Homemade Hair Removal

Hairs undoubtedly are loved by everyone no matter whether he is a man or a woman. A person doesn’t look pretty without hairs on his head. While at the same time hairs also give an ugly look when they appear on the unwanted areas of our body for example on our face where there is no need of it. Especially women who have hairs on their face looks ugly and gives an awkward feeling to herself as well as to the one who look them. These kinds of hairs on the unwanted areas of the body are common known as ‘Unwanted Hairs’. This is really an embarrassing situation for a lovely lady.

Homemade Easy & 100% Working Hair Removal

There are various treatments nowadays which one can avail to get rid of these unwanted hairs. At the same time, they are expensive too. This cannot be easily affordable for everyone.→ How to Ask ALLAH For Something You Really Want?

‘Unwanted Hairs’ can be removed through various techniques the most prevalent these days are Laser Treatment. Obviously, it is harmful to our skin too because the penetration of laser rays into our skin may result in different allergies that one can encounter. It entirely depends on skin types.→ Dua for Acceptance of Every Dua

While these modern scientific techniques are successful but on the other side harmful and costly also. There are few other measures from our kitchen ingredients that can help us with this Homemade Hair Removal.

The most awesome fact is that it will not result in any kind of allergy with 100% positive results, maybe it takes a little time. But the treatment will be permanent and effective that’s for sure. Isn’t it sound great for you? So let us go through with this kitchen Homemade Hair Removal Process.→ Dua for Success and Victory

Ingredients Used in Homemade Hair Removal

  1. Gram Spilt or Chane Ki Bina Chhilke Wali Dal
  2. Pink Lentil Daal or Masoor Ki Bina Chhilke Wali Dal
  3. Turmeric Powder or Pisi Hui Haldi
  4. Milk or Doodh

How to Prepare Application for Homemade Hair Removal

  1. Take five tablespoons (bigger than a teaspoon) of Gram Spilt or Chane Ki Bina Chhilke Wali Dal.
  2. Take five tablespoons (bigger than a teaspoon) of Pink Lentil Daal or Masoor Ki Bina Chhilke Wali Dal.
  3. 1 tablespoon of turmeric powder.
  4. Soak all three of them in a sufficient amount of milk.
  5. Do this at night.
  6. The next morning grind them all and make a paste of all of them.
  7. Apply this paste on the face.
  8. Leave this for around 30 minutes.
  9. Wash your face with water.
  10. Do this 2-3 times every day giving a gap of a day or two.
  11. If you have any blood infection then drink at least a glass of raw milk every day in the morning. Do it for 15 days you will see the improvements in your skin and it will also be beneficial for you.

Unchahe Balo Se Nijat Ke Asan Aazmooda Gharelu Nuskhe

Balon se beshak har koi muhabbat karta hai chahe wo mard ho ya aurat. Ek insaan bagair sur pe balon ke khoobsurat nahi lag sakta. Aur sath hi agar baal jism ke dusray hisson mai ho to buray lagte hain maslan chehray ka wo hissa jahan nahi hone chahye.

Khas tor pe wo khawateen jinke chehray par baal hote hain wo khoobsurat nahi dikhti aur apne aap mai ajeeb mehsoos karti hain aur dusron ke liye bhi jo unki taraf dekhte hain.→ Itwar Ke Din Ka Wazifa

Is tarah ke baal jo na-pasandeeda jagahon pe hote hain jism ke usay aam lafzon mai ‘Na-pasandeeda Baal’ kaha jata hai. Yeh buhat sharminda surat e haal hai khawateen ke liye.

Gharelu Asaan Aur 100% Azmooda Baal Khatam Karne Ka Tareeka

Aaj kal mukhtalif ilaaj hai Na-Pasandeeda balon se chutkara paane ke liye jis se faida uthaya ja sakta hai. Ain isi waqt par, yeh mehenga bhi hai. Yeh har kisi ke liye qabil e gunjaish nahi hai.→ Yaad Karne Ki Dua

‘Na-Pasandeeda Baal’ hataye ja sakte hain mukhtalif karigari se lekin sabse murawajah Laser Treatment hai. Zahir hai, yeh nuqsande hota hai hamari chamri ke liye kyunke laser rays ki dakhool se hamari chamri par mukhtalif allergies hosakti hai. Yeh apki chamri ke hisab se hota hai.

Jahan yeh modern scientific techniques buhat qamyab hai to dusri taraf nuqsande aur mehenga bhi hota hai. Kuch ikdamat hamare bawarchi khane ke ajza mai bhi mojud hai jo ke buhat madadgar hain Gharelu Hair Removal ke liye.→ ya Rahman-ud-Duniya Ka Wazifa

Sabse khoobsurat haqeeqat yeh hai ke is se kisi bhi qism ki allergy nahi hogi aur 100 feesad positive result milega, hosakta hai yeh thora waqt le. Lekin iska ilaaj mustakil aur mua’sir hoga. Kia yeh khushi ki baat nahi apke liye? To phir dekhiye bawarchi khane totkon se Gharelu Hair Removal kaise kia jata hai.→ Rizq Mein Barkat Ka Wazifa

Unchahe Balon Se Nijat Ke Liye Istimal Hone Wali Chize

Chane ki bina chhilke wali daal. Masoor ki bina chhilke wali daal. Pisi hui haldi. Doodh. In ajza ko kaise banaya jaega Gharelu Hair Removal ke liye.

  1. 5 Khane ke chamchay Chane ki bina chilke wali Daal.
  2. 5 khane ke chamchay Masoor ki bina chilke wali Daal.
  3. 1 Khane ka chancha Haldi.
  4. In Teeno ajza ko kaafi tadad Doodh mai bigho kar rakhen.
  5. Yeh raat ko karen.
  6. Agli Subah in sabko pees len aur iska laip bana len.
  7. Is laip ko apne chehray par lagaen.
  8. Isko 30 minutes rehne den.
  9. Apna chehra dho len paani se.
  10. Yeh aap rozana 2 se 3 baar karen 1 ya 2 din ka wakfa dekar.
  11. Agar apko Khoon mai infection hai to kamazkam rozana kacha Doodh piyen subah mai. Yeh aap 15 din karen apko khud wazay fark nazar aega apki chamri par aur yeh faidamand bhi hoga apke liye.

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