Important Wazaif, Duas and Cures

June 30th, 2018

Bismillaah hirRahman nirRaheem

“SallALLAHU Ala Muhammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wa Alehi Wa Sallam”

Important Duas & Other Wazaif

Prophet (SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam)’s Prayers

The dua written aforesaid should be read. If the name of ALLAH is not recited, the Satan’s sperm enters with the man’s sperm. (As in marginal notes of Hisnul Hasin). Before having relation with one’s wife, recite the following dua.


بِسْمِ اللَّهِّ اللَّهُمَّ جَنِّبْنَا الشَّيْطَانَ وَجَنِّبِ الشَّيْطَانَ مَا رَزَقْتَنَا

Bismillah ALLAHumma Jannibnash-Shayṭaana, Wa Jannibish-Shayṭaana Maa Razaqtanaa

बिस्मिल्लाह अल्लाहुम्मा जन्निबनश-शैताना व जन्निबनश-शैताना मा रज़क़ तना

“I am having relations in the name of ALLAH. O ALLAH save us from Satan and keep him away from the children You grant us”. The child that is born after the recitation of this dua will never be harmed by Satan. (Bukhari, Muslim)

Referred from Bukhari No# 141, 3271, 6388, 7396; Muslim No# 1434; Abu Dawud No# 2161; At-Tirmidhi No# 1092

Dua for Istekhara

Dua for Seeking Guidance of ALLAH Azzawajal

‘ALLAHumma inni astakhiruka bi’ilmika, Wa astaqdiruka bi-qudratika, Wa asaluka min fadlika al-’azim Fa-innaka taqdiru Wala aqdiru, Wa ta’lamu Wala a’lamu, Wa anta ‘allamu l-ghuyub. Allahumma, in kunta ta’lam anna hadha-l-amra (then the person reciting the du’a should mention the matter for which he is seeking Allah’s Guidance)   Khairun li fi dini wa ma’ashi wa’aqibati amri (or ‘ajili amri wa’ajilihi) Faqdirhu li wa yas-sirhu li thumma barik li Fihi, Wa in kunta ta’lamu anna hadha-lamra shar-run li fi dini wa ma’ashi wa’aqibati amri (or fi’ajili amri wa ajilihi) Fasrifhu anni was-rifni anhu. Waqdir li al-khaira haithu kana Thumma ardini bihi.‘

Process of Performing Istikhara

First pray Two Cycles (raka’) of ritual Prayer (nafil) such that in the first raka’ after Surah Fatiha (Allhamd…) recite Surah al-Kafirun (Chapter 109) and in the second raka’ after Fatiha (Allhamd…) recite Surah al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112). After finishing prayer recite this (supplication/dua’):

Must Read

How many times?

It depends. Sometimes it takes only once to get the answer and sometimes it takes longer. It is better to do istakhara seven (7) times. If you have received an answer as explained in the section below, stop doing istikhara. You do not have to continue to do isitkhara for 7 days. It is better that right after reciting the supplication, given above, sleep with ablution (people who cannot keep the ablution for longer times due to health problems do not have to worry about ablution before falling asleep) facing the direction of the Qibla (facing the Qibla is not required but it is a Sunnat of our beloved Prophet Peace Be Upon Him). It is better to recite salutations (durood/ salawat) on the Prophet Allah’s Grace and Peace be upon him before and after the above Dua (supplication).

Answer: If in the dream one sees whiteness (means any thing white in color, for example: milk, white paper, white sky, white clothes, white light etc.) or greenness (means any thing green in color, for example: grass, plants, trees, green clothes, green light etc.) then understand that this task is better and if one sees redness (means any thing red in color, for example: blood, red clothing, red fruit, red light etc.) or blackness (means any thing black in color, for example: black water, black light, black clothings, black sky, black wall etc. ) then understand it is bad and avoid it.

 Dua for Complete Protection 

Recite this short dua seven (7) times and remain in protection of Allah Azzawajal.

Chapter Surah Qaaf Verse number 22

 Dua for Eyesight/Dua to remove your glasses

فَكَشَفْنَا‌ عَ‍‍نْ‍‍كَ غِ‍‍طَ‍‍ا‌ءَكَ فَبَ‍‍صَ‍‍رُكَ ‌الْيَوْمَ حَد

Fakashafnā `Anka Ghiţā‘aka Fabaşaruka Al-Yawma Ĥadīdun

050.022 (And unto the evil-doer it is said): Thou wast in heedlessness of this. Now We have removed from thee thy covering, and piercing is thy sight this day.

Recite 7 times after every obligatory prayers. Blow on nails of thumbs of your hands then wipe them on your eyes. Insha ALLAH, within few months your glasses will be removed. It’s tried and tested!

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  1. Allah is Great on said:

    Can u please give me wazifa for curing depression

  2. Assalamualaikum bhai.. masha allah mujhe apke wazaif bht ache lagte hai hai…. imran bhai mere kuch problems hai jo mujhe apse discuss karna hai.. but apka koi personal contact ho to i can share with uhh. Plz imran bhai apki help ki bht zarurat hai

  3. Sultana on said:

    Camera flash say eyes problem hay black spots dikai dayta hay , Kabi Kabi flash dikai dayta hay. Black spots jada problem dayta hay.koi dua or wazifa bataiyaga.

  4. maria on said:

    be they proposals and marriage, relationships with parents, siblings, education and career, money, health, internal happiness or success…. there have always been hurdles since i was 6 or seven. Now i am 35 years old, i am still single and unmarried, to be frank till this age there have been very few proposals… i am an educated lady , i pray, fast, observe Moharram….. during these 35 years…. i have always faced hurdles in my life, how things start in a good manner and how quickly such events turn against me… each time i face the same situation… success, happiness, money, career, job.. nothing is in my life, even after working hard. After alot of effort, i find a little job with low pay, every time this happens, but that low pay job also does not stay with me for long, suddenly people, events, turn against me and soon everything finishes. such things keep on repeating for since i was 17. For more than 10 years, i thought that due to less education, i was not able to get good jobs and earn money, but such bad luck kept continued after doing MBA and now I am going to be an M-Phil, Insha ALLAH. I worked with three Organizations, same happened there and now i am jobless. SInce the age of 6 or 7, I have been facing hurdles in my life, and now at the age of 35, these hurdles multiplied, I have been fighting against circumstances to turn them in my favour, to make my career, to earn money to find some one who can be with my throughout my life, but there are no proposals, no job, no career…Now, at the age of 35 i am totally exhausted and hopeless.
    I went to numerous scholars for help, practised different WAZAIF, went to Pilgrimage to Iran/Iraq…, but, for only few days i feel hopeful that things may turn out to be changed this time, and then the same ill-luck, hurdles come back repeatedly. i really do not understand the actual reason behind such a long ill-luck in every aspect of my life.
    every affair of my life has been blocked, blocked so badly… i tried through WAZAIF, scholars, Prayers to open up my ways, but of no use!
    i, hereby request your good self to kindly guide me, before i get mad and lose hope in ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

  5. Salam bhai me subha me istikhara ki dua parh k soi thi apne ek relative ka nam zehn me rkh kr is neyat se k mera is se nikah hona positive he ya ni to me ne khuwab me dekha k wo larka shave kr rha hota he uski khala use kch khti he to wo larka kehta he k me ap k khne par is se bat kr rha ho na to koi bolta he tm log or popular hoge wo larka mri trf face krta he to uski shave wesi ki wesi hoti he black (hala k khuwab k start me wo shave kr rha hota he) jub wo mri trf face krta he to bht sad b lgta he phr me us k ek cousin ko dkhti wo bht khush hota he is dream ki kia tabeer hui plz btaden

  6. Salam bhai me subha me istikhara ki dua parh k soi thi apne ek relative ka nam zehn me rkh kr is neyat se k mera is se nikah hona positive he ya ni to me ne khuwab me dekha k wo larka shave kr rha hota he uski khala use kch khti he to wo larka kehta he k me ap k khne par is se bat kr rha ho na to koi bolta he tm log or popular hoge wo larka mri trf face krta he to uski shave wesi ki wesi hoti he black (hala k khuwab k start me wo shave kr rha hota he) jub wo mri trf face krta he to bht sad b lgta he phr me us k ek cousin ko dkhti wo bht khush hota he is dream ki kia tabeer hui plz btaden

  7. bushra on said:

    Khawab ma mai n dekha k MRA aik shoe gum gea ma wapis us rastai p gai wahan maybe aur shoe BH irdgerd parae huae thae andhera BH tha phir mujh wahan lakin clear apna shoes nazar a gea kuch golden s color ka tha plz muj ask tabeer btaen

  8. Sajida parveen on said:

    meri age 34 sal he or documents me 40 Abachane se hi pareshanI dekhi he magar waqt ka kam guzarna he.meri shadi 2003 me hoi magar aalhedgi hogai
    ak dafa baby k asar bhi how magar husband ne sab kuch khatam kardya.2006 me devorce hogai jab se hi job ki papa ka koi kam naji tha ghar rent pe tha bahir nikal ke woman ko jo halat dekhne parte hen wo naho batasakti …ab second shadi hoi he meri 3 bache hen mere husband k wife bhi hen magar sab mujhe Jin alfaz se.daka dala hamare ghar pe husband k rishtedar haqarat se dekhte hen ak job karne wali woman jo karachi k bare office me job kar chuki ho halat se lar chuki ho oska confidence dosri shadi k bad bilkul khatam hogya he
    ak waja ye he k mahana nizam 24 sal se kharab he boht ilag kar lye hasyat k hisab se
    dosra chere pe bal khas thori pe sakht bal k sharminda hona parta he or may 20014 me shadi hoi again k husband se bhi face ko chupane parta he in halat me samjh nahi araha kia karun ..
    husband khobsorti pasand karte hen onhe boht fair color chaye ak sal nahi hoa k wo gori larki ki bat karte hen
    olad bhi naho he abhi koi asar nahi bal tezi se safed horhe hen
    kabhi danto me k era lagta he
    Hat pao bilkul black hote jarhe hen han body ja rang kafi saf he
    ap bataen me kia karun face k balo ka bataen take mere husband is ko ishu banake mujhee meri ami ka ghar na mere pas kuch he k me kuch karsakun

  9. sagufta parveen on said:

    Assalamoalaikum bhai maine aapko msg kiya tha plz aap uske bare me bata de plz ar mera comment mujhe dikh b nahi raha yeha pe to plz reply

  10. Nimrah on said:

    Asulamualaykum, I just wanted to ask if there is any wazifa/dua for someone who can’t walk due to an accident,
    Ek bacha hai 17 saal ka tou uska 3 saal peechay motorcycle sey accident hua tha jis ki vaaja sey wou ab chal nahi sakta or wou kuch nahi mehsoos kar sakta apni tangein par.
    If there is such a wazifa that could change his life would you please let me know.
    Thank you in advance!
    (Sorry about my urdu Im not that good in speakibg urdu)

    • Walekum as salam, No issues about urdu,
      Check this link for wazifa, insha ALLAH bachcha chal parhega.
      Please wait for the wazifa.

    • Nimrah on said:

      Sure thing! Thank you so much, may Allah reward you brother. Ameen!

  11. Handay on said:

    Assalaam O Alaikum
    Need to ask you about wazifa for debt we are very worried Bcoz we borrowed a lot of money from people and now we need to pay them back but don’t even have a job kya aap qarz se khalaasi ka koi wazifa bta sakty Hain k with in month hum apna qarz pay kar sakain

  12. fizza zain on said:

    very nice information

  13. bar mitzvah on said:

    of course like your website but you need to check the spelling on quite a few of
    your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling
    problems and I find it very bothersome to tell the truth
    then again I’ll definitely come again again.

  14. Rafiq shaikh on said:

    Where were i am going for interview i am not getting jobs. So pls help me.

  15. rubina on said:

    how can I protect myself from the insults of my husbands first wife. My h7sband doesn’t say or do anything to her. He thinks he has hurted her by marring the second time. She calls me ‘__’and my daughters also . These her words . Its been 3 yrs still she abuses me. Plzz give me a wazifa where I can open my husbands eyes so he can stop her and she also stops . I am so desperate ki now I really want to see her out of my husbsnds life .plzz help me to overcome her

  16. Hassam-ur-Rehman Siddiquei on said:

    for good job duwa

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