Olive Oil Benefits for Skin in Urdu

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin in Urdu

Olive Oil is Beneficial for Both Beauty and Health

A Brief Background About Olive Oil Which is also known as Zaitoon Ka Tel in Urdu

Whether it is an olive or an olive oil both are advantageous for health. If a food will be cooked in olive oil it will keep a person away from all diseases. Moreover, it also helps one’s skin to become more beautiful and attractive. In ancient times in Unan which is now known as Greece now the people were habitual of getting a bath with an olive oil. There treat is as a cleansing soap. Olive oil washes away every impurities of their body. Before 1450 years Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam directed HIS Companions to rub Olive Oil on their body. Western countries are using olive oil compulsorily in their beauty products. Let’s have an example for such type of beauty products- Lip balm, body lotion, shampoo, soap, nail paint, massage oil and other products to prevent dandruff.

Reasons Why Olive Oil is Good For Skin?

Olive Oil has the soothing, and nourishing capability for the skin, helping you look younger with a brighter fairer skin. It makes the skin smooth and soft. Olive oil helps our skin to breathe well.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin in English

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

  1. Best Skin Moisturizer: Apply olive oil on the drier parts of the skin it is a natural moisturizer and provides a moisture to the dry skin.
  2. Best Nail Shiner: If you have dry, mutilated and dusted nails which are poor in quality. Apply olive oil on your nails every day to make them look healthier, smoother, shiner and brighter naturally. In worse cases of nails, let your nails be dipped into a bit of olive oil for at least 30 minutes. You will definitely feel a miraculous improvements in your nails.
  3. Best for Beautiful Hands: Olive oil can even make your hands beautiful. Before going to bed to sleep apply a bit of olive oil on your hands and then clean them off with a cotton. Do this every night and feel the difference. Your hands will become softer and smoother.
  4. Best for Legs: Mix olive oil eight (8) table spoon in five drops of (5) lavender oil in a blow and mix the well. Massage your legs with this mixture. You will feel soothing and relaxing. Feel the miraculous improvements in your legs in a few days.
  5. Best for Beautiful Lips: Applying olive oil every night will make your lips softer and beautiful within few days.
  6. Best for Softer and Smoother Skin: When you feel that your skin needs a proper nourishment and moisture. Massage that area of your specially the drier path of the skin with olive oil and feel the beautiful difference.
  7. Best Remedy for Wrinkles: Mix an olive oil in a fresh lemon juice (not water only pure juice) and mix them well. Massage lightly on the area of the skin where you have wrinkles.  You will see the miraculous improvements and wrinkles will be gone permanently.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin in Urdu

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