Naming the Child in Islam

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This post is about Naming the Child in Islam. Parents always ask me the Arabic letters for Muslim baby names according to date of birth in Islam. The basic ruling regarding names is permissible. Lovely Muslim names for both boys and girls are recommended in Islam. 

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Naming the Child in Islam

Hadith about Naming your Child

Rulings About Names in Islam

All perfect praise be to ALLAH Azzawajal, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAH , and that Muhammad , is His Slave and Messenger.

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Before beginning, I would like inform my lovely Muslims brothers and sisters that humans will be called by their father’s name on The Day of Resurrection. Muslim 1735. 

It has been narrated saying that people will be called by their mothers’ names is da’eef (weak). Ibn al-Qayyim (may ALLAH have mercy on him) mentioned in Tuhfat al-Mawdood bi Ahkaam al-Mawlood (Page# 147).

It is narrated with a jayyid isnaad from Abu’l-Darda’ that he said: The Messenger of ALLAH SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam said: “You will be called on The Day of Resurrection by your names and the names of your fathers, so choose good names for yourselves.” In Sunan Abi Dawood 4948.

The basic ruling regarding names is permissible. Nothing of them are prohibited nor disliked except what implies a meaning that entails prohibition or being disliked, such as the names that imply enslavement to other than ALLAH The Almighty and are thus prohibited, or the names that imply commendation and are thus disliked. The name “Aayah” does not imply a meaning that is prohibited according to Islam and thus there is nothing wrong with using it as a name.

Aayah linguistically means “sign” and everything in this universe is one of the signs of ALLAH The Almighty that indicate His absolute power and greatness, and humans are one of those signs.

Finally, it is more appropriate for the Muslim to choose for his children the names of the Prophets, and of the male and female companions and righteous predecessors.

ALLAH Knows best.

Naming the child in Islam

Unique Names for Muslim Boy Baby or a Girl Baby

This is a quick short and easy guide on how to find out name and it’s letter for your new born baby.

How To Select a Name for Your Child in Islam?

Ways for naming the child in Islam. These are the Muslim baby names according to date of birth and time.

Bachon ke Islamic Naam Meaning ke Sath in Urdu


  1. 21 MARCH–20 APRIL                  BURJHAMAL(SIYARA MAREKH)
  2. 21 APRIL–21 MAY                        BURJ SOAR(SIYARA ZOHRA)
  3. 22 MAY–21 JUNE                         BURJ JOOZA(ATARAD)
  4. 22 JUNE–23 JULY                         BURJ SERTAAN(QAMAR)
  5. 24 JULY–23 AUGUST                   BURJ ASAD(SHAMS)

II- Once you find the Burj,use the Mubarak Letter as per the Burj of The Child according to below Table

These are the Muslim baby names letters according to date of birth.

  2. BURJ SOAR           BAY,WAO
  5. BURJ ASAD          MEEM,TAEY
  9. BURJ QAOS          FAY

Agar ap apne bachon ke islamic name with meaning chahte hai to is guide ko zarur pariyega. Yahan apko ek dam naye aur alhaida Islami naamon ke bare mein jankari hasil karenge.

III- Now find out the total adad of name ,add date, month and year, to get a single digit.

Then find the name of the same number of  the birth date, which will be the best name for the child.

To calculate the total adad of any name use the below numbers from the respective letters:

Huroof Ke Adad:

  1. Alif- 1
  2. Yea- 10
  3. Qaaf- 100
  4. Ghain- 1000
  5. Bay- 2
  6. Pay- 2
  7. Kaaf-20
  8. Gaaf- 20
  9. Ray-200
  10. Rhay-200
  11. Jeem-3
  12. Chay-3
  13. Laam- 30
  14. Sheen- 300
  15. Dal-4
  16. Daal-4
  17. Meem- 40
  18. Tay-400
  19. Taey- 400
  20. Hay- 5
  21. Noon- 50
  22. Say- 500
  23. Wow- 6
  24. Seen- 60
  25. Khay- 600
  26. Zay- 7
  27. Say- 7
  28. Ain- 70
  29. Zaal- 700
  30. Hay- 8
  31. Fay- 80
  32. Zoad- 800
  33. Toey-9
  34. Suad- 90
  35. Zoay- 900

How to Select a Name for a Child in Islam

Naming the Child in Islam-Burj

Naming the Child in Islam choosing a letter-

Naming the Child in Islam Arabic Letters-

Some of the Muslim Baby girl’s names starting with the Arabic letter:

Arabic Names Starting with F for Girls

FAY ‘ف’ for Girls

  1. Faarihaفارحه Happy, glad, delighted, cheer
  2. Faazila فاضله Virtuous, honest, excellent
  3. Fadheela فضيله Virtuous, outstanding, superior
  4. Fadiaفادیه Redeemer, ransomer; female of Fadi.
  5. Fadwa فدوی name derived from self-sacrifice
  6. Faheemah فھیمه Intelligent.
  7. Fahhama فھامه Very intelligent, learned, vise
  8. Fahm فھم Intellect, intelligence, insight
  9. Fahm Ara فھم آرا Adorned with intellect, intelligent
  10. Fahmeedah فهیمده Intelligent, wise
  11. Fahmida فھمیره Intelligent and Wise.
  12. Faida فاﺋده Benefit, advantage, gain, worth, welfare
  13. Faiqa فاﺋقه Excellent, outstanding, distinguished
  14. Fairooza فیروزا A precious gem
  15. Faiza فاﺋزه Victorious, triumphant, winner, succesful, prosperous
  16. Fajr فجر Dawn, rise, beginning, start.
  17. Fakeehah فاکیھه Cheerful.
  18. Fakhar فخار Honor, pride, glory.
  19. Fakhira فاخره Excellent, glorious, magnificent
  20. Fakhr فخر Glory, pride, honor

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Arabic Names Starting with F for Boys

FAY ‘ف’ for Boys

Fay •Raven
Faaz •Victorious; Successful; Brilliant
Fadi •Redeemer; Sacrificer; Saviour
Fadl •Outstanding; Honourable; Gracious; Reward; Favour
Fady •Sacrificer; Saviour
Faeq •Surpassing; Excellent
Fahd •Panther; Lynx
Fahm •Intellect
Faid •Benefit; Advantage; Gain
Faik •Superior
Fail •Doer; Performer
Faiq •Superior; Excellent; Ascendant; Outstanding
Faiz •Gain; Knight; Grace; Favour; Victorious; Blessings
Fajr •Daybreak; Dawn
Fani •Snake
Faoz •Success; Victory; Advantage; Gain; Salvation
Fara •Head; Chief of a Family
Fard •Single; Unique; Another Name for God; Unequalled
Fare •Tall; Lofty; Slim; Towering
Fari •Tall; Towering; Lofty
Farj •Duty
Faru •Strongest Man
Farz •Religious Duty; Commandment of God
Fata •Youth; Nobility
Fath •Winner; Victorious
Fawz •Accomplishes; Success; Salvation
Fayd •Abundance
Fazi •Opener
Fazl •Grace; Favour
Fiam •Add Meaning
Fida •Sacrifice
Fihr •Stone Pestle
Fshd •Lynx
Fuad •Heart; Soul
Faaid •Add Meaning
Faaiq •Variant of Fa’iq; Surpassing; Excellent
Faaiz •Victorious; Triumphant; Successful
Fadel •Excellent
Fadhl •Gracious
Fadil •Generous; Giving; Honourable; Outstanding
Fadwa •Name Derived from Self Sacrifice
Faeem •Famed
Fahad •Panther; Lynx
Faham •Wise; Considerate; Intellect
Fahid •Panther
Fahim •Wise; Learned; Prudent; Sagacious; From Kikuyu; Intelligent; Scholar; Discerning
Fahis •Investigator
Fahmi •Understanding
Faidh •Superabundance; Favour
Faisi •Light of the Sun
Faizi •Liberal
Fakhr •Glory; Pride; Something to Feel Proud about
Fakih •Smart; Intelligent; Humorous
Fakur •Thinker
Falah •Success; Progress
Falak •The Sky
Falih •Prosperous; Successful
Faliq •Creator; One that Divides into Two
Fanan •Branch of a Tree
Faqih •Jurist; Scholar in Fight
Faqir •Poor; Sufi Mendicant
Farag •Cure
Farah •Happiness; Paradise’s Flower
Faraj •Happiness; Ease; Relief; Relief from Bad Times; Cure; There have been Men with this Name
Faraq •Truth
Faraz •Equitable; Above; Upon; Elevation; On the Top; Fair; Just; Ascent; Height
Fareh •Glad; Happy
Fares •Knight
Farid •Wide; Unique; Without Rival; One of a Kind; Happiness; Exceptional; Another Name for God; Pearl; Precious
Farih •Happy; Delight
Farin •Adventurous
Fario •Add Meaning
Fariq •Distinguishing; Distinctive; Lieutenant General; Another Name for God; Separating; Eminent
Faris •Horseman; Perspicacity; Rider; Knight; Ability to Discern
Farit •Guide
Fariy •First-born
Fariz •Determined; Promising
Faruk •Bless Full; Truth
Faruq •Divider Between Vice and Virtue; One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood
Fasel •Justice; Justify
Fasih •Eloquent; Literary; Wide; Ample
Fasil •Separating; Distinguishing
Fatah •The Successor; The Opener
Fatan •Intelligent; Sagacious; Smart; Clever
Fateh •Victory; Conqueror; Triumph; The Victorious One
Fathi •Victorious; Winner; To Win; The Exact Beginning Time of Raining is Called Fathi as Well; Conqueror; Warrior
Fatih •Big; Opener; Conqueror
Fatik •Crystal; Deadly; Lethal
Fatim •Add Meaning
Fatin •Captivating
Fatiq •Bright; Shining; East; Dawn
Fatir •Maker; Creator
Fatun •Intelligent; Sharp
Fawad •Heart
Fawaz •Always Successful; Prosperous; The Successful One
Fawzi •Successful; Triumph
Fawzy •Triumphant; Victorious; Successful
Fayad •Benefit; Advantage; Welfare
Fayaz •Extremely Generous
Fayek •Surpassing; Excellent; Superior; Outstanding
Fayez •Successful
Fayij •Add Meaning
Fayis •The Winner
Fayiz •Winner; Victor
Fazal •Excellence; Superiority; Reward; Grace
Fazil •Talented; Scholar; Another Name for God; Virtuous; Expert; Intelligent; Wise
Fazle •Good and Intelligent
Fazli •Graceful; Virtuous; Kind; Bountiful
Febin •Moon Light
Ferid •Add Meaning
Ferin •Glorify; Best
Feroz •Name of a King; Winner; Successful; A Classy Stone; Turquoise Color
Fethi •Add Meaning
Fidaa •Sacrifice; Ransom; Redemption
Fikri •Intelligent Person
Firaq •Separation
Firas •Perspicacious
Firoj •Stone of Sea
Firoz •Name of a King; Overpowering; Victorious
Firuz •Successful; Victorious
Fizan •Popularity
Fizza •Silver; Ibn Abu Mawdood; A Narrator of Hadith had this Name
Fouad •Heart
Fredj •Add Meaning
Fujai •Al-amiri; Name of Prophets (SAW) Companion
Furud •Unique; Single; Alone
Futuh •Victories; Conquests; Plural of Fatah
Fuwad •Heart; Mind; Soul
Fuyum •Strong Men
Faabis •Add Meaning
Faadil •Add Meaning
Faakih •Funny; Humorous; Name of a Sahabi who Took Part in the Battle of Badr
Faalih •Add Meaning
Faareh •Glad; Happy
Faarih •Happy; Comely; Pretty
Faaris •Horseman; Knight
Faateh •Conqueror
Faatih •Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Faatin •Captivating
Faatir •Maker; Creator; Another Name for God; Originator
Faazil •An Accomplished Person; A Scholar
Fadhil •Meritorious; Abundant
Faghir •Flower
Faheel •Intelligent
Faheem •Intelligent; Judicious
Fahham •Very Intelligent
Fahkir •Proud
Fahmat •Dusk; Darkness
Fahmin •Responsible Man
Fahyim •Very Clever
Fairoz •Turquoise
Fairuz •Victorious; Triumphant
Faisal •Decisive; The Judge; Resolute
Faisel •Add Meaning
Faisil •Add Meaning
Faiyaz •Artistic
Faizal •Won
Faizan •Generosity; Abundance; Benefit
Faizel •Stubborn; Resolute; Decisive; Variant of Faysal; Judge
Fajhan •Add Meaning
Fakeeh •Cheerful
Fakhar •Pride; Fame; Jewellery; Excellence; Nobility; Glory
Fakhir •Glory; Excellent Quality
Fakhri •Glory; Honorary; Glorious; Proud
Fakhry •Honorary
Falaah •Success; Progress
Faleeq •Add Meaning
Faouzi •Success
Faqeed •Rare; Special
Faqeeh •Scholar of Religious Laws; Jurist
Faqeer •Poor; Sufi Mendicant; Saintly Person
Faraan •Happy
Faraaz •Elevation
Farakh •Secure; Wide; Spacious
Farbod •Right; Orthodox
Fardad •Add Meaning
Fardin •One who has Triple Strength; First Month of the Parsi Year when the Sun is in Aries
Fareed •Unique; Incomparable
Fareeq •Add Meaning
Farees •Perspicacity; Also a Horseman or Knight
Farhad •Happiness; Digger of Mines; A Character in Shahnameh
Farhal •Prosperous; Bounteous
Farhan •Happiness; Joyful; Glad; Happy
Farhat •Happiness; Joy; Mirth
Farida •Unique
Farjad •Excellent; Eminent in Learning
Farjam •Perfect
Farjat •Freedom from Sorrow
Farman •Decree; Edict; Command; Order; Traveller Merchant; Royal Patent
Farokh •Power of Discrimination; Happy; Fortunate
Farook •Truthful; Friendly; Good Person; Correct Decision Maker
Farooq •One who can Differentiate; Comely; One who Distinguishes Truth from Falsehood
Faroqh •Truth
Farouk •Discerning Truth from Falsehood
Farqad •Bright Star

Arabic Names Starting with R for Girls

RAY ‘ر’ for Girls

Ria •Singer; Love; To Flow; Earth; In Greek Myth; Rhea was an Earth Mother; River; Merry; Victor; From the River’s Mouth
Rim •White Antelope
Rua •Dreams; Visions
Rabi •Add Meaning
Rafa •Happiness; Prosperity; Well-being; Female Version of Raphael; God Heals
Rafq •Add Meaning
Raga •Harmonious; Melody; Tune; Feeling; Beauty
Raha •Peaceful; Happiness; Free; Bliss; Comfort; Enjoyment
Rahi •Traveller; Spring
Raia •Add Meaning
Raja •King-queen; Hopeful
Rana •Elegant; Of Elegant Stature; One who Brings Victory; True Image; Murmuring;
Rand •Tree of Good Scent
Rasa •Dew; Expressive; Nectar; Full of Essence
Rawa •Satisfaction with Drink
Raya •Flow; Sated with Drink; Wise Guardian;
Raym •Add Meaning
Razi •Agree
Reem •Gazelle; White Antelope;
Refa •Great
Reha •Star
Reja •Good News
Rema •Heat
Rida •Favoured by God; Consent
Rifa •Happiness; Prosperity
Rija •Hope; Dreamfull
Rima •White Antelope; Siddhi will Follow; Rhyme; Poetry
Rina •Peace; Form of Catherine; Pure; Queen; Beloved; Melody; Joyful; Dissolved; Of the Sea
Riya •Graceful; Singer; Beautiful; A Form of Ria; One who Sings; Dance
Riza •Pleasure
Roha •Life; Soul
Rohi •A River in Afghanistan; Rising; Up; Red; A Doe
Roja •Rose
Rona •Light; Rough Island; My Joy
Rond •Tree of Good Scent
Rose •Rose Flower; Flower Name; Horse; Renown; Rose Bush; A Variety of Flower
Roya •A Dream Come True; Premonition; Vision; Dream
Ruaa •Invisible
Ruba •Hill
Rubi •Red Gemstone
Ruhi •Soul; Of Spirit
Ruhm •She was the Daughter of Al-aswad and a Narrator of Hadith
Rula •Ruler; Commander or Leader
Runa •Secret Love; To Flow; Sixth Month; Secret Lore
Ruqa •Pretty; Beautiful
Rusa •Add Meaning
Ruwa •Beauty
Ruya •Seeing; Looking; Viewing; Vision; Sight
Ryma •Add Meaning
Raana •Of Elegant; Statue; Soft; Lovely; Beautiful; Graceful; Delicate
Raani •Queen
Rabab •White Cloud
Rabah •Name of a Sahabi RA
Rabee •Spring
Rabia •Famous; Godly; Spring; The Fourth Female
Rabih •Gainer; Winner
Rabwa •Hill
Radia •Satisfied; Content
Radwa •Name of a Mountain in Medina
Raeha •Fragrance; Perfume; Scent
Rafah •Well-being; Prosperity
Rafal •To Trail a Garment
Rafat •Prosperity
Rafee •High
Rafia •High; Exalted; Sublime
Rafif •To Gleam; Shimmer
Raful •Add Meaning
Raghd •Pleasant
Ragya •Add Meaning
Rahaf •Delicate; Fine
Rahat •Relief; Comfort
Rahil •Innocent; Similar to Rachel; Ewe; Female Sheep; Rachel was the Second and Favored Wife of Jacob in the Old Testament
Rahim •Another Name of Allah
Rahiq •Nectar
Rahla •Happy; Mirth; Joyous
Rahma •Compassion
Rahna •Add Meaning
Raida •Leader
Raiha •Smell; Fragrance
Raima •Pleasing
Raina •Queen; Advice; Decision; Protection; Wise Guardian; Pure; Clean; Form of Regina; Night
Raiqa •Serene; Clear; Pure; Tranquil; Female Version of Raiq
Raisa •Leader; Flower
Raita •Food; Rose; Wild
Raja’ •Hopeful
Rajab •The Seventh Month of the Islamic Calendar
Rajah •Hope
Rajia •Hopeful; Hoping
Rajwa •Hope
Rajya •Hope; Expectation; Wish; Variant of Rajiya
Ralia •Complete; Satisfied
Ramal •River of Knowledge
Ramia •Sender
Ramla •Prophet; Predictor of the Future
Ramza •Coquette
Ranaa •To Gaze; Look Beautiful; Graceful
Randa •To Dance; Admirable; Resemble; Act Big; Beautiful; Worthy of Admiration; Scented Tree; Tree of Good Scent
Rania •Contented; Queen; Short Form of Ourania; She who Gives Pleasures
Ranim •To Recite in a Sing Song Voice
Ranya •Pleasant; War Like
Raoom •Loving; Tender
Raqia •Superior; High Ranking; Educated; Feminine of Raqi
Rasee •Life Full of Happiness
Rasha •Young Gazelle; Pleasant
Ravan •Soul; Spirit
Rawah •Repose; Rest; Charm; Beauty; Splendour
Rawan •Heaven Gates; Pure Water
Rawda •Beautiful Garden in Heaven; Meadow; Paradise
Rawia •Narrator; Reciter; Transmitter
Rawya •Storyteller; To Relate; Variant of Rawiya
Rawza •Garden
Rayan •Name of One of Islam’s Heaven Gates; Clever; Brilliant; One of the Doors of Heaven
Rayia •Guardian; Custodian; Patron; Protector; Feminine of Rayi
Rayna •Queen; Pure
Rayya •Sated with Drink
Razan •Sensibility; Respect
Razia •Chosen; Happy
Razwa •Name of a Mountain in Madina
Reeda •Favoured by God
Reeha •Air; Smell
Rehab •A Piece of Garden in the Heaven; Vast; Spacious; Open-minded; Generous
Reham •Rain Drops
Rehma •Silk
Rehwa •Ancient Name of River Narmada
Reiaf •Add Meaning
Remah •Add Meaning
Resha •Line
Reyah •Comfort
Rezan •Add Meaning
Ridah •Favoured by God; Consent
Rifah •Highness; Clever; Name of Twenty Three Companions of Muhammad
Rifat •Dignity; Exaltation; High Standing
Rifla •Add Meaning
Rifna •Beauty Princess; Angel; Lucky
Rifqa •Kindness; Gentleness; Company; Companionship; Wife of the Prophet Ishaq
Rihab •Vastness; Expanse
Riham •Lasting; Fine Rain
Rijja •Heavens Beauty
Rimel •Add Meaning
Rimna •Add Meaning
Risha •Sanity
Risna •Wise
Riyaz •Garden; Plural of Rawza
Rizmi •Heart
Rizwi •Religious
Rohin •Rrising
Rolla •Add Meaning
Ronaq •Light
Ronza •Add Meaning
Roobi •Ruby; Pearl
Roohi •Soul
Rubaa •Plural of Rubwa; Rabwa; Hill
Rubab •Proud
Ruban •Hill; Plural of Rubwa
Rubay •She was the Daughter of Muawwiz and a Companion of the Propphet PBUH from her Young Age
Rubel •Add Meaning
Ruhab •Our who Keeps Promise
Ruhee •Soul; A Flower; Who Touches the Heart
Ruhia •Add Meaning
Ruhie •Good Girl
Ruhin •Spiritual
Ruhma •Kind; Merciful
Rukan •Steady; Confident
Rukhi •Add Meaning
Rumla •Good
Rupsa •Beautiful
Rushd •Sensible Conduct
Ruwaa •Beauty; Grace; Prettiness; Comeliness; Pleasing Appearance
Ruyaa •Dream; Vision
Ruyah •Dream; Vision
Raabia •Fourth


 RAY ‘ر’ for Boys


Ramzi •Ram’s Island
Ramzy •Add Meaning
Ranaa •Prince
Raoof •Compassionate
Raouf •Generous
Raqib •One of the Ninety-nine Names of God; Watchman
Raqim •Writer; Recorder
Rasal •Add Meaning
Rasha •Young Gazelle
Rasil •Messenger
Rasim •Designer; Planner
Rasin •Composed
Rasiq •Add Meaning
Rasmi •Formal; Official
Rasul •Angel; Messenger; Messenger Origin Islamic; Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Ratib •Arranger
Ratiq •Another Name for God; One who Brings Together
Rawza •Garden; Meadow; Paradise
Rayan •Doorman of Heaven; Soft Touch; Fresh; Paradise Gate; Descendent of Rian; Fragrant Herb; Sweet-scented Herb
Razak •Devotee; Protector
Razan •Sensibility; Respect; Balanced; Modesty; Wise Man
Razil •Beautiful
Razin •Calm
Raziq •God; Provider; Another Name for God; Cherisher
Redha •Add Meaning
Rehan •Blessing from God; Star
Rehza •English; Hindi
Rejju •Add Meaning
Riadh •Add Meaning
Rib’i •Ibn Ibrahim Bin Muqasim Al-asadi; Ibn Jarash and Ibn Abdullah All had this Name; They were Narrators of Hadith
Ridha •Contentment; Acceptance; Satisfaction
Rifaa •Bearer of High Ranking
Rifah •Name of Twenty Three Companions of Muhammad
Rifas •Bearer of High Ranking
Rifat •High Standing; Dignity; Exaltation; Eminence
Rigel •Foot; Rigel is a Blue Star of the First Magnitude that Marks the Hunter’s Left Foot in the Orion Constellation
Rihab •Vastness; Wideness
Rihan •Morning
Rihaz •Add Meaning
Rimon •Pomegranate
Rinaf •Calm
Risay •The Risk; Black Rose; Loved One; The One
Riyad •Garden
Riyah •Comfort
Riyas •Heaven
Riyaz •Practice
Rizvi •Descendant of Imam Ali Raza
Rohab •One who Keeps Promise
Rohan •Ascending; Increasing; Little Red One; Sandal Wood; Healing
Ronak •Embellishment
Ronaq •Lustre
Roshd •Add Meaning
Rouhi •Add Meaning
Rowel •Flower
Rubin •Behold; A Son
Ruhab •Our who Keeps One’s Promise
Ruman •Pomegranate
Rushd •On the Right Path
Rusul •Messenger; Prophets
Raafat •Compassion; Kindness
Raahat •Rest; Repose
Raahil •Path Guider
Raahim •Compassionate; Pitying; Merciful
Raajih •Respondent
Raakib •Horse Rider
Raakin •Respectful
Raamiz •Symbol
Raaqim •Writer; Recorder
Raatib •Arranger
Raaziq •God; Provider
Rabees •Powerful; Fearless; Dauntless
Rabiah •Greenery
Rachad •Add Meaning
Rachid •Guided Well
Raddie •Add Meaning
Radell •Add Meaning
Radhee •Satisfied; Content
Radwan •Delight
Rafeek •Friend
Rafeeq •Kind; Ally
Raffee •Add Meaning
Rafick •Add Meaning
Ragheb •Desirous
Raghib •Desirous; Willing; Desiring
Raghid •Pleasant
Rahbar •Leader; Guide; Coach
Raheeb •Merciful; Kind
Raheel •One who Shows the Way
Raheem •Merciful; God is Compassionate; Kind
Rahmah •Full of Mercy
Rahman •Merciful; Compassionate; Merciful Origin Islamic; 55th Surah of the Quran; Affectionate; Gracious
Rahmat •Mercy; Clemency; Blessed
Raihan •Sweet Basil
Raisul •Add Meaning
Rajeel •One who Walks Too Much; Steadfast
Rakeen •Add Meaning
Rambod •Add Meaning
Rameez •Prince
Ramish •Song; Peace; Rest

Arabic Names Starting with T for Girls

Toay ‘ط’ and  ‘ت’ Tay for Girls

Tab •Censure
Taj •Crown; Jewel
Tia •Happiness; Aunt or Princess
Taaj •Crown
Taba •Clean
Taif •Vision; Spectre
Taja •Crown; To Mention; Short Form of Anastasia
Tala •Bottom; Gold; Stalking Wolf
Tali •Rising Star; My Dew
Tara •Hill; Tower; Crag; Star; Rocky Hill; The Pupil of the Eye; A Hill Where the Kings Met; Wife of Lord Brihaspati
Tarz •Music Rhythm
Taza •Fresh
Tima •Add Meaning
Tina •River; Clay; War Like; Constant; Christian Woman; Holy; Pure; Anointed; Little One; Follower of Christ; An Instrument
Tuba •Lovable; Happiness; Heaven Tree which Gave Everything; Pure and Blessedness
Tuhi •Bird Sound
Tuqa •Heedfulness of God
Tuti •An Unusual Girl’s Name
Taban •Splendid; Glittering
Tahra •Happy Women; Girl Best
Taiat •Seen; Risen
Taiba •Repentant; One who Refrains from Evil-doings; Feminine of Taib
Taima •Loud Thunder
Takia •Silence
Talah •Lock
Talat •Face; Sight
Talia •Lamb; Dew from Heaven; Blooming; Near Water; Born on Christmas; Form of Natalie; In Flower; Heaven’s Dew; Dew of God; Female Lamb
Tamam •All
Tamar •Palm Tree; Date Palm
Tamra •Copper
Tanaz •Delicate Body; Worthy of Praise
Tania •Fairy Princess; Abbreviation of Tatiana which is Feminine of the Roman Family Clan Name Tatius; Giant; Fairy Queen; A Fairy Queen-of Tatiana; Name of a Princess; Daughter
Tanvi •The Brightened One; Delicate Girl; Caring Loving Good Hearted; Slender; Beautiful; Delicate
Taqia •Lively Person
Taqwa •Piety; Devoutness; Heedfulness of God
Tarfa •Kind of Tree
Tarib •Lively; Gleeful; Merry
Tarsa •Worshipper of Fire
Tarub •Merry
Taruh •Happy
Tayma •Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Tazim •Respect
Teena •Clay; Anointed; Christian; Follower of the Christ; Strong; Healthy; An Instrument
Thana •Thanks Giving; Thankfulness; Praise
Thara •Wealth
Thiba •One Drop of Beauty
Thuml •An Early Woman
Tibah •Goodness; Kindness
Tibna •Long Kite
Tikia •Worshipper
Tisha •Frighten; Be Nervous; Strong-willed; Joy; Happiness; Gladness
Tohfa •Present; Gift
Tooba •A Tree in Heaven; Name of a Tree in Paradise; Also Excellent; Best; Good News
Touba •Name of a Tree in Paradise; Also Excellent; Best
Touca •Bird
Trana •Melody; Song
Tubaa •Blessedness
Tuhfa •A Gift
Tuqaa •Heedfulness of God
Turfa •Rarity; Rare Object; Novelty
Tykia •Add Meaning
Taabah •Agreeable; Sweet; Pure; Excellent
Taaiba •Repentant
Taalah •Searching Someone
Taalea •Fortunate
Taaqul •Wise Thought
Tabana •Bright Moonlight
Tabani •Light
Tabeen •Followers
Tabeer •Result of Deeds
Tabina •Muhammad’s Follower
Tafida •Paradise Egyptian Name
Tahani •Congratulations
Tahera •Pure; Chaste
Tahira •Dean; Virginal
Tahiya •Cheer; Greeting; Salutation; Welcome
Tahsin •Praise; Beautification
Tahura •Purity
Tahzib •Culture; Education
Taibah •Repentant
Taisir •Felicitation
Takaya •Add Meaning
Takeya •Loud
Takija •Add Meaning
Takiya •Silence
Takkia •Add Meaning
Talhah •Narrator of Hadith
Taliba •Student; Pursuer; Seeker; Seeker of Knowledge
Talida •Add Meaning
Talika •A Bird
Tamara •Spice; Date Tree; Palm Tree
Tameen •Protection; Patronage; Care
Tameez •Distinction; Difference; Manner
Tameka •Sweet; People; Friendly
Tamima •Add Meaning
Tanjia •Rescue; Salvation; Deliverance
Tannaz •Coquettish
Tanney •Fairy Angel
Tansin •Beautification; Praise
Taqiya •God-fearing; Devout; Pious
Taqwaa •Piety; Devoutness; Heedfulness of God
Taraab •Joy; Sorrow
Tarana •A Musical Composition
Tarifa •Rare
Taroob •Merry
Tasfia •Cleanliness
Taskin •Satisfaction; Peace
Taslim •Total Submission; Salutation
Taslin •Add Meaning
Tasmia •Giving Name
Tasmin •She who Fulfils
Tasnim •Fountain of Paradise
Tawbah •Repentance
Tawoos •Peacock
Tayaba •Pleasant
Taybah •Good and Pure
Tazeen •Ornament; Decoration
Tazima •Glorification; Exaltation; Honour; Feminine of Tazim
Tazkia •Special; Unique
Tenaja •Add Meaning
Thaina •Add Meaning
Thalat •Add Meaning
Thamra •Add Meaning
Thana’ •Thankfulness
Thanaa •Thankfulness
Thara’ •Wealth
Tharaa •Wealth
Tharwa •Wealth; Fortune
Tharya •Pious Woman
Thasni •River
Thawab •Reward
Tirana •Song; Anthem
Toulin •Add Meaning
Tufool •Floods
Tuhina •Dew; Snow
Tykeia •Manners
Taadeel •Moderation; Neutrality
Taahira •Pure; Chaste
Taaibah •Repentant; One who Refrains from Evil-doings
Taaliah •Lucky; Fortunate; Destiny
Taaliba •Add Meaning
Taalluf •Harmony; Mutual Affection
Taamira •One who Knows Dates
Taasees •Inception; Foundation
Tabalah •Narrator of Hadith; She was the Daughter of Yazid
Tabasim •Smiling
Tabinda •Bright; Shining
Tabitha •Gazelle; Roe; Beauty; Grace; Roe-buck; Small Deer
Taghrid •Singing as a Bird; Sweet Voice
Tahaani •Greetings
Taheera •Pure; Virgin


Toay ‘ط’ and ‘ت’ Tay for Boys

Tab •Drummer; Brilliant; Shining
Taj •Crown; Jewel
Taz •Jewel
Taai •Obedient; Willing
Taaj •Crown
Tabb •Brilliant; Shining; Drummer
Taha •Best; Pure; Skilful; Another Name for the Prophet Muhammad; Pious; Name of a Surah in the Quran; Name of a Surah in Holy Quran
Tahu •Pure
Taib •Very Good Person
Taif •Vision; Spectre
Tali •Rising; Ascending; Going Up
Talq •Add Meaning
Taqi •God Fearing; Devout; Pious
Tipu •Tiger
Toma •Twin; Palm Tree
Toti •Parrot
Taaha •Name of the Surah in Holy Quran
Taaib •Repentant
Taair •Bird
Taban •Resplendent; Glittering; Shining
Tabat •Add Meaning
Tabby •Add Meaning
Tahar •Virtuous
Taher •Pure; Chaste; Clean
Tahib •Watchful
Tahir •Holy; Chaste; Modest; Clean; Pure; Innocent; Unsullied; Untouched; From Muslim; Virtuous
Taieb •Add Meaning
Tajim •Respect
Talab •Demand
Talal •Nice; Dew; Fine Rain; Nice Admirable
Talat •Prayer; Countenance
Taleb •Student
Talha •Kind of Tree
Talib •Divine; Seeker; Another Name for God; One who Longs or Wishes; Sender (of Truth); Student; Lover; The Seeker of Truth
Talim •Education; Instruction
Talum •Be Sympathetic
Talut •Saul
Tamal •A Tree with Very Dark Bark
Tamam •Generous
Tamid •Short Name of Mutamid
Tamim •Complete; Strong
Tamir •Owns Palm Trees; Tall and Slender; Tall
Tamiz •Distinguishing; Judgement Discrimination
Tanim •Wave of the Sea; Rhythm
Taqiy •Devout; God Fearing
Taqqi •God-fearing; Pious
Taqwa •Add Meaning
Tarak •Star; Pupil of Eye; Protector
Taraz •Powerful; Strong
Tarek •Piercing Star; Coming at Night; Variant of Tariq
Tareq •Morning Star; Variant of Tariq
Tarif •Unique; Admiration
Tarik •One who Crosses the River of Life; Muslim General who Conquered Spain; Morning Star; Neutron Star; Messenger; Path-breaker or Finder; Variant of Tariq; Knocking
Tariq •Morning Star; Name of a Star; An 8th Century Islamic Military Leader who Conquered Spain for the Moors; A Late Visitor
Tarub •Lively; Gleeful; Merry
Tasif •Intelligent
Tasin •Spring of Heaven
Tasuq •Charity; Sacrifice
Tawas •Name of a Bird
Tawfi •Add Meaning
Tawil •Add Meaning
Tayeb •Generous
Tayib •Pearl
Tazam •Be Superior or Elder
Tazim •Glorification; Exaltation; Honour
Terek •At the Oak
Thabi •Firm
Thami •Add Meaning
Thawr •Add Meaning
Timin •Large Fish; Born Near the Sea
Tiraq •Strength; Force; Occupation
Tooba •Good News
Treef •Strange; Rare; Curious; Uncommon
Tufan •Storm
Tuhin •Snow
Tulun •Add Meaning
Turab •Soil; Dust
Turan •Brave
Taahid •To Console; To Guard
Taahir •Chaste; Modest; Pure
Taalib •Seeker of; Candidate; Student
Taalim •Sky
Taamir •One who Knows Dates
Taaraz •Powerful; Strong
Taariq •Night-comer; Morning Star
Tabari •Famous Muslim Historian
Tabbah •Another Name of Madina City
Tabbar •Familiar
Tabdar •Warm; Bright; Luminous
Tabeed •Glitter; Curve; Shine; Brightness
Tabeen •Followers; Those who Believe; Fans
Tabish •Warmth; Heat; Brilliancy
Tabnak •Hot; Bright
Tabrez •Challenging; Showing Openly; Fast and Furious
Tabrid •To Cool
Tafzul •Add Meaning
Tahaam •Strong
Taheem •Pure
Taheer •Pure; Unsullied
Tahmid •Praising Allah
Tahoor •Rashness; Purity
Tahsin •Pure
Taimim •The Perfect One
Taimur •Iron; A Famous King
Taisir •Making Easy; Facilitating; Simplification
Taiyan •Sweet; Simple
Tajdar •Crowned
Tajwar •King; Crowned
Talaat •Appearance of Sun
Taleem •Education
Talhah •Kind of Tree
Talish •Lord of Earth
Taloob •Desirous
Taloot •Commander
Tameem •Perfect; Complete
Tameez •Sense; Manners; Discretion
Tamjid •Praise; Glorification; Extolment
Tammam •Generous
Tamman •Complete; Perfect
Tamton •Add Meaning
Tamwar •Add Meaning
Tanvir •Strong
Tanwir •Enlightening; Illuminating
Tanzil •Kuran; Revelation; Sending Down
Taqiyy •Righteous; Pious
Taqqee •God-fearing; Pious
Taquez •Boy with Dark Brown Eyes
Tarafa •Add Meaning
Tareak •Add Meaning
Tareck •Add Meaning
Tareef •Rare; Uncommon
Tareek •Way
Tareeq •Method; Way; Mode; Manner; Operation; Process
Tarfah •Kind of Tree
Tarick •Morning Star; Variant of Tariq
Tariku •Add Meaning
Taroon •Tie; Connection
Tarreq •Date
Taseel •Strong; Power
Taseen •A Name of the Prophet (SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Sallam)
Taseer •An Effect; Impression
Taslim •Submission
Tasnin •Fountain
Tathir •Effectiveness; Impression
Taufiq •Prosperity
Tauhid •Belief in the Unity of the God
Tauqir •Honour; Respect
Tausiq •Reinforcement
Tawbah •Repentance
Taweel •Tall
Tawfik •Success; Reconciliation
Tawfiq •Success; Reconciliation; Lord Shiva; Good Fortune; Successful; Divine Help
Tawhid •Believing in One God
Tawoos •Peacock
Tawqir •Honour; Great Respect; High Regard
Tawwab •Merciful; Forgiving; Al-tawwab; The All-compassionate; One of the Names of Allah; Acceptor of Repentance
Taymur •Brave Strong
Taysir •Makes Easier; Facilitation

Arabic Names Starting with K for Boys

Khay ‘ خ’ for Boys

  • Khadeer, Khadir — Green or green crop (connoting freshness and innocence)
  • Khaliq — Creative, refers to a quality of Allah’s Creative attribute.
  • Kareem, Karim — Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished
  • Kaseeb, Kasib — Fertile
  • Kaseem, Kasim — Divided
  • Katib — Writer
  • Khalid — Eternal
  • Khalil, Khaleel, Kalil — Intimate friend
  • Khatib — One who reads the Khutbah for Jumu’ah or any other Khutbah.
  • Khayr al Din — The good of the faith
  • Khayri — Charitable, beneficent
  • Khuzaymah — Old Arabic name

Arabic Names Starting with J for Boys

Jeem ‘ج’ for Boys

  • Jaabir جابر Consoler, Comforter
  • Jaafar جعفر Rivulet
  • Jaah جاه Respect.
  • Jaan جآن Life, Soul
  • Jabal جابال Mountain, ibn Yazid
  • Jabalah جبله Mountain, hill
  • Jaban جابان Soft hearted
  • Jabar جابار comforting
  • Jabbaar جبار (Arabic) Mighty, One who had the ascendancy, king, One who commiserates the bereaved, an attribute of Allah, Name Abdul Jabbaar.
  • Jabbar جبار Mighty, brave
  • Jabeen جبين River Ganga
  • Jabez جابيز God will increase your boundary
  • Jabir جابير Consoler, comforter
  • Jabr جابر Mighty, brave, Compulsion name of a companion
  • Jabril جابريل Variant transcription of JIBRIL
  • Jad allah Gift of God
  • Jadallah جادالله The Generosity of Allah swt
  • Jadwal جدول Brook, rivulet.
  • Jafar جافار Rivulet, stream
  • Jaffar جعفر stream in Arabic.
  • Jaffer جعفر stream in Arabic.
  • Jafri جفري Yellow Flower.
  • Jahaafil جحافل Great army,Powerful
  • Jahan جاهان World. Add To My List
  • Jahanafirin جاهانافيرين Another name for God, creator
  • Jahangeer جهنجر (Persian), Name of a Mogul king.
  • Jahangir جهنجر A moghul emperor had this name
  • Jahanzeb جهنزب Beautiful
  • Jahdami جهدم An authority for hadith had this name
  • Jahdari جحدر An authority of Quran had this name

Arabic Names Starting with G for Boys

Gaaf ‘گ’ for Boys

  • Gabr Compulsion Name of a Companion; Variant of Jabr
  • Gadi God is My Fortune
  • Ghazi The conqueror, The champion in a war
  • Guda He who is Praised; Variant of Juda
  • Gabir Comforter; Consoler
  • Gadil Forest Gafar Little Stream; Rivulet; A River; Variant of Jafar
  • Gahez Morning
  • Galal A Roll or Wheel Gamal Camel; Handsome

and counting more…

Few names for baby boy with Burj Asad- Shams with the Arabic letter:

Arabic Names Starting with M for Girls & Boys

Meem  م

  1. MÂLEK- master
  2. MALEK-TAUS- a deity adored by the Yezedees
  3. MALIK- king
  4. MANAFF- an Arabian god- possibly of the sun
  5. MANSAKA- a king of Magalani
  6. MANSAKIR- a king of Marabanu
  7. MANSOOR- victorious
  8. MANSUR- victorious
  9. MARAIU- a Libyan chief
  10. MARMAR- marble
  11. MASHAKEN- a Libyan chief
  12. MASHASHAR- the son of Kapur
  13. MASOOD- chance
  14. MASOUD- chance
  15. MASSOUD- chance
  16. MASUD- chance
  17. MAZIN- vetch
  18. MEHMOOD- praiseworthy
  19. MEHMUD- praiseworthy
  20. MELEK- king
  21. MELIK- king
  22. MERIKH- Mars
  23. METTA- Matthew
  24. MIDHAT- a praiseworthy action
  25. MHÁMMED- praiseworthy
  26. MIRRIKH- Mars
  27. MOHAMED- praiseworthy
  28. MOHAMMAD- praiseworthy
  29. MOHAMMED- praiseworthy
  30. MOOTTALIB- demand- request
  31. MOSTAFA- elect
  32. MOTALLEB- demand- request
  33. MOUSA- Moses
  34. MUDAD- the chief of a Jorhamite tribe
  35. MUHAMMAD- praiseworthy
  36. MUHAMMED- praiseworthy
  37. MUHSIN- giver- granter
  38. MUJAHID- industrious
  39. MUKHTAR- chosen
  40. MUMIN- a believer (in religious matters)
  41. MUNIM- benefactor
  42. MUNIR- beaming
  43. MUSA- Moses
  44. MUSAD- lucky
  45. MUSTAFA- elect
  46. MUSTAPHA- elect
  47. MU’TAMID- trustworthy
  48. MU’TASIM- servant
  49. MUTTALIB- demand- request

Arabic Names Starting with T for Boys & Girls

Tay  ت

  1. Tirana تيرانا Song, anthem.
  2. TAREK- night-comer
  3. TARIQ- night-comer
  4. TAWFIQ- grace- guidance; favour of God; good success
  5. TAYMI- the local deity of the town of Taym
  6. TEHAR- the father of Abiyateh and Aimu
  7. THANNYROS- a king of Libya
  8. THEIR- Tehar
  9. TOBBA-SHARAHBIL- the successor of Dhamarali-Bayyin
  10. TUFAIL- mediation
  11. TUFAYL- mediation
  12. Tisha تعيش One who is active, lively
  13. Tooba توبة Good news
  14. Toshana تشان Lover of life
  15. Trana ترانا Melody, song.
  16. Tuba توبا The name of a tree in heaven
  17. Tuba, tubaa Blessedness, beautitude
  18. Tubaa توبا Blessedness, beatitude.
  19. Tufaylah تفعيله This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah
  20. Tuhfa تحفة Gift, present.
  21. Tulayhah طليحة She was a narrator of Hadith
  22. Tumadur تماضر Old Arabic name
  23. Tuqa طوقا Heedfulness of God. Tuqa, tuqaa Heedfulness of God
  24. Turfa طرفة Rarity, rare object, novelty.
  25. TALAB, a Himyaritic deity.
  26. TALIBA, student.
  27. TALIBAH, student.
  28. TASNIM, (highest); a fountain of paradise.
  29. THAMINA, precious one.
  30. THURAYYA, Pleiades.
  31. TIJAH, sword; or, premature child.
  32. Taadeel تعديل Moderation, equality
  33. Taahira طاهرة Pure, Chaste
  34. Taahirah طاهره Clean
  35. Taaiba طابا Repentant
  36. Taaibah تايبه One who refrains from evil-doings, repentant.
  37. Taalea تالي Fortunate
  38. Taaliah تاليه Lucky, fortunate, fortune
  39. Taalluf تالف Harmony, Intimacy, Mutual Affection
  40. Taaqul تقول Wise thought.
  41. Taasees تاسيس Inception, foundation.
  42. Taba تابا Clean
  43. Tabahhuj تبهج Be glad, Cheerful
  44. Tabahhur تبهر Like the river, Profoundly learned, Deep
  45. Tabalah تباله She was a narrator of Hadith
  46. Taban طبعن Glittering, splendid.
  47. Tabana تبنى Bright moonlight.
  48. Tabani تبني Light
  49. Tabassum تبسم Smiling
  50. Tabasumm تبسم Sweet smile
  51. Tabeedah تعبده Complex, zigzag, curling.
  52. Taruh- Happy
  53. Tamara- palm tree


Arabic Names Starting with Q for Boys & Girls


  1. Kaseeb, Kasib — Fertile
  2. Qaseem, Kasim — Divided

Arabic Names Starting with K for Boys & Girls


  1. Kamal (m): كمال Origin: Arabic Means “perfection” in Arabic.
  2. Kamil (m): كامل Origin: Arabic Means “perfect” in Arabic.
  3. Katib — Writer
  4. Kareem, Karim — Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished
  5. Kadeen, Kadin — Friend, companion, confidant

Arabic Names Starting with H for Boys & Girls

Hay & Haey

  1. Haafiz & Haafiza  حافظ Title of a man who has memor…
  2. Haalim & Haalima حالم Grown up.
  3. Habab حباب Aim, goal, end.
  4. Habash  هباش Guinea hen, Guinea fowl;, tu…
  5. Habeel ھابیل Name of one of the sons of S…
  6. Habib حبیب Beloved, dear, friend.
  7. Habibullah حبیب الله Friend of Allah, dear to All…
  8. Habis حابس Ibn Sad al-Taiy had this nam…
  9. Hadad حداد Syrian god of fertility, Joy…
  10. Hadaya ھدایه Gifts, presents, pl. of Hadi…
  11. Hadbar حدبر Beautiful
  12. Haddad حداد Blacksmith, Iron Smith; An E…
  13. Haddaq حداق Wise.
  14. Hadi ھادی One who leads to the right p…
  15. Hadrami حضرمی There have been notable men …
  16. Hafeez حفیظ Guardian, protector.
  17. Hafizullah حفظ الله Remembrance of Allah
  18. Hafs حفص Collecting, gathering.
  19. Haidar حیدر Lion, Title of Caliph Ali.
  20. Hairum حیرم Pious.


Arabic Names Starting with S for Boys

Sab •Beautiful
Sam •Told by God; God has Listen; To Hear; Sun; His Name is God; Sun Child; Little Sun; Strong Person; Heard of God; God
Sa’d •Felicity
Saad •Light; Good Luck; Lucky; Variant of Sa’ad; Felicity; Good Fortune; Support; A Companion of the Prophet
Sadi •Fortunate; Lucky
Sadr •Start; Forefront; Dawn; Bosom; Prime; The Highest Part
Saee •One who Makes Effort
Safa •Eternal
Safi •Clear
Saft •Good Habit; Plus Point; Speciality
Sagh •Listener
Sahl •Companion of Prophet Muhammad; Smooth; Simple; Easy; Uncomplicated
Sahm •Dart; Arrow
Saib •Forsaken; Abandoned; Appropriate; Correct; The Wind Coming with Rain
Said •Happy; Rivulet; Lucky
Saif •Caring; Sword; Saber
Saim •Fasting
Sair •Walking; Going on Foot
Saja •Eloquent; A Pleasant Face
Saji •A Scholar had this Name
Salm •Peace
Salt •Narrator of Hadith; Ibn Bahram had this Name
Sama •Equal; Time; Even; Honest
Sami •High; Sublime; Similar; Noble; All Hearing; Elevated; Another Name for God; Listener; Obedient; Lofty; Supreme
Samy •Intelligent
Sana •Brilliant; Praise; Resplendence; To Gaze
Sani •Gift
Saqr •Falcon
Sari •Noble
Sati •Shining; Bright
Saud •Felicities; Good Fortune
Sawa •Same; Equal
Sayf •Sword
Seif •Sword; Brave; Sword of Religion
Shad •Happy; Battle; Short Form of the Biblical Shadrach
Shaf •The Healing
Shah •The King; Shah; Emperor
Shan •Pride; Prestige; Old; Famous; Respected; Wise One; Old Wise; Dignity; Splendour
Sher •The Beloved One; Lion
Shua •Ray of the Sun; Sunshine; Light; Luster; Splendor
Sibt •Grandson; Tribe
Sidq •Truth; Sincerity
Silm •Peace
Sina •Sinai; Explorer of Knowledge
Skye •The Isle of Skye; Water Giver; Sky
Slim •Add Meaning
Smad •Eternal
Sual •Asked for
Sued •Big Love
Sufi •Islamic Mystic
Susu •Nature Call
Suud •Good Luck
Swab •True; Right
Syed •Fortunate; Blissful; Lucky; Happy
Sa’id •Happy; Fortunate
Sa’im •Fasting
Sa’ir •Walking; Going on Foot
Saadi •Happy; Lucky; Blissful
Saafi •Pure; Clear; Crystal
Saagh •Listener; In Order
Saaib •Name of a Sahabi who Participated in the Battle of Badr
Saaid •Name of a Sahabi
Saaim •Fasting
Saaiq •He who Drives (on the Right Path)
Saami •Exalted; From Swahili
Saary •Add Meaning
Sabah •Good; Dawn
Sabat •Firmness; Stability; Certainty; Endurance; Boldness; Truth
Sabeh •Pretty; Handsome; Beautiful
Saber •Sword
Sabih •Handsome
Sabiq •Antecedent; Preceding; Another Name for God; Primary; First; Former
Sabir •Patient
Sabit •Strong; Certain; Well-established; Sure
Sabri •Princess
Sabuh •Bright; Radiant
Sabur •Patient
Sadad •Lord; Power; Best
Sadaf •Shell; Oyster; Pearl
Sadan •Fortunate; Happy
Sadar •Respectful
Sadat •Master; Gentleman
Sadek •Truthful
Sadid •Good
Sadik •Truthful
Sadin •Desert Greenery
Sadiq •Kingly; Friend; Sincere; Truthful Origin Muslim; Truthful
Sadir •Ordered; Appointed
Sadit •Hard Working and Strong
Sadra •Chief; Judge; Leader
Sadri •Chief Seat; Judge
Saduh •Singer; Singing
Sadun •Happy


Saeeb •Right; Appropriate
Saeed •Priestly; Happy; Fortunate; Prosperous; Lucky; Rivulet; Blissful; Auspicious
Saeel •Attacker
Safar •Travel
Saffi •Clean
Safir •Mediator; Ambassador
Safiy •Best Friend
Safuh •Forgiving
Safyy •Chosen; Name of a Sahabi (RA)
Sagar •Wise One; From the Sagebrush Plant; Surname; Sea; Ocean; Pond; Name of the 2nd Chakravarti; Water
Sahab •Cloud
Sahaj •Natural; Original
Sahar •Sun; Dawn; Morning; Time Before Day Break; Bewitch
Sahas •Courage; Bravery
Sahel •One who Shows the Way; Beach; Shore
Sahen •Falcon
Saher •Magician
Sahib •The Lord; Companion; Follower; Friend
Sahil •Ocean; Guide; Sea Shore; River Bank
Sahim •Partner
Sahir •Magician; Lord Shiva; Wakeful
Saima •Fasting
Sajal •Moist
Sajan •Beloved
Sajed •Add Meaning
Sajid •Prostrator; Adotar; One who Worships God
Sakha •Friend; Generosity; Liberality
Sakhi •Generous; Liberal
Sakhr •Rock; Solid Rock
Salah •Goodness; Mission; Sending; Goodness Origin Muslim; Righteousness of the Faith
Salam •Peaceful; Peach
Salan •Something to Eat
Salar •Leader
Saleh •Good; Suitable; Righteousness
Salem •Safe; Peace; Tranquillity; Peaceful Origin African
Salif •Previous; Former
Salih •Right; Good; Safe; Whole; Flawless; Virtuous
Salik •Follower of a Spiritual Path; Passable; Unobstructed
Salil •Water; Descendant; Son; Sword
Salim •Happy; Peaceful; Safe; Sound; Tranquillity; Another Name for God; Perfect; Healthy; Secure; Free
Salit •Strong; Solid; Firm; Sharp
Salla •King of Mask
Salut •The Biblical Saul is the English Language Equivalent
Samad •One of Ninety-nine Names of God; Immortal
Samah •Generosity; Bounty; Saying; Promise
Saman •Equal; Calming Song of Praise; Home; Welfare
Samar •War; Fruit of Paradise; Fruits of Paradise
Samee •The All-hearing; He who Hear Everything
Sameh •The One who is Forgiving; Lord Krishna; Forgiver
Samen •Excited; Happy
Samer •Lord of Wind
Samih •Forgiver
Samil •Peaceful
Samim •Genuine; Sincere; Pure; True; Essence; Heart
Samin •Self- Disciplined
Samiq •Another Name for God; Exalted; Tall
Samir •Wind; Pleasant Companion; A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation; Jovial; Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion; Breeze; Entertainer
Samit •Always Making Friends; Collected; Quiet
Sanad •Another Name for God; Evidence; Proof
Sanie •Brilliant; Majestic; Exalted; Eminent; Splendid
Saood •Variant of Sa’ud; Felicities; Good Fortunes; Happy
Saqaf •To Surpass in Skill
Saqer •Falcon
Saqib •Sagacious; Penetrating; Sharp-witted; Astute; Acute; Shining Star; Piercing
Saqif •Proficient; Skilful
Sarab •Mirage
Sarae •Swift
Sarar •Add Meaning
Saree •Noble
Sarim •Brave; Lion; Sword; Big Hearted
Sarry •Bounteous
Sasan •Founder of the Sasani Dynasty
Satih •Another Name for God; Preacher
Sawad •Blackness; Skill
Sayed •Leader
Sayel •Equality
Sayid •Master; Happy; Lord
Sayuj •United Companion Comrade
Sbaih •Add Meaning
Sedik •Sincere
Sedki •Add Meaning
Seema •Expression; Countenance; Border
Seham •Shares; Arrows
Sekla •Add Meaning
Selab •Flood
Selim •Safe; Sound; Peace
Seyed •Grateful
Shaad •Happy; Cheerful
Shaaf •One who Gives Health
Shaah •Shah; King
Shaan •Famous; Pride
Shaar •Habit; Custom; An Under Garment
Shaaz •Fragrance; Unique; One in Many

Baby Girl Names with ‘SEEN’

  1. Sa سا happy
  2. Saabira صابرة Patient
  3. Saabirah صابره Patient, tolorant.
  4. Saadat سادات Blessing.
  5. Saadia سادية Lucky
  6. Saadiqhah صادقهة True, sincere, faithful, veracious, a woman of his word.
  7. Saadiya سادية Flower
  8. Saahibah صاحبه Friend, colleague.
  9. Saaida ساعدة Branch, tributary.
  10. Saaimah صايمه Fasting woman.
  11. Saaiqa صاعقة Lightning.
  12. Saairah صايره Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
  13. Saajidah ساجده Prostrating in prayer (salah), one who makes sajdah.
  14. Saaleha صالحة Flower
  15. Saalifah سالفه Previous, last.
  16. Saaliha صالحة Pure pios and devoted
  17. Saalihah صالحه Pious, righteous.
  18. Saalikah سالكة Following, proceeding.
  19. Saalima سالما Safe, Healthy
  20. Saamiya سامية Elevated, Lofty
  21. Saara صار Wife of the Prophet Ibrahim.
  22. Saarah ساره (Saara) The wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him) the prophet of Allah.
  23. Saariyah ساريه Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
  24. Saarrah ساره A lady whose carming manner causes joy and happiness.
  25. Saat سات Moment, time, occasion.
  26. Saba سابا Sheba, a town in Yemen
  27. Sabaa صبا a nice wind
  28. Sabaahat صباحات Beauty, gracefulness, comeliness.
  29. Sabah صباح Morning
  30. Sabaha صباحا Morning, Dawn, Beautiful
  31. Samihah sameeha Generous
  32. Samim ساميم Sincere, genuine, pure
  33. Samima صميمة True, sincere, genuine.
  34. Samin سمين Valuable, precious, priceless.
  35. Samina سمينة Precious, Generous
  36. Saminah سميناه A healthy girl, fertile land without rock and stone.
  37. Samiqa ساميقا Lofty, towering.
  38. Samira سميرة Call
  39. Samirah سميره Entertaining ,companion
  40. Samirah sameera Entertaining companion
  41. Samitah سميته Mighty.
  42. Samiun سمين The Hearing
  43. Samiya سامية To hear
  44. Samiyah ساميه Elevated, exalted, lofty
  45. Samiyah saamiya Elevated, exhalted, lofty
  46. Sammar سامر Fruit
  47. Samra سامرا Soft, light tanned color
  48. Samrah سمره Name of a fruit, written in the Quran 24 times
  49. Samreen سمرين Fruitful, Beneficial, Helpful.
  50. Samrina سمرين Flower or fruit.
  51. Samshad سيمسحد Long, Beautiful Tree
  52. Samurah سموره Name of a distinguished Sahabi RA.
  53. Samya ساميا Exalted
  54. Sana سانا Resplendence, brilliance
  55. Sana sanaa Eminence, sublimity, Brilliance, splendor
  56. Sanaa سناء (Thana),Praise of God.
  57. Sanad سند Support, prop, document.
  58. Sanah سنه Skilful, Radiance, Elegance
  59. Sanam سنام Beloved
  60. Sanari سنري Sweet and Beautiful

More to be added insha ALLAH….

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  1. Showkat Ahmad on said:

    Assalamu ALIKUM…My son born on 01 July 11.15 Pm… kindly suggest a good name for him

    • Congratulations for the baby boy. May ALLAH bless him, aameen. You may name him ‘Ali’.

  2. Aziz on said:

    I hope you will be fine
    Plz help me for chosing islamic name according to my daughter date of birth which is 20 June 2019
    I already chose following names plz check which is best name .Qausain Zahra . Rameen Fatima. Hamna Aziz. If these are not according to Burj then plz send me another name urgntly plz

    • All the names are good brother. You may name her Hamna Aziz. 🙂 May ALLAH bless her, aameen!

  3. rashid on said:

    aslam o alikum brother kindly help for my baby name i select (Fatima Ba-tool) but i need your suggestion

    • Fatima is really awesome. you can name her Fatima Zahhra.

  4. rashid on said:

    my doughter born in karachi 14 june 2019 10 shawwal 1140 at 1:06 pm
    name deside plz

    • Congratulations for the baby girl. 😊 You can name her Fatima Zahra or Fatima Noor.

  5. Umar Farooq on said:

    Can you put the write the difference of tay and taey please? Which is which

  6. Rukshana on said:

    Assalamu alaikum My name is Rukshana and my date of birth is 17.5.1994…..kya mera name sahi rkhaya h qki mai har chiz me galat faisla krti hon or bad me pachtana padta h or bhtttt kuch glt ho jata h mjhse hmesa plzzz mujhe btaye mai kya kro meri av shdi nhi huye h or hakika v nh hua h

    • Dear sis, aap apni date of birth ke lehaz se namo ki list upar check kar sakti hain.

    • Rukshana on said:

      sis mujhe nhi smjh aa rha h wao or bay letter se kuch nam nhi show kr rha h plzzz ap madad kre mjhe ghr me Rani k nam se bolate h or document me Rukshana h or Papa ka nam Qasim khan h or date of birth 17.5.1994 plzzz aphi kuch btaye kya Rani sahi h mere liye agr nhi tu mujhe btaye mai kya rkho apna nam plzzzz plzzzzz sis

      • Dear Sis, Rukhsana naam achha hai.
        Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘Wazifa for good luck’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

  7. Mohammed Mukarram on said:

    Assalamalaikum my daughter was born on May 11 2019 on Saturday please help me with suitable good new and old names for her.

    • Congratulations for the baby girl. 😊 She is having Star Taurus and you may name her with Bay and Wao. Kindly see the list of names above.

  8. Suleman on said:

    my second daughter was born on Tuesday of the 11th JUNE 2019 please help me get a good name for my baby.

    • Dear brother, you may select the name as per her date of birth from the above given name lists.

  9. Aafrin on said:

    Assalamu alaikum am blessed with baby girl on 15 april 2018 at 2.30pm….. Help me to choose good name for her… According to her dob What letter can be used ?

    • Congratulations Dear Sis, 😊
      All the details of child’s name selection are given above. Kindly go through the post.

  10. Firdous Iqbal on said:

    Asalaam Alaiqum.
    My name is firdous Iqbal what my star sign is. I am confused my mithers name is Aiyisha. But I am not certain about my birth date which is 15.01.1978.

    • According to this date of birth, your star is Capricorn.

      • Rahamathulla Khan N on said:

        My sister blessed with a baby girl, born on 08.05.2019 09.52am we have choosen zafeera is this a right name for her r else want to change????

    • Mohsin Dalvi on said:

      My baby girl was born on 25 april 2019 (19 Shaban 1440).

      Please advise me the letters for name

      • She has BURJ SOAR and you can name her with BAY and WAO. May ALLAH bless her, aameen.

  11. Khan arshad on said:

    My name is Khan arshad
    My baby girl born on 22 feb ,2019 Friday time 8.10 am

    • Masha ALLAH, congratulations for the baby girl. May ALLAH bless her, aameen. You may select a name according to her date of birth from the above mentioned names lists.

  12. Riyazur Rahaman on said:

    My son bron on nov 10 2014, we named him as faizur Rahaman, if you could suggesrt any food name as per the burj Aqrab it will be great.
    Jazak Allah

    • For Burj Aqrab, beans, lentils, almonds, reddish, beets, tomatoes and bananas are good.

  13. GPIT Educational Society on said:


    Allah has blessed me with a baby boy on 27 March 2016 at 1:29 pm. Kindly suggest me with which alphabet should his name begin and suggest best names, Because we have already kept names “Abdul Mujeeb Khan” so we want to change name of baby.

    • Dear brother, the list of Children’s names according to their date of birth is given above. You may select a one that you like.

    • Assalamualaikum
      My son is born on 1july 2019 at 6:12pm.
      kindly suggest a good name for my son

      • Congratulations Sis, 🙂🙂
        You may select a name for him according to his date of birth from the above given names lists.

  14. Asalamualikum
    Almighty Allah blessed me with a a baby girl on 11 November, 2018 ( 3 Rabbiul Awwal )at 12:20 pm . Kindly suggest me with what alphabet should her name begin and suggest best names please..Thanks..

    • Masha ALLAH! Congratulation!! 😊
      You can name her with alphabets, N and Z. The unique names lists you can see above as well.

  15. Khawar on said:

    My child’s date of birth is 16/10/2018 & time 10:45 a.m. According to BURJ MEZAAN RAY 200 ,TAY 400 ,TOAY 9 so if i go with the Ray 200, can make name Abdur Rahman or Abdul Rahman / Abdur Rehman or Abdul Rehman. Please suggest / guide me. Thanks

    • If you wanna go with Ray, the name should start with ‘Ray’ but in case of Abdul Rahman, the name is starting with ‘Ain’. So, you can choose some other name starting with ‘Ray’.

  16. Asalamualikum
    Allah blessed me with a baby boy on 6 Oct 2018)at 12:20 am (zohar time) . Kindly suggest me with what alphabet should his name begin.

    • Congratulations for the baby boy! ☺️
      You can make him with alphabets like NOON, ZAY, ZAAL, ZOAD, ZOAY.

  17. Ali on said:

    Salamun Alaikum

    My Baby Girl was born on 16th September, 2018 near about 04:00 pm. Please suggest Islamic name with meaning.

    • Dear brother, congratulations for becoming a father of an angel. May ALLAH Ta’ala bless her, ameen!
      A list of good names according to one’s date of birth are given above. You may select one of them as per your choice.

  18. HM on said:

    Asalamualikum …. Mae bohat zayada bemar ho jati hoon Aksar meray ghar mae sab me name F sae rakha gaya hai meray sab cousins ka meray abbu chacha dada meray cousins sab ka name F sae hai woo sab Alhamdulillah theek hain mera name H sae hai aur kya mae jabhi bohat bemar and hamesha pareeshan rehti hoon mera naam meray dada nae apni mother kae name par rakha hai mere aik problem khatam hoti tu dosre ajate hai kya name ki waja sae

    Aur mujhay yahan sae wazifa karnay ki ijjat kaisay milay ge mae nae yahan sae wazifa kar rahi ayat shifa wala mae nae yaAllah ko follow kya tha magar abb meray pass notification aana band hogae hai liken mae nae woo ayat shifa wala wazifa kar rahi kya auss ko karnay ka koi faida nahi hoa kyun kae mae nae dobara follow nahi kya abhi mae nae dobara follow kya hai tu pahlay joo parha thaa auss ka koi faida nae hoa

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Agar aap ne follow kiya hai website ko to aap hamari follower hain sis aur apko wazifa ki ijazat hai. Insha ALLAH, wazifa kaam karega, ameen. Aap naam badalna chahen to apni date of birth ke hisab se upar se dekh kar naam badal sakti hain. Filhaal ap ye amal shuru kijiye bimari se shifa ka wazifa ke sath-

  19. Mishaa on said:

    Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me baby boy.. date of birth is.. 9 April 2018…
    Please sir suggest a unique name…..
    Thanks a lot in advance…. ..

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Masha ALLAH, Congratulations sis,
      You can name him from the list of names given above in this post ‘ Naming the child in Islam’.

  20. Naveel ahmed on said:

    My boy born 16 February 2017
    Please suggest name.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      You can select a name of your own choice as per his date of birth from the above given naming lists.

  21. Tahir hussain on said:

    my daughter was born on Tuesday of the 27th February 2018 please help me get a good name for my Daughter.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Masha ALLAH, May ALLAH Ta’ala bless her, ameen. You can see the list of the baby names above as per their date of birth.

  22. Syed Irshad ali on said:

    Almighty Allah blessed me with a baby girl on 6 FEB 2018)at Magrib time . Kindly suggest me with what alphabet should her name begin. & name

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Masha ALLAH! Congratulations brother!! ?
      You can name her with SEEN, SHEEN, SOAD, SAY. It means you can start her name with English alphabet ‘S’.

  23. Altaf A Mujawar on said:

    Assalamualukum brother. Almihgty Allah has blessed me with a male baby on 2/2/2018. At 10:02 morning. So what name will u suggest?

    • Al Imran on said:

      Masha ALLAH ☺, you can select a lovely name for your baby from the above names list.

  24. ali asghar on said:

    My sister in law wants to baby (girl) name by islamic technic (adad) DATE OF BIRTH :

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You can see the lovely Islamic names of children from the above given list.

    • my name faisal kan on said:

      aslam o alikum brother kindly help for my baby boy name i select shazain but i need your help islamic name ..

      • Al Imran on said:

        Dear brother, you can select an Islamic name as per his date of birth from the above given names lists.

  25. Syed shujath Ali on said:

    As salam o Walaikum, Allah has blessed us a beautiful baby girl on 11-jan-2018 at 4:30pm I would really appreciate if you can please suggest us only the letters which I can select few names and revert back to your forum, and also please share few information regarding dates, should we consider as per Arabic calender or English calender
    Thank you so much,
    May Allah reward you and your family for this help

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your baby has BURJ JADDI and you can name her with JEEM,GAAF or KHAY.

  26. rumaisa anayat on said:

    Brother can you find a good female name for DOB 14 – 04 – 1988

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, you can check the lists of Lovely Islamic Names as per date of birth on this page above.

  27. syed khalid muzzamil on said:

    I have a baby girl born on 15 december 2017 alhumdulilah pls suggest some names

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, you can name her as per your choice according to her date of birth, as given in the above naming lists.

  28. Nazeera on said:

    Assalamualaikum! Allah blessed with baby boy on 8th December at 10.43pm. please suggest good name for him. And please Dua for my son. Jasakallah!

    • Al Imran on said:

      Dear brother, Congratulations! May ALLAH bless your child Ameen. You can name him ‘Aariz’ ‘Aazir’ and there are a lot of lovely names on the page above. Please select and let me know. Once again a lot of lovely duas to your new born son. Please be with us.

  29. Rashid on said:


    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Rehman is a lovely name masha ALLAH. You can give your son this name.

  30. Saqib on said:

    Almighty Allah blessed me with a a baby girl on 22 November ( 3 Rabbiul Awwal )at 1.35 am . Kindly suggest me with what alphabet should her name begin.

  31. Khawaja Shoebullah khan on said:

    MY Son born on 22. November 2017 at 3.20 PM (Afternoon) please give a good name for my son

    • Al Imran on said:

      Sabse awwal main apko mubarakbad dunga. ALLAH apke aulad ko khush rakhein, Ameen. Ap chahe to unke nam NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD,ZOAY se rakh sakte hai. Ap chahe to ‘Nahan’ matlab khubsurat ‘Najam’ matlab sitara aur ‘Nayif’ matlab fazal nam bhi rakh sakte hai.

  32. SAAD on said:

    aoa. i have named my daughter born in 19 October 2017 around 5:50 PM with name Fabiha Binte Saad after discussing with one of islamic scholar. Recently my wife peer sb has questioned that name is wrong and need to be change. Can you please guide us through. Thanks

    • Al Imran on said:

      Dear brother, Firstly, I congratulate you for becoming a father of a cute daughter Alhamdulillah. Fabiha has Urdu origin which means gifted, Lucky, Good deed, and fortunate. As far as I know, this has good meanings which will Insha ALLAH give positivities. There is nothing wrong with this name. You can name her ‘Fabiha’. May ALLAH grant her health and life on Imaan, Ameen.

  33. Ruq khan on said:

    My baby is due for the date of 23rd Dec 2017, I like the name RA’ED( راعد). Will it be good for him.. if not please suggest something nice.
    Thank you.

    • Al Imran on said:

      Congratulations sis. Ra’ed name is nice Masha ALLAH. It means leader or pioneer. May ALLAH bless him Ameen.

  34. Rabia Nauman on said:

    My daughter was born on 25-10-2017 please suggest suitable alphabets and name for her.

  35. Zuber on said:

    MY Son born on 27 March 2016 at 1.29 PM (Afternoon) please give a good name for my son

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear brother,a list of good Islamic names according to date of birth is given on the same wazifa page. You can select a name of your own choice from this list.

  36. Farman Ali Ghouri on said:

    My Friend SON born 11 Muharram at 4:00pm dated 02-10-2017 kindly tel me names

    • Al Imran on said:

      brother ap rey, tey aur toyen se nam rakh sakte hai. upar list hai names ki ap usme se le sakte hai nam.

  37. mohamed ijas on said:

    Assalamu alaikum
    My name is mohamed ijas. my baby girl born on September 21 (muharam 1). can u suggest some names for my girl? can we use name ifza?

    • Al Imran on said:

      you can name her Ifza as this means Protective angel.

  38. Gawhar majeed wani on said:

    My son born on 14 September 2017 Thursday 10:15 AM

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You can choose a lovely name for your baby as per his date of birth from the above mentioned lists of names.

  39. Imtiaz Ahmad on said:

    My name is Imtiaz Ahmad, my baby boy born on 8 September 2017 at 11:40am kindly suggest me any name.

  40. dr sheema on said:

    A/a my name is sheema. My daughter was born on 13 july 2017 please suggest name and in which burj she comes

  41. ASIM MALIK on said:


  42. Farah on said:

    Hi I didn’t understand the third step. What would the number of letters in the name be for a child born on july 25, 2017? At 8:45am: hurfs are TAEY and MEEM.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      You have add all the numbers as stated above.

      • Farah on said:

        We like the names Tabbish and Madiyan. Please suggest which one would be best for the baby.

        • ãl عِmrãń on said:

          Madiyan means- Name of a holy place in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam used to visit. Tabish name has persian origin and it means brilliance and warmth. Madiyan is much better Insha ALLAH.

  43. Muzammil Sibtain on said:

    My son’s d.o.b is 25/11/2016……. I have named him Rohaan…….. I want to rename him to Faaris…… Plz tell me is this a good one for him?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear Sis, Faris is Arabic word for Boy which means a rider, a horseman Ghur sawaari karne wala, Knight. Ap ye nam rakhlein.

  44. Vahid on said:

    Please suggest name boy born at 13 July 2017

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear Sis, congratulations! you can name your boy with ‘A’ Ahad.

      • Ali Raza on said:

        Asalam O Alykum bhai my daughter date of birth is 6 oct 2017 time night 01:00 am approx hum uska name Rehma rakhna chahte will it be suitable? Kindly reply mere at my fb [email protected]

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Dear brother ap uper naming list mein se check kar sakte hain baby ki date of birth ke lehaz se name.

  45. talat fatma on said:

    I did not understand the step 3rd (Now find out the total adad of name ,add date, month and year, to get a single digit.

    Then find the name of the same number of the birth date, which will be the best name for the child.

    To calculate the total adad of any name use the below numbers from the respective letters:)
    please explain My baby girl born on 17/01/2017.please suggest good name with Jeem GAF and GHAY

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      I recommend name from Jeem- Jahanara-Adornment of the world, Javeria- جعفرية Name of Prophet Muhammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam wife, Jemimah جممة Beautiful

      • talat on said:

        Thank you so much for your response.but you did not answered my 1 st questions that” I did not understand the step 3rd (Now find out the total adad of name ,add date, month and year, to get a single digit.

        Then find the name of the same number of the birth date, which will be the best name for the child.”

        • ãl عِmrãń on said:

          Dear Sis, you need to provide your name here in order to calculate your adad.

  46. Muzamil Rehman on said:

    the date of birth of son is 5.7.2010. His present name is RAYYAN ISHFAQ. I want to know whether this name is good for him or not. If Yes ok,but if no then will there be some problems in future with this name.If its not good anme for him,which name could be most suitable for hi.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your son has BURJ SERTAAN and you can name him with HAY and HAEY. You can see the list of names on the same page. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-
      If you wanna get further guidance, please drop your message at

  47. My lovely Bhatiji was born 2nd december 2016 and the time 1:07 pm … pls suggest me the girl name .. with islamic date and time and good meaning..

    Thank You

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your niece has BURJ QAOS and you can name her with FAY. You can check different names starting with FAY from the above naming list. Do not forget to subscribe the website before doing any wazifa through this link-
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  48. ifrah zoa on said:

    I was born in 22 June 1995 timing 8:45 .plz suggest a good name for me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, you have BURJ SERTAAN and you can choose a name for yourself starting with the alphabet HAY or HAEY. Do not forget to subscribe the website before doing any wazifa through this link-
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  49. Syed Asfaquz Zaman on said:


    My niece was born on 21-Nov-2016 Monday around 8:15 pm evening.Please suggest a good name for her.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear brother, your niece has BURJ AQRAB and you can name her with  NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD and ZOAY. Do not forget to subscribe the website before doing any wazifa through this link –
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  50. farha on said:

    Assalamwalikum , my name is farha khan my date of birth is 19 / April / 1987 I don’t know the birth time. I think there is some problem in my name because I’m facing problem for marriage please help me suggest me the same as well please

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, you have BURJ HAMAL and ALIF,LAAM,AIN,YEA are the suitable Arabic letters for you. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  51. syed muhammid hashmi on said:

    my baby has birth on 1st november timing 9.40 am so pls sujest me baby names

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear brother, your baby has BURJ AQRAB and you can name him with NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD and Zoay. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  52. Javeria on said:

    Aslam-o-Alaikum mery nephew ki date of birth 16-10-2016 hai or time 03:05 a.m hai plzzz suggest name for my first nephew (bhatija

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your nephew has BURJ MEZAAN and you can name him with RAY,TA and TOAY. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  53. shahrukh mansuri on said:

    asshsalamo alaykum….sir

    my name is shahrukh nurmohammad mansuri . and my wife name mehjabin banu shahrukh mansuri.

    my birthdate 30-07-1992 and my wife birthdate 21-10-1992 .

    my child date of birth 26-10-2016 and time 11:32 a.m please suggest me name for beby girl .

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your baby has BURJ AQRAB and you can name her with NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD and ZOAY.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  54. Waseem Ahmad Batt on said:

    My sister son born on 25 -5-2016 at doda jammu and kashmir plz give name

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, the baby has BURJ JOOZA and you can name him with QAAF,KAAF. See the list of names given above. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  55. nafees on said:

    my brother baby girl born on 22nd oct’16 by 2:50PM & hence kindly suggest me the names

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      The baby girl has BURJ MEZAAN and you can name her with RAY,TAY and TOAY.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  56. saeed on said:

    Aoa Bhai told me stars of mine names ,
    1-Saeed Ahmad Nawaz
    2- Zaib Un Nisa
    3- Inaya Fatima

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Date of Birth bataye. Us se stars ka pata chalta hai.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  57. zameer khan on said:

    My child’s date of birth is 20/10/2016 & time 05:45a.m.plz suggest me name for my baby (girl).

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your baby has BURJ MEZAAN and you can name
      her with RAY,TAY and TOAY.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  58. rihana on said:

    salam alaikum brother ,this is RIHANA.pls suggest d name or d first letter of d name to my baby boy.he was born on 24august 2014 time 12:24 am.saterday.pls pls tell me asap

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your son has BURJ SUMBLA(ATARAD) and you can name him with PAY and GHAIN.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  59. GOD give me a baby boy on 10 Oct 2016 in muharam Islamic year i want to give him Islamic name please suggest me a good name

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Masha ALLAH!! Your son has BURJ MEZAAN(ZOHRA) and you can name him with Arabic letters  RAY,TAY or TOAY.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  60. Ayesha on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    My daughter was born on 13th June 2008 at 3 00 Am, we give her the name Momina Ali, but she remained very weak have less immunity. someone suggested us that the name momina is not suitable for her. I want to change her name but unable to decide a proper one. Please help me in this regard, and suggest a proper name thansk…

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Your daughter has BURJ JOOZA Atarad. You can name her with QAAF, KAAF. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  61. Zubair on said:

    Suggest Twins baby Boy name Kindle check in quran with meaningful Islamic name

    Date of Birth : 02.09.2016
    Day : Friday at 9:29pm & 9:30pm

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Congrats!! brother for your child. He has BURJ SUMBLA Atarad. You can name him with PAY and GHAIN. If you want me to name your child entirely. Please respond to this comment and Insha ALLAH I will reply you within 2 more days. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  62. Aneesa on said:

    Assalamaleykum meri yeh comment hai ki mai ek ladkey ko pasand karthi hun even 6 saal say vos kai sath relation mai hun abhi hum dono shaadi karna chaharey pehaley say but hamarey ghar waley razi nai horey abhi hum dono shaadi karna chaharey vo bhi ghar walo ki marzi say abhi har cheez kar kai dekhli mainai namaz roz har cheez abhi ghar walo ko mana nai kai liye koie bhi dua ya namaz, roza hai tho please mujhey boley…..

  63. shafqat ahmed on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    Please suggest a name for Muslim girl born on 31th august 2016 at the time of 09:25pm in jhelum pakistan.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Mubarak ho bhai apko bhot bhot. Ap apne bache ka nam pay aur ghayn se rakh sakte hai. List upar di hui hai. Hazaro Muslims ek saath hai, apni problems share kijiye. yaALLAH FB Group join kijiye is link se- #yaALLAHcomments

  64. Adeel on said:

    YaAllaha Assalam o Alaikum
    Please suggest a name for muslim boy born on 28th august 2016 at the time of 3:00 AM in RAYIM YAR KHAN Pakistan.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap apne bache ka nam pay aur ghayn se rakh sakte hai sis. Nam upar diye hue hai. Hazaro Muslims ek saath hai, apni problems share kijiye. yaALLAH FB Group join kijiye is link se- #yaALLAHcomments

  65. Assalam o Alaikum
    Please suggest a name for muslim boy born on 30th august 2016 at the time of 12:55pm in lahore pakistan.

  66. Zeeshan on said:

    Allah SWT has blessed me with a baby girl on 27 August 2016 at 4.15 pm in Lahore. Could you please suggest appropriate letters for her name. Should the suggested letters be the initial letters of the name or could just be anywhere in the name?

  67. Jamir Ahmed on said:

    My boy child date of birth is 26 August 2016 time 05:13 pm
    Plz suggest me a good name as per Islam with meaning.

  68. saheed on said:

    my wife gave birth to a baby boy on the 16th August 2016 need a name pls

  69. Asmat Fakhar on said:

    Name for muslim boy born on 6 august 2016, time between 9am to 9:30am in peshawar Pakistan

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Congrats !! sis. ALLAH umar daraz kare apke bache ki. Nam sahebzade ka ap ‘Taaseen’ r طاسین (A name of the Prophet SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam) rakh le ya fir ap ‘Tehseen’ means Compliments, happiness. Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link- #yaALLAHcomments

  70. sonia on said:

    Name with kaaf or qaaf for girl?

  71. Assalam-o-Alaikum!,

    I came to know about this website so writing for information regarding name of baby boy.

    Allah has bless with Baby Boy on 27/03/2016 @ 11.29 AM, But My wife has kept his name as “Abdul Mujeeb Khan”

    Plz suggest me a good name as per Islam with meaning.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Congrats dear sis, your baby has BURJHAMAL(SIYARA MAREKH) and you can name him with the arabic letters- ALIF,LAAM,AIN,YEA for names see the pdf above. #yaALLAHcomments

  72. arooj on said:

    My nice child girls date of birth is 27 may 2016 time 11:30am
    Plz suggest me a good name as per Islam.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis, congrats, apko bhot mubarak ho. This is my birthdate- May 27. She has Burj Jooza Atrad. You can name her with arabic letter QAAF or KAAF. #yaALLAHcomments

  73. Baby boy Birth date 30/04/16 Time 7:30 Am please give me some name with meaning

  74. Naved Sayyed on said:

    I have one doubt. Is this kind of English date format valid in ISLAM?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      This is a hirji date which has already been converted according to English calendar, i hope yo ugot it now. #yaALLAHcomments

      • Naved Sayyed on said:

        How can u convert hirji date according to English calendar coz hirji date goes changing each year around eleven days. Can u please show me mathematics…

  75. nadia on said:

    Salam brother my name is nadia born 24 /1/1984
    Is this right for me and also i came across something called isme azam using your name adding letters up and then reading gods name that goes with your name so will you tell me what god name i should read constantly thankyou

  76. m on said:

    Salam my name is nadia i was born 24 januray 1984 is tis write name me plz

  77. Muhammad shahid akbar on said:

    A/A sir my daughter date of birth 03/11/2015 or time 1.45 am hay plz koi aucha sa name Bata day. Ya alfaaz

  78. Muhammad Shahid akbar on said:

    A/A bahi shab Mari daughter Ki date of birth 03/11/2015 time 1.45 am hay. Kindly koi aucha sa name ya alfaz Bata day.shkriya

  79. Ghulam Mustafa on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum,
    i am uncle of a baby girl born on 30-12-2015 around 1:30 Am in night. i want to give her a name , suggest me one of these or what u suggest me,
    Mishal, Ayat, Abirah, Raniya, Hareem,, Tehreem and Haniya ?

  80. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala Blessed me with beautiful daughter this morning on friday 18/12/2015 please suggest me some thing

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Congrats! Alhamdulillah, I guess I provided you the name for your daughter. #yaALLAHcomments

  81. md chand ali on said:


    can you plz help me my child birth date is 19.12.2015 which alpha bate chose for his name

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap ‘Fay’ se naam rakh sakte hai, shayad mene apko pahle nam bataya tha #yaALLAHcomments

  82. Tauseef Mohamad Zohail on said:

    Assalamoalaikom wahramatullah barakatahu….Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala Blessed me with beautiful daughter this morning….. I am very much happy…. On 18/12/2015 morning 8:20 am please help me in naming her

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Wãlękûm aš šālãm congrats. Wow Alhamdulillah. I will let you know soon. #yaALLAHcomments

  83. Hassan on said:

    AOA. My name is Hassan Iftikhar
    I got a baby girl and her date of birth is 16-11-2015. I need sugesstion for her name please

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Congrats bro!! Alhamdulillah you can name her with NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD,ZOAY #yaALLAHcomments

  84. Shakeel Ahmed on said:

    ALLAH blessed us with a cute baby boy, my niece, on Friday(20-11-2015), so kindly let me know how to get him a good Islamic name? Shukriya

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Congrats!! The child has 24 OCTOBER–22 NOVEMBER-BURJ AQRAB(MEREKH). You can name him with NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD,ZOAY. #yaALLAHcomments

  85. as you wish on said:

    salamwalykum my son birthday is 08/09/2015 9.30 pm

  86. Mehwish on said:

    I couldn’t understand how to calculate the adad of the names
    My son’s birth date is 14/9/14
    Are the letters pay and ghain for him ?
    And there are no names with pay and ghain here plz suggest

  87. Khaja on said:

    As salam I’m born on 22-12-1991 my name shaik.khaja khutubuddin how can I make modification on name and how to calicukte can u say it in brief
    Zajaakallahu khair in advance

  88. Wardha on said:

    My brother’s daughter was born today 25 july 2015, timing -9:20 pm! Can you suggest us names according to quran! Thank you

    • I have written lovely names on the same page above, if you can find it from here. Otherwise let me know then.

  89. Wardha on said:

    My brother’s daughter was born on 25 july 2015, timing -9:20 pm! Can you suggest us names according to quran! Thank you

  90. Junaid on said:

    Asalaam.o.Alaykum, I just want to confirm that according to Islamic point and for a best effects , my son who was born Alhamdulillah on, 07-03-2013. We named him, complete name in written is : DaYYan Junaid. Is this fine and good name for him in the light of above Islamic calculations of effects on him.

  91. md nadim on said:

    My son date of birth 13 06 15 at 3.45 pm plz suggest a name

  92. Parvaiz ahmad on said:

    My male baby’s date of birth is 15/06/2015, time 10:49 am, please suggest some names.
    Father: Parvaiz Ahmad
    Mother: Syeada akhter

  93. murasha valli saheb shaik on said:

    My girl child’s date of birth is 22nd June 2015 & time 11.19am.
    Please suggest me a good name as per islam.

  94. Fahad on said:

    My daughter date of birth is 23/06/2015 & time is 10:45am.
    Please suggest me name for my daughter

  95. suggest name on said:

    my daughter date of birth is 25/06/2015 time 12:07 am plz suggest name

  96. Aslam Khan on said:

    Alhamdulillah my twin childs birth date is 30/05/2015, 4:00 pm
    please suggest me beautiful names for both childs!

  97. Shaik. Shakeel on said:

    My child’s date of birth is 27-Mar-2013 & time is 1:10PM, We have named him as “Shaik. Muhammad Rayhan”, Recently we came across this website so thought of getting it clarified.

    Appreciate your time,

    Duva ki guzarish!!!

    • There is no issue if you already named him, as per the date of birth the letters are- ALIF,LAAM,AIN,YEA

  98. fazia on said:

    my child date ofbirth is 3 june 2015 ,time 10;15 am plz suggestthe baby name

  99. samir M. Mujawar. on said:

    My child’s date of birth is 23/03/2015 & time 05:07p.m.plz suggest me name for my boy.

    • saeed on said:

      my son was born on Thursday of the 17th November 2016 please help me get a good name for my boy.seidu

      • Al 'Imran on said:

        Your son has BURJ AQRAB and you can name him with NOON,ZAY,ZAAL,ZOAD and ZOAY. Check the list of names given above. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!