How to Get Perfect Skin Khubsurat Jild Ke Liye Nuskha

How to Get Perfect Skin Khubsurat Jild Ke Liye Nuskha

How to Get Clear Skin

Including Skin Infections, Skin Allergies

Simple, easy and quick remedies to get lovely glowing skin at home with your kitchen ingredients. Let us go ahead with these skin remedies one by one.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Face at Home Fast

Mix a pinch of cinnamon powder into a required amount of milk cream. Apply this on your face every day. Dark spots will be gone soon. Amal to Remove Acne Scars in Urdu

Home Remedies for Eczema, Ringworm and Entire Treatment for Skin Infections

Mix cinnamon powder and honey in equal amount as per your need. Apply this paste on the effected part of the skin. Do this for a few days. You will see the cure from skin infections, ringworm and eczema.

All Types of Skin Diseases

  • Grind cinnamon in required amount of water. Apply this paste on the effected area of the skin. The skin disease will be cured. If that area of skin has a swelling then it will be gone.

Apply this paste on the boils (foda) and it will be cured.

  • Soak the fenugreek seeds in the little water. Grind them well and make a paste of it. Fry this paste in an oil or pure ghee. Make a poultice (Lape) and place this on the effected area of skin. You can use fenugreek leaves (Methi Ke Patte) instead of the fenugreek seeds (Dana Methi).

Home Remedy for Pimples and Wrinkles

Muscles of a human being becomes week with the growth in his age. In his older age his entire muscles becomes too week. This results in wrinkled on the skins surface. These wrinkled can be commonly found in the old age of any man or woman. The skin of a child is loose by birth when he grows it becomes tight in the next six month. A person with good health has normally a tight skin up to the age of 40-50 years. Afterwards, wrinkles start. During the teenage in our body a hormone named as ‘Oestrogen’. This hormone keeps the skin tight form. During this stage, a hormone named as ‘Elastin’ can be found in plenty of quantity. This hormone helps in the elasticity of skin. After 50 years of age of a human being the production of hormone ‘Oestrogen’ stops. Due to the absence of this hormone skin starts it’s tightness and wrinkles come in their form. Fenugreek (Methi) helps much in reducing the wrinkles. Let us discuss the advantages and health benefits of Fenugreek Seeds or ‘Daana Methi’ for skin.

How to Prepare the Application and Apply to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Soak the required amount of fenugreek seeds in that much milk which can be easily absorb by enire fenugreek seeds. Let it remain in the  milk for at least 2 hours. After this, grind the same mixture well and make a paste of it. Apply this on your face. This will miraculously reduce wrinkles and pimples from your face. You will feel smoothness, attraction and delicateness in your skin. Continue this method for few days till you see full positive results.

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