Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage

September 17th, 2017

Dating in Islam is strictly forbidden and treated as a grievous sin. Muslim these days are following the path of non-Muslims and a western culture in almost every aspect.

Every moment I begin with,

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Results of Muslims Dating, A Love Affair, and Couple’s Marriage

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Lakin is wazaify sy ALLAH PAK ny mri sis ki sun li usky naseeb khool diya aur usy uska payar mil gya n nw mashAllah wo bht achi lyf spend kr rhi h n bht bht khush h masha ALLAH apny gahr….click to read full post.

The westernization has impacted this at a very rapid rate and has spoiled the entire Ummah. We never even felt that we are entirely sinking into the sea of sins where no one will ever come to get us out from that. Islamic prayer for marriage of own consent is absolutely the outcome of Muslim dating, we must accept. Earlier on ya ALLAH Website I generally publish ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif with a short description attached thereto. Now, the need of an explanation of the requirement and the causes of the arousal of those dua and wazaif has emerged. Ultimately, to let the entire ya ALLAH community know. Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer Own Consent of Marriage is not only a wazifa but also an Islamic article through which I will probably try to open the eyes of my lovely people, the entire members of the ya ALLAH Community Alhamdulillah. Questions, Im this post Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage, will discuss further are:

  • Into what they are indulging?
  • Sins they are committing?
  • Results of their pre-marital and extra-marital relationships?
  • Impact on the afterlives?

Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage-

  • Into what they are indulging?

Love is not a sin in Islam. In fact this is the emotion that has been created by ALLAH Ta’ala. Whereas, having relationships with a non-Mahram is disliked by ALLAH Azzawajal. Likewise, cultures in western countries of having a boyfriend and girlfriend which is absolutely a forbidden according to Islam. Muslim girls have always been honest towards their love, perhaps they are forced to obey by their boyfriends. Forced to meet them, forced to go on a date with them which is what I am discussing primarily here as a Muslim dating. Furthermore, the boyfriends forced them to have a sexual relationships with them, which is just a temporary pleasure, for what they were planning to. They are only concerned to satisfy their sexual hunger. Which results in corruption in the society of Muslims. This is a conspiracy of ShatainOhh!! ya ALLAH please forgive me and forgive entire Ummah for small and large and whatever sins we have done!

Very easy and fantastically presented video of this wazifa

Behad asan aur tariqe se samjhaya hua is amal ka video dekhein


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Exceptions are always there, among those pairs, few of them are willing to get married with their love. Few of among them usually fail while striving. Muslim Dating Outcome has now a horrific end. The rest, which is a very percentage keeps on struggling in order to make their parents agree for marriage. They get success to perform a marriage of their choice. Another horrible part of this story are struggling girls who had loved their boyfriends with the great intensity and tried so hard to get married with them. Meanwhile, the boy had left the girl without providing any reasonable answer to her. They rather worried. As if, he was enjoying his teenage and it was mere for leisure. Boys never feel their accountability towards their girls. Might be this the heat of ego for them. Now girls, as usual keep on trying, trying and trying to get the love back.

  • Sins they are committing?

It has also been observed nowadays, that couples get married to each other while they are in relationships. How they get married? over a phone call! they recite three words separately and they think they have done a valid Nikah. Few couples dare to get married with the help of their friends and relatives. Their Nikah took place somewhere in the shrines or lonely place in front of Qazi Saheb for a few bucks. Now onward they will try to live a life as if they are husband wife. They are even keen to have a sexual relationship. Few days went away, their infatuation has gone by now. They quarrels and this put to a tragic end of their relationship, which is a secret marriage. No one was aware of that. We can easily assume and calculate the chemistry of sins they have experimented in the lab of their lives. At last, the girls want to seek forgiveness of their sins.

  • Results of their pre-marital and extra-marital relationships?

The results are nothing but separated lives of couples. Whether they are unmarried or married. In extra-marital affairs husband or a wife distracts from his family and attracts towards another female. Somehow resulting in the separation. The outcome of Muslim dating is divorce. Few scholars said very well that Muslim dating prepares us for divorce and not for marriage. Youngsters must realize that by moving ahead in the relationships they are committing sins which is perishing their worship, if any, they are performing. Girls should restrict themselves to get involved with any non-mahram. When a girl and a boy meets in a lonely place, they are not alone in real, they are accompanied by Satan. As being stated by this:

Our Beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said, “If a man and a woman are alone together in an isolated place, then the third is Shaitan.”

Bukhari narrated that the Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said, “No man should stay with a lady in seclusion except in the presence of a mahram to her.” A man stood up and said, “O Rasul ALLAH! My wife has gone out intending to perform the Hajj and I have been enrolled in the army for such and such a campaign.” The Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam said, “Return and perform the Hajj with your wife.”

  • Impact on the afterlives?

If you do so, you will ruin your life indeed along with your entire family. They will feel ashamed of you for the shameful acts you did. The loss incurred by you will be paid by your parents and siblings. Your entire sins will be unveiled in front of every one, acts you committed in the loneliness in this world. The Day of Resurrection will surely come one day. The day on which our every act will be weighed, measured and the punishment will be surely for those sinners who have no fear of ALLAH Subhanahu Ta’ala. Refrain yourself from such forbidden acts. Do not let anyone to divert you from the righteous path in any way through any way. May ALLAH protect us from Shaitan, Ameen.

All praises are for ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala and all the errors are mine. May ALLAH guide us to the righteous path.

Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage

Though there are number of sisters who are in need of an amulet, wazifa or a dua for love marriage

ya ALLAH Taweez to Get Married with Own Consent in Roman English

Marzi ki Shadi Karne Ke Liye. Ye amal ap tab hi kar sakte hai agar apka Nikah ka Istikhara apke haq mein aya hua ho. Kisi alim ya maulvi se agar apne nikalvaya hua hai to bhi chalega. Agar nahi nikalvaya hai to ap is link se ya ALLAH Nikah Istikhara bhi kar sakte hai. Aur ãl عِmrãń se ap apne khwab ki taabeer bhi puch sakte hai.

Ye taweez kisi bhi roz bana sakte hai. Aur kisi bhi behtar waqt bana sakte hai. Ye taweez banane se pahle ap is link se ijazat lene ka tareeqa dekhiye.

  1. Taweez banane se pahle wuzoo kar lijiye;
  2. Kisi pak-saf kaghaz par chokor khane bana le;
  3. Khane jese niche bane hue hai thik wese hi banaye;
  4. Uske bad Sabse upar Bismillah Shareef arabi mein jesi niche likhi hui hai wesi likhiye;
  5. Uske pahle 4 khane wo likhe jispar number 1 dala gaya hai;
  6. Fir number 2 ka khana bhariye;
  7. Isi tarteeb se apko number 3 se lekar number 8 tak ke khane bharne hai;
  8. Uske niche khud ka nam aur niche unka naam arabi ya urdu mein likhiye jin se shadi karna chahte hai;
  9. Ye taweez muhib (muhabbat karne wala shaks) apne takiye ke niche rakh le;
  10. Agar bahot jaldi asar chahiye to do bhari patharo ke bich is taweez ko daba dijiye. Patharo ki satah sapaat honi chahiye. Aur ek pathar ka wazan kam-az-kam ek ser yani 933.10 gram ya fir 1 kilogram se kam nahi hona chahiye. Zyadah wazni ho agar pathar to bhi koi harj nahi hai lekin 2 ser yani 1866 gram yani 2 kilogram se kam hi hona chahiye;
  11. Khas bat ghaur kijiyega ke ye pathar kisi zameen par rakhe hue takhte ya fir kisi chauki par nahi rakhiye. Balki sidha pak-saf zameen par hi rakhiye jahan kisi ka ana jana aur be-adabi na ho;
  12. Is taweez ko jab tak rakhe rahne de jab tak apko mukammal asar nazar nahi ata;
  13. Is amal ko sirf jayaz maqaasid ke liye hi kijiye. Misaal ke taur par jese ap kisi shadi shuda aurat se nikah karne ke liye kar rahe hai jo apko janti bhi nahi;

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen haiz/maahwari me nahi kare ye wazifa.

Taweez jo banana hai. Likhna sidhe hath se shuru kijiye jese urdu likhte hai.


ya ALLAH Taweez to Get Married with Own Consent in English

  1. Before making this amulet please make a fresh ablution;
  2. Get one white pure and cleansed paper;
  3. Make squares blocks on it with any pen as in the above image;
  4. After that write Bismillah Shareef in arabic as written above;
  5. Then write first four square blocks on which #1 has been written in the above image;
  6. After this fill the square block #2;
  7. In the same manner, fill the entire square blocks from #3 to #8;
  8. Write Al-hubu below;
  9. Now, below that write your name (who want to marry);
  10. Below that, write the name of the lover (whom you want to marry), write both in Arabic or Urdu;
  11. Fold the paper and put this under your pillow;
  12. If you want quick results than place this amulet under the flat stone with the weight of at least 933.10 grams or not less than 1 kilogram. The stone can be heavier then this weight but not more than 1866 grams or 2 kilograms.
  13. The very important point to remind is that the stone should not be placed on any type of Plank. It should directly be placed on the cleaned floor. No one should come at that place in order to sacrilege.
  14. Let this amulet be there till you see the favorable results;
  15. Perform this wazifa for only legible and valid intentions. The example of Illegible and invalid intentions is you are performing this wazifa for married women who don’t even know you.

Important Note: Females should not perform this while they are in menses/periods.

Roman English Translation of the above amulet to understand the words only. Write the above amulet from right to left as you write Urdu and Arabic.

Bismillah hirRa’hmaan nirRa’heem 

yakun | walam | yoolad | walam -3

ALLAHU | a’hadun | ALLAHU | huaa -5

lahu | yakun | walam | yoolad -7

a’hadun | ALLAHU | huaa | qul -1

walam | yalid | lam | a-ssamadu -6

qul | a’hadun | kufuwan | lahu -4

yalidu | lam | a-ssamadu | ALLAHU -2

A’hadun | kufuwan-8


Khud ka nam jo shadi karna chahta hai (arabi ya urdu mein)

Jisse shadi karna chahte hai yani Mehboob ka nam (arabi ya urdu mein)

ya ALLAH Taweez to Get Married with Own Consent in Hindi

या अल्लाह मुजर्रब तावीज़ किसी से मुहब्बत की शादी करने के लिए हिंदी में

ये वज़ीफ़ा किसी भी नाजायज़ मक़ासिद के लिए हरग़िज़ नहीं करे|
मर्ज़ी की शादी करने के लिए| ये अमल आप तब ही कर सकते है अगर आपका निकाह का इस्तिखारा आपके हक़ में आया हो| किसी आलिम या मौलवी से अगर अपने निकलवाया हुआ है तो भी चलेगा| अगर नहीं निकलवाया है तो आप इस लिंक से या अल्लाह निकाह इस्तिखारा भी कर सकते है| और अल-इमरान से आप अपने ख़्वाब की ताबीर भी पूछ सकते है|

ये तावीज़ किसी भी रोज़ बना सकते है| और किसी भी बेहतर वक़्त बना सकते है| ये तावीज़ बनाने से पहले आप इस लिंक से इजाज़त लेने का तरीक़ा देखिये|

  1. तावीज़ बनाने से पहले वुज़ू कर लीजिये;
  2. किसी पाक-साफ काग़ज़ पर चौकोर खाने बना लीजिये|
  3. खाने जैसे नीचे बने हुए है ठीक वैसे ही बना लीजिये
  4. उसके बाद सबसे ऊपर बिस्मिल्लाह शरीफ अरबी में जैसी ऊपर लिखी हुई है ठीक वैसी ही लिख लीजिये|
  5. उसके पहले 4 खाने वो लिखे जिसपर नंबर 1 डाला गया है|
  6. फिर नंबर 2 का खाना भर दीजिये;
  7. इसी तरतीब से आपको नंबर 3 से लेकर नंबर 8 तक के तमाम खाने भरने है;
  8. उसके नीचे खुद का नाम (जो ये अमल कर रहे है) लिख दीजिये| उर्दू या अरबी में|
  9. उसके नीचे मतलूब का नाम (जिनसे निकाह करना चाहते है)| उर्दू या अरबी में|
  10. ये तावीज़ मुहिब (मुहब्बत करने वाला शख़्स) अपने तकिये के नीचे रख ले;
  11. अगर जल्दी असर चाहिए तो दो भारी पत्थरो के बीच इस तावीज़ को दबा दीजिये| पत्थरो की सतह सपाट होनी चाहिए| और एक पत्थर का वज़न कम-अज़-कम एक सेर यानि 933.10 ग्राम या फिर 1 किलोग्राम से कम नहीं होना चाहिए| पत्थर अगर ज़्यादह वज़नी हो तो भी कोई हर्ज नहीं है लेकिन 2 सेर यानि 1866 ग्राम यानि तक़रीबन 2 किलोग्राम से कम ही होना चाहिए|
  12. खास बात ग़ौर फरमाइयेगा के ये पत्थर किसी ज़मीन पर रखे हुए तख़्ते या फिर किसी चौकी पर नहीं रखना है| बल्कि सीधा पाक-साफ ज़मीन पर ही रखना है| जहाँ किसी का आना जाना और बे-अदबी न होने पाये;
  13. इस तावीज़ को जब तक रखे रहने दे जब तक के आपको मुकम्मल असर नज़र नहीं आये;
  14. इस अमल को सिर्फ जायज़ मक़ासिद के लिए ही कीजिये| मिसाल के तौर पर जैसे आप किसी शादी शुदा औरत से निकाह करने के लिए कर रहे है जो आपको जानती भी नहीं;

तावीज़ जो बनाना है उसको नीचे समझाया गया है| ये सिर्फ आपको समझाने के लिए हिंदी में बताया गया है| तावीज़ आपको ऊपर अरबी में ही बनाना है| सीधे हाथ से उलटे हाथ की तरफ से लिखिए जैसा अरबी और उर्दू ज़ुबान में लिखते है| सबसे पहले बिस्मिल्लाह शरीफ लिखिए उसके बाद गिनतियों के हिसाब से एक से लेकर नौ तक आयात लिखिए|

बिस्मिल्लाह हिर्रहमान निर्रहीम 

यकुन | वलम | यूलद | वलम -3

अल्लाहु | अहदुन | अल्लाहु | हुआ -5

लहू | यकुन | वलम | यूलद -7

अहदुन | अल्लाहु | हुआ | क़ुल -1

वलम | यलिद | लम | अस्समदु -6

क़ुल | अहदुन | कुफ़ुवन | लहू -4

यलिदु | लम | अस्समदु | अल्लाहु -2

अहदुन कुफ़ुवन -8


ख़ुद का नाम (अरबी या उर्दू में)

जिनसे मुहब्बत करते है उनका यानि मेहबूब का नाम (अरबी या उर्दू में)

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन हैज़/माहवारी में ये वज़ीफ़ा नहीं करे| Muslim Dating Outcome Islamic Prayer, Own Consent Marriage


  1. Faiza on said:

    Mein ne bnaya tha ye taweez. Lakin kuch arsay bd utha dia. Mje lga mein in ayaat ki be adabi kr rahi hn..abi tk mere pas hai..mein kya krn is taweez ka ab.

      • Faiza on said:

        Pak mitti konsi. aksar janwar ajate. kiyariyun mein. kya nehar main bahaya ja saqta.

  2. Kya hum yai mushk and zafran k sath likh sakty hain to make it more effective ..???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes ap mushk aur zafran se likha sakte hain ye taweez.

  3. Usama on said:

    Bhi g sath apni maa k naam us lrki ki maa k naam b likhna ha

  4. Sana on said:

    Pehly al hub phr Apna nam binte mother name phr larky ka nam bin mother name esy likhna he???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Apke nam ki niche larke ka name ayega. Mother name nahi likhna.

  5. Sana on said:

    Ijazat kesi milegi bhai?? me already follower hun

  6. aisha on said:

    asalam o alaikum

    is taweez ko bhari cupboard ke neeche rakh sakte hain floor k upar? matlab mere apne room mai???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Rakh sakte hain.

  7. Bhai mere Kuch sawal h plz ap bta dijiye
    Ek to ye ki me apne ghr me teesre floor pr rehti hun teesri manzil pr Aur mere ghr me pathar lage hue h zameen pr to kya me yha rakh sakti hun apne ghr me ya nhi kya sabse neeche zameen pr rakhna h ya yha bhi rakh sakte teesri manzil pr vo bhi AGR zameen pr pathar lage hue ho to
    Aur dusra ye ki kya inko Jo gumme hote h Jo jb makan bnta h tb usme lgte h to kya is wazifa me pathar me Jo taveez rakhne ko bola gya h vo gummon me rakh sakte h kya
    Aur teesra ye ki upar ye likha gya h ki Bs apna Aur ladke ka naam likhna h lekin comment me mammi ka naam bhi likhne ko bola gya h to kya direct name likhna h jese ladke ka naam Aur uski man ka nam Aur apan naam Aur Apni man ka naam ya in dono ke beech me Kuch lgana h jese ki bin ya binte vagerah plz reply De dijiyega………

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Teesri manzil par bhi rakh sakti hain ap. Kisi bhi wazan ke niche rakh sakti hain bas jagah pak honi chahiye. Bin aur binte laga kar pura nam likhein apna aur ladke ka. #yaALLAHcomments

      • Muskan on said:

        Assalamu alaikum imran Bhai muje ye clear Karna hai ki mai pehle khud ka naam fir binte bol k mere mummy ka naam fir alahub mere bf ka naam fir bin bol k mere bf k mummy ka naam likhna hai na

        • Al Imran on said:

          Dear Sis, sirf apko khud ka nam aur uske bad unka nam jinse nikah karna chahti hai likhna hai.

  8. aly on said:

    as sallam o alikum
    bhai mene ye tawez ek molvi shaib se lia hai
    kia me is taweez ko marbal k pathar me jo k spat ho mulaim b ho aue itna he wazan ho donu ka un me rakh sakta hon … aur kia isko me apne ghar me apne room me rkah sakta hon patharon k neche…. aur ye rakh k sath koi dua ya wazifa b kar sakta hon kia
    plz answer me am from pakistan

    marbal ka new fresh pathar hai jo ghar me lgatay hain

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ji ha ap rakh sakte hai bhai, dusra wazifa bhi kar sakte hai. behtar to ye tha ke ap unse hi puchhte.

  9. Assalm u alyekum
    Ye wazifa hume molvi sahib ne 3-4 mahine pehle bana k diye the par abhi tak koi result nahi aya.kiya hum ye dobara kar sakte?

  10. firdous on said:

    Assalm u alyekum
    Ye wazifa hume molvi sahib ne 3-4 mahine pehle bana k diye the par abhi tak koi result nahi aya.kiya hum ye dobara kar sakte?

  11. farah on said:

    asalam o alykum..bhai ya batadain k stone ka weight ketna hona chahey??…main ny kahain aur prha hy k lazmi 2kg sy zada ho…and kya mother name complusory hy agr nahi pata ho tu??

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      2 kg ke qareeb rakh lein aur mother name nahi pata to ‘hawwa’ bolein ap. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  12. ashiana on said:

    With what ink should we write taweez?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You can use either black or blue ink to write this taweez.

  13. waheda on said:

    salam alai kum bhai,
    i’m a shia girl and i wanna do this taweez but there is a little confusion :

    at the end, i have to write his and his mother’s name first or mine and my mothers ? please respond me so i can do it ! thanks jazakallah !

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You have to write his and his mother’s name in the end. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

      • waheda on said:

        sorry but it’s just not clear, on you 8 point you wrote “Uske niche unka naam arabi ya urdu mein likhiye jin se shadi karna chahte hai aur uske niche khud ka nam” so what to do now ???? please, exaplain bhay, urgent, jazakallah !

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Apka khud ka naam uper ayega aur jin se shadi karna chahte hain, unka naam neeche ayaega.
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  14. rahela on said:

    salam alai kum, can we just print the taweez and complet in arabic the names or not ? jazakallah !

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      No, you have to write it by yourself.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad me Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain. Join Now!!-

  15. ayesha on said:

    Salam bahi
    Meri help kara plz
    ma aik larka sa boht pyar krte hun wo be mujsa boht pyar krta ha uske family humara leya agree kr chuki ha and unho na rishhta be behja lakin mera father nhi man raha plz kuch suggest kara

  16. Assalam Sir how are you? sir Muja ap sa two three batha discuss karni ha. Mera life ma past three years sa bohot issues ha regarding ky education and marriage, ab mera parents chata ha meri shadi hojai jaldi and ma khud be yahe chati ho. Ma apna ek class fellow ko pasand karti ho bohot acha larka ha. Uski family be bohpt achi ha. However hum log pala canada ma rata ta wo larka be wahi hota ha ab hum kuch saalu ka lia pakostan aye ha tu meri labhi kabhi us sa bath hoja ti ha salam dua waghara. Ap ka ya amal mana para or mana istikhara be kia 7 nights. However sir Istikhara ma rath 3 am karti ti ku ka muja kuch kaam hota ta ma wo jib finish karti ti rath ka 3 hoja ta ta phir ma two rakath nafal par ka first rakat ma surah kafiroon and second ka surah ikhlas phor uska bath ka dua e istikhara parti ti and then ma kibla ka direction face kar ka he anka band karti ti but problem ya thi ka muja nend nai ati ti sai sa, ma bohot try karti ti ka sojaw but anka band hoti ti nend nai ati ti or beach ma kabhi water peena ka lia ut jati ti kabhi washroom, but mNa phir be seven nights kia. Seven nights muja istikhara related koi dream nai aya, but mera dil muja ya kara ka I should do this amal from next month, ku ka mera parents chata ha meri shadi ek relegious educated larka sa hojai or us larka ma wahi sari qualities ha or wo humara language bw bolta ha. Istikhara mana sai kia sir? ya mana koi ghalti ke ha? Muja istikhara related koi dream nai aya only random dreams.

    tu ya amal ma start kardu ap ke ijazat ha? Dream nai aya but mera feeling ya ha ka ma next konth ya start karlo

    please reply fast sir mana ap ko fb per be message kia but koi rep nai aya


    • Al عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis ap ek bar phir se theek tarah se Isha ki namaz ada karne ke bad istikhara kare or 7 days bad apne dreams yaha pe share kare. I’ll guide you further insha ALLAH.
      Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB. See this link-

      • Hina khan on said:

        Assalam walikum brother mana ek molvi ko apna istikhara sub bathaya uno na kaha istikhara ma ap na koi ghalti nai ke and dream zarori nai ha and agar ap ka dil us taraf jara ha us ma kher hogi ap ke. Brother tu dubara karna zarori ha? or brother kia asa nai hosak tha ap mera lia istikhara karla? because mera sath yahe problem ha ma jaldi nai so sak thi and muddle ma bohot dafa ma ut thi ho kabhi kitchen kabhi washroom so is it poasible if you xan perform it for me?

  17. Rani on said:

    Aoa sir. es taweez ko krny sy jin churail ya koi shattani cheizen daraty hai, ya phr es taweez ka koi galat asar tou nhi hota??

  18. bhai mny phly nam k sth maa ka nam ni likha tha ubi mny cmnt m prha k maa k nam b likhna h to kia m usi tveez ko khol k sth maa k nam likh dn ya naya bnana pry ga guid me plz

  19. Saba on said:

    Phr yahan unka name
    Yahan apna aese ?.

  20. Saba on said:

    Main ye pora banaya or APNA NAME ALHUB PHR UNKA NAME LIKHA BUT mothers name nh likhe qk Upar mention nj tha ab comment m dekha K apne mothers name b kaha ab batain kia karon ?

  21. Saba on said:

    Bhai sirf sotai waqt takeye k neechai rakhna hai ya hr waqt… plz clear kr dain

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Waha details batayi hai mene sis. #yaALLAHcomments

  22. SALIM KHAN on said:

    I have one girl, she puposed Mr for love and after some days for marry,
    But after 7-8 month when her parents is fixing her marriage then she accepted him, and suddenly she left me, now days I am fully crazy for her love. I need her back in my life and get marry with her soon

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kare pahle ap. #yaALLAHcomments #alimranraza

  23. Noor on said:

    sir 2no k nechy ya phir phly ak pathar rkh kr usk upar taveez rkh kr phir 2sra pathar rkhna hy repl plz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ek pathar uske upar taweez fir dusra pathar. #yaALLAHcomments #alimranraza.

  24. Noor on said:

    sir ak pathar zmeen par or dusra taveez k upar hona chahye? reply plz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes exactly you are right. #yaALLAHcomments #alimranraza

  25. mjy ijazat chahye

  26. misbah on said:

    i want the details of amal kindly guide me properly.
    i loved a guy so much,i was for him whenever he need help ,he was tense.he was good with me for 1year but after that he changed,i want to mary him but he used to ignored me and interested in another girl.and married with her .since 2 years..i still love him..i tried alot but cant forget him.i dnt have wrong intentions i want to care him love him and want legal relation but he loved another girl and cheated me.kindly tell me some wazifa that he will again comes to me and marry me..
    thanks waiing for ur reply imran bhai.

  27. salam bhai…….me jisko pasnd krti hun……………os ne shadi k liye mna kr diya halankay sb kuck pasnd tha onkey and merey parents ko but wo khud nai manta……… ne ye osi k nam likh ker stone k nichey rkha but stil no response …………….aap plz help me…….

  28. heena sayyed on said:

    assalamulaikum , me kikso like krti hu to uske liye ye wazifa kr skti hu me, agr kr skti hu to kya uski naam leke ye krna hai ye wafiza dil me niyat rkna hai

  29. hamii on said:

    Imran bhai Kia AP mujy bta sakty Han k Qur’an Ki surat Ko uski sahi terteeb k bins likhna gunaah Ni ha? Jasy apny taweez ma lines Ko uper nechy likha ha?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap dhyan se dekhe sis, wo tarteeb se hi hai lekin upar aur niche hai. Ghaur kare uspar. #yaALLAHcomments

  30. sanaa on said:

    Bhai plz tell ke aik stone ke nechy rakhna ye ya 2 . R paper koi bhi register ya copy ka le sekty hain ya nahi

  31. Sana on said:

    Can we take simple papr of any register or copy ?

  32. Kak on said:

    Salam imran bhai….I had mentioned that I am reciting wazifa for live marriage Gulluwlla ho ahad wala for 90 days and to gt lovr back… Ya jami ul wala…bt no results yet…n as per ur message I hav started reciting salat ul tawba n hajat namaaz….current I hv stated to recite one more…alham sharif wťala for sevn days
    …can I do d same since no positive results r thr from earlier ones

  33. Gulewaka on said:

    imran bhai apke khene se maine kl se hi nikha istikara suru kiya hai.larke ki ma ka nam nehi pata iss liye hawwa nam liya hai.lekin kl maine kiya daka toda sa yaad hain .aur adhi rat ko nind bhi kul gaye thi billi k rone se iss liye jitna dak paye utna hu bata ti hu. ap mere khwab ki tabeer kije.maine daka ki jaha main soti hunn rat ko waha bait k dn k waqt tha who dua kar rahihun alha se hamare riste k liye mere hat main safeed tasbhee thi aur pass mainkhirki khuli huui thi.aur halka sa yaad hai sayaad unne bhi khwab main akbr dekha reply me.madat kije.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Apka khwab abhi tak to positive hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  34. Asif on said:

    Brother my name is Asif so if i want to write for myself, please check is below method is correct

    فاطمة بنتهد ىهد الحب أسيف بين بنو

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes right. #yaALLAHcomments

  35. Asif on said:

    bhai agar main apne liye likhna chahun to kaise likhna hai …Alhub……. ke baad mera name and walida ka name and then girl name and her mother name..
    or girl name and her mother name and then Alhub and my name and mother name …
    please guide

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      First name and mothers name and then yours and your moms. #yaALLAHcomments

  36. sanobar on said:

    Shaakar mein chintiyo ko dalrahi hu lekin agar wo na khaye toh wazifa kaam nai karega kya

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes kam karega. #yaALLAHcomments

  37. Mia s mohbaat brhany k liye or apny control m krny k liye kuch btayn meri saas usay mere khiilaf bharkati hymn phr wO mjh p her waqt gussa n ignore krta h
    Plizzz help me Bhai g gv me any taweez ejazat b sath dena .

  38. sanobar on said:

    Pyaar mein pagal karne ka wazifa kiye huye 5 din hogaye hai lekin koi jawab nai mila mujhe ky mein isse purra karke ke koi dusra wazifa karu ya abhi dusra wazifa start kar sakti hu

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      pura karne ke bad hi dusra wazifa kare abhi nahi #yaALLAHcomments

  39. sanobar on said:

    Assalamwalaikum imran bhai 4 mahine pehle mere liye ek rista aaya tha ladka mera classmate hai mujhe pata nahi tha ke wo mujhe like kara hai usne rista jab bheja to malum hua.uske mothef aur sisters hamare ghr aaye the mujhe dekhne ke liye sab kuch unhe pasand aaya jaake yeh jawab diye ke mein unlogo ko pasand hu ladke daddy mujse dekhna chahre thode din mein wapas wo log aayenge ghr kehke phn kare kyun ke ladka mujhe pasand karta tha usne mujhse baat karne ki khawhish rakhi donni ki baat huye ek bar donno coffee pe mile sab kuch aacha chalra tha aachanak 1 month pehle usne mujhse baat karna chod diya aur mujhe watsapp aur apne phone pe block kardiya phr yeh bol ke bheje o log ke ladke ke daddy ko mein pasand nai hu mere jiju o ladke ke frnd hai unse malum hua ke wo ladke ne koshish ki ghr pe samjha ne ke nai maane jab usne mujhse baat karna chodiya mein ne nikah ka isthaqara kari hu pehle hi din khawab mei. Yeh dikha ke meine saafed dress pehna hai aur frnd shadi pe gaye hu waha pe ek staircase mein aut meri mom uatre wo staircase pe saare baade trees dalke hai taake mein na uatarsaku meri mom ke help se mein waha se nikalgaye phr mein ne yeh dekha ke mein fish khareed ne jaari hu lekin shop close rehne ki wjah se wapas aari hu aur ek jagah kahi college hai waha pe kuch paper padrahi hu aur 2 ladke mujhe ched rahe hai un mein se ek ladka mujhe shadi karne ke liye puchra aur dusra ladki ka frnd mujhe samjhra ke mein baat manjau mein ubse baat nai karri hu gusse se jab mein waha se nikal rahi hu toh yeh hua ke meri bike kissi ne khaaye mein daldi aur uspe cockroaches hai mejn unhe sab nikal ke meri bike leke waha se aagaye to dekhti hu ke mein apne aunty ke yaha hu unke ek room pe aandar jaane se pehle apne oodni ko saftey pin se secure karke room mein gaye wo room pe ac hai bahut thanda hai yeh khawab ka matlab ky hai positive hai ya negitive hai ap pls mujhe bataye mein pyaar mein pagal karne ka wazifa bhi jo shaakar chintiyo ko khila eo bhi kar rahi hu lekin ladke ke paas se koi bhi jawab naj aaya hai pls meri help kijiye mein bahut dil laga li hu o ladke se usse dur reh nai pa rahi hu jab se usse baat nai hori hai mein jaise depression mein chaligaye hu sleeping pills lerahi hu neend ke liye bhi na sukun na neend na chaain hai mujhe pls bataye ke ky mera khawab positive hai mein mere parents ki aakeli ladki hu wo log mujhe lekar bahut pareshan hai mein na khud ko sambhal sakri hu na unhe aaise dekh sakhti hu pls help me…..

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap ya ALLAH nikah istikhara positive hai dear sis. You can go ahead with the wazifa. #yaALLAHcomments

  40. a.o.a! Bhai kia wo taweeza sirf sotey waqt takeeye k nechey rahkna hai because mai subha the he apna bistar(charpai) utha deti hun pir rat ko sone k time apni jga pe bechati hun

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ji ha sote waqt rakhna hai lekin uske bad waha se hathana nahi hai #yaALLAHcomments

  41. Gulewaka on said:

    Aslamo walai kum
    Imran bhai maine aj nikha itikara kiya aj phela din hai .maine jo sapne pe dekha tik se mujhe kuch yaad nehi kiya daka hai magar jo bhi tik se yaad hai main apko batati hunn app plz mere sapno ki tabir kar dije.
    Maine daka ki mere hat main mosquito marne ki coal thi magar usme aag neni dik rahi thi uske mun me rag tha iss liye aur dhunua bhi nehi dik rahi ti magar jal raha tha.main apne ghar me thi.phir dekha ak pot pe pani lekar maine hamari balkani pe gayi aur pani se gargar karne lagi pani tandi thi. Samka waqt tha karib 8 baje maine asman ke taraf deka to roshni dikaidi .maine apne bhai ko bataya ki dekho aisa lag raha hai ki subha ho rahi hai phir rosni dire dire barne lagi mano subha ho gaye aur phir phele jaise rosni kam hi gaye aur asman phele jaisa ho gaya jaise sam ko 8 baje reheta hai. Lekin mujhe itna yaad hai pur sapne ke duaran apne x boy frnd k bareme soch rahi thi jab ki main usse ab pyar nehi karti plz mere khowab ki tabir kar dije

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Shuruwat mein negative dekha apne fir positive dekha, Ap positive mane, insha ALLAH. #yaALLAHcomments

  42. azam on said:

    agar asli naam kuch aur rehaygea aur humy nahi maloom ho to kiya taweez asar karygea

  43. name on said:

    Bhai main permission lene k baad face par hath ferna bhool gayi.. to kya mujhe fir se taweez likni padegi.. please bta dijiye

  44. name on said:

    Bhai main permission lene k baad face par hath ferna bhool gayi to koi problem to nahi hai…. ya main phir se karun sab matlab firse taweez likhni padegi mujhe plzz reply…

  45. Sana on said:

    Permission kaisy leni hai is ko banany ki . Wahn likha hai sadkha dain kuch paisy .kitny paisy dainy hain?

  46. Hira Naz on said:

    Bhai is it possible taweez bna k takye k cover mei rekh dein or sath sath shadi ka ya mohabbat ka wazifa bhi krty rahy ? Plz bta dein bhai.

  47. waneea on said:

    Bhai muhbat ki shadi karne k liye koi asa wazifa bataein k samne wala khud apko shadi ka pegam bheje

  48. Sana on said:

    Bhai is ko banany ki permission kaisy lain ?

  49. Sir. Ye taweez saffron se likh sakte hain.. and iss taweez ko rakhne k baad mohabbat ka marriage ka wazifa continue ka r sakte hai..plzz reply

  50. no name on said:

    Sir. Saffron se likh sakte hai taweez… and iss taweez ko rakhne k baad mohabbat ka aur wazifa kar sakte hai please reply me……

  51. Hira Naz on said:

    Bhai plz reply dey dejye , 1) takye k cover mein rakh dein or periods k dino mei taweez nikal dein? 2) taweez k sath koi kisi k dil mei mohabbat dalny ka amal kr skty hein?

  52. no name on said:

    Sir. Taweez ko saffron se likh sakte hain. Taweez ko rakhne k baad mohabbat ka marriage ka wazifa continue kar sakte hain… plzz reply

  53. khan on said:

    Assalam walekum
    Bhai plzzz batae naaam kis tarah likhna hai ssamjh. Nhi aarha plsss ek example batade

  54. n.a on said:

    cant we just take the print out of the taweez and use it according to instructions. there will be many who wont know how to write in Urdu and no access to people who might have knowledge of Urdu

  55. Sana on said:

    Bhai ye simple ballpoint se likhna he ya ink pen se or kis din likhna he .aur ijazat kaisy leni hai is ki

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis esa sawal na Kare waha sab likha hua hai ap details parhe pahle. #yaALLAHcomments

  56. cipha shaheen on said:

    aswk…kya bhai ye tawiz mai apni bahan ke rista ke liye likh kr daba sakti hun

  57. no name on said:

    Sir. Kya iss tawwez ko karne k baad hum mohabbat ka wazeefa kar sakte hai… reply plzz

  58. saba on said:

    bhai usne to bat karni chor di, me boht pareshan hun, kya is tawez se jald rishta bhaij dai da khud he inshAllah ?

  59. kanwal on said:

    Assalam o alaikum
    muje yeh puchna ta taweez wese hi likhna he jese likha hoa he pic me num age peche kr k likhna he? Or roz rat ko tKye k neche rk k sona he subah uth k nikalna he? Kia ese krna he plz btHyega properly

  60. sallu on said:

    Assalamualikum, my daughter did nikah istekhara, first day she saw all white colors, next day she saw she was crying, rest of the days she cannot remember the dreams. is it good or bad. please explain. thank you.

  61. Rani on said:

    Salaam bhai i want some information over the nikah istekhara.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      yes let me know. #yaALLAHcomments

  62. Gulewaka on said:

    Aslami walai kum imran bhai kiya app mere lie ak wazifa karenge? Agar ho sake to? Plz.kuynki hum se jayda apke fua jaldi qbul hogi.aur mere pass jayda waqt nehi hai .waqt chut ta ja raha hai.wazifa k asar hone mein der lagti hsi .agar ho sake jabab dein plz

  63. what about for the men who are still in their 30’s and unmarried ? In USA in the area where I live there are no Sufi Ahl Sunnah masjids, or women who are willing to marry a convert. In my area Ive been alone with no dergah or help from anyone. There is no masjid around me to find anyone. they are all Salafi Wahhabi in aqeedah. I really need your help bhai. Im a convert also which makes it harder, many sunni women from uk , abroad or other places ive essayed people don’t want to marry converts and only marry in their culture. Ive tried marriage sites, looking abroad , everything. can you provide a talisman for men also? and also provide a wazeefa for this purpose. Im starting to lose hope bro after waiting so many years with rejected proposals. A Sajda Nasheen even went to Khwaja Sahib (RA) grave in Ajmer Shareef last year to make dua for me and mailed me yellow and orange bands from his grave. And still no opening has come. what can I do?

  64. no name on said:

    Mere comment nahi ho rahe help kaisr karo

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Comment ho rage hai dear sis. Don’t worry. #yaALLAHcomments

      • no name on said:

        Sir. Saffron se taweez likh sakte hain. And taweez rakhne k baad mohabbat ka marriage ka wazifa bhi kar sakte hain. Plzz reply

        • ãl عِmrãń on said:

          Ji ha likh sakte hai aur kar sakte hai. if you are a yaALLAH follower. #yaALLAHcomments

          • Rani on said:

            aoa sir, es taweez ko rakhny sy jin r churail tou nhi daraty, ya koi r shattani chizen tou nhi hawi ho jati??

        • Saba on said:

          Pls Aik bat clear kar den K Taveez ki shakal same aese hi ayegi na ???? Or tarteeb se matlab jo 1 number hai pehly wo phr 2 phr 3 aese 8 tak fill karne hain or same aese hi banega jaise pic m hai ?

        • Saba on said:

          Takeeye k Neechey rakhen or su bah kia karen phr kahan rakhen or ye bhi bata den k kia zaroori hai pathar k neechey rakhna kisi bhari cheez k neechey nh rakh sakte ?

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!