Effective Islamic Prayer for Job ya ALLAH Testimonials

A brother searching a job in UAE is now placed in Qatar Alhamdulillah on a superb package.

Result Oriented Islamic Prayer for Job

ya ALLAH Islamic Testimonial for Berojgari ka Wazifa

by a ya ALLAH Follower for Berojgari Ka Wazifa

I am from India.. Was working in dubai.. Now got job in Qatar.. Alhumdullillah

Assalamu alaikum,

I am sharing my story.. I was working overseas suddenly Iost my job lost everything.. Trying to find jobs.. Unable to find.. I was like lost.. I was sleeping in my car… Financially broke I saw this website n saw the wazifa for berozgari.. then I started reading this wazifa with 100 % believe in Allah I was reading every day twice n thrice after obligatory prayers.. After some time I got the job which I dream for alhumdullillah when I was reading I was keeping in mind about the salary package.. N all believe me Allah has given more than I ask for..Subhanallah Wazifas really for only patience n prayers matter..

Please guys don’t loose hope.. It’s kufr.. “you are not a Looser until you loose faith in Allah Subhanahu wata ‘Ala” If it delays it will be for our own good.. Some times Allah wants to check our sincerity. I am thankful to yaAllah.in website n Imran bhai.. May forgive all our sins n grant us jannah & makes our hardships ease.. Ameen..

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Alhamdulillah, He perform Berojgari ka wazifa and he got a job!

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  1. Can this wazifa be read aftr all namaz I nean Fazar Zohar Asar Magrib or compulsary only after aisha Namaz

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