilight and night.
  2. Make a fresh ablution
  3. Recite the above Arabic verse 7 times;
  4. Do a blow on fresh and pure roses.
  5. Place these flowers towards the head near the pillow where he sleeps.
  6. The next day you should dispose of these flowers in the clean and pure soil.
  7. Repeat this process for at least three Sundays.
  8. Get new fresh flowers every Sunday.

This wazifa is only meant for the husband’s love which is legible and according to Islam. This should not be performed for any other purpose. If you do so, you may get harm, we do not guarantee.

ALLAHUmma Ta’hisa ‘Alayya Absaara Zaalimatihee Wal Murideena Bissoo Wa An Tasrif Quloobahum ‘An Sharri Maa yad Mirunahoo Inni Khairi Laa Yamlakaa Ghairika

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17 Comments on “Wazifa for Angry Husband Shohar Ko Manane Ke Liye”

  1. As salaam wa alaikum Bhaijan,

    Mere shohar naa jaiez rishto ke giraft mein hai, bht ghussa karte hai gaali galoch karte hai mujhe pe, divorce dene ki baat kar rahe hai,hath jod k request hai aap se mujhe koi aisa wazifa de jisse mere shohar ka ghussa khatam hojaye aur mere liye dil mein mohabbat paida hojaye.

  2. Ji sis aap ye wazifa kar sakti hain. Shohar ki maujudgi me parhna zaruri nahi. Bas unke sarhaane phool rakhna zaruri hain.

  3. My husband is taking sleeping pools daialy and he addicted to sleeping..every time is slept..and he is not working..please tell me wazifa for this please

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