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They share their problems and get it resolved, Alhamdulillah. You can join the yaALLAH Community on Facebook.

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یااللہ کمیونٹی کو کیسے جون کرنا ہے آپکو ؟

   میں لکھے “Bismillah to join..” فالو کرنے کے لئے اپ اپنا ای میل ایڈریس اپر دے ہوئے

 بٹن پر “Bismillah to join..“اسکے بعد کلک کیجئے

فر آپکے ای میل ان باکس میں ایک کنفرمیشن لنک یگا ہماری طرف سے اسپر کلک کیجئے پختہ کرنے کے لئے

مبارک ہو!! اپ یااللہ کمیونٹی کے فخر کے ساتھ ممبر بن گئے ہے

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या अल्लाह कम्युनिटी से कैसे जुड़े?

  1. सबसे पहले ऊपर दिए हुए ‘बिस्मिल्लाह टू ज्वाइन’ बॉक्स में अपना ईमेल एड्रेस लिखिए|
  2. उसके बाद निचे दिए हुए ‘बिस्मिल्लाह टू ज्वाइन..’ बटन पर क्लिक कर दीजिये|
  3. फिर आपको एक कन्फर्मेशन लिंक आएगा हमारी तरफ से आपके ईमेल के इनबॉक्स में| उस लिंक पर क्लिक कीजिये और अपनी मेम्बरशिप पक्की कर दीजिये|

मुबारक हो! आप फख्र के साथ मेंबर बन चुके है|

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ya ALLAH Website ko follow karne ka asaan tarika.

या अल्लाह वेबसाइट को फॉलो करने का आसान तरीक़ा|

Step-by-Step Screenshots and Instructions

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Step 1

(See screenshot below)


Step 2

and then click on the page ‘Follow us’ (See screenshot below)


Further, you will see the same ‘Bismillah to join’ box and the entire process is exactly same as step 4 to Step 8


  1. Yusuf Khan on said:

    As salam alaykum bhai I am need your ijazat for making taweez to make some one love me plz give me ijazat

    • You are permitted to make this amulet. Kindly follow the website.

    • Zoya on said:

      I got engaged in 2018 and my inlaws promised for marriage in 2019 but due to some family reasons they delayed it and now the boy’s mother called us and broke the enegement but the boy is still calling us and telling that he wanted to marry me even if her mother is not ready. I don’t know what decision should i take. please help me in this matter.

  2. Owais on said:

    Apny ny btaya hai k is page ko follow krengy tou sb wazaifa dua wagera ki ijazat hogi
    Agr hamara email kisi aur k name s hai to bh kia hamein ijazat hogi ….????

    • Ji han bhai tab bhi ijazat aapko hai. Kyunke niyyat to aapne wazaif karne ki ki hai.

  3. Niks on said:

    AOA..mry kch questions hain or mjhy apse ijzat b chahye.. apky youtube channel p surat yasin k wafiza psnd k nikkah k liya 40 din wala.. wo maony strt kr diya hua kfi dair k.. video m apny ijazt k zikr ni kiya mainy pocha b lken koi rply mila.. mainy usy jari hi rkha.. ab kia mjhy ijazt ly kr ye wafiza dubra shuru krna hoga?.. ya phr jari rkhun or 40 din pury krun..? Or jb b koi wafiza krna hoga to phly ijazt lni hogi? Plz rply kr den

    • Aap website aur channel ko follow kar lijiye sis. Aapko wazaif ki ijazat hai.

  4. Sumayya sheikh on said:

    Salam mjhy apse ya wahaboo waly wazeefy k bry main puchna h ju 3 din adhi raat ku uth uhh krna h mjhy apse puchna ye tha k kya adhi raat ku uthna lazmi h yani agr hm jag rhy ho tou ye wazeefa phr b parh skty h?

    • Agar aap jaag rahe hon to bhi ye wazifa parh sakte hain.

  5. Sumayya sheikh on said:

    Salam mjhy apse ya adlu wala ju wazeefa h pasnd ki shadi k lye us k lye permission chahye or ye b puchna tha k larky ki maa ka naam na ane ki Surat main bin hawa kahy gy yn binte hawa mjhy ye cnfrm kr dein or ap se dua ki b req h k dua kijiye ga k main jin se nikkah krna chahti hn wo rishta ly aye mere lye r kheriat k Sth hmara nikkah ho jae plzz jaldi reply kijiye ga shukriya

    • Aapko wazifa ki ijazat hai. Aap bin hawwa bol sakti hain sis.

      • Sumayya sheikh on said:

        Shukriya r ye b bta dein k kb tk krun ye wazeefa?

        • Konsa wazifa sis? Har wazifa process me sab details batayi gayi hoti hain.

          • Sumayya sheikh on said:

            Yehi ya adlu wala psnd ki shadi ka ju h magrib ki namaz k bd krna h kitny din tk krna h?

          • Jab tak shadi tay na ho jaye, parhte rahiye.

  6. Mithai on said:

    Aapka subscribe work nahi kar raha…. why?

    • Dear Sis, jis email address se aap subscribe kar rahi hain uska spam folder bhi check kijiye. Subscribe karne ke bad apne inbox ko refresh kijiye.

      • Saim on said:

        Meri umar 30 saal hai. Mein aik larkay sy pyar krti hun 10 saal say. Hmari bat pakki hui thi kuch saal pehly magar toot gyi.ab dobara wo larka mila hai. Pyar to krta hai magar kehta hai kay shadi nai kar sakta. Please uska dimagh badalnay ka wazifa btaen

  7. Haseena on said:

    I want to do wazifa for my husband to love me and my daughters. My husband is going on wrong path so please give me good wazifa to do and pray for us

  8. Shabana on said:

    Mujhe Ijazat dijiye wazeefa krne ki

    • Dear sis, aap bas website ko follow/ subscribe kijiye. Aapko wazifa karne ki ijazat hai.

    • Irsa on said:

      Mjy ijazat dy k mai mohabat wla wazifa kr sko apny husband liya

      • Aapko ijazat hai sis apne husband ke liye wazifa parhne ki. ALLAH Ta’ala aapko kamyab kare aameen. Bas aapse darkhawast hai ke Website ko zarur follow/ subscribe kijiyega sis.

  9. Sadaf on said:

    Kiyaa yeh wazifaa my ishaa k waqat ker sakti hun . Mujhy din my job py jnaa hota hy.

    • Jis wazifa ke bare me aap puch rahi hain, usi ke page par comment kijiye. Taake pata chal sake kis wazifa ke bare me aap janna chahti hain. Har wazifa parhne ka waqt sath me bataya gya hota hai.

  10. Fozia on said:

    Assalam o alaikum sir mere hone wale husband ko physical prblm h leg par unko kisi moulana ne kaha k unko kisi aleem se ek surah likhwana h or 40din tak cheeni k plate me zafran se likhwakar chatna h…. Par us aleem ne us surah k sadka dediya hoga toh woh surah likh skta h warna asar nh hoga aap plzz meri help kare or unki yeh pareshani dur hojaye apko is bare me koi jankari h toh plzz Mjhe info kare plzz Mjhe shakt zarurat h Aise aleem k

    • Dear sis, mujhe is wazifa ke bare me koi jankaari nahi hai. Aap bataiye kya unhe leg paralysis hai? Chal nahi paate wo?

  11. wasim akram on said:

    sir , mai process puri kar chuka hu lekin link nhi mila hai email me kya kre
    hm shuru kar chuke hai

    • Aap apne email account ko refresh kijiye. Inbox ke ilawa spam folder bhi check kijiye. Subscription mail zarur aayi hogi.

  12. Irammushtaque2017 on said:

    Kya sugar or ant wale wazifa me gosh, fish or egg se parheji zaruri Hai?? Or bhi kisi kam se parheji zaruri hai to plz bta dijye…

    • Sugar ant wale amal me aisa koi parhez nahi likha gaya. Bas haraam kamo se parhez karen aur khane me bhi halaal khayen aur kuch parhez ki zarurat nahi.

    • Zainab on said:

      Me ek ladke se bohat pyaar karti hu3 month baad uski shadi hai woh mujhse shadi nahi karna chahta hai me usse shadi karna chahati hu mujhse baat nhi nhi karta hai aache se har waqt sirf gussa karta hai plzzz meri madad kijiye me bohat pareshan hu

  13. heena on said:

    Assalam walaikum.please koi strong ek wazifa job ke liye bataye 3 din ka ya 7 days ka.Actually muje 1 year ke upar hogaya muje koi job nahi mil rahi interview attaine karne ke baad wo log muje select karte hain fir last main reject karte hain bahot sare time aise hi hua hai..phele main HR ka job karti thi ..Please wazifa den one week main mil jaye with a good salary package.

  14. heena on said:

    Assalam walaikum.wazifa ka page m not able to find. Wahi main apko phele batayi thi na 3 din ka amal hai surah Ale imran aur suraj Al Qasas ka hissa.izazt den

  15. Heena on said:

    Assalam walaikum.maine 3 din ka amal kar chuki hun.surah Ale imran aur surah Al Qasas ka hissa.main jise pasand karti hun wo phele bhi muje dost man tha hai aur wazifa complete hone ke baad bhi wo muje dost hi man tha hai..

      • heena on said:

        Fir se ye amal 3 din tak shuru kar sakti hun ?

        • Jis wazifa ka bare me aap baat kar rahi hoti hai, usi ke page pe comment kiya karen.

  16. heena on said:

    Ji shukriya.maine wazifa start kar chuki hun.aaj se magrib ki namaz ke baad maine ye wazifa ki.dua main yaad rakhiye ki mera wazifa successful hojaye ameen

  17. heena on said:

    Shukriya.Surah Ale imran aur surah Al Qasas ka hissa hai issi website main muje dikahi diya toh main is wazifa ko ajj se hi shuru karna chati hun 3 din ka amal hai please izazat de.main nikah istikara kar liya hai.

    • Aap hamari follower hain agar to aapko ijazat hai wazifa ki.

  18. Heena on said:

    Assalam walaikum.maine apka pura website padliya hai. Jaise apne bataya kali mirch ka wazifa wo maine bhi kiya sirf ek bar muje malum nahi tha ki ye gunah hai kyunki isme allah ka naam padna hai 21 times ya lathifu ya wadudu.apka website padke maine turanth allah se tauba kar chuki hun fir bhi muje dar hai ye maine kya kar diya..Please iska hall bataye fir se main allah se kaise tauba karun aur ye kali mirch ka wazifa ulta muje kuch ho na jaye.

    Aur please main bhi kisi se mohabaat karti hun, I want him to marry me and love me, care me ..Please app muje izazat de ayutul kursi padne ka kaise pade din main kaise apne love ko paa sakti hun..Please let me know.

    • Aap sache dil se ALLAH se taubah kijiye. Beshak WO mua’f karne Wala hai. Aur website se dekh kar ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kijiye aur phir bataiye.

  19. Kahkasha warsi on said:

    Assalam alaikum Mjhe Bas ye puchna hai k ye wafiza karne kaise hai???

    • Konsa wazifa kaise karna hai? Aap us wazifa page se comment karen.

  20. Malaika on said:

    Mam am sorry lekin apki website mein ne bht dafa email dali or messenger py message ata lkin open ni ho raha facebook ky messenger mein koi msla ha to ap koi or triqa bta dy follow krny ka

    • Follow karne ke liye aapne ek bar hi email address yahan par dalna hai aur apna inbox check karna hai. Wahan subscription mail aayegi. Usay aap ne confirm karna hai.

  21. mohd.Younus on said:

    Assalamu alekum sir,
    Mera naam Mohd Younus hai Meri shadi ko kafi saal ho gaye hain Shuru ke kuch saal hum dono main bahut pyar tha magar dhere-2 khatm hota gaya, lekin meri bibi mujhe bahut pyar karti hai par main use pyar nahin karta hun aisa kyun hota ja raha hai mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha hai. please help kijiye ki ham dono main phirse pyar barjaye koi wazifa batayen sir

  22. arahim on said:

    Assalamualaikum al imranbhai..maine nikah isthkhara kiya lekin muje kuchh samaj ni aaya teen baar kiya pehle deen me jaha hum pehle rehte waha samne padosi k ghar pohch gaya dusre deen bhi wahi pohach gaya or tisre deen ladki ko khwab me dekha..or mera problem ye hai ki muje jaldi se nind ni aati he is liye ishtakhara karne me problem hota plz app muje ladies izzazat diziye wazifa Karne ki me US ladki ke bager reh ni sakta hu…arahim

  23. Assalamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa brakatuhu wa Magfirat hu Jannati
    Mera ap sy sawal hai
    Me roz nade ali padta hu
    47 time
    Likin me ussy mil nahi sakta kya uski tasvir me dum kar sakta hu

    Me mohabbat me pagal करने wala naqsh bana sakta hu kya hub wala
    Muje ky ap izzazat hai kya
    Meny subscribe kiya hu

    Muje izazat dijiy

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Agar apke Istikhara ka result positive hai to ap mohabbat ka taweez likh sakte hain.

  24. yasmin on said:

    Assalamu alaikum mere husband ka kisi ladki k sath affair h me 2 saal se apne mayke m hu wo mujse contact b nhi karta ab wo muje divorce dena chahta h pls muje koi wazifa bataye jisse uske dil m meri mohabbat o jaye aur wo muje aakar le jaye

  25. nida on said:

    assalam alikum bhai mere me link to aa gayi hai pr confirm nahi ho raha hai

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Subscription mail mein ‘confirm subscription’ likha hai, us par ap click karein. To ap Follower ban jayengi.

  26. Shazia on said:

    How to conTact u plz help..u font reply on mesngr

  27. Bushra on said:

    My mother wants to, do this wazif plz grant permission

    • Al Imran on said:

      You can follow the website through this link sis- once you do so, you and your entire family will get the permission of all the wazaif here.

      • Sophia on said:

        Sir I subscribe your website
        Kya mn wazifa follow kr sakti hn

        • Yes dear sis, ab aap jo wazifa parhna chahen parh sakti hain.

  28. Allah ki bandi on said:

    Bhai mjhy koi mail received nhi hui ….please check kr k bataein main apki follower ban gaen hun?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, jis email address se ap ne website ko subscribe kiya hai, uska inbox aur spam folder refresh kar ke check karein. Nahi to dobara email address ke sath subscribe karein. Subscription email zarur ayegi.

      • kawaldaa on said:

        I’mran bhai madat karo khuda ke Liya. Meri beti ki talaaq ho chuki hai. Uske shohar ki ma apne beta par dabaw dala Aur zabardasti ke .is larki ko forun talaaq de do.
        Wo nahi maan rata phir un ki ma mera damad ko damkee di apne beta ko.
        Phir talaaq de di ekbar .
        Meri beti us larke ko phir sai hasil karna chatI haI.
        Dobara shadi karni hai. Lekin wo saas bohat sakt hai.
        koi wazifa hai jo wo wapas a jai phir saI nikkah Kare meri beti use boh at pyar karti hai.
        Hum nai impossible ka wazifa kia ta lekin koi result nahi mila.
        Wo larka meri beti ko pasand karke shadi ki Aur bohat pashtava hai.
        lekin wo maa beta ko damkee detI hai .
        Mehrbani hogi

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ek talaaq hui hai ya mukammal talaaq ho chuki hai?

  29. Alisha on said:

    Sir mene website subscribe kr li h aap plz mere liye dua kijiye

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      ALLAH apko kamyab karen sis, ameen.

  30. Alisha on said:

    Asslamualykum sir me ek ladke se bhot pyar karti hu lekin usne mujhse baat bnd kardi h mujhe wajife or istikhare k liye aapki permission chahiye

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ap website ko subscribe kijiye sis, uske bad ap istikhara kar sakti hain.

  31. Aamna khan on said:

    Assamolukum kaise post krun problem

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Jaise apne ye comment post kiya hai waise hi apna problem post karen. Apka pichla comment aur uska javab apko diya ja chuka hai. Kindly ap previous comments check karein.

  32. mohammed khaja on said:

    Ma ek bohot bade pareshani ma ho.
    Mare bade bahan jo ladka sa pyaar karti hai vo ladka bohot kharab hai.magar hamare baham iss baat ko maane ka leya raazi nahi hai..mare bahan uss baacha la liya maa baap ko chorna kaliya tayyaar hai.pata nahi uss baacha na kya kiya hai hamare bahan ka uppar..pls kuh aisa wazifa ya dua baatiya.ka vo ik dusra sa nafrat kare aur hamare bahan ko ahsas ho ka maa baap sab sa pehla hai.pls kuch waizfa baatiya

  33. Preeti on said:

    Assalamwalekum …mai bahot pareshan hu pls madat kare …mai ak ladke se pyar karti hu unka naam irphan hai aur unse shadi karna chahati hu aur islam kabool karna chahati hu q k mai allah se bahot pyar karti hu maine namaj bhi puri sikh li hai , mai tahajjud padhna chati hu par irphan ji mere sath do saal rahe but ab wo mujse shadi nhi karna chahte but mai unke bina kisi ko nahi chahti aur unke sath rahna chahti hu pls pls meri help kare

    • rida on said:

      Imran bhai ma.apsay.apna masla.discus Karna chahti hun..?

      • Al 'Imran on said:

        Yahan kar sakti hain ap private text-
        Is time ke dauran-12:30PM-2:30PM Indian Standard Time

  34. mohammed khaja on said:

    assalamualikum imran bhai

    ap ne jo rich hone ka wazifa bataya hai…..wahi ma dusri website ma dakha magar usme isha ki namaz ka bad parhna likha tha ma to ap ka wazifa follow karraha ho magar kya vo bhi sahi hai.

    • Al Imran on said:

      Ji unke bare me main nahi bata sakta bhai. Ap yahan se kar rahe hai to thik hai Insha ALLAH apko kamyabi milegi Ameen.

      • madihaa on said:

        Follow krne se kya wazifa krne ki ijazat mil jati h agar mil.

        • Al Imran on said:

          yes Dear Sis if you are a follower you are allowed to perform any yaALLAH Dua Wazaif.

  35. sonu on said:

    May any hindu join this

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Sure brother, you can join . I welcome you. 🙂 #yaALLAHcomments

  36. Kahkashan on said:

    Assalam o alyekum
    Bhai plz ap meri help kre hm bahut muskil me h aur hm soch soch k bahut prshn h meri shadi do baar lag k cancel ho chuki h aise kuch halat ho jate h jisse cancel ho jati h ek baar bahana bana ki dur k wajah se mana kr diya ghar walo ne jbki sb bt fainal ho chuki thi dubara me mere rishtedar me lagi thi rkhne k tym lr bahana banane lage bt bigad gyi to cancel ho gyi aur abhi tk rishta laga nhi h kahi hm bahut prshn h soch k hm chahte h meri shadi jitni jaldi ho jaye hm in sb prshni se bahr ana chahte h ap meri help kre plz koi hme dua ya wazifa bataye bhai jisse meri shadi jaldi se jaldi ho jaye plz help kre mere msg ka reply dijiyega plZ pahle bhi msg kiya but reply nhi aya abhi tk

      • Mariyam on said:

        Bhai agar apko follow kar rahe hai or gmail par subscribe kiya hua hai to kya koi bhi wazifa kar sakte hai ya har baar ijazat leni hogi wazifa karne ke liye jaha jaha bhi ijazat lene ke liye kaha gaya hai?

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Bar bar ijazat nahi leni paregi. Jis wazifa ke sath ijazat lene ka bola gya hai wahan pe tareeqa bhi likha gya hai ap usko follow kar liya karein. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
          Join Now!!-

  37. muskan butt on said:

    Bhai ap istkhara kr saktay hain kya???

  38. DR.B.AKHTAR on said:

    Dear imran bhai assalam alaikum
    i m agovt doctor from lucknow i m suffering from vertigo and imbalance due to my right ear problem . so i have to undergo operation of right ear . but already i have undergone two surgery of right leg fracture due to accident and another operation of urethra . so im much afraid of surgery . is there any dua to cure these deseases ?
    as well my business is also blocked for past ten yrs .i m in debt .
    i consulted with many amils they told that i m suffering from black magic. i took treatment with more than 90 amils but no cure .
    i m performing wazifa for any wish for past 10 days kindly give permission for this wazifa for any wish for my business success .
    also advise about how i get rid from black magic?
    and for my business , for my vertigo and imbalance and debt ?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear brother, First of all, perform a wazifa to cure black magic from this link -
      Once you will get rid of it, insha ALLAH all the problems will start diminishing one by one. To cure your diseases, perform an amal from this link – kindly inform me regarding your condition after some days.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  39. Aasma on said:

    I ve been using ur was a of but not getting results .is it necessary to join the group ? as I haven’t but just doing wasif from ur website plz help.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes, it is necessary to join the FB group and follow the website. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  40. Noshina on said:

    Assalamualaikum bhai
    I did istikara for love marriage I saw 2 dream 1st day I saw dream i was wearing sliver ring with rose. Rose was made of some red stone. 2nd day I saw a dream of red rose garland of my lover photo. I dint know it was positive sign of my marriage to him is rite or wrong pls reply me .pls reply me. Ur website and u and ur team members doing best work posting wazifa and dua it’s was very very helpful to us and others. Mashallah it’s very nice website. Jazakallah

  41. AASHIK BEG on said:

    Assalamo Alykum
    Bhijan ijazat dijiye Tamam wazaif karne ki mujhe. AASHIK BEG

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Agar app ke follower hain to apko sare ‘ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif’ ki ijazat hai. Agar follower nahi hain to abhi is link se website ko subscribe kijiye aur ke proud member ban jaye –
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  42. zareena ansari on said:

    mera naam zareena ansari hai may kisi se pyaar karti ho wo bhi mujhe se karta hai lekin use ek khawab aaya us me kuch i sa dekha ki wo marne wala hai bolke wo ab bahot hi pareshan hai ki us ke baad mera kya hoga bolke may kisi haalat me us ka saat dena chati ho lekin wo mana kara nay i sa kya karo ki ye pareshani door hojaye wo shadi ke liye ha bhi bole aur ham khush rahe is ke liye koi wazifa batai na plzzzzzzz

  43. Roze flower kashif on said:

    Bhai main ne follow ker liya hai plz ab muje ulaad ki bandish k tor ka koi strong wazifa de plz gp b join kiya hwa hai

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yahan se karein ap ek amal -
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad me Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain. Join Now!!-

  44. Maria on said:

    As salam alaikum plz help me bhai I’m in lots of problem first ki merai husband mujhai bahoot bura treat kartai hai gali Dena aur Mujhai necha girakai baat Karna merai parents ko Gali dena aur humesha unki burai Karna. aur yeh bhi ki who mujsai door rehtai hai alag kamrai mai sotai hain mahinai mahinai merai pass nahi attai
    Dusra yeah ki who apni job chorkai business Kar rahehai humesha ghar me rehtai hain bahoot sotai hai mai agar kahun ki na sou to mujsai jhagda kartai hain mai job Karna chathi hunn Lekin who mujhai nahi janai detai bus bhai mai yeh chatihunn ki who mujsai bahoot mohabbat karrai aur merai aur merai parents ki izzat karai aur kahin acchi jaga job pai jain in sha Allah ahh say mai darood e taj 22 parhungi app mujhai ijjazat dain aur agar koi aur wazifa hai to plz batain

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Agar app ki follower hain to apko ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’ ki ijazat hai. Agar follower nahi hain to abhi is link se website ko subscribe kijiye aur ki proud member ban jaye –
      Apne husband ke liye ap ye amal kijiye -
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad me Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain. Join Now!!-

  45. Fouzia on said:

    Assalamualikum me ya Allah ke group ki member hon Ek wazifa karna chati hon magar yahan follow karne me mail address ki waja se problem ho rahi hai kya mujhe permission he me apne husband ke gusse or bad mizaji ki waja se bohat pareshan hon please help me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap kar sakti hain yahan se amal. Par follow karne mein kya issue aa raha hai apko sis? It’s quite easy to follow the website.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  46. Gulshan Ali on said:

    Asslamwalekum bhae mere Shadi me problem arhi h. Plz help me

  47. ARAM on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum…Al Imran Bhai ….mujhe shadi k liye behtreen wazifa krne ki ijaxat chahati hoon…main ya Allah ki follower bhi hoon…wazifa Yahi hai Na…wazu k baad sone se phle 11baar darood shared ,sureh ikhlass 41 Martaba,phir se 11 Martaba darood shareef ….iss wazifa k miyaad 90 din hai….bas Yahi wazifa hai Na Bhai…ya Kuch aur bhi padhna hai…please jaldi reply Karen…

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han aise hi karna hai ye amal. Ap shuru kar dein. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  48. Ruhina on said:

    Mujhe wazifa karne ki izazat ha bhai Al I mean..

  49. .... on said:

    Required permission

  50. aleena on said:

    Meri friend aek ldke se bhot pyar karti hai wo ldka bhi usse bhot pyar krta tha lekin uske ghrwalo blackmagic kradiya h us ladke p ab wo ldka usse nafrat krne lga to us black magic ko tod ke or us ldke ko wapas laane ke lye kuch btayye

  51. ARAM on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum….Mera 4saal ka sis beta hai…wo Bahut Beemar rehta hai Na hi doodh peeta hai…Help Karen… Shukriyaa

  52. tehseen on said:

    Hum ek ladke mohabbat karte hain lekin ghar waale 4saal me karne ke leeye kahte hai jaldi karne ka koi upaay

  53. Parveen on said:

    Asalam alaikum
    Bhai me bohat preshan hon me mere shoher ki dusri wife hon mere shoher mujh per tawaja nhi detey hain sab apni pehli wife ko detey hai .
    Bhai me ye nhi kehti j woh os ko na den ya is ka koi haq nhi hai hai mujhe Allah ko jawab dena hai .
    Me tou bas ye chahti hon k mera bhi haq haq hai utnahi jitna os ka haq hai me bhi chahti hon woh tann Mann dhann se mere bhi ho .olzzz help me koi wzifa den den k mere shoher mujh she pyar keen mere oerents nhi hain bhai behen sab apne khushiyon me gum hain mera in k siwa koi nhi hai plzzzz help me as soon as possible Allah Hafiz

  54. Assalamu alaikum bhai,kya ap muje bata skte he ke membership k liye charge pay krna padhta he ya free advice or dua/wazifa ap btate he?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, all the services are free of cost here. Registration or guidance pe kisi bhi tarah se koi pese nahi lage ge. website فی سبیل اللّه kam karti hai Alhamdulillah. 🙂
      Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB. See this link-

  55. kanwal on said:

    Mujhy response ni mila Ab tak. I have followed

  56. Koi btay ga yhn Myra comment show q ni ho rha

  57. mariya on said:

    Asslaamalekum.. Sir maine apni sari problm share ki thi uska koi response nhi mila

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Let me see and answer you sis. #yaALLAHcomments

  58. Plz btayiiye
    Nhi comment ja rha hai Kaise jayega ye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Mujhe mil Gaya hai apka comment.

  59. Sonam on said:

    Bhaijaan Mai msg Kaise kru

  60. Jasmin on said:

    Asak.I was flipping through some websites today and found you website.After spending quality time going through wazifas on website, I must say you are a fantastic job.I appreciate your efforts and will recommend this website to my family and relatives.I have some questions in regards to my marriage.It will be great if you can give me your email address.

  61. khairun nisa on said:

    Asalamu alaikum bhai I am not able comment in website..

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      dear sis can see your comment #yaALLAHcomments

  62. Mohd Danish on said:

    Assalamu alekum …
    kya main ye Istekhara future me nikah k liye kar sakta hun. jisse main pyaar karta hun….. confuse hun clear karna chata hun….

    tomorrow is Wednesday .. i want to start istekhara as soon as possible ….
    please give reply …

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes ap kar sakte hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  63. Mahmuda chowdhury on said:

    Assalam o alaikum can you help me my problem is very much.please.

  64. asiya on said:

    assalamualaikum bhai am trying from 4 days to talk to you plz reply me

  65. Assalmalekom bhai plz mujh mre msg ka jawab deden fb p m kbse wait krrh hu plz zoya

  66. Zoya khan on said:

    Ap plzz mujh mre msg ka jawab dede fb p mne bht comment kiya but koi gya nai

  67. uzmaansari on said:


  68. Shama on said:

    I need email id for asking dua

  69. MAHMUD on said:

    sir i am not using any kinds of social media.would u give me any kind of e-mail ID to contact with you.which will be very helpful for me.please urgently i need some advice from you

  70. Suhaylah on said:

    As salam alaikum, please help me I really need help.

    Is there a specific email address I need? I’m not as comfortable saying whats happened in the open

    Jazak’Allah Khair

  71. Mohammed parvez ahmed on said:

    Assalamualaikum. Ji mera naam mohammed parvez ahmed. S/O majeeda begum.
    Mujhe kaafi din se ajeeb khwab arahe hain. Theek se so nahi pata hoon dil ghar walao se baat nahi karna chahta. Khwab me kisi ka intqaal hogaya phir vo zinda hota hai. Aysa aur bhi bht bhayanak se khwab arahe hai bht upset hoon kisi baat ho toh jald gussa araha hai.please meri help kijiye. K main kiya karon. ap batayye aysa kyun horaha hai. Mera whatsapp number- redacted Filhaal saudie job karta hoon.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear bro, ap fikr na kare aur is link se wazifa kare, insha ALLAH sab thik ho jayega. agar apko fir bhi kuch pareshani hoti hai to mujhse yaha rabta kare. #yaALLAHcomments

  72. bushra on said:

    Jisko like krti ab parents k na manany Ki wja sy WO baat ni krta plzzzz koi Dua btaen k parents hum dono k Maan Jaen r WO bhi mujh sy thek BT kry.plzzzz main bht preshan hon

  73. bushra on said:

    Sir main kisy ko but like krti r WO bhi krta but hmary parents in Maan rhy.plzzz koi Dua bta den plzzzzz

  74. uttara on said:

    Bhai, I told you abt me and my story in face book,but,,,,,I am not a muslim but as per your instructions, I become the member of this yaallah community, and came to know abt nauchandi jemerat and so, I asked abt the time to do in evening as I dont have time in morning.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Which wazifa you want to do? #yaALLAHcomments

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes sure, let me know sis. #yaALLAHcomments

  75. uttara on said:

    Namaste Bhai, ………..
    I want to do wazifa, can I start from today evening , Plz reply me as early as possible, can you tell me the method also. plz bhai I am waiting for your reply

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Are you a non-muslim? what’s your purpose of wazifa? #yaALLAHcomments

  76. iqra on said:

    Aoa bhai i m the follower of ya Allah. In plzzzzzzzzzzz guide me k main surat feal wala wazifa or Ya Wadudu Ya raheemo Ya Raufoo wala jo nauchandi jumerat ko start krna hai ek sath kr skti hn ?? Maine nikkah istakahra kiya tha it was positive alhamdulilah… Wo mjh say sirf tab hi baat krta hai jab main krti hn plzzz help me k wo theak ho jaye jaldi or shadi ki baat kry plzzzzz guide me

  77. ruhi on said:

    Aslkm Irmaan maine khawab ki tabeer pouhchi plz mujhe rply kariya na

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Walekum as salamu dear sis ap puchiye Tabeer. #yaALLAHcomments

  78. shahid karim on said:

    I don’t have money and lots of debts

  79. S. Ali on said:

    salaam bhai
    i need your help
    please let me know where to contact urgently
    your contact us page is not working
    thank you

  80. iqra on said:

    Aoa bhai kindly mjhe wazifa guide kr dain .

  81. iqra on said:

    Now plz guide me wazifa knsa kron?

  82. iqra on said:

    Aoa bhai I did nikkah istakhara 1day dream I saw some one is saying me k.dnt worry Allah sab ktch behter kry ga..3rd day I saw ek mahfil hai or wahan log Hazrat Yousaf ka kisa sun ray hain..thn I saw a baby boy of 4 mnths jise maine uthaya hua…another day I saw main apne nikkah ki shopping kr ri hn…last day I saw raat ka time hai or main terace pay khari hn for whom.I did istakhara and m.wearing white bangles.kindly guide me now .

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Your dream is positive Alhamdulillah #yaALLAHcomments

  83. shabana on said:

    assalam walekum sir/madam
    we are 5
    3 sisters my mother and father
    problem is my father is very very very bad person,
    he always rule on us
    he treat my mother as a servant not as a wife…..
    my mother suffered so much…..she always crying
    she control her emotions and TOLERATE the toucher and harassment by my father only for us
    because she loves us (daughter)

    please please give me any surah ya dua method to save my mother from my father………..

  84. iram on said:

    Assalamualekum bhaijan mujhe mere istikhare ka result bta dije plz shukriya

  85. Ashu on said:

    Assalmo alaikum bhai mne dobara wzifa kiya mne phle din dkha ki ek masjid k pass ghr jise me shadi krna chta hu wo whi pr h me usse milne gya hm log ki bt hui phir mne use ek kiss kiya dusre or teesre din kuch ni dikha chaute din ldki se phir meri bt hui wo mjko time de rhi h ki itne time me tme phn kra krugi phir five or six days me kuch ni dikha seven day pr wo log puri family k sth apni chat pr h or me bhi apni family k sth chat pr hu wo log chat pr apne bkre k sth khel rhe h bhai ye positive h age mje kya krna h bhai Plzzz

  86. Asalam walakum.bhai.mai bahut parashan hu.allha tala ku mai maan kar kaharahu .aur mein qadari.aur chistya gharana sa rishta rakti hu.muja patana hi haa kya ho ra hai.mera shuhar ka business mai rukwat hoti hai.aur paisa ki bahut tagihuga yi hai .mera bacha school bhi nahi jaraha .ku yi .aisa wazifa dijiya bhai.mera shurhar apni pocket mei rakha .business acha hu jaya aur paisa ajaya.bahut log dukha bi da chukya hai .hamara paisa hi nahi daraha.meri kuch madad kijiya .app taweez bhi bhajaga tu chalaga.mera naam mehraj hai mai bnglore sa hu .9740034272 mera number hai .mera shuhar aur mera bacho ka liya duwa muja wazifa aur taweez bhajiya bhaijan .ya saheb

  87. ashu on said:

    Bhai wazifa kiya mje phle din bda khrb spna mean gnda dusre din kuch phado or horses wgara tèesre din kuch ldke hose ldne k lye aye jisme se kuch hme jante the to ldai not hui four days uske papa mre ghr k pass aye ldki ka phn bhi ara tha meri ankh khul gyi baki jeetne din bche kuch bhi nzr ni aya kya ye positive h mje age wazifa btye plzz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      it seems nor positivity neither negativity. #yaALLAHcomments

  88. creshma9 on said:

    Bhai Meri love marriage hai aur 4 years hua.Meri saas ne mere hubby ko adopt kiya hai unke bade bhaiya se . Baat ye hai ki meri shadi k time pe hubby k piche ek ladki jo meri saas k chote bhai ki beti piche pade thi and uske parents b chaha rahe the ki rishta ho jaye but nahi hua. Aur hamari shaadi allah ke fazal se hua . Shadi se 1 week baad mera ovarian cyst operation hua n mere husband ka b accident bahut bada hua tha aise rukavate aye and uske baad b saas se nahi bani phir b hubby ne mujhe nahi choda. allah k fazal se hame ek beta hua aur usse hum sab ek hue khush the.
    Ab mere husband ka kaam usse ladki ke shaher mai hai aur vo vaha par rehne lage. Ab mere aur hubby se fights hote hote haad badh gaye rishte daro mai b malum hogay aur hubby dusri shadi karle ne ka irrada kiya hai…
    Unke upar gande amliyat karwaya gaya hai plzz aap mujhe ek wazaif bataye jise unka vo ladki ka nasha chada hai vo chute jaye. Aur unke biche mai fights ho .Ladki ke maa baap b razi hai Aur unko ghar mai full chut di gayi hai vo zinna mai pade gaye hai.
    usse ladki ka aur mere hubby ka blood relation bhai aur bahan ka hai….

  89. heena sayyed on said:

    bhai kya aap mera nikah istekhara krege to me apko sb naam btati hu with details plzz bhaii jo bhi ha haa ya naa plz btatde mujhe
    allah haifz

  90. heena sayyed on said:

    assalamualikum bhai kya app mujhe apna nmber de skte ho plzz

  91. Azeem on said:

    any dua for brain clot sir plz tell us much as possible

  92. saddam hussain on said:

    Is wazifa ko sirf panch waqt ka namaz padhne wala hi kr sakte h ya koi bhi

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Koi bhi #yaALLAHcomments

      • ZOYA on said:

        mene aapko msg fb k inbox me bhrjo aur yaha bi likh diya …pls reply me

        • ãl عِmrãń on said:

          Okay. #yaALLAHcomments

  93. syeda on said:


    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      walekum as salam

  94. Ayesha on said:

    asalam o alaikum
    i neeed a wazeefa for mind peace and study
    main parhti b houn au parhati b houn
    mjy headache rhti hai
    please mjy koi wazifa btaeye

  95. Ayana on said:

    Plzz help me I need help mai love marriage ke liye kuch puchna chahti join

  96. arifa begum on said:

    Assalam walikum meri shaddi ko 5 months hue mere husband pune me kaam karate hain aur my susral me hno meri saas bahut satate hai aur mere husband sirf mere saas ki baat mantae hain meri koi baat nahi mantae aur wo mujhae apne saat shadi se pahle rakhtae bolae the lekin aab meri saas nahi chahtae ke mujhae apne saat lejanye tu mere husband nahi rakhrae apne bahut pareshan hno plzzz madad karne koi aisa wazifa batyae mere husband meri baat maan janye aur wo mujhae apnae satth lejanye plzzzzzz sir reply kejaye….

  97. maryam on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum
    Please suggest some amal for husband if they are reluctant to pay wife monthly amount.

  98. Imam Sahib m confused regarding the “Niyaz &Fatiah” which the Sunni Muslim do like (Kheer puri, shabe barat, murga niyaz etc, whereas Wahhabi Muslim reject doing the same. Is it applicable in Islam to perform “Niyaz &Fatiah” for food???Can we have “Niyaz &Fatiah” wale food.

  99. Chandni on said:

    Assalam walekum bhaijaan me bohot paresan hoon please meri madad kijye mere ghar me roj jhagre hote h mere do vai h bilkul kam nai karte wo kehte h ki unhe kam hi nai milta or milta h to Mann nai lagta please koi wajifa bataiye jisse ke mere dono vai kam kare or khud ka karobar khole please meri madad kijye bhaijaan please

  100. shabnam on said:

    Aslamwalekum do you have your wats up no.I tried to contact you through mail so many times but no.response even I comment you also please share your

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      go to page contact us above.

  101. mubeen amjad on said:

    Bhai m apne rishty ki wja sy bht pareshan hn bht dy wazeefy b kiye hn pt kuch ni hua plz koi strong wazifa bta dijiye bhai plz

  102. sara on said:

    Please tell me how can I contact us personally?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      You can contact me on my number. Get my number from this page.

      Warning!! Before performing any wazifa, you should be a follower of yaALLAH Community!
      #HomeRemedies Very own Website from
      Easy (Loose Weight, Gastric, Face Beauty, Blood Pressure, Constipation, Male Infertility) Home Remedies :
      yaALLAH Dua Wazaif App-

    • Aamil Kazmi on said:

      or you can contact me at my number redacted

  103. Yamina on said:

    Asak…my husband do jot believe in nazar..fateha…tawiz…and also not in ahlebait..suggest me something strong and quick…my name is his name is Aarif.

  104. Yamina on said:

    Asak…my husband do not believe in nazar..fateha..and he do jot have faith in ahlebait..suggest me something strong for him and kindly provide ur Indias contact number if possible..

  105. Sarah on said:

    Please guide me how can i contact u directly imran bhai, i have to discuss something with u so that u can guide me accordingly.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      On my number see on contact us page.

  106. Sarah on said:

    Aoa how can i directly contact u? if u have watsapp or any other app which u use so that i can easily communicate with u, as i need to tell u something and want to have an advice.

  107. kiran on said:

    Ma apse personally kaise rabita kr sakti hon plz ma buhat pareshan Hon meri madad kijye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes you can, my number is (+1) 786-701-0241

      • Sarah on said:

        Please tell me how can i contact u?

        • Aamil Kazmi on said:

          contact me at number redacted, text me with ur name 1st then call

        • Aamil Kazmi on said:

          contact me at redacted

          • ãl عِmrãń on said:

            Apologies, I can’t contact you.

  108. soha on said:

    assalam o alaikum

      • shabnam on said:

        Aslamwalekum sir do you have your wats up no.I tried to contact you through mail but no response pls sir if can share yours no

  109. Alina on said:

    A.salam my bht Pareshan ho dill ki bht Saaf ho jo bt hoti h mu py bol dyti ho!! Magar Myri zaban bht kharb h jiski waja sy mar jany ka dil krta h har insan mjsy dur hojata h abi bhi mjsy koi myra apna dur hogaya h kyn k myny ussy btamizi ki thi myny had sy Zada maafi mangi magr mjy wo Maaf nh krta aap mjy koi dua Bta dy k wo mjy Maaf krdy or wapas apna ly Myri zaban bhi mithi hojay apki bohat mahrbani hogi mj py myny apsy live bhi puhna chaha magar mjy wo patrn smj nh aya Plz aap jald Kuh Bta dy my bht Pareshan ho

  110. Assalam-o-Alikum

    mai r mery gher waly jaha mera nikah kerna chahty thy, us k father ni manty,
    larka b agree tha 3 and half years se
    ab wo kehta hy k meri baat kahi r ki hui hy abu ny
    koi wazifa bata dyn k wo r us k father man jayn hamary nikkah k liye
    mai istikhary mai b dekh chuki hu k hamari shadi ho chuki hui thi aur sab khush thy.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ Kar liya apne dear sis?
      Agar nahi kiya to par jakar type kijiye ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ aur dekhiye par.

  111. Hina on said:

    Salam..I want wazifa for my problems ..
    Is ther any way I can mail u my problems n u can provide me answer via email

  112. uzma on said:

    Assalamu alaikum bhai pls pls mjhe reply dein mai bht pareshani mai hon

  113. Mohammad Faheem on said:

    Imran Bhai assalam ale qum Apko baht message kya apne bhai ek message ka reply Bhi nahi kiya please kr degeye, mere walid ko diabetes hai baht salo se aur mere rishtedar sab mil k mere walid Sahab ko bht pareshan kr rhe hai. Please help me bhai please reply me… I m waiting for you

  114. miss sam on said:

    bhot achi site ha.

  115. miss sam on said:

    aslam u alaikum…..
    your site is too good and informative….

  116. izzaa on said:

    plz mere help keje.. menay apko FB p bhi ibox kiya hai imran bhae.. plz.. m in huge trouble

  117. amna on said:

    bhai meri walida ki death ho gyi hai..mai behno mai sb say choti hoon..meri 29 saal age hai..meray walid ne boht mushkil say mera rishta khandan mai he kahin teh kiya hai..mai khush b hoon..per larkay k walid ki b death hui v hai or wo apnay chacha k sath rehtay hain.. baat huay 4 maheenay ho gay..meray ghr walay jald shadi krna chahtay hain..or larkay walay b…per unka chacha ab jan bojh k late kr ra hai wo nahi chahta hala k rishtay k waqt wo razi tha..meray walid rishta khatm krna chahtay hain meray bhai b khilaf ho gay hain..mai nahi chahti k baat khtm ho jae…mai boht majboor hon plzz help me…kahin baat khatm to nhi jo jaae ge..koi wazifa btaen k jald shadi ho jaae bs..

  118. zaini on said:

    Hello bhai kiya ap meri help krain gy please

  119. sam on said:

    Asalamualekum bhai

  120. AOA,plz tell me Wazifa to get my desired government job.
    a wazifa whcih should be too much powerful so that i get job within some months.
    ‘ALLAHU Rabbi La Shareeka Lahoo’…………..ya wazifa start kr bhi diya ha…is k ilawa job k liay bta dayn plz

  121. saqi on said:

    sir i am abrode and i have gf from3years i lot of for her i forget myself for she agreed with me for marrige and become a muslim but her some friend change her mind they try she not marrige with me and not convert. amuslim and now we have to much distance can use this wzifa for her .plz help me if not then another bcoz i no time to much there bcoz i have to much love her and never and never want to lose her .plz plz replay me

  122. TAJUDDIN KHAN on said:


    • Any large cyprinoid freshwater fish or a barbel fish signifies positive advantages also for someone who wants to marry or wants to enter into a business partnership.

    • maha on said:

      Asa sir meine ap se ak strong wazia pochna ha drugs addiction ko hamesha k ky end krne k ly mein jis se krte hu wo boy cocain addicted ha 4years se us ka 3time treatment b hua ha but us k bd b wo aa kr use krta ha he promised me k wo chor dy ga but us ko craving hute ha or wo us nae nikl ra plz sir I need ur help koi asa wazifa ap btayan sir mujie uski lambi umer k ly b wazifa batae ga dunu wazife jo me us ko taswar kr k us k ly perhu ta k wo evil way se nikly wo niklna chata but us ki craving usko chorne nae dyte or mei bht disappoint hu gae hu ap plzz mri help kryn mujie koi direction nae mil re.mujie uski life or us k future ko safe krna ap plz mujie dunu chezu k ly wazifa batae ga or us k ly plllz dua karae ga bilal ahmed butt nam ly k Allah pak se dua kijae ga ye wapis apni life me ajy or rahy rasat pe ajy ameen .plzzz sir ap mujie mail krdyn wazifa i will b very thankful to u

    • Asa sir meine ap se ak strong wazia pochna ha drugs addiction ko hamesha k ky end krne k ly mein jis se krte hu wo boy cocain addicted ha 4years se us ka 3time treatment b hua ha but us k bd b wo aa kr use krta ha he promised me k wo chor dy ga but us ko craving hute ha or wo us nae nikl ra plz sir I need ur help koi asa wazifa ap btayan sir mujie uski lambi umer k ly b wazifa batae ga dunu wazife jo me us ko taswar kr k us k ly perhu ta k wo evil way se nikly wo niklna chata but us ki craving usko chorne nae dyte or mei bht disappoint hu gae hu ap plzz mri help kryn mujie koi direction nae mil re.mujie uski life or us k future ko safe krna ap plz mujie dunu chezu k ly wazifa batae ga or us k ly plllz dua karae ga bilal ahmed butt nam ly k Allah pak se dua kijae ga ye wapis apni life me ajy or rahy rasat pe ajy ameen.sir plzzz wazifa mail kr dyn ap

  123. Asalam-0-alaikum bhai bht bht achi site ha MA SHA ALLAH..

  124. suhail khan on said:

    Wazifa bataye ki mai or meri gf Phle jaise pyar kare
    Mai to usko bohot pyar krta hu but ab v mujse bilkul bhi pyar nahi krti
    Plz help me

  125. eshal khan on said:

    Mere comments k to ans hi nhi dete ap

      • eshal khan on said:

        Oh Allah khair kren. Allah apko sehet de…
        Bhai me ek larke ko bht pasand krti hu ..WO b phle mjhe pasand krte the Lekin ab WO shadi nhi krna chah rhe mjhse or me unke ilawa kisi se shadi nhi kr skti…plz koi dua btadein

      • eshal khan on said:

        Plz wazifa bta dein jis se me jis se shadi krna chahti hu WO mjhse shadi krne k lye razi hjaen or mere pas dubara ajaen…
        Or dushmano se hifazat ki dua b bta dein

      • ashwaq mohiuddin ahamed on said:

        Allah aap ko sahat de.aur hadsoun sa bachayeh ameen
        Pls pray for me brother

        • ashwaq mohiuddin ahamed on said:

          Aasalamualikum imran bhai. Kya aap mera liya estakhara name is ashwaq mohiuddin

  126. eshal khan on said:

    Assalam o alaikum
    Bhai me ek larke se bht mohabbat krti huo.unke begair me nhi jee skti or na hi unke ilawa kisi se shadi kr skti hu…pehle unho ne khud mjhe propose kiya tha or phr itne qareeb aane k bad unho me mjhe chor diya… Plz koi Asi dua btaen jis se WO mjhse foran nikah kr k hmare rishte ko paak or dein.plz

  127. nayab on said:

    Mera husband mj sa baat nai krty ma chahti ho mje sa cntct key jald z jald mje koi wazifa btaya m waiting for our reply

  128. nayab on said:

    Mera husband muj sa baat nai krty plz koi wazifa btaya vo muj sa contact kr LA m waiting for our reply

  129. nayab on said:

    Aoa ma apna husband sa bht pyaar krti noon r vo mj sa baat b nai krty 7 mahina hoga ha ma chahti ho vo mje sa baat kry plzzzzzzz mje koi wazifa btaya his sa vo mj sa rabta kr LA plz plz

  130. Naam nahee bata saktee on said:

    May ye bhi bata du kay larka muslim nahee lekin woh mujh say nikah karnay kay liye muslim honay ko raazi tha. Ye khubsurat baat hay kay koi itni mohabat karta hay kay woh muslim ban nay ko raazi ho jaaye saath zindagee guzarnay kay liye. Ab us larkay ko kya ho gaya hay kayrishta tor diya hayus nay aur kisi aur kay pass jana chahta hay. May bohut pareshan hu rishta tootnay sya aur chahtee hu kay rishta dobara jur jaaye aur humara nikah ho jaaye jaisa kay larkay nay waada kiya tha. Us kayghar walay to ab tak mujh syarishta rakhay huay hain lekin larka bad dil ho kar kisi aur larki kay saath zindagee guzarna chahta hay. Meri maa bardasht na kars kaay gee. AUrna may bardasht kar sakugee ye. 3 saal sayupar waitkiya hay may nay us say shaadi ka. hum donu alag alag countries mayrehtayhian.

  131. Naam nahee bata saktee on said:

    Assalam u Alaikum
    Mera rishta jahan tay hua tha woh larka ab rishtatorna chahta hay. Kuch haalaat aisayho gaye kaymay un kaypasspohunch na paayee (woh doosricountry may rehta hay) aur kuch aisa hua kay ab woh doosri larki ka deewana ho gaya hay. Woh mujhay bager bataye us larki saybaat karta raha aur woh donu kaafi aagay nikal gaye. Us ay ghar walay nahee chahtay kay woh us larki say shaadi karay. Aur may bhi 3 saal say zyada us ka wiat kiya hay rishta tay honay kay baad is liyeye dukh bardashtnahee ho raha. Larka mujh sya bohut pyaar karta tha par haalat kharab aisay huay kay dooriya barh gayeen. Ab woh us larki kay saath saaree zindagee guzarna chahta hay aur mujh say rishta tor diya hay. us kay gharwalonaynahee toramujh say rishta. Please mera tootarishta dobara jor dein. Hum donu nay mohabatkithee aur nikah karna chahtaythay. Aisa wazifa ya dua dain parhnay kokay woh khud mujhay nikah karnay ko ahay aurwoh larki humaree zindagee saychalee jaaye. Ek behan iltia karrahee hay. Mera bhai nahe hay. meray walid bhi wafaat paa chukay hain. AUr ye sadma na may na meri maa bardasht kar paayegee. Please kuch btaye kay us kay dil may merayliye mohabat , izzat aur wafadaari bahaal ho jaaye aur woh dobara rishta jor kar mujh say shaadi karnay ko kahay. Aap ki baree mehrbaani hogee. Woh doosri country mayrehta hay isliye may us say mil nahee skatee. Sirf skype par kabhi baat hotee hay. Allah aap ko sawab dega help karnay par. Us kay ghar walay bhi parreshan hain kay us ka dil mujh say badal gaya. Kuch bataye. Mehrbaani.

  132. afsha on said:

    askm ye black majic ka post hai kya wo ramzan me continue kersakte bhai?

  133. Bro plz wazifa batae mere lover wapas a Jaye

  134. nelam on said:

    I see in my dream very clear water so tel my about that dream

  135. sadaf on said:

    Assalamualaikum I need wazifa mujhe aur meri family ko ek ladka pasand hai ladka bahot accha aur namazi bi hai humne unke ghar proposal bheja tou un logou me koi jawab nahi diya phir kuch din baad ladke ne mere bhai ko call kiya aur kaha ke uske parents mera pic mange hai humne de diya phir ek din baad ladke be bhai ko call kiya aur kaha uski walida meri walida ka phone nmbr mangi hai humne nmbr de diya par unka call abhi tak nahi aya plzzz yeh rishta fix honey keliye koi wazifa dijiye plzzz hamein yahi rishta chahiye.allah hafiz

  136. sadaf on said:

    Assalamualaikum I need wazifa mujhe aur meri family ko ek ladka pasand hai ,ladka bahot accha hai air namazi bi hai ,humne unke ghar proposal bheja tha you in logoun ne kuch jawab nahi diya,phir kuch din ladke ne mere bhayi ko call kiya aur kaha ke uske parents mera photo mange tou humne de diya phir ladke ne call kiya aur uski walida meri Ammi ka phone nmbr mangi hai humne de diya ladke ne kaha uski Ammi meri Ammi ko call karegi par abhi tak call nahi aya plzzz yeah rishta fix honey keliye wazifa dejiye .plzzzzz

  137. sadaf on said:

    assalamualaikum I need wazifa kisi ne hamare ghar par black magic kiya hai is wajah se hamara koi fayda nahi hota na mere bhaiyoun ko job milti hai aur na mera rishta fix hota hai

      • sadaf on said:

        assalamualaikum I need wazifa

        • Walekum as salam,
          Please let me know which wazifa you need. Please follow first to get all the dua and wazaif right into your inbox.

          • sadaf on said:

            Assalamualaikum I need wszifa mujhe aur meri family ko ek ladka pasnd hai ,ladka bahot accha hai namazi bi hai ,humne unke ghar proposal bheja tou un logoun me much jawab nahi diya phir kuch din baad ladke ne mere bhai ko call kiya aur kaha ke uske parents mera photo mange hai tou humne de diya phir ek din baad ladke be phir call kiya aur uski Ammi meri Ammi ka phone nmbr mangi hai hum ne de diya aur uski Ammi meri Ammi ko call karegi par abhi take call nahi aya plzzz yeh rishta fix hone keliye kuch wazifa dijiye plzzz

  138. HUSSEIN NTUNGI on said:

    help me wazifa for some one to love.

  139. maria fazal on said:

    asalam o alikum bhai i need wazifa i want to marry withsome i love him. he sent a proposal at my home bt um afraid if my father rejectected him proposal wht cn i do plz give me a wazifa my parents agreed ho jain accept kr ;lain us ka proposal aur hum dono ki shadi ho jye inshallah sb rukawatain door ho jain sb kam asani say ho jain ameen inshallah

  140. My name is gulafroz sayyed i am scared of tb disease it has happened to me 3 years back but now again doctors are having doubt that it is active please send me a wazifa that it not come back,3 years back i had these medicines it was very tough that pain i gone through please mere liye sabhi log dua kare jo bhi post karte yeh site par.

  141. akh on said:

    aoa. mein ik larki sy pyar karta hon meri us sy 1 year phalay kafi baatein hoti theen email pr ab nae hoti pta nae wo ab mujay kyun nae msg karti .. mujay koi wazifa dua btayen ky wo meray sy baatein phir sy karnay lag jai. mein us sy buhat pyar karta hon plz koi wazifa btayen ky wo phir sy baatein karay meray sy aur meray sy shadi ka khud kahay .

      • 3 wali line ka meaning samjha dijiye ki isko kaise krna h? Nd im a girl not boy

      • meharprincess on said:

        Bhai plzzzzzzzzz help me….

      • Merit door ki nazar but kamjor h . kya koi aisa wazifa h jisse door ki nazar bdhayi ja ske?

        • Thanks for your query sis. insha ALLAH me apko abhi deta hu link for this wazifa. Please tab tak ap ko follow kijiye.

      • sana on said:

        Bhai main ne ap se bat karni hai. plz apna email id dy dain

  142. Mrs faisal on said:

    aoa i m a new member

  143. zernath on said:

    I want divorce from my husband he is not good parsson. Please let me how can I do that?

  144. zernath on said:


  145. zernath on said:

    I want divorce from my husband. Bicuz he is not good parsson

  146. zernath on said:

    How can divorce from my husband. He is not a good parsson

  147. zernath on said:

    I want divorce from my husband. Please let me that how can I do that? My husband is not good for me.many many other reasons are there

  148. Shireen Begum on said:

    Assalamualikum brother.
    mera nam farheen hai apke diye hue wazifa shadi k liye sureh al imran ki ayat alhumdulilah bhot kam ai or meri shadi 4 weeks me hi hogai padne k bad alhumdulilah .mujhe apse meri behen shireen begum k bareme puchna tha wo bhi sureh al imran ki aayat padti rahi bt uska kuch bhi nahi hora bhor sare wazife tri ker chuke bhot pareshan hai mere parents plz ap kuch bataiye her wazifa pade phir bhi kuch nahi hora ap plz kuch madad kariye hamari plz brother .
    waiting for yu reply.
    Jazak allah.

    • Shireen Begum on said:

      askm ap mera reply ni diye bhai

  149. shabnam on said:

    Dua to Make Someone Obey You (Post 7th April 2015)….ye wazifa mai apne shohar ko islam apnane ke liye kar saktihu.

      • Bro plz check my query on marriage of own choice and ans me plz check comments

          • noor on said:

            Actually bro my prob is that mine family n also him family is not agree for us just bcz of cast prob n meri magni kahin or krdi zabardati or plz koi dua batai Jis se meri shadi Usi se hojai jis ko mai pasnd krti hu sub baro ki razamandi se duaon se mainai nikkah istkhara kia hy wo bhi positive aya hy Jis se meri engagement hui hy wo log achy nhi plz Bro help iam so tens ab larka bhi mjhse bat nhi kr raha gusay se meri situation k lehaz se koi dua batai

          • Assalamu alayikum. I love some one truly. Bt he is not iterestd in me. He loves another girl bt his perent against of his relationship. I wnt a strong wzifa to get him back in my life.plzz help me

          • Nikah istikhara kijiye upar istikhara link se.

          • To kya ye wazifa mere liye suit nhi krta to jo upar diya h “tried and tested wazifa”?

          • Mere life me koi nhi h but mai kisi ko love krti hu or vo kisi or ko like krta h to kya mai ye wazifa padh sakti hu?

          • Kpnsa wazifa parhne ki bat kar rahe hai ap? Ky apne apne email address se website follow ki?

          • Ap mujhe bta sakte h ki “ya ghaniyu” mai padh sakti hu use apne life me wapas lane k liye ? Or ye Kitani bar padhna h or kab ?

          • Nikah istikhara ma 3 wali line PR likha h “Isal-e savab bakshe pprre nabi hadarat mohammad salla

          • Nikah istikhara ma 3 wali line pr likha h “Isal-e savab bakshe pprre nabi hadarat mohammad salla

          • Nikah istikhara ma 3 wali line pr likha h “Isal-e savab bakshe pyare nabi hadarat mohammad sallallahewalehe wassallam ko” iska kya mtlab or Kaiser krna h?

          • Pls reply sir

          • Walekum assalam

          • 3 wali line samjhayiye ki isko Kaise karna h?

  150. farahnaaz on said:

    Ya allah ye kya horaha hai maine itne coments kiye nahi bataraha hai apka rply b nahi ata :'( :'(

  151. farahnaaz on said:

    Bhai plz help me

    • Me ap sabse bar-bar yahi darkhwast karta hu ke please ko follow kijiye. Upar page par apna email address likhiye aur bismillah to join par click kijiye, baki instructions upar hi hai.

  152. farahnaaz on said:

    Bhai im a follower fir b follow karne ko kehte hai ye kya horaha hai kuch samaj nahi araha ham apse conct kaise kare plz help me bhai

  153. farahnaaz on said:

    Bhai mai coment nahi karparahi hu aur pure wazife b nahi dikhrahe hai ap rply b nahi kar rahe ho apka new site samaj nahi araha mai followers b per jo b wazife pe coment karti hu subsrbe karne ko kehte hai plz help me

    • I resolved this issue. Now, you can comment after entering the captcha, captcha is to prevent from spammers to comment.

  154. HAMZA ABDALLAH on said:

    please I request you give wazifa for erectile dysfunction./male impotence. In ALLAH HANDS ARE ALL MEANS OF SUCCESS

  155. assalamlikum mari shaadi ho chuki thi 8 months ka andar khula hi gaya hum log milna chahar par mara family wala raazi hai husband ka family wala raazi nahi hora mai impossible tom possible wazifa padro mai
    ya wadoodu yah lateefu yah jamiyu 111 time padhro mai mai ap 41 days kawazifa bola padha mai aur surah baqar bhi padh mai 2014 mai 41 days aue 11 days padha aur abhi tahjud mai padro surah baqrra 11 days huva plz help mr kya pado parents parashan hai mara leya dya kro mara leya plz heip me aallhafiz

  156. haseenaimran on said:

    Assalamu walikum muje aisa wazifa batado mera gahar bigijave plaza

  157. Aslamoalikum brother hope this msg rcv ur blog I want wazifa for my prob I love someone I want marry with him but mine n also him family is not agree for us relationship Just bcz cast prob n iam engaged I never want to marry with guy plz tell me wazifa Jis se mai shadi krna cahti hu Usi se hojai sub baro ki marzi se mera istkhara bhi positive aya hy apny kaha tha knw plz help me

  158. nasreen t shk on said:

    Aslkm am nasreen from india mumbai and I hav prob regardg my sistes son his name is emaad he was doing hotel management and was on job as well but due to some months after course he left jib whole nght he is out foesnt spk properly to anybody now he has started talkg lies he is just 19-20 yrold previously he was very attached to his sister brother and all I dnt know how he is so changed an u plzz let know wht has happen and how v can change him.alhfz jazakallh bahott bahot shukriya aap sab ka.

  159. momena on said:

    Please pray for my son to get a house. it is a system where the government build houses and u apply and pay a monthly rent.

  160. Thanks Bro mine pleasure if iam the ist one follower

  161. Salam black magic wala waxifa kitne din karna hai aur plz aulad hone ka wazifa bataden plznplz plz

  162. Bro why my comments are not show n not get ans from u

    • As salamu alaykum dear sis,
      Insha ALLAH you will now get my answers also. Do not worry. Might me some of your comments on earlier version of got removed.

      • Thanks Bro if iam the ist one follower plz ans of my prob iam waiting

      • sana on said:

        Mery comments hoty hi nai hain 🙁

    • As salamu alaykum dear sis, You are the one and only one honorable visitor and prestigious member of
      Want to know why?
      Because you were the first follower of

      • Thanks Bro mine pleasure if iam the ist one follower plz Bro listen my prob n give me advise for it bro i want marry someone but him parents n also my parents are not agree for us baradri system Zaat ko ly kr isliye meri magni kahin or krdi zabardati or Jis se mai shadi krna cahti hu ab wo gusay se mjhse bat bhi nhi kr raha plz give me wazifa for my prob izat se hamari shadi hojai bina kisi ko nuksan phunchy sub baro ki razamandi se mainai nikkah istkhara kia hy wo bhi positive aya hy mai cahti hu hum dono k parents man jai or rishta krdy jeha meri magni hui hy wo mjhe nhi pasnd plz Bro help me waiting ur ans n plz don’t show my msg on comments wakt kum hy mere pas jaldz se jald ans dy

      • Thanks Bro if iam the ist one follower

      • Plz check my msg marrige of own choice blog n ans plz iam still waiting

    • how to post my problems.

  163. fat47 on said:

    i was effected on black magic and insha Allah you gave me quruanic dua for cuer now my problem is getting better by day and day

    • Alhamdulillah, Awesome,I am really happy for you, insha ALLAH you will get a cure. Ameen

      • Wazifa batae bro mere lover wapas a Jaye

        • Shahnaz on said:

          As-salmo alequm sir

          • ãl عِmrãń on said:

            walekum as salam.

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