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Gastric Disease can be found commonly almost every human. Due to improper diet intake, spicy, oily and junk food consumption results in this. Never take this disease lightly. The gastric disease may result in acid reflux, heartburn, nausea, vomiting, ulcer, belching, and bloating.

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Cure Gastric or Gas Disease at Home

A gas or flatulence is an air remained in the intestine during the process of digestion. Gas has been produced in the human body from 1 to 3 pints every day. This cause of this production of gas is basically due to food that we eat, drinks that we drink and the ingested air that is gone with both of them which wanders in the stomach. This process then results in burping or flatulence through the body part rectum. We will discuss today the Natural Remedies For Gas and various other measures which helps to get a cure from gastric disease.

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Easy Home Remedies for Gastric

The air that has been swallowed by us during eating or drinking remains in the stomach. This waste air in the stomach creates a severe problem for example-

  1. Heavy pain in stomach;
  2. Continuous and heavy pain in head;
  3. Pain in any other part of the body.

It creates really a serious problem to a pregnant woman. This air in the stomach lays stress and forces the baby. Which may lead to bad effects on baby’s health.

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Natural Remedies for gas gastric disease home

Natural Remedies For Gas

  1. During winters eat salt and black pepper sprinkled on radish (mooli). Eat this diet for at least 2 months. You will see improvements.
  2. Eat dried molasses (Gurh) after every time when you have a lunch or dinner. Dried molasses (Gurh) prevents air to remain in the stomach.
  3. Tangerine (Narangi) helps in curing liver diseases. If anyone is suffering from fat stomach or tightened/filled/ or indigestion in the stomach, this will help him to get a cure. It helps in any kind of stomach gastric diseases whatever the causes are. Drink a glass of pure tangerine juice daily in the morning on an empty stomach. This will cleanse the entire intestine and helps to get a cure from constipation.
  4. Guava is very beneficial to get a cure from gastric diseases. A guava can be eaten twice a day (one in the morning and one in evening) with a rock salt (Sendha namak) sprinkled on it.
  5. Mix cauliflower juice and carrot juice in equal amount and let the patient drink this every day. This will prevent gastric problems to occur.
  6. Drinking the juice of kind of protherb, black buincadnra or celastrus paniculatus every day prevents the patient from gastric diseases.
  7. A bitter gourd is very beneficial to get a cure from gastric problems. You can use bittergourd as a drink by extracting its juice if you can drink. Else you can make a curry of it also.
  8. Arhar ki daal or pigeon peas split pulses should be avoided by the gastric patients as this helps in the formation of gas in the stomach.
  9. Grind or make a powder of cumin seeds and mix one spoon of this powder with one spoon of honey, Mix them well and eat this every time when you have lunch, dinner or breakfast.
  10. Make a powder of black pepper. Mix this powder in the lukewarm water and then squeeze one lemon in it. Let the patient drink this. Or the patient can eat the black pepper powder directly with this lemon juice. This will prevent gastric diseases in the stomach.
  11. Take two spoons of dry coriander mix it in a glass full of drinking water. Boil this mixture. Then filter this water. Make three equal parts of this filtered water. Then drink this three times a day. Gastric will be gone soon.
  12. Cinnamon fights with gas and helps the stomach. You can use cinnamon to eat but eat only a minimum and limited quantity of this. As, cinnamon is harmful to us in more than required quantity.
  13. After having lunch or dinner. Lie down straight on the bed facing upwards and by putting both the hands on both the sides. Take eight (8) deep breaths. Then, turn to the right-hand side, take 16 deep breaths. Then, turn to the left-hand side, take 32 deep breaths. This will help food to reach its safe destination in the stomach. Also, if you have a gastric problem, the gas will come out through rectum and via belch. This is a tried and tested exercise, you can try it too.
  14. Make a powder of 5 cloves and mix this powder in the boiling water. Then let this water come to the normal temperature. Drink this water. Do this practice for few days every day. Your gastric disease will be cured.


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    • Towqeer on said:

      Narrated `Abbas bin Tamim: My uncle asked Allah’s Messenger about a person who imagined to have passed wind during the prayer. Allah’ Apostle replied: He should not leave his prayers unless he hears sound or smells something.
      (Sahih Bukhari: Hadith No. 137)

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