Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua

March 23rd, 2018

This wonderful wazifa is devoted to those expecting mothers who have been through extreme pains and sufferings for 9  months. They will now Alhamdulillah give birth to a beautiful child. Sounds good for the entire family. However, it brings a happiness and joy to the expecting mother and father prominently.

Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Also known as 

Normal Delivery k Liye Wazeefa

Bache Ki Paidaish Mein Asani Ki Dua


The expecting mother has fear inside her, few unanswered questions no one can reply to. She scares about how painful that moment will be. This might lead to her death or death of her child or both of them. But, Alhamdulillah, during this entire period of 9 months an expecting mother can pray a alot to ALLAH Subhanahu Wata A’la to save them from any calamities and helps deliver her child with all the safey and healthiness. A safety during pregnancy is required to deliver a healthy baby. See Dua to Get Pregnant here.

For this significant moment, where pain is at heights and beyond the limits. A well known common and prevalent proverb for this circumstance. Do you want a Baby boy? See wazifa for having a baby boy here.

A mother comes back from the mouth of the death when she gives birth to her child. 

Here is the Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery if performed insha ALLAH, by the Grace of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala both mother and her child will be safeguarded from all the harms, Alhamdulillah.

May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala safeguard every women who fights for her life to give birth to her baby.

There are three versions of this Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery, first is in Urdu, second is in Urdu transliterated in English and the third one is in English. Let check them out.

Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua in Urdu

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Wazifa #1

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Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua

Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua

See Wazifa for Childless Couples here.

Bache Ki Padaish Ke Liye Asardar Amal Roman English Mein

  1. Agar bacha paidah hone mein sakhti ho aur dard ki shiddat zaydah ho to esa kijiye:
  2. Sabse awwal taza wudu ban lijiye;
  3. Kisi pak saf kaghaz par ye taweez likh lijiye;
  4. Fir kisi pak saf kapde mein ise baandh dijiye;
  5. Aur fir aurat ki baaye raan mein baandh dijiye;
  6. Insha ALLAH behad asani ho jayegi, Ameen;
  7. Yad rahe bacha paida hone ke bad fauran is taweez ko khol daale;
  8. Fir ise kahi pak saf jagah par jese ke perh paudho ke jarho mein ya fir kahi pak saf mitti mein jaha qadam na parhte ho waha dafn kar dijiye;

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen haiz ke 7 roz ke duaran qatayi na kare.

Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child in English

If there is any bodily issues or problems in delivering a baby;

  1. Make a fresh ablution;
  2. Write the above verse on a pure and clean paper, then;
  3. Tie this amulet on the left thigh of female;
  4. Insha ALLAH it ease the delivery;
  5. Please note: Do not forget to dispose the amulet  somewhere at cleanse place like a pond, river, roots of plants or can be a soil.

Important Note: Females must not have to perform this wazifa during the days of their menses.

Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua in Hindi

बच्चे की पैदाइश के लिए असरदार अमल हिंदी ज़ुबान में

  1. अगर बच्चा पैदा होने में सख़्ती हो और दर्द की शिद्दत ज़्यादा हो तो इस कीजिये:
  2. सबसे अव्वल ताज़ा वुज़ू बना लीजिये;
  3. किसी पाक साफ काग़ज़ पर सादा पैन ऊपर दी हुई आयत लिख लीजिये;
  4. फिर किसी पाक साफ कपड़े में इसे बाँध दीजिये;
  5. और फिर औरत की बाएं रान में बाँध दीजिये;
  6. इन्शा अल्लाह बेहद आसानी हो जाएगी, आमीन;
  7. याद रहे बच्चा पैदा होने के बाद फ़ौरन इस तावीज़ को खोल डाले;
  8. फिर इसे कहीँ पाक साफ जगह पर जैसे के पेड़ पौधों की जड़ो में या फिर कहीँ पाक साफ मिटटी में जहाँ क़दम न पढ़ते हो वहाँ दफन कर दीजिये;

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन हैज़ के रोज़ में ये अमल क़तई न करें|

Normal Safe Child Delivery Wazifa Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua

Wazifa #2

Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child in Urdu

Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child Bache Ki Paidaish Ki Dua

Al Quran Surah Number 84 Sūrat Al-‘Inshiqāq سُورَة الإنشِقَاق

إِ‌ذَ‌ا‌ ‌ال‍‍سَّم‍‍َ‍ا‌ءُ‌ ‌ان‍‍شَ‍‍قَّ‍‍تْ

‘Idhā As-Samā‘u Anshaqqat

When the sky is rent asunder,

وَ‌أَ‌ذِنَتْ لِ‍رَبِّهَا‌ ‌وَحُ‍‍قَّ‍‍تْ

Wa ‘Adhinat Lirabbihā Wa Ĥuqqat

And hearkens to (the Command of) its Lord, and it must needs (do so);-

وَ‌إِ‌ذَ‌ا‌ ‌الأَ‌رْ‍‍ضُ مُدَّتْ

Wa ‘Idhā Al-‘Arđu Muddat

And when the earth is flattened out,

وَ‌أَلْ‍‍قَ‍‍تْ مَا‌ فِيهَا‌ ‌وَتَ‍‍خَ‍‍لَّتْ

Wa ‘Alqat Mā Fīhā Wa Takhallat

And casts forth what is within it and becomes (clean) empty,

Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child in Roman English

  1. Taza wudu bana lijiye;
  2. Thode ta’dad mein gurh le lijiye;
  3. 21 martaba upar di hui ayat ko parh lijiye;
  4. Parhne ke bad us gurh par dum kar dijiye;
  5. Us gurh ko aurat ko khila dijiye;
  6. Ye amal mujarrab hai.

Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child in English

  1. Make a fresh ablution;
  2. Get some jaggery, then;
  3. Recite the above mentioned verse 21 times;
  4. After reciting the verse blow on the jaggery, then;
  5. Let that women eat that jaggery;
  6. This amal is tried and tested and insha ALLAH she will experience an ease in delivery, Ameen.

Wazifa for Normal and Safe Delivery of Child in Hindi

ये अमल बच्चे की विलादत में आने वाली सख़्ती को इन्शा अल्लाह दूर करेगा| किसी भी तरह की परेशानी, दर्द, घबराहट और शदीद सख़्ती से निजात मिल जाएगी इन्शा अल्लाह|

ये वज़ीफ़ा हामिला ख़वातीन के लिए एक बेहतरीन ताक़तवर वज़ीफ़ा है| बच्चे की पैदाइश में हर तरह की सख़्ती को ख़त्म कर देगा इन्शा अल्लाह| और ख़वातीन की तरह आप भी इस अमल का फायदा लीजिये| अल्लाह त’आला आपकी औलाद को नेक सालेह बनाये| उसे दीं और दुनिया में कामयाबी अत फरमाये आमीन| व आख़िरुद्द-दा-वा हुम अनिल ‘हम्दु लिल्लाहि रब्बिल ‘आलमीन|

  1. ताज़ा वुदू बना लीजिए;
  2. थोड़े तादाद में गुढ़ ले लीजिए;
  3. 21 मर्तबा ऊपर दी हुई आयात को पढ़ लीजिए;
  4. पढ़ने के बाद उस गुढ़ पर दम कर दीजिये;
  5. उस गुढ़ को औरत को खिला दीजिये;
  6. ये अमल मुजर्रब है |

ग़ौर तलब: ख्वातीन हैज़ की हालत में क़तई न करें|


  1. Khan on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum,,,,
    Normal Delivery Hone Ke Liye Kaunsa wazifa Padna Hai Wazifa 1 Ya Wazifa 2 Thoda Clear Bataiye.

    • Dono mai se koi bhi karlen.

      • Kashaf on said:

        Salaam mera 9 mnth k 18 days ho gy hn kia me yh gurrr wala sbq prh skti hn labour pain k lie

      • Samiha on said:

        Assalamualaikum.apki Jo book Hy “baghair operation bachy ki padaish k lye qurani duaen” me es book ko pardhna chahti hn ye book Khan se download hogi?

  2. Sab on said:

    Assalamualiakum, instead of writing wazifa 1 can I print it off on paper and tie this amulet?

    Kind regards,


  3. Yasmeen on said:

    Assalamualaikum ji mujhe aisa wazifa btayiye jisse labour pain suru ho jaye..

    • Isi page par safe delivery ka amal jo bataya gaya hai, yahi parhiye sis.

    • Asma Akram on said:

      Mera 9 month chal rha hy… 5Janu k khtm ho jana 9 month…men ye amal abi krn ya jb pains start hm tb krn….dosre waly wazifa k poch rai hm…ya roz ye amal krti jaun delivery tak

  4. Yasmeen on said:

    Assalamualaikum mere hamal ke 8 (1/2) month lag gye hai.. doctor to meri sirf opration ke moood me he rahti hai..aur abhi tk allah paak ke karam se mujhe koi paresaani nhi hai .ji mujhe aisa wazifa batayie ki mai padhu to meri normal delivery ho…mere liye kon sa wazifa sahi hoga…wazifa no 2 roz krna hai ya jis din labour pain suru ho…

    • Mubarra Siddiqui on said:

      Salamwaleykum mughe parso ko 9 mahine khatam hore hein complete hojainge doctor operation ko bolre h mughe operation nhi karwana hai koi aisa wazifa hai jisey mughe kudrati dard uthgai or mere normal delivery hogai inshallah muge pls koi wazifa btade

  5. Aslam alikum sir mujh dr keh rhy hn apka baby growth nh krha that’s why mujh abortion krwana parega plz plz mujh koi esa wazifa baten jis se mera baby growth krna shoro krden plz .. Abhi wo 4 weeks ka he.

  6. Muslim bhai on said:

    mere wife ko 6 month chal raha. koi wazifa dijiye hamal ki hifazat aur asan se delivery ka.

  7. Imroza on said:

    Mera phla operation hwa hai ab mera dusra operation hone wala hai 1 saal ka h gya hai previous operation ko to y gurh wala amal m krun ? Mera operation ki date monday ki krdi hai lock down ki waja s 4 din m y amal kr k daikhun? Take labour pain ajain ap rehnumai frma dein jald plzz

    • meri bahan ha ap ye wazifa shuru kijiye. Sadaqah zarur dijiyega.

  8. Imroza on said:

    Mera 1 baby operation s hwa hai r second hine wala hai jumme ko operation hai 1 saal ka gap hai to dr ne kaah hai operate hi h ga to m y second wala wazifa krun 2 din m ky pta normal hojai ap rehnu mai frma dein r jwb jld dein d

    • yes kijiye sis aur sath mein sadaqah bhi dijiyega

  9. Roohibaax on said:

    Assalamualakum I’m 7month pregnant I’m having gastric and stone in right kidney to cure please help me

  10. amara siddiq on said:

    Assalamoalikum.. I am in my 8th month. Dr said that my amniotic liquid is not adequate. Plz tell me something that my liquid should become proper before delivery. JazakAllah khair

    • amara siddiq on said:

      Assalamoalikum.. I am in my 8th month. Dr said that my amniotic liquid is not adequate. Plz tell me something that my liquid should become proper before delivery.and also there is slow growth. Only 3 pound yet. JazakAllah khair

      • I have replied you yesterday. Kindly read my previous comment.

  11. Asiya.M.A on said:

    Aslmk Bhai. Mere 9 months complete hogaye hai mere scanning me Sab normal hai par aabi tak mujhe labour pains nahi aaye plz mujhe wazifa bataye ki pains aur normal delivery hone ke liye

    • Upar diya gaya wazifa shuru kar dijiye sis. ALLAH Ta’ala aapke bache ki hifazat farmaye, aameen.

  12. Aslmk bhai mein 8 1/2 month pregnancy mujhe diabetes aur hypertension ki problem hai Allah ke fazal aur karam se meri scanning correct hai abtak.mujhe dua ki jiye mera baby safe aur healthy ho aur normal delivery ho mujhe wazifa bataaya dum karna wala

    • Dear sis, upar diya gaya wazifa parhiye aap. ALLAH Ta’ala aapke bache ki hifazat farmaye, aameen.

  13. Eshal arain on said:

    Meri delivery date isi week me hai kya mai khud gud or taweez pdhke abhi se rakh skti hu…delivery ke time kha liya jae

      • Eshal arain on said:

        Taweez me bismillah ke sath likhni hai surat??

        • Ji han Bismillah Shareef ke sath likhiye Surah.

      • Seema on said:

        Kya me ye dono amal kr skti hu delivery ke time

        • Dono karna chahen to kar sakti hain aap, warna ek hi kafi hai.

          • Seema on said:

            Jazak allah
            Wese mera 8 month hai last chl rha hai 9 lgega or bachcha ulta hai operation ko bol hai to kya me ghud 9 month s padkr khana shuru krdu take bachcha sidha hojaye or normal delivery ho btye ya jb pain ho tb khaun

          • Ji sis aap ye wazifa abhi parh sakti hain. ALLAH Ta’ala aapki aulad ko salamat rakhe, aameen.

  14. Shaikh on said:

    Assalamu Alaykum bhai. Kya ye gurh wala amal pehle se karke rakh sakte hai ? Matlab ke gurh par pehle se dam karke rakhle aur jab labour pain shuru ho tab kha le. Please bataye. JazakALLAH

    • Ji han aap pahle se dam karke rakh sakte hain.

  15. salma khan on said:

    assalamwalekum agr labour pain shru nhi horaha ho to is wazife ko padhne se hojayega pls ans me

    • Ji han insha ALLAH. Aap shuru kijiye ye wazifa.

  16. Shumaila Ashraf on said:

    Asalamualikum sir meri yai second pragnancy hai first mai bacha zaya hoga tha ab second mai 8th month mai bachye mai blood yai pani ki kami ho gai hai…lhuda ra koi wazifa batye Allah ap ko Ajar daye…ameen

  17. tarannum sabha on said:

    Aslmk bhai iam 8week pregnancy I need power full wazifa to cure high bp and sugar completely by Allah grace i will be very grateful to you plz keep me in ur prayers

  18. Aslmk Bhai, iam 1,1/2 month pregnant it my first baby iam 34yrs i hv diabetic and bp iam very much tense plz help me with the wazifa i need successful pregnancy and safe delivery plz dua for me

  19. Abdul Rahim on said:

    Assalamualaikum , bhai pura surah parna hai kya 21 martaba, jldi reply kren

    • Puri surat nahi parhni. 4 ayaat parhni hain jo ke upar likhi hui hain.

  20. Salma on said:

    Askm….. Mere ab 7mnth lage hue hai… Mai ek job holder hu… Plz plz muje bht dar lagra hai.. Muje kisi b Tarah normal delivery hona hai.. Muje wazifa bataiye… Plz apka shukur guzar rahungi.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap safe delivery ka amal kijiye. Insha ALLAH, ALLAH rahmat farmayega, ameen.

  21. javariya on said:

    Assalamualikum imran bhai plz help me out.

    i am carrying my second pregnancy with 7 first delivery was with c- section.and my son is of 22 month old.

    Now i. want my 2nd delivery should be normal plz aisa koi wazifa bata dy jo mujhe normal dlvry my assani ho.sab ka khahena hai k frst pregnancy agr c section ho to 2 wali b csection se hi hogy.lakin mujhe allah py pora bharosa hai k mere 2nd wali dlvry normal ho.plz wazifa bata dy safe and jaldi mere dlvry hojye bina takleef k.
    aur mujhe ye b bata dy k my ye wazifa kab se strt now im in 7 month starts ng stage.

    apka bhot bhot mehrbani hogy.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Yahi amal ap shuru karein jo upar diya gya hai. Insha ALLAH Karam hoga.

  22. zaheda on said:

    9 month pura ho chuka h muje….bt labor pain nhi ho rha ….mere pass taviz b he or maryaam ful b…aesa koi asan amal ho jisse muje labor pain suru ho jae…plz meri madad kare khuda k vasta…muje bahot dar lag rha h plz

  23. gulfam on said:

    kya ye taveez labour pain shuru hone ke pehle din se hi bandh saktey hain ?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      usme waqt diya hai bandhne ka usi waqt par bandhe.

  24. Asmi on said:

    Wazifa#2 delivery vale din hi krna hai ??
    Isme do trh ke wazife diye hai to dono hi prhne hai ya koi ek?? Plzz tell me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han delivery wale din hi karein aur dono mein se ek hi amal karna hai. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  25. Kia mien kudh gurr PR dam kr k kha skti hoo, or ye gurr us waqat khana hy jb water sack break ho jaey gi ya us sy phely bhi kha skty hy labour pain mien? Plzzz tell

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap khud ye amal kar sakti hain. Ap labour pain shuru hone par ye amal shuru kar dena.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  26. Waz on said:

    I can do it with laddoo or any other sweet plz?

  27. Assalamualiakum, can we use anything else sweet if we not have jaggery? Can I please which above mentiones verse do we need to read 21 times and blow on the jaggerry?
    Kind Regards

    Sister Halima

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes you can blow it on jaggery or gurh. #yaALLAHcomments

      • Ashq on said:

        Assalamu Alaykum bhai. Kya ye dono amal karne hai ya koi bhi ek kar sakte hai ? Aur kya ye dono hi chize ( taviz aur gudd ) labour wale din hi karni hai ? Please bataye. JazakALLAH

        • Inme se koi bhi ek amal kar sakte hain. Delivery ke qareeb kar lijiye ye amal.

          • Asiya.M.A on said:

            Aslmk. Muje 9 months pura ho chuke hai…Mere scanning Sab sahi hai… bt labor pain nhi ho rha… aesa koi asan amal ho jisse muje labor pain suru ho jae aur normal delivery hoo. Plz meri madad kare khuda K vaste….muje bahut dar lag rha h plz

          • Upar safe delivery ka wazifa bataya gaya hai sis. Aap ye parhiye.

      • Ghazala on said:

        Meri pareshani. Yeah hai mujhe 7mahina shuru hone 3 ya 4 din pehle mera bacha peth mein hi marjata aisa 2,bar ho Chuka hai uski hiffazat keliye koi wazifa bataye

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!