Manzil Dua Benefits in Urdu

July 2nd, 2020

Manzil Dua is generally read for protection and antidote (Medicines). Manzil is read one (1) or three (3) times in one stretch/sitting. This can be performed once or twice in the entire day. Manzil Dua Benefits in Urdu here is the best cure for black magic and all kinds of evil effects.→ Laa Ilaha IllALLAH Wahdahu La Sharika Lahu Lahul Mulku

Manzil Dua Benefits-Haadsat se Bachne Ka Wazifa in Urdu

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

hadsat se bachne ke liye dua

English Transliteration:

Allah-humma, anta rabbi, laa ilaaha illaa Anta, ‘alaika tawakkaltu wa anta rabbul ‘arshil kareem maashaa Allahu kaana wama Lam yasha’ lam yakun-wa laa hawla wa lla quwwata illaa bil-Laahil A’liyyil ‘Atheem. A’lamu annallaaha ‘alaa kulli shay in qadiyrun-wa annallaaha qad ahaata bikulli shay in ilmaa. Allah-humma inni a’uthu bika min sharri nafsiy wa min sharri kulli daabbatin ants aakhithum bi naasiyatihaa inna rabiy ‘alaa siraatim mustaqiym.’

Safar ki Dua yahan dekhiye.

English Translation:

(Oh Allah, You are my Lord. There is nothing worthy of worship except You. I place all of my trust and reliance in You and You are the Lord of the Noble Throne. Whatever Allah wishes takes place, and whatever He does not desire, does not occur, and there is no power and no strength except in Allah, The Exalted, The Mighty. I know that Allah is Powerful over all things and that Allah has knowledge of all things. Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from the evil of my nafs (self) and from the evil of every crawling creature. You are master over them. Verily, You are Lord of the Straight Path.) (Ibn Alsani)

How to Pray Salatul Hajat Namaz?

Upar di hi ayat ko subah ke waqt kam-az-kam ek martaba parhiye insha ALLAH har musibat aur pareshani aur tamam haadsaat se mehfooz rahenge.

What is Manzil Dua?

Have you ever thought what is Manzil Dua?

Manzil Dua is a combination of Ayat and Surah from The Noble Quran, collectively known as “Manzil”. Please see below all the Surah and their Ayat which comes within Manzil Dua.

Manzil Dua- The Quranic Verses Gathered by Maulana Mu’hammad Zakariya Rahmatullah Alayhe

The famous Muslim scholar Maulana Mu’hammad Zakariya Rahmatullah Alayhe born on February 02, 1898 in Kandhla town in Uttar Pradesh, India. He has made this collection of verses in a book. He has tried this Manzil Dua on his family members to ward off the evil forces and witchcraft.

Manzil Dua Benefits

Manzil is read for protection and antidote (Medicines). Manzil is read one (1) or three (3) times in one stretch/sitting. This can be performed once or twice in the entire day.

Manzil is the best cure for black magic and all kinds of evil effects. This dua is so powerful for removing every kind of sickness, Alhamdulillah. Once you do it with all the 100% devotion insha ALLAH you will get positive results.

These are the prominent methods adopted by many Ulama in Islam to get cure from different kind of critical diseases and treatment of specific ailments. See Naye Kapde Pehanne Ki Dua in Hindi-Wear New Clothes here.

However, no Shar’ee ruling has been found and attached to it. For example, it is not classified as a Sunnah or Mustahabb, etc. there is no need for proof.

  • Read the entire Manzil mentioned above from 1 to 14 daily in the morning and insha ALLAH you will be safeguarded by the calamities and other accidents.
  • Black Magic, Evil Eye, Jinn, Witchcraft, Sihr, Sorcery, and similar other diseases as well as other harmful things. In this case, recite Manzil at least 1 time in the morning and 1 time in the evening.

There are a lot of benefits of Manzil Dua (collection of Quranic verses). Let us discuss the prominent benefits or advantages below:

Manzil Dua for Protection Against Calamities

Financial or whatever. Manzil Dua is a sure shot treatment to get off Calamities in one’s life.

Recite the above-written verses in the morning and insha ALLAH he will be safeguarded by every calamities, evil eye and all other accidents during the entire day.

Manzil Dua for Protection Against Evil Eye

Evil eye can harm anyone even unintentionally. However, there are grievous effects of the evil eye also. These can definitely be cured through these Quranic Verses known as Manzil Dua.

In certain cases, one can recite manzil dua (entire collection of Quranic verses) in an ablution. During this recitation, the patient should sit beside the reciter. So that the patient can listen to the recitation of Glorious Qur’an.

This will ward off the evil effects from the patient, if ALLAH The Exalted wills.

Manzil Dua for Marriage Problems

Manzil dua can also be recited to resolve any sort of issues or obstacles in the marriage of a boy or a girl. These issues could be family problems, financial crisis, frequent rejection of marriage proposals, the sources for marriage fails to implement or any other worldly obstacles.

Recite Manzil Dua every day and make a prayer for the resolution of your respective issue(s) in the marriage.

This will also surely forcefully nullify any evil effects like black magic or sorcery if done in the marriage.

However, every hard try needs to be implemented with dedication and devotion. This Quranic verse should be recited with all-around concentration.

One of the most significant point to be taken care of is the correct pronunciation of the Quranic words. The reciter should read the verses accurately and calmly.

Manzil Dua Benefits in Urdu

Also used generally for safety from calamities and other accidents.

manzil dua page 3


manzil dua page 4

In Urdu

All Surah in Manzil


Manzil and Ruqyah Are Same?

Manzil and Ruqyah both are different on their own

Manzil is a book that has specific verses/aayaat from the Noble Quran. Most commonly these are recited to expel from jinn and black magic. Whereas, this can also be read to get rid of all types of calamities which could be natural also.

The origin of Manzil can be found in a hadith related by Imam Hakim in his book “Al-Mustadrak.”

There is a lot of difference between manzil dua and Ruqyah:

“Ruqyah” is nothing but a type of therapy or an act of freeing people from the possession of jinn or can be the evil eye.

Manzil Dua is The Collection of Following Surah Verses from The Noble Quran

Collection Surah and Verses in Manzil Dua

Manzil Dua has 79 verses in total from different Surah of The Noble Qur’an.

  1. Surah Al-Fatihah, Chapter 1, Verses 1 to 7 (Total 7 verses)

  2. Surah Al-Bakarah, Chapter 2, Verses 1 to 5, 163, 255 to 257, and 284 to 286 (Total 12 verses)

  3. Surah Al-Imran, Chapter 3: Verses 18, 26 and 27 (Total 3 verses)

  4. Surah Al-A’araf, Chapter 7: Verses 54 to 56 (Total 3 verses)

  5. Surah Al-Israa, Chapter 17: Verses 110 and 111 (Total 2 verses)

  6. Surah Al-Muminoon, Chapter 23, Verses 115 to 118 (Total 4 verses)
  7. Surah Al-Saaffaat, Chapter 37, Verses 1 to 11 (Total 11 verses)

  8. Surah Al-Rehman, Chapter 55, Verses 33 to 40 (Total 8 verses)

  9. Surah Al-Hashr, Chapter 59, Verses 21 to 24 (Total 4 verses)

  10. Surah Al-Jinn, Chapter 72, Verses 1 to 4 (Total 4 verses)

  11. Surah Al-Kaafiroon, Chapter 109, Verses 1 to 6 (Total 6 verses)

  12. Surah Al-Ikhlas, Chapter 112, Verses 1 to 4 (Total 4 verses) 
  13. Surah Al-Falaq, Chapter 113, Verses 1 to 5 (Total 5 verses), and

  14. Surah Al-Naas, Chapter 114, Verses 1 to 6 (Total 6 verses)

Manzil Dua Mein Surah aur Ayaat


Manzil Dua mein Quran-e-Pak ki Kon-konsi Surah ki ayat maujood hai?

Manzil Dua mein Qur’an-e-Pak ki alag-alag Surah ki kul 79 ayaat maujood hai.

  1. Surah Al-Fatihah, Surah adad 1, Ayat 1 se 7 (Kul 7 Ayaat)

  2. Surah Al-Bakarah, Surah adad 2, Ayat 1 se 5, 163, 255 se 257, aur 284 se 286 (Kul 12 Ayaat)

  3. Surah Al-Imran, Surah adad 3: Ayat 18, 26 aur 27 (Kul 3 Ayaat)

  4. Surah Al-A’araf, Surah adad 7: Ayat 54 se 56 (Kul 3 Ayaat)

  5. Surah Al-Israa, Surah adad 17: Ayat 110 aur 111 (Kul 2 Ayaat)

  6. Surah Al-Muminoon, Surah adad 23, Ayat 115 se 118 (Kul 4 Ayaat)

  7. Surah Al-Saaffaat, Surah adad 37, Ayat 1 se 11 (Kul 11 Ayaat)

  8. Surah Al-Rehman, Surah adad 55, Ayat 33 se 40 (Kul 8 Ayaat)

  9. Surah Al-Hashr, Surah adad 59, Ayat 21 se 24 (Kul 4 Ayaat)

  10. Surah Al-Jinn, Surah adad 72, Ayat 1 se 4 (Kul 4 Ayaat)

  11. Surah Al-Kaafiroon, Surah adad 109, Ayat 1 se 6 (Kul 6 Ayaat)

  12. Surah Al-Ikhlas, Surah adad 112, Ayat 1 se 4 (Kul 4 Ayaat) 

  13. Surah Al-Falaq, Surah adad 113, Ayat 1 se 5 (Kul 5 Ayaat), aur

  14. Surah Al-Naas, Surah adad 114, Ayat 1 se 6 (Kul 6 Ayaat)

मंज़िल दुआ में सूरह और आयात


मंज़िल दुआ में क़ुर’आन-ए-पाक की कौन-कौनसी सूरह की आयात मौजूद है?

मंज़िल दुआ में क़ुरआन-ए-पाक की अलग-अलग सूरह की कुल 79 आयात मौजूद है|

  1. सूरह अल-फ़ातिहाह, सूरह अदद 1, आयत 1 से 7 (कुल 7 आयात)
  2. सूरह अल-बक़रह, सूरह अदद 2, आयत 1 से 5, 163, 255 से 257, और 284 से 286 (कुल 12 आयात)

  3. सूरह अल-‘इमरान, सूरह अदद 3: आयत 18, 26 और 27 (कुल 3 आयात)

  4. सूरह अल-अ’अराफ, सूरह अदद 7: आयत 54 से 56 (कुल 3 आयात)

  5. सूरह अल-इसरा, सूरह अदद 17: आयत 110 और 111 (कुल 2 आयात)

  6. सूरह अल-मुमिनून, सूरह अदद 23, आयत 115 से 118 (कुल 4 आयात)
  7. सूरह अल-साफ़्फ़ात, सूरह अदद 37, आयत 1 से 11 (कुल 11 आयात)

  8. सूरह अल-रहमान, सूरह अदद 55, आयत 33 से 40 (कुल 8 आयात)

  9. सूरह अल-हश्र, सूरह अदद 59, आयत 21 से 24 (कुल 4 आयात)

  10. सूरह अल-जिन्न, सूरह अदद 72, आयत 1 से 4 (कुल 4 आयात)

  11. सूरह अल-काफ़िरून, सूरह अदद 109, आयत 1 से 6 (कुल 6 आयात)

  12. सूरह अल-इख़लास, सूरह अदद 112, आयत 1 से 4 (कुल 4 आयात)
  13. सूरह अल-फ़लक़, सूरह अदद 113, आयत 1 से 5 (कुल 5 आयात), और

  14. सूरह अल-नास , सूरह अदद 114, आयत 1 से 6 (कुल 6 आयात)


  1. Mahnoor soomro on said:

    Aslam alekum mein manzil apne chote bete 7 mnths old ko dam karti hun uska right hand pakar ke to usko bhot acha response milta hai use as comparism to direct blow on face. Lekin use mujhe jinn nuksan pohnchate hein mujhpe khud jadu hai. Ap sai tareeka btayein dam ka jise mujhpe kuch na ho sake aur use bhi shifa mil jaye

  2. Mansha on said:

    Asalamualaikum … Hamare ghr mn jinaat hy or wo hame bht pareshaan krte hy .. meri mama pe ek jin sawar bhi hogaya h or ab ahista ahista meri halat b meri mama ki jaisi hone lgi h bht se peero ne apni trf se bht kuch kiya lakin kuch nhi hopaa rha .. jinnaat ya to ye gr khaali chahte ya to yaha quran ,namz na padhi jaye .. kuki mn Qur’an padhti ho to meri sehat b khaaraab hogayi or baaqi aasraat bhi hy … Plzzz kuch btaye mn kya kro

  3. Ummulkhairi on said:

    Pls can I read manzil during my period?

  4. anie on said:

    salam kya me ye manzil dua husbnd k liye prh skti hun or apny liye k hmara relationship wesa bn jay jese husbnd wife ka hota ha wo mjse mohbt krny lg jaen mje lgta ha k jadoo ki wja se wo mjse qareeb nai ho paty .. plz replyyy

    • Walaikum as Salam
      Parh sakti hain aap

  5. Tamanna khan on said:

    Asslamwalykum bhai mera ak sawal h pls mdd kre bhai mere sohar lawatat me mubtila h bhai pls mery mdd kre muje iske liue koi wajifa btaye mera ghr barbad hine s bcha le.

  6. rohina on said:

    Salaam, i have recently come to know someone has done something to prevent me from getting married. I have finished Qahhar wazifa. Now i like a boy, he is mulsim and i want to nikkah him. But when i expressed it to him, he rejected me. He likes a girl who is hindu and is blinded by her and ignores me everytime i try to show him how much i love him. all my attempts to convince him or even to talk to him is failing. is he ignoring me because someone has done something to create obstacle in my marriage? What should i do? Please help me.

      • rohina on said:

        i have done it when i first met him and saw two rabbits playing together. what does that mean? and what should i do next?

        • Istikhara can be done whenever you want. Do it with regularity to get a clear result.

        • Muhammad Zeeshan Shaikh on said:

          Please move on! Life is too short to waste your precious time on people who don’t love you. May Allah grant you some one more deserving.

  7. Fathima on said:

    Assalamu alaikum sir,
    I am daily reading your urgent wish wazaif from last 10 days allahamdulillah and my mom is suffered from jadhu from so many years we are getting treatment for her from last 2 years and still she is not totally recovered and someone advised us to read manzil and listen ruqya daily while we read that & listen continuously my total family suffering alot by reading manzil and then my mom daily shouts ,sleep and cry for long time and then we stopped to read manzil & the jadhu in her body tells so much lie , me, my brother, sister and father was afraid and worried of my mom & that jadhu in her body torturing us also I don’t know what to do sir plz help me how to read this manzil give me some procedures that after reading manzil what can I do plz help me sir 😔😔😔😔 Am so worried of her and day by day my mom is suffering alot sir during this corona problem we are unable to get treatment for her if we after getting treatment she is fine only one or 2 month then again the jadhu enters in her body while she shouts we always used to give water which was given by some hazart and I also read some surah and blow on that water after drinking that water also she is not coming in control plz help me out sir plz plz plz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 now I’m trusting u only next to my allah SWT and prophet Mohammad plz explain me how to do sir am eagerly waiting for ur reply sir 😭😭😭😭😭😞😞😞😞😞

    • Fathima on said:

      Simultaneously Can I read manzil for my mom n family and urgent wish wazaif for my studies daily …?

      • Rubina M khan on said:

        Assalamu alaikum Fathima.. Insha Allah your mom will get well soon. I have personally experienced the benefits of Manjil, and alhamdulillah things has turned so well at my home after my Manjil wazifa. I will suggest you one this. We need to pray proper 5times a day this is most important. Ek mukammal waqt bana le Manjil padhne Ka ya phir Fajr ki namaz baad ya phir koi aur namaz baad. 40days aap Surah Manjil padhne wahi mukammal waqt pe. After 40 days do fatiha and give food to fakir. insha’Allah you will see the change. Make sure you complete 40days, if we being girls miss 7days keep a count and continue again. Alhamdulillah it works. Hamein yakeeda bhi rakhna hai. Pray Tahajjud and make dua it will be additional benefit for you all.
        Allah Hafiz

      • Fathima on said:

        Zazakallah khaira, aameen , plz remember my mom in ur duas

  8. Sadaf on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum..imran Bhai hamare Ghar me bahut problems Hain koi na koi pareshani lagi hi rehti Hai kai bar saanp bhi nikle Hain Ghar me or Kal toilet me sanp ka bacha nikla hai….behno ki bhi shadi nahi hori Hai rishte nahi aate Hain kahi se shadi ki bat chalti bhi Hai to wo bhi khatam hojati hai shadi hote hote reh jati Hai or baat khatam hojati Hai … manzil Dua kese pade Jo agar Ghar par kisine kuch jadu karaya ho to wo bhi khatam hojaye or behno ki shadi bhi jaldi se hojaye

      • Meri b same yahi problem hai.. Aur me hindu hu.. Meri ek muslim frnd ne mujhe is dua k baare me kaha hai… Par mujhe urdu padhne nahi aati to me ghar me mobile par lagati hu.. Manzil dua aur surah-al-bakrah… To kya sunne se b asar hoga.. Plz batayiye.. Mujhe padhne nahi aati urdu isliye sunte hai ham sab ghar me

        • Ji bilkul sunne se bhi asar hota hai alhamdulillah.

          • Shama Parveen on said:

            Assalamu alaikum bhai, ji mai Shama Parveen hu , bihar patna se. Meri umar 32 sal h, mere father ki death 13 yrs pehle hui , ammi, mai ar meri 3 bhehne ar ek bhai hai. Mera masla h ye ki meri baad wali ki to shahi ho gyi chahere bhai ke pehchaan me , but mai badi hu meri pta n q n ho rhi rishta pehle kai aya but photo dekh ke koi ans hi n deta ,ar ab to rishta bhi n ata .ghar me koi samjhdar mard ke surat me n h. Islye koi rishtedar n izzat dete n puchte .uper se har rishte ho sikha ke tot bhi dete h . Ar ek uncle ke pas hamare papa ki property h to wo dete bhi n ,haq mar rhe hue h . Mai bahut pareshan hu . Bahut molana ke pas gyi but kuch hota hi n faida . Plz kuch khas Allah ki dua bataye jisse meri shadi bhi nek Saleh ar behtar ladke se ho jaye ar nere ghar ke bhi sare masle sudhar jaye .

      • Nikhat Shaikh on said:

        Assalamualaikum Imran bhai meri beti ko cancer hai aur woh cancer kaafi haad tak Baad gaya hai uske sar mai sine mai aur piche qamar ke side bhi English dawai bohat mehengi paad rahi hai mujhe isliye mai Ayurvedic dawai karwa rahi hu.. Aapse ye puchna tha Suhre Manzil padne se meri beti thik hojayegi kya uska cancer puri tarha se khatam hogaya na mujhe mere Allah Paak pe bohat bharosa hai Ab please meri madat kijiye Aapka bohat bada ehsan hoga mujhper Aur meri bimar beti please meri madat kijye aur mujhe Suhre Manzil watsup language mai please send kijye kyuki Mujhe Arabic Aur Urdu nahi aati hai

        • surah fatiha 41 bar fajr ki namaz ke baad parhkar pani par dam kar rozana pilaye. ALLAH shifa dega ameen

  9. shahid on said:

    there is mistake in manzil dua.
    MALAM YAShallam correction. there is only LAM YASHAllam line 3 right side. MA missing. Please correct it

    • Jaza kALLAHU khair dear brother for noticing. The same has been corrected.

    • Shareen on said:

      Yeh manzil duwa kaunse parah mai hai plz batae

      • Chhoti manzil dua Quran Pak mein nahi hai aur badi manzil mukhtalif ayat ka majmooa hai jo ke sath-sath yahan bataye gaye hain.

  10. saima siddique on said:

    salam kia main yeh manzil dua apni shop k liya parh sakhti hon mujhy pora yakeen ha k kisi ny humari shop p jadu kia ha jiski waja sy sale bilqul khatam ho gaye ha or customers anyy bilqul band ho gay hain meray husband lagtaar 7 din sy Surah BAQARAH ki audio laga k rakh rahy hain but koi faraq nei para ap sy pochna ha k shop pa manzil dua ki audio lagani ha ya ghar pa bhi laga sakhtay hain??shukriya

    • Ji sis aap apni dukan ke liye ye manzil dua parh sakti hain.

  11. Sharukh on said:

    Isko lIkhwa kr gLe me peheNata hu TO aisA lagta hai bimari aur badhi gyi Gas BANne lagta hai aisa sochna saHi haI ki taweez se pareshani badh rhi hai ????

    • Aap bimari se shifa ke liye pahante hain ye taweez? Koi jadu ke asraat to nahi aap par?

      • Sharukh on said:

        Beemari Ke Liye Bhi Aur Jaadu Se Bachne ke liye Bhi.

  12. Assalamualaikum Bhaijaan…🌹🌹
    Ham TAK hai bhaijaan… Apne hame pehchana hoga bhaijaan ham aapse… Ye puchna chahte hai.. Hamare kisi rishte daar par kaala jadu hai kya ham unka Tassawwur krke Manzil Dua ko padh skte hai .. Subah shaam… Or unka Tassawwur krke unki phto par dam kr skte hai.. Bhaijaan… Plz hame… Batayiye… Plz ham pareshan… Hai .. Bhaijaan plz hame… Jarur batana bhaijaan… Hame apke commemt ka intezar or bhaijaan…agar kisi wajah se… Subah shaam na padh paaye…Manzil dua to…kya Ek hi waqt 3 times padh skte hai… Kya bhiajaan… Isse kaala jadu sifli jadu chala jayega na bhaijaan…plz hame jarur rply krna bhaijaan….

    • Ji han aap unka tasavvur karke dam kar sakti hain. Jaise tarteeb se upar ayaat batayi gayi hain waise hi parhiyega.

  13. Fiza on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum ..hamare ghar me bahut problems hain behno ki shadi nahi ho Rahi rishte ate hain par bat nahi banti ek Maulana sahab ne bataya hai ke ghar par Jadu karaya Gaya hai or unhone kaat bhi kardi par phir bhi kuch nahi hora hai kya Manzil dua padkar pani par ghar par bhi chidak sakte hain or kitne din tak kar sakte hain kuch log kehte hain daily nahi padna chahiye jalali Hoti hai AAP batayein plz

    • Ji sis aap rozana 11 din tak manzil dua subah sham parhiye ghar me. Chahe to pani par dam karke ghar ke charon kono par chhirak dijiye. Dhyaan rakhiyega ka be adbi na ho. Phir mujhe surate haal ke bare me bataiyega.

      • Fiza on said:

        Assalamu Alaikum…imran bhai 7 din hogaye Manzil subah sham padte hue AJ Tuesday wale din subah hamare Angan me safed kabutar gardan kati hui gira dekha sab jagah to Koi nahi tha kya ye padne ki wajah se hua hai ya sirf wehem hora hai

        • Dono hi batein ho sakti hain sis. Aap aisa kijiye ke manzil dua jari rakhiye aur agar koi aur alamat nazar aaye to bataiye ga mujhe.

          • Fiza on said:

            Assalamu Alaikum..imran bhai kal yani Thursday me mujhe 11 din hogaye hain subah sham pad Rahi thi Manzil par Thursday subah nahi pad paye to Esha ke bad pad li Manzil Thursday night Mene bahut kharab khwab dekha jisse me dar gayi Mene dekha me toilet me hu or mere pet me se pata nahi kya kya Nikal Raha hai or blood bhi dekha Mene jese hi ankh khuli to mera pet dukh Raha tha ..

          • Fauran sadqah dijiye sis aap. Abhi nahi chhoriyega parhna. Abhi manzil dua mazid 11 din parhiye aur phir bataiyega.

          • Hina on said:

            Hme ni samjh aa rha plz btaye kaise pdhna h or kitne bar….ye jo dua di h yahi padhni h ya jo manjil surah badi si h book me ati h wo pdhni h plz rply kre

          • Dhyaan se dekhiye ayaat batayi gayi hain isi page par. Jis tarteeb se batayi gayi hain usi tarah parhni hai.

      • Fiza on said:

        Assalamualaikum..bhai ghar ke Charo kone par Pani chidakte hue kuch boonde neeche bhi gir jati hain Zameen par bahut ehtiyat se Karti hu phir bhi thoda sa girta hi hai neeche Aisa karne se gunah to nahi hoga…Manzil me Fajr or maghrib ke Baad padti hu rozana Lekin kabhi kabhi Esha ke bad bhi pad leti hu jab maghrib me nahi pad pati tab Karti hu aisa or beech me ek bar hi pad payi din me to aise pad sakte hain ya Roz ek hi time par padna hai ??

        • Ahtiyaat kijiye sis. Aur suba sham parhte rahiye. Thora bohat time aage piche ho jane pe koi masla nahi hai.

  14. Mohd Adnan Siddiqui on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum,
    main 7 saal se dubai mein job kar raha hun, yahan aane se pahle mere walid ki tabyat kharab thi dimagi bimari thi unko yahan aane ke baad unka 2013 mein intiqal ho gaya, ammi bhi nahi hain, mere paise mein barkat bhi nahi hoti, meri wife ki tabyat mere ghar mein aane ke baad kharab rahne lagi, mere bete ki bhi tabyat kharab rahti hai, khana nahi khata rone lagta hai, sirf gosht maangta hai, school nahi jata rota hai, bahot dubla kamzor rahta hai, mere wife ke mere aur bete ke sabke liver ki problems hai hum teeno ke, kya hum sab pe kisi aaseb ya jadu ka asar hai. yahan pe humko uljhan ghabrahat rahne lagi hai zabardast wali lagta hai pagal ho jayenge ya dunya khatam hori hai ya marne waale hain. bahot mushkil se sukoon aata hai phir wahi soch aa jati hai uljhan ghabrahat wali aur pasina aane lagta hai hum bahot pareshan hain plz help karen, kya yeh koi aaseb ya jadu ki wajah se hota hai humko…..manzil se aur dua se sab asan hoga….

  15. Doll on said:

    Dear sister, uper photo main manzil dua di gai hai wo parhni hai ya neechay jo quran pak ki ayat hai plz bta den

  16. Shahina on said:

    Asslamlekum… kya ye manzil dua poori hai. Ya wazeefe me sirf itni hi pdhni hai???

    • Manzil dua me parhi jane wali tamam ayaat upar batayi gayi hain. Wo sab parhni hain.

  17. Farida on said:

    A. S mere sohar nasha karte the fir unko rehab mai rakhe the jab se rehab se return aae h masha Allah o nasha nai karte magar unka dimag haal thik nai hai khud he haste aur apne ap se baate karte aur hum alag kya karna chahe unse talaq lena chahe ya unke sath rehna chaheye plz reply mere ek choti se beti b hai

      • Farida on said:

        A. W jazak Allah hu khair ek aur baat puchni hai apse plz baatao na kya muje unse talaq lena chaheye ya nai plz q ki mai ammi k ghar m hu hum shadi kar 9 months he sath rahe the shDi ko 3 saal hogaya hai 4yr chalo hai do baar mai mere sohar k Paas gae the unke halat dek kar return aae ap baatao kya karo plz

  18. Assalamualikum maher baji & imran bhaijan mai a amal karna chahti hu mai jise pasnd karti hu os pe or O mujh se door rahta hai mai pni nahi pilaskti kiya foto pe dam karskti hu … Or a padne k bad kitne din me kaise pata chalye ga… Mere is amal me bhetri hvi ya nahi. .Plz bata dena

    • Photo pe dam kar sakti hain aap. Jald hi halaat saazgaar honge insha ALLAH.

      • Assalamualikum mam mere is khwab ka mtlb kiya hai a manzil dua kam kar rahi kiya. Or o ladka abb mujh baat nahi kar raha hai kam

        • Maine aapko pahle bhi bataya tha sis ke exact khawabo ki tabeer ham nahi batate hain. Bas sabr se kaam lijiye aur wazifa parhte rahiye.

    • Assalamualikum mam maine a dua 3 padha Or mai jise pasd karti hu oski tasveer pe dam kiye achanak meri tbyt khrab hogai 3 din bad to main nahi kar paai kiya tbyt achi hunr k bad karskti hu

  19. anonymous on said:


    barai mehrbani MANZIL DUA send kar sakti hai jo ke ooper batayi gayi hai jis mai quran majeed ki chand ayat hain. i am looking for original manzil dua. jazakallah

    • Dear sis, filhaal website pe manzil dua ka yahi post hai. Insha ALLAH jald hi karenge is pe bhi kam.

      • Shifa khan on said:

        Sis smjh nhi aa raha sahi se ye sari aayat pdhni h aur kitni times padhni h plzzz

        • Sari ayaat jo upar batayi gayi hain ek, ek martaba sab parhni hain.

  20. Yaqoob on said:

    Assalam u alykum mujhe apne ghar pr bure asrat ya bandish ka shaq hai sisters brothers ki shadion k masail aur bhi bahut saare kia ghar koi banda manzil dua padh sakta hai?., asrat ko khatam krne k liye? Aur kitne din tak?

    • Ji han aap suba sham ye manzil dua parhiye. Jab tak halaat behtar na ho jayen tab tak aap parhte rahiye.

  21. Knowen on said:

    As.salamuwalekum sis Manzil Du’a ko kitne baar or kis time pr padhu
    Or padhne k baad kya duaa mangu ki o ldka khud bolega ki o mujhase shadi krega

    • Upar bataya gya hai ke subah sham manzil parhni hai aap ne. Asraat khatm karne ke liye parh rahi hain to dua bhi yahi karen.

  22. G on said:

    Jazak Allah sis or iske sath Mai apne bf k liye khoya pyar pane ka wazifa continue kr skti hon

    • Ji han pyar pane ka wazifa aap parh sakti hain sath me.

  23. G on said:

    Or mujhe bta den k Pani pe dam KR k apni ammi ko pila do ya apne bf k papa k pic pe dam kro plzzzz ache se smjha den sis Allah apko khush rkhe

    • Manzil du’a parhni kiske liye hai aapne? Maqsad kya hai aapka?

  24. G on said:

    Assalamualaikum sis mujhe lgta h mere bf k papa k upr kuch kr diya h kisi NE isliye wo nhi Mann rhe h… Mai ye padhongi tu unpe asr kese hoga? Or Kya Pani pe dum kr k pina…. Actually wo meri ammi se nafrat krte h aisa lgta h Meri ammi see unko nafrat krwa di gae h tu Mai kese Kya kron plzzz smjha de sis apki bhttt meherbani hogi

    • Aap ye manzil dua parh kar Unka tasavvur kar ke dam kar diya karen.

  25. Assalamualaikum
    Kyun ki mere isteqara har dafa mixed aa raha tha meri khala ne ek maulana se pata kiya ke wo ladka mere liye theek hai ya nahi toh unhone quran me dekhke bataya ke ladka bohat acha hai lekin mere aur uss ladke ke sitare ek dusre se nahi milte aur hamari shadi ho b jaye toh hum kabi na kabi aage alag hojayenge …..Sis ab mai kya karu mai manzil dua padh rahi thi unke liye kya mai yahi jari rakhu aur aisi dua karu ke hamare sitare mil jaye aur hum shadi ke baad kabi alag na ho ya phir mai namumkin ko mumkin wala wazifa karu mai kya karu sis jab se unhone aisa kaha mai bohat pareshan hoon meri help kijiye. MAI UNSE nikah karke khush rehna chahti hoon.

  26. Maheen on said:

    Sis mujhe apki help chaiye Mera Mamu he bra uska ek shadi shuda urat pecha nahi chorti usney bhot Tang kiya he Mamu ko aur PTA na q Mamu uski btao main ajatey ghr walo see rawaya sahi nahi hota humne faal nikalwaya he to SB boltey usney bandish karwai he Jo kabhi na tootegi Hum ek waZifa apki website see rishte ki bandish ka bhi kr rahey Hain plz ap Meri madad karain merey Mamu ki life khrb ho Rahi he koi wazifa batain takey us urat see hamesha ke liye jaan chot jaey Mamu ki plzzz

  27. Assalamualaikum…
    Ek dafa start kardiya toh kitne din tak padhna hai mazil dua ko koi specific number of days honge kya iske liye

    • Manzil du’a aap jab tak parhna chahen parh sakti hain. Iske koi fixed days nahi hain. Aap parhti rahen jab tak aapko mukammal fayedah na mil jaye.

      • Assalamualaikum
        mai rozana fajr aur isha ke baad manzil dua padh rahi hoon aur maine aaj khwab mein dekha ke do lambe boxes mein bohaat saari sookhi anjeerein(dried figs ) hai jo ke bohaat purani hai aur line mein jami hui hai. .. maine ek taste ki achi hi thi.

          • Anjeer dekhna means poori tabeer kya hogi iski sis kya aap mujhe bata sakti hain

          • Acha sign hai, matlab wazifa ka positive result aa raha hai. Jari rakhen wazifa.

  28. Aruna on said:

    MERI paisa mei kun Nahi barakkat Hoti hay. benerfit Mai Karab ho Gaya I went to car yard his name haida car yard.he charge me 800dollers I was crying and crying why he charged me extra 200 dollers.he knows that I am on benefit. I beg him but he know my situation.i am very upset still car is not fix properly. please dua.

  29. ruksana sayyed on said:

    mujhe ye sab nhi samjh aa rha hai jaise roman english m diya hua hai ye wazifa to kya aap pura wazifa ak sath update nhi kr sakte .plesae ak sath sari aayte update kijiye na taki mujhe samjh aaye k kya kya padn hai.

    • Har Surah ka naam, number aur kitmi ayaat parhni hai, sab likha to hua hai sis. Mazid insha ALLAH, ham manzil dua ko update karne ki koshish karenge.

    • sayyed ruksana on said:

      assalam walekum,
      sis meri pareshani ye hai k mai jisse pyaar krti hu unki sagai ho gyi hai phir bhi ham ak dusre k contact m hai ham baten bhi krte hai.lekin kuch dino se vo mujhse bikul baat nhi kr rhe hai.sis meri bhi galti hai q k jab unki sagai hui to mujhe bato over gussa aaya tah k unhone kuch nhi kiya or phir maine unse baat krna band kr diya tha lekin mere ak friend n meri unse phir se baat kravayi hame phir se kareeb laya but unko ab ye shaq hai k mai usse pyar krti hu mai ak achchi ladki nhi hu .maine bahot sari galtiya kiya hai but mai ye chahti hu k ab hamare dilon m ak dusre k liye bus be inteha pyaar ho or jald se jald hamari shadi ho jaye.but meri ammi ko lagta hai k unki bhabhi n mujhpe kala jadu kiya hai k meri shadi kahi nhi ho .sis mujhe kuch aisa wazifa bataiye k mai unke dil se mere liyye jo burai hai use niakl k bus mohhbbat dal saku or hamari shadi ho jaye .main nikah ishitiqara kar rhi hu or vo positive bhi hai to kya mai ye manzil dua krlu ham dono se kala jadu hatane k liye or unhe mere kareeb lane k liye mai kya kru.please sis bataiyega mujhe
      allah hafiz

  30. isha on said:

    mere right breast me pain hta h r 1 gilti b mehsoos hti h …doctor se abi chkup ni krwaia…me bht upset o kia me strt kr skti o ? r kia procedure o ga iska? periods me parh skte hn

  31. hina on said:

    ager larkay ki maa ka naam hi na pata ho koi wazifa nai perh sakhtay

    • Larke ki maa ka naam na pata ho to aap ‘hawwa’ boliye.

  32. Jannat on said:

    Kya manzil during menses phone pe dekh k padh sakte hein?

    Audio sun sakte hein iska agar nhi padh sakte to?

    • Manzil du’a me Qur’an ki ayaat parhi jati hain, isliye menses ke dauran aap nahi parhen. Albatta audio aap sun sakti hain.

  33. Jannat on said:

    Manzil walidain k purane asrat kam karne padh saktw hein?

    Istekhata 5-6jaga positve aya tab hi engagement ki…phir b rishta tut gaya. Ladk ki dusri jagah rishta tay hogaya kya masla hai bataden

  34. You gave me this wazifa to break my boyfriend’s black magic
    You said to read this atleast 1time in the morning anf 1time in the evening
    iam reading this after fajr namaz 1time and 1time after isha namaz

    Is it compulsary to read in the motning and evening
    Is it okay if i read 1time only after the isha salah?

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Yes, you can read this manzil du’a once a day if you want.

      • Jazakallahu khair soo much for replying soooooo fast

      • I need a help sis mere husband k piche ek ladki padhi hui h actual me mere husband bhi uske saath me past 3 years se relationship me the but abhi hume 1 saal ki beti h or mere husband bhi woh najayez rishta todne chahte h but woh ladki unpar black magic or apni har koshish kar k rakhi h jiske wajah se mere husband apna picha nahi chuda parhe h usse or woh unko baar baar blackmail bhi krrhi h main bohat pareshaan hu mere husband aaye din mujhse bhi ladte zagadte rehte h unko khud ko nahi smjh rha h k woh kya krrhe h puri tarah se unstable hochuke h na hi unka koi kaam me dil lagrha h na hi bacchi par na hi mujhpar kisi chiz pe dhyaan nahi dete plz help me out di main Konsa wazifa karu?

        • Aap kuch din ye mazil du’a parhiye sis aur phir bataiye.

  35. deen e islam on said:

    AOA mn ny manzil parhi aaj mera 11wan din hai mn subah or raat ko parhti the 2 time ab aap plzz mujhy wazifa dy den taky unko mujhy se botht sachi muhabat ho jaye or humari shadi b ho jaye qk unki mangni ho chuki hai 2sri jagah woh ab kahty hain k tum ab bs meri dost ho halanky k pehly mujh se itna pyar karty thy but ab bolty hain k meri mangeter hi meri zindagi hai plzzzzzzz wazifa di jiye

  36. Me ek hafte se manzil dua ka amal kar raha hu lekin aaj rat ko muje sapna aaya ke koi susaid atmhatya kar raha he lekin vo shaks ko me nahi janta eska kya matlab he muje pata nahi chhalraha me kya karu

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Positive sign nahi hai ye. Abhi ap jari rakhein amal.

      • zulfi on said:

        esse koi problem to nahi hogi
        amal to mene chhalu hi rakhha he

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Insha ALLAH nahi hogi problem.

          • zulfi on said:

            mene ek mahine se jyad amal kiya ab me kya karu ghar me sab miljut ke rahe aesa kuchh bataye mere ghar me meri biwi mere gharwalo ko pasand nahi karti aur mere ghar wale meri biwi ko pasand nahi karte usme sahi me meri biwi ki ghalti he meri biwi aur uske gharwalo ki buri aadat he hamare ghar ke bare me dusro ko hummesa ghalt bate felate rehte he

  37. deen e islam on said:

    AOA mn ny monthly isue ki wajah se manzil ni start ki ab kal se start karna chahti hon or yeh kya din mn 2 dafa parhni hai or 11 dn lagatar parhni hai??

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Subah sham parhein rozana kam se kam 11 din.

  38. deen e islam on said:

    sorry mn ny wahan py comment kiya g mujhy yeh samjh to aa gai hai k yeh surat ki aayat hai lakin yeh parhi hain sub ya phr
    ‘Allah-humma, anta rabbi, laa ilaaha illaa Anta, ‘alaika tawakkaltu wa anta rabbul ‘arshil kareem maashaa Allahu kaana wa maLam yasha’ lam yakun-wa laa hawla wa lla quwwata illaa bil-Laahil A’liyyil ‘Atheem. A’lamu annallaaha ‘alaa kulli shay in qadiyrun-wa annallaaha qad ahaata bikulli shay in ilmaa. Allah-humma inni a’uthu bika min sharri nafsiy wa min sharri kulli daabbatin ants aakhithum bi naasiyatihaa inna rabiy ‘alaa siraatim mustaqiym.parhna hai bs plz yeh bta den Allah aapko khush rakhy

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Sab ayaat parhni hain.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Sab ayaat parhni hain. Jaza kALLAHU Khair

  39. ru on said:

    AOA , yea mazil dua ka jo hisa apnay share kia ha ooper
    ‘Allah-humma, anta rabbi, laa ilaaha illaa Anta, ‘alaika tawakkaltu wa anta rabbul ‘arshil kareem maashaa Allahu kaana wa maLam yasha’ lam yakun-wa laa hawla wa lla quwwata illaa bil-Laahil A’liyyil ‘Atheem. A’lamu annallaaha ‘alaa kulli shay in qadiyrun-wa annallaaha qad ahaata bikulli shay in ilmaa. Allah-humma inni a’uthu bika min sharri nafsiy wa min sharri kulli daabbatin ants aakhithum bi naasiyatihaa inna rabiy ‘alaa siraatim mustaqiym.’
    itna hi parhna ha ya poore manzil subh sham

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Iske niche jo detail se beyan kiya hai, wo parh sakti hain to wo parh lein, ya phir ye parh lein.

    • deen e islam on said:

      ru plzz btaen aapko samjh i aapko 1to 14 aayat parni hain ya Allah humma se jo dua start hoti

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Ji han ye sab ayaat parhni hain.

  40. faisal on said:

    Apne jo manjil dua daal rakhi h uski 3rd line me 1 word cut (Maa) kiya hova h 3 line ko theek karo
    nd 1 (zabar) cut h [Kaa) ka

    • Al Imran on said:

      Okay brother, i will check and correct it if any errors found there.

  41. tabu on said:

    Bhai ye wazifa ka tareeqa btaiye plz. Darood shareef awwal aakhir pdhna h ya nhi? Or kya ye wazifa evening me kr skte hain?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Theek jaise likha hai wahan usi tarteed se ayaay parhni hain. Subah aur sham parhna hai ap ne. Durood Shareef nahi likha to nahi parhein.

  42. nazish on said:

    How can I contact u imraan bhai

  43. hina 000 on said:

    Sir asalam u alikum yah jo dua btai ha es ko kis trha parhna ha mjy amal bta dain .kia ma es amal sy abu ami ksi or razi krsakti hu yah bhi bta dain .
    Or sir kia ap mjy bta dain gy ky khuwab ma kacha ghost dekhny ka kia mtlb hota ha yah khuwab ma ny tb dekha jb ma ny isthekhra ki neyat rakhi thi.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ap manzil du’a ki post pe comment kar rahi hain. ye du’a to jadu ke asraat khatm karne ke liye hai. Kacha gosht positive sign nahi hai istikhara mein.

  44. yasmin ara on said:

    Assalam alaikum imran bhai kya manzil dua period k waqt parh skti hun

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Nahi parhni.

  45. Musadiq on said:

    Nasha churwane k leye koi wazifa dein plz

  46. N.f.khan on said:

    Assalamo alaykum…
    Bhai main ek ladke(boy) se bahut pyaar karti hu aur wo b mujhse bahut pyaar karta hai. Mere ammi abbu raazi hain… Par uske ammi abbu raazi nai hain…. Koi asaan amal bataiyye jisse ladke k ammi abbu khud shadi k liye tayyar ho jayen

  47. zainab on said:

    Salamwalkum bhai mai manzil dua jisse pyar karti uske liye padh rh hu . abi 10 din ke uper ho gaya h.uski maa ne mulvi se kara rakha mujhe bhul jane ke liye jo uspe asar bi kar gaya mujhe ye btye aaj se mai ye dua nh padh sakti hu bez period start hogaye to kya mai ye dua kisi aur se 7 tak padhwa kar uspe dam kara sakti hu? ??
    Aur mujhe ye bi btye ki kaise pta chalega ki upe asar katam ho rh h jo bi kara rakha h uski maa ne??

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Theek hai ap kisi aur se karwa lein aur halaat se andaza ho jayega apko. Agar ap ke follower hain to apko ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’ ki ijazat hai. Agar follower nahi hain to abhi is link se website ko subscribe kijiye phir apko sab wazaif ki ijazat mil jayegi-
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  48. Asalamu- alikum…………… main apne husband se buhat pyar karti ho unki har bath maanti ho un se kabhi fite and shout nahe hoti lekin wo meri ek nahe sunte wo sirf apni maa ke sunte han ……. or unki maa mujhse buhat nafrat karti han…………… plz give me A right advice plz because i am very disappoint and i am not happy in marrid Life

  49. Mariyam on said:

    Bhai kya wazifa kisi or par padh kar dum kar sakte hai, jin se mil nahi sakte. Or kya pani par dam karke pila sakte hai.????

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap aisa kar sakte hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  50. fathima on said:

    aslm alkm muje rpl dijiye mere sawalka or mail to kijiye plzzzzzzz

  51. fathima on said:

    aslm alkm sir… me ek ladke se pyar kar rahithi wo muje 1sal hua achanak se mere se bath karna bandkiya pata nhi kyo… i need him in my life i cnt leave without him plz muje batayiye wo vapas ajaye mere life mujse shadikeliye raazi hojaye.

  52. Amir on said:

    Struggling to find job for long time, having various other difficulties since we moved to our new house, please pray for us.

      • Flower on said:

        Assalamualaikum Imran bhai
        Maine 8 days manzil parhi or friday se main ab parh nahin sakti manzil or Friday Saturday he mere 2 rishte aye lekin koi jawab abhi tak nahin aya please batayen main kya karun q manzil main Wednesday se he continue karsakti hun tou ab kya karoon

        • ALLAH ke Nam Mubarak a wird kijiye. Yahan website par maujud hain bohat se Ism-e-Garami ke wazaif. Un me se parhen aap.

          • Flower on said:

            Can i recite Ya Lateefu ? Or Rabi Inni lima Anzalta ilaiya min khairin faqeer

          • Anyone you want, you can recite.

      • Flower on said:

        Assalamualaikum Imran bhai
        How can i contact you privately ? Is this possible please?

  53. fathima on said:

    Thanks i got losts of improvement in ur good dua’s from help of Allah subuhaanahu watha’la i pray for u and ur family longlife and happiness
    wish u my best all the time in my heart
    hope i will get dua’s

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!