Natural Remedies Tips for Healthy Summers

Summers are a bit painful, I know you all will agree with this. Summers are harsh slightly more than what we assume. Sometimes, it becomes pretty hard to survive in the summers. Regardless of the fact that it is Madina, Dubai, Rajasthan, Sout Africa, or even Lahore.

Easy Home Remedies and Healthy Summers Tips


People who have enough money to spend generally plan their summers in the cold regions. But what about those who can’t afford the expenses of this tour. Certainly, we have a lot of measures who can’t afford to enjoy summers or who just want to be in their lovely homes.

Few tips and dietary recommendations to be taken care of during summers

Good, not just for digestion but it also helps to keep your body cool. Kokum sharbat is an ideal drink for the summer. Kokum curry can also provide the same benefits too.

  • Curd and Buttermilk

Curd and buttermilk are high in protein, calcium, vitamins A and B. They enriched with probiotics which are a form and type of bacteria that beneficial for you. Moreover, scientist have also discovered that the probiotics replace the undesirable infectious agents in the ecosystem within human body.

  • Cucumber and Watermelon

Rich in their water content, cucumber and watermelon are the fruits that must be included in your diet during the summer. Known for their cooling effects these have other nutritive value to them as well. They can be consumed whole or in the form of juices. Watermelon helps in digestion and weight loss. One cup of watermelon juice has 47 calories. Widely comes in the month of summer, known as summer fruit keeps fresh, healthy and helps you fight dehydration during summers.

  • Others

When summer falls, a variety of seasonal fruits starts appearing in the market. Mangoes, Jack fruits, wild cherry are some of them. It’s always a better choice to count them in in our diet during summer. As, they not even just quench thirst but are also good source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, and antioxidant compounds that are favourable for health.

Summer Season

How to Remain Chill in Hot Summers?

  1. Say no to spicy and oily food. These tend to produce more heat in the human body.
  1. Do not try to get into clothes with dark colors or black. Black attracts more heat. Else you will be roasted.
  1. Be comfortable in pure cotton clothes. Cotton remains cool in hot summers. It helps cool air to greet your body. Enjoy your cotton dresses. Better if you wear light cotton clothes with light colors
  2. Shower Every Day. Though, you might take a shower in the morning. But to remain fresh and to stay in a cool mood, always get a shower before dive onto your bed. This will relax your body, remove tiredness, and fatigue. Ultimately, you will get a sound sleep in the night of every day in summers. Try this!

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