Islamic Dua for Success in Exams yaALLAH Follower Achieved The Target

There is a well-said quote, ‘Let your hard work propel you to a speed so fast. Good has no choice but to ride with a winner like you!’ Masha ALLAH one of yaALLAH Followers and a sister scored 91.38% in her exams through ‘ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif’. Last night, she emailed me to publish this yaALLAH Testimonial, she was curious for. Let’s read and see the proof of the triumph of this wazifa. The post ‘Islamic Dua for Success in Exams yaALLAH Follower Achieved The Target’ is a great saga of her success.

Proofs of Success of Exam Wazifa by yaALLAH Followers

A beautiful moment of reading such emails and comments. Let’s read what she has written to us. Sheer hard work and inspiration have helped this sister, Alhamdulillah. Definitely, she couldn’t have done it without a dedicated worship and consistent study. When there is was nobody to guide a slave, ALLAH is always there.

In this commercialized age, Honestly, I cannot express my feelings in words how deep happiness I feel when a yaALLAH Follower gets success through any ‘ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif’. At such point of time, I always feel like my existence has a worth.

Islamic Dua for Success in Exams yaALLAH Follower Achieved The Target

yaALLAH Testimonial #1 for Dua Before Doing an Exam

Assalmun alaikum….I m ‘name redacted’ frm Mumbai,India. 
I saw ur site n was very pleased….I searched for wazifa “sucess in examz”..i prayed n did the amal of ayat of sure anfal. this is the Link
sure anfal ayat 62
I recited it the way it was prescribed.
Thank u for ur efforts.
By Grace of Allah I got 91.38% in my third year diploma in computer Engineering…

Thank U once again..May Allah bless u & guide U.

ur Sis ‘name redacted’

See screenshot below



yaALLAH Testimonial #2 for Wazifa to Get Success in Exams

assalamualikum.. thank u all of uu ap sab ki dua kam ayi alhamdulillah mai pass hogye…. mai al malikul
Wazifa to Get Success in Exams in Urdu

Bad Namaz-e-Isha:

Durud Sharif ek martaba;300 martaba “Al Malikul Quddoos” parhiyeDurud Sharif ek martaba firse;Fir Allah se dil se dua karen. Y

Ye amal Imtehan ka natija ane tak jari rakhana chahiye. Insha Allah bhot hi behtareen natija ayega.

wala wazifa kiya tha 3din ar 4day mera result agya… thank u ya allah community nd all membrs… mai ab shadi k liye mubeen wala wazifa ar bismillah shareef 12000 wala wazifa kari plzzzz ap sab log dua kijiye isme mai kamyab hojou allah meri dua qubool kare…

 wazifa-to-get-success-in-exams-yaALLAH Testimonial-imtihan-mein-kamyabi ka-wazifa-tried-tested-020617


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  1. A Salam Aalayku brother I want to understand quran because I start to learn it but I Don’t sharp please help me

      1. Slm I want to give my testimony but I don’t how to or I should just say it here because am so happy so very happy I got what I want in my degree program using yaallah wazifa for exams may Allah swa bless you thank you so much

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