Islamic Women Monthly Pregnancy Chart With Diet

Every woman wants to become a mother a lovely baby. However, there are few who are unable to become. Women who have been facing issues in getting pregnant can perform this wazifa- wazifa to get pregnant. A descriptive Islamic pregnancy chart for pregnant women. Jise  pregnancy me padhne ki dua bhi kehte hai.

Monthly Pregnancy Chart With Diet for Women

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Hamal Ki Hifazat ke Liye Behtareen Roznaamcha

Every woman whether she is Muslim or a Non-Muslim wants to become a mother a lovely baby. Though, there are few who are unable to become. Women who have been facing issues in getting pregnant can perform this wazifa- wazifa to get pregnant. Another very powerful treatment is a ya ALLAH wazifa for childless couples.

Either husband or wife anyone can do the wazifa for having children. And if they are already a parent of a lovely daughter and now they need a baby boy, in this case, they can perform wazifa for a baby boy.

An invaluable gift to all the Muslim women who are expecting a baby. If they are pregnant they can comply with the entire schedule month-by-month pregnancy calendar.

In this schedule, every Quran Surah has been stated on a monthly basis. This is step-by-step month wise calendar through a pregnant mother can get benefits.

Insha ALLAH with the help of this pregnancy chart the entire problems from their pregnancy till the delivery day will be removed, Ameen. Do not forget to take care of the dietary recommendations mentioned in the pictures below.

حاملہ خواتین کے  پڑھنے کے لئے ماہ وار قرآن ے پاک کی سوره

Haamila Khawateen Ke Parhne Ke Liye Maah Waar Qur’an-e-Pak Surah

Month-by-Month Quran Chapters Pregnancy Chart

हामिला ख़वातीन के पढ़ने के लिए माह वार क़ुर’आन-ए-पाक सूरह

month by month pregnancy chart in

ہمال ماہ اول ١

Pregnancy Month 1

हमाल माह 1

 اس ماہ میں ہر جمعہ کو سفرجل یا فر سیب کہاہے اور انار کہے

Is awwal haamal maah mein safarjal (shreefal) ye seb aur anaar har jum’ah ko khaye behad mufeed hai.

Eat Quinces or Apples and Pomegranates on every Friday during the very first month of your pregnancy.

इस पहले हमाल माह में सफरजल (श्रीफल) हर जुम’आह को खाए बेहद मुफीद है|

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ہمال ماہ اول ٢

Pregnancy Month 2

हमाल माह 2

اس دوسرے حامل ماہ میں سفرجل  (شریفل), دودھ اور  ٹھوڈی تعداد میں گوشت کہے

Is dusre haamal maah mein safarjal (shreefal), doodh aur thodi ta’dad mein gosht khaye.

Eat Quinces, Milk and Meat in moderate quantity during the second month of your pregnancy.

इस दूसरे हमाल माह में सफरजल (श्रीफल ), दूध और थोड़ी सी ता’दाद में गोश्त खाए फवाइद होंगे इंशा अल्लाह|

Diet Pregnancy Month-2-yaALLAH

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ہمال ماہ اول ٣

Pregnancy Month 3

हमाल माह 3

اناج، گوشت، ملیدار دودھ  اور تھودا سا شہد صوبہ-صوبہ خانے میں لے

Anaaj, gosht, malayi wala doodh aur thoda sa shahad subah-subah khane me lijiye.

Intake Wheat, Meat, Skimmed Milk and a little honey in the mornings during the third month of your pregnancy.

अनाज, गोश्त, मलाई वाला दूध और थोड़ा सा शहद सुबह-सुबह खाने में लीजिये|

Diet Pregnancy Month-3-yaALLAH

ہمال ماہ اول ٤

Pregnancy Month 4

हमाल माह 4

سفرجل (شریفال)، شہد،اور انار روزانہ کہیئے اس ماہ میں

Safarjal (shrifal), shahad, aur anaar is maah mein khane mein lijiye.

Intake Quince, Honey and a Pomegranate every day during the fourth month of your pregnancy.

सफरजल (श्रीफल), शहद, और अनार इस माह में खाइये|

Diet Pregnancy Month-4-yaALLAH

ہمال ماہ اول ٥

Pregnancy Month 5

हमाल माह 5

خجورے اور زیتون صوبہ-صوبہ ناشتے میں لیجئے، سفرجل (شریفال) رات میں کہیئے اس ماہ میں

Khujoore aur zaitoon subah-subah khane mein lijiye. Rat ko khane mein khujoore aur safarjal (shrifal) lijiye.

Eat Dates and olives in the morning every day. Dates and Quince in every night during the fifth month of your pregnancy.

खुजूरे और ज़ैतून सुबह-सुबह खाने में लीजिये| रात को खाने में खुजूरे और सफरजल  (श्रीफल) लीजिये|

Diet Pregnancy Month-5-yaALLAH

ہمال ماہ اول ٦

Pregnancy Month 6

हमाल माह 6

انجیر, زیتون ناشتے میں کہیئے, بہتر یہ ہوگا کے ٹل مثالو والا  کھانا، چربی والا گوشت سے پرہیز رکھے

Anjeer, zaitoon nashte mein khayiye, behtar ye hoga ke tel masaalo wala khana, charbi wale gosht se parhez kare.

Eat Figs and Olives in your breakfast. Better to avoid fatty and oily foods, butter and fatty Meat too.

अंजीर, ज़ैतून नाश्ते में खाइये, बेहतर ये होगा के तेल मसालों वाला खाना, चर्बी वाला गोश्त से परहेज़  रखिये|

ہمال ماہ اول ٧

Pregnancy Month 7

हमाल माह 7

اس ساتویں ماہ میں خوب تربوز کہیئے

Is saatve maah mein khub tarbooz khayiye.

Eat Watermelon during the entire seventh month of your pregnancy.

इस सातवें माह में खूब तरबूज़ खाइये|

Diet Pregnancy Month-7-yaALLAH

ہمال ماہ اول ٨

Pregnancy Month 8

हमाल माह 8

خوب دہی، اور شہد کہیئے، انار ناشتے میں لیجئے ہر جمعہ کو اس ماہ میں، سرکا ایک ہفتہ میں ایک مرتبہ خانے میں کہیئے

Is maah mein khub dahi aur shahad khayiye. Anaar subah nashte mein lijiye har jum’ah ko. sirka khane mein khayiye ek hafte mein ek martaba.

Intake a high quantity of Yoghurt and Honey. Eat Pomegranate in breakfast on every Friday during this month. Use vinegar once a week in food in this month.

इस माह में खूब दही और शहद खाइये| अनार सुबह नाश्ते में लीजिये हर जुम’आ को| सिरका खाने में  खाइये एक हफ्ते में एक मरतबा|

Diet Pregnancy Month-8-yaALLAH

ہمال ماہ اول٩

Pregnancy Month 9

हमाल माह 9

خجورے اور گوشت کہیئے ٹھوڈی تعداد میں، مسالےدار کھانو سے اور بہار کے کھانو سے پرہیز کرے

Khujoore aur gosht khayiye thodi tadad mein. Masaaledar aur bahar ke khane se parhez kijiye.

Eat Dates and Meat in moderate quantity. Avoid spices and junk food also.

खुजूरे और गोश्त खाइये थोड़ी ता’दाद में| मसालेदार और बहार के खाने से परहेज़ कीजिये|

Diet Pregnancy Month-9-yaALLAH

اسلامی خواتین کے لئے پرگننکے چارٹ

Islamic Women Monthly Pregnancy Chart With Diet

इस्लामी ख़वातीन के लिए प्रेगनेंसी चार्ट

Few More Tips:

  1. Have a timely prenatal care
  2. Intake all the needed prenatal vitamins
  3. A light exercise regularly as per doctors recommendation
  4. A required amount rest
  5. Do not intake any type of alcohol or tobacco
  6. Say no to every illicit drugs
  7. Quit smoking
  8. Avoid caffeine
  9. Beware of environmental dangers
  10. Focus on your emotional health also.

Insha ALLAH with the Surah that you have read and the diet that you have eaten during these months will definitely have an advantage to you. Your baby will have a developed brain, healthy skin, body, beautiful face, attraction and a noor Alhamdulillah.

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