Dua for Hyperpigmentation

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Dua for Hyperpigmentation
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In this disease normally we can found the patches of skin becomes darker then the surroundings. This may occur due to exposure to extreme heat or sun rays. Due to these extreme sun rays the skin starts producing more pigment and this results in darkening of the skin.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
Bismillah hirRa’hman nirRa’heem

With The Name of ALLAH, The Beneficent and The Merciful

SallALLAHU ‘Ala Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam

Dua for Hyperpigmentation

In this disease normally we can found the patches of skin becomes darker then the surroundings. This may occur due to exposure to extreme heat or sun rays. Due to these extreme sun rays the skin starts producing more pigment and this results in darkening of the skin.

There are few measures through which we can get precautions from hyperpigmentation through home remedies. Check this link for effective home remedies on ya ALLAH’s very own website BigRemedies.com.

  1. Before going out, cover your entire body with scarf or any other clothing;
  2. Apply suitable sun screen lotion to your face, hands, legs and other parts of your body which helps preventing your skin from producing pigment while exposed in extreme sun rays.
  3. Another home remedy is you can take few almonds, say 5-6. Put them in a cup of water or milk would be better to soak and leave them over night.
  4. In the next morning, make a paste of same liquid and soaked almonds;
  5. Apply it over your face and if you want on your hands also;
  6. Leave it for 20-25 minutes;
  7. Mix 1 tsp of milk powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice, and ½ tsp of almond oil. Apply on face and rinse the remaining residue after 10-15 minutes. This will lighten tanned skin and will make skin glow; 
  8. Mix oatmeal, curd and tomato juice. Apply on the face for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
  9. Potato: Slice raw potato and place it on the blemished part to remove facial marks.
  10. Lime: Mix lime juice with turmeric powder and apply it on the skin.
  11. Lime juice is a natural bleaching agent.
  12. Orange: Mix dried orange peels with curd. Rinse with cold water after 15 minutes. It will help reduce the appearance of blemishes and scars.
  13. Orange: Soak 4 almonds overnight. Grind into a fine paste using milk.
  14. Apply on face and neck and leave it overnight. Wash with cold water in the morning. Do this daily for 15 days, then twice a week. 
  15. Gram: Mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour, 2 teaspoons of fresh milk, and 2-3 drops of lime juice. Apply mixture on the skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse well. Do it for 4 weeks and follow up with once a week.
  16. Mint: Make a paste out of grounded mint leaves. Apply on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing off with cold water. Do it for 15 consecutively.
  17. Tomato: Grate fresh tomatoes and mix it with 2-3 drops of juice. Apply on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse well. Do it twice a day for 15-20 days.
  18. Insha ALLAH you will see drastic improvements, if you practice this throughout the entire summer season. This will help you to get a glow on face.

Another Effective Treatment for Hyper pigmentation or Melasma

Melasma is also known as pregnant woman’s skin pigmentation. This may be caused due to her pregnancy.

Treatment with Pure Coconut Oil

To get rid of this you first need to clean your effected area of the skin with pure cotton and branded gentle cleanser. You can buy this from a grocery shop, general store or a medical store. This helps to open the pores of your skin and gives it a nourishment.

  1. Clean your skin properly with that cotton and cleanser;
  2. Apply a thin layer of pure coconut oil on the effected area of the skin;
  3. It would be better if you keep this coconut oil for 20-25 minutes, this will help skin to absorb the oil.
  4. After this, you can wash your skin to remove the excess oil.
  5. Insha ALLAH this will help your skin to rejuvenate and recover the dead cells and the melasma or hyper-pigmentation will be cured, Ameen.
  6. You will notice within 15-20 days a beautiful glow on face Insha ALLAH which no cream can do.

Diet Suggestions for Hyperpigmentation Patients

A healthy, well-balanced diet will help make your skin glow, fair and healthy. Incorporate whole cereals, pulses, fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Drink lots of water, about 4-5 liters a day. It flushes out the toxins inside the body. Avoid eating oily foods. Other Treatments for Hyperpigmentation Apply sunscreen with the appropriate amount of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) before going out to protect your skin from getting excessive amount of ultraviolet rays from the sun.

اللهُ الْ مسَوِّرُالْ مآلِكْ

ALLAHU-l Musawwiru-l Maalik

ALLAH, The Fashioner, The Sovereign

अल्लाहुल मुसव्विरुल मालिक 

الله، صرط گری کرنے والا،ملکو کا مالک 

अल्लाह, सूरत गिरी करने वाला, मुल्कों का मालिक

Wazifa for the Hyperpigmentation disease

Dua for Hyper pigmentation in Roman English:

Agar chehra be-raunaq ho jaye ya chehre ka rang syah maayal ho jaye to ye wazifa behad mufeed sabit hoga.

  1. Panchon waqt har waqt ki namaz ke bad;
  2. Sabse awwal Durood-e-pak 14 martaba parhiye;
  3. Uske bad 111 martaba ALLAHU-l Musawwiru-l Maalik (Upar arabic mein dekhiye) parhiye;
  4. Akhir mein Durood-e-pak 14 martaba fir se parhiye;
  5. Uske bad hathon par dum kar ke chehray per feren;
  6. Insha ALLAH chand hi roz mein apko farq mehsoos hoga, Ameen.
  7. Ye wazifa ap jab tak chahe jari rakh sakte hai ya fir ke apko jab tak farq mehsoos na ho.

Ghaur Talab: Khawateen ye wazifa haiz/maahwari/ayyam mein na kare to behtar hoga.

ya ALLAH Dua for Hyper Pigmentation in English

If your face has lost the attractiveness, beauty and turned to blackness then perform the wazifa written below:

  1. After every 5 times obligatory prayers;
  2. Recite Durood-e-pak 14 times in the starting; then
  3. Recite ALLAHU-l Musawwiru-l Maalik (arabic version above) 111 times; then
  4. Again in the end recite Durood-e-pak 14 times;
  5. Do a blow  on your palm of hands and wipe your hands on your face;
  6. Do this every day until you want and till you see improvements. Insha ALLAH you will notice drastic positive changes.

ya ALLAH Dua for Hyper Pigmentation in Hindi

बेश लूनियत के लिए या अल्लाह वेबसाइट का मुजर्रब वज़ीफ़ा हिंदी में

अगर चेहरा बे-रौनक़ हो जाये या चेहरे का रंग स्याह माईल हो जाये तो ये वज़ीफ़ा बेहद मुफीद साबित होगा| इंशा अल्लाह|

  1. पांचों वक़्त हर वक़्त की नमाज़ के बाद;
  2. सबसे अव्वल दुरूद-ए-पाक 14 मरतबा पढ़िए;
  3. उसके बाद 111 मरतबा ‘अल्लाहुल मुसव्विरुल मालिक ” (ऊपर अरबी में देखिये) पढ़िए;
  4. आखिर में दुरूद-ए-पाक 14 मरतबा फिर से पढ़िए;
  5. उसके बाद हाथों पर दम कर के चेहरे पैर फेरें;
  6. इंशा अल्लाह चंद ही रोज़ में आपको फ़र्क़ महसूस होगा, आमीन|
  7. ये वज़ीफ़ा आप जब तक चाहे जारी रख सकते है या फिर के आपको जब तक फ़र्क़ महसूस न हो|

ग़ौरतलब: ख़वातीन ये वज़ीफ़ा हैज़/माहवारी/अय्याम में न करे तो बेहतर होगा|


  1. Afia Arif on said:

    do we have to recite it after every waqt of namaz? or can we recite it only once after any waqt of namaz?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      It’s clearly mentioned in post that you will recite it after every 5 times obligatory prayers.

      • Afia Arif on said:

        will there be any problem if we miss reciting it in any waqt? actually I’m a little bit confused because there are some waqt when we can only pray namaz as we do job or we are outside from home:|
        it’ll be really helpful if you enlighten me with this!!!
        Jazakallahu Khairun!

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          It’s better if you follow the terms of the wazifa and recite it after every obligatory prayers. In case, you miss a prayer, you can perform your wazifa with qaza namaz.

  2. Sara on said:

    Yahan jo dua di gai hai isme allahu & musawwiru lafz ke baad L likha hai. Tou issey Musawwirul parhenge? Pls reply asap I’ma follower.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes Dear Sis, parh sakte hai.

  3. Khan on said:

    Aoa, opr di hoi dua main Al Musawwiru main arabic letter “seen” prha jaega ya “swad” prha jaega?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      ‘Al Musawwiru’ mein “swad” istemal hota hai aur “seen” aur “swad” dono ka sound same hai.
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  4. Khan on said:

    Aoa, agr skin pr kahin kale nisha kahin safed nishan ho gae hon to is k lie wazifa btaiye..

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You may apply the above wazifa.
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  5. akash on said:

    Suru karta hu allha ka naam se ya gos all madat mai jesa apne apse be jada pyar karta hu kuch dino se wo mujhe naraz hai or bat karna be pasand nahi karti mai apne pyar ko bapas pana chahta hu kyoki unka bena mai aadhura hu jee nahi pauga jada dino tak esa hal me apse gujaresh hai plzzzzz bhaijaan mera hak me dua kejiya plzzzzzz karam dastger sarkar karm kejiya

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