Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua

July 27th, 2020

Kisi Bhi Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua

The mathematics of possible and impossible exists only for human beings. There is nothing impossible for ALLAH. All you need is to make ALLAH Ta’ala happy to get your impossible wishes fulfilled. Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua has already shown successful results in this.

Ek jana mana aur asardar wazifa jo namumkin ko mumkin karne ki awaz ke nam se bhi jana jata hai.


Har Dua Qabool Hone Ki Dua yahan Dekhiye.

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
With The Name of ALLAH, The Gracious and The Merciful
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam


We are all being tested in several ways by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala in this world which will perish one day. Never complain about the problems and hardships you are encountering. Always be grateful for whatever circumstances you are. Gratitude always builds deeper relationships between us and ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala.

Always be thankful with tonnes of patience. I am recommending this because we have no control over the worse that has happened. So better to be thankful. In The Noble Qur’an, Surah Al- Baqarah (2: 155),  ALLAH Azzawajal States unequivocally that HE will test us. Things to win in life:

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How to become a winner in life, adapt these habits?

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नामुमकिन को मुमकिन बनाने की दुआ का विडियो देखिए

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How to become a winner in life, adapt these habits?

  1. Rejoice always.
  2. Be thankful. Strive at every critical phase of your life.
  3. Never give up. Strive at every critical phase of your life.
  4. Don’t complain.
  5. Put a smile on the face, and
  6. Pray continuously and devotedly.
  7. Reward, You have done with your test, it’s time to get returns now.

This ‘Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua’ is a very powerful amal and has been tested and tried by thousands of people. Finally, they’ve got what their desires were, obviously, it should be legitimate. May ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala showers mercy on you and forgives sins of all Ummah, Ameen ya Rabbul ‘Alameen. Read Wedding Night in Islam.

The world has been created by ALLAH Azzawajal for a test but nothing. So just be calm and keep giving your test with a hundred percent faith in ALLAH Azzawajal. Do not complain ever no matter how much grievous pain you are in. The world is not permanent and not even a man. Then for what are you worrying about? Why are you worrying about? How to Read Faces in Islam?

We are all being tested in several ways by ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala in this world which will perish one day.  In The noble Qur’an, Surah Baqarah (2: 155),  ALLAH Azzawajal States unequivocally that He will test us. The translation of this verse is:

Popular yaALLAH Dua Wazaif 

Be sure we shall test you with something of fear and hunger, some loss in goods or lives or the fruits (of your toil), but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere,

In Surah Mu’hammad (47: 31), ALLAH Azzawajal reiterates that we will be tested:

And We shall try you until We test those among you who strive their utmost and persevere in patience; and We shall try your reported (mettle).

ALLAH Azzawajal states in The Noble Qur’an in Surah Baqarah (2:286)

On no soul does Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. (Pray:) “Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden Like that which You did lay on those before us; Our Lord! Lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us.  You are our Protector; Help us against those who stand against faith.”


If you are in deep trouble, never ever complain about this. You are being tested! All you should do is a ‘Shukr’ and ‘Sabr’. If someone is suffering from any chronic disease or any other generic disease he should remain calm and patient and keep praying for his cure.

Because there is no best reward than that which already has been reserved for those people who have kept themselves calm and endured in patience.

All we can do is a Du’a, ALLAHU-AKBAR, Subhan ALLAH, Alhamdulillah! 

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Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua

Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua Step by Step Process in Urdu

namumkin ko mumkin banane ki dua-wazifa to make impossible possible-step by step-yaALLAH

Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua

Urdu Text

ناممکن کو ممکن بنانے کی دعا

١. کسی بھی روز اور کسی بھی مناسب وقت اس عمل کو کر سکتے ہیں۔ زوال کے وقت قطعی نہیں کریں اور نہ ہی فجر کی نماز کے بعد کریں۔

٢. سخت پریشانی کے حل کی نیّت کریں۔

٣. ٢،٢ رکعت نماز الگ الگ سلام کے ساتھ ادا کریں۔ یعنی کل چار رکعت نماز ادا کریں۔

٤. پہلی رکعت میں سورت فاتحہ کے بعد ۱۱ مرتبہ سورت اخلاص پڑھیں۔

٥. دوسری رکعت میں سورت فاتحہ کے بعد ۲۱ مرتبہ سورت اخلاص پڑھیں۔

٦. تیسری رکعت میں سورت فاتحہ کے بعد ۳۱ مرتبہ سورت اخلاص پڑھیں۔

٧. چوتھی رکعت میں سورت فاتحہ کے بعد ۴۱ مرتبہ سورت اخلاص پڑھیں۔

٨. نماز کے بعد ۵۱ مرتبہ درود شریف پڑھیں۔

٩. پھر سجدہ کی حالت میں ۱۰۰ مرتبہ یا اللّٰه پڑھیں۔

١٠. پھر اللّٰه سبحانہ و تعالیٰ سے بڑے عاجزانہ انداز سے رو رو کر اپنی ناممکن لگنے والی حاجت کو پیش کریں۔ اور اسے ممکن کرنے کی اللّٰه تعالیٰ سے بھیک مانگیں۔

١١. یہ وظیفہ آپ جب تک کرنا چاہیں کر سکتے ہیں۔ اسکے طے شدہ دنوں کی معیاد نہیں ہے۔ آپ کی حاجت جب تک ہوری نہ ہو آپ یہ وظیفہ کرتے رہیں۔

١٢. انشاء اللّٰه بہت جلد آپ کی مشکل سے مشکل پریشانی آسان ہو جائے گی، آمین۔


غور طلب: خواتین حیض/ماہواری کے دوران یہ وظیفہ قطعی نہ کریں۔

Read Success Proofs Below | Namumkin ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua kinhe aur kya faydah hua yahan parhiye!

How ‘ya ALLAH Dua Wazaif’ Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua helped its followers Read Their Own Words

Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua


Convert Any Impossible Task into Possible

Ye kisi bhi sakht se sakht pareshani door karne ka wazifa hai. Bhale kyu na apko wo namumkin kam nazar aye. Chahe wo walidain ko razi karne ka muhim ho ya phir koi aur atka kam. Kaam pura hone ki dua ye mufeed-o-mujarrab hai. Agar apki zindagi koi esa sakht masla hai jo apko namumkin nazar ata ho. To ye wo amal hai jo namumkin ko mumkin karde.

Is amal ko Dua Qabool Hone ki Surah bhi kehte hai.

How To Perform the Wazifa Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua?

  1. On any day and at any time except the time of zawaal;
  2. Make a fresh ablution;
  3. The intention should be the need for the resolution of your extreme hardships by The Grace of ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala.
  4. Offer 2-2 rakah prayer separately with two salams. So you have to offer total number of 4 rakah prayers;
  5. In the first rakah, after reciting Surah Fatiha recite 11 times Surah Ikhlaas;
  6. In the second rakah, after reciting Surah Fatiha recite 21 times Surah Ikhlaas;
  7. In the third rakah, after reciting Surah Fatiha recite 31 times Surah Ikhlaas;
  8. In the fourth rakah, after reciting Surah Fatiha recite 41 times Surah Ikhlaas;
  9. After offering the entire 2-2 rakah prayers recite 51 times Durood Shareef;
  10. Then recite 100 times “Ya ALLAHU” while in prostration;
  11. Then beg to ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala and make a dua grant your desire with all the generous heart;
  12. You can perform this wazifa till you want;
  13. Insha ALLAH your wish will be fulfilled or if you have any hard difficulty then it will be resolved soon Insha ALLAH, Ameen.

Important Note: Females must not perform this wazifa during the 7 days of their menses/periods.

Wazifa to See The Unseen Hidden Ghayb Ke Raaz yahan dekhiye.

Wazifa Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua in Roman English

Wazifa Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua Kese Karna Hai?

  1. Kisi bhi din aur kisi bhi waqt sirf fajr ki namaz ke bad ke ilava aur zawal ke waqt ke ilawa kabhi bhi kar sakte hai;
  2. Sabse pahle taza wuzu banayiye;
  3. Niyat sakht pareshani ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala se hal karwane ki kijiye;
  4. 2-2 rakah namaz ada kijiye alag-alag 2 salam ke saath. Is tarah se ap kul 4 rakah namaz ada karenge;
  5. Pahli raqah mein Surah Fateha parhne ke bad 11 martaba Surah Ikhlaas parhiye;
  6. Doosri raqah mein Surah Fateha parhne ke bad 21 martaba Surah Ikhlaas parhiye;
  7. Teesri raqah mein Surah Fateha parhne ke bad 31 martaba Surah Ikhlaas parhiye;
  8. Chauthi raqah mein Surah Fateha parhne ke bad 41 martaba Surah Ikhlaas parhiye;
  9. Namaz se faarigh hokar 51 martaba Durood Shareef parhiye;
  10. Uske bad sajda mein sar rakhkar 100 martaba “ya ALLAHU” parhiye.
  11. Fir ALLAH se bade hi aajizi tariqe se ro-rokar apni namumkin lagne wali hajat ko pesh kijiye aur use mumkin karne ki ALLAH se bheekh mangiye.
  12. Ye wazifa ap chahe jab tak kar sakte hai iski koi tayshuda roz ki miyad nahi hai. Apki khwahish jab tak puri na ho ap kar sakte hai.
  13. Insha ALLAH bhot hi jald apki behad mushkil se mushkil pareshani bhi asaan ho jayega, Ameen.

Ghaur Talab: Khwateen ye wazifa haiz/maahwari ke 7 roz ke dauran qatayi na kare.

Wazifa Namumkin Ko Mumkin Banane Ki Dua in Hindi

वज़ीफ़ा नामुमकिन को मुमकिन बनाने की दुआ हिंदी में

वज़ीफ़ा नामुमकिन को मुमकिन बनाने की दुआ कैसे करना है?

  1. किसी भी दिन और किसी भी वक़्त सिर्फ फज्र की नमाज़ के बाद के इलावा और ज़वाल के वक़्त के इलावा कभी भी कर सकते है;
  2. सबसे पहले ताज़ा वुज़ू बनाइये;
  3. नियत आपकी सख़्त परेशानी के अल्लाह सुब्हानहु वत’आला से हल करवाने की कीजिये;
  4. 2-2 रक़अत नमाज़ अदा कीजिये अलग-अलग दो सलाम के साथ| इस तरह से आप कुल 4 रक़अत नमाज़ अदा करेंगे;
  5. पहली रक़अत में सूरह फातिहा  पढ़ने के बाद 11 मर्तबा सूरह इख्लास पढ़िए;
  6. दूसरी रक़अत में सूरह फातिहा  पढ़ने के बाद 21 मर्तबा सूरह इख्लास पढ़िए;
  7. तीसरी रक़अत में सूरह फातिहा पढ़ने के बाद 31 मर्तबा सूरह इख्लास पढ़िए;
  8. चौथी रक़अत में सूरह फातिहा पढ़ने के बाद 41 मर्तबा सूरह इख्लास पढ़िए;
  9. नमाज़ से फ़ारिग़ होकर 51 मर्तबा दुरूद शरीफ पढ़िए;
  10. फिर सर सजदाह में रखकर 100 मर्तबा “या अल्लाहु” पढ़िए;
  11. फिर अल्लाह सुब्हानहु वत’आला से बढ़े आजिज़ी तरीक़े से रो-रोकर अपनी परेशानी को हल करने की दु’आ कीजिये;
  12. ये वज़ीफ़ा आप चाहे जब तक रोज़ाना भी कर सकते है|
  13. इंशा अल्लाह बहोत ही जल्द आपकी बेहद मुश्किल भी अगर होगी तो आसान हो जाएगी, आमीन|

ग़ौरतलब : ख्वातीन ये वज़ीफ़ा हैज़/माहवारी के 7 रोज़ के दौरान क़तई न करे|

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  1. Farah on said:

    Aoa..bhai pochna thaa m ap nikah istakhara karty hhn ?

  2. Farah on said:

    Aoa……bhai ma ksii ko pasnd karti hn n Shadi karna chahty hm aik saal hogya ghr waly nai manty kuh banti hyy phir khrb ho jat hyy..mary bhai isk khilaaf hyn kpi asaa amal bataun k mary bhai maan jayn is rishty k lye jald say jald …plz jaldi jawab dijiyega

  3. Farrah on said:

    Aoa sir ma bhot tension ma hn mara 2 saal phly nikah howa thaa khtm hogya 6 mah bad ma ksii aur ko pasnd karti thi but mara x husbnd ab us larky ko jisko ma pasnd karrti hn usko blackmail karta hyy mary hawaly say bhot pryshni hyu plz kpo wazifa batayn k wo hmara picha chor dy hm sakonn ma rah sakyn wo hut jaye is sahbsay…plz jaldi reply karyega

  4. Yumna on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum sir
    Sir mera masla ye hy k mere ammi abbu ne mera rishta krdia hy lekin me kisi or ko pasand karti hn .. mny apny ammi abbu ko us larky k bary me bataya lekin wo log kisi soorat meri shadi us se krwany ko raazi nhi horhy .. mjhy koi asa wazeefa bata den jis se mera rishta toot jae or meri wahan shadi hojae jahan me chahti hn or mere maa baap ki raza se hojae …

      • Yumna on said:

        Lekin jb tk mera rishta khatam nhi hoga to me ye amal kr sakti hn kia? Ya pehly rishta khatam hojany k liye koi amal krn ma’am?

        • Yumna on said:

          Ma’am ye wazeefa kisi k dil me mohabbat paida karny k liye hy ya apni pasand ki shadi k liye?

        • Apni pasand ki shadi ki niyyat se ye amal shuru kar lijiye. Agar aapka istikhara positive hai aur ALLAH ki raza hui to khudi asbaab banne lag jayenge.

          • Yumna on said:

            Sir apny jo wazeefa mjhy bataya tha aj suraj grehn hy .. suraj grehn me b wo wazeefa kr skti hn kia me?

  5. Zainab on said:

    Mere husband ka ek ladki ka sath affair tha ab nai hai usse baat nai karte par wo ladki islamic wazaif karke mere husband ko apni taraf khicti hai mere husband ko yeh baat nai mante mai kya karu ??

  6. Shahin on said:

    Black megic aur koi hum pe buri najar dal raha ho to us sakhs se bachne ke liye rat ko sone time ya mummito ka wazifa kar sakate he???

    • Upar wazaif parhne ka tareeqa bataya gaya hai sis.

  7. Aafreen on said:

    Bhai mera 11vi class k result aya h or mujhe meri teacher n fail krdiya h bhai kch esa wazifa batiye jisse vo mujhe khud pass krde
    m Bhhht pareshn hu Bhai meri madad kijiye plz

    • Agar aapka imtihan achha hua tha to aap upar diya gaya wazifa parh sakti hain.

      • aafreen on said:

        Kb tak y wazifa Karna h jo mujhe mam khud pass krde

        • Upar bataya gaya hai ke jab tak aapka maqsad pura nahi ho jata, rozana parhiye.

      • Shabnam Khan on said:

        Assalam walekum bhai jaan mai bhut Preshan ho meri madad kijiye mere mehboob mujse bhut pyaar krte the achanak se unhone mere se bat krna band kr diya Maine hr koshish ki unhe manane ki 6 mahine se hmari bat ni hoyi unke dil me mere liye mohabbat ni hai bolte hai wo bat BHI ni krte Maine bhut sare wazifa aur tawiz kiye koi fark ni pdta in pr Maine apka sugar ant ya wadoodo wala BHI amal kiya un pr kch asar ni hoya mai Kya kro

        • Istikhara kijiye aap sab se pahle.

  8. A.ali on said:

    Meri job janay wali ha. Koi wazifa bta dein. Private job ki waja se offices wagaira band hain. Or bohat chance hain k wo mujhay nikal dein gay

  9. Shaikh Alauddin on said:

    Assalamualaikum warahmtullahi waabrkatuhu
    Bhai mein ghr me rizk ka wazifa KR raha hu.. Bs ek hi din kia h.. aur wazifa khtm krte hi ghr me bahut jhgde honey chalu ho gye h.. ammi Abbu Bila wajah behes KRne lge h..

    Mein Kya karu Bhai..?? Kya mujhe ye wazifa band KR Dena chahiye? Bahut pareshan hu Bhai kuch btaye..

    • Bhai konsa wala rizq ka wazifa kiya aapne? Us page par comment kijiye taa ke mujhe pata chal sake. Aisa jadu ke asraat ki wajah se ho sakta hain

  10. .n.a on said:

    Hum kisi se mohobbt krte h or pehle wo bhi kehte the ke krte h
    Lekin 2 year pehle unki engedment ho gaee lekin the unhone humse pucha tha family or hum me se kisi ko chunna pde toh kise chunne humne family kaha lekin hum dono chah KR bhi ek dusre se BT krna bnd naa KR paye phir unhone humse pucha ke ek bar mil lo kuke hum dono 4 years se ek dusre ko dekha bhi nhi wo keh rhe the time nhi h uske BD wo ghr me bt krnge lekin humne Milne se inkar KR Diya kuke possible nhi tha or na hee hum apne Ami abhu ki izzt ko khrab KR skte the
    Or phir humre inkar ke wajah se apne Ami abhu ki jid ke age unhone har man li or shadu ke liye ha KR di hum toh Allah PR ykeen tha ke SB thik hoga lekin kuch thik nhi huaa
    Pls humare liye duaa kijiye hum unse behd mohobbt krte h bs apne Ami abhu ki izzt ke liye kuch glt nhi krna chahte the unki june me shadi fix ho gaee pls humare liye duaa kijiye humara ykeen humare Allah the lekin wo humri duaa nhi sun rhe koi aisa am btaye ke hum dono sth rhe or jrira family hee bne

    • Aap upar diya gaya wazifa parh sakti hain sis. ALLAH Ta’ala aapke haq me sab behtar kare, aameen!

      • Arooj on said:

        Dekhiye ap ne kaha k apko ALLAH pr yaqeen tha…tha wali bat nahi honi chahye yaqeen hai wali bat honi chahye thi…apka yqeen kamzor hai…dusri bat yh k ap ALLAH se mayoos ho kr in se poch rehi hain k ALLAH nahi dua sun rahy ap bataye koi amal aisa k ap dono sath ho jaye…dekhiye apkay haq main jo zada behtar hoga woi hoga isi
        lye ALLAH apki bat nahi sun rahy abhi plz have faith on ALLAH

  11. Razia khan on said:

    Asalam alikom..
    Main 3 saal se ek ladhke ko pyar karti hun os ne mujh ko ek bar dekha pata nahi ke main os ko yaad bhi hun ya nahi leken main os ko boht pyar karti hun.. mera os ke saat shadi hona impossible jaisa hai.. kya main ye wazifa padh sakti hun ke kesi bhi tariqe se vo mujhe jaan le aur os ke ghar waale os ka reshta le aye?

    • Ji ha aap ye wazifa parh sakti hain.

  12. Firdous on said:

    Meri shadi hone wali thi sab k razi Khush se par shadi se 1 hafte pehle kuch aese masle Khare hogye k ladke k family ne rishta tod diya
    Ladke ne bohat Koshish ki k shadi hojye par nai dono chahte h shadi hojye par ladke ki family nai man rhi h.kuch aesa wazifa btye k Hamri shadi sab k Raza mndi se hojye..mera tuta hua rishta fir judh jaye

  13. sana on said:

    assalam o alaikum mere sth ye msla h k me jis se piyr krty ti mera rishta ussi se hogya mene bht mushkilo se apne ghr walo ko manaya or rishta hogya lkn lrke k ghr walo ne to rishta kiya lkn wo b khush nhi h isi liye nikkah nhi kawaya unho ne ab mere ghr walo ko koi issue nhi h wo chhte h k meri shadi abi jld se jld hojye meri mangni ko b 1 saal ho chuka h lkn lrke wale delay kr rhe h or mere susral me jadu waghira or ilm waghira krwate h mujpr or ap pr bete pr kafi dfa krwa chuke h meri saas or unki behne sb sb krwa ri h ta k hm dono alag hojye me bht koshish kr rhi hn apni life ko bachane ka lkn wo ghlt tariqe apna rhe h or ab jb nikkah ya shadi ki bt mere ghr wale kr rhe h to unho ne apne bete k zehan me ye bt daal di h k wo dubai chla jye waha km kre apni life settle kre shadi bd me kre or chhte h k me door hojaon usse to plz muje koi aesa wazifa batye jis se mera fiyonce mere ps rahe kahi na jye or jldi se hamra nikkah hojye sb k jadu or ilm sb zaya hojye kisi chz ka asar na ho or me apni life sakoon se guzar sakhon .

  14. Sara on said:

    Assalam Alykum! Imran Bhai umeed hai ap khairiyat sy hun gy, mjy aisa wazifa ya dua btayn ky mery Abu meri Ami ko aur hum bachu ko value dain. Ek taya hn mery hr wqt mery Abu ky kaan bharty hn, login ky samny Ammi ki insult krwaty hn Abu sy aur Abu humein koi value nhi daity. Bilkul jaisy koi jadu ya kalam sy ek insaan ksi dusry ko apna ghulam bna ky apny faidy ky lye istimal krta gai same mery taya Abu ky sath aisa kr rhy hn. Ap koi aisa wazifa dain ky aisy dushmanu ki zuban bandi ho jai aur Abu humery sath achy ho Jain. Bht shukria

  15. Adil Usmani on said:

    Asalaam o alekum mam , kya ghar me ek se zyada taweez rakh sakte hai???

    • Ji han bhai rakh sakte hain.

    • Muhammad Waseem on said:

      Man aik larki sy pyar krta hu or hm shadi krna chahty hn
      Mn zyada ameer ni or lrki k parents ghareb k sath shadi ni krengy shayd
      Please ham dono akk dusry ko chahty hn or Zindagi bhar aik sath rehna chaty hn
      Please baten k mn konsa wazifa krun k hmari shadi ho jay or sab ki raza sy

  16. Iqra on said: bht pareshan ek ldke se mhbbt krti hu or vo b mjhse behad mohhbt krta h hm shadi krna chahte hai lkn vo ladka Hindu hai meri family kbhi ni manegi or me Apne maa papa k bina ijazat kbhi kch ni kr skti..mjhe shadi apne maa papa ki razark sath krni h plz mjhe btayn me kya kru is situation me..

    • Aap unki hidayet ki dua kijiye aur ALLAH se apni behtari ki dua kijiye.

      • Mohd arshad on said:

        Main ek ladki se bht pyar krta hu wo bhi mujhse pyar krti thi lekin kuch baton ki wajah se wo itni hurt hui h ki ab bolti h wo mujhse pyar ni krti h 4 month ho gya uska intezaar krte hue ab to usne mujhe block bhi kr diya h koi wazeefa batye jisse wo ladki mere pass fir se aajye wo ladki hindu h aur main muslim hu

        • Bhai aap namaz parhkar unki hidayet ki dua kijiye.

  17. Aliza on said:

    Mera exam ho chuka h but mujhe lag rha h mere kafi galat ho chuke hai kya me tabhi yeh wazaifa krskti hun result ane se phle . Mera result june me aega
    Plz.. bataye
    Mere pass zyda tym bacha nhi h

    • Ji han sis. Aap kamyabi pane ke liye ye amal parh sakti hain.

    • Kausar on said:

      As salaam valaikum Mai aapki follower hun3saal se Mai bahut pareshan hun aisa Wazaifa bataiea jise mera post phir mujhe jald se jald mil jaye

      • Dear sis, Aap website ke search box me likhiye- ‘Wazifa for Urgent Wish’ aur search button par click kijiye. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega, wo aap parhiyega.

    • Zeenat on said:

      Assalamualaikum mere shohar paint ka Kam krte h or 1 Mahina phele kaam bahut acha chl Rha tha ab ek mahine se pura kaam bnd ho gya h Makan Malik kaam k liye bulate h mere shohar Kam ka rate de kr aa Jate h Lekin rate dene k Baad koi bi Kam krwane k liye nhi kheta hm bhut preshan please hmari preshani Ko khtm kijiye

  18. ruksana sayyed on said:


    mai apki follower hu last 3 year s mai ak ladke s pyaar krti hu lekin meri shadi kahi or ho gyi hai or mai vaha se return bhi aagyi q k mujhe uske sath nhi rehna mujhe meri mohbbat s h shadi krni hai or vo ladka bhi ready hai shadi krne aap mujhe bataiye mujhe kya padna chahiye jisse meri mohbbat mujhe mile or.jisse meri shadi hui hia vo mujhe chor de.plaese sis koi strong wazifa bataiye jisse meri family khud s meri shadi vaha karava de.

    • Dear Sis, aise shadi khatm karne ka wazifa karna munasib nahi. Aap sab se pahle website par diya gya future istikhara kar ke ALLAH ki rahnumayi hasil karen.

      • Zoya khan on said:

        Assalam u alykum appi meri ammi ko cancer hai unka operation kal hone wala tha kisi wajah se cancel ho gya Dr ne kaha hai shayad aaj operation ho but bhut kam chance hai toh Kya mai yeh wafiza kr skti …..taki ammi ka aaj operation ho jaye………dua ki darkhwast

        • Ji han sis aap parhiye ye amal. Dil se dua hai ke ALLAH Ta’ala aapki Walida ko kulli shifa ata farmaye, aameen.

    • Sobia on said:

      Sir m bhttt pryshn hun plzzz mjy wazeefa bta dn mry teeths wpis ajyn sb bhhttt dua krn mry liey Allah koi mojza kr dy mj gunah gar pr mri sari fmly bhgtt pryshn h mri wja sy 3 mnths hugye m bhttt buskuni ki v hun neend b nai ati na kisi km m dil lgta h plz sb mry liey bhttt dua krn plzzz😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. Rukhaiya on said:

    Assalaam Walekum,

    Mein ek ladke se pyaar karti hun aur ussi se shaadi karni chahti hoon par woh ladka mujhse door chala gaya. Batayein ki kya karein kaise woh wapas aaye aur apne maa aur baap ke saat rishta mere ghar laaye

      • Alina on said:

        Aslkm. Meri 6 yrs ki relationship thi aur vo nikah ke liye b razi tha. usne mujhe koi cheez se mana kiya tha, mujhse pata nai wo kaise hogaya. Sirf maine uski baat nahi mani mujhse anjane me galati hogayi. Ab Wo mujhse nafrat karta hai. Usne kaha k wo ab mujhse mohabbat nahi karta aur na kabhi mujhse nikah karega. Na hi kabhi mujhe maaf karega. Kaheta hai k maine use bht takleef di uski baat nahi rakhi aur mai jhooti hu , musalman nahi hu. Mai maanti Mujhse galati hui hai lekin mai Maafi mang mang kar thakgayi hu. Aesi koi badi baat b nahi thi , mai usse bht mohabbat karti hu uske alawa kisi aur k bare me soncha nahi maine. Use sirf meri buraiya nazar aati hai wo bass mujhe chor k jana chata hai. Mere bina usse bheek mange wo pehle jaisa hojaye, aesa koi wazifa bataye. jisse uske dil ke mere liye sari nafrat aur badgumani hai wo khatam hojaye. Wo sab buri bate bhuljaye. Wo phir se mujhse pehli jaisi mohabbat kare , baat kare aur nikah ki niyat rakhe. Koi wazifa bataiye please. Mai bht takleef me hu.

  20. Assalamualikum. A dua na mumkin ko mumkin karne vali hai na madam … Kya mai dua padhskti hu non muslim k liye take o meri baat jaldi mane our islam khubool karkar mujhe se nikha karle.

    • Aapko pahle bhi bataya hai sis, nahi parhiye aap.

      • Madam fir meri problem ka kuch b situation hi nahi hai…app her wazife bataten hain dua bataten mere liye hi nahi hai … Bhot umeed se app ki madam milti samjhi thi mai

        • Aap website pe abhi latest wazifa post hua hai- ya Sami’u wazifa for hajat. Wo parhiye.

          • Bhot shukriya apka mai ajj se hi padhna shoro kartu madam kya iske sat aur b wazife padhskti hu mai our mere liye dua kijye madam mere pass bhot kam time hai . .bhot bhot shukriya madam

          • Ji han aap aur wazifa bhi parh sakti hain sath me. ALLAH Ta’ala aapko kamyab kare, aameen!

  21. Asma on said:

    Aslkm mein bht pareshan hu . Mere ghr pe shaadi k liye rishte dekhre lekin Meku koi passnd nai are. Meku kisi aur ku passnd kartiu usse shaadi krna chahriu lekin ye problem hai k wo already married hai . Is ne khud bola Wo dusri shaadi karne ready hai lekin ghr wale nai maninge aisi baat krraha ab . Mein Kya karu mere pas time bht kum hai .. can u do this impossible to possible wazifa

    • Aap amal kar sakti hain magar dekh lijiyega ke kahin unki pahli biwi ke sath na insafi na ho. Unki razamandi shamil honi chahiye dusri shadi me.

    • Asma on said:

      Unki pehli biwi ku is bare mein kuch nahin mlm hai.

      • Dekh lijiyega sis ke kisi ka ghar kharab na ho.

    • Javed on said:

      Naam kya hai uska?

  22. Zaina on said:

    Mein nena nikah istekhara nhi kya..or mere pas time b km hai..kya me bagher istekhare k ye wazifa kr skti hun?plz gldi batae

    • Time kam hai to bina istikhara ke aap ye wazifa parh sakti hain.

  23. Zaina on said:

    Kya ye wazifa surah ahzab wale wazife k sath kr skti hun? Ik hi maqsad k lie..q k Mere pas time bohot km hai srf 2 months hai.. or bilkul impossible bhi hai..plz jldi batae

    • Ji han box wale amal ke sath aap ye wazifa parh sakti hain.

      • Neha on said:

        Assalam o Alikum kya ek waqt me ek se zyada wazifa kiya ja sakta hai? Plz ansr

  24. Zaina on said:

    Asalamalaikum. Me jis se love krti hun us larke ki 2 months bad shadi hai wo mera czn b ne khud mujhy sath itna attach kia k mujy us se love ho gaya..lekin ab wo kisi or se shadi kr raha hai..mein apki site ka ik wazifa kr rhi hun sura ahzab wala..lekin abi kuch nhi hua..kya me ye wazifa uske sath kr skti hun??plz mujy jldi barae mere pass time bohot km hai..mein salat hajat bhi parhti hun

    • Ji han aap ye amal apni hajat ko mumkin banane ke liye parh sakti hain.

  25. saima on said:

    assalam o alaikum can i do this wazifa for my sisiter in consideration of her marriage

    • Yes you may recite this wazifa for any kind of marriage issues on behalf of your sister.

  26. Aman on said:

    Agar ladki ke gar wale love marige k liye khush nahi he to me ye wajifa kar sakta hu kya

    • Ji han aap ye wazifa parh sakte hain.

      • iqra on said:

        Asslam o Alaikum mein kisi ko like karti hun par wo karta hai kay nh pata nh.. mein chathi hun kay usaky dil mein pyar paida ho or wo kuhd shadi ka kahy… koi strong wazifa bata dyein plz

        • Website par bohat se love marriage wazaif maujud hain sis, jo parhna chahen parh lijiye.

  27. Bushra khan on said:

    Assalamu alaikum …mere sass sasur mujhe apni bahu nahi mante sirf mere husband se matlab rakhte hai…kyuki wo unhe paise kama ke dete hai…aaj tak mere liye mere saas sasur ne kuvh v nahi kiya…me unki mohobbat chahti hu or apne haq jo ek bahu ke hote hai…mere saas sasur mere husband pr jaadu tona b karate hai …shohar b ukhde ukhte rahte hai mujhse….zda wasta nahi rakhte koi esa wazifa bataye jisse mere saas sasur or husband mujhse mohobbat Kre…plzzz

  28. Shahin on said:

    Niyat sakht pareshani ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala se hal karwane ki kijiye;….niyat likhake dijiye plz…jese hum namaz me ada krte he wese hi kya aaap likhake de sakte he taki meri niyat me koi kami na reh jaye

    • Bilkul jaise namaz me niyat karte hain waise aapne hajat nafal ki niyat karni hai.

      • Shahin on said:

        Namjkin vala wazifa or someone obey vala wazifa karne k bavjud bhi Abhi bhi akhee us Hindu ladki ke sath bat karta he kuchh esa wazifa bataye akhee hindu ladaki ko bhul Jaye ..abhi to koi mirecal ki hu jaruret he ab sabar khatam ho raha he…😣😣😣

        • Sabr se kam lijiye aur wazaif jari rakhiye.

    • Shahin on said:

      Pehle durid sarif…vakt () Ka 2 Rakat nafal namaz meri preshaniya dur krneki niyat see ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala k vaste ada karti hu me mu mera kaba sarif ki Tarah..allhuakabr…
      .isme kahi galat ho to sudhar ke dijiye..kyunki niyat me hi takat he.

      • 2 rakat nifl namaz se niyat shuru karen aur baqi sab theek hai.

        • Shahin on said:

          As salam o alikum…mere akhee ek Hindu ladaki ne uske pyar me pagal kar diya he vo ladaki mere akhee par ku6 jadu tonaa karvaya he iske liye akhee ko family parents kise par emotions nahi aa raha wo us ladaki ki bat hi sunta he…us ladaki ke vajah se ek bar akhee ki sagai bhi tut gayi ab hamne use dusari ladaki ke sath rista tey kiya he par abhi bhi akhee us Hindu ladaki se pura din mobile me laga rehta he mahine me akhi ki sagai ki date fix ki he hamne par wo Hindu ladaki ka jadu chalta hi ja raha he hume dar he akhee firase koi galat kadam na uthaye plzzzzzzz hamari madad karo kuch esa rasta dikhao jise wo hindu ladaki akhhe ko 6od de kala jadu karna bandh karade or akhee ma bap ki bate manne lage or papa ne jo muslim ladaki ke sath rista pakka kiya he usake sath khusi se sagai kar le… Sagai mahine ke bad he to koi esa rasta dikhao mahine me akhee us hindu ladaki or uske jadu se dur hojaye….allah aapki har dua kabul kare plzz hume koi rasta dikhao

          • Shahin on said:

   aajse hi insaallah suru kar dungi ye wazifa…akhee pr ye wazifa karu to ye asar karenga?? Kyunki akhee to us ladaki ke kale jadu me hi pagal he ya us Hindu ladaki ke nam ka karu?

          • Shahin on said:

            Someone obey you vala wazifa me ek din me do logo k liye kar sakti hu??? Us ladaki or akhee dono kee liye?

          • Us Non Muslim larki ke liye aap rahne den. Bas boy ke liye parhen.

        • Shahin on said:

          Kya me wo Hindu ladaki ko apni bat manavane ke liye usaki tasveer lekar”hak azmal” ka wazifa kar sakti hu???..

          • Shahin on said:

            Me halhi me UPSC CIVIL SERVICE ki exam ke takyari kar rahi hu par ghar me yee akhee ke tention ka mahol ki vajhse thik se taiyari ho nahi rahi he upsc me 3 part me exam aati he pehli exam primary 2 june ko he or muje kisi bhi hal me pass karani he iska bhi koi ilaj bata dijiye mehrbani hogi

          • Shahin on said:

            Asslawalwcum… someone obay you wala wazifa mere mummy papa bhi akhhe k liye krna chahte he to kya hum teeno ek hi persona ke liye ye kar sakte he..

          • Ji han aap ke sath aapke Mom aur Dad bhi ye wazifa parh sakte hain.

          • Shahin on said:

            Asslawalwcum..aapne jo isha k namaz k bad exam me success hone vala wazifa bataya usme me isha ki 17 rakat ki jagah par sirf 4 frad and 3 witr pad ne k bad wazifa pad sakti Hu..??

          • 4 farz aur 3 witr se isha ki namaz mukammal nahi hoti hai. Isha ki 2 sunnat parhna lazmi hain.

          • Shahin on said:

            Yaniki me isha ki 9 rkat ke bad exam vala vazifa kar sakti hu…ans plz

    • Bushra khan on said:

      Niyat ki mene sakht parshani Allah subhanahu wars ala se hal karwane ki wasta Allah wata ka muh mera kabe shareef ki taraf allah hu akbar…
      Ye kya sahi niyat Hai????

  29. Maham on said:

    Aoa sis mai daanton ki doctor ban rai hu…mai kbhi fail nai hoi…pichlay saal mai 1 subject ki theory may fail ho gai thi…supply di…usme mjhe theory may pass kr diya gaya par viva mai fail kr diya jiski wajah sy mera pura saal zaya ho gaya…ab 1 saal mene wohi subject parha hy or dubara paper dia hy…is baar viva k liye sifarish bhi karai hy par andar k log bata rae hain k principal ny phir sy viva mai hi fail kiya hy…mai baar baar fee nai dy sakti or na hi rishwat dy sakti hu qk maali halaat kafi tang hain…mene bht duaen ki thein phir bhi fail ho gai…plz koi wazifa bataen jis sy is baar mai zarur pass ho jau…bht pareshan hu

  30. Ayatul kursi ka wazifa konsi side PR hai

  31. Mam plz pcod or aukad hinw keliye kuch bataye plz

    • Aap website ki search bar me likhiye- ‘wazifa for Pcod’. Wazifa aapke samne aa jayega. Isi tarah aap ‘aulad ke liye wazifa’ search bar me likhiye. Aulad hone ka wazifa bhi aapke samne aa jayega.

  32. Farid on said:

    Mujhe kuch dino pehle injury hue thi jisse mere testes mai prob aagae doctors ne kaha ab mai kabhi baap nhi ban sakta or mai kabhi thik nhi hosakta pls mujhe kuch aeaa wazifa batae jisse mai thik hojao or mai ek ladki ko pasand karta hu agar mai thik hojaoga toh usse shadi karna hai. Warna majbura mujhe usse dur hons padega bhaijaan pls meri madad kijiye mai bahut pareshan hu.

  33. shakira on said:

    assalamalekum, i am shakira. can i do this wazifa for my husband’s business.he lost money in business.i want to do this wazifa to gain profits in business.can i.

    • Yes you can perform this wazifa to gain profits in your husband’s business.

  34. As salaam imranbhai
    Mujhe aisa wazaifa bataiye jis ke padhene se job secure Ho mai bahut pareshan hun Kyunki pure ghar ki zimadari muj par hi hai mai jahan kaam kar rahi hun yahin kaam karna chahti hun pls meri madad kijeye

    • Aap upar diya gya wazifa apni job ko secure karne ki niyat se parh sakti hain.

  35. Mere bache maa ki baat nahi sunte aur school bhi nahi jaate

      • Saira on said:

        Aoa.apney husband ki job k liye 5 months se ye wasifa kr rahi hoon koi hal nazar nahi ata.mere pass time buhat kam hai dear.sadka bhi deti hoon please ager apko lagta hai k kisi or waseefey ki zaroort hai tu isko yahi rok kr mei wo prh leti hoon is liye k mere pass wakt nahi itna.mere bachon k school ka masla hai .please help me

          • Saira on said:

            Black magic wala waseefa mei kr nahi sakti kyun ki mere husband yahan mere saath nahi hain.or ye waisey bhi buhat lengthy waseefa hai dear.mei job krti hoon.or koi hal bataen

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa,na mumkin wala waseefa 5 months se kr rahi thi husband ki job k kiye kuch nahi hua.pir apne wo rukwa dia or seven days ka waseefa dia yawahabo wala wo bhi kr chuki hoon.koi frk nahi prha.ab bataen kya karon? Ya kuch or prhon ab?

  36. Sh on said:

    As salam o alikum! Mera issue shadi ka hai jinhen mai pasand krti hon wo bhi mujhe pasand krty thay even he sent proposal to my home but his mother had some issues for our marriage! he kept fighting for me till 8 months frm his family then suddenly he finished all contacts from me n said i have to listen my parents meri family nhi razi ho rhi for you! Its been a month Tht he finished relation from me n left me ! Pls suggest me what should i do ! My istekhara is positive n m also doing ayat ul kursi wala wazifa 7 days sy but no impact 😭 i really want him back n wuna marry him! Pls guide me ! Thanks in advance !!

    • Keep continue Ayatul kursi wazifa and you will see the positive results soon, insha ALLAH.

      • Sh on said:

        Sis i have one more issue whatever wazifa i do i dnt get impact why is ths happen with me ? 😔

        • Have faith in ALLAH and do a wazifa with all the devotion and dedication. Insha ALLAH you will be succeed, ameen.

  37. ... on said:

    Assaalamaikum mujy koi wazifa bta dain main jis makan main rhti hu humary malik makan waly asy logo ko humry uper wala makn rent pay dy rahy hain jo 7 bety hain un k aur shor had sy zada hai aur rasta b ek hai pani b agur woh aa gay tw humain bhot masla hooga plzzz koi asa wazifa bta dain k woh makan na lain ya unko malik makn makan na dain

  38. mohammed faraj on said:

    bhai jaan meri ek duaa hai. me ek ladki se bahut payar karta hu behad payar karta hu is liye ham dono ne shadi ke liye ghar walo ko bola isme mere ghar ke sab log maan gaye par ladki ke ghar me uske papa nahi maane..or bahut kosis kar rahe hai raat ko nafil namaj bhi pad rahe hai par. ab aap esa wajifa batao jis se ladki ke papa maan jaye or hamari shadi kara de…

    • Bhai aap sab se pahle website par diya gya ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ kijiye.

  39. As on said:

    Bus ab ek problem solve kar dain meri cazn jis larky ko pasand karti hai un dono ki apas main kisi na kisi bat main fazol main behas hoo jati hai aur thori dair baad sula b hoo jati hai un ka istakhra b positive hai aur shadi ki neyat b rakty hain jahz tariqy sy koi asa wazifa bta dain k agur meri cazn kary tw un dono k bech ye fazol ki behs kisi b bat py roz rOz larhi na hoo thnkyou.

    • Aise to is niyat se wazifa karna munasib nahi lagta. Karna hai to love marriage ke liye karen.

      • unknown on said:

        iska matlab hai ke hum 2 rakat padte hai phr baithkar attahiyat ka surah padte hai aur salam pherte hai phr uthkar dsri rakat pdna hai? aisehi naa?

        • Ji han jaise aam nifl namaz parhte hain waise hi parhni hai.

  40. As on said:

    MashAllah its work agur ap dil sy wazifa karain aur sub rules k sth toh zarur puury hoty hain maine sirf 3 din kiya aur pura hoogya Allah pak apko ajar dy ga jo ap dosro ki muahkil asan karty is web pay koi b asa wazifa nai jo kam na kary main jub b kiya sub main kamiyabi pahi maine

    • Masha ALLAH and jaza kALLAHU Khair sis! 😊😊

    • Mjhe b btado plz konsa wajifa kia

      • Upar post me wazifa ke bare me bataya gaya hai.

  41. Alina on said:

    Mae aik larkae s bht pyar krte hu wo bhe krta mere papa us ko nae pasnd krte.kch batae prhne ko mere use shadi hojae .mere ghr walae maan jae or wo larka mjh s bht pyr kre

  42. Sana on said:

    Dear sis meri behan ki shaadi ka masla hai age nikal rani koi rishta nahi ata.please kuch baten

    • Aap Website menu me category ‘spiritual healings’ me shadi aur ache rishte ke liye diye gaye wazaif dekhiye. Aur unme se koi ek shuru kijiye.

  43. As on said:

    Sir ye hasol e maqsad tak kasy kr skty hain koi din bta dain ap k kb tk karainqk hasol e maqsad main 6 ma ya sal b lag skta hai aur waqt k sth sth insan ki energy khtm hoo jati hai…. Becz i want to do this wazifa for parents agree and my istkhrais positive plez give me answer jazakallah

    • Jab tak maqsad pura na ho jaye tab tak ye namumkin ko mumkin karne ka amal karna hai, ye to clearly likha hua hai sis.

  44. Umrah on said:

    Asalam alaikum
    Kya is wazife Ko kise or wazife ki saath continue kr sakti hu

    • Ji han kar sakti hain agar maqsad alahda-alahda hai.

      • Umrah on said:

        Actually maqsad sirf ek hai pr pr maine apki website se hi ek or wazife Lia hai is maqsad ki lia

        • sis ap do wazaif ek hi purpose/maqsad ke liye ek waqt mein nahi karein, one by one karein.

          • Sana on said:

            Aoa ,meri shaadi ko 12 saal ho gaey hain or mere 2 bachey hain,mera masla ye hai k shoro din se mujhey mehsoos hota hai k mere husband ka koi rohani or usk k saath saath dimaagi masla hai kyun k wo her wakt gher ka mahool kharab rakhtey hain,bilwaja mood kharab rakhtey hain.larai k waja dhoodntey rehtey hain .rishton ka koi ehtraam nahi .sara din kisi na kisi soch mei mubtala rehtey hain .please koi hal bataen.mei behad pershaan hoon.please reply

  45. Dosani gulafsha (gudu) on said:

    Aoa…,muje apne urjant hajat Ka wazifa bataya tha lekin muje rat dar lagata h . To me Allah husmad Ka wazifa kar rahi hu.or Mene mera masla cmnt Kiya but koi reply nai Aaya Mene par address par Kiya tha please reply me fast.n suggest me kya Karu please help please please please… help me reply please… jajakallahu kheir…

    • Aap upar diya gya wazifa parh sakti hain.

  46. Gudu on said:

    Please reply me n get a powerful wazifa,…

      • Sana on said: k elawa koi waseefa bataey black magic pata kreney ka ye mere liye kafi mushkil hai or possible bhi nahi

        • Aapko bandish khatm karne ka wazifa diya hai, wo parhiye aap.

  47. Gudu on said:

    Aslamvalekum…… Ji mera masla ye h ki Mera rista meri marji se nai hota abi rista hua h wo ladka n family muje pasnd nai or wo diniilm b nai karte h or na koi namaz etc…ladka b muje nai Pasand or ha meri pahele do bar engejment ho ke tut gai h or us bad koi achha rista nai aata tha or ATA b tha to kin wajah se bat nai banti .isliye meri family ne Yaha rista Tai Kara Diya par muje jabardasti ke riste se gutn Hoti h muje Yaha shadi nai karni or me meri family ko ye nai keh Sakti wo bahot hurt hoge …Har bar Mera unchaha rista hota h jisse me kuchh samaj nai aata agar shadi waha hui to b me waha khus nai rahugi…or aesa nai h ke muje koi ladka Pasand h but muje Jesa ladka Chahiye ye wesa nai h muje meri Pasand ke ladke ke sath shadi karni h or muje aesha ladka mill jay.. plzzz help me ke me is jabardasti ka rista tut Jaye n muje Jesa ladka Chahiye wesa mill jay please help me.. please mere problem ke releted koi wazifa suggest Kare n solve my problems…..mere Pas only 2 months h please help me n reply me fast….. jajakallahu kheir…. Allah Hafiz…

    • Aap upar diya gya impossible to possible wazifa shuru kijiye sis.

  48. sana on said:

    assalamualaikum mai ye wazifa ek mnth se apne rishte k lye kr ri hu ab mujhe 2 din k lye bahar jana padh ra h to kya ye wazifa jaha ja ri waha pr continue kr skte h ya phr hm na jaye plz bta de kl mujhe jana h

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ji bilkul jahan aap ja rahi hain wahan par aap namumkin ko mumkin karne ka wazifa parh dakti hain. Is amal me jagah ki koi qaid nahi hai.

    • waqeeah on said:

      Assalam o Alaikum agr istikhaare mein na ajae aur ap Allah ko raazi krne k lye prhna chahte hon k wo ap se aur js se ap shaadi krna chahte hon us se raazi hojae tou kya ye dono wazifa prh skte hn ?

      • Istikhara me na aane ka matlab hi yahi hai ke ALLAH ne ishara diya hai ke wo insan apke liye behtar nahi hai. Isliye wo kaam nahi karen to behtar hai.

  49. Mahnoor on said:

    Mjhe apse apne masle k hawale se baat krni hai main apse bhai kese rabta karun please mjhe btaiye

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear sis, ap yahin ham se apna masla share kar sakti hain. Ya phir hamare private fb inbox me message chor sakti hain din ke 12 baje-

      • Saira on said:

        Aoa Mehrunnisa.namumkin wala waseefa mei rozana prhti hoon dear.kya mei ek se ziada dua kr sakti hoon is mei?ye pir alag alag nafal ada karon?

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Namumkin ko mumkin banane ki dua me aap ek waqt par nafal ek hajat ke liye hi parhen to behtar hai sis.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa!dear mei ye nafal one month se prh rahi hoon per koi possibilities nazar nahi arahi hain .plz guide.i am worried

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            ALLAH Ta’ala ki Zaat par mukammal bharosa rakhiye aur sabr se kaam lete hue wazifa jari rakhiye. Insha ALLAH, behtari aayegi.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa.dear mei ye mumkin na mumkin wala waseefa daily kr rahi hoon i mean daily prti hoon.per akser brey kehtey hain ziada peehai bhi sab ult kr deti hai.please bata den daily prhney se faida hi ho ha na.Allah se hi tu mang rahi hoon.please guide sis

          • Ye wazifa daily hi parhna hai. Aap sirf ek hi amal kar rahi hain na ek purpose ke liye. Bas ise jari rakhiye. Insha ALLAH, kuch ulta nahi hoga.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa.Dear ye waseefa krtey huey 2 months khatam ho gaey abhi tak koi possibilities nazar nahi arhi.mei buhat pereshaan hoon.sadka bhi deti hoon ,Astagfaar bhi kr rahi hoon.please guide kren.

          • Yaqeen ke sath aap apna wazifa jari rakhen. Insha ALLAH, kamyabi milegi, ameen.

        • Saira on said:

          Thanks alot.ap kahan chali gai theen. I am so satisfied after receiving ur text.Allah bless u.Ameen

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Jaza kALLAHU khair dear sis. ALLAH aapke liye asaniyan paida farmaye, ameen.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa.Dear mei buhat pereshaan hoon.mere husband her wakt attitude mei rehtey hain mei aisa mahi keh rahi k he dont love me but her wakt unko mujhse koi na koi problem hi rehti hai.kabhi kisi kaam ko appreciation nahi detey bus ruling nature hai k bus aisa keh dia tu aisa ho .yaar mei insaan bhi tu hoon .koi bhi perfect nahi hota wo khud bhi buhat cheezon mei imperfection dekhatey hain but i never make issues.bachey bhi koi galti kr den tu ilzaam mujh per.kya karo k wo mujhey per her wakt galib hona bnd hoon.meri bhi suna shoro kren.atleast appreciate tu kren.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa.dear mei ye mumkin na mumkin wala waseefa daily kr rahi hoon i mean daily prti hoon.per akser brey kehtey hain ziada peehai bhi sab ult kr deti hai.please bata den daily prhney se faida hi ho ha na.Allah se hi tu mang rahi hoon

          • Saira on said:

            AoA dear.mere husband ki job next three months mei khatam ho rahi hai .mei chahti hoon k is mulk se bahir job miley unko ab.kya is baat ko ya dua ko pura krney k liye mei ye waseefa kr sakti hoon?

          • Ji bilkul, apni man pasand nokri hasil karne ki khawahish ko aap is amal se mumkin bana sakti hain, insha ALLAH.

        • Saira on said:

          Mehrunnisa mei do alag maksad k liye alag alag nafal prhti hoon kyun k ziada ho jata hai tu ek din ek maksad k liye or dosrey din dosrey maksad k liye .is tarha better hai ? Ya daily dono maksad k liye alag alag prhon?

          • Aise theek tareeqa nahi hai. Aap rozana parha karen ek hi maqsad ke liye aur dusre maqsad ke liye koi dusra amal parh len.

        • Saira on said:

          Aoa sorry apko disturb krti hoon baar baar asal mei mera itakaad bna hua hai is amal per.jitni ap se baat hui us se ye andaza ho raha hai k ye nafal daily prhney hain jis bhi maksad k liye prhney hoon.per mere liye mere dono maksad hi buhat important hen.kya mei aisa kr sakti hoon k ek din mei 2 baar ye nafal prh lia karo alag alag maksad k liye..sorry for disturbing u again n again.but apki guidance buhat zaroori hai

          • Behtar tareeqa yahi hai ke ek waqt me ek amal ek purpose ke liye hi karen aap. Aap ne do maqaasad ke liye du’a karni hai to kar lijiye.

        • Saira on said:

          Aoa,Mehrunnisa.meri husband se kafi larai ho gai hai or mei apni sister k gher hoon.ab wo ye kehtey hain k meri tarf se koi rabta krey ga timu hi baat ho gi.per mei chahti hoon wo khud rabta kren kya is k liye mei ye amal kr sakti mumkin wala

          • Ji han aap ye namumkin wala amal parh sakti hain.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa.mei ye waseefa kr rahi hoon Mehrunnisa but mere husband tu sun hi nahi rahey kuch.ab talak tak pihanch rahey hain.plz bataen kya karon mei

          • Aap khoob yaqeen se ye wazifa parhiye. Sath me astaghfar bhi parhiye aur sadqah bhi dijiye. Beshak ALLAH hi hai jo namumkin ko mumkin bana sakta hai.

        • Saira on said:

          Aoa Mehrunnisa
          Dear mei buhat pereshaan hoon apni married life ko le kr.mere husbsnd ne buhat zaleel kia kuch arsey mei mujhey family k samney bachon k samney.mere dil se ye baat nahi nikalti.or mere shoher ko koi afsoos nahi in bataon ka.koi waseefa bata den jis se ye sherminda hoon apni herkaton per .in k aker khatam ho ehsaas ho k mei ne ghalt kia hai ye sab

        • Saira on said:

          Aoa.Mehrunisa.kuch arsey mei mere or mere husband k dermiyan buhat differences agaey hain.inhoon ne buhat zaleel kr dia mujhey meri gher walon or apney gherwalon k samney.or koi shermindgi bhi nahi ,na hi ehsaas nazar ata hai.aisa lagta hai jaisey inko meri koi zaroort ya chahat ya fiker nahi.bus chahti hoon k prahi k zarey inko ehssas dilaon or ye apni ghalti tasleem kr sherminda hoon k mei ne ghalt kia hai.kya aisa mumkin hai?

          • Aap website menu se ‘wazifa to remove differences between husband and wife’ dekh kar shuru kijiye.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa .ye waseefa perhatey huey 4 months ho gaey hain.abhi tak husband ki job nahi lagi.mei tak gai hoon buhat please bataen kya karon

  50. sana on said:

    assalamualaikum mai ye namaz padh ri hu jo uper di gyi h apne rishte k lye aur ek jo wazifa h hajat ko pura krne ka jisme 1000 allah hu samad padhna h kya ye aur wo wazifa dono ek hi resaon k lye kr skte hai

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Nahi sis ek hi reason ke liye 2 wazaif aap nahi karen. Aap yahi namumkin ko mumkin banane ki dua pure yaqeen ke sath parhein. Insha ALLAH aapko fayedah hasil hoga, ameen.

      • unknown 1 on said:

        assalamualikum.. ek admi ne hamare 4 lakh rupye leliye use kam na banne pr lautana tha par wo lauta nhi raha hai mere parentss bhtt preshan hai kch wazifa bataiye ke wo hamare paise waps karde.. plss.. apko bhtt bhtt duaein dungi

  51. Ghazala on said:

    Assalamo alaikum.. Mai ye wazifa 8 din ki lagatar ki to wo Mjhe unblock kr dye wo or phr bat hone lgi iske lye sukriya apka bt Avi do din se bht parishaniyan arhi h hmlg ki Bich to mai ab kya kru

    • Anum on said:

      Aoa . Sis me allahu rabbi Wala KR Rai Hun wazifa . To marry someone . . Kia me sath me ye bhi KR skti Hun? . .is neeyat sy k wo narazgi khtm KR k wapis thek hi jaein aur rishta ly aein

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Main purpose to nikah ka hi hai sis, to ap impossible to possible ka amal pasand ki shadi ki niyaat se karte rahen, or amal shuru na karen.

        • Saira on said:

          Aoa Mehrunnisa,dear mere husband ko upper hernia ka problem hai.kya surgery se bachat ho sakti hai??koi pehai bata den k wo usi se better ho jaey pls

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa ,Mehrunnisa
            Na mumkin wala weesafa mei roza prhti hoon.ek se ziada hajat k liye dua kr sakti hoon ek baar mei.kyun k alaf alag prhna kafi ziada ho jata hai.

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Theek hai jaise aap asaani se parh sakti hain parh len magar namumkin ko mumkin banane ka amal mukammal yaqeen ke sath karen.

  52. Adil Rasheed on said:

    As Salaamu Alaikum Imran Bhai,
    Mera sawaal hai, ye wazifa kahan se liye aap? Agar iska zikr bhi kar dein to behtar hoga. Yaani, kya ye wazifa, Hadees se saabit hair, ya kisi peer-auliya me use aazmaya hair jise kamyabi mili, ya ye sirf aapke dil me uthhi khyaalo ka natija hai? Please help me.

  53. Misba Usmani on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah…
    Tamam Allah k bande jo bhi is post ko padh rahe hyn un sab se adaban guzarish hy k is majboor o nihatte bande k liye apne khas duaon me Allah se mannge…
    Bahot badi pareshani me hun aur siwaye Allah k koi ise theek nahi kar sakta…
    Ghar wale bhi meri is halat se bahot pareshan hyn…
    Apne tamam duaon me is lachar bande ko bhi yaad rakhen aur Allah se meri madad mange…
    Allah aap sabko behtar se behtar badla de…
    Jazakumullahu Ahsanal Jaza…
    Misba Usmani…

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Pyare bhai, ap apni ibadaat ke sath ye namumkin ko mumkin banana ka amal zarur parhen rozana. Insha ALLAH, apki jo bhi pareshaniyan hain, wo dur ho jayengi, ameen.

  54. . on said:

    Aoa can I do this during tahujjud and if while reading this if the time goes over to fajr is that ok? As it says don’t read after fajr namaz but what if I start at tahujjud and go over to fajr if I don’t finish on time plz let me know thanks

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Yes it’s okay if you start this amal in Tahajjud and while reciting this, the time of fajar prayer starts. No problem at all sis.

  55. zakiya kousar on said:

    assalam o alekum. me iss duwa ko roz pad rahi hu.. lekin meri problm fir b wahi ki wahi hai…. kya mujse kuch galat ho raha hai kya…. kyu ki muje kuch b farak dikhai nahi de raha hai…. plz rply dijiye…

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ap yaqeen aur dhyaan ke sath parhein. Sadqah bhi de dein aur astaghfar bhi parhein.

  56. mehnaaz on said:

    Assalamo alykum imran bhai main namumkin ko mumkin bane ka wazifa krna​ chati hoon.aap mujhe ye bta dijye main kon sa wazifa krun allhu rabbi la sharika lahu padhu ya 2 2 rakat Namaz surah ikhlas ka wazifa padhu jiss jaldi meri pareshani khatam ho Jaye kyuki main bohot pareshan.

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Ji han ap yahi amal kar lein sis.

    • Ashima on said:

      Mujhe apni problem ke bare mai aapse bat kerni hai kaise keru koi number hai to please dijiye

  57. Iqra on said:

    A.O. A mera question yeh hy k m kisi sy sy bht piyar Karti hun owr hum shadi krny waly thy phr ek misunderstanding ho gai owr ab wo bt nahi krty mujsy kya m unko mehrom banany k liye yeh wazifa kr sakti hun tahajod k tym?

    • saina on said:

      Kya yeh wazifa time ko pichhe kar sakta hai

      • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

        Qudrat ke khilaaf jana mumkin nahi sis. Ye wazaif jayez maqasad ke liye hain. Time piche nahi kiya ja sakta.

  58. zakiya kousar on said:

    assalam o alekum. me bohot parehan hu… mere paise kisi ke pass atke huwe hai… agar me ye namaz padati hu tho kya mere paise mil jayenge muje… bohot din se wait kar rahi hu… kaam atak gaya hai

  59. Thabbu on said:

    Assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathahu
    Mai convert huyim ( now muslim) problm ye he ke muje ek ladka pasand he vo tho kaafir he uno convert hothe bolthe he lekin unke ghar ke problms ke wajah se ab convert hona thoda mushqil he n unku acha job bi nai he hamare ghar me tho acha job vaale ku and muslim se shaadi karne ke lia muje rishtha dikhthe he ab use acha job aaye tho hamare ghar me accept karthe kya mai us ladka se shaadi ke lia ye wajafa karsakthe

    • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

      Dear sis, ap Hindu larke se shadi nahi kar sakti. Islam mein is baat ki ijazat nahi hai. Pahle wo Musalman ho jayen to hi apko wazifa suggest kiya ja sakta hai.

      • Thabbu on said:

        Assalamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathahu
        Zajakillahu khair sis
        Acha shadi ke lia nai karna bole na ji he tho uno muslim hone ke lia ye wajafa karsakthe kya

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Kisi ko Musalman bnane ke liye ap amal na karein. Iske liye ap du’a hi kar sakti hain.

  60. Shaguftah on said:

    Me ye kar skti k papa meri bat man lainI? Or kitny din? Agar ksi din bhool gai? Or kya apk istikhara krty han ksi kk behalf py?

      • sanya ansri on said:

        Hum jinse shaadi Karna chahte the wo ab 2 saal baad chhod ke chale gye hai unka kuch pta ni chal rha hai kya hum ye amal kar sakte jisse unka pata lag sake or wo hume apna le hum 2 saal tak baat kiye hai or pyr karte hai

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Namumkin ko mumkin banane ki dua ap isi surat me kar sakti hain ke agar apka istikhara ka natija positive hai. Agar istikhara ap ne nahi kiya to yahan website se dekh ke kijiyega aur bataiyega.

  61. Imran bhai es tarh niyaat karni ha na niyaat ki mane sakht parshani ki 2 nafal namaz ki vasate Allah tala ka liya muh mara kaba Sharif ki tarf

    • Al Imran on said:

      Ji han theek niyat ki hai ap ne.

      • Imran Bhai sab jiyda kon si site par online hota ho……..

        • Al Imran on said:

          Ji yahan hi online rehta hu main.

          • Saira on said:

            Imran bhai in tamam wazaif mei se ager apni problem k liye koi waseefa sahi lagey tu kr sakey hain begair ijazat k?

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Ek bar website ko susbcribe kar lein ap. Phir koi bhi amal ap kar sakti hain.

      • Maham on said:

        Bhai ye namumkim ko mumkin bnany wly wazify sy pehly istakhara to nhe krna pary ga

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ye depend karta hai apke maqsad par. Agar Pasand ki shadi ke liye karna hai ye amal to istikhara karna hoga pahle otherwise nahi.

      • Saira on said:

        Aoa.Saira here.can u please give me permission of doing this wasifa for any of my impossible problems.please reply

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa.sorry for disturbing u again and again .Actually these wasaif are very beneficial Allhumdolillah and in routin life we have many problems to deal with .But it is necessary for me to get permission of doing any of these wasaif.i have already follow the way u told to as per u said i can do any of these wasif for my problem?like i am very impressed by the positive changes of that wasifa Namumkin ko mumkin bnaney ki dua and second one i blow on to my husband that( InnAllahha yusmio maiyashao)i want to continue theses wasif I mentioned above.need ur permission in it just .thanks alot for helping me .one mor thing i read surah Fateha and 4 qul many times does i have to stop them or no problem in carrying them with these wasaif.

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            You can perform this wazifa whenever you want. And you can recite Surah fatiha and Qul Shareef as well. Better to do one wazifa for one purpose at a time. Though different Wazaif for different purposes can be done at the same time.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa,ao se pochna tha k namumkin ko mumkin bnaney wala waseefa kitni baar prh saktey hain .means ager dua abhi puri nahi hui ho tu nafal hain ye maximum kitney roz baad pir prh saktey hain ye?ya daily prhey ja saktey hain?koi nuksaan tu nahi her roz prhney mei?

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Namumkin ko mumkin banane ka amal ap ne rozana parhte rahna hai jab tak natija na nikal aaye.

      • Saira on said:

        Imran bhai kya mei ye wasifa roz mara k problems k liye kr sakti hoon?

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ji kar sakti hain.

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa
            Dear mera dil buhat ghabrata hai ,aisey lagta hai jaisey mei kuch bhi prh loon kuch rheek nahi ho ga,waswasey atey rehtey hain dil khoof ki zad mei rehta hai her wakt.please dil ko sakoon or ghabrat se dor krney k liye kuch bata den.shukria

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa .meri sister pregnant hain ek beti hai pehley.wish hai k Allah is baar beta de de .first month hai abhi kuch prhney k liye bata sakti hain please

          • Saira on said:

            Aoa Mehrunnisa.ap ne jo husband and wife relationship k liye taweez bnaney ko kaha tha 40 days ho gaey koi aser nahi nazar araha.please bataen k kya kron jis se wo meri baat manen

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Insha ALLAH manenge wo baat, ap fikr na karen. Ab ap chahen to ye namumkin ko mumkin ka amal bhi kar sakti hain.

          • Saira on said:

            Mehrunnisa.Na mumkin ko mumkin bnaney waley amal mei jo 51 baar droodh shrif prhna hai wo koi bhi prh saktey hain ya pir droodh e ibrahim hi prhna hai.koi chota droodh prh saktey hain?

          • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

            Durood-e-Ibraheemi sirf wahin parhna hota hai jahan khas taur par mention kiya gya ho. Namumkin ko mumkin banane ki dua me koi bhi Durood Shareef ap parh sakti hain, apki marzi hai.

  62. gulzar on said:

    salaams and duas al Imran Bhai. I have been taking out lots of wazifa and alhamdullilah it has given a speedy action to my newphews and other friends. Like two got scholarships alhamdullilah and one got promotion. But with my own offsprings (aulad) I am still struggling as my son is not get a good job in canada and one of my sons is not in talking terms with me at all for the past 3 years now. and His wife is my brothers daughter. Pls. kindly help me. I am still on my wazifa lets see ay be slow and sure. Alhamdullillah

      • R k on said:

        Assalam alaikum bhaijaan
        Meri pareshani ye hai ki mere abbu ka inteqaal 3 mahiine pehle hua hai or mere abbu kuch saal pehele apne dono Bhai ko apne business me invilve kar liye the kyuki unki sehat achi nahi rehti this us waqt mere bhaiya bohot chore the .. or abbu ne saara Paisa or property ke papers sab kuch unke paas Diya hua tha … Mere abbu ke inteqaal ke thik kuch din baad baad mere chote abbu office se saare paise utha kar apne pass rakh liye or mere bade abbbu mere ammi ke naam PE hue lic k paise apne pass.. aap please koi aisa wazifa batae jisse mere Bhai or ammi ko unka haq mil jae or mujhe naukri main bohot din se pareshan hun lekin Meri naukri nahi ho Rahi please Meri madad karye

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ap upar wala amal karein sis. Insha ALLAH apki pareshani hal ho jayegi, ameen.

  63. Sheriy on said:

    MashAllah very good website maine 2wazifiye kiye ty yahn sey mujy bhot fahida howa tha maine ye puchna hai k meri shop khtam.hoo rahi hai aur usko wapc lane ka shaid 10%chance hai woh jo wazifa hai na mumkin ko mumkin bnana doara wala Allahu rabi la shareekala.pta nai maije shaud thk.likhi dua…. Kia main woh kar skta hou shop k liye???

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap ye amal kar sakti hain. Aur kindly ap detail se bataiye sis konse wazaif kiye ap ne aur kya fayedah mila apko. 🙂

      • Mir Saif alli on said:

        Mujhe izaazat chahiye mere sadi ke liye for love marriage

        • Al Imran on said:

          Ijazat ke liye ap Website ko Follow karein bhai-
          Aur ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ karein pahle. Phir batayen.

  64. naila on said:

    Assalamlikum I started wazifa allahu raabi la shareeka la hu which one is working fast I tried this one before also

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Mash ALLAH. It’s lovely that you got benefits from this wazifa. Can you please let me know the details of this wazifa and the benefits you got from it.

    • Aneesa on said:

      Can u tell how to perform this wazifa

  65. rukhsar on said:

    Asslaam walaikum sir…sir meri prblm ye haii…ek ladka hai hamdono shadi karna chahty hai..but family wale ready nahi hai ladka keyy…or mere ghr wale bhi lekin abbu shart pe taiyar hue hai ke agar ladka k ghr wale pahle ate hai shadi ke liye khushi khushi to kardengey ..plzzz sirr koi wazifa bataee app ke unke gjr wale dil se ready hojae shadi ke liyeee…or jald rishta lekar aye ghrr…meri prblm solve kardijiye plzz

  66. Unknown on said:


    Muje ye wazifa Karna hai
    Mere husband ne ek flat liya hai aur loan khud K naam par nai hone k wajhese wo nanad K naam pe kiya hai .

    In-laws nai chahte ki wo flat transfer Ho

    Usko husband K naam aur khud K naam pe transfer K liye ye Karna hai

    Izajat chahiye

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Kar Lein ap ye amal aur is amal ko karne se pahle website subscribe karna na bhooliyega.

  67. sana on said:

    Assalamualaikum imran bhai niyat kaise bhandhni h

    Mai niyat krti ho 2 rakat namaz nafil sakht pareshani allah subhan allah wa taala se hal krwane k lye waste allah taala k mu mera qabe sharif ki taraf .

    Plz imran bhai jldi rply kijiyega mere pas time bht km h bs 2 din bache se

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji thik hai niyat apki.

  68. M Salman on said:

    Assalmualykum sir mujhe ik ladki bhut chti thi ghrawlo k bina mrgi shadi krne chti thi mere mana krne pr roti ab 14 maheene k bad m chane laga hoo.ab wo kehti hai mere ghrawle nahi manenge m ajtk usse mila bhi dekhi hai.m chahta hoo uske ghrwale sab manjaye

  69. aliya on said:

    Hme aksar khwab me dikhta h k him exam se rhe h iska kya mtlb. h plz btae ????b

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, general dreams ki tabeer nahi batate ham.

  70. mvra on said:

    as salam o alaikom imran bhai mjhay koi wazifa bataen so that apni choice ki marriage ho but mjhay qul shareef ka taweez bnanay se dar lagta hai koi aur wazifa bata den .me aj kal ya qahhar kar rahi hn 2nd set hai aj kal.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Pahle ya Qahharu ka amal mukammal karen. Jab jadu ki kaat ho jaye phir mujhe inform karen. Aur koi bhi love marriage ka wazifa karne se pahle istikhara zarur karein. #yaALLAHcomments

      • mvra on said:

        istikhara mera positive hai noreen appi ko bhi bataya tha plz mjhay koi fast effective wazifa batayen 🙁

      • mehnaaz on said:

        Bhai Kya main namumkin ko mumkin bnane ka wazifa aur surah me surah ikhlas ka 90 din ka wazifa sath me kr sakti hoon?

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Purpose agar ek hai to dono mein se ek hi amal karen.

        • mehnaaz on said:

          Bhai surah iklas ka 90 din ke wazifa me darood Ibrahim padhna hai koi bhi darood padh sakte hai?

          • Al 'Imran on said:

            Koi bhi Durood Shareef parh sakte hain.

  71. Assalam walikum imran bhai mai bht ziada parshn hn bht ziada mainy admins ko bhi messenger py msg kiya but aunka reply nhi aya hai plzzz mujhybht dua ki zarort hai meri 7 years sy eng hoewe hai10 years sy relation mai thy hum ia year shadi honi thi but mery fiance eng torny ka bol rhy hain sb ko k mujhy nhi krni hai kisi ki nhi soun rhy hain apny parents ki bhi nhii mery imlaws nhi chahty hain k mangni toty plzzz plzzzzz mujhy wazifaaaa batdnnn jis sy wo khud han krdn or humri jaldi shadi hojaaa aunk dil sy nafrt khtm hojaa plzzz help me

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Have you done ‘yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara’ from this link- ? If not, then do this for 7 days. Read details on the page and let me know once you complete it.
      Do not forget to subscribe the website before doing any wazifa through this link-
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  72. DABEER AHMAD on said:

    assalamwalikum mera Naam dabeer ahmad main india se hun…. aur is waqt kuwait me job kar raha hun… meri pershani ye hai hazrat main ek ladki se mohabbat karta hun 18 month se… aur ham log shaadi karna chahate hain… pahele maine apne ghar me baat ki to sabne mana kar diya…. phir maine koshish ki magar meri ammi nahi maani aur main kuwait job ke liye aagaya aur ladki ke papa ne uski shaadi tay kar di 12 oct ko uski shaadi hai…. magar ham dono ek dusre se bepanha mohabbat karte hain aaj bhi ham log baat karte hain phone se….. ladki mujse shaadi ke liye agree hai magar ab uske ghar wale mana kar rahe hain… aur bol rahe hain jahan engement hui hai wahin shaadi karni padegi magar ladki nahi karna chahati hai….. aur ham log koi aisa kadam bhi nahi uthana chahaty ki ghar walo ki beizzati ho…. kuch aisa bataye ki jahan se engement hui hai ladke wale khud inkaar kar den…. tab ladki ke ghar wale mujse shayed karne ko raazi ho jaye

  73. Imran khan on said:

    Asslam walaikum imran Bhai….
    Mai bahut pareshan hai me Hun….

    Mai ek ladki ko pasand karta Hun…
    Aur usse shadi bhi karna chahta Hun..
    ..but uski family ready nai ho rahi hai..
    Kyuki Mai aalag category ka Hun..
    Wo aalag JAAt ki hai to uske ghar wale ready nai ho rahe …
    To Mai kya Karun…
    Hmlog ek dusre ke bina reh nai sakte hain…
    To ye amal karen …..
    …plz reply kijye …..

  74. Zahra on said:

    Asslamualimukm Miranda Bhai mjy pochna hy kya ye wazifa hm love marriage k liye kr skty hy jis sy sb kushi sy hmary rishty k liye agree ho jaye plz help me ya phr koi aisa wazifa bta dain jo bht jld work kry mera nikkha istikhra positive hy

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes kar sakti hain ap ye amal. #yaALLAHcomments

  75. Saquib on said:

    Assalamalaikum Bhai… Please gynecomastia khatam karne ka koi wazifa bata dein… How to reduce chest enlargement in males without surgery…

  76. Zeba on said:

    Salam bhai my engineering karti hu mjh darr hai ki kahi my apni eligibility na khodu halan Maine alhumdulillah achhe imtehan likhe hai phir b kya my ye wazifa padsakti hu

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ji ha ap parh sakti hai.

  77. Farha syed on said:

    Assalamu alaikum Imran bhai…
    Me jinse muhabbat karti hu me unse hi shadi karna chahti hu or wo bhi hum dono ki family razi he bas meri family thoda dar rahi waha shadi karne ko kyu ke wo door he city se or mere abbu marhum he unki job mujhe hi karni he bhai or gov me meri family nahi manegi job chorne ko shadi ke baad bhai kr mere siwa meri b famiky ka koi nahi or dikkat ye he ke me ra transfer mushkil he unke city me hona bhai or me or wo ek dusre ke bina reh hi nahi sakte he bhai pls mene fb grp me inbox me har jagah bht msg kiy aap sabko aap sabhi admins ne reply bhi diy lekin me chahti hu aap ek esa wazifa amal dedo jo me kar saku or esa ho jaye ke wo apne waliden ke sath humare hi sheher me aa jaaye ya fir esa kuch ho kaye jisse humari dono family razi ho or mukje AsaNiya ho bhai me bht pareshan hu bhai njt bht bht zyda pls bhai me bhi chahti hu ke apke yaha k amal ko karke kamyB hu or fir me b happy wala post pesh karu bhai plsss

    Or wo humare city me shift ho jaye lekin wo khud ek hi lote bete he bas ek behsn he bhai Imran pls kaash esa ho jaye unki behen ki shadi humare Jabalpur me ho jaye or unki bhi job idhar lag jaye or wo apne maa baap ko leke yaha par shift ho jaue dono family khush rahegi or meri job ki b dikkat ni aayhi bhai pls koi esa wazifa bata do me aapse request karti hu imran bhai

  78. Asma on said:

    Assalamualikum bhai ye namumkin ko mumkin krne wala wazifa kitne din tk krna hai???

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ab tak asar na ho ap ye amal kar sakti hai.

  79. sundas on said:

    salam bhai
    meri shadi mery cousin k sth krai ja ri hai. jo mjy psand ni wo b ni krna chata mery sy shadi. ap ny mjy ye wazifa krny ka kaha hai. bhai mjy bta dain kitny din tk ye wazifa krna hai mjy. aur mjy ijazat dy dain.

  80. Farha syed on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum Imran bhai mera sasural mere city se bht door he or me chahti hu ke Meri Nannd ka Nikah mere city me ho jaaye ya mere sasural wale Ajmer shareef me Shift ho jaaye pls Imran bhai Koi Wazifa esa bata den ke sab bjt asaan ho jaaye aana jana 18hours se 12 hours ho jaay me bht pareshan hu Pls waizfa bata de jo bht powerful ho or Jald se Jald kaam ho

  81. Talha Husain on said:

    Sir main bahut paresaan hu meri girl friend ki Saadi lag gai hai aur main usse bahut pyar karta hu main uske bagair nhi Ji paunga koi aisi dua bataiye ki Saadi ukhad jaye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      I answered you brother.

  82. Z-arain on said:

    Meri pregnancy ka masla hay ultra sound thora thek nae aya yeh wazifa karlun mai?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      apka amal karne ka purpose kya hai sis?

  83. Sana on said:

    Asalmu alekum,i,mein conceive krna chati hu isi month .plz mjhe Aisa wazifa btye Jo Allaah Subhan o Tata meri dua jld qubool krein. Plzz

  84. aliya on said:

    Mera shadi ka 5 saal hogya or mera bacha nhi ho raha h isme mera husband or hm boht pareshan h kiya kare plz kuch help kariye meri

  85. iqrakhalil on said:

    Main ak larky ko bht pasnd karti hon or use shadi karna chahti hon phle wo bhi mre 7 shadi krna chahta tha par jab usne ghar walo sy bat ki uske bad sy usne mujhe bat krna hi chor diya hai main ye wazifa parhn to wo man jye ga or uske that wale man jaye gay??

  86. Naaz on said:

    Assalamualkum mere shadi ko 14 month ho gaye lekin Abhi tak Koi baby nhi h Kiya me ye wazifa kar sakti hu or kab tak kar sakti hu plz help me

  87. foz on said:

    Assalam o aliequm. Maeri behan es waqt mushkil mae hae. Mulk se baher hae aur professor ke taraf se osay bara khatra hae keh woh osay kaam mukammal kiyae beghaer na mulk se niklwa dae.Kia mae yeh wazifa pur sakti hoon. Foree reply needed time bohat kum hae. mujhay ejazat ki soorat mae foran karna hae

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Yes sis, ap ye amal kar sakti hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-
      Agar ap mazeed rehnumayi hasil krna chahte hain to ‘ya ALLAH FB Messenger’ pe message karein-

  88. zain on said:

    ma ksi ko 4 saal se pasand karta hoon aur unko apne nikah mai lana chata hoon .. par larki walon ma cast problem ha wo log cast se bher nahe karty .Basically ma khud Qureshi family sae hoon ar hm loogn ma yh cast wala koi rule nahe ha .ma wahan rishta bhejna chata hoon par koi wasila nahe bn rha aik doo baar baat hue waha lekin unlogon ne taal diya khty howe hm cast se bher nahe krty kch bhe ho jaye …. ma already yh wazifa kar chuka hoon us wazifa ma farq yh tha ke surah FATEHA ke baad 11 baar surah IKHLAS agli rakat ma 21 baar aur 3rd ma 31 and 4 ma 41 aur 51 baar DAROOD SHAREEF .. ar yh 11 days tk krna tha mane kiya . ab mjhe koi wazifa btyen ke koi unlogon ke dil naram haun aur ALLAH koi wasila karien.

    • Naaz on said:

      Assalamu Alaykum,
      HI! mera nam naaz he, me ye wazifa kar rahi hu, meri problem he ham pe karza bahut ho chuka he, isliye padh rahi hu, pls tell me k ye wazifa karne se meri muskil to solve hogi ne?
      Pls Reply must.

      • Al 'Imran on said:

        Insha ALLAH apki problem dur ho jayegi bus ap yaqeen ke sath wazifa karein. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
        Join Now!!-

      • heena on said:

        Assalamu alaikum mri age 27 hogai hw riahtw alhumdulillah bht aate he pr pata nhi q allah ki kya mrzi he k ab tk mri shadi nhi hui h
        Mjhe kya wazifa krna chiye k jld se jld mri shadi hojay
        Ek lska mjhe pyr krta he n mjhe b psnd he wo mjhse shadi krna chaat he pe mre ghr wali nhi chaate he k usse bcz wo hmre gao ka nhi he plzzz help

  89. shinning on said:

    Sir Main jisay pasand krti hun hum dono k parents nahe man rahe koe wazifa batayein k ALLAH pak ki trf se sabab ban jaye or woh man jayein

      • Mohammad Taha Siddiqui on said:

        Assalam Alekum Hazrat.

        Main India (Up) se hun meri 2 sisters hai jin ki shaadi ko le kar bhot fikar rehti hai. Bhot se wazaif bhot si Dua-e-or Roohani Amal kiye pr koi result samne nahi aata hr baar sirf na Kamyabi hasil hoti hai jitne bhi baar istekhara kiya gaya ya Faal kholi gai us me bandish aati hai.

        Aap se guzarish hai ki koi Wazifa inayar farmayen or Rehnumai kare.

        Jazak ALLAH.

  90. Syeda on said:

    Assalaamu alaikum.. brother i hv married just 3+ months back i did istikhara before doing marriage…now after my marriage my in laws started pointing that my parents didnt give a dress for my husband in our marriage and they dont like me for this. i had misscarriage 10 days back.. i dont knw y ? allah alone knows why it happend before my misscarriage my husband was talking with me telling me that his parents asking me to give divorce but i did nt do anything iam going through all this tortures nw after my misscarriage my husband is not talking with me neither replies to my messages he lives in abroad he told he will come back and take me with him in a month and then once he called me and told his mum is nt well and she dont want him to take me with him so soon….i dnt knw what is wrong with him….i luv him and want to live with him plz gv me some wazifa so that he should come to me and live with me removing all his complexes for my parents and we should live happily ever…

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Dear sis, you can apply an ‘Islamic amal’ for your husband from this link - a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  91. Bushra on said:

    Mai 27 saal ke hon or last 7 years sy kise ko like krte yaktarfa pasnd nh hai balk pichly 5 saal sy mery ghar rishta bhaija ja raha hai per meri family cast system py believe rakhte hai is ly unho ny rishty sy inkar kr diya hai.mera taluk azad kashmir sy hai or larka zaat ka malik hai jb k humri family me is zat ko chota smja jata hai.pichly kuch maheno me humri shadi ke bat start howe the lykin phr 1 dam sy rait ke tarhan sub hathon sy nekal gya or mery ghar walon ny proper way me inkar kr diya per mai kise or insan sy shadi ka soch b nh pate.ab larky waly b mayos ho choky hai or mazeed koshish nh krna chahty sewaey is k k mry ghar khud sy Han kry.ap plzzz mjy koi wazifa btaey jis sy mayosi k in halat me umeed ke koi kiran nazar aye.

    • Bushra on said:

      Bhai ap ny mjy nikhah istekhara krny ko kaha tha per mjy lagta hai k mai istekhara krny me galte kr rahe.kya ap ye istekhara mry ly kise or sy krwa skty?qk mjy duaon k view clear nazar nh aty.Mai aj kal behad preshan hon qk halat meri khawahish k against ja rahy or ab larky waly b apny qadam pechy ko khainch rahy.Mai chahte hon k sub ke raza or izat sy ye mamla ty pa jaey.plzzz ap meri rehnamae farmaey or mjy jald jawab dy.

      • Al 'Imran on said:

        Ap dehaan ke sath istikhara shuru kijiye. Ye karna zaruri hai. Bohat asan hai ye. Sab yahi istikhara karte hain. Is ke bad hi apki mazeed rehnumayi kar sakta hun. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
        Join Now!!-

      • Bushra on said:

        Salam bhai
        Ap k kehny k motabik mai ny kal rat sy istekhara shoro kiya hai or rat jo khawb aya hai wo ap sy share kr rahe hon.rat ko mai ny 2 khawab daikhy hai.1 me ye daikha k koi mjy 1 chota sa healthy baby pakrata hai per pakrany waly ko mai nh daikh sake or dosra khawab me mai ny daikha k mai apni kameez ka daman kanchi sy kaat rahe.
        Bhai Mai pichly kahe salon sy wazaif kr rahe hon per halat me behtri k bajaey mazeed kharabi arahe hai.mai ap ko detail me kuch btana chahte hon .kya ap mjy apna koi email id dy skty?
        Plz meri rehnamae farmaey.
        Allah ap k darjat buland farmaey.ameen

        • Al 'Imran on said:

          Apka khawab apke haq mein hai. Ap 7 din pure karein aur ap yahan mujhe text kar sakti hain – Agar ap ke follower hain to apko ‘yaALLAH Dua Wazaif’ ki ijazat hai. Agar follower nahi hain to abhi is link se website ko subscribe kijiye phir apko sab wazaif ki ijazat mil jayegi-
          yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
          Join Now!!-

  92. Mansoor on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum,Sir mere beti 10th class main prhti hai koi wazifa btaye k wo papers main pass ho Jaye nine class main b wo kuch subject main fail ho gae hai kisi ny kaha hai k us KO naazar lagi hai plzz koi wazifa btaye k wo pass ho Jaye

  93. ayesha riaz on said:

    And sir isme tabeeh e fatima kb parhni hai 100 times Ya-Allahu parhny k baad sajda se uth kr parhni hai kea.

  94. ayesha riaz on said:

    Asalam o alaikum Sir me apni study ki waja se bht pareshan houn. Kamyabi b chahti houn dili sakoon b chahti houn. Na khanay ko dil krta hai na kisi se baat krny ko dil krta hai. Plz mjy koi aisa amal btaein k jis se mera khush rahy.

  95. mohammad.mudassar usmani on said:

    assalamualaikum biradrane millat aap se jaanna chahta hu ki is ki niyat kaise bhandhenge

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Aam hajat ki namaz ki niyat karni hai ap ne.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  96. sir ager koe ye kahe k wo apke liye sub kuch karskta hai wo apka sath dega to apko kya karna chahiye?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Aise mein ap apne parents se us insan ke liye bat karein aur Nikah istikhara karein. Agar uska result positive ata hai to ap Nikah ki bat agay barha sakti hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  97. ayesha riaz on said:

    Sir mjy b apka jawab chahye
    Me supplementary k imtehan me appear hona chahti houn. Ap sbki dua chahye k kamyab ho jaoun. Aur is wazeefa ki b ijazzat chahye

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Agar ap ya ALLAH ki follower hain to apko ijazat hai wazifa karne ki.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  98. Aarzu on said:

    Assalamuallaikum wa rehmatullh..

    Bhayijan..! Mujhe shadi nhi kerni mene abi bas 2nd pu complt kiya hai or mere mom dad chahte he ki me shdi kerlu.. Or unhone meri colg rok ker mujhe engage b krdiya lkn me abhi 5yrs padna chahti hu.. Job krna chahti hu..apni pehchan banana chahti hu..lkn mere mom dad nhi maanre o meri jald se jld shadi krwana chahte he..bhyi plz its a humbly request ap bataye ki me shadi kese roku or pdhayi kese start kr sku.. ..jazakallah!

  99. Aleema on said:

    Assalam alaikum bhai plzzz meri help kariye. Ek friend ne mujhse 10000 ki help mangi Maine uski help Kr di PR 2 year ho gya WO mera money nhi de rha hai kya iske lye koi wajeefa hai???? Agar hai toh plzzzzzz btaiye or KB or kaise perform krna hai ye b bta dijiye ga.
    Jaza kallah

  100. salma on said:

    Assalamualaikum..sir maine nikaah istakhara dekha hai bataiye yeh positive hai ya nhi hai

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Where are the dreams? Wo batayengi to hi apko result bata sakunga.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  101. Zainab on said:

    Mujhe ye Btye bhai pyar me pagal wala wazifa karne ke bad kon sa amal karu?mujhe usse sadi karni h.aur Ek baat Bhul gai aapko btani ti sorry jab usne Mujhse ladai kar li Mujhse nafrat karne laga to uski ammi ne mulvi ko dawat di ti bola Aapne humhra kam kar diya.bez Uss Ladke ne Aapne ghar me bol diya ta Mai nh rh sakta uske bina Mar insab ka koi negative asar to nh Padhega na meri dua me Mai bhut jada paresnh hu Ek saal se dua fariyad kar rh h Allah pak se pure yakin ke sath but kabi kabi har jati hu . uski family kaisi bi h Mai Unke sath rhna chahti hu . plz Btye kya karu but ye bi h Maine jab se wazifa start kiya to asar dekh rh h . but usne baat hi nh ki bola jante hi nh tumhe ye thoda Ajeeb laga.kya karu?

  102. Zainab on said:

    Salamwalkum bhai plz help me Khuda ke vaste kuch Btye Mai kya karu.mai kisi se bhut jada pyar karti hu wo bi karta h kuch misunstanding ki wajah se wo naraj ho gaya baat tak nh karna chahta ta Mujhse uske ghar wale nh chahte wo Mujhse sadi kare.bhut din se wait kar rh hu uska wo bi karta h Mujhse pyar wo kahi aur sadi nh karna chahta h sadi ke naam pe meri pick dekh ke roo rh ta.usne mera no block kar rakha ta . Maine ya wadoo ya raoofu ya rahimu wala Aur pyar me pagal wala wazifa kiya.ek din Maine usko ruka rashte me to wo Pahle ruka fir chala gaya kuch nh bola .Allah shukar h uske Ek frnd wo help kar rh meri to unko Maine beja to usne unse bola hum baat karege usse mood Thik ho jaye to . fir Maine Ek din miss kiya to Maine dekha mera no unblock h Aur usne whtsaap ki I’d bi bana li but jis din usne mujhe unblock kiya Usi din se wo bimar ho gaya bed rest pe chala gaya. Fir Maine aaj usko fir call ki to Ek min sahi se baat ki fir bola kon h tum hum nh jante iss naam ki kisi bi ladki ab phone nh karna.aur pyar me pagal wala wazifa ka aaj mera 2nd day ta. Btye Mai karu mujhe kuch Samjh nh aaya usne aise kyu bola Mai nh rh sakti uske bina plz help me. But mujhe Allah pak me pura yakin h meri dua kubool hogi Aur bhut jaldi. Ameen
    Aur Maine nikha ishkatra bi kiya ta positive ta . plz Btye kya karu

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ap jo amal kar rahi hain. Iski sab conditions ko pura karte huye mukammal karein. Insha ALLAH, isi se apka masla hal ho jayega. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  103. salma on said:

    Assalamualaikum.. mera engagement hokar 2 saal hogaya hai hamare susral shadi ke liye kuch nhi bolre shadi ke liye bht rukawat aarahe hai shadi jald se jald hojane ke liye koi hal batayiye ke meri shadi 1 month hojana

  104. Assalam u alekum
    Muje aek larki se bohot ziada muhabbat ha or wo be muj se muhabbat karti lekin us k waleden ne us ka reshta kahi or kardya ha ab kuch dino me mangni hone wali ha or hum dono pareshan ha koi amal bataiy ga plz

  105. Tazmeen on said:

    Assalamu Alaikum Bhai, mere upar bahot karz hai, kya mai ye wazifa karz door karne k liye kar sakti hu ? Plz reply

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han ap kar sakti hain ye amal.
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  106. sumera aamir on said:

    Salaam..mujhy aap koi email address dain jis par main aapko apna masla byaan krsakon..plz main yaha nahi krna chahti…jazakallah

  107. Kausar on said:

    Isko kb tk pd skte sirf 11 din aur raat me 11 bje k bd. Pd skte h ishan ki nmaz k bd new wuzu krke

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Kisi bhi waqt shuru kar sakte hain ye amal aur tab tak karna hai jab tak apka maqsad pura nahi ho jata. yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

    • Kausar on said:

      Sir plz btayein gap ho jaye to koi problem to nhi h aur time roz ka same hona zroori h plzz rply

      • Al 'Imran on said:

        Agar majburan gap parh jaye to koi bat nahi. Koshish karein ke rozana parha karein. Kisi bhi waqt parh sakte hain aur Surat Ikhlas Qur’an Shareef ke 30th Pare mein hai. Kindly ek hi comment mein sare sawal pucha karein.
        yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
        Join Now!!-

  108. sofiyan shaikh on said:

    As salam walekum.bhai mujhe aisa dua bataiye jisse meri Ghar Ki saari pareshaaniya door ho jaaye Aur roozi roti mein Ghar mein barqat aaye.
    Humare sar Se karz ka bojh door ho jaaye plz bataiye amal aisa koi.

  109. muktadir on said:

    sir plz mujhe 11 no point firse describe kije……Fir ALLAH Subhanahu Wata ‘Ala se barhe ajizi tariqe se ro-rokar apni pareshani ko asan karne ki dua kijiye;..ush tariqese matlab samajme nehi aia,,,,,,,plz sir help kije

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Matlab khalus-e-dil se ALLAH Ta’ala se du’a karein. Simple!!
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  110. Juveriya on said:

    Bhai jazakallah meri help karne k liye
    N ap koi aisa wazifa bataye jisse mere czn ka rishta aaye mere aur humlog ki shaadi bhi hojaye mere aunty mere czn Bhai n behn ki shaadi ek sath karne wale hai may k month plzzz ap aisa wazifa bataye jisse aunty ki taraf se h rishta aaye mujhe aur humlog ki shaadi hosake

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ap ye amal kijiye sis -
      yaALLAH Community ko join karen jahan Hazaron ki tadad me Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain. Join Now!!-

  111. goldengirl on said:

    salam kia yeh mein akr sakti hon? hm bht parshan hain. Meri sahdi ni hori hai aur umar nikal ri hai . Father ka kam khatam hogya hai aur bhai ko 4 saal hogaye na job mil ri hai na visa. bht si dua and wazifa kiye hain 6 saal se koi kam ni kar raha hai. bs ab himmat aur sabr khatm hogya hai.

  112. Unknown on said:

    Niyat karte waqt niyat bolna zaruri hai ya nai, ya sirf meri musibat ko dur karne K liye bola to b chalega aur Uske bad Dua kiye to chalega

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Amal shuru karte waqt ap apni pareshani dur karne ki niyat karein. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  113. Unknown on said:

    Pehle 2rakat K bad salam ferkar dubara niyat bandhkar hi padha chahiye na

    Aur me ye mere sasural walo K liye padhna chahti hu taki unke dil me rehem aye mere liye aur bache K liye aur muje aur mere shohar ko Hamesha sath me rehne de

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han aise hi parhna hai. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  114. fatima on said:

    Kia main yh wazeefa kisi b khuwaish na mumkin cheez ko mumkin k liye kr saktii hun kiaa.. ?

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji han kisi bhi jayez maqsad ke liye ap ye amal kar sakti hain. yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  115. ayesha riaz on said:

    Asalam o alaikum
    Sir me apni parhai ki waja se bht pareshan houn. mjy parhai k lye wazeefa chahye k zehan b khul jaey aur parhai me b asani ho jaey . Aur result b acha aye phr.
    Plz help me.

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ap ye amal karein -
      yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
      Join Now!!-

  116. Juveriya on said:


    Mai mere cousin bht like karti hu aur unse h shaadi b karna chahti hu par unku kabhi bolne himmat nhi hui abhi unke liye ladki dekhrahe hai toh mai kounsa wazifa karu jis se unki taraf se h ye rishta mere liye aaye n humlog ki shaadi hosake plzzzz Bhai jaldi h rply kijiye unki shaadi bht jald h karne wale hai unke ghr wale mai bht pareshan hu meri help kariye plzzz

      • Juveriya on said:

        Bhai Maine ye nikah istekhara dekha hai ap plz batayi ye positive aaya hai ya nhi
        1 day koi ladka mujhe follow karre thei WO white T-shirt me tha BT mujhe face sahi nazar nhi aaya
        2 day mai meri friend Ku meri shaadi k jewellery batarahi hu
        3 day mai jiske liye ye istekhara dekha hai unno h nazar aaye
        4 day ka yaad nhi
        5 day no dream
        6 day no dream
        7day bhi phr se unno h nazar aaye

  117. zia on said:

    Mein ne yaAllah nikah istikhara kiya tha jine mujhe shadi krni thi mere khawab mei aaya k mere mamu k ghr me shadi h aur mei bhi waha hu aur woh jinse mujhe shadi krni h woh bhi dikhe the khwab mei mgr mei koi bt pe mamu se gussa thi aur fight kr rhi thi

  118. anu on said:

    Bhai Aslam Alaikum Ya Allah Parhna hai ya phir Ya ALLAHU

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Kis wazifa ki bat kar rahi hain ap?
      yaALLAH Community ko join karein jahan Hazaron ki tadad mein Musalman ek dusre ki madad kar rahe hain.
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  119. subbu on said:

    Him jisse pyar krte hai wo bahut jaldi naraz ho jata hai choti si baat par or shadi krne ke liye apne ghar walo ko mana le, koi wazifa batay

  120. Kausar Sheik on said:

    Assalamu alekum,

    Mari jeethani aur jet o dono muje bahut toucher karte hai, mari pati ke char bhai hai, aur teenio bhai bade bhai par bahut bharosa karte the,lekin un dono ne jo ghar hai, o ghar dono ke naam pe kiya hai, aur abi o bar bar ghar se bahar nikalni ki dhamki dete hai, in sab bato se main aur mare pati bahut paresan hu, ghar main hamesha sokoon rehne ke liye koi wazifa bataye.

  121. aasma on said:

    meri age 28 years hai rishty aty thy lekin bat nhi banti thi bht pareshan thi ek din door k relatives me se cousin ny contact kr k kaha k pasand krta hn shadi krna chahta hn mai us se 5 saal bari hn pehly mai nhi manti thi ab mai usko pasand krny lgi hn to wo mujhse bat nhi krta or ghr me bat nhi krta mere bary me usko lgta hai k uski ami nhi maneingi q k wo us ki shadi kisi or se krwana chahti hen jab se usko bataya hai k mai usko pasand krny lgi hn wo avoid krny lg gya hai please kucch btaein jis se us k dil me mere liye pyyar paida ho khud mujse contact kry uski ami man jaein or meri shadi hojae us se mai aksar beemar bhi rehti hn doctors kehty hen k thik hn lekin mere left ear me or left kidney me pain rehti hai cousin se contact hony se pehly bhi rishta nahi ho raha tha ab chahti hn usi se shadi ho kuch btaein jis se sari rukawatein khtm ho jaein mai b thk ho jaoun

  122. Nasrin on said:

    Assalamu alekum bahot jagah se meri shadi ka rishta aaya par kamyabi nhi mili har bar koi na koi wajah se rishte ki baat hote hote ruk gyi Aur ab pareshani ye h ki ab koi achha rishta nhi aa raha h mere ammi abbu v bahot pareshan h plz mujhe batayiye ki kya karun mai

  123. Kausar Sheik on said:


    mare pati Saudi Arabia main kaam karte hai, unko waha bahut se mushkilo ka samna karna padraha hai, unko khana pina barabar nahi, aur jo store mai o kaam karte hai o store manager b barabar nahi o 5 waqat ki namaj padte hai,

    main abi ship line main un ke liye try karreh hu usmai b mushkiley arehi hai, kya unko ship line main kaam miljay gaa? kya unke mushkeley door ho jayingi, sabi mushkeley asaan karne ki duaa bataye main unke ley karoing gi.

  124. laila on said:

    assalam u alaikum. m jis ladke se shadi karna chahti hun meri family usk liye nh man rhi h mai y wazifa kr skti hun?

  125. DUa on said:

    Slam Bhai mjhe koi wazifa btain k mere husband ka GHR main dil LGA rhay aur wo bar bar ghr chor k chalay jatay hain na jayen ghr main rahain hmen GHR main aksar finicial problems rehtay gain koi wazifa plz …

  126. me on said:

    mujai apne boyfrind sai shadi karni hai uski shadi khi or ho rhi hai pls help me usai pane k liye bus Allah Sahara hai ab kya padhu kya karu k wo waps aajai…pls argent hai

  127. jasia nadir on said:

    bhai plz btain k iss ki ijazat milli hui ha?or koi zakat waghera?

  128. Aayatshaikh on said:

    Assalamualaikum.. bhai..hmne kl rt ko commnt kiya tha yha pr show ni ho rha h…

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Ji bataye apna problem.
      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!-

  129. Sameena banu on said:

    Assalmwalekum brother mera naam sameena hai,mai bohath badi problem may hu plzzz meri help kijia muje jinn ka asare hogaya hai,kaun sa wazifa padna chahia plzzz bataia aur black magic be huwa hai plzzz meri help kijia

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      sabse awwal ap black magic cure wala shuru kare is link se-, iski kaat hogi to apka amal kam karega. Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- #yaALLAHcomments

  130. Ruqia on said:

    Mujhe es wazife ke permission hy

  131. My mane ruqia daughter name sobia on said:

    Mera damad malaysia men phd kar raha hy on self finance,tu male mushkilat hain,department men scholaship hy magar supervisorde nahin raha tu kya men ye wazifa un ke leye kar sakte hon

  132. dua on said:

    Soora Ikhlas ktni baar parhni hai?? Urdu main 11 12 13 aur 14 likhi hai air English ya doosri language main 11 21 31 41 likha hai PLZZZ sahi se dobara samjha den

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Is sequence ke sath ‘Surat Ikhlas’ parhe ap.
      11, 21, 31 and 41.
      Hazaro Muslims ek saath hai, apni problems share kijiye. yaALLAH FB Group join kijiye is link se-

  133. sumaiya on said:


    • Al 'Imran on said:

      You have to recite Surat Ikhlas ’31 times’ and Durood Shareef ’51 times’ in this ‘Special Islamic Prayer’.
      Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link- #yaALLAHcomments

  134. kamal e mohammadi on said:


  135. Lina on said:

    Salam I want to do this. Do I need permission. Please give thank you

  136. ARAM on said:

    I want perform please get permission

  137. Ajmal on said:

    Salam bhai is wazife se koi bhi imposible cheez possible ho jayegi

    • Al عِmrãń on said:

      Insha ALLAH bus maqad jayez hona chahiye.#yaALLAHcomments Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link-

  138. Nayab on said:

    I want to perform this permission

  139. Alfiah on said:

    Assalam alaikum bhai. I m a new Muslim. I always follow the right path which Allah mentioned in the Quran… I have some problems regarding property.can I do this wazifa for property sell?
    Awaiting reply.

    • Al عِmrãń on said:

      Wa Alaykum Salam! masha ALLAH! You may do a wazifa for your property issues from this link - #yaALLAHcomments Join Muslims Worldwide, yaALLAH Facebook Group-

  140. hassan zeerak on said:

    Without any reference how can I believe this?
    I know this is verses of Quran and i also believe on it.. but to remove my confusion refrence is must needed….thanks

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear brother yaha sab authentic Wazaif hai. Join Muslims Worldwide, yaALLAH Facbook Group- #yaALLAHcomments

  141. ãl عِmrãń on said:

    Ha kar sakti hai sis Ap follower hai to. #yaALLAHcomments Join Muslims Worldwide, yaALLAH Facbook Group- #yaALLAHfb

  142. Puja on said:

    I wanted to request you to perform Dua for me. There has been a delay in my marriage. Recently i received a proposal for marriage and all in my family liked it. The boy also was happy. But suddenly this proposal got cancelled and we found that his bhabhi did something so that everything went wrong.

    I am very much interested to marry this person and therefore want your help in this. My name is Puja and I am from India. The boy’s name is Jayesh. Please help me with my problem. I am in urgent need for your help.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Are you a non muslim? How may I help you. #yaALLAHcomments

      • Puja on said:

        i am not a Muslim. But I need your help very desperately. There has been a delay in my marriage. Recently i received a proposal for marriage and all in my family liked it. The boy also was happy. But suddenly this proposal got cancelled and we found that his bhabhi did something so that everything went wrong. Can you perform dua for impossible to make possible so that this guy’s family brings the rishta once again and this marriage takes place. The guy was also interested in me but he listens to his bhabhi too much. Please help me

    • Puja on said:

      Yes i am a non muslim. I have mentioned my problem to you. I am interested in marrying this guy Jayesh. Please make dua for me to make this impossible thing to happen.

      • ãl عِmrãń on said:

        Ok. #yaALLAHcomments

  143. Tina on said:

    Salam Iman bhai,

    My name is Tina and i am working as a vip crew in Pakistan recent

    Before i was working in Dubai as a vip flight attendant for an aviation company

    Imran bhai i want to work again in Dubai for any good avaiation company,i applied in Royal jet the aviation of Abudehbi

    Please share waifa by which i get the call from Royal jet or any good company in Dubai

    I want to go back

    Thanks with Regards
    Tina Sani

  144. arwa on said:

    Slam bhai main yeh wzifa visa k liye kr skti hun

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Hi ha Ap kar sakti hai #yaALLAHcomments

  145. alifiya on said:

    Bhai mera comment post nhi hrha. mai kai bar commn. Krchuki hu, apka kch jawab hi nhi arha

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Apka comment post ho rha hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  146. sana on said:

    Salam bhai ye wazifa kitni bar karna h aur kitne din tak?? Kya is wazife ki mujhe ijazat h agar m karon to??

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear ijazat apko hai agar ap yaALLAH follower hai to follow fb pe bhi kijiye fir ap ye kar sakti hai. #yaALLAHcomments

  147. Alifiya on said:

    Assalam o alaikum, imran Bhai apki ye bahen apni Zindagi se bahot jyda azis hgyi h, mai ekdm thak har gyi kr behal hgyi hoon.
    Ek ldka 6 Sal pahle meri zindagi me aya usne mujhse mahobbat k khoob dawe kie yakin dilaya k wo mera sth ksi Surat me ni. Chodega, mai b usko bepanah chahti hoon.
    Sb kch huamre bech acha chl rha ta, kch chze aesi b hgyi jo ki humare bch ni hna chaie ta, ldka mjhse Shadi k lie ekdm tayyr ta, Bhai achank ldke k ghrwalo ko humare rishte k bare me pata chal gya, or us dn se ldke ne mjhse bat cheet krna bnd krdia, shdi se inkar krdia, kahta h mere or tmhre raste ab alag h jo.ta khtam hgya, tumne mera sth ni di or dunia k kadwi kadwi dil dukhane wali batwin, ldke ki maa ladke ki shdi apni rishtedari ke krwna chahti h ldka maa ko bht chahta h maa k aage wo kch bolna ni chahta, ldka job k silsike me ab sAudi b chla gya h. Ab wo mjhse sidhe muh bat tk ni krta, mai apni trf se hazaro koshisjhe krke halakan hochuki hu, mri umeed bs Allah h.
    Imran Bhai maene ya allah nikah istikhra b krlia h wo b positive aya h.
    I request you Bhai mujhe koi aesa powerful wazifa btaie jsse wo ldka meri zindagi me. Waps aajae humari shdi hjae uski Ammi ka dil bdal jae, ldka apna Kia Wada na bhoole usko, .
    Bhai I m.waiting for ur reply

  148. Saniya on said:

    Assalamalikum bhai ap ki bhen bhot sakht pareshan hai bhai meri life main ek larka aiya us ne mujhe Quran Kalimantan rasalat ehlebaith or apni mama ki kasam kha k yaqeen dilaya k wo mujhe pyar karta hai or shadi bhe kare phele se us ki life main ek kafir larki majood thi his ki wajah se or kuch meri galtiyon ki wajah se us ne mujhe chit diyah or yeh bhana dal diyah k meri Ami nahe main rahe Bhai ap ne phele mujhe is made k half k like breaking harm relation wala wazifa diyah tha jo k jati hai per koe far nahe path raha kuch galtiyan Mene be ki us larki ko raste se hatane k like per mera tareeqa galat tha Bhai Mene istakhaara be kiyah tha or positive tha Bhai koe Aida wazifa den his se khud was khud wo larka meri taraf ho jaye use sacha pakeeza pyar or muhaabat ho jaye k mujhe shadi se phele Nuksan Na de or ek pal be mere bagair Na reh sake or us k file surf ek larki k sath page wo main or us k ghar wale and Hamare ghar wale khurshi khurshi man jaye or jo relationship hum ne shadi se phele rakhna tha us ka Hamare ghar walon ko Na pata chale or achanak se sub theek ho jaye or jo jo wade us ne mujhse kite unhealthy akhri dam tak nibaye or hum koe problem nahe face Karen

  149. O bhai, keya ap meri liye thora duwa karenge?

    Keya me allah ka banda nehi hu?
    Agar hu tu allah meri bad kiu nehi manti he…meri duwa kiu kabul nehi karta he?
    Is duniya me koi he keya jo muje madad kare….

  150. kya me ye wazaif love marriage k liye ker sakti hon pllzzz batayein

  151. kya me ye wazaif kr sakti hon plzzz mujhe bata ijazat de dein

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji ha ap kar skti hai agar ap yaALLAH website ki follower hai to. #yaALLAHcomments

      • Sabrin on said:

        Assalamalaikum bhai… Bhai main Sabrin Goa se main apko mssenger pe msg kar rahi hu na aap online a rahe hai na reply kar rahe hai plz reply on messenger hum bohat taqlif me hai bhai hume aapke madat ki jarurat hai

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ap yahan message karein sis- yahan javab milega apko din ke waqt.

  152. Rahima on said:

    Aslaam Walekum,
    Mere bhai ko ek ldki bht pasand h usne uske ghr rishta bheja pr abhi tkk jawab nai aaya…..Mere bhai me koi kami nai h bss uske sar pr baal nhi h usne pehle bht rebondin vax straightning wgerah ki isi wajah se baal chle gye treatment chl raha h ab pr uske ldki ke ghr walo ko lgta h ye humesha aesa rhega…kya aap kuch aesi dua bta skte ho jisse uske natural baal aa ske…wo bht preshan rehta h…Plzzz uske liye kuch bataaye aap !!..

  153. Syeda Rahyma on said:

    Assalam.o.alikum me us wakt sakht muahkilat se guzar rhi hun job ka masla . apke email address pe btana chahti he plz kya ap apna email address btaskty hen.

  154. aisha on said:

    Salam bhai as i told u mera rshta pkaaa hogya tha sb kch bht acha chal tha tha bas me bemar hui susral rhny gai woh hmarey jannny waly thy bht karibi phr esa hua bas wha mene kch zid ki unhy mjhse nfrat hogai meri sans rshty se mkar gai or ami ne khub snai ovee alll nfraten brhgai meri sans nne apny bety ko mre khilaf kha woh nh bhrka ab mri saggi khala n kha k tm ne wha rshta kiya tu hm sb se wasta khtm mri fmly na wha rshta krny ko tyar h na wo log mjhe lny ko tyar h sb khilaf h plz koi suitable wazifa btaden k uski ami dbara khud ae rshta lekr meri fmly khala sb mnjaen

  155. yusuf on said:

    Plz kya main ye wazifa shadi keliye krskta hun ?

  156. yusuf on said:

    Imran bhai kya is wazife se shadi hojayegi main jis kisi se bhi krna chaahun ?

  157. Farzana Begum on said:

    Assalam o Alaikum.
    Pehli chiz meri shadi k lie behad pareshanj pesh aa rhi thi. Fir Allah k karam se ek rishta aya..Ladke wale mujhe dekhne aaye the.. dekhne se pehle bht pasand kiya mujhe tasweer me or shagun v lekar aaye thr rishta pakka karne k lie par unke sath kuch aise log v aaye jo hamlog ko pehle se jante thr ot jalne walo me hasad karne walo me se the. Yun to koi zati dushmanj nahi or unlog ko kehdiye k meri umr h main ladka se badi hu or wolog inkar kardiye rishte se. Mere ghar walo ne mera birth certificate v bheja k meri umr utni nahi h.. Ap plz mujhe badi maherbani kuch aisa bataye jisse wolog firse razi hojaye.. or dushmano k zuban banfh rahe.

  158. muafia jabeen on said:

    Aslamo elikum bahe please help me I m so worried

  159. asma shaheen on said:

    Aoa ma ny 1 achy school me job k liye apply kia oa ha plz koi esa wazifa btaen k mjy wahan sy call ajae.

  160. Sundas on said:

    Aoa bhai Please read comments in ask us online ive msged my question 3-4 times there please reply to me im in very much tension n depression

  161. S. Ali on said:

    salaam bhai
    mene aapko msgs kiye magar muje koi jawab nahi aaya
    bhai plz guide kijiye
    main ye namaz regularly perh rahi hoon
    iss se muje bohot sukoon milta hai
    fark zaroor hua hai magar problem solve nahi hua
    ab main allahusamad ka wazifa bhi start kerna chahti hoon
    aur pyar mein pagal karne wala amal bhi kiya hai 3 times magar ab rok diya hai

    jo shaks muje chahte hai un k upar jaadu huwa hai aur wo mere saath ho ker bhi nahi hai
    mere liye zaroori hai k un sab ki truth samne aay aur wo un sab ko chor k mere saath aajaye
    please bataayi k kya amal karoon aur kya wazifa karoon

    istikhara kerwaya hai aur masla sirf jaadu hi hai
    warna wo pura saath de sakte hain

    plz guide

  162. Aslam alaikum. Mai ek ladke se pyar karti hon aur woh bhi mujh se pyar karte h. Hamara rishta bat b chali par hua nhi kuch baaton ki wajah se. Parents nai man rahe hamare .kya is dua se hamara rishta ho jayega?ya koi or wazifa jis se humari families mai problem solve ho or wo maan jye. plz answer me

  163. Shagufta on said:

    Asalaam alaikkum main ek larke se boht puar karti hu..wo karta hai mujhde bht pyar par humare gharwale nai man rha hai shadi k liye .us k wajah se bht taqleef ho rahi hai.please koi aisa wazifa bataye jis se sab man jye

  164. Shagufta on said:

    Asalaam Alaikum BHai Main ek larke se boht pyar karti hu..wo b karta hai mujhe bht pyr but uska humare gharwale nai man rha hai is shadi k liye .us k wajah se bht taqleef ho rahi hai. humein gharwalo ko manane ka koi rasta na dikh raha or meri liye koi or risdta dekh rahe hai.please koi wazifa bataye kis se yeh masla hal ho jye.

  165. S. Ali on said:

    salaam bhai
    i have sent you email but i think u have not received it
    please muje guide kijiye

  166. S. Ali on said:

    Ji bhai mene aapke email redacted pe email kiya hai mera full matter
    Mere liye 3 logo ne istakhara kiya tha aur sahi aaya tha
    Kya aap plz mera email chk ker k muje reply ker sakte hain urgently
    Plzz reply

  167. S. Ali on said:

    Salaam bhai
    Plz reply I urgently need help
    Plz tell where I can send my complete matter so u can guide me with the wazaif
    Plzzzzz reply

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji bataye kya help karu apki. #yaALLAHcomments

  168. Shaikh Sabiha on said:

    Aslam alaikum. Mai ek ladke se pyar karti hon aur woh bhi mujh se pyar karte h. Hamara rishta bhi almost fix ho chuka tha par kuch baaton ki wajah hamara rishta ruka hai. Parents nai manre hamare isliye abhi woh mujh se baat nai karre. kya is dua se hamara rishta ho jayega? plz answer me

  169. S. Ali on said:

    salaam bhai
    main ye haajat aur surah feel wala amal dono ker rahi hoon
    kya aap plz muje reply karein to main aapko email ker k full matter bata saku

  170. sumehra on said:

    assalamualaikum imran bhai mere hone wale shohar ka kisi ladki k saath haram relation hai to kya mai ye wazifa jar sakti hu

    • arsh on said:

      assalamualaikum imran bhai Maine istekhara me Maiyat Dekhi hai, wo maiyat mere pehchanat k ek buzurg aurat ki hai jinki tabiyat bahut kharab hai aur woh bistar pr hai. mujhe unka chehra to nahi dikha sirf kuch log unka naam le rahe thay aur kafan upar udha hua tha, aur thodi deir baad usi khwab me mera ek dress b aaya hai jisper white colour k flowers utre hue hai please mujhe bataiye iska kya Maltab hai please please please please reply kariye please.

      • ãl عِmrãń on said:

        positive hai apka khwab. #yaALLAHcomments

  171. iram on said:

    Assalamualekum plz bhaijan meri b help kr dije mere istikhare ka matlab bta dije plz

  172. asma on said:

    Salam imran bhai mene bohat sare wazife kiye he mari pareshani ka sahi wazifa muje batay aapki bari mehrbani meri paresani he ki mari shadi ko 10 saal huve he air mere 2 bacche bhi he mere sohar dusari Saadi karli he par go surf mujse phone par bat large he an me chahti hu go mere pas as jay air mere baccho ka Jo unpar haq he go unhe mile par mere sasur unhe ghar me aane se mana karte he me unke against nahi ja sakti muje koi esa wazifa batay jisae mari sari paresani due hojay air made sasur khud unhe is ghar me aane ki izazat de de

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      check this link- #yaALLAHcomments

  173. heena on said:

    Assalam alaikum imran bhai bahot se logo ko smjh nhi aata to aap zara detail me bta dijiye yehi par plz

  174. waneea on said:

    Bhai mein chahti hun k jis ko mein pyr karti hun wo bhi mujh se pyr kare aur jald as jald mujh ko khud shadi k liye perpose kare kia mein ye wazifa kar sakti hun

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      yes you can perform this wazifa. Do join BigRemedies- #yaALLAHcomments

  175. Inocent on said:

    Bhai Kya hum ye nafal along with other love wazaif parh sakty hain..Ku k Ma daily parhna chahti Hun ye nafal par apky dosray wazifay b kerna chahti Hun sat like ants Wala n other hub wazaif par ye nafal long time k liya parhna chahti Hun tw itni dair 2sary wazifa nai skip ker sakti…be coz I want to recite thz nafal for a long tym….reply plzzz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji ha par sakte hai #yaALLAHcomments.

  176. Sania on said:

    Assalam o aliakum Imran bhai! Allah apko ko khush rkhy or humy b. Mai ye pochna chahti the k apny 3 wazify btaye hain namumkin ko mumkin banaany k liye .. Kia 3no kr skti hn mai agr chahu to ?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji nahi sis, behtar hoga 1 by one kijiye. #yaALLAHcomments

  177. Inocent on said:

    Aoa Bhai….mjy wazifa ki samj Agai ha but m ye pochna cha rai te tht Kya hum ye nafal 2sary wazifu k sat parh sakty hain?? Like apko kuch wazaif 40 days k b hain Shadi k liya…phir feed sugar to ants Wala b wazifa ha…tw Kya hum un wazifu k sat ye nafal b parh sakty hain I knw it is also a wazifa lakin ye nafal han aur phir kam hunay Ma pta nai kitna time lagy means 2 month b lag sakty hain,aur Allah chahy tw aik din Ma b aik tarah sy mushkil ko Hal kerny k liya nafal han jo jitna time ya days b Kerry rahain well n good ha for us…aur Ma personally ye nafal daily parhna chahti Hun mayb Ma 3 ya 4 months k liya parhti he rehao daily…par along with this Ma apky 2saray wazifay b kerna chati hu Ku k itna time Ma bki wazifay nai chor ants wala wazifa n Shadi wala b wazifa ha 40 days k liya…so Ma chahti Hun apni mushkil k liya ye nafal b parhti Rahu daily aur sat mjy jo wazifa suitable lagta ha for myself like ants Wala or any other tou wo b kar Lo sat sat…so Kya Ma asa kar sakti Hun???

  178. ye namaz raat mae 3 4 5 bajy parh skaty hain? mae karachi sy hun yahan 5 45 pe fajir ki azan hoti hy…tou kiya 3 4 ya 5 bajy tak parh sakty hain

  179. Sidra on said:

    Can I do this wazeefa for my marriage.?
    Meri engagement hui the per 1 year bad unho ne khud mana ker rai hain. Or ma ab wahan shadi Kerna chahte hun but situation near to 0 hay 🙁
    Can I perform this wazifa ?

      • Alina on said:

        Bhai i had done my istekhara alhamdulillah
        I m in d same condition of sidra 1 year passed of my engagement, my fiance doesnt talks to me nor moving ahead for mairraige! Plz gve me a mujarrab n legal wazifa to make him love n adore me n also making him will for our mairraige.

    • Irfana on said:

      Can I do this wazifa for my husband to come for me

  180. w.t.c on said:

    Assalaamalaikum brother,

    I want to know is there any wazifa to unite a family.
    My is inlaws I.e my sasur, devar & devarani are all against my husband me & my children. They stay separate we had arguements of all nature without any proper reason. They don’t talk us at all. My problem is father in law is against my husband even he doesn’t. Speak to him. Didn’t even see my children since thy r born. He told he won’t give anything to us in property. Ok. But why enemity is began here. Own father curses his son. Husband is a decent person namazi doesn’t take a penny of any1. Wazifa to unite sibling I saw but I can’t use that as we don’t have any kind of interaction with my inlaws so can’t read & blow on them or give them water to drink in anyway. Kindly help me.. atleast they keep talking relation & no hatred amongst us.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis/bro, Yes I have the one. Can you please remind me tomorrow so that I can publish it for you. Till then do follow yaALLAH on FB and Twitter. #yaALLAHcomments

      • Aa ibrahim on said:

        Salam bhai mai ek ladke se bhot pyaar krti thi and wo bhi krte the per kuch wajha se wo chor kar chle jaye pata nai mess krti hoon to kehte hai na kiya kro please allah ka wasta dete hai 4 mnth hogye hai bhai kiya kru nikah istekhara kiya h postive aaya Hai kkya yeh main kar skti hoon pls imran bhai help me

        • Mehrunnisa Khizr on said:

          Ji han ap namumkin ko mumkin banane ki dua parh sakti hain.

  181. shazia on said:

    Assalam o alaikum Imran bhai 2rakat niyat nafil krni h ya salatul hajat ki plzz bata dijye jaldi

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      2-2 rakah nifl hai sis. #yaALLAHcomments

  182. najma shaheen on said:

    ASSLAM O ALAIKUM IMRAN BHAI salat-ul-taubah ka koi khas method hy ya bas niyat salat-ul-taubah ki karty hn kindly explaine

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      is namaz ke bad ap Astaghfar parhiye aur ALLAH pak se girh girha kar ro kar gunaho ki taubah kijiye. #yaALLAHcomments

  183. sana on said:

    salam,mera naam sana h.25 age h,main ek lrky sy 8 saal sy mhbt krti hn,wo b krta h ,bt ab tk uski nokri nhi lg ski ,qk wo parhai krha h.mery ghr waly bht arsy sy mjpy shadi ka dabao daal rhy thy,ab mera ek bht acha rishta agya,maine ghr walon ko us lrky k bary me sb btadya,unhny mjy kch din ki muhlat di thi k usy bulalo rishta ly aye,bt us lrky k parents razi nhi,wo mjy psnd nhi krty,na rishta larhy h,isny bs ek br bt ki thi to baap ny kaha ghr sy nkl jao or krlu shadi,aisa possible nhi h.ab meri rasm hogai h,roty roty ,ghr walon ki emotional blackmailing sy tng ak maine han krdi,bt main andr sy khush nhi,maine bht wazaif parhy h,apko ginwa nhi skti,itny.ya badi ul ajaebo,allahu rabbi lashareka lahu,in short hr trahan k nawafl or wazaif,pchly 7.8 saal sy aftaar me taaq rat men bs usy hi manga h,maine uska istikhara b nklwaya tha,thek aya tha,agly saal meri shadi h december 2016,plz help me,main bht pareshan hn,usk bgaer nhi rhskti,main kbhi apny shohr ko pak khalis mhbt nhi dyskti,plz meri madad kren..wai8ing

    • Imran Bhai maine ye wazifa ek bar kiya mai kafi din se kuch na kuch wazife kre…ya wadoodu ya latifu b 21 days tak and ya shgafaha hubban b kiya jo nauchndi jumerat se shuru hota h ..7 mubeen b after nikah istekhara…but still m waiting for result..pls meri kuch hel kare..mai bahut preshan hu kam m b dil nhi lag rha and kitni bar ro ro kar b dua ki..and kbhi b rodeti hu…jab zyada preshan hoti hu ..mai kya kru..pls mujhe btaye mai apse kaise bat kru…mujhe apse bat rni thi jo yha nhi krskti…

      • ãl عِmrãń on said:

        Thodi si zakat de-de. salat-ul-taubah rozana ada kijiye aur mafi mangiye gunaho ki ALLAH Ta’ala se.
        Insha ALLAH dua puri hogi.

  184. arifa begum on said:

    Namaz ki niyat kistarha se karnae du rakath nafil bolnae ya yahajat pls bataye

  185. imran on said:

    2 2 rakaat alag alag yaa ek saath

  186. Ankush kumar on said:

    Salam waliqum dekhiye main hindu hu . Main allah mein vishwas bhaut rakhta hu . Dekhiye ap se haat jod kar viniti hai apse main kisi se bhaut payar karta hu or wo bhi muj se bhaut payar karti hai . Agr mere man mein saaf na hoto ap dua mat karna . Uske ghrwale jabardasti se uska ristha kahi kar diya hai wo majbor hai kuch bol nahi par rahi . Kisi se wo ristha tut jaye jaldi se jaldi. Or usle ghrwale mere ghr ristha le kar aa jaye mere ghr wale tayar hai par iske mata pita mere ghr ristha leke aaye . Haat jod kar ap se vinti hai mere liye dua kijiye or main kya jisse uska ristha tut jaye or uske ghr wale mere ghr ristha laaye

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear bro, Ladki muslim hai?

      • Ankush kumar on said:

        Nahi hindu hai jaldi hi us jitni jaldi ho sake bacha lijiye uska ristha paka kar diya hai

      • Ankush kumar on said:

        Mere pass time bhaut kam hai haat jodta hu bacha lo seema ko

      • Ankush kumar on said:

        Jitni jaldi ho skae rep kariye mere pass 15 din hai bus

      • Ankush kumar on said:

        Agr dua kam aa skati hai to dua hi kijiye mere dil sacha hai allah ko bachana padega us ladki haat jodta hu kuch kijye bus allah help kijye

      • ankush kumar on said:

        Al emran ji hlep kijiye malik agr n help ho skati to haat jod kar vinti hai meri marne ki dua kabool karwa dijiye ya Mije bta dijiye kaise hoga. Jisse asani se mot mil jaye or mere marne ki mere Ghr walo ko itna paisa mil jaye ki wo khushi se apni jiwan gujar sake main muscut mein rehata hu. Yahi goverment galti se maru to mere ghr walo bhaut paisa mil jayega muje nahi chaiye paisa

  187. milli22 on said:

    My uncle has lost all his property because of some other people so what should I read so that they can get it back soon. Please help

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      In the yaALLAH Menu please Go to dua and wazaif above then click on worldly problems then wazifa to get your money back.
      #HomeRemedies Very own Website from
      Easy (Loose Weight, Gastric, Face Beauty, Blood Pressure, Constipation, Male Infertility) Home Remedies :
      yaALLAH Dua Wazaif App-

  188. Saira on said:

    Can i do this wazif to make my dad agree for love marriage?

  189. Saira on said:

    Can I do this wazifato make my father agree for marriage ?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:


  190. Asslamwalekum
    Imran bhai mai ye Wazifa apne har problem ko solve karne k leye pad sakti hu kya??? I mean shadi; sukoon; izat; mohabbat k leye plz reply muje start karna hai

  191. Asslamwalekum
    Imran bhai kya Wazifa mai apne life ki had problem ko khtam karne k leye pad sakti hu kya….??? I mean shadi hone k leye; sukoon k leye; aur har kise se izat aur mohabbat Basil karne k leye plzz reply fast…. Muje start karna hai wazifa

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:


  192. Imran Bhai mujhe btaye ki mai kai wazife kru, mai kafi wazeefe kar chuki hu…uye wala b kiya ek bar..

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap dua kare.

  193. sum khan on said:

    Mene apko meri problem batayi apki taraf se koi javab nhi aaya please mujhy kamar ke dard ka koi wazifa btaen me bht preshan hun

  194. Shayesta on said:

    Ass salam walaikum,
    Kay ye wazifa kise ki jid or gossha ko kom kar ne ke liye parha ja sakta hay.
    May bohot paresani may hoon.mare Jesse sadi hone wali hay(istekhara kiye ho).ow bad bad pe gossha karte hay.jid pakar lete hay.
    Abb to ak bat pe asay are gaye hay onhe samjana namumkin sa lagraha hay.
    Ab may ka karo jo wo jid shorday.

  195. rehnuma khanam on said:

    Show nhi hta comment emran bhai

  196. rehnuma khanam on said:

    Ye Hum kb tk padhe y wazifa job k liye kr Skte h y wazfa

  197. muhammad Suhail on said:

    Imran bhai Assalam aleikum,
    Arz ye h k meri family par or mujhe par bohot sakht haalat aye hue h.
    Sabhi log jinse bhi ilaj k LIYE kehte h wo kehte h k jadu seher KA asar h.
    Or ye haalat KHATAM hone KA naam hi nhi lete, ek jata h to dusra ajata h.
    Aapse sirf ITNI guzarish h koi amal Esa bhi btaye jisse jadu seher krane wale KA naam ya pehchan bhi ho jaye.
    Jisse milne julne me ham parhezgari barat sake.
    Jazak allah…

  198. on said:

    assalamualykum imran bhai ye gardan ghoom jane wala istekhara kya hota hai aur please zara mujhe mail kardijiye bhai istekhara ka pura tareekha ap ke jawab ka intezaar rahega bhai allahafiz duao me khayal

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ye istikhara yaha nahi hai. Thoda serious or dangerous hai ap na kare to behtar hoga bro.

      How To Make Face beautiful:

  199. Shaikh on said:

    Assallam walaikum i hav just joined yaAllah

  200. Aslamoalikum brother hope you fine mjhe apki help chye meri family ny mera rishta krdia hy he is addict of alcohol he is not nice person mainai istkhara bhi kia tha negative aya tha apny he btaya tha plz koi wazifa batai Jis se mera rishta tot jai n waha meri shadi ho jeha mai cahti hu bcz he is nice k namazi naik person nikkah istkhara bhi krchuki apki website se alhamdulillah her br positive ata hy plz Bro help humble request

  201. mahnoor on said:

    Salam Bro mjhe koi wazifa batai Jis se mera rishta tot kr jaha mai pasnd krti hu us k sath hojai mainai apk website se nikah istkhara kia tha apny kaha tha possitve hy alhamdulillah or jeha mera rishta hwa hy he is alcohol addict isliye mai waha shadi nhi krna cahti plz koi wazifa batai Jis se mera rishta tot kr us se hojai jis ko mai like krti hu larky ki or meri family agree hojai or jaiz tareeky se nikkah hojai hamara plzz it’s request waiting for ur repl

  202. AsSalam-o-Alikum

    mai r mery gher walay jaha mera nikkah kerna chahty thy, larka b agree tha lakin us k father ni manty thy, 3.5 years se.
    ab wo larka kehta k us k father nay kahi r baat ki hui hy aur pichy hat gia hy

    mainy bht wazaif kiye hyn,
    istikhary mai b dekha k hm dono ki shadi ho gai thi, aur sab log khush thy, aman tha, sakoon tha,
    aisa mainy 2, 3 dafa dekha k shadi ho chuki thi hum dono ki

    mje kuch bata dyn k mai kia perhu
    k wo larka aur usk father khushi khushi man jaye aur jaldi
    q k mery parents meri age ki waja se bht parechan hyn
    mai apko jo comment send kerti hu
    wo mje visible ni hota
    mje samj nai aa ri post ho raha hy comment ya nai
    aur mje reply kaha mily ga?

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Visible hai apka comment dont worry.

  203. AsSalam-o-Alikum

    mai r mery gher walay jaha mera nikkah kerna chahty thy, larka b agree tha lakin us k father ni manty thy, 3.5 years se.
    ab wo larka kehta k us k father nay kahi r baat ki hui hy aur pichy hat gia hy

    mainy bht wazaif kiye hyn,
    istikhary mai b dekha k hm dono ki shadi ho gai thi, aur sab log khush thy, aman tha, sakoon tha,
    aisa mainy 2, 3 dafa dekha k shadi ho chuki thi hum dono ki

    mje kuch bata dyn k mai kia perhu
    k wo larka aur usk father khushi khushi man jaye aur jaldi
    q k mery parents meri age ki waja se bht parechan hyn

  204. sayyed afreen on said:

    Kya ye wazifa hum tahjjud me Kr sakte hai

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Agar waqt ki pabandi nahi di hai to kar sakti hai.

      • Shaikh on said:

        Assallam walaikum….

  205. shahnawaz ahmad on said:

    Assalm o alaikum,Bhai ma bht problem ma hoon humne do saal pehle ek zameen li thi ab mujhe paiso ki zaroorat he mene har tarah se isse bechne ki kosish kar li he par koi grahak nahi lag raha he aap koi aisa wazifa bata de ke meri ye zameen jald se jald bik jai aapki badi meharbani hogi is ke alawa mera karobaar bhi sahi nahi chal raha he us ke liye bhi koi wazifa bata de meri walida ka naam razia perveen he
    Allah hafiz
    Shahnawaz Ahmad

  206. sayyed aafreen on said:

    Kya ye wazifa hum tahajjud me Kr sakhte hai

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Agar waqt ki pabandi nahi di hai to kar sakti hai.

  207. Imran Bhai..mainu Nikah istekhara kar chuki hu and uske bad 7 mubeen b …abhi ya wadudooo ya lateefu ka kar rhi hu..and namumkin ko mumkin banane ka b kar chuki hu..iske alawa nauchandi jumerat ko Haa, Meem ….wala b kar chuki hu..but wo ladka jisko mai pasand krti hu mujhse bat nhi krta…jabki ek aur istekhara jisme gardan ghum jati h..usme result possitive arha h..mai kya kru pls btaye…mai bahut tension me hu..and ghrwale alag shadi b jald se jald mera rishta krna chahte h.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ap chahe to ek bar upar wala wazifa kar le. Salat-ul-Taubah bhi parhiye.

      • Salat-ul-Taubah kaise pdhte h and kis wqt me pdhna h…ye btaye pls

      • Imran bhai mai upar wala b ek bar kar chuki hu , pls btaye ki kya kru

  208. aasiya on said:

    Assalmu alaikum plsss help me..main ek ladke se bht pyar krti hu Par wo apni mangni nai todna chta plsss koi wazifa batye plssssss….main ne shakar ka wazifa ya tehmuna ka wazifa . …allahu lasharikaa ka lahu…nachundi jumerat me sherni pe dum kark khilane ka wazifa sab ki kch asar hi nai ho rha h kch madad kariye plsssss

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Nikah Istikhara kiya tha?

  209. komal on said:

    Plz meri madad kijiyay… mainy comment bhi kiya kai baar.. aur email bhi
    ya mjhy apna koi email id bata dy jaha mai apni problems ap k sath share kr saku un k hal jannay k liyay Plz Meharbani hogi apki Shukriya

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Ji bataye yaha par?

  210. Aysha on said:

    Asalam alaykum imran Bhai is there any wazifa to get a handsome husband by looks n good by heart soon…please please please share need urgently…May Allah give u the ajr…jazakallah khair….waiting for ur reply

  211. ayesha khan on said:

    Salam imran bahi
    Plzz may ny kaye dafa email kiya hai but ap ny reply nhii kiya may kafii problem may hon. App mujy koei email bata dain k may apna masla bayan kar sakon. Mary pass facebook ka koei account nhi hai.
    Plzz help me n reply me urgently.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      ji sis bataye ap. Me abhi 2-3 din aur thoda busy hu yaALLAH App mein. Jald hi apko google playstore me free milega insha ALLAH.

      Do subscribe to youtube channel of yaALLAH:

  212. on said:

    assalamualykum bhaijan mai india se hoonnaur mera masla ye hai ke mai indi ame job kart ahoon alhumdullilah achi salary hai jis se mera guzara hojata hai but mere mom dad and big brother chahte hai ke mai dubai jaon aur mere mom dad jald se jald meri shadi kardena chahte hai aur wo apni zimmesdari se fariq hona chahte hai maine pehle bhi koshish ki thi dubai gaya but mujhe koi bhi job nahi mili ab phir se jana chahta hoon but pahle mai istekhara karna chahta hoon jis ka tariqa mujhe maloo nahi hai thodi si zehmat uthakar muje istekhara ka tareeqa mail kariye bhijaan meri mail id hai

  213. ayesha khan on said:

    Asalam imran bahi
    PLzz mujy koei apna email id dain mujy kafii problem hai us k ley pochna mara koei face book account nhii hai. May ny ap ko par b itnii dafa mail kiya hai magr no reply plzz

  214. Suhail ansari on said:

    Assalam aleikum janab, Arz ye h k me ek bohot badi pareshani me pad gya Hu.
    Pareshani is comment box me nhi Bta sakta
    Apse guzarish h k koi link ya personal email I’d dedijiye jisse me Apni personal problem sirf or sirf AAPKO hi Bta saku.
    Or is website par kahin bhi contact KA option hi available nhi h.
    Meri personal email I’d ye h.

  215. manzoor alam on said:

    SSALAMUALIKUM- english may 11,21, 31 aur 41 bar sureh ikhlas padne ko likha hai. magar hinde verson may har rakat may 11 bar hi likha hai ,janab durast kare

  216. najma shaheen on said:

    ASSLAM O ALAIKUM IMRAN bhai ap ne mujhy kisi bhi msg ka rply nahi diya ma daily wait karti hon

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Yes dear sis I will give you Insha ALLAH Azzawajal i am a bit busy in yaALLAH app development. #yaALLAHqueries

      • najma shaheen on said:

        asslam o alaikum imran bhai still i wait you ap ne kha tha ap to much busy hn ma tab se wait kar rhi hon

        • ãl عِmrãń on said:

          Ji bataye apka sawal

  217. saher on said:

    I want help kindly give me ur any email. I cant discuss my prblm here plz

  218. Sara on said:

    salam. main ne aap se help mangi thi aap ne jwab nahi diya. keya aap sirf selective logo ko reply krty ho

  219. moazma on said:,,read..without..any..permission???i..heard..we..need..permission..for..reading..wazifa.

  220. nisar on said:

    shukriya my thoda paresha tha tijarat ke bareme bhut acha hua my abhi is wazifa karunga tanx

  221. sundas on said:

    Assalm o alaikum,Bhai ma bht problem ma hoon mery ghr waly meri marzi k against meri shadi meray phupizaad cousin se nxt year krwa rhe hain jb k ma prhai ma bht achi hn aur agay M.phil krna chahti hn . Please mje koi aisa wazeefa bta den k mera wahan se apne aap rishta khatam ho jaye aur mery ghr wale mera M.phil ma admission krwa den bohat meharbani hgi


  222. rehnuma khanam on said:

    Emran bhai kb tk padhna h ye wazifa kya y him kisi ki shadi k lye kr Skte h

  223. shaan on said:

    Salam I love this girl we’ve been together for 5 years everything was done with her family n mine almost were going to do Nikka suddenly she changed n now I’m trying so hard like crazy day n night trying to say anything but she disrespect me n doesn’t care I know it’s not right I should leave but bhai Imran or anyone any solution wazifa the rest in Allah Hands pleaseee any thing that can melt her n her mother’s heart once again n make them realize their zulm on me I’m True to her n she’s crazy but love is love n we were about to get married so please understand my pain and let me know thank you so much

  224. Gul on said:

    Assalamo Alaikum brother! I’m doing wazaif for marriage for myself and also for my sister, there were a few proposals for me but they never come back after visiting once. I’m MashaAllah highly educated and good looking but unable to find suitable match. Please pray for me and my sister and let me know any fast working wazifa for marriage as my and my sister’s age increasing. Also, can I do this wazifa for my marriage? Please reply

      • sum khan on said:

        Mere bahot karibi ko ek hafte se kamar me bahot dard he itna ke vo bethti bhi hen to dard ki wajah se utha nahi jata… ek or baat ki unhe kamar k dard ke sath sath cough ki bhi problem hogyi he halanki isse pehle kabhi bhi unhe cough nhi hua… please aap koi wazifa btaen me bahot preshan hu… me net pe prhti hu to net pe sari bimariyon ka parh kar or pareshan ho jati hu please aal mujhy koi wazifa bataen jisse unhe rahat ho… bahot meherbani hogi .

  225. heena sayyed on said:

    assalamualikum fir sajde me jake kaise 100 martaba “Ya ALLAHU” kaise padhe
    matlab finger me count kr skte hai kya
    allah hafiz

  226. sara on said:

    Assalamualikum bhai is wazifa Ku surf so bar pdhna hai ya Phr bar rooz

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      har bar b parh sakte hai ap.

      • nusrat on said:

        I have applied for my higher studies, i really need to get through the admission procedure. I have applied before and got rejected. I believe i got rejected myb because of my fault as i have done the paper works in hurry. This time i have applied again. Things are getting difficult evey second. My professor who is suppose to write me recommendation is delaying other things are also falling apart. I need a positive reply by October.
        Please sir tell me a wazifa which I can perform to get a positive desired answer by the mercy of great Rahmanur Raheem, Gafurur Raheem Allah Subhanawata’ala.
        this is my father’s dream and I think I am hurting him by not being able to accomplishing it. please help me to get rid of this situation Please.

  227. Afshan khan on said:

    Sir agar matloob dosray country main ho to hum na meetha khils skty hain na flower smell krwa sktay iss ka koi hal ya koi altarnate wazifa bhi to btaye na
    Itny log ap sy yhi question kr rhay hain pr ap jawab hi nhi day rhay

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      wahi par dusra wazifa bhi hai ap check kare dear sis.

  228. heena sayyed on said:


    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Hope you got it now!

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  229. Asif on said:

    Salam.namaz 2 salam se padhna h ya ek hi salam se?4 raqat ek sath ya 2-2 kr k padhna h?

  230. ikan on said:

    thnx for that wazifa Imran Bhai.. I m also finding this type of wazifa

  231. stunninglook on said: kitny days krna ha.

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