Natural Remedies for Bad Breath at Home

Halitosis, colloquially called bad breath, or fetor oris, is a symptom in which a noticeably unpleasant odor is present on the exhaled breath. (*wikipedia source). This is a disease, yes you are right! This is a certain type of disease. There could be number of causes of bad breath, smell from mouth.

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Muslim Cures for Bad Breath at Home

Natural Remedies for Bad Breath at Home

It sounds awkward and disgusting when someone exhales bad breath over us while having a conversation in a meeting, class, training or seminar. Insha ALLAH this post ‘Natural Remedies for Bad Breath at Home’ will help those victims to get rid of this worse disease. This also gives a bad impression on others as well. All we need to take a bit of easy care and precautions in our home to get rid off the bad breath. We will further discuss more about the easy and effective natural remedies for bad breath from the ingredients at our home.

One of common symptoms and disease known as indigestion within the stomach, due to which gastric problems may ocurr. Find gastric natural remedies here. This gastric issue may lead to bad odour from breath from the mouth.

Causes of  Bad Breath or Halitosis

  • The most prominent cause of bad breath is indigestion in the stomach. Other deep causes responsible for this disease is the evaporated compounds of sulphur for example: hydrogen sulphide, methyl, mercaptans or thiol etc. Bacterias are present in these chemical compounds which can easily survive without oxygen. These bacterial organisms, oral microorganisms, and microbes stick to the inside cell walls, tongue, gums and in between the teeth inside the mouth of humans. Such places are safer for them to survive. As they can only survive in dry and dark parts.
  • Besides all of these casuses there are few more reasons due to which these microorganism adapt into their environment. Smoking, consuming alchohol and other drugs can also lead to the disease of bad breath. Some of eatables foods and beverages are also responsible to create bad and foul smelling odor in breath.
  • Individuals who consume to much quanity of dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and curd, spicy foods, high quantity of sugar in coffee and tea etc. leads to give birth and increases the microorganism’s population. These microorganisms gives finally birth to the compounds of sulphur in the mouth.
  • Infections and diseases of the gums also lead to bad odor in the mouth and breath.
  • Food particles sticking in between teeth leads to the production of sulphur compounds which is is also one of the cause of bad odor in the mouth and breath.
  • Pyorrhea could also be another cause for fetid breath odor. It is an infection of the gums which ocurrs due to the deficiency of vitamin c.

Natural Remedies of  Bad Breath or Halitosis

How to get a cure from bad odor in the mouth and breath?

There are few natural home remedies to get rid off this bad breath disease.

BigRemedies #1

  • Mix 1 table spoon of honey in 2 cup of fresh water. Mix half table spoon of cinnamon powder in this liquid of water and honey.
  • After preparing this application all you need to do is gargle with this liquid every morning.
  • You will feel freshness the whole day and you will never exhale bad odor ever.

BigRemedies #2

Chewing few pieces of cinnamon and let them in your mouth, suck and swallow it’s juicy liquid. You mouth will not exhale bad breath.

BigRemedies #3

 Boil 2 cup of fenugreek seeds in one glass of water properly. Filter this liquid. Eat some boiled fenugreek seeds and then gargle with half of this filtered water. Drink the remaining half.


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