Islamic Prayer to Get a Job Sustenance Rizk Worked

Alhamdulillah, the lovely Dua and Wazaif of ya ALLAH Website are providing benefits to Ummah, every moment. Though, we receive very few comments and emails by the followers in comparison with the benefits they took. Others who think they should write to let every ya ALLAH follower and visitor know to help them in getting motivation. 

Henceforth, once again a lovely brother (names and other personal information has been kept confidential) has got a job with the aforesaid ya ALLAH Dua Wazifa- Dua for Success in Business Job Life.

Testimonial for Wazifa to Get a Job, Sustenance, and Rizk

Comment by a ya ALLAH Follower Islamic Prayer to Get a Job Sustenance Rizk Worked

May almighty Allah sustain you here and after here.Ya wahab to get Job ,I got it on your site and share it.i am testifying it work fast.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Massalam Islamic Prayer to Get a Job Sustenance Rizk Worked

Have a glimpse on the screen shot as a ya ALLAH Testimonial

yaALLAHtestimonials for

I hope whoever is in need of a job will surely get motivated from the above comment. Once again repeating the link of the wazifa to get a job is- Dua for Success in Business Job Life.

8 Comments on “Islamic Prayer to Get a Job Sustenance Rizk Worked”

  1. assalamoalaikum imran bhai your website is very interesting, i have learned a lot from this. now i want to have a wazifa to job pleas hel, shukran

  2. aslm my sister in islam. Allah understands you in whichever language you ask for his help. i know you are asking for a dua i ARABIC,but what i can tell you
    is just to ask Allah with sincerity for him to bring your husband back and to work with his mind so that he can realise,what he is about to do/lose. May allah grant you the best insha Allah,and may your heart’s desires be fullfilled. ameen Jazakallah Ghair

  3. I’ve been asking anyone here who can help me for duaa in arabic how to bring your husband back.My husband is asking for divorce.

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