Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah Successful

July 26th, 2020

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRa’hman nirRa’heem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

Recite Durood-Pak First

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhi Wasallam

Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah Successful

Muslim Wedding

Today morning, when I logged into yaALLAH Facebook account and start replying to the messages of my followers. Suddenly, I got a message from a lovely sister, and it filled me with full energy, excitement and joy! Wow!! She wrote to me she is a regular follower of every social networking sites and she first performed ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara, it went positive, Alhamdulillah! Furthermore, she performed a ya ALLAH wazifa for marriage of your choice for few days by complying the entire terms and conditions what I generally prescribe and with all the dedication, devotion and sincerity. What happened after that, you won’t believe this, she got married!! Alhamdulillah infinite times. Muslim wedding prayer couple nikah successful is one of the super duper ya ALLAH testimonials which is an evidence to those who are impatient, eager, and always complain to ALLAH Ta’ala, they never made a dua for every hard times they have been through.

Pyar Mein Pagal Karne Ka Wazifa

If a Muslim love someone, if a Muslim refrain himself from every haram activities, if a Muslim has kept his relationship in halal way, if a Muslim has avoided dating and keep on prayer to ALLAH Ta’ala for his marriage. If are in an illegible and forbidden relationship according to Islam, you need to break haram relationship with the one who you want to marry, and start making prayers for you Nikah, you will succeed, the prayers gonna be accept surely soon, Ameen. Reason being that you have obeyed the command of ALLAH for the sake of ALLAH. This is what happened with one of your lovely sister in Islam today.

Muslim Wedding Prayer-

Islam never allow the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, this is absolutely forbidden. If you love someone, that should only be for a Halal reason which is only and only a Nikah. You are never allowed to date a girl or a boy. What teenagers are into these days. Camouflage with western culture is almost in every Muslim country now. Muslim couples loves to date each other, meeting in a lonely place, committing sins. Even then they never realized what grievous sin they are crediting their account with. Any Muslim couple should avoid following the footsteps of Shaitan. Refrain yourself from copying them. Remember!! we are not for this world but for afterlives (Akhirah). If you have fallen in love with someone, you just have to aim to get married. always try to help Ummah in every possible way. There are number of ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif here which will guide you and help you to convey your dua to ALLAH Ta’ala. If your parent are not agreeing for marriage illegibly and invalidly you can perform ya ALLAH wazifa to make parents agree, in other case you need your proposal to get accepted by girl’s or boys parents you can perform a ya ALLAH Dua for acceptance of marriage proposal. If you are in the worse situation that he/she doesn’t loves you anymore now, ditched you and left you alone. You can perform a ya ALLAH dua to get your love back. Sounds funny, but sometimes a boy or a girl denies to get married, in these similar kind of circumstances you can perform a ya ALLAH wazifa to make agree for marriage. In every Muslim wedding dua or wazifa you must have to first perform a ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara, once it comes positive only then you can move ahead with any Muslim wedding prayer. You will get success Insha ALLAH. Don’t doubt and loose faith in ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala in any situation. This is your exam and success in exam should be your aim. If you think your prayers are not accepted by ALLAH, then you need to review yourself and must read how to get forgiveness in Islam?

Let me come to the point once again and show you the entire Muslim wedding prayer couple nikah successful story. Impossible is only in our dictionary and nothing is impossible for ALLAH, The Almighty. Only HE can know the hidden things and only HE can convert impossible to possible task, all it needs a prayer from a sincere heart and few tears.

Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah Successful

Two different followers of they performed pyar mein pagal karne ka wazifa masha ALLAH and both got married now!! Alhamdulillah! read her own words!!

The wazifa both the girls performed

pyar mein pagal karne ka wazifa

ya ALLAH Follower 1
Assalamalekum bhai. I m vry happy. Ur wazifa worked n i got marry with ma love. Thnx a lot. ALLAH bless u in every moment of ur life. Muslim Wedding Prayer Couple Nikah Successful
ya ALLAH Follower 2
I also got married a day i did love marriage waizfaa and my desire is fulfilled ALHAMDULILLAH


  1. Mevish on said:

    Asslamu alaikum bhai . M bhut peeshan hu allah s dua krti hu har wqt k allah muje nek rah p chlaye aur apne lie ek nek mehram ki dua krti hu pr pata nh q meri dua qubool nh horhi h m chahti hu jld s jld mera nikah ho jaye aur n kisi ghr ki zinat bn jau ap koi vazifa btaye jissse mere haq m sb behtr hoskte

  2. Sana Siddiqui on said:

    Assalamualikum Imran Bhai,
    Pyar main paagal karney k wazeefa k liye Yahan pe to Cheetiyan Nahi hai Kyunki main MiddleEast main rehti Hun .
    Please aap koi Dusra wazeefa bata dein jissey main pasand ki Shadi Kar sakun .
    JazakAllah khair

  3. sh on said:

    assalawalekum Imran bhai .mera naam shabnam.meri shadi nhi ho pa rhi hai.aap koi wajifa btaye jisse meri jaldi shadi ho jaye.mai ak ldke se pyar krti hu wo bhu krta hai lekin wo mujhse shaadi nhi krna chahta.mai usi se shadi krna chahti hu .koi wajifa btaye.plz

  4. bilaal1234 on said:

    Can you send me pyar maen pagl krny ka wazeefa and love marriage krny ka wazeefa which she did please.

  5. bushra on said:

    imran bhai ap facebook py comment ka rply nai nai dty meri id lrky k nam py hai prince chaudhary k nam py ap plzzzzz ayk dafa odr baat kr lein ma bht preshan hn apko apni sari preshani btana chahti hn plzzzzzzzzzzz imran bhai ap mery sath b baat kr lein ayk dafa wo mery czn ki id hai

  6. bushra on said:

    imran bhai ma ny nikah istikhara kiya lekn ap ny mery khuwbon ka ans nai diya kia ma surah ikhlas wala wazifa start kr lon plzzzzzzzzzzzzz jawab dy dein jaldiii

  7. asma on said:

    Salam imran bhai aapne meri saval ka javabb nahi diya kya namumkin ko mumkin karne ki namaZ beth kar par sakte he air uska kol. Kese bandhna he jaldi javab dijiyega

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Khade hokar parhna hai dear sis. #yaALLAHcomments

  8. Naheeda on said:

    Assalamualaikum imran bhai Mujhe aap ka shukriya ada karna hai kai aap hame aise cheeze batatai hai jis se hame pata chalta hai kai humarai quran mai aise cheezai hai jise hum har burie cheez sai lad sakatai hai mare ghar mai bahut karz hogeya tha ab in wazifo kai wjah se allha tal ki maherbani hai mujhe aap se ek baat puchne thi kai mare husband kuch naya business karna chatai hai kya who kar saktai us mai kamyabi hogi un ka nam Rahmath ulla hai agar jawab daige toa bahut maher bani hogie

  9. Bhut bhut Mubarak aap dono ko…..dua kijiyega tht i ll also get success in my wazifaaa….u people give us hope

  10. Sana on said:

    Bhai ye kaun sa wazifa hai jo in sister nay kiya hai plz tell. Aur bhai jo taweez banana hai for getting married usy 2 stones ke nechy rakhna hai or only one ? Aur bhai taweez ki permission lainy ke liye jo perhna tha us se pehle taweez ki kheraat dy di thi me ne to ye sai hy ya wo prrmission ka wazifa perhny ke bad kheraat jerni hai ? plz must answer

  11. ishrat jehan on said:

    Assalamalikum bhaijaan meri help kijiya mera nam Ishrat jahan ma ka naam reziya begam. 2 mehina phela mughe kuch log dekhna aey the pasand krke ha bolke chela gay vo log hum ko bhi pasand tha Hume aisa bolka gay tha hemara ghar jeldi aena phir uska bad unhona koi jawab hi nhi diya . mera gher wall ko aur mughe go log pasad hai me chehati hu vo log apna ghar bulana mera ghar walo ko air mera rishta pakka ho Jana iska liya mughe kya padna hai ya beta dijiya mughe kisi n bola that rishta m bendish hai me subha me surah tuna pedti hu aur ,surah inaam isha me surah zuha pleas help me mera dil nhi maan reha aur dusri jegah ke liya mughe betaiya me kya pedu

  12. Muhammad on said:

    I m doing wazeefa for love marriage

  13. Muhammad on said:

    I m doing wazeefa to make impossible to possible since last 3 to 4 months but till now sotuation is same….
    I also offered salat ul toba and offering salatul hajaat on daily basis but receiving no positve response. Plzz pray for me and allow for more wazayf

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ibadat, Sabr aur dua kare bas Insha ALLAH kam hoga. #yaALLAHcomments

  14. Qurratulain on said:

    If I don’t know his or her mother name with whom I want to marry,, how should I perform nikah istkhara?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Agar ma ka nam nahi pata hai to ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara mein ap keh sakte hai ‘Hawwa’ #yaALLAHcomments

  15. Afzali on said:

    Plz will u tell me anything that can do I want to get married but my family is not agreeing to that boy becuse we are not the same cast we r Raja and he is ch plz help

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      For Marriage Wazifa check this link- dear sis. #yaALLAHcomments

  16. Muhammad on said:

    AoA imran bhai plzz send me ur email id or cell no i want to discuss some problems

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      I hardly respond on emails. for Cell number you can get the info from contact us page. #yaALLAHcomments #yaALLAHcontact

  17. Nazneen on said:

    Thnx a lot bhai for a great wazifa. Its realy worked. Thnx again with a lots of love

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      jaza kALLAHU khair dear sis. 🙂 I am happy for you, Alhamdulillah. #yaALLAHcomments #yaALLAHwishes #yaALLAHtestimonials

  18. Nadir Ali on said:

    Salam sir ek admi apni family ko chor kr doosri jgh gunah kr RHA hai aur us larki ke gharwale bhi is se raazi hain plz koi ESA wazifa btain ke WO aapass men hameshaaaaa k liye juda ho jain.

  19. Nazma on said:

    Assalamualikum mere Behan ka beta sinus problem ke vajese bohot headache hai kehta doctor ko dikhaya tha davayi kuch din kaam kartihi firse prblm shuru hojata hai will plz tell me wazifa for his relief

  20. Fareeha Hassan Qureshi on said:

    Salam bhai I really need ur help bht maslay ho Allah ki liya meri mahdat kr dein plz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes sure let me know. #yaALLAHcomments

  21. Fatima on said:

    InshaaAllah bhai zaror pakka mithai ka dabba apkay liye with lots of duaaas

  22. Fatima on said:

    Congrats both of u .bhai I m also doing wazifa for marriage of my choice InshaaAllah with your duaas one day I will also tell u success of my desire.u people also do duaa for me its every serious matter as I don’t have much time to stay here in this country he is going for marriage

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      🙂 Insha ALLAH soon! I will be waiting for the good news and Mithayi ka dabba from you LOL 😉 🙂 #yaALLAHcomments #yaALLAHwishes

  23. yasmeen on said:

    MashaAllah congratulations

  24. farheen on said:

    Aslkm.. Pls help me. My mom lost her memory 1 yr bk. She is sufering frm Dementia. Pls pray for her early recovery & sugest me specific dua to regain lost memory..
    Jazakallahu khaira

  25. Ana on said:

    Please pray for my marriage that it lasts forever.. and ALMIGHTY blessed us.. thanks to ya aswell

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      insha ALLAH your prayers will be accepted soon, Ameen. #yaALLAHcomments

  26. Ana on said:

    I also got married a day before i did l9ve marriage waizfaa and my desire is fulfilled ALHAMDULILLAH

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Jaza kALLAHU khair and congrats. Can you write something in details here. I will publish your comment so that every one will get to know and motivated through it. #yaALLAHcomments

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