Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law

Islam views marriage as a means of emotional and sexual appeasement, legitimate procreation and inter-familial alliance and solidarity. The contractual rather than proprietary nature of marriage in Islam has a positive bearing on the status of women. 

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Women Rights of Women Under Islamic Law

Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law-

Islam views marriage as a means of emotional and sexual appeasement, legitimate procreation and inter-familial alliance and solidarity. The contractual rather than proprietary nature of marriage in Islam has a positive bearing on the status of women. Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law

  1. When a Muslim woman gets married, she does not surrender her maiden name, but keeps her distinct identity.
  2. The woman has freedom to choose her husband. Her marriage of choice and a husband is a must.
  3. In a Muslim marriage, the groom gives a dowry (Meher) to the bride herself, and not to her father: she can demand, fix, and receive dower (Meher) at the time of her marriage.
  4. This will then becomes her own personal property to keep, invest or spend, and is not subject to the dictates of any of her male relatives. Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law
  5. Islam forbids dowry being demanded from the bride or her parents.
  6. Muslim women are the absolute owners of whatever they receive by way of inheritance or gift form her parents. She does not have to share this or give it to her husband or in-laws. It has been found that a major portion of problems in Muslim marriage are the outcomes of dowry demand from groom or his parents. She is entitled to inherit her husband’s property as well as that of her parents. It has been mentioned in the Holy Qur’an in Chapter #4, Surah An-Nisa, Verse #7, 32, and 176). Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law.
  7. The Holy Qur’an places on men the responsibility of protecting and maintaining all of their female relatives. It means, as well, that a man must provide for his wife and family even if she has money of her own. She is not obligated to spend any of her money towards the maintenance of her family. Women in return are expected to remain loyal and chaste. (The Holy Qur’an Surah #4, Surah An-Nisa, Verse #34).
  8. Pleasing her husband is the duty of any Muslim wife. She can try any legitimate act to make her hubby happy. in order to live with her entire family. A women can get a divorce which is also known as Khula in Islam. If she is encountering hard times and it becomes difficult desire for her to carry on partnership with her husband and he refuses to divorce her.
  9. Widows and divorcee women are allowed to re-marry in Islam.
  10. A women can work and earn to get rizk (sustenance) in order to live her life only if she chooses to do so or if her circumstances warrant it.
  11. Contrary to the popular stereotype, Islam does not confine the role of women to the four walls of the house. It places no restrictions on women who have any wish to take up an occupation.
  12. A women can get a job, earn money as per her own free will. She can help her parents or siblings with money earned by her parents or donate it in the charity; for this permission from her husband or in-laws are not required. In Islam it has been found frequently that a women does not get the love of mother-in-law also. Her mother-in-law hardly treats her as her own daughter. The love between siblings is shared with the new coming daughter-in-law.
  13. In the Muslim religion women’s rights have been secured well. The compliance of Islamic law shows that no Muslim women should be scared and underestimated. The target is to put an end to the corruption and domestic violence in the name of dowry and having a baby boy.
  14. After marriage if a husband gifts anything in kind or cash to his wife and makes her owner, he cannot demand it’s return if he divorces her in future.
  15. In the Muslim religion which is Islam considers men and women equal in respect of the pursuit of knowledge and emphasizes that it is an obligation on both men and women to seek guidance and knowledge. Men who respect women will by the grace of ALLAH ta’ala gain respect in the society as well.

All this is not by the favor from the society which can be withdrawn any time somebody’s whims or fancy. All of it is guaranteed by the Islamic law which is permanent and beyond the modifying power of any authority on earth. Thus, Muslim Religion protects women rights. Under Islamic law the same powers have been vested to Muslim women. Islam always protected the dignity of women. Muslim women were always given all those rights and privileges. This too, at a time when in the western world they were considering chattels and it was seriously doubted whether they possessed. Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law

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surah an nisa ayat 7-

Synopsis: Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law

Women have been regarded as a precious and valuable like an ornaments. They should not be disrespected or disgrace. It must be borne in the mind that ill-treatment the women in the Indian sub-continent, or in Muslim religion families, owes itself to culture factors that Muslims have absorbed from the native culture, be it dowry, confinement or women to homes, denial of opportunities for education and to get employment and have got nothing to do with Islam religion or Muslim religion. It could also be juxtaposed with the fact that most converts to the religion Islam in the western countries are women. If indeed the religion of Islam would have been oppressive, why would they make a beeline for the fold of the religion Islam. Muslim Religion Women Rights Under Islamic Law

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