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July 5th, 2018

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Hadrat Al-Haaj Sayyed Mu’hammad Miyan Laal Shah Urf Baal-e-Peer Rehmatulllah Alayhe

Rahbar-e-Deen wa Millat  Chashma-e-‘Ilm Wa ‘Hikmat



As Salamu Alaykum my dear all,

You might be wondering why I had put the above photograph on the about us page of ya ALLAH Website. Let me introduce this great human being to you all. Since my childhood, when I was totally unaware of Islamic beliefs and duties of an average Muslim, I have seen this pious personality with my father in my home. My father invited him for a dinner. He always had few people around him.

Though I was impressed with him, but I honestly don’t know why? does he possess magnetic effects? He is one of the true slaves of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala and this is what I only know about him, Indeed. He has shown the righteous path to my father, my family and to me, however, it revealed to me later on.

He is ‘Hadrat Al-Haaj Sayyed Mu’hammad Miyan Laal Shah Urf Baal-e-Peer Rehmatulllah Alayhi’. I followed him from the core of heart. Though he is not with us physically now. May ALLAH grant him Jannah, Ameen.

He is from Qadriya Silsila. Therefore, I might also. The truth and the fact that I believe is I believe in ‘La Ilaha Illallahu Muhammadur Rasoolullah’ and I am the slave of ALLAH,  I am a Muslim, I love my Prophet Mu’hammad SallALLAHU Alayhe Wasallam.

What, Why and How is ya ALLAH Website?

ya ALLAH Website came into existence somewhere in the mid of 2012 as a WordPress blog with the name yallaah.wordpress.com. Three years later turned into a full featured website, Alhamdulillah. Now, serving thousands of Muslims by addressing their problems, discussing their issues and trying somehow to resolve. A major portion of Muslims who are the follower of ya ALLAH Website have got benefits, see ya ALLAH Testimonials here.

I request you, do not believe fraud people on the internet, the websites who copy the working Dua Wazaif from here and claim as if they are the owner. They might give you the guarantee to resolve your problem but only if you pay them.

Please do not pay them any money for any taweez or any related things. You can help yourself out and Insha ALLAH once you perform any suitable ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif with all the devotion and dedication instead of getting into the vicious circle of such fraud people and websites. Have full faith in ALLAH Azzawajal, Insha ALLAH your any wish (legitimate) is, will be granted to you, Ameen.

So, have a charming smile on your face and start sharing yaALLAH Website to all your friend(s), brother(s), sister(s) and elder(s) who need any help. Also, motivate them to Follow ya ALLAH. This will help us to reach to more Muslims. I never ask anyone for money and I will not ask for a single penny from anyone! All I need is your cooperation in sharing this as much as you can. Do rate your stars as much as you can. Like it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram and many more.

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  1. Nausheen on said:

    In my husband office there is a girl ….I found some love notes and evidence that shows he is having an affair with her..I have 2 children he threatend several times to divorce me…He also not fired this girl we fought so many times on this issue but nothing works …plz suggest some dua so That GIRL LEAVE JOB By herself ..I shall be very grateful to u


  2. Ab on said:

    Sir mri life main kfi problem chl rhi hai I nead ur help maine apko tweet bhi kiya that messenger pe bhi msg kiya hai plss sir reply kriyo

  3. shagufta mulla on said:

    bhai meri madad kare mai badi musibat me ho kala jadu ka asar se mujpar jaanleva hamla hai please muje isse bachne ka wajifa boliye mai is asar ka tod kar kar k tha
    k gai lekin fir koi karta hai toh fir lag jata hai asar hamesh k lye khatm ho aisa kuch ilaaj boliye please bhai

    • Dear sis, Aap website pe diye gaye ‘Google Custom Search Box’ me ‘Kala jadu ka tor’ likhiye aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa page aapke samne aa jayega. Wahan se dekh kar wazifa parhiye.

    • Tanveer on said:

      Pata Nahi ap tak ye jawab pahuch b pae ya Nahi lekin apki problem Ka solutions sirf Suraj baqr hi hai, Roz fazar ke bad is Mubarak Suraj ki tilawat kijiye, insha’Allah mahfooz rahegi ap. Allah k hifzo amaan me raho.

  4. m. uns on said:

    A.a brother Mai bohot tension Mai ho…. recently hamara govt job k liye counseling list nikla hai aur 5 march Ko document verification hai, us list k hisab se Mai waiting Mai pehla ata ho, 3 post the aur mera number 4 pe ata hai….ab koi Aisa wazifa do jis se pehle 3 Mai koi drop kre aur Mai selection list Mai in ho jao…plzz bhai plzzz … jaxakallah

      • m. uns on said:

        Mai ek wazifa kr Raha ho Alahu Rabi la shareka la….pechle 5…6 din se …. par abhi koi asar na dikha

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Yaqeen ke sath karte rahen. Insha ALLAH asar nazar aayega jald hi.

          • m. uns on said:

            apka matlab yehi wazifa continue rakho Alahu Rabi la shareka ls

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Ji han continue rakhein.

  5. allia on said:

    mera nikha mohammed junaid se huwa mein unki dusri biwi hu aur yeh baat unkay ghar par sabko pata hai aur sabko mein pasand hu unki pehli biwi unko toucher karti bolker mujsayshadi karay aur jab unki biwi ko patachala tho unko behla fusla kar baat khatam kardiye ab meray shahar mujh sirfapnay buisness ka kaam karatay hai meray sath rehtay nahi kuch aisa wazifa boliye jisay meray husband khud apni pehli biwi se hamaray shadi ki baat bolay aur meraysath rahein pls mein bahut tension mein hun apni life se

  6. Mohammed Yousuff on said:

    Dear Brother Assalaamu aliakum wa Rahmatullahi Barakathu, We are blessed with 2 baby girls on 13th April 2016 around 3:13 & 3:14 in the afternoon 6th Rajab. We are trying to find a suitable meaningful names according to Quran & hadith. hence can you help us to find the right names that fits according to their date of birth and time. JazakAllah Khair

  7. Akil on said:

    Dear Brother in Islam,

    you are doing a wonderful JOB, Allah if help you all the ways. My friend( Muslim) daughter is involve in love with a muslim boy who is not qualified nor following the duty of islam. My friend is afraid that her daughter might face lot of challenge along with becoming badeen. Hence, can you suggest any Wazifa to change the mind of the girl so that she will be safe from getting trap in love.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      jaza kALLAH brother, I will definitely provide you a wazifa, please check this link and do follow before performing it- Wazifa to break haram relationship- http://goo.gl/k5wIzd #yaALLAHcomments

  8. rmshakhd on said:

    Assalam Alaikum. Meine 7 days istikhara kia. Meine jitny khwab dekhy hein un me se kissi ki samaj ny aye. First khwab me meine uss ko dekha jis k liye istikhara kia ha. Second khwab me meine kissi cousin ki death ki khabar suni thi.iss k bad buhat sary khwab dekhy to hein but yaad koi ny aya. 5th khwab me meine buhat sari blue birds dekhi aur 6th me meine light colours k buhat sary kapre dekhy aur 7th khwab me meine dekha ha k aik sir hein (meri mama k school me teaching krty hein) un se mein sunti hun k un ki beti ki shadi ha aur tiyari krni ha.
    In sub khwab k ilava…. Aik week me meine neend me khwab k ilava apne cousin ko jissy me pasand krti hun, apny sath hi dekha ha. I mean khwab aik side pr aur khwab k ilava mujy aik week uss ka face continuously nazar aya ha.

  9. Sundus Hussain on said:

    Can u plz help me
    W8ting 4 ur reply

  10. S. Ali on said:

    please contact me
    its very important matter and need urgent help
    waiting for your reply
    i need to get some guidance
    thank you

    a sister

  11. tanaz on said:

    hamarey ghar par ek tota kahin sey udh kar agay kya main isko pal sakti hun? kya yeh tota merey liye acha hai/

  12. syed mohsin on said:

    asak i came by ur website on a search nd i see u providing wazifas ..but ur not relating it with any hadees . besides i saw one of ur post “pyar se shaadi karne ki dua ” (smething lik that with same meaning) as far as i knw the quran says our partner is made from 1 of our ribs and our destiny is written before we are born .so how is it possible that doing wazifa ll help us with that topic ..its obv if he or she are in our destiny it ll happen or it wont .And 1 thing i clearly knw luv marriage or even doin so is haram , u cannot even look at a stranger girl or boy nor can touch thm or talk to thm , what here ur talking about is affair of two total strangers and still show them hopes of allah helping thm. allah never helps u in ur SIN.

    And 1 more thing i see in black magic corner to wear a amulet(tawees) which is also haram .there are so many hadees saying its haram . so y suggest that .

  13. Syeda on said:

    Assalamu aleykum.
    I have a urgent problem to solve. Mere husband ne mujhe chor diya hai, aur kaha hai ke woh mujhe 10 days Main divorce bhej deen ge. I have start hating me, and have not contacted me and left me for 2 months ago, aur ab sirf ye kaha hai ke 10 days Main talaaq de doon ga. Please give me a wazifa to Get my husband back and Get him out of his family’s control. They are also pushing him to divorce and not talk to me, please help me bhai and give me a wazifa to Get my husband back and tht things Get back to normal as before we loved each other so much. I have only 10 days. Help

  14. fathima on said:

    aslmkm, my daughter got proposed 1 month ago and now the boy is saying he is scared to get married . he comes from a broken home and is scared for commitment. Please help us , we are very worried.

  15. Laiba on said:

    Please can you help me I need wazifa to got good job I done so much thing currently I am working but very less hours compney not giving me an opportunity for work may be because of discrimination

    • Sumaira on said:

      Recite surah ikhlas 300 times after isha salat daily and pray, for 40 days, taken by ‘redacted’

  16. Bhai This is Just A Question Nothing Else
    For My Satisfaction Iam Asking….. Do you have ijazat for all wazifa to give ijazat to read any wazifa
    If u have this is great news i need permission to read ‘Bismillah hir rahaman nir rahim’
    how can i read how many times a day and for how many days let me know bhai……

  17. Salim on said:

    Ijazat hai wazifa karne ke liye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:


  18. shabiha noor on said:

    where i ask u question

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      here through comments.

      • lubna on said:

        For how many days i hv to perform wazifa for buying own home.dt is to be performed 800times after every namaz.and also can i perform another wazifa along with this one.

        • ãl عِmrãń on said:

          Yes you can perform another wazifa with this one. Perform till you see improvements.

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!