How to Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal

February 28th, 2020

A miraculous dua for marriage proposals which also known as wazifa for impossible love marriage.

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Miraculous Amal for Seeding Love in Someone’s Mind and Heart

*Recommended only for the halal cause of Nikah

What is Love?

Does Islam acknowledge this phenomenon of known as love?  Click to read.


ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo has always commanded us to live a moderate life. Through this post, I would Insha ALLAH reveal few concepts of love in Islam and help to those who you want to marry someone special.

I pray that ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala open the way for pure sacred love for each other.

The key to power, the way to glory and honor. I also pray that may ALLAH Ta’ala gather us with the lovely Prophets, the men of truth (Haq), the pious martyrs, the righteous and the fairest escorts. Ameen- Al Imran

In today’s day and age, the love that prevails commonly is ‘The Love of Low Rank’. Which further can be classified as:

  • Love of idols for which it has been stated beautifully written in Surah Baqarah

And of mankind of some who take (for worship) other besides ALLAH as rivals (to ALLAH). They love them as they love ALLAH. But those who believe, love ALLAH more (than anything else).

The Noble Qur’an, Surah #2, Al-Baqarah Verse #165

  • Love of ALLAH’s enemies. ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala declares in Surah Al Mumtahina

O you who have believed, do not take My enemies and your enemies as allies, extending to them affection while they have disbelieved in what came to you of the truth, having driven out the Prophet and yourselves [only] because you believe in ALLAH, your Lord. If you have come out for jihad in My cause and seeking means to My approval, [take them not as friends]. You confide to them affection, but I am most knowing of what you have concealed and what you have declared. And whoever does it among you has certainly strayed from the soundness of the way.

The Noble Qur’an, Surah #60, Al-Mumtahina Verse #1

  • Love of sex. ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo declares in Surah Yusuf

And women in the city said, “The wife of al-‘Azeez is seeking to seduce her slave boy; he has impassioned her with love. Indeed, we see her [to be] in clear error.

The Noble Qur’an, Surah #60, Yusuf, Verse #30

  • Preferring the love of relatives, family, and one’es homeland above the love of ALLAH, HIS Messenger and fighting in HIS way, ALLAH Jalla Jalaaluhoo declares in Surah At-Taubah

Say, [O Muhammad], “If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, your relatives, wealth which you have obtained, commerce wherein you fear decline, and dwellings with which you are pleased are more beloved to you than ALLAH and HIS Messenger and jihad in HIS cause, then wait until ALLAH executes HIS command. And ALLAH does not guide the defiantly disobedient people.”

The Noble Qur’an, Surah #9, At-taubah, Verse #24

In Bukhari and Muslim, it has been mentioned that The Messenger of ALLAH said,

“You will not become true believers until I become more beloved to you than your wealth, sons and all mankind.”

Love, Chastity, and Sacrifice

Muhabbat, Paakezgi Aur Qurbani

Islam, with its innate realism, doesn’t impede the skills and talents of a human. Rather it directs them towards that which is useful for mankind in this world and the Hereafter. The question may arise what is the instance of Islam towards a man, who love a woman, then failed to marry her. He then remained chaste until he died?

Islam teaches us who ever loved a woman and could not marry her should try to forget her. If he could not do so, then he should conduct the path of purification and chastity. So that, he may find a way out of these worse circumstances of his life. This enables him to resolve and to move forward. In case, if he remained chaste until his death, he would be treated like a martyr as he remained chaste and concealed his love and remained patient until his death. Find Muslim Prayer for Urgent Wish Success here.

Al-Hakim and Ibn Asakir reported that The Prophet Muhammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam said:

“Whosoever loved and remained chaste and concealed his love until he died, his reward would be like that of a martyr.”

The reason behind that is the lover’s psychological state with which he was afflicted that went beyond his capacity. The general principle of Islam is:

“ALLAH burdens not a person beyond his scope!”

The Noble Qur’an, Surah #2, Al-Baqarah Verse #286

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Message to the Youth of Islam

Muslim Naujawano Ko Ek Paigham

O Youth! you should direct your heart to The Love of ALLAH and your soul to Islam and The Messenger Muhammad Mustafa SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam in order to re-achieve the glory and civilization of Islam. Islam does not separate substance and soul, the world and the hereafter, nor between religion and life.

It views life as an integral and balanced unity between the right of a man towards his Lord and his towards himself, his family, his propagation, and society. Find Dua for Any Wish Hajat to Come True here.

This is the real Islam, which always permits the man to practice the balanced and ordinary life that conforms with his reality and nature. It does not include monasticism, deprivation, and seclusion from society. At the same time, it also blames Muslim if he is always busy with the material life and neglects worshipping ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. A Muslim should make a balance between both and give everyone his due.

How to Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal

I would caution you that before performing this amal you better perform a yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara. The result of this Istikhara must be in your favor and then you can go ahead with this wazifa ‘How to Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal’. In any other matter, if you have already done any other different Istikhara for your marriage or any Mufti, Maulvi, Hafiz or any Islamic scholar has done it on your behalf. The result of this Istikhara came positive and in your favor. Find Wazifa to Make Impossible Possible here.

So in easy language let me make it clearer to you. If you fulfill condition (1) (2) (3) & (4) then you can do this amal?

  1. If you have done yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara. The result was positive or in your favor. OR If any Mufti, Maulvi, Hafiz or any Islamic scholar has done it on your behalf and you got the positive result; AND
  2. If you want to marry someone legibly and validly according to Islam, which should be in a Halaal way.
  3. If you are a Follower of ya ALLAH Website. In case, if you are not, go to this link- Follow
  4. If you have liked ya ALLAH FB Page and rated your stars on FB.

If you are interested in performing yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara, go ahead today!

How To Perform Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal?

  1. One can start this wazifa at any time on any ordinary day.→ Wazifa That Works Like Fire

  2. Wake up at midnight at the time of tahajjud.

  3. Make an ablution.

  4. Sit on a clean place somewhere and recite this Durood Shareef eleven hundred and eleven (1111) times. “Al’hamdulillahi Zil ‘izzate Wal Kibriyaa-ee Wa SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammadin ‘Khaatimil Anbiyaa”

  5. Afterward, make a prayer for your love marriage to ALLAH The Most Loving with the bottom of your heart.→ Powerful Duas for Forgiveness of Sins in Islam

  6. If ALLAH The Gracious wills your heartily wish of love will come true. And you will gain true love and affection with this love relationship.

  7. The maximum limit for this wazifa is 91 days.

Note: Females can skip during their menses/periods.

How to Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal in Urdu


Dua to Recite


How to Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal in Roman English

Namumkin Pasand Ki Shadi ya Rishte ko Mumkin Karne Ke Liye Karishmayi Hub Ka Amal

Apne pasand se nikah karne ke liye bara hi mujarrab amal hai ye. Agar aapne koi ladki/ladka pasand kar rakha hai aur aap chahte hai ke unse apka nikah ho jaye. Ya fir ap chahte hai ke us ladke/ladki ka rishta aapse ho jaye. Yani nikah aapse ho jaye. Jo ki zaahir aur baatin dono aetbar se ba-kamaal ho, Insha ALLAH Ameen.

Agar ap ne ye sharait puri kar li hai to apko ye amal karne ki ijazat hai:

  1. Agar aapne yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara kar liya hai aur uski taabeer apke haq mein ayi hai, ya fir;
  2. Agar aap kisi aalim, maulvi, deeni buzurg ya fir mufti se apne nikah ka istikhara kar chukein hai aur wo aapke haq mein durust aya hai, aur saath-saath;
  3. Agar ap ya ALLAH Website ke follower hain, aur
  4. Agar aapne yaALLAH FB page ko like kiya hai aur apne stars bhi de chukein hain, to aapko ye wazifa karne ki mukammal ijazat hai aur Insha ALLAH ye amal apko apke haq mein zarur asar dikhayega, Ameen.

Wazifa Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal Kaise Karna Hai?

  1. Ye amal ap kisi bhi roz aur kisi bhi behtar waqt shuru kar sakte hai.
  2. Tahajjud ke waqt uthiye.
  3. Wuzu bana lijiye.
  4. Deegar, kahi behtkar gyarah sau gyarah (1,111) martaba ye durood shareef parhiye: Al’hamdulillahe Zil ‘izzate Wal Kibriyaa-ee Wa SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammadin Khaatimil Anbiyaa” (Tarjuma- Tamam tareefein ALLAH Ta’ala ke liye hai, jo izzat wa kibriyaa-ee ka maalik hai, aur ALLAH Ta’ala ra’hmat nazil farmaye Hazrat Mu’hammad SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam khaatimil Anbiyaa SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam par)(Arbi mein upar dekhein).
  5. Uske bad ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala ki baargah mein khoob dil se du’a kijiye.
  6. Insha ALLAH Haq Ta’ala Shanahu uski jayaz murad denge aur is risha se baaham ulfat aur mu’habbat naseeb hogi, Ameen.
  7. Ye amal kul 91 roz karna hai*.

*Ghaur Talab: Khawateen ke liye haiz ke dino mein is amal ko tark karne ki ijazat hai. To is tarah se unke liye ye wazifa 91 roz se zyadah ka ho jayega.

Popular yaALLAH Wazaif

How to Make Impossible Love Marriage Possible Miraculous Hub Amal in Hindi

नामुमकिन पसन्द की शादी या रिश्ते को मुमकिन करने के लिए करिश्माई हुब का अमल हिंदी ज़ुबान में

अपने पसन्द से निकाह करने के लिए यह बड़ा ही मुजर्रब अमल है | अगर आपको कोई लड़की/लड़का पसन्द है और आप चाहते है के उनसे आपका निकाह हो जाये| या फिर आप चाहते है के उस लड़के/लड़की का रिश्ता आपसे हो जाये| यानि निकाह आपसे हो जाये| जो की ज़ाहिर और बातिन दोनों ऐतबार से बा-कमाल हो, इन्शा अल्लाह आमीन|

इस अमल को करने से पहले ध्यान देने की बातें:

  1. आप ये अमल कर सकते है अगर आपने ‘याअल्लाह निकाह इस्तिख़ारा’ कर चुकें है और वो आपके हक़ में आया है| या फिर;
  2. अगर आपने किसी आलिम, मुफ़्ती, हाफ़िज़, मौलवी या किसी दीनी में बुज़ुर्ग शख़्श से अपने निकाह के लिए कोई भी इस्तिख़ारा करवा लिया है और वो आपने हक़ में है| और साथ-साथ;
  3. अगर आपने या अल्लाह वेबसाइट को फॉलो कर लिया है- यहाँ से फॉलो कीजिये- फॉलो याअल्लाह
  4. अगर आपने या अल्लाह वेबसाइट के फेसबुक पेज को इस लिंक पर- फेसबुक.कॉम/याअल्लाहयारसूल लाइक किया है और आप उस पेज को अपने स्टार्स भी दे चुकें है तो आपको ये अमल करने की इजाज़त है| इन्शा अल्लाह ये अमल ज़रूर आपको असर दिखायेगा|

नामुमकिन पसंद की शादी या रिश्ते को मुमकिन करने के लिए करिश्माई हुब का अमल कैसे करना है?

  1. ये अमल आप किसी भी रोज़ और किसी भी बेहतर वक़्त शुरू कर सकते है|
  2. तहज्जुद के वक़्त उठिये|
  3. वुज़ू बना लीजिये|
  4. दीगर, कहीं बैठकर ग्यारह सौ ग्यारह (1,111) मरतबा ये दुरूद शरीफ पढ़िए: अल’हम्दुलिल्लाहे ज़िल ‘इज़्ज़ते वल किबरिया -ई व सल्लल्लाहु ‘अला मु’हम्मदिन ख़ातिमिल अम्बिया” (तर्जुमा- तमाम तारीफें अल्लाह त’आला के लिए है, जो इज़्ज़त व किबरियाई का मालिक है, और अल्लाह त ‘आला र’हमत नाज़िल फरमाये हज़रत मु’हम्मद सल्लल्लाहु अलैहे वसल्लम ख़ातिमिल अम्बिया सल्लल्लाहु अलयहे वसल्लम पर) (अरबी में ऊपर देखें)|
  5. उसके बाद अल्लाह सुब्हानहु व त’आला की बारगाह में ख़ूब दिल से दु’आ कीजिये|
  6. इन्शा अल्लाह हक़ त’आला शानहू उसकी जायज़ मुराद पूरी कर देंगे और इस रिश्ता से बाहम उल्फत और मु’हब्बत नसीब होगी, आमीन|
  7. ये अमल कुल 91 रोज़ करना है|*

*ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन के लिए हैज़ के दिनों में इस अमल को तर्क करने (छोड़ने देने) की इजाज़त है| तो इस तरह से उन्हें ये वज़ीफ़ा 91 रोज़ से ज़्यादह करना होगा|

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  1. zoya on said:

    Asslamaualikum bhai me apse yhe khena charahi hun ke mujhse nahi ho pata istikara khud mene kafi bar kosis bhi ki aur mere yha koi nahi hai jisse me karwa sakun..toh bhai kya ap plz mere liye istikara kar sakte hai kya ya agar hoskat ho toh karwa sakte hain?? Plz bataye bhai plz..

    • Apne liye istikhara khud hi karna chahiye sis. Bahut asan hai.

      • zoya on said:

        Ji.. Asan hai lekin mujhse nahi hopata ..mene try kiya kafi time..raat me parents ke samne nahi kar pati mein..agar ap karsake toh..
        Aur plz bhai me kisi ko pasand karti hun lekin uske walid aur mere walid me ab ache relations nahi rahe dono me kuch arguments hogyi thi ab dono ek dusre ko pasand nahi karte humare walid ..toh plz bhai koi asa wazifa ya dua bataye strong ke dono ke bich me wapis ache talluk hojaye dono ke dil se ek dusre ke liye karwahat nikal jaye plz aur dono wapis ek dusre se ache se baat karne lagjaye plz..

      • Arman ansari on said:

        Agar 1 din bhi gap ho jata hai to fir kya krna hoga

        • ALLAH Ta’ala se mafi mangen aur ayandah khayal karen ke nagha nahi aaye.

  2. Asslaamualaaiqum…… Mere rishte me bht problems aa rhi hain…..kya koi trika he ye janne ka ki koi pabndi ki gyi he ya koi aur wjha he iski……bhai plz meri help kijiye

      • Ye istkhara mne kiya tha pr 7 din kuch bhi nzr nahi aaya phr mne nadir istkhara kiya 3din me bs ek din nzr aaya jis me mne khud ki shadi dekhi ye mne kisi se shadi ki niyt se kiya tha….phr mne puchha jo ki positive btaya….aur main 4-5 wazife bhi kr rhi hu aaytl kursi wala nochandi jumerat wala pura bhi kr liya sugar ant wala bhi kiya tha….pr koi positive response nahi mila ……aap plz rehnumayi kijiye main kya kru

        • Astaghfar parhiye aur koi ek wazifa kamil yaqeen ke sath shuru kar dijiye.

      • Kya main ye love marriage istkhara dobara se kru

  3. Asslaamualaaiqum….. Plz mujhe ijazat dain ye wazifa krne ki

  4. Aafreen on said:

    Assalamualaikum Bhai… Aap Plz Mujhe Ye Bta Dijiye Agar Tahajjud Ke Waqt Mumkin Nahi Ho Sakta Wazifa Padhna To Kya Hum Kisi Ek Muqarrar Waqt Par Farz Namaz Ke Baad Padh Sakte Hai… ???

  5. Akifa iram on said:

    Agar istekhara apni haq mei na ho toh??

      • Zzzz on said:

        Kaise pta chalta h istikhara hmre haq me h

          • Zzzz on said:

            Bhai me messenger ya fb use nhi krti to kaha btau khwab or mene itne sare comment kr diye apko wo nikah istikhara ke do point jo smjh nhi aa rhe uske bare me puchne k liye pr koi reply nhi mil rha bhut preshan hu bhaijan 2 din ho gye ap clear kr dein un points ko to me istikhara kru kyuki me nhi chahti ki mjh se koi glti ho istikhara krne me baraye meherbani ap plzz mjh bta diye bhai plzz bta dein🙏🙏

          • Aap yahin par to the point puch lijiye.

  6. Saida on said:

    Hello sir ..mana suger and ant wala wazifa kiya tha…..akhi din hua…or o mujha SMS vi ki par problem ha ki o mujsha avi vi naraj ha.or ak hi bar SMS dia…..mujha much samaj nahi aya…or o mujha avi vi San korti ha..may ka koru plz help me

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      ALLAH pe bharosa rakhen aur sabr kijiye. Agar sugar aur ant wala wazifa ap ne ache se kiya hai to uska result insha ALLAH jald samne aa jayega.

  7. Mohammad shah alam on said:

    Assalamualaykum bhai maine 2 din nikah istikhara kia. 1st din bahut saara green color aur end mein thoda sa red color dikha.aur 2 nd day bht badi aur achchhi si dawat dikhi.plz bataie main pasand ki love marriage ka wazifa krna chahta hun.

  8. assalam o alikum sir mera ek sawal hai agar nikah istikhara negative aye too humee kya karna chiayee plz tel me ……

  9. Assalamualaikum.
    Please kindly help me.
    I need your help.
    I like someone and we have mutual feelings.
    He has told his parents about me but they are not willing at all for me. Infact they are finding girls for me everywhere but not considering me.
    Due to this reason the boy is also upset and he is afraid that we wont get married so he keeps on sating thay we should end this.
    Please help me in it
    I am really worried

  10. sadam on said:

    Salam aleikum sir mene istikhara karwa ya or istikhara mere haq me he ab problem yeh he ki me jis ladki she pyar karta hu uski maa ne apni beti ko kale jadu se apne bas me karliya he or hum dono ke bich me darar paida kardiya he sir please help me koi aisa tod bataye Jo woh ladki pahle jese hojaye or hum nikah karle usse

  11. Arif on said:

    Nauchandi jumerat in December 16 m kab h

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      It will be on 8th December. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  12. MM on said:

    I was in relation for 5years, we had issues and fights between. Now that person has gone to America and he’s not talking to me it’s been three months. Tell me what wazifa should I do to make him come back to me and marry me. It’s a matter of my life

  13. Houria zeab3 on said:

    Salam bahi
    Ma boht zeada pareshan ho kun ka mare rishte ma rukawat ha mare age be 30 ho gae ha but abi tak koi suitable rishta nahi a raha jo be ata wapis chala jata jis ke waja se parents pareshan han ma be pareshan ho mare ma boht se wazaif kar chuki but koi faida nahi our yaha par jo alam han wo is rukawat ko khtma karne ke boht se pase magte han islea mare help kare plzz.our mera aik cousion ha ma us ko boht pasand karti ho wo be bat karta ha muje se but just ase a friend wo be shadi ka lea nahi manta jab be bolo shadi ka to wo mana kar data ha ma boht se wazaif kar chuki but bahi kesi ka koi asar nahi plzzz bahi mare help kare muje btyea ka ma kya karo

  14. Zoya on said:

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu
    Hum ye wazeefa kr rhe hai aur bahed nind ki waja k hamari tahajjud k liye aankh hi na khule toh kya krna hoga

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ye to apko khud manage karna hoga sis. Ap raat ko jaldi so jaya karein. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  15. Nisa on said:

    Agar rishte par bandish ho to ye wazifa work karega?

  16. Assalamu alaikum. Bhayya i completed ya Allah nikah ishtikara and phoned my lover. he picked the call and talked to me. No other girl is in his life. But after this he never contacted me. He says he need time to take a decision to marry me or not. Now i am doing sugar and ant wazifa. Its the third day. Yesterday night he snd me a casual hello message. Which is the next dua i have to do to make him strong enough to take a decision to get married with me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      While performing your current wazifa, don’t ever think about doing another wazifa for the same purpose. It will show a lack of beliefs from your side. And it will definitely reduce the effects of your wazifa. So, first complete your current wazifa with all your devotion and dedication and let me know the results afterwards.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

      • Bhai m ak larkay ko psnd krti hon r os s shadi kerna chahti ho but meray ghr walay nahi manay gay is bt ka mjy bht dr h os larkay k gher walay to razi hn r wo lrka meri ami s ak dafa bt krnay ki koshis b kr chuka h pr srf preshanio k r kuch ni mila ab hm dubara bt kerna chahty hn on s pr bht dr lg ra h q k wo ni mani too bs ap mjy kuch btain m kya kro jo meray ghr walay man jain plzz i m very tense plz help me

      • SinuMishal on said:

        I need English version

        • Insha ALLAH, you will get the English version soon.

  17. Pasand ki shadi kerna chahti hoon ammi baba ko razi kerna hay koiey wazifa baatayen jis sae mera kaam ban jaiey
    Chat Conversation End

  18. Imran bhai m ny sugar waaala wazifa kiya but koi b asar ni hwa m ny nikah istakhara b kia tha wo pstv aya tha plz mjy koi aesa wazifa btaen jis s usk dil m mry liye piyar paida hu he is totally ognoring me

  19. Atifa on said:

    ma ye amal krna chati ma ak lrky saa pyar krti hu usy ksi ny black magic kr k mj sa nfrt krwai wo mjsa shadi krna chata ta pr ab wo nfrt krta a mj sa ma kia kru plzz mjy koi acha amal btya ta k wo pas a jay ma usk bina ni reh skti plz black magic ka ksi sy tor krwaya par us ny abi tk rabta ni kia mj sa plz mjy btay kuch

  20. Assalumualaikum.

    I like a Hindu boy. He has accepted to convert into Islam. We want to get married. His parents have passed few years back. But his elder brother is not accepting for the marriage. My parents too are not agreeing. Please tell me what should I do?

  21. assalamoalaikum plz apna email de sakte h … mai apni problems wahi pe bta sakti hu ….. bhut badi problem h plz help…

  22. Unknown on said:

    Mene shadi ka istikhara kiya tha jo k positive aya h but jiske liye kiya hai wo saudi me rahta hai ab me konsa wazifa kru jisse wo jldi aakr mjse shadi krle

  23. nisa saleem on said:

    Pls help me bhayya give me the english version of impossible love marriage possible wazifa

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      I will provide you the English Version soon insha ALLAH.
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  24. mariyam on said:

    Imran Bhai mai jis ladke ko pasand karti hu wo aur uske ghar wale saare ready hai lekin mere ghar wale nahi maan rahe hai shaadi k liye…to mujhe Kya karna chahiye k mere ghar wale jald se jald maan Jaye…

  25. kiran on said:

    aslam o alaikum imran bhai mene ya ALLAH nikah iatikhara kia hai wo positive aya hai per sath sath rasty mai muskilat/rukawatain b ai hain to kya mai ye impossible to possible wazifa kr skti hn

  26. sana on said:

    Assalam o Alykum
    Bhai plz yeh btadain k the pwrson i love he left or 7 mnth sy koi cntact nhi to kiya main kr skti hn yeh wala amal??nikah istekhara b pos hai
    Plz bhai rply zarur dijyayy ga

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap ye amal kar sakti hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad me Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain. Join Now!!-

  27. Assalamualaikum imran bhai mujhe ap se baat karni hai personal hai inbox me msg kariye its urgent please please I m in abig problem I m waiting Jazak Allah

  28. RU on said:

    Asalam alaikum
    91 days or 19 days?? Plz confirm

  29. maria tahir on said:

    i want permission to do this wazifa

  30. Assalamualaikum imran bhai, imran bhai kya me 3-4 wajife ek sath pad skti hu,jese namumkinko mumkin banane wala isha k bad padhlu, fir 1,111 bar durood sharif padhne wala jo tahjud k waqt ka he wo padhlu.or jo nau-chandi jumerat se suru hota he wo,or sugar & ant wala,or ek or he jo fajar ki sunnato k bad krna he. plz btaiye bhai kya me ye 5 wajife ek sath suru kr sakti hu?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Agar maqsad alag hai to ap 3 wazaif ek sath kar sakti hain. Laikin mera khayal hai ke ap ke in wazaif ka maqsad ek hi hai. Isliye behtar hai ke ek waqt mein ek hi amal karein. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  31. nilofar on said:

    Bhai mene 7 din nikah istikhara kr liya positive aya ab aap wazifa bta de konsa krna hai plz help me

  32. Heena on said:

    Meri sagai ho gayi he 1sal pehle par ab tut gayi 3 mhine ho gye or ab WO log shadi ke liye na kar diya he WO durse religion ke he me followers bhi kya kar sakti hu ye Wajifa?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ap Non- Muslim ke liye koi bhi amal nahi kar sakti sis. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  33. Fiza on said:

    Main jis se piyar karti hu us ki cast alag h meri se ,, or me us se shaddi karna chahti hu par mere dad ni man reh ,, wo apni cast se bahir ni nikal na chahte kunk une lagta h k insult ho jati h, agar cast se bahir nikale to ,, plzz help mee me kon sa wazifa karu k mere dad man jaee ,, wo ni man reh wo bolte h k mere hote hue me kabi ni hone dunda aisa kuj ,, plzz me kya karuu meri help karo mujhe kya karna parega k mere dad man jaeee :|:|i need a help .

  34. SANA QURESHI on said:

    bhai assalamu alekum mei pehle ant and sugar wala wazifa kar chuki ho but koi faida nh hua bhai plz rly de kya mei ye kar sakti ho

  35. Ifrah on said:

    Imran bhai I need ur help..I have already ur pg follower and also rated please listen my problem please

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes, let me know your problem sis.
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  36. abrish malik on said:

    imran bhai mera istakhara positive aaya ma ye amal kr skti hoon.?

  37. sana on said:

    Bhai plz yeh zarur btadain k
    Agr raat main so hi sakta ho koi to wo bhi tahajjud k waqt yeh amal krskta hai????

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han agar ap so nahi sakti to bhi tahajjud ke waqt ye amal kar sakti hain.
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