Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage

Dating in Islam is strictly forbidden and treated as a grievous sin. Muslim these days are following the path of non-Muslims and a western culture in almost every aspect.

Every moment I begin with,

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Results of Muslims Dating, A Love Affair, and Couple’s Marriage

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Lakin is wazaify sy ALLAH PAK ny mri sis ki sun li usky naseeb khool diya aur usy uska payar mil gya n nw mashAllah wo bht achi lyf spend kr rhi h n bht bht khush h masha ALLAH apny gahr….click to read full post.

The westernization has impacted this at a very rapid rate and has spoiled the entire Ummah. We never even felt that we are entirely sinking into the sea of sins where no one will ever come to get us out from that. Islamic prayer for marriage of own consent is absolutely the outcome of Muslim dating, we must accept. Earlier on ya ALLAH Website I generally publish ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif with a short description attached thereto. Now, the need of an explanation of the requirement and the causes of the arousal of those dua and wazaif has emerged. Ultimately, to let the entire ya ALLAH community know. Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer Own Consent of Marriage is not only a wazifa but also an Islamic article through which I will probably try to open the eyes of my lovely people, the entire members of the ya ALLAH Community Alhamdulillah. Questions, Im this post Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage, will discuss further are:

  • Into what they are indulging?
  • Sins they are committing?
  • Results of their pre-marital and extra-marital relationships?
  • Impact on the afterlives?

Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage-

  • Into what they are indulging?

Love is not a sin in Islam. In fact this is the emotion that has been created by ALLAH Ta’ala. Whereas, having relationships with a non-Mahram is disliked by ALLAH Azzawajal. Likewise, cultures in western countries of having a boyfriend and girlfriend which is absolutely a forbidden according to Islam. Muslim girls have always been honest towards their love, perhaps they are forced to obey by their boyfriends. Forced to meet them, forced to go on a date with them which is what I am discussing primarily here as a Muslim dating. Furthermore, the boyfriends forced them to have a sexual relationships with them, which is just a temporary pleasure, for what they were planning to. They are only concerned to satisfy their sexual hunger. Which results in corruption in the society of Muslims. This is a conspiracy of ShatainOhh!! ya ALLAH please forgive me and forgive entire Ummah for small and large and whatever sins we have done!

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Behad asan aur tariqe se samjhaya hua is amal ka video dekhein


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Exceptions are always there, among those pairs, few of them are willing to get married with their love. Few of among them usually fail while striving. Muslim Dating Outcome has now a horrific end. The rest, which is a very percentage keeps on struggling in order to make their parents agree for marriage. They get success to perform a marriage of their choice. Another horrible part of this story are struggling girls who had loved their boyfriends with the great intensity and tried so hard to get married with them. Meanwhile, the boy had left the girl without providing any reasonable answer to her. They rather worried. As if, he was enjoying his teenage and it was mere for leisure. Boys never feel their accountability towards their girls. Might be this the heat of ego for them. Now girls, as usual keep on trying, trying and trying to get the love back.

  • Sins they are committing?

It has also been observed nowadays, that couples get married to each other while they are in relationships. How they get married? over a phone call! they recite three words separately and they think they have done a valid Nikah. Few couples dare to get married with the help of their friends and relatives. Their Nikah took place somewhere in the shrines or lonely place in front of Qazi Saheb for a few bucks. Now onward they will try to live a life as if they are husband wife. They are even keen to have a sexual relationship. Few days went away, their infatuation has gone by now. They quarrels and this put to a tragic end of their relationship, which is a secret marriage. No one was aware of that. We can easily assume and calculate the chemistry of sins they have experimented in the lab of their lives. At last, the girls want to seek forgiveness of their sins.

  • Results of their pre-marital and extra-marital relationships?

The results are nothing but separated lives of couples. Whether they are unmarried or married. In extra-marital affairs husband or a wife distracts from his family and attracts towards another female. Somehow resulting in the separation. The outcome of Muslim dating is divorce. Few scholars said very well that Muslim dating prepares us for divorce and not for marriage. Youngsters must realize that by moving ahead in the relationships they are committing sins which is perishing their worship, if any, they are performing. Girls should restrict themselves to get involved with any non-mahram. When a girl and a boy meets in a lonely place, they are not alone in real, they are accompanied by Satan. As being stated by this:

Our Beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said, “If a man and a woman are alone together in an isolated place, then the third is Shaitan.”

Bukhari narrated that the Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said, “No man should stay with a lady in seclusion except in the presence of a mahram to her.” A man stood up and said, “O Rasul ALLAH! My wife has gone out intending to perform the Hajj and I have been enrolled in the army for such and such a campaign.” The Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said, “Return and perform the Hajj with your wife.”

  • Impact on the afterlives?

If you do so, you will ruin your life indeed along with your entire family. They will feel ashamed of you for the shameful acts you did. The loss incurred by you will be paid by your parents and siblings. Your entire sins will be unveiled in front of every one, acts you committed in the loneliness in this world. The Day of Resurrection will surely come one day. The day on which our every act will be weighed, measured and the punishment will be surely for those sinners who have no fear of ALLAH Subhanahu Ta’ala. Refrain yourself from such forbidden acts. Do not let anyone to divert you from the righteous path in any way through any way. May ALLAH protect us from Shaitan, Ameen.

All praises are for ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala and all the errors are mine. May ALLAH guide us to the righteous path.

Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage

Though there are number of sisters who are in need of an amulet, wazifa or a dua for love marriage

ya ALLAH Taweez to Get Married with Own Consent in Roman English

Marzi ki Shadi Karne Ke Liye. Ye amal ap tab hi kar sakte hai agar apka Nikah ka Istikhara apke haq mein aya hua ho. Kisi alim ya maulvi se agar apne nikalvaya hua hai to bhi chalega. Agar nahi nikalvaya hai to ap is link se ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara bhi kar sakte hai. Aur ãl عِmrãń se ap apne khwab ki taabeer bhi puch sakte hai.

Ye taweez kisi bhi roz bana sakte hai. Aur kisi bhi behtar waqt bana sakte hai. Ye taweez banane se pahle ap is link se ijazat lene ka tareeqa dekhiye.

  1. Taweez banane se pahle wuzoo kar lijiye;
  2. Kisi pak-saf kaghaz par chokor khane bana le;
  3. Khane jese niche bane hue hai thik wese hi banaye;
  4. Uske bad Sabse upar Bismillah Shareef arabi mein jesi niche likhi hui hai wesi likhiye;
  5. Uske pahle 4 khane wo likhe jispar number 1 dala gaya hai;
  6. Fir number 2 ka khana bhariye;
  7. Isi tarteeb se apko number 3 se lekar number 8 tak ke khane bharne hai;
  8. Uske niche khud ka nam aur niche unka naam arabi ya urdu mein likhiye jin se shadi karna chahte hai;
  9. Ye taweez muhib (muhabbat karne wala shaks) apne takiye ke niche rakh le;
  10. Agar bahot jaldi asar chahiye to do bhari patharo ke bich is taweez ko daba dijiye. Patharo ki satah sapaat honi chahiye. Aur ek pathar ka wazan kam-az-kam ek ser yani 933.10 gram ya fir 1 kilogram se kam nahi hona chahiye. Zyadah wazni ho agar pathar to bhi koi harj nahi hai lekin 2 ser yani 1866 gram yani 2 kilogram se kam hi hona chahiye;
  11. Khas bat ghaur kijiyega ke ye pathar kisi zameen par rakhe hue takhte ya fir kisi chauki par nahi rakhiye. Balki sidha pak-saf zameen par hi rakhiye jahan kisi ka ana jana aur be-adabi na ho;
  12. Is taweez ko jab tak rakhe rahne de jab tak apko mukammal asar nazar nahi ata;
  13. Is amal ko sirf jayaz maqaasid ke liye hi kijiye. Misaal ke taur par jese ap kisi shadi shuda aurat se nikah karne ke liye kar rahe hai jo apko janti bhi nahi;

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen haiz/maahwari me nahi kare ye wazifa.

Taweez jo banana hai. Likhna sidhe hath se shuru kijiye jese urdu likhte hai.


ya ALLAH Taweez to Get Married with Own Consent in English

  1. Before making this amulet please make a fresh ablution;
  2. Get one white pure and cleansed paper;
  3. Make squares blocks on it with any pen as in the above image;
  4. After that write Bismillah Shareef in arabic as written above;
  5. Then write first four square blocks on which #1 has been written in the above image;
  6. After this fill the square block #2;
  7. In the same manner, fill the entire square blocks from #3 to #8;
  8. Write Al-hubu below;
  9. Now, below that write your name (who want to marry);
  10. Below that, write the name of the lover (whom you want to marry), write both in Arabic or Urdu;
  11. Fold the paper and put this under your pillow;
  12. If you want quick results than place this amulet under the flat stone with the weight of at least 933.10 grams or not less than 1 kilogram. The stone can be heavier then this weight but not more than 1866 grams or 2 kilograms.
  13. The very important point to remind is that the stone should not be placed on any type of Plank. It should directly be placed on the cleaned floor. No one should come at that place in order to sacrilege.
  14. Let this amulet be there till you see the favorable results;
  15. Perform this wazifa for only legible and valid intentions. The example of Illegible and invalid intentions is you are performing this wazifa for married women who don’t even know you.

Important Note: Females should not perform this while they are in menses/periods.

Roman English Translation of the above amulet to understand the words only. Write the above amulet from right to left as you write Urdu and Arabic.

Bismillah hirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem 

yakun | walam | yoolad | walam -3

ALLAHU | a’hadun | ALLAHU | huaa -5

lahu | yakun | walam | yoolad -7

a’hadun | ALLAHU | huaa | qul -1

walam | yalid | lam | a-ssamadu -6

qul | a’hadun | kufuwan | lahu -4

yalidu | lam | a-ssamadu | ALLAHU -2

A’hadun | kufuwan-8


Khud ka nam jo shadi karna chahta hai (arabi ya urdu mein)

Jisse shadi karna chahte hai yani Mehboob ka nam (arabi ya urdu mein)

ya ALLAH Taweez to Get Married with Own Consent in Hindi

या अल्लाह मुजर्रब तावीज़ किसी से मुहब्बत की शादी करने के लिए हिंदी में

ये वज़ीफ़ा किसी भी नाजायज़ मक़ासिद के लिए हरग़िज़ नहीं करे|
मर्ज़ी की शादी करने के लिए| ये अमल आप तब ही कर सकते है अगर आपका निकाह का इस्तिखारा आपके हक़ में आया हो| किसी आलिम या मौलवी से अगर अपने निकलवाया हुआ है तो भी चलेगा| अगर नहीं निकलवाया है तो आप इस लिंक से या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिखारा भी कर सकते है| और अल-इमरान से आप अपने ख़्वाब की ताबीर भी पूछ सकते है|

ये तावीज़ किसी भी रोज़ बना सकते है| और किसी भी बेहतर वक़्त बना सकते है| ये तावीज़ बनाने से पहले आप इस लिंक से इजाज़त लेने का तरीक़ा देखिये|

  1. तावीज़ बनाने से पहले वुज़ू कर लीजिये;
  2. किसी पाक-साफ काग़ज़ पर चौकोर खाने बना लीजिये|
  3. खाने जैसे नीचे बने हुए है ठीक वैसे ही बना लीजिये
  4. उसके बाद सबसे ऊपर बिस्मिल्लाह शरीफ अरबी में जैसी ऊपर लिखी हुई है ठीक वैसी ही लिख लीजिये|
  5. उसके पहले 4 खाने वो लिखे जिसपर नंबर 1 डाला गया है|
  6. फिर नंबर 2 का खाना भर दीजिये;
  7. इसी तरतीब से आपको नंबर 3 से लेकर नंबर 8 तक के तमाम खाने भरने है;
  8. उसके नीचे खुद का नाम (जो ये अमल कर रहे है) लिख दीजिये| उर्दू या अरबी में|
  9. उसके नीचे मतलूब का नाम (जिनसे निकाह करना चाहते है)| उर्दू या अरबी में|
  10. ये तावीज़ मुहिब (मुहब्बत करने वाला शख़्स) अपने तकिये के नीचे रख ले;
  11. अगर जल्दी असर चाहिए तो दो भारी पत्थरो के बीच इस तावीज़ को दबा दीजिये| पत्थरो की सतह सपाट होनी चाहिए| और एक पत्थर का वज़न कम-अज़-कम एक सेर यानि 933.10 ग्राम या फिर 1 किलोग्राम से कम नहीं होना चाहिए| पत्थर अगर ज़्यादह वज़नी हो तो भी कोई हर्ज नहीं है लेकिन 2 सेर यानि 1866 ग्राम यानि तक़रीबन 2 किलोग्राम से कम ही होना चाहिए|
  12. खास बात ग़ौर फरमाइयेगा के ये पत्थर किसी ज़मीन पर रखे हुए तख़्ते या फिर किसी चौकी पर नहीं रखना है| बल्कि सीधा पाक-साफ ज़मीन पर ही रखना है| जहाँ किसी का आना जाना और बे-अदबी न होने पाये;
  13. इस तावीज़ को जब तक रखे रहने दे जब तक के आपको मुकम्मल असर नज़र नहीं आये;
  14. इस अमल को सिर्फ जायज़ मक़ासिद के लिए ही कीजिये| मिसाल के तौर पर जैसे आप किसी शादी शुदा औरत से निकाह करने के लिए कर रहे है जो आपको जानती भी नहीं;

तावीज़ जो बनाना है उसको नीचे समझाया गया है| ये सिर्फ आपको समझाने के लिए हिंदी में बताया गया है| तावीज़ आपको ऊपर अरबी में ही बनाना है| सीधे हाथ से उलटे हाथ की तरफ से लिखिए जैसा अरबी और उर्दू ज़ुबान में लिखते है| सबसे पहले बिस्मिल्लाह शरीफ लिखिए उसके बाद गिनतियों के हिसाब से एक से लेकर नौ तक आयात लिखिए|

बिस्मिल्लाह हिर्रहमान निर्रहीम 

यकुन | वलम | यूलद | वलम -3

अल्लाहु | अहदुन | अल्लाहु | हुआ -5

लहू | यकुन | वलम | यूलद -7

अहदुन | अल्लाहु | हुआ | क़ुल -1

वलम | यलिद | लम | अस्समदु -6

क़ुल | अहदुन | कुफ़ुवन | लहू -4

यलिदु | लम | अस्समदु | अल्लाहु -2

अहदुन कुफ़ुवन -8


ख़ुद का नाम (अरबी या उर्दू में)

जिनसे मुहब्बत करते है उनका यानि मेहबूब का नाम (अरबी या उर्दू में)

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन हैज़/माहवारी में ये वज़ीफ़ा नहीं करे| Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage

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