Dua to Remove Differences Between Husband and Wife

A very effective dua to remove differences between husband and wife. Whatever the reasons are. Don’t worry if you love your husband/wife, insha ALLAH you will again get closer to each other. Ameen. Naraz shohar ko manane ka kargar aur asardar wazifa.

Dua to Remove Differences Between Husband and Wife

Bismillah hirRahmaan nirRaheem
SallALLAHU ‘Alayhe Wasallam

naraz shohar ko manane ka wazifa in urdu english

To Remove the Anger of Husband & Wife:

A lovely and already tested and tried wazifa to remove differences between husband and wife.

  1. Recite 11 times Durood Sharif in the beginning; then
  2. Read 100 times “Bismillahey Alwasao Jallah Jalaluhoo”; then
  3. Read 11 times Durood Sharif in the end;
  4. Then supplicate to remove this anger. insha ALLAH it will be removed.
  5. Please continue this dua to remove the anger of husband & wife for 90 days. Women should skip during their menses and add those skipped days further.

This is also known as dua for misunderstanding between husband and wife and to create love between them.

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Important Note:

  1. Please give £5 or Rs. 500 approximately as a charity to the poor before starting the above wazifa and give £5 or Rs. 500 as a charity on the successful completion of the above wazifa. You can calculate the currency value in your country equivalent to £5 of UK which also called Great Britain Pound.
  2. Women should skip during menses and then they can continue from the day when they will have become pure.

Dua to Remove Differences Between Husband and Wife in Urdu

Miya biwi me ikhtilaf agar ho jaye aur masla zyadah hi aage bad jaye to dono me se jo bhi chahe ye wazifa kar sakte hai. Isse insha ALLAH inke apas me jo ikhtilaf hoga insha ALLAH dur hojayega aur muhabbat bhi paida hogi. Wazifa niche hai:

Sabse upar di hui Ayat ko 100 martaba padiye har namaz ke bad aur fir 3-3 ghoont pani jo ki dono pi sake itne pani par dum kar dijiye. Aur miya biwi dono 3 ghoont me piley.

Ye wazifa 90 roz tak bila nagah kare. Yahan Khana Khane Ki Dua dekhiye.

Zaruri Hidayat:

  1. Wazifa shuru karnse pahle takreeban 5 UK pound ke barabar apke mulk ki raqam kisi ghareeb ko sadaqah me de dijiye. Jab ap ye wazifa pura karle to uske bad bhi takreeban 5 UK pound ke barabar apke mulk ki raqam kisi ghareeb ko sadaqah me de de. Yani shuru karne se pahle aur mukammal karne ke bad bhi dena hai.
  2. Ap ye wazifa 90 roz tak kijiye.
  3. Khwateen ko haiz ke dauran tark karna padega. Tab wo pak saf ho jayeg ghusl karke 7 roz bad tab shuru karde jaha chhorha tha wahi se. Insha ALLAH apko maqsad me kamyabi milegi, Ameen. Allahumma Ameen.

Reforming the Nafs:

Now, what is the meaning of “Kazm” and for what was is it used by the Arabs? The Quran has been revealed in the Arabic language. Allamah Aloosi As Sayyid Mahmood, the Mufti of Baghdad has explained this in his commentary, Roohul Ma’ani, that “Kazm” means to fasten a string around the mouth of a water bag which is filled to the brim. See Surah To Get Married Immediately here.

Thus Allah Ta’ala states that when anger surges up in you,

Before you begin to talk vulgarly, swear and speak anything harmful, immediately tie  your mouth up with the string of “Kazm”. Now, let us see what is the difference of “Ghaiz” and “Ghadhab”.

Sometimes, the workers in the office speak amongst themselves that “today the boss is fuming with By Arif Billah Hazrat-e-Aqdas Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab (damat barkatuhum) rage, perhaps he had a fight with his wife.”

Allamah Aloosi Rahmatullahi alaih has explained that the meaning of “Ghaiz” is that when one is angered, he controls himself and holds back his frustration.

In “Ghadhab”, one intends to take revenge “Ghaiz” can be used only for the creation and not for the Creator (Allah) while “Ghadhab” can be used for both, the creation and the Creator.

Allamah Aloosi Rahmatullahi alaih has explained four ahadeeth concerning this verse for only the one on whom the Quran was revealed can explain the commentary of the above verse. Ahadith Concerning Anger. See Dua for Good Memory and Intelligence-Sharp Mind & Brain here.

Reference of the Above Ayat:

The mildness and magnanimity of Hadhrat Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him): Once, there were some guests with Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him).

A servant of Hadhrat Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him) dropped a bowl of hot Kheer on his head.  The Kheer fell on his blessed head and face.  See Dua for Love Marriage to Agree & Convince Parents here.

Hadhrat Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him) glared at the servant.

He recited the verse of the Holy Quran:  “Wal Kazimeenal Ghaiza” i.e. those who calm their anger.

Hadhrat Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him) said:  I have calmed my anger.

The servant recited:  “Wal A’afeena Anin Naas” i.e. those who forgive people. See Dua Ganjul Arsh With Benefits in Hindi English Urdu Translation here.

Hadhrat Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him) said: I have forgiven.

The servant recited:  “Wallahu Yuhibbul Mohsineen” i.e. ALLAH Ta’ala befriends the pious.

Hadhrat Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him) said:  I have forgiven you, freed you and forever your expenses will be on me.
Those who are the beloved of the Holy Prophet ﷺ what do you ask about their manners?

It is about them that the Holy Prophet ﷺ has said: Hasan and Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with them) are the beauty of the ‘Arsh.

Translation of Hadith: When Jannah was created, it asked: Lord!  For whom have you created me?  The answer was for the poor.  On this Jannah became sad.  See Durood e Muqaddas in Arabic here.

Almighty ALLAH said: Hasan and Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with them) are also your dwellers.  On this, Jannah started priding herself on it.

Translation of Hadith:  Once the Holy Prophet ﷺ said about Imam Hussain (May ALLAH be well pleased with him):  He is the beauty of the earth and the heavens.  On this, a companion of the Holy Prophet ﷺ said:

My Hussain is more distinguished in the heavens than on the earth.  It is written on the right side of the ‘Arsh: Imam Hussain, Miftahul Huda and Safinah Nijah (the key of guidance and the ship of deliverance).

Them, who is the beauty of the earth and the heavens, the beauty of the ‘Arsh, the beacons of guidance, whose friendship and love is the light of the hearts of Muslims, Aql says that their slavery should be considered an honor, but who pays attention to Aql, the slaves of Hawa did whatever came to them.

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  1. Rehnuma Rehman on said:

    Asslam alykum Bhai Jan mujhe khwab ki tabeer pucchna hai aaj mujhe ak khwab aaya ki hamre Ghar ke niche ak kamra hai or usme ak kabr hai us pr hara rang ho rha hai or ak Kona toota hua hai aap Bata sakte hai aesa khwab kyu aaya hai

    • Sadqah dijiye sis aap. Aur ayatul kursi parhkar soya karen.

  2. Sonu Khan on said:

    Assalamo Ale kum now i am 43 i never had stable source of income & now no income at all, my wife is working she is in good position. differences among us has increased to the extent that inspite of living under same roof we hardly talk to each other. we have a 13 year old son who is also getting effected by this environment. please guide me for getting rizaq from Allaha and for cordial relationship among us.

  3. Fari on said:

    Aslm bhai..I want to perform the above wazifa please IJAZAT dein and paani me dum karke ek din me kitne bar paani peena hai..husband aur wife ek saath ek waqt pe hi peena hai Kya???ek din me kitne waqt yeh upar wala wazifa karna hai..aur Kya hum ek saath 500+500 sadqa ek saath starting me hi dein sakte hain??

    • Aapko is wazifa ki ijazat hai sis. Ek din me 5 bar yani har namaz ke bad kijiye ye wazifa. Agar koi diqqat ho to ek bar to zarur kijiye. Behtar hai ek sath hi pijiye pani. Sadqah wazifa shuru karne se pahle aur khatam karne ke bad dena hai.

  4. naz on said:

    Asslamelykum, meri shadi ko 9 months ho chuke h lekin mere husband meri koi zimmedari hi nhi lena chahte na hi unki maa or bhn mujhe unke sath rhne dena chahti h mere husband kvi thik ho jtae h or kvi bhot naraz. mai bhot presan hu. y log issue bna diy h ki lrki ka rng km h usko nhi rkhna h mere husband v apni maa bhn ka hi sath dete h. kya kru kuch smjh me nhi aa rha h. kaise thik hogn. aage y relation rkhna thik hoga ya alg hi jana chahiy. kuch btaiy. please reply my question. plz waiting for reply.

  5. SHAMIM on said:

    Slms I just found out I have cancer&my husband disappeared &blocked all communication with me I can’t contact him in emergency He says he hates me I start chemotherapy next week& I have no friends and family here to help me Please help me I am desperate what can I read to bring him back to help me through my treatment and sav my marriage Thank you

    • Al 'Imran on said:

      Kindly open the link and perform a wazifa to bring your husband back to you Love -http://www.yaallah.in/category/duas-wazaif/husband-wife-relationship/ and this one to cure your disease -http://www.yaallah.in/tag/wazifa-for-cancer-patient/ May ALLAH give you good health. Ameen
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      Be a proud member of yaALLAH FB Group where thousands of Muslims resolving & sharing their problems. Join Now!!- https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaALLAHU

  6. Saba on said:

    Mere ammi abbu ki bilkul nahi banti kaafi saalo se. Mere abbu meri ammi ki shakal dekhna tak pasand nahi karte unse nafrat karte hai par wo pehle aese nahi the
    Plz kuch aesa bataye jisse mete abbu meri ammi ko chahne lage
    I need your help plzzzzz

  7. SHAMIM on said:

    Slms My husband left me 22 days now He won’t talk to me or see me I don’t know where he is or what hes doing His family want him to get divorce because they hate moslems He says he hates me I love him very much I don’t want divorce Nothing I say or do changes his attitude towards me Please what can I read to bring my husband back and save our marriage? I am desperate please help me

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Dear Sis, upar jo wazifa hai wo ap shuru kardein ek bar. 7 din bad rabta karein mujhse yahan. yaALLAH Dua Wazaif ki permission/ijazat ke liye website ko follow kijiye- http://www.yaALLAH.in/2015/04/03/follow-us/

      • shaziahk on said:

        Salam bhai
        Kia main yeah wazeefa shuru kar sakti hoon. Meray husband ko wapis lanay aur un ka piyar hasil karnay kay liye.
        I am already reading full bismillah 66 time for this purpose. Can I start this along with the other wazifa please guide me.
        Since last April meray husband meray say baat nahi kar rahay. He lives in different country . I want him and his love back. Darti hoon kaheen divorce na day dain. Please help me and guide me.

        May Allah give you reward in this dunya and Akhirah. JazakALLAH
        I will wait for your reply desperately

          • Shazia on said:

            Bohat shukriya aap kay reply ka. Mazeed rehnumai ki zarurat hay. Bismillah waley wazifa main pani pilana hay dam kar kay?

            Agar aisa hay tau aisa minkin nahi hay kiyunk woh out of country hain.

            Please guide
            Jawab ki muntazir hoon
            May Allah reward you in this dunya and akhirah. AMEEN

    • Xaroon on said:

      Mere husband masha allah bht ache he lekin jab bhi wo kareeb atey he mjhe chirchirapan start hojata he..me jaan bojh k nhi krti lekin khd ba khd mood off hojata he mera..please help me esa krne se hmari married pr asar pr rha he..

  8. anu on said:

    Imran bhai me bohat pareshan ho me apna masla aap k sath private share karna chati ho aap plz koi number ya email id de de mujhe. mera 3 month ka beta hai or me ne shadi k baad ik din bhi sakoon ka nahi guzara pechle 2 month se apne parents k ghar ho plz help me

      • Aisha on said:

        Assalamualikum Imran bhai, mein bahut pareshan hun pls meri help kariye. Mere husband ne divorce papers bhej diye meri ek beti bhi bhi hai. Pls mujhe Dua aur wazifa batayi jisse ye divorce stop ya ruk jayein aur mere husband mere paas hamesha ke liye wapis aajaye. Pls mere liye bahut zaruri hai unka wapis aana. Aap email bhi kar sakte hai. JazakAllah.

  9. anam on said:

    mere husband mere sath nahi wo kaise pani piye ge

  10. Mahrukh on said:

    I have a friend whose parents are separated. He wants them to patch up with each other but his mother isn’t ready for it. Can you please tell me something I could do on his behalf to get his parents together? He lives out of country.

  11. Maria on said:

    My husband is out of country but he is always annoyed wd me without any reason n v had love marriage I still love him but he don’t plz give me any wazifa so I can get his love back

    • Al عِmrãń on said:

      Dear sis, perform a wazifa by following this link
      -https://www.yaallah.in/category/marriage-related/love-between-husband-wife/ #yaALLAHcomments Muslims helping each other. Please join yaALLAH Group on FB see this link- https://www.facebook.com/groups/yaALLAHU

  12. irfan Malik on said:

    90 din bahut jyada hote he or agr me ye wazifa naa karu to bhi 90 din ke baad wo aa hi jayegi
    Yaha mamla jaldi bulane ka or mohabbat jyada badhane ka he esa wazifa bataye ki jyada se jyada 7 din me aa jaye.

  13. IRFAN MALIK on said:

    assalam alaykum warah matullahi wabarkatuhu…
    bhai jaan
    me jaipur me rahta hu mera sasural chittodgadh he mere walid or walda badmer rahte he.
    mera naam IRFAN MALIK walda ka naam KHURSHID BEGUM
    biwi ka naam NASEEM BANO walda ka naam NOORJAHAN BEGUM (Inteqaal ho chuka he)
    meri biwi 1 ramzan ko apne walid ke sath apne mayke raji khusi mee bade bete ko le kar 15 din ke liye gayi.
    mere sasur ne mere walid or walida se ijajat le kar unhe eid ul fitar tak rakh liya .
    eid se pahle jab mene meri biwi se phone pe baat ki tab usnekaha ki wo eid ke dusre din apne bhai ya walid ke sath aa jayegi eid ke din raat ko 9:45 PM par mene call kiya to usne kaha ki wo 2 din baad aayegi tab mene kaha ki aap kal raat 11 baje tak kisi bhi haal me aa jao kyunki mere walid or walda ja rahe he to mere chote bete ko yahi par rakhna he tab mere sasur ji mujh pe gussa ho gaye or bolne lage ki aap hame ultimatum kese de rahe ho aap me tamiz nahi he baat karne ki kya me apni beti ko nahi rakh sakta hu tab is tarah se unke dimaag me galatfahmi peda ho gayi or mere saale sahab ne meri biwi ka mobile le liya jab mere walid ne kaha ki mujhe meri bahu se baat karao tab mere sale ne kaha ki me baat nahi karata jo karna he karlo me nahi bhejta hu or ab tum 8 aadmiyo ko laoge tab unke samne hi likhat karke bhejunga warna nahi bhejunga. ab meri biwi ka mobile mere sasur ji ke paas he jab mene call kiya to attend nahi kiya or mere uncle ke ladke ko kaha ki me unki beti ke mobile pe phone kyu karta hu
    janab mere dono baccho ka nayi school me admission bhi karana tha or mere makaan ka kaam bhi chal raha he samaan bahar road pe rakha hua he to me yaha se ja nahi sakta hu barahe meharbaani meri is muskil ko dur karne ka amal bataye taki meri biwi mere pyar me tadap ke mere paas foran chali aaye

  14. sazia on said:

    I am from Bangladesh.My husband left me and he just get change again and again.I want his love and back him.Please give me some solution according to quran and sunnah.

  15. Afreen begum on said:

    Salaam bhai mera talaq hua hai lekin ek hi bar hua hai.main nishat se hi shadi karna chati ho please. Jo talaq diye Un ka naam nishat hai.meri love marrage thi.aaj main unhi se pyar karti hon uss se hI shadi karna chati hon.please wazifa dijye please bhai.

    • ãl عِmrãń on said:

      Walekum as salam dear sis, Awwal ap ‘ya ALLAH Nikah isitkhara’ kijiye is link se: http://goo.gl/258rNY ye positive ayega insha ALLAH to me apko wazifa bhi dunga. #yaALLAHcomments #Quran #Dua #MuslimMarriage #Matrimony

  16. haleema on said:

    My husband was a good man and loving father nowadays I don’t knw wat happen to him,,getting angry on mi always each and everytimescolding mi for notink,,always says i will leave uu???we have 2 baby girl…I’m worried tat some one has done black magic ,,,I’m feeling hurt and every night I’m crying And I’m confuse,, plz can tel mi any powerful dua ,,before any bad hapen…tank u plz rember in dua.

  17. Sadiya on said:

    My husband is in Gulf and Iam in India, he is not talking to me don’t want to listen my voice, not geting visa for me very much angry on me,and not taking responsibility of me plz send me dua urgent.

  18. Rakeyya matala on said:

    I want my husband back he left me because he was having affairs with a young girl and then I got my daughter married to a Muslim but not a Chaudry and all Muslim will go to the same grave where only Allah paak will judge. I have done no sin his name is Chaudry Abdul Khaliq d.o.b. 1.1.1956. I did every thing for him I want my happiness back inshallah

    • Check this link for wazifa-https://www.yaallah.in/category/duas-wazaif/wazifa-for-bad-husband/

  19. asfa on said:

    i have same problem facing which sundas khan facing plz help me too

  20. sundas khan on said:

    Aoa meri shadi ko 1 sal ho gaya hai mery husband mery sath bilkul thek nai nah mery pas atay hain na he mujhay biwi ka koi haq daity hain nah bacha honay daity hain unke larkiyon se dosti bhi hai meri sas nandian bhi unkay kan bharti rehyi hai kay mujhay chor dain main bh perashan hon unka dost bhi unko galt rah main lagata hai plz meri help karian kay woh mery sath thek ho jayian biwi ka haq dain apni ghar walon ke na sunian aur us dost se dosti chor dain aur larkiyon se bhi khatam kar dain plz help me main bh perssha hon

Apne sawal yahan puchiye!