Disease Cured

July 29th, 2020

Disease Cured by yaALLAH.in

Disease Cured

Masha ALLAH another lovely and inspiring comment from a sister, Alhamdulillah her disease has been cured!

Jazak Allah…bht faidaymand wazifa hai…mein ney is wazifay ko waisey he perha jaisey apnay bataya hai…mujhey irregular periods ki shikayat hai…lakin yeh wazifa perhtay he Alhumdulillah mujhey kuch dino mein faida hua…mein apki bht shukar guzar hun..Allah Tala Apko sehut aur tundrusti dein..aur isi terhan ap Allah Tala k huqum say hamari madad karein..ameen


*Names and other personal information have been removed for safety and confidentiality purposes. No Doubt all the information here is 100% safe and secure!


  1. Hina Shakir on said:

    can you please tell me is there any wazifa or dua for anxiety ?

  2. mahaboob begum on said:

    My status in my work area is deterioting of late and no promotiions p lmake dua for return of status and my promotion with increase.Provide mewazifa or adua to overcome this situati

  3. blue on said:

    ramazan mubbarak aap sabko allah is mah e ramazan k tofail aap logo ki tamam pareshaniya door kare ameen

  4. sbejaz on said:

    Please tell me any wazifa to lose some wait and fat

  5. Mehrunissa on said:

    What should I read for cure of intestinal disease

    • help@yaALLAH.in on said:

      What disease?

  6. Maria on said:

    Plz koi vazifa for problems in life

  7. irfan birajdar on said:

    my wife’s weight loss problem ? we have two children. please tell me some solution for weight gain.

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