Dua to Keep Pests Away

May 9th, 2018

Farmers do hard work to grow fruits and vegetables on their farm to earn the bread and butter. However, their crops gets destroyed by a number of pests: like mice, worms, and locusts and many more. This dua to keep pests and vermins away has been proved beneficial for farmers. Especially for those who perform farming to earn their livelihood. One can also perform this dua for protection from pests to safeguard their home also.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

Dua to Keep Pests Away

Dua to Keep Pests or Vermins Away from Home and Farms

Insha ALLAH, this dua will keep bedbugs, lizards, cockroaches, rats, snakes, and ants etc.

For Huge Farms or Kitchen Garden.

This Dua to Keep Pests Away will be proved very useful for farmers or especially for those who perform farming whether for homely purpose or for commercial to earn their livelihood. The crops are being destroyed by pests like mice, worms, and locusts etc.

In such condition, the following verses should be written on 4 pieces of plank/state made from the Olive tree. Then each piece should be buried in each corner of the land on which the crops grow. While burying them the same verses should be recited continuously. The pest will disappear in soon insha ALLAH.

A wonderful wazifa dua to keep pests away from your home and even from the entire farm. In order to safeguard your home and the crops. This is a very easy dua to get rid of insects for homely purposes. Do not perform this wazifa to kill these without any legible cause. In Islam, you are only allowed to kill such insects only if you have a risk of your life.

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Mozi Janwar se Bachne ki Dua-Image


mozi janwar se bachne ki dua

Dua to Keep Pests or Vermins Away

Wazifa Dua to Keep Pests Away in English

English Transliteration of Surah Ibraheem:

Wa Qāla Al-Ladhīna Kafarū LirusulihimLanukhrijannakum Min ‘Arđinā ‘Aw Lata`ūdunna Fī Millatinā ۖ Fa’awĥá ‘Ilayhim Rabbuhum Lanuhlikanna Až-Žālimīna

And those who disbelieved, said to their Messengers: “Surely, we shall drive you out of our land, or you shall return to our religion.” So their Lord inspired them: “Truly, We shall destroy the Zālimûn (polytheists, disbelievers and wrong-doers.).

Wa Lanuskinannakumu Al-‘Arđa Min Ba`dihim ۚ Dhālika Liman Khāfa Maqāmī Wa Khāfa Wa`īdi

“And indeed, We shall make you dwell in the land after them. This is for him who fears standing before Me (on the Day of Resurrection or fears My Punishment) and also fears My Threat.”

Wa Astaftaĥū Wa Khāba Kullu Jabbārin `Anīdin

But they (the Messengers) sought victory and help [from their Lord (Allāh)], and every obstinate, arrogant dictator (who refuses to believe in the Oneness of Allāh) was brought to a complete loss and destruction

Min Warā‘ihi Jahannamu Wa Yusqá Min Mā‘in Şadīdin

In front of him (every obstinate, arrogant dictator) is Hell, and he will be made to drink boiling, festering water.

Yatajarra`uhu Wa Lā Yakādu Yusīghuhu Wa Ya’tīhi Al-Mawtu Min Kulli Makānin Wa Mā Huwa Bimayyitin ۖ Wa Min Warā‘ihi `Adhābun Ghalīžun

He will sip it unwillingly, and he will find a great difficulty to swallow it down his throat, and death will come to him from every side, yet he will not die and in front of him, will be a great torment.

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How to Perform this Wazifa to Keep Pests Away in English?

If you have ants or any other similar insects/pests, you can keep them away from every eatables Insha ALLAH.

Recite the above Verse of Surah Ibraheem and blow on foodstuff such as rice, lentils, and beans etc. to drive out white ants from them. lnsha ALLAH they will disappear in a short period.

Note: Females must not do this amal during their menses/periods.

Dua to Keep Pests Away

Mozi Janwar se Bachne ka Wazifa Roman English Mein

Agar apke ghar me keeron makode ki fauj hai, ya saanp, tidde, choohe, chhipkali ya is tarah ke koi bhi jaanwar ho. Aur apko khatra ho ke ye apko nuqsan pahucha sakte hai. To esi surat mein ap mozi janwar se bachne ka wazifa jo is page par diya hua hai parh sakte hai. Insha ALLAH amal ke karne ke bad wo apke ghar se dafah ho jayenge, Insha ALLAH Ameen.

Upar di hui Surah Ibraheem ki ayat ko wuzu ko halat mein parhna hai aur ese keede makodo ke khaane ki koi bhi cheez par dam kar dein. Surah ek martabah parhni hai. Dam karne ke bad, us cheez ko us janwar ke ane-jane ki jagah par rakh dein. Jaise wo khayega, wo jaanwar Insha ALLAH dafah ho jayega. Ameen.

Ghaur Talab: Dam ki hui cheez napak jagah par nahi rakhein. Khawateen is amal ko haiz/maahwari mein nahi karein.

Keeron se Bachne Ki Dua

Urdu Version

کیڑوں سے بچنے کی دعا

اگر آپ کے گھر میں کیڑے مکوڑوں کی فوج ہے۔ یا سانپ، ٹِڈّے، چوہے، چھپکلی یا اس طرح کا کوئی بھی جانور ہو۔ اور آپ کو خطرہ ہو کہ وہ آپ کو نقصان پہنچا سکتا ہے۔ تو ایسی صورت میں آپ موذی جانور سے بچنے کا وظیفہ جو اس پیج پر دیا ہوا ہے، پڑھ سکتے ہیں۔ انشاء اللّٰه اس عمل کے کرنے کے بعد وہ آپ کے گھر سے دفع ہو جائیں گے، آمین۔
اوپر دی گئی سورہ ابراہیم کو وضو کی حالت میں پڑھنا ہے۔ اور ایسے کیڑے مکوڑوں کے کھانے کی کوئی بھی چیز پر دم کر دیجیئے۔ سورہ ابراہیم ایک (١) مرتبہ پڑھنی ہے۔ دم کرنے کے بعد اس چیز کو اس جانور کے آنے جانے کی جگہ پر رکھ دیجیئے۔ جیسے ہی وہ چیز کھائے گا، وہ جانور انشاء اللّٰه دفع ہو جائے گا، آمین۔

غور طلب: دم کی ہوئی چیز ناپاک جگہ پر نہ رکھیں۔ خواتین اس عمل کو حیض/ ماہواری میں قطعی نہیں کریں۔

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Mozi Janwar se Bachne ka Wazifa in Hindi

कीड़े मकोड़ो, सांप,बिच्छू, छिपकली टिड्डे या इस तरह के कोई भी जानवर को दफह करने का अमल

अगर आपके घर में कीड़े मकोड़े, सांप, टिड्डे, चूहे, छिपकली या इस तरह के कोई भी जानवर हो| तो आप ये अमल कर सकते है| इन्शा अल्लाह इसे करने के बाद वो आपके घर से दफह हो जायेंगे|

ऊपर दी हुई सूरह इब्राहीम को वुज़ू की हालत में पढ़ना है और ऐसे कीड़े मकोड़ो के खाने की कोई भी चीज़ पर दम कर दें| सूरह एक मरतबाह पढ़नी है| दम करने के बाद, उस चीज़ को जानवर के आने-जाने की जगह पर रख दें| जैसे ही वो खायेगा, वो जानवर इन्शा अल्लाह दफह हो जायेगा, आमीन|

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन इस अमल को हैज़/माहवारी में नहीं करें|


yaALLAH Team never motivates harm to any animal or insects. This is wazifa to get rid of insect is not meant to kill insects and rodents animals etc. The purpose of this is only to keep them away from the house and farms. 


  1. ASHRAFI on said:

    Red bugs remove spray par is surah ko padh ke phoonk sakte hain, aur phir woh spray use kar sakte he?

    • Details mai mentioned hai bhai

  2. H on said:

    Ye dua alag alag hisso me likhi h kaise padhna hai

    • Sis aap dubara detials check karen

  3. Ali on said:

    Kya kale chinte bhagane ke liye bhi padh sakte hain isko ?

  4. Auneesha khan on said:

    Can it be used to get rid of fleas, and bed bugs? my home is full of huge number of fleas. used every possible pesticieds . But cant get rid of it. nit has been one year. we are holpless now. please help me.

    • Yes you can recite this dua to get rid of fleas and bed bugs as well.

  5. Mutahera on said:

    Assalamalaikum..Can I do this wazifa to get rid of cockroaches…please let me know..jazakallah

    • Yes you can perform this wazifa to get rid of cockroaches as well.

  6. ABDUL JABBAR on said:

    if the insects or worms coming into the bathroom or washroom then should be DUMM This Ayath on Water & sprinkle it in the bathroom. How many times we need to read this Ayath

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear brother, you shouldn’t apply this wazifa in washroom. You can use insects killer powder (that is easily available in the market) in your bathroom to get rid of insects and worms.

  7. Nia on said:

    if you want to Get Rid of Bugs, Lizards, Insects and Rats, Recite Surah Maun, 7 times in a loud voice in the houss, In shaa Allah you will to Get Rid of Bugs, Lizards, Insects and Rats.

    Surah Maun

    بِسمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحمٰنِ الرَّحيمِ
    bismillah hir rahman nir raheem
    أَرَءَيْتَ ٱلَّذِى يُكَذِّبُ بِٱلدِّينِ

    Ara-aital lazee yu kazzibu bid deen
    فَذَٰلِكَ ٱلَّذِى يَدُعُّ ٱلْيَتِيمَ
    Fa zaalikal lazi yadu’ul-yateem
    وَلَا يَحُضُّ عَلَىٰ طَعَامِ ٱلْمِسْكِينِ
    Wa la ya huddu ‘alaa ta’amil miskeen
    فَوَيْلٌ لِّلْمُصَلِّينَ
    Fa wai lul-lil mu salleen
    ٱلَّذِينَ هُمْ عَن صَلَاتِهِمْ سَاهُونَ
    Al lazeena hum ‘an salaatihim sahoon
    ٱلَّذِينَ هُمْ يُرَآءُونَ
    Al lazeena hum yuraa-oon
    وَيَمْنَعُونَ ٱلْمَاعُونَ
    Wa yamna’oonal ma’oon

    • Syeda on said:

      Bed bugs ke liye kis chiz par dum karna hai?

      • Dear sis, upar post me jo chizen batayi hain wahi use kijiyega aap.

  8. Shamun iqbal bubere on said:

    This wazifa is for bed bugs or not i knw it cums in insect bt then also m asking bro.n how many times should i recite it

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes, you can apply this wazifa for bed bugs also. Keep reciting it until you get rid of them.
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  9. Ayesha on said:


    Yeh dua bed bug (khatmal) k liye bhi padh sakte hain kya… Plz reply me soon

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes ap parh sakte hai. #yaALLAHcomments #alimranraza

  10. Afreen on said:

    Centipede ar coming in my bathroom which dua we have to read

  11. abiyakhan17 on said:

    salam bhai main aj subha ye wazifa parha lkin parte parte mujh laga k m 36time bar parh rhi hn lkin jb tasbe ko dekha to 37time hue the mujh laga k m n mujh se mistake na ho gye ho lkin m n wazifa continue rha ur sugar bhi chitiyun ko khelaye but mera dil satisfy nhi ho rha kya m ye wazifa phr se start karon ya nhi plz reply me argent hy plz bhai

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      Yes kar sakte hai

  12. handay on said:

    Assalaam o alaikum need to ask you if mise n insects are in home can i still read this wazifa

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      Yes you can

  13. Fenchei Abdul-Latif on said:

    I thank God I found a site like this. Greetings to the creator of this noble site

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