Powerful Wazifa for Rizq-Dua for Barkat in Money

Recently updated on August 9th, 2018

Powerful Wazifa for Rizq-Dua for Barkat in Money
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Powerful Qurani Wazifa for Increasing Rizq-Dua for Barkat in Money

When there is no source to earn. When there is no profit in the business, no barkat in the shop. No way for money to come, no salary, no income. Only a miracle can get you out of this darkness. Just try this Powerful wazifa for rizq-dua for barkat in money once. I assure you, you will definitely get money in abundance if ALLAH wills, Ameen. 

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

rizq paison me barkat ke liye wazifa

rizq paison me barkat ke liye wazifa

A sure shot power-packed Qurani wazifa for increasing income or rizq more than before. Even if you have zero earnings, you can now hope for abundance in money along with barkat in the same. See Powerful Wazifa for Bad Husband here.

A lovely miraculous dua to get money immediately in your hand. ALLAH will open the gates of rizk for you.

All you need is have a full blind faith in ALLAH Ta’ala and hope for the best. Resultantly, you will get rizq and barkat in the money you have.

Are you Jobless? Should you need income or rizq?

This wazifa is to open the ways of sustenance or rizq and to make the money flow towards you through any legitimate means. For example, you could also get a desirous job, your business will incur profits and no losses at all. Your shop will start generating huge revenue.

Therefore, if you need a job you can go through with this Powerful wazifa for rizq-dua for barkat in money. See Powerful Wazifa to Get Job in 7 Days here.

Powerful Wazifa for Rizq-Dua for Barkat in Money

  • One can start this wazifa after the morning prayers or after the night prayers. At any one time in a day. But once you start this in the morning you should recite it every day after morning prayers only.

  • Be in an ablution.

  • On the prayer mat.

  • Recite eleven (11) times any Durood-e-Pak. See every type of Durood-e-Pak here.

  • Then, recite the above-written dua one hundred one (101) times.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem

Ya Musabbe bal Asbaab wa ya mufattihal abvaab wa ya muqallibal quloob wa ya khaaliqal absaar wa ya daleelal mutahayyireena arshid nee wa ya ghayaasal mustaghiseena aghisnee tawakkaltu ‘alayka ya Rabbi oo fawwidu amree ilayk. 

La Hawla wala quwwata illa billahil ‘aliyyil ‘azeemi. bi haqqi iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’eenu

  • Again recite the same Durood Shareef eleven (11) times.

  • Raise both of your hands and make a prayer for your wish to be fulfilled. See Islamic Wazifa for Having a Baby here.

  • Perform this wazifa for rizq continuously for 40 days. Females can skip during their menses/periods. They should add these missing days further.
  • The person will get the result before the completion of forty (40) days.

    • Within 40 days of time periods, the person who needs a job will get a dream job.

    • The person who needs success in business. He will start getting profits and success.

    • The person who needs barkat in his income will start noticing barkat in his income.

    • The one who wants wealth and prosperity will be rewarded with the same.



  1. Aaira on said:

    Assalamualaikum …. I have completed my marriage 2 and half years so now I am in my mom’s home because of some problems I left my saasural and came to my mom’s home and my problem is my husband is ready shift new house but he is delaying can I get some wazifa to read that my husband should come fast

  2. Husna on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum…mene apse salary me izafe ki dua puchi thi apne jo batayi thi wo me pad rahi hu mashaallah se mujhe faida ho raha hai mere patient bad gaye hain or patient ko faida bhi hora hai sir bhi khush hain par salary badhane ke mamle me mujhe un par bharosa nahi wo mere kaam ki bahut tareef karte hain par salary badhane me wo bahut kanjoos hain mehnat bahut lete hain sabse par salary kam dete hain or pata nahi kyu mujhe unse bahut dar lagta hai jabke unka nature bahut polite hai mere sath mujhe kabhi danta bhi nahi unhone tab bhi jab bhi wo mere kaam ki tareef karte hain me nervous hojati hu dar lagta hai kuch bhi unse puchne me mujhe or peso ke bare me baat karne me to bahut hi jhijak mehsoos hoti hai mujhe aap mujhe kuch aisa batadein jisse wo khud ba khud salary bahut achi kar dein meri or mujhe unse dar bhi bilkul na lage me har baat ka unko sahi se jawab de saku bina dare…

  3. Abibat on said:

    Salam alaykum, I do do Biz before that is profitable and I had money but suddenly I started seeing debts and no business is coming
    Till now I am not doing anything and I presently have debts on my neck

    The woman to give me goods to sell also refuse,what can I do

    • Dear brother, you can start the above stated wazifa for rizq. Insha ALLAH your financial problems will be sorted out.

  4. Mohammad Shakeel khan on said:

    Assalamwalekum, Brother I am an engineer from India,I worked for 14 years but from last one year I am jobless. I am applying for job and some time getting call from company but no one calling for interview this situation is from last one year I don’t know what is the matter why this is happening. Please help me and make dua for me and suggest some Amal to succeed.

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