Had an Accident 

Aš śãłãmû äłäÿkûm to all my people,

Sometimes, you need a drastic change to your life. I was just getting bored with all my work and schedule. I was dying to get a change. 

I met an accident yesterday. Got fracture and injuries. Somehow I am managing to write this. As even my hands are not working at this moment. Figures got twisted and scratched. 

I am loving to write this more and more but I can’t. 

I request you to please pray for my recovery so that I can publish more post for you all. 

Jaza kALLAHU Khair,


Al e عmran


  1. Nisha on said:

    shifaa Allaha.. Ya Raheem Ya Kareem, apko jaldhi thek kare. Inshallah

  2. Ionline on said:

    May Allah Subhanahu talla give u sehaa wal aafiyat

  3. Get Well soon inshallah ap jaldi theak ho jaye.

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      Jaza kALLAH khair

  4. shamim patel on said:

    assalamialaikum,Allah will give u shefa sson inshaAllah

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:


  5. Allah ap ko jald sehat e kamila ata farmaye Ameen,main nain aaj mail n fb pr read kiya

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      jaza kALLAHU khair 🙂

  6. Faryal khan on said:

    oh my God..feel realy sorry for u.may ALLAH heals ur all pain.Get well soon.

  7. salma on said:

    Salams its really sad to hear this may Allah give you very quick recovery and give u shifa ..Aameen

  8. shazy on said:

    Insha allah allah swt will help u to have a quick recovery.

  9. iqbal on said:

    Allah tala ap ko jald az jald seht aut tundorusti ata farmaye.

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      jaza kALLAHU Khair thanks for your lovely dua!

  10. NT_10 on said:

    اخي عمران الله يشافيك ويعافيك وكله اجر وعافية انشاءلله

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      jaza kALLAHU Khair thanks for your lovely dua!

      • Sonia on said:

        Allah aap ko gald thek karey inshallah

  11. syed shaker ali on said:

    Allaha aap Ku jald se jald shifa ataa kare aameen

  12. Mustapha on said:

    Allah bless you with cure and more energy than before to do what you have dedicated your life to.

    JazakaLahu kheiran.

  13. Kareemat Mohammed on said:

    May Almighty Allah (SWT) give u sound health! Get soon.

  14. Sandy on said:

    Get well soon, I pray for u. 🙂

  15. nusrat siddiqui on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai jaan k bahot takleef hui apki prblm but u don’t wry Insah ALLAH ap jaldi achche ho jayenge bahot se logo ki dua h apke sath or sbse behter to ye h k ALLAH apne bando k sath hamesah hote h hum dua karenge k ap fir se jaldi yha ho hum sbke sath Insah ALLAH AMEEN

  16. Sonia on said:

    Salam Baha’i Allah aap ko gald thek kare inshallah

    • Sammy on said:

      Salaam brother, Allah ta’la aapko sehat, aur thandusthri ata parmai, aur har cheez se hifazat rakhe. Allah ta’la apko jald se jald theek karden aur apko aur apki family ko har ane wali museebat se bachai. Ameen sumameen.. Dua mein yaad rakna. Aur mein bhi apko dua mein yaad rakoongi. Insha-Allah..

  17. sheriff on said:

    Assalamu walikum wa rahamtullahi wa barkatahu… may allah give u a gud health, insha allah u will become well were soon brother..allah tumhare tamam tamam dard ko door farmaye aur jald se jald tumhe shifaye kulli atta farmaye..ameen sumameen..

  18. Saihou Bah on said:

    speedy recovery! tanx for all your effort.

  19. Muskaan on said:

    Assalam o alaikum bhai.. Dua hai ki Allah Ta’la aapko achi sehat ata kare.. Aameen.. Mujhe aapse kuch wazifo ke baare mei maloom karna hai.. Please mujhe bataye mai aapko kis email id par reply kar sakti hu.. Jald se jald aapke reply ki guzarish hai.. Jazak Allah..

  20. sheeba khan on said:

    Allah Ta’ala aapko shifa ata farmaye(ameen)

  21. neha on said:

    its bad news heard… let allah take all your pain. get wel soon…

  22. faryal on said:

    Get well soon imran

  23. Jacob on said:

    Im paraying Allahu Tahala for you to cuire you quickly

  24. ALLAH bless u bhai

  25. Faru on said:

    Allah aap ko jald sehat yaab karay Ameen sum ameen


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  27. hira on said:

    Allah apko sehat day..Ameen..aur jo naik kam kar ray hain uska ajar day.Aameen

  28. komail raxa on said:

    May Allah give u gud health and protect u

  29. Jamal on said:

    May Allah out of His Grace and mercy grant u speedy recovery. Ameen thumma Ameen

  30. Fareed Khan on said:

    Allah aapko jald se jald sehat aafta pahuchaye

  31. Sammy on said:

    Salaam brother , I am so sorry and shocked to hear that you been in an accident. As a subscriber i always read the post on your wall. This site is very helpful and has helped a lot of people, and I’m sure we all brothers and sister will make special dua’s for you. I hope you have a speedy recovery with the will of Allah and put all the momeen brothers and sisters dua’s together. Ameen sumameen

  32. babar ali khan on said:

    Allah pak ap ko sehat yab kry ameen

  33. Zareen on said:

    Allah yashfik

  34. stunninglook on said:

    Allah pak sehat drain.Aameen

  35. Munaff on said:

    Assalam walekum my child, Everyday of my life I have prayed n will pray for the safety of all muslims, dead or alive. Ab yeh hamara hadd mey nahi Jo aap par guzri but do remember saitan tried to influence even our Nabi (pbuh).

  36. iqra kanwal on said:

    Walaikum salam
    Allah apko jald sehatyab kare aap pehle jese ho jahen Ameen ya Rabul alameen

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!