Make Dua For Me

July 27, 2020 by Al Imran

They pray from the core of their heart with the tears in their eyes with the the entire intensity. For them, a two rakah salaah was enough to get every legitimate desire. Let us together Make a Dua here on this page Make Dua for Me.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Bismillah hirRahman nirRaheem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Make Dua for Me

This is one of the most prominent section of ya ALLAH Website. Make dua for me is basically concerned with what you are asking to ALLAH Azzawajal. This is a weapon of The Believer of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala. Through this, we can get our any wish doesn’t matter whether it is impossible, this is the word which exist in the dictionary mankind. If you want to

If you want to convert impossible task into possible you can beg to ALLAH Ta’ala and insha ALLAH it will be granted. During the days of Our Beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam (Companions) Sahaba used to just offer a two rakah salaah and then they used to make a dua. They have got what they needed. Do you know why? Because they have followed the path of  Messenger of ALLAH, They quit committing sins once they promised to ALLAH Ta’ala.

They pray from the core of their heart with the tears in their eyes with the entire intensity. For them, a two rakah salaah was enough to get every legitimate desire. Let us together Make a Dua here on this page Make Dua for Me.

Make dua for me

Verse of the Quran Concerning dua!

“If due to the misfortune of sins, you do not possess a tongue of acceptance. Go to the friends of Allah and request their Du’â’s. Request those brothers of purity to pray on your behalf.” 

Fisabilillah. O you who have believed, if you support ALLAH, He will support you and plant firmly your feet!

-47:7 Sūrah Muḥammad

I recommend you to make a dua for the entire Ummah and for me and then for you for our forgiveness, Ameen. Before the process of making a dua it is recommend to offer the savaab to Our Beloved Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam and then to His Family and then to His Companions and then to all Wali ALLAH and then to all Peer-o-Murshid and then to entire Muslims of the globe who have passed away and then in the last you have to make a dua for yourself. Never forget to say to the other fellow brothers- Make Dua for Me Please!

You will get a response within 24 working hours Insha ALLAH. Please be patient and wait for the response from You can find the reply on the same page where you have commented. Just be calm, keep offering five times salaah, our first priority! May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata Aala forgives all Ummah’s sins and accepts all our salaah. Make dua for me

Ameen ya Rabbul A’lameen.

Words by ãl é عِmrãń 

If you are in trouble and in need of Almighty ALLAH Subhanahu Wata Ala’s help. I am only a source I will insha ALLAH make dua for you. have 100% faith in ALLAH. Insha ALLAH it would surely be accepted.

Please do not hesitate to share your problems with yaALLAH. I will present Durood-e-Pak in the Shrine of Hadrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hassan Chishty (Rahmatullaah Alayhe) also known as Ghareeb Nawaz, in the city of Ajmer Sharif, State- Rajasthan, India. Make dua for me

This is a Karam of ALLAH (Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala)  and Huzoor-e-Akram (SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam) that I got a chance to serve mankind. Make dua for me

Neither being such a well-known personality, knower of deen nor a pious Muslim I am. Just struggling to wash off my sins through this sources, a sources which may lead me to the path of salvation! Make dua for me

-by Al é عِmrãń

No matter how huge our sins are, Mercy of ALLAH Azzawajal is more bigger than our sins, indeed!

-by Al é عِmrãń

Ash-shadu anLaa ilaha illALLAH Ash-hadu anna Mu’hammadar Rasoolullah

I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except ALLAH Azzawajal and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and messenger!

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Please remember your brother ãl é عِmrãń and my family in your each dua, every day.

Let us help each other! Make dua for me

Jaza kALLAHU Khair!

May God recompense you with good

ãl é عِmrãń

Online Request for Dua

Make Dua for Me Request #1

Let us help each other with our only weapon, Dua is only the weapon of the believer.

As salamu alayku  Wa Rehmatullahe Wabarakatuhoo Dear All,

Dua Request for a cancer patient Mr. Javaid Azam his mother’s name is Muhtarma Rabia Bibi.

Date of Birth: October 07, 1966

He has just been diagnosed with cancer in his stomach, all the family is praying for him. I request you all guys to please include him in your daily prayers, please make a special dua for him so that he will be cured insha ALLAH.

Make Dua for Me Request #2

Mere abbu jaan Neuro ICU me admit hai 8 din se, unko brain hamrage hua hai. Jis se unka brain ka 2 vein phatt gaya hai. Na abbu kuch bol pa rahe hai,na koi movement hai unke body mein,please wazifa bataye, dua kare Mere abbu k liye. Insha Allah rahman Allah pak Mere abbu ko sehat ata kare wo jald thik ho jae…. Ameeen Summa Ameen…

If you have someone who is in great need of a dua please write a comment to request us to publish your dua here on this page. Insha ALLAH dua will be published on this page so that each and every visitor will remember the request to include in their daily duas.

Just tell us ‘Make Dua For Me’  through a comment here on this page of ya ALLAH Website.

Other Lovely yaALLAH Dua & Wazaif 

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324 Comments on “Make Dua For Me”

  1. السلام علیکم ۔ امید ہے کے آپ خیریت سے ہیں ۔ انشاءالله ، دس جولائی 2020 ، کو مجھے مینجمنٹ کی امتحان دےنی ہے ۔ جو انشاءالله ، میں پاس ہو گئ ، تو مجھے میری کمپنی میں پروموشن ملنے کی امید ہے ۔ لیکن جیسے امتحان قریب آ رہی ہے ، مجھے ہمیشہ سر درد اور بے چینی ہورہی ہے ، اور پڑھائی پر توجہ نہیں ہے ۔ نماز , قرآن اور دعا پڑھنے میں بھی توجہ نہیں ہے ۔ آپ سے دلی گزارش ہے کے ، میرے لئے خاص دعا کیجئے ، کہ میں انشاءالله پاس ہو جاؤں ۔ جزاک الله خیر۔

  2. Assalam wa alaiqum bhaijaan mere lye please please dua kijiye, mohabbat ke bahot sare wazaif kr rha hu koi contact nhi ho rha h usse or ab to job bhi nhi rhi mujhe please mere lye dua kijiye ALLAH apne fazl o karam se mujhe meri mohabbat lauta de mera nikah ho uske sath or mujhe halal rizq bhi de de please dua kijiye bhaijaan bahot pareshan ho gya hu.

  3. As salam wale kum….Mere liye please duva kijiye shaadi hokar 6yrs hogae abhi tak koi aulaad nahi hum bahoot bahoot pareshaan hai mere husband bhi is wajeh se pareshaan hai but wo bolte nahi kuch phir bhi mujhe bahoot takleef hoti maine ilaaj sab karaya sab mein normal hai but phir bhi kuch effect nahi hora…Please mere liye duva kariye Aulaad ke liye

  4. As salam o alaykom bahi kis aise possible hai ke ap mere shadi ke istakhare mein help kre matlab ke ap b mere lie istakhara kr ke muje bta sakte ha kia better hai..

  5. Bhai mere liye dua krein main kisi ko boht pasand krti hu humra rishta pak ta har najaiz cheez se pak. Main ne kbi us ko panay k liye kisi peer alim wala shirk nai kia. Wo ek to shyd different sect ki waja se dur hogya or ek main ne bht jhagra kia her br jhagra kia itna k akhiri br us ko galiya dy dali. Ab wo her jaga se block kr chuka. Jahan se bhi contact kru wo block kr dyta. Hum different cities main rehtay main jaa k mana b nai skti coz us ne ghar b change kr lia hai. Bhai ap Allah se dua kry k meri mohabbat mujhy dy dy main ne us k siwa kisi ko nai socha na sochna chahti or wo wapis nai arha. Her wazifa try kr lia hai. Please bhai meri mohabbat mil jaye mujhy.

  6. As Salaam U Alaikum Imran Bhai. Meri yeh mahine mein maahwari nahi aayi hai ; lekin iss gaye sunday ko pregnancy test bhi negative aaya tha

    Aane waale saturday ko phir se pregnancy test karne bulaya hai doctor ne

    Please koi dua ya wazifa bataayein ke pregnancy test positive aa jaaye INSHA’ALLAH.

    Please mere liye dua kijiyega

    JAZAKALLAH Khai Bhai.

  7. Please pray for me I’m a destitute man unable to get married because there’s no money.
    Please pray for me to get money to start a business & provide for my family.
    Jazaka’llahu kheir!

  8. I request for a Du’a that my daughter M.V.Vaishnavi gets selected for a very good project in Hyderabad safely Allahtala meribeti par reham keejiye uski madad keejiye Reham maalik reham maangtihoon

      1. please Bhai mere liye dua Kre K meri Jo b duae h woh puri ho Jay jo problems chal rhi woh door Kare Allah

  9. Asalam o alaikum hope you are doing great.
    Ak larka jesko may pasand karti houn wo bhe karta hay laikn oski age meray say 5 6 saal choti hay oski maa bohot sakht hay wo kabhi nahi rishta hunay dainge. Wo baat chah kay bhee nahi karsakta apni maa seh kyun kay wo shayd bohut buri tarhan react karain uski maa. Meray khayal say age gap huna koi bara masla nahi hay agar understanding ho tau. Laikn yeh humaray muashray nay typical mentalities banai hue hain. May bohit pareshan hun kyun kay meray ghr walay mjhay bar bar shadi kq kehtay. Please Koi aesa wazeefa batayen jis sey wo khud oski maa rishta bhej day. Bina kisi maslay k yay sab mamla sulajh jaye. Oski maa khud he rishta maang lay. Please help me. Jazak Allah.

      1. Jazak Allah. Kia yeh wazifa bed pay lait kay sonay say pehlay krna hay ya jainamaz pay krkay phr bed pay laitna hay?

  10. Aswk.

    main bhuth preshan hun . main jinse mhbth karti hun , woh mujhse mhbth nahi karte hain . aur woh jitne mujhse dur rehthe hain – meri feelings unke liye aur badd jati hain . please mere liye dua kijiye. JazakAllah Khair.

  11. Aswk Bhai. maine bahuth baar koshish ki aapke fb messenger page pe contact karne ke liye, aapke diye huay india time 6:30p.m. to 8:30p.m. ke dauran. lekin har bar fb messenger page status dikhatha hai ke “ is unavailable”. main yahaan image attach karna chahti thi, lekin nahi ho raha hai. plz dekh lein ke fb messenger pe kya masla hai. JazakAllah Khair.

  12. Aswk Imran Bhai. Koi bhi amal karthe waqth aur namaaz padhthe waqt, mujhe Allah par Yaqeen tho poora hotha hai; magar Khushoo (focus) bilkul nahi hai. Darkhwasth hai ke kuch hal bataayein. JazakAllah Khair.

  13. Assalamualaikum.. may all the good duas be fulfilled… please pray for my husband to get a good job or buisness my husband is without job and no buisness for some months now our savings are depleting and we are in foreign land.. our family back home is dependent on us we have few cousins we help out as well .. … I am very scared what’s going to happen next but hopeful Allah has a better plan .. so please make a dua for me. JazakAllah khair

      1. bhai mere liye dua Kre ki meri mushkile asan ho Jay Aur me jo wazaif prh rhi ho woh Allah qubool kare

  14. AoAkm. darkhwaast hai ke, hamein bataayein ke love ke kaunse kaunse wazaif hum ladies haiz/mahwaari ke dauran bhi padh sakthi hain. Agar-che koi wazaaif humein munh-zubaani yaad hain, tho kya woh hum sirf zubaani – bina kuch chuye , haiz mein padh sakthi hain ?

  15. Aswk Imran Bhai. Main kuch amal aapke website se karthi hoon. lekin mujhe beech mein fever ho gayaa tha. iss liye ek din ke liye main amal nahi kar paayi. kya main amal continue kar sakthi hoon? ya phir mujhe shuru se hee start karnaa padega ? kya main fever ke haalath mein bhi (in future), non-Qurani amal kar sakthi hoon?, without wudu ? Please advise karein. JazakAllah Khair.

  16. Aswk Imran Bhai. Main bahuth pareshan hoon. Mujhe har koi Insaan aur har ek situation aajkal confusing lagtha hai. Namaaz mein bhi main shiver karne lagthi hoon, aur focus/concentration bilkul nahi hai. Jo Insaan mere sabse qareeb the , unke saath roz jhagde aur misunderstandings hothe hain. Please mere liye Dua karein aur Istikhara kijiye (kyunki main namaaz mein focus nahi kar paathi hoon). Meri help kijiye , main bahuth pareshan hoon. Mera naam Ghazala hai aur meri maan ka naam Noor Banu hai.

  17. Aswk Imran Bhai.

    Urine Incontinency ke wajah se main yeh wazifa nahi kar paa rahi hoon :

    “Ya Jami’ul Muta-Farraqeenaa Bihar Ya-Badu’ho”

    Kya aap mere liye yeh wazifa kar sakthe hain aur dua kar sakthe hain? Mere mehboob mujhse rooth gaye hain, aur mujhse baath nahi Karthe zyada.

    Main apna aur mere mehboob ka naam, aapko personal e-mail par bhej sakthi hoon.


    1. Ji han aap ayat ki rozana kisi bhi munasib waqt par jitni chahen tilawat kar sakti hain. Sath me behtar hai ke taweez bhi bana lijiye. Mukammal tareeqa kar follow karengi to wazifa asar bhi pura dikhayega insha ALLAH.

  18. Aswk Imran Bhai. Mujhe apne kuch office colleagues pe shaq hai – ke woh mujhse Hasad (Jealousy) rakhthe hain. Isska pakka maalum kaise karun? please advise Karein. Shukriya.

  19. Aswk Imran Bhai Main bahuth pareshan hoon. kuch mahine pehle se, mujhe apne office colleague se mohabbath ho gayi hai; beinteha mohabbath. Shuru shuru mein unho-ne bhi acche se respond kiya. Lekin kucch aur colleagues ke interference ke wajeh se, hamaare beech mein jhagde aur ann-bann hone lag gayi. ab yeh naubath hai ke woh mujhse salaam ke ailawa – koi bhi baath nahi karthe. main ab bhi unse beinteha mohabbath karthi hoon. hamaare beech phir se pehle jaisa pyar aur sulah hone ke liye, maine roze bhi start kar diye hain, ab tak 14 roze ho chuke hain. unke liye main tahajjud padhke, fajr se qabl 2-3 ghante duaaien maangthi hoon. Aapka Surah Qariah wala wazifa bhi try kiya, lekin kuch fayda nahi hua. dobara se same wazifa start kiya hai. aur ek masla hai- main unse umr mein badi hoon. mujhe shak hai ke kisi ne unke kaan bhar diye hain mere khilaf. upar se mujhe UTI aur Urine Incontinency bhi hai. Tho meri wuzu barqarar rehna mushkil hai. Aur baar baar wuzu karna bhi mushkil hai; khaaskar office mein. Please mere masle ka hal nikaalein. main bahuth pareshan hoon. Shukriya.

      1. Alhamdulillah, aaj maine unn-ke liye sadaqah bhi diya hai, ke woh phir se InSha’Allah mujhse baath karein aur hum dono mein Sulah ho. InSha’Allah dua karein ke ALLAH mera Sadaqah Qabool farmaayein. Aameen.

  20. Aswk Imran Bhai main ke kuch love wazife office mein bhi padhthi hoon; kyunki ghar pe saare wazife padhne time nahi miltha lekin main office mein wazu nahi kar paathi hoon. plz advise karein.

    1. Wazaif wuzu karke hi parhne chahiye. Agar khula wird karna hai to wo aap bina wuzu ke bhi kar sakti hain. Magar Qurani wazaif ke liye wuzu zaruri hai.

  21. I request Du’a for my husband M.Venugopal for safe favourable diagnosing by Drs safe successful easy treatment of his health issue and complete cure of his health safely Allah mere shohar per reham keejiye unhe teekh keejiye aap se reham maangtihoon reham Allah reham hum per reham keejiye meri Du’a sun leejiye Ameen

  22. Aoa, main ap ki site thory time sy follow kr rai hn ap mera name aur mesg post na krain bx yahn he reply kr dain plz if possible…mera masla yeh hai k main jahn shadi krna chah rai thi 1 saal tk sb sai hota raha 2no families mili bhe but jb rishty ki baat howi tw mery aur us larky k drmyan ajeeb misunderstandings aur lraye ho gaye main bht depress ho gaye thi is k baad meri family aur rishty dekhny lag gaye hain main is baat sy kush ni hn mainy ap ki site sy wazifa kiya how to get love back aur meri us bndy sy fr baat start howi but ab masla yeh hai woh shadi k liye maan ni raha k koi family hain but main usi sy shadi krna chahti hn ap mery liye dua krain Allah mery py reham kry aur meri murad puri kr dy plz main bht takleef main hn bht pareshan hn…main surat yaseen ki ayat no 36 wala wazifa bhe shuru kru ge ap sy guzarish hai ap mery liye dua krain shukriya jazakAllah

  23. Assalamu Alaikum
    I did istikhara for marrying a girl and saw dreams that we are happy together. I want to marry this girl and she wants to marry me too. She is a converted Muslim and lives in another country. The problem is that she is always in pain, she says her eyesight is worsening too and her hearing is getting worse too she also feels like she is getting paralyzed. I do not know what is wrong with her and the doctors aren’t sure either. Please make Dua for her and tell me what I can do so that Allah(swt) can cure her.

          1. Imran bhai mujhe puchna h kch. Mre nana ki intekal ho gyi h. Aur unke cousins roz hme preshan kr rhe h. Kahte h ek mayyat aur hogi. Fir mri mameri bahan ki intekal ho gyi. Fir v mri ammi ko dekh kr lahaul padhte h haste h ulti sidhi baat bolte h.mjhe wazifa btaie k wo log preshan na kre.

  24. Please please mere liye dua kijiye aap sab log. Tomorrow evening my results will be out. I should get a score of 270 and top my exam. This is my last chance for career. This has been my dream since years. Please please make dua for me.

      1. My results came. And I failed. Please do something to reverse those results. I have to apply for my pg this year at any cost.

  25. Assalamwalaikum Imran bhai….
    pehele me aapka dil se bohat shukriya aada karna chahati hu,me aapi website follow karti hu aur wazife bhi kiye hai jo kamiyab bhi huye hai.
    me bohat pareshani me hu….. mujhe le k mere karibi shaks ko galatfaimi huyi hai jo sach nahi hai aur meri begunahi sabit karne k liye mere pass Allah k siva koi nahi hai….sirf Allah janate hai ki me galat nahi hu….me aap se Allah ka wasta de k darkhwast karti hu ki mere liye dua kare ki mere karibi k dil se galatfaimi khatam ho jaye aur unke dil me jo mere liye martaba hai wo wapas mil jaye…. plz mere liye dua kijiye aur koi wazifa ho to batade.
    Allah Hafiz

      1. shukriya Imran bhai… ye wazifa zaroor karungi.mere liye dua kijiye
        Allah Hafiz

          1. Imran bhai me bohat pareshan hu….kya me ek hi maksad k liye ek se zyda wazifa kar sakti hu?mere liye dua kijiye……………….me begunah hu……………Allah k siva mere pass koi gavah nahi hai………….mere mangetar meri baat ka bharosa nahi kar rahe…..unki galatfaimi ki wajaha se me bohat pareshan hu…..please dua kare ki unke dil se galatfaimi nikal jaye aur mere liye mere mangetr k dil me mohabbat aur izzat aa jaye…………mere mangetar mujhe bohat mohabbat karte the lekin iss galafaimi ki wajaha se mohabbat khatam ho gayi hai….madad kare meri

          2. ALLAH Apne bande ko kabhi tanha nahi chhora sis. ALLAH par kamil yaqeen rakhte hue aap ek se zyada wazaif parh sakti hain. ALLAH Tabarak Wata ‘Ala aapki pareshani door kare, aameen!

  26. I am a 25 year old lady that works for free with hope of the company retaining me.Its been 8 months of working for free without stipends and I am very frustrated.I do not have anyone I’m in a relationship with. No boy likes me and I don’t like any boy.I need the job of my dream and a husband,Peace of mind and success. I am genuinely unhappy.I need financial liberation. I have prayed and prayed but maybe the Allmighty is preparing something astonishing for me, because that’s the only reason why I think I don’t have all these things I constantly pray for.

  27. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatulallahi Wabarakatuhu. Mere Shohar mujhse bohat naraz hain aur rishta todhne ki baat kar rahein hain April 7 2019 se gayab hain pata nahi kahan hain. Main bahut pareshan hoon aap sab mere liye duwa karein ke mere shohar jahan kahi bhi ho jald se jald mere paas wapas ajaye aur mere saath khushi se zindagi karein. Plz jitna hosake utna duwa karein. Mera Naam Roohi Firdose hai aur mere shohar ka naam Mohammed Ghouse hain

  28. Salam bhai…… Plzzzzzzz mery ghr walo k liye dua kry r mery liye b… Humy ghr m bth tensions rehti h khtm hony k nam ni leti….r mery Abu is waja se bth drink krty h…. Plz btye tensten khtm Krny k liye kia paru r mery Abu drink pwna chor dy os k liye b koi wazifa yh dua bata de… Shukriya

    1. Breaking the engagement is a sign of istikhara. That means he might not be good for you. Though you can continue your istikhara for regular seven days. Let me know once you complete it.

  29. Imran bhai mera comment kuyn post nahi hota..or ap mujhe answer kuyn nahi karty,? Plz mjhe answer bohat preshan hoon…ma jis se pyar krti goon unki ammi nahi maan rheen.mera istakhara positive aya h..or meri family b raazi hy..mjhe ki wazifa btayn Jo ma lrky ki Ami ko razi krny k lye kroon…

  30. Assalam u alaikum. I did not know where to categorize my problem. I need dua and spiritual help please. Im a beautiful girl who belongs to a good family. My father passed away 20yrs ago. So it was a problem finding a good marriage proposal and finalizing it. I recently liked a boy.. who i knew had bad habits.. but he promised me he is over them. We agreed both families and got engaged 2 months back.. after 1 yr of struggle. And he has helped my family beyond words in times of trouble. But within 2 months, i have lost all charm. I found out he is still stuck to his old habits like girls and drugs. And also misbehavibg with my only brother and my mother. Now im finding everything wrong with this guy and his family. But he gets very angry easily. I prayed to Allah and cried in namaz why i am having these thoughts.. and help me Allah. If he is right for me.. help me towards him. If he is not.. help me get away from him and show me sine signs. And after that i learnt that he is still doing drugs and girls. Now i am afraid what if i take a wrong decision. What if i say no…he will get very angry and start insulting ny mother and brother. Please help me to deal with this situation peacefully. Please.

  31. Assalam Alaekum Warahmatullah, please pray for me, I have been looking for job for six years and I finally secured one, unfortunately, I lost it after three months. I committed no offence. Assist me in calling onto Allah for HIS mercy to give my work back. Really depressed. Jazakallahu haeran. Abdurraheem

  32. Salam bhai
    Meri ammi ko high bp n paralysis h 1 year hone wale h plz Allah se dua kijiye ki woh jld thik ho jyge
    Or mje bhot salo se pcod ki problem h meri v problem dur ho jyge plz dua kijiye hmre liy hm bhut pareshan h plz plz

  33. Salam, please if you could make dua for my son who is having boils in his body. He has visited the hospital and had injections but still the boils are there. As one boil finishes another one comes out. The boil is very painful to him. Please if you could make dua for him so that he gets better.

  34. Assalamu Alaykum
    Mera Naam Mohamad Salim Hai Meri Ammi ka naam Faridabibi hai main pichhle kuchh saalo se shareer ki taqleef se pareshan hu pichhle 4 ya 5 saal se mera chalna firna bandh ho gaya hai har woh Dawai kar li par kisi se fayda nahi mila hai meri is problem ki wajah se aaj tak meri shaadi b nahi ho pai hai Rishte ki baat to zaroor chalti hai par koi na koi wajah se rishta ho nahi pata hai meri birth date 18 july 1981 hai ghar wale b meri is prob se bahot taqleef daur se gujar rahe hai unko yah fikr rahti hai ki aaj ham zinda hai tab tak to thik hai pr hamare na hone ke baad mera kya hoga pls pls pls aap sab se gujarish hai ki Allah se mere liye Dua kariyega ki Allah jald se jald meri is problem pareshani taqleefo se aazad karvaye aur main apne pairo par jameen par bina aasre sahare se chal fir saku aur har kaam apne aap kar saku aur Dusro ki b help karne me aage barhu Allah Hafiz

    1. Salam akiakum lz dua for my son Abdul rahman hez diagnosed with ADHD he is v weak in studies n dua for me Faria Siddiqui i hav written govt. Exams ia.m in urgent need of a job.

  35. Assalam o alikum sir mjhe glaucoma h or iske lie m ilaj bhi krwa rhi ho lkn kch farq nhi pad rha h please ap mjhe koi wazifa inayat frmaye.. shukriya

  36. please help me.

    i am in so much debt i do not have enough income, now with the debt money problem i will have to go court i want all my money problems to go.

    also my partner she left me because i said bad things in anger i want her to come back in my life.

    my life is not peaceful i have problems over problems

  37. Hello please help me my husband he lft me he not ancer my fun then he not sport me I want he send me money to

  38. Sir meri engagement fix ho kr tut gyi.. Ladka or Ladka ke parents or mere parents main prblms bad gyi hai… Plz Aisa powerful wazifa bataye ki woh log mere maa baap se ah kr maafi mange or Sab thik ho Jaye Pehle tarah.. Main woh ladke se bahut mohabbt krti hu Plz help kijiye simple and powerful wazifa…woh Ladka or uske maa baap or mere maa baap ke bich main bahut bada jhagda ho gya.. Ki shyd ab woh aye bhi nhi… ?
    Plz help kijiye woh log maafi mange or Sab thik ho Jaye Pehle tarah

    1. ALLAH Ta’ala apki tmam pareshniyan dur kare aur tmam jayez muradein puri kare. Ameen ya Rabbul ‘Aalameen!

  39. Assalam O ALaikum!
    Bhai ma kisi r larky ko pasnd krti hon r wo b mjhe pasnd krty han . Lekin mera rishta boht saal pehly mean school ma thi tb hi ho gya tha n wo log rishta nahi tor rhy Na hi mery parents maan rhy cUz khandan Ki bat ha mery parents mery liye torna chahty bt khandan k waja se nhi tor pa rhy . Mera dil uss k liye nahi manta n wo mjhe pasnd b nhi ha . Ma na apni parents k bat manny k boht try Ki bt nahi ho pa rha mujh se n bad ma mjhe kisi r se pyar ho gya . R mera r un k ya Allah nikah istikhary k jawab b positive aya ha .. r ma jis ko pasnd krti wo b mujh se shadi krna chahty bt abhi hmry gar waly shadi nhi krana chah rhy wo chahty hm studies complete kr k phr hi un se iss bary ma bat krn .. koi dua wazifa btain mera wahn rishta toot jaye … plz help me .. am the follower of ya

    1. Dear sis, Sab se pahle ap ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ karein. Iska tareeqa ap is link ko click karne par dekh sakti hain-
      Aur iska YouTube video dekhne ke liye is link ko click karein-
      Jab ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ mukammal kar lein to yahan apne dreams batayen.
      yaALLAH Follower banne ke liye ap yaALLAH Website ko is link ke zariye follow karein- aur Fb page ko zarur like and rate karein-
      Follower bante hi apko tmam yaALLAH Dua Wazaif ki ijazat mil jayegi.

  40. Dear Sir Creatinine level meri mummy ka 11 hogaya he to koi Wajifa Bataye Taki Meri mummy ki kideny Thik ho jaye aur dialysis Na karana pade Unko to please sir koi Wazifa bataye

  41. To publish for your testimony..
    Assalam alaikoum Imran bhai..
    Main dil se aapka shukriya ada karna chahati hoon. Maine is link se
    ( wazifa kiya tha. ALLAH ki rehmat se aur aapki dua’a se meri naukri lag gayi hai. Jaise uss wazife me likha tha ke 3 days me asar hoga to Alhumdulillah 4th day me naukri mil gayi. Aur iss job ke liye maine apply bhi nahi kiya tha, achanak se call aaya or naukri lag gayi aur iske ilawa bhi mujhe dusri jagah se bhi job offer aaya tha. Alhumdulillah job lag gayi ab thodi taklif kam ho jayegi. Jazak ALLAH Khair. Imran bhai ALLAH aapko Jannat ata farmaye. Ameen. Apne dua’a me zarur yaad rakhiyega.. Aapki behan.

    1. jaza kALLAHu khair sis, apka shukriya yaALLAH Testimonial dene ke liye. ALLAH apko kamyab kare khoob taraqqi de Ameen.

      1. Assalam alaikoum Imran bhai..
        Meri dusri hajat bhi puri ho gayi 20th day me aur aaj maine 21 days complete kar liya hai.. 2 months se mujhe unka pata nahi chal pa raha tha aur unhone mujhe block bhi kar diya tha, contact karne ka koi zariya nahi tha, Mai bahut maayus ho chuki thi. AALAH ki rehmat se gaibi maddad mil gayi aur meri inse mulaqat ho gayi. Abhi inki treatment chal rahi hai aur doctor ne kaha hai recover karne ke chances zyada hai. Inhone mujhse wada kiya hai treatment karwa kar aur thik ho jane ke baad mujhse nikah karenge. Aapse dil se guzarish hai meri khusnasibi aur inse nikah ke liye dua’a karwa de, aur inki sehat, tandrusti, bimari se shifa aur lambi umr ki dua’a karwa de. ALLAH hum dono ki mushkilat ko aasan kare aur hamara saath yuhi bana rahe. Ameen.

        Imran bhai ALLAH aapko Jannat ata farmaye. Ameen. Apne dua’a me zarur yaad rakhiyega..Jazak ALLAH Khair. Aapki behan.

        1. Dear sis, Unki achi sehat ke liye du’a karva di gayi thi yaALLAH Community mein. ALLAH unhe jald sehatyaab kare. Ameen.

  42. salam
    kindly i need some very strong prayers from whoever is reading this. i am stuck here in Europe from past 10 years and i havent seen my family as they are in pakistan and i am here , i cant go back as i have been waiting for my citizenship from years, for which i have applied in january 2017 but so far no reply from immigration office, 2ndly i have millions of rupees debt and now i dont have any job to pay off it. because i have been diagnosed with some serious mental illnesses and due to its treatment i am not able to work. so you can see i have citizenship issue, i have loan issues and i have my detorating mental illnesses . and . all these have made my life so miserable that no one can imagine , only Allah knows in how much pain i am . please if you are reading it i beg to you pray for me as i am the most sinner out in this world who is desperately asking for forgiveness and mercy from Allah and in this your prayer (dua) will surely help me inshallah.Moula bless you all amin.

    1. Dear brother you may perform this wazifa- and keep asking ALLAH Ta’ala for forgiveness. Indeed, HE is the Most Merciful.

  43. please all of you make a dua for me from the core of your hearts to get my choice back i am in eager pain 🙁

    1. Dear sis, i will recommend you to first start ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ and seek ALLAH’s guidance regarding this matter. I will guide you further once you complete it.

  44. Assalam alaikoum,
    Imaran bhai mai bahut pareshan hoon. Meri shaadi hone wali thi September ke month me par jinse shaadi ki baat lagi hui hai unki achanak se sehat kharab ho jane ki wajah se wo bahut depression me rehte hai aur ab shaadi ki koi date fix nahi ho pa rahi hai. wo mujhse baat tak nahi karte, par mai unse bahut pyar karti hoon. Please meri aapse request hai ki inki achi sehat ke liye dua’a kare. Please mere liye dua’a kare ki jald hi meri shaadi inke saath ho jaye, inki sehat achi ho jaye aur inke dil me mere liye mohabbat ho. Bahut mayus ho chuke hai hum dono. Jazak Allah Khair

    My name – Naaz Afreen
    My mother name – Parveen Hashmi
    My Fiance name – Mohammed Kasim Ali
    His mother name- Ameena Begum

    Aapse urgent dua’a ki guzarish hai..Please help kare

    1. ALLAH Ta’ala unhe achhi sehat aur lambi zindagi ata kare. Ameen. Ap pahle ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kijiye sis. Phir mujhe batayega. #yaALLAHcomments

      1. Assalam alaikoum Imran bhai,
        Ameen… Shaadi ka jab rishta laga tha to aapko bataya tha aur aapne duaain di thi. Surah Ikhlas 97 days wala wazifa kiya tha to rishta laga tha. aur istikhara positive aaya tha. 10 days pehle istikhara kiya tha usme maine inko aur khud ko ek sofa pr baithe dekha tha. Aap please du’a kare ki inki sehat jald hi thik ho jaye aur hamari shaadi jald ho jaaye. Mai phir se istikhara kar ke aapko bataugi.Jazak Allah khair

      2. Assalam alaikuom Imran bhai,
        Maine istikhara kiya kuch samajh nahi aaya. Uljhan ki wajah se neend nahi aati hai aur thode neend ke baad jab aankh khulti hai to khwab me kya dekha kuch yaad nahi aata. Please advise kare ki kya karu. Jazak Allah Khair.

          1. Assalam alaikoum Imran Bhai,
            1. Maine istikhara dobara se shuru kiya hai inhi ke hawale se. Jab Pura ho jayega to aapko bataugi. Aapse urgent guzarish hai ki mere khushnasibi ke liye dua’a kar dein, ke ALLAH meri madad kar de aur mere masail ka hal nikal aaye. Please mere liye dua’a kar dein ke jald hi meri job lag jaye aur meri mali haalat ache ho jaye. Meri dua’a kabhi puri nahi hoti, phir bhi dil se aapke liye dua’a hai ki aap hamesha khush rahe. Jazak ALLAH Khair

            Upar wale comment me maine aapko kaha tha jinse shaadi ki baat lagi hui hai unki sehat bahut kharab hai aur ab 1 and half month guzar gaye, wo mujhse baat karne ke liye ready hi nahi hai, mujhe kehte hai ki apni zindagi me move on karo, par ye mujhse nahi ho payega. Itni badnasibi ho gayi hai ke mujhe ab suicide attempts ke khayal aate hai. Please meri liye dua’a kare

            2. Request to publish this on page

            Dua’a request for a cancer patient

            Patient name – Mohammed Qasim Ali
            DOB – 1st May 1977
            Mother name – Late Ameena Begum

            He is suffering from Lungs Cancer. His treatment is ongoing. Please I request you for an urgent dua’a and if possible make dua’a for him everyday.
            May ALLAH SWT grant him good, prosperous health and quick recovery. May ALLAH SWT give him the strength to overcome from the illness. Ameen.

            Please meri aapse request hai ki inki achi sehat ke liye dua’a kare. ALLAH Ta’ala unhe achhi sehat aur lambi zindagi ata kare. Ameen.

            Imran Bhai ALLAH aapko hamesha khush rakhe. Jazak ALLAH Khair

          2. ALLAH Ta’ala apki pareshaniyan dur kare sis. Ameen. Main apki du’a ‘Fb yaALLAH Community’ mein post kar deta hun. Don’t you worry.

          3. Assalam alaikoum Imran bhai,

            1. ALLAH ki rehmat se aur aapki dua’a se meri naukri lag gayi hai. Main HasbunALLAHU wala wazifa kar rahi hoon (2 different maqsad but 1 wazifa) jaise uss wazife me likha tha ke 3 days me asar hoga to Alhumdulillah 4th day me naukri mil gayi. Par abhi ek aur maqsad baki hai In’shaa ALLAH dua’a kare ki iss wazife ki muddat ke andar meri wo hajat bhi puri ho jaye. Maine aapko bataya hai ke jaise ye bimar hai aur inki treatment chal rahi hai aur maine aapko ye bhi bataya ki ye mujhse koi raabta nahi kar rahe hai aur ab inhone mujhe whatsapp pe bhi block kar diya hai to mai inko pareshan nahi karna chahti par mujhe inki bahut fikr lagi rehti hai to meri dusri hajat ye hai ki ye mujhse khud se raabta kare aur apni khidmat ki ijazat de dein, mai inki khidmat karna chahti hoon.

            2. Maine istikhara 7 days pura kiya hai, 1st day – no dream, 2nd day – maine khwab me dekha ke inhone mera phone answer kiya aur kaha ki mai phone karunga aur phir mai inko apne ghar me dekhti hoon aur ye kuch kah rahe the par exactly yaad nahi, 3rd day – Maine khwab me dekha bahut tez si white roshni aur us par white chadar (bedsheet) aur roshni chadar ke bahir bhi aa rahi thi aur itni tez roshni ke wajah se meri aankhe khul gayi, 4th 5th 6th 7th day ka dream mujhe yaad nahi par mujhe istikhare ke 4th day se hi bahut positivity mehsus ho rahi hai, thoda acha feel ho raha hai, aisa lagta hai ki sab kuch acha hoga aur ye bilkul sehatmand ho jayenge aur mere paas wapis ayenge. Mujhe please istihare ka result bata dein aur mere khushnasibi ke liye dua’a zarur kar de, ke jald hi meri masail ka hal ho jaye. Inki achi sehat aur lambi zindagi ke ke liye zarur dua’a kare.

            3. Mai already 90 days wala Qul ka wazifa aur taweez rakh rahi hoon but ye abhi ki nahi pehle se hai par ab tak koi positive asar nahi hua.

            ALLAH aapko hamesha khush rakhe. Jazak ALLAH Khair

          4. Masha ALLAH bohat mubarak ho apko sis nokri ke liye. Ap detail se bataiye konsa wazifa kiya aur kaise nokri mili apko. Main Testimonial publish karunga website par jis se bohat logon ko hope milegi. Insha ALLAH. Don’t worry. Apki personal information leak out nahi hogi.
            Istikhara bhi apka positive hai masha ALLAH. Bas ALLAH par yaqin rakhein aur taweez istemal karti rahen. Iske sath mein bas ek hi aur amal karen agar ap karna chahein tou. Zyadah amal na karen.

  45. Plz pray for me as my husband never listens to me.mere shohar kbhi meri baat nahi mante agar me kuhc galat kaam krne se rokti hu to aur bohot bura bartav krte he.bohot jhagadte he aur rulate he.plz help and pra for me.mene bohot dua mangi he ab mere sabr ki limit khatam hogai he,ab aisa lagta he k dua na mangu hum dono ki mohabbat k liye acha hoga k alag hojau.

    1. Dear sis, yahan se ek amal karein ap - Insha ALLAH, apke husband ap se pyar karne lageinge. Ameen. #yaALLAHcomments

  46. Assalamualaikum bhai
    Mera rishta hua tha 8 mahiney pehle aur rishte se pehle istikhara kra tha meri ammi ne ..apka btaya istikhara nhi tha wo ..Wo istikhara jisme gardan namaz ki Niyat k doran hi Allah ki taraf se hi khud dahina salam le leti h wo tha ..Aur usme dahina salam hi aaya tha ..Ab mere sasural walo ki tAraf se koi aisi bat hui jiske chalte mere abbu ne wahan rishte k liye Mana kr diya pAr mai chahti hu k ye rishta na toote qki mai us ldke se aur unki puri family se bohat mohabbat krti hu Aap btaiyein mai kya kru

  47. Mere liye Dua ki jiye ,whom i like is not talking to me nor receiving my call i want him back ,shayad apki dua kubul ho bhaijan

    1. Dear Sis, ye dua to nahi kar sakta kyuke ye ghalat hai. Lekin ha apke haq me dua zarur karunga ke ALLAH apke masail hal kare, Ameen.

  48. Make Dua For Me”
    aoa. website par mne parha tha k ap khwaja ghareeb nawaz k mazar pr dua krte hn. please bhae mere liye dua kren. jinse me pyar krti thi unko mjse dur kr dia gya tha, baad me pta chla k mere pr jadu tha or ghaliban issi wja se wo mjse dur hue, wo sb kch bhool gae jo hmare darmian tha or ek or larki k sath chle gae. ab unka rishta honay ja ra h us larki k sath. please dua kren k koi mojza ho jae or unka rishta na ho. mera haq mje wapis mil jae, mere haq pr daka dalne walon ki koshsh nakam ho jae or Allah mojza kr de. jo me mang ri hu wo mere liye behtr ho k mje mil jae, Allah hr shay pr qadir h, mojza krne wala h. me black magic cure kr ri hu, or istikhara b positive h hm dono ka lekin halaat bht buray ho gae hn ab. dua kijiye k jald mojza ho or wo mere pas aa jaen. unko mjse pehle ki trah pak muhabbat ho jae or rukawaten dur ho jaen.

    1. Dear Sis, wahan dua karna unse to thik bat nahi lekin ALLAH se zarur karunga, ke ALLAH unke waseele se apke masail hal kare.

    1. definitely sis, you can ask me here or on the green chat box on the website in the left bottom.

      1. I’m fighting with infertility. Please pray for me so that Allah grant me offspring. If Allah do mercy upon me, all problem will be solved. Allah is almighty. Pls pray for me.

  49. assalamalaykum

    Govt. Physiotherapy College, S. S. G. Hospital Campus, Baroda . me admisan chahiye meri ladaki ke liye mene allahu rabbi la sarika lahu abhi pad kar uthi hu . kal merit ke hisab se jana he amdavad 12 baje he to aap ki bhi duaa mil jati to badi mehrbani hogi meri ladki ( palak) ke liye duaa chahiye nirash na hojaye ham

    1. Insha ALLAH, apki beti ka isi college mein admission ho jayega. Agar ap ki follower hain to apko ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’ ki ijazat hai. Agar follower nahi hain to abhi is link se website ko subscribe kijiye phir apko sab wazaif ki ijazat mil jayegi-
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  50. Salam. Main jis se shadi ki khwahishmand hon uss k sath mera isthkara positive nhi aya. Ab hum dono pareshan hn k kia krna chahiy. Ap plz koi rasta btain k agr istkhara theek na ay or jis se shadi ki khwahish ho ussy chorna b muskil ho to kia krna chahaiy? Plz help me main bohat pareshan hon. Plz reply k koi rasta ho skta ha Allah ko razi krny ka ?

  51. muje meri beti ke liye duaa chahiye abhi vo phijiotherapi pahla sal kar rahi he vo padhai me man laga kar padhai kare esi duaa karo tum bahot bahot bhot mahr bani hogi ummid jada he aapse

  52. Assalamwalequm imran sahab
    imrqn bhai me sohail Ahmad
    uttrakhand PCS k exam k tayyari kar raha hu please ap mre liye dua krde dargah pe aur hamesha apne personal dua me bi yaad rakhe… taki me PCS exam me select ho hii jao…plzzzxx…and ap bhut hi achha kaam kar rhe Insha Allah Allah will gant u jannat a place neighbour of Rasool Allah (S.A.W.)….

  53. assalamualaikum PLEASE PRAY FOR ME my husband left me and wants to divorce me and my in laws too wants to get rid of me please make dua that he comes back to me and we lead a happy life and we shouldnt get divorced .i love my husband so much and he is everything to me. may all your prayers gets answered. pls make sincere dua for me plssssssssssssssssssss

  54. salam we are two people who love we atlast went for court marrige and failed at that too now we only have prayers please help us please make dua and guide me

  55. Assalamulaikum, Al Imran bhai, Aap jo kaam kar rahen hai bhoot acha hai.Allah apko jazaie khair ata farmai.Bhai , My bhoot pareshan hoon , mere paas job nahi hai bhoot try kartha hoon lekin kuch nahin horaha hai. Sab kaam block hojatthe hai jab bhi my kuch karne ki sochtha hoon.Raaton koo Nind nahi aayti isi pareshani se 5 saal hogayen hai , kosish me . Har pal mujhe meri emaan ki daar rehthi hai ke kuch aise baat na sochoon jisse mera yakheen ALLAH se na hateh.Bhai, meri request hai ke mere liye zara dua karo.Allah Hafiz . ( BASHA).

  56. Assalam walekum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu brother.. I need little help.. I am going to purchase a flat for rent to stay with my wife and mother. Can you help me with getting a house which is free from wrong things. Any wazifa that could help me get a nice house to stay with family..

  57. Emranbhai kya aap meri help nahi kar sakte…? me badi ummeed leke apke pas ayi hu. please meri madad kare.

  58. Kya ap mery liye dua kr skty hn me pasand ki shadi krna chahti hn par ma bap nhi manty aur larky ky ma bap bhi nahi manty jis ki wja se me jisy pasand krti hn WO muj se dor hogya

  59. emranbhai…
    me ek hindu ladki hu. kya aap mere liye dua padh sakte hai…? me bahot bade problem mai hu. mene apko email bhi send kiya hai. mera naam Manisha hai, from india. plz help me

  60. AWS bha Pls make dua for me i am not getting any proposal,whom I like his mother does’nt want me to get married to him,bahut pareshan hu

  61. Assalaamu alaikum brother
    Iam 33yrs old woman i got married for 13yrs i love my hubby very very much i cannot live without him l have two children from the beginning itself my hubby suspect me but he didnt leave me iam very fear about him i bear everything i tolerate everything bcos i love him so much but 2 yrs back lknew about his haram relationship with 1lady already she have one boybelong her then 1 girl for my hubby after hearing l become bad in pshycologically upset i took some treatment now iam ok iam talk about this with my hubby but he not leave that lady he keep her for that little girl lcannot accept it pls help me and make dua for me pls suggest some wazifa for me

  62. Aslaam Alaykum Emran, I wanted to marry this girl and she stopped talking to me all of a sudden been almost two years, I wanted to ask if you can do dua that things get better so I can marry her, she did want that too, if you can reply back to me, I appreciate it.

  63. Aoa Bhai. Meri dua request hai. Main aur mera ek classfellow ek dosray ko kafi years sy pasand kartay hain aur hamari pehli khawahish yehi hai k hum dono ek dosray sy shadi karain. Hum ek sath parhtay rahay lekin Alhumdullilah ksi gair shar-ai kaam men nai paray. Hm srf ek dosray sy shadi krna chahtay hain. Mein aur wo pichlay 4 saal sy nai milay kun k hamara maqsad NIKKAH hai. Uskay maa baap hm dono ki shadi k lye razi nai ho rahay aur uski shadi zabardsti kaheen aur krana chah rahay hain. Jo k Islam men bhi mna kya gya.
    -Aap sy request hai k please meray lye aur uskay lye dua farmaiye taqy mera aur uska Nikkah jld az jld hojae. Allah qabool farmanay wala hai. Koi dua aur wazifa bhi bataye ga.
    Allah apko jaza de ga. InshaAllah.

  64. As salamu alaikum
    Imran bhai… mere family Mai koi ek dusray say seed ha Baath nahi karta Hames ha kiss Baath pay takrar karke sab alag rehtay hein… na mere Maa hame mama ya khala k yahan janay dayti na unke bacchay hamariyan aate… ham bacchon nay bahout kosish ki sab ko Milanay ki part koi faida nah I huva….mere Nani bhi bacchon ko is Tarah bikhartay dekh bahout pareshan rehti hai…. plz dwa kijiye ki sab ek sat pyar aur mohabath k sath rahen… plz request hai sab say plz dwa kijiye

  65. Assalamualaikum,
    App ka bohat shukriya mujhe jawaab dene ke liye.
    mera beta 10years ka hai jo bhi padhta hai school jakar bhool jata hai koi isa wazifa bataye taki uska mind power strong hoo aur kuch bhi na bhoole.bohat mehanat karta hai lekin kamyab nai

  66. asslam u alaikum
    main jhn shadi krna chahta hun larki bhi razi hy pr us ky ghr valon ny rishty ki baat khain or krdi hy ab vo log bhi mjh sy rshta jrna chahty hain problem ye hy ky vo chahty hn lrky walon ki trf sy inkar hojaiy agr to vo mjh s shadi kra dn gy please koi aisa wazifa btain jis sy lrka ya us ki family khd inkar krdy or hmari shadi hojaiy wedy vo lrka umer m bhi kafi bra hy larki bhi mjh sy shdi krna chahti hy please koi aisa wazifa btain js sy lrky waly khud inkr krdn or hmari shdi hojaiy
    duaon ki khas drkhwast bht preshan hn ic msly ki vjh sy

  67. Assalamualikum.
    please pray for my mama haji hafiz ulla who is in coma since 4 years now little movements are there,but pray him as he shud be recoved very soon or Allah’s will his amanat let Allah take it coz he is suffering from soo many years without food on bed
    he was very good father, brother,son,husband to their family and also performing each and every salat on time and also haji i request you coz now we cannot see this situation what he is facing and also praying that may allah paak bestow his mercy on him.
    wanted to ask one more question that y such a good and namazi peoples will suffer in this world who have not utter a bad words from their mouth.

    pls answer my question

    1. ALLAH apne bando ka imtihan lete hai. So don’t complain. #yaALLAHcomments

  68. Please pray for my wife she is innocent and was arrested now she has court trail to prove of innocent. Please pray

  69. Asalamoalaikum
    I love a girl but the problem is I don’t know her name or where she lives. Last time I saw her was in college 2 years ago I fell in love in first sight. I need dua or any good wazifa so I can find her. Please I am really stressed.

  70. I am in love with a guy. We were going to get married. But something got wrong.. Now i dont know what happened but i want him back. I want to marry him and lead an islamic life together with him. Please help me how to get lost love back 🙁

      1. Salam walekum emranbhai
        Mera problem bhi same hai. Mere liye dua wazifa kar sakte hai kya? Me ek hindu ladki hu aur allah pe bharosa rakhti hu. Jis ladke se shadi karni hai use uske relatives ne kala ilm karke mujhse dur kar diya hai. Me hindu ladki hu isiliye kuch janti nahi hu k kya karna hoga, par mene apke site pe padha k aap logo ki help karte hai. Plz mere liye bhi koi dua kare aur meri help kare.
        Allah apko barkat de aur apki sabhi dua kubul kare.

  71. husband has given me the divorce and not sending me the divorce papers.also he lives in jeddah.i am helpless to reach him.kindly make dua for me.that he will send me the papers.also i will get married and lead a happy life.Jazakallah

  72. Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah
    I am in lot of hardship, since 6 years what ever I m trying to do only I loose. The people who has to pay me only promising but nothing is coming.
    Now I m in lot of debt. Even my family is not happy with me now. Pls pray for me

  73. Ya Allah ,meri dua kabool Kare. Meri patni mujhe chhod k uske GHAR chali gai hai, aur wo divorce mang rahi hai, Jo mujhe Dena nai hai. Aur use wapis mere pass bhej de.

  74. Pls make dual for me that Allah should grant me blessed children, and peace in my marriage. I had married for 2yrs with no children.

  75. Please do pray for acceptance of my tauba and safety from azaab and jahannam

  76. muje money ka jarurath hai both urgent mai bohot try kari lekin fayada naihe plz mujhe ek dua batavo urgetnt money k liye

  77. Assalamualeikum

    Mujh ye jana h mre face phele dana aya aur daag ho gye h plzz dua batye aur face pe noor aa jye

  78. Assalam u Alaikum

    Kindly pray for me and my family for our health and for my work…


    Muhammad Aquil

  79. Ager kisi bache ne khwab me hara bada saanp apne palang k neeche dekha aur ek aur doosra bada saanp mager iska rang yaad nahi aur darr se aankh khul jaye…iss khwab ki tabeer bataye plz

  80. mai pichly 2 saal sy boht pareshan hon mera aik cuzn hai us ny bohat ghatia ilzam lgaye hain or sub mery khilaf ho gaye hain mai pory khandan mai zalil hogayi hon. ma bba kar rhe the mery ghar walo ny parhai b chora li ha koi meri bat b yakeen nae karta. roz sb tany dety hain mai bht tang aa gayi hon zindagi sy plz ap dua karen meri life mai sab normal hojaye or sach sab k samny ajaye OR MAI DOBAra apni parhai shoru kar lon

  81. Swk mere Shaher ka Naam faiz abbas naqvi hai or mera naam afreen abidi hai pichle 2 saal se mere husband bahut hi pareshanI main mubtela hai acchi company main Africa main job karte hain magar pichle 2 saalo se salary nahi mil rahi chori ka ilzam laga hua hai mere husband or mere u par jiski wajah se unouni job bhi chali gai hai salary bhi nahi mil rahi bimarion main mubtela ho gaye hai pair se chala nahi jata hum baht pareshan shauhar wahi Africa main hain apni puri salary company main kata rahe hai hum baht pareshan hain paisa ki badi tangi hain shauhar ki jagah kisi or ne Le Li hai wo waha ka boss ban gaya hain or mera shauhar Dar Dar ka mohtaj ho gaya hai hum ba hut pareshan hai kuch samajh main nahi aa raha aap hamare liye koi Dua kare ya Hume koi rasta bataye ki hum is sw nijat paye or mere husband ko us company main Wapas wo izzat wo position mil jaye jiske wo haqdar hain koi mere husband ne koi chori nahi ki wo begun ah hain jiski unko be wajah saza mil rahi hain plz hame hamari pareshanio se nijat dil a den Allah apko salamat rakhe. Khuda hafiz apne jawab ka intezar rahega

  82. ASW Bhai,pls merely dua kijeye for my marriage,They are searching for me from last 2 years but they are hurdles in between,I don’t understand why it is happening. Ammi is lot worried for me,Pls make a dua that I get a good Humble person in my life soon.

    1. Dear sis, Insha ALLAH me dua karunga. Jald hi apki shadi hogi Ameen. #yaALLAHcomments

  83. Assalamualaikum… from India and I want u to make du a for me ….I love a boy and we want to get married….He is ready to convert to Islam and I want u to make a dua for us k our parents agree for it and we lead a respectful life……..plzzzz do make a dua for us ..

  84. Assalam o Alaikum Brothers and sisters.
    My name is Muaz and I am a student. I want to tell you that I was not able to perform that well in my SSC-1 exams as I had expected. I am very worried about the result. My family is also very worried especially my mother. I request you all to please pray to ALLAH ALMIGHTY for my good result. Please pray for my result. I shall be very thankful to you. May ALLAH bless us all , AMEEN.

  85. Assalamualaikum!
    Please make dua for me…. Iam Ameena …meri Shaadi ke liye….Salil name hai unka,woh mujhse pyar karte hain but shaadi se mana kar rahe hain ….unki achi job thi jo kuch problms ki wajah se chorh di….yahi wajah hai jo shadi ke liye mana kar rahe … please Dua karein ki Allah unhein halal rozgar ata karein aur woh Shaadi ke liye maan jaye…

    Please request hai
    JazakaAllah khair!

  86. Pls make Dua for me ,I have tried all your prescribed prayer but no changes. I need Allah’s mercy and increase in sustenance,Abdul Hakeem Ibn Abd Ganeeu

  87. Jin r pari nazar nahi aty but un sy baath relative kerwati hy jiss ko nzar aty hin.
    Janab i ali itna bata din k nikah ho sakta hy k nahi?
    Thanx for reply.

  88. Q1:kia unmarried aurat jin sy shadi ker sakti hy?
    Q2:kia larka pari sy shadi ker sakta hy jub k peri ussy nazr nahi aye gee kuch arsy k baad allah ki ijazat sy nar aye gee?

    1. Apka sawal tafsil se bataye? Jinn insan ko nazar nahi ate is tarah, Nikah ek alhaida bat hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  89. Salam bhai
    Kia koi khas triqa jis se pata chl sake k bandish hai ya nai .aur mere haq mai dua frmaen k Allah meri madad frmaen aur jld azmaishon se nikal kr behter faisla frmaen. Aameen

  90. Salam bhai mery liyau dua farmadain bhai m apny Allah ko razi krna chahti hn plz mjh btain m kaisy razi karun m jin s pyar krti hn unhy Allah ki riza s apna chahti hn q k jb Allah razi hogaye to SB kgud b khud razi hojaingy plz bhai madad krain

  91. salam bhai mujhy ye pochna tha …….question 1…mae 7 mubeen wala wazifa jo hajat k liye hy wo pasand ki shadi k liye kar sakti hun i mean hajat jisko pasand karti hun usse shadi ho jaye??

    question 2……….Sure feel ka hy baraye hub wala wazifa wo mae boy k mother k dil mae mohabbat paida krne k liye kar sakti hun???

    question 3………or kiya ye dono sath kar skati hun but alag timings pe …kiok mere pas time bht kam hy unk parents 2 months mae unki shadi kardy gy???
    humara rishta ho k toota hy and meri apse fb pe inbox mae b bat hui thi or istakhara b kai dafa kia hy acha aya tha….mujhy plz mere sawalo ka jawab de dy line se or

    question 4….ye b pochna tha k hum jo ALLAH k naam parhty hain as a waziaf like ya jamiu mae parh rhi hun jo wazifa apka yahan boy k parents ko manane k liye during menses parh sakty hain ya nahi? or sometimes counter pe se dhiyan hat jata hy tou ik do bar aisa hua tadad counting 1111 se thori ziyada ho gae tou isse koi fark tou nahi parta na??

  92. salam bhai mujhy ye pochna tha …….question 1…mae 7 mubeen wala wazifa jo hajat k liye hy wo pasand ki shadi k liye kar sakti hun i mean hajat jisko pasand karti hun usse shadi ho jaye??

    question 2……….Sure feel ka hy baraye hub wala wazifa wo mae boy k mother k dil mae mohabbat paida krne k liye kar sakti hun???

    question 3………or kiya ye dono sath kar skati hun but alag timings pe …kiok mere pas time bht kam hy unk parents 2 months mae unki shadi kardy gy???
    humara rishta ho k toota hy and meri apse fb pe inbox mae b bat hui thi or istakhara b kai dafa kia hy acha aya tha….mujhy plz mere sawalo ka jawab de dy line se or

    question 4….ye b pochna tha k hum jo ALLAH k naam parhty hain as a waziaf like ya jamiu mae parh rhi hun jo wazifa apka yahan boy k parents ko manane k liye during menses parh sakty hain ya nahi? or sometimes counter pe se dhiyan hat jata hy tou ik do bar aisa hua tadad counting 1111 se thori ziyada ho gae tou isse koi fark tou nahi parta na???

  93. Salam bhai m in larky s bht phr krti hn WO b mjh s bht pyar krty him shadi krna chahti hain likn unki Ami nhi man rhi plz kpi easy sa wazifa btao Cain r mery liyay b dua krain plz bhai Jazak-Allah

  94. Assakamoalikum.Mera name Amara Siddiq hai aur me Pakistan sy hun.mera nikah Feb 2015 me hua tha.shohar jeddah chalay gaye thay.wahan ja k baat itni barhi k no bat talaq tak agai hai.ab wo mjhy divorce bhi nahi day ray name hi rabta krhy hain.ap mjy barae mehrbani aisa wazifa bata dain k wo mjhy divorce bhej dain aur mera naseeb bhi khul bohat pareshan hun.duaon me yaad rakhyega.JazakAllah

  95. Aslam oalikum bhai maine kal sesidra name ki larkik ley special duakidarkhast ki thi apkamjy koi responsenhi aya, maine apna e mailidb diya tha. oper jo form diya gaya hai maine wo form fill ker k submit kiya tha/

  96. Salam bhai I have joined you on gmail account but gmail account per mera fake name hai koe bhe wazifa karne see fark to na he pare ga na? Or kya koe wazifa karne se phele permission zarori hai ya na he

    1. Koi farq nahi parega. Don’t worry. Jaha permission required hai waha usi wazif ke page par information likhi hui hogi. Bas wahi dhyan se parhiyega.

      Please note!! Before performing any wazifa, you should be a follower of yaALLAH Community!
      #HomeRemedies Very own Website from
      Easy (Loose Weight, Gastric, Face Beauty, Blood Pressure, Constipation, Male Infertility) Home Remedies :
      yaALLAH Dua Wazaif App-

  97. Allha tala mere ghar Le ne ka raasta aashan
    Kar de ameen summa ameen
    dau ke darkhas

  98. Assalaam – o – alaikum bhai mai apko pahle bhi comment ki thi lekin mere comments show nhi ho rahe hai. Bhai mera masla ye hai k mai ek ladke se bahut mohabbat karti hu aur wo ladka bhi mujhse mohabbat karta tha, hum dono ki mangni b hui thi aur shadi ki tarik b fix ho gayi thi lekin achanak se hamara be wajah ki baat leke bahut jhagda hua aur hamari shadi tut gayi fir thode din baad hamari baat shuru ho gayi lekin ladka ab shadi k liye mana kar raha hai aur mujhe usi se shadi karni hai qki mai uske bagair nhi reh sakti hu mai beinteha mohabbat karti hu usse aur maine babhut se wazife kiye lekin kuch fark nhi ho raha hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzz meri kuch help kijiyega

    1. ke nam se log android app chala rahe hai but official app abhi nahi hai. insha ALLAH bhot jald hoga. I myself working on it. Will soon launch android and iOS app for you people. 🙂

  99. Aoa bhai help me the guy m in love is angry and diapointd due to some misunderstandng i want to merry him n he wantd the same thing but nw things are a bit out of control plz help me n dua for me jazak Allah

  100. aoa.plz mujay koi wazifa ya dua btayen wo mein apni sister ko bta sakun. meri sister ki shadi hoe 10 years ho chukay hain lakin wo ka husband us ko buhat tang karta hai us ki bilkul bhi nae sunta us ko kahin ly kar bhi nae jata. wo 3 years sy pakistan hamari taraf nae aye us ka husband ny us ky passport ka koi issue bana dia hai taky wo yahan na aa saky plz ap koi wazifa btayen ky wo pakistan aa jai summers guzarnay aur us ka husband bhi us ky sath thek rahy aur uss ka khayal rakhay … waiting for your response…

  101. aoa. plz mujay koi wazifa btayen meri sister ki shadi hoe 10 years ho gai hain. us ka husband us ka sahi khayal nae rakhta aur naa us ko sahi tarah kahin ly kar jata hai aur us ko buhat tang karta hai meri sis UK hoti hai wo 3 years sy pakistan nae aye wo ab pakistan ana ka kah rahi hai lakin us ky husband ny passport ka koi masla khara kar dia hai ap mujay koi wazifa btayen jo mein us ko bta sakon jis sy us ka husband bhi thek ho jai aur wo chutiyan guzarnay pakistan bhi aa jai aur us ka passport ka masla bhi haal kar dy us ka husband…. waiting for your reply

  102. bhai m n abi apke facebook page YaAllahu pr msg kiya waha hafsa nam ki sister ne kaha k only larke ka lena hy islye smjh nhi aya k apna naam last me lon ya nhi plz tel me

      1. I have emailed u many times but u have not replied back I cannot discuss my situation here please email me soon as possible

  103. Salaam
    i am in the difficult phase of my life. feeling like standing at the end of living life (God forbid i don’t intent to attempt suicide)
    after giving 11 years of my life i am still empty handed.
    Kindly guide me. I’ve just joined your website.
    I saw so many wazifas for choicest marriage but you instruct to do nikah esytekhara 1st.
    As I’ve been doing estekhara for my marriage and betterment.
    Yet not like the way you said its simple istekhara after doing 2 rikat nafil.
    I don’t have opportunity to do this wazifa Like can’t talk any one before sleeping. My family is not agreed for this marriage.
    He is an Islamic person and he also made me closer to my Allah. I perform all obligatory prayers as well as tahajjud and keep fasting every Thursday for forgiveness and getting my marriAge done with him.
    From years I’m restricted not to meet him.
    Will you do nikah istekhara for us

    please reply me via mail

    was salalm

  104. Salaam… i live in holland and having difficulties…plz give me wazifa for court case winnen … aur plz aap bhi dua kare ke ham case jeet jaye … bohat parishani hai agar na jeete to aur problem life mei aa jaye gi . Plz Allah se dua kare ke hame kamiyabi de aur rizq mei barqat ho. Plz reply me soon in my mail.

    1. Please follow Insha ALLAH you will get all yaALLAH Dua and Wazaif right into your email inbox once you start following.
      Click on this to follow yaALLAH Community-

      Insha ALLAH zarur apke haq me hoga, Ameen. Koi aur help kar sakte hai hum apki sis.

      1. Salaam… aap kuch parhe ko bata de ke Allah ham se raazi h jaye aur muskhile hal ho jaye. plz. aur case ka jeet jaye. Aap plz special dua kare mere liye plz.

          1. Sorry par mere liye mushkil hota hai namaze tahajud parna . yahan par raat ke 12. baje isha aur subah 3.15 fajr hoti hai.. phir work and school routine. But i fully try to pray 5x a day. So yeh wazifa kiya mei subah ya shaam bhi parh sakti hu?

  105. Aasalamualikum my name is ashwaq mohiuddin. And I am staying in oman.i am working as jewellery sales man.some one has complain to my sponcer.and i am not getting I request you to please make dua for me
    What I am thinking about I was loosing.myffamily relationships was no mother health was not pls give me any wazifa for sucess and promotion

    1. Aasalamualikum bro.i have not get any solutions for my comment. Pls help me bro

      1. Slms

        I’m waiting for a reply to my request for dua and wazifa. I am a member of yaallah, and I do receive your emails regularly.

      1. salaam u said on fb to write on then u will tell me. I’m confused on one of the wazifa’s regarding getting job in 7 days. it says to find a empty house and under an open sky recite Ya Wahaabo 1000 times but in America there isn’t empty houses so I can do this wazifa? Please tell me thank you

  106. My husband is having problems in his office they want to remove him but he can’t leave his job because we have homeloan on our head and we have two children please help me

  107. Salam bhai

    mere ek question hain. ek wazifa hain

    ‘Allahumma layyin qalbi fulan binti fulan kama layyintil hadidi li sayyidina Da’ud alayhis ‘salam’

    Where it stated ‘fulan ibn-e-fulan’, you must say the name of the person involved, and her/his mothers name (for example if the boys’ name is Saad and his mothers name is Asma, you will say “Saad ibn-e-Asma”

    iska ekdam sahi jo pronunciation hain, kya woh de sakte hain please?

    kuch jagah qalbi ke jagah qalba likha hain, layyintil ke jagah layyintal likha hain or layyantal bhi likha hain or hadidi ke jagah hadida likha hain.

    bohot hi confusion hain. jara sahi tariqa aur sahi dua batade pls.

    Dua mein yaad rakhna bhai

      1. jajak Allah khairan bhai…

        Toh ab agarr main padhun

        ‘Allahumma layyin qalba fulan binti fulan kama layyantil hadiai li sayyidina Da’ud alayhis ‘salam’

        toh thik e hoga na? In sha Allah ?

        dua mein yaad rakhna 🙂

        1. ‘Allahumma layyin qalba fulan binti fulan kama layyantal hadida li sayyidina Da’ud alayhis ‘salam’ yeh formation thek hai ?

      2. aoa. mujay ik larki buhat pasand hai mein us sy phalay baatein bhi karta tha lakin 1 year sy us ny pta nae kyun mujay msg nae kiya wo meri buhat achi dost thee mujay koi wazifa ya dua btayen ky wo mujay msg phir sy karay aur wo mujay pyar karnay lagay

  108. Assalam o Alaikum Sir,

    In Lieu of my ongoing implications and atrocities ,In Sha Allah Please advise on these wazaif of Bismillah Shareef for my numerous issues and instantenous results i.e Disobedient wife,husband-wife annoyance,disagreement and dissonance in all family members,childrens well-being,safety from any mishap or misfortune, enemy,evils and black magic,Riqz,security of Job,Sustenance,leading a pious life ,peace n harmony in all affairs,Etc

    2.1000 times Bismil-Laahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem, and
    4.Make a Dua.

    Awaiting to receive your response soon Please.

    Jazakallah Khair.

          1. Assalamalaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatouhe,

            Sir,i am indicating towards the Bismillah Shareef Wazaif i.e 1000 Times Bismilla hir Rehman Nir Raheem with 11 times Darood at start n end.
            Secondly,are their any means we can be ensure that the wazaif we are practising is been effectively working in our favour or not Plz.

          2. Assalamalaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatouhe Brother,

            In Sha Allah will follow the same …..Jazakallah Khair.

            Could you plz provide your contact info i.e Mobile No,Skype Id,Personal E-mail id,Etc

  109. Assalam o Alaikum Sir,

    In Lieu of my ongoing implications and atrocities ,In Sha Allah Please advise on these wazaif of Bismillah Shareef for my numerous issues and instantenous results i.e Disobedient wife,husband-wife annoyance,disagreement and dissonance in all family members,childrens well-being,safety from any mishap or misfortune, enemy,evils and black magic,Riqz,security of Job,Sustenance,leading a pious life ,peace n harmony in all affairs,Etc

    2.1000 times Bismil-Laahir-Rahmaanir-Raheem, and
    4.Make a Dua.

    Awaiting to receive your response soon Please.

    Jazakallah Khair,

    1. insha ALLAH, I will.
      Please note that when you sit for Jumuah Khutbah, pray for your most urgent desire during the gap between the two khutbah. Insha ALLAH your dua will be accepted, Ameen. Tested and Tried

  110. Assalam o alaikum
    main istekhara nh kr pa rhi hun. ammi 12 ek k phle jb tk hm sb nh ste sti hi nh h,is wjh se main bs isha ki nmz hi pdh pti hun. plz kch kre imraan bhai,, 🙁

      1. assalam o alaikum, kya ap istekhara kr skte h mere lie? kch aisa kre ke mere waldain meri bt man le…

  111. Please pray for me as i am very tense I came here for first time please pray that my daily life problems get resolved m doing wazifas too but pray for me all … Pray for me that my family and myself get abundant Rizq and get rich as we are all very tense right now … Pleaee pray to ALLAH for me .. ALLAH full fill all your desires ammen

  112. Mera name sobia binte shafqat hai.ap plz mere masle ka hal bta den.mjhey apne susral walo ko apne haq mai krne kaazifa chahea jo mai asani se kr sakon aor sb k dilon mai mere aor meri bachi k lea piyar paida hojae.

  113. I love a girl who is muslim …i love her a lot than any one in this life …i want her in my life ..i m desperate please do some dua for me ..i m helpless dont know wat to do ….i want her to be very happy in her …i need ur support

    1. Firstly, I only help you in this matter here if you worship only Allah. Else, I apologize.

  114. Hello! This is my first visit to your blog!
    We are a group of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche.
    Your blog provided us beneficial information
    to wofk on. You have done a outstanding job!

  115. It is very hard task which you have done so easily and nicely. God give courage more than you want..

      1. Emranbhai salam
        Mene apko mere problem ke bare me kai bar msg kiye hai aur email bhi. Par apka koi reply nahi aya. Plz meri help kare me bahot pareshan hu. Me ek hindu ladki hu aur apki website ki follower bhi. Mere liye dua kijiye. Kya koi mere liye nikah ishtikhara kar sakta hai..? Kyu k me hindu hu isiliye mujhe namaz padhna nahi aata. Ya koi mujhe namaz padhna bata sakta hai ?? Plz plz help me. Allah apko barkat de.
        Allah hafiz

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